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Forest fire

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Pidge's P.O.V
I walked to the bus stop it was my first day at elementary school. I was very nervous waiting for the bus it took about 5 minuets for the bus to come. When it pulled up i quickly hoped on the bus was amount full of kid's shouting and screaming. I looked for an empty seat but there wasn't so i sat down next to a black haired boy who was looking out the window he had a red short sleeved shirt and band aid's on his arm. I puled out my book to read until we got there everyone particle ran off the bus when we got inside the staff gave us our schedule "please head to your class room now and have a grate first day" the priceable said. when we got the teacher told us our seats and began teaching

~ Time skip ~


"ok so i know you all want to get home but let's speand the last fiften minuts itrodousing yourself's to echother" the teacher Ms. brooke's said. Everone sarted talking to echother i looked around to try and find someone tho talk to when i spoted the same boy fro the bus. He was looking out the window no one was talking to him so i went over to him "hello" i say he look's around comfused for a secend befor asking "are you talking to me?" "well yah who eles woud i be talking to" i replaid "i don't know peopel don't usuly talk to me" he says "why not" i ask he just shrugs "well im pidge" "keith"


And that's how it started.