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Knowing Who You Are

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Gemma Teller-Morrow looked over at Karen Oswald as she was screaming her head off for her daughter. Something was obviously very wrong. So, she walked over to the mother who was panicking and calling out her daughter's name.

"What's going on?" Gemma asked as she approached Karen.

"We can't find Tristen." Karen said, the panic evident in her voice.

"Oh Jesus," Gemma said as Savannah approached them. "She must be around here somewhere."

"No, we've looked everywhere." Karen told Gemma.

"She's not in the bathrooms and she's not around the games." Savannah said, trying her best to stay calm as they searched for the missing teen.

Elliot was the next to join the small group. "She's not on any of the rides."

"Oh my god, oh my god," Karen said panicking again. "Tristen."

"I'm gonna make another round," Savannah said. "I'll call you if I find her."

Searching for Tristen was heartbreaking. Savannah had left her with her parents before taking a phone call and now she was missing. Every worst-case scenario was running wild through her mind and she couldn't get it to stop. Seeing some of the stuff being taken down, she wished there was a sign of where Tristen was. This just wasn't like her. She didn't just leave on her own without someone she knew, she was smarter than that.


Walking around felt useless and it felt like it was taking too long. Glancing over at the woods, her stomach plummeted thinking that her little sister was in there. But her feet took her there. Using her phone for a light, she kept looking in every direction. After about twenty minutes Savannah was about to head back to the Oswald's, when she heard something. It was a soft whimpering sound.

"Tristen?" she called out. "Tristen, are you out there?"

All she was met with was silence, so she moved in the direction that she heard the noise. More than anything she wanted to find Tristen and have her be unharmed and just a little scared or wake up and this be all a horrible, horrible nightmare. But then she saw why she couldn't find her little sister earlier and her heart broke into a million little pieces.

"Tristen?" Savannah called as she rushed over to her. "Oh god, Tristen."

She could see the tears in the eyes of her sister, and it made her sick to her stomach that someone had harmed this innocent child. Quickly making her way over to her sister's side she grabbed her hand. "Tristen? Tristen, I need you to look at me right now."

Slowly Tristen rolled her head to the side and saw Savannah and that's when she squeezed her hand and let the tears fall freely. "You are going to be okay. You hear me? You will be okay."

Using her other hand, she dialed a number that she dreaded. This was going to hurt everyone and all she could think about was that there was a monster in Charming. When the other person picked up, she lost her voice for a minute.

"Savannah?" Elliott's voice sounded in her ear. "Are you there? Savannah?"

"I'm here. Sorry," Savannah said as she regained all of her facilities. "I found Tristen. Call 911."

"Anna…" Tristen said softly.

"Don't worry," Savannah said. "I'm right here. I won't leave you."

Slowly opening her eyes, Savannah glanced around the hospital room. Tristen was still asleep, but Karen was gone, and Elliott was sitting on the opposite of the Tristen. No matter how many times she slept at the hospital, it was no substitute for her bed. Watching Tristen sleep, Savannah realized what it was that woke her up. Tristen was squeezing her hand very tightly. Glancing at the monitors she saw that her heart rate was starting to spike.

"Tristen?" Savannah called out to her. "Tristen, I need you to wake up for me. It's Savannah."

"What's wrong?" Elliott asked as he started to rise to his feet but stopped when Savannah motioned for him to stop.

"Tristen, I need you to listen to my voice. You are not in the woods; you are with me. That is my hand you are squeezing right now. Trust me, open your eyes."

After another moment or two, Tristen looked at Savannah before she pulled her closer. As carefully as she could Savannah put her arms around the teenager as she cried. She knew exactly how she was feeling. She was still fighting her own demons, but she there was no way she was going to allow Tristen's to get the better of her. Not when she was by her side and she swore that whoever did this to her little sister would pay. Once Tristen calmed down enough, Savannah whispered softly to her.

"Will you lay down with me?" Tristen asked.

"There is something I need to do," Elliott said looking at Tristen and then Savannah. "Are you okay here?"

"I'm not working until later. I won't leave," Savannah told him. "But maybe you could bring back a decent cup of coffee?"

Nodding his head, Elliott leaned over and kissed Tristen's cheek. "I'll be back soon and I'm sure your mother is on her way back as well."

Tristen nodded her head before watching her father walk out of her hospital room.

"Did you work last night?" Tristen asked, once they were alone.

"No," Savannah said as she carefully laid next to Tristen in the hospital bed. "I spilled something on it and my change of clothes were dirty because I forgot to take them home to wash, but I had some scrubs in my locker room. I didn't want to go too far so I just decided to stick with the scrubs."

"Where do you think he went?"

"He is hurting so he is going to look for someone that can help find the monster that did this."

"Will I have to see him again?"

"No," Savannah told her. "You won't have to. There are other ways to make sure this never happens again."

"I thought I was there again and that it was happening again."

"You don't have to talk about it," Savannah said lacing their fingers to let her know that she was there for her. "Try and rest. I'm not going anywhere."

"Thanks for not leaving me."

"I'm always here for you Tristen."

Later that afternoon, Savannah was back in the chair next to the bed looking through a magazine when she felt a nudge. Glancing up from her magazine she saw Gemma coming into the room.

"What are you doing in here Gemma?" Savannah asked as she stood up.

"I just wanted to see how she was doing."

"No Gemma," Savannah said. "Hale already pulled this bullshit. She isn't going to talk to anyone about what happened. She doesn't remember anything and so she can't help. Please go before Karen gets back and gets pissed off."

"Alright," Gemma said. "But Jax said he stopped by your house and said you haven't been home."

"I've been where I need to be. Here." Savannah said, not moving an inch.

"Feel better Tristen," Gemma said. "You've got a good friend watching out for you."

"She's my sister," Tristen said. "Just not the normal way."

"It's good to have family support."

Watching Gemma leave the room Savannah let out a long sigh. "Who was she?"

"Remember Jax?" Savannah said scooting her chair closer to the teen.

"He gave us tickets to go on the ride after you got there."

"Yes, he did," Savannah nodded her head. "That was his mother. They are trying to find out who did this."

"Dad hasn't said anything."

"And he won't," Savannah said. "Your parents are trying to protect you. That's all and it is a good thing."

"Even if I do remember?"

"Talking about it can be pretty scary. Especially so soon."

"Would it help?" Tristen asked. "Letting Jax know?"

"Not if you don't want to tell," Savannah said. "This isn't an easy thing to deal with, but I will be here whenever you need me. If you don't want to tell, then that's okay."

"I remember what happened," she said. "I told mom, but she said to keep it all a secret."


"I want to be brave like you," Tristen said. "It was one of the guys at the carnival, the clown. He was big."

"Big like he was tall or big like he was fat?"

"Fat," Tristen said. "Tell Jax."

Seeing the door open and Karen walk in, she smiled at them. "I need to step out for a bit. I was waiting for you to come back. Didn't want Hale to try again."

"Thank you, Savannah," Karen said. "Thank you."

"Of course."

Walking out of the hospital room, Savannah sucked in her breath as she was walking. The things her little sister had gone through that night made her sick to her stomach. She knew what happened, but when she was told that Tristen didn't remember anything that gave her hope that she would move past it a bit easier. Now that she knew the truth it hurt more than anything she ever felt.

Not even realizing where she was going, Savannah found herself facing Jax and Gemma. When he caught sight of the tears in her eyes, he left his mother and headed straight for her. It was the first time since returning to Charming that she was feeling cornered. It was like once she turned the corner into a hallway something even worse was going to pop out at her.

"Hey," Jax said as he walked towards her, but she shook her head and headed towards Gemma. "Savannah?"

Taking Gemma's hand, she walked around the corner and Jax followed them. Breathing deeply, she tried to get her emotions in check, but it was easier said than done right now. Especially with the information she had been given by Tristen herself.

"Savannah, what's the matter?" Jax asked, grabbing her arm and pulling her in close. "Talk to me."

It was in that moment that she officially lost it. The tears that she had been fighting to keep contained was a losing battle and they just poured down her face. Jax pulled her in tight against his chest and held her as she cried it out. Rubbing her back and whispering that it would be okay, that he was right there while he did so. After about a minute or so, Savannah backed up slightly and wiped the tears with the tips of her fingers.

"I'm sorry for blocking you Gemma," Savannah said. "I guess I'm pretty protective of Tristen. But Karen doesn't want what happened to get out. She doesn't want Tristen to be known as the girl that was raped at Fun Town."

"She's always going to be known as the girl that was raped at Fun Town."

"Try getting that through to Karen. She is even more protective of Tristen."

"I'll talk to her." Gemma said digging into her purse and handed Savannah a tissue.

"Has Tristen said anything that could help?" Jax asked, keeping Savannah close to him.

"She remembers everything," Savannah told him. "It was a carnival worker. A clown. He was big. Big as in fat."

Kissing Savannah on the cheek, he looked at her in the eyes. "Thank you. We are going to get this guy. He won't hurt anyone else again. Does Hale know?"

"Not yet," Savannah said. "Tristen was going to tell her Karen that she doesn't want to hide what happened so it will only be a matter of time before she tells him. If you want to get there first, you better go."

"Thank you," Jax said. "I'll see you later."

Without another word, he walked away from them. He looked over his shoulder at Savannah before heading to the exit. The only way he was sure that he could get to the club and let them know what Savannah found out and to get to the rapist first was to make sure that Hale couldn't get there first. So, he did what he had to and put his knife into the tire of Hale's police jeep before getting onto his motorcycle and making the call to Clay. They were all going to meet at Fun Town and get the sick bastard and then they would call Elliott to do his part as was agreed.

Looking at Gemma, Savannah wanted to apologize once again, but she wasn't sure that Gemma really cared.

"Is there something going on between the two of you?"

"What do you mean?" Savannah asked.

"Don't play dumb," Gemma said. "You and Jax. Are you two-"

"I don't know how to answer that because I don't know. I told him that I wasn't looking for anything, but-"

"Let me guess, he hasn't given you time to figure out what you want?" Gemma asked. "He gets that from his father. Just remember to use protection. We don't need you getting pregnant."

"Thanks?" Savannah said looking at Jax's mother.

"He could do worse," Gemma said. "He could be with the one that broke his heart when she left."

"You mean Dr. Knowles."

"Yes, I mean her. Just don't do anything stupid."

"I've gotta go talk to my friend and see if she will swap shifts so I can stay with Tristen."

"Tristen is what to you?" Gemma asked. "I heard what she said, but what is she to you?"

"She's my sister in every sense of the word. It is eating me up inside that I wasn't there to protect her when she needed me the most."

"You can't put that on yourself."

"How can I not?" Savannah asked wiping a stray tear from her eye that had escaped and was heading down her cheek. "I need to get back as soon as I see my friend."

Not even giving Gemma a chance to reply, Savannah walked away to the desk where she saw her friend was working. Her heart was hurting more than she thought it could at this point, but there was nothing she could do to stop the pain.

Walking through her front door, Savannah closed the door and locked it before making her way to her bedroom. It wasn't that long ago she agreed to take the house from Elliott Oswald and then she picked Tristen up from school and hung out for the afternoon before going out to dinner. It was a special day for her. Although she didn't want to admit to it, she was getting antsy to get out of the hotel. But after what happened at Fun Town, she didn't know how to feel.

Savannah had been by Tristen's side through the last few days. Only surviving on coffee and snacks from the vending machine while sleeping in the chair next to her little sister's bed. Her neck hurt and so did her heart. It was hard not to blame herself for what happened to Tristen. If she had been with her when her parents went for ice cream and waited for her to get off the ride, then she wouldn't be in the hospital and she wouldn't have been raped.

Turning the light on in her bedroom before sitting on her bed before she pulled out her cell phone and looked through her contacts until she came across the name that she didn't have any intention of using unless it was about her car or something hospital related. But she clicked on his name and called him.

Calling Jax…

"Hey Darlin'," his voice came through the other side as she slid down the wall. "You at the hospital still?"

Feeling the tears threatening to fall once again this evening, she didn't say anything. She just tried to hold them back.

"Savannah? Are you there?"

Taking a shaky breath, she just shook her head and ended the phone call. She felt so stupid for calling him just because she was feeling lost and didn't want to be alone after everything that had happened recently. Tossing the phone onto the center of the bed, she let the tears fall from her eyes since there was no one there to witness her breakdown. When she lost her father, she had been so young that she couldn't remember it ever feeling this hard to wrap her head around.

Giving herself a minute, she did her best to calm herself down before getting off the bed and making her way to the bathroom. Turning on the water, she stripped down as she waited for it to heat up. Feeling too drained to care, she left her clothes scattered on the floor before walking into the shower and letting the hot water beat down on her.

Not sure how long she stayed under the spray, but just as she was finishing washing up she heard a pounding sound at her front door. Her first thought was not to answer it. Shutting off the water, she stepped out onto the grey floor mat as she reached for her towel. Quickly drying her body, she grabbed the robe that was on the back on the bathroom door and put it on. Moving as quietly as possible she made her way to the front door just as there was another loud banging on her door. Grabbing her keys that had a small can of pepper spray attached, she looked through the peep hole and saw the familiar blonde-haired man standing there.

Sticking her key in the lock, she quickly unlocked it and looked at him standing there in his casual clothes with his Cut over it. When they locked eyes, she could see the worry in his eyes, most likely from her phone call when she hung up on him. Not answering the door quickly probably didn't help matters either.

"Are you alright?"

Nodding her head, she opened the door wider so he could come inside. Once they were both inside, she closed the door and locked it. She knew that Jax would protect her if something were to happen like a break in while he was there, but it just gave her a bit extra piece of mind which was needed so badly right now.

"I'm sorry," Savannah said as she crossed her arms over her chest. "I didn't mean for you to come over here to check on me."

"When you didn't say anything you had me worried," Jax told her. "I wasn't going to just ignore something like that."

Walking over to him, she wrapped her arms around him and for what felt like the millionth time that day the tears came. Feeling his arms wrap around her, Savannah didn't want to admit it, but it was the first time in years that she felt safe.