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The Untold Truth

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Tony was pressuring Christian to go faster on the highway even though he was already doing ninety. 


“These curves are dangerous. Pepper needs us alive in order to rescue her” he snapped to Tony. 


Tony just glared at him. 


“Make this right, ” he said as the turn off to his road came into view. 


Christian pulled up in front of the mansion and Tony quickly hurried out. Christian shut the door behind him and followed Tony into his house. 


“Jarvis I need you to locate Miss Potts pronto” he said as he hurried downstairs motioning for Christian to follow him. 


Christian followed him dumbly. He didn’t know if he should say something or not. Once inside the workshop Tony turned to face him. 


“Sit here and Jarvis will scan your vitals and the bots will patch up your wounds” Tony said as he finalized a few last minute upgrades on his suit. 


“Vitals are normal. Just a few minor contusions and abrasions” the a.i. said. 


“Dum-e patch him up” Tony said. 


“I’m fine” Christian said defiantly shaking free from the bots. 


“I’m not doing this for you. Do you really want to show up to rescue Pepper bleeding?” Tony asked. 


Christian just sighed and sat down reluctantly to let the bots finish. 


“I need a location on Miss Potts” Tony said again more aggressively. 


“Working on it sir” 


“Work faster” Tony said snapping at his A.I.  


“So what’s the plan?” Christian asked. 


“I will come up with a plan when I get a location” Tony said snapping at him. 


“You’re not the law you know. The police would be much faster” Christian said taking a dig at Tony. 


“Where do you get off criticizing me? What’s a guy like you doing with Pepper anyway? You’re a child” Tony said. 


“You should know. She’s amazing. She’s smart and beautiful and caring. She’s great in bed. She’s trustworthy and honest. I love her. You should ask yourself what she’s doing with me?” Christian said. 


Tony felt rage wash over him. 


“It’s obviously sex. You guys can’t have anything else in common. You might be young but I have experience and trust me if I were ever to bed Pepper you’d be ancient history. But I don’t do that sort of thing anymore. Pepper is different. I care about her immensely and if you hurt her in any way you will live to regret it,” Tony said trying to push back his oncoming anxiety. 


What if Pepper is in love with this jerk? What am I going to do? Do I fight or love her enough to let her go and be happy? he thought. 


“I don’t need you threatening me. Pepper and I are doing just fine. Trust me she’s satisfied or she wouldn’t be running back to work so flustered” Christian said back. 


Tony clenched his fists and he was about to respond when Jarvis chimed in. 


“I’ve got a location on Miss Potts” the a.i. responded interrupting them. 


“Where is she?” 


“A warehouse in Inglewood. 818 wilcrest way” 


After hearing the address Christians face went white. That was his Uncle Jeff’s warehouse. That’s where he stored all of his underwater scavenging gear. He grabbed his phone immediately and text his Uncle. 


WHAT DID YOU DO? You promised me Pepper would not be harmed and involved in this. The break in was to bug her house and I get that but why did you have your guy kidnap her? I supported your plan to destroy Tony to get him out of the way of Pepper and you promised me Pepper wouldn’t be involved. I’ve kept my word he sent. 


“Let’s go lover boy. You take the car and I’ll take the suit. See who gets there first” Tony said arrogantly. 


Christian was ready to explode while he followed Tony outside. His uncle had lied to him. 


Christian got into his car just as Tony took off. His Uncle text him back. 


I didn’t have anything to do with that. My guy brought in some crazy guy that’s obsessed with your girlfriend and they took her. 


Christian was fuming. He started the car and sped down the freeway hoping Pepper wouldn’t find out that the man that was vowing to destroy Tony was his Uncle.