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What really happened

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Things will never be the same
Don't look at me like that
Completely soaked
It hurts

"Get out of the rain."

Fluffy towel
Echoing steps
Grey sky looming
A foot massage?

"Can't you hear the bells?"

Walk in side by side
Buzzing silence
Burning eye contact
A frozen moment


Wrists pinned to the wall
Shaky breaths and wide eyes
Presses together
Muffled groans

"Follow me."

An empty storeroom dimly lit
They won't find us here
Whisper in my ear
It's still so cold

"It's almost time to say goodbye"

Warm damp lips
Shudders in the darkness
Violent lust and tender affection
The inevitable end can wait

"This doesn't mean anything..."

Still not too late
None of this is your fault
'For the good of the world'
A means to an end

"I know."