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The Untold Truth

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Pepper was converting the Divan seats into a bed on the jet. 


“Tony I know you’re worried. I’m worried too. You called Rhodes and he will give you an update if anything has changed. Right now they have Happy in surgery and there is nothing else we can do. You should try and get some sleep” Pepper said as she put a pillow and blanket down for him. 


“How could I sleep? This is my fault. I didn’t bring him with me” Tony said. 


“How could you have known this would happen? It’s not your fault. Tony you need sleep” she urged. 


“Are you going to join me?” he asked as he looked at her. 


“Sure but just for sleep. I think we need to talk about what almost happened” she said as she got under the covers. 


“You mean when we were going to have sex” he said as he also went under the covers. 


“Tony I’m sorry if I lead you on. It was a mistake. I had too much to drink and I was emotional. You were hurt and I got caught up in the moment” she said not meeting his eyes. 


Her insides were yearning for him but she could not let this happen. 


“Bullshit Pepper. Maybe the first kiss but the second kiss you let me take your bra off. You wanted it” he said. 


“You’re right. I did. But it’s not you. I’m trying this new birth control as a study because it helps with my migraines but there are side effects and random waves of desire comes over me sometimes and alcohol increases the effect. You can even ask Jarvis since you won’t believe me. You have access to my medical files. So I’m sorry if I gave you mixed signals. I was not expecting to be in that situation with you” 


“What’s the name of the birth control?” he asked. 


“Neurowave” she said.  “It’s an experimental drug” 


“Why did you drink while taking them?” he asked. 


“I couldn’t find you Tony and I was on edge. That guy got my drink and I was trying to be polite and I wasn’t expecting my boss to kiss me” she said as she watched Tony researching her birth control pills. 


“God this is so embarrassing and now you’re looking it up right in front of me,” she said. 


“I want to make sure it’s safe Pep” 


“So tell me about these waves of desire,” he said. 


“It’s like I’m a teenager. I feel this rush of hormones to my….. and it doesn’t matter who’s in front of me I just wanna do it” 


“How do you know when it's hormones and how do you know when it’s real?” he asked. 


“Because If it happens frequently then I know it’s me and if it happens only once then I know it’s hormones,” she said. 


“So this is the first time this has happened with me?” he asked. 


Pepper nodded. 


“It’s like when you first get turned on as a teen. I remember the first time I got a boner when I was awake. I was thirteen and we went to the Adirondacks and Obadiah was there with his daughter Whitney. She was two years older than me and a well developed blonde and when she came outside in a two piece it shot right up without warning” Tony confessed. 


“It makes sense now. That’s why you have a thing for busty blondes. It all goes back to Whitney Stane” 


“My type has changed significantly. I’m more into the fiery redheads with legs for days” he said. 


“We’re supposed to be getting some sleep,” she said. 


“ I promise I’ll try if you tell the first time you got sexually turned on” he said staring at her gorgeous blue eyes. 


“I was thirteen. We went up to Big Bear every summer with my cousins. My cousin Josh had a friend named Hunter Wood and he totally blossomed. I saw him and I felt this rush between my legs and a bit of throbbing and I was wet” she said. 


“Damn we could have been getting it on together when we were thirteen” he teased. 


“You would never have wanted me at thirteen. There’s no pictures of me from that year for a reason” she said. 


“I’m sure you were beautiful”


“Goodnight Tony” she said. 


“Goodnight Pep” he said.




Pepper woke up and Tony was still sound asleep. She looked at his soft face and he looked so young and rested. She looked at the clock and they would touch down in 30 minutes so she nudged him gently to give him a chance to wake up before they landed. 


“Tony wake up” Pepper said softly. 


Tony opened his eyes and he had a smirk on his face. 


“I was dreaming about you” he said quietly. 


“I don’t even want to know” she teased. 


“We were thirteen and horny”  he said. 


“That’s enough of that” she said cutting him off. 


“I woke you up because we land in thirty minutes” 




Tony and Pepper arrived at Malibu Hospital where they found out Happy was in stable condition. Pepper sat next to his bed and held his hand while Tony slipped out into the lobby to call Rhodes. 


“Your gate is all busted up. And I found the shell casing out front. It’s from one of your weapons and I reviewed the tapes. It was two guys with gloves and ski masks. A couple of your windows are smashed in but it doesn’t look like anything inside was disturbed. Maybe Jarvis’s protocols scared them away” Rhodes explained. 


“Before we left for Germany two guys with ski masks tripped the alarm at Pepper’s apartment. I think the two are related and I’m going to head over to her place now to check it out. Her place has been vulnerable. I didn’t have time to fix her alarm before we left for Germany. One of the men spoke to Happy see if Jarvis can run a voice recognition and tell me what you find” Tony said. 


“You got it” Rhodes said as he hung up. 


Pepper was about to call Christian when Tony came into the room. She dropped her phone back in her bag quickly. 


“Whoever that was destroyed the gate and broke some windows. I really think this could be related so I’m going to check out your apartment and then I’m coming back to get you” Tony said. 


“Tony your house isn’t safe anymore. I have a friend I can stay with” she said. 


“No way. I want you with me” he explained. 


“No Tony both your house and my apartment were hit in the same week. I have a safe place I can stay that no one knows” she said. 


“Where? And with who? I need to know” he insisted. 


“I can’t tell you. That would be more dangerous. If anyone knows they will be compromised. Look Tony whether you agree or not you know I’m going to go anyway” 


“I want daily check ins Pepper. I mean it” he said. 


“You will see me at work. That’s my check in” she said. 


He was about to argue when Happy stirred. Tony jumped up to call for the nurse. 


“Hey Happy” Pepper said squeezing his hand. 


“Did they get into the house?” he asked. 


“No they just busted the gate and a few windows. How are you feeling?” 


“I feel like I got shot” he said. 


Tony returned to the room and sat next to Pepper. 


“I need to get you a bulletproof vest or something especially if you’re going to start investigating break ins. Happy what were you thinking?” 


“Tony please he’s been through enough” Pepper said. 


“I have to go. I have to figure out what’s going on and take a look at your apartment. Hogan I’m glad to see you’re awake. Try not to run into any bullets” Tony said as he shook his hand. 


Pepper excused herself after Tony left and went into the lobby to call Christian. 


“Tony’s house was attacked while we were in Germany and Happy was shot. I’m with him at Malibu hospital right now. Are you allowed guests at the hotel? I mean I know you have the penthouse level but I wasn’t sure of the hotel rules. I need a place to stay” she said. 


Christian was ecstatic and couldn’t wait for Pepper to join him. She was about to go back in and see Happy when her other phone was ringing. 


“That’s the boss. I have to go. I’m going to need to get my clothes anyway and I’ll text you when I’m on my way”  


Tony was horrified when he entered Pepper’s apartment. It was totally ransacked. Every draw was opened and turned upside down. The couch cushions were pulled out and strewn about and the bedroom had clothes everywhere and the contents of the nightstands were emptied onto the floor. 


“Jarvis I need you to bring up the surveillance video from the week and get me Miss Potts on the line” 


He waited a few moments until Pepper picked up. 


“Your apartment is completely ransacked. I need you here to tell me if anything important is missing” 


“Ok I’m going to say goodbye to Happy and then I’ll be right over” 


“Hurry” Tony said and then he clicked off the line. 


Pepper went back inside to see Happy who was sitting up comfortably. 


“Happy I need to go. There was another break in at my apartment and Tony needs me there now. But please if you need anything let me know. If you want some decent food or more crosswords or just a friendly face there is nothing too important at Stark that I can’t carve out some time for you” she said quietly. 


“Thanks Pepper” he said. 


She bent down to kiss his forehead and she left. 




Tony was still searching the apartment when Pepper walked in the door. 


“Oh my God. I wonder what they were looking for. I don’t have anything” Pepper said as she put her couch cushions back. 


“Look what I found” Tony said as he held his hand out and their were tiny recording devices. 


“Are those cameras?” she asked. 


“Mostly audio but I bet there is a camera in here somewhere” 


“I probably shouldn’t use my car either. It’s probably not safe” she said as she went into her bedroom and began putting items into her overnight bag. 


“I had Jarvis bring up the surveillance footage and they had masks and gloves so I can’t get a print or anything. They didn’t say anything either. You’re right, you should leave the car” he said. 


“My friend is renting at the Malibu Inn ok. That’s where I’ll be staying but I’m not telling with who or what room. I need to keep you safe too and it’s safer if you don’t know” she said. 


“Thank you for telling me that. Look Pep I’m going to be here working to get your alarm reinstated so I can get you back into your apartment as soon as possible. I’m going to stay here in case they show up again” Tony said. 


“That will be fine. There’s plenty of food in my fridge and plenty of menus in the draw. Please only call me if it’s really important” she said. 


“Sure but can you at least let me drive you to the Malibu Inn. I won’t pry and come inside but I want to drive you so I know you got there safely” he said. 


She nodded. 


Tony pulled into a space at the hotel and helped Pepper with her bags. 


“Did you bring your pepper spray?”


She nodded with a smile. 


“Tony you don’t need to worry this is a public hotel and no one knows who I’m staying with” she said quietly. 


“Give me a hug” he said as he pulled her in and he smelled that amazing scent again. 


“Endless Euphoria am I going to be smelling that all night in your bed? You’re trying to kill me, I think” he teased. 


“Maybe a little on my pillow. I haven’t had a chance to wash my sheets since I’ve been rooming with you. You can always change the pillowcase” she suggested. 


“I don’t want to keep you. Have a goodnight Miss Potts” 


“Goodnight Tony” she said as she walked towards the hotel. 


Christian was beaming when he opened the door. 


“God you’re gorgeous” he said as he pulled her in for a kiss. 


It did feel nice to kiss him and spend time with him again. She was going to keep her one small indiscretion with Tony to herself. There was no point in bringing up a silly kiss that meant nothing. 


“I didn’t know if you had a chance to eat so I saved you some dinner” he said. 


“That looks great. I will pick on some shrimp and I’d love a glass of wine” she said. 


Christian was off getting her wine and she was admiring his long lean physique and boyish good looks. He was HOT and she couldn’t believe he wanted her. 


“Here you go” he said handing her a glass of wine. 


“I really missed you and I know you’ve been through hell the last couple of weeks and I’m so sorry about your friend Happy. How is he doing?” 


“He pulled through the surgery. They are probably going to have to keep him for another day or two” 


“I’m glad to hear he’s ok” he said as he began to rub the knots out of her shoulders and neck. 


“Mmmm” she moaned as she let her head drop down. 


He leaned his face down to kiss her neck and behind her ear and on her lobe. She felt his hot breath in her ear and it sent a shiver down her. He knew how to turn her on in an instant. 


“I think we should get you out of these clothes and get into the jacuzzi and let the jets relax you and then I’m going to carry you to the bed and give you the best oral pleasure you’ve ever had,” he said as he began unbuttoning her shirt. 


“God Christian you make me so hot. You really do give the best oral pleasure. I’ve never been with anyone as talented as you” she confessed. 


Just the thought of it made her clitoris throb. 


“Then why are your clothes still on?” 


Tony laid in Pepper’s bed and he couldn’t stop thinking about the kiss. He remembered everything about it. The feeling of her lips, the taste of her lips, the way they moved together like magnets and the softness of her skin, the way her body reacted to his touch. It was all swirling around his mind. Even the way she cared for him was so soft and gentle. No one had ever shown him caring like that. She hadn’t been lying about the birth control and the weird side effects but he couldn’t help but wonder if it wasn’t just the birth control. It felt so real. It wasn’t just passion driven it was very caring. Tony needed Pepper and he needed to figure out how he was going to get her.