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The Price You Pay

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The Price You Pay

Chapter 1

Blue eyes scan the dvds in front of her, each title blurring together making a jumbled mess in her brain. Its been a long day. Clarke Griffin stands in BlockBuster, her petite figure obscured by the shelves as she tries to pick a movie she knows she isnt even going to watch. A finger dances over the spines of each dvd, she closes her eyes and counts to 5 and she chooses the dvd her hand has landed on. Road House. Shes seen it a million times but she decides to rent it anyways, she wont get the chance to enjoy it but the familiar scenes will be a comforting background for the evening shift. She walks to the front, eyeballing the candy that sits in neat rows, color coordinated and alphabetically. She chuckles to herself at the almost obsessive way each snack is placed, and grabs a pack of skittles before making her way to the counter just as her phone pings. “Finn” is calling. With an irritated sigh she mutes her phone and places her items on the counter. A slender hand reaches for her dvd, and Clarke follows it and watches as toned arms type in the sku code.

“Okay so Road House and skittles, will that be all for you tonight?”

Clarke is momentarily taken back, blue eyes meet green and silence follows.

“Big date?” the girl tries again. Clarke looks to her name tag, “Lexa” it reads

“Oh yeah, big night. Gonna give my pillow some serious head when i get home.”

Lexa smirks and takes Clarkes BlockBuster card and ID, she scans the blue membership card and hands all her items back to her. “Well i hope its good time, i havent watched a Patrick Swayze movie in years, but Road House was always my favorite.”

“Not a fan of Dirty Dancing?” Clarke quips. The girl behind the counter shrugs with a smile and Clarke watches as Lexa’s eyes appreciate her figure. The blonde raises an eyebrow at her and green eyes dart down to the keyboard of the computer. A blush paints her cheeks and contrast’s against her blue blockbuster collared shirt.

“Have a good night, miss.”

Clarke shakes her head to herself and she guides her ID back into the appropriate slot in her wallet, she swipes the movie into her bag and smiles at Lexa before exiting the store.

Blond hair is swept up from the wind, its warmth warning of an impending storm. She inhales deeply, smelling the moisture of the rain and letting its heaviness settle into her lungs.

‘You could run away.’ The intrusive thought pushes its way to the front of her mind and makes her eyes water from the pressure. She shuts up her internal voice by starting the car and revving her engine. The hum of her car comforts her on the short ride home and she successfully avoids making a wild turn onto the highway and never coming back.

The clock in her living room chimes 10pm as she shuts the front door of her apartment and Clarke mentally scolds her roommate Raven for leaving auto parts all over their small shared kitchen. Her phone pings again, “Finn’s” name lighting up the screen. She ignores it for the second time. After grabbing a cold water bottle from the fridge she rifles through her purse looking for the skittles she bought at BlockBuster before realizing she never grabbed them from the counter after paying. “Great” she mutters before stomping down the hall to her bedroom.

Her computer lights her room in a soft glow and she quickly sits down at the small desk and logs onto the NightFlirt website, her inbox is flooded with messages and she smiles. ‘Its gonna be a good night’.

The first message was from Perry, a long time client who pays well. She quickly messages him back that she is available to chat and while waiting for his response she answers the other.

Subject: blank
Hey Princess! Its Finn. i know its a long shot but id love a solo show tonight.


Clarkes eyes roll so far back in her head she fears they’ll stick that way. Who the hell does he think he is? Its one thing to blow her phone up but its a whole other level of creepy for an ex to message her during work for a solo show she’s sure he wont pay for.

She sends a “no” and before moving on she removes him from her profile.

The next message was from a client she recently added. This person was liking a lot of her public photos so she figured it would be benifical to add them privatley.


Subject: Hi Princess
Hey, im new here. Honestly im new to this whole thing and im kinda nervous. How does this work? Can we chat later?


Clarke pressed on the profile and was disappointed to find it empty besides one profile picture that didnt even show the face of the mystery client. She was however, pleasantly surprised to see the female icon next to the user name.

“Okay LWoods, lets see what you got.” She sent out her generic greeting message inviting them for a private chat and stood up from the desk chair to get ready. Slipping out of her work scrubs she left herself in a simple white tank top and her pink boy shorts and then busies herself by putting Road House in her dvd player. She hits play and then mute and her room was illuminated by the opening scenes. A small sound comes from her laptop indicating a message and she sits back down flipping the pink tinted ends of her hair over her shoulder.

Subject: Hi Princess
Yes id love to chat, how much for the Private IM chat?


She sat back and contemplated a response. She usually charges new client a flat rate of $20 just to chat and then $175 an hour for video sessions, but it’s been a slow week. She typed back a quick response to gauge the interest of the mysterious LWoods.

“70 to chat and we can negotiate a video chat later if you’re still interested.”

The response was instant and she saw $70 deposited into her account almost immediately along with an IM request.

LWOODS93 would like to CHAT

She accepted the invite.

Princess90: Hey there

LWoods93: hi :)

Priness90: why are you nervous?

LWoods93: i guess i just dont know what to expect

Princess90: i offer a few select services, and we wont do anything you’re not comfortable with :)

There’s a lull in the chat and clarke leans back in her chair wondering if she’s lost the interest of the nervous client. She glances at her tv wishing she had those skittles, her computer signals a new IM.

LWoods93: i havent been with anybody in a long time, but my last relationship had a boring sex life. I think i am here to explore new things. Do you specialize in any Kinks?

Princess90: almost anything. Most of my clientele likes when i call them certain names, “Master, daddy, etc”. Is that something that would interest you?

The response was immediate.

LWoods93: call me Daddy.

Clarke’s smile grew into a tight smirk and typed up a message before grabbing the simple black zorro mask that lay beside her laptop. She fastened the string in the back and pushed her cleavage up a bit.

Princess90: okay, Daddy.

Priness90: i charge 175 an hour per video chat, thats where things get really intense. For you though, Daddy i would charge you 50 for your first hour session. Sound good?

LWoods93: yes i would like that. Can we chat now?

A notification pops up in the corner of her browser, Perry was online and wanting to chat. Clarke knew she should talk to perry, he was a big spender and she knew it would be fun, but something inside her felt compelled to explore LWoods.

Another notification popped up: “$50 was deposited into your NightFlirt account by LWoods93”

Clarke clicks on LWoods’ profile and double clicked on the video chat icon.

The screen buffered a moment before she was met with a flannel clad female, their face was cut off at the top of the screen. Clarke smiled, “let me see you”.

The hands on the screen wrung together nervously before they reached out and moved the laptop to reveal her face. The first thing Clarke saw was long brunette hair braided back, it was pushed over a slender shoulder. She didnt focus too long on the hair though, because staring back at her was none other than Lexa, the blockbuster girl from earlier tonight. Clarke remained calm, the mask was hiding her identity and she knew this was just possibly a coincidence.

“Hi Daddy, its good to see you.” Clarke said sweetly.

Lexa visibly swallowed at the nickname and exhaled loudly. “Its good to see you too, i thought you would be wearing a tiara or something...but i like the mask. A princess who’s also a vigilante?”

Clarke laughs and shrugs, “i guess im not your normal princess.”

“I like that.” lexa states simply.

Clarke quickly switched her personality up, her lips pout a bit and she winks at Lexa through the screen. “I bet i do other things you would like too.”

Again, Lexa swallows thickly, her nerves clear even through the visual camera noise. There was a moment of contemplation on Lexa’s end, her brows knit together in thought as she eyes Clarke.

“Im sure youre good at what you do princess, what are you wearing?” Clarke was glad she was wearing the mask, because she was sure her face showed the shock she felt at Lexa’s words. Before her was a nervous girl, most likely new to all things in the kink or BDSM world yet her words were confident, and her eyes held a dominant trait Clarke only see’s in her most advanced clients.

Clarke stood, moving the computer chair out of the way and backed up so her figure was exposed to Lexa. she played with the bottom hem of her tank top and bit her lip as she felt familiar eyes appreciate what they saw. “I just got off work, please dont mind how plain i look. Next time i’ll dress however you want, Daddy.”

“Its fine, you look fine” Lexa answered quickly.

“If you were here with me, what would you do to me?” Clarke asked as she took a step towards the screen. She leaned over the desk using the edge for support, her cleavage on full display, “would you touch me?”

Lexa’s eyebrow raised, her tongue poked out and wet her lips and she smiled toothily at Clarke.
“No i wouldnt, id make you beg for it.”

Clarke leaned back slightly, this time she was sure the shock on her face was noticeable.

“Is that what you would like, princess? To be teased?” Lexa continues.

Slender and tan fingers reach up and unbutton the flannel shirt, the first two buttons make an audible pop, underneath a dark blue undershirt was revealed. Lexa slipped the flannel down her arms and let the shirt fall to the floor and out of sight.

“Yes Daddy, thats what i want.”