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The Untold Truth

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Christian left his penthouse and hurried across the street to Senator Adam’s house. He took a deep breath and hurried around to the back door that lead to the basement. He was about to knock when Daniel opened the door. 


“You shouldn’t have gotten involved in all of this,” Daniel said with his sinister tone. 


“Wait please I’m just here to deliver a message from my uncle” he said frantically. 


“You have exactly four seconds” Daniel said as he carried out some bags and boxes and began to load his car. 


“It’s about Pepper” he said. 


This made Daniel turn his expression right to Christian. 


“Pepper is mine. I had her in my grasps and I’ll have her again” 


“I talked to her this morning. Her and Tony aren’t an item yet. Ummm but I think they are headed that way. Obviously we both love her and Tony stands in the way for both of us. So my Uncle suggested that we work together you know until Tony is out of the picture” he said. 


“I work alone and if you’re smart you’ll stay out of my way and stay away from Pepper” Daniel said in a menacing tone. 


“But Tony has her under lock and key and she wants to be with him. I know a place we can bring her” Christian said as he started to panic. 


Tony was going to be pissed if he couldn’t contain this situation. 


“I can defeat Tony Stark on my own” he said getting into the car and taking off nearly running Christian over. 


“Wait” Christian said chasing after him but it was useless. 


And to make matters worse he sped away in a car with no license plates. 


Tony landed down next to where Christian stood and flipped his helmet up. 


“You fucked up didn’t you?” he yelled. 


“He wouldn’t listen to me. I’m sorry I’m not a super hero. What did you expect me to do?” 


“Come on. You’re coming with me” Tony said as he opened the door. 


Christian followed behind him as they went down into the basement of Senator Adam’s home. 


He popped a flash drive out of his suit and plugged it into the main computer. 


“Jarvis copy everything” 


“What am I looking for?” Christian asked Tony. 


“Anything unusual” Tony said as he walked into the far part of the basement. 


Christian looked down at the table and saw tiny claw like pieces of metal scattered on a work table. 


“Hey Tony I found something” Christian said calling him over. 


Tony walked over and picked up one of the claw like pieces of metal. 


“Bag them. Hopefully it lines up with something I get from the computer” Tony said heading back up the stairs. 


“What about that camera up there?” Christian said. 


Tony looked straight at it and said, “I know what you’re up to and it’s only a matter of time before I catch you,” he said and then continued to walk back up the stairs. 


Christian followed in silence. 


“Pepper would be safer with me,” Christian said once they reached the driveway. 


“Excuse me?” Tony said angrily. 


“Daniel obviously got through your security system and besides Pepper would rather stay with me seeing how horny she is and all. She misses having me in the sac otherwise when I kissed her today she wouldn’t have taken so long to push me away. Just walk away and let us be happy” Christian said once again challenging Tony. 


“You kissed Pepper?” he asked angrily. 


“Yeah back at her apartment. It’s obvious she wanted it” he said. 


“When did you go to her apartment?” he said getting angrier by the second. 


“After breakfast. She asked me to swing by so she could pick up some stuff. She doesn’t know I saw her. But she put a vibrator and some lingerie in her bag. She wants it bad. She told me that you and her haven’t had sex yet. It’s because she can’t get over me. Believe me there isn’t a way I could touch her that wouldn’t make her cum. She gets real creamy and loves to sit on my face and my cock. I gave it to her good. She was an animal in bed. The fact that she hasn’t jumped you yet doesn’t look so good. I think she’d prefer someone younger than her rather someone older. Someone with stamina” he said as he continued to taunt Tony. 


“Pepper and I are an item and if you put your hands on her or talk about her like this again I will eliminate you and make sure no one ever finds you” Tony said feeling white hot anger. 


“I asked Pepper if you were her boyfriend and she said no so obviously I’m the reason she’s holding back” 


“I’m warning you. Stay away from her” Tony said as he blasted into the air. 


He was so angry he had to set the course to go straight to Pepper’s place or he wasn’t going to be able to finish what he was doing. He typed in the code and entered her apartment. He went straight to the cameras and downloaded the footage. He locked up the place up and took off. He let Jarvis basically take him home. The jealousy and anger burning in his chest was getting too hard to swallow down. He closed his eyes and all he could see was Pepper’s gorgeous face. 


“We’re approaching the mansion sir. Where would you like to land?” Jarvis said interrupting his thoughts. 


“The garage. I’d prefer it if Miss Potts didn’t know I was home” he said as Jarvis touched down. 


Tony got out of his suit and asked Jarvis to show him Pepper. She was in the kitchen and she seemed hard at work on something. 


“Is she ok? Did anything happen while I wasn’t at home?” 


“Everything is as it should be. No incident” the A.I. responded. 


Tony uploaded everything he retrieved from Daniel’s computer and Pepper’s security system and started to dive in. He needed a distraction. He couldn’t stop thinking about Christians hands and lips all over his Pepper. 


Pepper was upstairs hard at work on preparing a fillet mignon the way Tony liked with baked potatoes, his loaded of course and some roasted asparagus. She looked at the clock and saw it was nearing six thirty when she finished. 


“Jarvis did Mr. Stark say when he would be returning?” she asked. 


“Mr. Stark returned home three hours ago” 


“Why didn’t he tell me?” she asked. 


“Because I had some work to finish up. I’m getting closer to catching Daniel” he said quietly. 


“Well I made this dinner for us. I wanted to make it up to you for leaving without telling you and for not getting to have breakfast with you when you were so sweet to surprise me. This is my way of saying thank you and I’m sorry” she said lifting the lid over the dish to reveal his dinner. 


Tony was caught off guard. Now Pepper wanted to apologize to him. 


“This is great, thank you” he said as he sat down. 


Pepper placed a glass of wine in front of him and he smiled at her. 


“So Daniel is behind the birth control. I found out the whole story last night. It’s something Obadiah started. They made a pill that made women horny so that they wouldn’t say no to sex. But there were flaws and Obadiah died before he could fix it. Daniel went with it anyway and used the migraine thing to get you to fall for it” Tony said. 


“That’s so disgusting” Pepper said as she stopped eating for a moment. 


“It is and that’s one of the reasons I’m trying so hard to stop him” 


“I hope he hasn’t hurt other women” she said quietly. 


“So far it doesn’t look that way. And then I found out where he was staying after he left of course  and I went there and I found these tiny claws and when I went over everything on his computer and the footage from your cameras at your apartment I found a prototype for a Spyder Camantula. It’s basically a camera small enough to fit into an electronic spider and that’s how he’s been able to watch you” Tony said. 


Pepper felt her skin crawl. 


“Well it’s a good thing you found it. I can feel my skin crawling” she said. 


“I told you I would take care of all of this. I don’t want you to worry about anything. But Pepper I need to know where you are. You can’t just up and leave when your stalker is out there. It’s not safe and if anything were to happen to you I don’t know what I would do” 


“I know. I realize that and I’m sorry. I’m sorry for worrying you” she said as she came around to his side of the table and snaked her arms around him from behind. 


Tony grabbed at her hand and squeezed it gently. 


“I was thinking” Pepper said as she kissed him down his neck gently. 


“I like thinking” Tony responded by leaning to give her better access to his neck. 


“ We should open a bottle of champagne and go into the hot tub and when we come out I could give you a nice massage in a little sexy outfit. What do you say?” she asked. 


Tony looked at her suspiciously for a moment. Maybe Christian was right. 


“That sounds like a plan. I’m going to get my suit” he said leaping out of the chair. 


Pepper went upstairs as well but she didn’t have a suit so she was going in, in that body suit she brought and somehow she didn’t think Tony would object. She rinsed and reinserted her menstrual cup even though her period was almost over. She didn’t want to bleed into Tony’s hot tub water. She covered herself with one of her robes and went downstairs to bring the champagne outside by the hot tub. She left the door open because she couldn’t close with her hands full and what she didn’t know was that a family of Daniel’s camera spiders were making their way inside the house rapidly. They scattered to different rooms and found places to make themselves invisible. Daniel made more of them after his conversation with Christian earlier and he positioned them near the outside of Tony’s home waiting for one of them to open the door so they could get inside. That’s what he needed to get inside and he’d never be able to without Tony’s security codes.


Tony closed the door and went over to the hot tub to meet Pepper.


“Come here gorgeous” he said as he pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply. 


“Mmmm” she moaned into his mouth.


“I’m supposed to be mad at you, ya know. It’s funny how quickly I can get over it” he said trying to pry her robe off. 


“Take it easy you” she said as she pulled away to pour them champagne. 


She handed him a glass and sipped from one herself. She needed to calm her nerves because she was horny. 


“Are you coming in or what?” Tony asked from inside the hot tub.


“I don’t have a suit so I found something that’s going to have to suffice” she said as she opened her robe to reveal the blue bodysuit with lace that was her “just in case” outfit.


Pepper watched as Tony took in every detail. First the snap opening at the crotch, then his eyes wandered slowly upward just a bit to the lacy parts that revealed some parts of her pubic hair peeking through and then his eyes continued upward and he could see two perfectly erect nipples poking through the flimsy fabric attempting to cover them. And then his eyes caught hers and she felt herself blushing hard. She was feeling so self conscious that she thought maybe a bra and a pair of shorts would be better. She looked away from Tony but her feet wouldn’t move. All she wanted to do was run. She’d never felt this exposed in front of Tony before.


“Hey are you coming in? Or are you just standing there looking like a goddess to torture me?” he asked putting his arms around her. 


“I was thinking I should probably change” she said avoiding his stare.


“WHAT? NO. WHY? You look incredibly sexy and I was promised a massage in a sexy outfit” Tony said with a pout.


“You’re right I did promise” she said as she slid the robe off and followed him into the hottub.


The minute she hit the water Tony was on her. He pressed his lips to hers and she kissed him back and then kept drinking champagne to fight her desires while he began kissing her neck everywhere. It felt so good. She missed being intimate and having someone touch and kiss all her hotspots and Tony was damn near about to make her explode and she felt his hand on her breast and she was shocked at first. He was squeezing it and massaging and then he got her nipple between his fingers before she could protest. It felt so good and she didn’t know what to do. She didn’t want to lead him on and let him think they were going all the way but she couldn't bring herself to stop him.


“I want to take care of you Pep. I want to make you feel good” he said as he unsnapped the suit and began to rub her with his fingers.


“Tony” she shouted.


“It feels good I know. Just wait to see what I have in store for you” he said as he continued to rub her.


“Tony stop” she said pushing him away.


“What? Why? I know this is what you want” he asked.


“No Tony this isn’t what I want” she said.


“I don’t understand. The hot tub, the outfit, the way you were kissing me….” 


“Just because I’m wearing a sexy outfit doesn’t mean that I want to have sex with you. I wanted to do something nice for you to make up for this morning. And I couldn’t think of another way to get your attention” 


“First off you always have my attention. Don’t you know you’re in all of my waking thoughts. Everything I have been doing for weeks has been for you. It’s all to keep you safe. And you made me a wonderful dinner that was enough. And as much as I was loving this you don’t need to do this to make it up to me. You being here with me is enough. I’ve been trying to tell you this  for months. I want you here with me always. Nothing like hearing that the object of your affection doesn’t want to have sex with you to give you a reality check” he said getting up and heading for the door.


“Tony wait. Where are you going?” Pepper said grabbing her robe and pulling it on to cover herself and she followed after him.


“I’m going down to my workshop to keep trying to figure out this whole Daniel thing. I just got friendzoned Pep. I’ve tried everything to not fuck this up and I can’t seem to do anything right including finding Daniel. He’s always one step ahead. I’m going to build something. Because right now I really don’t want to fail at anything else” he said as he headed down the stairs.


“Tony would you wait? Please listen to me” she said.


He stopped and turned around.


“Hey I didn’t mean that I didn’t want to have sex with you ever, I just meant I didn’t want to tonight. Tony I want you more than anything. I’ve wanted you for years, but I’m really trying to wait until I get on the pill again. I know there are other things we could do, but Tony if we start that I might not be able to stop. You’re not friendzoned. It’s my turn to pick the next date remember? Or are you cancelling on me?” she asked with her hands on her hips.


“God you’re adorable. You’re the only person I think is adorable even when I’m mad at them” Tony confessed. 


“You’re mad at me? I thought you forgave me for this morning” she said. 


“This isn’t about this morning. Christian told me all about your little trip to your apartment and how you picked up your vibrator and he kissed you or whatever and you debated pushing him away. And he was bragging about how much you loved the sex with him. And how you love to sit on his face and his prick and I couldn’t even defend myself against him. I had no comeback because we haven’t….yet. And it makes me mad because I know I’m better at everything than him and I can’t even say anything. And he told me that you miss him and everything so if that’s true then you should go be with him” Tony said quietly. 


He sounded so defeated.


Pepper felt so bad. She hoped Tony would believe her now.


“Tony I got the vibrator because I’m horny for you and yes I won’t lie Christian was good, but I don’t miss him specifically. I miss being intimate with anyone. I told him it was over between us for good. I’m sorry he said those things to you. Tony I even picked out this outfit specifically because it's the one I haven’t worn for him and I know you love me in blue” 


“Really? You picked this out for me?” he asked.


“Yes” she said getting close to him and brushing his hair off his face.


“I like it. You know me so well” he said with a smirk.


She kissed him softly and he just relished in the feeling.


“I’m sorry I touched you in a way you didn’t want to be touched. It will never happen again and I promise to keep my hands to myself until you’re ready” he said.


“Well ok then Mr. Stark I do believe I owe you a massage” she said taking his hand and pulling him behind her.


“You should keep that suit unsnapped” he said.


“Tony” she said in a warning tone.


“Ok ok” he said throwing his hands up in surrender.