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The Untold Truth

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  Authors NOTE: sorry it has taken me so long to update. I’m a huge baseball fan and with the playoffs on I have been watching it four hours a night and now sadly my team is knocked out so I had more time to focus on this story. Also I’m going on vacation in four days so I wanted to be able to give you guys an update before I leave so you most likely will not have another update until I return. Which won’t be more than a week. 


Tony opened his eyes and looked at the clock. It was two a.m.. He wanted to check on Pepper. Bruce had given her somewhat of an antidote he created to rid her body of the withdrawals. She had another round of sickness that seemed to completely empty her body and then she had a high fever. Everything Bruce said would happen seemed to happen. He said she should be rid of the symptoms by the time she woke up. Sure she still had a few hours till morning but he wouldn’t be able to fully rest until he at least went to check on her. 


Tony got out of bed and walked quietly over to the spare room where Pepper was sleeping. He opened the door and slipped in next to her bed. He bent down and felt her forehead and it was cool to the touch but soaked with sweat. She stirred for a moment but didn’t get up. Tony was relieved to see that it appeared that her fever had broken and that the worst of it was over. He went back to his bedroom and tried to contain his excitement over their date as he drifted off to sleep. 




When they awoke Pepper went home to shower and tend to her apartment in which Tony insisted he check out for her. He triple checked his alarm system and all the window traps. He insisted he would keep doing this until Daniel was actually in jail or she agreed to be his girlfriend and move in with him. It was nearing four thirty and Tony couldn’t sit still. He still had two and a half hours until his date with Pepper. He couldn’t wait. His kinetic energy was about to go off any second. He was already dressed in his date clothes and then he realized what time it was and he would end up ruining it so he changed back into casual clothes. 


Pepper got out of the shower and was combing her wet hair. She put on her robe and sat at her vanity to blow dry her hair straight for her date with Tony. She was nervous and excited. She really hoped that it would go well and that Tony could behave like a mature adult. He has come so far and she didn’t want him to go backwards. She shut off the dryer when she was finished and headed into her bedroom when she heard a noise she couldn’t place. It sounded like it was coming from outside. She looked in the peep hole in her front door and didn’t see anything. She peered out her side windows and even looked out on her balcony and nothing was there. Then she scurried back into her room and checked out those windows as well. There was nothing there but she felt a presence as if someone was watching her. She tried to shake the feeling away but her hair was standing on end. She grabbed her phone and text Tony as she put on a pair of jeans and a soft linen button down with a pair of flats. Her date outfit was going to have to wait until later. 


Tony was about to call Pepper when a text popped up on his screen. 


I know you checked my whole apartment but I heard a noise outside and I don’t see anyone. I’m really creeped out. Can you pick me up early? I’ll just hang out with you and get ready for our date at your house. 


Tony was already in his car on the way before he had Jarvis respond back. 


Pack a bag sweetheart. I’m on my way. Be there in ten. 


He was a nervous wreck when he got there. He canvassed the perimeter and brought up the security video on his Stark tablet and he couldn’t see anything. But he wasn’t convinced since there were a few blind spots the video didn’t cover. He knocked on her door and she answered quickly. 


“Thank God you’re here” she said throwing her arms around him. 


He hugged her tightly and then pulled away. 


“I’m going to check the whole place. Do you have any hidden crawl spaces or anything I should know about?” he asked. 


“None that I know of” she said, shaking her head. 


Tony did a full sweep of her apartment. He checked in closets and under beds until he was satisfied the place was clear. 


“Do you have all your things? I’d feel a lot better if you spent the night. I don’t want to bring you home at night” 


“Let me just grab a couple more things” she said from the office. 


Pepper was throwing some more things into a bag when her phone went off. 


You should wear the white dress you tried on earlier at Fred Segal. 


Pepper went white. 


Who is this? How did you get my number? 


Daniel Scott sat behind his computer screen smiling while he watched Pepper panicking. He had outsmarted Tony Stark and this time he was going to win. He just sighed and typed into his phone. 


Don’t be shy. You’re gorgeous. White really shows off your figure. 


“TONY” Pepper yelled. 


He came hurrying into the room. 


“Are you ok? What’s wrong?” he asked with a look of concern on his face. 


“Look” she said handing him the phone. 


Pepper watched and the anger spread across Tony’s face. He began typing furiously into the phone. 


I’m going to tell you this one time. Stay the hell away from Pepper or you’ll regret it. 


“Come on. Once I get home I can check Jarvis records. I kinda sorta had him track your phone and car and emails when I thought you were hiding something from me. And then with everything that happened I forgot to ask him to stop” Tony confessed. 


“Normally I’d be mad at you but I guess this is a good thing for once” she said grabbing her things and following him into the car. 


Her phone pinged again. 


Go ahead and run. For every plan that doesn’t work out I have a contingency plan. I’m not afraid of you Tony Stark. In fact I outsmarted you today. Wouldn’t you love to know how I evaded your security system to see inside Peppers apartment. You can’t protect her every second. 


Tony’s knuckles went white and he clenched the steering wheel. 


It’s a shame you didn’t like the birth control. I thought for sure you’d be a perfect candidate. How are you feeling these days Pepper? 


Tony was seething. He couldn’t wait to get a trace. Then he remembered he had his tablet. 


“Jarvis I need that report of the tracking you did for Miss Potts phone” Tony said. 


“It’s Daniel. It has to be. He’s out on bail. He’s been stalking me for years apparently and he mentioned a contingency plan” Pepper said. 


“That’s it. You’re staying with me” he exclaimed. 


“Tony you triple checked my apartment and you fixed and installed my security system yourself. No one can get in. I’ll be ok” she insisted. 


“Then I want someone from Happy’s team to stay outside your apartment every night you’re there,” Tony said. 


“We’ll talk about it later. Let’s just get a trace on the number and go on our date” she said as she smiled at him. 


“The number is from an unknown untraceable number” Jarvis said interrupting them. 


“What’s the IP address?” Tony asked. 


“I’m unable to retrieve that information” the A.I. replied. 


Tony slammed his fists on the steering wheel after parking in front of the mansion. 


“Hey it’s ok” Pepper said grabbing his arm to comfort him. 


“The whole night is ruined. Now I’m not going to be able to rest until I get to the bottom of this. And I’m going to be worrying about you” he said. 


“The whole night is not ruined. You owe me a date” she said. 


“You really still want to go?” 


“Of course I do. I’ve been looking forward to this all week. But I understand if you don’t” she said. 


“No I definitely want to go. I just didn’t know if you were to shaken up to go. I’m glad you want to go” he said as he smiled at her. 


“Come on, let's go inside. I need some time to get ready” she said smiling at him. 


“Sure but there isn’t anything you can do to make yourself more beautiful than you already are” he said hurrying out of the car to get Pepper’s door for her. 


“Such a gentlemen” she said. 


“Pep I told you there will be an endless lifetime of this behavior if you’d stop torturing me and just agree to be my girlfriend” 


“Tony get in the house” Pepper teased as she pushed him inside. 


She was smiling stupidly and their date didn’t even start yet.