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Walking Through the Fire

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Eli Mills kicked and shoved his way through the remains of the lab. His suit jacket pulled up to cover his nose and mouth as he choked on the smoke from the earlier explosion. “Wu!” He called out, making sure the doctor wasn’t trapped anywhere. “Anyone in here?” He choked on his words and turned back towards the way he came in when no one answered him.

There was a light that caught his attention on his way out. His eyes landed on the bone sample of the Indominus. Aggravated at the fact that it was left behind, he reached for the sample and hurried out of the lab.

With the elevator out of service Eli had no choice but to climb the narrow staircase back up to the main level of the house. Pausing at the level just below the library, he could hear voices. None that he recognized. Who could still be alive?

“Control room is back down this way.” A female voice said and Eli could hear the panic in her words.

“Control room?” Another female voice answered and Eli immediately recognized Claire. If she was still alive than surely Maisie would be with her. No other voices followed Claire’s, so surely they could be alone. Taking on two women to get to one child couldn’t be difficult.

“Can we just get out of here?”

“Maisie!”Eli hissed, his eyes lit up and a devilish grin spread across his face. His assumptions were correct, Claire somehow kept the kid alive.

Hearing the footsteps drawing closer, he ducked into a closet. By the sound of the footsteps he no longer was confident that it was just the three of them. He was outnumbered and didn’t dare try to take them on.

Once the coast was clear, Eli changed direction and snuck back through the smoke infested basement. Catching a glimpse of the group in the control room, he only recognized Owen, Claire and Maisie. Quickly glancing down at the sample in his arms, he decided on escaping rather than trying to figure out what they were doing in there.

Eli let out a sigh of relief when the cool night air hit his face. He made it. Clutching the bone tighter he smiled to himself. Owen may have stopped the auction, but he didn’t get the prize.

Opening the van door, he began to feel the ground vibrate under his feet. He looked back at the house. “Shit!” He yelled, dropped the sample and fell to the ground. He slid under the van, the sample forgotten out in the open.

The sound of the van being crushed on top of him had him calling out in fear. His eyes squeezed shut until the vibrations around him subsided. Peeking out from under the car, Eli scrambled out, starring wide-eyed at the Indominus bone sample crushed to pieces. Dropping to his knees he cried out. Everything he has worked for was now gone. Isla Nublar was completely destroyed by the volcano. The chance of hiring a new team to collect another sample was out of the question. His chest began to vibrate from the anger growing inside. “Owen,” he growled. This was all his fault.

As if speaking his name reminded him of the group still inside. What were they doing in that control room? Someone opened the cages. Someone released the dinosaurs. Eli’s hands balled into fists as he stared at the house. He no longer cared how many of them there were. Reaching for a shard of glass, Eli jumped to his feet and stormed back towards the house.

The door where the dinosaurs escaped was indeed open, but there was no one around. Eli spun around and made his way back to the front of the house. They had to leave at some point.

“You guys get out of here. We will find a car and meet you back in San Fransisco in a few days.” Eli ducked behind a bush when he heard Claire talking to the two people he didn’t recognize. His eyes focused on Owen who seemed to be focused on a specific spot along the tree line.

“What about Blue?” Maisie wondered, her arms locked around Owen’s waist.

He patted her back, but didn’t look away from the trees.

“She’ll be ok.” Claire answered her when Owen didn’t. Claire’s own eyes moved to watch the same spot Owen was. So Blue was alive as well and made her escape. Eli made a mental note to make sure she was recaptured before Owen could try.

The group quickly split up with Maisie leading Claire and Owen in Eli’s direction. Most likely headed towards the garage for a car. The other two taking one that was parked close by. Most of the other vehicles around were destroyed by the stampeding dinosaurs.

The three walked cautiously in Eli’s direction. Eyes searching for any signs of danger. Gripping the glass shard in his hand he leaped out from behind the bush, pulling a startled scream from both Claire and Maisie. They both jumped away from Eli, Owen instinctively shoved both of them behind him and stood, arms outstretched, as he stared at the small weapon in Eli’s hand. The two men’s eyes met, Owen shifting whenever Eli did.

Claire, gaining her confidence back, stepped beside Owen. “Shouldn’t you be dead?” She spat.

“I’ve had enough of you, Bitch!” Eli yelled, lifting his hand to jab the glass in her direction. She jumped back and away from his flailing arm.

“Back off!” Owen Growled and blocked Eli’s attack on Claire.

Eli’s eyes narrowed at the man who was now standing between him and Claire. “Was it you?” The glass now pointed at Owen.

Owen stood tall. He squared his shoulders and shrugged, “Don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“The dinosaurs, Asshole! Did you let them out?” His hand shook from rage as he focused the end of the glass closer to Owen.

When Owen spoke, his voice was flat. His eyes barring into Eli’s. “No.”

Eli stepped to the side to try and face Claire, but Owen stepped with him, always staying between the two. “You?” Eli asked, ignoring the barrier between him and Claire.

“None of us did.” Claire’s voice was just as cold as Owen’s.

“Bullshit!” Eli lunged for her once again. This time Claire stood her ground, unafraid of his threats with Owen acting as her shield. Maisie clung to Claire’s arm, shrieking in fear for Claire’s safety.

“I said back off!” Owen shoved hard against Eli’s chest, dodging the sharp piece of glass in his hand.

Eli stumbled backwards, but quickly regained his footing. His focused moved from Claire to Maisie. She was trembling beyond control. Her eyes wide as she stared at him. She let go of Claire and backed away when his eyes met hers. “It was you, Clone!”

“Hey!” Claire moved behind Owen to shove Maisie behind her. The girl stood silently, tucked safely behind both Claire and Owen. “Leave her out of this.”

“She did. Didn’t she.”

Claire stood just behind Owen’s shoulder. “Walk away.” She warned. Owen’s hands balled into tight fists, his body hunched over, ready to step in front of Claire if needed.

Eli lifted the shard to point it at Maisie. “That belongs to me.”

“Fuck you,” was Owen’s answer.

Owen gained Eli’s focus as he pointed the attack back on him and not the women behind him. “You ruined everything that I’ve been working towards! You both should have died on that island!” Eli looked through both Claire and Owen, “Maisie you belong to me now. Let’s go.” He pointed to the ground beside him, demanding Maisie come stand by him.

Maisie whimpered behind Claire. “Like hell she does!” Claire stepped around Owen and he immediately reached out to grip her arm. “She’s a child!” She screamed, fighting against Owen’s grasp to get closer to Eli.

“She’s collateral.”

“You’re not getting anywhere near her.” Claire stated and narrowed her eyes at him.

“All Lockwood’s assets were left to me. I’ll have your pretty little ass arrested for kidnapping the moment you take her off this property.”

Claire tried stepping closer to him, but Owen’s grip tightened. She jabbed her finger in his direction, “You’re bluffing!” Claire swallowed hard, the words she was about to say tasting like acid in her mouth. “You said it yourself. He never had a granddaughter. I can bet my life she doesn’t exist outside those walls.” She gestured back to the house. Show me a child in his will that we could be accused of kidnapping. She’s nothing but property to you! You will not get anywhere near her.”

With his patience completely gone, Eli clenched his teeth together and lunged for Claire. She tried stepping towards him, her hands in fists, ready to protect the nine year old behind her. Owen was quicker, shoving Claire to the side, he swung his arm around. His fist making contact with Eli’s face. The blow knocking him out cold. His body crumbled to the ground.

Owen shook out his hand and Claire immediately reached out to inspect his knuckles. “You probably just broke your hand.” Claire pointed out.

“No,” Owen shook his head, “I didn’t even hit him that hard.”

Eli groaned on the ground which was echoed by a roar off in the distance.

“I want to go!” Maisie whimpered.

Claire nodded, eyes wide as she stared at the spot in the woods where the roar came from. “Me, too.”


“Do you think he’s dead?” Maisie asked as Claire tucked her in. The hotel bed creaked as Claire sat on the edge. The image of Eli getting to his feet just as the three pulled away flashed into Claire’s mind. The roar of the T-Rex in the forest closer than before had Owen speeding away from the estate.

Claire swept her hand across Maisie’s forehead, moving her wet hair out of her face. “I don’t know, but he won’t find us here. There’s nothing for you to worry about.”

Maisie focused on the running water coming from the shower. Claire saw the tension in the young girl’s eyes and found herself looking at the closed door to the bathroom. She, too, felt anxious being separated from Owen. “Owen will be out soon. We’re safe here.” She informed Maisie, trying to make both of them feel better.

The young girl nibbled on her bottom lip as she looked up at Claire. “Do you… what you said before to Mr. Mills.” Claire’s breath hitched as she waited for Maisie to continue. “You don’t think I exist?”

“Oh, God, no sweetie. I knew he was lying when he said he’d have Owen and I arrested for kidnapping. When I said that I mean’t there’s probably no record of your birth.”

Maisie nodded. “Because I shouldn’t exist.” Claire was quick to wipe the tear before it trickled down Maisie’s cheek.

“You exist to me. And to Owen. We will protect you.”

“She’s right, Kiddo.” Claire and Maisie both jumped, unaware that Owen had finished in the shower and was now standing beside them. “What do you think?” Owen placed his hand on Claire’s shoulder and squeezed lightly. “Claire and I… well, we have a lot to figure out, but we can sort it all out. Together. The three of us.”

Claire stood up and wrapped her arms around Owen’s waist. The smile on her face let Owen know she agreed.

The girl nodded and settled against her pillow. When her eyes finally drooped shut, Claire stood up and limped towards the other bed. With the adrenalin gone, the pain in her leg was starting to become unbearable.

Owen sat on the edge of the bed to inspect the bandages he applied after she showered. He smiled, satisfied that the bleeding had finally stopped. “You ok?” He asked, rubbing her thigh softly.

She started to nod, then off of Owen’s look she slowly shook her head. “It hurts.”

Owen breathed in deeply and moved to lay beside Claire on the bed. He pulled her into his arms and she rested her head on his shoulder. “I wish I could take the pain away.”

Claire nuzzled her face into his neck, breathing in his scent. “This helps.”

His grip tightened and he could feel her relaxing just a little more.

They had a long road ahead of them, but he would go the the ends of the world for the woman in his arms. He refused to fall asleep until her breathing evened out and she was completely relaxed against him. He laid in the dark listening to both Claire and Maisie deep in well deserved sleep. With Claire content, he allowed himself to sleep.