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(Fusion Dimension)

"Trying to change our only fate, desperately, before it's too late." Many students would tell you that Academia was a strict authoritarian training school, meant for the fermentation of the perfect dueling soldiers for their ultimate goals. However, that wasn't necessarily true for the ones on top of the hierarchy. Case in point, Commandant Reisuke Hiyama, was currently sat playing a large white grand piano in his own private room in one of the many towers surrounding the island. A blood stained bandage was tied all along the left side of his face, a stop gap measure in order to prevent any further blood flowing out of the large wound he now bore.

Another person was stood in the room alongside the Commandant. The same person who had been hiding in the shadows behind the Professor. His long grey hair blowing gently in the wind coming through the open window as he listened to the music with his eyes closed. "Deafening sounds of a death and rebirth, spiralling round in my fantasy. Breaking that laws that the future made to stop us from warping reality."

"Given to us by the God, a world from the begi-" The music stopped as Reisuke furiously slammed his fists down on the piano, creating a cacophony that startled the other teen in the room whose eyes flew open as he saw the trembling hands of the Commandant.

"Worthless! Worthless! Worthless!" Reisuke pounded the keys again for each utterance of the word. He finally let his head drop causing a low humming drone to fill the room.

He then felt a pair of hands on his shoulders "Rei, I'm not about to let you blame yourself for what happened. As much as I do know about those XYZ fragments, the one thing that even I can't predict is what circumstances would do to them."

Reisuke then spoke up, his voice muffled by the fact it lay on piano keys "That's not what I'm angry about, Li-Li. I failed to finish my mission and got injured in the process, the Professor won't allow me out again for a while. It's was worthless for me t…"

The Commandant was swiftly cut off when he was hit across the head by Yali, surprising him as he brought his head off the piano and faced his now fuming best friend "Oi! What did I just say?! That wasn't your fault!"

"You weren't there…" Reisuke mumbled, rubbing the part of his head where Yali had struck him "I didn't have to do what I did, it was a foolish move on my part and I paid the price. Just let me wallow this time, Li-Li."

Yali sighed and rolled his eyes, sometimes Reisuke really was impossible when it came to taking the blame for something that wasn't his fault "Alright, Rei. You win this round."

Reisuke's lips quirked up briefly as he returned to playing the piano, playing a different melody from last time "By the by, where's Yuya? I haven't seen him since returning."

"Gah." Yali scoffed, shaking his head "Your brother complex is disgusting."

The Commandant smirked "Oh yeah? Are you sure you're not jealous?" The same joke had been replayed time and time again over the years, the only reason why Reisuke continued to do so was that he found great amusement in the ways that Yali would react to it.

"There you go again!" Yali yelled, kicking one of the piano's legs in anger "Will you ever shut up about that?!"

"Only when you stop making it so easy." Reisuke replied without missing a beat, both in the conversation and in his melody

Yali puffed out his scarred cheeks, really, he was supposed to be the mind master here. It was annoying that Reisuke could read him so easily 'Well, Rei's my best friend…' He mused, maybe it wasn't an impossible feat after all. "Fine, you win again."

"Naturally." Reisuke replied, stoking the flames and waiting to see if Yali would take the bait.

"As I was going to say." Ah, he wasn't going to take it this time, not that Reisuke really minded "Yuya got sent off to another mission. To where? I dunno. I'm not told these things."

"Tch." Reisuke clicked his tongue in annoyance, ceasing his melody and standing up from the piano "The Professor let him out by himself?"

"That's right." Yali concurred "Since you were out of commission he wasn't going to send you and since how under our agreement only one of us is allowed to supervise him, in layman's terms I was forbidden from going and thus he was sent out by himself."

Reisuke turned his gaze to the floor, he didn't look the least bit pleased and from his observations, Yali was able to tell exactly what he was thinking.

"Don't you have something to do, Li-Li?" Gone was the joyful tone that the Commandant usually had in private and in was the tone from the field and public "She must be getting awful bored by now."

Yali smirked, not bothered by Reisuke's personality shift "Don't worry about that, Rei. The misfortune of others tastes sweeter when they've been stewing for a good time. Her time is coming soon."

"Good. Because you're about to get another piece to your collection…"


Standing in stark contrast to what was the militaristic Fusion dimension and the desolate XYZ dimension. The Synchro dimension was at surface level one of extreme luxury, the glistening skyscrapers penetrating the clear blue sky, the well-off families wandering about the place, at night-time the lights lit up the city, known as New Domino, would portray the luxury even more.

However, all that glitters is not gold, behind all this prominent glory and riches was the truth of the society. The society was split between the Tops, the ones who inhabited the mansions and controlled all the wealth, and the Commons, the ones who lived in the torrid slums of the city with little money to work with and little hope that anything would ever get better.

It was in one of these run down apartments that a young teen with blue and blond hair was laying passed out on a sofa in a small apartment that he had rented out with his childhood friend and secret crush who was now standing directly over him.

"YUGO!" She shouted, grabbing him by his white jacket, shaking him awake, "YUGO!" she shouted again, Yugo began to stir but still remained halfway passed out. The green haired girl let out a sigh, tugging at the ends of her ridding suit that was required when using the major technological advance of this dimension, the D-Wheel, a motorcycle to duel on. Safety still dubious.

The girl, who was known as Rin knew Yugo was a deep sleeper but didn't realise that this level was physically possible, even after escalating attempts involving varying levels of violence, it took a full thirty minutes for Yugo to awaken from his slumber.

"Ahhh, fully refreshed and ready to take on the day!" Yugo awoke with a large smile on his face which quickly turned upside down when he saw the girl teeming with anger in front of him.

"R-Rin…" Yugo nervously said as sweat dripped down his face, Rin was a real tour de force whenever she wanted to be.

"YUGO! YOU IDIOT!" Rin screamed directly into Yugo's face, flinging said person backwards over the sofa "WE'RE LATE FOR THE TOURNAMENT!" Yugo's brain suddenly shifted into gear as he quickly stood up from his sprawled position and ran into a nearby garage which held his and Rin's D-wheel.

"Why didn't you wake me up earlier Rin?!" Yugo said as he hurriedly strapped on his helmet, taking quickly to the white D-wheel starting it up.

"I tried to! The process was about as enjoyable as having to sit at the back of our D-Wheel." Rin sarcastic remark flew right over Yugo's head as he was too busy trying to get the D-wheel started, Rin simply sighed strapping on her helmet resigning herself to riding on the back.

The D-wheel suddenly spurted into life causing Yugo to race out without a second thought. However, as they raced out rather haphazardly, something had caught Rin's eye, something Yugo failed to see. It was a hooded figure standing in one of the alleyways of the commons slums, the shield shaped duel disk and the barely visible grin was enough to make Rin feel uneasy if this was just the first time. "Yugo?" She asked staring back to the alleyway.

"Not now, Rin. I'm busy trying to find this place…Now let's see you take a left…No a right… No a left…Ah, it's probably just a trick of the light or something, don't worry about it." Yugo said off the cuff, somewhat managing to calm Rin down, yet that prevailing fear that something serious was about to occur never once left her mind.

The hooded figure looked on with glee at how quickly he had found his target and her quite lacklustre associate. "This is going to be too easy." He said vanishing into a red flash.

Elsewhere in the city, high up in one of the skyscrapers, another person was making preparations. The 17 year old male stood at about 5'7 making him look rather small in comparison to the largeness of the room which was luxurious beyond belief, a fondness for jewellery and gleaming crystals clearly evident. Said person was just putting the finishing touches on his outfit for the day. He had a white dress shirt with clean pressed black trousers and black boots. With accessories, he was wearing three golden rings on his right hand, each with a ruby on it and there was also two dangling earrings that had sapphires on them. In terms of physical appearance his hair is blond and kept short, combed neatly to the left side but one stubborn cowlick at the front always stuck out so he no longer bothered to attempt to tame it. His eyes are both a diamond blue colour.

It was just as he put on his purple frock coat with burgundy fur trimmings alongside a red ribbon around his collar that someone decided to knock on the door "Aru-sama?"
Aru sighed 'Honestly! Do I ever get any peace around here?!' The blond haired teen sighed once before calling out "Enter!"

The door cracked open to reveal a middle aged man with black hair and glasses enter the room dressed in a similar style to the younger male albeit without the accessories and much more subdued colours "We have yet to go over your schedule for today." He reported monotonously, his face portraying no emotion in any facet.

"Pfft. Who gives a shit about a schedule?" Aru whined childishly, he just wasn't in the mood today for anything other than just lazing about.

"Aru-sama." Gah, as if the guy couldn't sound even more disinterested, it almost like talking to a brick wall, which would probably have better charisma in Aru's opinion "Unless you want to disappoint at the party tonight then you will listen to me."

"I'm not interested in that." Aru said dismissively, leaning his head on the window out to the city, his eyes landing on the huge stadium in the centre as his lips curled ever so slightly "Those pompous wankers can do as they please, my sights are set on something far greater than petty things such as money." He clenched his left fist and placed it over his heart which gave out a strange sound "My chance then was ruined and I don't intend to repeat the same mistakes I did then."

There was what seemed to be a snort from the elder male as Aru swivelled his head round to view him "Yes, Aru-sama. I will retrieve your cane for you now."

"Good." Was the only thing that was said as Aru returned his gaze back to the city 'Someday, I will get you.' He grasped his left arm 'I'll make you pay for what you did to me…'

"See! I told you, Rin! We would make it on time." Yugo declared, slowing down the D-wheel as they approached the stadium so Rin could climb off it whilst he remained on top of it.

"Yugo, the thing start 15 minutes ago." Rin deadpanned and Yugo's face contorted into one of panic.

"Dammit! Why didn't we get here sooner?!" The teen yelled, grabbing the side of his helmet. Rin continued to look on in disbelief, sometimes with Yugo it really was like talking to a brick wall, nothing could get through that dense head of his. "Screw it! I have to go now! Make sure you watch me own these guys!" Without even a second thought he had sped off and left Rin by herself.

'Ah Yugo, whatever am I going to do with you?' Rin mused and began to make her way into the spectators' part of the stadium.

But it was as she entered, that she spotted something out of the corner of her eye. It was a person in a cloak. And. They were running towards her!

Rin's breath hitched and she staggered back, it was impossible, that person wasn't supposed to be here! The only thing she could do was prepared herself by sticking out her duel disk arm.

"RinRin!" Except that the voice coming out as the person glomped her was decidedly feminine while the other figure had certainly been masculine. "I missed you so much!" The girl who had tackled Rin didn't care much for the other's shell-shocked state as she put her in a bone crushing hug.

"S-Sakura-a." Rin stuttered, still half shell-shocked but now so much more at ease that it was just Sakura. The girl's face was revealed as the hood fell from her head. She had long black hair that was tied in a low ponytail that reached down to her midback, she had pink eyes which helped to increase the growing warmth in Rin. The cloak she wore was dark in colour and had some sort of strange crimson design on the back of it. She also wore a black and red shirt that cupped her sizable bust and a white short skirt. Finally on her feet were grey boots that opened up at the toecap, revealing her feet somewhat.

"So!" Sakura yelled energetically, releasing a winded Rin from her hold "What's going on here? Where's Yu Yu!? Tell me! Tell me everything!" Rin sighed at Sakura's overexcited nature. It was a lot like having a female version of Yugo but with about 12 less layers of concrete in his head, the only issues was that those layers were probably replaced with some form of sugar as the girl would more often than not be bounding off the walls 24/7.

"Don't get me started, Sakura." Rin said "Yugo's in the stadium getting ready for the duel."

At the mention of the word 'duel' Sakura had somehow gotten even more energetic "What? How come I didn't know about that?! Why didn't you tell me sooner?!"

Rin sweat dropped 'Because we only met less than a minute ago…'

"Wait. Why are we standing here if the duel is about to start? Let's go!" Sakura gave no heed to Rin's complaints as she whisked the other away like a hurricane.

As Rin and Sakura were able to slip into seats, the final preparations had just begun "Are y'all ready for another exciting tournament Folks!?" Those words were spoken by a woman with ginger hair and wearing a red cowgirl outfit who was the city renowned MC Melissa Claire.

The resonating roar of the crowd in response lead her to the "Alrighty then! Today's the final match between our last two competitors! Now! Let's welcome our two duelists to the track!" At this point both of them emerged from the tunnel and sped to the starting line with deafening cries coming from the crowd for both duelists.



"This is going to be a clash of the Titians! Magma is known for utterly ruthless barrage of synchro summoning then pounding his opponent with a series of blazing attacks, fitting for his pseudonym as the 'Raging Volcano'!" Said person lapped up the cheers from the more delinquent members of the crowd.

"Meanwhile, his opponent isn't one to be underestimated! Originally coming into this tournament as a dark horse candidate, Yugo has proven far and away that he is a more than capable duelist and rumour has it he is going to be competing in the upcoming Friendship Cup!" Everyone else in the crowd cheered for Yugo as he pulled up next to his opponent.

Yugo surveyed his opponent as he slowed to a stop. Much like his name suggested his D-wheel was blinding red-orange colour and his riding suit was almost exactly the same except for hints of black. As he turned his head Yugo saw the numerous yellow tattoos and piercings on his face alongside messy spiky red hair "Listen here, weakling. I'm going to crush you into a pulp and make you unrecognisable to the human eye…" Yugo gulped and got ready for duel

A screen popped up in front of them, the clock on it counting down to zero "Riding Duel Acceleration!" Came the collective call as it reached the final second.

"Duel!" Both of them shouted simultaneously as the clock hit zero they raced off.

Yugo's LP: 4000 Magma's LP: 4000 Cards x5

Initially things were looking good for Yugo as he lead by a sizeable difference as he reached the first turn "Yugo's got an early lead will he take the first corner?" Melissa said as enthusiastic as ever.

It was almost certain that Yugo was going to take the first corner, however, Magma hit the accelerator that he had been holding off on hard and rammed his D-wheel into the back
Yugo's causing him to briefly lose control, to the cries of the crowd. Especially Sakura who jumped out of her seat "Oi! Punk! Who the hell do you think you are?!" She was only stopped from going any further by a desperate effort from Rin.

"Why would you do that?!" Meanwhile on the track Yugo shouted a reply, still trying to get his D-wheel back under control.

"All's fair in love and war!" Magma cackled, taking the first corner and the first turn.

"I'll go first! I activate the spell Molten Conduction Field!" The first spell to be played in the duel was a card that had as its design a forest consumed by lava as in the background an electrical pylon was close to falling into the magma "This spell allows me to send two 'Laval' monsters to my graveyard! I send my Laval Magma Cannoneer and my Laval Volcano Handmaiden!" A portal appeared behind the delinquent duelist as two cards, one a hulking behemoth of stone with two cannons attached to its broad shoulders and the other a was a childish looking woman of fire. Both of these cards soon vanished into the portal as Magma's smirk grew wider.

"By sending her to the graveyard my Handmaiden's effect activates! Since I have a Laval monster other than her in my graveyard I can send one more Laval monster from my deck to my graveyard. I send another Handmaiden to the graveyard which triggers that one's effect which allows me to dump my last handmaiden to the grave which now sends a second Cannoneer to the grave." The crowd looked perplexed, why would he get rid of five cards and especially when three of them were Tuner monsters.

That confusion was shattered when Magma made a bold declaration "Are you ready to get burned, punk? Cause now I activate the spell Rekindling!" This card had three babies made out of flames emerging out of a pool of lava "This card allows me to summon back all fire monsters from my graveyard with 200 or fewer defence points! So! Welcome back to the field my three Handmaidens and two Cannoneers!"

The five monsters appeared out of a flaming vortex in front of Magma's D-wheel bringing back the monsters which had been sent back to the graveyard to the amazement of the crowd but to the contempt of Sakura, Rin, Yugo and a certain other individual watching from a box above the crowd.

"Wow!" Melissa exclaimed "Magma's just summoned five monsters in one turn, Yugo must be feeling the heat now!" Cue a collective sigh from Rin and Sakura for the terrible pun.

"Way to take the energy outta this thing…" Sakura mumbled.

Laval Volcano Handmaiden, Level 1, Pyro, Tuner, FIRE, Effect, (100/200)

Laval Magma Cannoneer, Level 4, Pyro, FIRE, Effect, (1700/200)

"It's too early to be impressed!" Magma said to the deafening roar of the crowd cheering him on, not so much out of support but more out of wanting to see what would come next "I tune my level 4 Cannoneer with my level 1 Handmaiden!" The behemoth turned into four stars as the maiden turned into a singular green ring which said stars passed through bore a blinding flash of light engulfed them both "I synchro summon! Level 5! Lavalval Dragon!" From the light, a torrent of flames poured out and from it came a brown scaled dragon with fire consuming half of its body and lava bubbling away under the other scales.

Lavalval Dragon, Level 5, Dragon, Synchro, FIRE, Effect (2000/1100)

"I now do the same thing with my second Cannoneer and Handmaiden to synchro summon! Level 5! Laval Dual Slasher! The new monster looked like an amalgamation between a humanoid fire creature and a dragon which had two fiery blades attached to its elbows

Laval Dual Slasher, Level 5, Pyro, Synchro, FIRE, Effect (2400/200)

"Wow! Wow! Wow! Magma's just summoned two synchro monsters in one turn! Surely Yugo must be outclassed here?! But we have seen him return from the impossible before!" Mellissa declared fervently.

"Keh! I'm still not done! Since I haven't used it yet I now normal summon Boost Warrior from my hand!" Speeding out of the vortex was a robotic solider with wild red hair and boosters on its back.

Boost Warrior, Level 1, Warrior, FIRE, Effect (300/200)

"The grand finale is almost here! I now tune Handmaiden with Boost Warrior in order to Synchro Summon the Synchro Tuner monster Puralis, the Purple Pyrotile!" In comparison to the larger monster that he had summoned today, the Synchro Tuner monster of Magma was relatively small, looking more like the early stages of a dragon rather than a full formed one.

Puralis, the Purple Pyrotile, Level 2, Reptile, Synchro, Tuner, FIRE, Effect (800/1400)

'If only they didn't get rid of Maxx "C"…' Yugo bemoaned, getting rather tired of all of this constant special summoning and impatient for it to become his turn.

"The grand finale is here!" Magma cackled "I tune the level 2 Puralis, the Purple Pyrotile with my level 5 Lavalval Dragon!" The ground began to crack as each of the stars plummeted into the depths below "I birth a monster that will pummel you into submission with the force of a thousand volcanos! I synchro summon! Level 7! Laval Stennon!"
The lava rushed up from the crevasse and coated the track behind Magma, forcing Yugo to pull some difficult manoeuvres in order to avoid the blast radius. Out of the fissure came two bulky arms, one of which ended in a cannon that looked a lot like Cannoneer's. The body slowly came to the scene revealing that it was even more of a bulking behemoth than any other monster that Yugo had ever seen. It also appeared to be somewhat robotic.

Laval Stennon, Level 7, Pyro, Synchro, FIRE, Effect (2700/1800)

"Keheheheheh! Whenever Stennon is summoned to field, I send one Laval monster from my deck to the graveyard! I drop my Laval Lakeside Lady!" This card was a more mature version of Magma's Handmaiden, which winked as it descended into the graveyard.

"And with that all said and done! I set one card facedown and end my turn!" Magma declared triumphantly, having set up his field quite nicely for the coming turns.

Magma's cards x1

The crowd at this stage was positively electric, each one of them cheering for the display that Magma had just put on, regardless of their opinions on the delinquent duelist they could appreciate the effort. Melissa was also there to fan the flames further "Oh my god! In all my years of reporting on duels I've only ever seen this level of summoning expertise come from the top brass! I think we might have our victor here folks!"

However, there were five people that didn't share this sentiment.

Two of them were sat next to each other in the form of Rin and Sakura. "They shouldn't underestimate Yugo like that…" Sakura said ominously, a decisive switch from her earlier energetic personality as she spoke with the attitude of a hardened veteran "That guy is using cheap tricks and pyrotechnics to mask his own fatal flaws."

Another one of these people was watching from within the depths of the stadium, his purple hair was of a medium length with stands just about reaching down and tickling his chin obscuring his face while a set of glasses rested lazily on his nose "How charming, looks like little Yugo is going to have to pull something out of the bag if he wants to win this against the big bad volcano." The teen didn't sound particularly interested in either and one could even say that he spoke with contempt.

"You sound like you have little faith in him to win." Came a reply that ghosted into only the purple haired male's ears as he switched the gaze of his grey eyes to over his shoulder.

"Oh no, don't get me wrong. My faith in him is undeterred, his opponent is a one trick pony and if anyone knows how to exploit a one trick pony the best then who better than the master himself?" However in his reply, the tone shifted, expressing more openness but also one of arrogance.

"Aru-sama, I take it for that look on your face that you aren't best pleased." True to his subordinate's words, Aru had a sour look on his face, his head only just being stopped from keeling over by the hand pressed under his chin.

"It's so boring watching someone stroke their own ego for 10 minutes straight." The teen moaned "Especially when he's got as much skill as a monkey. That latent criminal stands no chance, and from what I can tell about that other barbarian, he's enjoying this and no doubt will use that adrenaline to succeed."

Back on the track, what Aru said was beginning to bear its fruits. Yugo had a large grin on his face as his body shook with excitement "Oh man! I'm going to have so much fun taking that monster down!"

"Eh?" Magma croaked "Who the hell do you think you are?! No monster will ever touch Stennon in its lifetime! You're as good as dead! Punk!"

Turn 2

"Ha. Is that so?" Yugo said drawing for his turn "Well, let's find out! To start my turn since you control monsters and I don't I can summon Speedroid Terrortop!" Yugo's first monster had the appearance of a stream of spinning tops all semi connected together as an orange aura surrounded all of them.

Speedroid Terrortop, Level 3, Machine, WIND, Effect (1200/600)

"Terrortop's effect! I get to add one Speedroid monster from my deck to my hand." He card that ejected itself from Yugo's deck didn't stay too long in his hand before it was crashed onto the disk "Using its effect since I control a WIND monster, I special summon Speedroid Taketomborg!" The second monster was a childish looking robotic creature that looked somewhat like an insect.

Speedroid Taketomborg, Level 3, Machine, WIND, Effect (600/1200)

"You think you can beat me with those cards?!" Magma roared in laughter "Those are the cards a child would use! You ain't got a chance in hell!"

Yugo didn't lose his rhythm, if Sakura and Rin had taught him anything it was that dueling with a cloudy mind and distractions was a sure fire formula to lose "I now normal summon my Speedroid Red-Eyed Dice!" True to its name, this monster was a golden die with a red eye, noting much to build on there.

Speedroid Red-Eyed Dice, Level 1, Machine, Tuner, WIND, Effect (100/100)

"Oh yes! Here it comes! Go on Yu Yu!" Sakura yelled enthusiastically, jumping up from her seat only to nearly fall over the edge due to said enthusiasm, making Rin also leap up to catch her.

"God, Sakura! Calm down for once in your life!" Rin scolded her excitable counterpart but deep down she too was excited with what she knew was coming.

"I tune my Level 3 Terrortop, Level 3 Taketomborg with my Leve 1 Red-Eyed Dice!" The dice exploded into the green ring as the six stars of Taketomborg and Terrortop passed through it. "I synchro summon! Level 7! Spread your illustrious wings and fly with the power of the wind! Clear Wing Synchro Dragon!" Coming out of the summoning chant was what many people who saw would consider the most beautiful dragon that they ever saw. It was a shimmering white and the wings were the clearest shade of blue that one could possibly see, it had a stripped tail and blue/black armour covering its chest. It was easily the size of Magma's Stennon, perhaps even bigger.

Clear Wing Synchro Dragon, Level 7, Dragon, Synchro, WIND, Effect (2500/2000)

"Bwhahaha! You had me worried there for a sec, but that pathetic dragon is still weaker than Stennon!"

Yugo smirked cockily "Not for long. I activate the Spell Card Forbidden Lance!" The card art depicted a Greek goddess holding a long lance "I get to target one monster on either player's field and its attack is reduced by 800 for the rest of the turn! I target your Stennon!" Out of the card formed a lance which shot out at the lava behemoth, aiming directly for its back.

However, Magma wasn't about to let his ace be targeted by such a petty card "I activate the effect of Stennon! When this card is targeted by a card effect, I banish one Laval monster from my graveyard to negate and destroy the targeting card! I banish my Handmaiden to destroy your Forbidden Lance." Stennon turned around and from the cannon on his arm, obliterated the lance in a torrent of fire.

"Exactly as planned." Yugo said, stunning Magma and the crowd in silence "When a Level 5 or higher Monster activates its effect, I can use Clear Wing's effect and negate that monster's effect! The best part is that Clear Wing will destroy the monster and gain its attack points!"

"What?!" Magma roared, looking up with shaking eyes at his monster.

"Go! Dichromatic Mirror!" The dragon's wings shone a blinding white and as the light dissipated the magma behemoth was no more and Clear Wing had boosted in size.

Clear Wing's ATK: 2500 – 5200

"Oh wow! Yugo has completely turned the tables!" Melissa proclaimed to the adulation of the crowd, now chanting Yugo's name in droves.

"Heh. As expected." The purple haired teen in the stands said coolly, fixing his glasses against his face so that the sheen would hide his eyes "You haven't been sleeping on me." He muttered as he turned away.

"You aren't going to watch the rest. Things could still change." The same ghostly voice contemplated, only to earn a dry laugh from the teen.

"You clearly don't know, Yugo. This duel is over and I want to get out of here before he sees me…"

"Claude." Aru droned, earning his subordinate's attention "We should start going down now."

"Yes, Aru-sama." Claude droned, equally disinterested, handing Aru over the deep reed cane in his hands.

Back at the duel, Magma had just recovered from his shock "So what if you destroyed Stennon? I still have my dragon on my field, so you can't win on this turn! Next turn I'll b-"

"You won't be getting a next turn!" Yugo interrupted "I activate Shock Surprise!" The card art showed a shadowy electric figure in crosshairs "By banishing up to two Speedroid monsters from my graveyard, I can target the same number of cards you control and destroy them!"

"Impossible!" The delinquent duelist yelled as two bullets shot through his monster and his remaining facedown, which was Quaking Mirror Force.

"Clear Wing attack him directly and seal this victory!" Clear Wing's wings pooled up energy as it flew into the sky and then rained hell down on Magma, knocking the Laval duelist off of his D-Wheel.

Magma's LP: 4000 – 0

Yugo: Win!

"There it is folks! In a single turn Yugo was able to defeat Magma's ultimate monster and knock his life points down to zero!" Melisa yelled as the crowd erupted, even a few of the tops in the crowd were cheering Yugo's performance.

"I say he is good." One said holding a glass of champagne.

"But no one can beat Jack Atlas." Said another one holding a briefcase with contracts in it. "He even beat my loan combo." He said with slight contempt
Back at the track Yugo had gotten off of his D-Wheel and was making his way over to the centre where he was due to collect the prize for winning the tournament.

"And making the presentation to the winner will be the former duel champion and runner up to the Friendship Cup, Aru Kagawa!" Aru wandered casually onto the stage to the silence of the crowd and the narrowing of Yugo's eyes. In his left arm was the trophy he was to give, already filled with some degree of money.

"Congratulations." The smaller male said, thrusting the trophy over to Yugo frostily "I expect to see you get far in the Friendship Cup. It'd be a shame if you were to waste all that talent."

Yugo took the trophy but said nothing in reply, it was as he turned to leave that he felt something dig into his foot. Tracing his eyes down, he saw that Aru had stuck his cane in there and was pressing down hard "I don't like people who fail to be who they could be. If you do, expect to meet your maker." With that Aru retreated from the stage, still to the prevailing silence of everyone in the crowd.

"Ahem." Melisa cleared her throat, trying to dispel the awkward silence that had settled "So…Is there someone today in the stadium that you would like to dedicate your win to?"
Yugo snatched the microphone from the cowgirl's hands before she even had a chance to react "I would like to dedicate it to my childhood friend Rin who has been supporting me all these years!" Up in the stands Rin was tearing up hearing this as she thought back to when she and Yugo first decided to build their D-wheel three years ago.

(Three Years ago)

In a scrap yard Yugo and Rin were busy scavenging for parts to their work in progress D-wheel.

"Is this the right piece?" Yugo was asking Rin holding a small metal cylinder in his hand.

Rin looked up from the pile of scrap she was looking through to see the part Yugo asked her about, "Yugo…That's the fifth time you've asked me today…On the same piece…"

"I know that," Said Yugo folding his arms, sticking out his tongue "I'm just making sure, if we want the D-wheel to be perfect you can't be too careful."

Rin collected Yugo's part and the parts she had found and went to give them to the owner for sale. On the way there Yugo said "I can't believe the tops just through this stuff out,"
He folded his arms behind his head "I mean the part I just found was brand new."

Rin smiled "Well, Yugo, one man's trash is another man's treasure." Carrying the parts they lead them on the counter in front of the owner who asked them a question.

"Aren't you a little young to be out here by yourselves?" The man asked concerned about them.

"Yes we are but don't worry our orphanage is just round the corner." Rin's conviction in her voice caused the man's worries to disappear.

"What do you need all these parts for?"

"We're going to build a D-Wheel to duel in the friendship cup!" Yugo's energy was undeniable to the man who to once had a dream about dueling there too

"You know what kids…I won't charge you for these parts go and follow your dreams"

"That's great Mr thank you very much!" Rin and Yugo quickly hurried off to their orphanage to start putting the finishing details on their D-wheel.

(1 hour later)

"There we go!" Yugo finally got the chance to stand up straight, he had been bent over since they got back and he could feel his back crack as he got up. "It's finally done."
Rin stood beside Yugo "So what colour do you want to paint it?" She asked him.

Yugo's face fell "Oh…I hadn't thought that far."

Rin simply laughed as it looked like was having a tough time trying to decide, "It's okay Yugo we will paint it white, your colour, the colour of Clear Wing" Yugo turned to face Rin, she could see the curiosity in his eyes.

"Are you sure Rin? You're okay with it?" She then put her hand on his shoulder.

"When we duel in the Friendship Cup you'll probably get further than me so it is fine with me."

Yugo's face reddened, "Okay-y-y Rin."

(Present Time)

"Rin…RIN!" Yugo shouted snapping Rin out of her flashback and back into reality,

"Yugo? I thought you were supposed to be down at the track?" Rin could see the trophy in his hand, looking around see also saw that everyone had seemingly left, even Sakura had pulled a vanishing act, but that was pretty standard of her to just leave whenever she felt like it.

"I was there, but that Kagawa guy was a real ass so it didn't go on as long as it should've. Anyway, I've been trying to get your attention for the past ten minutes!" Rin didn't miss the fact it was now Yugo's turn to get annoyed at someone's tardiness.

"Sorry Yugo, I was just thinking back to three years ago" Yugo's anger subsided as he realised what she meant, he had a habit of living in the past as well. "It time to go Rin I-" Rin tuned out Yugo as just over his shoulder she could see the hooded figure. This time it was impossible for it to be Sakura, the energetic enigmatic girl had vanished and looked distinctly different, Rin now noticed, from this person. His face was barely visible, all she could make out was the twisted grin on his face before he too disappeared without a trace.

Rin!" Yugo shouted again causing her to switch her attention to him "Stop spacing out we need to go now!"

Rin could only nod, the thought of being followed still dragged her down, how long before this person attacked her? What was he going to do to her?

They both left out the front entrance where they had arrived earlier in the day, departing in a similar manner to the arrival.

However, had they gone out the back entrance, they would've come across a rather interesting discussion. "You're a fraudster. Aru Kagawa."

"Huh?" Aru replied to the ominously calm voice from the girl in front of him "I don't have the faintest idea what you could possibly mean." He said with a cold expression on his face.
Stepping out of the shadows and with her hood still up was Sakura "Stop it there. You're a terrible liar, anyone with half a brain can see through that façade and see who you truly are."

"If you are so confident, why don't you 'expose' me in the open then? Sakura-san." There was something increasingly malevolent in Aru's cold tone.
Sakura shrugged her shoulders "Unlike you, I actually have a set of morals and prefer not to expose people in public so that I can blackmail them into doing my bidding. Aru-sama."

"Well, then. This is getting awfully frosty isn't it?" Aru said sarcastically, twirling his cane in his hand "If you have nothing more to say then I suggest that you move out of my way before I make you."

"Oh, I'm not about to go until I expose the real you." Sakura replied instantaneously.

The twitching of Aru's upper lip was the first sign of something about the Top's cold exterior cracking, his tone gaining an even more malevolent and even psychotic nature to it "The real me eh? What is truly defined as 'Real'? How can I be sure that I am talking to the real you and not some role you're playing for this situation? We're all beasts on the inside, Sakura-san." Aru passed by Sakura as if she weren't even there, not even bothering to turn round and look at her "The only difference in humanity is how we choose to use that beast…" And with that, the blond haired teen had vanished into the shadows.

During the ride back, Rin had remained quiet, still thinking about her stalker and whether she should tell Yugo.

"Rin?" Whether she told him or not Yugo's voice was still a comfort to her, "You've been quiet is something wrong?"

Rin didn't want to worry Yugo as they arrived back at the garage "It's nothing Yugo." Rin rubbed her arm and was looking rather solemn, she really didn't want to talk about it anymore, however, Yugo's piercing glare made her second guess her thoughts "I just have this feeling I'm being followed." Yugo listened carefully as Rin continued to explain what happened earlier today and over the previous days as well.

"Over the past couple of days I've seen this person who seems to be following me, at first I thought it was nothing as I only saw him out of the corner of my eye, I thought it was a trick of the eye just like you said earlier today and he wasn't really there but…" Yugo urged Rin to continue "Today he was more prevalent I saw him twice today. First when we were leaving for the tournament final, I saw him standing in the alley looking directly at me as if he was specifically targeting me," Yugo watched as Rin struggled through the explanation, he would let her rest afterwards. "The second time was just at the tournament he was standing not far behind you. I even mistook Sakura for him at one point." Yugo was shocked at how close he had come to Rin's follower, he couldn't believe he hadn't noticed, he mentally cursed "I could see the grin on his face, it was maddening I felt like I was staring into the abyss and the abyss was staring back into to me."

Rin was still solemn as Yugo finally spoke, "Everything is going to be okay Rin I'll protect you… Get some rest and then tomorrow we'll go find this guy and take him out! Make sure to take your disk, just in case this creep attacks!" Yugo placed his hands on Rin's giving her a comforting smile.

"Thanks Yugo…" Rin left to get sleep with Yugo spending time finely tuning the D-wheel.

Outside of the garage, said figure was standing silently outside listening in "Oh my, they're coming after me tomorrow what ever will I do?" He was as mocking as could be, he was about to leave when a call came through his disk that made him stop in his tracks

"What is it Professor?" He asked.

"How close are you to bringing me the girl, Yuya?" The Professor's voice was demanding

"I'm outside their residence at the minute why do you ask?" Yuya was curious to the oddly specific question.

"I need you to bring her to me now!" An outburst wasn't what Yuya was expecting but he responded anyway, slightly shocked "Yes, Professor. I'll begin now." Yuya disconnected the call and began to make his move, still confused as to why the Professor had yelled at him like that. It wasn't often that he was yelled at anymore, those people didn't have the guts anymore seeing his new strength. It must have been a serious situation.

He entered the garage, Yugo despite all of his gusto just moments prior had passed out on the ground mere moments after Rin had gone to get rest, having spent too long tuning the D-wheel the night before and the exhausting duel he had just been a part of.

Yuya walked carefully as not to wake Yugo up, "So much for protecting your girlfriend Fusion." Yuya quietly whispered softly, mocking Yugo's name in the process of making his way up to Rin's room.

In her room Rin had noticed that the gem on her bracelet had started to glow a soft green, it was strange, she had never had this happen before, however, she didn't have enough time to question it before Yuya burst into the room. "Hello there…Rin." The sight of her stalker caused Rin to yell and to try and escape from the room, causing Yugo to awaken blow them.

"Was that Rin?!" Yugo's voice came as music to Rin's ears and she started to gain a second wind, throwing out and activating her duel disk. Yuya on the other hand was displeased that Rin had awoken Yugo "Silly girl, look what you've done!" Not caring much for the whole dueling aspect, Yuya grabbed Rin's bracelet arm which was now glowing an intense green as Yugo's footsteps could be heard pounding towards them.

It was just as Yugo was about to bound throw the door and teach the stalker a thing or two, the pair had vanished into the aether in a pool of green light "RIN! WHERE ARE YOU?! RIN?!" Yugo desperately searched for Rin in the house before taking to the streets on his D-wheel.

(Unknown Location in Synchro dimension)

Yuya and Rin reappeared in what looked to be another slum still in the synchro dimension much to Yuya's dismay. "You could've made this such much easier for yourself." He said releasing Rin's arm and readying his duel disk "You could've come silently with me back to Academia but no…" Rin tired her best to remain resolute as Yuya's face let loose a malicious grin "Still!" Yuya declared trying hard not burst into a fit of insane laughter. "I always enjoy crushing those who oppose the Professor!" Rin was determined, she would face down this creep and send him packing.

"Duel!" Both declared simultaneously

Yuya's LP: 4000 Rin's LP: 4000 Cards x5

Turn 1

"I'll go first, since I don't control a monster I can special summon Windwitch – Ice Bell!" True to the name, a witch with purple and frosty blue hair appeared as Yuya felt a chill run down his spine from the wintry blast that had occurred during the monster's summoning.

Windwitch – Ice Bell, Level 3, Spellcaster, WIND, Effect (1000/1000)

"Due to Ice Bell's effect, when this Windwitch is summoned you take 500 points of damage!" The witch conjured a blizzard knocking Yuya back against a nearby wall with his duel disk taking particular impact damage. He got up and sneezed due to the cold, looking rather pissed at this point.

Yuya's LP: 4000 – 3500

"Now I summon the Tuner monster Windwitch - Glass Bell!" A witch with teal hair that looked similar to the prior monster appeared

Windwitch – Glass Bell, Level 4, Spellcaster, WIND, Effect (1500/1500)

"Now I tune my Ice bell with my Glass bell to Synchro Summon! Level 7! Windwitch - Winter bell!" Rin's ace synchro monster hit the field immediately from the duel start, she knew that in order to pull her plan off she would need to go all guns blazing. The monster was one of a deep blue colour with a large teal sphere function as the monster's body.

Windwitch – Winter Bell, Level 7, Spellcaster, Synchro, WIND, Effect (2400/2000)

"Now Winter bell's effect triggers! I target one Windwitch monster in my graveyard and you're dealt damage equal to that monsters level x200! I target Glass Bell dealing you 800 points of damage! Take this!" Another blizzard appeared this time knocking Yuya's hood off, nearly taking his googles off as well.

Yuya's LP: 3500 – 2700

"I set one card face down and end my turn! Come at me you freak!" Rin put on a façade of confidence while in all reality she was still somewhat scared of this person.

Rin's cards x2

Turn 2

"So that's your strategy? To sit back and burn me for damage?" Yuya's monotone voice scared Rin more than when he was maniacal. "You're even more pathetic than I thought."

"It's my turn, I draw! I activate Performance Call!" This card showed two monsters, one was a rather creepy looking joker with a bowtie and overly large bowtie, the other one was a portentous hippo who was holding up a phone to the joker's ears in its hoof "This card allows me to add one 'Performapal' monster to my hand." A card ejected from Yuya's duel disk, he snatched it too quickly for Rin to see it. "I then normal summon Performapal Whip snake." A top hatted viper with a comically sized bowtie appeared bearing its fangs at Winter Bell.

Performapal Whip Snake, Level 4, Reptile, EARTH, Effect (1700/900)

"I too set one card face down and end my turn, it's your move." Yuya said calmly, not giving anything away just yet.

Yuya's cards x3

Turn 3

"My turn I draw!" Rin surveyed the field and her hand, she was confident that she would hold off long enough for Yugo to find her and then they would beat this guy together, maybe the even better scenario would be that she beats him before Yugo even gets here.

Meanwhile, speaking of Yugo, he was still busy trying to find Rin, he had felt the cold that he thought could have only come from one of Rin's monsters, given how often he dueled with her it was easy to tell when it was just a normal cold or when it was one of Rin's Windwitch monsters which had tormented him during his childhood with numerous colds and even pneumonia in one case, don't ask. 'I'll find you Rin and when I do I'll beat that guy into the dirt along with you.' Yugo went in the direct he best felt where Rin was, following the cold air.

"I activate Winter Bell's effect, once again targeting Glass Bell to deal you 800 points of damage!" This blizzard knocked Yuya's cloak fully off revealing his entire appearance to Rin, it also sent his disk crashing to the ground once more.

Yuya's LP: 2700 – 1900

"You're still going on with that burn strategy of yours? You have no right to call yourself a duelist!" Yuya was livid at two things, first, he had lost his disguise meaning if that idiot saw him he wouldn't be able to carry out the rest of the Professor's plan and second this strategy angered him to his very core.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Rin asked looking rather pleased with her handiwork, "Last time I checked you stalked me for a week and then tried to abduction m…" Rin was about to go on a rant before she noticed something peculiar about her enemy's appearance Wait why do you look like Yugo?" This was the first time Rin had fully looked at Yuya's face the resemblance to bore to Yugo's was striking to Rin was shocked and was about to start speaking again before Yuya cut her off.

"DON'T LINK ME AGAIN TO THAT IDIOT!" Yuya screamed at the top of his lungs, images of other people's faces began to flood into his mind and unlock memories that he didn't ever want to see again.

He was so loud that even a still relatively far away Yugo could hear him. 'Is that where Rin is? Yugo turned his D-wheel to follow Yuya's voice still screaming at the top of his lungs.
Rin decided in order to stop Yuya from screaming she would have to defeating him quickly before the people around here took suspicion as she was certain she was in just another part of the commons slums, "Winter Bell attack Whip snake!" The freezing cold took full effect as Whip Snake was simply snapped in half after being frozen by the cold.

Yuya's LP: 1900 - 1200

Yuya still screaming as he hit the ground, before he suddenly stopped to Rin's surprise, "Thank the lord, you've finally stopped…" She once again looked over the Crimson eyed boys face as he got up, "I don't know why I considered you a threat you're more of a whinger and fear factor person than someone with actual skill! I end my turn."

Rin's cards x3

Turn 3

Yuya stayed silent for a while, letting its uneasiness settle over the scene before speaking with the same level of frost as Rin's wintry monsters "You think you're so great. Duelists who hide behind burn strategies are usually totally worthless scum that need to be eliminated for their weakness." Yuya's soliloquy went on to his increasing psychosis "Think of it like a candle. It burns oh so bright but can be snuffed out by a strong blast of wind! Hahahaha! Out! Out! Brief Candle!" Yuya's eyes slitted as he laughed mockingly "You're about to see why I survived while the others did not! I draw! I activate my facedown! The trap Performance Reborn!" The art of the card showed the scene of a performer standing in a changing room as a hand from outside the card was handing him another costume "By banishing one Performapal monster like Whip Snake from my graveyard, I get to summon one monster from my hand!"

Yuya held the card in between his fingers for dramatic effect, letting the dread of what it could be fill Rin. 'Heh. It looks like those two were useful for something after all!'

"I summon the dragon with wonderful and beautiful dichromatic eyes! Odd Eyes Dragon!" The same card that had been by Yuya's side since he was a young child and for a while had been his only solace during the harsh early days of his Academia life hit the field with a roar. Just as Yuya had said, the dragon had dichromatic eyes of green and red, the green eye contrasting with the red scales and tail. In its centre was a set of white scales with a large sapphire orb in theme.

Odd Eyes Dragon, Level 7, Dragon, DARK, Effect (2500/2000)

"Now I activate Polymerization!" Rin looked perplexed, 'Polymerization'? There was no card she had heard of that had that name, come to think of it, he had a different duel disk to the normal one as well. Something wasn't quite right here. "With it! I fuse together Performapal Nightmare Knight with the Odd Eyes Mirage Dragon in my hand! Fusion Summon! Level 8! Performapal Odd Eyes Metal Claw!" Metal Claw took the form of a beastly armoured version of Odd-Eyes with shockingly metal claws where its hands should've been.

Odd-Eyes Metal Claw, Level 8, Dragon, Fiend, Fusion, Effect (3000/2500).

Fusion? Rin didn't have a chance in hell of knowing what that meant. All she knew was that the monster looked powerful and she needed to deal with it quickly. Luckily she had the right card to deal with it. "At this point I activate my trap card Lost Wind!" The art showed a lost traveller wondering about a forest aimlessly while a blue fog leaked out of the forest, the same fog that descended onto the field, "Lost Wind not only negates the effect of the targeted monster but halves its attack points! I target Metal claw!" The mist started to envelop Metal Claw but was stopped when a barrier formed from the electric energy now circuiting the beast's claws, preventing the fog from constricting the monster. "
Why isn't it working?!" Rin exclaimed while Yuya tried to contain himself.

"Since I used polymerization to fusion summon Metal claw it can't be targeted by card effects!" Rin took a step back realising all she could do know was hope Yugo could find her, "Battle! Metal Claw take out that pesky Winter bell! And here comes the best part! Claw's effect now activates! Every monster on my field gains 300 attack points!"

Metal Claw's ATK: 3000 – 3300
Odd Eyes Dragon ATK: 2500 – 2800

A vicious and quick swipe from metal claw tore Winter Bell in two with the last sending Rin flying into the wall behind her, sapping her of any strength to get back up.
Rin's LP: 4000 – 3100

"Odd Eyes! Direct attack! Spiral Flame Strike!" The strength of Odd Eye's attack knocked Rin further into the abyss of darkness, with her now barely able to keep her eyes from fluttering into blissful sleep.

Rin's LP: 3100 – 300

Yuya took this opportunity to find his cloak and put it back on as he could hear Yugo's voice and D-wheel approaching. The desperate yells and screams of Rin's best friend were pure music to his ears.

"Unfortunately, the show will have no encore tonight. I remove Nightmare Knight from my grave to trigger its effect, since you took battle damage you now take an additional 1000 points of damage! Drown in the Abyss!"

Rin's previously weakened eyes widened in horror as a ball of dark energy was shot directly at her, and upon impact she faded into unconsciousness rapidly, the last thing she heard was Yugo's screaming voice and the last thing she could mumble out was "Y-Yugo… I'm s-sorry…"

Rin's LP: 300 – 0

Yuya: Win!

Yuya went to collect his prize and just like he did with Ruri draped her over his shoulder as his face was caught in Yugo's headlights, the irate synchro duelist had his hand on the accelerator "Give Rin back now, you bastard!" Yugo then cracked his knuckles getting ready to crush Yuya into oblivion

"I'm so sorry, I would like to keep going but as I said prior the show is over for the night! Now if you excuse us, we need to leave! The Professor needs me back before the encore!" Yugo only briefly caught Yuya's face but he him was shocked into silence as he gazed upon his own face as Yuya and Rin disappeared with Yuya pulling out his Malevolent Flash card and pressing the return function on his disk.

"How…?" Yugo's day had just gone from great to utter hell in the space of a few hours. The realisation of what had just happened finally sunk into his brain as he took of his helmet and threw it to the wall, shattering the glass visor in the process.

(Fusion Dimension)

As Yuya arrived back in the halls of Academia, he expected to have felt a body wrapped around his shoulder. However, he didn't even need to look in order to see that Rin was no longer there. "What?! How did this happen?! Where'd the girl go?!"

His questions were soon answered when his duel disk suddenly started to activate and deactivate seemingly at random. It didn't take a genius to figure out what had happened "That girl…!" Yuya growled "She could be anywhere in this dimension!" Yuya was not looking forward to explaining what had happened to the Professor as he stalked off into the halls to Leo's Throne room.

However, the one thing Yuya wasn't aware of was that a certain grey haired teen was just within earshot of him, hid behind one of the pillars. 'Serves you right, everyone has to fail a mission at some point.' He thought as a smirk worked its way onto his features, but there was something annoying him

'Way to go and ruin my collection with that. Guess that she will just have to deal with twice the usual.'