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What if

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What if


 What is this silly feeling
That awakes deep inside of me
Everytime I look into your eyes

What is this magic called
That when you look at me then too
Time is forced to hold its breath

How can it be
That when I’m captured by the blue
I`m forgetting everything around
That people must be rescued
A world maybe be saved
All the repetitive monster-killing-missions

How can it be
That when I’m tangled up in the gaze
My senses going numb
And my guts are vanishing
I really wonder sometimes
Why my heart just doesn’t give in too


Yes, I’m brooding over these damn questions
What will be
If one day
There won’t be a crash of thunder
Or a sudden gun-shot
To wake me up from that trance

What will be
If there won’t be a vampire attacking me
Or a demon trying to stab you
No Sam to sigh and clear his throat

How to ever find a satisfying explanation
For a need, so undefined
Winding my thoughts in endless wonder
What it would be like
To simply look at you
Here, in my messy, private room
In the dust of silent darkness

And what would possibly happen
If you won’t look away then
If there's no breaking of connection
To stop this stupid awkwardness

But what if I don’t want you to
Break away from me at all
For no one shall be around to blame us
And no more lingering glance
Shall hold back this fucked up romance
No destruction of the moment
Dreaming to forget the world

Then I could maybe figure out this feeling
Identify this magic’s name
Crossing out the “What-Ifs”

For all that, it scares me to my bones
Because what if you're not just an angel from above -

What if this is love?