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Happily Never After

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Happily Never After

Chapter One-Hundred & Twenty-Five

20th Oct 2016 – 3:00 pm   

 Angelo Rosetta had finally stood trial for his crimes and been convicted of kidnapping his pregnant ex-girlfriend amongst many further acts of stalking, trespassing, and some petty crimes involving opening bank accounts in his dead sisters’ name to cipher money for. One of the only charges he’d managed to avoid being charged with was that of attempting to coerce Kaitlyn into impregnating Charlie with his baby. With Kaitlyn on the run with Watson for her own crimes, only her notes from the insemination process and Charlie and Joey’s therapist who cited the couple had seen her over the worry on the paternity of their unborn child.

Though the hospital conceded there was an investigation into the possible sample being given incorrectly there was nothing to prove that Angelo was involved in any of it. With the paternity test of the baby Charlie had given birth to weeks’ earlier read out to the courtroom, confirming Aden Jeffries was the biological father of their child, the jurors dismissed that charge.

Angelo had broken down in court when the test was read out, he was still full of complete belief that the baby Charlie had was his and everyone was conspiring to make out that it wasn’t. He hadn’t even broken down when he’d been handed his sentence. He was hollow at that point, still claiming his innocence, that all he was doing was setting up a life for the woman whom loved him.

After wrangling bail after he was initially charged on the proviso he was issued with a string of restraining orders from Charlie and Joey, Angelo had spent the better part of the last four months living with his parents back in the city under house arrest. The luxury of rich Italian parents got him to avoid jail until his trial but the shame they’d made their son feel almost hadn’t been worth it.

Now, Angelo was being carted down to his jail cell by a prison officer, still claiming his innocence that Charlie loved him and they’d be together as soon as he made everyone see he shouldn’t be in jail.

The prison officer rolled his eyes at Angelo, as he stopped in front of Angelo’s jail cell and took his time uncuffing Angelo’s wrists. Angelo glanced around him nervously, fearing what life in prison would be like, then looked at his jail cell that was about to be his home for the future years, “I don’t belong here, I’m not a criminal.”

As the prison officer unlocked the jail cell and opened it partway, he smirked at Angelo, “Get used to it, copper. You’re gonna be here a long time. Do you know what we love more than the random criminals who sidle through those doors every day? Ex cops like you who think they’re above the law! Oh…and enjoy your cell mate, we picked him out especially for you. He’s exactly what you deserve.”

Angelo frowned but the prison officer shoved him into the cell and locked the door behind him. Angelo tried to stop the door from closing but it was no use. Slamming his hands against the locked door, Angelo’s attention was suddenly taken as he felt like someone was watching him. Turning around, he gulped as his cellmate silently climbed down from the top bunk, standing there at the beds, barefoot, no shirt, his prison pants hanging loosely on his hips. But it was the tattoo emblazoned across his chest that got Angelo’s attention – All or Nothing.

A River Boy!

Angelo couldn’t place him, unsure if he’d arrested the River Boy or not in his former life as police Sergeant.

Trying to hide his nerves, Angelo stepped forwards, holding out his hand, “I’m Angelo. So…I guess I’ve got the bottom bunk. Been here long?”

The River Boy took his hand but didn’t introduce himself, instead he twisted Angelo’s arm, shocking the new inmate, by quickly flipping him and shoving Angelo up against the metal corner of the bed, Angelo’s body held against the bunk beds’ steps. Angelo complained as the man pressed the two of them against the metal, “I didn’t do anything, I’m innocent.”

The River Boy held Angelo’s arm twisted behind his back in his left hand and after several minutes of struggling found his second arm twisted too and both were in the River Boy’s left hand, then whispering closely into Angelo’s ear, “Do you know what I love more than a criminal who claims they are innocent? An ex-cop!”

Angelo groaned, trying to disclaim that he was a cop but realized the prison officer had called him that in earshot of his cellmate on purpose. The River Boy demanded, “What crime did you commit?”

“I’m innocent,” Angelo claimed once more. The River Boy’s breath was hot against Angelo’s neck, “Let me rephrase…what crime did you get charged with?” Angelo fought against the man but he was far too strong for even him to fight off, “Kidnapping the woman I love.”

The River Boy smirked as he pressed his body up against Angelo’s, shoving him against the metal frame of the bed again, “Perfect…an ex-cop who attacked a woman who didn’t want to be with him…I mean why else would you have to kidnap the poor woman? The boys in the prison are going to have a field day with you…and the prison guards…they love getting in on that action.”

“What do you mean?” Angelo asked, feeling helpless at being overpowered and suddenly wondered if this is how Charlie felt when he’d kidnapped her.

The River Boy stared up and down Angelo, “How should I put this politely? Your perky little butt is gonna get a workout.” Angelo’s eyes widened at the threat, “I’ll report you.” “To who? The guards love that kind of action when it’s against an ex-cop and it’s all you said, he said in here. No one’s gonna believe the word of a criminal like you,” The River Boy pointed out, “But there is one thing that can stop that…” “Anything,” Angelo pleaded, then squealed as he felt the man’s bulge lengthen between his legs, and he stood up on his tippy toes to avoid it.

The River Boy grinned at Angelo’s actions to get away from feeling him, “Let’s get one thing straight here. I have a girlfriend but she only gets to visit me once a month to fulfil my needs. I don’t like this, it’s downright gross but my needs need to me met more than once a month. When I want, you’re going to…do what I want.”

“I will not,” Angelo insisted then squealed once more as the River Boy pressed his bulging package to the inside of his upper thigh. The River Boy leaned in closer so his breath was all over Angelo’s neck, “That particular prison guard owes me a huge favour. I can get him to keep quiet that you’re an ex-cop. I’m the only other person in this jail who knows you’re a target all the criminals in here would like a piece of. So, you have exactly two options here…that perky little butt of yours…belongs to me…or every single man in this prison including the guards. What’s it gonna be?”

Angelo cried softly, finally feeling guilt for everything he’d put Charlie through.


Back at home in Summer Bay, Charlie was sitting outside on their long length bench cradling her daughter in her arms.

Joey walked outside to join her wife and sat next to her, smiling at their daughter, “You doing okay after the last few days, Charlie?” Charlie shrugged, “Angelo’s in jail paying for his crimes finally…it was so hard to face him in court.” “I know but it was worth it in the end to stand up and tell the jury all the things that Angelo has done to us over the years not just the night he kidnapped you,” Joey told her.

“It’ll be a long time until we have to think about him being released,” Charlie acknowledged. Joey wrapped her arm around Charlie’s shoulder and with her free hand, held onto their daughters, “Probably about the same time Robbo gets released so we’ll both have to go through this together. Both men will not be allowed anywhere near us. You got me through what Robbo did to me and I intend on doing the same for you.”

“I know you will,” Charlie whispered, “I can’t believe we’ve both had these violent men to deal with in our lives. But we got through it and we’re safe.” “We’ll always be safe, our whole family, you me and the kids. And y’know what, if you’re ever worried about Angelo or Robbo will come back here after they get released, we’ll just have to move to the opposite side of the world,” Joey suggested.

Charlie stared at Joey in surprise, “We’re not moving away from Summer Bay ever.” Joey smiled, “I was hoping you’d say that. Let’s not ever worry about those men for a long time.” “Agreed, we can move past all of it just like you did with Robbo, we’ll have a million and one restraining orders for both of them when they do get out. Let’s focus on getting past all that’s happened with us the last few years,” Charlie decided.

Joey nodded then looked at the piece of paper Charlie had in her hands under their baby, “Then why won’t you put that down and stop carrying it around with you everywhere?” Charlie tightened her fingers on the document, “Because I need it with me.”

“Lily’s not his, Charlie, that DNA test confirms it. You don’t need to carry the piece of paper that says it everywhere with you. We agreed to get the test done anyway despite Kaitlyn’s word, we need to let this go, Charlie. Lily hasn’t got a single piece of Angelo in her,” Joey reminded her wife.

“I know she’s not Angelo’s…Joey. Yes, we needed complete proof but I can’t help it. I need to keep reading it and reading it,” Charlie explained. “We’ve got the proof, Charlie. And I get keeping it and reading it on occasion to be reminded that that monster is not part of our lives but…we need to move on and letting this letter go…it’s the first step,” Joey suggested quietly.

Charlie nodded, handing the letter over to Joey, who took it and tucked it under her side on the bench, “We’ll get through all this, won’t we?” Joey lifted her hand from their daughter and cupped Charlie’s chin, “We’ve been through so much the last few years, we still need a few weeks to come to terms with Angelo 100% being out of our lives…whilst he’s in jail.” Joey rested her head against Charlie’s, “A few more weeks, yes, but we will find a way to move forward as a family. Everything we’ve been through the past few years…we now know it wasn’t because of us. It was one outside force trying to do everything possible to break us apart. Now that force is non-existent in our life we can and will move on.”

“But we still let Angelo in and we reacted to all the problems that he created so are we not as strong as what we say we are?” Charlie asked, feeling tears in her eyes. “We are the strongest we’ve ever been,” Joey assured, “Just because we let those problems in and nearly split us apart does not mean that we are not exactly where we’re supposed to be or that we should never have reacted as we did. You and I have been through what feels like literal hell together and when we’ve been apart…it’s gonna be a hell of a story one day to tell our kids.”

Charlie stared down at the baby girl in her arms, then shifted to press her lips to Joey’s cheek, “Lily’s gonna get us through this. She was worth all of the trouble we’ve been through. Thanks for letting me name her after my mum.” “You’re very welcome, it’s the best name we could think of for our baby girl. She will definitely get us through this,” Joey promised her wife, then smiled as Riley came racing outside from the kitchen, and jumped on the bench next to her, curling up against her, “And our baby boy is gonna do the same thing.”

Riley shook his head up at her, “We have a baby in the house now with Lily, why do you have to call me baby boy, Mama J?” Joey ruffled his hair, “We could have a hundred babies in this house, just because you’re the oldest doesn’t mean you’ll be anything but our baby boy, baby boy.” “What your Mama J said, Ry…baby boy,” Charlie smiled at the pair. “Ugh not you too, Mama C,” Riley complained, “What are we doing now anyway? Are we sitting here or are we gonna do something fun?”

Charlie leant forwards, capturing Joey’s lips in a soft kiss, “We’re not just sitting here but we’re not quite up for doing anything fun yet.” “So, what are we doing?” Joey asked curiously.

Charlie grinned at the three people she called her family, “Living happily ever after.”

The End