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One day Hashirama wakes up and leaves the room without waking Tobirama. He wakes up a while later, when he realises he is still anole and Hashirama is not coming back.

That’s unusual, Hashirama always wakes him and eats breakfast with Tobirama, before they start their stretching exercises. It was a bit strange but sometimes strange things happens.

When Hashirama leaves before Tobirama is finished with his breakfast too, it even more strange, but not wrong. Tobirama scoop in another mouth of rice and drain his tea in three large gulps. He doesn’t burn his tongue, but scaled it just a little.

It’s okay though, maybe Hashirama was simply eager to train today so Tobirama hurries to catch up.

That’s when life to a turn and Hashirama left the road he and Tobirama had so far walked on.

“No, I can’t train with you today.” Hashirama said and kept walking, heading for the edge of the compound.

“Not even hide and seek training?” Tobirama asked confused. They always train together. That was Hashirama code word for playing. They always play together because there was nobody else their age that wanted to. Everyone else was either too young or training seriously for missions.

“No, I have things I need to do and you can’t come. Do you understand?”

Tobirama didn’t but...”I understand. Will we train tomorrow instead?”

Hashirama smiled and hugged him. Is was much lighter than normal and he let go almost immediately.

“Of course we can!” He laughed and disappeared into the surrounding woods. Heading in a straight line towards the Naka river.

Tobirama end up spending the day alone by their koi pond. He stretches and then keeps trying to manipulate the water in the pond with chakra. By the afternoon he is standing, if a bit wobbly, on the water. He presses his hands into the rat seal for focus and slowly an arch of water lifts from the surface. Like a watery half circle hovering above his head.

It takes him another two hours but by then he has the the koi swimming curiously in the fore hovering archways crisscrossing the pond.

Hashirama would love to see this he thinks. His brother is finally heading back from the river so he fluctuate his chakra in the pattern for “come and see”.

Hashirama enters the compound and heads for the Tobirama. Then he turns left and goes into their fathers study. Tobirama blink and almost looses control over the water. One koi fish falls surprised back into the pond before he holds the chakra steady again.

Did Hashirama not notice? That was unusual for him. Tobirama thinks puzzled.

Eventually he has to leave the pond when it becomes clear that Hashirama and Father is going to take a while. Their chakra rises in agitation several times but it eventually smooths out.

When Hashirama walked out the door Tobirama is there, he really want to show his brother the archways he made.

“Hashirama, Hashirama, come to the koi pond with me I have to show you something! He said exited, already turning on his he’ll to head back.

“ I can’t right now Tobirama. I have to move my things into my new room.”

Tobirama freezes and turns around. ”What do you mean?”

“I asked father for my own room so I have to move my things there, but it okay! I’ll grab new futon so you can keep the one in your room!”

“Oh.” He doesn’t know what to say. The day have only gotten stranger. Hashirama never complain about sharing a room, He the one who likes to cuddle most.

Hashirama smiles and quickly squeeze his shoulders before skipping away, presumably to find a futon.
He moves into another room in the main house. Happily humming under his breath all the way. Tobirama can’t remember seeing him this happy before. A cold lump settles in his stomach.

The next day Hashirama is up with the dawn and away to the river again before Tobirama have time to get dressed.

He doesn’t wait the next day either.

They never really play again after that day and Tobirama can never pinpoint what happened