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Because he sat on a pile of ash

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Midoriya Izuku was a genius of a boy, born with an unfortunate set back. He was born a normal boy in a time of heroes, villains and superpowers and was seen as lesser because of it.
Izuku had lived the first four years of his life happily, with his mother father and had Bakugo Katsuki as his best friend, however, everything began to change a few months after Izuku's fourth birthday. Everyone else began developing quirks but Izuku just... didn't.
His friends at school distanced them selves from him and a few of them (Bakugo included) began to bully him, due to this one small factor. Izuku's mother still loved him but now her love seemed to be of the smothering type now and his father was still there but seemed... different.
Everything stayed like this until one day at the start of ninth grade, when everything went to shit - well, more than it was already.
The words "You wanna be a hero so bad? I've got a time saving idea for 'ya. If you think you'll have a quirk in your next life... go take a swan dive off the roof!" swam around his head. Maybe he should take a "swan dive off the roof" but... It'd break his parents hearts so maybe not.
All Izuku could think about was Bakugo's words. Why did he hate him so much? Why couldn't he and his "friends" just leave Izuku alone? And then something hit him. Not like a thought or anything. Something literally hit him. It was cold and liquid, yet warm and solid at the same time. Everything about this thing was a juxtaposition. And then whatever had hit him started entrapping him within itself and forcing its strange body down his oesophagus. It was gross!
The slime said something - but Izuku couldn't hear it over the sound of his heart beating in his ears - and then the sewage cover burst open.
"It's o...y! Why?!" (All Might?)
Izuku blacked out to the wonderful feeling of being able to breathe and the comforting sound of All Might's voice.
"...Man? Young man? Oh thank goodness you're awake!"
"All Might...?" Questioned Izuku as he slowly pried his eyes open.
"I have captured the villain yet I am afraid I must leave! Make sure to get home safely!"
"Wait! Please!" Called Izuku, "I just want to ask one question."
"As you wish young man! But please hurry, I have to get this villain to the police and you need to get home!
"C-can I be a hero, even without a quirk?" (this was a bad idea!)
All Might's expression turned solemn and his ever-lasting smile dropped.
" No, my boy, I am afraid you cannot." All Might then perked up again, "You seem to have a knack for analysis though. Perhaps you could become a detective! I have a very close friend who is a detective, as luck would have it. Perhaps I could introduce you if we meet again!" Boomed All Might as he rushed off.
(Yeah, if.)
Izuku followed All Might's instructions and went home. Or tried to, at least.
He passed a villain fight on his way home but was far too exhausted to watch, only, the smell of singed clothes and smoke didn't leave once he had passed the fight. In fact, it began to get stronger the closer he got to his house. Izuku sped up as the sent got more intense, until he was sprinting home.
There was nothing left.
In the spot where Izuku's house had once been was a pile of smouldering ashes.
(Auntie Mitzuki and Uncle Masaru are outside.)
"Auntie! Uncle!" Called Izuku, voice still horse from being suffocated by slime less than an hour before.
The two slowly turned to face him, looks of guilt, distress and horror evident on their faces.
"Izu-kun, I'm so sorry..." Whispered his auntie.
His uncle, who was more well versed in the ways of normal children, knelt down before him and held his hands.
"We're sorry, Izu-kun. We were coming to drop off some of Katsuki's old clothes for you and... It was already mostly gone when we got here. We... no one knows what happened. I am so, so sorry Izu!"
"W-where are the heroes? Where are the firemen? Why is no one here? Why did no one come to help mum and dad!?"
Izuku couldn't understand any of this. Nothing made sense. Whenever there was a fire on TV there were always firemen or heroes on the scene within seconds to help, but... no one was here to help when it happened to Izuku's family. It felt like fate had it out for him. First his only "friend" tells him to kill himself, then he's attacked by a villain, then the number one hero tells him to give up on his dream and then, to top it all off, no one shows up to save his parents when their house is set on fire.
Fate definitely had it out for him.
The next few weeks went by in a haze. He payed no attention in class, ignored every hero fight he passe and didn't respond to anything, at all.
The first time he responded was when he was told by auntie Mitsuki that he'd be moving in with them or going to an orphanage as he had no family. He'd been sleeping on their rock hard couch, to avoid Bakugo, and was being bullied even worse while he'd been staying with them and going to and orphanage was out of the question. But he said nothing. He just smiled at Mitsuki and nodded. He'd wait until later to get away.
Once everyone was asleep, he grabbed a pair of clothes and some food and sneaked out of the living room window. He'd get as far away as possible. The trash beach sounded like a good place to hide from all of your problems.
It only took a few days for Izuku to decide that he wanted to be a vigilante. He'd run away from "home" and was quirkless so stood no chance of actually becoming a hero, so he'd settle for the next best thing. He wanted to save people and, at this point, he'd resort to just about anything to do as such. No law can hold back a boy determined to prove the world wrong.
So, he immediately began working on both a home on the trash beach and a vigilante costume. (Oh,) He thought (I can't go out in public as Izuku. There's no way auntie Mitsuki hasn't reported me missing.)
And so, he built a trash house and made a scrap fabric hero, sorry, Vigilante suit - which looked pretty good if he did say so himself. Oh, he also made a couple scrap metal staffs as a temporary measure.
Aizawa was just about to catch up with Eclipse when something came out of nowhere and hit him on the head with a metal staff and tied him up with a long scrap of fabric.
"Thanks kid! That jerk was really getting on my nerves!"
"No problem, miss?"
"Just call me Eclipse, and you are?"
"Iz- Oh. ummmm, I don't actually have a "name" yet. first night and all that."
(Great, a small vigilante.)
"Yeah, your outfit made that apparent. Oh! I'm sorry! I'm just used to talkin' that bastard over there."
The small vigilante nods their head.
"Hey! This "bastard" has eyes and ears!"
"Yup, I am fully aware of that, Eraser. Didn't help you against a kid with a knife or a kid with a staff and rope though, did it."
Aizawa grumbles under his breath before turning his attention to the small vigilante.
"I suggest you untie me, kid."
"Why would I do that?"
(Great, another vigilante kid with attitude. I know how to get under their skin though.)
"Do your parents know that you're out here, doing this, kid?"
(That'll get 'em)
"Yeah, y'know, your mum and dad?"
The kid has the audacity to actually laugh at this.
"'Course I know what parents are! I may be a kid but I'm no idiot. I gotta go thought. Have fun you two!"
The brat bounds off and Eclipse turns her gaze to him.
"I like 'em."
"Imma do it!"
"Bye, Eraser! Me and the kid'll see you tomorrow!"
And then Eclipse is tailing the brat.
Izuku's almost home when someone calls out to him.
"Hey! Kid!"
Izuku stops and turns to face the source of the voice.
"Oh. Eclipse, right?"
"Yup. Where're you goin'? Nothin' this way but the trash beach."
Izuku squirms slightly.
"Oh, kid. C'mon, let's grab your things and head to my place."
"Wha- But I hardly know you!"
Eclipse's eyes sadden as she looks down.
"Us orphaned Vigilantes gotta stick together, right?"
"I'm not gonna hurt you or anythin'. I just wanna look out for you, kid."
And so Izuku and his new friend collect his things and head to Eclipse's house.
"Wow, kid, I knew that your costume was bad , but I didn't expect it to be made of literal trash."
They both laugh slightly.
Eclipse's house is warm and cosy, everything is either painted a soft pastel blue or a warm yellow and all of the furniture is dark wood with plush grey and brown accents.
Izuku is shown to his room and told to get a shower and change out of his trash clothes, (He has his own en suite!)
He does as told and meets Eclipse out in the living room.
She's sat cross-legged on a plush grey couch with her hair down, a laptop on her lap and a cup of coffee on the table in front of her, wearing and oversized green t-shirt, a pair of soft looking grey jogging bottoms and a pair of fluffy pink socks. Whatever she's doing must be important because she hasn't noticed the small, green boy now stood in front of her.
"What're you doing?"
Eclipse doesn't even look up from the screen, she just continues typing away.
"Makin' a fake ID."
"Yup. I don't exist on anything other than a few wanted vigilante lists and you need a legal guardian, so I'm making my self a false ID. You get to decide which family member Imma be seeing as, well, it is your family."
"Aaaaand... Done! Now all I need is to know how I'm related to you and what yours and your parents names are and I can finish up the ID and fake a couple birth certificates. So first, how am I related to you?"
"How old are you?"
"21 in November."
"Okay, so adoption papers rather than birth certificates. That makes things easier. Next, parents names."
"Midoriya Hizashi and Inko."
"Mhm, and the name of my precious little brother?"
"Midoriya Izuku."
"Yup. Done. Now for the adoption papers from... ten years ago, and then we can work on your suit."
Eclipse types for another few minutes and then stops, takes a sip from her coffee and beams at Izuku.
"Well, Izuku, as of tomorrow, you will be under the legal care of your older sister, Akari Midoriya. Now lets start to find some inspiration for your costume. We only have until tomorrow evening to design and create a prototype!"
And that's how Midoriya Izuku found himself sat on a famous vigilante's couch, drinking hot chocolate and reading comics.
"Please tell me you've found Izuku."
Mitsuki had been visiting the police station everyday since Izuku went missing, about a month ago now, to see if anyone had found him.
"No one told you?" Questioned the police officer, looking both sceptical and surprised at the same time.
"Told me what?" She and the police officer now had almost identical expressions on their faces.
"His sister came in with him a week or so ago, saying that she'd just came home from university to find their house nought but a pile of ashes and Izuku sat on the edge of the property. She's an adult so was able to take full custody of him. From what I understand, the girl's been working hard and even has her own house."
This completely baffled Mitsuki because...
"...Izuku doesn't have any siblings...."
"Not according to the official records. Apparently, Mrs Inko and Mr Hisashi Midoriya adopted a daughter about ten years ago. Her names Akari, if that helps at all."
Something wasn't right but if the official records said that Inko and Hisashi had a daughter then they had to, right? Maybe the kid was just always at school or work after all, she could only be in her early twenties and apparently already had her own house, so maybe she was just a very busy girl.
"O-oh yeah, Akari, of course, how stupid of me to forget sweet little Akari! I guess she's just been away for so long that I kinda forgot... Would you mind giving me heir address so I can go and visit them?"
"Of course not, ma'am."
knock, knock, knock
"I'll get it. You keep working on the suit, okay 'Zuku?"
Akari opens the door to see a tall, blonde woman with angry red eyes and spiky hair.
"Oh! Auntie Mitsuki! I've not seen you in ages!"
"Akari-chan, so good to see you again! It really has been too long. How was university? What were you studying again?"
"I was finishin' off my support education, I'm surprised you forgot that. When I first got into UA's support course you were so proud that you threw a mini surprise party."
"Oh, yeah! How could I forget such an important thing!?"
(Good, it's working.)
"You're not here to talk about my education though, are you? I bet you're here to check on how 'Zuku's doin'. I've heard he ran away from your house. Poor kid, all he ever wanted was to be a hero. He's no different to any other kid his age!" Akari looks like she's going to explode with how angry she is. Izuku's told her about everything, from the day he found out he was quirkless to the day his parents died, and she's gonna use all of that to her advantage.
"Apparently his day was already goin' terribly before he found the house like that. First his teacher told the whole class that he wanted to be a hero and was applyin' to UA, then one of the brats tells him to jump off the roof and as if that wasn't bad enough, he was attacked by a villain on the way home, saved by All Might and then told by the number one hero that he should give up on his dream because he's quirkless! All that before findin' out that our parents burned to death! You'd almost think that fate has it out for him or somethin'."
Mitsuki grimaces at this, before realisation dawns on her face.
"Which one of the brats told Izu-kun to jump?"
"'Dunno. 'Zuku refused to tell me. He said it's 'cause if I knew their name I'd track 'em down and kill 'em in their sleep. Can't argue with logic like that."
Mitsuki laughs before returning to her serious demeanour.
"Can I see him?"
"I'll go ask."
Izuku was finishing off the sticky parts on his suits finger tips and shoes - both of which were made out of Akari's super strong blood-iron-stuff, her quirk basically let her turn her blood into any iron object, and her blood-iron-stuff was about ten times as strong as regular iron which was a plus - when someone knocked on the door.
""I'll get it. You keep working on the suit, okay 'Zuku?"
He'd pretty much finished the suit now. All he had to do was attach a device he'd made to the soles of the shoes and finger tips of the main suit. He and Akari had spent a good few hours looking through pre-quirk comics to find inspiration for his vigilante persona when the stumbled upon Spider-Man or, more accurately, Spider-Gwen. He didn't want to be an exact replica of the comic book hero, so he substituted the, awesome, web shooters for a grappling hook and focused on the actual suit, a voice modifier and a way of climbing up walls while making it seem like that was his quirk. He found out how to do that, after much trial and error, and immediately started implementing it into his suit.
Today would be his first official patrol and first appearance as Kumo, so it's safe to say he was elated.
He was just finishing putting the final grip-pad onto his shoe when favourite person no.1 walked in.
"Hey, 'Zuku. Auntie Mitsuki's here, she wants to see you."
Izuku nodded, put the shoe down and followed Akari out into the living room, where Bakugo Mitsuki was sat, holing a mug of coffee.
"Izu-kun! My God, why did you run away? We were all so worried!"
(Well, maybe you and Uncle Masaru were but Kacchan sure as hell wasn't.)
"Sorry. When you said I'd have to stay with you or go to an orphanage I panicked and ran. I think I was alone for a good three weeks before Nee-chan came home and found me. "
"Izu-kun, both of those would only have been until Aki-chan came home anyway! Wait... were you sat outside the pile of ash for three weeks?!"
Izuku just shook his head.
"Wha- where were you then?"
"Ummmm.... I made a hut on the trash beach..."
Mitsuki sighed and ruffled his hair.
"This is all Katsuki's fault."
"Wha? No, it's really not!"
"Well, maybe not all of it, but if that brat'd just remembered that you were his best friend instead of ditching you the second that dumb doctor called you quirkless then you wouldn't have been scared to stay with us."
"Well, I- I can't argue with that."
Akari could tell that Izuku was starting to feel awkward, and so chose to butt in.
"Hey, 'Zuku, lemme ask you somethin' real quick."
"We should invite them 'round for dinner."
"I wanna see the brat that hurt my 'Zuku squirm 'cause he feels bad for forgetting someone so important. Or at the the very least, see his mum scold him for being rude to us."
"Hey, Auntie Mitsuki!"
"Yeah, Aki-chan?"
"Would you three like to come over for dinner?"
"Y-you don't have to if you don't want to!" added Izuku.
"...We'd love to."
And with that Mitsuki left to collect a husband and son, while Akari and Izuku went to finish his suit.
Mitsuki had just arrived home with a dorky smile on her face and Katsuki did not like it, one bit!
"Katsuki, Masaru! Get dressed up in something nice, we're going 'round to the Midoriya's for dinner!"
"Hey, old hag? You goin' senile or some shit? Auntie Inko and Uncle Hisashi died in the fire and their useless brat ran away!"
"Aki-chan found 'im."
"Aki-chan? Are you alright, dear?"
"I'm fuckin' fine! If anything it's you two who're going crazy. Aki-chan, Izu-kun's older sister."
"He doesn't have an older sister, old hag."
"Katsuki's right, dear, Izu-kun is an only child."
"Nope, he does. Just got back form university. Used to go to UA, she was in the support course."
"Whatever, let's just get this over with, I wanna shout at the useless brat for runnin' away like that."
Before Katsuki knew it, they were at a modestly sized house knocking at the door.
"Comin'!" Called the cheerful voice of a young woman from inside.
A woman with short brown hair and bright blue eyes answered the door. She was a lot shorter than Katsuki but taller than Deku and wore a red, open-back shirt with white jeans and had the most cheerful smile Katsuki had ever seen on her face. It wasn't fake like Deku's smiles.
"Ooh! Katu-chan, you've grown so much! And Masaru, it's been too long!"
"Do I know you, shorty?"
"Katsuki!" Screamed his mother, pulling on his ear, the woman just laughed.
"Don't worry, auntie Mitsuki, I wouldn't expect him to remember me. After all, I was almost exclusively at school or working on support items in my room."
"Is that them, Nee-chan?" That was Deku.
"Yup" Called the woman - Aki-chan, his mother had called her.
"I just finished putting dinner out, you can let them in."
"Okey dokey 'Zuku! Well, you heard him, let's go, yeah?"
Dinner was actually fucking awesome! Katsuki definitely did not remember Akari but she was an amazing cook. Like, he thought auntie Inko's food was good, but Akari's was better.
But of course, the good evening had to be ruined by the old hags questions.
"So, Izu-kun, are you gonna be coming back to school after the weekend?"
"He sure as well will! Well, sorta. He'll be going to a different school, partially due to distance but mainly because of the boys' current school's bullying problem."
Akari's face turned dark when she said the word "bullying".
"What 'bullying problem'?" (Should not have said that")
Before anyone could reply, he was dragged out of the apartment by his mother who was shouting apologies and goodbyes.
Despite what Eclipse had said, Shouta hadn't seen her, or even heard about any of her vigilantism, since she'd tailed the nameless vigilante kid. A small part of him hoped she was okay, while an ever so slightly smaller part hoped the kid wasn't a vigilante and had handed her in to the police.
He was abruptly stopped from worrying about the girl by a metal staff to the head and a binding of material that resembled his capture weapon.
"Nice, isn't it?"
"The fuck is this?"
The small vigilante's weapons were much higher quality, their voice was distorted and their costume was completely different, but Shouta could recognise that method from a mile a way.
"Awwww, kinda hopped that you'd be honoured that I based one of my weapons on your capture weapon. Shame"
"The fuck happened to your trash heap gear?"
"A friend helped me make a upgrade!"
Great, and now he had a sword to his throat.
"Hello, Eclipse. I think stabbing a person once is enough, no?"
"C'mon, Eraser, you know that I'd never stab you again!"
"Does he though?"
"What the kid said."
"Hey! Kumo's supposed to be on my side!"
"So the kid has a name now?"
"Yup! Like it? The name and costume are based on a really old comic called Spider-Man! Well, technically Spider-Gwen but that's not the point!"
"Aren't you vigilantes' supposed to be saving people illegally, not assaulting pro-heroes?"
"'S all part of the job, Eraser."
The kid, Kumo, just nods. (God, this'll be a nightmare.)
"Anyway, just wanted to say hi. We'll be going now. C'mon Kumo."
"Yup! Bye, favourite person number 2!"
(Favourite person number 2?)
"Okay Kumo, we're gonna split up for a while. Don't go too far and meet me at Eraser greeting point when you get a notification in your eye thingy-s."
"Yup! See you in a bit, Eclipse!"
And so, the two of the go off in opposite directions.
It doesn't take long for Izuku to find a fight. He rooftop jumps - which Akari had taught him - across about 4-5 buildings before he hears someone shouting from the alley below. He climbs down the wall a little ways away from the fight so he can suss out the situation.
There're three men near the back of the alley, crowded around a tall, skinny boy who looks to be around his age.
The boy looks absolutely petrified, (not using his quirk so either too scared to use it or it's not something that can help in this situation.) Izuku can handle this.
He fiddles with the controls on his voice modifier before sneaking up behind the three men and saying in a voice that only belongs in horror films and/or games,
"Mind telling me what exactly is going on here?"
The men jump and the boy looks about ready to piss himself and pass out at the same time.
"Who the fuck're you?" Asks the leader of the men
"Oooh, publicity! I'm the vigilante Kumo and you should most definitely tell your friends about me! Once you get out of prison for assault, that is."
The boy looks up and Izuku, who's mask can replicate eye movements, winks at him and then continues to beat the shit out of the thugs and tie them to a lamp-post with cable ties.
"What... the... fuck..." Wheezes the boy, who then proceeds to pass out.
Izuku calls the police to give them a tip about the villains and boy.
"Hello, this is the police, what is the emergency?"
"Hey, umm..." He was cut off by a high-pitched screaming from the other end of the call, (Oh,) he realised, (I forgot to reset the voice modifier settings.... Whoops).
He quickly resets the controls, before going back to the call.
"Sorry about that." He says once the screaming has stopped, "I forgot about my voice modifier. Umm there was an assault at (Insert location) I took down the villains. Three large men, oh also, the victim is passed out on the ground. No, I don't think he's hurt, just a bit scared. You might wanna hurry, I don't know when they're gonna wake up. Okay, bye!"
(Well, that was awkward...)

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Hitoshi wakes up to a doctor(?) and a detective standing over him and lights flashing somewhere in the general area.
"W-what happened?" He asked, siting up slowly and looking around.
"That's what we would like to know, young man."
"What's that supposed to mean?"
The doctor sighs.
"The police received a... strange anonymous call saying that there had been an attack in this area. The person who called the police also said that the victim, that would be you i assume, was still on the scene and unconscious. Whoever it was that called was already gone by the time we got here. You wouldn't happen to know who it was, would you?"
(Ah,) Hitoshi thought, (right, I forgot about that...)
"Green Spider-Man."
"I'm sorry?"
"The guy who called the cops and saved me, they kinda looked like a green Spider-Man, well, Spider-Gwen, from those pre-quirk comics. I think their quirk gave 'em sticky hands and feet or something 'cause they climbed down the wall. Obviously, I was kinda terrified so forgive me if I don't remember everything but, I think they said their name was Kumo or something? So almost definitely playing on the whole Spider-Man thing."
The detective nodded and the doctor walked off.
"Thank you young man. Your information will hopefully prove to be useful."
(What's that mean?) He decided against asking that and, instead, just nodded at the man.
"You've already been checked over, so you're free to go home now. Have a good night and be safe."
Hitoshi just nodded and walked "home".
(That was fun!) Izuku thought as he jumped from rooftop to rooftop, looking for more people to save. (I hope that boy's okay though. He was super scared, I hope he didn't piss himself.)
And then, as if he could read his mind, the boy appeared form around a corner. ( Perfect!)
"Hey!" called Izuku as he started scaling down the wall.
The boy jumped and looked up, his tired lilac eyes meeting Izuku's glowing lime lenses.
"O-oh. Hi." Replied the boy, quietly. "Thanks for earlier, by the way. I probably would've died if it weren't for you."
Izuku smiled at this, the eyes of his suit mimicking the movement of his real eyes.
"No problemo! Just doing my job!"
"You're a hero then?"
"W-well not exactly. I guess vigilante is the right word."
The lilac boy's eyebrows rose in a questioning manner.
"You guess?"
"Well, okay so technically, yes, I am a vigilante but, the word just doesn't feel right."
"Hmm. Hey, Kumo, right?"
Izuku nodded.
"Why, exactly, did you choose to be a vigilante anyway? Why not just become a hero or an outright villain?"
Izuku sighed.
"Can't tell you the exact details, for personal reasons such as protecting my identity, but, no one ever believed that I could be a hero. So far, I've been denied at every turn, so I figured that I'd just save people in my own way, even if it is technically illegal. Also, why would you ask someone who literally just saved you why they're a vigilante and not a villain? That's just stupid."
The boy huffed a laugh.
"Yeah, I guess so. I like you, Kumo. Think we can meet again?"
"I think I'd like that. Do you want my number or are you just gonna stand on a rooftop and shout my name, 'Cause the second option not only sound hilarious but will probably confuse Eraser very much, which is also very hilarious."
"I think it would probably be easier for both of us if we just exchange numbers. Something tells me that your quirk doesn't involve super hearing and that I will not enjoy being glared at by Eraserhead for being friends with a vigilante."
Izuku giggled and nodded. The lilac boy read out his number for Izuku to put into his phone.
"I'm gonna need a name for you. Something tells me you won't enjoy me constantly calling you lilac boy."
"It's Shinsou. Should I put you down as Kumo or some kind of code name?"
"Just put my name down as K. It's in both my vigilante name and actual name. You could also pass it off as an online friends username. Something tells me that having a contact just labelled K is less suspicious than having a contact named after a criminal."
The boy, Shinsou, nodded and looked up at Izuku while putting his phone away.
"See you around then, Kumo?"
"Yup! But only at night, can't go around in broad daylight or have you knowing about my secret identity, now can we?"
Shinsou huffed another laugh before turning to leave and waving at Izuku.
And then the notification came up on the inside of one of his lenses.
"Time to head home myself then, isn't it."
Thus concludes Izuku's first day as Kumo.
Akari wakes up to a notification about new news story. She had her phone set to go off any time the word vigilante was mentioned in a news story.
This particular story was about Kumo's first appearance. Apparently, last night the first (and only) thing he'd done was stop an assault, by beating the shit out of the villains, and befriend the victim (that bit wasn't in the story, but the boys name was and she'd seen Izuku chatting to a boy named "Shinsou" on his phone last night).
She was reading through the story, when she heard Izuku start to get up (today was his first day back at school and he did not seem happy about getting up at a normal time again) and figured it was probably time to make breakfast for the two of them.
By the time Izuku had gotten up, showered, dressed an out to the living room, Akari had made Japanese pancakes for them both and set the table.
"Did you remember to make your lunch before we headed out yesterday, 'Zuku?"
Izuku's eyes widened and he face-palmed.
"I forgot. I'm really sorry, Nee-chan!"
Akari giggle snorted and set down the pancakes and orange juice.
"'S fine, 'Zuku. I'm fine with givin' you money to get somethin' from the cafeteria, wasn't sure if you'd like that is all."
Izuku sighs and begins eating his breakfast.
The two of them finish off their food quickly, chug their orange juice, put their crockery in the sink to wash up later and start walking to Izuku's school.
"I've been meaning to ask for a while but never got around to it,"
"'Sup, 'Zuku?"
"Well, what do you do as, like, a day job? There's no way that you can support the both of us and afford the house without one."
"Well, I wasn't actually lyin' when I told the Bakugo's that I had a support licence."
"Well, yeah, I have a licence to make and sell support items. Obviously I don't work for a support company or anythin'. I just get bored sometimes, make a cool invention and sell it off for a hefty profit. As for my actual day job, I work at a cute little cafe downtown, funnily enough, your new little friend, Shinsou-kun, visits a lot with his dad! Well I think he's his dad. He looks like his dad."
Izuku hums in acknowledgement as they approach his new school.
"Well, speak of the devil!"
"Look! It's Shinsou-kun! You should go introduce yourself!"
"But he already knows me?"
"Nope! He already knows Kumo, you on the other hand, are Midoriya Izuku, a stranger. He knows me from the cafe though. Let's go! HEY SHINSOU-KUN!"
Shinso turns around to see the Midoriya's walking towards him and Akari grins.
"Oh, hey Akari-san. Who's that?" He asks, motioning to Izuku.
"That is my precious little brother, 'Zuku! He'll be in the goin' here from now on. OOH, maybe you two'll be class mates!"
Izuku smiles and steps forward, holding out his hand.
"Midoriya Izuku but you can just call me Izuku if you prefer."
Shinsou nods at him and shakes his out held hand.
"Shinsou Hitoshi. Call me whatever, as long as it's not Lilac Boy. Only one person is allowed to call me that."
"Ooh, who would that be, Shinsou-kun!?" Questioned Akari with a mischievous glint in her eyes. (So, Kumo is allowed to call Shinsou-kun lilac boy but not the best waitress ever? Let's just see about that, shall we?)
"Oh, just an online friend." Now, Akari can tell a lie when she sees one and that was definitely not true.
Akari sees Izuku pull his phone out of his pocket and jump.
"Aah, sorry to break this up but, we'd better hurry if we don't want to be late." Oh, it was nearly time for school to start which meant...
"I have work today!"
Izuku giggled and Shinsou huffed out a laugh as Akari started sprinting to work.
"We should probably head in then, huh?" She heard Izuku ask as she ran off.
Something about Izuku was weird. Hitoshi had only just met him but he seemed oddly familiar. At first he tried to convince himself that it was only because he know the boys sister, but as the day went on it felt more and more like he'd talked to the boy before. And then, while they were sat eating lunch, something else occurred to him.
"Why did your sister drop you off and not your parents?"
"Why did you walk to school alone instead of with your parents?"
"Because my dads are at work. What about you?"
"How do you know the same's not true for me?"
"Because if that were the case, Akari either wouldn't have a job or wouldn't live with you."
"Presumptuous of you to say that. For all you know, my family is struggling with money."
"Fine, fine," Midoriya mumbled, a sad look washing over his face. (Did I say something wrong?)
"My uh... my parents died... It was a good month or so ago, now. By the time I got home, at around 6 I think, the house was just a smouldering pile of ashes. No one showed up, no heroes, police or even firefighters. No one knows when, why or even how the fire started but it was definitely while I was on my way home. That's why I live with Akari."
"But if it started while you were on your way home from school, why did no one call you? Why weren't the neighbours questioned by the police? Wha- How?!"
"No one knows. My auntie Mitsuki and uncle Masaru were dropping off some of my "friends" old clothes for me and were the first to see the house. They only arrived about ten minutes before me, I think. As soon as they arrived they called the police but it was too late, there was nothing to be done. I don't- I just don't understand how no one noticed before auntie Mitsuki and uncle Masaru. It- it had to have been burning for at least an hour before hand, howdidnoonenoticewhydidnoonehelpwherewerealltheheroeswhydoesnothingevergorightformeIjustdon'tunderstand...."
By this point, Midoriya was sat with his head in his hands, sobbing and hyperventilating. Hitoshi had no idea what to do, so he just started to rub the small green boys back.
"Hey, it's okay Mido, just- just let it all out."
Hitoshi was very glad at this moment that they were sat by themselves under the stairs and not in the middle of the cafeteria. He was also glad that it was the first day of the term and they got to go home as soon as the end of lunch bell went, because that was very shortly and he wanted to get Midoriya to Akari asap.
In just under ten minutes he found him self sat at his and his dads table in his favourite cafe, with a small green boy crying into his shoulder and a usually cheerful waitress trying to cheer up her crying green brother.
"Oh, 'Zuku, what happened? You're not gettin' bullied again are you!? Oh, for fucks sake! It's only your first day, I thought this school would be better than your last!"
(Mido was bullied at his old school?)
"Umm, Akari-san? He's not getting bullied, I promise. He, umm, I asked why you'd dropped him off instead of your parents and well.... I'm really sorry! If I'd realised it was a sensitive topic, I wouldn't have asked it's just... I don't know, Mido's just a mystery to me, I guess ,and solving mysteries kinda runs in my family. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have pushed him."
Akari looks at him for a second with an understanding gaze.
"It's fine, just, try to respect someones wishes next time they don't wanna talk about somethin', 'kay? I think if I were in 'Zuku's shoes, I woulda punched you. I know that you weren't aware of the situation though, so I'll let you off with a warnin', 'kay Shinsou-kun?"
Hitoshi nodded, that seemed more than fair.
"Hey, boss? Can I head home early today? I gotta situation with Shinsou-kun and 'Zuku."
The boss agreed (although somewhat hesitantly) and the three of them headed back to the Midoriyas' house, Akari carrying Mido.
The house was small, but comforting. It was a lot more warm and homely than his sparsely decorated one ("Why would we need our house to be comfy and full? It only serves as a place to sleep and eat." He and dad no.2 sighed at this but knew that there was no arguing with dad no.1), Akari took Mido to his room and then went out to the kitchen to make the two of them a drink.
"What'd you like, Shinsou-kun?"
"Oh, uh, do you have iced coffee? Like a really strong shop bought one?"
Akari giggle-snorted at this. (She does that a lot.) Thought Hitoshi absently.
"Nope. But, I can make you one if you want. I do work in a cafe for a reason."
"If you don't mind" He replied while wandering around the living room.
Support product sketches littered the coffee table, (a few of the designs are for my dads...). He found himself sifting through the pile until he found a very crude sketch of web-slingers, only they weren't web-slingers. They were, in fact, some sort of taser designed by Mido. The design itself was identical, only, instead of shooting webs upon touching the pad in the centre of the palm, they sent out an electrical current through said pad upon touching it to any surface. He was reading over the specifics, (it was funny, Mido's hand writing was impeccable but his art was awful!), when he heard a familiar giggle-snort from behind him.
"You found the sketch pile then?"
"To be fair, it was not difficult to find."
"Can't argue with that. 'Zuku insists that we keep it out here so we can both add sketches whenever we want; he's not allowed in my room unless we're helping one another on a project."
Hitoshi huffs out a laugh at this.
"So," He observes, "I didn't know you were into sketching."
"Did I never tell you guys that I have a Support licence?"
"No, you most certainly did not mention that piece of information."
And, the giggle-snort is back again....
"Guess it never came up then, yeah, don't work for a support company obviously. Sometimes i just get bored and make somethin' and then just sell it. That's actually how I was able to buy this place and support myself and 'Zuku."
That.... actually made sense. Akari was only in her early twenties, so there was no way that she bought this place with savings and cafes definitely did not pay a lot.
"Oh," She continued, "I called your dad by the way."
"...Which one...?"
"Grumpster, Banana's phone kept goin' straight to voicemail. Anyway, he says he's done with work for the day and is comin' to pick you up as we speak. He'll be here in about 10 minutes, at most."
"I feel very, very bad for whoever had to die in order for my father to be done with work early."
"Honestly? Before today, I did not think I would live to see the day that your father came home from work early, and yet here we are."
Akari and Hitoshi just about have time to finish their drinks before dad no.1 arrives at the Midoriya household.
Akari opens the door with her usual bright grin, which is met with the most angry glare Hitoshi had ever seen on his dads face.
"Hey, Shinsou-kun look, it's your dad, why don't you handle this while I go and check on 'Zuku!?"
And just like that, he is left on the couch of a sort-of-friend's house with his very angry dad no.1.
"Umm, well I didn't get in trouble, if that's what you're asking...."
"That still implies that you did something wrong though."
"Well, kinda, but to be fair, I had no idea that he was going to react like that..."
"'Zuku? Where are you goin'? If you need a drink or somethin' to eat I can get 'em for you, you need to rest! 'Zuku! Why are you runnin'!?"
And then Mido comes running out of his room, tears still evident on his face and skids to a halt the second he sees Hitoshi and dad no.1.
"Hey Mido. You okay now? Sorry if I upset you earlier. I understand if you're mad at me."
"Wha- no! Why would I be mad at you?!"
"'Cause I brought up a topic that you aren't comfortable with talking about and pushed you to talk about it despite the fact that you were clearly trying to avoid it. I'm really, really sorry!"
"You've no need to be sorry! There was no way you could've known about that, you were just trying to understand the situation. If anything, it's my fault for talking about it rather than just saying that I didn't want to."
"Anyone care to explain?" Butted in his dad. (Ah, I'd forgotten he was there.)
"Not particularly, sir." Hitoshi didn't think he'd ever said no to anything his dad no.1 had ever said, and yet, here Mido was, denying dad no.1 of any information, upon his first meeting with him.
He turned his attention to Hitoshi and raised an eyebrow, to anyone else it just would've looked like he was asking for some information, but Hitoshi knew that his father was demanding an explanation.
"I upset him by bringing up a sensitive topic, so took him to Akari and here we are now."
He then focused on Mido again, determined to get a straight answer.
"Wanna add anything, kid?"
"I believe I already specified that I would honestly rather not talk about this. Shinsou-kun apologised and that's all that matters."
Hitoshi's dad nods, as if approving of Mido's answer and then turns back to Hitoshi, saying,
"I like him, he's a good friend, keep him. But, who are you, kid?"
Mido smirked for a moment, before shaking his head, holding out his hand and smiling up at dad no.1.
"Hello, sir, I'm Midoriya Izuku, Midoriya Akari's younger brother. It's nice to meet you!"
"I didn't know that Akari had any siblings...." Dad no.1 said, while shaking Mido's hand
"You also didn't know that I had a Support licence, Grumpster. You don't know everythin' about me!" Came the cheerful voice of Midoriya Akari from Mido's bedroom door.
"You have a Support license? If that's the case then why do you work at a cafe and not a Support company?"
"'Cause constantly doing Support gear related stuff is really borin'! I designed some stuff for you, if you'd like to look."
".....How do you know about that?"
"I am very invested in the world of heroes, villains and vigilantes, so I have my news app set to go off every time one of said things is mentioned. You've been mentioned in a few Eclipse related stories so, naturally, I did some research and eventually found some stuff on you. It was pretty easy to infer the rest."
The two adults started sifting through the support product pile while Hitoshi and Mido chat, until the late evening when Hitoshi and his dad go home.
"Bye Akari-san, Mido."
"Bye Shisou-kun, Grumpster, it's been nice chattin' to you!!"
Dad no.1 just says bye and shuffles off to the car, while Mido just smiles and waves.

Chapter Text

Nothing had really happened on the first day at Izuku's new school. The entire morning was a huge "Start of Term Ceremony", or whatever, and then they had lunch, before going home. Which meant he hadn't been introduced to his class yet, he was not looking forward to tomorrow. So what does he do to take his mind off of it? Why extreme vigilantism with his older sister, of course (after making tomorrows lunch, obviously).
The first order of business was to check in with Eraserhead (which they'd already technically done today, but he didn't know that so it was best to say hi, just in case) and then they'd split off, to cover more ground, again (this also worked as a safety precaution. If, say, one of them got caught and had their identity discovered, the fact that the two of them rarely worked together meant that the chance of the other's identity being discovered was substantially lower)and Izuku immediately zipped into action. He did have school in the morning but Akari-nee had said that they could stay out a little bit longer, so long as he mad sure not to get into trouble and to set extra alarms, so he'd definitely wake up on time.
Very shortly after splitting up with Akari, he heard shouting from the alley below. He quietly climbed down the wall (once again making sure that the villains had theirs backs to him and that he was far enough away to observe for a short period of time) and landed softly on the ground, when one of the villains shouted,
"C'mon, Endeavour JR, just show us a little bit of that fire you and your daddy are so proud of!"
(Oh,) He thinks, (a Todoroki. Maybe I should just leave 'em. serves Endeavour right for being a dick.)
He's just about to turn and leave when the Todoroki kid shouts,
"I will not use his power, for anything! None of you could even begin to comprehend the hell that this fucking fire has put me and my family through!"
Izuku snaps at this. Partially because he's angry at how the spoilt little brat thinks he can get anywhere without using his fire, while Izuku has to get everywhere without a quirk, and partially because of what the small Todoroki is implying. The implications range from "I'm a spoilt little brat, who's angry because daddy won't give me what I want!" to "Not only is my father a giant dickhead, he is also a child abusing dickhead." and part of Izuku hopes, for the small Todoroki's sake among other things, that it is the former, rather than the latter. He's cut off from his internal rambling by one of the villains, whom he listens to while setting his voice modifier back to horror film mode.
"Brat's got some nerve, thinking someone like him could ever understand what true pain feels like!"
The small Todoroki's expression turns to one of pure rage and Izuku decides that this is the perfect moment to step in.
"Well, Ladies and Gent," He very much enjoys watching everyone jump at the sound of his voice (but for some reason the small Todoroki doesn't...) and continues with his possibly-life-saving speech. "as much as I find this discussion incredibly interesting, I'm afraid I'll have to cut it short. After all, ladies, you have an appointment at a police station of your choice!"
The villains facial expressions go from petrified to enraged as they turn to face the small vigilante.
"Well, let's leave this innocent young man alone and talk somewhere private, shall we?"
One of the villains swings at him and Izuku doges, easily.
"I'll take that as a no then. Sorry, sir, I'll try and make this quick."
And so Izuku gets to work on taking out the villains. He mainly relies on his small stature and flexibility, but once theirs only one man left, Izuku has to resort to climbing the wall and drop kicking the mans head, which knocks him out. Izuku quickly binds their wrists together and binds said binding to a lamp post, (Why were both of my fights near lamp posts?) and resets his voice modifier, so it's distorting his voice and not changing it completely. He then turns to the small Todoroki.
"Hey," He begins.
"You should go." (Well, that was rude!)
"I don't even get a thank you for saving your butt?"
"Thank you. Now leave!"
Izuku crosses his arms and glares up at the small Todoroki (who is, in fact very tall compared to Izuku) and boy is he glad that his costumes lenses mimic his actual eyes, because the look on Todo Jr's face when he sees the suits eyes glare at him is priceless!
"And why, exactly, should I listen to you!?"
"You are Kumo, the vigilante, correct?"
"Yeah. Why?"
"If you value your life, you should leave!"
Todo Jr takes a step towards Izuku, who moves his hands from across his chest to resting on his hips and somehow manages to glare even more severely at the poor boy.
"Is that a threat, Peppermint boy?"
"No, it's a warning, if my father catches you, he will kill you!"
"Exactly, now will you please leave?"
"Fine, just... gimme your phone first."
"Why?" Todo Jr asks, giving Izuku his phone anyway.
Izuku puts his number into the two toned boys phone labelled as "K *spider emoji*", memorises the boys number and hands him back his phone.
"I'll need a name for you, unless you wanna be known by me as Peppermint or Todo Jr. Also, my numbers under the name "K spider emoji", text me if you need anything. And I mean anything"
"I'm Shouto and I may just take you up on that offer."
Izuku nods and mumbles, "Sorry buddy." before whacking Shouto on the head with his staff (just hard enough to knock him out without hurting too much) and escaping to the rooftops.
Shouto is on a compulsory patrol with his father, when they get split up.
"I think I just saw something, stay here and stay out of trouble. I'll be back in a moment, hopefully with a burnt and cuffed vigilante in tow."
And, with that, his father becomes nothing more than a faint glow on the wall of a building.
Shouto had just begun to relax when a group of thugs surround him. (Great....... Just what I needed right now.)
"Looky what we have here, boys. A piece of dirt pretending to be a person! Let's show him what we think of that, yeah? Maybe his daddy can put 'im back together with that oh so wonderful quirk of his!"
(Oh, lovely, not only are they a group of thugs who want to kill me, they're a group of thugs who want to kill me because of my shit stain of a father. Well, isn't this just perfect.)
"C'mon, Endeavour JR, just show us a little bit of that fire you and your daddy are so proud of!"
Now that was just rude!
"I will not use his power, for anything! None of you could even begin to comprehend the hell that this fucking fire has put me and my family through!"
"Brat's got some nerve, thinking someone like him could ever understand what true pain feels like!"
Shouto feels his face contort with anger at this. Of course they think he's a spoilt brat! Of course they think he has the perfect life! OF FUCKING COURSE THEY WERE ALL TO BUSY WITH OTHER THINGS TO NOTICE HOW ENDEAVOUR WAS TREATING HIS FUCKING FAMILY!!!
He would've snapped. If it weren't for some form of divine intervention, Shouto would've illegally used his quirk to...... He doesn't eve want to know what he would've done, but one thing was for sure, there would be no going back from it.
He felt his right side begin to form frost, when a horrifying voice came from behind the villains. But Shouto wasn't scared. He was just happy that is wasn't his father, and that he'd been stopped from doing something he would regret.
"Well, Ladies and Gent," Begins the voice, "as much as I find this discussion incredibly interesting, I'm afraid I'll have to cut it short. After all, ladies, you have an appointment at a police station of your choice!" It almost sounded like this was a joke to them. Something they did for nothing but shits and giggles.
The villains turn to face the small vigilante, who fucking laughs!
"Well, let's leave this innocent young man alone and talk somewhere private, shall we?"
One of the villains swings at the vigilante and Shouto feels his breath hitch, before the (very, very small) vigilante effortlessly doges the fist
"I'll take that as a no then. Sorry, sir, I'll try and make this quick."
Shouto just watches in bewilderment as the vigilante effortlessly doges every attack and manages to knock out all of the villains but one. They then take one look at the man and start clIMING ThE FUCKING WaLL(!!!) AnD dRoP KiCk HiM lIkE iT's NoThINnG!!!
Once the small vigilante is done beating up villains (!),they quickly bind the villains wrists together and binds said binding to a lamp post, they then fiddle with their mask and turn to speak to Shouto, now talking in a slightly distorted voice rather than something straight from the horror genre.
"Hey," They begin.
(Wait... Endeavour's looking for a vigilante!!! This small thing is a vigilante!!! They needs to leave!)
"You should go."
(Good. That should get the point across.)
"I don't even get a thank you for saving your butt?"
(Oh. I almost forgot about that.)
"Thank you. Now leave!"
The small vigilante crosses their arms and glares up at Shouto (ThEy CaN gLaRe ToO?!?!?!)
"And why, exactly, should I listen to you!?"
(Was I not clear enough?)
"You are Kumo, the vigilante, correct?"
"Yeah. Why?"
(Take the hint you oblivious tiny thing!!!!)
"If you value your life, you should leave!"
(Perfect! But just for good measure....)
Shouto take a step forward, to emphasise his point, and Kumo puts their hands on their hips and hardens their glare.
"Is that a threat, Peppermint boy?"
(How do you not understand this by now!?!?!!?)
"No, it's a warning, if my father catches you, he will kill you!"
"Exactly, now will you please leave?"
"Fine, just... gimme your phone first."
"Why?" Shouto asks, before realising that he's already given them his phone
Kumo types something in and stares at the screen for a few moments before giving Shouto the phone back.
"I'll need a name for you, unless you wanna be known by me as Peppermint or Todo Jr. Also, my numbers under the name "K spider emoji", text me if you need anything. And I mean anything"
(That sounds.... great, actually.)
"I'm Shouto and I may just take you up on that offer."
Kumo nods and mumbles something that sounds like, "Sorry buddy." before whacking Shouto on the head with their staff (which hurt his feelings more than his body) and left him unconscious on the ground.
When Shouto came to, the first thing he saw was his father glaring down at him. He would've been inclined to believe that the Kumo encounter was a dream, if it weren't for his pounding headache.
"What exactly happened here!?" For some reason, his fathers voice was quiet. It was the that he was alerted to the sound of sirens. (Ah,) He thought, (Kumo must've called the police after they knocked me out..... They did that to give me an excuse for not catching them.....).
"Attacked. Villains." He mumbles.
"So who took them out!? If it were you, they would've been bound in ice, not cable ties!"
"Kumo. Climbed down the wall, took out the bad guys and knocked me out."
Shouto hears an unfamiliar sigh and grumble from somewhere behind his father.
"This seems to be a theme of theirs." Comes the voice which sighed.
"What does?" asks Shouto, sitting up
"Leaving the victims unconscious, after saving them. Apparently last time, the victim passed out due to shock from the situation, they actively knocked you out though. Maybe they figured that it gives them time to escape afterwards." Came the voice which grumbled.
Now that he could see who the voices belonged to, he could identify the sigh as detective Naomasa Tsukauchi and the grumble as Eraserhead.
"Well, I think we've heard all we need to. Let's hope that there aren't any more Kumo incidents tonight. You two can go home now." Said Naomasa, a little bit too cheerfully for Shouto's liking.
After calling the police to report on the Shouto situation, Izuku's night was fairly quiet. he stopped a few robberies, Convinced a man that his life was very much not a complete waste and that he would, in fact, be missed if he decided to jump and picked up a burrito from a 24 hour western fast food shop. He then decided that it was time to go home and headed back to the meet up point. He was waiting for a good 10 minutes, (which gave him time to finish his burrito) before Akari-nee showed up.
She had a few scratches and looked exhausted, but just smiled at Izuku and suggested that they head home.
Somehow, he managed to get a good nights sleep (if you could call four hours that) and even woke early. He knew from how Akari-nee looked last night that she'd be sleeping in and decided to get breakfast on his way to school.
He bought himself a ramune soda, a sandwich and an iced coffee for Shinsou and then walked to school.
He got there to find Shinsou waiting at the gate for him.
"Took you long enough." He said sarcastically, as the walked in.
"Do you have any idea how hard it is to buy coffee for you?"
"You bought me coffee?"
"Well, I was buying my breakfast and figured you might want a coffee."
"We've literally only known each other for a day, Mido-kun."
"Really?" He questions, jokingly. "Feels like longer."
Shinsou sighed, before turning to face Izuku.
"Why did you have to buy breakfast anyway? Doesn't Akari-san do that?"
"Well, yeah, normally. She had a last minute support job to do and had to stay up late. I figured getting her up would be a bad idea. She doesn't have work today, so can sleep in as late as she wants."
"Huh. Apparently, she's not the only one who doesn't have work today."
"What do you mean?"
"So, you know about my dad, right?"
"I know a lot about both of them, which are we talking about here?"
"Grumpster." Izuku nods, "Apparently, he expelled his entire class yesterday. He has some time off, while the Rat finds him some work to do."
"I take it the Rat is Nedzu, then." Shinsou nods. "That's definitely not a praising nickname. What'd he do?"
"Dunno. He just gives off a weird vibe."
And then suddenly, Izuku and Shinsou are outside a classroom door.
"So, we're in the same class then?" Asks Shinsou
Izuku just hums an affirmative and carefully opens the door, the two of them walk in.
"There's a seat free behind me. It's and open seating plan, so you can sit in any free seat you want." Izuku just hums again, following Shinsou and sitting behind him.
The rest of the class slowly file in and eventually, the teacher walks in and stands behind his desk.
"Alright then class," He begins in a monotone voice, which Shinsou flinches at... Weird. "We have a new student joining us today. Would you like to introduce your self, Mr..."
"O-oh umm," Stutters Izuku as he stands, drawing the attention of the class. "I'm Midoriya Izuku. It's nice to meet you all!" He continues
Just as he's about to go to sit back down, the teacher looks him dead in the eye and asks him a question.
"Are you alright with answering questions, Midoriya-kun?" He asks in his monotone fashion.
"Oh, um, yes. Yes, I'm alright with questions."
Questions are asked one at a time in an orderly manner which is.... nice.
"What's your quirk?" Asks a girl with curly blue hair and sea green eyes (water quirk) He thinks while looking at her.
"I, umm, don't have a...... quirk....." He shifts awkwardly on his feet, but the class has no reaction to this revelation.
"Why're you so short?" Asks another girl, with fiery red hair and golden eyes. For some reason, she reminded him of a phoenix.
"I think it's just my genetics." (probably mums side of the family...)
"Why did you move her in the middle of the school year?" Asks a girl with bright pink hair and golden eyes with.... cogs for pupils...
"I moved houses..."
"Why did your parents move you?" Asks a boy with short silver hair and maroon eyes.
"They- they didn't..."
"Who did then?" Asked a boy with fluffy whit hair and crystal blue eyes.
"My- my sister..."
"What happened to your parents?" .......
That one broke him. Everything went fuzzy and his vision went blurry. The only thing he could feel was heart beating and himself falling. And the everything was gone.
Hitoshi had watched the newbie questioning play out. It was nothing out of the ordinary, just normal questions. Until Yuuki decided to ask about Mido's parents. He thought Mido had reacted when he'd asked him about his parents, but that was nothing compared to this. The second the question had left Yuuki's mouth, Mido had begun hyperventilating and his eyes started to fill with tears. He suddenly began gasping for breath, grabbed his jacket and collapsed, hitting his head on his chair. Hitoshi shot up the second Mido grabbed his jacket and shot a glare at Yuuki who looked like guilt was already gnawing away at him.
"Well." Began the teacher, "that was.... eventful. Shinsou, Hatsume, can you two take him to the medical room?"
The pair nodded, lifted Mido up and left the room, Hitoshi glaring at the teacher all the while.
"What happened?" Asked Hatsume after a while. "Sorry, you don't have to answer, it's just that you seem like you know him quite well."
"I don't.... know."
Hatsume gave him a questioning look.
"This didn't happen yesterday..."
"What do you mean by that?"
"Surprising as it may seem, I only met him yesterday. We seem like we know each other so well because of his sister. She works at my favourite cafe and is friends with my dads, so I know her quite well. Anyway, I was curious as to why he walked to school with his older sister and not his parents, so I asked him. At first he just said stuff like "Presumptuous of you to assume that they aren't just at work." or words to that effect. Eventually, he gave me a straight answer but he started crying near the end of it, I took him to his sisters cafe after school and not much else happened........ This was different though. It's weird. Yesterday, he only got really worked up after having to recount what'd happened on the day his parents died, but today he freaked out just at the mention of it. And it was a much worse freak out today. I don't know... Maybe we should ask his sister or something..."
Hatsume nodded, thoughtfully as they reached the medical room.
Hitoshi knocked gently on the door with his foot and waited. Not even thirty seconds later the door swung open to reveal a tall woman with long dark hair pulled into a tight bun and a small nose.
"Oh my. What happened to him?" She asked motioning to Mido.
"We," Began Hatsume, "We aren't entirely sure. We think it has something to do with a past trauma though..."
The woman nods and ushers them in, telling them to place Mido on the bed and sit down somewhere.
"So, can someone give me a basic gist of what happened?"
So, Hitoshi told her what happened in the classroom and what he had told Hatume.
The woman nodded and told them that, while Mido had no physical injuries, he would have a headache when he woke up and would probably need to speak to a specialist about what's been troubling him.
Hitoshi agreed wholeheartedly.

Chapter Text

Mei did not like this, one bit. Admittedly, she was in no way experienced enough to give her opinion on the situation, but she could tell, quite clearly that Midoriya did not wan to re-live the night his parents died to a stranger. So what does she do? Why, step in of course!
"Are we sure that's a good idea?" (Starting to rethink weather or not that question was a good idea...)
The other two turned to her with eyebrows raised in a questioning manner.
"W- well, I just think that after how he reacted in class today, forcing him to talk to a complete stranger about such a sensitive topic may just make things worse as a posed to better."
Shinsou looked contemplative and the medical lady sighed.
"I suppose, at the end of the day, the choice is up to the boy and his sister."
Mei nodded and turned her focus back to Midoriya, who seemed to be starting to stir.
"Shinsou-kun?" He started to sit up. "Who's that?"
(Ah, I haven't introduced myself.)
"I'm Hatsume Mei, but you can just call me Mei if you'd like."
Midoriya nodded and looked down.
"I'm sorry if I caused you any trouble.... I don't know what happened, I just kinda... stopped, I guess. It's been a while since I've last been in a school and the environment here's just so different. I guess I was just getting a bit overwhelmed, and then that question came out of nowhere and I just...... Sorry."
Shinsou started to rub the small boys back, causing Midoriya to smile.
"Well," Cut in the medical lady. "Do you think you can finish the day, or do you want me to call your sister. I need to talk with her so she'll have to come and pick you up either way."
Midoriya closed his eyes for a moment, before smiling up at the woman, (A/N I think I should call the medical lady Linda. She shouldn't be showing up much, but I don't wanna keep calling her "The medical lady" or "The woman" and Linda feels like a medical lady name....) and getting out of the bed.
"I think I'll go back to class. I don't want anyone to worry and my sister had a busy night, I don't want to disturb her."
The woman (Who's name me or may not become Linda) nodded and let them all go to class.
Izuku, Shinsou and Hatsu-mei, (I'm sorry, I had to..... It's not my fault the end of her last name sounds like her first name...) walked back into the clasroom and were greeted with a collective sigh of relief and a,
"Oh, Midoriya, your okay, that's good." from their monotonous teacher, who immediately continued with the lesson he had just been teaching.
They were doing maths first lesson, followed by science, which were both easy (ridiculously so when you had a support course graduate as a tutor at home), and then it was morning break.
Izuku and Shinsou went and sat under the stairs that they sat under yesterday and realised only when they got there that they'd been followed by a wild Hatsu-mei.
"Mei? Did you follow us?"
"Nope! Shinsou-kun used to sit under here alone at lunch and break, so I used to come and join him sometimes. I figured, you'd start to sit with him since you're friends, and I wanted to check on the both of you. Also, they won't let me into any of the DT rooms to work on my babies, so I'm bored.
(B-babies?!?!??) He was going to ask about that but, Shinsou sighed and explained before he had the chance.
"Support items. She means her Support items."
(Oh.) thought Izuku, then, (Ohh,) thought Izuku.
"You want to be a Support tech engineer?"
"Yup! You probably wanna be a hero, right?"
Izuku chuckled at this.
"Yeah...." But does he really? He already saves people on a daily basis, Does he really want to become a "Real" hero?
"Good, I'm gonna be your Support person! You have to come to me for any and all Support related issues!"
"You might have to fight for that position, Hatsume-san."
"Huh? What'd you mean? You wanna be a hero too..."
"My sister has a Support licence. If I become a hero, she'll probably want to make all of my support gear. Actually, the reason I brought up Support engineering is because I thought maybe I could see if you wanted to work with Akari for a bit. Get in some extra training before the entrance exams. It'd give you a decent head start."
Hatsu-mei's eyes started to sparkle and the cogs started to turn... literally... (Are they meant to do that?)
"I'll take that as a yes then?"
Hatsu-mei nodded vigorously.
And then his phone buzzed.
"Ah, that might be her now."
It was not.

Shouto The Peppermint: Hey, Kumo, are you free to meet up tonight?

(Definitely not Akari then.)
"Can you guys give me a second? This is kinda important."
Hatsu-mei and Shinsou nodded.


Smoll:Hey, Shouto. Yeah, I'm free tonight. Well kinda. I'll be patrolling, but I think I can spare a moment to meet up with the best Todoroki.

Shouto The Peppermint: :) I'll see you tonight then, Kumo.
Smoll:Yup :3


"Who was that, Mido?" Oh, he'd forgotten they were there.
"A friend from my old school. He wanted to know if we could meet up later."
"I didn't think you had any friends from your old school. Akari made it sound like they were all quirk obsessed bullies."
"Well, yeah, most of them were. But not Shou-kun. He's nice."
"Cool." Izuku then notices that Shnsou's been typing something out for a while on his phone.
Who're you talking to, Shinsou?"
"Oh, so Mido's allowed to have friends outside of this group but I'm not?"
And then Izuku's phone buzzed again. Shinsou's out of school friend Was Kumo. He was talking to Izuku in real life and on the phone at the same time.
"Ah," (Think of an excuse!!!) "A- Akari's calling me! I should get that... I'll be back 'n a minute."


Shinsou The Purple Boyo: Hey.

Smoll: Aren't you supposed to be at school?

Shinsou The Purple Boyo: Bold of you to assume I go to school.

Smoll: Bold of you to assume I can't see you through your web cam.


Izuku could hear Shinsou's quiet, "What.The.Fuck!?!?!?" and Hatsu-mei's laughter from round the corner and stifled a giggle


Shinsou The Purple Boyo: Please tell me that you can definitely not do that.

Smoll:Will it make you feel better if I say that I can't?

Shinsou The Purple Boyo: Not if you word it like that!

Shinsou The Purple Boyo: Hello there, Shinsou's online friend! My name is Mei and I would very much like to speak to you! You seem fun!




Shinsou The Purple Boyo: Sorry about her. You may be spammed with random messages in about a minute. I gotta go. One of my friends ran off a while ago. I should check on him.

SmollSee you later, Shinsou :3


Unknown number: Hello there, Shinsou's online friend. It is I, Mei!!!

Hatsume The Pink One has been added to contacts

Hatsume The Pink One So, what's your name? Shinsou only had you down as K....

Smoll:Secret ;3

Hatsume The Pink One :l

And then Shinsou comes round the corner.
"You okay?"
"Why wouldn't I be?"
"You just ran off."
"Akari called me."
"You could've stayed sat there."
"I don't like people listening in on my conversations."
"You sure that's it?"
"Yes! Now c'mon, Mei seems like she gets lonely easily."
The rest of the day consisted of English, History, a lunchtime filled with texts from Kumo's friends and Geography.
He was about to leave the building with Hatsu-mei and Shisou when Akari walked through the gate and grabbed Izuku.
"Hey, Akari-san."
"Who's she, Shinsou-kun?"
"That's Mido's older sister."
"Oh. Hey Midoriya-kun, Midoriya-san, where are you guys going.?"
Izuku shrugged and Akari yawned.
"Who's Linda?"
"Medical lady."
"Why are you going to see the medical lady?"
"She wants to talk to me about 'Zuku. Apparently he has to be there too. I'll see you later, Shinsou. Bye Pinky."
"She looks really tired."
"She had a last minute support project last night, apparently."
"Oh yeah. Forgot about that. I'll ask my dad for her number later, so I can send it to you and get Mido's."
"You don't have Midoriya's number?"
"I already said that we only met yesterday."
"Right, right. I forgot. You two seem like you've known each other forever."

Izuku and Akari walked up to the medical room in silence and Izuku knocked quietly on the door.

"Come in." Her voice was almost as monotonous as the teachers.

"Heeeyyy, Lindaaa!"

"Hello, Midoriya-san, Izuku-kun."


Linda, (Yes, her name is now Linda :) ) explained that mornings events and then went on to explaining her opinion.
"Izuku here has experienced a trauma that no child should have to and, as such, I recommend..."


"Excuse me!?"

"I am not having 'Zuku recount that day again, unless he wants to and I'm sure as Hell not having him talk to a complete stranger about everything that's worrying him! You may have your "expert opinion" but I've known 'Zuku since he was four, I think it's safe to say that I know what he does and does not need far better than you! If Izuku feels that he can't talk to me about something, he has friends that he can talk to, and if he doesn't even want to do that, he can decide what he wants to do about and who he wants to talk to, but there is now way that I will let someone force him to talk to someone he doesn't even know about his problems."

With that last word, Akari grabbed Izuku's hand and stormed out of Linda's office.

(Well,) Thought Linda (That was.... Something....).

It was now the late evening and Izuku was sat on the couch, talking with Shouto.

Shouto The Peppermint: When and where should we meet up tonight, Kumo?

Izuku thought about this for a while before answering.

Smoll: This address in an hour or two. Try not to bring your dad this time, I don't wanna knock you out again and being fried doesn't sound great either.

Shouto The Peppermint: I see. I will meet you there in an hour or two then. Without my father this time.

Smoll: :3

Izuku just put his phone down when Akari walked into the room, frowning.
"What's wrong, Akari-nee?"
"Sinsou-kun wants your phone number but if I give it to him he'll notice it's the same number as Kumo's and realise who you are, which might lead to Eraser finding out..."
You don't need to apologise, 'Zuku. I just don't know what to do... Unless I bought you a separate phone to use on a regular basis....."
"Is that the only way?"
"Looks like it."
Well, that's that sorted."
(They're late.)
Oh, and now there's a sword in front of his face....
"Took you long enough, Eclipse, kumo."
"Nope, just me today."
"Where's the kid?"
"Play date."
"At nine P.M?"
"Yep. I'm proud of him. He's been making a lot of friends recently."
"He, huh."
"Well, yeah. That was kind of obvious, no?"
"Kumo's gender was never confirmed, so naturally, no assumptions were made. You seem to have gotten quite close to him recently."
"So's your son, Eraser."
"Whoops! I gotta go be a vigilante now, bye!"

Cats: Hitoshi, you are in so much trouble.

Banana Cat Jr: Why? I haven't done anything.

Cats: Befriending a vigilante ring any bells?

Banana Cat Jr: ? I've never even spoken to a vigilante. The only one I ever met sounded like a horror film character. Why would I befriend a horror film character?

Cats: We'll talk about this later.

Banana Cat Jr: There's nothing to talk about.

(Well, can't leave all the hero work to the vigilantes, can we?) And with that, Aizawa went off to be a hero :)
"So, You been waiting long, Shouto?"
"No, I only just got here. It's good to see you again. I hope I didn't come off as rude on our last encounter."
Kumo laughs at this and, despite the distortion, it's the most adorable laugh that Shouto's ever heard
"Maybe just a little bit, but that's not your fault, I doubt Endeavour was very good at teaching people skills. It's good to see you too, especially now that I don't have to worry about getting fried by the flaming pile of shit."
"Yeah, that must be comforting."
They talk for a good ten minutes and then Kumo's phone goes off and he laughs.
(Kumo's messages:

Best Person No.1: I am very sorry. You'll understand what I mean in a minute. I would like to emphasise the fact that I am incredibly sorry.

Shinsou The Purple Boyo: Why on earth would you tell my dad that we're friends?!?!?!?!?

Smoll: Hahahah, funny thing about that is that it wasn't me who told him...

Shinsou The Purple Boyo: Who was it then? And not only that but how did who ever it was even find out?!?!?!?!?!?

Smoll: Eclipse..... I think she looked though my contacts while I was out of the room or something.

Shinsou The Purple Boyo: How would Eclipse even have access to your phone!?!?!?!?!??!?!

Smoll: Hahaahahahahah....hahahah...haha...ha...

Shinsou The Purple Boyo: Whatever. I don't care anymore. Just make sure she doesn't do it again. Please.

Smoll: Why would you do that?!?!?!??!?

Best Person No.1: I'm really sorry, 'Zuku! I'll make it up to you, I promise!

Smoll: Katsudon.
No more messages)
"Yeesh, I need a distraction. Got any ideas?"
"What do you normally do to distract yourself?"
"Vigilantism, but I'm hanging out with you today, so you pick."
"Who says we can't still perform vigilantism?"
"No, I refuse to leave you or get you in trouble."
"No one has to find out it's me. Plus, if they do, I can use it as an excuse to reveal my father as the criminal he is."
"Do you really want to do this?"
Kumo sighs, but eventually smiles (?) up at Shouto.
"Okay then, you're lucky I carry my prototype mask around with me."
They say, handing Shouto a fairly basic grey full-head mask with dark green lenses in eye area.
He puts it on and is surprised to see that, like Kumo's current mask, the lenses mimicked the movements of his own eyes.
"Perfect!" Says Kumo. "If I was anyone but me, I wouldn't even know it was you!"
They then head off to perform acts of vigilantism.
Shouta had to admit that hearing Kumo scream the name of his "Play date" in his "Horror film voice" was not pleasant.
He was on his patrol, when he heard shouting and a large bang from the ally below, he then saw a boy wearing a prototype of Kumo's mask fly out of the ally and land against a wall, oposite to the mouth of the ally. Then a truly horrifying scream of "SHOU-KUN!" came from inside the ally.
(Kumo...) There are a few more crashing sounds from inside the ally and then everything goes silent. Eerily so.
He swings himself down into the ally. There were five men scattered around the ally, all passed out, and no sign of Kumo. At all.
(The kid.) The boy was still sat, limply, against the wall, breathing heavily. They eyes on his mask were closed. Shouta walked up to him and knelt in front of him.
"Step away, Eraserhead. If you so much as touch him you can say goodbye to your hands."
"Is that a threat, Kumo?"
"Funny, I asked Shou-kun something similar the first time we met. Now leave!"
"I saw what happened, he needs to go to the hospital and then we need to tell his parents."
"Don't.You.Dare. He is not going back to that Hell hole he calls a house. You are leaving and he is coming home with me. This is your last warning."
"And what exactly are you planning to do if I don't leave?"
He wasn't scared. Kumo may seem intimidating, but he was just a scared little boy who was trying to protect himself and his friend.
"Do you honestly think that you can even put a scratch on a pro hero, kid? Let me at least get the kid to a hospital or his parents."
"It would appear that you weren't listening, Eraser. Leave now and let me look after him or kiss goodbye to your hands, if you're lucky."
"Are you honestly willing to risk any chance that you have for a future for this? I know that you're afraid but you don't have to do this, Kumo."
"I'm not afraid, Eraser. I'm angry. This is my fault. All of it. I asked him to suggest something for us to do and he said he wanted to see what a patrol was like and i said no but.... he just wanted to have fun and do something that he wouldn't normally be allowed to. I just- knowing everything he's been through I couldn't deny him. I should've known better, but I didn't. Now leave and let me take him home!"
"You know I can't do that."
"Oh, for fuck's sake!"
Something hard hits him on the head and everything goes black.

Chapter Text

Shouto woke up in an unfamiliar environment with a sore back and a small head ache. His hair fell in front of his face as he slowly sat up and looked around. He was lying on a soft bed with deep green covers, in the back left corner of a small, crowded room. The walls were painted the same dark green as the bed sheets and the entire room, from the desk to the bookshelves to the floor, was covered in messy sketches and scraps of metal. Kumo was sat on a small chair at the foot of the bed, resting their head on Shouto's feet. They were asleep. At least, it looked like they were. They were hardly moving and their masks eyes were closed, so...
Kumo shot up, glowing green eyes shooting open.
"Wha- where... Shouto? Oh, never mind. How are you feeling?"
"A little bit sore, confused and hungry but nothing out of the ordinary."
"Want something to eat and drink then? I can bring you some painkillers too, if you'd like."
"....Yes please."
"Any preference as to food and drink?"
"Whatever's convenient for you. I'm not fussy."
"Okay, tea and.... Tamagoyaki? We haven't gone grocery shopping yet so I think that's pretty much all I can make at the moment."
"That sounds lovely, thank you."
Kumo smiles (?), nods and walks out of the room. Less than thirty seconds after Kumo leaves the room, he hears the front door open and a woman shout,
"'Zuku? You here? Eraser said that you already headed home after havin' a fight with him and hittin' him over the head with your staff. You should probably stop doin' that, we don't wanna give the only pro hero who likes us a concussion or anythin'."
"Hey, Eclipse. I have a guest round. Could you try not to use my name."
"Oh, sorry Kumo. Care to explain what happened?"
"Later. For now, help me make dinner and tea."
"Kumo, tamagoyaki hardly counts as dinner. I'm fairly sure I could just order something in the time it would take you to make those."
"Go get your friend. I'm sure they wouldn't like being cramped up in your room for the whole night."
Shouto's phone goes off.

Fuyumi: Hey Shou, where are you? Dad's not coming home tonight, so you don't have to worry about him. I just wanna know where you are and if you're okay.

Shouto: I'm staying at a friends house tonight. I'll be home before school tomorrow to collect my things and get changed. I'm okay.

Fuyumi: You sure?

Shouto: Yes. Thank you for worrying though.

Fuyumi: :b See you tomorrow.

Shouto: :)

"Hi Shouto. Umm, I think Eclipse wants us to go out into the living room. She decided that tamagoyaki didn't count as dinner and she'd just order in. We gotta go pick out what we want."
Shouto nodded and followed the small vigilante out into the main room of their house. Eclipse was stood in the middle of the room, wearing a similar mask to the one Shouto had been given, only it was blue from the chin to the nose, where it switched to grey with blue eyes. It blended in rather well with the rest of her costume.
"Hi there, Todoroki-kun! I'm really surprised that the guest was you and not Shinsou-kun, but it's a pleasant surprise. I see Shinsou-kun everyday, it's nice to see that 'Zu- ah, Kumo has other friends."
".............When did you make that?" Kumo was squinting with one eye while the other was wide, Shouto supposed that it was the masks equivalent of raising an eyebrow in a questioning manner.
"Shortly after you completed yours, I figured it may come in handy eventually and it seems I was right. Wouldn't want your friend finding out who I was when I pulled down my mask to eat, now would we?" Kumo sighed and nodded. "Now, what do you two want to eat?"
"Well," Began Kumo. "you owe me a katsudon but, if Shouto prefers western food, there's this really good burrito place in town that we could get a takeaway from!"
The two vigilantes turned to Shouto and "smiled" at him through their masks.
"Soba?" He asked quietly.
"Okay! So, Katsudon, Soba and a Ramen!"
Thus concludes the story of how Todoroki Shouto found himself eating a takeaway on a couch with two famous vigilantes.

^~^Bonus story about Shouto^~^

Shouto doesn't like getting changed for PE in front of the other boys, but changing in the toilets would just draw more attention to himself, people generally avoided each other in the changing rooms. Generally. Shouto's back still hurt from last night, but he thought nothing of it. That was until he was getting changed for PE and one of the boys spotted something that Shouto had failed to notice.
"Hey, Todoroki-san?" This confused him, because generally no one spoke to him at school unless they were asking for his fathers autograph.
"Is something the matter?"
"Well, uhh, how did you get that bruise on your back?"
"There's a bruise on my back?"
"Yeah, your hair covers most of it but, it looks like you slammed your back into something, really hard. Like, are you okay?" That would explain the pain...
"That may be because I did slam my back into something, really hard. It wasn't intentional and I'm fine now, but that would explain the bruise."
"Mind if I ask how one would unintentionally slam their back into something?"
"Would a villain attack be a sufficient explination?"
"What?!?!?! How did you survive a villain attack!?!?!?"
"They were only thugs. That and the fact that a certain spider-like vigilante saved me."
"You met Kumo?!?!?!?!?!"
"Yes... can we please drop this subject and get to our lesson now?"

^~^Shouto's bonus story end^~^

"Okay class," Drawled their monotonous teacher. "seeing as the high school entrance exams are during this school year, today we'll be doing a test to see what your limits are in core parts of PE. This may well effect you in high school, so I suggest that you give it your all in everything today."
Izuku was actually fairly good at most parts of PE, when he tried. The teacher had said that not giving it their all may bite them in the butt in the near future but, knowing Izuku's luck, giving it his all could cause him more trouble that holding back would. He probably would've decided to hold back if not for not the looks that Shinsou and Hatsu-mei were giving him. They were challenging him and there was no way he could refuse a challenge. Suffice to say, everyone was surprised to see that the extremely small quirkless boy was faster, stronger and overall better at physical activities than most of them. Being a vigilante was good for many things, keeping you physically fit was definitely one of said things.
They finished the tests and his friends were looking at him like him as though he was insane. To be fair that wasn't necessarily a strange reaction, after all he was barely 5'2" and was very slim, seeing him lift rip-off-todo (who was the only person to rank higher than him in this and was built like an Olympic sprinter) above his head must've been quite the sight.
That test took up the first two lessons and break was taken up with checking on Shouto to make sure that he was okay after yesterday. He was. He'd even sent a picture of himself in his P.E kit, with his hair tied back and an adorable smile plastered on his face which left Izuku blushing like and idiot.
"Whoa, 'Doriya, you okay? You look scarily similar to a tomato there." Hatsu-mei couldn't help but giggle while she was talking.
"Pfftftft, Oh my God Mido, I don't think I've ever seen that face on you before!" Shinsou choked out over his laughing.
Izuku dropped his phone and squealed into his hands, not realising that he'd left it turned on and Shinsou and Hatsu-mei could now see his and Shouto's messages.
Once he realised though, he was really glad that Shouto had over heard Akari calling him 'Zuku and would call him that as a joke quite often.
"Whoa." Said Hatsu-mei. "He's hot."
"I am inclined to agree. Good job, Mido. Not only are you the first person in our friendship group to get a partner, your boyfriend is beautiful."
"Shinsouuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!! He is not my boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Yeah, sure, 'Zuku."
"Okayyyyyy then...."
School was normal (save for Hatsu-mei and Shinsou teasing him about Shouto, resulting in him spluttering and becoming a literal tomato) and Shinsou came over for dinner. They had leftovers from last night (which Shinsou and Hatsu-mei had also found out about and teased him about) so Akari was fast to invite him and Aizawa around. They couldn't stay long, but they had fun while they were there. Shinsou told Aizawa and Akari about Shouto and stole Izuku's phone to show them the picture (which he had stupidly saved).
Akari's immediate reaction was squealing about how her precious baby brother was in love while,
"Isn't that Todoroki Shouto?" was the first thing Aizawa said upon seeing Shouto.
"O-oh, is he? We met in a park the other week and started talking. I didn't realise he was that Shouto!"
"Wait, wait, wait, I gotta tell Hatsume about this!"
"Shinsou!!! I already told you, we're just friends!!!"
"In that case, so are my dads."
"Oh, actually, where is Hizashi-san?"
"Ah, he should be here soon." Someone knocked at the door. "Speak of the devil."
Izuku went and opened the door. (I was very tempted to have Shouto on the other side but decided against it)
"Heyyyy, Aka... Who are you?" Oh right, Mic hadn't met Izuku yet.
"I'm Midoriya Izuku, Akari's little brother," He said holding out his hand. "It's nice to meet you, Mr Shinsou's dad!" (Can't let him know that I know him...)
Mic laughed in usual... Mic-y way.
"You can call me 'Zashi, little listener!"
Izuku nodded and walked back to the table with Mic following him.
"Hizashi-san! It's good to see you again! I see you've met 'Zuku."

"Yup! So, what were you all talking about before I got here?"
Shinsou grinned and Izuku gasped.
"Nonnononnononono, Shinso, No!!!!!"
"Too late. I'm telling him!"
"So, uh, what were you guys talking about...?"
Izuku curled into a ball and Shinsou grinned at Mic.
"Mido's boyfriend!" Izuku screeched into his arms. "Speaking of, what do you think of him, dad?"
Shinsou showed Mic the photo of Shouto, (How did he get that!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!) and somehow widened his grin even more. Izuku curled further into himself to stop Shinsou seeing how red he was.
"Isn't that Enji's kid?"
"That's what I said." Mic looked confused, Aizawa was fake glaring and Akari was pouting, while Izuku slowly became an impossibly small ball of grey fabric and Shinsou grinned so hard it probably hurt.
"I think it's cute!" Akari stated before her expression turned blank. "The food smells of death."
"Akari-nee?" Izuku uncurled himself to look at his older sister. "That was scarily ominous. Is everything okay?"
Everyone's expression became concerned as they turned to face Akari.
"No. I hath betrayed the food. Alas, it is burn'd. Prithee, forgive me for mine mistakes."
Izuku sighed and went to check on the food. It was, indeed, burnt. But not too much to eat, only enough to be annoying.
"Come and get your slightly burnt food everyone."
"I thought that Akari-san murdered the food?"
"Only enough for it to be annoying. It would've been beyond salvaging if Akari hadn't noticed the sent of "dying" food."
Then they ate dinner and Mic, Aizawa and Shinsou left.
Izuku and Akari went to get changed. Izuku got the draw in his desk and spotted a set of throwing knives and an across-the-thigh throwing knife belt. He put on his costume, complete with throwing knives, and went out into the living room to see that Akari also had a slight costume upgrade. It wasn't much, but the soles of her shoes were now bright yellow and glowed, like his masks lenses. Izuku had the best big sister ever.
That nights patrol had been boring. There were hardly any crimes going on in his patrol zone, which could mean many things. The first was that he and/or some others (heroes, vigilantes or villains he wasn't sure) were scaring off the villains in the area, the other was not as pleasant a thought, if someone wasn't scaring the villains off then they had to be planning something. But there wasn't really anything the could be planning, so Izuku decided that it was just a quiet night and went on with his day.
It was now December and the winter holiday was coming up. Oh, so was the deadline for his high school appliance form. That sucked. He had no idea which school he wanted to go to. Well, until Akari came along.
"Hey, 'Zuku? That letter needs to be in on Monday. Have you filled it in yet?"
Izuku shhok his head and went back to burying it in a pillow. Akari sighed.
"'Zuku, I know something's wrong. You know you can talk to me, right? I don't wanna pressure you but that form needs to be filled out by tomorrow night so I can sign it."
"I... I know, I'm sorry." Izuku sat up and hugged the pillow which his face had previously been buried in.
"You know that you can apply to more than one school, right?"
"Yeah, it's just.... I don't know what I wanna do anymore."
"I thought you wanted to be a hero?"
"Well, yeah, I did. But, I know that I can't. And even if I could, would I wan to? The system is a wreck, despite what everyone says, and I've already saved more people than a lot of heroes. I know that this is illegal, but do I really want to give it up to follow an unrealistic dream from when I was a kid?"
"What makes you think you can't do it?!?! You're the most heroic kid I know! You should go for it, any hero school that says you can't be a hero doesn't deserve you!"
Izuku smiled sadly.
"Something tells me that no hero school in the country will "deserve me".... thanks for trying, Akari-nee, but we both now that it's useless. I'm probably better of staying a vigilante than chasing such a stupid dream."
"No! I am not letting you spend your entire life running from the law!"
"That's a little hypocritical of you, Eclipse."
She glared at him.
"I refuse to let you live the same way I did! I know that I'm gonna be caught eventually and I want better for you! You are a better hero than most of the pro heroes at the moment, You have a heart of gold, you go out of your way to save everyone, even those who don't think they want or deserve to be saved, and I will not let you rot in a prison for that! You are applying to at least one hero school and that's the end of it!"
There was no arguing with that. Izuku would go to a hero school. Not might. Would. He'd either get into one or Akari would scare the shit out of the bastards who refused him entrance because he's quirkless. Having a person who actually, genuinely, cared about him was nice. Izuku loved his big sister.
"Does everyone have their application forms? Yes? Good. Put them on my desk and head home. I want to go home as much as, if not more than, you do."
Izuku, Shinsou and Hatsu-mei were all walking home now, but....
"Mei, isn't your house in the opposite direction?"
"Wait, yeah, isn't your house on the opposite side of town to Mido's?"
"Who said I was going back to my house?"
"Well, where else would you be going, Mei?"
"Your house, obviously. Akari invited me over to help program something she built. She said it's for you, but I can't tell you what it is."
"Okay, well me and Shinsou will be training in the garden if you need us."
"Yup! Oh look, we're here already! Wow, 'Doriya-kun, your house is really close to school, huh."
Hatsu-mei rushed off to work on her project with Akari, and Izuku headed into the garden with Shinsou.
"You're slow. I thought that Aizawa-san and 'Zashi were teaching you to fight. We need a head start on physical combat, we have to make sure we're the fastest, strongest and hardest hitting out of pretty much all of the contestants if we want a chance at getting into the hero course. Now, come at me again. Faster this time."
Shinsou dove at Izuku, who dodged, and then swung to kick him. Izuku dropped to the floor and tucked into a forwards roll, standing back up the second he was done.
"Again. Faster."
Shinsou swung his leg out the second Izuku had finished talking. Izuku leapt off of the ground and tucked his short legs in as far as they would go, jumping over the kick.
"Good. You would've caught most people with that. But I'm not most people, and neither are big villains. You'll need to be much faster to catch someone as fast as me. We can take a break though."
Shinsou plopped himself down against one of the patio doors and Izuku went inside to get them a drink each.
"It's fine, Hatsume-chan. You're not gonna get any more metal of that quality without me doing this. And besides that, this is the only metal we have in this house."
"WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? WHY IS YOUR BLOOD TURNING INTO METAL?!?!?!?!?"
Izuku chuckled and went into the kitchen. Akari had started making pots of iced coffee in advance for when Shinsou came round, so they always had one in the fridge. Izuku still didn't understand how Shinsou could drink iced coffee while sat outside, in winter, but he'd assured him that it was no big deal and Akari's iced coffee was worth it, so Izuku made very few attempts to argue.
"Okay, Hatsume-chan, you wanna type this in there and that in there and then do this and that and then on the cuff, you wanna twist this and tie this off here while bendin' that at a ninety degrees angle and then plug this wire into this little part here, yes just like that, and don't forget to solder that to that and snap that of.... now. Good, that's good. We're almost with the structure, so let's finish the programmin'. Oooh, I like the look of that code! Maybe try and shorten it to somethin' like this. Yup, just like that, perfect!"
It was nice to hear those two talking to someone with like interests. Izuku was good a programming and building, and it came in handy sometimes, but it wasn't really something that he would pick as his first choice for a career plan. He had, however, chosen U.A's support course as a backup plan. He was good at it.
The second Izuku stepped outside, the coffee was gone from his hangs and Shinsou was sat on the floor, chugging it. Izuku smirked and sighed.
"Why can't you be as serious with training as you are with coffee?"
"Does training provide me with life and energy?"
"Yes, actually, it does if you try hard enough."
"Say what you will, the effects of coffee are immediate, taste nice and make me feel warm, while training takes time, effort and just leaves me feeling sweaty."
"I'll buy you a coffee for each time you hit me."
Shinsou puts down the empty coffee pot, stands up and grins at Izuku.
"Black espresso from the coffee shop across the road from my house."
"There's a coffee shop across the road from your house?"
"That shop is literally the only reason we live there. can I start hitting you now?"
"Three... two... one... GO!"
The second he's allowed to, Shinsou swings at Izuku with his right hand. Izuku ducks under the punch and grabs Shinsou's arm, flipping him over his shoulder. Shinsou gets up the second he makes contact with the ground and swings his leg to kick Izuku's out from under him. Izuku jumps over Shinsou's leg, failing to see what he's really doing. As soon as Izuku's feet leave the ground, Shinsou brings his leg up and kicks Izuku from underneath. Izuku's hardly fazed, but it's a big step up for Shinsou. He grinned at Izuku and said, in a strangely ominous tone,
"You owe me a coffee, evil quick thing."
Izuku gestured for them to leave and put the pot in the sink. The two of them then put their shoes on and headed for the train station after saying goodbye to Akari and Hatsu-mei.
"OH MY GOD! KUMO BEAT UP A WHOLE GANG OF 20 GUYS LAST NIGHT!!!! THEIR SO AWESOME!!!!" A blond boy was sat next to Izuku, gushing over his vigilante persona. It was strange, to say the least.
"Oh," Said a pink girl with black scleras and yellow pupils was sat next to the loud blond boy. "I heard about that! Apparently they were protecting someone from he gang! I've heard that every apearance they've made so far was while protecting someone!"
"Yeah but their still treated like a criminal by heroes like Endeavour. Kumo's never attacked anyone without justification. I don't understand why defending someone is illegal if you don't have a licence. Kumo's never even started a fight!" Shinsou seemed to think that that was a good time to butt in and defend Izuku. It was nice.
"Wait," The blond boy was talking now. "you've met Kumo before?!?!?"
"I was actually the first person they saved. Remember Kumo's first appearance? I was the kid he saved that night."
"*gasp* YOU'RE THE WHAT-THE-FUCK-Y PASSING OUT KID!!!" That was the pink girl. Everyone was now staring at the four of them.
Izuku giggled at the fact that the other three were bonding over their opinions on him and didn't even know it. The pink girl and blond boy looked like they'd forgotten he was there and Shinsou looked like he was confused as to why Izuku was laughing.
"What's so funny, Mido? You know very well how I feel about this."
"Oh my em>god! Your laugh is so cute!!!" And now the pink girl was aware that she was gushing over him.
"O- oh, thank you... I'm sorry, I don't know your name...."
"I'm Mina!"
"And I'm Denki!"
"Hey, not even I'm allowed to call you Denki! How come Mido over there is?!?!"
"Well, you gave your first name, so I figured I would too..."
The pink girl, Mina, pouted and turned to Izuku.
"So, Mido, what do you think of Kumo?"
....... How was he supposed to answer that!??!? He could say that he really liked Kumo, but that didn't feel right. So, instead, he gave a full, in-depth analysis on his vigilante persona.
"Well, they are small in stature but seemingly incredibly strong. Their quirk would appear to be some sort of secretion quirk, allowing them to release a sticky substance from their hands and feet. They use this to climb walls for a quick and quiet entrance and escape. Their suit is practical and functional, while looking good as well and metal plating is used in certain areas as shielding. They would appear to be highly intelligent as well as strong, judging by the way they move. They seem to calculate every word and movement before committing, in order to anticipate the outcome of the situation. They haven't been around for long, so I can't form a fully informed opinion but, if you ask me, their doing a better job of hero work than people like, say, Endeavour are. They don't act upon impulse and make sure that the person they fought for is safe, even if the first two were unconscious when they left. I think that's all I have."
Mina and Denki (and just about every other passenger on the god damn train!) were looking at him with blank yet awe-filled expressions.
Denki eventually snapped himself out of it just enough to speak, but Mina was just staring at him like he was some sort of crazy genius. Looks like that were beginning to become a common occurrence in Izuku's life.
"Bro, how... how did you even do that?!?"
"Do what?"
Denki was about to continue, but Izuku and Shinsou reached their stop and had to get off.
"Ah, umm, see you later maybe? Bye Denki, Mina." Izuku waved at the two awestruck teens as he and Shinsou got off of the train.
It was the day of the U.A entrance exam and Izuku was a nervous wreck. Mei wasn't with them, as the support course exams were on a different day, so Izuku and Shinsou were walking in U.A together, alone. And then Aizawa appeared and "borrowed" Shinsou, so Izuku was truly alone. He trudged up the path nervously and tripped on a pebble of all things. He was not happy. Just as Izuku's face was nearing the floor, someone caught him.
"Ah, sorry for using my quirk on you without permission! I just thought that it would be bad luck for you to hurt yourself before the exam even started and.... yeah, I'm sorry."
"It's okay, don't worry about it. If anything I should be thanking you for that, so, thank you. Anyway, we should head to the exam."
The girl nodded and they both headed inside.
The written exam was ridiculously easy. Izuku finished early and, having checked over his answers a good few times, got out a notebook and started doodling. He needed support items, and lots of them. He could technically make them himself, but that was illegal as he was neither in the support course or a licenced support engineer, and so for the time being, he'd have to put up with Mei and Akari making his support items - not that the law's ever stopped him before.
Izuku had time to do four or five sketches, before they were told to put their pens down and pass their tests to the front.
Next, everyone headed to the theatre, (A/N I think it's called an auditorium in the US, but in England - the part that I live in anyway - in the big room where assemblies and orientation stuff takes place is called the theatre or hall. Theatre sound more fancy, so I'm going with that.) for the explanation of the physical exam. Izuku was sat next to Shinsou and had been muttering the whole time about methods for him to kill robots as well as possible point systems to even out the playing field for those with non-physical quirks or no quirk at all. Mic was just about to explain what the fourth type of robot was, when a tall boy with dark blue hair and glasses stood up and shouted,
"There appear to four varieties of faux villains on this handout! Such a mistake, if that is what this is, is highly unbecoming for U.A, Japan's top academy! We're all here today in hopes of becoming heroes! And you, with the curly hair! You have been muttering this whole time, it is distracting! If you cannot take this seriously, I suggest you leave immediately!" Shinsou stood and glared at the boy.
"If you'd have just stayed sat down and listened, instead of interrupting my dad like that, you would've realised that the fourth type of robot is an obstacle rather than something to fight. It's a thing to avoid or run from. And, for your information, my friends mumbling may be distracting but he's not just messing around. Unlike you, he's actually listening to my dad and trying to come up with a strategy, so I suggest you sit your arse down, shut up and listen, for once in your privileged life." Ah, how Izuku loved it when Shinsou got like this.
"Right. I'm sorry for my intrusion, sir." The boy bowed at a ninety degrees angle and sat back down. A few students were laughing quietly at the exchange.

Chapter Text

(Great,) thought Izuku as he walked up to the test grounds. (the rude, tall boy is here.) The boy from earlier was stood in the line at the entrance to the test grounds, stretching in a robotic manner.
"Hey, robot boy. You might wanna rethink your stretches." Izuku said as he joined the back of the line. The boy turned and glared at him. That was a bad idea.
"Look, I apologise for being rude earlier, however, I must ask that you refrain from purposely distracting other contestants. From your appearance, it would seem that you rely heavily on your quirk, something extremely physical I presume, however, there are those who cannot. I ask that you leave others to prepare themselves for the exam." Izuku laughed at this. It wasn't his genuine giggle, but rather the laugh he reserved for villains. He'd based it off of a mix of Mei, Kacchan and All Might's laughs. Mainly Mei and Kacchan though. The tall boy stepped back a bit.
"The hell makes you think that I've got some sort of awesome physical quirk?" The boy looked confused, then guilty, then expressionless.
"I don't mean to sound rude, but, you don't look as though you have enough muscle to rely on that. If you don't rely on strength, then I must surmise you rely on your quirk." Oh, so not only was he quirkless, he was also to weak looking to possibly be strong on his own? That made Izuku made. His eye twitched, he glared at the boy and then, without warning, he grabbed him by his arm and flipped him over his shoulder.
"You ever suggest that I rely on a quirk again and we'll have a few problems. Don't judge a book by its cover, brat."
The gate swung open as Izuku finished his sentence and he ran into the arena, while everyone else just stood around like idiots. He immediately found himself face-to-face with a three pointer and grinned. Everyone was starting to flood in now, so he'd make them watch him smash every robot in sight without giving everyone else a chance. That plan worked out quite well, the robots weren't as sturdy as they looked and the glowing platforms of Izuku's trainers were reinforced with Akari's quirk. They didn't technically count as support items, as far as everyone else knew, they were just light up, platform high-tops. Everyone was frozen in place, watching the minuscule, scrawny boy destroying every robot in sight. It was actually quite scary from their point-of-view.
"HELL YEAH!!!" Yelled a boy with spiky red hair, who was charging in after Izuku. More people followed after him until, eventually, everyone was in the faux town, hunting robots.
There was about a minute or two before the end when the ground started rumbling and people started running towards him. The zero pointer had been deployed. Izuku was about to turn and get as far away from that walking heap of metal, when he heard someone shouting for help in the direction of the robot. (Shit.) He started running towards the robot and (possibly) injured person.
"What on earth are you doing? Running towards that thing is bound to get you injured!" (Great, it's glasses again.)
"What I'm doing is none of your business! I won't get hurt if I go over there, but someone else may if I don't! Now get off of me, glasses!"
The boy just stood gaping as Izuku ran straight towards the robot to save whoever needed help.
The nice girl from before was trapped under a slab of concrete and would be crushed if he didn't do something to help her now. The first thing Izuku had to do was stop the robot, then get the slab off of her. Saving her would be useless if the exam ended, or they were crushed by a robot. Izuku had noticed a large panel on the side of the zero-pointer's leg, that had to be the control panel. He ripped of the panel and started looking over the cables inside. It was a fairly basic circuit and could easily be dismantled without causing the robot or Izuku and harm. Izuku unplugged a few cables and ran back to the girl.
"You'll be okay, this shouldn't take too long." Izuku started to pick the slab up and gently pull it off of the girl. He eventually got it off, rolled it off to the side and picked up the girl. She was clearly feeling ill from quirk overuse and he was fairly sure that her leg was broken, so once the slab was out of the was, he lifted her up as though she were as light as a feather and started walking towards the entrance of the faux city.
"TIME'S UP, LISTENERS!!!!" Izuku supposes that Mic also announced the start, but Izuku was too angry when the gates opened to pay any attention. "RECOVER GIRL WILL BE COMING AROUND TO HEAL ANY INJURIES YOU MAY HAVE RECEIVED!" Sure enough, Recovery Girl was making her way around. When she got to Izuku, he put the girl down in front of her and walked off toward the exit.
He got changed and immediately went home. Shinsou would be going home with his dads, so there was no point in staying for any longer than he had to.
It had been about a week since U.A's entrance exam and 'Zuku had been restless. He'd been been vigilante-ing a lot more and had been constantly sketching or building when he was at home. Akari had realised fairly quickly that he was nervous about weather or not he would get in. He would. Even if he didn't he would, even if it meant she had to have a little "talk" with the staff at U.A. Obviously, when the letter from U.A arrived, Akari was elated and Izuku was still nervous. He opened the envelope slowly and went to pull out the paper, only to have his fingers meet cold, smooth metal. He looked extremely cold as he pulled the small disk out of the envelope and placed it on the table.
"What am I- AHH!!" He was cut of by the disk coming to life and projecting an image of All Might. 'Zuku looked pissed.
"I AM HERE, AS A PROJECTION! I am in town for one reason only, I have come to teach at U.A! What's that? Get to the point?! Ah, right. Well, congratulations, young man! Not only did you pass with a perfect score on the written exam, you also got one of the highest scores on the practical exam, and there's still more! Watch the screen!" Somehow, 'Zuku looked happy and offended at the same time. It was pretty funny. Akari turned her attention back to the screen, to see a cute girl with short chestnut hair, big eyes of the same tone and pink cheeks stood, facing off to the side.
"She came to see us right after the test! Why, you ask?! Stay tuned!!"
"Um, that curly haired boy with freckles... you know the one....? He's uh, really short and thin. Can you tell me if he passed? If I can I'd like to give him some of my points and thank him. He gave up his shot at getting more points to save me...! That boy, he saved my life!" 'Zuku had a dumb grin on his face, seems like he'd made a good impression on the girl.
"This exam, you see....!! We weren't just watching for villain based points!!"
"I'm afraid we can't give him any of your points... but there's be a need for it, little listener!!" Said Mic, while patting the girls head.
"A hero course that rejects those who do the right thing... is no hero course at all!! Think this is all for the cameras?! Think what you want!! In this job, you risk your life and put your money where your mouth is!! Rescue points were also a factor here!! Another fundamental way for U.A to evaluate you!! Forty points for Midoriya Izuku! And while we're at it, 40 for Uraraka Ochako! Come now, Midoriya! THIS WILL BE YOUR HERO ACADEMY!" Akari was chuffed! She imagined 'Zuku was too, but he mostly seemed mad that All Might was the one appearing on his projection. He still seemed somewhat happy though.
"YAY!!!! YOU DID IT, 'ZUKU!!!" He just nodded and looked contemplative, before a look of disgust consumed his face.
"All Might is going to be teaching us... the man who stapled the fact that I couldn't be a hero into my mind, the man who drove me to vigilantism, THE MAN WHO DID NOTHING ABOUT MY HOUSE AND PARENTS, EVEN THOUGH HE'S SUPPOSED TO SAVE EVERYONE WITH A SMILE, IS GOING TO BE TEACHING ME!" Now 'Zuku really was pissed off. This was bad.
"Maybe he'll be teaching the third years or somethin'?" It was worth a shot.
"If he was going to be teaching the third years he wouldn't have bothered with the first years projections." He said with a scowl.
"Look, let's forget it for now and have dinner. I'll make Katsudon."
'Zuku nodded and got out a notebook.
It was the first day and Aizawa, Shinsou and Mic were giving Izuku a lift up to school.
"So," started Mic. "are you two excited about having All Might as a teacher?" Aizawa groaned, Shinsou looked void of any emotions and Izuku grimaced.
"I can't believe I have to work with him!!" Aizawa.
"I don't really care either way." Shinsou.
"I- umm, do I have to answer that?" Izuku.
"What's wrong, little listener?" Mic turned to face him and looked concerned.
"I- I'd rather not talk about it..." Mic nodded and continued to drive.
The arrived at U.A and got out of the car.
"We're heading up to the teacher's lounge. You two head to your homeroom and don't cause any trouble. I already tell that today's gonna be a nightmare."
1-A's door was huge. Izuku hoped there wasn't anyone that tall in their class, 'cause honestly? That would be terrifying.
They walked into the room and.... of course, those two were in this class.
"I just think it's disrespectful to those who made and sat at that desk! By putting your feet on said desk, you are showing incredible disrespect to numerous individuals!"
"Like I give a shit, glasses! Hey, don't walk away from me! I was in the middle of shoutin' at you!" The boy with glasses had turned and started walking towards him. Shinsou was already sat in his seat.
"I apologise for the way I acted during the exam! Looking back, you clearly knew the true meaning of the exam, while I was blinded by villain points. I also wished to apologise for the way I spoke to you. While what I said still stands, you were correct in saying that one should not judge a book by its cover!" He bowed at a ninety degrees angle and was pushed out of the way by a very angry Kacchan.
"Move it, glasses!" Kacchan walked up to Izuku, grabbed him by the collar and pushed him up the wall until they were eye-to-eye, feet dangling in the air. "As for you Deku, the fuck do you think you're doin'?" His grip on Izuku's collar was getting tighter.
"Ka- Kacchan, you're hurting me!" Kacchan just scowled at him.
"I must ask you to put him down! Hurting class mates is unbecoming of a hero!"
"Put him down, Bakugo!" Shinsou was now stood up and glaring at Kacchan.
"I thought I told you to give up! There's now way you can be a hero! Why can't you get the fact that you'll never be of any worth to anyone, Deku!?"
The rest of the class had now come into the room and formed a semi-circle around Izuku and Kacchan, including Shouto. Izuku locked eyes with him and tried to put as much emotion into his gaze as possible.
"Bakugo! Put.Him.Down!" Shinsou and glasses were in the middle of the semi-circle with Izuku and Kacchan. Kacchan didn't reply, he just tightened his grip.
"You think someone's gonna come save you, Deku? No one ever did, why would the now? you're useless and everyone knows it! You're only here because they felt sorry for you and didn't want you complaining to your sister! After all, she has a support licence from U.A, that's gotta count for something, right? So let's send you right where you belong! That pile of ash with auntie Inko and uncle 'Sahi!" The door opened, as Izuku started chocking.
"If you're... What, exactly, is going on here?!" Aizawa walked into the room, but Kacchan kept his hold on Izuku.
"DAD!" "SENSEI!" Shinsou and glasses shouted at the same time. Everyone else seemed to be frozen in place.
"Tell Bakugo to Put.Him.Down!" Shinsou was still glaring at Kacchan.
"You heard him Bakugo. Put the kid down. Now!" Kacchan still held tight to Izuku's collar.
"Not until this Deku joins his parents!" Aizawa's capture weapon engulfed Kacchan, causing him to drop Izuku, who fell to the floor, gasping for air.
"What... is... wrong with you?! I thought that we'd fixed this, I though you'd finally stop treating me like this once we got here! I thought.... I hoped that everything could go back to how it used to be if I could just prove... if I could just prove that I was just as strong as you..." Oh, he was crying now. That was fun.
Kacchan was glaring down at Izuku, he wasn't used to this anymore. He had to put up with this since he'd met Akari. Everything was good again, but now..... he wasn't sure anymore.
"Bakugo, go to the head master's office! Now!" Aizawa let Kacchan go and pushed him out of the door. "Well, now that that's over with, are you okay Midoriya? Do you need to go home or to the nurse's office or can we start the lesson?" Izuku shook his head and stood up.
"We can start the lesson. That's far from the worst thing anyone's ever done to me." Aizawa nodded and started handing out Gym kits.
"Put these on and meet me on the field. We have a few exercises to do."
The second Aizawa left the room, Izuku was swarmed with "Are you okay?"'s. It was a little annoying. He appreciated the fact that people were worried for him, but it was a little suffocating. It reminded him of... NOPE! Not going there!!! Izuku nodded, smiled and pointed out that they didn't want to make Aizawa angry by being late and should probably go and get changed. That cleared most people out. Six people stayed and waited for Izuku: Shinsou, glasses, Denki, Mina, Uraraka and Shouto... wait, why did Shouto wait? He knew Kumo, not Izuku...
"Hey, umm, I- I'm sorry I didn't step in. It looked like you were asking me for help but, well, I wasn't sure how to react. That boy had a tight grip on you and I wasn't sure if I could get you out without hurting you. Are you sure your okay?" Oh, that made sense.
"Yeah, I'm fine, thank you. It's nice that you were worried about me. No one at my first two schools would've been."
"Sorry to interrupt, but, what did he mean when he was telling you to join your parents?" That was Mina but everyone else (but Shinsou) looked like they wanted to know the answer to that as well.
"Hey, umm, Shinsou, can you answer that one for me? I don't really wanna, y'know. So umm, Imma go on ahead. Have fun you guys." And then he ran off
---------temporary POV switch, Shinsou---------
"I take it you guys actually want an explanation, huh." Everyone nodded. "Okay so, basically, for reasons I am not allowed to divulge, Mido was bullied for most of his life and the worst day of his life was just over a year ago. First his teacher told his entire class, who were all convinced that Mido couldn't become a hero, that he wanted to go to U.A and be a hero. At the end of the day, a classmate who Mido refused to name, told him to jump off of the roof, he was attacked by a villain on his way home and then told by All Might, who saved him from said villain, that he couldn't become a hero. As if all of that wasn't bad enough, he got home to find his house was just a pile of ash and his parents hadn't gotten out in time. No heroes, police or firefighters had arrived. His house was just... left. To be honest, I'm not sure what would've happened if his sister didn't come home when she did. Neither does she. She told me that she'd found him on the trash beach, sat in a hut, around a month after their parents died and was told by the police that a family friend had reported him missing about a week after the accident. It sucks. I just, he's the strongest person I've met and I don't want that to be ruined by a bad memory like Bakugo." They walked the rest of the way to the changing rooms in silence.
----------temporary POV switch, end----------
"Midoriya, as you got the highest score in the entrance exam, come and do a demonstration." Greaaat...
"I'm not so sure that's a good idea, Aizawa-san." This was going to end badly.
"Well, the highest scorer always does the demonstration, weather you like it or not. Step into the circle." Izuku did as he was told. "Throw this however you want, yes that means quirk usage is allowed, just don't step out of the circle."
Kacchan was back in the group now (everyone had to participate in this) and was growling at the fact that Izuku had done better than him at something.
"Okay then, Midoriya, what your record in the softball throw in junior high?"
"About 37 metres? I can probably throw it further now." Izuku observed the ball for a short amount of time, before pulling back his arm and throwing the ball with all his might. The little screen in Aizawa's hand blinked and showed the words "Forty Two Meters." (The Olympic record irl is roughly 63 meters, I think, and the average is about 41 so considering Izuku is a child and doesn't have a quirk, I think he did quite well)
"Midoriya, why did you not use your quirk? Your performance in the entrance exam would suggest that you have some sort of strength enhancing quirk. Something like that could have helped you greatly with your score." Izuku chuckled and patted glasses on the shoulder before walking to the back of the line. The rest of the test went on in much the same way. Izuku would get a fairly average score and glasses would confront and question him on why he "didn't use his quirk". The only things that Izuku did get an really high score on were the fifty meter sprint and the strength test. As has been said before, Being a vigilante is very good for keeping you fit.

Chapter Text

Tenya was indescribably confused. When he had observed that Midoriya looked like he relied heavily on his quirk he replied with words to the effect of "don't judge a book by its cover". He then saw Midoriya using what would seem to be a strength enhancing quirk during the exam. He was then told by Shinsou, at the start of the day, that Midoryia was bullied for a large portion of his life and saw said green boy refuse to use his quirk for anything other than the strength test and fifty meter dash. Something wasn't adding up.
On another note though, the invisible girl, Hagakure Toru, had come last and Aizawa-sensei had revealed that his earlier threat of expulsion was nought but a "logical ruse". Today way strange, to say the least. As he was walking out of the class room, he saw that Midoriya and Shinsou were sat at the former's desk, looking at a notebook and talking in hushed tones. He walked over to ask why they weren't heading home.
"Excuse me, Midoriya, Shinsou. May I ask why you two haven't left yet, while everyone else is currently on their ways home?" The two boys looked up at him and Midoriya rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.
"were waiting for my dads." Came the familiar voice of Shinsou.
"Your dads?"
"Yeah, Aizawa and Mic. Fairly sure I've called both of them dad in front of you." Well, yes but....
"I thought it was a joke of some sort." The two boys gave him a strange look.
"How and why did you think that was a joke?"
"Someone once commented, "daddy" on a video of Tensei. I assumed this was like that." Shinsou and Midoriya started laughing. Midoriya's laugh was different to the last time. It was a genuine giggle and it was very... cute. Shinsou's, on the other hand, was more like a sigh mixed with a wheeze than a laugh.
"Oh god, Iida! Do you really not know what that means?" Tenya shook his head. Was he supposed to know what that meant?
"It, uh, It means-" Midoriya clamped his hand over Shinsou's mouth And glared at him.
"No, bad Shinsou! We can't ruin his innocence!" What does that mean!?
"Mido, I hardly think you can speak." Midoriya looked smug and crossed his arms.
"It would seem you know a lot less about me than you thought, Shinsou Hitoshi!" What does that mean!? Tenya was now more confused than before he spoke to the pair. He quietly excused himself and went home.
"So, kid, what school did you get into?"
"What?" How did Aizawa know that Kumo just started high school?
"Eclipse wouldn't stop talking about how proud she was of you, getting into a fancy school or something. There's no one with a quirk that's even remotely similar to yours in U.A, I've checked. So, which school did you get into?" Did he really think it was going to be that easy?
"You can figure that out on your own time, I've got vigilante work to get to. Before I go though, I heard that you have a quirkless boy in your class. How's that working out for you?"Izuku grinned at Aizawa, he imagined it would've been hard to see under the mask though.
"How did you- I'm not even gonna ask. Look, he's a good kid I'm just- I'm worried that he's going to break himself and/or push himself because he thinks he's not as good as the others just because of a damned quirk... I hate to say it, but maybe I should introduce him to you. Ignoring the fact that you enter and escapee the scene using a quirk, you practically fight quirkless. I think both of you could benefit from it." Wait, so Aizawa thought that Izuku could benefit from meeting himself? We can't have that, now can we?
"Sorry, Eraser, not gonna happen. Now, I've got places to go and people to save!" And with that, Izuku shot off.
Kumo had appeared about a year ago and clearly gotten quite popular, if people he saved asking for a photo or autograph was anything to go by. Having people recognise his vigilante persona was nice. He liked it when people said nice things about him. What he didn't like was the way heroes talked about him. Quite a few of them praised Endeavour, who was much worse than Izuku, and treated Kumo like a villain because he was "breaking" and idiotic law that said anyone who used their quirk without a licence or explicit permission from a hero in a dire situation was a criminal. Izuku didn't even have a quirk to use illegally. He was only actually a vigilante by the pre-quirk laws, and he wasn't sure if they even counted for anything anymore. To sum it up, Izuku essentially liked most people who liked him and disliked those who even insinuated that he was anything like or worse than Endeavour. Back to the main point though. Izuku was sat on a rooftop observing a fight. Normally, he would observe from the ground, but he wasn't sure what to make of this situation. He'd heard someone screaming and come to help, only to find a girl thank a group of men and hastily run away. The group of men were surrounding a short boy with purple balls for hair. He was crying and screaming something along the lines of, "Why would you interrupt that? I had her! It's not fair! You all like girls too, right? I mean, what kind of men would you be if you didn't? C'mon, what I was doing was only natural!" Nope, Izuku was not saving that one. For multiple reasons. He was about to turn and leave, when the small purple thing screeched. (Great, what now?) Ah, said small purple thing had been stabbed. What to do... Oh, that could work. Izuku climbed down the wall, knocked the men out and wrote a note and text for Aizawa. The note said "This small purple thing does not deserve to be saved. Please leave this homophobic little shit to die. Also, he did technically sexually assault a young woman before the men stabbed him, so he is also very much in the wrong. -Kumo *^*" while the text said "Hey, Eraser. Head to this location for a treat! *insert location*" and then he cable-tied the men and gross purple thing to the handle of a big metal bin, stuck the note to one of the purple ting's hair balls and fled the scene.
----temporary character change, Aizawa!----
Shouta had just got a text from Kumo and rushed to the location listed, expecting to find him beat up or something. Instead, he found a group of grown men and a small boy with purple balls for hair cable-tied to a bin. He took a step closer and saw that all of them were unconscious and the purple boy had been stabbed and had a note stuck to his hair. (For god's sake, Kumo!) The note read "This small purple thing does not deserve to be saved. Please leave this homophobic little shit to die. Also, he did technically sexually assault a young woman before the men stabbed him, so he is also very much in the wrong. -Kumo *^*". Aizawa sighed and sent the location to Tsukauchi. He was to tired to deal with this shit.
------temporary character change, end------
Apparently, the police had disregarded Izuku's advise and has called an ambulance for the gross purple thing. Not that there was any point, the kid died in the ambulance anyway. Izuku, who was sat reading the story before home room, laughed and said, "Karma's a bitch!" to himself. Kaminari, who was talking to Shinsou, looked at Izuku's phone and then looked up at Izuku, slightly scarred.
"Dude, that kid died! How is that funny?!" Izuku stared at him before looking through his images for the cctv footage of the purple thing assaulting the girl. He turned the phone to Kaminari and hit the play button. Kaminari watched, horrified, and whispered something along the lines of "Shit, man" once it ended. Aizawa walked in a second later and glared at Kaminari, who was still out of his seat. Once Kaminari sat down, Aizawa glared at the class and started talking.
"Hello, brats. I was planning on having someone your age come in and talk to you about the pros and cons of the life of a hero, but the brat said no, so we'll be having a free period instead. If anyone wants to ask me anything, ask Iida or you can bloody well wait." Izuku put his hand up. "What is it, Midoriya, have I not made it clear that I don't want to be bothered?" Izuku put his hand down and smiled.
"Would this person happen to be Kumo, Aizawa-san?" Aizawa looked shocked and nodded slowly. "Well, I think I can help. I'm going to be at a support convention in Kyoto with Akari for the next two days, so it won't affect me, but I have a friend who's friends with Kumo. If the rest of the class wants, I can contact said friend and ask them to get Kumo to pay you all a visit. Only if the rest of the class wants that though." The reaction seemed positive, so Izuku took that as a yes to coming into school in his vigilante gear tomorrow.
"Fine, do whatever, just let me sleep." And so, Aizawa went to sleep and the class started doing pretty much whatever they wanted.
It was last less, hero studies. Izuku would've been excited about this, if he weren't 95% sure that their teacher was All Might. Izuku was going over what they could be doing today, when the door swung open. (Greaaaaaat.)
All Might pulled himself through the door, shouting,
"I AM..... COMING THROUGH THE DOOR LIKE A NORMAL PERSON!!" There was definitely nothing normal about the way he came through the door. Everyone but Izuku started chatting about how excited they were. Kacchan looked at Izuku like he was insane or something. That made sense. Izuku had changed since his parents died. He wasn't the same little Deku that Kacchan could push around and beat up for shits and giggles.
"BASIC HERO TRAINING!" All Might continued. "THE CLASS THAT WILL PUT YOU THROUGH ALL SORTS OF SPECIAL TRAINING TO MOLD YOU INTO HEROES!!" Was All Might dabbing?! "NO TIME TO DALLY. TODAY'S ACTIVITY WILL BE THIS!! BATTLE TRAINING!!" He held up a card that said "BATTLE" it was as if the card was meant to mimic the way All Might spoke. He started speaking again. "AND FOR THAT... YOU NEED THESE!! IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE "QUIRK REGISTRY" AND THE SPECIAL REWUEST FORMS YOU FILLED OUT BEFORE BEING ADMITTED...COSTUMES!! AFTER YOU CHANGE, COME OUT IN RANKING ORDER TO GROUND BETA!! Looking good is very important, ladies and gentlemen!! Look alive now! Because from today on... YOU'RE ALL HEROES!! Well!! Shall we begin, my wards?!" God, did that man like his drawn out speeches! Everyone's costumes were cool though. Apart from Yaoyorozu, he'd need to talk with her and Akari about getting that fixed. Oh, also Hagakure, she was literally only wearing boots and gloves, who made their costumes? He and Akari hhad quite a bit of work to do. Izuku's costume was made by Akari, as she was a support engineer, and consisted of his modified red high-tops, a deep forest green jumpsuit with a hood and a few plates of metal built into it, a utility belt and the taser cuffs he'd designed. He designed them, Shinsou showed the design off to Akari by accident and Akari and Mei had built them. They were great. He really had to get Mei and Akari to redesign his classmates costumes. He would not rest until each and every one of them got the costume the deserved.
"IT'S TIME FOR BATTLE TRAINING!! We're all here then? LOOKING GOOD!!" Izuku rolled his eyes and walked to the back of the group.
"Ah, Midori-kun! Oooh! Your costume looks awesome!" Uraraka was running over to him and, yeah, her costume could use a little tweaking too. "I wish I'd been more specific on my request form... my suit's somehow too tight and puffy at the same time. It's a little embarrassing." Izuku nodded and smiled at Uraraka.
"Sensei! This appears to be the same field used in the entrance exam! Will we onnce again be performing cityscape maneuvers?!" (The mini Ingenium would be Iida then. If his armour's as sturdy as it looks, he should be fine.)
"Nope! You'll be moving on to step two! Indoor anti-personnel battle training!! Villain battles are most commonly seen outdoors but... statistically, the most heinous villains... are more likely to appear indoors. Between confinement, house arrest and black market deals... in this hero filled society of ours... ahem. The cleverest villains out there... lurk indoors!! YOU'LL NOW BE SPLIT INTO VILLAIN TEAMS AND HERO TEAMS... AND FACE OFF IN TWO-ON-TWO INDOOR BATTLES!!"
"So no basic training?" Asui butted in, leaning to the side slightly.
"What determines victory?" Asked Yaoyorozu.
"CAN I JUST BLOW EVERYONE AWAY?!" That was Kacchan, obviously.
"Are you threatening to expel someone, like Aizawa-sensei did...?" Uraraka looked a little nervous and shaky, Izuku hoped she was okay.
"How fabulous is my cape?" Aoyoma was weird.
"ONE AT A TIME! MY QUIRK ISN'T SUPER HEARING!!" Izuku hated to admit it, but All Might had a point. "LISTEN UP!! Here's the deal. Th villains will be hiding a nuclear weapon in the hideout and the heroes have to go in and take care of it! The heroes have a limited amount of time to either capture the villains or secure the weapon. The villains must either capture the heroes or protect the weapon until time is up." Was- was he reading that off of a script?! "Your battle partners will be decided by... drawing lots!"
"IS THAT REALLY THE BEST WAY?!" Calm it, budget Ingenium.
"Well, yeah. Think about it logically, pros often have to team up with heroes from other agencies on the spot during emergencies." Definitely common knowledge at not vigilante facts...
"Nice, this is great! Let's do this!" Uraraka still looked nervous, he'd have to fix that.

Chapter Text

"So, what's the plan Midori-kun?" Izuku and Uraraka were studding the map intently. Izuku already knew how everything was going to play out. He was fairly sure that his plan was going to work.
"Okay. this is a four floor building. Kacchan and Iida have almost definitely hidden the weapon on the third floor. The ground floor is a no-no and the fourth floor is for a similar reason. You could float us up to the roof ,which would give us access to the fourth floor, with relative ease, so there's no way they'd be dumb enough to hide the weapon there. The first floor is completely open plan and the entire room can be seen from the stairs from ground to first and first to second. The second floor is two obvious a floor. Leaving only the third floor. The third floor has very little room to hide the weapon actually making it the perfect place to hide. Most people would be expecting the weapon to be hidden on the second floor as it's in the middle of the building and is a literal maze of rooms. The fact that most people would be expecting the weapon to be hidden there is exactly what makes it the worst place to hide a weapon. The third floor is comprised of two rooms, both the staircase up and the staircase down are in this room, meaning the weapon will be hidden in the other room. Going on to our strategy, it would make the most sense for Iida to scout while Kacchan protects the weapon, which is exactly why they'll be doing the complete opposite." Uraraka tilted her head in confusion.
"But their both pretty smart. Surly they would go for the logical option. It wouldn't make any sense for them to go for the worse strategy." Izuku sighed.
"That's what Iida'll be saying right about now. Kacchan doesn't care which strategy makes more sense and is more likely to have them win. He just wants his punching bag back, but he's not gonna get it. We walk in together and walk together until I hear Kacchan. The second one of us notices him, you make a B line for the stairs and I'll capture him. I have a method and it shouldn't take long. Just get to the third floor asap and wait in the first room for me to join you. We'll then work together to get the weapon or capture Iida. If somehow I get captured by Kacchan, you make your best effort to capture Iida or get the weapon. Preferably the latter. You're fast, but Iida's faster. Create a distraction and get the weapon, clear?" Uraraka nodded and All Might told them to start.
The ground and first floors were completely empty. They made their way to the second floor without a hitch. And then Izuku heard Kacchan.
"His voice is coming from in front of us. Turn left then right and you should find yourself at a large door leading to the stairs. Go!" Uraraka nodded and ran off. She looked like she felt guilty for leaving him.
"Come out, Deku! I think it's time for you to go back home with your mummy and daddy!" Kacchan really needed some help. Like, what the fuck was his problem!? He needed to get his act together if he wanted to become a hero, otherwise he'd end up like Endeavour.
"I'm not exactly hiding, Kacchan. Maybe you just inherited your dad's vision and didn't realise until now." Kacchan growled at him and lunged with his normal right hook. (Poor, predictable little Kacchan.) Izuku dodged. Kacchan then tried to grab Izuku's hair with a flaming fist. Izuku rolled under the fist and around Kacchan and stood up behind him. He placed the palm of his hand flatly against the taller boy's nape. The angry blond fell to the ground shouting and Izuku wrapped him in capture tape before running to catch up with Uraraka
"Bakugo Katsuki has been captured!!"
"Whoa, what!? I thought Iida said Midori-kun had some sort of strength quirk! That looked like an electricity quirk to me!" Shouted Kaminari, his eyes glued to the small green haired boy who was running through a corridor that Uraraka had run through less than a minute earlier.
"Maybe you and Midori-kun can be electric buddies!!!" Mina was jumping around and grinning at the sight.
"As Mido would say, Karma's a bitch and so's he." Hitoshi laughed to himself as he said this. It was very much something Izuku would say.
All Might grinned. Izuku was smart, strong and had a powerful quirk. He would become a truly great hero.
Izuku met up with Uraraka and she looked genuinely surprised.
"That was so fast!! How did you did you do that!?!"
"You'll get to see if I can catch up with Iida." Uraraka nodded ans they headed through to the next room. Just before they Uraraka floated herself up to the ceiling and crawled across the ceiling and through the door, while Izuku just walked right up to Iida.
"Midoriya, where is your teammate?" Izuku continued to walk.
"Where's yours, Iida?" Izuku grinned at Iida and continued to walk towards him.
"Do you really believe that I would allow you to walk right up to the weapon?" Izuku stopped walking.
"No, but what are you gonna do to stop me?" Izuku ran at Iida, who grabbed the weapon and lunged to the side. He then put the weapon down and ran at Izuku, who did a back flip to avoid him. Uraraka got into place, above the weapon, as Izuku ran forward and slapped his palm against Iida's arm. Iida flinched back and cradled his arm slightly. (Not good quality metal then.)
At that moment, Uraraka dropped down and wrapped herself around the weapon like a koala.
"What was that Midoriya? I thought you had a strength quirk." Izuku just shrugged and walked out of the building.
"Hero team win!?!" All Might seemed surprised that they'd finished so quickly.
The three of them made their way back to the control room. Kacchan would be mad that Izuku had beat him, so Izuku just lifted him up by the capture tape and shocked him with his taser palm again, for good measure. When they reached the control room Izuku dropped Kacchan and walked over to Shinsou, Shoto, Denki and Mina. He was chosen as the MVP of the match. Yaoyorozu said that he "Came up with a plan in a small amount of time, predicted the opponents actions and dealt with them quickly and effectively. All Might nodded and said that he couldn't put it better himself. (Maybe that's because you have to use a script just to explain a lesson.)
Izuku took notes throughout all of the other matches. Once they'd gotten changed he grabbed Uraraka, Iida, Yaoyorozu and Hagakure and told them to grab their suits and follow him. They found themselves in the support lab, with Izuku glaring up at Power Loader.
"Ah, hero course kids! What are you guys here for?" Izuku put the four cases on a work bench and opened them.
First he picked up one of Iida's arm guards and dropped it on the floor. He didn't add any force. He just dropped it. It was dented when he picked it up.
"Cheap and flimsy metal." Iida looked at the dented metal with sad eyes.
Next, he picked up Yaoyourozu's costume and just held it up.
"This is literally just a swimsuit with a belt." Yaoyorozu squirmed.
He then picked up Uraraka's suit and one of her wrist guards.
"The suit is skin tight and the guards, which are only meant to press down on pressure points and relieve nausea, are way to big. Also, who decided heels were a good idea for hero work?" Uraraka reddened and mumbled, "It is a little silly..."
Finaly, he got to the worst hero costume of the lot. He lifted the gloves and boots out of the box and held them up.
"Do I even need to say anything about this one?" The walking uniform shrunk in on itself a little.
"Ah, so your this "Doriya" that Hatsume has told me so much about. What are you suggesting, kid?" Izuku put everything back and closed the cases.
"Well, my older sister has a support licence. What I'm suggesting is that I re-design these costumes with help from her and Mei."
Power Loader sighed and ran a hand down his face.
"Fine. Just, leave Hatsume out of it please. She's a handful as it is." Izuku nodded and grabbed the boxes.
"I'll need to use these to collect measurements etc. I'll bring these back in tomorrow and you should have the new costumes in a week or two. I have to go and check with Aizawa. I'll see you all tomorrow."
Everyone nodded and said goodbye as they left.
Izuku found Aizawa in the classroom.
"Hey Aizawa-san. Can I take these costumes home so that Akari can redesign them?" Aizawa sighed.
"Whose are they?" Izuku smiled.
"Uraraka Ochako, Iida Tenya, Yaoyorozu Momo and Hagakure Toru."
"Did you check with the students and Power Loader?" Izuku nodded. "Fine. Just have them back by tomorrow." Izuku nodded again and left with the cases in tow.
Shouta was looking through the lesson report when he saw the first match up. All Might was going to get it.
"ALL MIGHT!!!" Said number one hero came slinking around the corner in his powered down form. They were in the teachers lounge so it was fine.
"Is something the matter Aizawa-shounen?" (Yes, he calls Aizawa "young man" as well.)
"Yes, something is the matter! Why on earth would you put Midoriya and Bakugo in the same match!?" All Might cocked his head to the side. (Oh my god! How ignorant can this man get!?)
"I'm not sure I understand. Is there a reason the two shouldn't have been put together?" Shouta was going to explode.
"Were you not aware of what happened before school yesterday?"
"No. I'm not sure I see the problem though. The two seemed like friends. An odd friendship, I'll admit, but a friendship none the less.I believe Bakugo-shounen said something about Midoriya running home to his parent? Midoriya -shounen seemed to find it amusing, so I thought it was an inside joke of some sort. Midoriya-shounen dealt with Baugo rather quickly. I must say, they both have impressive quirks. Bakugo-shounen's would appear to be emitting explosions from his hands, while Midoriya-shounen's would seem to be and electricity based quirk." All Might smiled at him. (God) Shouta was mad! He wanted to punch the man right now, but instead he just laughed. Why was he laughing? He was angry.
"God All Might! Did you not read about the student at all?!" And, All Might was cocking his head again.
"No, how is that relevant?" It was taking a lot of self control to make sure he didn't punch the number one hero.
"First, Midoriya is quirkless. The "quirk" you saw was a support item. Second, Midoriya's parents died last year. He's been living with his sister since then. Third, Bakugo held Midoriya against a wall by his shirt collar yesterday and threatened him. We were planning on talking with Bakugo's parents and Midoriya to try and decide what we were going to do with him. You really need to read as much about the student as you can before you start teaching them. I expect you to read everything you can about each and every one of them before the end of the week. You can go now, if you promise not to be this ignorant, ever again." All Might nodded, bowed, mumbled an apology and scuttled away as quickly as he could. Shouta sighed and went back to reading the report and grading performances.
Ejiro just got a text.
Bakubro: I fuckin' hate that stupid "Kumo" guy or whatever!!!
The sweetest of rock boys: What!? WHy!? They're so coool!!
The sweetest of rock boys: PFftftftftfftftftft
The sweetest of rock boys: Sure. Keep telling yourself that.
Bakubro: >:<
The sweetest of rock boys: :'(
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┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐: Deku, what the fuck!?
Gren: Please don't get mad, Kacchan. If it makes you feel any better, it was Akari's idea.
┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐: Fuck off.
Gren: Okay :'{
purble: Leave Mido alone >:(
┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐: Make me >:<

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Chapter Text

Mido was at Hitoshi's front door at 6 A.M with four metal boxes in his hands.
"Can I help you?" Hitoshi was not good with mornings and just wanted to be in bed.
"Ah, Shinsou. Can you give these to the Grumpster please? He said I had to bring these back in today, but I have to go out of town with Akari for a support conference. We'll be back late tomorrow night. Can you tell him all of that? I've gotta get back home asap!" Mido was hopping from foot to foot and looked frantic.
"Tell me what, Midoriya?" And then his dad walked up behind him.
"ah, Aizawa-san! I was supposed to be bringing these back in today, but it looks like we both forgot that me and Akari were going out of town for a day or two! I have to go now, but can you give them back to Iida, Yaoyorozu, Uraraka and Hagakure? THanks!" Mido handed the boxes to Hitoshi's dad and ran off.
"Shit." Said his dad.
"What's up?" Dad no.1 looked tired, fed up and worried at the same time.
"Looks like we'll have to delay tomorrows trip then." Hitoshi nodded.
"Wait, what trip!?"
(Well, at least it worked.) He was sat on his phone, lokking through his messages. Akari was going to a support conference in Kyoto, but Izuku was staying at home. He could look after himself. And besides which, he'd promised that Kumo would be making an appearance in front of 1-A today. He got home and gave Akari a hug, before she left for a few days. He then went back to bed.
It was now nine A.M. Kumo was due to make an appearance at eleven, he was given the hour before lunch to talk to his class. He had two hours to get ready and to school. He got a shower, put on his costume, had a bowl of cereal for breakfast and climbed out of the window.
When he arrived at U.A, the entire entrance gate was swarmed by people with cameras and notebooks. (How an I supposed to get in...?) Izuku gets out his phone and texts Aizawa.

Smoll: Eraser, I need your help.
Best person no.2: Why?
Smoll: There would appear to be a crowd of reporters stood outside U.A. How am I meant to get in to talk to your class?
Best person no.2: I'll get someone to head out and distract them. While they're out of the way, run. Wait, how were you planning on getting in anyway? The gate doesn't let anyone without a student, teacher or guest I.D pass in.
Smoll: I have my ways ;3
Best person no.2: Please tell me you weren't planning on hacking the gate or some dumb shit like that.
Smoll: Now that would be telling ;3
Best person no.2: Forget I asked. Just get ready to run.
Smoll: Got it!

The second Izuku put his phone away Mic ran out and screamed (with his quirk turned on),
"IF YOU CAN CATCH ME I'LL LET YOU SEE ALL MIGHT!" and everyone ran after him.
Izuku jumped down from his perch in the tree and sprinted towards the gate. Aizawa, who was walking out of the building (to let him presumably) sopped the second he caught sight of Izuku.
"How did you get in!?" Izuku just grinned (not that it could be seen under his mask) and walked into the building.
When they reached the classroom Aizawa told him to wait outside until he was called in and walked into the classroom.
Iida and Yaomomo had been elected the class presidents during homeroom. Midori probably would've won if Shinsou hadn't said that Midori would hate all the attention and shouldn't be added. The day was going fairly normally, until fourth period, when Aizawa-sensei pulled out his phone, sighed, sent a few texts and walked off. A few minutes later, he walked back in and announced that they had a visitor. He then opened the door and ducked. Kumo did a front flip over the man and walked up to the teachers desk.
"Hi there!" They said in their slightly distorted voice. It sounded a little familiar, but maybe that was because Ochako had seen videos of them online. "I'm Kumo and apparently, I'll be speaking to you for an hour and eating lunch with some of you, if we're all lucky and Eraser over there doesn't try to capture me." Todoroki was sat next to her, smiling. He smiled sometimes, but only when he was rally happy or found something funny. He and Shinsou were similar in that respect. "Okay, so, do we have any questions?" All of the class raised their hands. "We'll start with the angry blond!"
Bakugo scowled.
"Why did you call me "bitch face" you shit!?" Kumo laughed.
"'Cause you're a little shit. Next, purple boy." Shinou sighed and looked like he was trying not to smile.
"How do you know my dad? I know it was you he was talking to a few minutes ago." Kumo laughed again.
"I'm a vigilante and your dad's an underground hero. It's kind of a given that we'd know each other. As for how I got his number, I copied it off of Eclipse's phone. Next, Pink girl." Ashido cheered.
"Hi, I'm Mina! Why did you become a vigilante?" The eyes on Kumo's mask closed and somehow looked like they were glowing more when they reopened.
"I can't go into detail, to keep my secret identity, well, secret but, I've been denied of everything at every turn. Being a hero was one of those things. "You can't be a hero with a quirk like that!" Was all people would say to me whenever I even brought up the idea. One day something awful happened to my family and I couldn't help but feel that it was all my fault. I was sick of being told that everything was my fault and that I couldn't do anything to help anyone, so I chose to isolate my self and become a hero in my own way. I am where I am now because I wan't as strong as anyone in this room." Ashido went quiet. Iida lowered his hand. "Okay, next is you, with the bird head!" Tokoyami nodded.
"I love the dark colour scheme and sleek yet brooding silhouette of your suit. Might I ask where you collected your inspiration and who made this wonderful garb?" Kumo smiled(?)
"Well, I was inspired by a pre-quirk comic book character called Spider-Gwen and the suit was made by myself and Eclipse. Next, frog girl!" Tsuyu croaked.
"Are you a male or female? Kero." Kumo thought for a while before staring Tsuyu dead in the eye.
"While Kumo, I'm not a man or a woman. I'm just Kumo." Tsuyu nodded. "Next, lightning bolt."
"What's the strongest quirk you've encountered!?!!?!?!" Kumo shrugged.
"A quirk's a quirk. Some people have a strong quirk and some people don't. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what quirk you have. Each and every one of us is strong with or without a quirk. your quirks can always be worked around or exploited and used against you, your intellect and physical strength are harder to use against you. Do the exact opposite of what the villain expects and you'll find that you win more fights than you loose." Kaminari looked hopelessly lost but nodded anyway. "Pink cheeks!" (Oh, that's me.)
"Why were the first two people you saved found unconscious at the scene?" Shinsou and Todoroki turned their heads to he sides. Kumo laughed again.
"Well, the first one was scared shitless and only managed to get out a "What.The.Fuck!?" before passing out," Shinsou glared at Kumo, while Ashido shouted, "What the fuck-y passing out kid!!!!" at him. "and I had to knock the second one out so that his dad wouldn't scold him for not going after me." Todoroki, on the other hand, widened his smile. "Now, spiky red boy." Kirshima grinned.
"How are you so manly!?"
"You're even more manly, bro." Kirishima looked like he was going to explode with pure joy. "Next is...." Only Yaomomo, Jiro, Sero, Aoyoma and Todoroki still had their hands up. "Sparkles!"
"You are truly fabulous."
"Not a question, but you two I guess." Aoyoma sparkled even more (How does he do that?!?!) "Earphone jacks!"
"Can you crawl on ceilings as well as up and down walls?"
"I don't actually know.... Imma try it!" Kumo started crawling up the wall and across the ceiling. "Oh my god I'm- oof." They got halfway across the ceiling before the fell.
"Are you alright? Do you need one of us to call recovery girl!?" Iida stood up and was doing his robot hand things. Kumo stood up and brushed themselves off.
"Nah, I'm good. I think that answers that though. Tape elbows, you're next!" Sero stood up and slammed his hands on his desk, he looked really excited.
"Do you think if our quirks combined we could be a real life Spider-Man?!" Kumo seemed to share Sero's enthusiasm.
"YES!!!! IF ONLY THAT WERE POSSI- ERASER, WE NEED TO HEAD TO ONE ON THE TEST GROUNDS WITH CEMENTOS ONCE WE'RE DONE WITH QUESTIONS!!!!" Aizawa-sensei reluctantly agreed. "Okay so, black haired girl." Yaomomo stood up and locked eyes (lenses?) with Kumo.
"If you don't mind my asking, why did you let that purple haired boy be stabbed? While it could be said that he was, in fact, the villain of said situation and the men who stabbed him were simply standing up for the young woman, I would still like to hear your reasoning."
"It was simply a case of not arriving in time. It happens to all of us. We can't save everyone, even if we are on scene. I was on my way to check if the girl was okay when the boy was stabbed. At the end of the day, that boy received his punishment. Sure, it may have been to harsh, but maybe it was meant to happen. Who knows how much karma that kid had stacked up. Not me. That's all I have to say, I'm sorry if it's not what you hopped for." Yaomomo nodded and sat back down. "And last but not least, we have Shouto!!" (Does he mean Todoroki?) Todoroki stood up.
"When can we hang out again?" (Hang out?)
"You got hurt last time! I don't wanna risk that happening again!" Todoroki pouted.
"But that was nearly a year ago! You've stopped and chatted to me while on patrol since, but we've not hung out in almost a year!" Kumo sighed.
"That's because I don't want you getting hurt or in trouble because of me!" Todorki walked up to them. Kumo was really short. Like, shorter than Midori short.
"What's going on?" Asked Iida. Shinsou sent a text out to the group chat.

Purble: @Sanic the purple boy Leave them. Kumo just gets mad if you interrupt one of their conversations with Todo.
Sanic the blue boy: How do you know this, Shinsou-kun?
Purble: I was out on a patrol with dad and walked passed Kumo, so I decided to say hi. Turned out they were having an "important conversation" with Todo. The turned to me and threatened me, and I'm their friend. I shudder at the thought of what they'd do if a stranger interrupted Todo and Kumo talk time.
Sanic the blue boy: I see. Thank you for the warning.
Purble: No problem. Just don't tell my dad about me being friends with Kumo. As far as he knows, this is my first time seeing them since the "What the fuck-y passing out boy" incident.
Sanic the blue boy: I shall not tell Aizawa-sensei of your friendship with Kumo.
Purble: Actually though....

Purble added Smoll to the chat.
Purble went offline
Sanic the blue boy went offline
(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ went offline
Everyone is offline

"Fine. But were just hanging out next time, okay?"
".....Fine. But I'm not happy about it."
"Look Shouto, it's either that or we can't meet up properly, okay?"
"Fine, we'll just hang out." Kumo nodded.
"Okay then. Now that that's sorted, can we grab Cementoss and head to a training ground, Eraser?" Aizawa-sensei sighed.
"Iida, you lead the way. All of you go and get changed. I'll find Cementoss and a free training ground and take you there. Kumo you go with them."
Izuku was now sat on a bench in the boys changing rooms, waiting for everyone to get changed. He wasn't allowed to ware his chest guard, utility belt or throwing knife belt as they gave him an "unfair advantage" but that was fine. He was lighter without them.
"So," Kaminari was the first to speak once they got into the changing rooms. "You're a guy then?" Izuku smirked under his mask. Time to mess with his classmates.
"I never said that." Kaminari looked confused and momentarily stopped getting changed.
"But, you're in the guys changing rooms?" This was going to be fun.
"Maybe I am a guy, maybe I'm not. Maybe I'm in here because I only know Shinsou and Shouto. None of you know anything about me." Kaminari shuddered and quickly slipped his gym shirt on.
"So you're a girl then?"
"I never said that either. Maybe I don't have a gender. No one will know unless I tell them or take my mask off." Shinsou turned to face him.
"I think you're making them uncomfortable. They might appreciate an apology." Izuku sighed.
"You're right. I'm sorry if I'm making you uncomfortable." Kaminari deflated slightly.
"It's fine dude."
"If you really want to know, you could ask Eraser. I'm fairly sure that Eclipse accidentally told him. If you're lucky, he might just tell you."
Everyone finished getting changed and headed outside.
"So Kumo's a guy?" Asked Hagakure.
"I will neither confirm nor deny anything. if you want to know so badly then ask Eraser while me and tape boy are becoming a real life Spider-Man."
Aizawa chose that exact moment to show up with Cementoss.
"No, I will no tell you if Kumo is male or female. If they won't tell you then neither will I." Kaminari and Hagakure looked upset (though it was hard to tell with Hagakure as she was just a floating gym kit and a pair of trainers).
They walked to one of U.A's many indoor test grounds and had Cementoss build a tall pillars for Sero and Izuku to climb and swing from together. They linked arms and shifted so that Izuku's feet were on the floor and Sero was curled up in a all on his back. Izuku then climbed the first pillar. Everyone was surprised to see that his climbing speed was hardly altered. They reached the to and Sero shot some tape and began swinging them towards it, they did a spin just befor they hit the pillar so that Izuku could latch onto it. They continued to do this until they reached the other side, by which point Sero was very tired from constantly using his quirk to swing them form pillar to pillar as well as being curled into a ball for the whole time. Izuku climbed back down the pillar, while Sero lowered himself with tape.
"How are you not tired from using your quirk so often on, not one but, two people. Don't you generally only use it twice each fight, once to get in and once to get out?" Izuku nodded. "Then what's the drawback? You can't just not have one!" Izuku shrugged.
"I guess crawling along ceilings is my only weakness."
"Do you think you could do that if I made you weightless?" Uraraka looked like he was thinking really hard about this.
"I mean, I guess? I'm not sure if my quirk works on a weight based system or not." (Because it's not a quirk.) Uraraka grinned at him.
"Ooh, I wanna go up the wall with Kumo!" Shouted Mina.
"Okay, so, everyone who wants to know what climbing a wall feels like, grab on!" Mina, Kaminnari, Uraraka (with Sero's tape around her pinkies), Kirishima, Shinsou, Hagakure, Asui and Shouto grabbed onto Izuku and/or each other and he began to climb the wall. It kind of felt like walking with people grabbing onto your ankle and forcing you to drag them (because it basically was) but it wasn't too bad. He climbed halfway up the (very tall) wall and then climbed back down again. He was very out of breath once they reached the ground, but he know knew that his sticky climbing pads could support the weight of at least eight teenagers and one Izuku. It was always useful to know an inventions weight limit.
"That was awesome, Kumo! It sucks that we couldn't climb as fast as you normally do, but that was probably because there were a lot of us. Do you think it was you quirk that struggled with the weight or you?" Mina was very overenthusiastic about everything.
"Me. The quirk could probably handle more, it was me who couldn't. It was like walking through really thick mud." Mina nodded.
"That still makes you and your quirk really strong though!!" Izuku nodded.
"Do you still wanna see if I can crawl along the ceiling, pink cheeks?" Uraraka grinned and ran over to him.
"I would love to!! Do you think it would work though? Your quirk seems to be really good with handling weights." Izuku shrugged.
"We won't know until we try, right?" Uraraka nodded and took the tape off of her pinkies.
"Okay, I'm not going to make you so weightless that you float. Just take a bit of weight off, okay?" Izuku nodded and Uraraka patted him on the back, activating her quirk.
"Off ya go then!" Izuku nodded and started climbing up the wall at a ridiculous speed.
He reached the joint between the ceiling and wall and kept crawling. He very nearly made it to the other side but fell. Uraraka panicked.
"Calm down, Gravity bitch. Can't you just, like, make him more weightless so he just floats to the floor?" Kacchan was actually trying to help him? This was new. Uraraka shook her head.
"I can't alter the amount of weight I've taken off of someone unless I touch them. I could attempt to do that once they get close enough, but if I try even a second to late or early then...2" Kacchan tutted and turned to Aizawa.
"What about you? Can't you grab 'em with your capture weapon or somethin'?" Aizawa sighed.
"Why should I care? They're a vigilante?" Kacchan growled and Shouto sighed.
"Move, all of you." Everyone moved out of the way and Shouto created a twisty ice slide. It reached all the way up to Izuku who sat up the moment he touched the ice, crossed his arms and pouted. The moment his feet touched the floor he walked up to Aizawa and glare up at him. Aizawa grinned.
"That just lost you your spot as favourite person number 2! Shouto, you're now favourite person number 2." Aizawa's grin dropped and Izuku walked away dramatically.
"Wait, kid! I was just messing around! I would've caught you if no one else decided to! I was testing everyone's reactions!" Izuku huffed and continued walking.
"I don't believe you! And even if I did, which I don't, My life is not a test for your students!" Shouto was walking away with Izuku and stuck his tongue out at Aizawa.
"Kid! Hey, c'mon! Oh for god's sake! Okay everyone, class dismissed. Go get changed and head out to lunch." He sighed and walked to the teachers lounge.
Izuku put his missing accessories on, said good bye to 1-A and walked up to the teachers lounge to have lunch. He couldn't go anywhere near the students and couldn't leave the school as it was still surrounded by reporters.
"Hey there, Eraser!" He shouted as he walked into the teachers lounge with a bento in his hand.
"Ah, who's this young person, Aizawa-shounen?!" That... that was All Might's voice, which meant that the skeletal man in front of him was All Might, meaning he wasn't someone who Izuku wanted to be around.
"I- I should leave..." Izuku turned to leave when a hand clutched around his shoulder, causing him to flinch and drop his bento. Thank god it was closed. "Can- can you let go of me please? I'm starting to think that I've come to the wrong place..."
"Kid, what's wrong?" It was Aizawa's hand. That calmed him down a little bit.
"I- it's nothing. I'm fine. Can I leave now?" Aizwa sighed and crouched so that he was eye to eye with Izuku (who was nearly a foot shorter than him)
"Kid, we both know that you can't. The school is surrounded, how're you planning on leaving until the end of the day?" He was right. That was part of the reason Izuku had come here in the first place.
"Eraser, you don't get it. I need to leave, now!" Aizawa looked over Izuku's shoulder, at All Might, and then back down at Izuku. He grabbed Izuku's hand and bento box and left the room.
"Hey, Shouta is that Kumo? Hey, where're you going!?" Mic had heard All Might earlier and decided to investigate once he'd finished his tea.
"Who's Kumo?" Asked All Might as Aizawa led Izuku out of the room.
"The kid with Shouta. No idea what they're doing here though. U.A's not safe for them. It's full of Pro heroes." All Might looked at Mic.
"Why would that make it unsafe for the child?" Mic chuckled.
"They're a fairly famous vigilante. Can't say that I'm surprised you don't know about them though. You only really focus on fighting villains and saving civilians. They showed up about a year ago and started joining up with Eclipse, there's no way you've not heard of her. No one but Eclipse knows who the kid is, or even whether their a girl or a boy. We only know that they're about 15 and there's a running theory that Eclipse's taken them in. Shouta seems to think that the kid'd be coming here if whatever shit happened in their past never occurred. Can't help but like the kid." All Might looked at the closed door.
"I hope that I played no part in leading that child to vigilantism." Mic looked at him like he was crazy.
"Why would you even think that!? You're the number one hero!?" All Might turned his gaze to the floor.
"The way they saw me and decided that they were in the wrong place. They looked like they saw a bad memory when looking at me. It reminded me of the way that Midoriya-shounen looks at me."
"Mido doesn't like you? Oh, no, that actually makes sense. I hate to tell you buddy, but while you may not have been a part of Kumo's tragic backstory, you were probably a part of Mido's." All Might's eyes widened.
"What do you mean!?" Mic sighed.
"Look, she didn't want me to tell you in case it made things worse, but, a few months ago I was asking Mido's sister why he lived with her and not his parents." Mic paused for a moment.
"I was wondering that as well." All Might was now facing Mic again.
"Just, when I tell you, you have to promise that you won't act any differently towards Mido. Maybe just say a small and simple sorry and leave it at that." All Might nodded. "Okay, so, ummm... You may have, sort of told Midoriya that he couldn't be a hero immediately after saving him from a villain and only a few minutes before he discovered that his parents had died only a few hours before.... please don't shout!!!" All Might's face went blank. "He ummm, was pretty upset at first. But not with you. That came in pretty recently. That only came in after he realised that you weren't just passing through. Once he found out that you'd been in the area for quite a while and would be staying for good he got upset. He was upset that so many heroes were in the area and not one of them did a thing. If you think about it, we're lucky that the kid still wants to be a hero. Especially considering how smart and strong he is." All Might's face stayed blank and he sat down. He felt awful.
Izuku found himself sat against Aizawa on one of the couches in his office. It felt like he'd been crying, but he didn't remember crying. Maybe he felt like he'd been crying because he needed to cry but didn't remember crying because he hadn't let himself cry. He wanted to go home, but Aizawa's couches were a good compromise. He leaned closer to Aizawa and closed his eyes. he liked this. His suit made him feel like he was wrapped in a blanket. It reminded him of when he was an overemotional toddler, before any of his friends cared about quirks. it reminded him of when he'd start crying for no reason and his mother would swaddle him in a blanket and hold him close until he felt better. It felt safe and warm. It felt happy and sad at the same time. It was good. He never wanted to move again. Izuku opened his eyes and found his head resting on a pair of legs. There was a black rim and a green tinge to his vision, he was confused. This room didn't look like his home and his body felt funny. He wanted his mum, only.... he remembered now, his mum was gone. His home was gone. He wanted to cry. When was the last time he'd cried? Where was he? Why was he here and not with his mum and dad? Oh, right, because All Might had decided to investigate the living sludge and not the burning smell. No, it wasn't entirely his fault. Yes, he could've done something, but he's only one man. He shouldn't have to solve everything on his own. Neither should Izuku. That's not the point. Izuku's fine. He doesn't solve everything. He never has. He let a kid die the other day... oh my god he was a monster! No, that wasn't his fault. That kid got himself into that.
Izuku wanted to sleep and cry. At the same time. Or maybe cry and then sleep. Both worked. He just wanted to cry and sleep. Oh, he was crying now. It'd been a while, he wasn't sure he quite remembered what it felt like. It hurt. Crying was painful. It made him think of his mum, which made him cry even more. Why did his parents have to die? Why did life hate Izuku so much? Every thought made Izuku's tears more harsh. Each thought hurt Izuku more and more. He wanted to tear his eyes out. It wasn't fair! Everything hurt! Everything would be better if he just didn't exist! Why couldn't life at least let him die with his parents?! His sobs were getting progressively more violent and painful, until he was practically screaming. He didn't want this! He didn't want all this pain! He just wanted his mum and dad!
"-Id, Kid! Hey! Calm down! It's okay, you're fine! I'm here! It's okay!" A thin pair of arms were wrapped around him and a kind voice was trying to soothe him. He slowly began to calm down. The green tint made the colours less harsh on his painful eyes. His throat was sore from screaming and he was sure that if it weren't for his gloves, his hands would be bleeding from how hard he balled up his fists, but he felt safe wrapped in Aizawa's arms. He remembered where he was and was slowly calming down. He leaned in to Aizawa's hug and buried his face in the man's capture weapon.
"I'm sorry, Aizawa-san. God, I'm such a pain in the arse. I- I'm really sorry. For the record though, you give great hugs. Thank you." Izuku's voice was hoarse and talking felt horrible, but he needed to thank Aizawa.
"Aizawa-san? That's new. Normally you call me-" Aizawa was cut of by the door slamming open.
Midnight and Mic ran into the room.
"Aizawa!" Midnight called.
"SHOUTA! Is everything okay!? We heard screaming and... is that Kumo? Oh god, are you okay kid?" Izuku nodded.
"Bad dream. I'm fine. I'm sorry for worrying all of you." Izuku heard a third pair of footsteps.
"Aizawa-shounen! Is everything alright?" (Oh no...) Izuku curled himself up as small as he could and tried to block everything out. He could feel everyone's eyes on him and the tears came back. He wasn't crying loudly this time. He was silently shaking and could feel tears rolling down his cheeks. His vision went funny and he could only see through one of his eyes. He'd broken his mask.
"Kumo, you okay kid?" Aizawa pulled him into a sitting position and looked at his face. Well, his mask. "One of your eyes went out. What happened?" Izuku was still crying to much to speak coherently.
"Maybe it got broken?" Suggested Mic. "You wanna take off the mask, kid?" Izuku shook his head. "Can you even see out of that thing? If the answer's no you're gonna need to take it off." Izuku didn't like that. Yes, he could only see out of one eye and it would be better for his eyes if he took the mask off, but he wasn't going to just willingly show them who he was! Izuku shot up and tried to leave when a ringing noise started. It felt like his head was going to explode.
"What is that?" Asked All Might.
"That's the intruder alarm!" Aizawa sounded worried.
"I- I thought that the sch- schools defences were im- impenetrable!" Izuku struggled out over his crying.
"So did we until got in without a hitch and said "I have my ways"!" Aizawa wasn't angry. He didn't sound it anyway.
"Y- yeah! I said that I have my ways! N- not that everyone in the town has my ways! I'm the only one who can g-get in the way that I did!" The ringing sound, (Alarm, Aizawa said it was an intruder alarm.) felt like it was drilling into Izuku's brain. It was worse than the pain from crying. It felt like his head was being drilled into, hit with a hammer and rigged to explode at the same time. It hurt! He clutched his hands over his ears and clenched his teeth. He wanted his mum. He wanted his dad. He wanted Akari. He wanted someone to scoop him up and hold him close forever. And then the alarm stopped. Aizawa opened the door and poked his head out.
"I wasn't told about an alarm drill!" Mei was passing by the door as he said that.
"There wasn't one, sir. Somehow, the reporters managed to get through the gate and trigger the alarm. Some hero course kid with engines in his legs stoop on top of a fire exit sign and explained the situation." Aizawa stormed out of the room and made his way out to the front of the school.
"What on earth do all of you think you're doing!? If you want to speak to All Might then find him during his patrol hours! Do any of you have any idea how much damage you could've caused if one of the students hadn't figured out what was going on!? What you thought to be a low damage way of getting something to put in the news is not only breaking the law, but worked one of my students into a panic! Think about the consequences of your actions next time!" Shouta scowled at them and activated his quirk for good measure. All of the reporters ran off and Shouta headed back up to his office.

Chapter Text

Hizashi was holding the small vigilante to his chest, while Shouta dealt with the reporters outside the school. The kid was shaking and clinging to Hizashi's shirt. After a while they stilled and their breathing evened out. Hizashi lay the kid down on one of Shouta's couches and sat by their head. Shouta came back into the room not long after and smiled at the sleeping form of the child. All Might and Nemuri had left shortly after the alarms stopped and went to cover the hero classes for the two men who were now sat with a very small, very young and very wanted vigilante laying across their laps.
"We should bring them home with us." Hizashi wanted to keep the child close to him for the rest of his life. Shouta sighed.
"There's no way that the kid will agree to that. Besides which, what about Toshi?"
"Whether the kid likes it or no, there's no way I'm letting them stay alone for the night. Besides, I'm sure that they'll get along great with Toshi!"
"We don't know that the kid lives alone to begin with. It seems highly likely that they live with Eclipse. I could call her and get her to pick them up." Hizashi nodded. That seemed like a sensible thing to do.
Shouta picked his phone up and was greeted with a very frantic sounding Eclipse.
"Hey, Eraser. What's up. I'm kinda busy at the minute, think we could keep this short?"
"Eclipse, do you think that you could pick your pet spider up from U.A?"
"That doesn't sound good. You wouldn't be askin' that if Kumo was okay. What happened?"
"All Might, a bad dream and an intruder alarm set of by a bunch of lunatic reporters."
"Crap! Sorry Eraser. I really wish I could come and get 'em but my hands are tied. I can't get 'em till tomorrow night. Think you can look after the kid till they feel up to going home?" Shouta sighed.
"What could be so important that you can't come and pick your kid up from school?" Eclipse laughed.
"Okay, first off, don't word it like he's my son. We both know that he's not. Secondly, we both know that I would be there within seconds if I could. It is physically impossible for me to pick him up until late tomorrow. Call me when he heads home. Please!" Shouta huffed out a "fine" before hanging up and putting his phone in a pocket that was definitely not there thirty seconds ago.
"So, the kid's staying with us tonight?"
"Only if he wants to. Eclipse made it quite clear that he would be leaving when he wanted and not necessarily when she came to collect him." Hizashi nodded and looked down at the kid. He really wanted to know who Kumo was under the mask. But that would be worse than going through someone's phone while they slept. He decided that he'd wait until the kid told him who he was himself. If he chose to do that.
Unlike last time, Izuku's dream was a nice memory. A new memory. A few actually. All about Shouto. Weird.
The first memory started with Izuku staring out over the edge of a building. He was looking at the way the bright lights of the city contrasted the deep colours of the nights sky, covered in and endless amount of glittering stars. The way the stars shone reminded him of the glimmer in his mother's soft, loving eyes. Eyes that were only a distant memory now. When he thought of warmth and comfort he almost always saw Akari. It was different when he looked up at the stars. He had associated the with his mother from the fist time he stared up at the endless abyss they called the sky. It soothed him, even now. He teared up as he stared into said abyss.
"Beautiful, aren't they." Izuku whirled around to see that Shouto was now stood next to him, staring up at the sky in the same way that Izuku had been. "They remind me of my mother. It may seem strange, but... I have very few memories of my mother. Looking up at the stars tends to remind me of her smile." Izuku smiled.
"It's the same for me. Maybe it's a universal thing. Or maybe it's just between those of us who wish that they could spend more time with their mums."
Shouto nodded and closed his eyes.
"Have you heard of quirk marriages?" Izuku looked at Shouto and nodded, he didn't like where this was going. "Strong individuals would choose a partner and force them into marag for the sole purpose of passing on a strengthened version of their own quirk. With his wealth and fame, my father made my mother's family agree to the marriage, all to get his hands on her quirk.Raising me as a hero who could exceed All Might, just to full fill his own ambitions. I hate it! I hate being no more than a tool for that human garbage! In almost every memory I have of her, my mum was crying. "I can't stand the sight of that left side of yours" She said, before throwing scalding water in my face." Izuku froze. The thought that Shouto had to go through something so awful because of his shit stain of a father made his blood boil. "That's why I don't use my fire. It's revenge against him. I thought that rising to the top without using it would be denying him of everything but... I'm not sure anymore." Izuku wrapped his arms around the taller boy's torso and buried his face into Shouto's shoulder.
"I'm sorry." He whispered. "You shouldn't have had to go through that, but..." He wasn't sure if he should say this. Shouto had been through so much and Izuku didn't want him to think that he was denying that, but he couldn't risk Shouto getting hurt because he felt bad for telling the truth. He needed to make sure that his friends wouldn't get hurt.
"Shouto, you need to understand that whether or not you use your fire doesn't matter to Endeavour. Not at the end of the day. All he cares about is that you become what he wants. You need to prove him wrong with your fire. You need to show him that every aspect of you is you, and that you are not something that he can control!" Izuku and Shouto were now looking into each other's eyes with Izuku holding Shouto at arms length to make sure he took in every word. Shouto took in a shuddering breath and lunged at Izuku, clinging to him like a life line.
"Thank you." He said with a shaky, broken voice. "Thank you so much! I- I can't thank you enough!" Izuku hugged the tall boy back and the memory faded out.
Izuku was sat in complete darkness for a moment, before the darkness faded and became a beach. He was sat on the soft sand, watching the waves come in. It was mesmerising. A part of him wished that he were here with friends or family in the day time, letting the sun scorch uncovered skin and the waves lap against his feet. The rest of him quite enjoyed being sat on the beach on a late summers evening, swaddled in his warm vigilante costume, watching the sun set over the gentle waves.
"What a coincidence, finding you here." Shouto sat himself down next to Izuku and stared intently at him. "You said you wanted to chat quickly, before you went on patrol. What's up?" Izuku smiled.
"Sit and watch the waves with me. Then we can talk." Shouto knew better than to argue.
The two boys sat and watched the waves until the sun was only just peeking over the horizon and the sky was painted with oranges and reds which faded out to purples and blues as you got further from the beach.
"I have a few presents for you." Said Izuku, still staring out at the sea.
"Oh? And what would those be?" Shouto had his cheek resting on his knees and was smiling at Izuku.
Izuku swivelled himself around and smiled at Shouto. He pulled a little green cord bracelet and ribbon out of one of the pouches on his utility belt.
"Happy birthday!" He shouted while handing them to the other boy. Shouto took the and stared at them for a while, before looking up at Izuku and quirking an eyebrow.
"My birthday's in January?" Izuku shook his head at the taller boy and took the gifts back off of him.
"Well how was I supposed to know that?" He started as he slipped the cord bracelet onto Shouto's wrist. "I'll remember for next year." He then turned Shouto around and french braided his hair, tying the end with the green ribbon.
"How do you know how to do that?" Izuku shrugged.
"I used to watch my mum plait her hair when I was little. I picked it up fairly quickly and she'd even let me plait it for her sometimes." Shouto turned back around and wrapped his arms around Izuku. They sat on the beach, hugging, until the sun had long since disappeared past the horizon and the moon had painted the sky a deep shade of blue, littered with specks of white and gold. Izuku wanted the moment to last forever, but his subconscious had other plans, if his waking up was anything to go by. His dream was yanked away from him and he found himself shooting up.
Izuku opened his eyes and... something wasn't right.
"Why can I only see out of one eye?" Izuku looked around and saw that Aizawa and Mic were sat together on the couch opposite the one that he'd been sleeping on.
"Okay, the mask's coming off!" Called Mic as he lunged at Izuku.
"Nooooo! My identity!" Izuku rolled off of and under the couch.
"You should've thought about that before you broke your mask!" Oh yeah, Izuku had broken his mask by crying. Whoops.
"I didn't break it! Some giant blond idiot made me cry and the water broke my mask! It's not coming off!"
"It's not like it matters. He'll have to take his mask off at some point, seeing as he's staying at ours for the night we'll just have to keep an extra close eye on him."
"Hey! Who said I was staying at your house tonight!? I wanna go home!!" Aizawa sighed and tried to get Izuku out from under the couch. Izuku hissed at the hand and curled himself into the smallest ball possible.
"Look, whether you like it or not, you're just a kid. You can't stay at home alone." (She told them!?!?) Izuku pulled a knife out of his throwing knife belt and threw it at the wall. When Aizawa and Mic turned their attention to the knife Izuku stood up, knocking the couch over, and sprinted out of the room.
He found himself leaning against a wall in an alley fairly close to his home, but not close enough that anyone could figure out where he was going. After checking, a full five times, if anyone was following him, he walked through quieter parts of the area to get to his house. He checked for people watching and slipped in through the window once he had determined that it was safe to do so. As soon as the curtain was closed, he yanked his mask off and got to work on fixing it. He was about halfway done when someone knocked at the door. He slipped his suit off and pulled on a pair of jogging bottoms, before going to answer the door. It was Mei, Shinsou and Shouto.
"I thought you were supposed to be at a support conference with Akari." Shinsou looked down at him and crossed his arms.
"Well I would be, if someone's dad hadn't kept me talking when I specifically said that I had to leave!" Izuku replied, glaring up at the boy and putting his hands on his hips.
"S- shirt...." Said Shouto. Ah. He'd forgotten to put a shirt on.
"Yeah, wait, why aren't you wearing a shirt?" Asked Mei with a mischievous glint in her eye. (What does that look mean?!!?)
"I was about to start working on a project and all of my workshop shirts are in the wash. Why are you three here when you knew that I was meant to be in Kyoto?"
"We saw someone sneaking in through the window and decided to check it out. Looks like there was nothing to worry about. A friend maybe?" Crap.
"Sure. Something like that. Now do you guys want something or wee you leaving?" Izuku was done.
"No, no, we have something we'd like to investigate. Now, Todoroki-kun, does the interior of this house look familiar to you?" Izuku scowled.
"Fine! Do whatever! I don't care anymore! There's coffee in the fridge. Stay out of the bedrooms an you'll be fine." Izuku stormed up to his room and slammed the door behind him. He went back to work on fixing his mask.
Once the mask was finished, he hid the costume under the fake bottom in his desk drawer and started working on making Hagakure a hero costume.
"Hey, 'Doriya, we're staying over tonight. And no I'm not asking. That was a statement not a question. What're you- whoa! Is that a sketch for a hero costume!? You've gotten a lot better at sketching, 'Doriya!" Mei slapped him on the back, jogging his hand. The scalpel he was using to cut a design out of the fabric slipped and cut his hand.
"FUCK!!! SHIT, MEI WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!! THAT FUCKING HURTS!!!" Mei took a step back and Izuku cradled his hand.
"I- I'm sorry 'Doriya! Do you want me to get the first aid kit or..." Izuku pushed passed her and speed-walked into the bathroom.
He ran his hand under the cold tap and hissed in pain. He heard Shinsou and Shouto running up the stairs.
"Mei, what happened?" Shinsou sounded somewhat calm. That was probably good.
"He umm, he was cutting something out of some fabric and I didn't see the scalpel and I said that he'd gotten better at sketching and I patted him on the back pretty hard and his hand slipped and why would someone who's right handed use a scalpel with their left hand!?!?!?!? And, and, and, I- I- 'Doriya got hurt because of me being nosy!!"
Izuku had stopped the bleeding for now and was starting to wrap his hand in bandages. The cut went along most of the middle of the back of his hand, deeper toward his pinkie and ending as a fairly shallow cut just below his index finger. It was definitely going to scar.
"Are you okay, Midoriya?" It was going to take him a while to get used to Shouto calling him that.
"Yep I'm... FINE! I'm fine! Ignore me!" He didn't want to shout at Shouto and risk scaring him away, so he tried to suppress the urge to scream curses at the top of his lungs.
"Are you sure? You look a little pale. Are- are you... OH MY GOD HE'S NOT BREATHING!!" Well, that wasn't the outcome he was hoping for.
"WHAT!?!!?!?" Mei and Shinsou burst through the door at the same time and Izuku just turned to face them with watery eyes. Shinsou sighed.
"Mido, you need to breathe." Izuku shook his head. "You'll hurt yourself if you don't" Izuku glared at him and bit his lip. "Mido if you don't do as I say right now, I'm calling Akari." Izuku gasped and walked up to Shinsou, pointing an accusing finger at his chest.
"You wouldn't dare, lilac boy!" Shinsou froze.
"Wait, wait, wait. What did you just call me?" Izuku tilted his head to the side, he was very confused.
"Lilac boy, like alw...... Oh shit...." The two boys just stood, staring blankly at each other, with a very confuse Mei and Shouto either side of them.
"Y- y- you're-" Izuku clamped his hand over Shinsou's mouth and glared at him.
"Shut it! We can talk about it another time!" Mei and Shouto looked hopelessly confused.
"Okayyyy then. Time for some sleepover games? I wanna play Mario party! Let's go!" Mei grabbed the three boys and dragged them down to the living room.
"Hey! That was my star, midget!" Izuku flipped Shinsou off and proceeded to by two stars at once.
"Hey, that's not fair, you got to steal Shinsou's star and buy two stars in the same go!!! I think you're hacking it somehow!!" Izuku stuck his tongue out at Mei and watched as the mini-game was chosen.
"How are you so good at this? You've yet to loose a single mini-game." Shouto was staring at the screen in astonishment.
"It's just numbers and shit. It's not that hard." Shinsou and Mei glared at him, while Shouto just stared in bewilderment.
"Is- is he always like this outside of school?" Whoops.
"No." "Yes." Said Mei and Shinsou at the same time.
Mei turned to Shinsou and quirked her eyebrows.
"He is not normally like this!" Shinsou glared down at Izuku.
"Well yeah, maybe not Izuku. But-" Izuku shoved a rice ball into Shinsou's mouth.
"I said we'll talk about that later. Now shut up and lose."
Izuku won the game of Mario party by a landslide and Shinsou demanded that they play Super Smash Bros. Izuku readily accepted the challenge and only the did Shinou remember who he was challenging. Izuku was a pro at every game in the damn house.
They played Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart (special cup), Arms and Mario and Sonic at the 2020 Olympic games, before deciding that going against Izuku was useless and playing as a four man team on Hyrule Warriors. It was great.
Izuku and Shinsou waited until Shouto and Mei were asleep before talking about Izuku's earlier slip up.
"So." Shinsou was the first to speak. "My two best friends are actually the same person?" Izuku nodded. "So if you're Kumo, I take it Akari is Eclipse." Izuku nodded again. Shinsou burst out laughing. "Oh my god! The vigilante that my dad has been chasing for ten years has been serving him coffee for at least three of those years! That's hilarious!" Izuku giggled. "And the vigilante who managed to get onto the "Top Ten Vigilantes" list after less than a year is not only the best friend of the top underground hero's son, but the younger brother of Eclipse, Eraserhead's favourite waitress and close friend, and his student in the U.A hero course! Damn, you guys are good!" Izuku bowed and hugged Shinsou.
"I'm soooo glad you aren't mad!" Shinsou laughed and hugged Izuku back.
"Taking a page from your book here but, why would I be mad?" Izuku tightened his grip on his friend.
"I lied to you..." Shinsou buried his face in Izuku's hair.
"Shut it, Kumo. You did that to protect yourself. But, if you really wanna make it up to me..." Izuku groaned. "I want in!"
"No! Absolutely not! I don't wanna risk you getting hurt!" Izuku held onto Shinsou as if he was scared that he would disappear if he let go. Part of him was.
"It's either that or I tell my dad about you."
"How are you planning to get out around Aizawa and Mic anyway?"
"Who says I am? Maybe I just wanna be the man in the chair."
"Then you should've just said that! I'm fine with you helping as long as it's from a safe distance!" Shinsou chuckled and the two of them joined Mei and Shouto on the air beds.

Chapter Text

Shouto woke up with pink hair in his face, a long leg across his own and an impossibly small, bandaged hand resting on his chest. Midoriya and Shinsou had put two airbeds up last night. They pushed the two together and slept with Midoriya and Shouto in the middle and Hatsume and Shinsou either side. When he woke up, however, the four of them were all lying on the floor. Hatsume was lying on her face, completely straight, with her hair in Shouto's, Shoinsou was lying on his back like a starfish, with one leg out to the side and one leg on Shouto's, and Midoriya was curled in on himself, holding one arm out. Said hand was lying directly above Shouto's heart, as if his subconscious was trying to find something to distract him from whatever was going through his mind in his sleep. Midoriya suddenly shot up and pulled his arm in, taking in a gasping breath and looking around the room cautiously. He seemed to figure out where he was fairly quickly and stood up, walking off towards the kitchen. He came back in a few minutes later, drew a few blankets up over his friends and curled himself up on the couch. He was thinking about getting up and checking on the small boy, when the sound of a lock clicking sounded through the apartment. All four of them shot up and Midoriya made his way to the front door silently. The door swung open and an extremely short woman with shoulder length brown hair and cheerful blue eyes walked into the house. She held a briefcase and a suitcase and wore a black shirt with blue jeans, grey combat boots and a tartan jacket. She closed the door and froze when she spotted Izuku stood in the corridor with his arms crossed.
"'Zuku, why aren't you wearing a shirt? Is that a bandage around your hand? What happened?" Midoriya took a step closer.
"You weren't meant to be coming home until late tonight." The woman shrugged and started walking towards the living room door. Shinsou mimicked Midoriya's stance, while Hatsume lunged at her. Shouto had no idea what to do.
"Akari!!! Did you bring me anything from Kyoto? A support item to analyse perhaps?" The woman - Akari, Hatsume had called her - slumped.
"Sorry Mei. The conference got cut short. I wasn't able to nab you anythin'. Now, can one of you tell me what 'Zuku did this time?"
"It was Mei." Shinsou answered immediately and pointed at the pink haired girl.
"Hey! How was I supposed to know that 'Doriya doesn't use his dominant hand to hold a scalpel with?!"
"I use all cutting instruments with my left hand. It's easier." Hatsume's shoulders slumped and she slid down onto the pile of blankets. The woman laughed and picked her bags back up.
"Well, I've got to take these up to my room. I'll be back down to make breakfast for you kids in a few minutes."
Shouto found himself sat around a table, eating pancakes and drinking orange juice, with two boys from his class and two support engineers (well, one support engineer and a support course student, but same thing). Once they'd all finished eating, Akari (who he'd found out was Midoriya's older sister, she reminded him a bit of Fuyumi) collected their glasses, plates and cutlery and started washing up.
"You three go and get ready for school. You'll have to set out soon if you don't want to be late. 'Zuku can walk you to the station and tell you which train to get on."
"Won't Midoriya be coming with us?" Shouto was confused. Midoriya was meant to be out of town today and tomorrow, so he technically had the day off. But taking the day off when you were in perfect health and not doing something greatly important seemed wrong. Akari shook her head.
"Aizawa thinks that we're still in Kyoto, so it'd seem strange if 'Zuku came in on a day he was supposed to be out of town. Not only that, it'd seem suspicious if 'Zuku came in with a big cut on his hand the day after that "Kumo" person threw a knife at Aizawa and Mic. It might seem stupid but it probably works out better and slims the chance of Aizawa getting mad at us this way. If anyone asks, could you say that you were staying 'round Mei's house to work on costume specifics or somethin'? Now, go and get ready."
Izuku worked on making a hero costume for Hagakure all day. He had to be more careful and work more slowly, thanks to Mei, but he was working at a steady pace. By lunch he had the main components of the suit cut out and ready to be stitched. Due to the nature of Hagakure's quirk, he had to use a hyper developed version of a material called Quantum Stealth which was developed in the early 2010's. The material bent light waves around the user, effectively making them and the material invisible. That wasn't the part that mattered though. The material had initially been developed for military uses and was later commercialised, meaning it was lightweight and durable. If he was just looking for something that could blend in with the surroundings he could've just used a transparent material (but that did feel a little bit like an invasion of privacy). He also coated a pair of boots, gloves and one of Akari's old chest pieces in the material. Hagakure needed to be invisible, not unprotected. By dinner, he'd finished Hagakure's costume and had begun working on Yaoyorozu's. Izuku used the same method for making her costume as he did for his own. He double layered the suit. The under layer was white Dyneema (It's an actual thing, it was quite interesting to research actually.) and the over layer was made of red nylon. The two layers were tightly stitched together. The suit had a cut out going from the navel to the back - so her midriff could be accessed to create weapons from, as well as her back - with a piece of fabric going down her spine and keeping the suit as one piece. It had a t-shirt neckline and sleeves and the legs came halfway down the thighs. He decided that the belt from her old costume could stay, but that was it. After a lot of research, he had decided that Dyneema would be the best material for things like this. It was an ultra high molecular weight polyethylene and was fifteen times stronger than steel, while still being able to float on water. It was amazing. (Yes, every piece of information I just gave was a fact. I do extensive research for stuff like this. It makes more sense to me to find actual stuff that does what I want rather than make things up.) He was initially planning on making Iida's costume out of Dyneema as well, but it wouldn't act the same way that metal would and he doubted that Iida would want anything other than a suit of Ingenium like armour. So he settled for Quantum stealth for Hagakure, Steel armour for Iida and a two layer Dyneema-Nylon mix for Yaoyorozu and Uraraka. He hadn't had time to make Iida and Uraraka's costumes yet, but he finished the sketches for them and got the important costumes out of the way. Akari filled out the paper work and took credit for the work (because she legally had to if they wanted the costumes to be used) and then the two of them got changed and left for their patrol.
Aizawa seemed surprised to see the two vigilantes stood on top of their meeting point, Eclipse had told him that she would be home that night so neither of them were sure why he was surprised. Aizawa swung over to the two of them and slapped Izuku with his capture weapon.
"That's for running away, brat. I see you've fixed your mask though." Akari quirked an eyebrow.
"Fixed his mask? How did you break it? That thing is stupidly strong!" Aizawa glared down at him and Izuku squirmed.
"He cried until one of the lenses broke." Akari's expression went from confused to shocked.
"He- he cried?" Aizawa turned his hard gaze to the older of the vigilantes.
"Yeah, why? He's a kid. That's normal for kids, right?"Akari nodded.
"Well yeah, it's normal for most kids, but I haven't seen that kid cry in just under a year. I thought he'd "given it up" or some edgy teenage bull crap like that. Must've been some serious shit to make him cry."
"Could you two stop talking about me as if I'm not here!?" Aizawa smirked.
"Oh sorry, you're so short that I forgot you were there." Izuku glared up at him, before turning on his heel and storming off.
"You've now lost the position of Favourite person no.3 to your son. I don't care if I've only met him twice."
"Wait, I thought that Eraser was Favourite person no.2?" Akari was walking after him.
"He was, until he let me fall from the ceiling." Akari turned to Aizawa, did the "I'm watching you" gesture and split off for her patrol.
Izuku was sat on a roof, eating a burrito (he now stopped at the burrito place once per patrol) when one of his throwing knives whizzed past his face and grazed his jaw, clattering against the wall behind him. He looked up to see a very guilty looking Shinsou with and old capture weapon of Eraserhead's. Izuku just looked up at him.
"Thanks for that." He went and retrieved his knife before sitting back down and munching on his burrito. "At least Mei didn't actively cut me with a scalpel."
Shinsou apologised profusely and claimed that he was aiming for the wall and not Izuku's head.
"What are you actually doing here though?" Izuku finished his burrito and pulled his mask down over his face (after putting a plaster on his jaw)
"I was just returning your knife to you. And, making sure you didn't get hurt." Izuku sighed and put the knife back in his belt.
"I'm not a baby, Shinsou. You know better than most how strong I am." Shinsou nodded. "If you really wanna help though, you could watch through CCTV. I could make us a setup so you can watch over me and cover my back while I'm on patrol, I could even make us a communications device each so you could warn me about on coming trouble without anyone noticing. Sound good?" Shinsou nodded again. "Right, I'll start working on it once Iida and Uraraka's costumes are done." Izuku grinned at shinsou, put the burrito wrapper in his lap and ran off shouting, "Consider throwing that away payment for throwing a knife at my face!" it was a fairly small payment, if you asked him.
Today was by far the quietest patrol that Izuku had ever seen. There was no way that something bigger wasn't going on. He got the distinct feeling that he should stay very close to his friends at school tomorrow.
"pencil case?"
"Hero costumes for friends?"
"Notebooks, just in case?"
"Okay, sounds like everything. Have fun!"
"I will! Bye Akari!"
Izuku ran to school and arrived in his homeroom with 5 minutes to spare.
"Midori!! Welcome back!! How was Kyoto!?" Izuku smiled up at Uraraka.
"It was nice! We couldn't make your costume yet, I'm sorry. You'll have to wait a little longer, is that okay?" Uraraka nodded enthusiastically and Izuku headed over to Hagakure and Yaoyorozu.
"Midori!!! Hi!!" Izuku smiled at the floating uniform.
"Hi Hagakure, hi Yaoyorozu. I've got you guys' costumes in my bag."
The two girls stared at him in awe (well, Yaoyorozu did).
"You two didn't have to push yourselves, Midoriya! You said it'd be a week or two, no?" Izuku nodded.
"I did, but I figured the sooner the better and we had a lot of free time while in Kyoto. Hagakure, yours is wrapped up because, well... anyway, everything is wrapped in purple tinted clingfilm and has a couple of green tags painted on them. It might be a bit hard to put on because... yeah, we may have gone a little overboard." Izuku pulled the two costumes out of his bag. He'd included a translucent, purple jacket with Hagakure's last minute so they could actually see if she was there or not. The girls marvelled at their costumes before looking at Izuku and saying "Whoa" simultaneously.
"Alright, brats. We're going on a school trip, so everyone get changed and get on the bus. Midoriya, if those are Hagakure and Yaoyorozu's new costumes I'll need to see a physical copy of the paperwork before we leave." Izuku nodded and pulled a stack of paper out of his bag. He placed the paper on Aizawa's desk, grabbed his suit and went to get changed.
Everyone was now sat on the bus and Izuku felt at ease, knowing that two of his classmates were no longer practically naked. Said classmates also seemed more at ease, knowing this. He was proud of himself. Their costumes looked (well, from what he could see of Hagakure's) wonderful.

Chapter Text

Izuku was sat next to Asui on the bus. She looked like she was thinking about something.
"I generally say whats on my mind, Midoriya." She opened her eyes and began talking. Izuku wasn't sure where this was going but it didn't sound good.
"Oh?!" (Try to sound curious and not suspicious!!!) "What is it, Asui?" She turned to face him.
"Call me Tsuyu." Izuku nodded. "What is you're quirk?" Izuku jumped.
"O- oh... why do you wanna know that, Tsuyu?" (Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no....!!!)
"Yea, Tsuyu's got a point!" Kirishima chimed in. "Iida said that it looked like you had a strength quirk during the entrance exam, but you seemed to use an electricity quirk quirk on the first hero lesson! But both types are awesome! You can do a lot of cool stuff with either of them! Not like my hardening. I'm good in a fight, but it's really boring." Kirishima hardened his arm. There was a lot a quirk like that could do.
"I think that's pretty cool, though. Your quirk's more than enough if you wanna go pro." Izuku decided that he liked Kirishima.
"Pro! But don't forget that hero's have to worry about popular appeal!!"
"My navel laser is both strong and cool. Perfect for a pro."
"As long as you don't blow up your own stomach!" Aoyoma's face turned sour.
"You wanna talk strong and cool? That's be Todoroki and Bakugo." Kacchan just tutted at the sound of his name.
"But Bakugo's so unhinged. He'd never be popular."
"WHAT'D YOU SAY, FROG-FACE?!" Kacchan stood up and glared at Tsuyu.
"See?" She said, pointing at said angry blond.
"We've only just started socialising and you've already made it abundantly clear to us the unpleasantness of your steamed turd of a personality." Said Kaminari, earning him a quiet round of applause.
Izuku was barely holding back a laugh and an "oh, how the tables have turned". Watching people call Kacchan out on how shit his personality was a rare delicacy.
"What a vulgar conversation!" Said Yaoyorozu aka 1-A's resident rich girl.
"I think it's fun!" Said Uraraka from next to Yaoyorozu.
"I don't think your mouth could get any fouler, Bakugo."
"We're here. Look sharp, now..." Aizawa sounded like he wanted to sleep until the world came to and end.
"Okay!!!" Came class 1-A's collective voices.
"WHOAAAAA!!" Shouted Kaminari. "IS THIS UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN?!" Izuku stifled a giggle.
"There's a flood zone. Landslide zone. Conflagration zone... etc. Every disaster and accident you can imagine. I built this facility my self. I call it..... The "Unforseen Simulation Joint"!!!" Izuku held his hand over his mouth to stop himself from laughing. (It really is the USJ!!!)
"Ooh, I love Thirteen!" Exclaimed Uraraka, while jumping up and down.
Thirteen and Aizawa exchanged a few words. Izuku could make out the words "All Might" and "Limit". (Huh, weird.)
"So be it. Let's get started." Aizawa said, in his normal, tired voice.
"Before we do, I have one or two points. Or three.... four...... As I'm sure many of you are aware... my quirk is called Black Hole. It can suck and tear apart anything."
"And you've used it to save people in all sorts of disasters." Izuku butted in, he also like Thirteen quite a lot. Uraraka was nodding so quickly that she'd probably qiven herself a headache.
"Indeed..." Continued Thirteen. "However, my power could easily kill. I've no doubt there are some of you with similar abilities. In our super-powered society, the use of quirks is heavily restricted and monitored. It may seem that this system is a stable one. But we must not forget that it takes only one wrong move with an uncontrollable quirk for people to die." Izuku zoned out. Shit about how their quirks could be dangerous didn't apply to him. "During Aizawa's physical fitness test... you came to learn of your own hidden potential." Something in the plaza seemed off. The fountain looked slightly distorted. "Through All Might's battle training... you experienced the danger that your respective quirks pose to.... Midoriya, are you even listening?!" Everyone's attention turned to Izuku. He didn't care though. Something was wrong.
"Midoriya! Listen to your teachers when-" Aizawa was probably goinng to lecture him or something, but this was more important.
"Shut up!" Everyone's eyes went wide and Iida went to scold him. "All of you! Shut. Up" Izuku focused on the fountain and noticed a black dot appearing. "All of you, get out of here! Now!" He hissed and everyone obeyed. Well, partially at least. They all backed up a bit and that was more than enough to buy Izuku time. "I want all of you to leave now! Especially you, Iida! You have a speed quirk, go and get help. I'll buy us some time! Everyone looked at him as though he was mad, until the warp gate started getting larger. Izuku realised that he didn't have time to listen to Iida's "I cannot leave my classmates behind!" shit and all but pushed the taller boy out of the door, before focusing on the warp gate again.
"It seems you've ruined our plans." Said a very dry looking man with grey-blue hair, dead looking skin and hands covering his upper body. "Who knew that there'd be someone competent among the heroes in training. Unfortunate that you have to die. Can't have you messing things up for us again."
By this point, a small army had emerged from the warp gate, which now appeared under Izuku's feet.
A small chorus of worried, "Midoriya!", "Mido!" and "Midori!"'s came from his classmates and teachers as he fell through the mist-like substance. Clearly, the crusty hand man hadn't anticipated that Izuku could actually fall and fight quite well, as when Izuku rolled the second he touched the floor and kicked the man in the ribs, he seemed shocked, appalled and pleased all at the same time (though, it was a bit hard to tell from under the hand). Izuku didn't know the man's quirk, and that was dangerous. He could infer from the seemingly-endless amount of hands covering his torso, arms and face that his quirk was a touch based activation, like Uraraka's, so when the man reached out to grab Izuku, he did a back flip to avoid the mans hand and walked back a few paces once he landed. The man seemed to get more and more intrigued with every move that Izuku made.
"Kurogiri!" Screeched crust hand man. "Split up his friends and leave them to the minions! I wanna see how he reacts to a few of his friends dying!" Izuku turned and glared at the man, before a plan hatched in his mind and he grinned.
"Have fun with that. In case you hadn't noticed, I have the upper hand in this situation."
"Was- was that a pun??" Izuku sighed and stared blankly at crusty hand man.
"No, you idiot, it was a hint. Neither of us know the quirks of our pawns, but that's fine. Their just pawns, expendable pieces which can easily be replaced. The real tipping point is the quirks of the bosses. You and Kurogiri vs me and Aizawa, consider those two more of mini-bosses or queens depending on whether we're going with chess of video games. Now, I know your's and Kurogiri's quirks, but you don't know mine and I'm not entirely sure if you know Aizawa's. Thus meaning, I have the upper hand in this game. What're you gonna do?" This wasn't actually, entirely, a bluff. Knowing the quirk of an enemy gives you a huge upper hand and allows you to exploit or avoid said quirk. He hoped that the rest of his class had picked that much up from his talk with them the other day.
He was back to grinning at crusty hand man, who seemed to be glaring (?) back at him.
"Damn brat!! Fuck! Now I can't decide whether to kill you or take you back to sensei!!" Izuku rolled his eyes.
"God! Kill me, please! I'd literally rather die than spend more time with you and your evil master, or whatever!"
"Fine, if that's what you want!" Crusty hand man charged at him, but he relied to heavily on his strength and quirk. He was slow and his moves were big and obvious. Izuku, on the other hand, relied on his small stature and speed, occasionally using a weapon or two to even out the playing field. He had the upper hand in almost every sense. Almost. At the end of the day, crusty hand man had a quirk and Izuku didn't. While quirks could be exploited, someone with a quirk still had at least a slight edge over someone without a quirk. So Izuku's huge advantage was quickly diminished into a small head start.
Izuku was playing on the defensive side. There wasn't much else he could do. Crusty hand man clearly had a strong touch based quirk, so Izuku couldn't get in close for risk of said quirk being used on him or one of his weapons. Neither of which would do Izuku and favours. The fight (if it could be called that) mainly consisted of Crusty hand man attacking with a big swing of one or both of his hands, Izuku dodging and occasionally going in for a hit while CHM's guard was dropped. After a while, the older of the two seemed to get tired of this.
"Nomu, crush the kid. I'm getting tired of playing with him. He's no fun!" The huge black thing which had sat on the sidelines for the whole fight, ran at Izuku, but before it could reach him, Aizawa appeared out of nowhere and pushed Izuku out of the way, taking the hit for him. There was a sickening crunch as Izuku's teacher made contact with the ground and something snapped in Izuku. He turned to the older man and glared at him, emanating a force of hatred and rage so strong that every villain in the area took a step back.
"You took a step to far! I didn't want to do this, but you've left me no choice." Izuku felt a sudden surge of energy run through his veins, and ran at the man.
He had been fast before, but now he was angry. Enraged, even. Izuku would not let anyone hurt anyone he cared about and those who chose to go against his will would feel his wrath. He pulled out his staff and whacked it into the other man's head. Hard. The man looked like he was going to topple over for a moment, before shaking himself out of it and swinging at Izuku. Izuku back flipped out of the way and charged again. He swung a leg out at the others torso and landed a solid hit. The man grabbed at Izuku, who ducked and rolled out of the way. He picked himself up and ran in again. He was now hyper-aware of his surroundings and could tell that Shinsou and Tsuyu were stood in the water at the edge of the plaza. They were out of sight for everyone but him. He hoped that they would be smart and stay put, rather than rushing in recklessly. Not that Izuku had any room to talk, when it came to reckless behaviour. Izuku pulled a feint and slid under the other man's legs. Crust hand man had managed to grab onto Izuku's hood and he slid, but it disintegrated the second he touched it and so, made no difference. Izuku stood and turned on his heel the moment he had passed through the pair of legs fully. He pressed the palm of his hand flat against the nape of the other's neck and just held it there. The man screamed out in pain and fell to the floor, unconscious. He saw Kurogiri go to make a move and turned to glare at him. Crusty hand man was almost defiantly the strongest (not including the "Nomu" which was useless, now that Crusty hand was incapacitated), this idea was cemented into his mind when Kurogiri backed off at the sight of Izuku's glare. He pried his crumpled teacher out from under the Nomu's grip, tied the thing up with a rope he had the luck of happening upon and started carrying Aizawa up to the entrance. As he started walking back towards the entrance, he noticed that all of his classmates were hidden in a place with a perfect view of the plaza, their attention now turned to the small green boy carrying their teacher. He was certain that most, if not all, of them had seen most of his fight with Crusty hand man and had no idea how to react.
"I AM HEre...?" Everyone tore their attention from Izuku and looked blankly at All Might.

Chapter Text

"I AM HEre...? Did Aizawa-shounen defeat them all on his own?" Everyone tuned to look at All Might with fearful eyes and slowly shook their heads. "Then what on earth happened?" Izuku had kept walking towards the exit and was now walking past All Might. "Ah, Midoriya-shounen! Allow me to take Aizawa-shounen. He must be heavy for a child such as your self." Izuku was about to protest, when the huge blond lifted the crumpled teacher off of his shoulders. He hated to admit it, but Aizawa was beginning to get a little bit heavy. The effects of his adrenaline and anger were beginning to wear off and Izuku's eyelids were slowly getting heavier. He'd never had to work so hard to win a fight. Not even that one time he worked with Shouto. There was no word to describe how completely and utterly exhausted he felt right now.
"DEKUUUUU!!!" Ah, of course. The world just had to throw Kacchan at him the second he was vulnerable. "The fuck was that!? You're nothing but a weak little quirkless brat who can't do nothin' but complain and whine and bitch about every little hurdle life throws at him!! So when the fuck did you learn to do that!?!?! The Deku I know couldn't land a punch without hurtin' himself, let alone take down the leader of a group of villains and come out unscathed! So tell me, who the fuck are you!?!?" Izuku didn't have the energy to control his mouth, so just let whatever came come. He would rectify things when he could be bothered.
"The weak little Deku that you seemed to love using as a punching bag died the second he stumbled across the remains of his parents and house. In case you'd forgotten, I have a name. Allow me to remind you of it. My name is Midoriya Izuku and I refuse to let you push me around anymore, Bakugo Katsuki. Now I suggest you watch your mouth. It could get you into serious trouble one day." Izuku walked off.
He managed to get out of the door and, thus, out of sight before collapsing into an exhausted heap. He just wanted to go to sleep.
Tenya returned to the USJ with an army of teacher, only to find and unconscious Midoriya outside the door. All Might walked outside, carrying a very injured Aizawa-sensei, not a moment later and looked over at the small boy on the floor.
"It's strange. No one has informed me of what happened. When I got here, The leader of the villains was lying on the ground, incapacitated, while the few remaining villains cowered in fear and Midoriya-shounen carried Aizawa-shounen towards the door. I believe that Bakugo said something about Midoriya, "Taking down the leader of the group and coming out unscathed." All I know is that Aizawa didn't take down the leader and Bakugo seemed convinced that Midoriya did. No one would give me anymore information." Tenya was incredibly confused.
Izuku woke up in a cold, white room, with itchy sheets pulled up to his chest and a flat pillow under his head.
"Ah," Came the voice of Recovery Girl. "You're awake. Good. It's strange. You came out of that fight without a single injury and yet, I've reason to believe that you were fighting in the main plaza. Tell me, how did you manage that?" Izuku sat up and buried his head in his hands.
"That is generally what happens when you're bullied for your whole life. Your reflexes get crazy good and you train constantly to get the strength to match them. It helps to have a few support items on your person as well." Recovery Girl nodded and handed him a few gummy bears.
"Here, they'll help you replenish your energy." Izuku took the sweets and gulped them down.
"How's Aizawa? He's the only one who got seriously injured. I did my best to ensure that no one would be, but he took a hit for me. I wanted to thank him." Recovery Girl smiled at him.
"Ah, well he's in hospital at the minute, but he should be back to teaching by Monday. You're free to go home, by the way. It's the weekend now, so make sure to get lots and lots of rest!" Izuku nodded and headed home.

"Oh, Zuku, welcome home! I'm making katsudon for dinner. Don't worry about getting changed. We aren't going on patrol tonight." The second Izuku walked through the door, Akari began talking.
"Why not? Wouldn't that be a bit suspicious?" Izuku walked to his bedroom ans he talked to his older sister.
"Suspicious or not, your rest is important. I care a lot more about your health than peoples opinions of us."
Izuku changed into some more comfortable clothes and made his way out to the kitchen. Just as Akari had said, they had katsudon for dinner. They ate and went to bed.
Izuku lay awake, staring at the plain white ceiling of his bedroom. He couldn't sleep. He decided he wanted to paint the ceiling. He found that sleepless nights were becoming somewhat a common occurrence and the plain white of the ceiling did nothing to help. He'd paint it to match the nights sky. That always helped him relax. Or take his mind off of his lack of sleep. Both worked. He was thinking of what colours he'd need and how much paint to get when his phone went off.

1-A 。^‿^。
Gren is online

Purble: Well, that was interesting.
Peppermint: Why are you awake?
Purble: Why are you awake?
Peppermint: Fair point. The real question is, why is Midoriya awake?
Gren: When am I not awake?
Purble: He's got you there, Todo.
(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ: Are the two of you insinuating that Midori doesn't sleep? Impossible! He's too much of a cinnamon roll to do that!
Gren: Hey, Ura.
(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ: Hi!!!
(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ: Seriously though, why are the three of you awake?
Gren: Because this is insomniac chat time. Welcome to the group, I guess.
Hello darkness my old friend: Something tells me that Uraraka stumbled across the late night chat time by accident. Perhaps extending an invitation to her is not the correct course of action.
Gren: :(
(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ: :(
Peppermint: :l
Purble: :p
(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ: Any way though, what'd you mean Shinsou?
Purble: USJ
Hello darkness my old friend: Yes, that was.... interesting.
Peppermint: I had no idea you were so strong, Midoriya.
Gren: I'm not. I just got lucky and managed to guess and dodge his quirk. I'm fairly sure that I wouldn't even be here if I hadn't managed to get in close at the end.
(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ: Oh yeah! You used your quirk to take down the boss guy! That was so cool!
Gren: My quirk?
Purble: His quirk?
A frog: Actually, that brings me back to our conversation on the bus, Midori.
(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ: Tsuyu!!! When did you get online?
A frog: I've been here the whole time, but that's besides the point. What is your quirk, Midori? The chance of it being an electricity quirk are getting increasingly higher, but Iida was fairly certain that he saw you use a strength quirk during the entrance exam.
(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ: Maybe he has two quirks, like Todoroki!
Peppermint: I highly doubt that.
Hello darkness my old friend: I also find that highly unlikely.

┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ the bitch is online

┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ the bitch: Why the fuck are all of you extras awake!?!?
Gren: I've already been over this. 11 P.M to 3 A.M is late night chat time, for insomniacs. People who go to sleep at 8.30 P.M have no business being here.
┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ the bitch: Shut the fuck up, shitty Deku!
Gren: I was literally just answering your question.
┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ the bitch: I said shut the fuck up!
Gren: Fine.
A frog: Anyway, what is your quirk, Midori?
Gren: :s
┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ the bitch: What the fuck are you talking about, Frog face!? Shitty Deku doesn't have a quirk!

Tape dispenser, Rip-off Pikachu and 3 other are online

Tape dispenser: Hey, can we stoop blowing up the chat at 1 A.M plea........... Oh??
┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ the bitch: What's so funny, dunce face?!
Rip-off Pikachu: That was the best joke I've heard in a while! Midoriya being quirkless, pffftftftftftf
Gren: (゜-゜)
Rip-off Pikachu: ?
Tape dispenser: ?
A frog: ?
Hello darkness my old friend: ?
Peppermint: ?
(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ: ?
¯\(°_o)/¯: ?
The sweetest of rock boys: ?
Fabulous (。◕‿◕。): ✧?✧
Gren: (゜-゜)
Purble: (゜-゜)
┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ the bitch: Well, shitty Deku, who's gonna tell 'em? You me or your boyfriend?
Gren: My boyfriend?????
Purble: Todo doesn't know. How would he tell everyone?
┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ the bitch: What!?
Gren: What!?!??
Peppermint: ...............
Purble: So he's not your boyfriend??
Gren: I don't have a boyfriend!!!!!!!
Peppermint: ...............
┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ the bitch: Stop changing the fucking subject!!!
Gren: NO!!!!
┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ the bitch: I'll fucking tell 'em then!!!!
Gren: NO!!!!!

(Think, think, think, think.......... Oh, that could work.....)

Smoll is online

┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ the bitch: Who the fuck is that?!?!?!
Smoll: Wouldn't you like to know, bitch face.
¯\(°_o)/¯: OH MY GOD!!!!!!! KAMI, IT'S KUMO!!!!!!

(Good, it worked.)

┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ the bitch: Who the fuck added you to the chat!?
Purble: Me :3
Smoll: Hey! That's my face! Get your own!
Purble: Make me. :3
Smoll: Fine. Meet me at the usual place in twenty minutes. >:3
Purble: Fine. >:3

Purble and Smoll are offline

Gren: I should probably make sure he doesn't take them up on that offer. I'll see you all tomorrow! :)

Gren is offline

Izuku put on his suit and sneaked out of his bedroom window. Was he going to beat up one of his best friends? Of course not! Was Shinsou going to show up at all? Almost definitely not. Was Izuku heading out anyway? You're damn right he was. His room was getting stuffy and cramped. He needed to stretch his legs and what better way to stretch your legs than by hopping from roof to roof, looking for villains to beat up. None. Th correct answer to that is none. Kicking evil butt is the best form of exercise.
Shinsou was, as expected not at the meeting point. So Izuku continued jumping and trying to find someone to save. Until he heard footsteps behind him. They were quiet, but still there. Isuku jumped off the edge of the roof he was running along and used his, untouched and very silent, grappling hook to pull himself up against the wall of the building he just jumped off of. The footsteps stopped and he hear a high pitched bleeping.
"Hey boss. Yeah, I lost 'em. Jumped off a roof. Think they heard me, not that it matters the building tall. Judging from the angle of the drop, there's no way they could've used their quirk to get out. I'm gonna start heading back." The bleeping stopped and he heard a sigh. "He's gonna kill me when I get back." The footsteps started up again and Izuku waited until they sounded far enough away to start climbing the wall. He hoisted himself over the edge and began looking for people to save again. After a while he found a hero fight. Normally, he'd just sit on the edge of a roof and make observations in his notebook, but today was different. The hero was clearly on his first patrol and unused to fighting real villains. This in of itself was bad enough, but of course there had to be more. The inexperienced hero was protecting a group of civilians. If the situation weren't so dire, Izuku just would've texted Aizawa and had him sort it out. He didn't have time to do that now. He'd just have to dive in and hope that he could avoid the media and capture. The building he was stood on was fairly short, so he was able to just jump off of the roof and catch his fall with a roll. He'd gotten into the habit of setting up his voice modifier as he ran, so he didn't have to worry about that. He stood up and swung his leg out to kick the closest villain in the head. The kick landed but wasn't as effective as he'd hoped. The man he'd kicked was disoriented, but still standing, and he'd alerted everyone else to his position.
"Well," Started one of the villains, stepping forward. "looks like the little bug decided to come and ruin our fun!" Izuku narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms.
"Ruin the fun? Oh pleases, I make every situation way more fun! Now let's get started, shall we?" He charged at the group of villains and pulled out his staff. He had separate staffs for school and work - the one for school was made of regular iron, was shorter and had a single join in the middle allowing it to lock into place or fold in half, his work staff, however, was made of Akari iron, was much longer and was completely collapsible - so that no one could link Izuku to Kumo through them. He unfolded the staff in one, quick motion and slammed it into the floor in order to propel himself upwards. As soon as he was in the air, he pulled the staff back in towards him and whacked the villains on the head as he soared above them. He broke his fall with a roll and put the staff back into its pouch. He'd gotten the first villain with that move. He'd hoped he'd be done by now, but things don't always go as planned. He momentarily turned his attention to the hero.
"Are you gonna help or do I have to do this all on my own!?" The man was stood in a corner cowering. At least the civilians were safe stood behind him. "Whatever. Just protect the civilians. I'll deal with the rest." The hero nodded and Izuku charged back into the fray. After a good ten minutes and no help what so ever from the hero, he'd taken all of the villains out and cable-tied them together. He then remembered that this was a hero fight, with reporters, that he had butted into and if he didn't leave now, someone would try and apprehend him. He waved at the cameras, pulled out his grappling hook and escaped. He'd found that the grappling hook was much better for fast escapes than climbing. The heroes would soon be hunting him, so he ran home as quickly and quietly as he could. He managed to get into his room without anyone seeing him once. He pulled the curtains shut and yanked off his mask.
"So, you thought the whole "we're not out going out tonight" meant, "I'm gonna stay at home, but you should totally go out on your own and be on national television". Did you even listen to a word I said!?" Izuku grimaced and turned to face his very angry older sister.
"Hey, Akari. I- uh didn't do it?" Akari stared blankly at him and pulled up a video on her phone. It was of him propelling himself over the group of villains and whacking one of them in the head.
"Yeah, sure. I'm not an idiot, Izuku, don't go out on a patrol without me! We go together for a reason! What if you'd been hurt or captured? I wouldn't have been just around the corner to make sure that nothing bad happened! If- if you're gonna go out alone, at least tell me first so that i can be ready to help in a moments notice! I- I just don't want anything bad to happen to you!" Akari was crying now and pulled Izuku into a tight hug.
"I'm sorry. i won't do it again. I promise." Akari buried her face in Izuku's hair and kept crying. He wrapped his arms around her and cried silently into the nook of her shoulder.

Chapter Text

The weekend went by without a hitch. Izuku and Akari sat and watched old, pre-quirk films and TV series' all weekend and ate junk food. Apparently Recovery girl had forgotten to mention that she'd healed Izuku's two friend induced injuries. Having said that, she may have only used her quirk as a precaution, not realising that Izuku was injured. Either way, the cuts on the back of his hand and his jaw had been healed, but left a scar each, as they had been healed a day or two after they'd been made rather than a few minutes to a few hours. It was now Monday morning and Izuku was putting on his uniform, while Akari made breakfast. Once they'd eaten, Izuku grabbed his bento out of the fridge, put on his awesome red high-tops with glowing platforms (I love Izuku's shoes. Say what you will, but I think that they're great!) and headed to school.
---temporary character switch, Shigaraki---
Tomura was sat at the bar with Kurogiri. It'd already been two days since the attack on the UA brats and he was still fuming. He was going to launch another attack and kill the green haired one if it was the last thing he did! Kurogiri said that he was over reacting, but he wasn't! That brat had ruined his plans and then had the audacity to insult sensei and use a fucking electricity quirk to knock him out! To make matters worse, sensei hadn't spoken to them at all since the USJ! Saying that Tomura was mad would be an understatement at this point. As if he'd heard Tomura's thoughts, the TV screen came to life and sensei began to talk.
"I want the green one." (What???!?!?) "I don't care which one, either works. Just get me the green one." Did he butt dial them??? "Well, Tomura, Kurogiri, you heard me!"
"Y- yes but I'm not entirely sure that I understand, sir." Sensei tutted at Kurogiri.
"I want the two of you to get me one of the green ones. Either the green UA student who bested Tomura, or the green vigilante who's been showing up a lot lately. I want one of them, they have potential. Take as long as you need and feel free to grab as many potentials as you see fit, just make sure it's done." The screen went blank again and Tomura was even more angry than before.
It wasn't fair! Tomura had worked endlessly and endured tons of shit to get where he was but these two kids can just stroll up and kick a few arses and sensei immediately had his eyes on them!!! Oh, Tomura was going to get them alright! Just not quite in the way that sensei wanted. He hadn't specified whether he wanted them dead or alive, so he'd get them in whatever state Tomura gave them to him in, be that dead or alive.
-temporary character switch, Shigaraki end-
"Midori!!!" A pair of arms wrapped around Izuku's neck and there was a sudden weight on his back, he jumped and turned around. "WHOA! Slow down there, greeny!" Mina had jumped on him from behind.
"O- oh, sorry Mina. I just... Hi." Mina got off of his back and turned him round to face him.
"You have some questions to answer! We even convinced Aizawa-sensei to come in a bit later than normal! Now, everyone, it's Mido questioning time!" Izuku took a step back, only to walk into someone. He turned around and shot Shouto a betrayed look. He just shrugged. (Rude!)
"So, we only actually have one question. What is your quirk?" Izuku turned to Iida and tried to give him the most helpless and pleading look he could muster.
"I apologise, Midoriya, but I too am incredibly curious as to what your quirk is." Iida bowed and Izuku slumped.
(Think of something..... Stupid smart..... Akari would say go stupid smart, confuse 'em with your wit!)
"I- I suppose that one could, potentially say that I, Midoriya Izuku, don't have the required genetic sequences and/or bone structure to have a complex evolutionary factor which is most commonly known as what one would call a "quirk", potentially."
"Wassat mean, Midori?" Everyone was looking at him like he was a crazy genius who just read out the chemical formula for Liddicoatite along with the process with which it is made.
"Means he's a quirkless little waste of space." Kacchan was leaning against the classroom door with his eyes close.
"But that's not possible, right Midori.... Midori?" Izuku was sat on the floor, curled up in a ball and ready for someone to start hitting him or start shouting about how him being here was ruining the chance for someone actually worthwhile, but it never came. He looked up to see why no one was being mean to him yet. Everyone looked worried.
"Y- you guys aren't mad?" Mina's eyes went wide and Shouto's eyebrows twitched.
"Why would we be mad!?! You're our friend, Midori, quirk or no quirk! It doesn't matter that you don't have a quirk like the rest of us! We like you for you!" Mina bent down and wrapped her arms around Izuku.
Everyone calmed down and went back to their seats and a mummified Aizawa came into the room.
"Okay class, I hope you got everything you needed to done, because we're going to start preparing for the sports festival."
"That's so normal!!"
"Come on! We just had that villain attack. You sure about this?!" Aizawa sighed.
"It's necessary to demonstrate that UA's crisis management protocols are sound... that's the thinking, apparently. Compared to past years, there'll be five times the police presence. Anyhow, our sports festival it the greatest opportunity you'll get. It's not an event that can be cancelled over a few villains."
"You sure about that?" Asked Sero. (This line's supposed to be Mineta's but as he's dead and not in 1-A to begin with, I've given it to Sero)
"Sero, are you telling me that you've never seen UA's sports festival?!"
"Of course I have, that's not what I meant..."
"Our sports festival is one of Japan's biggest events!" Why was Aizawa getting so serious about this?? "The Olympics were once the world's sports festival." Like, seriously, Izuku had known this man for a year and not once had he seen him et this worked up over anything. Like literally anything. "The whole country would be whipped into a frenzy over them. But as you know, that tradition has shrunk in scale to a shell of its former self... and as far as Japan's concerned, what's taken the place of the Olympics is... The UA Sports Festival!!"
"The nation's top heroes will all be watching, right?" Sero asked.
"They'll be there as scouts!" Replied Yaoyorozu
"They'll be looking to hire us as sidekicks after we graduate. That's how it's done." Said Denki.
"And a lot of those sidekicks never manage to go solo. They're sidekicks forever. That'll be you, Kaminari you dunce." Jiro butted in.
"Naturally, you'll gain valuable experiance and popularity if you're picked up by a big-name hero. But your time is limited. Show the pros what you're made of here, and you'll make futures for yourselves. This happens once a year... so you've got three chances. If you're hoping to become a hero, this is an event you can't miss!" Aizawa would make a pretty good motivational speaker.
Izuku was walking to lunch with Shinsou and Shouto, when h heard the thundering footsteps of All Might.
"Midoriya-shounen! Ah, where did he go?" The three of them looked around, before deciding that finding Izuku was a lost cause.
"Sorry, All Might, he just... I don't know. He doesn't normally disappear out of nowhere like this." Shinsou sighed and shook his head.
"This isn't the first time he's done this?" Shinsou shook his head again.
"One minute you'll be talking to him and the next, he'll be gone. No idea where he goes. Sorry." All Might nodded and walked back the way he came. After he was sure he was gone, Shinsou called Izuku. "You can come out now, green one." Izuku slowly lowered himself down from the ceiling and looked up at the two much, much taller boys.
"What just happened???" Asked Shouto.
"I'll explain someday. Not even Shinsou knows the full story yet." Shinsou whipped around to look at him.
"What!? You mean that huge, emotionally taxing story wasn't the full thing???" Izuku laughed.
"Nope!! Only one person other than myself knows the full thing. I'll tell the both of you someday."
The three of them continued to go and eat lunch, Mei joined them at some point and chatted about everything and nothing at the same time.
----------time skip after school!----------
Izuku went to leave the classroom and found the entire hallway filled with gen ed students.
"Uhhh, what exactly is going on out here?" Izuku asked as he stared out at the crowd.
"What are they doing out here?" Asked Sero (Who was given all of Mineta's lines, for this chapter at least. He doesn't get enough lines at the start of the manga.)
"Scoping out the competition, duh, elbows." Kacchan stormed out and shoved Izuku, very hard, out of the way. "Cause we're the kids who survived a villain attack. Makes sense they'd want a look before the sports festival. No point though. Move aside cannon fodder."
"Would you shut up, Katsuki! We don't even know 'em! Can you, like, not bully people, for once in your privileged life!?"
"Well said, Midoriya-kun." Izuku froze at the voice. It was rip-off Todo, from junior high school. "While it's true we came to get a look at you, you sure are modest. Please tell me that no one else in the hero course is like this. Gotta say that I'm a little disillusioned if there are more like him. Those of us who didn't make it into the hero course are stuck in gen ed or some other class. There're quite a few of us. Did you know that? Another thing, depending on the results of the sports festival... they might consider transferring us into the hero course. I understand that the reverse is also true. Scoping out the competition? For a gen ed student like me, this'll be the perfect chance to knock you off of your pedestal. Consider this a declaration of war. Have fun with that bastard, Midoriya-kun. I hope you don't get too hurt during the festival." (Shinsou got put into 1-A, so I had rip-off Todo take his place in gen ed. That just so happened to include his speech, but cause he's a different person it had to be changed up a bit.)
"Hey, I'm from 1-B, next door!! Heard you guys fought some villains. Wanted to find out more, but... all I'm seeing is this arrogant bastard!! You better not make fools of the hero course at this thing!!" Aaaand, Kacchan's pushing them all out of the way...
"Hey, Katsuki you huge jerk! The hell are you doing?! Everyone hates us now!" Kacchan turned to face him.
"Everyone hates you anyway, Shitty Deku... wait, what did you just call me!?"
"Aw, what's the matter, Katsuki don't like the fact that your precious little punching bag is gone for good?" Kacchan started storming towards him and Izuku was filled with instant regret.
Just as Kacchan was about to reach Izuku, rip-off Todo came up behind him and grabbed the back of his shirt.
"I don't think so, blasty, can't have you hurting Midoriya, now can we?" Izuku glared at the boy as he dragged Kacchan away from the classroom but his shirt. Izuku was not weak!
-----time skip to the sports festival!-----
The next two weeks flew by with everyone training and Kumo was more active than ever. He needed to train as well and this was his way of doing it. He could increase his speed, accuracy and strength through vigilantism and so would stay out for as long as humanly possible. And then the sports festival arrived.
"IS EVERYONE GOOD AND READY?! THE EVENT IS ABOT TO BEGIN!!" Shouted Iida from the front of the room.
"I wish I could've worn my costume." Said Shoji.
"We're not allowed, in the interest of fairness." Replied Ojiro.
"Midoriya." Came the familiar voice of Shouto. He'd never get used to calling him Todoroki while at school.
"Ah, what's up Sho- Todoroki?"
"Objectively speaking, I'm stronger than you. More capeable." (Well, maybe than "Izuku" but not than me)
"I- I guess? Why?"
"I see us as friends, however, All Might has his eye on you." Izuku glared. He did not like All Might and wanted nothing more to do with the man, thank you very much! "I've no idea why that is and I'm not about to pry, but... I will beat you."
"A declaration of war from the strongest in the class? Are you sure that's the best idea? I mean Midoriya is... y'know..." Izuku hated that. Everyone had started treating him like glass since they found out he was quirkless.
"Look, I don't know why you felt the need to tell me that you'd beat me, Sho- Todoroki. And I've no idea why the rest of you feel the need to treat me like glass, when you'e seen me take down villains but... everyone, even the kids from the other courses are aiming for the top. And I refuse to fall behind! I'm going for it too, with everything I've got!"
"NOW FOR TH ATHLETE'S OAT!!" Shouted Midnight from the stage, earning a few mumbles about weather or not an R-rated hero should be presenting a family friendly event and teaching. "PIPE DOWN!! YOUR STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE IS.... MIDORIYA IZUKU!!"
"Why is shitty Deku the representative?!" Screamed Kacchan as Izuku walked up to the stage.
"Probably because he placed first in our entrance exam. Y'know cause he actually tried to help people, unlike you." Kacchan began to grumble unintelligible words as Izuku reached the stage.
He took in a deep breath and glare dot at the crowd of student.
"I want each and every one of you to try the hardest you can. I don't give a shit whether your "quirk is suited to the test" or not. Shatter everyone's expectations by doing the best you can and aiming for the top!" Everyone just stared at him blankly as he walked back into his class group. They probably weren't expecting something like that, but he knew how good it felt to go above everyone's expectations.
"NOW, WITHOUT ANY DELAY, LET'S GET THE FIRST EVENT STARTED! THESE ARE THE QUALIFIERS! IT'S IN THIS STAGE THAT SO MANY ARE SENT HOME CRYING EVERY YEAR! AND THE FATEFUL FIRST EVENT THIS YEAR IS... THIS!!" The screen read "obstacle course race" and Izuku wanted to roll his eyes. Everyone got into place as Midnight yelled for them to start.
Izuku was fast, short and allowed a few support items to help "fill the gap made by the lack of a quirk", not that he was complaining, he quite liked his support items. He had his staff, tasers and a few (a lot) smoke bombs on him. He started sprinting the second he heard Midnight's voice and managed to weave his way around to the front of the crowd. He kept sprinting. There was no way he was going o slow down until he reached the finish line. He saw a bridge of ice forming next to him and heard explosions on the other side. Everyone was catching up. It was fine though. Kacchan would have to land eventually and ice was just water, at the end of the day. Water is a conductor. He rand his palm along the ice as he ran, hoping that it would take effect and then the ice stopped getting longer and Shouto fell.
"Sorry buddy, I gotta win this for my sister."
"Well, yeah. That'd be Midoriya's taser support items."
"Ordinarily, but nothing about this years first years is normal. Especially when it comes to 1-A. Midoriya has a constant disadvantage. It's only fair that he uses his support items." He appreciated Aizawa defending him, but it wasn't that big of a disadvantage.
Shouto was now laying on the ground grumbling about how that wasn't fair and Kacchan was slowing down a bit. His plan was working. Izuku kicked it up a notch and started running faster, when he got to the first obstacle. Fucking zero pointers.
"So," Began Shouto. " These are the faux villains they used for everyone else's test? Kinda wish they'd prepared something a little more threatening. Especially since dear old dad is watching." Shouto's pretty hair swirled around in a ponytail as he froze the villains. He was using the ribbon that Izuku (Kumo) had given him.
"He stopped 'em!! We can get through that gap!" Shouted some random idiot before Shouto warned against it and the robots fell. Izuku was already ahead, being small enough to weave his way through robot legs with practised ease.
There was something about Kirishima and Tetsutetsu being crushed? Izuku wasn''t sure. All he could hear was fire, ice and explosions. Kacchan and Shouto were catching up with him, fast.
"But class B and even the others aren't doing bad. It's just... class A knows there's no time to hesitate." (I know that first bit was from All Might, but it made more sense to have Aizawa saying it for this.) "They've been exposed to the outside world, up close and personal. They've had that fear planted in them. And they've endured it. Overcome it. Each has grown from that experience... and forgotten ho to hesitate."
Shouto was getting across the tightropes using his ice, Kacchan was propelling himself a long with explosions and Izuku ran across, taking advantage of his weight and using his staff to shoot himself forward from the midpoints. Tsuyu, Iida and Mei were beginning to catch up. Shinsou and his brainwashed servants weren't too far behind.
Shouto and Kacchan had now pulled ahead of Izuku. But only just. He pressed both palms flat against the ground, sending a strong electric pulse through the mine field and setting off all of the mines. He started sprinting once the initial explosions had finished and all that was left was a cloud of pink smoke. Shouto and Kacchan had almost definitely been caught in an explosion or two. But that was fine. Izuku just kept sprinting silently. He was the first to cross the finish line.

Chapter Text

"Mido!" Here came Shinsou and his brainwashing victi- sorry, definitely very willing human horses. He climbed down and slapped each of them, before walking up to Izuku.
"Ungrateful bastards passed thanks to me." Izuku sighed and adjusted his taser cuffs.
"Okaaaay then. You have fun dealing with them. I'm gonna go and hide from Kacchan." Shinsou looked at him confusedly.
"Why? Also, I though that you'd stopped calling him that dumb nickname."
"Well, number one: I finished above him in both this and the entrance exam and number two: that's only to his face, to annoy him."
"Well, If you're gonna hide, you'd better do it soon. A certain angry blond is heading our way." And with that, Shinsou walked off to find Mei and rip-off Todo.
"You quirkless little piece of shit!" Kacchan was making his way over to Izuku, who ducked sround and into the group of people behind him, so that he couldn't be seen.
"Aren't you one of the 1-A kids?" Asked one of the girls in the group.
"Shhh! I'm hiding! Please don't tell Kacchan that I'm here!!" The entire group was taller than him, so he couldn't be seen from outside of the circle.

"Well, ummmm I guess if you're gonna stay we could like chat or something? I thought that the speech you gave at the start was cool. Really motivating. I take it you have a non-physical quirk."
"Yeah, something like that. Ah, he's just over there!" Izuku was fine. There was no way anyone outside the circle could see him. It was fine.
"Fucking Deku! Where'd you go?!" Kacchan was interrupted by Midnight, who decided to both save and doom Izuku at the same time.
"THE TOP FORTY TWO FROM THIS QUALIFYING ROUND WILL MOVE ON!! BUT FOR THOSE WHO PLACED LOWER, DON'T WORRY! WE'VE GOT ANOTHER WAY FOR YOU TO SHOW YOUR STUFF!! AND NOW THE MAIN SELECTION REALLY BEGINS!! THE PRESS CORP'S," (What? Is? This? All of Midnight's lines are slightly altered versions of her lines from the manga, cause I've no idea what I'd make her say, so yeah, I've no idea what this bit means but bear with me.) " GOING TO BE JUMPING OUT OF THEIR SEAT, SO GIVE IT ALL YOU'VE GOT! NOW ON TO THE SECOND EVENT!! I ALREADY KNOW WHAT IT IS, OF COURSE... DYING IN SUSPENSE?! NEXT UP IS... THIS!!" The screen which previously said "obstacle course" now said "cavalry battle" earning a few questions from Izuku's classmates on how his would work. Midnight began to explain. "Participants will, on their own, form teams of two to four members each and get into a horse-and-rider formation!! The rules are fundamentally the same as those of an ordinary cavalry battle - snag your opponents' headbands while guarding your own - but with one exception.... each of you has been assigned a point value based on your ranking in the last event!!"
"We'll earn points like in the entrance exam? Sounds simple." Came Sato, for his first line of the story. I wonder when his next will be.
"So the point value of each team depends on its members!" Shouted Hagakure, I think.
"I'M ABOUT TO EXPLAIN IT, SO JUST SHUT UP ALREADY!! Anyway, yes!! And your individual point values start at five at the bottom! So the student who took 42nd place is worth five points, 41st is worth ten etcetera. Get it? Bur... our first place participant is worth... TEN MILLION POINTS!!!" Izuku sighed and let his head fall. Of course, coming first in anything would set you up for failure eventually. Izuku was starting to build up a lot of bad luck that he didn't want or need.
"DORIYA!! It's been way too long! Why haven't you visited the support labs yet?!" Izuku smiled. He was now in a team with his three best friends, whether they liked it or not.
"Well, I have my own workshop and support technician at home, so it's not like I need to go to the labs to tune my costume up, and I figured I'd see you for your weekly lessons with Akair, but you haven't been coming lately. She misses you. Anyway, we are a team now. The three of you have no say in this. You got yourselves into this when you came over." Izuku now found himself stood atop Shinsou, Shouto and Mei's hands, with a metal staff in his hand and a head band that read "10,000,295 P". He was the rider because he was light, agile and, most importantly, short. The main reason they'd put him up there was because the balance would be off if the had teeny little 5'2" Izuku as one of the horses. Whoever was on top would just fall off, apparently. Of course, the fact that he was the lightest of the four of them also played a large part in their decision. Everything else was just an after thought.
"THREE... TWO... ONE... START!!" As soon as Midnight finished speaking, Hagakure and Tetsutetsu's teams charged at Izuku.
Shinsou grinned.
"HEY!!!!" Shouted Hagakure and,
"MY NAME IS TETSUTESU TETSUTETSU!" called Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu. Shinsou's grin widened as the two of them fell under his control.
"Get over here and pass me your headbands." The two climbed off of the horses and handed their headbands over. They didn't technically attack the or make them fall. One could, potentially say that they climbed out of the formations willingly.
They now had three headbands: 10,000,295 P, 390 P and 705 P. That's 10,001,390 points total. Monoma was glaring at them with disdain.
As they were running, Tsuyu's tongue came out of no where, in an attempt to grab their headbands no doubt, so Izuku slammed his staff into the ground and swivelled him self over it, landing back on the joined hand of his friends.
"Getting a bit full of yourself, eh Deku?!" Izuku turned round to see Kacchan launching himself off of his formation and straight at Izuku's team.
"I think the fuck not." Said Shouto, as he raised a barrier of ice around them. Izuku could faintly hear Kacchan slam his face into the ice and slide slowly and painfully to the floor. It was great.
"sooo... are we just gonna stay in here for the next five minutes?" Asked Shinsou, while looking around.
"I don't see why not. We're well set to win anyway, it's not like there's any point in going back out." Replied Shouto.
"Can we like play a game or something then?" Asked Mei.
"Sure." Replied Shouto.
"Can I plait your hair if we're gonna be in here for ages?" Shouto nodded and Izuku began plaiting Shouto's hair in the same way he had when he first gave him the ribbon.
"Ooh!" Shouted Mei. "Let's play never have I ever, you gotta raise your hand if you have done the thing! I'll go first! never have I ever.... had a sibling!" Izuku and Shouto raised their hands.
"Never have I ever...." Began Shinsou. "plaited hair." Izuku and Mei raised their hands.
"Never have I ever... had an affectionate father." Shinsou and Mei raised their hands. Izuku had a dad, but he never paid any attention to Izuku. He tended to ignore him or tell him to go away.
"Never have I ever... eaten mochi." Everyone but Izuku raised their hands.
"Really?" Asked Shinsou and Izuku just shook his head.
"Ooh, my turn again!! Never have I ever... stayed up all night since coming to UA!" Izuku raised his hand and looked at Shinsou, who shrugged.
"Well, sure I struggle to get to sleep, but I still eventually manage to get a little bit of sleep." Izuku nodded. "Never have I ever..." Shinsou laughed and grinned up at Izuku, who was still plaiting Shouto's very pretty hair. "Broken the law." Izuku continued plaiting and glare down at Shinsou. "C'mon now, Mido. Hands up if you've done the thing!"
"I trusted you!! You dirty little backstabber!!" Everyone stopped.
"Wait, you're telling me that Doria, the sweetest little cinnamon roll since the invention of the cinnamon roll, is a criminal?!" Mei was looking between the two boys as if they were mad.
Izuku tied the ribbon in a bow around the bottom of Shouto's plait and went back to glaring at Shinsou.
"Actually, if you look at the laws properly, I have done nothing wrong!"
"What's going on?" Asked Shouto, who was able to move his head now that Izuku was done with his hair. "I'm not sure I follow."
"I'm not telling them, Shinsou." Izuku crossed his arms.
"No, no." Said Mei. "Now that whatever it is has been brought up, you are obligated to tell."
"She's right, Mido. You have to tell 'em now."
"You little rat! You did that on purpose! I am not telling them!!" Shinsou grinned and Izuku's mind went foggy. Why was Shinsou doing this, you ask? Well, the author got board and thought "whoa, what if Mei and Shouto found out about Kumo! How would I do that though? Oh, I know. Let's get Shinsou to tell them!" and here we are.
"Now, Mido, have you ever broken the law?" (no,no,no,no,no,no,no...!)
"Yes, but only if we're going by the pre-quirk laws." (no,no,no,no,no,no,no..!)
"Now, what did you do that was so bad?" (no,no,no,no,no,no.!)
"I am the vigilante named Kumo." (no,no,no,no,no,no,no! )
"You're free now." The second the fog lifted, Izuku slapped Shinsou.
"Why the fuck would you do that?!" Shinsou sighed.
("It's because the saddo writing this wanted to add drama to the story and develop yours and Shouto's friendship." Sorry, I'll stop now. On with the story.)
"Because we're your friends, Mido, they deserve to know as much as I do." Izuku was about to argue, when the faint sound of Mic's voice was heard from outside of their dome.
Shouto melted the ice and they all stepped outside.
Mic announce who came in first to fourth and dismissed everyone for lunch.
"Midoriya, can I speak to you for a moment?" Izuku nodded and followed Shouto to and quiet hall way.
"Have you head of quirk-" Izuku held up his hand.
"You've already told me this. I'm not sure if you were listening while in that igloo, but you and I've been friends for a good year or so, you just didn't know it was me. You told me your story without knowing who I was under the mask. I suppose it's only fair that I return the favour. "
"So, that was all the truth then...."
"I mean, Shinsou was using his quirk on me, so, yeah. Anyway, you wanna hear the story or not? It's fine if you don't."
"No, I wanna hear your story. The story of my closest fiend, Kumo. The story of Izuku Midoriya." Izuku nodded ant told him everything. The only other person who had heard this much was Akari.
He told him about how lovely his life was when he was little. How his father was distant, but not outright neglectful, how his mother was less clingy, how Kacchan loved spending time with him. How his quirk never came, how he was told to give up on his dream, how his father stopped caring, how smothering his mother was. How he was bullied, how the teachers never cared, how his parents never believed him, despite the cuts and bruises. How his teacher told the class that he was applying to UA, how everyone laughed at him, how Kacchan blew up his notebook and told him to jump off the roof, how he wanted to for a while, how he was attacked by the sludge, how All Might told him to give up, how he found the remains of his entire life. How he spent a week with the Bakugo's, how the bullying got worse, how he ran away and lived on the trash beach. How he started out as Kumo, how he stumbled across Eclipse and Aizawa, how Eclipse had followed him back to the beach and took him in, how she created an entirely new person just so that she could raise him, how she bought him anything he wanted and took care of him, how they worked together, how she worried about him in a way no one had before. And finally, how the only three people in the entire world who knew all of this were him, Akari and now Shouto. By the end of the story, they were both crying.
"We both had pretty shitty childhoods, huh." Izuku chuckled.
"Don't joke about that. How- how haven't you broken yet? You are literally the sweetest person I have ever met, after all of that. How do you do it?" Izuku laughed again.
"I've always been like that. Better than laugh your way out of a situation than sit and have a tantrum right?" Shouto wrapped his arms around the smaller boy.
"Thank you, for being my friend. I'm not sure where I'd be without you."
"I'd say the same to you, but it wouldn't hold the same sentiment. I could say that to a lot of people in my life." They both let out a chuckle and went to get lunch.
Somewhere around a corner, unbeknownst to the green boy and the peppermint, was a normally angry blond, crying into his knees after listening in on a very sad conversation that was definitely not meant for his ears.

Chapter Text

"What are they doing?"
"You tricked us!!" Shouted Yaoyorozu at one or more of the boys. (Who, yo ask? I'v no idea. I just like this bit and skipping it would be skipping quite a bit.) "How'd I let myself get fooled by their stupid prank..." Uraraka was rubbing Yaoyorozu's back.
"Those idiots..." Jiro looked mad and embarrassed. Understandable.
"Still time before the main even. No sense in sitting around..." Hagakure looked excited.. maybe? "Why not just go with it?! Could be fun!!"
"you're enjoying this, Toru." Observed Tsuyu.
"A tournament, huh? So we'll be up in that ring I see on TV every year!" Exclaimed Kirishima.
"Wasn't it a tournament last year too?" Asked Mina, still in her cheerleader outfit.
"The format's always different, but most years involve some kind of hand-to-hand competition. Last year it was foam sword fighting." Sero explained.
"The match ups will be decided by drawing lots. Once that's settled, we'll move on to the festivities and then the tournament itself! It's up to each of you sixteen finalists whether you participate in the fun. I expect some of you would rather take a breather and save your strength. Now, let's start with the first-place team...."
"Um... excuse me. I'd... like to drop out." Ojiro hat his hand up and was looking at the floor.
"OJIRO! WHY?!" And "THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO GET NOTICED BY THE PROS!!" Could be heard from somewhere in the crowd of students.
"The cavalry battle... I don't feel as if I deserved my spot in the final. The maroon haired boy did almost everything. I know this is a great opportunity, and I know how stupid it must seem to throw it away... but this final tournament... everybody else made it here through their own strength. Yet I'm standing here and all I did was walk around for fifteen minutes. It just doesn't feel right.
"You're overthinking it! Just show what you're made of in the tournament!" Exclaimed Hagakure.
"By that logic I shouldn't really be here either!!" Cut in Mina.
"No.... I'm talking about my pride, here... I don't think it's right. And why are you girls dressed like that anyway?"
"I didn't really do anything either... I wanna withdraw too! This is a contest of skill. Letting someone who didn't do anything advance.... doesn't it defeat the whole point of the sports festival? Isn't it even against the rules?" Added one of the other boys from Ojiro and rip-off Todo's team.
"These guys!!! So manly!" Shouted Kirishima.
"What will the coordinator, Midnight, decide?"
"How naive and green.... I.... LIKE IT!!! SHODA AND OJIRO HAVE OFFICIALLY WITHDRAWN!!" (What??)
"I shall... win it for you!" Said Aoyoma, putting a hand on Ojiro's shoulder.
"Replacing those two will be members of team Kendo, who took fifth..." Stated Midnight.
"If it's be like that..." Kendo began. "Shouldn't it be them instead? I mean, we were immobilised practically the whole time. But they were giving it their all to keep what they had until the very end. Team Tetsutetsu, I mean. Don't worry, we're not colluding or anything. This just feels right." (Okay, I officially love Kendo. She's pretty, kind and keeps Monoma in check. What's not to love?)
"Y- you guys!!!" Tetsutetsu was very happy.
"So be it. Tetsutetsu and Shiozaki bring us up to sixteen competitors. AND HERE ARE THE MATCH UPS!" Another new slide came up on the screen.
1: Midoriya vs Takenaka (I came up with a name for rip-off Todo. He is now Takenaka Kaito. That's it.)
2: Todoroki vs Sero
3: Shiozaki vs Kaminari
4: Iida vs Hatsume
5: Ashido vs Aoyoma
6: Shinsou vs Yaoyorozu
7: Tetsutetsu vs Kirishima
8: Uraraka vs Bakugo
"Midoriya! Looks like we'll be fighting first, huh. I hope I don't break you so badly that they can't put you back together again. You are quirkless after all. Well, I'll see you after the break then." Izuku shuddered. Rip-off Todo was the only person from junior high 2.0 that he didn't like.

Chapter Text

Aizawa was on his normal patrol. Tsukauchi had asked him to be on the look out for a new vigilante named Eclipse. Apparently, she was quick and all that was known about her was that she had long brown hair. It was frustrating. How was he meant to find someone with so little information? He figured he'd just do his patrol as normal and head home, when something caught his eye. Sat atop the tall building in front of the one Aizawa was stood on was a girl with long brown hair. It might not have been Eclipse, but you could never be too sure. He used his capture weapon to swing his way up to the other rooftop and walked up behind the girl. She wore a white T-shirt, camo shorts and a pair of brown boots over a blue unitard and matching mask. She was probably only eleven or twelve. Thirteen at most. She was just sat on the edge of the roof, crying, Aizawa sat down next to her and put a hand on her shoulder.
"What's up, kid?" She turned to look at him for a moment.
"Non of your business, Eraser." Aizawa chuckled softly.
"So, you know who I am? That's a surprise. Not many people do." She rolled her deep purple eyes.
"I'm a vigilante and you're an underground hero. I gotta look into all of you to keep myself from getting caught."
"And yet here we are."
"You got lucky. If I didn't stop here to cry you would never have found me."
"Why are you sat here crying?"
"I already answered that. It's none of your business, Eraser." Aizawa sighed and retracted his hand.
"Sorry, sorry. I was just making sure you're okay."
"Why? Aren't you supposed to, like, hand me in or something?"
"Number 1: you're just a kid. Number two: It's a little bit rude to capture a crying child and hand them in to the police, no?"
"Well, yeah, but you were told to track me down and hand me in. Doesn't that mean you're breaking the rules a little bit?" Aizawa smiled.
"Maybe just a little, but if you won't tell anyone I won't either." Eclipse nodded.
"Well, have fun. I gotta get home before sunrise. Bye-bye!" The kid stood up, wiped her eyes and ran off.
Aizawa had a lot to think about.
Akari got home and went straight into the bathroom. She took her contacts out in front of the mirror and left them in their pot by the sink, before going and getting changed. Once she was in her pyjamas and her costume was away, she went and made breakfast for herself. She had lived alone since her mother left, when she was nine. That was three years ago and, judging by the fact that no one had come and taken her to an orphanage, everyone thought that her mother still lived there with her. She couldn't complain though, her mother paid all of the bills and sent a small amount of money for necessities so it's not like she had nothing. It just hurt, knowing that her mother didn't care enough to stay at home and look after her. It made sense though, her mother was very young when she was born and probably not ready for a child, she probably only kept Akari because of the guilt doing anything else would bring. She can't imagine she was a particularly pleasant child, her mother wouldn't have left if she was. Akari sighed. She had burnt the eggs. She wasn't sure how, but she had. As she ate, she thought about Eraserhead. She'd only met him once, but there was already a lot to think about. He was a lot kinder than he made himself out to be and had a very fatherly presence. Maybe he was a father, it wasn't impossible. She decided that she liked Eraserhead. Ah, her washing was done. She should probably get that, it was her school uniform for tomorrow. She sighed again and went to grab it. What Akari was unaware of at the time was that she wasn't on any official records. She was a home birth and her grandparents were ashamed and refused to allow her mother to inform anyone that she actually existed, so Akari didn't technically exist. The only reason she was able to go to school was because it was run by a friend of a family member who allowed her to go to said school. While this did mean that no security system anywhere could place a name to her face (an advantage considering she's a vigilante) it also meant that as soon as she was finished at this school, she wouldn't be able to enrol in another.(So how does she end up getting a support licence then? Good question. I have no idea.) Akari finished off her food, washed her plate and went to bed. Her bed was cold and hard with scratchy covers and flat pillows. It was a bed though, she had more than a lot of others did.

Chapter Text

"You hear that, Midoriya, anything goes as long as we don't kill each other. You sure that you don't wanna drop out before it's too late?!" Rip-off Todo would be lucky if he got out of this without a broken nose.
Izuku charged and Rip-off Todo just stood smiling at him.
"C'mon, Midoriya, you really think I'd fight back immediately? Enjoy your head start." Izuku sped up and crouched lower. "Time's up! Can't have you getting in close now, can we?!" Rip-off Todo swung his leg out and Izuku ducked under it.
The two of them ran at each other. Izuku pulled out his staff and Takenaka's hand started to glow. He was charging his quirk. Takenaka threw a punch and Izuku pushed himself off of the ground with his staff. "A bit of a one trick pony, aren't we?" He was now stood behind Izuku. "Don't tell me that you'd forgotten about my quirk already. It's only been a year since we first met!" Takenaka had a teleportation quirk. It could be... tricky to work around.
Izuku threw a smoke bomb at the ground and silently made his way to the other side of the ring.
"WHERE DID YOU GO!?" Izuku grabbed Takenaka's arm, the taller boy shrieked, yanked his am from Izuku's grip and teleported himself away from him.
"It's fine. Midnight would call it off if there was a problem."
A hand clasped around Izuku's wrist and pulled him towards it.
"Let's see how you like having this used on you, Midoriya." Izuku tried to pull his hand back, but Takenaka's grip was strong.
The taller boy pressed Izuku's hand against his chest and a bolt of electricity ran through him. Izuku stood strong, grinned at Takenaka and kicked him in the balls. Green eyes met grey and Izuku pulled his hand back and grasped the other by his shoulder.
"Sorry, Takenaka-kun. Cheer me on, yeah?" And then the other boy fell, limply, to the floor.
"TAKENAKA IS UNABLE TO CONTINUE, MIDORIYA WINS!" The smoke cleared and medical bots came to take Takenaka up to Recovery Girl.
Izuku was headed up to the stands, when he walked into he second-least favourite blonde, All Might.
"Can I help you, sir?" Izuku looked up at the giant of a man and tried his hardest to keep his expression neutral.
"Midoriya-shounen! I've been looking for you! Can we speak?" (Of course.....)
"No. I have to catch up with Shouto before his match, so if you'll excuse me, I need to leave." Izuku turned to leave and All Might placed a hand on his shoulder. "Can you let go of me, sir? I need to go and see my friend."
"Yes, of course. Just- please, hear me out?" All Might lifted his hand and Izuku sighed and turned back to him.
"Fine. You have one minute and then I have to go, okay?" The man nodded and knelt down to look Izuku in the eye.
"I'm sorry, Midoriya-shounen. I was wrong about you and I should never have told you what I did under the bridge. You will make a wonderful hero, with or without a quirk. I-"
"Thanks. Now, if you're done, I have to leave." Izuku turned and walked away.
"Wait I wasn't- and he's gone. I hadn't finished yet..." All Might sighed and went back to his seat.
Izuku walked into the waiting room and flopped onto Shouto's back. (Like, y'know that thing where you like walk up behind someone and just flop and then you've got your arms going over their shoulders and resting on their chest and you're just, like, leaning on them? It's that.)
"Hi." Shouto seemed unperturbed and continued staring at the ceiling in contemplation.
"Hi." Izuku replied. "What're you doing?" Shouto was warm and his hair was soft. Izuku like leaning against him.
"Thinking. Sero's quirk seems like it'd be difficult to work around. I could just freeze him the second Midnight says go but that feels like cheating." Izuku hummed.
"Well, they did say there aren't any rules so it isn't really cheating, but it's up to you. I can see why you might see that method as cheating and I agree with the statement that Sero's quirk could be difficult, so I'd say it's better to decide what tactic you'll go with on your own. I'll be watching you so do your best and come find me when you win, 'kay?" Shouto nodded and Mic announced that it was time for him to head down to the arena. "Bye Shouto. Good luck!" Shouto smiled and waved at him and the two of them went of in different directions. Shouto to fight and Izuku to watch. He'd always be there to watch over Shouto. Always.

Chapter Text

Kaito was confused. His entire life he'd been praised for being strong, smart and having an awesome quirk. He'd been the teacher's pet all the way through school and no one dared to challenge him for that title. Well, at least that was the case, before some quirkless nobody came and ruined all of that for him. Don't get him wrong, he didn't dislike Midoriya, he just thought that the defenceless, quirkless boy attempting to join the dangerous path of a hero was completely irrational. Suffice to say, he was more than a little confused to see that no one else in his class seemed to think that way. In fact, a few of them even encouraged Midoriya to attempt it. It was completely illogical! Did no one else care whether or not the useless quirkless boy got injured?! Well, Kaito was going to be a hero, he wouldn't allow those weaker than him to get hurt. He would defend the defenceless! (A good think to stride for in theory, but not necessarily in practice.) He was even more confused when the boy beat him in the sports festival's one-on-one matches. Admittedly, Midoriya had used support items, but that still didn't explain anything. Midoriya was meant to be weak, useless and defenceless, so how and why was he as strong as (if not stronger than) Kaito?!

Kaito was at a loss. When had all of this happened? Why was he suddenly falling behind? How did a boy with a villain's quirk and a useless quirkless boy get into the hero course while Kaito didn't?! Nothing made sense anymore!
Shouto's match had just finished and Izuku was going to find him so that they could watch the rest together. Shouto's match had been... underwhelming. Everyone had been expecting a big, flashy fight not... that. As soon as Midnight told them to start, Sero shot some tape at Shouto, who seemed to panic and encased Sero in ice from his feet to his shoulders. It wasn't as bad as it could've been, but it was definitely not what everyone had hoped for.
"Shouto!" Izuku ran up to his friend and wrapped himself around the taller boy like a koala.
"Hi Izu." Izuku smiled up at Shouto and dragged him up to the stands to watch everyone else.
"Midoriya, Todoroki! The next match is about to begin, come and sit own!" There were two seats free between Iida and Uraraka, Izuku sat next to Uraraka and Iida sat nex to Iida.
Denki and a girl with thorns for hair - Shiozaki - walked into the arena and waited for Midnight to announce the start of their match.
"START!!" Shouted Midnight and.... honestly, Izuku didn't know what he expected.
The second he was told to start, Denki discharged all of his electricity and rendered himself useless. Shiozaki used her thorns to block out the charge and then proceeded to wrap them around Denki. The match was over in less than a minute. Denki was smiling like an idiot and giving a thumbs up.
"KAMINARI IS UNABLE TO CONTINUE, SHIOZAKI WINS!" The girl smiled and walked off, while Denki was taken to recovery girl.
The next match was Iida vs Mei and... yeah. He felt sorry for Iida but, at the same time, he was proud of Mei. She was awesome and so was her plan. There was no way the bug support companies could ignore her.
Mina and Aoyoma's match was a little more eventful. Aoyoma fired a laser at Mina, who secreted acid from her feet and used it to slide across the stage. Aoyoma continued to shoot lasers at her and she continued to doge. After a particularly large shot, Aoyoma's stomach began to hurt and Mina took advantage. She threw acid onto his belt, breaking it and dropping his pants in the process. Mina took the opening and finished him off with a strong uppercut. Mic was very pleased with the longer match, apparently he was getting bored of short matches.
The next match, Shinsou vs Yaoyorozu, was another short one. Yoayorozu was apparently unaware of Shinsou's quirk and replied to his question, allowing him to simply tell her to walk out of bounds in order to win.
Kirishima vs Tetsutetsu "ended" in a draw. The two of them ran at each other with their quirks active before planting their feet and colliding fists. Kirishima punches Tetsutetsu who immediately returned the attack. They taunted each other back and fourth while trading quirk enhanced hits. The two of them continued to break through each other's defences and strike one another until they knoced each other out at the exact same time. Midnight announced that the match ended in a draw and stated that the outcome would be decided through an arm wrestling match at the end of the first round. Kirishima would later win the arm wrestling match and go on to fight in the second round.
The final match of the first round was Uraraka vs Kacchan and it was hard to watch. From an outside angle, it looked as though Kacchan was just beating Uraraka up, but that wasn't the case. Uraraka was actually doing really well and was tapping each piece of rubble created by Kacchan's quirk. Uraraka immediately rushed at Kacchan, forcing him to counterattack rather than dodge. She got hit with one of his explosions and got blown back, but remained mostly uninjured. Kacchan told Uraraka that she should've dropped out of the match and blasts her jacket, thinking it's her. She swiftly got behind him but Kacchan blasted her away, thanks to his heightened reflexes. She rushed him again but he said she was too slow and blasted her, Uraraka continued to put pressure on Kacchan, forcing him to repel her repeatedly with explosions. The crowd began to boo Kacchan for fighting back, while the two continued in their loop of running in and blasting. Aizawa called out the man who began the uproar, asking him if he's a pro-hero and stating that if he is, he should go home, hang up his cape and begin looking for another career. He went on to explain that Kacchan's actions were an acknowledgement of Uraraka's strength and he's simply doing everything he could to keep her at bay and win. Izuku hated it, but he was right. Uraraka released the debris she'd collected, effectively attacking Kacchan with a mini meteor shower. Kacchan released a massive explosion which took everyone by surprise. He blew all of the debris away, while keeping Uraraka back. She stood and tried to keep fighting, despite pinning everything on the meteor shower, but had reached her limit and fell once again. She tried with all her might to continue fighting but passed out before she could reach Kacchan. Midnight confirmed that she was unconscious and declared Kacchan the winner of the match.

Chapter Text

When Inko was eighteen, she graduated from university and got her dream job. When she was nineteen, She met Midoriya Hisashi. When she was twenty three, Hisashi proposed to her. When she was twenty five,they got married and when she was twenty six she gave birth to their son. Midoriya Izuku. He was the light of her life, he was her wold and she loved him with her whole heart, as did Hisashi. He was their pride and joy. Key word here being "was". By the time Izuku was five, he was diagnosed as quirkless and, thus, practically useless. Don't get it wrong, Inko and Hisashi still loved Izuku but..... well, they were woried that he'd becone a burden. Izuku still wanted to be a hero, despite being dubbed as quirkless, Inko wanted to watch him acomplish that dream. She knew it was near imposible and yet she want still wanted to watch her baby grow up and follow his dreams. Hisashi felt differently. As soon as the doctor said that cursed word, Hisashi decided he wanted nothing more to do with their son. However, he decided not to leave them. He was disappointed with their son, he didn't hate him. When Izuku was fourteen, Inko and Hisashi had a fight.
He wanted to abandon their son. He'd given up on him. He still loved Inko, but he was tired of their helpless son. He wanted them to leave together.
"He's our son, Hisashi. I can't abandon him like that. Surely you aren't serious about leaving him!" Small fames joined the smoke in curling from his ajar mouth. "WHY,WHAT DO YOU SEE IN THAT USELESS CREATURE?!" Hisashi was scaring her now. He was slowly walking towards her with plumes of smoke and flame swirling from his parted lips.
"H- Hisashi, please," And then, a spark was lit.
A pillar of flame shot from his mouth and Inko ducked underneath the nearest raised surface. The house was now a flame. The room slowly filled with smoke as everything caught on fire. The two of the were crushed under the falling debris as their corpses were charred by Hisashi's flames, flames which Inko once saw as beautiful.
Inko awoke, sat in the same spot in which she had previously died, only, the entire building was nought but a pile of ash. She looked aroun and saw Izuku, Mitsuki and Masaru stood on the edge of the property. Masaru was kneeling in front of Izuku, with his hands on the small boy's shoulders. Izuku's eyes were clouded over and emotionless. It hurt to see her son in that state. It sent a stabbing pain through her heart. He felt a singke tear roll down her cheek as she watched the two adults hold Izuku's daintly hands and walk the small boy away from the smouldering house. She followed the three of them back to the Bakugos' house and continued to follow Izuku around. His eyes were always empty and emotionless and he never paid any attention in class. Her little boy with stars in his eyes and a constant flow of emotion was gone. She watched as the boy sat and let the other children taunt and beat him. She watched as he cried himself to sleep on the familiar, rock hard couch of the Bakugos'. And then, something changed. Mitsuki gave Izuku the choise of living with them or going to an orphanage and the first emotion since her death flashed through his eyes. It was a look of pain and fear. He forced himself to smile and nodded at her. A few hours later she watched as her son sat up and grabbed a bag from under the couch. He looked through the bag, put on a pair of shoes and climbed out of the window. Her heart leapt inro her mouth. She followed the boy as he ran down the streets and made his way to the trash beach. She wanted to cry out and tell him to turn around and stay with her friend, but he wouldn't hear her imeven if she tried. She was dead. No one could see her or hear her. She was only their to watch over her son. Said son preceded to build himself a hut and stitch himself a hero (?) costume. She watched as, three weeks after he ran away, he donned the suit and went out. Her son was trying to become a vigilante. Not long after they left the beach, the two of them rab into a young woman and a man with long, dark hair and a grey scarf in the middle of a fight. Izuku ran right into the frey and hit the man over the head with a metal staff and aprehend him with a scrap of fabric.
"Izuk!!" She screeched but, as suspected, her word fell on deaf ears.
"Thanks kid." Said the woman, and the three of them had a short conversation before Izuku bounded away.
Time oassed and Inko watched as her son gained a new family and slowly began climbing up towards acomplishing his dream. She was incredibly proud of him and, though she'd never really met her before, she slowly began to see Akari as a daughter. She watched as her son regained his emotions. She watched as her son made actuall friends. She watched and watched and watched, and now she was watching as her son fought his way through U.A's sports festival and nothing in this world could make her more proud than this.

Chapter Text

Izuku sat it the waiting room, trying to figure out how to beat Shouto. He was mumbling again but, as no one else was in the room, he paid it now mind. Present Mic had just announced that their match would be starting soon and Izuku was about to leave the room.
"Good luck, I love you Izu." Izuku whirled around, but there was still no one else in the room.
A cold hand cupped his cheek and wiped away a tear that he didn't even know he had shed. No one else was in the room. There was a knock at the door, the hand kept hold of his face.
"Midori, you need to head to the stage. Your match is about to begin. Midori? Are you okay?" Uraraka walked into the room and came up behind Izuku. "Midori, are you crying?" He couldn't move. He was stuck in place, being held still by the phantom hand.
"I love you, sweetheart." Came the familiar, quiet voice as the hand cupping his cheek disappeared.
Izuku turned to Uraraka, with his eyes large and wet.
"Midori, what was that?!" Izuku dried his eyes and walked towards the door.
"I- I'm not sure... I have to go. Thanks for coming to check on me."Uraraka nodded and the two of them left the room, Ura heading out to the stands and Izuku going to attempt to fight Shouto.
----temporary character change, Uraraka----
"Ah, Uraraka, did you find Midoriya?" Iida walked up to Ochako as she made her way to 1-A's viewing point.
"Ah, yeah. He- uh, I think he's making his way down to the stage now." Iida nodded and the two of them made their way back to their seats.
"Is Midoriya-kun alright? His eyes look a bit red. Kero." Everyone turned their eyes to the small, green haired boy who was making his way up to the stage.
"Whoa, Midori looks like he's seen a ghost!" Ashido was leaning over the rail slightly.
Tokoyami and Shinsou jolted when they heard that. Weird.
Midori stood opposite to Todoroki and Midnight called for them to start. Midori pulled his staff out of a pouch and unfolded it with one flick of the wrist, while running at Todoroki, who raised a wall of ice in front of himself. The shorter boy disappeared in a blur of green, only to reappear behind a startled peppermint and proceeding to whack said peppermint over the head with staff. The dual-coloured boy managed to doge in the last second and the long piece of metal came down on his shoulder, rather than his head. Todoroki staggered a bit and Midori continued to charge at him.
The staff between Midori's hands began to glow a faint yellow, he was charging it with electricity.
"Izuku, wh- what's going on?!" Todoroki stumbled back a bit and looked afraid, Midori stayed silent and continued to charge at the taller boy.
Shinsou stood up and made his way to the rail with Ashido. Something wasn't right.
--temporary character change, Uraraka end--
Izuku was confused. He didn't remember leaving the room, he didn't remember getting to the stage and he certainly didn't remember fighting against Shouto. Yet here he was, at the end of their match with the winner being announced. (Izuku doesn't remember the match, but that doesn't mean Kumo doesn't remember the match. Simple as that :3)
-----temporary character change, Kumo?-----
He slowly left the room and made his way down to the stage in which "Izuku" had previously fought Takenaka, the bitch. It wasn't fair that "Izuku" always got to have all the fun. Sure, Kumo was sometimes let out to play while they were on patrol, but only if things got really bad or one of their friends got hurt. He was tired of "Izuku" getting to play the main character all the time! So, he took control, while "Izuku" was busy thinking about the ghost that had visited them. Now, Kumo liked Shouto, but that didn't mean he was going to go easy on him. Shouto was a hero in training after all, he needed to know what it was like to have someone fight against you without holding back. This was all in the interest of Shouto's safety. No, really, it was. This was to make sure that he was prepared for the real world. The real world was a bitch and refused to hold back, no matter who or what you are. Kumo knew that, but these children didn't. They weren't ready yet. They needed some first hand experience and Kumo was willing to act as a free tutor. Well, free is a loose term. As soon as the skimpily clad hero, (Midnight) provided "Izuku", shouted that one little word, Kumo pulled out "Izuku"'s shitty staff and charged at their best friend. Shouto panicked and pulled up a wall of ice. (predictable.) Kumo darted around the boy and his ice, and lifted the staff above the boy's head. Just as he brung it down, the taller boy dodged. The staff came down on his shoulder instead of his head. This would take longer than Kumo had anticipated. Kumo continued to run at Shouto and the loud hero, (Present Mic! His name is Present Mic!) (Shut up! I never asked you!), shouted something about "Izuku" being ruthless. Well, he wasn't wrong, just used the wrong name. But how was he to know? He wasn't. Kumo would be concerned if he did.
He gripped the staff harder and began to let electricity surge through the metal staff. God, was he lucky that they'd put a pair of tick gloves on under the tasers. He didn't want to know what would happen if they hadn't.
"Izuku, wh- what's going on?!" Shouto took a step back as fear pooled in his eyes and words. Kumo didn't like that. He wanted this match over, now!
"Sorry Shou, Izuku's gonna be really mad at me after this. Try to calm him down, yeah? Don't let him hurt himself. " Dread and understanding mixed in with the fear in Shouto's gorgeous, mismatched eyes as The small green haired boy sprinted towards him, faster than he could see clearly, and hit him with the staff. It didn't matter where the staff hit. It was charged with electricity. The second it touched their best friend, he fell to the floor and Midnight, (Thank you.) (Shut up!), announced that "Midoriya Izuku" was the winner on the match, as Todoroki Shouto was no longer able to continue. Kumo released his grip on Izuku and allowed himself to slip back into nothingness, simply a safety cushion to fall back on if something bad happened. He was fine with that. That was, after all, the only reason he existed. If Izuku couldn't handle a situation he would think over it, while Kumo took the lead. That was how things were and, at the end of the day, Kumo liked it that way.

^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^Bonus bit!!!!^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^

Akari was sat watching the end of Izuku's match with mini-Todoroki, when a cold hand landed on her shoulder. She looked around, but no one was there, she was alone in their house.
"You're doing great, Akari." Said a soft, motherly voice. No one was there. The hand on her should tightened, before moving to ruffle her hair and disappearing.
Akari was confused, but happy. Someone was watching over them. Someone was watching over them and they were proud of her. Akari grinned and went back to watching Izuku.

Chapter Text

The rest of the matches were fairly normal. The were big, flashy battles to find out who had the stronger quirk. If only Izuku's matches were that simple, he'd probably lose them if he had a quirk though. He wasn't lucky enough to be blessed with a strong and flashy quirk, if he had one it would probably just be a weaker form of his mum's telekinesis. Throughout each match, one thing was a constant: Izuku would mumble to himself while writing down every word in one of his notebooks and Kacchan would grow increasingly angry with every uttered word. The second round was over and Izuku now had to fight Iida. He wasn't looking forward to that. Izuku may be fast but, Iida's quirk literally gave him engines in his legs, Izuku had yet to fight an opponent who was faster than him - most were either the same speed or slower . That and, Iida was his friend. Shouto was too, but Izuku didn't remember that match so that doesn't count in his mind. Izuku stepped up onto the platform and looked up at Iida. Neither of them were going to back down.
"START" Yelled Midnight, from the sidelines, as both boys sprang forward. This match would be determined by speed, not flashiness.
Both boys were fast, but Izuku had a slight advantage. He was short, meaning he had a low centre of gravity and could stick close to the floor, making him harder to spot for tall opponents. Iida, on the other hand, was tall. While this meant that he had long legs and was able to cover more ground in less time, it also made him a bigger target. Izuku charged at Iida and, once he was in range, threw himself at his legs, effectively slowing him if not stopping him entirely. The aim was to trip Iida up, but Izuku was definitely not heavy enough for that. Izuku's cuffs were running low on electricity, (Whatever happened during Shouto's match must've drained them substantially...), so couldn't be used to incapacitate Iida, (which would drain them quite a bit anyway), he could, perhaps, use a small spark to meddle with the engines, but he wasn't sure what that would do to Iida so, he simply set of a smoke bomb and sprung away from the taller boy. He needed to think. He'd begun to rely too heavily on his cuffs and, now that they were out of electricity, had no idea what to do. He had his staff and a fairly strong punch and kick but would that be enough? It certainly wouldn't be for Kacchan. He needed to think on his feet and come up with a strategy, something, something, something..... got it. Iida's whole thing was that he was fast, yeah? Well then, Izuku would just have to use that against him. The arena was still covered in smoke, so he could potentially lure Iida around the arena and attempt to get him over the line. Izuku began running around, a few centimetres from the edge of the ring, and let his footsteps ring out loudly. Ah, there it was, the subtle light from Iida's engines. Izuku was now stood just a step or two from the edge of the arena and Iida was running at him. Perfect. Izuku sidestepped at the last possible second, causing Iida to run straight out of bounds. His plan worked perfectly.
"IIDA IS OUT OF BOUNDS!! MIDORIYA WINS!!" The smoke began to clear and Izuku walked back up to the stands.

Shinsou's match with Kacchan physically hurt to watch. Shinsou tried to get Kacchan under his control, which he had successfully done with both Yaoyorozu and Mina, but it seemed that the angry blond had done a little analysing for himself. To be fair, it wasn't that hard to notice that both girls willingly walked out of bounds after replying to shinsou's questions but, it seemed that Kacchan was the only one in 1-A who had actually noticed.
"HEY YOU POMERANIAN BITCH," Shouted Shinsou, as soon as the match began. However, Kacchan did not answer in words, but in sign.
Izuku supposed it made sense, given the nature of their quirks, that both boys knew sign language, what he did not expect was for the two of them to begin angrily signing at each other, rather than fighting. Izuku could pick up a few bits and pieces, but he'd never really taken the time to learn sign language. Maybe he should. Probably not, he has other thing to focus on. After a while, Kacchan got bored of this and opted to beating the shit out of Shinsou. As previously stated, it physically hurt to watch, for more than one reason. Firstly, Shinsou was Izuku's first friend since being diagnosed as quirkless, and secondly, every hit that Kacchan made had been done to Izuku multiple times. Just watching made his eyes itch and his limbs ache. After a while, he had to leave. He couldn't stand to watch Kacchan hurt anyone in the way he used to hurt him. He didn't particularly want to sit alone in a waiting room either, after what happened last time, so he opted to sitting in a bathroom stall for a little while. He needed a plan. Kacchan was strong. Possibly even the strongest in their class. Kacchan had a strong quirk Izuku had none. All Izuku had was a metal staff, a dozen smoke bombs and his reinforced, glowy platformed high-tops. Not much to work with. There was no shame in forfeiting, but Kacchan would beat him up for that. It was still an option, if things got too rough.
"List everything you know about the opponent and come up with a plan..." His mind was wiring, the cogs were turning and bit and pieces were forming in his mind.
(Kacchan, 5'7", short tempered, sweats nitroglycerine which he can detonate at will, if he make too many explosions or a really big explosion his wrists start to hurt.... nothing, nothing, nothing, there's nothing useful! Let's look at this from another angle, he's tall but not overly fast. I can probably beat him speed-wise if we aren't counting quirk usage. As with Iida, I have the advantage height wise. It's not as detrimental, but I can still keep low and make myself harder to see. Use the advantage in speed and height to try and push him over the line? Anything, anything will do, so long as he's out and I don't get caught. Maybe an attempt to sneak up behind him and hit him over the head with the staff? That works. If caught, forfeit. Fine. That's fine. Let's go with that.)
Izuku poked his head out of the stall and, after confirming he was alone, left the room. He walked down to the waiting room. It's not like he had a choice at this point. He'd have to go on soon.
"Midori! There you are! Bakugo and Shinsou's match just finished, you're on in about five minutes, kay?" Uraraka came running down the hall and grinned at him when she met his eyes.
"Yeah. I just needed some time to come up with a plan. Kacchan's really strong. I gotta be fast if I wanna beat him." Uraraka's nose crinkled up at his nickname for the other boy.
"If you don't mind me asking, why do you call him that? Bakugo's been nothing but horrible to you since the first day but you continue to call him that cute name."
"A- ah, I guess it's just force of habit. The two of us have known each other for our whole lives, our mums were friends, so that's what I've called him for as long as I can remember. It's probably a habit I need to drop, but it's one of the only things linking me back to when I used to live with my mum and dad." Uraraka's eyes widened at that.
"Oh, I'm so, so sorry Midori! I didn't know! Oh gosh, I've messed things up again, haven't I?"
"No, it's okay Uraraka, you didn't know! You don't have to apologise, it's fine, I promise!" Uraraka sighed in relief and smiled up at him (I say smiled up at, but he's only an inch taller than her and that's with his platforms on. I never really thought about it before, but he's probably only actually about 5'0" without them on, meaning he's an inch shorter than Uraraka and the same height as Jiro and Hagakure. But, he never takes his shoes off at school, so as far as everyone else is concerned - minus Bakubitch - he's the same height as Mina and Tokoyami. Sorry for that rude interruption. :p)
"Ah, crud. You have to head over to the fight. Beat that bully up for me, yeah?"
"Yeah. Thanks, Uraraka." She nodded at him and they headed of in separate directions again.
This should be... fun.
"DEKUUU!!!" Kacchan was running at him and now... well, what was the plan again?
How was Izuku meant to beat Kacchan? Kacchan was strong and smart and cool but Izuku was just... useless Izuku. No, he couldn't think like that. But.... well, seeing Kacchan running at him in the same way he used to, with explosions shooting from his hands, took him back to his old school, with Kacchan and his group. His mind went blank and his back was against the wall. He looked around frantically as he slowly backed away from the angry blond and four pairs of eyes caught his own. Yellow with cogs, soft and brown, tired and purple, teal and grey. He wasn't at his old school, he wasn't surrounded by bullies and there really wasn't all that much that Kacchan could do to hurt him. He slapped his cheeks and ran at the angry blond. He crouched low and sprinted.
---Temporary character change, Bakubitch---
He didn't understand. Kumo was the strongest person he knew, other than All Might obviously, but apparently, Kumo was actually Deku. That didn't make any sense. Okay, so maybe he shouldn't have been listening in on Half 'n' half's conversations, but still! It couldn't be true, right? No, there's obviously no way it was true. They must've been playing a prank on him. They must've known he was listening in and decided to prank him. There wasn't any other explanation, there's no way that Deku was Kumo! Deku was way to weak! Well, no point in thinking about it now. He had to plan for their fight. Deku may have been weak, but he wasn't dumb. Any moron could tell that much from the little shit's fight with engine legs. Having said that, no one figured out what brainwash boy's quirk was, other than Katsuki, and he didn't exactly try to hide it.
The fight started and Katsuki propelled himself towards the little shit.
"DEKUUU!!!" He screamed while moving towards the shorter boy, who shrunk away at the sound.
Deku seemed lost for a moment and backed away, while looking around frantically. Suddenly, the green one noticed something and snapped out of his trance-like state. The two were now running at each other and Deku lowered himself into a crouch. This should be fun, Katsuki hadn't been allowed to beat the useless little shit up since his parents died.
-Temporary character change, Bakubitch end-
Izuku sprinted at Kacchan, pulling the staff out as he ran. He made his way behind the taller boy and leapt, ready to bring the staff down on him.
"It's not going to be that easy, Deku." Kacchan grabbed the staff and swung it over his shoulder, bringing Izuku with it and hitting the smaller boy's back against the ground. He could just feel Shinsou glaring down at Kacchan.
Izuku struggled his way back onto his feet and turned to face Kacchan.
"Won't be that easy for you either, Katsuki." Kacchan's scowl deepened.
Kacchan grabbed Izuku's arm and set of his quirk, he didn't actually set it off on purpose but that didn't hurt Izuku any less. Izuku cried out and Kacchan's eyes widened as he let go of the arm. Izuku was back there again. He was back at his old school and Kacchan could get away with anything he wanted again. After all, Izuku was just a quirkless waste of space. Why would anyone get told off for ridding the world of such a nuisance. They wouldn't.
"Oh shit! I- I'm sorry Deku, I didn't- you know I didn't mean to! Y- you know that, right?! I- I... shit!" Words made no sense. Izuku didn't know what Kacchan was saying, but nothing Kacchan said was ever nice, so it couldn't have been good.
"I- I'm sorry Kacchan, I... please don't hurt me, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm-" Izuku was backing up slowly, he just needed to get away!
Out of.... oh. Right. The sports festival. Yeah. He'd forgotten about that. To be fair, it was a little bit hard to focus on anything other than the burn on his arm.
"Can you make your way up to Recovery Girl, Midoriya?" Izuku nodded and walked up to her office. Uraraka, Mei, Shinsou and Shouto met up with him on his way.
"Midori! Are you okay?! That burn looks really bad!" Izuku nodded and the others took that as a sign that he didn't want to talk.

Recovery Girl wrapped Izuku's arm in bandages and told him to come back up to her office at the end so that she could heal him without risking him falling asleep while the medals were being given out.
Shinsou was in third - it could've been either Iida or Shinsou but Mic said that Iida had to leave because of family stuff - Izuku was in second - he was very proud of himself for that - and, of course, Kacchan was in first - and mad about it?
Shinsou was a little sceptical about All Might, but let him hand him the medal and give him a hug. Izuku flat out refused to allow All Might to even touch him, so the man just handed him the medal and moved on to Kacchan, who was being, well, Kacchan (but still let his favourite hero give him the medal and a hug).
And that was that for the first year's sports festival.

Chapter Text

The day had been... insightful. He had spent most of his time on small things, such as autographs and robberies etcetera. He had been following a villain, but he lost track of them in the sewers. When he eventually found said villain, they'd come to an underpass and the villain had captured an incredibly small boy with curly green hair. The boy seemed to be suffocating. Toshinori shouted his catchphrase, "It's okay now! Why? For I am here!", charged a punch with All For One, and used said punch to blow the villain away from the boy. As soon as the small green one was free, he began to fall, limply towards the ground. He caught the boy and gently lay him on the floor, he then captured the sludge villain in two empty drinks bottles. Once the villaind was dealt with, he shifted his focus to the boy, who seemed to be regaining consciousness. He crouched down in front of the boy and tried to wake him.
"Young man> Young man?" The boy stirred. "Oh, thank goodness you're awake!"
"All Might...?" The child slowly began to open his eyes and sat up.
"I have captured the villain, yet, I am afraid I must leave! Make sure to get home safely!" He went to leave, but the boy called out to him before he had the chance.
"Wait! Please! I just want to ask one question." The boy grew more and more quiet as the sentence drew on. He was so unsure of himself. It hurt Toshinori's heart to see a child who felt that way.
"As you wish, young man! But please hurry, I have to get this villain to the police and you need to get home!" Tears prickled at the corner of the child's eyes.
"C- can I be a hero, even without a quirk?" Toshinori's heart dropped to his stomach as a single tear rolled down the boy's round, pink, freckled cheeks. The smile fell from his face as the boy's gaze fell to the floor. He wanted nothing more to tell the boy that he could follow his dream, however....
"No, my boy, I am afraid you cannot." A picture of the boy's notebook flickered into his mind as an idea came to him. "You seem to have a knack for analysis though. Perhaps you could become a detective! I have a very close friend who is a detective, as luck would have it. Perhaps I could introduce you if we meet again!" Something in the boy's eyes broke as another tear fell down the same path as the last. He needed to help the boy, he needed to tell him that he could be a hero, that quirks didn't matter, but... That wasn't the case. Toshinori had to leave, he was running out of time. He shot one last smile at the boy and rushed off. He dearly hopped that the boy would stay strong and find a more sensible dream. He hoped that he hadn't hurt him too much by crushing his dream, it was for his own good.
The next time he saw the boy was during the U.A entrance exams. He had thought, hoped even, that the boy had given up on his dream of becoming a hero, yet here he was, the first quirkless person to ever even attempt to get into U.A. He supposed he should have been pleased and proud that the boy, Midoriya Izuku according to the points display, was doing well but all he felt was guilt and worry. He felt guilty for crushing the boy's dreams all those months ago, but he also felt worried for him, worried that the boy would get hurt. This exam was not something that a quirkless child could hande easily, and even if he breezed through that, there was still no doubt in his mind that the child would get hurt during his time in the hero course. Quirkless children just weren't as well prepared for these things as other children. Much to his surprise, Midoriya not only passed the exam with flying colours but got off with only a few scrapes and bruises. The child was full of surprises, yet that did nothing to alleviate his worries.
As he watched the child, something stuck out to him. The child was good at fighting. Suspiciously so. It was strange. He was torn, should he be suspicious of the child, or just accept the fact that he had been training since his dreams had been crushed. His master would be disappointed in him for thinking that way but, he was confused.
His suspicion was entirely replaced with guilt, as Yamada informed him of how the boys childhood had been ruined in only one day. The feeling from when he first saw tears fall from the poor child's eyes and down his pink, freckled cheeks returned. The feeling of his heart sinking into his stomach as a look of heartbreak came over the boy and the stars in his eyes dimmed. The feeling of wanting to protect the little quirkless boy as he asked him if he too could be a hero, even though he had no quirk. And suddenly, he realised how wrong he had been. He realised how wrong he had been to be suspicious of the child who was seemingly made of sunshine, who he had seen putting his friends above himself on multiple occasions.
He had watched the child grow and grow and now, the selfish part of him wanted to give the child his quirk. He went to speak to the child about it during the sports festival, but had effectively been told, in a very polite way, to fuck off. He'd just have to wait to offer his quirk to him, he'd watch him grow while he waited.
As soon as Izuku stepped through his front door, a pair of strong arms wrapped around his small form.
"You did so well, 'Zuku! I am so proud of you!" He returned the hug and smiled. She was proud of him. His big sister was proud of him, she thought that he did well and she was proud. He buried his face in her shoulder and allowed tears to fall from his eyes. "Hey, c'mon now, where's my brave little brother who stood up to Bakugo, huh?" Akari began to rub his back soothingly. "I think we've got a ghost. A friendly ghost, don't worry, but a ghost none the less. Do you think we should say hi?" Izuku giggled into her shoulder. He loved his sister. She always made everything better.
At around 7:30 P.M Izuku got changed and the two of them headed out to be vigilantes. Aizawa was asleep when the reached the meeting point.They hadn't kept him waiting, they'd even arrived a bit early, and yet, there he was, sleeping on the roof.
"You go on ahead, Kumo. I'll wait here to make sure that nothing bad happens to Eraser, yeah?" Izuku nodded and bounded off.
------Temporary character change, ???------
"I have a lock on 'em, sir. Yes, I'll make sure not to let 'em out of my sight this time." There was an angry murmur from the other side of the comm. "I know, I'll bring 'em back alive. I'll be back in less than an hour, yes I'll keep you posted. Tell Toga I say hi. Okay, okay, I'm going."
A figure clothed in mulberry followed silently behind a figure drowned in greens and silvers, the two of them unseen to all.
----Temporary character change, ??? end----
A piece of metal hit Izuku in the back of his head, knocking him to the floor. He stood slowly and steadily, turning face the direction in which the fragment had come.
"How the fuck are you standing up?! That should've knocked you out cold! What the fuck are you?!" Izuku cocked his head to the side. He'd have to play this by ear.
"I'm Kumo, y'know, a spider?" The other person tutted. He was actually only awake because if the padding built into his hood, but no one needed to know that.
"I KNOW THAT!! That still doesn't explain how you're not knocked out!" Izuku blinked, which got a shocked look out of them and laughed.
"'Cause, I'm... a spider? Why did you try to knock me out?" The person, (Woman? They look like a she....), glared at him and took a few steps forward.
"Because I was hired to. Now come willingly, I don't wanna have to fight a kid."
"Who said I'm a kid?"
"Your height. There's no way you could be an adult, you're only like 5' at most." Izuku put a hand to his chest and gasped in mock offence.
"How do you know that I'm not just really short?! Anyway, kid or not, I'm probably stronger than most people you've fought, what make you so sure that you'll win?"
"Enough fucking talking! I don't give a shit anymore, just come with me or fight!" Izuku pretended to think for a moment, before walking backwards until he was on the edge of the building.
"Nope. Bye bye, evil lady!" Izuku let himself fall backwards off of the building and used his grappling hook to bring him up to the wall again. This situation felt suspiciously familiar.
------Temporary character change, ???------
"Sorry, sir, the kid jumped off of a fucking building again. Look, what the fuck did you want me to do, jump off the building after 'em? Fuck no, I'm not doing that! Besides the kid has some sort of spider quirk, from what I heard from 'em. Y'know what that means? They can survive a fall like that, I can't. I don't think a fucking poison quirk will help me with jumping off a 10 floor building. Fine, I'll search the area for them. Gimme another three hours, yeah? I'll keep you posted." And with that, she began her search for a child in green.
----Temporary character change, ??? end----
"Shinsou... what's... up... called me....? I'm really... out of... breath.... hold on...." Izuku sat in a hidden corner on a roof, trying to catch his breath after having ran down a good five streets to make sure that the person trying to capture him couldn't find him again.
"Mido, can you help me with my maths homework? This question's really hard." (What?!)
"Are you saying that you called me in the middle of my patrol, knowing full well that you could get me caught by two groups of people, both of whom want me dead or in jail, because you needed help with your maths homework?!"
"Yes, now help me." He could now here footsteps from the other side of the roof.
"I know you're in there, Kumo! Come out an let me capture you! I'll get disintegrated if I fail again!" Izuku's breath hitched and his phone fell from his hands as he put both parts of his mask on as quickly as humanly possible.
"K, what's going on?! Who's that?! K, are you there?! If you don't respond I'm calling my dad and Eclipse!" Thank god Shinsou had the good sense to switch to his contact name, he couldn't have a villain knowing even a fraction of his real name. "Fuck! K, I'm hacking into the CCTV footage near you now and calling in back up as we speak. Stay put and hold your ground for as long as possible, yeah?"
Izuku nodded, even though he knew that Shinsou couldn't see that, grabbed his phone - muting it and slipping it into one of his pouches - and climbed up the wall to perch on the ceiling. It was inevitable that he'd be found, but he would hold it off for as long as possible. All he could do now was hope that Aizawa and Akari were nearby so that he wouldn't have to fight. Something told him he wouldn't come out of this one alive.
"Come out, you little spider bitch! The boss wants you and if I don't do what the boss tells his brat to tell me to do then I'll be killed. You don't want my life on your hands, right?!" Izuku clenched his eyes shut tighter and tighter as the voice got closer, if one of his eyes was open even a crack, green light would spill out and illuminate the area. He really didn't want this person to find him. Had his eyes been open, he would've seen a message pop up of the inside of one of the lenses. That would've killed him and saved him at the same time.He just hoped that Akari and Aizawa would be there soon
-----Temporary character change, Akari-----
Eraser had woken up after about ten minutes and the two began to talk about how proud they were of their son and brother respectively. They'd probably been talking for about half an hour, when Eraser got a call from his son.
"Hitoshi, what's wrong?" There was shouting on the other side of the call, Akari could only make out a few word. "Right, I'll do that, but you have to explain in full afterwards, okay?" Akari could only assume that Shinsou had said yes, as Eraser put the call on speaker and lay the phone on the floor between the two of them.
"What's up, kid?" She struggled very hard to refrain from calling him Shinsou whilst Eclipse and in front of his father.
"What's going on and how do you know this?" Grumbled Eraser.
"Okay, so, after school on the day that he came to visit, me and Kumo exchanged numbers, 'cause he seemed nice and Todo's friends with him so why can't I be? Anyway, I called him to ask for help on my maths homework and at first he was a little mad, but then he seemed like he was actually gonna help and then there was this voice that I didn't recognise and they said that they needed to capture him or they'd be disintegrated and Kumo didn't say anything so I told him to hang on while I called you, which is why I'm calling you on the home phone, because I still have the call open with Kumo on my mobile so that I can make sure that nothing bad happens and it doesn't seem like the person's found him yet, so maybe he's on the cieling but, oh god, you guys reall need to help him because the other person's getting mad and I think that they want to kill him, but they can't because their boss'll kill them if they do and, oh my god they're threatening him gain, I don't think he can hide for much longer, you guys really need to find him because I think they work for the league an-"
"Shinsou! We get it, we need to save him, and we will! Just send us the address so I can, yeah?" There was an affirmative hum from the other side of the call and a message popped up on Aizawa's phone, it was the address. "Thanks, kid. We'll make sure to call you when we find him. Be careful." The line cut off and Akari took a glance at the address, before sprinting off to help her baby brother. "It's this way, bastard, follow me and keep up because if that kid gets captured or killed you can say goodbye to your life!" Eraser muttered something under his breath and followed the woman down street after street, until they reached an empty rooftop with a small room, made up of three walls.
"Are you sure this is the right address, Eclipse?" She nodded slowly, tears stinging her eyes.
"This- this is the right place. They took him. They took my baby brother away from me..." The dam broke and large, fat tears fell freely from her eyes.
"We'll find him. I hate to say this but, we'll find that fucking vigilante if it kills us." She nodded again and pulled out her phone, which vibrated in one of her belt pouches.

Unknown number: I get the feeling that you know who this is, so I'll save you the introduction.
Unknown number: The league are after Kumo, I've been told that our guy managed to capture them but they haven't reached us yet.
Unknown number: I may be part of the league, but I didn't sign up for this. Make sure that you find your apprentice, or whatever, I don't want to think about what'd happen if Shigaraki and "Sensei" got their hands on them. Good luck.

Eclipse ~(˘▾˘~): Thank you, I shouldn't be going off topic but, do you think we could meet up again soon?

Unknown number: Hopefully, we can meet up alone again. I'd rather not meet up if the league were involved. Good luck, Eclipse.

Eclipse ~(˘▾˘~): You too

Unknown number has gone offline

"Who was that?" Eraser was glaring at her and had his phone in his hand as well.
"A friend. Kumo hasn't made it to the league yet, we can still find him if we hurry. My friend will alert me if and when he reaches the league's base. Let's hope we find him before that." Eraser nodded.
"Hitoshi said he wanted to speak to you, privately, about Kumo. Can I give him your number?" Akari nodded and Eraser typed something in to his phone. "Done." Akari's phone buzzed again as he said that.

Unknown number: This is Shinsou Hitoshi, Aizawa's son. Am I speaking to Eclipse?

Eclipse ~(˘▾˘~) added Hitoshi S to contacts

Eclipse ~(˘▾˘~): Hi, Shinsou, what's up?

Hitoshi S: I'm tracking Kumo and his captor. They're only two streets away at most, you and dad are fast, you should be able to catch up with them in no time at all. Please get my friend back. I don't know what I'd do if Izu was gone.

Eclipse ~(˘▾˘~): We'll get him back, no doubt. If you're still listening in on Kumo's phone then send me your home phone number and I'll use a pair of ear buds so you can tell me if anything happens, yeah?

Hitoshi S: Yeah, it's this: xxxxx_xxxxxx

Eclipse ~(˘▾˘~): Done. I have to go now, but you can just speak into the landline if you need anything or have any info.


Eclipse ~(˘▾˘~) has gone offline


Akari rang Eraser's landline, set up her Bluetooth headphones, put away her phone and started off in the direction Shinsou told her to.
"Okay, they're on that next roof, stood on the other side on the stair room thingy. Make your way onto the roof as quietly as possible and get dad to restrain them with his capture weapon. If that doesn't work out, you have swords as well as knives and a good 60% of Izu's armour has shielding or is made of metal." Akari nodded and made her way onto the roof, as she was told. She didn't need to use her blades, the villain who kidnapped her brother wasn't paying attention and got caught by Eraser's capture weapon with ease and they got Izuku back.

Chapter Text

Izuku lay awake, staring at the ceiling (which he had managed to paint so it wasn't as boring). He and Akari had gotten home from their patrol a few hours ago. It was now about 3 AM. He had school in the morning. It wasn't like he hadn't gone without sleeping before, coffee was always useful, but that didn't mean he liked it. He was also sure that Aizawa would notice and get mzd at Izuku if he didn't sleep. So he tossed and turned and tried to get comfortable, yet sleeps soft arms refused to take him. He couldn't help but think about everything that had happened the night before. If it weren't for Shinsou calling him to ask about maths homework, he would probably be with the League now. God knows why they wanted him. Just the thought of crusty hand man,in all of his crusty-ness, made a shiver run down Izuku's spine. He wanted to give the aforementioned man a tube of moisturizer and never see him again. Ever. For the rest of his life. However, he now knew that they were very much after him and that was most cirtainly not the last he would ever see of crusty, warp gate, and the creepy lady who kidnapped him - along with any and all other members of the league.
----------------Ooh a memory!----------------
Izuku clenched his eyes shut tighter and tighter as the voice got closer, if one of his eyes was open even a crack, green light would spill out and illuminate the area. He really didn't want this person to find him. Had his eyes been open, he would've seen a message pop up of the inside of one of the lenses. That would've killed him and saved him at the same time. He just hoped that Akari and Aizawa would be there soon.
He could hear heavy footsteps getting infinitely closer and held his breath.
"I know you're around here somewhere, Kumo. C'mon out before things get messy!" He resisted the urge to gulp and, instead, claped his eyes shut even harder and pushed all urge to breathe down as far as humanly possible - hoping that he wouldn't break himself or his mask. He wasn't sur quiye what he was expecting, he knew full well that he hadn't been able to stay clinging to the cieling when Kumo paid a visit to 1-A so he wasn't sure why he thought this time would be any different, but he did know that he had most cirtainly had not expected to fall from the cieling just as the very person who was hunting him down stepped into the small alcove in which he had been hiding. He landed in a crouch, with on jand out to the side slightly and the fingertips of the other just grazing the concrete below him. He was very glad that he landed in front of the woman (for 't was indeed a she) and not right in her arms. It would've been awkward if he'd essentially let her capture him. Ho slowly rose to his feet and slid his retractable staff out of one of his pouches. He really didn't wan to fight, but he was cornered now. Maybe he should've made web-slingers after all. Well, no time to look back on past mistakes. The villain grinned maliciously at him as a vibrant, magenta substance coated the palm of her hand and she reached forward to grab him. If he hadn't spent so much time perfecting that one move where he, like, used his staff to propel himself upwards, he would probably be dead by now. Said substance turned out to be a currosive poison. Shit. Now he really wished he had those web-slingers. He was cornered by someone wo could literally kill him with one touch. (Now, before you tell me that Shigaraki could also, potentially, kill some one with just a touch, he needs to latch on with all five fingers and even after that, it takes a good long while for something to disintigrate completely. Case closed :p)
He can't use his grapling hook, it's only really meant to be used a couple of times a day and besides which, it's far too obvious and she would poison him as he attempted to get over her. He was cornered.
"W- what do you want?! Why are the league targeting me?!" It was somewhat amusing, actually, listening to his distorted, robotic voice stutter and stumble.
"Don't flatter youself too much. You arent the only one we're after. There's also some kid called Midoriya, or whatever." (So still just me then. Just fucking great.) "Anyway, as for why we want you, the boss said he thinks you have potential and he wants you to be part of the league. At least, that's what Kurogiri said the boss said. The TV was disintegrated and Shigaraki was cursing up a storm, so he's really the only thing I have to go by. Anyway, I gotta get you going, so..." And suddenly, Izuku felt woozy. He was swaying on his feet and the world became distorted. He thought everything was meant to be green with his mask on, why was it pink?
Izuku woke up to two half-faces looking down at him. The first was soft with peachy skin and sad purple eyes. It had a blue mask coming up to the bridge of the nose, tears rolling down its cheeks and short, brown hair framing it perfectly. The second was more sharp with pale skin and had exhausted yet worried ebony eyes and messy black hair. He prefered the former, but the later was nice too. His eyes drifted closed again and he heared woried voices screaming about a spider. Wierd.
--------------Ooh a memory end!--------------
Deciding that he was definitely not welcomed by sleep, Izuku lulled his phone off of his bedside table and opened 1-A's group chat.

1-A 。^‿^。
Gren is online

Gren: Anyone else struggling to sleep?

Purble: Always. Need someone to talk to?

Gren: If you dont mind
Gren: You dont have to if you dont want to tho

Purble: I imagine that talking to a friend is much less boring than staring absently at the cieling.

Gren: You were doing that too?
Gren: Maybe its just a universal thing
Gren: Ive had a lot of time to think tonight
Gren: Am i a bad friend?
Gren: I know it seem random, just thinking
Gren: I dont know what about
Gren: Nothing, I guess? Maybe everything tho.... Life's wierd
Gren: Would you guys miss me if I just disappeared off of the face of the earth one day?
Gren: I know Kacchan wouldnt but what about the rest of you?
Gren: Sorry
Gren: Ill stop bothering you all

Gren has gone offline.

Chapter Text

His alarm went of. It was, what, 6 A.M? And he still had yet to fall asleep. He spent most of the night... well, early morning, scrolling through his news feed. He was actually pretty proud of himself, he'd managed to get a good few months into the feed before morning came and he had to get up. He dragged himself out of bed and got dressed. Once he'd finished with the torture device, commonly known as a tie, he picked his phone up and trudged down to the kitchen.
"Oh, you're awake! Good! If you didn't get up in time, I was gonna give you the day off. None of us have any idea what happened with that League girl. We don't know how she knocked you out or where she went after we got you back. Anyway, breakfast's ready." Izuku nodded at his sister and plopped himself down at the table. Why is it that tiredness only kicks in after you've gotten out of bed?
In front of him sat a plate of tamagoyaki and a bowl of rice. He looked up at his sister questioningly.
"Egg?" She giggled and nodded at him, before digging in to her food.
"I have to go shopping, it's all we have. Now, eat up! I get the feeling that Eraser's got a lot planned for the class today." Izuku sighed and ate his breakfast
Once they'd finished their breakfast, Izuku put his plates and bowls into the sink and went to brush his teeth and attempt to brush his hair. It was easier to tame now that it was longer, but still annoying.
He checked his phone while he was on the train.

Gren: Sorry
Gren: Ill stop bothering you all

Gren is offline

Purble: Shit, I hope he's okay...

Purble is offline
Everyone is offline

Today, 6:30 A.M, ¯\(°_o)/¯, (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ, Rip-off Pikachu and 2 others are online

¯\(°_o)/¯:Okay, what happened with Midori last night?

(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ: Yeah, that did seem a little weird. I hope he's okay!

Rip-off Pikachu: @┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ the bitch What did you do?

┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ the bitch: I didn't do shit, shitty extra!

(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ: Well, surly you don't expect us to believe you when you use that tone of voice.

┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ the bitch: What tone of voice, gravity bitch?!
┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ the bitch: I'm not using my voice, I'm texting!

(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ: Well you're still being rude and making yourself seem more guilty.
(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ: Did you or did you not upset Midori last night?

┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ the bitch I already said, I didn't do shit!

The sweetest of rock boys: Bakubro's telling the truth. He was staying at my house last night and not once did he so much as text Midori! I promise on all thing manly!

(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ: Bakugo stayed at your house?

The sweetest of rock boys: Yeah! We had a super manly sleepover!
The sweetest of rock boys: He only agreed to it because his mum was mad at him though...
The sweetest of rock boys: And she only agreed to it because she was "happy that he had real friends again" I think?
The sweetest of rock boys: It was weird
The sweetest of rock boys: I can tell where Bakubro gets his temper from though, no offence to his mum

¯\(°_o)/¯: We're getting off topic!!!!
¯\(°_o)/¯: Does anyone now why Midori was so upset last night?

┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ the bitch: I mean...
┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ the bitch: I have an idea, but...
┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ the bitch: It might not be right...
┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ the bitch: My mum would't stop talking about it, so I imagine that Deku would be pretty shaken up too, but...
┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ the bitch: I really fucking hate saying this, but I probably shouldn't talk about it without his permission

¯\(°_o)/¯: ???

(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ: ???

Rip-off Pikachu: ???

The sweetest of rock boys: I don't remember your mum bringing up anything that'd affect Midori
The sweetest of rock boys Other than her telling you off for hurting him

┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ the bitch: Don't get me wrong, I'm not doing this for the nerd
┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ the bitch: But I really don't think I should mention it without his permission
┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ the bitch: Again, that is not by any means out of consideration of the nerd
┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ the bitch: This goes deeper than that

Rip-off Pikachu: Holy shit
Rip-off Pikachu: This must be serious if Bakugo won't talk about it without Midori's permission

7:00 A.M, Gren is online

Gren: Have you guys seriously been talking about me for a full half hour?
Gren: Because that's extensive

(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ: Midori!!!
(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ: What was up last night?
(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ: You seemed really sad

┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ the bitch: Don't just ask him like that!
┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ the bitch: The nerd's overemotional about everything!
┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ the bitch: He'll probably start crying or some shit like that!
┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ the bitch: I don't wanna be anywhere near a crying Deku!

Gren: @┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ the bitch, Aww, if I didn't know any better, I'd say that you actually cared about me
Gren: But we all know you don't, so let's cut the bullshit
Gren: I don't see why I'd get overemotional anyway,
Gren: I just hadn't had any sleep and had way too much time to think
Gren: I mean, I still haven't slept but...
Gren: That's not important.
Gren: I must summon the Shinsou!

Purble is online

(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ: Wait, that actually worked?!

Gren: Of course it worked. He is my coffee slave

Purble:I think you've got that the wrong way 'round but whatever.
Purble: Why did you summon me?

Gren: Have you guys left the house yet?

Purble: We're just about to
Purble: Why

Gren: Coffee?
Gren: I haven't slept and there's a coffee place literally right across the road from your house
Gren: I'd like the usual

Purble: Fine, but you're paying me back with a free jug of Akari's iced coffee

Gren: Deal!
Gren: i have to go now, the train's at my stop

Gren is offline

He made his way up to 1-A and... why the fuck was Monoma outside his classroom?
"Well, if it isn't the golden child of 1-A! How does it feel to know that the staff shows so much favouritism that you're the only one other than the support course who was allowed to use support items, hmm?" Izuku sighed and glared up at Monoma. He was really sick of having to look up at everyone, maybe he should get Akari to make his platforms bigger...
"Do you have a quirk, Monoma?" The boy looked appalled at the fact that Izuku had even replied to him. God, what a stuck up bastard.
"Yes, just like everyone else. I hardly see how this is of any relevance." Izuku rolled his eyes.
"If you have a quirk then you have no right to tell me that it was unfair that I got to use support gear and you didn't. Now fuck off and let me go to class!" Monoma did the complete opposite and took a step towards Izuku.
"Care to tell me what you mean by that?! What, your little strength enhancer not enough for you? Did mummy and daddy pay the school to let you use support gear because you didn't get the quirk that you wanted?!" Oh, this was going to be fun. If he "accidentally" broke an arm, he could claim it was self defence, right?
"You just crossed multiple lines and should count yourself luck that we're within school grounds, Monoma." He was very, very mad. Even more so when Monoma took another step towards him.
"What is it with all these threats?! What, you think you're so much above me, just because you scored first in the exam and got into 1-A?!" The other boy reached out to grab Izuku, who grabbed the other boy's arm and twisted. He was very pleased with the look of fear and pain on Monoma's face. Well, the other boy started it, made frankly offensive assumptions and looked down on the quirkless, so Izuku was fine... probably.
"Well, considering I came first in the entrance exam and second in the festival without parental support or a quirk, I think I'm allowed to gloat a little, no?" He let go of the blond boy and walked into his classroom. Someone else could deal with Monoma from there. He wasn't in the mood.
Ochako had met up with Iida, Todo and Shinsou (who, true to his word, had two cups of coffee, one hot and one iced, and was taking a few sips out of the hot one.) and walked up to their homeroom with them.
"Why is Monoma lying on the floor outside our homeroom?" Asked Todoroki and.... oh yeah, Monoma was lying on the floor, clutching his left arm.
"Do we have to deal with him? Mido's gonna be mad if he doesn't get his coffee." Todorkoki nodded and Ochako just shrugged.
"Of course we must help him! He would appear to be in pain! We should assess the severity of the injury and get him to recovery girl!"
"Have fun with that, buddy. I really don't wanna deal with an angry Mido." And Shinsou just stepped over the blond boy and made his way into the classroom.
"As much as I hate to leave you two, Izuku is not pleasant when angry. I should go and make sure that Shinsou doesn't die." That left just Iida and Ochako to deal with Monoma. She really didn't want to, but she couldn't just leave Iida alone.
"I- I guess it's just you and me then, huh, Iida..." She sighed and drooped forward as she walked towards Monoma. "Hey, Monoma, think you can tell us what happened?" She, reluctantly, helped the boy to his feet as she spoke.
"Midoriya." Stated the blond, while wincing in pain.
"Umm, I'm not trying to say that you're lying but... Midori wouldn't just attack someone out of nowhere, he's not that kind of person." Iida seemed lost in thought.
"Uraraka! You go and interrogate Midoriya and I will question Monoma while I walk him to recovery girl, yes?" Ochako nodded and made her way into the classroom.
"Hey, Midori? Do you know what happened to Monoma?" The boy in question scowled and took a sip of his drink.
"Yes." Ochako plopped herself down in the seat in front of him, Shinsou was behind him and Todoroki was next to him.
"Can you tell me what it was? He said it was you."
"It was. He was being a little bitch and tried to grab me, so I retaliated." Ochako winced.
"Did- did anything else happen?" He nodded.
"I was trying to get to class and Monoma was stood in front of the door, so I walked up to the door expecting him to move and he didn't. Instead he said that the teachers letting me use support items was favouritism. I asked if he had a quirk and when he said that he, along with everyone else, does have a quirk and he didn't see the relevance, I stated that if he had a quirk he had o right to tell me that me using support item wasn't fair. He then claimed that I had a strength enhancing quirk and that my parents paid for me to be allowed to use support gear. I told him that he'd crossed the line and should count himself lucky that we were at school, to which he replied with, "What is it with all these threats?! What, you think you're so much above me, just because you scored first in the exam and got into 1-A?!". He then walked towards me and reached out to grab me, so I grabbed his arm and twisted. The bitch should learn not to jump to conclusions. Especially when they're about me and I've had no sleep." Midori had to go to recovery girl to explain why he'd hurt Monoma and both of them got an after school detention, which she supposed was fair all things considered.
Aizawa-sensei said that their internships were coming up soon so they'd have to decide on who they were interning with. He pulled up a board saying how many people wanted them to intern with them. Todoroki was in first, probably because of his quirk, Bakugo was in second, also because of his quirk as there was no way it was due to his personality, and Midori was in third, because he was awesome. Ochako had a fair few votes herself. Once they'd finished marvelling at the amount of people who wanted them to intern under them, Aizawa-sensei said that they'd be picking their hero names and that Midnight-sensei would be helping with that as he was in no place to judge their hero names. Everyone was given a whiteboard and a pen and had ten minutes to decide on their hero names. Iida looked sad the whole time. Actually, Iida hadn't been quite right since he had to leave the festival early. Ochako would talk to him about that later.
In the end, their hero names were these:
Aoyoma: Can't Stop Twinkling
Ashido: Pinky
Tsuyu: Froppy
Iida: Tenya
Ochako: Uravity
Ojiro: Tailman
Kaminari: Chargebolt
Kirishima: Red Riot
Kouda: Anima
Sato: Sugarman
Shoji: Tentacole
Jiro: Earphone jack
Sero: Cellophane
Tokoyami: Tsukuyomi
Todoroki: Peppermint Shouto
Hagakure: Invisible girl
Bakugo: Ground Zero
Yaomomo: Creati


Tune in next time to find out the final two hero names!!!!

Chapter Text

"Okay, so that just leaves Midoriya and Shinsou! Which one of you wants to come up first?" Both boys looked apprehensive.
"I'll go, I guess." Spoke Shinsou, as he rose from his seat and walked up to the front of the class. "I mean, there's really not much behind it. I'm gonna go with Puppeteer. You all know the nature of my quirk, so I see no reason in justifying the name." As quikly as he was up there, he was in his seat again. (Okay, so, I had a comment suggesting a few names and this was one of them, but I was already concidering it. Puppeteer was Shinsou's vigilante name in "Bitch, I'm Incognito" by Rin_Did_It and, well, it fits.)
"Okay then, that just leaves you, Midoriya." Midori looked at his board apprehensively and took a deep breath, before stepping up to the front.
"Well, mine's a bit sappy. So, umm, since I'm quirkless, everyone used to call me Deku - useless - and it hurt, it still does. But... I'm trying my hardest to do my best and follow my dream, despite my disadvantage! So, I'll be "The quirkless hero: Dekiru" to show that you can do whatever you put your mind to!" Midori finished his speech with a big smile and then proceeded to turn bright red, curl in on himself and rush back to his seat. It was cute. Bakugo on the other hand, who was grimacing and looked two seconds away from turning around and blowing Midori up, was not. By any means. He was just rude.
"Well, that's everyone then. You all did great! Well, some of you had a few... Strange first ideas but, those were quikly fixed, so we're fine!
Midori was quiet for the rest of the day and frequently went out of his way to avoid Bakugo. Ochako hoped he was okay.
Katsuki hated Deku! No, he despised him! Ah, fuck it! There wasn't a word to describe how much he loathed the fucker! So, why did seeong the shitty nerd go out of his way just to avoid Katsuki hurt so much? Why did hearing him say that the word Deku hurt and seeing the look of unfathomable sadness in tje green haird boy's eyes make Katsuki's heart hurt? It- it must have been his instincts, right? It must have been seething rage at seeing the nerd look down on him... Right? Realistically, there wasn't anything else it could've been. I mean, what? Was he supposed to feel remorseful? Pah! In your fuckong dreams! Why would Katsuki give a fuck about that shit head?! He didn't and there wasn't any reason for him to! He had done nothing wrong, ever! All he'd done was put the nerd in his place and attempted to teach him that useless nobodys get nothing! So, why did his heart hurt so much? And why was his stomach so heavy? Ugh, whatever! It's not like it mattered! He was probably just hungry! Yeah, that.... That had to be it... Right?
Izuku was on his way home from school and oof, was that a stressful day. Coming up with a hero name had been near impossible, but presenting it? Well, that had just been plain torture! He really hoped that Kacc- no, Katsuki, (Remember what Ura said, he doesn't deserve that nickname!) (I know... But.... It's the only thing still tying us to our old life, to mum and dad...), wouldn't be too mad at him. He wasn't sure what Ka...tsuki would be mad about, just that he would be mad. The was Bakugo Katsuki he was talking about. Izuku was dragged out of his thoughts by the sound of crying. The sound of a child crying. He moved closer to the source of the voice, to be met with a young girl, sat curled in on herself on the floor of a park. She was covered in scrapes and bruises and had long, icey blue hair and tattered clothes. Izuku took a step forwatd and noted the boys he could see running off in the corner of his eye.
"Hey, are you alright?" He also took note of the way the girl flinched when being spoken to.
"'M fine. You should go, before they come back..."
"Before who comes back?" He helped the girl to her feet as she dried her eyes. She shrugged and motioned in the direction the group of boys had run in.
"I guess they left 'cause they saw you coming. Thanks for that. I apreciate it." He nodded and took a moment to observe the girl. Her hair was about hip length and the fringe covered her eyes. She was slim and around the same height as him - taller if we don't count his shoes. Her school uniform was somehow drenched and burnt at the same time. That was probably thanks to the boys she was talking about.
"Do you want me to walk you home, so that they don't bother you again?" She sighed and shook her head.
"Thanks but, it's one hell of a treck and I don't want to bother you." Welp, Izuku - being the cinnamon roll he is - refused to take no as an answer.
"Well, you could at least let me take you back to my place so that you can dry off, yeah? You'll get a cold if you walk home like that. I'm sure my sister won't mind!" She looked apprehensive and shook her head again.
"Look, I apreciate but, I don't think you or your sister want me round." Izuku shook his head. He's nothing if not determined to help.
"I insist! It's no problem, really! After all, what kind of hero would I be if I just left you to get ill?" Afyer a short while, she nodded and followed Izuku - who texted Akari to say he was bringing a friend home because there was no way that he would just drop that on her, he was raised better than that. Akari was at home today.
"I'm home!" Called Izuku as he and the girl walked through the door.
"Welcome back, 'Zuku. Do you have any homework to do?" The two of them swapped their shoes for slippers - green ones for him and white guest ones for the girl - and walked into the house.
"No. But I think I have someone who needs your help." He called back, before turning to the girl. "Oh, by the way. What's your name? I never asked and I think that's kind of important, no?" She nodded at him. She was now the taller of the two and Izuku didn't like being short.
"I- Akiyama Naoko." Akari had come up behind Izuku.
"Oh, you poor thing! What happened?!" Akiyama apparently hadn't noticed Akari, as she jumped upon hearing her voice. "I'm Akari Midoriya and this is my little brother, Izuku. You can call me Akari and I think most people call 'Zuku Midori. But anyway, what happened?"
"Some of the boys from school got mad at me. It's nothing." Akari glared at her but she didn't react. Izuku doubted she could see past her fringe. Speaking of...
"Ifbrou don't mind me asking, why does your fringe cover your eyes? You don't have to answer if you don't want to! I'm just curious."
"Well, that's enough of that. Lets get you cleaned up and into some clean clothes!" Akiyama nodded and followed Akari, while Izuku went to make some tea.

Chapter Text

"So, Midori, huh? Do your friends shorten "Midoriya" to "Midori" because your hair and eyes are green?" Izuku never thought of that...
"Huh? I'm not sure. One day, Uraraka came up to me and started calling me that. Or maybe it was Mina.... either way, I guess it caught on because now pretty much everyone calls me that!" Akiyama nodded and smiled up at him... sort of. It's a little bit hard to tell, when you can't see someone's eyes, but it looked like a smile.
"Well, if I'm calling you Midori then I guess you can call me Aki! Or, y'know, whatever you like, I guess...." Akari had asked is Akiyama wanted to stay for dinner. She'd been wary at first, but eventually gave in and rang her parents to say that she was staying at a friend's house for dinner. Her parents response made Izuku want to punch them. As soon as Akiyama said that she'd be home late her mother said, "Well, you'd better not get into any trouble. Not that I'd be surprised if you did.", when she went on to explain that she was having dinner with a friend, her father scoffed and said, "I thought you didn't have any friends. You don't have to lie to us.". Izuku got mad and took the phone off of her and very calmly explained that Akiyama was staying at his house for dinner and would be home around seven, and then proceeded to hang up before her parents could get another word in. Akiyama giggled and said that he didn't need to do that. He did. It felt wrong to let people hurt his friends, and Akiyama Naoko was his friend now. So, now the two of them were sat on the couch chatting, while Akari finished off making dinner. They were having Katsudon.
"Hey, Midori, are you always like this? Really up beat and happy, I mean. Like, isn't it exhausting, constantly being nice to everyone?" Izuku chuckled. It wasn't his real laugh, his pretty little giggle, and it wasn't his fake laugh, the hysterical laughter saved for the worst of villains, it was a deep, sad chuckle.
"Y'know, I don't think I am. Sure, I'm like this around friends, but the second shit gets serious, all sunshine is gone. I guess you could say I'm like the sky, generally clear and sunny, usually warm and making others happy, but sometimes the sky clouds over and it gets cold and rainy or stormy and people get sad and maybe even hurt. I guess that's how I would describe me, but it's different for everyone." Izuku's smile matched his laugh from a few moments ago, it was sad and hid a multitude of emotions. Emotions that not even the closest friends could see. A single tear rolled down Akiyama's cheek as she stared into Izuku's sad, sad eyes. Emerald green with swirls and slashed of blues and whites and yellows, gorgeous orbs overflowing with countless emotions and secrets. "A- ah! I didn't mean to upset you Aki, I'm sorry!" The girl shook her head and wiped the tear from her cheek.
"It's a side effect of my quirk. It's not your fault." Understanding mixed in with the horde of emotions in his eyes, forcing its way to the front.
"I- if you don't mind me asking, and you really don't have to answer if you don't want to! You can just pretend I never asked if my question bothers you or- or you can tell me that you'd rather not answer... seriously though, if you don't want to answer you don't have to but... if you're alright with me asking, what is your quirk?"
If Akiyama was bothered by the question, she didn't show it. She hummed thoughtfully for a moment and put her finger to her lip, in the same way Tsuyu does, before smiling at Izuku.
"Well, you're my friend so I guess I can tell you but... please don't hate me for it! I... if you think my quirk's bad can we just forget this ever happened and still be friends?" Izuku wanted to tell her that it didn't matter to him if she had a weak or "evil" quirk, but now wasn't the time. She'd probably just get mad at him and say he was lying. He would tell her that when he knows what her quirk is, to show her that he really doesn't mind. For now though, he just nodded. "Okay, so, umm... Well, my quirk's all about the eyes, which is why I have to cover them... mum won't let me out of my room if I don't. Anyway, I guess it's kinda like empathy but in a literal sense. If I look into someone's eyes, I can feel what they feel, or in your case, the most prominent emotion. Equally, if I so desire, I can force an emotion on another. I can force them to feel any emotion I want at any extremity. For example, when I first discovered my quirk, I'd broken my arm while climbing a tree and accidentally locked eyes with my dad while he was trying to cheer me up, I wanted the pain to go away and accidentally projected the pain on him, so all he felt for an hour was a broken arm when his arm was actually fine. My mum started making me cover up my eyes after that." Izuku was already brimming with potential uses for her quirk.
"So, you could potentially alleviate any pain from someone? Like, if someone was in need of an operation but wouldn't calm down enough to be sedated, you could force them to be calm just by locking eyes with them? And, like, imagine if you encountered a villain, you could lock eyes with them and force them to feel immense regret, thus causing them to back down!! There are so many awesome uses for your quirk!! You would make such a good hero!!" Akiyama's mouth was hanging open, she was a lot like Shinsou had been, no one had ever complimented her quirk before. Izuku knew better than everyone who had insulted his friends' quirks. He could name countless uses for every quirk.
"I- thanks. It means a lot that you'd say that, but what about you, huh? You know an awful lot about quirks, you must have a great one yourself, no?" Izuku shook his head.
"I... don't have a quirk. But I'm still gonna be a hero! In fact, I'm part of U.A's hero course at the minute! I'll be going on to do an internship soon!"
"I thought you looked familiar! You came second in the sports festival! Wow, to get that far without a quirk... you must be crazy strong!!"
"Oh, he's strong alright, but that's not how he got there. 'Zuku may be strong, but his main sellin' point is his brain. Smartest kid I've ever seen! Anyway, dinner's ready."
They chatted a lot over dinner. Mainly about U.A, but other things were mixed in too.
"He, Midori, do... do you think I can be a hero too? I mean, everyone says that with a quirk like mine, I'll never be a hero but, you don't have any quirk at all and you already almost won the sports festival so... can I?" Izuku giggled.
"Hero work isn't all about a quirk! Sure, a flashy quirk is important if you wanna be a popular hero and be in the spotlight or whatever, but true heroes are those who save others without a second thought. Real heroism is about those you help, not those you defeat. In that sense, everyone can be a hero, even people like me." Aki grinned and hugged him. They were all in the same boat. People with weak, "villainous" or nonexistent quirks were shunned and told that they'd amount to nothing, but Izuku and his friends would prove the world wrong. They'd show everyone that you don't need a flashy quirk to save people. They'd inspire the next generations to be more open minded than all before them, starting with their own generation.
"What?! Why not?!"
"Because, me and Shinsou came to the agreement that you would not go on patrol again until you set up a headset so that he could communicate with you at all times an tell you if you're in danger. He said he also wants you to set up a headset for me so that if things get crazy he can contact me without a moments delay! Now, off you go! Go and make those headsets! Yours needs to be built into your mask and mine needs to be discreet and have the mouth piece in the mask, but as long as Shinsou can disguise his so his parents don't get suspicious, you can make his however you want! I'll use a spare mask, so you can fit the head set into the actual thing once done. Have fun!" And with that, his sister was off out of the window. Well, he wasn't going to sneak out again, so he just get on with what he was told to do.
Shinsou's headset was made first, so the others could be connected up to it. It was basically just a pair of gaming head phones, but hand made and neon purple with cat ears that could be moved to pick up any movements from inside Shinsou's apartment, so he could switch to pretending to play a video game if one of his dads came to check up on him. It had two buttons on the side, both were quite large and glowed, so he could find them. The first was acid green, matching the glow of Izuku's masks lenses, and the second was cerulean blue. If Shinsou held the green button and spoke into the headset's mic, Izuku would hear everything he said and if he did the same with the blue button, Akari would hear everything he said. Shinsou would hear everything both Akari and Izuku said into their mics. It was 11 P.M by the time he'd finished that. He could make his own headset as well and be done by 3 A.M. He'd make Akari's after school and they'd have to leave for patrol an hour late, but it worked. His own would've more closely resembled a flat earpiece, had it not been on the inside of his mask. There were no visible changes to the outside of the mask, but the inside now featured a device which would allow him to speak to and hear Shinsou. He also added a small wire and mic to the inside of his hood, so that Shinsou could pick up on anything being said to Izuku, if the green one pressed a small button sewn into the hood. Non of this could be seen, so wouldn't be removed as long as the rest of the costume wasn't. There was, of course, an on/off switch on Shinsou's headset which controlled all three. Once Izuku and Akari were safely at home, he would flip the switch and all three headsets would be turned off. Equally, at seven o'clock each day, Shinsou would set up his little hacking station and turn the headsets on. Now, he just had to go to bed before it got too late. It was nearing 3 A.M and, while that was somewhat normal for him (And the author :3), he still had school in the morning. And Aizawa was his homeroom teacher.
(I don't actually know exactly how this one worked so I'm just gonna wing it.)
"Okay, does everyone know who their interning with? Yes? good. Come and hand your forms in." Izuku had been keeping a close eye on Iida since the sports festival.
"Midori! Which hero did you choose to intern with?! I'm interning with Gunhead! I know it's a bit of a weird choice, but I need to learn to fight better."
"Ah, that's really smart! I'm interning with Native." Ura pouted.
"How come? You got tons of offers! Why go with such a little known hero?!" (Because it was suggested in one of the comments and Blue has no creativity.)
"Well, don't tell anyone this. In fact.... hold on." Izuku didn't want to risk anyone overhearing his top secret plan!!! Wow!!!

Gren: You have to promise not to tell anyone, got it?

(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ: I won't, I promise!
(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ: Now, what's up?

Gren: So, Iida's been acting weird since the sports festival
Gren: Admittedly, it's almost definitely because his brother got attacked by the hero killer but...
Gren: I don't think he's just upset
Gren: I asked where he's interning the other day
Gren: He's interning with Manual
Gren: He's not a big hero, there's no way Iida would turn down an opportunity to work with one of the big guys
Gren: So I did a bit of digging

(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ: Right...

Gren: And Manual's based in Hosu

(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ: Okay....

Gren: Hosu's where the hero killer attacked Ingenium

(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ: You don't think...

Gren: I sure as hell hope not
Gren: But people do strange things for those they care about
Gren: That's why I'm interning with Native
Gren: Someone needs to be there to make sure he doesn't get himself killed
Gren: And as of right now, there;s no concrete proof that Iida's going to do anything
Gren: So I'll just have to keep an eye on him

(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ: Make sure that iidiot (pun, not spelling mistake) doesn't get himself killed

Gren: Will do!

"Okay, well, I'll see you tomorrow, Midori! But only for a bit." Izuku nodded and headed home to finish up his little project.
It was eight P.M and Hitoshi was watching cat videos on his phone while his dads watched some sappy love film. It was gross. Luckily, his favourite green thing decided to save him from being scarred for life, by knocking at the door.
"I'll get it" He grumbled, while speed-walking out of the living room. His dads had the audacity to laugh at his embarrassment.
"Shinsou!!! I have a present for you!!" Hitoshi raised an eyebrow.
"Oh? What's the special occasion?" Mido laughed, a deep sad chuckle.
"Oh, well... that's uh, next month but... I got you a present? 'Cause friends? Open it." And as soon as he opened the pretty lilac box with cats on it, he realised what Mido had meant by "present". He meant the headset he'd force him to make, so that he would be more safe. "Right! Let's got to your room and I'll explain all the pretty buttons!" The short green boy pushed Hitoshi all the way to his room, only stopping to wave at the purple one's parents.
"I take it this is going to be coming in handy soon then?" Mido nodded frantically and pulled the sleeve of his hoodie up, revealing deep green sleeves. "Of course. Right, explain away!" (Izu's POV for this bit: Izuku had added an extra button and sought out someone with a cloning quirk. He then cloned Akari's headset and worked it into his hero costume, before linking it up to a new, forest green button on Shinsou's head set. His hero costume one worked slightly differently. It was more like an actual comm system than the vigilante suit ones, which needed to pick up everything. He'd be tailing Iida and making sure he didn't get into any trouble, so needed a way to contact someone if something went wrong. He just happened to already be making a comm system for Shinsou, it was convenient. Plus his dad had tons of contacts, being an underground hero and all, so could alert someone in Hosu if Iida decided to get himself killed.)
"Okay, so, we'll start with these two buttons and switch on the right! The switch turns on all three headsets, yours, Eclipse's and Kumo's. Once the headset's are turned on, you'll hear everything they say. The acid green button lets you speak to Kumo and the Cerulean blue lets you speak to Eclipse. Simple enough, right? Now onto the buttons on the left! Iida's up to something and I need to make sure he doesn't die during the internships! So, this side works a little differently! The master switch is on the headset of my hero costume, rather than your headset. If I need to speak to you, I'll hit the on switch and your headset will start playing a very obnoxious song out of this speaker on the side until you put it on and press this button here! Okay, that's it for the buttons and switches! As for the ears, at first they were just meant to be for decoration, but then I thought of an actual use for them! They move around and detect movement in the vicinity, if they detect any movement from anyone other than you, they play a jingle through the headphone bit, so that only you can hear it! That way you can avoid being caught by your dad! If you're out training with him and don't need that feature, just flip that there switch! Oh and this one right here turns on only the ears, so that you can patroll with your dad and not get caught off guard! That's everything, I gave to go!"
"Holy shit, you've really outdone yourself!" This was.. wow, just wow. How he got all that done in a day, Hitoshi didn't know.
"Well, I had Hatsume work on the part for my hero costume while she was in class and Akari helped me finish everything off over the past four hours, so I can't claim all the work. But, thanks! Now, I really have to go! By Shinsou!" And with that, Mido sprinted out of the house.
"Crap! I have a patrol tonight!" Shouted dad no.1 from the couch.
"You'd better get going then, it's quarter past eight now!" Hitoshi shouted back, before setting up his vigilante monitoring centre, awesome headset with which he could speak to said vigilantes and a paused game, just in case the banana came to check on him.

"So, 'Zuku, who's Blue gonna have fill in for you while you're gone?"
"What do you mean?"
"Well, obviously she can't just have Kumo not be active while you're away! That'd basically be admitting that Kumo is a U.A hero course student. It'd be pretty easy to find you from there. She also can't have Kumo operate in Hosu for two reasons. Number 1, I absolutely refuse to allow you to patrol without me, and number 2, well, again, it'd be fairly easy to find you. Short person from Musutafu who went to Hosu for a week. Too easy to find. So, she needs to find a substitute. Do you know if she has?"
"Nope. I think she forgot until she decided to write this fourth wall obliterating bonus."
"Yup, that's generally what Blue does. Leave everything 'till the last minute and blame it on her memory. We should probably choose someone. You are leaving next chapter."
"Umm... what about Mei? She know's that I'm Kumo through Shinsou and can use most of the weapons."
"Nope. Not gonna work. Mei's a good few inches taller than you and has a feminine figure. While in costume, you have a fairly androgynous figure. Plus, Eraser knows that you're a guy and Mei is very clearly female."
"Yeah, you're right... Oh! I know! Let's ask the readers who they think should fill in for me!"
"I mean, Blue's asked a lot of them recently, but I'm sure at least a couple of them would be willing to help! Okay let's list everyone we know who might be available!"
"Okay! Umm... well, let's see...
Akiyama Naoko: similar height and build to me, I've no idea if she can fight or not and I've not known her long,
Yuuki from junior high: similar height and build, haven't spoken to him since the last day at junior high, even then we were never very close,
I think that's it for people of a similar height and build to me who won't be on an internship. We could just have Blue make someone up but that seems like a huge waste. Well, it's up to the readers from here! Leave a comment on who you think should get to play Kumo for a week!"
Wow, I just love breaking the fourth wall! It's fine though. This bit is just me asking for help without asking for help!

Chapter Text

Okay, I finally got this working! So, First, we go Naoko!

Next we got uhhhh... Izuku in his school uniform!!!

Izuku's hero costume? We got that too boyyyyyyyy!!!

You want a picture of his vigilante suit? No problemo!!!

Shouto with long hair? Hero suit of school uniform? We got both!!!

What does Akari actually look like? We got her too!!

We got a nice family picture also!

And, you wanna see that picture in the background in more detail? Perfect!

That's all I got at the minute! Enjoy!

Chapter Text

Yesterday had been... an experience, to say the lest.
All her life, Naoko had been told that her quirk was bad and shouldn't be used under any circumstances. She couldn't, for the life of her, understand why. Her quirk only made people feel funny if she looked at them.... right?
For a while, Naoko and her friend Emi would train their quirks together. Emi didn't mind letting Naoko make her feel things. She eventually learnt that her quirk let her control other people's emotions by looking into their eyes and thinking of how she wanted them to feel. For example, if Emi's big brother had shouted at her and Emi felt sad, Naoko could look into her eyes and think, "I want Emi to feel happy" and Emi would feel happy, until something happened to put her in a different mood. Equally, if Naoko looked into someone's eyes but didn't think about how she wanted them to feel, she would feel how they felt.
Emi's quirk was much more cool than Naoko's! Emi's quirk let her grow flowers from her hands! The boys at school thought that Emi's quirk was stupid and everyone but Emi thought that Naoko's was scary, so they were each other's only friends. That was fine.
One day, Naoko was packing snacks for when she met up with Emi, when the music station she was listening to on her phone switched to a news report.
"A villain attack had just occurred in the residential part of town, more specifically, Blue street (Yes, I named it after myself. I'm un-creative, deal with it). Many buildings have been destroyed and currently there are fifteen confirmed deaths."
Naoko froze. Blue street, (I realise now that blue street is a stupid name, but it's only appearing in this little bit and I can't come up with a better name.), was where Emi lived...
Naoko didn't even think about her next action. She dropped everything and ran out of the door, towards Emi's house.
Naoko's world was crashing down around her.
Apparently, Emi's entire family had died in the villain attack.
Naoko's only friend was gone. Emi was gone. Mr and Mrs Hashimoto were gone. Emi's brother was gone. Naoko would never be teased by the closest thing she had to a brother again. She'd never be welcomed into the Hashimoto's house and eat dinner with them again. She'd never get to look anyone in the eye again, in fact, no one would ever see her eyes again. And worst of all, she'd never be able to see her only friend again. She'd never be able to look into the gorgeous silver orbs of the short blonde girl, she'd never be able to hear her chiming laugh, she'd never be able to see the way she twirled her hair when nervous or embarrassed, she'd never be able to see her bright smile, she'd never be able to wear another flower crown made in the palm of her friend's hands, she'd never see her friend again. Naoko fell to the floor, sobbing. Her mask, (For want of a better word. You know what I'm talking about if you've seen the drawing of Naoko.), quickly became sodden with tears, as they cascaded down her cheeks.
A sudden wave of sadness passed through the crowd of people in the area, as tears silently flooded from their eyes and they turned to face the cause of this. Naoko sat on the floor, sobbing, unaware off the fact that her quirk was projecting her emotions onto everyone in the vicinity. She was too distraught to notice.
Naoko didn't use her quirk for a solid four years after that. She only took her mask, (Again, for want of a better word. I guess bandanna would be better, but that sounds equally as stupid.), off to sleep and shower and refused to make eye contact with anyone. That only made things worse for her.
Before hand, some of the boys would tease her, but they never got violent and the girls tolerated her, as she was friends with Emi and Emi made them flower crowns. But since Emi died, the teasing and tolerating switched to bullying. The boys would kick and punch her, while the girls would call her names and tease her and talk about her behind her back.
She didn't care. She hardly felt anything anymore.
Naoko would probably have lost contact with her emotions, if it weren't for a particularly bad day of bullying and a short boy with green hair, who later turned out to be semi-famous due to the fact that he placed second in U.A's sports festival.
She was walking home from school, when a few of her classmates decided to gang up on her. She wasn't sure how many of them there were, she couldn't see past her mask and fringe very well.
The boys began using their quirks.
One of them set his hand alight and grabbed Naoko's cardigan when she tried to run of, another punched her really hard and a third doused her in water, before they all ran off.
The shouted something as they ran, but Naoko was too scared to make out what it was.
The boys never used their quirks on her before.
"Hey, are you alright?" Naoko flinched at the sound of a voice and slowly turned to face it.
The voice belonged to a boy with fluffy black (?) hair and big round eyes. It kinda looked like he had freckles, but she couldn't see him clear enough to see if he did or not.
"'M fine." She said, quickly.
The boys would be back with reinforcements soon and she didn't want this boy getting caught up in her problems. She absently noted the tear rolling down her cheek as she began to speak again.
"You should go, before they come back..." The boy cocked his head to the side, like a curious cat would.
"Before who comes back?" He asked, as he helped her to her feet.
Naoko didn't feel like talking much, so just wiped the tears from her cheeks, shrugged and motioned in the direction that the boys ran in.
"I guess they left because they saw you coming. Thanks for that. I appreciate it." Her voice was more flat and emotionless than she would've liked, but she supposed that was to be expected. She had tried to block her quirk out after.... that, and blocking her quirk out meant blocking emotions out, whether she liked it or not.
The boy nodded and looked her over, she was probably a mess.
"Do you want me to walk you home, so that they don't bother you again?" Naoko sighed and shook her head.
She lived in an entirely different prefecture. The only reason she went to the school she was at was that Emi's brother had gone there and Emi wanted to.
"Thanks but, it's one hell of a trek an I don't want to bother you." If Naoko had been looking at the boy's face, she would've seen his eyes light up and his mouth unconsciously pull into a smile. But she wasn't and didn't.
"Well, you could at least let me take you back to my place so that you can dry off, yeah? You'll get a cold if you walk home like that. I'm sure my sister won't mind!" The more Naoko thought about it, the less she wanted to go back to her own house, where her parents would chastise her over something entirely out of her own control. But, no! She couldn't bother these people with her presence.
"Look, I appreciate it but, I don't think you or your sister want me around." If she'd been looking into the boy's eyes, she would've seen nothing but raw determination. That would've done her good, actually.
"I insist! It's no problem, really! After all, what kind of a hero would I be if I just left you to get ill?"
The two bickered back and forth for a while longer, before Naoko eventually gave in. The boy was far too sweet for his own good.
She nodded and followed the boy back to a big, by her standards at least, house.
"I'm home!" Called the boy as he handed her a pain of guest slippers and put his own green pair on.
"welcome back, 'Zuku. Do you have any homework to do?" Called back a soft, feminine voice. (His mother?)
"No. But I think I have someone who needs your help." The boy then turned to her. "Oh, by the way. What's your name?I never asked earlier and I think that's kind of important, no?" For the first time in years, Naoko made eye contact with someone - even if only for a brief moment - and nodded at the boy, who was about two inches shorter than her without his shoes on. Neat.
"I- Akiyama Naoko."
"Ohh, you poor thing! What happened?!" Cam the same soft, feminine voice from before, only, it was now from directly behind the boy and made her jump.
"I'm Akari Midoriya," Continued the woman, "and this is my little brother, Izuku. You can call me Akari and I think most people call 'Zuku, Midori. But anyway, what happened?" Now that Naoko could see her, the woman - Akari - was definitely too young to be the boy - Midori - 's mother. She didn't look like him enough to be his sister though...
"Some of the boys from school got mad at me. It's nothing." That was very far from the truth, but if either of the Midoriya's realised that, they didn't voice it.
"If you don't mind me asking, why does your fringe cover your eyes? You don't have to answer if you don't want to! I'm just curious."
He was asking about why she covered his eyes and if she told him why she covered her eyes, she would have to tell him about her quirk and if she told him about her quirk than he would be scared of her quirk and if he was scared of her quirk he would be scared of her and if he was sacred of her he would hate her and if he hated her he would hit her and and and and and........
"Quirk." She replied, monotonously, masking all of her worries with that single word.
"Well, that's enough of that. Let's get you cleaned up and into some dry clothes!" Interrupted Akari, apparently sensing her encroaching anxiety and figuring that she should probably distract her.
Akari took Naoko into a large room on the first, (Second, if you're American. Sorry, us Brits call the first floor the ground floor so, naturally, the second floor is the first floor for us :3), floor of the house and fished around in a large, built in wardrobe, eventually coming out with a light blue t-shirt and a white skirt.
"Sorry, they're all I have that'd fit you." Naoko nodded.
Akari then took Naoko into a second room, the bathroom, and told her to have a shower and then get changed. Naoko, being to tired to argue anymore, just nodded again and followed her instructions.
Once Naoko had gotten changed, she made her way back down stairs and into what she assumes was the living room. It had couches, a coffee table and a TV so the chances of it being a living room were very high.
She sat down next to Midori, who was holding a cup of tea.
"There's a mug of tea on the table for you, if you want it." He said gesturing to the mug.
"Thank you." She replied, gently lifting the drink off of the table and taking a sip. It was the best tea she'd had since..... we're not going there. Not today.
"So," She began, the silence getting a little to... silent, for her liking. "Midori, huh? Do your friends shorten "Midoriya to "Midori" because your hair and eyes are green?" She'd gotten a better look at him when they got into the house and realised that his hair was, in fact, not black but green and his eyes were of a similar tone.
Midori sat up a little bit straighter and appeared to laugh quietly.
"Huh... I'm not actually sure. One day, Uraraka came up to me and started calling me that. Or maybe it was Mina... either way, I guess it caught on because now pretty much everyone calls me that!" He giggled softly and Naoko looked at him in awe, before nodding and smiling her first smile in years at him.
"Well, if I'm calling you Midori then I guess you can call me Aki!" Suddenly, a wave of embarrassment washed over her. "Or, y'know, whatever you like, I guess..." Was she pouting? She thinks she was pouting.
Anyway, when Naoko had first come downstairs, Akari came up to her and said that she should stay for dinner. Naoko readily agreed and called her parents.
What they said was nothing out of the ordinary, but Midori seemed to think differently, snatching the phone off of her, scolding her parents and hanging up before they could get a word in.
Naoko giggled for the first time since she'd lost her only previous friend and told Midori that what he'd done was unnecessary. He didn't agree and Naoko couldn't find it in herself to argue.
Over dinner, Naoko realised that her new friend was a hero course student at U.A and that she could become a hero, even with a quirk like hers.
When Naoko and Midori had exchanged phone numbers, she hadn't been expecting a text for at least a week, let alone a text the very next day at nine in the evening, telling her that she needed to meet him on Dagobah, (I think I spelt that right?), beach immediately.
What she saw was the last thing she expected.
Stood at the entrance to the beach, in the exact spot Midori told her to meet him, was Kumo. If Kumo was a hero, not a vigilante, they would've been her favourite. Who is she kidding? Even if what Kumo's doing is illegal, she still preferred them to any and every hero with some big flashy quirk.
"U- umm excuse me? Kumo? I- have you seen a boy with fluffy, curly, green hair and really pretty emerald eyes?" Meeting Kumo was exciting, but she couldn't forget why she was here.
"Yes. I have. Follow me, please." Naoko nodded and followed the vigilante onto the beach, through a hidden passage way in the furthest rubbish pile from the entrance and into a secluded hut.
She now realised that no one would be able to see them now and panicked slightly. Kumo wouldn't hurt her, right? She'd done nothing wrong, right?
She was cut off from her chain of thought by said vigilante turning and looking her dead in the eye.
"Take of your bandanna and use it to get all of your hair out of the way."
"W- why?" She wasn't allowed to take off her bandanna outside of her room, so why?
"Just do it. It'll make sense once you do." She nodded hesitantly and did as he was told, taking off the bandanna, plaiting her hair and using the bandanna to tie it as flatly as possible to her head.
Kumo removed their mask and.... oh. Kumo was Midori...
Ku- Midori looked her dead in the eye once more and smiled, pulling the mask over he head and pulling his hood back up.
"Hey there, temporary Kumo." Said a deep voice straight into her ear, but when she turned around, no one was behind her.
"Wha...?" She began, only to be cut off by Midori pressing a bit of his hood and talking into another.
Saying Naoko was confused would be horrifically understating the feeling she was currently experiencing.
"Hey, man in the chair, try not to be so sudden! You nearly ave her a heart attack. Don't even try a come back, I can't hear you."
The deep voice in her ear came back.
"Hey, temp, tell him that I say he's a dickhead."
"U- um, first, Midori the voice in your mask says to tell you that he says you're a dickhead and secondly, mind explaining what's going on?" She noted that her voice now sounded the same as Kumo's. The silver part of the mask must have a voice changer in case Midori runs into people he knows.
"Okay, so, hi there Aki! As you can see I, Midroiya Izuku, am the wanted vigilante, Kumo!" Okay, while it was cool that her friend was also her favourite hero, that didn't explain why he was telling her now.
"Why are you telling me this, exactly?" Midori grinned and met her eyes again. He couldn't see her eyes but, she could see his and all she felt now was absolute courage. It was... nice, actually.
"Okay, so, you already know that I'm a U.A student and will be starting an internship for a week tomorrow, right?" Naoko nodded, he told her this yesterday. "Okay, so, obviously, Kumo can't just disappear while I'm on my internship! That's a dead giveaway that I'm in U.A's hero course! I also can't operate in Hosu for a week, as then they can just check who, from Musutafu, went to Hosu for that particular week, again, dead giveaway. Also, it'd be suspicious that I was there and Eclipse wasn't, seeing as we always patrol in similar areas at the same time each night. So, the only solution was a temp. You." That.... made a lot of sense. But, there was still one little thing.
"Why me?" She saw Midori's eyes brighten at the question.
"Ah! Well, originally, I was gonna have my friend Mei fill in for me but she wouldn't fit into the suit. So, we looked around for people I know that would be available and would fit into the suit and, well, I trust you the most out of the two possible candidates!" The voice in her ear laughed loudly at that.
"There was another candidate?" Came the somewhat-familiar, deep voice.
"Umm, The voice in your mask wants to know who the other candidate was, I think."
"Oh, it was Yuuki from junior high." The laughing gets stronger at that. She wouldn't be surprised if Midori could hear it. (He couldn't. He made sure that Shinsou could only be heard by the person wearing the mask.)
"Yeah, okay, Yuuki would've handed you in without hesitation! Right stickler for the rules, that one!" The voice was still laughing.
"He says that this "Yuuki" would've handed you in without hesitating." Midori was laughing by this point as well.
"Yeah, you've got a point there. Anyway, Aki, do you wanna fill in for me? You don't have to if you don't want to. Just promise that you won't tell anyone anything either of us have told you tonight and you can leave with your memory intact." Well, why not? It's not like she had anything better to do with her time.
"I'm in." Midori smiled, like the sun.... like Emi...
"Okay, time to introduce 'Toshi then! That voice you've been hearing in the mask is 'Toshi. I can't give you his full name for privacy reasons but if you talk to him while on patrol, call him lilac, okay?" Naoko nodded. "Right, he's Kumo and Eclipse's man in the chair! He'll monitor the CCTV feeds in your area and make sure that you don't get ambushed by heroes, villains or otherwise. He hears everything you and Eclipse say whilst you have your masks on, so if you encounter any trouble just say so and he'll send out an alert to Eclipse and/or the pros. There's also a mic in the hood, so if you press this dark patch here, he can hear everything you can until you press it again, got it?" Naoko nodded and Midori took that as a signal to continue. "Okay, so, all of the utility belt pouches are on the back. Furthest to the left is full of smoke bombs and flash bangs. It doesn't matter which you grab, they essentially so the same job, smoke bombs just last longer. Next along has the vigilante phone in it. It's set to vibrate, but, I'll be leaving it with 'Toshi so he can deal with that shit. Middle pouch is cable ties, use those to tie up the villains once their out cold. Next one is full of medical supplies. It's got plasters, bandages, slings, fabric splints - and the metal bits to go in them - , blister plasters, paracetamol, a few stronger pain relievers which you probably shouldn't take, ankle supports, you name it. Furthest to the right has a metal staff in it. I'll show you how to use that in a moment. And then, we have a water bottle holder between staff and med kit. Got all that?" Naoko nodded. It'd been hard to keep up but, she knew what was where. "Right, how well can you fight?" Naoko took a moment to think about that one.
"I can fight decently, I know how to throw a kick and a punch without hurting myself." Izuku grinned.
"Great! Now, I'll teach ya how to fight like Kumo!"
So, Midori pulled out two staffs and gave her the longer one and for the next four hours, she learnt how to scale walls - using Midori's Kumo shoes, which were separate to the rest of the costume, and a pair of gloves which had the palms coated in his wall-climbing substance - , wield the staff in the same way he does, be - almost - as quick as he is, jump from rooftop to rooftop and fight.
She was ready for her first patrol.

Chapter Text

It was about 9 A.M and everyone but Izuku and Iida had gotten on their trains and were well on their way to their internships. The train for Hosu was going to be late, it seemed.
"Hey, Iida? I- I just wanted to let you know that I'm here for you, if you need it. I- I'd say that I understood but... well, stuff like this is different to everyone but, I know better than most how it feels to loose a family member, or in my case family members, so I'm here if you need me. We- we could meet up one evening and talk about it together? I know it doesn't seem like it would but, it really, really helps to talk to someone you trust about these things. It takes a bit of the pressure off. So, talk to me, okay?" Guilt flashed through Iida's eyes as he looked into Izuku's own.
"Yes, perhaps that would help... thank you for the kind offer, Midoriya-kun. I, too, am here if you desire to unload said emotions on to "a friend who understands", although I am not sure how useful my input would be." Izuku smiled sadly up at the much, much taller boy.
"It's the thought that counts, Iida. And I really would like to talk to you about it one day, if that's what you want, of course." The guilt in Iida's eyes doubled as he returned Izuku's smile with his own. "Ah, our train's here."
It was too late in the day for commuters and too early for the lunch rush, so their train was practically empty.
Izuku sat himself down and rang his sister. He was anxious about the internship and her voice always calmed him.
"Uhhh, hello?" Wait... that wasn't Akari...
"Naoko? Why do you have Akari's phone? Wait, no, why aren't you at school? Answer both questions!" Unbeknownst to our small green bean, Iida was listening to him, purely out of curiosity, I promise!
"Uhhh, well, all of the boys bathrooms flooded at school yesterday and they're still trying to drain all the water, so we have some time off and Akari-nee's making snacks so asked me to answer the phone for her! Wait, did you just call me Naoko?!"
"Right, sorry Aki. Wait, you just calle Akari "Akari-nee" so you can't say anything!" Iida was very curious about Izuku's current conversation.
He thought he only had one sister, but the way he was speaking implied that he had two.
"Yeah, yeah, shut up Izu!"
"Ewww! Don't call me that! It sounds so weird coming from you!!!" Iida had never been more intrigued by a conversation in his life.
Yeah, no, I completely agree with you. Anyway, what's Hosu like?!"
"I don't know yet, we've only just left the station."
"Ooh! Do yo think I'll be able to get to the nearest station and way goodbye if I run?!"
"Yeah, but bring the phone and tell Akari that you're leaving. Also, don't end this call unless you get one from the landline or 'Toshi, kay?" Izuku heard an affirmative hum from the other end and then a quiet conversation and running.
When they stopped at the station by his house, Aki was stood on the platform and ran up to his window.
She started waving excitedly at him and shouting gibberish into the phone.
"Who's that, Midoriya-kun?" Oh, Iida was now stood next to his seat, looking out of the window. That was fun.
"Oh, that's just my friend Aki. Although, she's staying at my house while her school's being repaired and her parents are at work and just referred to my sister as "Akari-nee" so I guess that makes us honorary siblings? Would you like to say hi?" He asked, holding his phone out to a slightly baffled Iida.
"Ah- I don't see why not?" Izuku gave him the phone. "Hello, I am Iida Tenya, a friend of Midroriya-kun!" Iida then performed his normal 90 degrees bow... at the window...
"Hi! I'm Akiyama Naoko, but you can call me Aki if you'd like." Iida nodded.
"It is nice to meet you, Akiyama-san!"
"You too, Iida-kun! Oh, the train's leaving... but you can still talk to me if you'd like!" Iida nodded again.
"If you don't mind me asking, Akiyama-san, why do you wear that piece of cloth around your eyes? Surely only impairs your vision! Unless, of course, your quirk is super-sight and you need said cloth to bring your sight back down to a regular level?" Aki giggle-snorted, a habit she was beginning to pick up from Akari...
"Nope! No one but Midori and Akari like my quirk, so my parents make me wear that so that I don't use it by accident again. Having said that, my quirk is technically constantly active so...."
The rest of the train ride was spent with the two of them talking to Izuku's illegal adoptive sister and honorary sister. Even if only for that short amount of time, Iida seemed to forget about his vengeance. How Izuku wishes that everything could've stayed that way.
"Okay, so I know that I sent out an offer for you to intern under me, but I didn't expect you to actually choose my agency! Like, why on earth would you do that?! I'm essentially Snipe, but with a bow and arrow rather then a gun! Like you would've benefited way more from someone way more from someone with a non-physical or strength enhancing quirk like Eraserhead or Death arms or literally anyone other than me!" Izuku crossed his arms and glared up at the man. Everyone was taller than him!
"Right, first off: you're a pro hero, stop putting yourself down." Native quirked an eyebrow at him. "Secondly, Eraserhead and Death arms didn't send out an offer and you did. Thirdly, if you're so adamant that you are very much not qualified to train me, then why did you send out the offer?"
"Because we are required by hero law to send out at least one intern offer each year for each big hero school after our first year in the job, and you seemed like a good pick. I didn't think you'd actually take the offer!" (Yes, I made that bit up. I can do whatever the fuck I like, leave me alone. I'm kidding, I love you all, please don't leave me!)
"Two last points, one: I could actually do with working on my accuracy. And two: I just picked from the list by random." Native turned to face him so quickly that Izuku's sure he at least sprained something.
"You did what?!" Izuku shrugged at him.
"There were hundreds! I wasn't going to go through each and every possibility! That'd take me days! I have way too much information pilled up on each hero to go through all of my options, so I just chose at random!" Native pinched the bridge of his nose.
It was a very big, very ambitious lie but, it looked like Native bought it.
He actually had sorted through each and every offer he got, many of them would be much better for him, experience wise, but Native's agency was the only one in Hosu, so that's what he'd gone with.
Native showed him around the agency and then to the room he'd be staying in. (Izuku stayed at Torino's house in cannon, so I'm not sure how the whole accommodation situation works out for everyone who's not staying with an old man, bear with me please!)
"Okay, this is your stop. Make yourself at home. There's a small kitchen downstairs and a shop across the road. Training starts with a patrol in the morning, I guess?" Izuku nodded and pulled his laptop out as soon as he was sure that Native was out of listening range.
Obviously, being a vigilante, he had to know how to hack into CCTV cameras so, he'd be helping Shinosu out when possible. It was only 12 P.M but, he was rusty and needed to be able to follow a person through a stream of cameras in order to truly help with the real deal. So, he did some people watching.
He followed a man from one end of Musutafu to the other through the cameras and continued doing so with various people from various starting points to various end points, until he got bored.
He'd been at it for a good three hours and was bored of it. He figured he was fine now and went to ask Native if there was a room where her could train.
"Y'know boss? This could be good for us! That kids knows his stuff and we are severely understaffed and very lacking in the publicity zone."
"I know, I just feel bad that I can't train him as well as some other pros might be able to! I can't help but feel that he'd wasted an opportunity...."
"E- excuse me? Mister Native, sir?" Izuku poked his head around the door, attempting to make himself seem meek and nervous.
"Oh, what's up, kid?" Izuku stepped into the room and smiled softly at the two pro heroes.
"Well, I uh haven't had as much chance as I'd like to try out all the features in my costume and was wondering if there was somewhere I could train?" Native smiled tiredly at the small green boy.
"Sure, down the corridor, last door on the left. Make sure you don't hurt yourself or damage anything, yeah?" Izuku nodded eagerly and ran to his room to get changed, before heading down to the training room.
He hadn't entirely been lying when he said that he needed to get used to his hero costume. He was far more used to his vigilante outfit which was ever so slightly lighter, yet somehow covered a lot more skin.
He was also much more used to the positions and contents of all of the pouches in his vigilante uniform and once accidentally threw a roll of bandages at the floor instead of a smoke bomb or flash bang and proceeded to cry about all of the materials her just wasted. On another occasion, he went to get a snack out of his water bottle pouch, (Akari would sometimes pack him and apple in a little compartment on said pouch), only to pull out and bit into a smoke bomb and proceed to say, in front of the whole class, "That's not an apple..." and cry. Aizawa sent him, with Iida to make sure that Izuku didn't do anything stupid and/or fall asleep, to Recovery Girl, who diagnosed him with tired and, upon his refusal to take his medication of nap-time, called Midnight to force him to nap. He thinks that he heard Midnight compare him to a sleepy kitten as he dozed off.
The point is, he needed to familiarise himself with his hero costume if he was going to be of any use to anyone.
"Okay, Kumo, Eclipse, are you two ready to go?"
"Yup!" Called Naoko in Kumo's voice and costume and,
"Mhm." hummed Akari, who turned out to be Eclipse!
"Oh? Hold one one minute, ladies, we have an unexpected interruption."
"Is it your dad?" 'Toshi made a weird sound and then spoke again.
"No. It's Mido. Hold one, lemme check what's up and then we can get going."
After about 3 minutes of radio silence, 'Toshi came back.
"Okay, so, Mido's free tonight and will be joining me as in checking the cameras. I've patched you in, Mido, you can say hi now."
"Hi! I'm sad that I can't be out there with you but watching is fun too! Now let's go!" Naoko and Akari jumped out into the world upon Midroi's command.
"Okay, and we're coming up to the meeting point in three... two... one... Eraserhead in sight! Hit him with the stick!" Naoko realised as soon as she landed that she was not nearly as good at this as Midori was.
She landed with a soft "thump", alerting Eraserhead to her presence. Her turned to face her the second her feet touched the floor and all she could think was (Fuck!).
"Okay, Naoko, play this smart and repeat after me, yeah?" She hummed quietly in response.
"You're usually quieter than that."(Just repeat after Midori...)
( If something's in bold and italic for this bit, it means that Izuku and Naoko are talking at the same time, 'kay?)
"Just got a few things on my mind."
"Such as?" (You got this! You got this! You got this!)
"Oh, y'know, stopping bad guys, mass murder, how to cope with the overwhelming weight of life, my next costume upgrade, the usual." (Midori better know what he's doing...)
"Right, righ.... what was that middle bit?!"
"How to cope with the overwhelming weight of life?"
"No, no, just before that."
"Stopping bad guys?" Naoko was probably more confused than Eraserhead right now.
"No, between the two."
"I didn't say anything between the two. I said: Oh, y'know,stopping bad guys, how to cope with the overwhelming wight of life, my next costume upgrade, the usual. That's it."
"Hey, I'm telling the truth. You must be getting old."
"Whatever. Just be gone you foul creature."
"Good, now go!" Naoko happily obliged, jumping from rooftop to rooftop in search of people to help.
And here's a conversation that only Naoko didn't hear.
"I swear, that kid gets more and more annoying every time I meet him." Akari chuckled and Izuku gasped in offence.
"Rude! I do not!"
"I mean, you can be annoying."
"That means he's doing exactly what he intended."
"I'm not sure I follow."
"If you find him annoying, you see him as a brat rather than a threat. While some might find that offensive, Kumo uses it to his advantage. He uses it to make people underestimate him and slack off, making his job easier. Those who underestimate him are playing right into his hands. He's only a kid and already has almost everyone in prison or on a string. He already has a lot of villains on a leash, they're doing exactly what he wants and that'll lead to their eventual arrest. Intimidation works as well but when you're a kid, it's a lot easier this way." Large tears rolled silently down Izuku's cheeks.
Akari was the first person to believe in him since he was diagnosed as quirkless. She had so much faith in him. No one, not even his mother, had fully believed in him before Akari. It hurt. It was a good and a bad hurt at the same time.
"The more puppets you wield alone, the harder they become to control." Stated Aizawa flatly.
"That's why he has me. I'm here for when things get too much. Always and forever." A sob tore its way from his throat as more tears burned his cheeks.
She cared so, so much for him. Before he met her, Izuku had never felt this before. Yes, his mother loved him and wanted to see him flourish, but she didn't even want the possibility of her baby getting hurt to exist. He loved her, and she loved him, but she could never believe in him the way that Akari did.
He absently wondered what his mother would think if she were there.
She was. She was always there, always watching over one of the two of them, and currently, she was trying to soothe her baby. How she wished she could wrap her arms around him and hold him close. She couldn't. She yearned for the day she would be ale to hold her baby, yet at the same time, she hoped it would never come.
"What would you do if he got caught?" Akari lowered her gaze to the floor, violet eyes filling with determination.
(I mentioned this a few times but I'll say it one last time, just in case. Akari's natural eye colour is blue but while Eclipse, she puts violet contacts in to make it harder to trace her. Make sense? Yes? Good.)
"As long as I live, he will not get caught." Aizawa sighed.
"You can't guarantee that." Akari turned her gaze to the man and glared.
"Yes. I can." He glared back.
"No. You. Can't!" Akari laughed bitterly.
"I think you underestimate me, Eraser. I've pulled countless strings to make sure that can't happen!"
"BUT WHAT IF IT DOES!" Aizawa yelled, eyes were full of guilt and sorrow and fear and worry. "W- what if you can't protect him?! Why can't you two just give up while you're ahead?! I don't want either of you getting hurt or captured and what you're doing is illegal! Do you forget that?! I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if something happened to the two of you! But you can't understand that, can you?! Because you're so stuck in you're little daydream that no harm will come to the kid so long as your alive! How do you know that he's not dying right now?!"
Izuku was on the floor, sobbing, Aizawa and Akari were screaming at each other and Shinsou was listening to it all, while making sure that Naoko doesn't die. He'd disconnected Izuku, so that only he could hear him.
"BECAUSE I KNOW! OKAY?! I- I just know. If he were in trouble I would be gone instantly." Apparently, Aizawa didn't feel like giving up.
"Y'know what? Fuck you. I don't have time for this bullshit. Tell your son I said hi and leave me and Kumo alone."
"Eclipse, go and fix that! He's your only pro hero ally! We both know that you can't have Eraserhead coming after you and Izuku, let alone Naoko!"
"I'll fix it when I can bear to see his face without punching him."
"Eclipse, I know he upset up you but think about Izuku and Naoko, having Eraserhead on your side lowers the chance of the two of them being put in danger substantially! Think about how your actions will affect other people, please!"
"Again, I'll listen when I can see his face without punching his lights out."
"Oh for fuck's sake! Fine, I'll talk to someone who'll listen!"

Chapter Text

To thank you all for reading this, I slaved away for seven hours on a shitty animation!
You're welcome and I'm sorry.
Also, the app I used wouldn't let me change the fps, so this is really, really fast. Sorry about that.

Chapter Text

Naoko was having fun. Being a vigilante felt... freeing. Of course, she wasn't going to continue to do this once Midori came back, it was illegal and she didn't want to have that on her conscience 24/7, so she'd stick to filling in when he wasn't available.
It'd been about twenty minutes since she left Eraserhead and Akari and about five since Midori went offline. She'd just finished with her first save. Midori told her what to do in order to switch the voice to Kumo's "business voice" so as soon as she spotted a villain and civilian, she dis as told. She climbed down the wall and strolled up behind the villain. She had found that she could walk almost silently if she so desired.
Once Naoko was in range, she winked at the civilian, carefully pulled out the staff and hit the villain round the head with it in the same fashion that one would hit a cricket or rounders ball. The man was no more than a thug and went down with just the one hit.
"Th-thank you, Kumo!" Cried the civilian as Naoko fiddled with the mask's settings.
"No problem!" She replied, once she was sure the voice was right.
She knelt down and cable-tied the villain's wrists together and ran off.
"Oh my, I should call the police!" She heard the civilian say as she ran off. Shinsou had heard as well, so would know not to do the same.
Just as she started to run off, she heard something reminiscent of a sob, and then Midori's line cut off.
"Sorry about that, Naoko. Something's come up with Akari and I had to cut Mido's line. I might be unavailable for a while, but shout if you need anything. I'll try to keep you updated." Naoko shouted a quick yes and then she was alone again.
She kept running for another ten or so minutes, before both a notification in the left lens on her mask and a message from 'Toshi came in. She just had time to read the notification before Shinsou spoke.
"This is Eclipse, something's come up with Eraser. you are not, under any circumstances, to so much as look at that man." That confused Naoko, weren't Eraserhead and Eclipse friends?
"Naoko, this is 'Toshi, do you read?"
"Yep, I read you loud and clear!"
"Good. Akari and Eraser fell out and Akari's being irrational. I need you to go and speak to Eraser. If he tries to apprehend you, you have to let yourself fall off of the building and immediately use the grappling hook to pull you up to the wall. Understood?"
"Yeah. Sounds absolutely terrifying but, I got it."
"Good. I'll guide you to his location. You're louder than Mido and Akari, he'll notice you the second you land on the rooftop. Be careful."
"Will do."
She landed on the rooftop about three minutes later with a soft thump and readied herself to jump if Eraserhead decided to try to capture her.
"Lemme guess, Eclipse sent you as proof that she is, in fact, somehow able to keep you out of harms way."Naoko tilted her head to the side, in typical Midori fashion, and quirked an eyebrow (Which actually worked! Oh my god, how did that even work?!!?!).
"Wha- no! I'm actually disobeying her by coming here. She specifically told me to stay as far away from you as humanly possible and not even look at you, yet, here I am."
"Why?" He asked, locking eyes with her and, WHOA, did he have a lot of emotions pilled up! The sheer quantity hit her like a bus when she locked eyes with him. He had even more emotions built up than Midori, and that was saying a lot.
"Okay, before I answer that, please let your emotions out every once in a while. The amount of feelings I can see in your eyes physically hurts. Like, let yourself feel stuff, please! Now then, I disobeyed her because he was being irrational. You had no way of knowing that she had constant tabs on me and she was in the wrong. However, that isn't to say that you shouldn't have snapped at her in the way you did. Please be a little more understanding of other people's feelings next time. Eclipse won't be wanting to meet up with you for a while, so it'll just be me. I've gotta go make sure she doesn't kill anyone and you should probably go and help the police deal with the mess she will have left behind. See you tomorrow, Eraser!"
She spent the next hour holding Akari back and attempting to drag her home, only succeeding after the older woman accidentally missed a villain and cut her fist on the wall behind them. It was a very big cut. Naoko finished the villain off, apologised to the victim and literally dragged Akari back to her's and Midor's house, 'Toshi making sure that no people or CCTV cameras could see them as they neared the house and climbed in through the window. How he did it, she didn't know.
She later had to help a very angry and sad Akari patch up her fist, resorting to calming her down with her quirk, so that she could work.
She rang her parents and explained that he was staying at a friends house for the week and already had all that she needed.
They didn't care. She wasn't sure that she had cared since her quirk came in.
"Hey, kid, some of the guys said that they heard some loud noises from your room. Are you o- whoa, kid, don't cry! Hey, what's the matter? You can talk to me about it if you need." Large hands settled on Izuku's shoulders and pulled him into a sitting position, as worried brown eyes started into his own watery emeralds.
He looked up at the pro hero and smiled.
"She really believes in me..." He said shakily.
"Who does, kid?" Unbekonwnst to the both of them, a ghost mum was fretting over her children while one of them was sat on the floor with a pro hero, crying, and the other was beating villains senseless while a thirteen-year-old attempted to drag her back to her house.
Izuku sniffled and rubbed at his eyes.
"She's my big sister. I just- I know that the fact that she believes in me should be a given but, I've never had anyone really believe in me before her...."
"What about your parents?" Great, yet another pro hero who didn't read up on those he offered to teach.
"HAH! They practically gave up on me ever becoming a hero when we were told I was quirkless!"
"But you're in U.A's hero course now, not only that but, you placed second in the sports festival! Surely they believe in you now!"
"Well, I guess I'll never know." Native looked like he was getting annoyed. Good, so was Izuku.
"And why exactly is that?"
"Wow, did you not look into me at all when you heard I'd be interning with you? They died. It'll be a year ago next month." At least Native had the decency to look guilty.
"I'm sorry... I really should've looked into you when I was told you'd accepted. And I'm sorry if I came off as insensitive." Izuku shook his head.
"Don't worry about it. Now then, we should both head to bed. It's late and I have a feeling tomorrow will be busy." Native smiled at him and left the room.
He hadn't noticed before but, there was a small crowd of sidekicks stood at the door, who all smiled at him when he looked their way.

Chapter Text

Izuku sat on the sill of the bay window in the room he had been assigned, staring out on the city below him.
His hair, which now grazed the base of his nape, gently fluttered in the breeze coming from a gap between the window frame and the glass pane.
It was only five in the morning and yet, the faint buzz of activity could be heard.
A small blue bird glided past and cherped cheerfully.
Izuku smiled softly, though that did nothing to mask the sheen of tears filling his emerald eyes, spilling down his rosy cheeks and landing softly onto the wood bellow.
The wooden door on the other side of the room opened with a quiet creak as a brunet man steped in.
"Okay kid, suit up. We're heading out in ten."
Izuku could only bring himself to nod, a strange heaviness resting on his throat and denying him the right to speak.
The door creaked again as it was pulled closed, leaving the small boy alone once more.
He slowly climbed down from the windowsill and moved to change his clothes.
Within five of the alloted ten minutes he found himself making his way down to the kitchen for a light snack, dressed in his hero gear.
It seemed the weight on his throat was pressing on his appetite as well as his voice.
The hero costume was comprised of a sleeveless, hooded, forest green boiler suit with arm braces of the same tone, a dark grey-blue utility belt and leg guards, his web-slinger-taser things and his modified, red, platformed hightops.
He liked this costume but, his vigilante one was better.
"Okay kid, you look great. Let's go."
Izuku nodded, absently and followed the pro-hero out of the building.
"So, we're just gonna do a basic lap of the city, check for any trouble, help little old ladies, you know the drill. Most pros'll leave this 'till later on but there really isn't much I can teach to someone with no quirk and good combat skills. We can try to improve your aim in the afternoon if you really want."
Izuku nodded again and pulled his hood up. He hadn't realised how cold his neck was with his hair tied back until then.
True to Native's word, everything they did was fairly simple, beginer level stuff. Izuku was, after all, only a first year hero student. As far as most were concerned, he had little to no buisness even knowing how to fight.
For some reason, Izuku's mind was full of fog. He felt... Off. It was strange. He was having trouble focusing and even thinking. He wondered what was wrong with him. He still had to look out for Iida though. So he did just that.
He helped a few civilians, stoped a few petty thefts and got a few cats out of trees but he was still on constant look out for Iida and/or the Hero Killer.
He found neither. Was that a good or bad thing? Izuku had no Iidea. (I have definitely over used that one...)
Their patrol lasted about an hour or two, before Native decided that the hero-in-training/vigilante had help more than enough people and steered them back towards his agency.
"So, you really think your aim is that bad?" Asked Native and, for the first time that day, Izuku could actually think coherently enough to for an answer.
"Well, I'm not sure I'd say my aim is bad, just... Well, it could be better."
Native nodded and lead Izuku into a large training room. One half was filled with targets and the other seemed to be a large gym mat. Probably for sparring.
He has to say, Native would make an awful teacher. Sure, he had a few good pointers on how Izuku could improve his aim, but he seemed awkward and had trouble putting his ideas into words.
He would've much prefered having Aizawa teach him but Aizawa was in Musutafu and Iida was in Hosu. Naturally, if Iida was in Hosu then Izuku had to be as well.
Tenya was getting increasingly tense as the day went on. He hadn't seen the Hero Killer once and was beginning to wonder if this was all for naught.
He had only recently returned to Manual's agency, when he recieved a message from Midoriya.

Midoriya: Hey there, Iida
Midoriya: You doing all right?
Midoriya: Remember, we're in the same city, if you wann talk
Midoriya: Native has no idea what to do with me
Midoriya: He's a really bad teacher and can't train me to use a quirk I don't have so....
Midoriya: My internship's basically just gonna be patrolling Hosu
Midoriya: Apparently in areas where there are a lot of heroes, the each have a specific zone to watch over and only do hero work outside of said zone if there's something HUGE
Midoriya: It's a decent system and keeps things in order but it does mean that I have practically nothing to do....
Midoriya: Dude, it's cool if you just wanna read my messages but you could at least say hi
Midoriya: I know you've read that
Midoriya: It literally tells me that you've read my message
Midoriya: Normally u wouldve said smth by now
Midoriya: So spill, wassup my G?

Tenya: Please bear in mind that the grammar you used in previous messages was atrocious. I do hope that you do not use such grammar outside of text messages.
Tenya: As for why I am not my self, my predicament is much the same as yours. I am slightly underwhelmed by my internship and the ammount I am getting done.
Tenya: Whilst I understand that this is only the first day of my internship and it is only natural that I have not gotten a large quantity done, I feel as though I could've accomplished so much more than I have.
Tenya: I apologize, Midoriya. This is not your problem and yet I am draging you into it and forcing you to read about my struggles. I understand if you are not pleased with my actions.

Midoriya: I mean, I literally did the exact same thing but go off I guess
Midoriya: Seriously though
Midoriya: Iida, my dude, you've got nothing to apologize for
Midoriya: Ah, shit
Midoriya: I gotta go
Midoriya: See you later buddy
Midoriya: Stay safe and dont do anything stupid, 'kay?

Midoriya has gone offline

Midoriya was strange. Especially over text messages. Tenya had heard that some people were different, more confident, when behind a screen but he hadn't seen that in person until he had met Midoriya. Wait.... Stay safe? No, surely Tenya was just being paranoid. There was no way that Midoriya could know about that! The most obvious answer was that Midoriya was being polite. Yes, of course. Midoriya was just being a good friend. That had to be it.... Right?

Chapter Text

Izuku was back in the training room.
Native was absolutely the worst teacher ever.
At least his lower and middle school teachers could, well, teach.
Sure, they may have let a few of his classmates bully and beat him but, at least they actually knew how to teach him what he needed to know.
Native, on the other hand, was a sub-par hero and an abysmal teacher. He almost wished that he'd.... well, he wasn't sure what he wished.
Yes, he wished that he didn't have to intern with Native but, who else could he have interned with?
Admittedly, he was only going on a hunch, but still! Why the hell would Iida intern with the lowest ranking hero to offer him an internship, who also happened to be stationed in Hosu, if not to chase down Stain?
There was no reason.
Iida was smarter than that.
So, being the selfless little shit he was, Izuku gave up his chance at an amazing learning experience in order to save a classmate who he barely spoke to.
He couldn't even wish that he wasn't like that, because that was exactly how his mum was and having any traits in common with his deceased mother was far more than Izuku deserved. In his eyes at least.
Anyway, Native was an awful teacher and they'd already patrolled that day, so Izuku just decided to train alone and hope that tomorrow was no more eventful, because if it was then Iida's life would be on the line.
"Fuck!" Shouted Izuku, as he slammed his staff into one of the training dummies, leaving a visible dent.
He dropped the staff and took of his t-shirt, walking over to the benches to take a swig from his water bottle.
Beads of sweat littered his body and glued curls of green to his forehead., which he wiped with a cloth after his drink.
As he went to pick his staff back up, one of the sidekicks Izuku had seen wandering around walked into the room.
"Oh, hey kid. You, uh, you're still in here? It's been, like, three hours since you first came down here. I figured you'd have gone to get a snack or something by now at least."
Izuku shook his head and went back to practising with the smaller staff.
"Haven't left since I got back. It's not like I've got anything else to do anyway."
The sidekick slung a towel over the back of a chair and walked over to the punching bags. (A strength enhancing quirk?)
"No friends to talk to or video games to play?"
Izuku shook his head again.
"Only got one friend out of the hero course and she's probably busy brainstorming or making support gear. And all my consoles are at home."
"Family members you could call?"
Izuku sighed and shoved the tail end of his staff into the training dummy's torso.
"Only one and she's at work. Sometimes I call her while she's working and try to talk her through problems she's come across but I did that last night and it ended with her blowing something up because of a comment I made. I don't think I should try that again for a little bit."
The sidekick chuckled.
"Well, you'd be surprised. I'm sure your mother would be happy just to hear your voice."
Izuku froze, dropping his staff again by accident. The room temperature dropped as well, though neither of its living occupants knew why.
"You thought...?! No! She's not my mum! She's, uh, my older sister. I'm sorry. I should've explained that earlier. I can't go around expecting everyone to automatically know what happened. Again, I'm sorry."
"No, no. That's, uh, my mistake for jumping to conclusions. I stand by what I said though, I'm sure that she'd be happy just to hear your voice, even if it's just a short and simple assurance that you're fine. But, uh, it's not really my place to tell you what to do. Just... don't push yourself, okay little guy?"
Izuku nodded, grabbed his stuff and left the room.
He tried to stay and train some more but the atmosphere was too awkward.
He could tell the poor sidekick would feel much better if Izuku left the room, so that's what he did.
He checked the clock when he reached his room.
It was eight o'clock and he hadn't eaten since lunch, which was only a sandwich he had packed into a small Tupperware pouch thing he had begged Akari to install, so he decided to get changed and go out to get food.
He was really in the mood for one of the burritos he gets while on his patrols but that store was in Musutafu and he wasn't going to ride a train for ages just to get dinner.
Instead he went to the store that Naive had told him about when he first arrived.
He and Akari got all their groceries from a store of the same chain so he just grabbed his usual very late dinner/snack stuff, not realising that he'd bought stuff for both him and his sister until he got back to his room.
Izuku always bought two katsudon bento boxes, a carton of orange juice (Izuku) and a can of iced coffee (Akari), and this time was no different except for the fact that Akari wasn't there to eat the second bento and drink the can of coffee.
So what should he do with the second meal?
He couldn't eat it, he wasn't made to eat that much food, and he wasn't sure that Native quite deserved it as he hadn't even tried to teach Izuku anything other than how to aim better.
Izuku's troubles were ended with a knock at the door.
"Oh, come in."
The door swung open and the sidekick from earlier stood in the doorway, cringing in embarrassment.
"I, uh, didn't mean to open it that violently. Sorry..."
Izuku smiled at him and put the bag of food back down.
"It's fine. I... wanted to thank you for earlier? What you said was right. I needed to take a break."
"Oh, umm, I actually wanted to apologise for that... I know I said it earlier but, I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions like that. I'm really sorry if I upset you."
"No, it's fine. But... do you like katsudon?"
The man raised en eyebrow at this.
"Yeah? Why?"
Izuuku giggled nervously.
"Well, I bought two out of habit and didn't know what to do with the second. You can have it if you want, but you don't need to if you don't. Want to, that is. Umm, there's also a coffee? If you'd like that too? I'm used to buying stuff for my sister and myself so... yeah. I can't eat two meals and don't like that brand of coffee so you can have them if you'd like? As a thank you?"
Izuku took his silence as a yes, put the food and drink into his arms and then proceeded to stand in the middle of the room awkwardly.
What was he meant to do now? Invite the man in to eat with him? 'Cause there's no way in hell he was doing that.
The sidekick, whose name he still had yet to ask for, seemed to notice how uncomfortable Izuku was and excused himself with a quiet 'thanks kid'.
The katsudon was great, like really really great, but it could never stand up to Akari's, made with the skill of a professional chef (or someone who had been making food for them selves since they were tall enough to reach the hob), or his mum's, filled with love and nostalgia, and the orange juice was, well, orange juice, sweet and tangy with an ever so slightly bitter aftertaste.

Izuku finished his meal and put his headset on, hoping that no one would mind him joining in.
The line was static for a full minute after he had pressed the button on his headset before Shinsou pressed the button on his own.
"Thank god you're here! Naoko's encountered something. None of us know how to deal with it, you're the only one with experience in this field!"
That... did not sound good. Akari had been at this way longer than he had so what could he possibly know that she wouldn't?
A memory flashed through his head, a woman in a mulberry suit with raspberry eyes, whose white-blonde hair had been dip-dyed pink. Said woman walked towards him, speaking of how Shigaraki would use his quirk on her if she didn't capture him, Izuku hiding on the ceiling of a small room on a rooftop, the substance on his hands and feet not being potent enough to keep him stuck in place for long enough, Izuku falling from his perch and landing flat on his back, heavy boots with a black-pink gradient walking slowly towards him and the villain leaning over so that her face was visible to him.
She wore a ravenous grin.
"Oh, they are gonna be soo pleased with me!" She practically purred out, before pressing a hand to his mouth and flooding it a gas which she excreted from her palm.
And then, everything was black.
That was the only situation he could think of that he had been and Akari hadn't but... he didn't even want to think about the fact that he had put Naoko in that kind of danger.
He suspected that the woman who tried to kidnap him had either been apprehended or, and he really didn't like thinking about this one, killed by Shigaraki but, apparently not.
"'Midori? You there?" Naoko sounded tired and out of breath. It was also obvious that she was running.
"Now, now, Kumo-kun, i'ts not nice to call for backup! Especially not after how your backup nearly got Sayua-chan killed last time!"
That... that was not the same person who went after him. She sounded a lot younger than the other woman, yet somehow she was more terrifying and Izuku had only heard her voice.
By the sound of it, she was after revenge for the last person Shigaraki had sent.
"Shinsou, we need to send Akari and Eraser in, now!"
Typing could be heard in the background briefly.
"We can't. Trust me, I'd love to! But, we can only send one of them in. Who're we going with?!"
"Dammit Akari! I- we, we're-"
He was cut off by high-pitched laughter, almost definitely that of the villain.
"Daww, what's with that look, Kumo-kun?! There's no need to back away! I'm only here to scope out my target and maybe get a little blood..."
"Naoko! Are you already on the rooftops?!"
This was a disaster, he needed to get Naoko out, NOW!
"N- no. We're on the ground." She whispered.
"Okay, this is salvageable. When I say run, (Get it? You say run?), pull out the grappling hook and shoot yourself up to the nearest rooftop. As long as you hit the wall with your feet and hands, you should be able to get out unhurt. Whatever you do, do not let her get a single drop of your blood!"
Naoko hummed an affirmative and Shinsou's typing sped up.
"Three... two... one... RUN!!!"
The sound of Naoko running and Izuku's phone going off started simultaneously.
It was a video call from Shinsou.
Izuku accepted it and was instantly greeted with the sight of a CCTV camera feed of Naoko being chased by a girl with space buns and a school uniform.
Naoko was a fair way ahead of the girl and, once she reached the end of the street, turned a corner, pulled out the grappling hook and shot at the ceiling off the nearest roof.
The hook caught on the edge of the roof and Naoko was pulled towards it, hitting the wall with her fingers and toes like Izuku had told her to and then pulling herself up onto the roof.
The other girl was stood on the street corner below, looking around frantically.
"FUCK!!!" Screamed the villain.
If Izuku could hear her, she must've been pretty fucking loud.
He worried for the sleep of everyone in the surrounding area.
The CCTV feed was replaced with the smiling face of Shinsou.
Izuku could hear Shinsou's voice echoing, the first time coming from the com and the second from the phone.
"Looks like you save your temporary replacement from.... whatever that creep wanted with you."
Izuku beamed back at his friend.
"Mhm! I am soo glad that went as planned! I have no idea what I would've done if something bad happened to Naoko!"
Shinsou opened his mouth to say something when a knock came from his bedroom door.
"Crap... JUST A SECOND!! Mido, do you have your laptop on you?"
"Uhh, yeah, why?"
Shinsou glanced back at the door.
"Open up *insert name of popular online game for PC* like, now and hang up once it's open. We can speak through the comms anyway and I need my dad to think I'm just in an online game with you."
Izuku did as told, after making sure that he and Naoko could still hear each other.
"Done. You shouldn't keep Mic waiting too long."
Izuku could hear a door opening on Shinsou's side of the call-thing, before Mic's voice was there and.... wow, okay, ow, that really hurt.
"'Toshi! What are you doing up so late?! And why are you shouting?! Are you hurt?!"
Izuku couldn't help but laugh at that. Apparently Mic could hear him as well.
"Oh? Whose that, 'Toshi? A girl? Or boy, you know for a fact that I'd be okay with that. Oooh, I can't wait to tell Shou that you have a special someone!! Crap, I'm going off topic again! Responsible parent activate!"
Izuku would probably have to go around and apologise to everyone on the street personally in the morning because the sound that he made after hearing Mic say that could probably rival the volume of Mic's on quirk.
"Oh- oh God... I am so sorry I just... holy shit! That- that was the funniest think I have heard in so long! You- oh God Mic! I knew you were a comedian but... holy shit! That was gold!!"
Izuku had to keep stopping mid sentence to laugh because he just found the stupidest things so funny.
"Midoriya?! You traitor!! I thought you were supposed to be helping me get him to bed like the sweet little angel you are!!"
"Aww, but we were p l a y i n g! We were just about to raid a dungeon too... but if Shin-kun has to go to bed then I suppose this can wait..."
Izuku tried his best to sound like a very sweet, lonely and sad child. He seemed to do a pretty good job at it, actually, if Mic's reaction was anything to go off of.
"What's up, little listener? Your internship getting you down?!"
"No, just getting a bit boring. I have too many notes on too many people so just chose one by random, to save myself some time, but... well, Native says he doesn't know what to teach me or even how to teach me... because I'm guirkless... so I've not really got anything to do other than train myself..."
Mic gasped and Shinsou hissed.
That sucks, man."
"You poor thing! Aww, I wish I'd sent in an offer now... having said that, I'm not sure I'm allowed do that as I teach you..."
"Midori! Toshi! I've lost the scout, keep a look out! I'm making my way back to the base, can one of you cover me?"
"Oh, uhh, yeah. 'Toshi, send me the steps to getting the footage up so that I can make sure she gets back to the base safely."
"On it. And........ sent! Okay, Naoko, can you stay put while Izuku gets the footage up?"
"Uhhh, yeah, okay. I can only stay put for about five minutes, I might get swarmed if I stay in place any longer than that."
Did- did she know that they were trying to convince Mic that they were just playing a video game, 'cause it certainly seemed like that.
"Right, I got the link. I'll have the feed up before any 'mobs' have time to 'spawn'."
"Thanks, Midori! I think I've had enough of the 'mobs' in this 'game' to last me a lifetime!"
"Better get used to it, Naoko, there's no way you won't bump into any more 'mobs' over the next week. Let's just hope that you don't see that scout again."
"Well, hopefully the next one to see that scout'll be me rather than one of you two. Anyway, I've got a full view all the way from you back to the base. Coast is clear. Start making your way back and I'll try to steer you around any 'mobs' I see."
"Right. Oh, 'Toshi, is Present Mic still there?"
"Still here, little listener!"
"Eeee, that's so awesome!!! You are literally my favourite hero ever!!! You just... you're so inspirational and kind to all your fans and inclusive and I just... thank you! Oh, I'm back at the base... can one of you check up with E and ask if she's at the base yet? I can't 'log out' until she gets back."
"Hmmm, yeah, I'll check on that in a sec. Get ready to 'log out' and I'll get back to you in a bit."
"Okay, yeah. Thanks Midori. I'm turning off my headset. Night night!!!"
"Wait but how will I... and, she's gone. I'll just have to text her. Okay, I'm going too. I'll talk to you tomorrow, Shinsou."
Izuku turned his headset off and put it back with the rest of his hero suit, ready for their patrol the next afternoon.
"Right, so, I understand your getting more than a little bored but for today, we're gonna-"
Native was cut off by a large bang from the other side of the city.
Izuku sucked in a breath and continuously hit the button on his headset.
"Mido? Something up?"
"SHINSOU! I have no idea how serious this is and whether or not my hunch is right but, I need you to go into the group chat and get everyone you can to try and contact Iida! If they ask why telling them that I need to speak to him now and can't get through! This could be an emergency!"
"Right, I'll get onto that now. Can I tell them that you said it's an Ii-mergency?" (Get it? emergency and Iida? 'Cause the e at the start of emergency and the Ii at the start of Iida make the same sound? I'm sorry. I should stop, but that doesn't mean I will.)
"Fine! Whatever! Just hurry, Iida's life could be on the line!!"
"Yes sir!"
"Care to tell me what's going on, Dekiru?"
Crap, Izuku had forgotten about him...
"..... Yeah. If I get out of this alive I'll explain it all to you. For now, you need to do your job and investigate that sound while I go... yeah, as I said, you'll find out what I'm doing if I get out of this alive. Sorry."
"No, Dekiru! Don't you dare- Midoriya!!!"
It was too late, Izuku was already on his way to save Iida.
But, of course, neither of them listened to others and Native went chasing after him.
"SHINSOU! Do you have anything on Iida yet?!"
"I... no. No one can get through to him.... I'm sorry, mido. I'll tell you if I hear anything."
"Right. Native, I need you to- Native?"
Of fucking course. He couldn't catch a break, could he?!
Izuku spent about five minutes searching for Native before...
That- that was Iida.
Native would have to wait, Iida was being a fucking idiot and needed Izuku to save him.
"Shinsou, I've found Iida."
He had to tell the class himself. He had to!
He also had to come up with a plan so....

Gren is online

Gren: Look, we have about two minutes to talk, while I come up with a plan before Iida dies so we need to make this quick!
Gren: Iida took an internship with Manual in Hosu in order to track down the Hero Killer
Gren: Something's going down in Hosu and it seems to involve Stain?
Gren: Anyway I went off to find him and Native decided to follow me
Gren: I lost track of Native and heard Iida shouting
Gren: If I don't help him soon he'll die
Gren: I need anyone who can to head to this location with the heroes you're interning with
Gren: I won't let anyone die needlessly today
Gren: *insert location*

Gren is offline

Oh God he was going to regret this!
Izuku was being an idiot!
His speciality was stealth but... he had no way of being stealthy without his vigilante gear so...
He'd just have to wing it.
Izuku ran into the alleyway immediately taking out his staff and observing everything in there.
At the back of the ally was Native, sat frozen against a wall, staring wide-eyed at Iida and Stain.
Iida was lying on the floor shouting insults at Stain, who was.... about to slit his throat. Fun.
The eyes of everyone in the ally turned to Izuku.
"Ah, another little hero wannabe? Let's see if you're any better than your 'friend' here..."
Came the gravely voice of Stain.
"Dekiru! What are you doing here?! GET OUT!"
"Native, I already said, I'll explain everything if I get out of this alive as for you, Iida, you can fuck right off. I'm here to save you and I won't leave until that's done!"
"Well well, aren't we ambitious. Are you sure that you can keep that promise, little hero?"
"No but I can damn well try. I'll either stop you and get them out or die trying."
"And what if I just..."
Stain eased his blade towards Iida's throat.
Izuku's body acted before his mind and before he could even think, his staff was charged with electricity and millimetres away from Stain's own throat.
"Don't touch him, stain. A single move towards him and Native will result in death."
"Are you sure you should be saying things like that, little hero?"
Izuku glared and moved the staff closer to Stain.
"No. In fact, I know for a fact that I shouldn't but, quite frankly, I don't give a shit. Given the choice between putting an end to a mass murderer and allowing myself, my friend and my mentor to die, I think my choice is obvious."
Stain stood and back up a bit.
"Well, let's fight then, little hero."

Chapter Text

Anyone who said Izuku was being overconfident and stupid was wrong.
Well, half wrong.
Izuku was fully aware that what he was doing was a ridiculously stupid idea and it scared the shit out of him.
A single wrong move and not only him but his friend and a pro-hero would die at the hands of the Hero Killer.
This would a stupid idea and if Stain didn't kill him, Akari, Naoko or Shinsou definitely would.
Well, on the plus side, if he did manage to take Stain down - which was highly unlikely - he couldn't be told that what he did was illegal.
Without a hero licence, one is not permitted to use their quirks outside of a controlled environment, however, that law doesn't apply to the quirkless therefore he could not be prosecuted for taking down the serial killer in order to save his friend.
Well, if he got out of this alive, that is.
After Izuku's little threat, which he emphasised by holding a metal staff infused with electricity up to the man's throat, Stain jumped over to the back of the alley.
This was so, so, so fucking stupid!
Izuku was going to fight the Hero Killer one on one, no back up, alone.
The sword-wielding man charged at Izuku, who... began twirling his staff?
He didn't realise he could do that, yet here he was, blocking Stain's attack by twirling a very good conductor which had previously poured about a quarter of his current electricity stock into.
The man continued charging, unperturbed by the child's strange new skill.
Well, until said child deflected his sword with the staff, which was made of a much more durable metal than any of Stain's swords and knives.
(I feel that this is a good place to mention that Stain would not be able to paralyse Akari via the staff. First off, he needs to actually ingest the blood, meaning he would have to eat the staff for his quirk to work which... why would he do that anyway? And secondly, once the object is formed the blood-metal is just a really strong metal with a weird origin. It still acts like normal metal and, if melted, melts down into the same stuff as all other iron. I know it doesn't make a lot of sense but this is my fanfic and I can do what I want! But please don't leave me, I love you all (as friends)!。^‿^。。^‿^。。^‿^。。^‿^。。^‿^。。^‿^。。^‿^。)
With the sword deflected, Izuku ran in close and kicked the man in the side.
"Hah, you're quite vicious in a fight!"
The man pulled out another sword and swung at Izuku, who back-flipped out of the way like a bad ass.
"I just know when I can and can't afford to be flashy and slow."
"Perhaps you would make a good hero..."
"Please don't say that! I'd like to think that too but hearing from you just kinda ruins it."
"Well then, maybe you don't deserve to be spared."
Fuck, Izuku had messed up.
And now they were all going to die for it. They were all going to die because Izuku was a fucking idiot an couldn't just keep his trap shut.
(No, stop thinking like that! We can and will find a way out! I've just gotta think my way 'round this. It's just another question on a test.... a really, really hard one but solve able. Let's see, I've called for back up, I've got Stain's focus away from the two that he's paralysed and I got one of his swords off of him. Okay, so, now I just have to stall. Easy.)
"Dekiru, he has a point, if you don't leave now all of us will die! He's only after me and the kid in armour! Just get out while you can!"
"Maybe you should listen to them, little hero, if you don't leave now you'll end up in a hospital or a morgue."
"I am not leaving them! You can kill me for all I care!I will get those two to safety even if it kills me!"
---------------Ooh, a memory---------------
"Mama, what's that bruise on your face?"
Izuku looked up at his mother. Her emerald eyes were sad and her long green hair was a mess.
There was a large bruise forming on the side of her face. It looked like it hurt.
"It's nothing, baby. Mama just... did something wrong and got hurt. I'll be fine in a little, I promise."
Her voice was scratchy and sounded like it hurt her to speak.
(Please, just let me help you...)
Izuku wasn't sure why her thought that.
She had hurt herself by accident, why did Izuku want to help her and what with?
These 'accidents' as his mother called them, began to occur more and more frequently.
A bruise here, a 'paper cut' there, maybe a burn or two in between.
Inko continued to tell Izuku that they were just accidents, and he believed her.
He was a child and she was his mother. If she said that something was an accident, it was an accident.... right?
By the time Izuku was ten, the injuries from her 'accidents' became more frequent.
There were still the usual bruises, 'paper cuts' and burns, but now he could see strange cuts on her wrists when her sleeves rode up as well.
Izuku was far too young to understand what any of this meant.
He wouldn't understand it for a good long while.
Izuku was thirteen now and his mother wasn't well.
Auntie Mitsuki had forced her to go to the doctors because of this.
Inko now had lots of medicines and wasn't allowed to go many places alone.
The strange cuts on her wrists didn't appear any more, but the bruises, burns and 'paper cuts' still showed up from time to time.
Izuku's dad didn't know that his mum wasn't well.
He didn't know about the strange little cuts or the trip to the doctors or the medicine that she took.
It sometimes seemed like his mum trusted auntie Mitsuki more than his dad.
Every time he saw her now, the little voice in his head screamed "Let me help you!!!", though he still didn't know why.
(Okay, bear with me, I know the time shit in this bit is a little... but the entrance exam for Japanese high schools is in January and when Izuku met All Might, he had ten months until the exams, meaning the start of the series was set in March and therefore three months before Izuku's fourteenth birthday in June. I think.)
Izuku would be fourteen in June.
That was only three months away.
In ten months were the high school entrance exams.
Technically he should've handed in the form saying which school he was going to but, the official cut off date was in the winter and he was going to wait until the last possible second to hand in his form.
Izuku was about to leave for school when his mother came up to his and wrapped him in a tight hug.
"I love you, make sure to come home safe, all right?"
Inko looked even worse than normal.
Her hair was a mess, her eyes were red and puffy and the injuries from her accidents were very prominent.
It hurt Izuku just to look at her.
The voice in his head came back, full force, and he couldn't help but scream with it.
Inko's eyes widened and she turned to look at the door to her bedroom, which was flung open a second later.
"Izuku, baby, you need to leave! Please!"
She whisper-shouted while pushing him out of the door.
He tried to forget what had just happened and continued on to school.
Little did he know that he'd never see either of his parents again.
--------------End, a memory--------------
"JUST- JUst let me help you..."
A warm dampness on his cheek and a sharp pain in his side made themselves known as he finished his sentence.
He was lost.
This wasn't his... oh.
Izuku turned his head and saw the crumpled figure of Iida lying on the floor.
For a moment, he mistook his paralysed classmate for a corpse.
"I- Ii...da?"
He was alive.
So was Izuku and Native.

They were all alive.

"Why did you hesitate, little hero?"
Stain pulled the sword out of Izuku and licked his blood off of it as Izuku fell to the floor, limp even before the paralysis took hold.
Izuku's ears were ringing and his side was burning.
He vaguely registered the small puddle of blood forming around him.
"Kid, he's going to bleed out if one of doesn't do something! Can you move?"
"I- no.... I cannot."
"Well, looks like I can finally kill you fakes."
"I don't think so!"
The alley way just got colder.
But, that... was that Shouto?
Izuku could still hear what was being said but.. it was getting fuzzy.
"Shit! Izuku, can you hear me?!"
Izuku wanted to respond, he really did!
But he couldn't.
He couldn't move and his voice wouldn't come and his hearing was going fuzzy and his vision was going black.
At least he had stalled long enough for backup to arrive.
But, now he was going to die.
Thanks for that, Stain.
At least he'd get to see his parents again.
But... he couldn't leave his friends and Akari behind.
(I'm sorry Akari, it looks like I couldn't fulfil my promise to become a hero.)
Izuku's eyes closed as he faintly heard the sound of people shouting.

Chapter Text

Izuku's eyes opened again and he was on Shouto's back.
"Shh, don't. You need to rest. I've frozen the wound over for now, but that's only a temporary fix."
Izuku nodded into the nook of Shouto's shoulder and then.... Ow.
He was in the air now, with a thingy digging into him but he was too sore to do anything but watch as he was carried away from his friends.
Oh, Shinsou. Izuku had forgotten that he could talk to him.
"Shin... sou. Hurts... h...elp."
Shinsou sighed in... relief?
"You little shit! I've been trying to get through to you for ages! Everyone has!"
It seemed that the sharp, flying thingy also realised that Shinsou hadn't got the second part as it cawed. Really, really loudly.
"Hurts... help..."
"Izuku..... what's going on?!"
Izuku didn't have time to respond.
Before he could even try to think of an answer, the thingy was gone and a big pair of arms was wrapped, gently around him and he was on the ground again.
People were talking, he thinks, everything was a bit too loud and hurt his head.
It all went dark again.
Akari was making lunch for herself and Naoko when her phone went off

"Hello, am I talking to Midoriya Akari?"
"Yes, why?"
"This is Hosu general hospital, your younger brother, Midoriya Izuku, has been brought in with possibly life threatening injuries."
Akari's breath hitched and she could hear her heart beat in her ears.
"...Care to tell me what, exactly, these injuries are and how he acquired them?"
"Well, we've been told that it's a.... difficult matter. I'm not sure anyone in the hospital knows exactly what happened. I'm sure you will be informed upon your arrival."
"Fine. Tell 'em I'll be there in an hour."
"But... it's a two hour drive..."
"I said I'll be there in an hour."
She then hung up and put the food back in the fridge.
"Naoko! Call your parents, we're going out!"
"What? Why?"
"Izu... Izuku's hurt."
Naoko's eyes filled with tears she refused to shed as she pulled out her phone.

Akclipse: Aizawa, how fast can you drive

Evil cat man: At the national speed limit.

Akclipse: Youre a pro-hero and this is an emergency
Akclipse: How fast can you drive

Evil cat man: Depends on the emergency

Akclipse: Izukus in hospital

Evil cat man: And they didn't think to inform his homeroom teacher of this because?

Akclipse: I dont know it all seems a bit sketchy
Akclipse: apparently no one in the hospital has been told what actually happened to him
Akclipse: But I told them I'd do a two hour drive in an hour so
Akclipse: Are pro heroes allowed to break the speed limit

Evil cat man: They are now.
Evil cat man: Let me grab 'Toshi and Mic and we'll head out.

Akclipse: You have five minutes

"Naoko! We're headin' out in five! Put some clothes for you and 'Zuku in bag, 'kay?"
By the time Aizawa arrived, Naoko and Akari had packed clothes, food and entertainment for themselves and Izuku.
"You have a tag along..."
Aizawa observed, as the two of them climbed in next to Shinsou.
"Yup. This is Naoko, she's Izuku and 'Toshi's friend."
"Oh! You're the little listener who was playing that video game with 'Toshi and Midoriya last night!! You said I was your favourite hero!!"
Naoko's eyes, which she had stopped covering since staying temporarily with Akari, lit up at the sound of Mic's voice.
"Y-yes! But, we should probably get going! I- Izuku's hurt!"
"Finally, someone said something rational. Let's go."
Aizawa tutted, exasperatedly, as he pulled out of the car park and began to drive very, very fast.
It would've been hilarious, if somewhat terrifying, if it weren't because Izuku was in hospital.
"...MEAN HE W.. .....IN' THE HERO KILLER?! TH.... ... MOST STUPID ..... .... EVER HEARD!!"
"Mi...... is reckless bu. .. .....dn't do something that stupid."
"I un........ you b... ...w him better than I do but ...... ... truth. "
His hearing kept fading in and out and, even though his eyes were still closed, he could see the bright lights in the room he was in.
He groaned and turned over and everything went dark again.
Izuku woke up.
He wasn't sure how he knew he had woken up, he couldn't see or hear anything, but he had woken up.
Maybe it was the sudden pain in his side or the pounding headache or the fact that his heart felt like it was beating out of his chest or the pit in his stomach or the soft weight on the edge of his bed or.... well, you get it.
It was about five minutes before any of his senses other than touch came back.
He was suddenly assaulted by the sound of the heart-rate-monitor.
He eventually got used to the fact that the excruciating sound was, in fact, at a normal volume and he just wasn't used to it.
So just how long had he been out?
He was made aware of another presence in the room through the sound of soft snoring.
Izuku slowly opened his eyes, finding that the room wasn't quite as bright as it was loud.
He looked around the room as well as he could while only turning his head.
The blinds were drawn and the lights were turned off, implying that it was night, probably late considering summer was drawing near.
On his bedside table sat a multitude of get-well-soon cards and small presents.
Akar was sat in a chair next to his bed, with her head resting by his feet. It reminded him of the way he sat by the side of his bed at home when Shouto had gotten injured.
He had no idea whether or not Shouto and Iida were all right!
Akari seemed to notice his panic and woke with a jolt.
"Izuku? Are- are you really awake?"
"Ak- Akari? My... head. It hurts..."
"Yeah, you idiot. That's what happens when you get stabbed and are out cold for almost a week! God, Izuku we were all so worried for you! Even Katsuki! I just- I was just so worried I would loose you! Eraser got a speeding ticket getting us up here... and then Mic nearly deafened a doctor who said we couldn't see you, Naoko accidentally used her quirk on everyone in the room when we did get to see you and 'Toshi punched Iida in the face for nearly getting all of you killed... we- none of us can even think about our lives without you! I- I'm so glad you're okay, Izuku!"
Akari had tears rolling down her face the whole time and punctuated her sentence by pulling Izuku into a hug.
That definitely wasn't the best idea.
The second Izuku was pulled into a sitting position, sharp pain lanced through his side. The pain doubled when Akari wrapped him in her soft yet strong arms.
"A- Akari.... oww!"
She immediately pulled back, causing Izuku to fall back and hit the mattress.
He'd only been awake for about ten minutes and was already wishing he was asleep again.
"Ah, sorry! I'll go get the nurse. I'd tell you to look through your cards and presents but I didn't want you to get hurt. Try to get some rest, okay? We couldn't have any healing quirks used on you while you were unconscious in case it used up too much of your stamina and hurt you even more so they've stitched you up instead. I'll be back in a sec, 'kay?"
Izuku nodded and let his head sink back into the hospital pillows.
Uraraka? What was she doing here?
"Oh my god! You're awake! Everyone! He's up!"
All of Izuku's classmates, including Katsuki , surprisingly, flooded into the room.
Iida was crying...?
"Midoriya! I am glad you are well! Wh- when we first arrived they were unsure if you were going to survive! I am terribly sorry that my idiotic actions caused you to be injured! I- I just wanted to-"
Izuku cut him off by shaking his head and trying to sit up.
"Ah, here, let me help you sit up, Midori."
Uraraka walked over to him and held him under the shoulders as he sat himself up.
"Th- thank you, Ur- Urara... Ura-chan."
Uraraka smiled at him.
"Iida it- it's not- I understand. You don't have to apologise."
"Are you-"
"YES! ow... sorry, yes I'm sure. It's fine, Iida."
Iida bowed at his usual 90° angle as Izuku faintly heard the door open.
"Midoriya-kun. Ah, you're friends are here. I- uh, I could come back later?"
Even more surprisingly than the fact that Katsuki was there at all was the fact that he answered the nurse's question.
"No. we'll come back later, you stay and check up on the nerd. Make sure he doesn't nearly die on us again, okay?!"
Everyone in the room's eyes widened at the fact that Katsuki was concerned about Izuku.
It was... weird, to hear him speak like he cared again.
"Ah, if you're all quite sure."
Uraraka spoke next.
"Yeah, we just wanna make sure that Midori's okay! Besides, us coming back after his check up means we get more time to chat!"
The nurse nodded and Iida ushered everyone out of the room, Shouto sending a concerned glance at Izuku as he left.
"Alright, Midoriya-kun! We're just going to do a quick check up, make sure everything's working normally etc."
Izuku nodded and let the nurse go through the check up.
It hurt. A lot. But it was fine.
The nurse said that everything was as it should be and that, with the help of a healing quirk or two, he would be good to go home in two-three days.
"Y'know, you're actually really lucky. Even just a few centimetres in any other direction and the damage could've been way more serious. Stab wounds of that size can easily go through organs or arteries. Yours managed to miss anything that'd make it fatal. Well, you could've bled out, I suppose, but your friend Todoroki had you covered there. If only those police guys would tell us what happened. They said that they had to talk to you and your friends before they told anyone anything."
The nurse sighed, before smiling at Izuku and leaving.
His friends flooded in a few minutes later.
She probably told them that they could when she left.
"Holy shit, man! You sure know how to make a guy worry!"
Denki. He.... his hair was sparking....
"Yeah, like, taking on the Hero Killer was super manly but please don't ever do anything like that again! I don't think my heart would be able to take it!"
Kirishima. He looked like he was going to cry.
"I was worried you weren't going to wake up, kero!"
Tsuyu. She was tearing up as she spoke.
"I still feel incredibly guilty! This was, after all, due to my desire for revenge!"
Iida. He really needed to forgive himself. Given the opportunity, he probably would've done the same to whoever killed his parents.
"Mei is going to murder you."
Shinsou. His eyes told Izuku that he was just as worried as the others though.
"Please do not ever do anything like that again. Your light was nearly extinguished from our plane of existence."
Tokoyami. Sweet but worded weird. Also, why was he looking to the side of Izuku? No one was there.
Kouda signed something and smiled at him, Shouji held concern in his eyes and nodded at Izuku.
"It would not be magnifique to loose you so soon, mon ami."
Aoyoma. He was a weird one. Sweet, but weird.
"Tch, you're lucky we had a week of after internships anyway, fucking shitty deku! Don't get yourself killed next time!"
Katsuki. His words were harsh but Izuku could see that he was worried.
"I'm sorry man, I tried to get the hero I was interning with to come and help as we were kinda near by but.. well, he didn't think that your word held any value... on the plus side, you proved him wrong! I can't help but feel bad though..."
Sero. He really shouldn't feel guilty either. He did everything he could short of going off on his own and breaking the law.
"Midori!!! I- I don't even... I just... Please, don't ever do that again!! Not ever! We were all so worried!!"
Mina. She went to hug him but remembered that he was injured and thought better of it.
"I made you a cake, you know, for when you're feeling better..."
Sato. Izuku loved cake. He'd have to make sure to thank him.
"Y'know, I don't think I ever thanked you for the hero suit and.... well, when your sister sent that message on the class group chat telling us about what happened, I thought I might never get the chance to again... I- we are all so glad that you're still with us, Midori..."
Hagakure. She was- wait, what? AKari did what?!?!
"Hey. I don't actually think we've spoken before but... well, I'm not great with words so let's just say that I was worried about you too. It'd be horrible to have a classmate die on us. Especially one as sweet as you."
Jirou. Once she'd finished her piece, she blushed and hid behind Yaoyorozu.
"I'm afraid I'm also not great with situations such as these but... oh, Midoriya, we were all so very worried for you! I- I... you've always been so nice to all of us and you've helped us all with so, so much and the thought of you being gone was just... we'd all miss you so much!"
Yaoyorozu. She was crying by the time she'd finished. Izuku wished he could give them all a hug.
"Look man just... I don't know. I can't even scold you for being reckless, everyone else has already done that... just.... just know that we all care about you... a lot..."
Ojiro. His tail was wagging in embarrassment as he spoke.
"Ooh, if you weren't injured I'd throw something at you right now!! I can't believe that you'd do something so... so stupid! All three of you! You're all my friends! I can't even thing about how my life would be without any of you!"
Uraraka. She'd been crying since she first walked back in.
"I should've gotten there quicker. If I'd been even a second sooner, you would be fine! This is all my fault! I-"
Izuku stopped and winced.
Okay then, no shouting for a while.
That fucking hurt.
"I- I don't- it wasn't- I was- I..."
Uraraka was at his side in an instant with a cup of water which he downed in seconds.
"It's okay, Midori! You shouldn't have to push yourself. If you're not comfortable talking then don't."
Izuku shook his head and took a deep breath.
"It... it was my... my fault..."
Everyone looked confused.
"How was it your fault, Midori?"
Mina knew better than to tell him that wasn't true.
You need the whole story before jumping to conclusions.
"Remembered something... got distracted... Stain thought I hesitated... got stabbed because.. wasn't paying attention..."
Iida visibly flinched and a cold spot appeared where Tokoyami was looking earlier. Weird.
"What... what do you mean, Midoriya? Was that..."
"It was the thing I said. You're not the first person I forced to let me help them. You're the third, actually. I, uh, that phrase is connected to some pretty heavy memories..."
Strange horizontal cuts along his mother's wrists.
Hundreds of them, all in a little line making their way down her arm and past her sleeve.
Only visible because her cardigan sleeve had rolled up while she was tucking him in.
A worried look on her face as she pulled up her sleeve and planted a kiss on his forehead.
A shake of the head when he tried to ask her about them.
Cuts which he only now understood.
"Can- can we change the subject, please?"
Everyone nodded and went on to talk about their own internships.
Quite frankly, he was jealous.
Everyone else had fun and learnt a lot.
Izuku only got stabbed to the right of his stomach and given terrible advice from a not-so-great hero.
"Glad to hear you guys had fun... seriously, if your internships were even half as good as you say they are then... I'm sorry, I shouldn't get jealous... I chose my internship fair and square... just... I'm glad you all had fun..."
"Midori... was your internship that bad? Well, other than the end, obviously..."
"Well... no? It was okay but... well... it could've been better... clearly...."
Iida came to the front of the huddle and turned to face their classmates.
"I am terribly sorry to bring our time with Midoriya to an end but I have just been informed of the fact that visiting hours are coming to an end! We must leave so that Midorya can rest!"
"Yeah, you guys should go. I'll see you all later..."
Everyone said goodbye and headed out.
Izuku hardly sleep that night.
He had already slept for nearly a week in a row, so it wasn't too much of a surprise.
He just hoped that he wouldn't be too tired for healing in the morning...
He shouldn't be... hopefully.

Chapter Text

"Okay, Midoriya-kun, I think you're good to go! But first, does everything feel good and normal to you?"
"Mhm. There's a little bit of a pull around the scar but other than that, I feel great!"
"That's to be expected. You'll need to make sure that you don't do anything too strenuous for the next week or two but other than that, your life can go on as normal!"
Izuku smiled at the nurse. She wasn't entirely right, a few things would be different, but he was glad he got to go home.
The day after Izuku woke up, Shouto, Iida, Native and a few police officers came into his room to discuss what the public would be told about their fight with Stain.
It couldn't be covered up entirely since Shouto, Iida and Native (who did virtually nothing) managed to take the Hero Killer out in the end.
They could've said that it was Native, which would doubtless cause his popularity to skyrocket, if not for the multiple burns caused by Shouto.
Another alternative could've been that Endeavour helped Native to take the villain down, but everyone knew that Endeavour was not one to work in teams.
One officer had suggesting giving all of the credit to Endeavour, he was lucky he left that room unharmed if Shouto and Izuku's expressions were anything to go off of.
Another problem with all of these was the call for backup Izuku had sent out.
All of 1-A knew that the three boys had been involved in taking down Stain and everyone who knew Denki knew that he wouldn't keep quiet about his classmates helping to take down a high-profile villain.
The only problem with outright telling the public that the three of them played a huge part in this was their lack of hero-licenses, meaning they weren't authorised to use their quirks.
Well, considering he didn't have a quirk, that wasn't really a problem for Izuku but it was still a problem for the other two.
In the end they came to an agreement and made up a story.
It was this:
Native and the UA student interning with him, Izuku, had been cornered by the Hero Killer while on patrol. The two of them were cornered so Native, who had been paralysed by Stain's quirk, gave Izuku a signal to call for backup. Iida happened to be in the area when the signal was sent out and, after explaining the situation to Manual, went to aid his friend. Shouto was also in the vicinity and did the same. With the help of Native, the three of them managed to corner and subdue Stain. Unfortunately, Izuku was critically injured in the fight, however, he managed to make a full recovery.
It wasn't entirely true but it wasn't all a lie either.
The boys were scolded for their reckless behaviour but, as Izuku had sent for backup thus following protocol, no punishment ensued.
"Okay, 'Zuku, you ready to go home?"
Izuku grinned and nodded. He was looking forward to getting back home.
It wasn't that the hospital was unpleasant just.... well, nothing could beat the plush grey carpets and the subtle tones of the walls, not to mention the soft furniture and the mouthwatering smell of his sister's cooking.
Sure, other places were nice but, home was the best.
"Yep! Ooh, will Naoko still be there when we get home?"
Akari giggle-snorted, (IT'S BACK!!!!), at his enthusiasm and fluffed up his hair.
"She sure will! She's uh... well, she'll be staying with us for a little while, until her parents sort something out. I think she's going home on Monday so I should be able to drop her off on my way to work." (This is on a Friday. I'm going by the assumption that the internships take place on a normal Mon-Sun working week. If I remember correctly, and it's entirely possible I don't, the Hero Killer attack took place on the third day of the internships, not including the Monday as that mainly consisted of getting there and getting settled, meaning it was on the Thursday. Izuku slept for five days, so woke up on the Tuesday, and then had to spend three days, if we include the day he left the hospital, to make sure he was fully healed and everything was working right. Sorry for the long winded explanation.)
Izuku muttered a quiet, 'okay', as they walked out of the building.
A small black car was parked outside the hospital.
Aizawa was sat in the driver's seat.
"Welcome back to the land of the living, problem child."
He didn't so much as glance at Izuku while speaking.
"Uhh, thanks I guess? Are- are you here to take us home?"
"Why else would I be here? I'm a friend of your older sister as well as your homeroom teacher. Someone had to collect the two of you."
That made sense, kind of.Though, Izuku wasn't sure why they couldn't just get the train home.
"Why are you still out there, 'Zuku? We need to get home."
"I- uh, yeah..."
Izuku sat himself down in the leftmost back seat and stared out of the window.
On the drive home, Izuku looked through his get-well-soon cards and gifts.
For the most part, they were just little boxes of chocolates and cards telling him to make a swift recovery and noting how worried the sender was.
Uraraka's gift had a box of paracetamol and a Thirteen key-chain as well as a small box of strawberry flavoured chocolate. That was sweet, in both senses.
Shouto didn't leave a gift but he explained in his card that his gift would only last for a short while and had to be given to Izuku when they next saw each other.
Izuku couldn't wait until Monday, he really wanted to know what Shouto's gift was.
"We're here."
Aizawa parked the car on the drive way and got out of the car.
Izuku stumbled out of the car door and followed the two adults into the building.
The second Izuku stepped through the door, dozens of party poppers went off with a cheer.
"HEY! I thought we decided against the party poppers! That's gonna take me ages to clean up..."
Akari glared at the confetti around the confused green boy.
"It's all right, Midoriya-san, I can create a hoover and clean it up for you at the end."
Yaoyorozu smiled at the two Midoriyas as Izuku realised that the party poppers were set off by his friends.
"N- no one told me you guys would be here!"
Mina chuckled and flicked Izuku's nose.
"Well, yeah! What's the point of a surprise if you know about it?! None, in fact, if the person we're meant to surprise knows about it then it isn't even a surprise anymore!"
Iida pushed his glasses up and karate chopped the air.
"I still believe that a surprise party was not the correct approach! What would we have done if Midoriya reacted negatively to the sudden sound?!"
Izuku blinked at the ridiculousness of the situation. Iida was stood in the entrance way to Izuku's house, party popper in hand and confetti at his feet, berating their classmates because of the slim chance that the loud noise could've startled Izuku.
A chain of giggles forced it's way out of Izuku's mouth, much to the protest of his very recently healed side.
"Well, at least you managed to get Midori to laugh... that is a good thing, right?"
"Y- yeah... that's a good thing. Anyway, I doubt you guys want to wait out here all day. Let's head in, yeah?"
Izuku noticed fairly early on that Katsuki hadn't come. He was sad at first but let it go after a while. Katsuki had never seen Izuku as more than a useless waste of space and didn't deserve to be missed. He had Naoko, Shouto and Akari anyway, he didn't need Katsuki. That didn't make it hurt any less though.
Akari had made a huge portion of katsudon for the party, huge enough for everyone to have a bowl and Sato made a cake. A really, really big cake.
They all chatted and ate and enjoyed each other's company for a good hour or two, before Shouto pulled Izuku aside.
"Is something wrong, Shouto?"
The taller boy smiled and shook his head. His cheeks were pink with blush and the front of his hair was swept back into two little plaits which tied together in the back.
"No, I just figured that now would be as good a time as any to give you your present."
A grin spread across Izuku's face. He couldn't wait to see what it was.
Shouto's hands slowly drew closer to Izuku, who was practically bouncing with excitement.
"Hey, you two! Akari just brought out Monopoly! C'mon, it won't be the same without everyone joining in!"
Hagakure came 'round the corner and waited for the two boys to follow her.
"Oh, but-"
Shouto cut Izuku off with a pat on the shoulder and a smile.
"It's alright, this can wait. Let's go and have fun, yeah?"
Izuku smiled up at the taller boy who nodded at him.
"If you're sure it's all right."
Hagakure, seemingly, stared at the two for a moment.
"I- I didn't break up a moment, did I?"
Shouto shook his head before Izuku could ask what she meant by that and the two of them followed after her.
The monopoly game was fun. As expected, the resident rich kids were on top pretty much the whole time.
Iida was taking the game way too seriously and lecturing the others for any irresponsible spending on random, low income streets, Shouto was quietly watching and saving up and Yaoyorozu was.... well, after being told she wasn't allowed to use her quirk she was essentially doing the same thing Shouto was but before that... she used her quirk to make a huge stack of monopoly money and declared herself winner on her first round. She was the first to be banned from using her quirk while playing.
The second was Tokoyami. While Dark Shadow was a sentient being and didn't always do as Tokoyami said, they were all sure that it had been told to steal all of Mina's monopoly money. The money was returned to Mina and she was assured that it was nothing personal and the only reason her money had been stolen was that she was sat next to Tokoyami.
Third was Naoko, who used her quirk to guilt trip Kirishima into not buying the street she wanted. She was very lucky that Katsuki wasn't there. Kirishima and Katsuki were close, so Izuku was sure that she probably would've ended up narrowly avoiding being blown up. Kirishima, on the other hand, was a very nice and polite boy and assured Naoko that he didn't mind and would'e left the street to her, had she asked.
Uraraka resigned to putting some of Sero's tape on her fingers after accidentally floating the board up to the ceiling. Luckily, it was a steady flight and very little was misplaced.
Next up was Shinsou. About halfway through the game, he used his quirk to convince Iida, who had both the most money and properties, over to him. One again, everything was returned and all was forgiven.
Over the second half of the game, Iida was overtaken by Yaoyorozu who was overtaken by Shouto who was then overtaken by Akari. Suddenly, the top three were the bottom three and Shouto was not pleased.
The final quirk ban took place when Shouto tried to set the board on fire after seeing that he was in last. The board was saved by a very brave Izuku who jumped between the game, which had belonged to his father, and Shouto.
For some reason, Aizawa had stayed and decided to play as well. He was pretty average throughout the whole game but, he did carry out the quirk bans so he did do something note-worthy.
The game ended with these placements:
1st: Akari ("Hell yeah!") '''
2nd: Shoji '''
3rd: Ojiro '''
4th: Sato ("Maybe I should make another cake for Monday...") ''''
5th: Sero
6th: Hagakure '
7th: Izuku ("Lucky seven, anyone?") '
8th: Tsuyu ("Not bad, kero.") '
9th: Jiro '
10th: Mina ("You're exactly half way, Denki!") '
11th: Denki ("I am?")
12th: Kirishima ("Yay Kaminari!!!") ''
13th: Uraraka ("Thirteen! Like the rescue hero!") ''''
14th: Tokoyami ("If only our placements were reversed... congratulations on receiving the number of darkness, Uraraka-san...." *sad Dark Shadow noises*) ''''
15th: Aizawa ("How did I end up so far behind when playing against kids?") ''
16th: Noaoko ''
17th: Shinsou ("Even dad beat me?!") ''
18th: Aoyoma (*Aoyoma's weird pout thing*) ''''
19th: Kouda '''
20th: Yaoyorozu ("A- ah...") ''
21st: Iida ("...Perhaps my calculations were off...") ''''
22nd: Shouto (*Angry fire sounds*) '''
After a class vote, they decided to play rounds of Mario Kart. Only Shouto, Shinsou and Akari had the knowledge to vote for a board game rather than a video game. Izuku was good at most video games and decent at most board games. Shouto and Shinsou decided to sit that out. They knew they couldn't win.
The Mario Kart rounds were structured in a similar way to the Sports Festival 1v1 matches only that four people went at once rather than only two.
The first round was (1st) Tsuyu, (2nd) Naoko, (3rd) Sero, and (4th) Sato,
the second was (1st) Mina, (2nd) Aizawa, (3rd) Shoji, and (4th) Tokoyami,
third round, (1st) Izuku, (2nd) Yaoyorozu, (3rd) Ojiro, and (4th) Aoyoma,
fourth round, (1st) Jiro, (2nd) Kirishima, (3rd) Kouda, (4th) Iida,
fifth round, (1st) Hagakure, (2nd) Denki, (3rd) Akari, (4th) Uraraka.
Fourth place were out and spectated. The next rounds were split into a three and a two, with the winners going against each other.
Long story short, Izuku won by a landslide and everyone other than the three mentioned before were shocked.
They finished the Mario Kart tournament and then everyone had to go home.
The three current inhabitants of the house stood at the door and waved at everyone as they left.
---Shouto's POV---
"Where have you been?!"
The second Shouto walked through the door, Endeavour stormed up to him. He supposed that was to be expected but it was still annoying.
Endeavour's glare hardened and he took a step closer. He was trying to intimidate him. It wouldn't work. Shouto stronger than the little boy who refused to use his fire.
"What have you done with your hair?! You weren't out with 'friends' were you?!"
Shouto twirled a strand of his long hair, just to piss the flaming pile of shit off, and looked up at him, innocently.
"What do you mean 'what have I done with my hair'? I just made it look pretty."
Large wisps of smoke poured off of the man in front of him.
"Fine! Fine, be that way! But answer my question! Who. Were. You. With?!"
Shouto stuck his tongue out and walked away.
Well, tried to.
His 'father' grabbed him by the wrist.
"Is there a problem, Endeavour-san?"
"You will call me 'father' and answer my questions!"
"I'm sorry, I don't have a father. Only a mother and a horrible man with a fire quirk put her in a mental hospital. Oh right, that was you and I have a friend who could quite easily find the evidence against you and get you put away for good, Endeavour-san."
That was a lie. He had no doubt that Izuku could gather the evidence against him but there was no way that the police would just take the kids word for it.
Luckily, his 'father' didn't seem to realise that that was a bluff, if the hot patch on his wrist was anything to go by.
"You. Wouldn't. Dare!"
"My, my, Endeavour-san, threatening a minor? Well, I'm sure you could get some jail time for that alone. Imagine how much you've racked up over the years..."
Why was he doing this? This was stupid! He was going to get himself killed and Endeavour would use the same excuse he did with Touya!
"Where. Were. You?!"
Shouto pulled himself from the man's grasp and started to walk away, stopping and turning only to answer the question.
"You needn't worry. I was only welcoming a classmate back from the hospital. It's more important to build bonds for when you're in a tight spot then make enemies. Such a shame you were to naive to accept that."
Shouto turned back around and walked to his room. That whole conversation would get him in a lot of trouble but, it was worth it. He had finally stood up to the criminal who called himself a hero.

Chapter Text

The weekend had been fun.
Izuku helped Shinsou with surveying while Naoko filled in for him.
Izuku wouldn't be allowed to do anything his sister or the doctors deemed as "too strenuous" for the next week, so Naoko was filling in for him until she had to go home.
Of course, even after she left he'd still have at least five days until he was allowed to be Kumo again, so Akari would have to come up with an excuse of some sort. Izuku didn't mind that much. He'd still be watching.
The really tricky part was finding out how he'd go about school. He still wanted to do hero training but, he wasn't sure if that was allowed or not. Apparently, the skin around his scar was still delicate and if he wasn't careful it could re-open, meaning he wasn't allowed to do anything... anything he had started doing since Katsuki had told him to jump off of a roof, essentially.
No jumping from rooftops, no lifting really heavy things, no sprinting, no getting into fights.... back to the life of a boring old Deku who could do nothing but take notes and pay attention in class.
He knew it was stupid but, he found himself wondering if any of this would've happened if he had a quirk.
Probably not. After all, people with quirks aren't useless Deku's who get distracted in the middle of a fight because something they said to their friend mirrored the last thing they said to their mum. People with quirks don't leave themselves wide open, allowing the Hero Killer to nearly kill them. People with quirks don't get taken by a sharp flying thing after stepping in on a fight and being of no use what so ever. People with quirks can help and/or save people, Izuku was just a Deku who could not.
"...Ku! 'Zuku! Hey, are you in there buddy? You were mutterin' again. Something on your mind?"
Izuku shook his head and looked back at the TV screen.
It was Sunday night and they were watching a Disney film before bed.
Naoko wasn't allowed to watch TV or take her blindfold, (I finally remembered the word!!!), off at her parents house so Akari was letting her watch whatever she wanted while she was with them.
Naoko had chosen Mulan, (Purely because I love that film with my whole heart.), while Akari made iced coffee and Izuku made popcorn.
It was great.
They were singing along the whole time, between mouthfuls of coffee and popcorn, and Naoko even found herself humming one of the songs while trying to get to sleep.
Monday morning came way to quickly for Izuku's liking.
It wasn't that he didn't want to go to school but that he didn't want to say goodbye to Naoko or see Katsuki.
Kastsuki's card had been the first one he'd looked at on the way home. It was short and to the point, simply saying "Stupid fucking Deku, trying to fight the hero killer like that. You're lucky you didn't die, shitty nerd. Oh, mum says get well soon. I'd better see you at school, if I don't you'll wish the hero killer had finished the job. And don't expect a fucking gift, we are not friends. -Lord Explosion Murder". That last bit did confuse Izuku though, why did Katsuki sign with that? Yes, he had tried to use that as his hero name but, Midnight told him he wasn't allowed and he went with Ground Zero. So why had he signed with that? Why was Izuku even thinking about this? This wasn't the point he was trying to make.
Anyway, there was very little doubt in his mind that Katsuki would attack him and this time, Izuku wasn't allowed to doge in case he reopened his scar.
This should be fun.
Like on the first day, Aizawa had gone out of his way to drop Izuku off at school. That was probably thanks to Shinso or Akari.
Mic spent the drive asking Izuku hundreds of questions and making sure that Izuku was 100% fine, while Shinsou and Aizawa grinned and stifled laughter.
Once they arrived at UA, Mic and Aizawa went off to the staff room, while Izuku and Shinsou went up to their homeroom, chatting as thy walked.
"Do you think your dad'll get suspicious?"
Shinsou rolled his eyes.
"No, why would he?"
"Because Akari says I'm not allowed to patrol until Recovery Girl says I'm fine to go on with my life as normal. That means I'm gonna be forced to have at least a week off!"
"Mido, you are literally one of the smartest people I have met. Very reckless, but smart none the less. I am sure that you and Akari can come up with an excuse. Hell, my dad might even be glad that you're taking some time off!"
"Yeah, I guess you're right."
Izuku slid the ridiculously large door open and the two of them walked in.
Iida was sat at his desk, staring blankly at the wall.
"Iida? You okay?"
The two boys made their way over to his desk, worried looks on their faces.
"Yes, I'm just... thinking. Sorry to worry the both of you. I'm fine. I'm used to seeing Shinsou here at this time-"
"Much to my displeasure. I'd rather be asleep right now."
"Right, anyway, I am used to Shinsou being here at this time but you normally arrive later than this."
Shinsou made his way over to his desk as Izuku and Iida spoke.
"Yeah... Shinsou's dads wouldn't let me walk to school. No one's letting me do anything until Recovery Girl says I'm fine. It's not fair, the fact that I'm out of the hospital should be enough to say that I'm okay!"
Iida gave him a funny look, before rubbing the bridge of his nose and sighing.
"Midoriya, while I understand how you may find it slightly... suffocating to be told that you can't do anything without another's permission, I assure you that this is simply to ensure your safety. You must allow yourself time to fully heal."
Izuku sighed and trudged over to his seat as the rest of his classmates began to enter the room.
Midoriya has a ghost.
That was the first thing he had noticed when he saw the short boy with fluffy green hair and a myriad of freckles.
Midoriya's ghost had the same forest green hair and emerald eyes, the only difference was the texture of her hair and the lack of freckles.
While Midoriya's hair was a mess of fluffy green curls, the ghost's was a long smooth sheet of green.
Other than that, the resemblance was obvious.
Had Fumikage known the boy better, he would've realised that the ghost was his mother, however, as it stood, he had no idea who the ghost was other than that she was, in some way, related to the boy.
He had decided to keep quiet about the ghost, so as not to confuse or startle his classmate, until a few strange things happened.
During the sports festival, Ashido had mentioned that Midroiya "looked like he'd seen a ghost". Fumikage had looked down at the boy and, sure enough, he did look as though he'd seen a ghost.
His eyes were red and startled and his ghost was absent for the first time since he'd met Midoriya.
Fumikage was worried.
The next thing Fumikage had noticed was that every time he saw Midoriya and Iida in the same room since the sports festival, Midoriya's ghost was staring worriedly at Iida.
When Midoriya was in the hospital, the ghost was hovering beside him with a hand on his shoulder, staring at Fumikage curiously.
And now, Midoriya was sat at his desk, lost in though, and the ghost was stood between Midoriya and Bakugo's desks, staring once again at Fumikage.
He had never had a ghost stare at him like that before.
"Can- can you see me?"
Even the ghost's voice resembled Midoriya's, soft and a little shaky yet strong and determined.
Fumikage nodded discretely as he walked over to his desk. The ghost followed, glancing over her shoulder as if making sure that Bakugo still wasn't there.
"I get the feeling you want to know who I am."
He pulled out a spare note book and wrote the word "yes" in the corner of the first page.
The ghost read it and checked the door again.
Bakugo was the only one not in the room other than Aizawa-sensei, she could only be looking for him.
"Well, I suppose I owe you some answers then. Meet me... on the roof at lunch. I know it isn't particularly convenient but it's the only place we can talk freely without anyone giving you strange looks."
He nodded again and wrote the question he'd been meaning to ask since he first saw her that morning.
"Why were you keeping an eye out for Bakugo?"
The ghost shot one last look at Midoriya and then the door before answering.
"He- he's never been particularly nice to Izuku since he was diagnosed as quirkless. From what I've heard, he and the rest of their classmates used to bully and beat Izuku on a daily basis but me and his farther never realised... if- if I'd only have known then maybe... maybe none of this would've happened. Maybe Izuku's life could've been better for him and me and Hisashi would still be around... ah, I used to complain at Izuku for it but now look at me rambling on. I'm sorry, I know that probably left you with more questions than answers but I can't say anymore until we're alone. Please, don't let Katsuki hurt Izuku for me."
He had one more question for her before she left.
The ghost stared down at the piece of paper for a moment and then brought her gaze back to Fumikage.
"I- my name is Midoriya Inko, thank you for asking, Tokoyami-kun."
The ghost smiled at him and went back to Midoriya's side.
She was right about Fumikage having more questions than before.
A few moments later, the subject of his conversation with Midoriya-san stormed into the room and made his way over to the two green figures.
Ah, now he understands what she meant when she asked him to keep Midoriya safe from Bakugo.
Fumikage rose from is seat, unnoticed in the chaos caused by Bakugo holding Midoriya by the collar of his shirt, much in the same way he did on the first day.
A cacophony of shouts for Bakugo to put the smaller boy down erupted around the classroom as Tokoyami made his way to the cause of the ruckus.
Midoriya looked... different.
His brilliant emerald orbs dulled to an empty jade as an overwhelming sense of sadness and dread pooled off of him.
A pained look crossed the face of the ghost as her gaze turned from the two boys to Fumikage.
"Please, you have to help him!"
He nodded and attempted to make his way through the newly formed crowd.
"I- I ha- have no i- idea what you m- mean, Ka- Kacchan..."
That was a name none of them had heard Midoriya used since the start of the year, it could not be a good sign.
"Ka- Kacchan? W- what do y- you mean? I di- din't ever t- try to out do y- you..."
"N- no, I really d- don't..."
"Are you looking down on me."
Fumikage did not like that tone one bit.
He forced his way to the front of the crowd and put his hand on Bakugo's shoulder.
"You got a fucking problem, birdbrain?!"
"My, my, Bakugo, what would Inko-san think of your behaviour?"
Fumikage had never really been a fan of conflict so he had thought of another way to get Bakugo away from Midoriya.
Midoriya's ghost had called Bakugo "Katsuki", implying they were close. Perhaps she was a family friend, Fumikage had heard that Midoriya and Bakugo were close as children.
Seeing as they were close and she was dead, Fumikage figured that using her as a distraction would work quite well.
The effect was near perfect.
Only near perfect because merely hearing that name had Midoriya on the verge of tears.
"How the fuck do you know that name?! ANSWER ME!!"
Ah, so this would be how he died.
"Tell him that I said hi and to leave my son alone, please."
Fumikage nodded.
"Well, Bakugo, it looks like Inko-san has a message for you. She said "hello" and to "leave her son alone" I think you should take her advice, Aizawa-sensei won't be pleased to find you hurting Midoriya again."
Everyone in the room froze as Inko lowered the temperature a few degrees for dramatic effect.
And then the door opened.
Everyone rushed back to their seats as Aizawa-sensei walked in and shivered.
"Jesus Christ, brats, why is it so cold in here?"
"Tokoyami-kun managed to get Bakugo away from Midori-kun and the temperature suddenly dropped, kero."
"Well, that would explain why the problem child is on the floor. Midoriya, can you get up?"
The boy in question nodded, rose to his feet and walked the short distance back to his desk while wiping his eyes.
Sero leaned back while Aizawa-sensei's back was to the class.
"Who's Inko-san?" Whispered he taller boy.
"From what i can infer, she was Midoriya-kun's mother."
Neither of the boys involved in the conversation noticed how Shinsou and Todoroki flinched at the words.
"Well, let's just say that she is no longer around."
"Oh shit... does Midori know? Wait... how do you even know that?"
"I- uhh, Dark Shadow... he can... see ghosts... and uhh, going by Midoriya-kun's reaction, I can only surmise that he is aware of her death."
"Oh... I hope he's okay. I wonder when she... y'know... do you know if his dad's still around?"
Well... was he? She had mentioned a man named Hisashi but... surely if Midoriya's father was... gone... he, too, would be following Midoriya...
"I- I'm not sure... Dark Shadow said that Midoriya-kun only had one ghost following him and surely if Midoriya-kun's father was also dead he would be following Midoirya-kun with Inko-san..."
"Yeah. Well, at least he has his dad then!"
"Yes, I suppose so."
Shinsou and Todoroki were silently seething at these words. Both of them knew that both of Midoriya's parents were dead, meaning his father didn't care enough to either stay with his wife and child or stay in this world.
What no living being knew was that Midoriya Hisashi had been the one to burn their house down and kill Midoriya Inko, shattering his son's heart.
"Izuku, can... uh, can we talk, please?"
It was morning break, (I'm not sure if I've said this before or not but, I have no idea how any school systems other than my own work so... anyway, at my school we have registration, or homeroom, two lessons then break then two lessons then lunch then one lesson so that's the structure I'm going with!), when Shouto walked up to Izuku and asked to talk to him.
"Ah, y- yeah... do yo wanna talk anywhere in particular or...."
"Anywhere is fine. We could just stay here?"
"Oh, yeah. That works for me!"
"Well, I wanted to give you your present..."
"Ooh!! I'm so excited!!!"
Shouto brought his hands together in front of Izuku and activated both sides of his quirk a little bit.
After a few moments, a small figure began forming in his hands, slowly taking the shape of two small spheres, stacked on top of each other.
It was a snowman.
Izuku gasped as stars appeared in his eyes.
"Oh my god, Shouto, It's so cute!!! I love it!!!"
"This, uh, this is why I couldn't leave it on the bedside table like everyone else did. It would've melted."
Izuku nodded as Shouto carefully placed the little snowman in Izuku's hands.
It began to melt almost instantly.
Shouto's hand made it's way next to Izuku's and released a small amount of his quirk, in order to keep the snowman from melting.
"A- ah, sorry Shouto, I should've guessed that would happen..."
Shouto rose his eyebrows as a small smile appeared on his face, partially covered by his hair.
"Oh? Why's that?"
"Well, my body temperature's always naturally been slightly higher than normal. When I was little my dad used to say I got it from him and it meant I had his quirk but... well everyone who knows me knows how wrong he was..."
Shouto's smile fell into a frown.
"Well, I think you're perfect, exactly as you are, and nothing anyone says or does will change my mind. Got it?"
Izuku grinned up at him, as bright as the sun.
"Thank you, Shouto!"

Chapter Text

"So, Midoriya-san, you wanted to talk?"
Midoriya Inko's delicate form flickered momentarily as she crossed her arms across her chest and too in a deep, and unnecessary, breath.
"Yes, I do suppose I did... well, as I'm sure you've already guessed, I am... was Izuku's mother. I won't go into details but, about a year ago both myself and my husband died. My daughter, Akari, was out of town at the time so Izuku had to stay with a family friend but... it was hard on him. He stayed at Dagobah beach on hi own for a couple weeks all alone, until Akari came home and found him... they live alone, just the two of them, now. It made me so sad to see my baby boy like that... I'm sorry... is there anything else you'd like to know, Tokoyami-kun?"
The ghost dried her eyes on her sleeve and smiled at him.
"No. I don't believe so, Midoriya-san. I will make sure to as if I think of anything. I should go... thank you, for answering my questions."
She nodded and disappeared, presumably returning to her son's side, leaving Fumikage alone on the school's roof.
He should go and get lunch.
"FOR I AM HERE... is the note I'd usually go on, but right, onto foundational hero studies! It's been a while, boys and girls! In good spirits, I hope!?"
A few notes were made on how... average that entry was and Izuku just glared. He was actually fairly happy that All Might was so dimwitted at this point in time because if it was literally any other teacher instead, they would've already realised that his note from Recover Girl was forged and he was definitely not supposed to be taking part in this lesson. He was also annoyed because, holy shit was that man stupid!
"Right on the heels of your workplace experience, this time we'll mic in an element of play. IT'S A RESCUE-TRAINING RACE!!"
Nothing like Iida and his copious amount of questions to break one out of a completely irrational spiral of worry.
"No, that place is for disaster rescue. What was I saying? Ah yes, A RACE!! This is training ground Gamma! Whee densely packed lanes make this construction site seem more like a complex labyrinth! Make four groups of five! We'll do the training one group at a time! When I've given the distress signal somewhere in the area, you ll start simultaneously from outside the limits! This is a competition to see who can come to my aid first!! Of course, keep damage to the surrounding buildings at a minimum!"
"Don't fucking point at me..." Grumbled Katsuki, as All Might very obviously pointed at him.
Izuku was equally as displeased. Of fucking course. This was obviously going to favour physical quirks. Well, looks like it was time to prove everyone wrong, yet again. He doubted it would matter in the end, no one was going to see him as anything more than a useless, quirkless liability until he made it pro. Even then, there would still be those who doubted him due to is lack of quirk.
Team 1- Izuku, Ojiro, Iida (who was in his gym kit while his costume was being repaired from the Stain incident), Mina and Sero.
"Group one, take your positions!"
"Hey, shouldn't Midori-kun and Iida-kun be sitting this one out? Y'know, 'cause they're still healing?"
"All the kids with the most manoeuvrability in the class are in that group..."
"Yeah, if you asked me to pick, I'd say that Midori-kun's at a huge disadvantage..."
"Frankly, none of us really know how much he can do yet."
"I mean, he's quirkless so I'm not really sure how he could prevail in certain situations..."
"Hmmm, I'd say Sero takes first."
"Yeah, I can see that, but don't take Ojiro too lightly."
"Ashido-chan has a good chance! Her motor reflexes are insane!"
"Fucking Deku's dead last."
"Well, he isn't fully healed yet but I still feel like Iida-kun can probably win."
The other four were doing amazing. Sero, much like Kumo, was taking inspiration from Spider-Man, Mina was using her acid to skate along and/or climb anything and everything, Ojiro used his tail to propel him along and Iida sprinted in the same way that Mina skated.
"See, look!! It's a tried-and-true tactic to climb up above in such a busy terrain!"
"Which would mean that a deft sky-swinger like Sero has the advantage, huh."
"HAH! This time around I'm almost too perfectly suited, know what I... mean...?"
Say what you will, Midoriyas were nothing if not creative.
Izuku had added a couple of modifications to his bright red high-tops, which could probably be classed as support items by this point but oh well.
His high-tops were weighted, had glowing soles and now also had heelys and spring things so that he could move faster and jump higher.
Shoe modifications are absolutely mandatory for almost anyone.
"Good thing I guessed we'd be doing something like this!"
"M i d o r i y a?! How is he...?!!"
"Wow...! Look at him hop... actually, with his hood up, he kinda looks like a bunny..."
"How is he... is that some sort of support item?"
"Ah, that would make sense. Shinsou, didn't his sister say she has a support license?"
"Uhh, yeah, she does. Not only did she help design his entire costume, she made every inch of it herself and then helped him fix Hagakure, Yaoyorozu, Iida and Uraraka's costumes. I think dad made sure she had a hand in mine as well. I wouldn't be surprised if everyone in the class had at least one part of their costume made by her, quite a few pros do."
"Is that fair? I mean, that has to give him an unfair advantage or two, right?"
"Well, he is quirkless so I think it'a more like levelling the playing field."
Heelys and jump boosts were great an all but, that doesn't really hold a candle to a quirk like Sero's. Izuku came in second, that wasn't bad.
"Sero-shounen came in first, but all of you have learned how to use your quirks more broadly since you first entered U.A!! Now keep at it for me and begin prepairing for then end-of-term test!!"
"Huh, it's the end of term already?"
"You certainly are full of surprises, Midoriya-shounen. If you don't mind, I'd like to speak to you at the end of the lesson."
Izuku rolled his eyes and walked off. He would utter a few words to All Might if approached, but there was no was he was going to talk to him at the end, thanks.

"All right, let's see... The summer holidays are almost here," (Ironic considering mine are almost over...) "obviously, it stants to reason that none of you will have enough leeway to just relax for the whole thing."
"Wait, is it..."
"We'll be going to a summer holiday forest lodge."
(I never thought to question it before but, do people actually do that? Go on school trips during the six week holiday, I mean. Like, sometimes we go on residential trips during the half terms but I don't think I'd ever heard of a school trip during the summer holidays before BNHA...)
"Let's play truth or dare!!"
"And set of fireworks."
"Summer holidays means curry...!"
Iida... What??
"Considering the setting, our activities will most likely be nature based."
"Forcing us to think more carefully about our environment... Interesting."
"HOWEVER! Should any of you fail the end of term test,tthen you're stuck in the school, in remedial hell."
(I take it that's like mandatory study sessions. That's kinda the basic gist give by both the name and what we saw of it during the anime and manga but... Idk man, the school system in my town works weird so I get pretty lost with some phrases...)
Izuku sneezed and shivered.
He got the distinct feeling that someone, somewhere was talking about him and he did not feel good about that idea.
"The midterms didn't really cover all that much as we'd practically just been admitted, but now... Sur there was a lot of school stuff but the end-of-term tests are gonna be on a whole other level..."
"We've also got the practicals to worry about... I just wanna sleep."
"Hey! Mina, Denki! Let's do our best, yeah?! I mean, it'd be great for all of us to get to go to the lodge together!"
"Although, it wouldn't do any harm to pay a little more attention in class."
"HEY! Be careful about what you say!"
"If it's any help, I could assist the two of you in studying. Although, I would be little to no help when it comes to the physical portion..."
Jiro and Sero also asked about being tutored and... Wow, is Katsuki actually interacting with another human being?
Well done Kiri.
You have acomplished the unaccomplishable.
"So, I think I'm good for the general subjects but, the fact that we don't know what the practical is gonna be is a little unnerving."
"Perhaps. 'Though, I don't suppose it would be anything too difficult."
"It is a bit annoying that we weren't given any real info."
"God, studying for the test and making sure that I'm in peak physical condition's gonna be a nightmare. I got other shit to deal with on top of- Oww! What the fuck was that for?!"
"Whoops, my bad. Your heads so big I must've knocked it by accident!"
"Monoma. Have you forgotten what haplened last time I got tired of your shit already?"
"Hmm, I heared that you and your little group fought the Hero Killer!"
"And so what if we did? You'd better not waste my time."
"Enjoying your spotlight?! You lot sure are troublesome! 1-B wouldn't-"
"That isn't funny, Monoma. A lot of people got hurt, Midori-kun and Iida-kun included."
"Midori-kun? I thought that was only a 1-A wide nickname..."
"Ah, sorry. Everyone calls you that, apart from a select few people. I can call you something else if you want?"
"No, it's fine. Just stratled me is all."
"Okay then! Anyway, sorry about Monoma here. He's... Well, he's... Uhh... He's trying. He may be a little... Misled, but he's a good kid at heart."
"We'll take your word for it. Just keep him away and we'll be good."
"I'll try. On another note though, I'm told it'll be like the entrance exam, y'kniw a big battle simulation against robots."
Izuku visibly deflated as he poked at his food.
"Of course it'd be mkre robots... They can't even di rescue points with that 'cause we already know about them... Goodbye sweet lodge, you will live on in my heart..."
"Oh, I'm sure it can't be that bad, Midori! In fact, you could get Akair-san to help you find a weak point so you can take them down more easily!!"
"Yeah, thanks Ura-chan."
She grinned at him across the table, before they all continued to eat their lunches.

Chapter Text

"What, really? Man, if it's just robots again, this'll be a walk in the park!!"
Hagaure had decided to share the information Kendo had given them an, well, some of Izuku's classmates were overjoyed with this news. Others? Not so much.
"You're both just happy because your quirks are hard to adjust against human opponents..."
"Yup! So with robots, we can pass no problem! Easy as pie!!"
"Now we just need to get someone to help us study."
(Okay, but why is Sero happy about fighting robots? Surely his quirk'd be way more effective on people...)
(Lucky bastards... at least everyone else'll have fun...)
"I don't give a shit whether we're fighting people or robots! I'll blow 'em away all the same!"
(There was quite a lot more dialogue in that portion but none of it really made sense given the fact that Izuku doesn't have OFA in this...)

-------------time skip, exam time!!-------------

"Right, the physical exam will begin shortly. Obviously, you can fail this test too, so if you want to head to the forest lodge, we'd better not see any pitiful blunders from you."
"Wait," Jiro began counting the teachers. "why are there so many teachers?"
"I've no doubt you all learned all you could about the exam beforehand, so I think you already have a vague idea of what you'll be doing..."
"Yeah! Just like the entrance exam, we'll be fighting robots!!"
"I can already see the fireworks! The curry! The games of truth or dare!!"
"Sorry, I am afraid not!! Due to various circumstances, we're changing the content of the exam, starting today!"
Nedzu popped out of Aizawa's capture weapon, barely avoiding giving Izuku a heart attack.
"It's the headmaster!"
"What do you mean...?"
"Well..." (There's meant to be a little memory of Aizawa's in here but, I think it's from Aizawa's POV so, as we're in Izuku's POV, it's gonna be skipped. It's in the manga and anime so if you wanna see it so bad then go there I guess... please don't leave me...) "From now on, we'll be focusing more on person-on-person battle activitie and emphasising a teaching environment closer to that of a real battle! Which, boys and girls, is to say... that henceforth we will have you form pairs to engage in combat with one of these educators!"
Izuku was beginning to fear the rat. It is wise to fear the rat. One who does not fear the rat fears nothing. Not even God themselves.
"With... our senseis...?!"
""Now, who all of you are paired with and which teacher you'll be fighting have already been decided. The way you tend to move, your grades, and your degree of familiarity... we personally judged how you'll be paired up based on all sorts of things, and we'll list the match-ups now."
"First off, Todoroki's with Yaouorozu... against me." That was Aizawa's scary grin. Izuku felt almost as bad for Shouto and Yaomomo as he did for whoever was put against the rat. "Midoriya, you're with Bakugo. As for who your opponent will be..."
"I AM HERE, TO OBLIGE!" Of. Fucking. Course. Izuku was with Katsuki against All. Fucking. Might. Just his bloody luck. "NOW, COOPERATE AND COME AT ME TO WIN!"
Izuku definitely would not be surprised if the universe was out to get him.
"The ten teams will be starting in their respective stages simultaneously. The general outline of the test will be explained by each of the teacher you'll be battling. You're to be transported by the campus busses. Time is precious, so get in them promptly."
The rat vs. Mina and Denki
Thirteen vs. Aoyama and Ura
Mic vs. Kouda and Jiro
Ectoplasm vs. Tsuyu and Tokoyami
Midnight vs. Sero and Shinsou
Snipe vs. Hagaure and Shoji
Cementoss vs. Satou and Kiri
Power Loader vs. Iida and Ojiro
Izuku went to sit with Katsuki when he stepped onto the bus.
"What do you think you're doing, shit stick?!"
Izuku sighed and resigned to sitting on the other side of the bench along the back.
"I'm trying to form a plan with you. Incase you'd forgotten, we're not going to get anywhere without one."
Katsuki's lips pulled into a snarl as a thin stream of smoke was emitted from each of his palms.
"I don't need to form a fucking plan with you, Deku. I'm gonna pass without your help!"
All Might was looking on with a nervous smile.
Why he wasn't intervening, or even just encouraging Katsuki to form a plan, was beyond Izuku.
"Look, I'm just as pissed at this combination as you re but we have no choice! I want to pass and so do you, so whether you like it of not I am getting out a notebook and we are going to plan this. Together."
Izuku pulled a small, blank notebook and pen out of one of his pouches and scribbled down a rushed plan, before handing both items to Katsuki who... grabbed the notebook out of Izuku's hand and used his quirk to blow it up, in the same way he did with Izuku's hero notebook. Of course.
"I already told you, shitty Deku, I don't need your fucking help! I can do this on my own!"
(Deep breaths... breath... we can do this. it's fine.)
"Fine. Be that way. Just don't come crying to me when our 'master plan' fails."
Izuku huffed and stormed his way past All Might and to the front of the bus.
"All right, this is the stage we'll be fighting in."
"So, All Might how are we meant to beat you then? What are the rules?"
"SO, you have thirty minutes! In order to win, you either have to secure thee handcuffs around my wrists or have one of you escape the area!"
"Win by fighting or fleeing..."
"THAT'S RIGHT! THIS WILL BE A TEST OF YOUR JUDGEMENT! However, you might be thinking 'with this setup, isn't running the only real option?!'"
"Not really but, you may continue."
"Well, we commissioned the support department and had them make these!! SUPER COMPRESSOR WEIGHTS!!"
"Oh hey, I saw Mei working on those at her session with Akari yesterday! They basically work through-"
"And that's enough of that! I'm strapping on weights equal to around half my body weight. 'Handicaps', they call 'em."
"That's also what they call quirklessness. A handicap."
"I... see.... anyway, it's an old classic, but it'll make it harder for us to move and save our strength! Crap, these are heavier than I though..."
"Is all that just to let us consider fighting?! You're looking down on me!!"
"HAHA... I wonder!"
"Look, I'm just saying, maybe we should stick to the plan!"
Katsuki's arm swung out, Izuku was too startled to react in time.
Why the fuck would Katsuki attack his own teammate?!
Well, it's not like it really mattered. He'd done it now and Izuku was lying on the floor with his head spinning and his ear ringing.
"Stay. Out. Of. My. Way."
"F- fine... I'll... go... good luck without me, bitch."
Izuku pushed himself off of the floor and allowed a second to steady himself, before sprinting into one of the alleys and climbing the fire escape up to the roof.
They had made this faux city far too realistic for their own good.

Chapter Text

Izuku made his way to the top of the fire ladder and hauled himself up onto the roof.
It was funny.
Ordinarily, Izuku loved being on the rooftops but today, it just gave him an empty feeling.
He was once again reminded of the day where Ktsuki told him to kill himself, All Might told him to give up on his dreams and his entire world fell apart.
He was reminded of the empty, helpless feeling he was left with as he gazed at the top of each tall building he passed.
He remembered debating making his way to the top of one of them and jumping.
He stood at the edge of a roof in the faux city, remembering the day his world was turned on it's head.
His eyes landed on Katsuki and All Might, on opposite sides of the street below, and he was suddenly filled with the empty feeling once again.
The light in his eyes dimmed as he remembered what helplessness felt like.
Maybe, just maybe, he would...
Izuku took a step towards the edge, followed by another, and another and-
No, stop! Stop that! Don't you dare! Make your way back to the centre of the building and find the exit!
Izuku turned on his heel and allowed himself to collapse in the centre of the building.
He sat and held himself in a tight ball, until an explosion brought him back to the present.
It was big. Much bigger than anything Katsuki had produced before and too fire-y to be from All Might.
Just what the hell was going on down there?!
Izuku cautiously made his way back to the edge of the roof, making sure to stay far enough away that he could see the street below but wouldn't risk falling onto it, and peered down at the duo on the ground.
Katsuki held his arm out, pointed at All Might, the pin of his gauntlet lying abandoned on the floor.
All Might was stood a fair distance away, arms shielding his face from the impact, and staring at Katsuki as though her were mad.
This was probably a good time to find the exit.
Katsuki and All Might were distracted, meaning he could probably make it most, if not all, of the way there without being attacked by either of them.
The fact that he was alone on the rooftop and not down on the street with the other two meant All Might had no idea where he was.
This was the only chance he'd get to make a run for it.
A quick scan of the area told Izuku that the exit was parallel to the entrance.
That narrowed his chance of making it there without being noticed substantially.
It was fine though. He could make it.
Izuku began sprinting across the rooftops towards the exit. It was a fair distance from his current position but, he would make it.
Guilt began bubbling in his chest, growing slowly with every step he took.
The further he got from Katsuki and All Might, the worse he felt.
But why? Katsuki had done nothing but tormented him his entire life! Why... why did Izuku feel bad for leaving him?! They would win if Izuku just...
A sharp pain where Katsuki had hit him made itself known, causing him to trip and fall off of the rooftop he was running along.
(Wow, thanks a lot, Kacchan. Now I'm gonna die 'cause you're to much of a dick to acknowledge that you need help.)
Wait... didn't.... didn't he have that thingy from his early patrols? The- the thingy... the, uhh... the fabric thing based off of Aizawa's capture weapon!
Quick, quick, quick!
Aha! Izuku's fingers locked around a long piece of soft fabric, pulling it out of the belt pouch and throwing his arm out, causing the fabric to lock around an aerial.
Well, now he was very glad that they decided to make these faux cities so realistic. He would be no more then a splat on the floor otherwise.
Izuku tugged on the fabric, ensuring it was completely stable, before beginning to climb his way back up to the rooftop.
Shit, he hopes that the other two in the area didn't hear him fall.
That could be disastrous.
Izuku arrived back on the roof with no more injuries than before he fell and silently checked on the blond bastards again.
Luckily, or unluckily if he hadn't had that fabric stuff on him, neither had noticed him and were still fighting.
Good. This was good.
He continued to make his way to the exit, using his heelys and jump-boosts to speed himself up.
After a few short minutes, Izuku arrived at the final building.
Eh, why not.
Izuku pulled the fabric back out, secured it to the aerial and swung his way down to the floor, allowing an excited whoop to escape his lips as the cloth slowed his fall.
His feet touched the floor gently and he sprinted the rest of the way to the gate, shouting out as he stood in the gate.
All Might turned to face the noise, his expression dropping when his eyes landed on the small boy.
"M- Midoriya-shounen? H- how did you get over there?! I- I thought you were..."
"What, hiding?! As if!! I'm not some stupid little fan boy who thins he doesn't stand a chance against the number one hero!! You may be strong and fast, but you're absolutely terrible at stealth and your observation skills are practically non-existent!! Y'know what that means?! We're the complete opposites! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to pass this stupid exam now."
Izuku took a single step backwards, walking through the gate and triggering the... recording of the rat announcing he and Katsuki had won...
---temporary character change, All Might---
Toshinori was... less than pleased with the language Midoriya-shounen and Bakugo-shounen were using on the bus ride to the test ground.
Admittedly, Midoriya was at least partially justified in his actions, given Bakugo's attitude, however, partial justification could not get the boy out of everything.
He would need to have a chat with the boys once the exam was over. He still needed to talk to Midoriya about making him his successor.
Maybe the child would forgive him if he offered up his quirk.
He dearly hoped so.
It was unhealthy to hold on to grudges, no matter how bad. (Hypocrite.)
Start was called and for a moment, everything was silent.
Until it wasn't.
After a few moments, Bakugo and Midoriya could be heard shouting. And then there was a clanging sound and it all went silent again.
Toshinori walked towards the sound. Once he got there, Bakugo was walking towards him, seething.
"Ah, Baugo-shounen! Where is Midoriya-shounen?!"
Bakugo scowled. Was... was that blood on his gauntlet?!
"Shitty Deku ran off. I don't need that useless fuck anyway."
"Perhaps you will reconsider... now let's start the exam."
There were only two minutes on the clock and Toshinori still had yet to see Midoriya.
Bakugo took a final charge at Toshinori, who took a hold of his wrist and held him in the air. Time to look for Midoriya.
Toshinori turned towards the exit gate and... ah... how... how did he?
"M- Midoriya-shounen? H- how did you get over there?! I- I thought you were..."
"What, hiding?! As if!! I'm not some stupid little fan boy who thins he doesn't stand a chance against the number one hero!! You may be strong and fast, but you're absolutely terrible at stealth and your observation skills are practically non-existent!! Y'know what that means?! We're the complete opposites! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to pass this stupid exam now."
Midoriya took a step back, crossing the exit.
He grinned at the tall hero and... he was bleeding.
There was a large gash on the side of his forehead, spilling a considerable amount of blood down the small boy's face.
"Midoriya-shounen! Are you all right?! How did you acquire that injury on your head?!"
Midoriya's eyebrows drew together as he brought a hand up to the side of his head.
The small boy stared down at his hand, before his eye twitched and his knees buckled.
Toshinori ran to the boy's side and caught him with his free hand.
He was out cold.
"Well done, Midoriya-shounen. We must speak when you wake up."
-temporary character change, All Might end-
"I can't believe I let you put those two in the same group, you damn rat! I should've known something like this would happen!"
"Calm yourself, Aizawa-san. I believe you've awoken one of the children."
Izuku heard shuffling and opened his eyes.
Izuku could see the silhouette of a... thing, leaning over him.
Wha- who was...?
The figure laughed, high pitched and squeaky.
"Well, I've been called worse! No, Midoriya-kun, it is I, the wonderful principle Nedzu!"
Ah... well now he just felt stupid.
"Oh, sorry Nedzu-san... my head hurts."
Nedzu closed his eyes and took a step back, holding out his hand to help Izuku up.
"Yes, given what happened, that would make sense. Can you give us your side of the story, Midoriya-kun? Bakugo-kun's isn't exactly... reliable..."
"Uhh, sure... well, while we were on the bus, I tried to plan with Katsuki but, he refused and blew up my notebook so I gave up. When we got into the test grounds, he tried to go off alone so I tried to ask him to at least try the plan but... he didn't like the idea and started shouting. I wasn't just gonna sit back and listen, so I told him he was being stupid. He did not like that... he, uhh... he hit me with the side of his gauntlet. I got knocked over and was on the floor for a bit... he told me to leave him alone, so I did. I told it'd be hard without me and left." There were no cameras on the roof and there couldn't be one in every alley so... he'd tell a little white lie to save his hide. "I made my way around All Might and Katsuki using the alleys. The end of the test is a little fuzzy."
Nedzu nodded, seemingly content with the answer, and then stared into Izuku's eyes.
"I'm sorry if this is a sensitive topic but, we need to know, has Bakugo-kun ever one anything like this before?"
Izuku wanted to tell them but...
" he- he hasn't..."
Aizawa's eye twitched and All Might's smile dropped.
Nedzu's expression went blank.
"Midoriya-kun... I understand if you don't want to get your... friend... in trouble but, you need to answer my question. We cannot do anything about this if you do not tell us. It is for the good of the public that we stop anything happening before it gets worse."
"I... fine, but you can't kick him out. I hate him but... he has potential. Don't gt me wrong, he needs to be punished I just... he has potential to be a great hero if correctly guided."
"We'll see what can be done."
"Fine. Well, mine and Katsuki's mums were close friends. Had been sine high school. Naturally, me and Katsuki grew up together. Once I was diagnosed as quirkless, everyone turned on me. No one wanted to be my friend anymore. I'd always had loads of friends, until it came out I was quirkless. At first, Katsuki stood up for me and told the other kids to leave me alone but, after a while, he joined in. It started as simple teasing and taunting but... Katsuki was the first to get violent. When we started at middle school, he started using his quirk on me more. He, uhh... yeah. He hurt me a lot but it was no more than what all the other kids did."
"But he was the first to get physical."
"...Yes. Then there was the, uhh... the day I met All Might."
The man in question flinched, electric blue eyes filling with horror.
"The day you met All Might?"
"Uhh, yeah... that wasn't the only thing that happened that day, it's just the easiest to talk about. So, the teacher decided to tell the class that I was applying to U.A and.... no one in the class liked the idea of useless, quirkless Deku going to the top hero school in Japan. They were all laughing and stuff. So, Katsuki was the least pleased and... after class, he came up to me and pushed me over. He grabbed the analysis notebook I was working on and used his quirk on it, before throwing it out of the window. He... he then told me that... he told me to kill myself, essentially. That's it. Thar's all. Just... please, don't kick him out. He'll be a good hero if he learns what he's doing wrong..."
"Midoriya-kun, I need you to understand that what you are asking is a lot. I cannot guarantee that he will not be kicked out but-"
"Yes you can. You're the headmaster. You can do whatever you want. I couldn't care less what happens to him, so long as he's allowed to continue in the hero course."
"I- fine. I'll allow him to stay, if you're so adamant on it. But he will be taking the license exam a year later than the rest of you among other things. Bear in mind that this is only because you insisted. Under any other circumstances, his actions would not be tolerated."
"Yeah, yeah. Just don't tell him that. Thanks."
Nedzu nodded and patted All Might on the leg, before walking out of the room with Aizawa and Recovery Girl.
"Midoriya-shounen, I have some very important things to talk to you about."

Chapter Text

"So, what's up? Am I being expelled or something?"
All Might's eyes widened and he shook his head vigorously.
"Of course not! Why- why would you think you were being expelled?!"
Okay, they hadn't figured out he was Kumo then. That was good.
Wait, but... if this wasn't about him being a vigilante, what was it about?
"Just a hunch." Izuku said with a shrug. "Why do you wanna talk to me then?"
All Might cleared he throat and sat up straighter.
"This- this is going to be a lot to take in... please don't shout, Aizawa will kill me."
Izuku considered screaming very, very loudly, just to spite the blond buffoon, but quickly decided against it.
He didn't like the man but, he wouldn't wish death by Aizawa on anyone.
Not even Crust Hand Man and he had tried to kill Izuku.
Speaking of, the league had been awfully quiet since the internships... strange.
No, that was Kumo business, not Izuku business. It was probably fine. He could look into it while on patrol.
"Fine. Now, care to tell me what this is about?"
All Might sighed and... started steaming?
Was- was this even real? Was Izuku actually awake right now?
The only logical conclusion he could come to was no. He was not awake. This was all a very strange dream and he was still asleep after getting hit by Katsuki and finishing the exam.
Until, that is, All Might decided to tell Izuku what was going on.
"This is my true form. Pathetic, I know. About six or seven years ago, a large battle left me a shell of my former self. I received a lethal abdominal injury and only survived due to the quick thinking of Sir Nighteye and many, many doctors and nurses."
The ever-shrinking part of Izuku that still practically worshipped All Might was baffled by the fact that the man was able to be harmed. Another, much larger, part of his mind was absently staring at the scar All Might was showing him and debating whether or not he should comment that they match. The rest of his subconscious, however, was just wondering why All Might chose to tell him of all people about this.
"So, why are you telling me about this? And why now?"
All Might sat up straight again, fiery determination clear in his electric blue eyes.
Eww, Izuku was making detailed observations about All Might. Gross.
"My quirk is a widely debated topic amongst the media. Countless people have theorised about it and tried to figure out what it was. None of them were correct. My quirk is called "One For All", it is a stockpiling quirk which can be passed from person to person. I am slowly loosing my hold on the power and would like you to be its next holder."
Of course.
Of all the underground myths that could've come true, it just had to be that one.
The fact that that myth was true meant that the one about a quirk stealing quirk, All For One, had to be true as well.
Just fucking perfect.
Not only that but, All Might had One For All and wanted to give it to Izuku.
Fucking great.
"Ah, perfect, I thought you would say- wait, what?"
All Might slouched slightly, a single eyebrow rising in confusion.
"You heard me. I don't want your quirk. Give it to someone who gives a fuck. I know that you're only giving it to me as an apology and I don't want one. Even if that wasn't the case, there are tons of people who are way more qualified than me. Pick one of them. Besides which, wouldn't it be better to pick someone who actually had experience with a quirk prior to One For All? Y'know, because they'd actually have a basic grasp on how to use it? Look, thanks or whatever, but yeah, no. Find someone else and don't bother me unless you absolutely have to or I'll tell Mic and have him deafen you. We clear? Yes? Good."
Nope. Nope. Nopedy nope nope nope. Izuku was not dealing with anymore of that bullshit today, thank you very much.
The small green one hauled himself out of the bed he was sat on and walked out of the building-tent-thing, choosing to ignore his headache and slight exhaustion.
"Midoriya, where are you going?! You still need to rest, you fucking problem child!"
Izuku stuck his tongue out as he sprinted past a very not-happy Aizawa.
He couldn't tell exactly what Aizawa was feeling, the fact that he had just sworn at Izuku confused things more, but he could tell it was not a good emotion.
He also couldn't tell exactly who said not good emotion was aimed at but, it could very well be him and he didn't really want to die right now, thanks.
So instead, Izuku sprinted all the way over to the observation room, only stopping when he accidentally ran face first into Shouto who was stood in the doorway.
Not a particularly unpleasant outcome, so he'd count it as his win.
"Izuku? Aren't you supposed to be in recovery girl's tent?"
Izuku grinned up at the taller, yet younger, boy and pushed him back into the observation room.
--temporary character change, bakubitch--
Katsuki had done nothing wrong.
Katsuki very rarely did anything wrong.
That wasn't to say he never did anything wrong, he wasn't some deluded narcissist who thought he was incapable of doing any wrong, but he wasn't wrong very often.
He was wrong when he said he didn't care about anyone - he cared about his parents, Kirishima and... and auntie Inko - he also may have been wrong hen he said the nerd should jump off a roof and was a tiny weeny bit wrong when he called the nerd weak but, he was only rarely wrong.
So when All Might and Aizawa came up to him at the end of the lesson and said he needed to go and speak to Nedzu once he had gotten changed, he was a little more then confused.
Fuming was probably a word that someone with an outside view of the indecent would have used but, Katsuki didn't have an outside view of the indecent. He was the indecent.
Why the fuck did the rat want to speak to him?!
We'd already established that Katsuki had done nothing wrong so what was going on?
Maybe the rat wanted to praise Katsuki?
No, that didn't make any sense. Why would the rat go out of his way to praise a student?
He wouldn't.
But, even Katsuki knew better than to question the rat so, he just went along with it.
But, boy, if Katsuki was mad before seeing the rat, he was absolutely furious afterwards.
Apparently Deku had finally grown the balls to tell a teacher about everything that Katsuki had ever done to him.
Fucking bullshit.
"So, what're you gonna do, expel me?"
Aizawa sighed deeply and glared at Katsuki.
He had never been afraid of many people before but, Aizawa's glare was enough to dampen his rage.
"As much as I would love to both expel you and tell Akari everything you have ever done to her brother and sit back and watch the show while eating a bucket of popcorn, Midoriya has made it excruciatingly clear that expelling you due to bullying before joining U.A would be a terrible idea and letting Akari kill you would be even worse. So, in order to prevent you from turning out like Endeavour we've decided to take matters into our own hands."
Katsui gulped. This couldn't be good.
"Ah but, before Aizawa-shounen continues, I would like to ask you a question. After being encouraged to by Midoriya, I looked into all of your files. Apparently, Midoriya was staying in your household for a period of time. Could tell me what happened during that time frame? Midoriya left it out."
"I'm wouldn't be surprised if Deku left it out because he didn't remember it. While he was staying with us he wasn't exactly... there. His eyes were blank and he kinda just... existed? I think he was trying to process everything. Fucking nerd couldn't understand what'd happened and fell into his own mind. As I said, wouldn't be surprised if he didn't even remember what happened while he was staying with us."
All Might nodded shakily and Aizawa took that as his cue to continue. Nedzu just sat on his desk silently. Watching.
"Right. First, we have decided to allow our first years to participate in the licence exams this year. You, however, will be waiting until I deem you ready to take the exams. If you're lucky, that'll be next year. Secondly, you will miss one heroics lesson per week. In its place, you will be taught how to behave like a decent human being. Thirdly, you will stay after school once a week and have more lessons where you are taught how to behave like a normal human being and vent in a healthy way that doesn't involve physically beating a person. Those sessions will also include orthodox anger management sessions. Fourthly, I've decided that you'll be doing the summer remedial sessions with everyone who failed the exam, even if you technically passed. Finally, for now, during the internships later this year, you will be interning with me, along side Hitoshi. This is so I can keep a constant eye on you. Your parents will be told about everything you did to Midoriya as well as all of your punishments and I am allowed to add more if I see fit. Are we clear?"
Katsuki grumbled out a yeas and stood up, only to be pushed back into his chair, face-to-face with a glaring Aizawa.
"What was that? I never said you could leave."
"I said, yes. Are we done now? Can I go home?"
Aizawa stalked away, keeping his gaze locked on Katsuki.
It was fucking creepy.
"No. You cannot. You're starting your 'anger management' sessions today. After we place a call home, that is. As for you, All Might, we need to have a talk. Bakugo, please wait in the classroom."
Katsuki nodded and went back to his homeroom.
It was very nearly not his homeroom.
He couldn't decide whether he should be thanking Deku for convincing them not to expel/murder him or beating him into the ground for telling them in the first place.
It would probably be the latter.
Would being the keyword here.
If he did that now, he would get expelled without a second thought.
Fucking Deku.
--temporary character change, Bakuhoe end--
----temporary character change, Aizawa!----
Just as Bakugo left the room, Shouta turned to All Might.
"And just what the fuck do you think you were doing in Recovery Girl's office earlier?!"
"I, uh, I don't know what you're talking about?"
"Hello, am I talk to Mitsuki Bakugo?"
"The hell you don't! Did forget that we were only outside and could hear everything you were saying?!"
"A- ah..."
"Wonderful! This is principal Nedzu, I'm calling about your son, Katsuki."
"Not only were you seeming not going to tell his homeroom teacher about this, you were going to give it to Midoriya! Have you forgotten that he wants nothing to do with you?!"
"Not after his reaction earlier, no."
"Ah, well, it's not so much what Bakugo-kun has done whilst here, it's more what he did at his previous school."
"I can't believe you. God, how you thought any of that was a good idea, I don't know."
"Are- are we done...?"
"Hmm, specifics, eh... well, it's about how he treated Midoriya-kun. I am aware that you know each other, yes?"
"I'm done but this isn't. I can tell you already that Hizashi will be furious. At both you and Bakugo. He will not let you off anywhere near as easily as I did. I would say good luck, if you didn't deserve what's coming."
"I... see..."
"Yes, well, I am afraid to tell you that Midoriya reluctantly informed us that your son has been both physically and verbally bullying Midoriya-kun since the revelation that the latter is quirkless. Not only that but, he also suicide baited him. From what I can infer, said bait was very nearly successful."
Shouta paused at that. Midoriya had never said the bait was nearly successful but... Nedzu's inferences were almost never wrong. That would also explain Midoriya's little blip near the start of the exam. Shouta would have to talk to him.
"Now, now Bakugo-san, that won't be necessary. If you'll allow me, I'll email you a list of the preventative measures we are taking to ensure your son doesn't try anything like that again."
A slight screech could be heard from the other side of the phone.
"Ah, I see why you would ask that. Initially, we were planning on having Bakugo-kun expelled, however, Midoriya-kun insisted we did not and even came up with reasons expelling him would be a bad idea. For now, we will have him in two hour long anger management and human decency lessons a week."
There were a few more exchanges between the two, before Nedzu said a polite goodbye and hung up, placing his phone delicately in its designated place and pulling a cup of tea from seemingly nowhere.
"What a charming woman." He concluded, taking a long sip from his cup.

Chapter Text

A tall man sat at a small table in the corner of a bar, sipping a concoction that was probably not safe for human consumption.
On the other side of the bar sat a man covered in hands, in front of a TV.
Small script was in the corner of the screen, reading 'Audio only'.
"Have you finalised your plan, Tomura-kun?"
The audio emanating from the TV was crackly an quiet.
"Yes, sensei. As soon as the U.A brats know where the summer camp is, we will and once we know, we can finish of our plan. Well, would you look at that. Looks like we'll have time to mess with the brats before our main plan..."
A small hum came from 'sensei' and the screen went blank.

"Wow.... you- you guys... I'm soo looking forward to... to all your stories..... haha..."
If it were anyone other than one of his classmates, minus katsuki, he would've told them that they were being stupid and to stop crying.
It was, however, Mina who was crying. He quite liked Mina and, so, would not tell her that.
"Hey, don't worry, Mina! Y'know what? I bet Aiawa's gonna come waltzing in any minute and say "It was a logical ruse!" or something like that!"
That, seemingly, was not the correct response.
"No, Midori-kun, if you say that you'll jinx it...!"
Denki took a step forward.
"Aizawa said, "Those who fail the exam don't get to go to the forest lodge and will be stuck in remedial hell!", and we never cleared the practical! If you still don't get that, then your own grade level is a fail, you bastard!"
Should Izuku leave this for the others to fix or...
"Calm down dude, that was some tirade!" Ah, thank you, Sero, for solving that before Izuku decided what to do. That would probably end in disaster. "I mean, I don't know either, man. Thanks to Shinsou, we technically both cleared it, but all I did was sleep. So, like, as lon as it's still not been made clear how we're being graded..."
That also was not the correct thing to say.
"When the bell rings, you take your seats." Everyone complied. "Morning. Now, about your end-of-term exams... I hate to say that some of you have failed. And, as such... EVERYBODY'S GOING TO THE FOREST LODGE!"
"WHAT A TWIST!" (It physically pains me that I am unable to portray the sheer emotion behind that sentence... maybe I'll try to draw the manga panel from that bit... all of their faces are amazing. It adds so much to that part...)
"There were zero failing grades for the written exam. For the practical, Sato, Kirishima, Ashido, Kaminari and Sero all failed."
"But we can still go, sensei?!!?!?"
"It's true, looking back he never said clearing the practical meant a sure passing grade."
"HOWEVER! Bakugo, after everything that came to light after the exam, you have been failed as well. For the exam, we 'villains' left you a way to win while gauging how you faced the challenges we set for each of you. If we hadn't then you'd all have run into a dead end before the challenges even really began. "
"So, when you said you were coming to crush us..."
"That was to drive you into a corner. The forest lodge was a boot camp to begin with. So the students who failed are the ones who need it the most. It was a logical ruse!"
"Not again...! That's U.A for you! All the same! If you keep piling up these 'ruses' then our trust in you will begin to waver, will it not?!"
"Iida... stop being such a wet blanket..."
"You're not wrong. I'll reflect. But it's not as though it was all a pack of lies. Failing grades are failing grades. So you've all earned yourselves special remedial periods. And to put it bluntly, they'll be harder than they would've been had you stayed on campus. Now I'm going to hand out the lodge guides so pass them back."
"Well, everything being equal, I'm happy we all get to go!"
"A one week boot camp, eh?"
"Looks like we're gonna need pretty big bags for all the stuff we need to take, huh."
"I don't even have a swimsuit. I need to buy loads."
"Ah, in that case, since tomorrow's free and exams have ended let's, like, go shopping together! C'mon, everyone in class A!"
"That's a great idea!! Actually, won't this be the first time we all meet up outside of class?!"
"You, Bakugo, you should come too!"
"Can't. Grounded."
"Oh! You should come too, Shouto!"
"Sorry, I visit my mum on free days."
Izuku nodded and smiled at his dual-coloured friend.
"Wow, Kiyashi-ward shopping mall is huge!"
"Got six arms? We got you covered! And you, with the giant calves! We have unique apparel just for you!"
"Yo, dud, check it out! Aren't those U.A kids?! The first years!!!"
"Wow, there are people who still remember us...!"
"For the time being, I need to get a big carrying bag."
"Oh, in that case why don't we look for one together?"
Jiro and Yaomomo... was something going on between those two? Because they are absolutely adorable together.
"I don't got any outdoor shoes so I wanna buy some."
"Ah, me too, me too!"
"Seeing as we've all got different aims here, why don't we decide on a meeting time and split up?"
Everyone split off, after deciding to meet up at a little cafe in an hour.
Izuku was left alone with Ura.
It was more than a little awkward.
"So... what're you gonna get, Ura-chan? I need some weights and a couple things for Akari so..."
"Oh, I uh... need bug repellent. guess that means we're splitting up, huh..."
"Uh, yeah, I guess so. Bye, Ura-chan."
"Bye, Midori-kun!"
Ura waved at him and ran off.
"Whoa, if it isn't a U.A kid! Awesome! Gimme your signature!"
"You're the kid who beat the number two's kid with nothing but a couple support items, right?!"
"Uh... yeah. Why?" (This is so weird. So, so weird. What the fuck...) "And wait a minute, aren't you the one who fought Stain in the Hosu incident, too?! Damn, you're too cool!"
"Umm, can I help you, sir? You're uncomfortably close, I'd appreciate it if you could get off of me and back up a bit."
"Y'know, I really can't believe it! To think I'd meet you again at a place like this! I'm thinking this must be," (Wait... no... nononnnononon! NO!) The man wrapped all but a single finger of a crusty, cracked hand around Izuku's throat."fate, or destiny... or something like that. Though to you I guess, the last time you saw me was during the U.A invasion." (Nonononononnoo!!!) "Let's go have some tea, shall we? Midoriya Izuku."
(Shigaraki Tomura...!)
"Act natural... we're just old friends. Act as such. And don't even think about making a racket, you hear me? Calm down and control your breathing."
"And if I don't? What're you gonna do, kill me? That hardly makes a difference to me."
"Now now, don't get hasty, I just wanna have us a little chat. That's it, all right?
Now, as for what happens if you show the slightest odd behaviour? Simple. The moment all five of my fingers touch your neck you'll start crumbling, from the skin of your throat on down... and, within the minute, you'll be nothing but dust."
"I already knew that. Frankly, I don't care. Besides which, there are at least three heroes and ten hero students in here. You'll neither get the satisfaction of me not wanting to die nor leaving without cuffs around your wrists."
"My, you are a difficult one. Y'know what though, I could kill twenty....maybe thirty people before getting captured. You may not care about your own life but, you do care about theirs."
"...Fine. What- what do you want to talk about..."
"There we go. That's more like it. Let's take a seat and have a nice little conversation. To be honest, I hate mostly everything but the number one thing that's pissing me off right now is the hero killer."
"Huh, I figured he wouldn't work with you."
"No, we weren't working together, but he's one of us according to society. And that's the problem. Nearly everyone seems to be obsessed with the Hero Killer. The U.A invasion and the Nomus we released in Hosu... all of it's been swallowed up by that bastard's fame. And that's partially your fault. Why is nobody looking at me?! No matter how much he puffed himself up in the end, he was just destroying what he didn't like, same as me. Between the two of us, what do you think the difference is, Midoriya?"
"The difference between you two, huh? Well, I don' understand or accept what you do whereas, for the Hero Killer... well, I can't say I accept what he does but I understand parts of what he does. The both of us started of watching All Might... not only that, we've both been shunned by society only for it to turn around and decide we're finally worth it's time. I can say with certainty that he didn't destroy because he wanted to and he didn't give up the second the enemy received backup. His methods were wrong but he tried to live according to his ideals... that's what I think, anyway."
"Ahh... I see now. It's like a bunch of dots finally formed a line. I feel like I get it now... Why the Hero Killer pisses me off and why you're so annoying! It's all about All Might." Izuku sighed and rolled his eyes. Of course he would link it all back to the minuscule All Might comment Izuku made. "Of course... of course it'd all lead back to him in the end. Ahh, what was I so bothered over...?! The reason all these people are spending their days laughing with shit-eating grins is because All Might is too!" Shigaraki's hand tightened around Izuku's throat. (Fucking finally.) He found himself thinking, as the hand started to cut off his breath. "IT'S BECAUSE OF HIM, THEY'RE ALWAYS GRINNING LIKE THERE WAS NEVER ANYBODY HE COULDN'T SAVE!! Ahh, I'm glad we were able to chat! This is great! Thank you, Midoriya! I was right all along! Ah, why aren't you struggling?" Do you want to die?! You okay with all these people dying?! How ironic-"
"M- Midori-kun? He's not... a friend of yours... is he...? L- Let go of him!?"
"'S nothin'. 'M fine, Ura-chan. G- go and meet up with the others!"
"Oh, so he has company?? My bad, my bad! Right then, see ya. And don't forget what'll happen if you try to follow me, yeah?"
Izuku started wheezing and coughing, his throat finally able to take in air.
"Wait... Shigaraki...!!"
By the time Izuku was able to speak again, Shigaraki had disappeared into the crowd.
"Huh? Did- did you say... 'Shigaraki'...?" Ura pulled out her phone and pressed the emergency call button, quickly filling in the number for the police. "Hello, is this the police?? There's a villain! Right now we're at, uh, Kiyashi-ward mall!"
"Midori?! You okay?!"
Thanks to Ura's call to the police, the shopping mall was temporarily closedbut the emergency sweep by all the heroes and police in the ward didn't uncover anything in the end. Izuku was taken to the precinct before the end of the day and questioned about what had happened. Following the U.A invasion and the Hosu incident, the police had apparently established a special investigation wing to deal with the league, and had been conducting an investigation the whole time.
Apparently, Tsukauchi was on the team and was the one questioning Izuku, who relayed what Shigaraki looked like and how he conversation had gone, peropusfully leaving out the part about how he didn't care whether Shigaraki killed him or not.
"Hmm... from what I've heard, it appears they're actually not a monolithic force. But this must mean they're still aiming to take down All Might.. I guess. ... All right, well, for the time being, I thank you, Midoriya-kun."
"Ah, no, it's nothing. I just... I wish I'd actually been able to stop him..."
"Hey now! Don't be silly! It's for the best: if he had the lives of you and the nearby innocent civilians in his hands, then you did a fine jib enduring the situation! Normally, it wouldn't be strange at all to have started panicking out of fear, after all. It's thanks to how composed you were that there were no victims!"
"'ZUKU! Holy shit! Thank god you're okay! Oh, if I ever set my eyes on that 'Shigaraki' guy, I'm gonna make him wish he was never born! That's what he gets for hurting my baby brother!"
"Hey, uhh, maybe calm down? Please? You're embarrassing me."
"Well, looks like it's time for you to go home then, Midoriya-kun. Stay safe, okay?"
Izuku nodded up at Tsukauchi and left for home.
"So, after what happened at the mall, we're cancelling the stay at the lodge we've been using every year. Our new destination won't be disclosed until the day it starts."
"NO WAY!!"
"But I already told my parents!"
"That's why they're doing this... the school can't know where or how that information will spread."
"So they ain't cancelling the lodge break altogether, then? That's already almost too good to be true!"
"Dumb-shit. Should of killed his ass even if you broke a few bones."
"Hold on, Bakugo! Didn't you hear about what happened?! Besides, it's illegal to use quirks in public spaces!"
"Whatever, who cares. At least break some bones."
"Bakugo, step away from Midoriya. You know very well what happens if you get too close."
"Fuckin' fine. Like I give a shit anyway."
And so, the very eventful first term of the year drew to a close.
-------The first day at the lodge!!!-------
"Huh? Class A's got kids in remedial? So in other words, some of them failed the test?! What?! Isn't that odd, though?! And here I thought class A was supposed to be sooo much better than class B, was it not?! What iiiis thiiiis?!"
Kendo whacked Monoma on the head and dragged him away.
"Sorry 'bout that." She called as she left.
The rest of the class B girls decided to talk to them while they were there.
"Damn, Monoma's scary."
"Well, hey, tons of stuff happened at the sports festival. But nice to meetcha, class A!"
"Mhm." (Okay so, there is a girl who, at least in the manga looks very much like a younger version of Inko... she's furthest to the left on a panel about half way down chapter 70 on KissManga... I think that's pretty interesting... Also, bear in mind that some of this, bands and songs especially, is coppied directly from the copy of the manga I'm reading as I write.)
"In on hour, we'll stop once After that, we'll momentarily..."
"Yo, let's blast some music, bro! Something summery! Put on some Tube Tube, man!"
"Gimme some pocky!"
"No way, dumb-ass, you want something summery, you gotta put on 'summer's end' by Carol!"
"But summer isn't over yet!"
"A word that starts with S?"
"7-11! Now you have to start with, uh... eleven?"
"Hey, would ya gimme some pocky??"
Izuku sat next to Shouto on the bus journey.
Shouto was warm.
The more time Izuku spent sat next to a very warm Shouto, the harder he found it to stay awake.
Eventually, Izuku's eyes slipped shut and he found himself floating in a land of dreams.
He found himself drowning.
Why was he drowning?
Why was the water red?
Oh. Because it wasn't water. It was blood.
That only raised more questions.
Why was Izuku drowning and why was the liquid he was drowning in blood?
Eventually, Izuku found himself to preoccupied with trying to stay above the surface to think about why he was there.
It didn't matter though, the water kept rising and rising and rising and rising until eventually, he slipped under the surface and could no longer breath.
Izuku cried out and jolted awake.
"Izuku, are you okay? You- you were crying in your sleep and when I woke you up, cried out and jolted awake."
Izuku rubbed his eyes and looked around the bus. Everyone was staring at him worriedly. Apart from Katsuki, but that was nothing new.
"How long was I out?"
"A while. I suspect we'll be arriving soon."
Izuku nodded and leaned against Shouto's side, hoping to regain some warmth and comfort. Shouto draped his arm over Izuku's shoulder an pulled him in close.
Roughly ten minutes later, the bus pulled to a stop at some sort of look out point and Aizawa told everyone to get off of it.
"Where are we, anyway? Parking?"
"What's that? And where's class B?"
"This would all be pretty meaningless without some goal, so."
"Yoooooo, Eraserhead!! You haven't contacted us in a while!"
"Lock on target with our sparkly eyes!"
"While our cute, cute stingers sting!!"
Pixie Bob, Mandalay and a small, angry child with a red hat were stood in front of them. It was awesome, although, Izuku did wonder where the other two were....
"The pro-heroes who'll be looking after you lot are the members of the "Pussycats"."
"Awesome! They're a hero group comprising a joint office of four big name in one team! And, they're a team of veterans who specialise in mountain rescue!! This year'll mark their twelfth year of their careers!"
"Wow, I don't think I've ever seen Midori that excited at seeing a hero before.. not even All Might..."
"We're eighteen at heart!!!"
Pixie Bob lunged at Izuku, aiming to grab his face. The boy ducked under and around the woman's arm and stood, staring blankly at her.
"We actually own this whole area! And your lodge is at the base of that mountain."
"Huh..? But then why'd we stop halfway getting there..........?"
"Couldn't be......"
"Let's go back... to the bus... right, guys? C'mos, quick....."
"Right now, it's 9:30 A.M. If you make it early... you might get there around twelve."
"No... you gotta be kidding me..."
"Let's go back!"
"All you kitties who don't reach the lodge by twelve thirty don't get any lunch!"
"Sorry, kids."
Pixie Bob slammed her gloved hands into the ground, creating a giant wave of earth, pushing them all over the banister.
"Your training camp..." Izuku was sent flying, everyone else was swept up in the wave and Izuku was being slung further and further from the rest of the group. Shit. "has already begun."
Izuku, who was still pretty high in the air, was beginning to think he would either make it all the way to the camp without stepping on the floor or die in the process.
He was screwed.
At this rate, unless someone used their quirk to slow his fall, he would become no more than a splat on the floor.
How he was even still soaring and not at the foot of the cliff with the others was beyond him, yet here he was.
Better to worry about how he was going to get down than how he got up there in the first place, he supposed.

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Chapter Text

Izuku closed his eyes and focused.
He took a deep breath in and braced himself.
He opened his eyes and breathed out through his nose.
He held his arms out and grasped the branch in front of him.
He was fine.
No green boys would be going splat today, if everything else worked out.
Izuku let go of the branch and let himself drop to the forest floor.
He looked down at his hands.
They were a violent red and stung like mad, but he didn't have a single splinter and was mostly unharmed so overall, this was a win.
Now then, the camp should be a straight shot from here. Probably only about a twenty-thirty minute walk as well. (Imma say it was about a forty five minute walk from the cliff without all the monsters so...)
Izuku started running forwards, staying on the path plotted in his mind and hiding behind a tree or shrub whenever he heard one of Pixie Bob's dirt-monster-things.
On a few occasions, he had to duck under a monster or run like mad until it lost him. Those were never fun.
In the end, he arrived back at the camp about two hours before the rest of the group.
When he got to the camp, Aizawa looked up at him and nodded, before doing a double take and spitting out his coffee.
"Hey, kid, no offence but.... all of us kinda thought you'd get back here last..."
Izuku rolled his eyes and went to sit on the floor next to Aizawa.
Just as Izuku plopped himself down, the small boy with a red hat who was with Mandalay and Pixie Bob earlier walked up to him and glared down at the green haired boy.
"Hey, uh, you need something kid? I kinda wanna relax a bit before the others get here and ask where I was and/or how I got here before the rest of them."
The boy's scowl drew deeper and he kicked Izuku in the shin.
"Why the hell do ya wanna be a hero, huh?! They're all stupid fakes! They all just go around waitin' to off 'em selves for publicity!"
Izuku tilted his head to the side and played with his hair.
"Well, yeah. I guess there are some heroes like that but that's exactly why I want to be a hero. So I can make sure no more jackasses like that get to be heroes and so I can save people. I guess...."
The boy seemed satisfied with that, if the left corner of his mouth turning upwards was anything to go by, and stormed off.
Izuku spent the next to hours debating with Aizawa whether or not he would be allowed to cause chaos and/or go on his phone if he couldn't sleep. Aizawa understood this problem very well, yet insisted that Izuku had to sleep a full eight hours each night whether he liked it or not.
Izuku did not like it and decided that if he couldn't sleep, he would sneak down to the kitchen and fill Aizawa's mug with slugs. It was what he deserved for trying to get Izuku to sleep for that long.
Izuku hadn't had a full night's sleep for over a year. What made Aizawa think he would start now, he didn't know.
Eventually, the others started to make their way into the camp. It was at that point Izuku dove under a table and clung to Aizawa's leg.
An that was why Izuku was currently sat under a table.
"Bakugo, don't make me remind you to stay away from Midoriya."
Katsuki glared at the boy wrapped around Aizawa's leg but backed up a few steps.
"Finally, you're all here," Called Pixie Bob. "Looks like there wasn't much point in threatening to not give you guys lunch though..."
"Don't worry too much though, you guys didn't miss all that much. We only had a couple sandwiches each." Izuku may have been an evil chaos causing, sandwhich stealing gremlin but he didn't want his friends to be sad about missing lunch.
"Little over two hours my arse..."
"I'm gonna starve!"
"My bad, I meant by our standards." Of course Mandalay just had to salt the wound.
"So it was just to boast, huh..."
"Heheheheh... honestly, I thought it'd take you guys longer. to have figured out my awakened earth beast so quickly... you guys are good... especially, you four... the fact that one of you was able to trick my earth beasts and even out run them and the lack of hesitation and indecisiveness... I take it that comes from all the experience you've acquired? I'M ANXIOUS TO SEE WHAT'LL BECOME OF YOU GUYS THREE YEARS FROM NOW! I CALL DIBS RIGHT NOW!"
"Mandalay... was she always so.... hyper?"
"She's in a bit of a rush... being at the marrying age and all."
"Oh, uh, I probably should've asked earlier but... is one of you guys that kid's mum?"
"Oh," Mandalay began. "no, that's my nephew. Kouta! Come say hi, you're going to be living with them for the next week."
"Oh... hi again, kid. I'm Midoriya Izuku but you can just call me Midori if you prefer."
The kid nodded up at him before going on a rant.
"I'm not going to fuck around with a bunch of losers who want to grow up to be a stupid heroes."
"Kid thinks he's an adult."
"That's a little hypocritical of you, Bakugo."
"What?!? He's nothing like me!! At least I'm not constantly fawning over Deku unlike a certain someone!!"
"Relax, it was just a... WAIT, WHAT?!?!"
"Enough chatting, go get your stuff from the bus. Once you've settled into the dorms, head down to the dining hall for dinner. After that, take a bath, kick back and unwind. The real deal starts tomorrow. Get a move on."
"The girl's dorm is just a regular size then?"
"I hear the boy's dorm is huge! Hey, can we come and visit after food?!"
"Sure, the more the merrier."
"Fish, meat and vegetables.... I've died and gone to heaven!"
"Sure is. you guys really get excited about the weirdest things when you're hungry. Things are gonna get more and more hectic from here on out... stuff your faces while you can...."
"Hey, Kouta, bring those vegetables over for me?"
"Hey, Midori, I don't think anyone noticed before but.... you've got leaves in your hair... It's actually pretty hard to tell, 'cause your hair's green too."
That would certainly explain why his hair felt so heavy.
Izuku, deciding that picking them out one by one would be too time consuming, opted to lean back in the bath and let the water wash them all away.
"Wait, Izuku, why did you even have leaves in your hair in the first place?"
"Ah, well, fate decided to give me the short end of the stick and yeet me half way across the forest. That's also why I arrived so much earlier than the rest of you."
"...How does that count as the short end of the stick?"
"Well, Denki, if that branch was any weaker or not there at all, I would probably be a green splat buried in a pile of leaves."
Denki nodded and sunk under the water slightly.
"Hey, so, seeing as we've got nothing else to talk about, what're everyone's opinions on Kumo and Eclipse?"
(Again??) (Yes, Izuku. Let me have this, I'm bored.) (Fine... on one condition.....) (That sounds perfectly reasonable. 'T'is done.) (Sick.) (Hey! That's my line!)
Kirishima was the first to speak.
"Dude, they're both super manly! Kumo even went out of their way to come and teach us! If that's not manly, very little in this world is!"
Shouto was basically sparkling with excitement at the chance to speak about Izuku. It was really sweet.
"Iz- Kumo's so awesome! Sometimes it feels like h- them... and Izuku, are the only ones who know me at all... oh, Eclipse is really cool too though! She ordered me takeaway one time and let me stay the night at her's and Kumo's house."
Denki shot up at that.
"Eclipse and Kumo's house?! A sun they share a house?! As in they're super, super close?!"
Shinsou sighed and hit Shouto over the head.
"Well, kinda. If anything though, they're more like siblings than a couple. Not that we're meant to tell anyone about that, Todo."
"I'm not the one you should be apologising to. Make sure to text the both of them later and explain in full, okay?"
Izuku giggled at the encounter, his laughter only increasing when Shouto winked at him.
Oh, his face was red too. Weird.
He'd look into that later.
For now, he needed to relax and focus on looking less like an overgrown tomato.

Chapter Text

--5:30 the next morning--
Everyone made their way out of the building, only a few of them fully awake.
Surprisingly, those few included Aoyama.
"Good morning everyone." Called Aizawa as they approached, all wearing their P.E kit. "Today we begin a rigorous round of reinforcement training. This trip's mission statement is to strengthen everyone's quirks as a whole, thereby allowing everyone to achieve their provisional licences. This is preparation to stand against and up to real hostility and aggression from your enemy Prepare your hearts and minds. With that said, Bakugo, try throwing this."
Aizawa threw a cricket ball at Katsuki.
"This.. is from the physical test at the start of the year..."
Katsuki, saying an entire sentence without swearing once? It's more likely that you think.
"Your records indicate you scored a toss of 705.2 metres at the start of the year... let's see how much you've improved."
"Whoa," Called Mina. "a skill growth test! The past three months have been pretty intense... I'm calling about 1 km."
"YOU GOT THIS, BAKUGO!" Shouted Sero from beside her.
"DIE!!!" Screamed the angry blond as he released the ball with a large explosion.
"709.6 meters."
"Huh...? That's not even close to what we expected..."
"In three months, you have all gained a lot of experience. And of course, you have certainly grown. But that growth has been primarily emotional and technical. Now the time has come to concentrate on physical advancement as well. As you can see, your quirks themselves have only improved, at best, by a marginal amount. So, starting today, we will focus on training your combat ability and quirks. I will be pushing you beyond your limits... so try not to kick the bucket on me..."

------let's take a look at 1-B, yeah?------

"Extending our quirks...?!"
"Class A's already at it, so let's get to it quick! Last term, a lotta kids from class A distinguished themselves in the public eye, but this term it's our turn! You listening? 'Cause it won't be class A turning heads, it'll be us!"
"You're springing this whole "quirk extension" thing on us, but each of us has a unique quirk... I just don't get how we're supposed to be "Extending" them, sir..."
"I'd like some specifics!!"
"Your muscle fibres break upon overuse... and then grow bigger and stronger. The same goes for quirks! As long as you keep them in use, they'll grow strong! But if you don't, they'll just go to waste! Long story short, there's just one thing you all need to do and that's... BREAK YOUR LIMITS!!"
If you asked the students of class 1-B what they saw in that moment, their answer would be Hell.
Most people were screaming.
Those who weren't screaming were only silent because they were either too hot to speak, would throw up if they tried to speak or had their mouth full.
Other than them, there was only one person not screaming and that was class 1-A's Midoriya Izuku, the quirkless boy. Who was engaged in a one-on-one fight with 1-A's homeroom teacher.
Oh, and then there were the quiet students, Tokoyami, Kouda, Asui, Shoji and Shinsou. They don't count though.
(So it was actually only half of them screaming)
"What is this, some scene from Hell...?!!?"
"They've gone into full "tough love" mode..."
"For those whose quirks have an activation limit, you'll be working to raise those upper limits! For mutant and hybrid types, you'll be disciplining the organ of the body that are product of your quirk even more! If things were as usual, then this extension training would be done as you developed over months and years but..."
Aizawa nodded at Midoriya and walked towards the crowd of 1-B students.
"It's because we don't have time Go join them, class B, and quickly"
"But if you add us in, we'll be 40 kids in all. Can just six people keep watch over that many people using their quirks?"
"That's why they're around."
"WILD, WILD PUSSYCATS!!! (Full version)"
"AND OUR QUIRKS ARE: "SEARCH"! I know the down-low n the folks these eyes have spotted, up to 100 people! Including their whereabouts and weaknesses!"
"Using my quirk, "Earthflow", I'll be able to whip up a place for each of you to match your respective training regimes!"
"Then there's my quirk, "Telepath"! I can beam advice to multiple people at any one time!"
"And finally, my punches and kicks and violent deeds~" ...No... "ALL OF YOU SIMPLE STRENGTHENING QUIRK-USERS, COME TO ME! OUR BOOT CAMP HAS ALREADY BEGUN~"

-------let's go back to Izuku, 'kay??-------

"Okay, problem child, I'm back. Let's go back to our exercise."
Izuku nodded and charged at Aizawa.
Kick, dodge, punch, duck, lunge, jump over and over and over.
"This isn't working."
"Yeah, I kinda figure that much out already."
"Okay then, what do you suggest we do?"
"Use Shinsou?"
Aizawa raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms.
"Go on,"
"Well, I was just thinking it'd be good for him to learn hand to hand as well as how to use his quirk. Actually, it'd be good for all of them to practice some hand to hand. Maybe I go a few rounds with Shinsou and then we- Oh my god, that would be great."
Aizawa's expression morphed into a glare as he leaned towards the short, green haired boy.
"What would be great?"
"A quirkless brawl. Me against the whole class."
"you do realise that the whole point of today's exercises is to train their quirks, right?"
"Well, yeah, but that doesn't mean they should continue to be reliant on them. What'd happen if they ran into a villain with a similar quirk to you? They would die, that's what. I'm not saying we shouldn't do quirk training, god knows they need it, just that maybe after lunch we could have a little quirkless brawl to see how good they are. If the rest of the class wins, we go back to quirk training hell and leave hand-to-hand for another day but if I win against all 19 of them, we do hand-to-hand for the rest of today and pick quirk training back up tomorrow. Sound good?"
"...Fine. After lunch. Also, if the others win, you have to train against Tiger for the rest of the day, while if you win you have to do a demonstration for the rest of the class. Against the person to last the longest against you. No quirks, I'll erase theirs if I have to. And no, I won't let it be Bakugo."
At about 12:30, everyone in 1-A was given a 30 minute break to ensure that they were at their best during their quirkless battle.
At 1 PM, the entire class gathered on a large boxing ring made with Pixiebob's quirk.
Izuku was stood at one end and the rest of the class was at the other.
Some would find it unnerving, facing off against the rest of your class but all Izuku was thinking about was how fun this would be.
Perhaps they should've taken that as a sign.
If only they had looked at the small things.
Aizawa called for them to start and Izuku stood still, waiting to be charged by his classmates.
Denki, ever the overconfident idiot, was the first to run at him.
He was quickly taken out.
A spin, a kick to the back of the leg and a shove with the side of his foot was all it took for Izuku to knock Denki out of the ring.
"Whoa, what?!" Shouted Denki as Mina took a step back.
"Who's next?"
No one stepped forward, so Izuku did instead.
Izuku took a single step towards the group before sprinting at them.
A few of them took a step backwards. Some of them did not.

Chapter Text

Katsuki watched as Deku knocked the dunce out of the ring.
The entire group collectively shuddered and took a step back.
Except from Katsuki.
He was too busy looking at the look in the nerd’s eyes.
It was terrifying.
Had- had he done this?
Had he really turned sweet, innocent little Izuku into this creature who donned a look of pleasure when fighting?
This was all his fault.
A single drop of liquid rolled down Katsuki’s cheek.
He decided that it was sweat.
There was no way he was crying over the shitty nerd.
Was he?
He was.
He had done this.
He deserved to be torn apart by this creature he had created.
And so, he didn’t move.
He stood only feet in front of De- no, Izuku, crying, and decided to allow his childhood friend to beat the shit out of him.
But it never came.
Instead, he was swatted aside, harshly, by the boy.
“You can wait till the end, Kacchan.”
That- that wasn’t De- Izuku.
Izuku said the name “Kacchan” with utter delight.
This person had said the name as if it was an insult.
The same way Katsuki used to call Izuku.
It was the same tone
What had he done?!
Why did he have to go and treat Izuku like that?!
Because of his pride, of course.
Because his only true friend was quirkless and, therefore, useless.
Katsuki couldn’t be seen hanging around with someone useless.
That would’ve ruined his reputation.
Only, it wouldn’t.
If anything, people would’ve looked up to him more for “looking out for the quirkless kid”.
Katsuki still would’ve been worshiped by their peers and Izuku wouldn’t have been bullied.
At least, if he was bullied and Katsuki hadn’t left him, Katsuki could’ve protected him.
It would’ve been a win-win.
But Katsuki had to go and ruin everything.
If only things had been different.
Maybe it wasn’t too late to change things between them.
Maybe he could fix this before it was too late.


Izuku watched as Katsuki stood, still as a statue, in front of him.
A single tear rolled down the taller boy’s face.
He started shaking.
Izuku wanted to leave him till the end.
Well, near the end.
Izuku shoved the blond aside.
“You can wait till the end, Kacchan.” He whispered in his childhood friend’s ear, before walking off to get rid of the others.
He’d teach them why they shouldn’t underestimate him, one way or another.
One, two, one, two, one, two.
(Everything is impossibly loud. )
Tears falling from the explosive blond’s eyes.
Badum, badum, badum.
(Slowly getting louder. )
The sound of his friend’s heartbeats.
In, out, in, out, in, out.
(It’s almost unbearable. )
Aizawa breathing.
Thud thud, thud.
(’s stopped. )
The sound of 1-B’s footsteps became audible and whatever higher being controls the volume of the world decided to stop increasing it.
Izuku stretched himself out and charged at the cowering group of 1-A students.
They would all remember this during a similar situation in the future, but that’s a story for later.
Kirishima and Sero decided to storm him together.
A good plan, but Izuku was a strategist.
He knew every combination the two of them could possibly pull of together before they could even make a single move.
You know the quirk, you know the person and Izuku knew these persons very, very well.
A quirk enhanced punch was simply ducked under.
A length of tape was grabbed with Izuku’s fingertips, used on Kirishima and swiftly thrown out of bounds.
Every following length of tape was swiftly dodged, until Izuku managed to work his way over to Sero and punch him square in the face, unbalancing the boy. This was followed swiftly by a kick to the back of the knee, a grab of the collar and a strong toss.
Three down, sixteen to go.
Hah, most of the Bakusquad is out.
How did such a horrible person get a squad in the first place?
Oh well, more important things to deal with right now.
Shinsou had been training to use a capture weapon similar to that of Aizawa and had it on him so...
Izuku pounced at the mighty lilac boyo and stole said capture weapon, getting as far away as possible before he could figure out what had just happened.
Now, how to use it?
Maybe heat?
No. That wouldn’t work.
Would it?
I mean, one could potentially direct body heat down the weapon in order to move it but...
Isn’t that a little too complex?
Maybe that’s the point...
That would make sense, after all, if it was too simple to work then a criminal could steal it and use it against him.
It couldn’t work through telepathy either.
If it did work through telepathy, then anyone touching it could think “I want the capture weapon to do this” and it would.
Maybe it worked the same way an extra limb would.
Ojiro makes a good example.
A human without a tail quirk wouldn’t know how to move the tail as they’d never had one before but as Ojiro had had a tail his entire life, he had complete control of it.
So, hypothetically, Izuku would only need to think of it as an extension of his own body in order to control it.
Ah! It worked!
The end of the scarf twitched slightly.
So, it did work like that.
Izuku, after about five failed attempts and a good few failed charges from the rest of the class, managed full control of the scarf. This caused Aizawa to do a spit-take with his coffee and choke on it. Shinsou was not nearly as surprised, although he did trip over his own feet while not moving.
Izuku moved the weapon to capture his classmates and throw them out of the ring. It worked.
Well, sort of.
A few of them managed to doge the scarf, but that was to be expected.
“Iida!” Called Aizawa from the side lines, once he’d recovered from chocking on his coffee. “You used your quirk to evade that attack. You’re disqualified.”
“No buts, if this was a real fight where you were unable to use your quirk, you would be dead. C’mon, down you come.”
Iida nodded solemnly and made his way down to Aizawa’s side.
Shouto, Shinsou, Uraraka, Mina and Katsuki.
This wouldn’t take too long.
Mina was at a similar level to Izuku in terms of agility but Izuku had higher stamina and more fighting experience.
Shinsou knew his way around the capture weapon and had trained under both Izuku and Aizawa, so had a slight upper hand, but was quick to tire due to his constant lack of sleep.
Shouto had trained under Endeavour and so was taught to tank his way through fights and set fire to anything and everything. He wasn’t used to fighting quirkless and, while he was fast, he wasn’t anywhere close to Izuku’s level without his quirk. Maybe he should leave him till last to show the others that even the strongest of them needs to train to fight quirkless. In fact, Shouto might need this training the most out of everyone....
Uraraka was decently fast and had a naturally low body weight and height in order to use her quirk more effectively. This meant she’d be easy to lift and throw, however, it also meant that she could evade attacks more easily than someone like Shoji or Sato. She had also gone to Gunhead’s agency for her internship to learn hand-to-hand, so she was slightly ahead of the rest.
Katsuki... where to begin with Katsuki.... he was tall, agile and could fight. One could say he was perfect. Said person would probably end up being beaten into the ground by Izuku. Anyway, Katsuki was incredibly skilled. So, how does a small, quirkless boy bet him? Easy. Number 1: Izuku had been fighting quirkless his entire life, and 2: Katsuki seemed to be a little bit out of it at that point in time. He’d simply have to use that.

Well then, the best course of action would probably be to eliminate the biggest challenge first, Mina.
Izuku turned on his heel and charged towards the pink-skinned girl.
The two spent the next four or five minutes jumping and flipping and spinning and running around each other, a few punches and kicks were thrown into the mix.
Mina tried her best to keep up with the green blur but began to run out of stamina. Dancing and fighting were similar but fighting consumed stamina a lot more quickly.
With dance, you move fluidly and usually don’t have to multitask. In a serious fight, you need to be able to doge, block and attack simultaneously. That takes skill and dedication.
Mina began to slow, no longer able to keep up with Izuku, and fell to her knees.
She did well, just not quite well enough.
Not that anymore could be expected of her.
Izuku gently placed her out of bounds with Shinsou’s capture weapon while walking towards Uraraka.

He walked towards her as the capture weapon returned to his neck.
The second all the weapon was around his neck, he charged and sent it towards her.
She could only doge one of them.
He would get her either way.
He could hear the eliminated members of the class breathing a they stood around the ring, watching intently.
Uraraka ducked under the capture weapon, only to be tackled to the ground seconds later.
She struggled and fought in his grip, trying to get free.
It wouldn’t work.
It may not have been visible through his oversized clothes, but he was far from weak.
In fact, he was strong enough to have Iida convinced that he had a strength enhancing quirk until he was told otherwise.
Uraraka continued to struggle, until Aizawa decided that if this were a “real fight” she’d already be dead and told her to go and join the others.
Katsuki, Shinsou, Shouto.
In his opinion, Katsuki should already be out.
He’d just been standing still, at the edge of the arena, ever since he last spoke to him.
If he were a real villain, he would almost definitely have backup who would’ve killed Katsuki the second they saw him standing still, but whatever.
He used the capture weapon to push him off the side and into the crowd of their classmates as he walked towards Shinsou.
Shinsou’s breath was erratic, he was nervous. Lovely.
He slowly walked up to him and leaned in close.
“Boo.” He whispered into the taller boy’s ear, causing him to jump and his breath to hitch.
He chuckled and leaned back.
“Hmm, I wonder.” Shinsou’s eyebrows drew together in confusion as his breath steadied out a bit. “Now now, what happened to all that fear you had building up? Maybe you’ll get an explanation if you go and join the others? For itty bitty little Izu?”
Shinsou’s expression became more and more confused. This was getting boring.
He picked the boy up by the back of his collar, the same way a mother cat does with her kittens, and handed him to Kaminari.
Shouto was the only one left.
“Shou-chan, let’s see who’s better at this, yeah?”
Shouto’s facial expression was one of a marble statue, carved by an old artist. Perfect in every way, but completely empty and void of emotion.
His heartbeat, on the other hand, was incredibly high.
He took a step back and looked at the green haired boy with sadness.
“Hey! Don’t give me that look, we’re only doing this so that you guys can learn to defend yourselves! You know that we’d never do anything to hurt you!”
Shouto’s expression morphed into something like Shinsou’s near the end of their section.
“What do you mean “we”? There’s only one of you. Izuku, are you okay?”
“Oh, did I say that? Must’ve been a slip on the tongue. I’m fine. Now, are we gonna do this the easy way or the hard way, Shou-chan?”
Shouto took in a deep breath and met his eyes, a soft smile on his lips.
“The hard way, I suppose.”
He giggled and looked up at the much, much taller boy.
“Y’know, we’re gonna have to fight again unless you win, right? You might as well give up now and fight me seriously in the next round. I really don’t wanna have to fight against Tiger and you guys could really use some quirkless training right about now.”
“I’m not gonna give up that easil- “
He wrapped the capture weapon around Shouto while he was distracted and winked at him as he moved the boy out of bounds.
“Oh really? Looks like you just did to me. Don’t worry, Shou-chan, you’ll get another chance in a few minutes!”
“...Midoriya... wins...”
He turned to the rest of his class and stuck his tongue out, as he took Shinsou’s capture weapon off from around his neck and handed it back to its owner.
“Hey, Aizawa, can you get me one of these? They’re awesome!”
Aizawa blinked a few times and stared at him.
“I- uh.... how- how did you even figure out how that worked without any training?”
He winked at him.
“I have my ways.”
Aizawa nodded and dismissed everyone for a five-minute break before the demonstration.


Toshinori closed his eyes and rubbed the bridge of his nose.
It was the summer holiday, so school was out, but he had a meeting with Toogata and Nighteye to discuss One for All.
He still wanted to give the quirk to Midoriya, but the greenet had made it quite clear that he wanted nothing to do with Toshinori unless it was absolutely necessary, and he wasn’t about to go and break what little trust the boy had in him.
So, he had decided to follow Nighteye’s advice and offer it to Toogata.
He was right, Toogata was a fine young man and definitely had the capacity to become number one but... well, truth be told, Toshinori had grown quite fond of Midoriya. Even though the boy hated him.
A soft knock at the door brought him back to the present.
“Come in.” He called, weakly.
As expected, Nighteye walked in first, Toogata trailing behind him eagerly.
The two sat down and Toogata broke the silence.
“So, what was it you wanted to speak to me about, sir?”
Toshinori inhaled deeply and stared into the boy’s eyes, electric blue meeting onyx.
“I asked you here to discuss my quirk.”
Toogata sat up straighter and Nighteye allowed a small smile to grace his lips.
“Your quirk is a highly debated topic! Hearing about it is such an honour but... why me?”
He allowed his gaze to drift from Toogata to Nighteye.
“I will be honest with you, Toogata-shounen, you were not my first choice.” Nighteye scowled. “My first choice was Midoriya Izuku. Now, many may doubt that decision, however, he is smart and strong and resourceful, and I would hate for potential like that to be dismissed simply because of a lack of quirk. I’ve already made that mistake with him once. However, Midoriya-shounen has made it quite clear that he dislikes me and wants nothing more to do with e or my quirk. So, I listened to Nighteye. Believe it or not, he’s been recommending you for quite some time”
“Um, excuse me sir? I- uh, recommending me for what?”
Toshinori smiled and brought his gaze back to the boy sat in front of him.
“To be my successor. You see, my quirk was not originally my own. My quirk is One for All, it’s a stockpiling quirk that has been around for a very long time. I am the eighth holder and I would like you, Toogata Miro, to be the ninth. However, there is one thing I must inform you of before you make your decision. I ask that none of this information leaves this room, whether you take the quirk or not.”
The boy nodded.
“I won’t tell a soul, whether I take the quirk or not.”
Nighteye allowed his smile to return. Only, it now seemed somewhat smug.
“One for All is actually the product of something bigger. There were once two brothers, we’ll call them All for One and One for All for now. These brothers were alive in a time where quirks were new and feared. Those with quirks wanted rid of them and those without wanted one for themselves. Now, the oldest of the two brothers, All for One, had a quirk that allowed him to give and take quirks and the younger, One for All, was thought to be quirkless. A lot of things happened in a short amount of time and All for One started a revolution. He wanted his brother to rule along side him, but he refused. So, perhaps as a bribe of sorts, All for One forced a quirk on his younger brother, only, the younger brother was not quirkless at all. He had a quirk which allowed him to pass his quirk to another. The minor strength quirk which his brother gave him mixed with his own and the mutated into One for All. Somehow, All for One managed to survive for hundreds of years, only falling a short seven years ago, when he and I fought. At least that’s what we thought. That is how I received this.”
Toshinori allowed himself to deflate and lifted up the hem of his shirt, wincing at the strangled sound Toogata made when he saw the scar.
“You- you’ve been fighting with that for seven years?!”
Toshinori nodded and let his shirt fall back into place.
“I know it’s a big responsibility, you may even have to deal with All for One but... would you at least consider this old man’s request?”

Chapter Text

Izuku was being weird during his fight against the class.
He seemed to be back to normal now but something about those few minutes on that platform was unsettling Shouto.
It was probably nothing, Izuku always acted differently in a fight, but... that was a new level even for him.
Well, ignoring the USJ but that was a life or death situation so...
"Alright, Midoriya and Todoroki, back on the platform for a demonstration."
Kaminari raised his had to ask a question.
"So, uh, is this actually necessary? Like, didn’t Midori already beat Todo?”
Aizawa sighed and turned to Izuku.
“Do you want to explain or should I?”
Izuku nodded and walked up to Aizawa’s side.
“So, can anyone tell u- me why you think w- I won?”
Kaminari raised his hand again.
“Because you have more experience fighting quirkless ‘cause you don’t have one?”
Izuku took a moment to think.
“Well, kind of. But that’s not the only thing. That wasn’t really a fair fight, no fight ever will be. I have way more experience than most of you and I had a borrowed capture weapon. While most fights you encounter will be unfair for one side or the other, the purpose of this demonstration is to show how far behind all of you are in a fair fight. Or something like that. To be honest, the real reason behind this is that Eraser’s uncreative and didn’t expect me to win against all of you. I’m lucky I did, otherwise I’d have to spend the next three hours sparring against Tiger while the rest of you trained your quirks. Anyway, let’s get on with this so you can all get some actual training in.”
Kaminari nodded, hesitantly, and Shouto followed Izuku back onto the platform.
“Start.” Called Aizawa.
Izuku charged the second he was permitted to.
He had switched back into his mindset from the previous match.
Shouto was far from good at fighting quirkless.
Endeavour figured that it was not a skill he would need as a hero.
After all, the flaming pile of shit had managed to become the number two hero through brute force and fire, why would his “perfect creation” be any different?
Easy, Shouto was a different person.
Unfortunately, Endeavour didn’t seem to see it that way.
Due to this, Shouto had never had a single lesson on how to fight quirkless.
Izuku would win this fight by a landslide.
That didn’t mean that Shouto wouldn’t try his hardest.
He ducked and swerved and dodged every hit he could, but he was no match for the green-haired miracle that was Midoriya Izuku.
After all, Izuku was a vigilante.
He spent his sleepless nights not tossing and turning but turning the town on its head, messing with Aizawa and apprehending criminals.
The fact that he was strong and fast should come as a given.
But Shouto was one of the only six people, including himself and Izuku, who knew ho Kumo was. It was only natural that the others wouldn’t expect him to be as strong as he was.
Izuku landed hit after hit, despite Shouto’s best efforts to evade his attacks, and managed to overpower Shouto in a mere matter of minutes.
The fight ended with Izuku’s foot hovering centimetres above Shouto’s throat, proof that he could end his life if he so desired.
The shorter boy moved his foot after a few moments and helped Shouto to his feet, before grasping his head and falling to his knees.
Aizawa, Shouto and Shinsou were at his side in a matter of seconds.
“MIDO!” Shinsou cried as he grasped the small boy by his shoulders and looked to his father for advice.
“The two of you take him inside to one of the Pussycats and then come straight back. I’ll get the rest of them started on their training while you’re both gone.”
Shouto lifted Izuku by the legs and Shinsou lifted him by the head, the two of them making sure they had a stable grasp on him, before making their way inside to hand him off to the pro-hero group.
The first person they encountered upon entering the compound was... uh.... crap, Shouto had forgotten his name... uh, Mandalay’s nephew.
“Hey, kid,” Shinsou began. “Where’re the adults? We got a bit of a situation on our hands.”
The boy glared at the two of them and opened his mouth to shout. And then he saw Izuku and closed his mouth again, his glare softening slightly.
“Fine, I’ll help you guys. BUT! Only because he,” Said the boy, pointing at Izuku. “understands. He isn’t as fake as the rest of you.”
He turned on his heel and led the two of them further into the compound, eventually reaching a door they’d not seen before.
He opened the door and led them inside, instructing them to lay Izuku on the couch while he went to get one of the adults.
“What’d you think he meant, “He isn’t as fake as the rest of you.” ?”
Shinsou sat himself down on the arm of the couch Izuku was lay across.
“I have no idea. Maybe something happened while they were waiting for us to arrive yesterday?”
The lilac haired boy nodded and stared down at their small friend.
“I’m worried about him. He was acting really weird during that thing earlier.”
Shouto hummed in acknowledgement and turned his gaze to the fireplace in the corner of the room.
A few moments later, the boy returned with Pixiebob, who told the two of them to go back to their training and that, depending on how he was feeling, she’d send Izuku back in once he woke up.


Izuku woke up with a pounding headache.
Why did his head always have to hurt?
“Oh, you’re awake.” That was Pixiebob.
Why was he with Pixiebob?
“Where am I?” He asked, croakily.
“In a staffroom of sorts. You passed out or something after your fights, so Shinsou and Todoroki brought you in to make sure you were okay.”
Izuku nodded. That made sense.
The only part that confused him was that he passed out.
He probably got hit on the head or something, after all, the whole fight was a little fuzzy since he first used Shinsou’s capture weapon.
Maybe that was it.
Maybe the capture weapon used a lot more energy than he’d anticipated, and it exhausted him.
That was the most plausible scenario.
Yeah, probably.
After explaining his theory, Izuku was told to go and nap until one of his classmates came to get him for a dinner.
What they hadn’t anticipated was that he struggled to sleep at night, let alone in the middle of the day when he had just spent the last half hour passed out.
After a couple of scrolling through his phone (which he recently learnt he wasn’t supposed to bring to begin with), Denki walked in.
“Yo, Midori! I, uh, was sent up here to grab you while I was on my way... to... the... is that a phone? I thought we weren’t supposed to bring those with us...”
Izuku winked at him and slid it into the hidden pocket in his bag (which also hid his spare Kumo outfit, but no one needed to know that he secretly brought that everywhere...)
The two of them walked down to dinner together.
Apparently, they had to make dinner themselves for the rest of the week.
Good thing Akari had been teaching him how to cook then, huh?
“Wow, I didn’t know you could cut stuff up that well, Bakubro!”
“’Course I can. Who d’ya think I am, Shitty hair?!”
Kirishima laughed and patted Katsuki on the back, maybe a tad too hard but who was Izuku to tell him otherwise.
Izuku hummed quietly while he cooked. If anyone noticed they didn’t mention it.
They spent a good while cooking, Shouto lighting most peoples fires for them, before they all sat down to eat.
During the meal, Sero decided to compare Yaomomo’s quirk to pooping, resulting in an attack from Jiro.
Not much else happened, until they all went to bed.
Izuku was lying in his sleeping bag, staring at the ceiling.
It was a stupid, bland, wooden ceiling.
Izuku wanted his galaxy to stare at.
He couldn’t sleep.
He probably wouldn’t be able to for a good day or two yet.
Izuku unzipped his sleeping bag and silently made his way out of the room and onto the roof of the building, where he sat in silence until the sun began to rise.
Izuku walked up to Aizawa and stared him in the eye for a solid ten seconds until he decided to break the awkward silence he had purposefully created.
“So, is there anything else I can do or am I just supposed to keep training with you, Shinsou and Tiger for the rest of the week?”
Aizawa glared, before he realised that Izuku fully intended to recreate their previous awkward eye contact and looked away.
“Just- no. We’ll think of something this evening. Now go and eat dinner.”
Izuku saluted at him and joined the others for dinner.
(Okay, so, there isn’t a reason I put this in here instead of the previous day. This chapter’s a bit of a mess, bear with me.)
They made meat and potato stew for dinner that night.
Izuku saw Kouta storming off while he was eating.
Kouta hadn’t eaten anything that night.
Izuku decided to put a second serving in his bowl and follow the boy.
He found himself stood in an archway leading to a cliff face, Kouta sat right on the edge with his legs swinging.
“Hey,” He called to the boy, his eyebrows drawing together in concern. “you’ve not had anything to eat. Here, I got you some food.”
The boy turned to him and sighed.
“How did you find me?”
Izuku smiled and sat down next to him.
“I followed you. You haven’t eaten anything so you must be hungry. Here.”
He handed the warm bowl of stew to Kouta and smiled at him.
“I- ... thanks...”
He picked up the spoon and ate a mouthful.
His eyes lit up the second it entered his mouth.
Izuku laughed.
“I didn’t think it was that good!”
Kouta turned to him and took the spoon out of his mouth.
“You made this?!”
Izuku laughed again and nodded.
“My sister started teaching me how to cook as soon as I moved in with her.”
Kouta raised an eyebrow in confusion.
“Why do you live with your sister?”
Izuku’s smile took on a sad look.
“The same reason you live with your aunt.”
“You- how do you know about that?!”
Izuku laughed sadly.
“I was such a huge hero nerd when I was younger, I found out everything I could about every hero ever. That includes your parents, Kouta Izumi. What happened to them was awful. You must have been so upset about that for so long. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were still upset about it. I know you hate it when people say shit like this but... you’re only a kid. No one should have to deal with something like that, especially not someone as young as you.”
Kouta hesitated for a moment, before wrapping his small arms around Izuku’s abdomen, looking up in confusion at the feeling of muscles under Izuku’s uniform.
Izuku held a finger up to his mouth and laughed.
“You laugh like a baby.” Grumbled the younger boy, clearly flustered.
“Alright, I have to head back down to my class. Don’t stay up here too long, Kouta. Me and Mandalay will get worried if you do.”
Kouta nodded at him and Izuku made his way back down the hill and towards his class.
“Okay everyone, your bellies are full, and the plates are washed. Now it’s time for.... THE TEST OF COURAGE!!”
“Before that though, remedial gang, it’s time for your first remedial session. Let’s get going.”
“NO WAY!!” Screeched Mina, looking like something out of a horror film.
“All right, class B is already waiting in the forest to scare you lot. You guys’ll enter in groups of two, with to minute intervals in between. In the middle of the route, there’ll be tags with your names on them which you’ll have to bring back.”
“What a mad banquet of darkness...”
“The scare providers aren’t allowed to touch you directly. They’ll try frightening you using their quirks, so this should introduce you to some of them.”
“I don’t wanna hear that gross shit, please...”
Jiro, swearing? It’s more likely than you think.
They drew lots to decide who was in which group.
“The groups are as follows:
Tokoyami and Shoji,
Midoriya and Todoroki,
Jiro and Yaoyorozu,
Aoyama and Hagakure,
Uraraka and Asui,
Ojiro and Shinsou,
Iida and Kouda.”
Shouto and him walked up to each other, Shouto whispering a question to him as soon as he was close enough.
“I promise I won’t tell but is that a phone I see in your pocket?”
Izuku laughed and walked into the forest as their names were called.

Chapter Text

The two of them walked through the forest in silence, Shouto occasionally looking over at Izuku or jumping slightly when members of class B appeared out of nowhere.
They must have been disappointed at how little a reaction he and Shouto were giving.
In fact, one of the class B kids kinda... like, emerged from the ground (?) and he laughed.
Did 1-A get bonus points for that?
Probably not.
Anyway, they were just under half way back to the facility, when Izuku noticed something weird.
This... this was...
“Shouto! We need to run, now!”
He grabbed Shouto’s wrist, dropping the tag, and sprinted away from the mist. Only, the rest of the forest was on fire.
They were between a rock and a hard place.
Infront of them was blue flame and behind them was poisonous gas.
“Shou, can you get us through those flames and back to the camp?”
The taller boy shook his head and wiped his brow.
“No, my ice would melt immediately, and my flame would just add to this.”
Izuku nodded and looked around.
“I hate it, but we’re gonna have to go around it. Think you can hold your breath for a minute?”
Shouto hummed in affirmation and the two made their way around.
Well, until Mandalay used her telepathy.
“Shouto, will you be okay making your way back alone?”
Shouto stopped and turned back to face him.
“I- yes. Why?”
Izuku sighed and shook his head.
“Look, make your way back to the camp and tell Mandalay that I know where he is.”
“Know where who is?!”
Izuku ran off in the direction of the hill he found Kouta atop earlier that evening.
Izuku pulled his phone out and sent and S.O.S to Akari and Naoko.
Thank God he’d thought to bring his phone.
“I tried searching for a good vantage point, and lo and behold! A face that wasn’t in the handout!” The what?! “By the way, you have great taste in hats, kid! Swap it for this lame-ass mask, would ya?! I’m new, see, and they didn’t know if a mask could get delivered in time, so now I gotta wear this dumb toy!” New? “Geheh... HEY, WAIT!!”
Good, Kouta was running.
This was probably a decent time for Izuku to intervene.
Just as he was about to run in, the man pushed himself up and off the wall, landing in front of Kouta.
Izuku needed to hurry.
“Y- you...” Kouta whimpered. “Mama... Papa...!”
Izuku sprinted through the archway and leapt, to deliver a kick right to the villain’s head.
“Hmm...? You... you were on that list.”
He was alone.
He had called for backup earlier, but he busted his phone during that kick.
Shouto saw the direction he ran in and had been told that he was going to get Kouto.
At least one person had to know where he was, right?
Izuku turned to face Kouta.
He was crying and cowering away from the villain in front of them.
He needed to be comforted.
“Hey, it’s okay, Kouta. I’ll keep you safe, I promise!”
He was all alone.
No one would be coming to help.
He had no- he had no quirk...
How... how would he do-
(Shut up. Doubting yourself will get you nowhere. )
Right. Stupid. Stop.
Izuku ran forward and changed his tactic.
He wouldn’t defeat the villain.
That was impossible to begin with.
Instead, he’d stall until he could give Kouta a chance to run.
After that he’d... well, he wasn’t sure what he’d do after that.
He obviously couldn’t run, that’d put the target right back on Kouta’s back.
He, uhh, he’d... He’d cross that bridge when he got to it.
Izuku ran forward and... fist to the face. A very big, quirk enhanced punch, right in his face.
“You’ll “Keep him safe”, huh? Hah. HA! HAHAHAHHAHAHA! That’s an “aspiring hero” for you, I guess! Always showing up everywhere with those smug looks of righteousness! So, you’d be the one named “Midoriya” then?! Awesome. I’ve been told to bring you in alive, but they never said I couldn’t beat you to a pulp first! I’m gonna take my time messin’ you up before I gotta take you in to the others! Ah, almost forgot, I need to bring that “Bakugo” kid in as well, so if you know where he is, do tell.”
The villain aimed to hit Izuku again, the green haired boy only dodging by a hair’s breadth.
The villain kept talking and talking and talking as he aimed hit after hit after hit at the boy.
After the first minute or so, Izuku tuned him out. He didn’t need to listen to that.
It just made things worse.
Ten minutes, the fight lasted before Izuku could get Kouta out.
That had to be a record for him.
Izuku had been hit countless time and was bloodied and bruised, yet he managed to get in a hit of his own.
A hit straight to the villain’s false eye.
He took advantage of his altered depth perception and signalled for Kouta, who was out of the villain’s current line of sight, to make a run for it.
The boy took the hint and, after a moment of hesitation and many silent tears, left the area to find help and some shelter.
Good, that was one thing dealt with.
Now to get away himself.
“Hey! If you wanna finish your job then you’d better not let me die, asshole!”
And with that, Izuku jumped from the cliff in front of him.
Admittedly, not the best idea ever, but he did his best with what he had.
The villain did chase him down the side of the cliff but made no move to catch him.
Instead, he was caught by a heavily scarred man with black hair and Todoroki teal eyes.
“Hey, uhh, can you put me down please?”
The man glared down at Izuku and then the villain pursuing him.
“Did you read the lists at all? We’re supposed to hand this one to hand meat at the end of the raid and you just let him jump off a cliff? You didn’t even make a move to stop him from jumping or hitting the ground, idiot.”
The taller villain returned the glare of the one currently holding Izuku.
“Well what was I supposed to do, dipshit?! Beg him not to jump?! Tell him it isn’t worth it?! What do you take me for, someone who gives a shit?!”
Todoroki eyes, as Izuku had taken to calling him, rolled his eyes and flipped muscle man off.
“Y’know, I have half a mind to fry you right here and now.”
Muscle man laughed.
“Do it, pussy! You don’t have the guts to disobey the brat!”
Todoroki eyes raised a circle of flame around muscle man with a flick of his free hand.
“Make a single move and you’ll be cremated. The circle will slowly get smaller every hour. You’d better hope the fire brigade are here in less than two hours, ‘cause if not you die. Have fun, bitch.”
And with that, Todoroki eyes turned around and started walking towards the centre of the trail.

Chapter Text

Izuku glanced between the two quarreling villains.
Anyone would think that he was the only mature one in this situation.
Well, okay, maybe tha's a little bit of a stretch...
Still!! This was completely unbecoming of two villains!!
Although, it was mainly Muscle Man's fault...
Todoroki Eyes made a circle of blue flames around Muscle Man and said a cool speech, before going to leave, when Muscle Man called out to him and called him, and I quote, a "Stupid Li'll fuckin' bitch," thus provoking Todoroki Eyes to iniciate an argument.
It was absolutely rediculous.
Just as Izuku thought they were finally going to forget about him and start fighting, giving him a chance to leave, Todoroki Eyes shrunk the circle of flame by a few centimeters and stormed off, small green haired boy in hand.
"Hey, I can walk y'know."
Todoroki Eyes tutted.
"Do you really think I'm that stupid? If I let you go you'll just run off." The taller man's voice was getting increasingly annoyed. The encounter with Muscle Man did seem like it grated on his nerves quite a bit...
"Fair. But, did you know that I know someone who would be a much better employer than Crusty Hand Man could ever be?"
Todoroki Eyes growled at him. That couldn't be good.
"Shut up. If you say another word I will set fire to your arm."
"Didn't you say they wanted me alive?"
"They said alive, not unharmed."
Oh. Perhaps best not to provoke him any further than. He might just burn one of Izuku's limbs off if he doesn't shut up. That wouldn't be good for vigilante work.
Maybe best to stay quiet for a while then.
After a short while, they reached a small outcropping in the forest, three other villains were stood in tbe area. Kurogiri being one of them.
"I brought back the first objective. I'll go and make sure the second is aquired too."
Se...cond...? Who...?
Todoroki Eyes threw Izuku to the floor.
Just as the latter opened his mouth to ask about the "second objective", the world darkened and shrunk.
"I shall go with you, Dabi. To ensure that neithe of the objectives have a single chance of escaping."
And with that, he was trapped in a small black room.
He was alone.
The walls were closing in on him.


Katsuki was stuck in some shitty litte box room, being lectured about why every thing he ever said and did to De- no, Izuku, was wrong.
But he fucking knew that already!
He knew that he'd been a fucking jerk but so what?!
It's not like it mattered anymore!
Okay, he'd been a shitty person, but he knew that now and was determined not to make the same mistake!
What else did they want from him?!
It's not like he could go back in time and take back everything he'd ever said!
He and De- Izuku, (was he allowed to call him that?), would just have to talk things over and go from there.
If the green haired boy even wanted to speek to him, that is.
Anyway, maybe... Halfway? Into the lecture, a voice in his head (Mandalay's quirk, he presumed) called out that the camp was under attack.
Aizwa grabbed him by the back of his shirt and dragged him into the room the others were being kept in.
"Stay. All of you. You," He turned to 1-B's homeroom teacher (Who Blue has, very unprofessionally, forgotten the name of...) "make sure that none of them leave and keep them safe if anyone else get in, got it?"
The taller man nodded and Aizawa fled the room.
Not too long after, a tall scarred man came into the room, followed swiftly by Aizawa.
It didn't take much for the two pro-heroes to take him down, only to realise that he was a fake.
And then-
"Has- has anyone seen Midoriya?! Kouta says that the villains are after him and Bakugo! Please, if any of you see Midoriya, get him back to the compound ASAP!"
That- no! No, that- that's not- they couldn't! Not- not Deku... Not- not Izuku... No way... Right?
He- he was so strong... So, so strong... Stronger than Katsuki could ever dream of being so- how?!
How- how did the get a hold of him?!
It- it just wasn't.... It wasn't possible! Right?!
Because- because... Because the damned nerd had said it himself.
Izuku was- no, is Kumo... Katsuki was naive to accept those few, short words...
It was so obvious, and yet...
He had been too fucking stupid to ever see it...
But... If he had overlooked it then... That means the villains had to have overlooked it as well, right?
There's no way they would've picked up on something that Katsuki hadn't, especially not about Izuku!
That meant he had a chance!
Izuku had a fucking chance!
It was more than likely they wouldn't realise just how strong he was and would get beat by him!
And if not, Katsuki'd take Shitty Hair, Half 'n' Half, round cheeks and the purple bastard and bust him out!
After all, there was no way Akari hadn't placed a tracker on the brat, she'd be able to find him in no time!
Plus, if Izuku really was Kumo, that meant Akari had to be Eclipse - which explained why Katsuki didn't recognise her, even if she had a perfectly plausible reason for that - so there'd be even more reason for her to have tons of trackers on him!
"...bro? Bakubro? You in there?"
Oh, Shi- Kirishima was talking to him, huh.
"Y- yeah. Just a little shaken up..."
Why did his voice sound so weak?
"Right, well, Aizawa-sensei just left to go and find Midori so... Are- are you sure you're okay?"
This time Katsuki could manage little more than a nod.
No matter how much he tried to convince himself that Izuku would be fine and could either take care of himself or be saved by the him and their- their friends, he just... Couldn't.
It was stupid.
Pent up worry and guilt from the past... God knows how long, suddenly washed over Katsuki like a huge wave, pulling him under and drowning him in unbearable emotions.
He broke, even if only for a short while, he broke.

Chapter Text

He needed to be strong.
Mido... Mido wouldn’t go down that easily... right?
Either way, he needed to have faith in Mido and stay strong, even if only for Todo’s sake.
Yeah, for Todo’s sake.
After all, the poor boy stood next to Hitoshi was on the verge of a panic attack.
He really cared about Mido.
A couple minutes after Mandalay’s initial announcement, Hitoshi ran into a dazed looking Todo.
He questioned the taller boy about what was wrong, but only got a confused look as an answer.
Until, that is, Mandalay’s second announcement about Mido being missing happened.
Todo turned to Hitoshi, tears forming in his eyes, and spoke quietly.
“He... he’s okay, right? N- nothing’s gonna happen to him, right? He’s... probably just off saving people, as usual, right? That- that’s gotta be it!”
The boy hadn’t spoken again since.
He just stood, staring vacantly at the ground.
So, Hitoshi would stay strong.
He would stay strong for Todo and for... for Midori.


Tou- Dabi... Dabi was sick and tired of putting up with UA bullshit.
First he was told that Sho- Endeavor's kid was going to be on the trip and then he was told that he not only had to kidnap the explosive blond from the sports festival but Sho- peppermint boy's best friend.
Sure, that didn't sound so bad but... Let's just say that Dabi and Todorokis had some unpleasant history.
Very, very unpleasant history.
Dabi successfully got the green one back to compress and went to get the feral blond.
The little shit was doing "remedial lessons" and was surrounded by pros.
Guess he wasn't getting that one then.
No matter.
They had the main objective.
Shigaraki shouldn't be too mad.
Dabi made his way back to the glade with the other villains.
Toga was stood against a tree, grinning as she swished a vile of blood around, while the others stood in a semi-circle.
"We were unable to acquire the second objective. Perhaps we should leave."
And then...

Strawberries 'n cream, six arms (get it? It's a Ben 10 reference...), Bird boy, The frog™, Gravity girl and.... the feral blond... fell out of the sky.
"Give. Izuku. Back. Now." Todoroki all but growled.
(Shouto... what has he done to you?)
"Sorry kid, no can do. If I give him back I'll have to put up with the hand bastard's complaining."
Strawberries, cream and vanilla ice cream glared at Dabi, before charging at him.
"Aha, we need you too, Bakugo Katsuki. Come with us peacefully or we'll have to capture you the same way we captured your, ahem, "friend"..."
"What. Did. You. Do?!"
Compress pulled out the marble and released the green haired boy, handing him off to Dabi.
Peppermint boy's eyes widened when he saw the boy.
Not surprising considering the state the boy was in.
Muscular would be lucky if he got out of this without at least a few burns.
(Shouto... I'm sorry...)
As if on cue, Kurogiri appeared, a swirling vortex of dark purple and blue.
"I'm sorry, Shouto, I have to go with them."
And with that, Dabi stepped into the portal, newly released green haired boy in hand, catching only a glimpse of Shouto's expression and only hearing the beginning of his troubled cry.


This- this couldn't be happening!
Those- those eyes and... that face... no, he couldn't think about that right now.
What mattered most was getting Izuku back.
Getting Izuku back...
He- he needed to get Izuku back...
He needed him back now!
Shouto wiped his eyes and turned to face the others.
"We- we're going to find him. As soon as possible..."
Shouto's legs collapsed underneath him as Uraraka rushed forward to catch him.
"Todoroki-kun, you mustn't push yourself! I hate to say it but... maybe we should leave this to the pros... they are more experienced..."
Shouto looked up at her shakily.
"We should probably head back to the camp, kero." Tsuyu called back, in an attempt to break the tension.
Shoji nodded and picked Shouto up, the six of them slowly and defeated making their way back to the camp.
Back to their teachers and friends.
Back where Izuku should've been.

Chapter Text

Izuku blinked slowly.
Everything hurt.
The wind was ruffling his hair and someone was holding him by his shirt.
It was probably Todoroki eyes again.
His eyes caught Shouto's and he felt like he was suffocating.
Shouto and Katsuki were glaring at something - someone - behind him.
Why wasn't he with Shouto?
Because of the fucking villains.
"Give.Him.Back. NOW!!"
Shouto and Katsuki went to charge at them and Todoroki eyes backed into the portal.
"Sorry Shouto," Todoroki eyes whispered something more and then they were swallowed by the dark swirling vortex.
"Tie him to the chair. We can't risk him doing anything."
Todoroki eyes grabbed CHM's wrist as the latter went to leave.
"Have you seen the state of the kid? I doubt he can do anything much like that. Let him walk around this room freely at least."
CHM glared under the hand on his face.
Todoroki eyes took a step forward and tightened his grip on CHM's wrist.
"He is a child. I'm willing to keep him around me and deal with any consequences this "sensei" of yours decides to give out but I will not let you chain him up like a caged animal!"
CHM pulled himself free of Todoroki eyes' grip and started scratching at his throat.
"Fine! Fine. Do what ever the fuck you want. Just don't come crying to me if sensei decides he wants you dead."
CHM glared down at Izuku and walked off.
Todoroki eyes began walking around the building, Izuku in hand.
"Okay then, kid, my name's Dabi and it looks like I'll be taking care of you for a while."
Izuku looked up at him and met his eyes.
"No it's not."
The taller man's eyes widened and he stopped walking.
"No what's not?"
"That's not your name."
He started walking again.
"Yes it is."
"Well, it may be the name you want but... It's not the name you were born with, is it." That wasn't a question. He knew he was right.
"I- no. But it's who I am now. I abandoned my old name when I left the hell hole I was forced to call "home". I'll never use that name again and I'll never go back to that place again."
Izuku nodded.
It wasn't the same for him, so he couldn't say he understood, but he knew what it meant to be forced into an environment where he was shunned and hated.
"You don't have to go back. Ever. But... Maybe there's somewhere better than here and better than home?"
They were back in the first room, a bar, now. Dabi had probably just gone round in a circle so that he could talk with Izuku better.
Maybe not.
"Hey, Kurogiri, send us back to my place. The kid's staying with me. If the big boss wants him, you know where to find the both of us."
Kurogiri, now wearing an expensive looking suit with a waist coat, nodded at Dabi and teleported the two of them into a small, barren, dilapidated apartment.

Dabi put Izuku down and left him to explore the apartment alone.
Did he still have his-
Well, kind of...
It was a little bit busted but-
It should work.
For the time being anyway.
Now then, Dabi shouldn't have too much stuff, right?
No. He didn't.
Izuku checked the room.
No one nearby, no cameras, perfect.
Izuku crawled into a kitchen cupboard and pulled out his semi-broken phone.
Let's see... ah, just working enough to send his location.
Well then, let's hope that he and Dabi were still at the latter's home if- no, when help came.
Now then, let's see...


Gren: Akari pls hlp

Favourite person no.1: Izuku?!
Oh my god!!
Call me right now!!!!

Gren: Cant

Favourite person no.1: Izuku what the fuck?!
If you don't answer this right now I swear to god-

Gren is offline


Izuku hid the phone again and crawled out of the cupboard.
"And what, exactly, do you think you're doing in that cupboard."
"I- uh, taking a nap?"
Dabi narrowed his eyes.
"There's literally a couch right there. Why would you choose to nap in a cupboard rather than on the couch?"
Izuku laughed halfheartedly.
"Because... cupboard?"
The taller man left the room and Izuku checked his phone.
The screen was almost fully black by now.
It was no use anymore.


What was that buzzing sound?
It was a phone.
Her phone, she supposed.
She should probably answer that, huh?
But... she wasn't sure if she had it in her to answer her phone again.
After all, the last two times she did answer her phone it was nothing but terrible news from Izuku.
She has a location though so...
Maybe she should just head straight over and save him...
The longer she waits, the less likely Izuku is to be safe.
Aizaw could help...
If she could only...
Oh, her phone.
She should probably answer that, huh?
"Hello?" Jesus, was that her voice? She sounded terrible.
"Akari-san?" That was Aizawa. He wouldn't be addressing her so formally if everything was alright....
"Oh, uh, Aizawa? 'S 'at you?"
"I... I'm sorry to have to tell you this but... well, it's about Izuku... he- he's been kidnapped by... by the league of villains... I-" Was he crying a little? "I'm sorry, Akari. We'll do our best to find him but... until then, let me know if there's anything we can do..."
"Yeah. Of course. I'll let you know. Just- take care, okay?"
Aizawa hummed an affirmative and hung up.
She... this needed to be solved ASAP.
Maybe she should call Aizawa again... but... he seemed so fragile...
Should she wait for the morning?
Just one other thing to do then.
On goes the mask.
"Hello? This is Eclipse. I'd like to talk to detective Naomasa please."

Chapter Text

"Mr Tsukauchi? We have a call for you. Should I put it through?"
Who could that be?
Toshinori, maybe?
"Yes. Please."
Now then, let's see.
"Hello there, Tsukauchi-san."
Well, that's unexpected.
"Eclipse. To what do I owe the "pleasure"?"
"I have a location."
Well, this is interesting.
"A location for what?"
"Midoriya Izuku."
"I Have A Location For Midoriya Izuku. Well, two location, actually. I figured you would want to know. I can send the locations when you're ready."
"Good question. Let's just say I have tabs on every person in and around this area and anyone who messes with them, the decent ones at least... Well, in short, it won't be pretty."
"I... See..."
"Now then. This conversation has given me enogh time to find your email. Keep a close eye on your inbox, the locations will be sent through in just a moment."
"Right... Th- thank you, Eclipse. You- you've been a great help."
"Hold on, I'm not done just yet. I want to be a part of the rescue mission. Things could get messy if you leave that blond buffoon to collect him."
"How do you- never mind. Why do you want to be a part of it?"
"Haven't I already explained that? Anyone who messes with the decent people in and around my patrol areas will have to deal with the consequences, by my hand."
"Right. I... I will discuss it with all those involved. Will kumo be making an appearance as well?"
"If you're trying to ambush one of both of us, it won't work. Kumo will be staying at home so there is no danger of them being caught."
"Understood. Thank you, Eclipse. We... Shall be in contact soon."
With that, he put the phone down at sat back in his chair.
This should be interesting.
Now then, to contact the school.


"She... what?"
"She found him, Aizawa. She found him."
He- he was... he was alive?
"She claims to have tabs on everyone in and around her patrol area but... I'm not sure how far that's true. Well, I suppose the specifics don't really matter. What we need to focus on right now is assembling a team to retrieve him. Actually, speaking of, Eclipse would like to be a part of said team."
"Do you know why?"
"Something along the lines of payback to the league for harming someone under her protection? She wasn't exactly clear about it."
"Well, I don't see a problem with allowing her to come along. She does have a lot of experience and it's not like she's a fully fledged villain. I say call a truce for this mission."
Hopefully that wouldn't make it obvious that he was secretly helping Kumo and Eclipse.
"Right. I'll get in contact with All Might and Nedzu to get the team together and inform them that Eclipse will be joining us. Thank you for your time, Eraserhead."
"Same to you, Tsukauchi. I'll be in touch again."
Shouta hung up and rubbed his eyes.
All the kids except from Midoriya were in hospital rooms, resting.
He should probably check on Hitoshi and Todoroki.
They could probably do with a little company.
They were both pretty shaken up about Midoriya being kidnapped.
Hell, he was too.
Yeah. Time to check on the boys.
Shouta silently made his way down the barren corridors, occasionally catching the tail end of a conversation between patients and doctors and family members.
Every once in a while, he'd catch a glimpse of a TV.
The only thing on TV was news about the camp.
"Midoriya Izuku kidnapped by the league of villains. Whereabouts unknown."
It was downright depressing.
At least they had a location.
They would save him, soon.
Shouta arrived at the room.
Let's see, four to a room...
So that's... Hitoshi, Todoroki, Tokoyami and Shoji.
Just over half of the people who were there when Midoriya was taken.
That just leaves Uraraka, Asui and Bakugo to talk to after this.
That would be interesting.
Shouta knocked at the door gently.
"Hitoshi? Can I come in?"
The door slid open to reveal a bedraggled Tokoyami.
"Can I help you, sir?"
The boy stepped aside, allowing him to enter.
"I wanted to talk to the four of you, if you don't mind."
Tokoyami nodded and led him further into the room.
"Dad. What're you doing here?"
"I wanted to see if you four were okay."
Hitoshi nodded.
Todoroki was sat completely still, not even blinking, on his bed.
Shoji was sat across from Todoroki, staring worriedly at him.
Now, this should be and... interesting conversation...

Chapter Text

When Momo woke up, the first person to enter her room was All Might.
Apparently, he and Aizawa-sensei were going around and checking on all of the students.
The reason only All Might had come to see her was that Aizawa-sensei was talking to some of the people who had been there when- when Midori-kun was taken.
Tokoyami-kun, Shoji-san, Shinsou-kun and Todoroki-kun.
She can't imagine how horrible it must have been, to watch their friend be taken in front them.
She really doesn't want to imagine it either.
"Can I help you, All Might?"
The man nodded and sat down.
If the situation weren't so dire, one might find the sight of such a large man cramped up in a tiny hospital chair quite amusing.
But the situation was dire and there was no time to be laughing at something so trivial.
She had important information that she needed to tell immediately.
"I'm sorry, I sense that you have things you want to say and ask but... I might just have a location. For Midori-kun."
The man's eyes lit up and he sat straighter in his chair.
"You- you do? Yayorozu-san, how did you come across this information?"
She took a deep breath and begun to make the second half of the tracker she had fused to the nomu.
Once it was done, she looked All Might dead in the eye and held out her hand.
"I had one of the 1-B boys fuse a tracker I made to the Nomu. This is the other part of said tracker. It should lead you to their base, hopefully."
All Might shot out of his chair.
"We have to tell Aizawa about this! I will go and get him. I will return shortly!"
And with that, the giant of a man fled the room, in search of Momo's homeroom teacher.


"I'm sorry to barge in like this but I have incredible news!"
Great. Just what he needed right now.
In case that giant blond idiot couldn't tell, Shouta was in the middle of an important conversation with Hitoshi and his friends.
"What. What is so important you had to leave Yaoyorozu and interrupt an important conversation between me and my son?"
All Might took a moment to compose himself, before grinning down at Shouta and speaking.
"I believe we have found Midoriya."
Shouta blinked slowly and shook his head.
"Are you telling me that Tsukauchi only decided to tell you about this now?"
All Might's smile dropped.
"Tsukauchi? No, we haven't been in contact for a few days. What was he supposed to tell me?"
"Oh my- check your voicemail and then call Tsukauchi back. Once you've done that, come back in here and tell me what you were going to say."
He came back in about five minutes later, face pale and smile strained.
"It would appear we have two locations for Midoriya-shounen. Although, all things considered, I think I believe Yaoyorozu-shoujo more than whoever this "Eclipse" person is."
Shouta shook his head. He should probably go and check on Yaoyorozu then.
Hitoshi wrapped his slim arms around Shouta.
"Come back once you're done, okay dad?"
He returned the hug and nodded, before following All Might to Yaoyorozu's hospital room.


"Welcome, Midoriya Izuku. I have heard so much about you."
Izuku sat, limply, on the ground.
He was looking at the ground and hardly listening to a word the man sat in front of him said.
The man kept talking and talking and talking until suddenly, he stopped.
Why? Why had he stopped talking?
"Are you listening to me, child?"
Was he listening? He wasn't sure.
He just wanted to go back home, eat some food made by Akari and go to sleep.
"My my, how impolite you are. Perhaps someone should teach you some manners."
Izuku looked up, eyes wide, and shook with fear.

Chapter Text

"Yaomomo. We need your help."
Ejiro and Todoroki were stood in Yaomomo's room.
She would be important if they wanted to get Midori back.
Todoroki took a step forward and looked the girl in her eyes.
"I overheard what All Might said. We need your tracker to get Izuku back. Please help us."
Her eyes widened and she gasped.
"Todoroki-kun, Kirishima-kun, you can't be serious!"
Todoroki began to shake slightly.
Ejiro put a hand on his shoulder and took over talking.
"I know it's kinda stupid and reckless but... We need Midori back. I know that, Todo knows that, you know that, hell, even Bakubro knows that! He's an important member of our class and... I don't know if we would've gotten this far without him. Take the USJ for example, he jumped right in and took out the boss guy. If it weren't for him, I'm sure that... I'm sure that at least one of us wouldn't have made it out."
Todoroki took over again.
"Hosu is another example. If it weren't for Izuku, no one would've know that Iida was there. Both Iida and Native would've died that night."
Ejiro nodded solemnly.
Neither of those things were plesant to think about, but that didn't make them any less true.
"I- I understand that but... We can't just go after him! I... No, as much as I want to tell you to let the pros go after him... After everything he's done for us... There's no way I can just abandon him... I- I'll think about it."
Ejiro nodded again.
"Well, if you decide to help out, meet us outside the hospital tonight."
Yaomomo nodded at them and the two of them left the room.
A journey to Shinsou's room, a class wide argument and a very angry Iida later: Ejiro, Todoroki and Shinsou watched as Yaomomo and Bakugo slowly walked out of the building and towards them.
"I'm coming with you bastards. I- I could've done more. So much more. As much as I hate to admit it, I messed up and De- Izuku.... Got taken because of it. I'm only coming to correct a mistake I made. GOT IT?!"
Ejiro slung his arm around Bakugo's shoulder, laughing slightly to lighten the mood.
"It's alright to admit that you care, Bakubro!"
The blond boy turned his head away and grumbled, but made no move to escape Ejiro's hold.
It was nice.
"What do you idiots think you're doing. I thought we told you not to go along with this suicide mission. Why? Why would you do this dispite knowing the consequences?! Especially you, Todoroki-kun! After everything that happened in Hosu, I would've thought you of all people would've known better!"
Todoroki tensed and clenched his fists.
"I know that. I know I should know better but I need to get him back." He rose his head to meet the taller boy's eyes. "Besides which, it's not like we're actually going to fight or anything. We're simply going in, getting Izuku and running. Got it?"
"THAT'S NOT THE POINT!! TODOROKI, WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE HEROES!! I- we... We can't, Todoroki, we can't. That's against the rules. Please, just... Just listen to me. Please."
His gaze dropped to the floor, allowing his deep blue hair to shade his face.
A handful of tears dropped to the floor, as Iida stood, unmoving, in front of Todoroki.
He raised his hand and wiped his eyes on his sleeves.
"I apologize. I shouldn't have lashed out at you like that. Fine. I'll come with you, even if only to ensure that you don't get into any trouble. Well, mostly to do that anyway. I suppose you are right. I can't simply abandon Midoriya-kun, even if the pros are going after him."
With that, the six of them left to save their friend.


Akari ducked at the last second, saving her from getting burned to a crisp by a hair's breadth.
She turned on her heel and came face to face with Endeavor, cutting her conversation with Mt. Lady short.
"Do you mind, flame brain? I was in the middle of a conversation. Care to explain why you tried to incinerate me?"
Mr Todoroki took a step forward, emphasizing the gargantuan height deference between the two, and glared down at her.
"Have you forgotten, Eclipse, you are a criminal. I was simply acting on my job as a hero and taking you out."
"I'm an integral part of this mission, bastard. Maybe listen to the brief before trying to kill members of the rescue party."
He went to say something else, when Mt. Lady stepped in and cut him off.
"Um, excuse me Endeavor but we were kind of in the middle of a conversation so if you don't mind, can I steal her back for a while?"
He breathed out a puff of smoke and stormed off.
"Thanks. I think he probably would've tried to roast me alive again if you hadn't intervened."
The blonde women simply shrugged, before resuming their previous conversation.
--- "Alright everyone! I believe it's time to explain the mission. As you all know, U.A first year, Midoriya Izuku was kidnapped during the attack on the training camp. Our mission is to find him and bring him back home safe. We have three locations at the moment, the first provided by a witness who claims they saw a amn with a "patchwork face" enter the building, the second by Yaoyorozu Momo and the third provided by Eclipse over there. As you will notice, most of you are combat orientated with the exception of a few stealth based pros. We will split into four teams. Teams one, two and three will strike all locations simultaneously while team four - comprised of Endeavor, a group of small time pros and a group of policemen - will deal with any stragglers at location one. Location one, the supposed base, will be raided by a group of combat orientated heroes, such as Kamui Woods, All Might and Edgeshot to name a few. Location two, the Nomu factory perhaps, is to be broken in to by Mt. Lady and then raided by Tiger, Best Jeanist, Gang Orca and a few others. Location three, on the other hand, will be raided stealthily. This location's raid will be led by Eclipse, so I expect all who take part in said raid to follow her evey command. Understood?" A collective shout of affirmation sounded out. "Good. Now then, once you have finished at your assigned location, you are to make your way over to location two. This is to ensure we know if or when someone has gone missing. We leave once the press conference begins. Until then, myself and a few others will come around and tell you which location you are assigned to."
Akari turned back to Mt. Lady.
"This should be interesting."
The latter nodded.
"They only brought me in because I can demolish the building no problem. Not that I'm complaining, I'm glad I'm able to help save the kid, I just... I wish I could be of more help, y'know. And, like, not just for the fame this time. He's just a kid, he doesn't deserve to be put through this sort of shit, even if he is training to become a hero. I just wish I could help directly."
Akari put a hand on the blonde woman's shoulder.
"You are helping. Okay, maybe not directly, but you're still making a huge contribution. Literally and figuratively. Besides, if you ask me, the fact that you're worried for the kid is a big help too. I hear he's a giant hero nerd, imagine how happy he'll be to find out that so many pro-heroes were worried about him."
Mt. Lady smiled at her.
"Y'know, for a vigilante you aren't so bad!"
Akari laughed and rolled her eyes jokingly.
"Well yeah, I'm a vigilante not a villain!"
"Wasn't Stain a vigilante as well?"
"No. Maybe he claimed to be, but he fell into the villain section a long while ago. He hasn't been a true vigilante since before he gave himself the name Stain."
Mt. Lady went to say something again, when Tsukauchi shouted.
Everyone began moving, Akari squeezing her new friend's shoulder, before smiling at her and running off to lead her squad.
Her squad.
That made her sound like a hero or police officer.
She was neither.
Nor was she a villain or civilian.
She trod the fine line between hero and villain.
A single step to the side and she'd be classified as a villain.
The same was not true for the path of a hero.
No matter how many heroic acts she performed, she would still never be a hero.
A hero in the hearts and minds of the people, perhaps, but no more.
The fine line she trod was not a fair line.
How she wished her brother had not chosen to tred the same fine line.
How she hoped he would not take a step to the wrong side.
How she longed for him to be able to graduate from the hero course and become a true hero without a single hitch.

But before any of that, she would need to save him.


"Perhaps someone should teach you some manners."
Izuku looked up, eyes wide, and shook with fear.
"W- what are you gonna do to me?"
The faceless man grinned.
It was a horrific sight.
He slowly stood from his armchair and made his way towards the boy sat on the floor.
His footsteps sounded out like thunder claps in the middle of a storm.
Loud, terrifying and signaling certain doom.
He knelt down in front of the short boy and grabbed him harshly by his chin, making the boy stare into the scars where his eyes should be.
Izuku clamped his eyes shut and clenched his teeth.
"Simple, my child, I am going to make you wish you had never questioned me."
Izuku felt a small tingling in his jaw and then there was nothing but silence.
Izuku cautiously opened one of his eyes.
The man's smile had dropped and he was now scowling at the green haired child.
"You- you are quirkless?!"
Izuku scowled back and wrenched his face from the man's grip.
"Yeah. What about it?"
"Damn it! KUROGIRI! Send him back to the flame wielder's home for now. I will summon you when I have thought of a suitable punishment for the boy."
The mist man nodded and sent Izuku back to Dabi's sorry excuse for a house.
Maybe he could try and convince the man to come home with him again.
Maybe not.
Probably not.
Not what he should be thinking about right now.
He should probably be focusing on fonding a way to escape but...
Well, better now than never.
After all, who knew when that psycho would finish coming up with a "suitable punishment" for Izuku.
Best try and leave while he could.


What was she doing here?
Was she here to save him?
"Miss Eclipse, I know that we were told not to question you but... Is this not meant to be a stealth mission?"
"Ah, but would it not be best to-"
Was that Mic?
Why would they send Mic on a stealth mission?
His quirk is literally being ridiculously loud.
Well, a plus for Izuku, he supposed
Izuku slowly made his way towards the source of the voices.
Dabi was unconscious on the floor, Akari was stood above him in her vigilante suit with the flat of her sword facing down at the villain and a small group of pro-heroes were stood behind her.
"Uh, hi there... I was just about to leave. You guys comin' too?"
Akari took a step towards him, going to hug him, before remembering that she was in costume and he was not.
Having a famous vigilante hug him would be suspicious.
Instead, she nodded at him.
"Glad to see you're okay, trash beach kid."
Izuku smiled up at her.
"Thanks, Eclipse."
She grabbed his wrist and lead him and the group of pros out of the building and into the street.
God, he'd missed his sister.

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Chapter Text

Large fat tears roll down her soft face as her thumb caresses the back of the other woman's hand.
"I- I really hope you wake up soon... It's been so long already.... I miss you, y'know... A lot of people do... So much has changed while you've been here..."
She can no longer bring herself to speak.
The other will not respond.
They're not sure if she ever will again.
It broke her heart to see someone so close to her like this.
Pale and wrapped in bandages, hooked up to endless amounts of machines and completely unresponsive.
A nurse walks into the room, pity in her eyes.
"I'm afraid visiting hours are over, ma'am. You can come back tomorrow but please make sure to get some sleep. Heaven knows you need it."
She nods and thanks the nurse before catsing a final glance at the woman in the bed and leaving.
She wipes her amethyst eyes on her sleeve and puts on a fake smile.
She can't have anyone knowing how she truly feels.
Her mask fools no one.
They can all see how much she's hurting inside.
She leaves the building and makes her way home.
Only, home is no longer home when she's alone.
She changes into her pajamas and lays down on her bed.
She won't get any sleep tonight.
She very rarely does anymore.
Not since she found out what had happened.
She can no longer find it in herself to work anymore either.
She should probably go back to work soon but....
The two of them met through work.
It reminds her too much of her.
A knock at the door brings her back to reality.
She slowly slides off of her bed and makes her way down the hall, towards the front door.
When she opens it, she breaks down in tears again.


Akari found herself humming a quiet tune as she washed used mugs.
She was so distracted, in fact, that she didn't notice the small chiming bell ringing to alert her that someone had entered the café.
All of her regular customers smiled at this.
They thought Akari had a lovely voice and found it sweet when she got like this.
Her newest customer also found it cute, if the small giggle she let out was any indication.
Akari put down the now-clean-cup she had just finnished washing and dried her hands on a tea-towel while making her way over to the till.
"Welcome to the Jasmine Dragin Café. I'm Akari, what can I get for you today?"
She smiled at the customer in front of her and struggled not to allow her expression to change when she opened her eyes and caught sight of the woman in front of her.
It was Mt. Lady.
Well - Takenaka Yu, technically.
The blonde woman returned the smile with equal sincerity and took a moment to read the menu.
"Can I have a hot chocolate with whipped cream and white chocolate flakes, please?"
Akari nodded and keyed the order into the till.
"Of course, that'll be ¥230 please."
(That's roughly £1.65 or $2.12 at the minute)
The blonde woman swiped her card across the reader and left to sit at one of the small tables.
Akari picked up a freshly washed mug, drying it quickly yet thoroughly, and continued to make the drink.
Her eyes locked with Mt. Lady's as she placed the drink down on the table and both quickly turned their heads away, blushing.
The latter quickly and quietly thanked Akari, who scuttled off to wash more cups immediately after.
Aizawa was sat at his usual table, watching the whole encounter.
He was grinning.
If someone had to describe it, they would probably say it was smug, condescending, proud and happy all in one.
They wouldn't be wrong.
Aizawa felt all of those things as he watched one of his honorary-children slowly fall in love.
He would feel the same things if and when Izuku and Hitoshi eventually fell in love.
(I have been informed that this bit right here makes it sound like Hitoshi and Izuku are gonna get together. That's not how it's meant to sound. It's meant to be more like "these three are me children and I will feel this way when one of them falls in love as I will when another one of them does." uhhhh, sorry for any confusion I caused?)
What father wouldn't?
A bad one, in his opinion.
He went up to the till himself and ordered another black coffee.
Akari knew not to charge him until he said to by now.
"Go get her." He mumbled, loud enough fir Akari to hear but no one else.
Her faced flushed slightly and she went to makd Aizawa another coffee.
What did he mean by that?
Surely not... that!
No, that was impossible!
She hadn't been in a relationship since everyone else her age started their second year in high school!
He couldn't be implying that, could he?
A hand landed on her shoulder abd she turned aroubd so fasr she nearly bumped right into the owner of the hand.
It was her boss.
The two of them were the only ones working at the café.
"Hey, your shifts about to end. Do you wanna start heading out now and deal with... That?" She asked, gesturing to a small burn on her hand, presumably where she'd overfilled the coffee cup and poured it on herself. "I'll deal with Aizawa, you patch yourself up. Okay?"
Akari nodded and put the coffee cup down, slowly making her way to the break room to get her stuff and hang her apron up for the day.
A short while after she left the café, the voice of Mt. Lady called out to her.
Akari stopped and turned around, allowing the blonde woman to catch up with her.
"Hi... Uh, I'm sorry, I was just... Wondering if we could meet again? Maybe hang out some time...?"
Mt. Lady winced a bit at hiw awkward she sounded.
Akari on the other hand, finding the awkwardness suddenly coming from a normally confident pro adorable, giggle-snorted a lot.
This led to Mt. Lady starting to laugh and created an all together much nicer atmosphere.
"I'd love to hang out sometime!" She pulled out her normal person phone and brought up her contacts app. "All I need is a name abd a number."
"Takenaka Yu." Stated the blonde, as she typed the number into Akari's phone. "Text me now, so I can add your number, and then we can talk about meeting up some time?"
Akari smiled and did as told.
She had once again made friends with Mt. Lady, only this time they were both just normal civilians.

Chapter Text

“Alright, listen up: the coordinates on the tracker are pointing to the Kamino ward of Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture. Since we’re headed there from Nagano, it should take us two hours, meaning we should arrive between 8:30 and 9 PM.”
“Hey, Todo, did you tell everyone the full details of the plan?”
The boy in question started picking at his bento, picking things up and putting them back down but never eating them.
“Yeah. They wouldn’t stop going on at us either. Kept trying to stop us.”
Kirishima nibbled at his onigiri and stared out of the window.
“Uraraka tried to finish the conversation off. Said something pretty harsh too.”
Hitoshi’s eyes widened in surprise.
“Uraraka, huh? Kinda thought she’d be all for going to collect Mido....”
“’I dunno guys... Midori-kun would probably be really mad at us for risking our lives to save him.... I just don’t think it’s a very smart idea, we should probably leave it to the pros...’ Is what she said. Can’t say I think she’s wrong, if I’m honest. Midori’s just the type of self-sacrificing bastard to get mad at us for something like that. Doesn’t mean I was just gonna sit by and leave it to the pros though.”
Hitoshi nodded and looked down at his hands.
“I doubt I have to, but I’m going to ask just in case. What we’re doing could be seen as illegal. No body is going to approve of us doing this, especially not Izuku. So, you’ve still got time to turn back if you want to. Anyone feels like bailing, now’s your time to speak up.”
Kirishima took another bite out of his Onigiri and closed his eyes.
“If I weren’t dead set on this, I wouldn’t have brought up the idea in the first place. Mido’s strong but he and the pros can’t do everything on their own. I gotta do this.”
Hitoshi clenched his fist and closed his eyes, bringing his head up to meet everyone’s eyes before opening his own.
“There’s no way I could or would turn back now.”
The others nodded, Iida narrowing his eyes as he did so.
Bakugo had been suspiciously quiet the since they left the hospital.

“We’re here! This is Kamino!”
“So, those fuckwads think they can get away with hiding somewhere in this neighbourhood, huh?!”
“Man, there’s a lot of people...”
Kirishima began running off in the first direction he saw.
“WOULD YOU WAIT?!” Hitoshi walked up to the redhead idiot and dragged him back to the group. “We absolutely cannot be too careful, the villains know our faces!”
“Then what do you suggest we do, rich girl?!”
“Well, I actually have a suggestion here, if you would?!”
The six of them walked into the shop Yaomomo suggested and spent a few minutes picking out disguises.
As soon as Bakugo caught sight of the other five’s disguises, he snatched them out of their hands, put them on the return rack in the changing room and went off to find different disguises for them.
They noticed, upon his return, he also had a small basket full of makeup and a dark grey backpack.
Upon reaching the till, Yaomomo pulled out a small lilac purse in order to pay, but was politely asked to step aside by Todo, who pulled out a golden debit card with flames on it and ran it across the reader.
The signature on the back, barely visible past the dual coloured boy’s hand, read “E Todoroki.”
Todo had stolen his dad’s card and used it to buy disguises for everyone.
While the six of them were getting changed – in a hotel room which Todo somehow had the room key for already, Hitoshi presumed he had done a lot of pre-planning for this – Bakugo asked Yaomomo if she could make him a mid-length black wig and some hair straighteners.
Iida quietly added that he should perhaps use a different shape of glasses, if it wasn’t too much hassle for her.
Yaomomo readily agreed
Bakugo quickly got to work on doing makeup on Yaomomo and Todo, as well as straightening Hitoshi and Kirishima’s hair and teaching Todo how to wear a wig.
Hitoshi had to admit, while not as adult looking as their initial disguises, the outfits Bakugo had chosen certainly made them look different.
Bakugo (I think he looks cute like this, heck off):
Kirishima (Yes, I know his isn’t great. Leave me alone.):
Todo (Zuko wig and concealer come in handy sometimes.):
Iida (I gave him red eyes ‘cause they’re red in the manga.):
Yaomomo (I also think she looks cute like that. she should wear her hair down more often.):
And last but not least, Hitoshi (I know, I know. I made his hair look like purple Shigaraki. I’m sorry.):
(For anyone who’s wondering, they were able to spend so much more time on their disguises because none of them were very injured in cannon or this, so they didn’t have to wait too long. As soon as the sun set, they met up and got going. Considering the fact that this takes place directly after the summer training camp, I’d assume that this probably takes place in late July/early August, meaning the sun would set at around 6.30 PM ish, I think. The manga states that they canonically arrive in Kamino at 10 PM, they then probably spend around half an hour getting disguises, meaning the press conference is broadcast at roughly 10:30, giving the kids in this between just over an hour and a half to do all of that. Thanks for reading that little mess of an explanation.)
The six of them swiftly made their way outside, Todo leaving the room key on the reception desk on their way out.
“Hey, Bakugo, how come I’ve got to wear a wig and concealer.”
Bakugo turned towards the boy and glared.
“Well, duh! The concealers to cover your huge scar and the wigs to cover your half ‘n half hair! Both would give us away the second anyone saw you!”
Todo sighed and rolled his eyes.”
They were just about to make their way toward towards Mido’s possible location when-
“Hey, ain’t tha U.A?!?”
The six of them tensed, before following the man’s line of vision.
”And now we’ll be broadcasting part of U.A’s official apology press conference which took place just a little while ago.”
Hitoshi’s eyes landed on the image of Vlad King, Nedzu and his dad bowing at the camera.
He never imagined that they’d have Aizawa of all people would be chosen to represent the school, given the fact that he hates the media.
Having said that, he was 1-A’s homeroom teacher so...
He supposed it made sense.
Hitoshi’s dad started talking.
”Due to gross inadequacy on our part, 26 first years in our Heroics department have been injured and one has been kidnapped. Even though it was a camp for hero training, we neglected to properly set safeguards against villainous intent, we deeply regret causing any and all worryand offer our sincerest apologies. We are truly, profoundly sorry.”
“Aizawa-sensei hates the media... this can’t be good...”
”NHA here, this would mark the fourth time this year that students have come in contact with villains. Fifth if you include the Stain incident in Hosu. Please tell us what sort of explanation you gave to each of their families before this latest incident where students sustained severe injuries- and also, what specific counter measure have you been putting into effect?”
Hitoshi ground his teeth as he glared up at the screen.
“How dare they treat them like the bad guys....”
Todo placed a hand on his shoulder, in an attempt to calm him down.
Nedzu blinked and locked his beady eyes on the camera, seeming to make direct eye contact with everyone watching.
”We have reinforced the security around the school grounds, and we have once again put ou on-campus crime prevention system under review. We are guaranteeing the safety of our students through our strong stance.... as we have explained before.”
“Wha? They’re not protected at all!”
The whole crowd began to murmur.
“The hell are these dumbasses sayin’?!”
Hitoshi clenched his fists.
No one was allowed to talk about his school and his dad that way.
Bakugo seemed to be thinking the same thing, as he started growling and glared at the screen, a slight yet noticeable caramel scent coming from his tightly clenched fists.
He looked about ten seconds from screaming out in rage and knocking everyone in the vicinity out.
-----The same time, in another part of Kamino!-----
(By the way, this bit takes place between AFO releasing him and Akari finding him. I forgot about this bit in the last actual story-based chapter, which is why there was very little time between the two events. I’d assume he probably went to see AFO around a similar time to when the kids were arriving in Kamino. Sorry for any confusion this might have caused. Also, I apologise in advance if you can’t read Shigg’s speaking parts. I would’ve written them differently but this was the only way I could think of to make it look anything like the wiggly writing from the manga....)
“It’s sTRanGe, iSn’t iT.... why arE ThE herOes GetTiNG So mUCH BLaME?!?! thEy Just SLIPPeD A lITtLe, THAt’s aLl!! WHat, arE you gonNa Say iT’S BECaUSe THEir JoB Is TO ProteCT?! C’moN, EvErybody MAkES A MiStake OR tWO! THEy MigHT as welL bE tELlIng them tO bE pErFEct!! tHIngS Have GottEN So sTrict, SO RigId WiTH HeROEs thEse DAyS midOrIyA!!”
Spinner eyed Izuku out of the corner of his eye while talking.
“The moment the simple act of providing protection started meriting compensation was the moment heroes stopped being heroes. That’s what Stain taught us!!!”
Izuku looked to Dabi, who was stood in the far corner of the room.
The man looked down at him with regret and turned his head away.
He felt guilty for what he did.
He felt guilty for bringing Izuku here.
“the GrOteSQUeneSs OF COnvertiNg People’S lIves into moneY Or PersONal FAmE, A sOCiETY tHat wOulD EnFoRCe That witH suFfOcATIng ruleS upON rULEs, aNd THE CITiZens whO, FAR fRom cHeErInG on tHE DEfeaTED, wOULD heaP aND scORN THem! ours iS A batTLe of QUEstiOns.
WhAT IS A hEro?
what iS jUstIcE?
iS tHiS socIetY trULy JuSt?
we’LL MAkE EVErYBODY qUEsTiOn THOSE tHiNgs, ONe BY oNE! ANd we PlAn to wiN.
y’KnoW, mIDorIYa, my sENseI hAS TOLD mE So vErY MUCH aboUt YOu...
tWiCE, lEt THE kid GO.”
“Are you sure about that?! Sure thing, boss!”
Shigaraki chuckled and looked Izuku directly in the eye.
“i’m SuRe. We’vE goTTa MAke HiM SEE that we ThInk Of HiM aS AN EqUAL, afTeR all. we DoN’t waNT HIm THiNKINg WE’RE lIke eVeRyONe elSE and LOok Down on HIM fOr sOMETHInG hE can’t CONtROL.
bESIDES, he KNows VERy wELl that thERE’S notHInG He CAn DO In THIS SitUAtioN.”
Compress took a step towards him, only moments before Twice released him.
“We’re sorry we to you by force... but, you know, you’ve got to understand that we’re not just some violent mob dedicated to so-called evil acts. We didn’t take you for no reason. Everyone here has different circumstances, but, whether it’s other people or “the rules” or eve heroes, we’ve all suffered in their shackles. As someone who, for so much of your life, was viewed as useless due to your lack of a quirk, you should understand this...”
Twice finally let go of Izuku, as Shigaraki took a step forward.
Izuku looked up to meet the man’s eyes, before swinging his leg vertically up and kicking the crusty man in the chin, causing him to bite his tongue and the hand on his face to go flying.
“Jesus, you guys sure do like to monologue! God, are you trying to bore me to death or recruit me?! Honestly, I can’t tell!”
“Lemme get this straight, you realised that a few kids were little shits to me when I was younger and, after the USJ and Sports festival as well as the reports of me taking down Stain, you decided I could be a useful asset, right? Yeah, not gonna happen. Unfortunately for you, I have shit I need to get done and people I want to impress. Try again just under two years ago and you might have better luck.”
-----Back to Hitoshi, sort of----

”Now, Me. Eraserhead... earlier you talked about the “safety of the students” but it seems that in the middle of the event, you urged the students to engage in battle. Tell us of your intentions, if you would.”
Hitoshi watched as his dad leant forward and brought his hands together in front of him.
He proceeded to narrow his eyes and all but glare at the man in front of him.
”It’s because we weren’t able to grasp the situation fully that we were forced to make that call – in order to avoid the worst case scenario.”
People around Hitoshi began to mumble again.
God, how he longed to hit them over the head for being so dense.
”The worst case scenario? As many as 26 students were injured and one has even been taken captive. Would you not call that the worst case scenario?”
Todoroki tightened his grip on Hitoshi’s shoulder, sensing that he was getting angry again.
He wanted to get out of there but... he couldn’t.
Not until he saw the end of this, as much as it hurt, he had to watch until the end.
” Then and there, the “worst case scenario” that I could see meant tudents getting killed, helpless to resist.”
The man questioning them seemed unimpressed with that answer.
Nedzu took that as his que to intervene again.
”The majority of the damage to the students was borne of the gas attack. We have since identified that villain’s quirk as a sleep-inducing gas. Thanks to the swift response of Kendou and Tetsutetsu, no lives were lost. In addition, we are currently seeing to their mental care. However, at his time we cannot determine what, if any, deep psychological scars might manifest.”
”And I suppose you’re saying we should be thankful for small mercies?”
Nedzu fell right into the trap set by the reporter.
”I believe that any harm to their futures would be the worst case scenario.”
The reporter took this as his opening.
A chance to strike.
”Could you say the same of the “future” of the student who was kidnapped? Of Midoriya? It wasn’t hard to find out about the boy’s past. He was diagnosed as quirkless a short while after his fourth birthday and was bullied for a large portion of his life. Upon looking further into his past, we learnt that his parents passed away just short of two yeas ago and he started living with his older sister. While none of this may seem relevant, it is obvious from his behaviour during his fights against Bakugo and Todoroki compared to his fight against Shinsou. His life prior to U.A has taken a toll on his mental strength and it would appear you have done nothing to resolve this. So, perhaps they kidnapped him because they had their eyes in him after seeing said weakness? What if he was scouted due to his high physical and low mental strength and then taken captive by their clever talk and he’s now tainted by the path of evil? If you have any confidence that he does, in fact, have a “future” then please, do tell.”
Both Hitoshi and Aizawa were enraged by these words, anyone could tell that by looking at them.
Much to Hitoshi’s surprise and relief, Aizawa did not lash out but instead bowed at the waist.
”With regards to what happened, I acknowledge it was my failing. That being said... what happened at the sports festival was not a result of a “weak mind” but the result of feeling human emotions. The fact that he can show emotion already makes him a better hero than most. It shows that he can be sympathetic and knows when something is too difficult. He knows when he should go and get help and when he can handle something. That comes as a direct result of his ability to feel in that way. His ability to sympathises and empathise as well as think rationally make him an ideal hero in my eyes. If the villains made the same mistake you did and saw his emotions as their “opening,” then I am of the opinion that they are very shallow in their judgement.”
The reporter looked taken aback for a moment, before composing himself again.
”And just what is that meant to prove? It’s not a matter of how anyone feels. I’m asking what your concrete plans are.”
Nedzu sighed and glared at the man.
”It’s not as though we’re simply standing by and watching. Presently, we are going forward with our investigation alongside the police. Make no mistake, we will take our pupil back without fail.”
--Kinda sorta back to Izu but not quite—
“My my, looks like you made a mistake, Shiggs. Maybe your “master plan” or whatever wasn’t as perfect as you though, bitch. Don’t forget, I’m still legally allowed to fight you, permission or not. I don’t need a fucking quirk to take down at least two of you.”
They never thought to search him.
Izuku definitely has at least two or three knifes hidden on him.
Probably more.
“Damn brat doesn’t understand what he’s up against...!”
“Ooh, let’s stab him!”
(Not before I stab you, bitch. I still need to get back at you for going after Naoko while I was away.)
Shigaraki glanced down at the discarded hand.
“No, you mustn’t Shigaraki Tomura! Calm yourself!!”
The man in question glared at Izuku as he held out one of his hands and picked up his face-hand with the other.
"dON't... don't laY a fINgEr oN HiM... I caN FEEl iT... thAT Kid's GonNA be ImpORTAnT To uS In THe fUtuRE. NOW, kURogIRI, i DoN't WannA seE anyMORe OF hiS faCE. senD HIM AnD dabI BAck TO THe sHit hOLe HE CaLls a hOuSe."
Those were the last words he heard from Shigaraki, before he was once again swallowed by a swirling vortex of purple blue and black, landing on his arse.
“This is the place my tracker is leading us to.”
They were stood outside a large warehouse with moss and weeds beginning to grow in the cracks of the walls.
“So this is their hideout... definitely looks like one!”
Yaomomo sighed and turned to face them.
“I can’t be sure... but, as far as I can confirm, that villain hasn’t budged from this spot for a whole day. Remember, just because there are villains here doesn’t mean Midori-kun is as well. I want you to take this time to remind yourselves just how little information we had to arrive at this point.”
Iida cast his gaze to the floor and took a deep breath before speaking.
“None of us excel at stealth and infiltration like Jirou or Hagakure. The second I feel there’s even the slightest amount of danger, I’m stopping this! And it’s precisely because we’re friends that I won’t hesitate to report this to the police!”
Hitoshi nodded and took a step forward.
“Iida was right in pointing out that none of us are great at stealth, that means we’ll need a plan. However, that bares its own problems. Mido is the best strategist in our entire year group, hell, he’s probably one of, if not the, best in our entire school. To get anywhere past this point, we need to start asking ourselves what he’d do in our situation. That’s the only way we’ll find anything.
“Why do I have to clean up after U.A’s blunders.... I’ll have you know I am a busy man.”
Akari sighed.
“Come now... we’re alumni, aren’t we?”
Tsukauchi had just finished going over the plan and, as predicted, Endeavour was back to whining like a bitch.
“U.A can’t call for any heroes right now. You need to see the whole picture, endeavour.”
“I take it that’s why a criminal, sorry, vigilante, was brought in as well.”
Tsukauchi sighed and continued talking.
“This incident could very well serve as the trigger that causes hero society to crumble. We have no choice but to combine our efforts towards a resolution.”
Was that Gran Torino she spotted?
She thinks so!
Akari snuck her way over to Gran Torino while everyone was talking about boring things.
“I once invited Bakugo to my office, thinking I could mend his ways. It’s not often you see such a level of stubbornness. And seeing as he could start rampaging at any second, we must be quick.”
She was now stood next to Gran Torino.
She leant down and started talking quietly.
“Hey, Gran Torino, can I get an autograph?”
The semi-retired hero jumped at the sound of her voice.
“So ya couldn’t change him, huh?”
“The boy was prideful down to the roots of his hair.”
People were still talking about boring things.
“Uhh, sure? Can I just ask who ya are though?”
Akari supressed the urge to laugh.
“Our Ragdoll was taken from us, too! On a personal level, I cannot overlook this!”
Gran Torino turned his head towards the crouching vigilante on his left.
All Might was to the man’s right.
“Some might ask you the same thing, Gran Torino sir. I’m Eclipse. That ring a bell?”
It did.
Upon mention of her name, Gran Torino’s eyes widened.
“They let a vigilante work on this case?!”
She sighed and shook her head.
Gran Torino was beginning to wonder how her legs weren’t hurting from squatting next to him for so long.
“Were you not listening to the brief at all? I provided one of the locations and pretty much threatened Tsukauchi over there to let me come and help out.”
His brow furrowed and he turned to face her fully.
She didn’t return the favour, opting to continue watching how Mt. Lady’s hair shone in the light.
“I know the kid from the short time he spent on Dagobah beach, between living with the Bakugos and living with his sister. He’s a good kid. I won’t let anything like this happen to any of my trash beach kids again.”
She figure that probably confused the man even more, but it was the most she could tell him without outright saying she was Akari and Izuku was Kumo.
Gran Torino hummed.
“What did you come over here for again?”
She pulled a pocket size notepad and pen out of one of her pouches, handing them to him.
“Autograph? You were one of my favourite heroes while I was growing up.”
The man chuckled and sighned her notebook, handing it back to her when he was done.
“If you admired heroes, why didn’t you become one?”
Akari released her own version of Izuku’s sad chuckle.
“I don’t exist, Gran. I couldn’t go to a school, let alone become a hero.”
With that, she pushed herself up and walked back over to her squad.
“All right, group 3! Let’s head out!”
“For the press conference we asked the principle and only the principle to cooperate in order to deceive the villains! We had him pretend to be having a rough time with the investigation! And if they took that weak statement at face value then they’d never suspect to be raided that very same day! IT’S TIME FOR SOME PAYBACK, BOYS! WE COUNTERATTACK NOW! LET’S TURN THE TIDE HEROES!!!”
Ejiro looked through the gate and sighed.
“Lights ain’t even on; I really doubt anybody’s in there.”
Shinsou slapped himself, getting a shocked gasp out of everyone, and started searching the area with his eyes.
“YO. What’s a bunch of kids like you doin’ out here this late?!”
Yaomomo decided to resolve this, while Shinsou racked his brain for possible ways in.
“Heheh, I’m not sure whether to take that as a compliment or an insult... no matter, we’ll be on our way now, c’mon boys, let’s go.”
She grabbed Iida and Bakugo, much to the latter’s annoyance, by the wrists and lead the four boys around the building, following Shinsou’s lead.
He led them ‘round the back of the building, explaining that the streets were too crowded and they might find something more if they search back there.
“It’s so narrow... I hope none of us get stuck...”
“We can only move forward when we’re sure it’s safe... and that there aren’t any eyes trailing us here...”
Shinso was acting a lot like Midori, minus the occasional bursts of sass and swearing.
Ejirou looked up.
“Guys, look! A window!”
Bakugo could be heard growling from the front of the line.
“What about it, shitty hair?! It’s just a fucking window!”
“I was thinking we could look through it! It’s low enough for us to look through if someone gives us a boost and there are enough panels for half of us to look through while the other half give us a boost!”
Todoroki decided to join in on “question everything that Kirishima says time.”
“What, this late at night? I doubt you’d be able to see a thing.”
At least Yaomomo was on his side.
“Well, I could make some night vision goggles, if you want....”
“Shut up, shitty hair! If you give our location away, I’ll kill you before the villains have the chance!”
Ejirou gulped and continued speaking.
“Uhh, anyway, I kinda brought my own night vision goggles.”
Yaomomo’s eyes lit up with fascination and confusion.
“Wow, really?! Why?!”
Bakugo shot a death glare at her.
“Ah, uh... you can get them on Amazon and delivery’s normally really fast. I could only get one set, but when I was thinking about what we could do... I thought we’d need one.”
Bakugo sent him another glare, only, it was for a different reason entirely.
“Those are expensive, idiot. I’ll pay you back once this is all over.”
Ejirou smiled but shook his head.
“There’s no need, really, it’s fine.”
“I’m doing it anyway, bastard.”
He sighed.
“Fine, whatever. We need to find Midori right now.”
Shinsou nodded.
“Right then, Kirishima, Yaomomo and I will look, while Bakugo, Iida and Todoroki give us a boost.
“It’s so cramped though...”
“Do not lean over too much, position us so that we can run if there’s any danger.”
“Iida-kun, could you lean down a bit?”
“What’s it look like in there, shitty hair?!”
He held the night vision goggles up to his eyes and looked through the window.
“Uhh... all I see is how dirty it is.... nothing else in parti.... cular... WHOA!!!!”
“Shut up you idiots! What do you see?!”
“The... the left corner.... Shinsou, look at the left corner!!”
Ejirou handed the equipment to Shinsou.
“Huh, it all looks so rushed and messy... wait... are... are those all... NOMUS...?!!?”
There was a knock at the door in front of Shigaraki.
“Hello? This is pizza-la, the Kamino branch? Your pizza’s here.”
As soon as the person on the other side of the door stopped talking, the wall to Shigaraki’s right imploded.
All Might came barrelling through it.
“What the?!?!” Called Spinner.
Kamui wood swung into the room and bound the villains all in wood.
Gran Torino made his way into the room immediately after.
”There is nowhere to run for you, league of villains... Why, you ask?! FOR WE ARE HERE!”
“All Might...!!” Spoke Compress. “You mean you arranged the timing of that press conference on purpose....?!”
“Yo, wood guy! Quit squeezing us, dammit! No, squeeze us harder!”
The same voice which announce the arrival of a pizza spoke next.
“The more you assume the offensive, the more you neglect your defense...” Edgeshot slid through the door. “We’re not the only ones,” He opened the door, allowing a group of armed police to make their way inside. “at the “Kamino branch of pizza-la.” Outside, several skilled heroes and the police have the place encircle... along with Endeavour.”
“In the unlikely event that a villain slips past, you have a wider range than he does.”
"AnD We'd FiddLED AROund wItH So MaNY litTle plans... SO, wHaT arE YoU DOING cominG To us finAL bOss...? in CASe YoU HadN'T NoTiCEd, yOUR PRIncEsS is in anotHER CAsTlE. AnYwaY, it SEEms thEre'S No otHeR waY... I'lL tAkE YOUr worDs And THROW TheM rIgHT BaCK At YOU- "We aRen't thE ONly OneS." KuROGiRi, WARP IN AS MANY AS YOU CAN!!!!”
“I must apologize, Shigaraki Tomura... I’m afraid the Nomus that should be stored at the designated location aren’t...!!”
All Might chuckled.
“You’re just as childish as I’d been led to believe, Shigaraki!”
"WhaT wAS that?!"
”You underestimated us far too much, oh league of villains. Whether it’s a young man’s soul,”
Shortly prior to this, at location two, Mt. Lady armed her foot with a car and lifted it above her head.
”The tireless investigation of our fine police officers,”
The previously raised foot was swiftly brought down on the building.
This sent Bakugo’s hat and Todoroki’s wig flying, as well as messing up the hair that Bakugo spent ages straightening.
Mt. Lady and Best Jeanist apprehended all of the Nomus, while Tiger collected Ragdoll.
”The Nomu warehouse has been neutralized.”
”Location three has been neutralized and Midoriya had been collected.”
”This is the last time you take them all for fun and games, Shigaraki Tomura!!”

Chapter Text

Spinner flinched back at the severity of All Might’s speech.
“All Might... He’s... this is the heroics that Stain sought...”
“ThIs IS THE lAST time...? cut THe bULlShIT... wE’ve oNLY JusT begUn! “PeacE,” They SAy... “justiCe,” tHey saY... i’M goNna TaKE ThE heaP OF tRash tHAt’S BeEN COVeRed BY a lId oF vAGUe plATiTuDes anD DEmOLisH iT... and SEeIng aS AlL mighT’s thE lid TO thAt tRaSH heaP, I’m gonNA HAvE To REMOVE THAt LId To DO mY worK. i’Ve eVEn GoT coMraDES shoWInG up By mY SIdE, OnE bY onE. So CUt THE bULLshit... this Is whEre it ALL STaRTs... KUROGI-...”
Kurogiri suddenly cried out and fell unconscious.
Toga was next to speak, if you could call it that.
Edge Shot moved away from the warp gate user and un... unravelled himself?
“I merely messed around with his insides a tad. Made him pass out. He won’t die. That man was the biggest nuisance... so I had him sleep.
“Now, it’s probably in your best interest to star real nice and quiet. Hikiishi Kenji, Sako Atsuhiro, Iguchi Shuuchi, Toga Himiko, Bubaigawara Jin. Despite how little information and time they had to work with, I heard how hard our boys in blue worked, pulling so many night shifts... and they managed to pin down all of your backgrounds. You understand what I’m saying? I’m saying you don’t have anywhere to run. Hear that, Shigaraki? And I’ve got something to ask you... where is your boss, kid?”
Shigaraki’s eyes widened and filled with fear, a single bead of sweat rolling down his face.
“c- Cut THE BulLshit... THErE’S nO wAy... NO WaY, iT CAn’t eND nOw... NOt ThAt QUicKLy... cUt tHE bULLshiT... gO aWAY... GET Out OF MY sight....”
All Might’s smile dropped slightly.
Strange black liquid appeared either side of Shigaraki in the middle of the air.
Nomus began to emerge from them.
“Nomus?!?! They’re springing out of thin air...! And what is that black liquid?!”
“Edge Shot! Check Kurogi-“
“He’s out cold! This isn’t his doing!”
More Nomus began to appear all around the bar.
All Might turned to Kamui Woods.
“Endeavor!! We need your-“
Dozens more Nomu were appearing on the ground, around Endeavor and the police force.
“But according to the results of our investigation... there should only have been the three locations...! Jeanist, Eclipse!! Didn’t you say your locations were neutralized?!... Hello?!”
“Toshinori, this... this is...”
“But... they shouldn’t still have access to any warp power...!!! And that response time... it’s far too fast...!”
Tsukauchi’s comm came through with radio static for a moment and then-
”Tsuki! They too him!! He... he started coughing up this weird black liquid and then he disappeared! The liquid was all that was left!!”
Tsukauchi’s hand dropped to his side as he stared forward absently.
Right, the raid.
He went back to the Nomu problem.
-----A couple minutes earlier at location 2-----

“Wha... what’s going on?!”
Iida rubbed his head while everyone else got up.
They decided they should stack up and look over the wall again.
“Look, it’s Mt. Lady and Gang Orca... and there’s even the no. 4, Best Jeanist....!”
“Anythin’ else, Shitty Hair?”
“Oh!” Called Yaomomo. “Mr. Tiger’s there too...!”
“Blehh... are these things really alive...? Plus, doesn’t this seem a little too easy? Is it okay that we got stuck with such an easy job while everyone else is working hard?”
Jeanist sighed.
“Put aside questions of difficult or necessitu and think it through, rookie. Riot squad, quickly, prepare the “Maiden! We’ll be needing a mobile prison like the maiden as there might still be some more of them. I leave the rest to all of you.”
Tiger shook as he looked down at the unresponsive form of his teammate.
Orca was stood nearby.
“She your teammate?! She still breathing? Boy, that’s a relief!”
Tiger continued to shake.
“But... she’s not looking very good.... what did they do to you...? RAGDOLL!!
“It seems like the pros moved much, much faster than the likes of us ever could have...!” Iida stated, as they hopped down.
(Is there a way I can make his text more... I don’t know.... square?)
“Holy shit....”
“Phew, all right, let’s get out of here. There’s no longer anything we need to do!!”
Shinsou’s eyes were still locked on the wall separating them from the heroes.
“”Everyone else”... I guess Mido’s probably with the then...”
Yaomomo smiled, shakily.
“It sounds like there’s a lot of them! That should put us all at more ease! Now, let’s make haste back....”
(What is that?!)
“I’m sorry, Tiger. I’d been eyeing that quirk of hers for quite some time, you see... it’s a good one, perfect, in fact.... so, I decided I’d take it.”
(...Take... it...?)
“He with the league?”
“Somebody turn on the lights...”
The voice spoke again.
“Ever since my body fell into this state, my stock diminished a good deal as well...”
A footstep rang out, clear as day even from their position.
Best Jeanist acted quickly and used his quirk to apprehend the owner of the voice.
“Hey, hold on Mr. Jeanist! What if he’s a civilian...”
Another sigh from the number four.
“You need to rad the situation. A moment’s hesitation can sway the field of battle. Do not let the villains do anything at all.”
A lone man in a black suit stood in a desecrated wasteland.
“After so much work, I’ve finally gotten Tomura to think on his own... to begin to lead on his own. So, if you could, I’d very much like it if you ceased your interference.”
Six U.A student – Shouto Todoroki, Hitoshi Shinsou, Katsuki Bakugo, Tenya Iida, Momo Yaoyorozu and Ejirou Kirishima – stood, hidden, behind a wall.
They couldn’t move.
They all stood with their breath held and sweat dripping down their faces.
The entire are was destroyed in an instant.
Only then did they realise; how weak they truly were.
“Now then... shall I deal some death?”
-----Back to location 1?-----
Tsukauchi had just shouted up to Toshinori that Midoriya had been swallowed up by the black liquid back at location three.
That...He would deal with that in a moment.
For now, they had Nomus to deal with.
From what he had heard, Eclipse was more than capable of handing the Midoriya incident on her own, even if only for a short while.
She could, at the very least, stall until he got there.
At that very moment, all the villains in the room began coughing up the same black liquid that release the Nomus and, apparently, swallowed up Midoriya.
Each hero in the room charged at a villain, Kamui not releasing his hold for a second.
It was no use.
The villains were all gone before they could be reached, leaving empty swirls of wood where Kamui held them.
Edge Shot jumped off the counter he had previously been stood on.
“No, it wasn’t your fault! We all saw it, too! Those weren’t Kurogiri’s warp portals; he was in no position to interfere! That was clearly some sort of targeted teleportation!”
As the young hero stopped talking, all Nomus in the room leapt at Toshinori.
”Oklahoma... SMASH!!!”
Toshinori heard the tail end of a conversation on the ground as he stepped towards the hole he blew in the side of the building at the start of the raid.
”Endeavour!! You all right?!”
He wiped a small trickle of blood from the corner of his mouth.
He brought his hand back down to his side and prepared to make his way to location two.
”Right... I’m leaving this to you.”
Slow, menacing clapping echoed around the area.
“I expected no led of you, no. 4!!! No less of Best Jeanist!! My intent was to blow you all to smithereens!! But to think you would push everyone away from the blast in a split second by their clothing! That judgement, that technique... you are a man of extraordinary nerve!”
The clapping ceased, leaving the man rom earlier stood in partial silence, not a speck of dust on his suit.
Shouto couldn’t breathe.
He felt like he was suffocating.
The man in the perfect suit exuded an aura of death.
A single movement and the man could hear and kill him.
He couldn’t just leave the heroes to die...
The man began to speak again.
“Your “power” owes itself to considerable training and experience in the field. As such... I have no use for it. That quirk... simply wouldn’t suit Tomura.”
He pointed a single finger at Jeanist, hopefully only knocking him out, and brought his hand back towards himself.
(What the hell is he?! What happened?!)
(It’s... it’s all gone!)
(Everything got wiped out in an instant!!)
(What... What the fuck?!)
(We need to get away...!!! I understand that full well, and yet....)
(I’m do terrified that my body...)
(Our bodies won’t move)
Shouto heard a splashing sound from the same direction the voice was in.
And then coughing.
And then-
“Wh- what?! Where the fuck am I?! What did you do with Ak- Eclipse?!”
That was Izuku!
He- he was out there with... that!
“I must apologize Midoriya.”
“What? You wanna apologize for fucking kidnapping me?! I think it’s a bit late for that, love.”
The man chuckled at Izuku’s response.
The sound from when Izuku appeared came again, followed by a series of grunts.
“You’ve failed again, haven’t you, Tomura. Well, that may be so, but you mustn’t be discouraged. You should simply start over. Look, I’ve even returned your comrades to you. As well as this boy... seeing as you determined he would come in handy. You can try as many times as you like- that’s why your sensei is here! This is all,” The man held his hand out to a kneeling Shigaraki. “for your sake.”
He couldn’t move.
Why couldn’t he move?!
He- he needed to save Izuku!
So why couldn’t he move!
He needed to!
Shouto slid his foot to the side and willed himself to move, only for Iida to grab both his and Shinsou’s arms.
You could tell what he was thinking just by looking into his eyes.
He was begging them not to move.
Reminding them of his promise to protect them.
Yaomomo held onto Bakugo and Kirishima, making sure they couldn’t make a move either.
“Ah... there he is...”
Iida’s eyes widened at the statement.
There who is?
As if answering their question, a whistling could be heard – as if something were falling – followed by a loud smacking sound.
”I’m afraid I’ll be having you give it all back, ALL FOR ONE!!”
“Ah, I take it you’ve come to kill me again, All Might.”
Despite not knowing the full situation, all six of them could tell what was about to happen.
A final battle of light against dark.
The question was....
Which would win?
“Come now, that was for too slow for you.”
By the sound of it, there was another ground-breaking hit.
“How strong is that guy..?!”
Bakugo shot Shouto a glare.
“This place is only a little over 5 kilometres from the bar... for it to have taken you 30 whole seconds to arrive from where I sent all those Nomus... How weak you’ve become, All Might.”
”Right back at you, you son of a bitch. Want to fill me in on that mask?! When did your neck sprout an industrial zone?! You certain you’re not overexerting yourself?!”
Shouto repositioned himself to see the fight going on only a few short metres away.
”I won’t make the same mistake I did t years ago, All for one. I’m going to take back Midoriya-shounen! And then this time, I’m going to make sure to throw you into the slammer! Right alongside the league of villains you control!!”
“Is that so... then it’d seem you have a dreadful number of things to do. As do I.”
The man, All for One as All Might had called him, sprouted... something from his arm and fired it at All Might, sending the hero flying backwards and destroying everything in his path.
“Air propulsion plus musculoskeletal coiling, four instantaneous impact quirks and three physical strength amplification quirks. This combination is a fun one... perhaps I should add on a few amplifier quirks...”
“Hmm? What was that?”
“Just who do you think you’re talking to, child?”
“Well not you, that’s for sure. Mind your own fucking business.”
“Such an ill-mannered boy... escape from this place, Tomura. And take the boy with you. Kurogiri, usher everyone back.”
“Umm, you still in there?! The guy’s clearly knocked out!! Like, I dunno what’s going on, but if you can use warps or whatever then would ya please warp us yourself?!”
“I am afraid my warp quirk is still quite fresh, Magne my dear. Not only is its range of transport limited... it differs from his coordinate-based warp quirk in that I can only bring matter to me or send matter away from me. For that matter... the destination must be a person I know intimately, or it won’t work.” He opened a warp gate by force. “Now go.”
"BuT seNSeI, YOu..."
All Might landed a short distance from All for One and began running towards him, fist raised.
”You’re not getting away!!”
“Tomura, always keep in mind... that you’ve still got so much room to grow”
He caught All Might’s punch again.
“C’mon, Shigaraki! Let’s high-tail it while pipehead’s keeping All Might busy!”
“Someone grab the kid.”
“Well, this is certainly annoying...”
(He can’t get Izu, his hands are full... on top of that, the league are trying to use that as an opportunity to leave with him while they can! He’s surrounded...)
Izuku pulled a knife out of the sole of each shoe and danced around the villains, slicing at them when necessary.
”I’m coming!”
“I’m afraid I can let you do that All Might. In fact, that’s why I’m here.”
All for One flipped All Might over his shoulder and Shouto once again prepared himself to run in when-
A clanging sound could be heard.
All for One turned, revealing a large, seemingly recent, dent in his helmet.
There was then the sound of an explosion and the battlefield flooded with smoke.
Everyone turned to look at Bakugo.
He was still stood in the same place, Yaomomo’s hand on his shoulder.
Fast feet hit the ground every so often, and then the smoke cleared.
Akari, well Eclipse technically, was stood in front of Izuku.
“You all right, kid?”
He nodded.
Everyone watched in frozen awe as the vigilante ran at one of the villains and used them to kick off the ground, throwing a vial of blood and a pouch at Izuku.
The boy caught the pouch but allowed the vial to hit the floor and shatter.
The second Akari’s feet touched the floor, she turned the blood on the floor to metal, creating a circle of sorts around Izuku and using her temporary control of the sheet of metal to push it and Izuku to the very edge of battlefield, allowing him to run away.
She then glanced towards Shouto and nodded at him, letting him know it was okay for him to leave now.
Yaomomo and Iida grabbed the other boys, two each, and dragged them away from the area.
They made it back to the train station in a few short minutes.
Izuku wasn’t there.
The reason quickly became clear to three of the six of them.
The battle they’d just come from was being broadcast on TV.
The screen they’d been watching the press conference on earlier was showing said broadcast.
Kumo ran on screen fought the villains off, getting them away from Akari.
The two of them then stood back to back, challenging the villains to try and fight them.
All Might got back up and used the distraction caused by the vigilantes to get a hit in on All for One.
“Why... Why is Midoriya not here?”
Shouto, Shinsou and Bakugo couldn’t take their eyes off the screen.
They couldn’t.
Izuku- Izuku was still fighting.
“Why?! Why the hell didn’t she tell him to run and get as far away as possible?!”
Iida looked at Bakugo, confusedly.
“What do you mean?”
There was no reply.
Shouto wasn’t sure if Bakugo could reply.
Kirishima followed Bakugo’s line of sight.
“Kumo? Why’re looking at him, Bakubro?”
Bakugo just shook his head.
"DAMmIT! HE Got awaY! GAh, THIs IS uSeleSs!""
“Tomura, find a way or yourself and our league to get out of here. I’ll deal with the remainder of the rescue party.”
Gran Torino zipped in and landed next to the two vigilantes.
“Hey there, Gran! I wondered if you were gonna show up!”
”Took you long enough!”
“Shut it, you lot are all too damn fast.”
“Well, looks like the villains are tryin’ to escape. Us three’ll take ‘em out. You focus on the boss guy, All Might.”
Izuku slammed his staff into the floor, using the flat of the staff to spin himself around and kick Spinner right in the face, knocking him out.
Magne then used Twice to try and fire Compress at the warp gate.
It didn’t work.
Mt. Lady stood up to block the villain’s escape.
Compress whacked straight into her face, taking both down.
“We can... I’m sure we can still try again! We just have to-“
Gran Torino slammed his boot into the back of their heads.
“Four more down. We’ve only got two left to go!”
“Foiled by the addition of two people. The tables have turned.”
All for One’s fingers stretched out again, in the same way they did when he force activated Kurogiri’s quirk.
Only, this time it was Magne’s quirk that he force activated.
“Huh? Noooo, ah, this is all so sudden, you-“
All the villains apart from Magne went flying towards Toga.
"wAIt... WAiT, sENsei! YoU CAN'T!" All for One launched Magne towards the others. "WITh thAt BOdy, yOU'll..... no..." He reached his hand out towards All for One. “I’M STILL-“
The warp gate closed.
“Tomura. You must carry on the fight.”
All Might came flying towards All for One, charging a punch.
The latter warped Gran Torino between them and then activating a quirk, causing All Might to hit the semi-retired hero and take the same amount of damage himself.
“I only came to aid Tomura, but... if you insist on fighting, then I accept your challenge.”
”I’m sorry!!!”
“I do despise you, after all. You crushed all my comrades with those fists, one by one and then the world sang your praises as the “symbol of peace.” The vista you view standing atop the mound of our dead,” All for One charged a punch of his own. “must be nice, surely?”
All Might grabbed Gran Torino with his left hand and matched All for One’s punch with his right.
The hits cancelled out.
“I won’t let you fight as “freely” as you’d like. Heroes always have so many things that need protecting-“
”SHUT UP. That’s how you always toy with others! You destroy them! And rob them! You use them and dominate them! All the while sneering down from your wanton perch at those who live their day to day lives! I WILL NEVER...” He grabbed the villain’s arm and prepared to hit him again, throwing Gran Torino up and back. ”EVER ALLOW SUCH EVIL!!”
He slammed his fist into All for One’s mask, shattering it completely.
He’d reached his limit.
He was pushing himself to make sure he didn’t turn into a skeleton right now.
All Might needed to rest.
Maybe... Maybe Izuku could buy him some time...
“Akari, how big of a dome do you think you could make right now?”
All Might was letting part of himself deflate while the rest stayed puffed up.
Izuku could tell.
“How awfully sentimental, All Might. Truth be told, I’ve heard more or less the same lines before. From the mouth of a prior wielder of One for All... Shimura Nana.”
Akari looked at Izuku, still facing the main battle just in case.
“About your height, why?”
He glared over at the scene in front of him.
“When I say go, create a dome around All Might. Make it so it has a roof an he can’t be seen, but we can get to him, okay? Once the dome’s created I want you to check on All Might while I keep All for One distracted.”
“No, don’t you dare! You’ll get killed!”
A hand landed on Izuku’s arm.
“Neither of you will go after All for One. You two will have five minutes to watch over All Might while he rests and I’ll keep the mad bastard occupied.”
Neither of them wanted that, but this was taking long enough as it was.
Izuku and Akari nodded at the preposition and watched on, waiting for their opening.

Chapter Text

Izuku blinked slowly and observed the fight unraveling before him.
All for One was tiring, but he still had the upper hand.
All Might looked exhausted.
He needed Akari to shield him so he could rest, but in order for that to work, the two powerhouses had to be seperated.
That didn't look like it was going to happen any time soon.
Izuku would make it.
Izuku turned and smiled at Akari, before sprinting right into the middle of the action.
And taking a hit for All Might.
He may not like the man, but he acknowledged his value as a hero.
He could hear the number one hero gasp at the sight in front of him.
It was fine.
Izuku didn't take most of the damage anyway.
His staff did.
And now it was broken.
And so was his nose.
It was fine.
"You're gonna have to do a bit better than that, hon. Even Eraser can hit harder than you."
The man pulled his fist back to hit Izuku again and All Might cried out in alarm.
Izuku heard a shattering sound behing him as the large fist made contact with the two broken halves of Izuku's staff once again.
The force from the hit sent the boy flying backwards into the newly constructed wall of metal.
That'd leave a bruise or two.
Oh, his staff was completely broken now.
That was fun.
He could ask Akari to make him another but...
He didn't want her to wear herself to thin.
Overuse of her quirk woild result in death via blood loss.
He'd have to give her a while to replace the blood that she'd lost.
"My my, aren't you a sturdy one. That has to do with your "quirk" I suppose. And what a useful quirk it must be. Spiders are such interesting creatures. Although, I've searched the records. There isn't a single child in Japan with a quirk resembling yours. Perhaps you never truly existed then. What a complecated boy you are."
Izuku pushed himself back up and slid into a fighting stance.
All he had to do was stall while Akari and All Might rested.
That should be simple enough.
After all, he did have Gran Torino to help him.
He hadn't seen the man since the plan was finalized...
No matter.
Izuku could handle this.
He would handle this.
No matter what.
Izuku stood across from All for One, on shaky feet, and grinned.
The man may not be able to see his face, but tthe change in demeanor was obvious even through a TV screen.
Izuku wasn't smiling with happiness.
He was threatening the man.
Blood started seeping through Izuku's mask, not visible past the metal mask but quite uncomfortable for him.
He couldn't wipe his nose either.
He locked eyes with the man and pulled a throwing knife from the pouch on his thigh, allowing his grin to drop before throwing it with all the strength he could muster in his right arm.
All for One caught the knife between his middle and index fingers and looked down at Izuku, dissapointedly.
"Did you really think this would stop me, child?"
He allowed his green eyes to slide shut for a moment.
He needed to think.
He could only stall for so long, until All for One got bored and decided to kill him.
So, how could he stall without getting himself killed?
Get All for One to monologue?
Would that work?
No, probably not.
He couldn't iniciate a staring competition either, as both of them had their eyes covered.
Maybe he could confuse the guy with random conversation?
Worth a shot.
Part of him wished he had Shinsou with him to brainwash All for One.
It was times like these he regretted not making web-slingers.
"So, All for One." He clasped his hands behind his back, reaching for a few things. "How did you get sucha an ominous name? And what's your real name? How old are you? Do you have a family, or are they all dead? Did you only target Midoriya 'cause he's quirkless or is there another reason?" he kept on like this, asking random and idiotic questions,until his contraption was complete. "One last question, sir. Why didn't you kill me when you had the chance?"
With that, Izuku planted his foot into the ground and threw another knife at the man, much faster this time.
It was much more clumsy than the last,but he caught this knife too.
He stared down at tge small silver blade and sighed.
This was met with a laugh.
Similar to All Might's yet... Not.
He returned his gaze to Izuku.
The source of the laugh.
"Why are you laughing? The only weapons you have left are these useless little knives."
In the process of catching the second knife, All for One had thrown the first behind himself.
Unbeknownst to him, that sped up the rated at which the second knife flew towards him.
Izuku yanked his arm back wards, pulling the second knife from the villains grip and towards himself, while also sending the first knife flying towards All for One.
The knife did nothing more than bury itself in the man's helmet.
He was unfazed.
"Is that all you've got, little spider?"
It was not.
Izuku threw a flash bang at the ground and sent another knife flying at the man.
Once he could see clearly again, he saw that tge knife had buried itself in the man's arm.
That was good.
It should at least slow him down a bit.
But now Izuku was down a staff, two throwing knives and a flash bang.
People everywhere were wondering why Kumo was fighting alone.
Where was Gran Torino?
Why were All Might and Eclipse hidden under a metal dome?
Were they coming up with a strategy?
No one knew.
Shouto looked up at the screen with fear.
Izuku was fighting that alone.
Shouto's first friend was fighting the man who had destroyed that whole area with a flick of his wrist alone.
Shouto took a step towards the front of the crowd.
And another.
And another.
And ano-
Iida grabbed his wrist.
"Todoroki, what's wrong?"
He didn't look back or speak.
He couldn't.
It didn't sound like Shinou or Bakugo could either.
Only they knew who was truly out there fighting.
No one else.
Not Iida or Yaomomo or Kirishima or anyone in the crowd.
Just Shouto and Shinsou and Bakugo
That was it.
"Half 'n half... We- we have to-"
Shouto shook his head slowly.
"No. No, we can't.... We've done to much already... If we did, I've not doubt that we'd just get in the way."
Shouto turned to glare at him.
"Do not. You know for a fact that I wouldn't be saying this if it weren't true. We can't go after him."
Iida dropped Shouto's wrist.
He took another step forward.
And stopped.
What was he trying to do?
There was nothing he could do.
Shouto sagged forward and closed his eyes.
He hoped Izuku would be able to handle himself until the others reappeared.
Shouto heard Shinsou gasp behind him.
He looked up.
Izuku flew backwards into a dome of metal, presumably risen by Akari, as his staff clattered to the ground in pieces.
Everyone held their breath as Izuku slowly stood and narrowed his eyes at the villain.
Even through the screen, an aura of pure rage was palpable.
Izuku pulled out a small throwing knife, translucent wire wrapped around one end, and threw it.
It was caught between two fingers and Shouto could almost feel the smug smirk Izuku was giving under his mask.
The vigilante kept the villain distract while he tied the middle of the wire still in his possession to another throwing knife and threw it at the man.
He dropped the first knife to catch the first and Izuku yanked on the tail end of the wire, pulling both knives towards him,the first landing in his hand and the second lodging itself in the man's helmet.
A booming laugh could be heard from the other side of the screen, followed by a higher pitched and more insane one.
The screen went white for a moment.
And then, Izuku stood, seemingly unharmed, opsite a man with one knife lodged in his helmet and another in his arm.
Thungs were looking up.
Until, that is, the man in the black suit backhanded Izuku into the nearest wall.
Everyone flinched.
Shouto was mad.
And sad.
Mad sad...
That looked painful.
Good luck explaining that to the hospital.
Could he explain having injuries in all the same places as Kumo?
Who knew.
Not the author.
They could probably get away with saying it was from falling out of the portal so many times.
Anyway, just as Izuku's back made contact with the wall, the front of the metal dome imploded.
All Might stepped out of the hole in the dome, quickly followed by Akari.
She took one look at Izuku, before turning her gaze back to All for One and cracking her knuckles.
"Oh, it is on, bitch."
How she managed to say that loud enough for the cameras to pick up, when none of Izuku and AFO's conversation was picked up, he wasn't sure.
Akari unsheathed her sword... Swords?
Since when were there two?
(Since I decided guns are too complicated and becoming the blue spirit from A:tla was more fun.)
She held the swords out behind her and ran up to the villain.
For the next few minutes, it almost looked like the two were dancing.
Akari constantly moving and swinging her swords fluidly while AFO dodged and ducked and spun around the blades.
If seen out of context, one might mistake the fight for a scene straight out of a beautifully choreographed perfomance from a stage play.
It was not.
This was a fight to the death, even if it didnt look it.
All for One grabbed the blade of Akari's sword with his bare hand and stared into her temporarily violet eyes.
"It's over Eclipse. This is the end of the line. For all of you."
A blur of green flickered across the screen just instants before the large metal helmet caved in.
Izuku was stood on the other side of the man, fists clenched and not a single injury or speck of blood visible through his costume.
The costume which was almost definately water proof and/or simply hid any and all traces of blood that may be visible on the boy.
"Stay away from her, All for One. You hurt her, you die."
The man shook slightly as he stood back up.
His helmet was cracked down the middle and fell to the floor once he'd risen to his feet.
The sight underneath was no more preferable to what they had seen before.
He hand no eyes.
His entire face was coverd in scars and he. Had. No. Eyes.
"My, what energetic children you are."
His tone sent a shiver down Shouto's spine.
Akari snagged her hand on the blade of one of her swords and formed a staff, trowing it to Izuku once it was finished.
Her quirk had improved while Izuku was with the league.
Before hand, she could only shape it slightly once it had been turned to metal.
Now it seemed closer to a mix of her own quirk and Yaomomo's.
She'd clearly been training for this.

Chapter Text

Midoriya Izuku intrigued him.
That was an understatement.
He was so very intrigued by Midoriya Izuku that he went to the effort of convincing Tomura the boy was necessary, and they should “collect” him.
And then the heroes showed up and a vigilante pushed him away to “safety”.
However, the most intriguing thing about Midoriya Izuku was the fact that shortly after being whisked away to safety, he reappeared on the battlefield, fully clad in vigilante gear, and proceeded to help Eclipse, Gran Torino and All Might fight him.
Yes, you read that right.
All for One did refer to Kumo and Midoriya as one in the same.
What? Did you expect the “king of the underworld” to not know the identity of such a famous vigilant?
A foolish thought, really.
Having said that, he never told anyone of this truth.
He would never dream of getting such a useful asset arrested or worse- killed.
Especially not after Tomura had accepted they needed the boy.
Now then, how was the quirkless boy still standing after being thrown into two walls?
Was it his suit?
It was certainly possible considering it was made by Eclipse.
That meant it was almost definitely reinforced with countless barely legal padding materials.
Or perhaps the boy was simply stupidly resilient.
Well, no time to think about such trivial matters.
Only fools were naive enough to think they could win without a plan.
All for One was no fool.
He had gotten Kumo down to only a handful of throwing knives, flash bangs and smoke bombs, but that was before Eclipse and All Might remerged.
The girl took one look at her fellow vigilante, sat against the wall, and charged at All for One with dual broad swords.
(Those are what Zuko had and that’s what Akari’s are bade on so that’s what they are)
As soon as he got in close to counterattack, Midoriya came out of nowhere and split All for One’s mask.
Neither of the children seemed surprised or repulsed by the sight.
All Might on the other hand, was.
He stood opposite the faceless man, frozen, as Eclipse threw the shorter vigilante a hastily made staff and sealed the wound on her hand with a sliver of metal.
He absently wondered if that was only a plaster or bandage of sorts or if it acted as a literal temporary skin while she healed.
How he would like that quirk.
It would mix perfectly with his current stock.
All for One laughed and looked around.
The boy had disappeared.
And the girl was grinning (?) at him.
Suddenly, a metal staff came down on his head.
He stumbled slightly, before regaining his composure and turning to Kumo.
He was now stood on his left, a fair distance away, staff grasped between his hands and eyes narrowed.
He straightened his posture and twirled his staff, slowly making his way over to the other vigilante and hero.
A few words were muttered between the three of them and a glance was sent in the direction Midoriya had previously ran in.
All Might’s eyes widened, and the conversation continued.
Until All for One got bored.
“If you are going to talk, do it in the afterlife. Let’s finish this.”
All Might stepped forward, pushing the vigilantes behind him in the process.
”You’re right. We should finish this. You and I, a rematch.”
He chuckled.
“You are mistaken if you think this will turn out like last time, All Might. One of us will die and it will not be me.”
Taking these words as a que, the vigilantes fled the scene in a blur of green and blue.
Without Kurogiri and with his warp quirk still recharging, he doubted he’d be able to stop them from leaving.
No matter.
This was a rematch he’d been, hah, dying for since his last real battle.
He would make sure it didn’t end like last time.
As soon as Izuku and Akari left the battlefield, they hid behind a wall and had Izuku get changed back into his normal clothes.
The blood from his broken nose was now dry and made it had (and a little painful) to remove his mask.
Akari grabbed wrapped him in a hug once he came out from behind the wall.
She hadn’t the opportunity before.
She missed him.
After that, she grabbed his wrist and began leading him toward the train station.
Where everyone was waiting.
Watching and waiting.
A police car sat a small distance from a large crowd of people stood around an advertisement board.
A board which showed a dishevelled All Might pull back his fist and channel all his power into it, before unleashing all his power on the man in front of him and yelling,
Everyone was frozen.
Until they weren’t.
Sudden as a mid-summer downpour, the entire crowd began screaming and cheering.
He almost didn’t hear Tsukauchi approaching.
Izuku turned to look at the detective and smiled weakly, a small, nostalgic tear rolling down his cheek.
The man nodded to Akari, who ruffled his hair and walked off – presumably to find his classmates and tell them off.
“Can you come with me kid? We need to ask you a few questions about what happened.”
Izuku nodded and followed the man.
“Okay then Izuku, can I call you Izuku?” He nodded. “Right. So, I just wanted to ask you a few questions about what happened while you were with the league. Is that all right with you?”
Izuku nodded again.
This shouldn’t be too hard.
If it were anyone else, he could fudge the answers.
However, for some reason they’d sent Tsuki in.
That was fine too.
He knew his quirk well enough to get around it.
“Right. Let’s get started the. First, did they hurt you in anyway?”
“Well, not really. One of ‘em hit me, I think they broke my nose... and I got a few bruises ‘cause of the warp quirks but other than that they didn’t touch me.”
All technically true.
All for One hit him, resulting in a broken nose, and he wouldn’t have ended up on that battlefield at all if it weren’t for AFO’s warp quirk.
He just missed out a few details, is all.
“Next, obviously the experience would’ve been traumatic in itself but did they do anything to further traumatise you?”
Izuku shook his head.
“They tried to get me to join them but... well, Dabi, the guy with blue flames, looked out for me for the most part. It was kinda weird.”
Tsukauchi nodded.
“Any idea why he did that?”
He shook his head again and looked down.
He had a theory, but that was nothing solid and, therefore, wouldn’t register as false.
A few more questions were asked, (None of which are listed ‘cause I literally have no idea how to write an interrogation?), and Izuku was walked out to the front of the station, where Akari and Eraser were waiting.
“Hey guys...”
The former sprinted up to him and encircled him in a hug.
“Oh God, ‘Zuku! We were so damn worried about you! Thank God you’re okay!”
Eraser walked up to the siblings and patted the younger of the two on his head.
“Good job on not dying, kid. I’m proud.”
He may have allowed himself to cry a little, not that he’d ever admit that to anyone.
Izuku fell asleep on the drive home.
Eraser and Akari glanced at him warmly.
He deserved some rest.
Not that he would every truly get any.
Izuku hoped to spend the rest of the holiday in peace, only leaving the house once a day to vigilante.
Obviously, the universe had other plans for him.
Izuku was just finishing his lunch when-
Who was at the door?
They weren’t expecting anyone, were they?
Akari sprinted out of her room and out to the front door, still wearing her workshop clothes.
(I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned what she actually wears while inventing? I might add a picture at some point, but it’s basically just an old t-shirt crop top and low waisted jogging bottoms? ‘cause they’re comfy and if she cuts herself it just helps with making metal?)
“Yo! Aizawa! I thought you were comin’ over tomorrow?”
Aizawa sighed tiredly and pinched the bridge of his nose.
Izuku watched on quietly while finishing his lunch.
“No. The letter said Thursday. Today is Thursday.”
Akari pulled he phone out of a pocket she added to the trousers.
“Oh! It is! I thought it was Wednesday...”
“I take it that’s why you’re covered in grease and metal flakes.”
She nodded vigorously and pulled the small blue hair bobble out of her hair.
“Yup! I’m workin’ really hard on a few projects! Speakin’ of, when’s your birthday?”
He glared and stepped inside, slowly making his way over to the kitchen.
“November. Why?”
“Hmmmm, that’s a while away.... anyway! You should probably explain why you’re here to ‘Zuku. I forgot.”
The grumpster sighed again.
“Why am I not surprised.” He walked into the kitchen and sat down across from Izuku. “Hey there kid. I know this is a lot to throw at you after what just happened but... U.A’s going into a dorm system. Technically they are compulsory if you want to continue in the hero course at U.A, however, I’m sure if you ask Nedzu nicely he’d let you stay here over the weekends. I know what you’re like. After everything that happened, I doubt you’d want to leave Akari alone.”
Izuku’s eyes widened and he turned to his sister.
“I’m not entirely opposed to it. It’s up to ‘Zuku at the end of the day. However, if he does decide to go, he is staying here at the weekends. The rat can fight me for all I care. This isn’t a request. It’s a condition.”
Aizawa nodded.
Izuku numbly grabbed his sister’s arm and walked out of the room, walking far enough away that he was sure Aizawa wouldn’t be able to hear them.
“I- I... but- we... It’s-“
Akari cut him off.
“’Zuku, it’s fine. No one said anything about being Kumo. Stay there, wait until everyone’s asleep, sneak out and be Kumo for a few hours, get back before anyone wakes up. ‘S fine. Do what you want.”
Izuku nodded and the two of them headed back into the kitchen.
“I’ll do it.”
Aizawa snorted.
Izuku swore he laughed like Shinsou...
“God kid, you sound like you’re signing up for a war or some shit!”
Was he?
Technically, in signing up to be a hero, he was going to war with the villains.
Well, he supposed being a vigilante was technically worse.
A vigilante is ally only to teammates, and even that was rare.
Today was the day they moved into their dorms.
All their stuff had already been taken in, they just had to find their rooms and decorate.
Izuku had no intention of leaving his room once he found it.
Aizawa appeared, explained where everything was and disappeared.
(No one had to jump in and save Izuku, so no one knew they were there so no one got told off.)
Everyone looked around excitedly.
Izuku just grabbed his stuff and headed up a single flight of stairs to his room.
He didn’t bring much.
She who feared no one threatened Nedzu into letting Izuku come home for the weekends.
It was considerably easier than expected.
The first thing he did was set his stuff down.
He routed through his little box and pulled out his posters, putting them up one by one.
Next, he turned to the window.
The current curtains were a boring beige.
Thank god Izuku had bought spare.
He also brought small buckets of paint to recreate his mini galaxy above his bed.
But no one needed to know that.
He replaced the thin, beige curtains with a thick, purple blackout curtains and covered his bed with newspaper.
He climbed onto his bed, soon realising he was too short to reach the ceiling.
It was probably about time to get something to eat anyway.
He headed downstairs to find food and a very tall step ladder.
Or Shouto.
Shouto would probably work as a step ladder.
But he was also in his room, so maybe not.
Yaomomo walked into the room while Izuku was raiding the fridge.
“Oh, hey, Yaomomo! Do you know where the ladders are? I’m to short to reach the ceiling in my room.”
She shook her head and pulled two apples of the top shelf of the fridge, handing one to Izuku.
“Sorry, no. I could make you a set if you wanted.”
Izuku looked up at the girl and smiled.
“That’d be nice. Could you?”
She nodded and walked out of the room, coming back in a few moments later with a step ladder taller than Izuku.
He thanked her and headed back up to his room, taking the ladder with him.
He set the ladder up next to the bed and masked off the area he’d be painting in, slowly getting to work on his small galaxy.
As soon as it was done, he peeled back the tape and put all his supplies away in the wardrobe he would probably never use.
His laptop was next to be set up.
It was a high performance one with a shit ton of storage.
He’d also bought a Bluetooth mic, webcam, mouse and speakers, masking off the laptops built in webcam.
A deep green carpet with violet and sapphire swirls was placed in the middle of the room, complementing the Eraserhead, Eclipse, Kumo and Midnight posters on his wall (a Mt. Lady one would soon be joining them.)
Everything else got put into drawers and cupboards.
Despite his apprehension, Izuku headed downstairs to check on his friends.
And somehow got dragged into a “best room” competition.
They decided they should go floor by floor, boys first then girls.
Meaning Shinsou was first and Izuku was second.
Aoyama and Tokoyami were the only others on their floor.
Shinsou’s room was pretty much the same as the one at his house.
Purple cats were on his bedsheets, curtains and an annoyingly rectangular carpet in the middle of his room.
A square, grey alarm clock sat on his bedside table and his computer set sat on the desk in the corner of his room.
His computer set being a computer-computer, his vigilante-comm headphones and the same Bluetooth set Izuku had.
A sketch pad and pencil case sat on his chest of drawers and his school bag was slumped against his wardrobe door.
Mina counted the cartoon cats in his room.
There were 198.
That wasn’t including the countless cat shirts, cat themed pyjamas, cat stationary, nyan cat slippers and cat plushies he had hidden in his wardrobe and pencil case.
Izuku would go around and count them all one day.
That day was not today.
Once the count was over, they moved on to Izuku’s room.
The first thing Mina pointed out was Izuku’s ceiling galaxy.
It seemed everyone liked it.
That was a plus, he guessed.
Yaomomo noted how everything was colour coordinated.
Aoyama found the paint.
And the very small stash of glitter Akari had snuck into Izuku’s stuff.
And poured the glitter in Izuku’s hair.
The entire bag.
Aoyama’s room looked a lot like Izuku’s hair.
Bright and full of glitter.
Suffice to say, Izuku was not happy.
Tokoyami’s room was probably Izuku’s favourite.
It was very dark.
And had day glow fairy lights.
And a sword!
Izuku liked it a lot.
They moved on to the next floor.
Kouda’s room was first.
There was a bunny!
It was so... cute!
Izuku loved all of the rooms so far.
Apart from Aoyama’s.
But that was only because Aoyama had poured glitter in his hair.
Denki’s room was tacky.
That sounds mean.
He didn’t mean it to but...
It was true.
There was no way around it.
Iida’s room was... well, exactly as predicted.
It was clean, practical and hadn’t a single strange thing.
Apart from the dozens of pairs of glasses.
But that was to be expected.
Ojiro’s room was nice.
Quite minimalistic, but nice.
Jirou’s room was the first of the girls to be displayed.
It had everything.
Now, when Izuku says everything, he means every instrument.
But still!
She got pretty embarrassed about it, which was fair.
Next was Hagakure’s room which was... pink.
Just... pink.
Shouji’s room was.... even more bare than Ojiro’s.
It was like.... the barest of bare rooms.
He didn’t even have a bed.
To each there own, he supposed.
Kirishima chose to describe his room as manly.
That was fair.
It was actually a very nice room.
Very... Kirishima.
Bakugo didn’t participate, he was probably already asleep.
Izuku didn’t need to go into the room to know what it looked like.
He used to spend most of his time at the blond boy’s house.
He knew the layout of that room like the back of his hand.
Bakugo was too stubborn to change anything in his room apart from the pictures of he and Izuku.
Uraraka had a fairly basic room.
That was fine.
She probably didn’t have enough money for fancy decorations and the like.
Maybe Izuku would let her borrow some paint to customise her room a bit.
Mina’s room was pretty much entirely pink leopard print.
Which... yeah.
That seemed about right.
It wasn’t the prettiest pattern, but she like it and that was all that mattered.
Satou had a c a k e.
A C A K E!
It was a really good cake too.
Izuku wished he could bake like that.
It was so melty and moist and.... I T W A S S O G O O D !
Shouto’s room was... wow.
Just... wow.
Izuku may have painted part of his ceiling, but Shouto had re-carpeted.
Like, he replaced the carpet in his entire room with tatami mats.
His room was, like, fully traditional Japanese.
It was so cool.
Sero’s room was... interesting?
Like, it was cool, just very western.
Izuku liked the hammock though.
Yaomomo was last, as Tsuyu said her room was her private space.
That was fair.
Anyway, Yaomomo’s room...
It... it was mostly a bed?
Like, just a giant bed?
It was a very nice bed though.
Satou won the vote for best room, much to the dismay of most of the boys.
Izuku too had voted for Satou.
Izuku liked cake.
After the voting for the competition was over, Izuku headed back up to his room.
He got changed, turned off the lights and got in bed, staring up at the glow in the dark stars in his galaxy.
He slowly drifted away into a dreamless sleep.

Chapter Text

A small light blinked in the corner of Izuku’s laptop screen, waking him from his light sleep.
He pushed back his duvet and swung himself out of bed, slowly and quietly making his way over to his laptop.
He sat down at the desk and moved his mouse a little, turning the screen on.
A small notification sat in the corner of his clamour app.
It was an invite to a chat.
The name of the chat was: For vigilantes
He clicked it.
-> Kumo has joined the battle
Glad to see you joined us, Kumo
I think Eclipse needs to speak to you
She’ll be on this one
He clicked the hash tag, leading him to one of the server’s many chatrooms.
The background of the chatroom was different to how it should’ve been.
It was dark navy blue, almost black, rather than grey.
As well as this, the page seemed to go on forever, each conversation more serious than the last.
A small box appeared at the bottom of the screen, reding “Eclipse is typing...”
Izuku scrolled back down to the bottom of the chat.
Hey there bud
You think you’d be okay to head out tonight
It’s fine if you’re not
I’ll come
Just gimme a sec to get changed
If you’re sure
I’ll met you in the usual place
I’ll get there in about half an hour
But take as long as you need
Izuku closed the lid of his laptop, keeping his thumb between the two halves so it wouldn’t make a sound when closed, and got off his chair.
He made his way over to the wardrobe and moved his multiple cans of paint aside, finding a small bag holding his suit.
He pulled the suit out o the bag and got changed, leaving his pyjamas on his bed.
He pulled the curtains back and opened the sliding doors, stepping out on the balcony and pulling the door and curtain shut behind him.
A running jump from the far-left side of his balcony and he was stood on Shinsou’s.
He knocked lightly on the glass door and crouched low so he couldn’t be seen by anyone with a view of the balcony.
The lilac haired boy opened the door, sluggishly, and looked down at Izuku.
“What are you doing outside my room at 11P.M?”
Izuku tapped his ear and winked at Shinsou.
He then glanced behind him and jumped off the balcony, rolling to break his fall when he reached the floor.
It only took him just under half an hour to get to the meeting point.
“A? You here?”
No one was on the rooftop.
She said she’d get there in half an hour and would wait for him but....
He was stood on the roof alone.
He pulled out his Kumo phone and checked Clamour.
She said she’d arrive in about half an hour.
Well, maybe she was running a bit late.
Izuku sat himself down and leaned against the wall.
Five, ten, twenty, fourth, nothing.
He got his phone back out.
Does anyone know where Eclipse is?
She’s not where we said we’d meet up
Have you tried contacting her directly?
She only really comes online if there’s something important going on
I’ll try that
@Eclipse - offline
Where are you?
It’s past 12
Is everything ok?
On a job
Patrol w/o me
Says she’s on a job
Should be nothing to worry about then
If you’re gonna patrol today, make sure you don’t stay out too late
Also, stick to your normal patrol route
Something feels off
Izuku pocketed his phone and looked up.
Looked like a storm was approaching.
How many more vigilantes were there in the area?
He knew that not everyone in the group chat would live anywhere near Musutafu, or even Tokyo.
Hell, some of them could even be from different countries, but...
It was kind of nice to know there were others.
Footsteps sounded behind him.
Izuku turned and saw Eraserhead approaching him.
“Hey there Eraser. What’re you doing on this side of town at this time of night?”
The man glared at him and continued to walk forward.
“I was looking for you and Eclipse, obviously.”
Izuku closed his eyes and nodded, as Aizawa slid down the wall and sat next to him.
“Y’know? I don’t say shit like this often, but you’re my favourite hero. Well, pro-hero at least. The word Hero is a subjective term. You may be my favourite pro, but Eclipse is my favourite hero.
Aizawa stiffened lightly and looked down at him.
“I’m your favourite pro?”
Izuku opened his left eye.
“Yup. I mean, there are other good heroes, but you’re the best in my opinion.”
“Not All Might?”
Izuku shook his head.
“He’s good at beating people up and rescuing people, but not talking to people.”
Aizawa sighed and tilted his head back so he was looking at the sky.
“You go that right. He has the people skills of a banana.”
“He looks like one too...”
Aizawa snorted and turned to look at Izuku.
“So then, where’s Eclipse?”
“Out on some job or something. Probably means something big is coming up. You should keep an eye out.”
The man nodded again and slowly rose to his feet.
“Alright kid. It’s getting late. If you really intend to stay out as late as you normally do, I’d advise heading out now.”
Izuku nodded and stood.
“I’ll see you tomorrow then, Eraser.”
Izuku turned and went off on his patrol.
It was quiet.
Just like before the attacks on U.A.
He was confused.
Surly now was the perfect time for villains to attack.
All Might had retired.
The world was waiting on a new symbol of peace and Endeavor was hardly what one would call a hero.
So why were the streets so quiet?
He’d been patrolling for a full hour and yet, he hadn’t even seen a single criminal.
All night.
Two a.m. began approaching and Izuku decided to go home.
He reached the school, climbed over the wall, his student ID ensuring he wouldn’t set off any alarms.
He scaled the wall of the 1.A dorms and slowly made his way into his room.
At this rate, he’d still have a good three or four hours of sleep.
If he could sleep.
Izuku woke up to the chirping of his alarm and dragged himself out of bed once again.
He pulled his regular phone out, putting it in his pocket, and made his way downstairs for breakfast.
Kirishima and Bakugo on the couch, the former leaning on the latter’s shoulder, both asleep.
On the other couch, Yaomomo was sat, with Jirou laying her head on her lap.
Looks like they had a couple’s movie night or something.
He made his way into the kitchen and got out a pan, turning on the hob and frying enough bacon to feed a small village.
As he was washing the pan he’d used, large plate of bacon on the counter, a strong pair of arms wrapped around his torso, one hot and one ice cold.
“Shouto, what’re you doing?”
Shouto buried his face in Izuku’s soft curly hair.
Which still had glitter in it.
Hope Shouto’s alright with having a glittery face.
Izuku dried the pan, put it away and picked up the plate of bacon, making his way over to the dining table with Shouto trailing behind him.
He and Shouto grabbed a serving each as more people started pouring into the room, the smell of bacon summoning them.
When Shinsou sat down, he glared at Izuku.
“Stop trying to summon me so late in the night, you evil gremlin!”
Uraraka’s eyes flickered between the two of them, eventually landing on Shinsou.
“What do you mean, Shinsou-kun?”
He sighed as Izuku laughed and everyone at the table grew increasingly confused.
“I mean that evil gremlin knocked at my door at 11 p.m. last night, stared at me for two minutes and then went back to his room.”
Nice to know Shinsou was covering for him.
They all ate in a comfortable silence, Yaomomo offering to do the dishes once they were finished.
Once she’d finished, everyone sat down somewhere around the living room and let Mina pick out a film for them all to watch.
And then Aizawa walked in.
“All right. I know it’s still the holidays, but this gives us a perfect opportunity to get in some training. Our focus now is going to be getting your provisional licenses. You’ll pretty much be back to school tomorrow, despite it being the holiday, so we’ll finish this discussion then.”
All plans for this week are cancelled
I’m working on an important investigation
So, don’t be surprised if I’m not in contact with anyone for a while
All of you stay safe
And Kumo, stay put for the time being
I don’t want you leaving the campus for now unless it’s for a field trip
I’ll be in touch once I’m done or if I find something big
All right
We’re here if you need anything
Also, I have eyes everywhere
I’ll know if you go on patrol, Kumo
I’d advise you do as Eclipse says
I wouldn’t dream of going against her word anyway
I’ll stay put
I promise
Hey, Eriji, calm down hun
He’s just a kid
It’s not like he’s gonna do anything
Meet me at the cinema in an hour
I wanna see you
I’ll meet you there in ten minutes
You’d best be there
*sigh* what do I have to do for my girlfriend to be affectionate?
Be on time
Good luck
Izuku crawled out of bed the next morning and put on his school uniform, checking the Clamour server as he headed downstairs for breakfast.
This mission might be hard, even for me
I want everyone to lay low for a while
I’ll be in contact if anything else comes up
I have to go
Damn, a mission that’s hard even for her?
Guys there’ll be no vigilante activity for a while then
We’ve gotta make sure no one gets hurt
That made sense.
They couldn’t risk going out right now.
Izuku understood that.
“Hey there, Izuku.”
“Hi Shouto.”
Izuku swapped out his vigilante and normal phone, hiding it in a secret pocket in his shirt, and continued heading downstairs with his... friend?
What were they?
It felt like more than friends...
Oh well, they’d discus that later.
Izuku grabbed a banana out of the fruit bowl and the two of them made their way to class.
“As I told you yesterday, our first priority is to acquire provisional licenses.”
“Hero licenses are a serious responsibility. They are directly concerned with matters of life and death. As such, the exam to receive qualification is very hard. Even the average yearly passing rate for the provisional license exam is only about 50%.”
“Man, it’s really that hard just to get a provisional license?”
“So starting today, each of one of you,” Midnight, Cementos and Ectoplasm stormed into the room. “Will be devising at least two new super moves!!”
“That’s right, super moves! In other words, killer techniques to win the day!
“And any such technique that’s truly one with you admits no limitations. The meaning of battle lies in how far you can push your unique skills!”
“We’ll tell you all the details alongside some demonstrations, proceeding in a logical manner. Go change into your costumes and assemble at gym gamma.”
“Welcome to training and dining land... or “TDL” for short!!!”
(Unforeseen simulations joint made sense... Training and dining land? Not so much. Are they just doing this so the initials are the same as a theme park?”)
“This is my personal facility; I can fashion whatever terrain or objects I believe best suit each individual student. That’s where the “dining” part of the name comes from.”
Aizawa sighed and looked at the slightly improved tin can that was Iida.
“I’ll lay it all out in order, calm down. Whether they encounter incidents criminal or accidental, disasters natural or manmade... it’s a hero’s job to rescue people from all kinds of peril. And the license exam will of course be judging your aptitude.”
Midnight took over.
“Insight, agility, judgement and fighting prowess along with other criteria such as communication skills, charm and leadership ability. The exam will test your aptitude at many of these skills and its contents changes every year. But within that paradigm the item that will receive the most emphasis for upcoming heroes is fighting prowess. So, if you prepare for that, you won’t have any cause for concern! Just keep in mind that having moves for battle greatly influences how likely you are to pass.”
“If you can resist getting caught up in the sway of the situation and maintain stability on the field,” Added Cementoss. “Then you’ll be in possession of a high-level fighting prowess.”
“And there’s no reason our super move has to e offensive in nature. For example, Iida’s recipro burst.” Iida jolted at the mention of his name. “A temporary extreme speed boost is a threat, and as such, is worthy enough for the title of “super move”.”
The metal man held his hand to his chest and looked up.
“It’s worthy enough to be a super move, you say...!”
Satou looked at the boy next to him, incredulously.
“Oh, I get it... so we just need to think of a move that’d make us go “all I need it to use it and then I’ve got the edge”.”
Midnight smirked.
“Yes! Remember how Kamui Woods made his dynamic entrance the other day? Lacquer Prison is a fine example of a super move! And it’s not hard to see why, either. It seals the opponent before they can even do anything!”
Aizawa sighed again.
“The “quirk extension” training that was cut short during the camp this summer... was supposed to be a step in the process of creating your super moves.”
“So, in the ten days we have left of summer break, you’re in for some two-in-one training. And you’ll be whipping up new super moves and extending your quirks at the same time!”
Everyone fell silent and watched as Cementoss rose huge pillars of cement and Ectoplasm created a clone for each of them, each one on a different platform at a different level.
“Furthermore, you’ll also be thinking of how best to upgrade your costume to go with your quirk extension training and new super moves. You shall break past these walls with a “Plus Ultra” on your lips. Now, are you ready?”
“READY? We’re psyched!!”
Everyone else was busy training their quirks they did, almost the same way they did at the summer camp.
Izuku didn’t know what to do.
He looked down at his hands and blinked.
What was he meant to do?
It’s not like he could train a quirk he didn’t have...
A familiar hand landed on his shoulder.
“So, what’re you gonna do, kid?”
Izuku looked up at the man.
“... Gun?”
He heard Aizawa’s all-to-familiar disgruntled sigh.
“Why are all my kids so chaotic...”
Izuku laughed, startled.
“What was that, Aizawa?”
Aizawa glared down at him and crossed his arms.
“You heard nothing.
Izuku laughed again, his gaze swiftly returning to his hands.
“I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I don’t have a quirk. What can I do? Even you can eraser quirks to even the playing field. I just- I just... I don’t know, man.”
The hand returned to his shoulder and lead him out of the gym.
“Right, let’s get you over to the support labs to see if anything over there inspires you.”
Izuku rolled his eyes and followed his homeroom teacher.
Looks like it was time to pay Mei a visit.

Chapter Text

It all started when her mother fell ill.
That probably sounds really cliché, huh?
Well, that’s because it is.
She has a cliché quirk, a cliché backstory... everything about her is cliché.
Apart from, maybe, the fact that she didn’t go on to become a hero.
Instead, she went down the path of a vigilante.
Not because she “didn’t have the opportunity to become a hero” or anything like that.
No, she started off simply Robin-Hooding people like Endeavor to pay for her mother’s hospital bills.
Her mother was far too ill to work, and her father wasn’t qualified to work anywhere that paid good money, so she took it upon herself to find the hospital money.
And find it she did.
Although, it may have gone a little further than that after a while...
But that wasn’t because she got cocky or anything!
No, it was because she couldn’t find it in herself to just sit idly by as people needed help.
So, maybe she should’ve become a hero.
She had the quirk and personality for it but...
She didn’t want to be a hero when she was younger.
All she wanted was to finish school and get into the art industry.
Which, by the way, she was very close to doing!
She was in her second year of High school and would be starting at University in a couple of years!
Once she was done with Uni she’d be done and finally get on with her life.
Anyway, she’d not been a vigilante for long, only about seven months, when she bumped into Eclipse.
The Eclipse!
She was like the All Might of Vigilantes!
Sora, or Erijiumu as she was known like this, was out on a patrol, when he picked off more than she could chew.
She was cornered.
And then one of the people had a sword to their throat.
“Make another move and you lose your head.”
Everyone went stiff, Sora included.
Until she realised, this was the perfect opportunity to use her quirk unhindered.
Admittedly, there wasn’t much wind so it would only be weak but...
She nodded at Eclipse and sent small gusts of wind towards each villain, disorienting them and allowing Eclipse to apprehend them.
It was only when the older vigilante stood and pulled out to call the police that Sora realised something truly wonderful.
She was a full two inches taller than Eclipse.
Now, that may not sound like much, however, Eclipse had been doing this for a full ten years now.
That means she had to at least be 20.
Therefore, she was at least five years older than Sora.
Anyway, after that day, Sora – or rather, Erijiumu – introduced herself to every vigilante she saw, and collected all their Clamour usernames, crating a server for all of them to communicate through.
She created a server where they could share information and arrange meetups.
And the newest arrival was Eclipse’s apprentice, Kumo.
He could well grow to be far more well known and powerful than Eclipse, given the right training.
Maybe she should help Eclipse to train him, it could be useful later.
But, that’s just about her vigilante career though, maybe she should skim over her personal life.
After all, we’re only 545 words and there isn’t too much more to come after this.
So then, let’s go from the start, shall we?
Sora’s quirk came in early.
She was the first in her year group with one.
Her quirk was strong and cool and ironic as her name meant sky.
Ah, I haven’t explained what her quirk is, have I?
Here’s a pretty brief explanation.
Wind manipulation: It’s pretty much exactly as it sounds. The user can manipulate the wind. They can change the direction or control it completely, right down to making a small breeze or a giant tornado. Think Inasa’s quirk.
Anyway, Sora’s life was, well, perfect.
She had friends and family and a nice house and pretty much anything she wanted.
Everything was perfect.
Until it wasn’t.
When Sora was thirteen, she was called out of a maths lesson and taken to the headmaster’s office.
She was told her mother had suddenly fallen ill.
Her world shattered.
She remembers sitting by her mother’s bedside, sobbing.
Things took a sharp turn after that.
Her mum could no longer work, meaning they had very little money, and they had to move into a smaller hose.
At least she still had her friends.
When she was fourteen, she went out as Erijiumu for the first time.
When she was fifteen, one of her best friends, Yasuhiko, admitted his feelings for her.
She felt the same way.
And so, they got together.
And they were still together.
That’s about it for Sora.
What was there to say about Yasuhiko...
Well, he was shy and caring and wanted to write when he finished school.
There wasn’t too much more to say about him.
Some people thought his quirk was “villainous”, those people got beat up by his friends.
Yasuhiko’s parents were kind and caring and loved him with all their hearts.
So, why had he become a vigilante?
Well, he honestly didn’t know.
He’d sort of accidentally stumbled into being a vigilante.
One night, he was feeling low and went on a walk.
He stumbled across a woman breaking into a supermarket and it all went from there.
After a while, he ran into Erijiumu while on a patrol.
It turned out; she was Sora.
And she figured out he was Aimai.
So that was fun.
There wasn’t that much else to know about Yasuhiko.
He’s a pretty open book.