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Izuku stood quietly in the confines of his room. His heart had almost ceased beating, his eyes were wide, and everything seemed at complete standstill.

Well…that was because everything was at a complete stand still. Thanks to a Quirk.

It had started simply as a visit back to his home during the weekend as a break from the U.A. dorms. His mother had mentioned that his father had finally returned home after so long. On the way he couldn’t help but contemplate on what he remembered of his father.

There wasn’t really much he could go on, he just briefly remembered his curly white hair and pale blue eyes. He could remember his deep voice, but it wasn’t distinguishable since it had been for so long; after all, his mom handled all the phone calls with his father who seemed to namely call during school hours. Perhaps seeing him again would definitely jog his memory.

And jog it did.

He remembered his father’s voice, but not from a pleasant place. He remembered it clearly from the day he went to save Katsuki from the League. He remembered the fear he felt, the moment he heard the footsteps that echoed so closely to his own person from the other side of the wall.

He remembered the explanation of the Quirk that brought the League and Katsuki to the facility where the Nomu were housed. How he needed to have a person as a point of contact, someone he clearly knew.

There was no real news about any recent breakouts, had there been Tartarus would’ve been set ablaze the moment this particular man had escaped. No the prison was still there, yet the man was here. He was standing, in Izuku’s room, staring at him with familiar pale blue eyes.


“H-How….I don’t…..I don’t get it,” choked Izuku, staring at him in disbelief while seeing the face of the man he knew was his father. But that voice. That same voice. How was it that he couldn’t connect the dots when they were in Kamino? Even if the tone was slightly softer, it was unmistakable.

“I’m fully aware that you have many questions, perhaps a lot of anger and resentment towards your old man,” All for One spoke calmly. There was no malice, no hatred, no taunting. Only resigned acceptance that this was how it was going to be. “Though I do appreciate the fact you did actually recognize me, least I’d be concerned that you’d decide to tear our home apart trying to-”

“Why couldn’t you be there before?”

The question wasn’t an unreasonable one, nor was it an unexpected one. All for One gave a sigh, “It wasn’t because I wanted to. With how close All Might had been getting to destroying everything, it was getting closer and closer to him discovering you and your mother. You were in danger with me being around. It was the safest option at the time. Now clearly it isn’t when you decided to take up your uncle’s position as the Ninth holder of that damn Quirk.”

“I’m fine-”

“Do you call chronic pain and considerably dying over and over again being fine,” hissed All for One, staring down at the boy he still lovingly called and saw as his son. His flesh and blood. The mere fact that his son, his son, was causing pain to himself for the people that did done nothing but push him down for being previously perceived as Quirkless, drove the two century year old mad. “I refuse to have you needlessly sacrifice yourself for anyone else’s sake rather than your own Izuku.”

“You have no right,” screamed Izuku, thankfully glad that they were in this strange time paradoxical stand still. He stared the man down despite trembling completely out of fear. “Just because you walked back in that door after leaving me and mom for twelve years doesn’t mean you have the right to tell me what to do with my life! I chose this! I chose to help people and I am!”

“AT WHAT COST,” All for One snarled back while glaring down at his son, “At what cost Izuku, your life? Your wellbeing? Do you not think that your mother and I don’t care what happens to you!? Do you honestly believe that no one will miss you!?”

“It certainly felt that way when you decided to leave,” grounded Izuku, shaking this time not from fear but from frustration and anger. “You weren’t there when everything was happening! How you leaving affected not just me but mom too! You weren’t there where I needed you! Mom couldn’t help me! I couldn’t do anything that would’ve made her happy until I got One for All so she didn’t have to worry anymore! You weren’t there when they diagnosed me as Quirkless!”

“I. Was. There,” All for One declared, looking at Izuku in seriousness. It caught the boy off guard, and the man could see his eyes widen in disbelief. “I was the one that told Dr. Ujiko to lie to you about your Quirk.”

“W….What,” Izuku said, shaking his head a bit while looking at All for One in disbelief. “That…that isn’t true. I have a toe joint. I have proof that I’m-” That couldn’t be true, it can’t be true. He was Quirkless. He was Quirkless all of his life. There was no signs, no indications that he had a Quirk. He. Had. No. Quirk.

“I am a first generation Quirk user while your mother is third, you are by every means considered second generation because of me,” All for One explained. “The fact you were diagnosed as Quirkless was a vain attempt to ensure that you would have no connection to me as All for One. In hindsight I didn’t anticipate for your life to be that cruel and for that I can’t express my apologies enough for to what you went through. Though, if you want proof.” He outstretched his hand to him, showcasing one of the many Quirks still in his arsenal, sparks slowly coming off of him. “Then try it for yourself.”

Izuku stared at him, thinking it was some sort of trap. But the boy could tell the man wasn’t lying. It was in his posture, in his eyes, everything that allowed Izuku to see that this man wasn’t hiding anything from him at this point in time. Tentatively, he slowly and hesitantly placed his left hand instinctually on the elder’s palm. He could feel something wanting to pull.

And it terrified him.

He almost pulled away, only for the hand to grip him back to finish the process. A tug is how he would explain it when he felt himself pull something out of the man’s palm and it entered his body. He felt somewhat sick as he suddenly staggered back. It made him feel something foreign, something seemingly waking up inside of him that caused One for All to go nuts.


“D-Don’t,” Izuku tried to manage out when he felt two counter Quirks colliding with each other after he had pulled in a third. Everything hurt, his arms were throbbing, and his head was spinning. He held it as he suddenly dropped on one knee and screamed out ever so briefly. A flash of white crossed his vision and from All for One’s point of view, he saw white hair appear instead of luscious green.

Fearing the worst, All for One went close to his son and pulled him in for an embrace. Placing a hand on his head, he willed the two fighting Quirks inside his son to nullify. Seeing his son’s hair returned back to normal, he breathed a sigh of relief and checked the positions of both alpha Quirks now, the third he’d offered seemingly assimilating just fine. The result astounded him.

Both Quirks were no longer two, but one, as if they were two halves of one coin. Quietly he looked at his son, who was heaving from the sudden surge that coursed through is body.

This….this definitely made his ultimatum all the more necessary.

Feeling the effects of the Time Stop Quirk nearing its end, he looked at Izuku who was staring at the floor in disbelief. He supposed it was just about time as any that he gave him the final offer, the last decision.

“You have a choice here Izuku, and I’m providing only this ultimatum. You are to become my heir.”

Izuku froze, his body stiffening as he looked up the man as if he was crazy. The only thing that returned his shock gaze was a determined and serious force that seemed to radiate off the man.

“In return in becoming my true heir, your friends will be safe,” All for One decided as he looked at Izuku seriously, “Even…All Might will be spared. No one you care about will have to die.”

“A…And mom,” managed Izuku managed, trying to find anything, absolutely anything in the man that would say he was lying. That there was a chance he was trying to butter him up so he would just go with whatever the man wanted.

But if there was one thing his mother told him about Midoriya Hisashi, the man was honest to a fault when it came to his family. And right now, that very part of him was displaying in the world’s most hated man in existence. Part of him wanted to think back to the vision he had within One for All. How he saw the first user and All for One fought. Not once did All for One hide his intentions from his brother. They were all laid out, as plain as day for the brother, his uncle, to see.

Just like he was now.

“She will be safe, with us. She will believe we are finally back as a family, and as a treat we’ll be taking a very long, long vacation together overseas,” All for One explained, “She will not know of our real activities. She doesn’t need to worry about such things, hm? But overall it is your choice, little one.”

Izuku looked down again, contemplating his options. He wasn’t really given much of a choice as the only one that would more than likely suffer was just himself, living with the fact he would walk in the man’s shadow for the safety of those he cares about. His mother would be happier, she would have her family back together again. In a sad morbid acceptance, he would like that too. All Might wouldn’t be touched, the man would be able to live a little longer. Eri would be left alone, considering from All for One’s appearance he already met the girl prior to arriving here. Everything all depended on Izuku.

“…..I can’t kill…..I won’t be able to,” Izuku stated with certainty. He can’t find it in himself to kill. It was never in his nature to just…hurt anyone.

“I know, and I’m not asking you to,” All for One stated while tilting his chin up, “My legacy need not bloody his hands. Not when I’m still here. That’s already being taken care of for you.”

“Shigaraki,” breathed Izuku in realization, eyes wide while All for One gave a nod.

“It’s your choice Izuku…everything will be over once you say that you will be on my side.”

Izuku gives a shaky breath, “And… will I know that you will keep your word…’re still going to kill people anyways.”

“But that’s the thing Izuku, my son,” All for One said while Izuku shuddered at his words, “If not me, then someone else would do so. And the next, and the next. At least my son with me, there’s no meaningless deaths that we can’t avoid. So….what is your answer.”

After a few moments of silence as time resumed…

Izuku gave his answer to his father…

It wasn’t long for the apartment to be vacated, left without another word.


It had been two weeks…

Two weeks since Midoriya Izuku had not returned to U.A.

He just up and vanished, leaving his companions heavily concerned.

When word broke out that All for One was indeed found to be out of prison around the same time Izuku had disappeared, Bakugo Katsuki immediately jumped to the conclusion that the bastard had something to do with the nerd’s disappearance. It was the only logical explanation.

Izuku had One for All. The users of One for All were always targeted by All for One. All for One must have targeted Izuku the moment he got it. All for One was capable of finding Izuku himself with Search in his disposal. Katsuki had informed All Might immediately.

All Might had poured as many hours as the detective team in search for Midoriya Izuku’s whereabouts. When they had arrived at the Midoriya apartment, everything had been wiped clean, not a speck of dust left as if no one had actually occupied the space. Not a single hint or clue as to where either Midoriya Izuku or even Midoriya Inko could have disappeared.

The neighbors had nothing much to say, only that the father of Izuku, Midoriya Hisashi, had returned home and the family was happily reuniting after all this time. Not once had they heard any scuffle or any signs of a struggle with the family in question. Toshinori felt his non-existent stomach churn in horror at the possibility that the memories of the neighbors may have been altered the moment All for One had his way.

They had gone to seek out Eri, who made a comment that a strange man had appeared in her hospital room. She explained how he came in, how he sounded sad, and that the only way for him to get help was through her. She thought of him as nice, and he did reveal that he knew Izuku, the boy she called Deku. She claimed he couldn’t be a bad person if he knew someone as nice as Deku. So she had rewound him to the time point he told her to. By the time she went to see her handiwork, he was gone.

“I thought I made him vanish, but he left a paper saying ‘thank you for your help’,” Eri answered Tsukauchi while Toshinori stood next to him. “He was really weird….I’m sorry I didn’t know he was actually bad.”

“It’s okay, little one,” reassured Tsukauchi, rubbing the girl’s head gently, “You didn’t know. But you did the right thing in telling us. It will help us find Midoriya.”

“Are you sure you will find him,” asked Eri, worry and guilt growing.

“Count on it,” Toshinori stated, a serious look on his face.

‘I will be damned to leave Young Midoriya in that mad man’s hands,’ he thought as he tightened his fists.


Waking up in a new luxurious bed was still something Izuku couldn’t get used to. After two weeks one would’ve thought that he would’ve adjusted by now. It didn’t seem that way, it was just too different from what he had back at his home or at the U.A. dorms.

As he rolled himself up into a sitting position on the large king size bed, he took a glance around at his surroundings. The room itself was minimalistic with a cream based color for the walls and matching floors. The furniture was a little darker in tone, with green pillows and carpets decorating his room. On the walls were a few prints of classical heroes before the era of All Might, as well as state of the art computer screens and holographic projectors that allowed him access to everything in his room.

Looking at his currently covered windows, he activated the blinds to rise to see the bustling city of New York going about their day. The boy gave a sigh and got up, moving to change into his dress wear for the day.

A knock came from the door and he turned his head, already assuming who it was, “Come in.”

The door gave a soft swoosh as it automatically opened, and soon enough the mist man himself appeared with a tray providing him breakfast.

“Good morning, Young Master,” Kurogiri greeted as he moved to set the tray down on the table, watching the boy get changed, “How have you rested?”

“As fine as I could get,” sighed Izuku while he fixed his dress shirt and vest. God he hated business wear. He couldn’t stand how stuffy they made him feel. Even with the U.A. uniform it made him feel like he was suffocating. “Where is… father this morning? Has he gone?”

“Yes, it will just be you and I today while Dr. Ujiko works on properly mending your bones,” Kurogiri stated as he went ahead and helped the young boy with his tie. “He’ll be back in the evening. There’s much he has to do.”

“Figures,” he sighed under his breath before finishing his dressing. With a glance at a mirror, he looked at his currently green hair before activating his Quirk, turning it white. After learning of the merger between his rendition of All for One and One for All, they thought it would be best for his body to adjust to it being constantly active by a percentage, as to not damage his Quirk nerves further. He looked to Kurogiri again and asked with a raised brow, “How are you….not so disturbed by this? We were enemies not too long ago.”

“I have known about your existence ever since you were born,” Kurogiri answered as he presented Izuku his breakfast, “While you may not remember, I was tasked to watch over you when Sensei and your mother had to work. Frankly handling you was more enjoyable than handling Shigaraki any day. I do apologize for my behavior during our confrontations, but I was under strict orders to play the part.”

“And here I thought your loyalties lied with Shigaraki in some way,” snorted Izuku after he placed on some gloves. Orange did seem to mesh well with green in a way while he looked at the palm side of the gloves.

“My loyalties are to your father and to you,” Kurogiri answered with finality, “I would lay down my life for either of you if need be. I owe your family that much already.”

“Don’t,” Izuku said while looking at him seriously in the eye, “You don’t need to die for me Kurogiri. No one….no one needs to die for my sake.” No one needed to die for someone like him.

“While that may ring true to you, my lord, that can be different to the others here who show nothing but absolute loyalty to you,” Kurogiri stated, “You cannot control the actions of others, nor their decisions for do what they do. Just as we are well aware of how you view of us.”

Izuku fell silent at his words before looking to the ground just a bit. If his friends found out the truth, he wouldn’t put it past them that they would eventually hate him for what he decided to do. He almost laughed bitterly. How ironic that it ended up being this way.

“Perhaps we can discuss moralities another day, Young Master, the day is young, but there is a lot to do,” Kurogiri stated, “Now please, have your fill before we see the doctor.”

“….Thanks,” managed Izuku as he went to sit down and have his breakfast. It was painful, leaving home and coming to America. Learning English wasn’t too bad, Kurogiri and his….father had been teaching him most of it when they had arrived. It was certainly like everything else that he had to get used to within two weeks. Two weeks of crash course training on the plane ride over.

All for One had agreed to no longer target anyone that did harm to Izuku in the past by turning them into Nomu, such as Tsubasa and Muscular as he’d suspected. That was definitely going to change in regards to whatever involved him. Those other kids didn’t have to die just because he was….the son of the supposed mortal enemy. The man ensured no one else would be touched, including Katsuki. That was for certain on All for One’s end, while in return Izuku provided the much needed secondary brain in Quirk Analysis as he has been doing it ever since he was small. It was simple take and give, equivalent exchange. As long as that was abided by, then he’d bear with this choice he made.

Cause if he didn’t…well…

He didn’t want to think about it….not anymore…

He was here now….might as well make the most of it.

Just like grabbing someone’s hand

If it falls down

Draw with pain and tears

Between the dust and the sky

Narrative – Hiroyuki Sawano[nZk]:LiSA

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It had been at least two months since he moved overseas. A full two months of nonstop training, learning, and trying to keep up with the busy schedule his father had set him on. It wasn’t so bad, frankly he liked the idea of being busy and practicing his Quirk a lot better than just sitting in class. Applications that he only had written down he could now perform thanks to a better understanding of how his version of All for One worked. Pulling out one of his more recent notebooks, he decided to take a glance at what he had written down so far.

From their basic understanding, he developed a mutated version of All for One that allowed him to take and give from a distance. Thanks to a good amount of stockpile Quirks in All for One’s arsenal, Izuku’s All for One was able to retain some of that ability and allowed any Quirk he gave away to still keep a perfect copy for him to use, stockpiling inside him. Renaming the Quirk to Mimic, Izuku was able to Mimic almost every Quirk he could lay his hands on, without causing harm to the person. Granted the ones he mimicked from were from the Nomu and All for One himself, but the results showed no found issues. He gave a sigh, thinking he should make more observations for another day before placing the notebook away. He really should get up at some point.

As he got out from bed, he took a look at his calendar only to find it was one of those rare day offs he was able to utilize to his own personal preferences. His father had done this so he didn’t go completely insane while dealing with the manic schedule he was provided with. The last few days off he had were Christmas and New Years. It was definitely a different experience seeing how Westerners celebrated Christmas in comparison to his life in Japan. He wasn’t particularly keen on how the Westerners all seemed to do last minute shopping for their gifts as Christmas neared, opting to order his friends’ gifts ahead of time within the third week he stayed in New York.

Looking outside at the snow as it fell, he thought about what it would’ve been like had he spend the Christmas at the dorms in U.A. It would’ve been nice possibly, in the holiday spirit amongst good companions. He wondered if his friends had appreciated the gifts he got them. He was assured that Kurogiri had dropped them off like he had promised, that there was nothing to worry about. Still he had hoped all of them liked the gifts he got. He especially hoped the gifts he gave to Eri and Mirio at least helped them in some way. He gave a sigh before stumbling out of bed and went to change in some casual clothes.

He took a glance at the mirror, taking in the sudden change in appearance his body had made within the last two months. His face was more chiseled out but still round. His eyes were a little bit narrower, and he had gain two inches or four in height. His body had been chiseled out a little bit more compared to how he was at Dagobah Beach, when he had finished cleaning the place. He barely recognized himself now, but it was only inevitable that he would probably look a lot different compared to when he first left.

Opting for a white thermal shirt along with a black hoodie with the kanji for sweater printed on the front, he grabbed his beige baggy pants and orange and black gloves. He debated a little if he should use a scarf, thinking it was for the best as he didn’t want daddy dearest to fret over him catching a cold all of the sudden. Once he was for certain that he was bundled up for the day, he grabbed his phone, wallet, and keycard and made his way out to the city below.

As he walked in the city with his hood up, hair white, he decided to take a glance around just a bit at Times Square. Seeing the people bustling around either to go to work or school reminded him of a similar rush in Shibuya Crossing, an almost nostalgic feeling coming over him as he made his way across to a nearby WcRonald’s. He gave a small smile, nodding to the worker that greeted him before making his way over to the kiosk to order his food. It was a nifty little device, albeit not everyone thought so from what he had seen. Even still it allowed him not to worry about using his voice in public.

From the corner of his eye, he could see a few of his father’s men there, taking a glance at his sudden appearance and immediately made sure they were high alert with him there. He gave a silent sigh, knowing his father was being paranoid that anything might happen while he was missing from Japan. Moving to take a booth seat to look out the window, he grabbed a table locator and settled himself down, pulling out his phone to see any news reports or sightings of heroes in the US after he removed his scarf and placed it on the seat. It was already warm inside the restaurant as it is.

Even as he skimmed through the New York Times he couldn’t help but think back to his time in U.A. His time back home where he had the hopes and dreams of becoming a hero, just like All Might. He almost laughed bitterly at how ironic it must be, at what could’ve been. ‘Some hero I hoped to be,’ he thought quietly before placing his phone down and looked out to the city outside.

“Your order is ready, sir.”

Izuku glanced up to see a waitress smile and offer his tray of food. He gave a smile back in thanks before speaking, “Thank you, that’ll be all.”

“Alright, if you need anything else don’t hesitate to ask,” smiled the girl before walking away, a slim tail swaying a bit in success. Another Tail Quirk to probably note down. Judging from its whip-like resemblance, Izuku wouldn’t be surprise if it could cause serious injury just from how fast the girl might swing it at people. The currently white haired boy couldn’t help but think of Ojiro, how he would do something very similar despite his own tail being so bulky.

He shook his head, he shouldn’t really be thinking about his classmates now. He should probably start eating before his food got cold. Staring at his burger to make sure it was to his order, he dug in. The meat certainly tasted a bit different from the ones he had tried in Japan, their portions also very much so different compared to back home too. The first time he got a large, forgetting about the size difference, his father had laughed slightly at his stunned face. He had no choice but to bring the fries and drink back to his suite, unable to finish his meal right then and there.

That was the one thing he was awkward about when it came to his father. When he was not in his persona as All for One, Midoriya Hisashi was for lack of a better word a normal businessman. A normal human being that cared only for his family and for the business he ran on the surface. The way he treated Izuku was more than what a father would do. It was….nice, if you exclude the rigorous training he had to endure, but it held its purpose. Getting used to the new Quirks that were in his arsenal, as well as the one that popped up from One for All, was absolutely crucial. To have that many Quirks in his body so suddenly required constant training for his body to get used to them. The only reason as to why Hisashi didn’t have to worry so much was due to his age. At least now Izuku was able to do so much more with the Quirks he was given, albeit he didn’t like the source of where some had come from.

He thought about the Christmas he had spent with his father and mother in the secluded cabin in Colorado, the fresh crisp air and the seclusion that allowed the family to enjoy each other’s company. His mother had made a Christmas feast while they all spent the time watching different Christmas movies from various points in time. It was…oddly mundane, happy, despite the crushing guilt that came when he and his father explained that his ambitions to be a hero had changed. His mother, bless her soul, seemed very torn about it. She understood his goal, but had admitted that she hated the fact that his career choice had gotten him hurt too many times than she would’ve liked. He could remember it clearly in how it was discussed amongst the three of them…


“Are you absolutely sure about this Izuku,” asked Inko while looking at her son as he sat next to his father. Concern was laced over her face at the mere fact that her son suddenly decided that it would be best to do a career change.

“Y-Yeah,” Izuku said while looking at his katsudon in front of him, a sad smile on his face. “I’ve been thinking about it a lot. And…Dad’s company is actually something I’m really good at anyways. I could actually help more people there and give them a second chance rather than just putting villains behind bars. If I could do that then…” With a slight shaky breath while Hisashi looked at him to give silent support, Izuku finished his statement, “Then that would mean I could actually help decrease the villain rate that way. Stop the root of the cause right then and there. That’s still heroic…right?”

Inko examined her son thoroughly, making sure he wasn’t lying through his teeth about actually going through with this. When she saw the resolve in her son, she gave a small nod and smiled sadly, “I know how much it meant for you to become a hero, it was your dream for so long. You even made it to U.A. and beat all odds and just got your provisional license. But if you are absolutely sure about this, then I’ll support you in every way I can.”

Izuku tightened his fist underneath the table just a tad, keeping his composure as he gave a nod, “Thanks mom.”

“At least you are taking a path that wouldn’t get you hurt anymore,” Inko reasoned, “The only thing I could imagine hurting you now is just possibly paperwork. Just be sure to not overdo it okay?”

“Don’t worry Inko, I’ll be there to help pace himself when he enters into the facility full time,” assured Hisashi as they continued on with their dinner.


It hurt, it honestly hurt to say those words. In part, the words were true, he did reason that with Quirk Research, there could be ways to help those who were struggling with their Quirks and tended to go to the spectrum of villainy because no one tried to give them proper counseling. But even still his mother had already thought that it would be best for him if he went the same path as his father.

‘If only she knew the truth,’ he thought sadly but quickly shook his head. No, it was definitely better that she didn’t know. It would destroy her, and Izuku wouldn’t want to do that to her.

Not with everything she had to go through alone already…

Izuku can handle it, he had to. It was the only thing he can do so everyone he cared about stayed safe….

Even at the expense of his own sanity.


It was hard to smile now, Togata Mirio thought.

He hadn’t cry for a while after Sir Nighteye died. Nor did he cry when his Quirk was taken away. He had faith that he would get it back, they just needed to help Eri figure that out as part of her Quirk. It just would take some time, but it would happen.

Well…he did get it back…just not in the way he had expected it.

He had woken up on Christmas day up on the roof without his clothes. He was confused and astounded, completely taken aback at how he ended up on the roof of all things. Not only that…he felt whole again. Like the part of him had returned.

It couldn’t be…but it was.

He had tested it and for a fact, his Permeation had returned miraculously. He was back in action, able to perform his techniques like before. His friends were ecstatic, his teachers clearly happy for him when he showed them.

It was when he had returned to his room to find a note and a white box sitting at the end table that he learned how he got it back.

It broke him apart. More than when he lost Nighteye.

The day he learned that Midoriya Izuku had disappeared, possibly captured by the villain that ultimately caused All Might’s retirement, he jumped at the chance to help with the investigation. Hours upon hours he helped, losing sleep and possibly compromising his classes in doing so. But he had to, he needed to put into practice all that Nighteye taught him to hopefully find and save Midoriya. He had done so much to only just suddenly vanish into thin air. He owed it to Midoriya after he had taken Overhaul down and saved Eri.

Finding the note as well as the “serum” for Overhaul’s Quirk Erasing bullets stunned him. How had he not noticed them on the table before? They were right there, as clear as day, sitting pretty as the note was placed neatly on top of it. He had a bad feeling when seeing it, a pit in his stomach as it churned unpleasantly as he opened it.

He had started to cry when reading it.

It was an innocent letter, but the sender held a lot more importance than his Quirk returning any day.


I hope you like your Christmas gift… It was hard to get the serum back but now you can be the hero you deserve to be. Please feel free to use it on anyone else that didn’t deserve to lose their Quirks like you did.

I’m sorry I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye. I promise I will when I get the chance.

                                                                        Merry Christmas,

                                                                        Midoriya Izuku

The handwriting was unquestionable, this was in fact from Midoriya Izuku. It gave him hope but also great despair. Hope because it confirmed that the boy was still alive somewhere in Japan. Despair because it sounded as if he was suffering.

Suffering from whatever, Mirio wanted to make sure he saved him.

‘I’ll find you Midoriya-kun,’ he thought as he clutched the note in his hands, feeling fresh tears sting the corner of his eyes as his body shook ever so slightly. ‘I’ll find you and make sure that madman will never….EVER…take you away from us again.’

He looked at the note again, staring at the name with determination, ‘Count on it.’


Yagi Toshinori couldn’t remember the last time he had gotten a good night’s rest.

His apartment was a mess, papers strewn about covering the case of his missing student and protégé. Coffee mugs were left on table after table trying to piece together clues that would lead to Young Midoriya being found.

It was an absolute nightmare.

When he had gotten word from Naomosa that All for One had managed to escape the high end security of Tartarus, the Symbol of Peace immediately went to contact Young Midoriya as swiftly as he could. The moment his calls went to voicemail and upon seeing the sent messages had never been opened, he feared the worst and immediately called Naomosa to investigate the Midoriya household. If he remembered right, Young Midoriya had requested to head home for the weekend to visit since he got word his father had finally returned home. Had he known of All for One’s escape, he wouldn’t have told Young Midoriya to return home for his family reunion. The teachers at U.A. shared the same sentiment.

Now he was gone, with both of his parents possibly suffering whatever torture All for One must be putting the family of three through.

It made his missing stomach burn with hatred and rage. The man never seemed to go away. First he had hindered him from performing his duties as a hero by inflicting such an injury. Next, taking away what little connection of his former mentor had left to use for himself. And finally, which made him resent the two century year old villain even more, took away the child he saw so fondly as his own.

It hurt so bad. It hurt even more on Christmas day when he found a small package wrapped up at the foot of his door.

He had almost stepped on it, not realizing it was there until his foot had tapped on it ever so slightly. He tried to think back as to who may have sent it as he picked it up, only to find out who it was.

The sight of the familiar handwriting made him nearly seize on the spot.

Opening the small package, he found a neat notebook placed inside. The writing “Hero Analysis for the Future: Volume 3” with an image of his visage on the cover reminded Toshinori of the notebook he had first seen when he saved Young Midoriya almost a year ago. Turning the page, he realized the notebook was all about him as All Might. All the intricate details of his time as a hero, from his debut to possibly before his injury caused by All for One, was told in the fine pages of the notebook. It even included the small feats he had done here and there, the establishment of his agency, even special guesses of what his Quirk could’ve been prior to the boy actually finding out the truth. He was amazed, it warmed his heart.

It made him miss Young Midoriya even more.

Having set the notebook down, he turned to look at the note that was left behind. He didn’t want to think that this was the last time he would ever see the boy. Let alone hear any word from him.

The note though gave him a bittersweet answer.

Merry Christmas All Might,

It’s not much but I thought you would’ve liked this from me. I managed to nab my older notebooks and rewrote this one to make a bit more sense. I hope…I hope you don’t find it weird of me.

I just wanted to give you something to show you how much you mean to me…I’m sorry I couldn’t say goodbye. Maybe one day I can. But for now please, don’t worry about me, okay? I’ll be okay.

                                                            Thank you…for everything,

                                                            Midoriya Izuku

“I swear Young Midoriya,” Toshinori muttered as tears flowed down his boney cheeks, eyes blazing with determination, “I’ll save you. I won’t let you suffer any longer in that man’s hands.”

His fist clenched as he trembled with emotion and conviction, “I’ll save you…even if it kills me.”


The present that sat on his nightstand made Katsuki want to toss it against the nearest wall of his room. Stupid nerd, rather than telling them where the fuck he was he decides to send stupid presents instead. The fuck was he thinking?

He wasn’t the only one in the dorms that received something either. Half-n-Half Bastard had gotten something, so did Round Face, Frog Girl, and Glasses. All of them reacted as expected. Glasses hadn’t come out of his room for a week during their winter break, nor did Round Face. Half-n-Half trained harder than before besides pouring even more of his efforts in trying to find Deku. Frog Girl didn’t say anything, she hadn’t moved from her spot still quietly staring at her gift. The other girls tried to provide some comfort to them, but they too were heavily affected by the mere fact that contact was made from the nerd’s end.

Even Aizawa hadn’t made a peep about it, having gotten something from Deku since he was possibly the last person to receive a gift from the boy. The fact the nerd’s disappearance had affected everyone, including himself, drove him absolutely mad.

It was too quiet, WAY too quiet. WAY too quiet for his liking and it pissed him off. The way everyone stared at an empty desk that sat behind him. The lack of enthusiasm from all of the teachers as they taught class. How out of habit they said Deku’s name, in hopes that someday he would turn up, that this was all a dream.

When he found the damn bastard he was going to give him fucking hell for causing this turmoil.

He glared at the All Might figurine that sat nicely on his nightstand. He remembered how he had wanted to pre-order it prior to the nerd’s disappearance. He had saved up a good chunk of his allowance to purchase it. An early Christmas gift. to himself to celebrate when he would get his provisional license in December. When the news spread about Deku turning up missing after the damn bastard that forced All Might to retire escaped, he had completely forgotten about it. Too much was going on, and he couldn’t help but find himself sitting through investigations trying to find any sort of clue as to where the damn nerd had gone or if the bastard had taken him.

‘Stupid Deku getting himself damn caught,’ growled Katsuki as he shoved himself up out of bed and went out the door. Behind him the All Might figure stood proudly as he turned to close the door. He scowled at it and slammed the door shut. He had better things to do than just lie in bed and stare at a stupid figure.

Like finding the damn idiot to knock his ass for even daring to get himself captured.


“I miss him…”

“I know,” Mirio said while sitting across from Eri in her hospital bed, “I miss him too….a lot of us do.”

“It’s my fault,” sniffled Eri while she wiped her eyes a bit, “I was the one that believed that man to be Izuku’s friend. He sounded like he really knew him….I felt so inclined to help….if I hadn’t then maybe…”

“Hey, hey, hey Eri don’t cry,” comforted Mirio, giving the girl a reassuring smile, “No one expected it to happen. You didn’t know. You just wanted to help just like Midoriya-kun does. There’s nothing you could’ve known about.” He gently took hold of the girl’s hand before showing her a pinky promises, “I promise, I’ll make sure that Midoriya-kun gets back safely okay?”

“You promise,” Eri asked while looking at him in the eye.

“I promise,” Mirio declared and shook on the pinky promise, his smile widening before rubbing her head. “So, I know Midoriya-kun got you something. What was it?”

“It’s this teddy bear,” she said while pulling it up beside her. It was a cute white bear with a green bow tied around its neck. “It reminds me of him a lot. Strong and brave but soft and cuddly.” She smiled a bit remembering when she felt his embrace for the first time. How safe she had felt at the time to be in his arms rather than Overhaul’s. She never forgot his gentle touch, his smile. She smiled again because of him.

“Midoriya-kun is always like that huh,” laughed Mirio while he sat with her comfortably in her room.

Both of them owed Midoriya a lot. It was the least they could do to help find him.

The strength I want to protect what I want to protect

And the weakness of not being able to trust that ability

I’ll accept it all while I search my tomorrow

Brave Shine - Aimer

Chapter Text

“Young Master, it’s time to wake up.”


Kurogiri gave a sigh while moving to open the blinds of the boy’s room. It was no wonder Sensei had decided to give the young lord the day off. The previous days had been nonstop conference after conference, from Texas to Washington State to finally back in New York. Not to mention the in between training the boy had to endure. It was a much needed day for Izuku to try and rest off from the constant moving.

Izuku hissed slightly when the blinds were raised, pulling the covers over his head and throwing his pillow over it to shield as much of the sunlight as possible.  He had wanted desperately to sleep in, his body aching from constant sparring with his trainers, let alone with his father, and the need to establish himself as the heir of the various other facilities under his father’s repertoire. When he had agreed to take on his father’s companies and position, he didn’t know it had amounted to so much.

“If you sleep any further then you will miss the entire day,” Kurogiri reasoned while looking at the teenager. While a bit foolish to see the true heir act the way he was, it was certainly a lot better than when he had to tend to Shigaraki Tomura. The man-child had too many temper tantrums for his liking, especially when growing up. At least with Young Master Izuku it was easier to handle without worry of possible disintegration.

“That’s the point of this day off Kurogiri, I just want to sleep,” Izuku responded, though muffled by the pillow and covers. God he was tired. He hadn’t rested properly since the conferences began. His head spun with all the new information that went into one ear and struggled not to exit out the other. He had learned so much on the quick side but sometimes he missed a few things here and there that he had to revisit with his father in conversation. Dinner though was more or less focused on Quirk Analysis or Observations from each new registration that went through the facility. Couple that with the spars, he wondered if he was on Aristotle’s Sound Mind in Sound Body curriculum at this point, since both hurt at the same time. It was his day off, shouldn’t he be deciding what he wanted to do?

“If you insist, Young Master,” sighed Kurogiri, shaking his head while deciding to reclose the blinds again. Might as well give the boy what he deserved. “I’ll return with your late brunch as well as news from your father.”

“What news,” groaned Izuku, relieved that the blinds were once again closed. Finally, he could sleep in peace.

“There has been reports coming in that the Meta Liberation Army has been causing more trouble for Shigaraki Tomura than Sensei would’ve liked. You will be returning back home with him perhaps by next week.”

That shot Izuku up from the pillows, staring at the mist man tiredly. “What?”

“You will be returning back to Japan with Sensei, Young Master,” Kurogiri stated, looking back at the boy who only stared at him with a deadpan expression. “Just rest, you can discuss it with him once you are more awake.”

As he watched Kurogiri leave the room, Izuku gave a mighty groan and flopped back onto his bed. Sleep sounded good right about now, because if he had to discuss this with his father, then he was definitely going to need it.

Midoriya Hisashi, otherwise known as All for One, wasn’t pleased with the reports that came in. No he was absolutely frustrated.

He had been pleased for a while with Izuku’s progress, the boy soaked up information and teachings like a sponge once led in the right direction. Their relationship was better than he could’ve hoped. It wasn’t as close as he would’ve liked, though considering the circumstances, he would take what he could get. Just as long as Izuku was at his side, then everything would be okay.

At least…he didn’t need to take him out like he did his own brother.

Yes, definitely the last few months of trying to spend some time with his son while trying to bring him up to speed with being his heir was going very nicely. Izuku had gotten used to Kurogiri being around, which was good since the mist butler would be at his disposal more than Tomura. He really should’ve plucked Izuku into his work the moment he was able to, but alas he just had to make up for lost time. After making sure Tomura would follow through with his distraction plan, under the guise of getting information from the boy he supposedly “kidnapped”, All for One wasted no time taking Kurogiri and Izuku over to America with Inko, setting all of his plans into motion. Truly a good amount of family time.

Well, said family time was unfortunately needing to cut short, as he heard that the actions of the Meta Liberation Army was getting out of hand. He clicked his tongue. Tomura had been going through a good amount of resources to handle the group as it was. Not to mention the task to distract the heroes from keeping them off the trail of Izuku had left their resources sparse. He would need to intervene at this point, but he couldn’t exactly leave Izuku on his own, not when he wasn’t ready to take care of things in America like he could.

Perhaps it would be good for him to go home, to at least say his final goodbyes. He could grant his son that much of a mercy.

Hisashi contemplated quietly his options. It would be much earlier than he would’ve liked for Izuku to return home just to settle the score with the Meta Liberation Army. He could possibly leave Izuku with Kurogiri, but then he wouldn’t have an easier time accessing other facilities in Japan that he would need to attend to. The use of Transmission was already limited as it was, and to be perfectly honest with himself he much preferred the easier accessed Quirk the mist man provided. Truly he was a valuable asset to him, as much as having Izuku back at his side was too. At least when he decided to step down he knew that Kurogiri would be able to attend to Izuku whenever necessary. The Doctor and Machia proved more than enough to keep Tomura on his toes. With that in mind, he decided that as long as Kurogiri remained with Izuku, then it should be fine.

His sharpened senses perked up when he heard his door being knocked on and soon enough opened, looking up to see Izuku come in. He gave a smile while setting his papers down, “I was about to ask Kurogiri to get you, please sit son. We need to talk.”

“He informed me somewhat,” admitted Izuku, sitting himself down while he adjusted his business wear for the day. It consisted of a white dress shirt and black vest, a green tie nicely tucked underneath said vest, he had his sleeves rolled up just a bit while his black and orange gloves were in place. Black pants and dress shoes, he felt a little constrained, but at least it was the style he chose for himself. Deciding to get down to business, Izuku asked, “So we are supposed to go back to Japan next week?”

“That is the plan, of course your conditions remain the same, just need to keep more out of sight,” explained Hisashi while he looked at his son, hands clasped on top of his desk. He made a slight gesture with one as he spoke again, “As you are aware, the search that was placed on you is still in full force. Though I understand if you wish to-”


Hisashi blinked, looking at his son critically. “Are you sure you wish to go? You are perfectly capable of staying here as long as Kurogiri is at your side.”

“Yeah I’m sure,” Izuku said, soon looking down a little bit, a pain in his chest as he balled his fists on his lap a bit, “I….I want to clear things up before we move any more forward….I kind of want to give them a proper goodbye before…”

Hisashi fully understood what he meant, and to be honest, it twisted his stomach to see his son in such a state. The value of his friends and reluctantly All Might was clear the moment Hisashi had subjected them to any sort of danger. Inko for that matter wasn’t really leverage, he too didn’t wish to cause any harm to his wife as much as his son. So it was really his friends that would push him towards this path.

He was no stranger to destroying friendships or relationships for his own personal gain. But when it came to Izuku, to use such methods seemed to hurt him just as much as it hurt his son. Well that was a lie, he cared not for his friends, he just cared about the wellbeing of his son first and foremost. If All Might hadn’t….

“Very well,” Hisashi stated before getting up from his seat, catching his son’s eye, “Prepare your things. We will leave on Thursday and should make it on April 10th. We will use a private plane to get there to avoid any activity. Kurogiri’s Quirk is useful, but not so much overseas.”

“Alright,” breathed Izuku as he too stood up, giving a small bow in leaving before he turned to walk away.


The boy looked back to see his father, whose face looked at him with concern, “Yeah?”

“You know you can always talk to me about this,” Hisashi stated.

“There’s really not much to talk about, Father,” Izuku said, smiling sadly, “I made my decision and I’ll go down with it. Besides…it’s not really that bad. You are keeping your end of the deal after all.”

And with that, the boy left when a Warp Gate opened to send him back to his suite, leaving the crime lord alone in his office.

Hisashi gave a sigh once more before turning towards the overview of the city, hands clasped behind his back as he watched in observation. Yes truly, it killed him inside even more than it did leaving his wife and child. But he’ll make the most of it.

For his sake….and for Izuku’s….

Five months…

Five long torturous months…

Yet still, Yagi Toshinori never gave up hope.

He stared at investigation papers while on the walls of the room it was covered with green and red strings. Each of them were connected and woven around at possible sightings or hints of Izuku’s location or All for One’s activities. Unfortunately, the red had more appearances than green that he would like. Gran Torino was off to the side buried with paperwork, coffee mugs littered around while the old man was concentrating hard going over the reports that may involve the One for All successor.

They were tired, but they weren’t going to give up hope. Young Midoriya was alive, they knew that for certain.

Toshinori ignored the faint sound of the door opening, knowing it was possibly Naomosa bringing in another round of coffee for the three of them. He gave a heavy sigh, setting the papers down and rubbing his tired face. Hearing the clank of the tray being set at the table that was when he looked up to nab a mug. He gazed up at Naomosa and gave a tired smile, “Thank you Tsukauchi-kun.”

“No need to thank me, we have another long day ahead of us,” Naomosa sighed while he went to set himself over his stack of papers in the room. “Besides it’s your turn to take a break. Take a walk around, it might help clear your head and maybe lead to something.”

“Listen to him Toshinori, we’ll take it from here,” grunted Gran Torino, still scouring through the paperwork.

“…Very well, I shall be back,” Toshinori relented, knowing it would be hard to argue with Gran Torino in the room. He got up shakily from sitting for so long and made his way out, Naomosa giving a sad smile in hopes to comfort him.

It didn’t.

The former Symbol of Peace gave a sigh, deciding perhaps a walk around the nearby park would certainly help. As he roamed around, the evidence of spring was in full bloom. Cherry blossoms covered almost every single tree as he walked tiredly through the streets towards the park nearby. Cherry blossoms only reminded him of when he first met Young Midoriya for the very first time. His heart ached in remembrance, gritting his teeth as he recalled that day so very clearly. It would almost be a year now since he met him, and part of him blamed himself for possibly leading the boy to his doom.

‘No, I shouldn’t think that way,’ he thought to himself, shaking his head while he walked, ‘Young Midoriya wouldn’t want me to think that way. I need to find him. He’s definitely alive. I know he is.’ He gritted his teeth while thinking about All for One and what he could be doing to the boy and his family. The monster never should’ve escaped. His nonexistent stomach churned at the idea that Young Midoriya had been turned into a Nomu, as evidence that they found that each Nomu were in fact different people spliced into one. Young Midoriya was more than likely fighting for his life, and he was getting no closer to finding him. It only boiled his hatred for the madman even more.

As he walked, he found himself under the same bridge he had saved Young Midoriya that fateful day. Nostalgia filled him at the meeting, and he almost kicked himself for telling those soul-breaking words at first to the boy that he couldn’t be a hero without a Quirk. How hypocritical was he to say it to someone like him. Part of him reminded him that he was only doing it for fear that Young Midoriya would only end up in the same state as him, that it would be safer for him to pursue a path that wouldn’t land him the hospital like him. But in the end, Toshinori passed on One for All to the boy the moment he saw that brash heroism he had forgotten for so long. Not once did his protégé regret gaining it, and he progressed greatly with his power since then.

If only All for One never got involved….

Toshinori gave a heavy sigh as he walked through the bridge, when a flash of white decided to pass him. He blinked turning to see someone in a white hoodie over his head, black shorts, and red shoes walk past. He thought nothing of it and made his way out from under the bridge. It was only when he remembered those familiar red shoes that he turned.

“Young,” he began, reaching his hand out, only to find the figure was soon gone. His eyes went wide as he felt tears well up and fall. He wasn’t hallucinating, he couldn’t be. He was for sure that was Young Midoriya. The height was accurately close to how he would be now.

He bolted into a run, planning to head back to the police station. Hope was reignited in his chest that Midoriya Izuku was in fact alive.

He didn’t notice the figure watching him from behind the trees, tears running down his cheeks.

He didn’t anticipate running into All Might on accident so early. But he did.

Izuku kept his head low, cursing himself that he decided to wear his red shoes just for nostalgia’s sake. It was just to break them in since his father had gotten him a new pair. Ironically, the man had apparently worn the same style of red shoes when he was younger, so it was no wonder he would pass it down to his own son. He didn’t mind, he actually preferred those red shoes any day than the business shoes he had to wear now. So constraining.

As he watched All Might run back to what he assumed to be the police station, Izuku could only wipe his tears away and keep moving forward.

Musutafu hadn’t really changed all that much since Izuku was last here. Some faces had remained while new faces, possibly new families, had arisen while he had been gone. He had passed by many places that reminded him so much of his childhood. The park where he remembered Kacchan had beat him up that one summer day for trying to protect a defenseless kid. Even his old middle school seemed to be in better shape. He dared not to get close to U.A. for now, considering it was far too risky in the day to walk around there. Not without the risk of getting caught.

Seeing All Might walking under the bridge only confirmed his suspicions that they were still looking for him. He assumed that they believed that he was kidnapped and tortured, not what he was actually doing. Would he call being forced to take over two century year old criminal empire torture?

Perhaps…if he didn’t agree to it.

It had to have fallen on his day off that he would encounter All Might again There was so much he wanted to say, so much that he wanted to tell the man that was once his mentor. If he knew the truth…

Well…it would be better off for him and his friends that they hated what Izuku had become.

He gave a bitter laugh as he made his way to the train station, going back to Central Tokyo where he now resided in the city. Boarding the train, he readjusted his hood, and for a split second his face was seen just ever so briefly before the train sped on ahead to its next destination.

Little did he know who had seen his face one more time on the other side of the tracks.

That was Deku.

That HAD to be fucking Deku.

No one else he knew had that facial structure or those eyes. Those freckles.

Katsuki had to tell All Might.

Katsuki ran, ran as far his legs could carry him. His bags forgotten holding all of the snacks he was supposed to bring back to the dorms. He could get them later. The extras could complain to him about it but that shit didn’t matter right now.

Deku. Was. There.

‘Damn it, damn it, DAMN IT,’ he thought mentally as he finally skidded over to the police station. Did he really run from the train station all the way here? He did. He’d feel the exhaustion wash over him eventually. Right now he was running on adrenaline.

He slammed his hands on the reception desk, startling the clerk as he yelled, “I need to see Detective Tsukauchi, now! It’s an emergency!”

“D-Detective Tsukauchi is occupied right now meeting with A-All Might,” the receptionist began, mostly startled from the boy’s sudden appearance. She didn’t think her first day on the job would have her deal with this abrasive teen.

“Then get All Might out here too,” demanded Katsuki, snarling dangerously, “Tell them it’s about Midoriya Izuku!”

“Young Bakugo?!”

Katsuki turned to see Yagi Toshinori, his former idol All Might, walk over to him in a rush when he heard the explosive blonde yelling from down the halls. Right behind him were Gran Torino and Detective Tsukauchi. About damn time.

“All Might, I saw him,” clarified Katsuki, looking at him dead in the eye, “I know for a fact I saw Deku board a train heading to Central Tokyo! It had to be him.”

“So you were right,” breathed Tsukauchi, his eyes wide while catching Katsuki off guard.

“What,” demanded the boy, looking at the three elders.

“All Might also saw him while he went on his walk,” clarified Gran Torino, his hands balled to a fist beside him, “He really is here.”

“I’ll review the security feeds in the train station to see if we can find anything. You said he was wearing a white hoodie, correct,” clarified Tsukauchi while looking at the former Symbol of Peace.

“Yes, white hoodie, black shorts, red shoes,” All Might answered seriously. They found him. They actually found him.

“Well what the hell are we waiting for?! Let’s get the others and go after him,” Katsuki stated, irritation radiating off him in waves.

“Because we don’t know what kind of situation he is in right now, Young Bakugo,” explained All Might, grave sounding, “More than likely he might be laying low while All for One might be searching for him. We could jeopardize his cover if we suddenly go after him.”

“We need to be patient, that man can literally do anything now with him being fully healed,” Gran Torino huffed, still rearing to go to grab the boy and take care of All for One himself. “We need to play it smart, we also don’t know where his parents are if it’s only him right now.”

“So we just sit around and fucking do nothing,” demanded Katsuki.

“No we need to come up with a plan of action, we just need to be careful,” Tsukauchi answered. “The easier it is for us to get Midoriya-kun out of there the better. We just need a bit more patience.”

Katsuki gritted his teeth while keeping his hands from releasing very familiar sparks. Patience? What fucking patience was left!? He. Was. There. If they wait any longer…

It’d probably be too late.

“Ah Young Master, how was your walk?”

“It was….fine,” sighed Izuku as he slumped into his suite, pulling off his hood. He was tired, more tired than any training he had possibly ever gone through. Just the significant sight of All Might appearing under the same bridge was enough to pull at his heartstrings. He was just lucky that he didn’t encounter anyone else today. If it had be Kacchan….

He grimaced at the thought, his cover would’ve been blown if it was him that spotted him. Yes definitely it was good that no one else saw him today.

“Nothing interesting happened during said walk,” asked Kurogiri, taking a glance at the teen as he slumped against the couch. The mist man had been occupied rearranging the young heir’s items while he was away.

“…All Might took a glance at me. Hid immediately after,” Izuku admitted, knowing he couldn’t lie about something like this. It was gnawing at him at how the man tried to reach for him: that he remembered what the man told him that he couldn’t save anyone he couldn’t reach. It was the only sensible thing for him to hide so he didn’t need to try and reach for him.

Yeah…the right choice. To keep him and everyone else safe.

“That was risky, Young Master,” Kurogiri slightly scolded, knowing the consequences if Izuku were to get caught by the heroes. It would jeopardize everything they had done to get to this point. “You should be more aware that returning to Musutafu would’ve caused a possibility to be seen by any of them.

“I know Kurogiri I know,” groaned Izuku while rubbing his face tiredly. “I just went back to just…remember just a little bit. I didn’t anticipate him to be there at the time. It was pure coincidence that we crossed paths under the same bridge he met me at.”

“You met him under a bridge,” inquired Kurogiri, his mist eye rising a little to indicate he was showing a skeptical look.

“Yeah…I don’t think I told Mom or Father about that meeting,” Izuku mused slight, before shuddering a bit at the thought of what Hisashi WOULD do if he found out.

“May I ask what happened in said meeting,” inquired Kurogiri.

“Only if you make sure when you tell Father he doesn’t go out and kill the man,” Izuku stated, looking at Kurogiri seriously. “It happened two years ago, so it should be fine now. He’s locked up anyways.”

“Very well I will see if I can mitigate him with your words,” sighed Kurogiri, knowing it would be a long and hard chance for All for One of all people to not murder anyone that harmed his son.

“Alright…well remember the Sludge Villain that attacked Kacchan? The one that was on the news,” asked Izuku.

“Yes, not exactly an event to forget,” Kurogiri stated, “Especially not for Sensei, he nearly had a heart attack knowing that you willingly risked your life for a childhood bully.”

“It’s….complicated between me and him, but anyways,” sighed Izuku as he continued the story, relaxing back on the couch to look outside to the city below. “That wasn’t the first time I encountered that villain. He went after me first when I was crossing under the bridge. I almost suffocated had All Might not save me that day. That was how we met for the first time.”

A clash of a glass shattering resounded in the room.

Izuku flinched a bit, taking a look over to see Kurogiri look at him incredulously, his eyes comically wide. Whoops.

“Y….You can’t honestly believe he will take that sitting down,” Kurogiri strained to say, his eyes still wide at him.

“…It’s worth a try,” reasoned Izuku, though it was very much so strained. “Just…Just please at least try to coax him out of it. He did agree that he can’t turn people who bullied or hurt me before into Nomu.”

“….That doesn’t involve actual murder, Young Master,” sweatdropped Kurogiri, still looking at the boy while trying to clean up the mess.

Izuku groaned and flopped back on the couch, covering his eyes with an arm tiredly. There was really no way avoiding the soon to be murder of the Sludge Villain it seemed. His heart had started to ache at another person’s fate sealed just because he was dealt with a really bad hand. If he hadn’t said anything…

He shook his head, it was only inevitable that information would slip out one way or another.

‘I shouldn’t have existed….then maybe people wouldn’t have died because of me,’ he thought as he curled himself up on the couch, trying and hoping to have a dreamless sleep.

With his luck…very unlikely.

Remember the day we met, and it’s pain for me

Because nobody wants to die too fast

Remember a day we dreamed, and it’s pain for me

I could see your face

I could hear your voice

The Reluctant Heroes – Hiroyuki Sawano ft.. mpi

Chapter Text


“So you agree to these terms then?”

“Honestly? It almost sounds as if you are giving me vacation time. But yeah, I agree to them.”

“Excellent then,” All for One smiled under his mask. He may not need it, but his identity as Midoriya Hisashi was on the line after all. He couldn’t let people know just yet, despite Dabi being a recent part of his Inner Circle. “You will assume your position should it be needed that he makes a debut. Until then, continue to monitor Tomura and inform me of everything you see.”

“Easy enough,” grunted Dabi while he relaxed in the armchair while meeting with the main boss. It was certainly strange that he was let in so easily into the Inner Circle in such a short period of time. Granted he stumbled upon the man after he…

Let’s just say he has been grateful for the help All for One provided. The chance he gave to the boy who ran from an abusive household.

Giving Giran the bare bones of his position as a villain, Dabi had been working pretty close to observe what Shigaraki had been doing after he went onboard to be part of the Vanguard. Needless to say he was pretty disappointed. Oh well, it’s why he was a cover up successor for the real one.

“I hope the kid is a better one than that psycho,” commented Dabi, “If he takes after you more, then it shouldn’t be too hard for me to get along with him.”

“I can assure you that my son is following along very nicely as my actual heir,” answered All for One, pride swelling in his chest, “There is no doubt he will be even better than what I could ever be. That is for certain. For now you may return to your position. Inform me if Tomura decides to anything…reckless that may need my attention.”

“As you say, Boss,” sighed Dabi as he got up to leave, a Warp Gate ready for him to head back. At least now he knew he won’t be sticking around Hand Man for much longer.

He smirked, Shigaraki had no idea what was in stored for him once the kid made his debut.

Still couldn’t help but note a bit of sludge on his boss’s suit, probably someone just had their fair share of death recently.

Izuku stared shakily at his phone for the last three hours.

He was given the okay to finally give his last goodbyes to at least his classmates. He gulped a bit, thinking of how to phrase it and when it should be. He took a look over at the calendar to see a suitable date. April 20th fell on a weekday, so it has to be April 19th then. It would be poetic justice in a way if he had said goodbye the day before Kacchan’s birthday. He always seemed to want him gone, despite them closing on better terms before his disappearance.

He could’ve sent the text already, he could’ve sent it ten minutes after he had received the okay. But here he was, staring at Kacchan’s contact on his phone, unable to start the text message for almost three hours since then. A pit formed in his stomach as he even dared to think of writing the message. He didn’t know what to say for that matter, what was there to say?

He took a breath, thinking a straight forward message would be the best way to go. It was probably the only way to go when it came to Kacchan.

When he finally found the words to say, Izuku began typing the message away, hoping it was enough to convey to his childhood friend.

Katsuki stared at his phone long and hard once morning had come. Surrounding him was the rest of 1-A as they gathered to see the message that had him so frozen.

They got their answer when they were able to read it off his phone

Unknown Number: It’s time I said a proper goodbye, meet me with the rest of the class at the tree bridge on April 19th at 7 p.m. I’ll be waiting for you there.

Bring no one else but yourselves. – Deku
Sent 9 p.m. yesterday

“T… That can’t be possible,” breathed Iida, frozen alongside with the rest of the class.

“Final goodbye!? What does he mean by final goodbye,” screeched Mineta, tears already flowing from his face in a panic.

“Quiet you fucking moron, you don’t want to alert anyone else,” hissed Katsuki while he looked at his phone. He turned around and looked at anyone in the room. “Can anyone here trace this number? It could provide insight as to where this fucking moron is.”

“Unfortunately no,” admitted Yaoyorozu, crestfallen as she had seen the text. A hand was clutched over her heart. What would push Midoriya-san to go to such feats to say a final goodbye? What did All for One do to the boy?

“Kero, we should inform the police,” Tsuyu said, “Perhaps they can trace it and find Midoriya-chan.”

“No, we will go alone,” Shouto stated, his hands clenched at his sides. He didn’t like it, he wanted to agree that going to the authorities would be the proper thing, the supposed right thing. But there was a risk, and that risk was All for One himself.

“The heroes would have a better chance at this,” began Kirishima, “We can’t do anything on our own to just try and save him.”

“The heroes can’t do jack shit against All for One, you idiot,” seethed Katsuki, “There’s no one else able to even hold a damn candle next to the guy. All Might was the only one that can, and he can’t anymore. Not since….”

The rest of the class fell silent, remembering what All for One did to cause All Might to retire. There was really no one else that could handle the man, especially now that he was back at full power once more.

“….We have no choice but to go alone,” Tokoyami said after a moment of silence.

“We will relay any information to the authorities after,” decided Iida, “Once we have more information, maybe they can provide more insight on what to do after. For now we have to honor Midoriya-kun’s request and go alone.”

“Will that really be okay,” Ochako asked, clutching her skirt ever so slightly, “That doesn’t seem like enough to help Deku-kun.”

“It’s the only thing we can really do,” Sato said, though his front was strained. They felt so useless. They wanted to help their classmate but they couldn’t, not as they are.

 “Let us leave a message over in one of our rooms,” decided Yaoyorozu, looking at the rest of the class, “If anything happens to us, they will notice and send out a rescue party. That way we can save Midoriya-kun and his family once we find out where he’s being kept.”

“Perhaps a locator could work,” Sero reasoned while looking at Yaoyorozu, “It worked the last time didn’t it?”

“It’s worth a shot, anything that will assist Midoriya-kun,” nodded Iida. “For now we have to be careful about this. We have at least two days to come up with a decent strategy.”

The rest of the class silently agreed and hurried off to bed, not wanting to miss curfew.

They now had a chance, they wouldn’t fail him…not after everything he had done to get himself this far as a hero.

April 19th had come before anyone knew it.

The air was tense as Class 1-A arrived at different time intervals to Musutafu to meet with Midoriya, not wanting to look suspicious when leaving the dorms. The girls had gone first, declaring they went to do a bit of a shopping spree. Soon Katsuki and Kirishima had went and gone at least a few hours later. Next was Sero, Mineta, Sato, and Shoji. Finally it was Iida, Shouto, and the rest of the boys, not wanting to be supposedly left out from the fun. A simple note was left behind in Iida’s bedroom, stating what will transpire had they been captured. All was set to finally see Midoriya.

After five torturous months of nothing, they were able to finally see him.

As Katsuki led the group of nineteen into the woods, everyone worried for the boy’s condition. Was he starving? Was he healthy? Was he tormented? What kind of horror did All for One inflict on him and his family? Today they were going to get their answer.

“So this…tree bridge is where you came by a lot with Midoriya-kun, Bakubro,” Kirishima asked, trying to alleviate some tension in the group. It was a good chance to learn a bit more about Midoriya from possibly the only person that knew him the longest.

“Yeah, we crossed by there too many times than I could fucking count,” managed Katsuki as he walked forward. He cursed himself quietly, wondering why he hadn’t dropped him any time sooner. But then again no matter how hard he tried, Deku always found himself running back to his side. The damn pest.

The rest of the class didn’t really know what to say besides remaining silent as they were. It made them realize how very little there was that they knew of Midoriya Izuku. Who was he really besides the analytical one amongst all of them? He always seemed to be reckless, but was willing to help no matter the problem when he could. He always saw things ahead of them it seemed as well, but was that all there was to the boy?

Ochako, Iida and Shouto tried to really think just a tad bit more, there wasn’t really much more than they already knew. Ochako and Iida realized they never really tried to see why Izuku ever wanted to be a hero. They knew his inspiration had to be from All Might, given how much merch the boy had of him, but there had to be more.

They never got the chance to really finalize their thoughts when they felt the group go to a stop, Katsuki in front.

Right there on the tree bridge sitting looking over the small creek was a very familiar boy with green hair. He looked….different. He was wearing the U.A. dress shirt with his funky red tie and U.A. pants, complete with his trademark shoes. His eyes didn’t shine like they used to, his face so uncharacteristically sad and solemn that Shouto had to shudder. He remembered that look, but this…this was even worse than what he has ever pulled off. But there was no doubt it was him. This was Midoriya Izuku for sure. It had to be.

No one said a word, nor moved a muscle. Not even Katsuki knew what to say as the boy looked over and gave the saddest smile they have ever seen on him.

“It’s…been a while….hasn’t it,” Izuku said, “I’m glad you were all able to make it.”

“Midoriya-kun, what has happened to you,” asked Iida, clearly worried for him. He had never seen Izuku so resigned. As if he had given up any semblance of hope. This wasn’t the Izuku he’d come to know, the Izuku he came to befriend and stood by.

“Deku-kun, please tell us if we can help you,” pleaded Ochako, looking at him with worried eyes, “Anything, anything at all. We can contact the heroes, they can do something.”

Izuku only shook his head sadly, resigning to the fate they didn’t know he was thrown into, “They can’t do anything…not against him….and if you want to help me…” He looked at them dead in the eye, “It’s best that you never thought of me as a friend. That you forgot about me.”

The whole class looked at him stunned. Forget about him?!

“Midoriya-san that’s something we can’t even conceive of ever doing,” shouted Yaoyorozu, shaking her head, “How can we ever forget someone like you? You who have such huge dreams of being a hero?!”

“You’ve done so much and you want us to forget about you,” asked Kirishima, clearly distraught over the suggestion, “Dude that’s not cool. This is so unlike you! There’s no way we would ever forget you! You were part of that inspiration that led me to ask you for help to save Bakubro! There’s no way that we won’t extend that hand to you. We saved him from that maniac, we can save you too!”

“Not me,” Izuku blurted out, “This….this is different.”

“And what the fuck does that mean nerd,” snarled Katsuki as he stared him with anger, “Do you know how fucking long that we had to search for you!? Five months! Five fucking months and you are telling us to do jack shit!? You fucking moron, if this is about your damn parents then we’ll save them too and get your sorry ass back at U.A. All for One be damned!”

“It means I’m not someone that you can save,” Izuku stated, raising his voice while glaring right back, his fists tightening beside him. It caused most of them to shudder. This was definitely not like the shy quiet boy they had come to know. “It’s not because I don’t want to be saved, I can’t be saved.”

“That’s a load of bullshit Deku and you goddamn know it,” snarled Katsuki, the two of them glaring each other down. “It’s not that you can’t be saved you just don’t want to be is it!? If that’s your fucking answer-”

“IT’S NOT. THAT,” screeched Izuku, finding it so hard to rein in his emotions and quieting all the Quirks that were now inside of him. All of 1-A stared at him in shock, he could see their hearts breaking. God why did it have to be this hard.

He was running out of time, he knew he was. Soon Kurogiri was going to pick him up and they would have to leave. He had other obligations to get to, this was the only time he could properly say goodbye. Because after…

They wouldn’t be friends anymore.

“Then what is it, Midoriya,” Shouto demanded, near shouted. He was just about ready to freeze Izuku in place so that way he didn’t just up and leave without giving them any form of answer. “Tell us, we can find a way to help you if you just tell us.”

“I was never meant to be a hero.”

The class just stared at him as he looked back at them with resignation and acceptance. Never meant to be a hero? Him of all people?

“T-That’s crazy talk,” Kaminari said while coming forward, “You? Not meant to be a hero? What about that kid you saved? Or when you went to save Bakugo? If no one calls that heroic then what?”

“Midoriya-kun, you have every right to be a hero,” Iida said in agreement, so stunned by Izuku’s statement that it was breaking him internally. “You’ve proven yourself time and again that you were made to be a hero! You chose to stay back to save Uraraka-kun from the Zero Pointer. You helped me realize my mistake in being blinded by revenge and going after Stain. You helped and touched and inspired so many people to be even more than we could ever be! Why do you say that!?”

“You were there for me when I pushed everyone away,” declared Shouto as he came up, “You pulled me up when I already gave up on myself. You, who decided to butt into a problem that didn’t concern you and you did it to help me. Regardless of how reckless it was, you always did it to help people!”

Izuku couldn’t help but think about what his father had told him. He had a definite point. He gave and gave and gave, expecting nothing in return other than just acknowledgement. Nothing more. Was that really okay? Was that really okay that he would give up himself just for the sake of others who back then saw nothing in him besides being useless? Back then he said it was fine, that it meant something to the people he helped. But now…

Now he wasn’t so sure….


“Then he was wrong for even having any hope in me at all.”


The statement hurt, Izuku knew it hurt. He could feel his own tears spring up as he tried to force them back. He didn’t need to see the looks of their faces to know what he just said hurt them too. The words just came out from his mouth, so naturally that even he himself couldn’t fully believe what he just said.

He heaved a sigh and looked back up at them, a dead defeated look in his eyes.

“It’s best if you just forget about me, forget I exist, forget that I was ever in U.A.,” Izuku said, his voice empty. The wind blew quietly as the chirps of cicadas resounded. Darkness was falling upon them, it would be curfew for them soon, and he had to leave. “It’ll be easier that way. That I finished my last charade. So please…” He gave an empty smile, “be the heroes I could never be.”

“Now wait just a goddamn,” began Katsuki ready to charge up at him if it wasn’t for a certain interruption. A familiar black mist soon formed behind Izuku, startling the group back as the mist man’s glowing yellow eyes oversaw all of them. Izuku didn’t flinched, almost as if he was anticipating for him to appear.

“Have you finished saying your goodbyes,” asked Kurogiri, addressing the boy that stood defeated in front of him.

“….Yeah, I’m ready to go,” Izuku stated as he looked at the class. Again that smile. That foreign smile that didn’t belong to someone that they believed that deserved to be a hero. “Take care…okay? I’m sorry….goodbye.” And with that the green haired boy turned and went inside the portal willingly. The mist swallowed him as it began to disappear to wherever Kurogiri was planning to take him to.

“MIDORIYA-KUN,” shouted the entire class, with Ochako only being the one calling him Deku.

“GOD DAMN IT DEKU GET THE FUCK BACK HERE,” screeched Katsuki, jumping forward and reaching out to hopefully grab the boy by the collar as the portal was closing, propelling himself with his explosions to reach him in time. He had gripped onto something and pulled, hoping that it was enough to bring the nerd.

All he pulled out was his stupid red tie, unwoven and dangling in his hand.

The quiet returned again as the whole class stared in mortification. Tears sprung from their eyes as they watched their friend willingly go inside to his doom. Ochako couldn’t help it, she started to bawl and fall on her knees while Iida turned his head away, his face scrunching up as his fist tightened in denial. Shouto wasn’t doing any better, his body was trembling as his face was contorted in disbelief and unbridled rage while Tsuyu cried alongside Ochako, hugging her tightly when they saw their friend disappear.

Katsuki’s reaction was the worst of them all.

The explosive blonde clutched the tie in his hands, his body shaking. He gritted his teeth as he kept his face hidden from the rest of 1-A as tears sprung traitorously from his eyes. He was so goddamn close. He was right there. “Damn it, Deku,” he hissed, hunching over before he threw himself back and shouted into the sky.

“DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!”

“Why didn’t you inform us!?”

The whole class flinched as Aizawa and the rest of the Hero Course staff stood in the center of the dorms. Quietly the class of nineteen students all held their heads in shame. None of them wanted to talk of what happened. It was so much in such a short amount of time. Even with the train ride back to the dorms they couldn’t fully fathom what had transpired.

How Izuku willingly….left…

“Now, now, yelling at our students won’t help figure out this situation,” Nezdu soothed before looking at Yaoyorozu and Iida, “Class representatives, can you please explain what had transpired in Musutafu? What happened to Midoriya-san?”

The two didn’t really speak at first, both of them, like the rest of the class were very much so quiet. From the looks of their faces, they had probably cried the rest of the way back to the dorms.

“The fucking idiot decided to let himself get recaptured.”

Everyone turned to see a very red eyed and furious Bakugo Katsuki glaring down at them in return. His head was killing him at this point, and he was too goddamn tired to just be standing around the entire night away. The damn nerd had to make this harder for everyone didn’t he?

“Young Bakugo please elaborate,” Toshinori urged, looking at the students in deep concern. Young Midoriya letting himself be recaptured, just like that? After what they had assumed escaping? There had to be more to this.

“It’s as exactly as I said, the fucker decided to say he can’t be a hero and said fucking pointless goodbyes,” hissed Katsuki, his fists tightening in his pockets. He wasn’t looking at anyone anymore. The whole ordeal somehow hurt. Why he didn’t know. He always hated having Deku being so close by no matter what he did.

Yet why did it hurt to see him go?

“He said that he can’t be saved and that’s a load of bullshit,” he continued, “That fucker, it’s obvious he only went back because stupid All for One has his damn parents.”

“And yet you all went without consulting any of us,” Aizawa growled out, tired and pissed, “Do you realize what could’ve happened if that wasn’t part of his so called goodbye? That the lot of you would’ve been kidnapped yourselves.”

“We went because of the nature of the text Midoriya-kun sent us, Sensei,” Iida finally spoke, deciding to take the reins on this conversation. He had to put up a brave front, for Izuku’s sake and for the others. “We understood the possibilities but we also knew that if we didn’t comply, who knows what All for One would’ve done to Midoriya-kun and his family that he hadn’t done already. It’s why we left a note in my dorm.” He then bowed his head and gestured the rest of the class to bow too, “We apologize wholeheartedly and accept any consequences for our actions. We just….we just wanted to see him again.”

“….Perhaps with the unknown number we can somehow trace it back to the phone he last used. It might be abandoned but we could find any hints or clues as to where All for One may have his base of operations set,” Nezdu reasoned.

“What you kids did was rather foolish,” Ectoplasm scolded while the students looked down. “We could’ve assisted you all this time, even trace that number even before you went to find him.”

“And what were you going to do,” asked Shouto, his voice leveled but there was a hint of anger in his voice, “It’s not exactly the easiest thing to do given that we don’t know how many followers All for One has back let alone dealing with him himself. What are we going to do against that?”

That sobered up the teachers as they glanced around at each other. Toshinori didn’t blame them for not having a comeback to such a retort. No one in the room other than him had been able to handle All for One and lived to tell the tale, and even then he faired poorly. The only other person that had barely survived was Best Jeanist, and his condition wasn’t the greatest either last he had heard. Not even he can stand a chance anymore.

They were really in a predicament with this case now.

“Perhaps some sleep will do all of us good,” reasoned Midnight while placing a hand on her hip. “We can’t really fault them for taking things into consideration, but there will be punishment for doing something so reckless as to not inform your teachers.”

Iida and Shouto both gritted their teeth. Tell your teachers they said. And do nothing while their companion is suffering at the hands of a madman? They heard this talk before during Hosu. While it seemed reasonable back then, it didn’t seem reasonable now considering they had their license now. They could be out and about looking for Midoriya yet here they were stuck at curfew unable to do anything.

Really, it was as if the system was always going against them for trying to do the right thing.

Alongside them Kirishima and Ochako felt the same way. This problem wasn’t that far from Kamino either. They could honestly, legally, go out and save Midoriya with a decent enough strategy. They both had experience compared to the others in the group and could honestly set up a decent strategy taking those experiences from the Overhaul incident and utilize it here. Maybe even getting into contact with Togata would be beneficial too, given he still had contact with Nighteye’s agency. They just have to plan this out.

If they had to do it somehow without the teachers, then so be it. Midoriya did it for them, why shouldn’t they do the same for him?

“You heard what she said, retire for bed, we will decide what all of your punishment will be tomorrow morning,” Aizawa ordered, “Go.”

“Yes, Sensei,” the class tiredly answered before they all shuffled to go to their rooms. One by one the teachers watched them go, solemn looks on their faces. The kids were so full of hope that they could finally find a way to save their classmate, only for this to happen.

“Is it really fair to punish them,” asked Mic after the hallways were cleared.

“We as teachers have to,” said Snipe before shaking his head, “But as a hero and as a normal person, I honestly don’t believe they deserve any punishment. They took precautions while they could. They thought it through given how long they had to decide their course of action. They are already thinking like heroes.”

“It can’t be helped,” sighed Aizawa tiredly, thinking of the problem child and what mess he left. everyone in. Feeling the cat charm he was given by the boy for Christmas, he swore he would make sure Midoriya would return back to the dorms and punish him for being so reckless again. “We will decide what is best to do tomorrow morning. For now I assume we should get some shut eye.”

“Agreed, let’s go everyone,” Nezdu nodded as the group went to go to their living quarters.

Toshinori lingered beside Aizawa as the rest of the teachers left. The two men stood in silence before one decided to speak.

“This is an absolute nightmare,” breathed Aizawa, scratching the back of his head, “honestly….how could one simple event in letting a child go see his parents lead to something like this.”

“Your guess is as good as mine, Aizawa-san,” sighed Toshinori as he too didn’t know what to make of it anymore. Still he couldn’t give up hope yet. There had to be a way to save Izuku. He had left him alone when the boy went off with Nighteye, he wouldn’t make the same mistake not trying to be there for him again. Not again.

He won’t lose someone else again.

“We can’t give up hope,” the former Symbol of Peace stated, his fists tightening beside him. “We will save Young Midoriya if it’s the last thing we do.”

“That’s the plan,” Aizawa stated before looking at him, “You better get proper rest, you won’t be much help to Midoriya if you wither yourself even more before you can help him, let alone save him.”

“Thank you for your concern, but I’ll be alright,” Toshinori stated as he moved to his living quarters, “we’ll discuss more tomorrow our next course of action….We’ll save him. I know we will.”

Aizawa quietly watched the blonde man walk away, unable to stop feeling this underwhelming doubt that crossed his mind. He shook his head and tiredly went to bed. There shouldn’t be room for doubts.

Midoriya Izuku along with his family would be retrieved. Then everything would return back to normal in the world.


The sight that laid before Hisashi only brought pain in his heart.

He had come to Kurogiri’s insistence that his presence would be needed in Izuku’s room that night. He wasn’t so surprised. To say goodbye the way he assumed his son would do must’ve taken a toll. But it was necessary, it was Izuku who decided when he would do it.

He owed his son that at least in order to let him become his own man.

As the adult walked over and sat down on the bed, Izuku hardly moved from his laying position. The boy laid on his back, an arm covering his eyes and from his heightened sense of sight he could see the faint shines of the tears that had undoubtedly been shed the moment the boy arrived back to his suite. Taking this chance, Hisashi decided to lay beside him with his hands clasped on top of his chest and stayed with him in silence.

If their relationship was better, he would’ve pulled the boy into a hug, tell him he would be okay as long as things pushed through. That it’s okay now because no one had to be hurt. That it was for the best. But right now wasn’t a good time to initiate affectionate and or comforting physical contact it seemed. He patiently waited for Izuku to break the ice, allowing the teen to go through his emotions as he needed to without his help. Teens seemed to need that from his observation.

“Why is it so hard?”

The question neither startled him nor surprised the crime lord. He only gave a small sigh, turning his head over and allowing one of his hands to gently ruffle his son’s hair. When he didn’t feel him flinch, he continued his motion while speaking. “Because it’s something that is hard to do. Not even I could fathom doing such a thing in your mother’s face before I left. It’s why I only said I left for business without saying goodbye. For you to do something painful like that…it’s only natural for you to feel this way.”

“It sucks,” Izuku muttered, the hurt in his voice increasing as the trembling in his body also increased. He had cried earlier to himself after telling Kurogiri to leave. He didn’t want to cry again now, not with his father in the room. Why it was so easy to just lose his emotions around this man, Izuku could never know. Maybe the fact he was actually trying to be his father? Perhaps, cause it was working.

“I know it does,” Hisashi said while keeping a hand on his son’s hair, remembering quietly, “I know what it’s like to say goodbye to someone you care so dearly about. Regardless of what transpired, the regret is still there. But you need to keep pushing forward Izuku, for your own sake.”

“It still sucks,” whimpered Izuku, hiccupping just a tad while his tears couldn’t stop falling. Not missing a beat, he felt his father pull him close and encircle his arms around him in a hug and allowing him to hide his face. He couldn’t hold it, he clutched onto him tightly, returning the hug as he cried hard into his chest. The guilt, the shame, the regret, it ate him whole, and the only comfort he had now were the two arms trying to sooth him down. He welcomed it and accepted it, feeling the actual warmth and care that radiated from the person he least expected it from. It felt safe, reliable, just like how he felt whenever All Might embraced him. But this felt and meant so much more. So he savored it as much as he could, trembling in the safety of his father’s arms until finally he had fallen asleep clutching onto the man.

Hisashi waited quietly, still hugging his son and rubbing his back gently before he was sure he would be deep asleep. He gritted his teeth, the anger targeted at himself. Was this really the right thing to do to keep Izuku safe? It was, no matter how much he looked into it, there was no doubt that this was the safest option for his son to be in. But it hurt.

He knew his son’s ambition to be a hero meant so much to him, and while he didn’t agree, he supported him, just like Inko did too. It was when he decided to not just interfere with his operations, let alone accept his brother’s Quirk, but also needlessly destroy his body that he had to step in to put a stop to this. He wouldn’t allow his son to go down a broken path just like his brother. That was the last time and only time he would lose a loved one in such a way. Yes…this was the only way possible to keep his son safe. The only way reasonable.

But it still hurt so much.

He didn’t leave Izuku’s side that night.

“Say Kurogiri.”

“Yes Young Master?”

“I want to propose a name to you.”                    

“Oh? What is it,” Kurogiri asked as he looked at Izuku, who stared at a piece of paper. It had been a good two days after the boy said his goodbyes, and slowly things resumed its proper place. It was good at least to hear the boy speaking a bit more again.

“Defcon,” Izuku stated, gaining a small look from the mist man, “what do you think of it?”

Kurogiri pondered quietly over the name. Surely it was a good name. One that would easily strike fear at the mere mention. Though…

“It seems like a very fitting villain name, Young Master,” Kurogiri approved, looking at him while setting the glass he was cleaning down, “Though what inspired you to take on such a name?”

“I did a bit of researched and stumbled upon it,” Izuku clarified while setting down the report he was reading, mind distracted. He didn’t even think about the report that came on the news in regards to the mysterious death of the Sludge Villain that had transpired, knowing full well who did it. It only added to his later point anyways. “It’s fitting given what it is….it at least warns people….how much of a hazard I am….to absolutely anyone.”

A pause came from Kurogiri as he observed his young charge. Surely he as a loyal man to the boy and his father never once saw him as a hazard. Reckless yes, but never a hazard to him personally.

“While a nicely chosen name to warn enemies off, I don’t believe you to be such a hazard my liege,” Kurogiri stated, “You are the future for this world. A future that you would mold in the palm of your hands once your father finally steps down.”

“Then Defcon it is,” sighed Izuku while he turned in his chair to look outside tiredly, “Because that future right now seems very bleak with me in it.”

He didn’t know how right he really was…

Here with my damaged ideals and never turn around

The sky begins to fall apart into fragments

As I close my eyes and try to find my place

In your dreams

World Etude – Aki Toyosaki

Chapter Text


To say that Shigaraki Tomura was in a good mood was an understatement.

Things had been looking up for the League of Villains as of late. With the return of Sensei and the capture of that U.A. pest and his family, nothing seemed to stand in his way anymore. With the exception of the annoyance called Dabi, the members of his league looked towards him now as a proper leader, and he himself viewed them as reliable party members as of late.

Yeah, they weren’t too bad after all.

The annoyance the Meta Liberation Army proved enough to have Sensei return from whatever it was he needed to attend to. Seeing the man he looked up to, back to his former state and former glory made Tomura swell up in absolute happiness and joy. He had to make sure that everything went accordingly when Sensei is still here. The more he can do to impress him the better.

He loved the praise Sensei gave him upon his return. How he was doing so well and growing into his person. But there was a certain air to Sensei now. He seemed…happier. Definitely in a better mood. Given the fact that the man was now back to how he once was, it didn’t surprised Tomura in the least that he was happy. But there was something different. There was more to it than what Sensei was letting on.

No matter, if Sensei was happy, then Tomura was happy and that was all that mattered in the world now.

As he looked at his next assignment with glee, the man who saw himself as his master’s successor prepared himself to set off in July. It was another simple mission, another distraction ploy to keep the heroes off his master’s toes while he continued to whatever it was he was doing to the U.A. brat. Sensei was definitely taking his sweet time, then again if he was attached to All Might, then Sensei would be milking the torture on the boy dry just to spite the man. That only increased Tomura’s mood even more as he went to meet up with the rest of the League.

Little did he know what was truly happening behind the scenes, the plans Sensei truly had in stored, for everyone.

“So Shigaraki doesn’t suspect a thing.”

“Of course not Doctor, why would I even consider letting him get close to my prized treasure?”

“You have a point there, Sensei,” mused Dr. Ujiko as he stood dutifully next to his leader, Kurogiri standing at the opposite end just behind the two of them. All for One sat comfortably on his throne-like chair, awaiting his circle with a slight bored look on his face. It was certainly an interesting development for all of them now that the true heir was in the know. Said true heir was busying himself with his Quirk training as per usual.

It meant now things could be set into motion.

All this time, all this biding, all this research was leading to the point where Midoriya Izuku, son of All for One, the one true heir, would reign supreme. Dr. Ujiko had been irritated to say the least that Shigaraki had mostly used the Nomu for small frivolous reasons, but they held their purpose. The High Ends were reserved only to be the legion that would serve the young lord until he amassed the followers he needed to take his father’s place. Truly, despite the boy’s request to stop the project, particularly involving all the rambunctious ignorant children that dared treat Sensei’s child with such malicious intent, there was enough Nomu to be utilized as security for the young master.

Not that the boy really needed it. Truly, his ferocity was just the same as his father. It would be truly interesting to see what the boy would be like in his prime.

Footsteps could be faintly heard. The doctor checked on the time. It seems like it was only a matter of moments for the Inner Circle to finally reunite.

“My lord and master, it’s so wonderful to see you back to your full state,” a voice chimed in musically. Clad in white, a lavender haired young man smiled as he did a grand bow, showing fealty to the man on his throne.

“Angelo, welcome, it is good to see you too, old friend,” smirked All for One, gesturing ever so slightly to let the man rise up, “To see that you are actual punctual today has greatly pleased me.”

“But of course, I aim to please,” smiled Angelo as he got up, “Especially now that the little master is back in our fold and ready to take after you. I’ve seen the recordings of his training, he’s very much so your son.” He sighed dramatically while placing a hand on his chest, “He holds that grace of yours, that power, I can’t wait to see how far along our young lord will progress in the future.”

“Settle yourself down Lord Angelo,” Dr. Ujiko said as he looked at the artistic driven man, “We have yet to see the rest of the circle come. Gigantomachia won’t be able to make it as he is occupied with watching over Shigaraki.”

“Oh boo, Machia is always such a fun character to have here,” pouted Angelo before snorting, “And little Shiggy? He’s still around? I’m awaiting the day you dispose of him. Were you sure that you don’t require my Puppet Strings on him my liege?”

“It would be a waste to utilize such a precious Quirk on him, my control over him is more than enough,” drawled All for One, “He has his purpose and is doing what he must. Soon enough his purpose will come to an end. But we’re not here to focus on that today.”

“We are to focus on our future lord and master’s rise, are we not Lord All for One?”

“Pryde! You’ve made it,” grinned Angelo, only earning a tired sigh from the massive man.

“Angelo, you don’t seem to have changed,” Pryde stated as he looked at him with piercing gold eyes. His tanned fur gleamed under his spotlight as he took his place amongst the circle. Wearing hunter apparel, his clawed hands were as sharp as ever. “Though to see you before Eres is certainly surprising. I would’ve thought she would’ve come by now.”

“Come to think of it that is true,” pondered Angelo, tapping a finger on his chin. “Perhaps she got occupied with battle tactics or something. All that boring stuff.”

“I’ll have you know that those plans are meant to establish our future lord’s base of operations,” explained a new voice, causing both men to glance over.

“Ah Eres, I take it that you’ve found the locations I’ve been looking for,” questioned All for One as a cold teal eye colored woman appeared. Said teal eyed woman looked back with frigid indifference, but a faint hint of a smile graced her lips. “That I have, and each of them have their perks, but perhaps we should look towards more…uncharted territories off mainland Japan for our young master. He will need room to grow to be his own leader.”

“Hm, I’ll take that into consideration,” nodded All for One before all three of them took their spots in their spotlights. The three of them pondered on their fourth fellow member. But through Infrared Rays and Search, the villain emperor knew she was there. “Scarlet Shadow, I assume you’ve been here for some time?”

“As you deduced, my lord,” came a calm voice. Clad in signature mahogany and black, a masked assassin revealed herself, katars in hand. She gave a fleeting bow, her bobbed cut black to red hair shining ever so briefly that covered her red eye. Ever so briefly, her eye shone brightly at the fact they were now once again together.

“Scarlet, must you always hide while everyone shows up,” pouted Angelo, to which the assassin promptly ignored him. He gave a huff. The woman was still the same cold edge as she always been. At least Eres was more expressive than Scarlet.

“Settle down, we are here to talk business,” Dr. Ujiko stated, earning the attention from the Inner Circle members. Once he got their attention, he looked towards All for One, who only sat up straight to address his men.

“As you are well aware, my son has finally come and taken up the family business,” the man stated, “While redundant to say, this means things will need to be set into motion sooner than anticipated. The heroes have been getting more and more adamant in trying to find him since I’ve…acquired him back under my wing. Which means it’s high time for you to get acquainted better with my son. You understand the importance of this correct?”

“Of course sir,” answered Pryde, “after you, we will be at his servitude until he finds his own circle.”

“It doesn’t matter what it is that he decides to do correct? As long as he follows similar ideals to you, then we shouldn’t have a problem” smiled Angelo, “our loyalty to both you and him knows no bound. It’s those underneath you that should possibly be a concern.”

“They know their place at the bottom of the food chain,” drawled Eres, pushing up her glasses while she gazed upon the others, “even if they may figure out a decent strategy, we would be able to snuff it out soon enough before it’s set into motion. All of them have been attached to your own strings have they not?”

“Aside from the Vanguard and the circle and of course our lords, yes, all of them are attached and ready to be set back in line,” Angelo mused, making his Puppet Strings visible to show just how many were ready to be cut. “If you wish my lord, I can always allow the young master to make a copy of my Quirk so the control can lay solely to him. You did state that he could mimic absolutely any Quirk correct unless highly mutated? It shouldn’t be so much of a problem.”

All for One mused on the thought. Yes perhaps that would be good for Izuku to have some semblance of control over the existing men. The question is would the boy actually go through with it. Perhaps, perhaps not. “An interesting proposition that perhaps you can relay it to him once you all introduce yourselves. You have all served me well in my time of absence, now it’s time for that servitude to be shown to my son.”

“Of course,” Scarlet Shadow stated as she took the praise, “We would die for you both if necessary. Our skill set and abilities fall solely to you and Lord…”

“Defcon,” Kurogiri announced, surprising the rest of them in the room, even All for One looked at the mist man in surprise. “Young Master had decided on that name just a day ago. Defcon will be his new title.”

“Defcon, I like it,” grinned Angelo, “Such a statement to the world with just one name alone. Ah how poetically destructive.”

“A grand one at that, strong, as he needs to be to take up your mantle,” Pryde stated.

“One that will definitely strike fear in the hearts of many,” Scarlet nodded sagely, “Just the name alone dictates a warning to all.”

“Very tasteful, he takes after his father very well,” smiled Eres amusedly, “A perfect start to his reign as a possible emperor no…possible overlord once you step down my liege?”

All for One mused over the name. It had certainly surprised him that Izuku would even consider such a name. Given how the progress of his son was going, it would be no surprise to him that one day Izuku would surpass him in prowess. With both All for One and One for All, now dubbed Unity as they liked to call the combination, Izuku would be a god amongst man in his prime. Though for him to think of the name….he will have to ask Kurogiri.

 “It is without a doubt that my son will greatly surpass me in every way, perhaps see to my ambitions to an end by the time I am gone,” stated All for One after musing on the thought long enough. “With that being said, go forth. Introduce yourselves to him and prepare. My reign may be coming to a close, but my son’s reign is only about to begin.”

“Of course, Grand One,” chorused the four, bowing before taking their leave.

“The boy is definitely growing into his own, isn’t he,” mused Dr. Ujiko while standing by All for One still.

“That he is, doctor, that he is,” said All for One, before waving to him, “you are dismissed for now, please feel free to inform me on the status on the last of the High End Nomus that would be at my son’s disposal soon enough.”

“Of course, Sensei,” bowed Dr. Ujiko before he left. through the Warp Gate provided by Kurogiri, leaving the two men alone.

“So Kurogiri…can you tell me the true reason as to why my son chose the name,” All for One asked, taking a glance over to the mist man. He knew how close Kurogiri had gotten to Izuku for some time, so it was a no brainer at this point that Kurogiri would know a thing or two of what happens within Izuku’s mind.

“…He stated that he found the name by browsing around,” Kurogiri explained with a resigned sigh, “And thought it would fit considering….how he sees himself as a danger…a hazard if you will, to everyone.”

“So I see,” All for One said, before giving a sigh. Truly what he had anticipated.

He expected nothing less….but even still…..even still….

“Overlord huh,” he mumbled, his eyes half closing.

Perhaps Izuku would be a lot more than he realized.

Once he was for certain alone, Midoriya Hisashi relaxed in his study. On his table sat the finest whiskey there was to offer. To think months ago he had stayed in Tartarus for so long. He mused silently at what got him back to his position in the first place.

Ah yes…his son.

Search had been active that day. The day he felt everything burn over and over again. The crushing of bones, flesh tearing apart, being repeated again and again. His son kept dying and being reborn, constantly harming himself for what he later realized was a young girl. A girl that would lead to everything that came to pass.

It drove him mad within his cell, knowing his son was constantly harming himself over and over, but for what? For people who didn’t care for him? For people that only stomped him into the ground just because he had no Quirk? For a world that subjected its people to nothing but false peace and continuously suppressed those who cannot have a voice? No more, he needed to get out. He needed to get his son out of that world. That foolish black and white world that was blinding him.

He never realized that moment came when his men hidden within Tartarus had finally found a means to forge his escape. They worked strategically, forging footage to the finest detail. Then the monitor system had been temporarily cut, as well as the machine guns that were well in placed inside of his cell. Bindings came undone and a stand-in was created, then he was finally free.

As the Warp Gate showed up, he had mused if he wanted to pay a small visit to Chisaki Kai. He had thought against it, given there was much to do. Tomura had punished the man enough by taking away the ability for him to utilize his Quirk. First he needed to find this girl, which wasn’t too hard. Then he would get his son and wife.

He had bided his time, met with the girl when she was in higher spirits. It was easy enough to tell her that he knew of his son, the one she called Deku-san. The girl herself was precious, clear abuse from what the villain lord was able to see from her arms. It made him sick. It reminded him of the horrors that would’ve also befallen Izuku had they known…

He wouldn’t think of that now, Izuku would be safe with him. He’d made sure of it.

Truly, Kurogiri avoiding capture while awakening and finding Gigantomachia had been a blessing that he needed. The man’s Quirk was the most crucial part of his plan in order for everything to work. He quickly gather his resources and planned for his move to America, where he knew no one could ever find Izuku. So when the time came where he proposed the deal to his son, they left with everything they needed, Kurogiri staying behind just for a small while to make the small apartment seem like no one had lived there at all. Of course he had left Tomura specific instructions to keep the heroes busy once word broke out about his escape. He had to cover his tracks somehow.

As he took a sip of his whiskey, he gave a mighty sigh. Yes truly, this hand of fate had played into his favor. His son was perfectly learning at a much faster pace than Tomura had, which was expected. Inko was no longer stressed and worried, finally able to enjoy her life. And he? Midoriya Hisashi sat on top of the world once more with his son rightfully by his side.

But everything still hurt.

He knew that Izuku wasn’t happy. That much was a given. But he knew it was for the best. Izuku was safe and healthy, his body had responded nicely to the treatment performed on him to restore his bones and nerves to their proper state. It wasn’t like he didn’t give the boy a choice either. He gave it to him, the ultimatum in which he did willingly allowed his friends and his nemesis to live, all for the sake of having the boy close under his watchful eye and protection. Had Izuku been more of a harebrained hero, more than likely he would’ve fought to the bitter end.

He was glad that his son was not.

“Everything I do….is all for you, Izuku,” he muttered softly as he took a look at a picture frame that sat on his desk. There was a portrait of him and Inko, with their precious baby boy, smiling like the sun. His son hardly smiled anymore, and it hurt to see it be so empty now compared to before.

Hisashi soon turned his head away to look back outside to the unsuspecting city down below. Truly the world didn’t know what was brewing within the shadows. There was much…so much to prepare for now. He could not stop, not yet. Not when he needed to play his role while his son took up his own.

The new order was soon going to come to pass….with his son as its rightful leader.

Knowing will those days of nothing

Surely I’ll become worn out again

But what I want is to freeze over this world

Always waiting for that indifferent voice

Drop by drop, my tears of loneliness will surely

Flow down. That’s the way I’ll go

Grave – niki ft. Hatsune Miku

Chapter Text


July seemed to have approached so swiftly that June had been an afterthought. It would be more than likely summer vacation for all the schools, including U.A., meaning Izuku would have to lay a bit low for a while before he could walk more freely around again. He could always go to another location where it was least likely he would encounter anyone that would know him. Perhaps that would be an idea for his birthday, he was already told he’d have the day off that day as long as he returned a bit early to celebrate it with his father.

The boy only sighed while Kurogiri had opened the blinds, staring at the ceiling while the mist man prepared his things for the day. It was only the day before his birthday, so they had to at least cram a bit more business before he could have his day off.

“I see that you are awake this time, Young Master,” commented Kurogiri, looking over at the boy with slight concern, “Are you alright? Normally I would have to awaken you.”

“Yeah I’m alright,” sighed Izuku while he rubbed his face tiredly while he soon decide to sit up, “Sleep was fine albeit it feeling shorter than normal…I guess there’s still too much on my mind.”

“Well we do have a busy schedule today, Young Master,” explained Kurogiri, “You will be meeting with Lord Pryde first to assess your current strength before meeting with Lady Eres to talk about choosing your location for your first establishment, and that’s just the start of today’s activities.”

“Must they all happen before my birthday,” groaned Izuku, deciding to promptly fall back in bed. Sleep suddenly decided to call, much to the expense of the mist man in the room.

“Young Master, please get up, you might as well get them done so you don’t have to worry about them after your birthday,” exasperated Kurogiri while fixing Izuku’s clothes and breakfast, “The sooner everything gets done, the more time you have even before your birthday. I’ve already made plans to make you katsudon to celebrate.”

“Alright,” sighed Izuku as he reluctantly rolled out of bed to start the day. He just hoped his actual birthday didn’t go down south. He took a pause first before deciding to ask, “Say Kurogiri…why doesn’t Shigaraki know about…any of this at all? Why leave him in the dark when it could possibly backfire?”

“Your father wanted to ensure Shigaraki Tomura is focused on his task on being the face of the League while our true operations continues in the shadows,” explained Kurogiri, “Your father has a reach not just within Japan as you recall, but in various parts of the world. There are many that hold power who rely on him to back them up in some shape or form, whether it is through media or backroom dealings. To have Shigaraki Tomura involved would prove to be hazardous given he doesn’t seem that much interested in learning the other side of villainy. Mostly wanting to destroy the world rather than mold it like your father wishes.”

“So I see,” mused Izuku, thinking a little bit. Kurogiri had some points. Shigaraki never did seem like a very wise individual. Skilled and tactful that was for certain, his battle prowess wasn’t so bad, but in dealing with business he was not. There was a lot more than what Izuku perceived that involved actually running a villain organization. The planning, the expenses, resources, etc. Truly it was a business that he was inheriting than just basically leading anything so blindly.

He just hoped that Shigaraki wouldn’t ruin anything else.

“I assure you, Lord Defcon, that setting up a base on a restricted nuclear zone would be highly unfavorable,” Eres explained while both she and Izuku stared upon the gigantic map that laid on the war table. “It still hasn’t passed the test that it would be considered safe to inhabit.” While the seclusion was in fact understandable, it posed high risk to actually build a facility in such a manner. Too many consequences, what was the young lord thinking?

“Unless we have the resources readily available to construct a base offsite and warp them to the island itself without risk of contamination,” Izuku reasoned while rubbing his sore arm. Pryde had demanded him to go all out in their training session, though Izuku knew better than to try and indulge the man before he accidentally smashed his face into smithereens. With all the Strength Enhancers plus with the added boost of One for All under his belt, he could possibly destroy a mountain if he isn’t careful. “They do it for different kinds of facilities, and I’m sure we have Resizing Quirks readily available to easily move them. Just need to figure out the proper coordinates in order to transport them without too much of a hassle.”

“That is certainly a point but very much so costly,” Eres nodded while taking a look at the possibilities, “I’m not sure how much it will definitely cost, considering we have enough as it is trying to supply shipments of Trigger and then Shigaraki wasting our funds as it is with his excursions. Though it won’t hurt to take a look as it is an expansion for the future.”

“Then this location should be suffice, it’s not too far from the mainland but also unsuspicious enough to make our establishment,” Izuku reasoned while taking a look at the possibilities, “Perhaps we can draft a few structures that would be absolutely needed and possibly the enclosure that would allow us to have clean air. Is cloaking out of our reach?”

“My, Lord Defcon you are clearly thinking things through,” said Eres, eyes wide with surprise and a smile plastered on her face, clearly impressed, “Yes we have the means for cloaking technology on our table as well as the necessities to construct such a dome.”

“Then perhaps creating a miniature with the materials we need for each building and enlarge it to the size we want it to be for normal size,” questioned Izuku, surprising Eres even more. “It would save resources as well as expenses as we are just taking smaller pieces of the existing material that make up most furniture and buildings. We can see about fauna and such later when the establishment is fully constructed.”

“So building small and then enlarging them to life size,” mused Eres, smiling in acceptance, “I’ll see what we can do. This does cut down on expenses, and we already have design planners and the engineers to fully install the needed plumbing and electricity. Just need the Quirks for them, which shouldn’t be too hard to find.” She then looked at him with praise, “Truly you have a keen mind, much like your father. You see things from such an outside point of view that no one seems to take into consideration.”

“It’s…nothing really,” managed Izuku, scratching the back of his head. Meeting with his father’s closest men was one thing, but hearing their praise about any small feat he did was another. It felt…strange. Not once did he get real praise for anything he said analytically besides perhaps a few small comments here and there from surprise. Really, most of the time anything analytical came out of his mouth was looked upon with slight mortification or the person becoming rather uncomfortable when it came to Quirks or just simple observations. The only other person that seemed interested in his analysis would be his father and now his men. A very stark contrast compared to his time in U.A. Then again Hatsume Mei was another individual that seemed to be on the same wavelength as him when it came to talking about support items and the utilization of them alongside Quirks. Still it was very much so strange to hear from anyone else.

“I wouldn’t downplay your worth, Lord Defcon, especially given the fact you have so much to offer,” Eres chastised, causing Izuku to slightly flinch at her tone, her eyes narrowed in a scolding manner. “You have so much to offer and you should be proud of what you are capable of. Whoever thought so otherwise is a fool to not recognize greatness when it’s amongst them.”

“I-I don’t mean it as any offense, really,” Izuku tried to counter, sighing a little bit, “It’s just that no one really treated whatever I say with such praise. So I never let it well…slip unless the conversation calls for it or whenever someone like minded comes around, which is just as rare.”

“I understand the feeling,” Eres sighed, pushing up her glasses. Truly she seemed to have found some common ground with the young heir now.

Izuku blinked at her in confusion, “What do you mean?”

“My Quirk was a very ambiguous one for people to deduce, so people went ahead and called me Quirkless,” explained Eres, stunning Izuku. She smiled again at him, “You didn’t expect that did you? At any rate, they didn’t see me have any form of worth, despite what my parents have told them. I did have a Quirk but not one that was flashy. And you know how society is with flashy Quirks.”

“Yeah I know,” Izuku stated, still stunned at the statement, “What is your Quirk anyways?”

“Tactical Strategy, I can come up with any battle decision just from observing the playing field. I can easily come up with at least twenty to thirty different move compared to the average human brain. From those strategies I am able to see, I choose at least two of the best options and at least three backups in case things go awry,” explained Eres, “It’s best if I utilize my Quirk in a battle setting, but I can utilize it in a business setting such as location planning and such, but normally that takes longer and I normally like to have a second voice in it especially if it’s my client.”

“That’s such an amazing Quirk,” Izuku suddenly gushed, feeling a bit of fanboyism inside him burn after so long. It slightly startled Eres to say the least. “Does it have a time limit? Do they map out altogether? Overlaying each other? Or in a sense do you picture them all at once like individual screens in your mind? Can it be used while under pressure or do you need a calm state of mind? Can it be done in the field or only in regards to see plans being laid out in front of you?”

Eres suddenly laughed, catching Izuku off guard. The teen blinked in surprised before realizing he had went on one of his interrogations out of habit. He turned slightly red, composing himself before stating, “I-I-my apologies, Eres. I don’t know what came over me.”

“Not at all, my prince,” smiled Eres, wider than Izuku had ever seen on the woman ever since he met her. The usage of a royal title certainly took him off guard as well. “You flatter me with your praise and your questions are warranted, do not fret. Your father was very similar to when we spoke of my Quirk. I have to say I owe him a lot for taking me in and finally giving me some form of usefulness. To hear similar words greatly warms my heart and I thank you.”

Izuku stared at her in awe once more, practically feeling her be happy from just his little spout of questions alone. Did his father really have this much of an impact on people? Clearly he trusted Eres to be this close given she was part of the Inner Circle. Then were they….friends? Allies? Acquaintances? Needless to say that was a question he would later ask his father once he got a chance. He never seemed like a man to hold lasting friendships. Then again, Izuku himself wouldn’t be here had Midoriya Hisashi not wooed his wife and married her.

Perhaps….today wouldn’t be a bad day before his birthday. He could only hope that it stayed this way.


He was back in the black void once more.

Izuku looked around a bit, trying to find the source of the voice. He glanced a bit more only to find the first user of One for All there, staring at him sadly.

“Hello little nephew.”

Izuku slightly flinched. That’s right, the first user just so happened to be his uncle. How ironic this meeting really was.

“I’m sorry….I didn’t know……I didn’t know he would do such a cruel thing to you.”

Izuku looked up at him in surprise, confusion etched on his face. What? Why was he apologizing? If anything Izuku should be the one apologizing, not him.

“You have nothing to be sorry for, little nephew. My brother….your father…..he always was this way…..Twisted in a sense but always wanted to make sure….I stayed safe….so that applies to you too,” One for All explained while looking at his nephew, seemingly reading his mind, gently patting his head, “I nor the other users of One for All blame you for the path you’ve chosen. Any one of us would’ve possibly done the same thing.”

Izuku was about ready to cry. Guilt started to gnaw at his heart as he felt his uncle embrace him. His body slightly trembled while feeling a frail hand gently rub his back.

“I just want you to make sure that you know, that no matter what, we’re always here for you,” One for All stated, hugging his nephew a little tighter while knowing the boy was about to wake up. He gave a bit of a sad smile, pulling away and patting his head, “Try to look up okay? It’s your birthday after all….make the most of it. And remember what I said, little nephew.”

Izuku gave a small nod as he felt the waking world call to him.

As he slowly woke up, he opened his eyes and felt his tears trickle down his face. Knowing Kurogiri was to arrive soon, he wiped his eyes and caught his breath, rubbing his face as he tried to regain his composure. His uncle was right. It was still his birthday, he should make the most of it.

Heaving a breath, he got up just as Kurogiri entered the room. It was about time he started the day anyways.

July 15

It was to be Midoriya Izuku’s birthday, just like it was Togata Miro’s.

He’d be seventeen.

He would’ve been in his second year.

Mirio had been hanging around Class 1-A a little bit more often after the sudden appearance of the boy in April. Ever since then he had been hoping, waiting, praying that another sign of Midoriya would come. Despite having recently just graduated at last and being in full swing as a hero, he still found himself at U.A. to help with the ongoing search. He had stopped a few crimes here and there, but this search had been by far the most important mission he had ever done.

He did make a promise to Eri that he would save him.

The kids in the class weren’t really happy. They had eventually heard word that more than likely with Midoriya’s absence, Shinso Hitoshi would be taking his place in the class. All of the class were against it, Shinso himself felt as if it was wrong for him to take Midoriya’s place through no fault of his own. Aizawa had stated he shared the same sentiments, which is why they held off on the transfer to at least to the end of the year. If Midoriya Izuku did not return at the end of the year, then his spot will be given up.

It didn’t sit right with Mirio in the slightest, not when Izuku did so much in just his first year alone. He was already hero material, possibly greater than what he could ever achieve for actually taking down Overhaul. For how he was able to convince Eri that her Quirk wasn’t a curse but a gift. For giving Sir Nighteye, in his dying moments, some semblance of hope that he didn’t see shine in his eyes so brightly before. To give his spot to just anyone else, no matter how well deserving it was, felt empty and truly undeserved and underhanded. But the school had to do something about the empty seat. But did they really?

As he patrolled the city he was stationed in the Yokohama area, he received word that a massive villain attack had transpired. Beside him on his right, he could see Ochako and Tsuyu look back at him. To his left Todoroki and Iida looked at him too. Absentmindedly, he imagined Midoriya Izuku amongst them. Oh how that would’ve really made this birthday a little bit better if he was here. He gave a smile, “C’mon let’s go see if we can provide assistance!”

“Right,” they chorused together and they went on their way to Kamino Ward. Memories of the fight between All for One and All Might rang fresh in the four’s minds, especially for Iida and Todoroki from his observation. But still he couldn’t help but feel a pit in his stomach that suddenly formed as he neared the location.

He, and the others, weren’t prepared for the nightmare that was going to transpire.

Kamino seemed to have gotten better last Izuku had been there. The roads were busy again, the damaged part of the city was still being rebuilt in a new manner, a memorial planned for those who had gotten caught in the crossfire in the fight and those who were not found afterwards, presumably buried in the rubble. Staring at the location, he could clearly remember that night as if it was yesterday. Hiding behind that bit of wall, all the planning to get Kacchan out, his father’s appearance for the first time, Izuku could only shudder a bit for not noticing who he was sooner.

Then again, what would he have done? Got in the way? Try to talk his estranged father out of it? He wasn’t so sure what would’ve happened had he recognized All for One right then and there. He gave a sigh and moved on, looking for a quiet place to relax for the day. It was his birthday after all. It wasn’t the time to look at the past.

Finding a quaint café in Kamino seemed to be a bit of a hassle, but once he found one, he went ahead and took a seat after being greeted at the door. Good there wasn’t a lot of people yet, that means he could just relax ever so slightly. Choosing to sit further back to avoid windows, he took a glance at the menu for anything that may interest him. Coffee sounded good, perhaps with a croissant or a bagel would be fine. He breathed a sigh again as a waitress greeted him and took his order, giving a polite smile while keeping his hood over him. So far, not too bad. He was actually looking forward to later. His father had stated they would just have simple katsudon for dinner, like Kurogiri said yesterday. A good way to end a simple quiet birthday in his currently hectic life.

Yeah…a perfectly quiet birthday…


It all happened so fast, just when his guard was down.

Screams echoed in the café while he went and got down for cover, shielding himself just barely with the table from most of the debris. He gasped slightly when the force was enough to send him flying back against the wall, grunting upon impact before collapsing on the ground. He blearily looked up, trying to regain focus only to find red shoes slowly making his way towards him.

“Well what do we have here?”

Oh no.

Izuku quickly got up, moving to defend himself only to have someone stomp him back down. He grunted once more, glaring to see Spinner standing right over him. Damn it, why were they here!?

“So what should we do with him,” asked Spinner, looking at Shigaraki. He took a slight apprehensive stance while looking at the man that he saw as their leader. Even if this kid was a captive, Stain recognized him as a possible hero, and it wouldn’t be right for them to just…do away with him.

“Let’s have a bit of fun, Compress, contain him,” Shigaraki stated while the magician went ahead and came forward. “He’ll be useful later. We’ll teach him a lesson for trying to escape.”

Izuku wanted to just jump up and attack back to throw them off, trying to shake off his initial shock from the first impact with the wall. But the moment Compress touched his head, he felt himself shrink. He bit his lip as he shook in his confines, thinking things couldn’t get anywhere worse.

He didn’t know how wrong he was.

Three hours

They had been fighting for three fucking hours.

Katsuki cursed slightly as he tried to divert another Nomu back towards the center. Evacuations had been going on and the city had been pretty much deserted, allowing for the heroes to have more room to fight without any real causalities except for those caught in the initial crossfire. Damn that stupid League of Villains. Why did they have to attack this place again?

A good number of pro heroes had arrived, all of them trying to keep damage to the city as minimal as possible. They had barely rebuilt the place after All Might’s fight with All for One, to have it be attacked so suddenly out of nowhere made no apparent sense.

Actually, anywhere the League showed up recently made absolutely no sense.

There had been a pattern that seemed to be going around ever since Deku had disappeared. Almost as if they were to make sure…

These attacks were just a distraction.

All of them just so they couldn’t find a trail to Deku.

Deku who was captured. Deku who was taken by All for One. Deku who willing subjected himself to going back to the madman that had his damn parents too.

It was all to make sure they didn’t find Deku.

But why? Why would they want to make sure they couldn’t find Deku? Not once did the League boast about having Deku in their possession, nor state of his condition. Shigaraki was the only asshole that said something once or twice about whatever torture All for One could be doing.

But there is no other mention. Not even a mention of Deku becoming a Nomu. If he was to become one, he would’ve been seen as one already. Why?

He could barely think, barely recalling that damn stupid goodbye the nerd said almost a couple of months ago. The asshole had to do it just before his birthday too, and now Deku’s birthday was turning out to be a shitty one just the same. He could see the rest of his class struggle to keep the villains at bay, working overtime with the pro heroes as they forced the villains back towards Ground Zero. Hopefully that damn monument didn’t get ruined either, knowing how much of a hate boner Shigaraki had towards All Might.

“Fucking assholes couldn’t have picked another fucking day,” snarled Katsuki as he rushed over towards the fight. It should be over soon. This time they’d catch them for sure, and they’d finally get their fucking answers.

They just didn’t know what answer they were really going to receive.

Yagi Toshinori didn’t understand why he was back in Kamino but he was. Part of him felt as if he needed to be here as the fight drew to a close, the villains slightly surrounded. A building or two had be destroyed, scattered across the grounds of Ground Zero where his statue stood erected from the very spot he had defeated All for One. Gran Torino had already told him that he wasn’t needed there, that he would just be in the way. But here he was, still there as he watched the heroes do their best to keep the remaining Nomus and the League at bay.

Behind him he could see the protective walls that surrounded the entirety of Kamino to keep the League from going anywhere else. Cementoss hopefully should receive extra pay for his work, or at least vacation time. The man had been working overtime as of late helping with reconstruction when he isn’t onboard teaching.

Perhaps he was worrying over nothing, that Gran Torino was right and that he didn’t need to be there. The fighting is almost over it seemed. The League now had little place to go, with behind being another wall just a good few kilometers away from the epicenter of the makeshift. arena. They were trapped with no Kurogiri in sight and the heroes would be able to capture and interrogate them. All in hopes of getting information about All for One.

And perhaps about Young Midoriya as well.

“Cease and desist this instance,” Endeavor bellowed while standing in front of the pro heroes that stood ready to fight. “Surrender now and come peacefully and no one else gets hurt.”

“Looks like this is going to wrap up,” grumbled Gran Torino as he stood alongside Toshinori. He was too old for this at this point. Tired, his Quirk spent, he could only hang back as backup while the younger heroes stood forwards.

“But something feels wrong,” muttered Toshinori, looking at the scene before him. The Nomu were up at the front of the League while they stood on top of some of the debris. In the middle stood Shigaraki Tomura, or as he now knew as Shimura Tenko. To see his master’s grandson so twisted and corrupted always boiled his blood. All for One didn’t deserve Shigaraki’s alliance and loyalty. Not after all he had done that ruined the lives of many. He’d somehow save him in some shape or form, but first he needed to find Young Midoriya and his family.

“What should we do,” asked Spinner while he looked at Shigaraki, “should we bring out…”

Dabi took a glance over, wondering what Spinner could be talking about. His eyes widened ever so slightly. No he couldn’t be talking about….there was no real way that….

“Maybe we should,” mused Shigaraki, slightly scratching his neck in mild irritation, his eyes brightening at the thought while he set his arm down. He looked over at Compress, a smirk underneath his hand mask, “Would you do the honors?”

“What’cha got? A surprise for me,” Twice mused switching every so often, “I’ll pass! I’d like it!”

“Oh a surprise alright,” stated Compress while presenting the small little orb in his hand, “One that would definitely surprise our audience here.” He tossed the orb up slightly and it gleamed when he snapped his fingers.

The heroes’ breaths were caught.

With a gasp, Midoriya Izuku appeared, stumbling to his feet only to have his throat caught by Shigaraki’s hand. The boy froze, feeling at least four of his fingers around his throat while the tip of his index finger was just ever so slightly hovering against him. This was just like at the mall, right when he got caught by the incognito Shigaraki. Did it have to be today, of all days, did it have to fall on this day?


Izuku could see Class 1-A and Togata Mirio shout and try to make a leap forward. No, they can’t. They can’t get close. His eyes were wide, his voice caught, wanting to tell them to stop their charge while the Nomu got ready to defend. They couldn’t get close!

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” Shigaraki stated, pulling Izuku ever so slightly closer, his grip tightening while still keeping his index finger up. He smirked under his mask while his eyes shone with mischief. “If you come any closer, I might get surprised and slip on my grip on his neck. Wouldn’t want that to happen now would we?”

“Uwah Izuku-chan,” gushed Toga, clearly surprised but overall happy to see this transpire. “Tomura-kun! Can I play with him? Please? Please, please, please?!”

Dabi stared on slightly, internally panicking knowing that Shigaraki didn’t know what he was doing presently. He didn’t know, of course the asshole didn’t know, but Dabi knew if he didn’t do something fast then not only was Shigaraki toast, he was toast. From his ear, he could hear a faint amount of static from the hidden earpiece.

“Dabi, I want you to listen to me very carefully.”

Dabi gave a discreet nod, knowing All for One possibly had access to the cameras that were on the buildings. The helicopter up top had a good view of the situation just the same, broadcasting the scene. More than likely he was watching, especially knowing how protective the man really was over his son. That being a given…

He was not happy in the slightest.

“You are to ensure Izuku gets out of Tomura’s grip. Do you understand me? Gigantomachia is on route with the Circle. We will make our full appearance then. For now. Get. Him. Out. Of. There.”

Dabi began to sweat bullets. Damn, if they were all coming then this would be one hell of a bang once they left. He took a quick glance at the ground he was standing on, trying to look for anything that looked a bit unstable to stand on. Finding one, he planned his move. This would work.

“What’s wrong heroes, ran into a problem,” goaded Shigaraki while he lightly tapped a little bit on Izuku’s throat, feeling the boy stiff and trembling ever so slightly. “This damn annoying NPC has always been getting in my way no matter where I go. How he managed to get out and about is beyond me, but it doesn’t matter. So why don’t you all be good and we’ll be on our way.”

“D-Damn it,” gritted Katsuki, tightening his fists but couldn’t make a move.

“H-Hang on Midoriya-kun,” Iida stated, trying to see if he could reach the boy, “we’ll come and get you! Just hang on!”

“Release the boy this instant,” ordered Endeavor, his face contorting in anger. Damn, a hostage situation at a time like this. He glanced up to see Hawks on standby, ready to swoop down at a moment’s notice. Beside him Mirko was ready to jump and possibly snag the boy should an opening be there. But the villain could do anything at this point, anything at all. Damn it this had to be the worst timing possible.



“Argh,” grunted Shigaraki, letting go of Izuku the moment Dabi had stepped on an unstable piece of debris, the dark haired villain slamming into Shigaraki and knocking his hand away. Taking a glance, Izuku and Dabi locked eyes for a slight moment while the burnt young man said, “Damn it!”

Now was his chance.

Awakening only One for All, he did a hard kick to the two of them, throwing them off before dodging away. Green lightning cackled off his body as he avoided Spinner and Compress who moved to nab him back.

“MIDORIYA-KUN HANG ON,” shouted Mirio, moving to get close and go under with Permeation. He halted when a huger wall of blue flames suddenly erupted, falling back. Oh no, this wasn’t an ideal situation. He wouldn’t be able to pull Midoriya out of there. He gritted his teeth while he tried to think. He had to think fast. Or else Midoriya would be…

“Get back here,” shouted Twice as he made a duplicates of himself to catch Izuku, only for the clones to turn to goop the moment Izuku kicked them down. The boy soon hopped away, just barely avoiding Toga’s needles when they were thrown at him. Above him Hawks could be seen trying to get a chance to get close, but the flames from Dabi proved it impossible. He was stuck. He couldn’t call Kurogiri now, not when Shigaraki was right there. He needed to get out of there.

“You damn BRAT!!!”

Izuku looked up to see Shigaraki make an attempt at him, aiming to grab him with his full hand. He closed his eyes in anticipation of the end.

“YOUNG MIDORIYA,” shouted Toshinori, watching the scene unfold. No. No no no no NO! This wasn’t happening! He almost moved to run towards the scene, not caring about the flames that kept them from reaching Young Midoriya. He would’ve done it had something else far worse hadn’t happened.

A rumble suddenly interrupted the scene as the ground itself came undone. From the depths appeared Gigantomachia, grunting as he appeared in his full mountainous height. Everyone stared in mixed awe and horror at the giant’s appearance. Izuku only stared on in mortification.

No…..God no, not today…..

Warp Gate soon appeared in multitudes as High End Nomu soon appeared along with a good number of men belonging to All for One’s alliance appeared. Near the giant, the Inner Circle came through with Dr. Ujiko and Kurogiri in tow. And on top of Gigantomachia….

“All……for One,” uttered Toshinori as he stared in horror when the revitalized man stood tall on top of his most loyal follower without the need of a mask to keep his breathing stable. No….no this was definitely far worse than when Shigaraki was about to try and kill Young Midoriya. And he couldn’t do anything to stop it.

“Oh god….it’s really him,” Yaoyorozu stated as she stared at All for One, feeling the pressure impact them all as the man stared down at them, his aura crushing.

“It’s…It’s game over…isn’t it…isn’t it,” cried Mineta, his whole body shaking while the rest of the students, now interns, stared in absolute horror. “T-There’s no way we can beat that….no way.”

Iida and Shouto stared, frozen and unable to move. It was just like that night all over again. Just like the raid. Just like when he showed up. But this time, now back in his prime, it was over. They stood no chance.

“Ladies, gentlemen” addressed All for One, his deep voice echoing loud enough for them to hear, “I’m terribly sorry to have interrupted your little play date with the League…but it’s about time I picked up a certain someone…hm?” He looked down to Izuku, who only stared at him with anguish and despair. Under his façade, his heart clenched harshly at the sight. This wasn’t supposed to happen today. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. But here they were. With a small nod, he quietly signaled his son to approach.

Izuku wanted to just disappear right then and there. He wanted this day to be nothing more than just a dream. But this was real, this was really happening. He slouched his shoulders, unable to deny that this day had come. He had no other say on the matter, so with a hanged head, he slowly moved past the Vanguard and walked slowly towards his father, his friends and the heroes watching in horrification.

"YOUNG MIDORIYA," shouted Toshinori as he watched the boy walk up to the man he hated so much. He had to get him out of there. All for One was about to kill him. And he was willing to die to just save all of them. No, this could not happen. He had to live on. He must. "YOUNG MIDORIYA DON'T DO IT!! HE'LL END YOU!!!"

“DAMN IT KID, GET BACK HERE,” Gran Torino shouted as he jumped into action, only to get sent back when two new villain henchmen blocked his path. He gritted his teeth and looked on to see the boy almost reach his way to All for One. This was a nightmare. An absolute NIGHTMARE.

"DEKU-KUN," shouted Ochako while looking on in horror while the villains swarmed to block the heroes' path. This was nothing like what happened with Overhaul. No this was much, much worse.

"DAMN IT NERD GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE," Katsuki raged while trying to propel himself with his explosions towards the boy so he could grab him. He only got himself knocked down by another villain. Damn it! They were so close! He was right there! He was alive, just like the class all believed! They were just so damn close!

"DISTRACT THE VILLAINS WHILE WE GO AFTER THE BOY," ordered Endeavor while he tried to get up top to head towards him. In his vain attempt, blue fire erupted and blocked their path. He turned and glared at the culprit, seeing Dabi smirk darkly at him.

"MIDORIYA," shouted Shouto, "DON'T DO THIS! WE'RE RIGHT HERE! FIGHT BACK!" He was so confused, why wasn't Midoriya trying to fight? He had an opening, multiple ones. All for One must have something over him if it meant that Midoriya wouldn't fight back and comply. They needed to save him. Whatever it was that All for One had over him – his parents. Shouto's eyes widened in realization while screaming, "his parents...MIDORIYA!! YOU HAVE TO FIGHT BACK!!! THINK ABOUT YOUR PARENTS!!! WE CAN HELP YOU SAVE THEM!!!!"

Izuku briefly stopped just a bit, fists tightening slightly but soon resumed his pace towards All for One and his Inner Circle, Gigantomachia waiting to hoist him up to the man. It was for the best he thought to himself quietly, ‘They won't have to worry, not after today.’ They wouldn't have to worry about him anymore.

From the distance, Shigaraki watched in dark glee when he saw the U.A. brat walk up towards his doom. No longer would he be a pain in his backside. He would be gone, Sensei will take care of it. Once he was gone there would be no stopping him or his Sensei from getting what they want.

It was only when his Sensei's Inner Circle and the rest of the Nomus and villains began to bow to the brat that he noticed something was wrong.

"W-What the," Ashido said in shock, looking at the scene in confusion along with the rest of 1-A, "W-Why are they bowing to him?"

“That doesn’t make any sense, he’s their prisoner right,” asked Mineta while looking at the others, “RIGHT?!”

“How should we know,” shouted Kaminari while Kirishima and Sero didn’t know what to say. This wasn’t what the class was expecting.

“Midoriya….kun,” asked Mirio meekly, staring in absolute confusion. This…..this went beyond what any one of them were expecting.

"What is going on," Shigaraki questioned angrily, looking to his Vanguard to see they were just as confused as he was. The only one that wasn't seemed to be Dabi, who was only smirking at the sight.

"It's about damn time," the black haired scarred villain stated while Izuku finally made it in front of Gigantomachia, the Inner Circle keeping their bowed stance.

Toshinori couldn't believe his eyes. Nothing was making sense. What was happening? Why were they bowing to Young Midoriya? What was-

Izuku stepped onto the giant's palm and soon enough he was lifted to the side of All for One, who smiled at him almost...fatherly?

"I believe it's time to say our cordial goodbyes," they heard mad man say, "Would you do the honors, my son?"

"...Yeah....Dad," Izuku stated before looking over to the heroes that only looked on in disbelief. His eyes stared at them emptily as his hair soon became white. Outstretching his hand, familiar black and red lightning sparked from his palm as he stood at All for One's right hand side.

Toshinori saw the sparks and immediately recognized what it was. It was the same one that...They had to run!

"EVERYONE GET AWAY NOW," shouted Toshinori while the heroes all turned to him in shock. He looked at Cementoss quickly. “CEMENTOSS, YOUR QUIRK! NOW!!!”

Snapping out of his shocked stance, Cementos quickly dived and created a massive wall that would surround the heroes. He looked up above to see Hawks. “HAWKS GET DOWN!!”

Taking that cue, Hawks instantly landed on the ground amongst the other heroes, not knowing what was happening. But whatever that cackling black lightning was only spelled trouble.

"WHAT," shouted Katsuki until they saw the incoming blast coming from the very person they were trying to save. Oh SHI-

“GET DOWN,” shouted Gran Torino as he pulled Katsuki inside the quickly finished bunker.

"I'm sorry," Izuku muttered under his breath as he prepared to send the blast towards the heroes. He gave them enough time to run and take cover, his friends and All Might were supposed to be left out of this. It should be enough. He had prepared for this day.

But why did it goddamn hurt so much.

With his head low, he pushed the blast off of his hand, letting it implode over the entirety of Kamino.

The sky ignited in red as the resulting implosion covered the city radius in the direction of the heroes who barely managed to get away by the skins of their teeth. The news helicopter in the sky barely had enough time to evade the resulting dome like blast, staring in mortification as Cementoss’s original wall was seemingly destroyed precise ease. The on looking villains stared in shock or awe at the power, protected by the barrier created by All for One to shield them from the blast.

"Hail the true heir," said Angelo, eyes gleaming in awe and admiration as he watched alongside the Inner Circle.

"All hail the true prince," smirked Dabi, turning his head to see the boy lower his arm to see the result.

“All hail, Lord Defcon,” chanted the villains who swore their loyalty to All for One and his family. The Vanguard besides Dabi only stared in absolute shock that this was in fact happening.

A hand found its way on Izuku's shoulder and gave a comforting squeeze. The boy didn't look up, he only stared out into the distance of what he had done. Kamino in its whole was nothing but dust and rubble. From the distance he saw the shelter Cementoss created in such haste damaged but standing. Good….good they managed to survive.

"Well done my son," All for One stated, speaking softly to him so only he could hear, "That should be more than enough. Let us return, we'll be late for our other arrangements after this mess."

"...Yeah," Izuku said before looking over a bit to Kurogiri who found his way up beside the two of them. The man did a half bow, awaiting instructions.

"Take us away from here Kurogiri, they got the message they needed to see," All for One said, "The true heir has made his debut, that's all that matters now. We will push forward as planned. Also…ensure that Shigaraki Tomura reports to me immediately after I speak with my son."

"Yes, Sensei," responded Kurogiri as he opened a Warp Gate for them. All for One gave a gentle pat on Izuku's hair and entered first, knowing that his son would follow.

As Katsuki got out of the rubble that had protected him from the brunt of the blast, he saw Izuku make his way into the portal as the villains also made their own retreat. He forced himself up, gritting his teeth, not comprehending what had just happened. What the fuck just happened? "WHAT THE FUCK DEKU!!!!"

Izuku stopped momentarily and turned to see his childhood friend trying to get up and get to him. He shook his head, silently telling him not to follow.

"DEKU GET THE FUCK BACK HERE!!!! DEEEEKKKKKKUUUUUUUU," shouted Katsuki as he tried to once again push himself up with his explosions. He cringed when he couldn't, feeling recoil in his palms all the way up to his shoulders. He was at his limit.

"I'm really sorry," Izuku said, knowing no one else will hear him besides the giant he was standing on top of, his face twisted in sorrow. He turned away and entered the portal, allowing himself to be enveloped by the strong arms that soon pulled him out. He gritted his teeth, his body trembling, before he released a cry into the man's chest.

What had he done...?

“This…this is HNA News Network….we are brought to you live over Kamino Ward….only….only there is no Kamino Ward anymore…..”


“The villains have disappeared after a young white haired villain named Defcon just…just completely obliterated the surrounding area. The heroes have miraculously survived the blast, thanks to what we can see is the hero Cementos’s quick thinking in creating a bunker for shelter. No casualties can be seen, as hours before the city had been evacuated. Injuries from the debris have been accounted for, but no fatalities have been reported.”

Static and then a tremor in the reporter’s voice.

“God help us all…That boy… a living nuclear bomb….”

With sorrow and confidence in our hearts

We show the will to move on

No one shall willfully be deprived of their life

Vogel im Kafig/YouSeeBIGGIRL/T:T by Hiroyuki Sawano

Chapter Text

It was only 4 p.m. when the fighting stopped.

There was nothing really left. It was a miracle that Cementos’s quick makeshift bunker withstood the blast that completely tore down Kamino in a matter of seconds. Due to where the villains were standing, the statue of All Might stood tall amongst what was left. The surrounding area was created to be a base to help supply much needed relief to the heroes that had been injured prior to the explosion. All of them look worse for wear, especially when it came to the U.A. students to the authorities’ surprise.

Tsukauchi stared at the relatively large crater that was made by the teen’s implosion. It was a good thirty meters in length and ten meters in depth, right between the gap that was before the heroes. They had barely enough time to escape and take cover. Taking a look from the destruction, there was hardly any chance that he and his team would be able to find any form of clues that would lead to answers about Midoriya’s sudden turncoat actions. Any found footage was more than likely obliterated. The only testimonies they had were from the heroes themselves.

What surprised Tsukauchi the most was the fact no one, absolutely no one, was killed in the explosion. A slight sense of hesitation? Perhaps there was some hope that Midoriya Izuku was only doing these actions by force. That was certainly the hope for now as he turned to see the heroes that were slumped nearby the All Might monument, the very figure slumped against the statue with a blanket draped over his shoulders and holding his head, hiding his face in the palm of his hands. Just to the side of him, Gran Torino didn’t look at anyone but his boots. Both men aside from 1-A looked as if they had the entire floor they were standing on ripped from under them in the most catastrophic way possible. It didn’t need to take a super genius to know as to why they looked so depressed.

Nothing had prepared Yagi Toshinori for witnessing the most horrific and heartbreaking scene that he had come to ever see in his life. The image of his former master’s demise was now dwarfed by seeing his successor, his student, someone he could’ve dearly call his own son, use the same move that ended his master all those years ago. How the boy willingly, willingly, made his way up to the most hated man in centuries and stood at his right hand side. It made Toshinori’s nonexistent stomach lurch. He had been so in shock that he didn’t even realize that he was crying, his heart almost ceased beating. The pain and sorrow he felt in his heart outweighed the grave injury that was slowly, but surely, killing him.

Had he really failed Young Midoriya as a teacher?

“All Might,” Tsukauchi called out, looking at the despairing man as he stayed slumped against the statue. “I know it isn’t the best time but….I need to know what happened here today.”

“There’s nothing more to say other than the fact the missing child has become our biggest threat. He’s already worthy enough to be considered an S-Class villain at this rate due to this destruction.”

Toshinori snapped his head up while Gran Torino and Tsukauchi looked over to see Endeavor make his way over, his face set in his trademark scowl as he approached. The former Number One Hero really felt his heart skip a beat when hearing those words. Young Midoriya, an S-Class Villain, under the same range as All for One. He didn’t want to accept it, even if the destruction that came from said child served as enough proof to say otherwise.

No, it was absolutely something he would never want to accept.

“Endeavor no-”

“All Might, you of all people understand that this…this can’t be just brushed aside,” Endeavor stated while he gestured to the entirety that was once an inhabitable city, “Had we not evacuated the premises, lives would’ve been lost.”

No one died.

The thought rang through Toshinori’s head. That’s right, no one died in that explosion. Injured yes, but no casualties. No one died, not one. The thought kept going through his head and he realized quietly.

Young Midoriya held back.

“We need to address this accordingly,” Endeavor stated, “We will need to have an absolute thorough search to find and detain him. We cannot let a villain like him be running around.”


The adults turned to see Todoroki Shouto standing, glaring at his father with such vehemence that even the flame villain Dabi would probably burn from the scorching intensity. Amongst him, Class 1-A looked at his clearly angry stance in deep concern. Bakugo Katsuki wasn’t looking at anyone while sitting slightly furthest away, Kirishima sitting a bit closer to give his friend moral support. They could only watch as Shouto squared it off with his father, seeing his eyes blazing like they’d never seen before. It’s not like they didn’t agree with him though.

The mere thought of Midoriya Izuku of all people in their class being labeled a villain was such a foreign thought. Even with what happened, it still didn’t feel right to label such a person with such a rank.

“Midoriya of all people is not a villain and he will never be,” declared Shouto, snarling almost dangerously, “There’s a reason he did this and that reason is All for One. He has something over Midoriya that we don’t fully know about. Even if he is his father that doesn’t mean anything!”

“Shouto look around you,” shouted Endeavor while everyone watched their exchange, his glare just as heated. “Would you really say this is not a villainous act!? Peoples’ livelihoods are now ruined and gone. This whole ward is GONE! Don’t let your sentimental emotions cloud what is right in front of you!”

“WE WOULD BE GONE IF HE DID MEAN TO KILL US,” shouted Shouto, his flames erupting while Iida tried to hold him back, clutching his right arm. Not once had they had seen Todoroki Shouto this emotional. Not even during the Sports Festival when he and Midoriya had squared off. “Are you really going to ignore everything that was right there in front of your eyes!? Midoriya didn’t want to do it! Had he we would’ve have the chance to prepare! We wouldn’t have the chance to even be here! He’s being controlled!”

“That is enough,” Gran Torino interrupted, stepping in between the two Todorokis before they practically burned everyone else with their flames. When he had their attention he looked at them sternly but tiredly. “We saw what happened today. All of us did. What we make of it is up in the air but we will eventually decide how to go from here. Bickering like two year olds will get us nowhere.” He looked at the kids, especially at Shouto, “We know there may be more to this than what we’ve seen but for now we all have to sit down and mull over it. Emotions are high, and fighting each other will get us no closer to figuring out what happened to Midoriya or what All for One has planned next. So both of you fireheads shut it.”

Endeavor tsked and walked away, moving to go back to scope the entire area while Shouto grunted and sat back down with his classmates, not looking at anyone. The teens huddled back together, each of them hurting in their own way. One thing was for certain, the look they all saw on their dear friend’s face said it all. Katsuki only scowled further, remembering it as he left.

It was just that painful look of regret.

“So I take it that they’re both unavailable?”

Kurogiri looked up from his position at Midoriya Izuku’s door, seeing Dabi walk up with his hands in his pockets. The mist man only sighed and shook his head, “No, Sensei has remained with the Young Master ever since they arrived back here. They….they’ll need time after this day to recover and recuperate.”

“I figured,” sighed Dabi, pulling out a hand to scratch the back of his head. “This day was a total mess. And on the kid’s birthday no less.”

“Young Master was supposed to have a free day off, his father had planned for them to fly back to the States to celebrate his birthday with Lady Inko for a surprise,” Kurogiri admitted, “But with how things turned out, he will have to change plans.”

“That sucks,” said Dabi before looking out the window, “Well, at this point Shigaraki is stuck under house arrest like the Big Boss requested. How long till he will decide what to do with him?”

“It’ll take perhaps another day, as I am not sure how long Sensei plans to remain with his son,” Kurogri admitted, “Today was too much of an emotional toll. There’s no saying as to how the Young Master will feel afterwards. Everything just went so wrong.”

“My question is why he decided to go to Kamino,” questioned Dabi, blinking slightly while turning back to see Kurogiri, “Eres had said attacking there one more time might strike a bit more of a fear factor. Did she forget to mention that to the mini boss?”

“I’m unaware if she had informed him or not, I was with Sensei all day today to help prepare for Young Master’s birthday dinner,” Kurogiri stated, releasing a deep breath before looking back at the closed door behind him. His young charge seemed so broken by the time he had arrived to check back on the two. Seeing Sensei wrapped around his son as the boy continued to scream and cry in his father’s chest broke his heart. The way the boy gripped onto him for dear life as he heard the lament and sorrow come out, and even seeing Sensei himself scrunch his face up in tears as he tried to console his son was something Kurogiri never hoped to see again.

Why did everything just have to go so wrong today?

It was midnight when Izuku had finally fallen asleep

As Hisashi stayed beside his son, he gently stroked his hair as he held him close. He had tried earlier to pull away so he could deal with Shigaraki, but the moment he felt his son clutch onto him in his sleep, he decided against it and remained with him. It was clear that his son needed his emotional support, and like the now diligent father he was, he gave it wholeheartedly. He wouldn’t leave his son until he knew he would be okay, and for right now he was far from okay.

As he laid there on the massive bed that seemed to swallow the two of them whole, the man silently cursed himself for what had transpired. Like it or not, he was also to blame for causing his son’s misfortune today. Had he involved Shigaraki Tomura in the know that he had a child, that said child would possibly take over things once he was gone, perhaps things wouldn’t have turned out the way they did. But even then given how he brought up the adult, isolating him and allowing him to grow and feed off the anger and rage he directed towards All Might, he was too unstable, too emotionally charged and invested in being his supposed heir that he didn’t want to risk Izuku’s safety with Shigaraki being around. Yes truly a predicament that could’ve been avoided had he been a little more hands on in training Shigaraki, but that was all water under the bridge now. What’s done is done, and there was no taking it back.

“I’m so sorry Izuku,” he murmured into his son’s hair, hearing his shaky breathing as the boy twitched or trembled every so often in his sleep. He felt him curl only tighter in his embrace, wanting to shrink further and he only held him tighter. He cursed silently that he would later need to call Inko to inform her that their plans to fly over and celebrate their son’s birthday would need to be postponed. Everything had to be pushed back and changed around now that his son’s sudden debut had been broadcasted. He felt anger boil in his chest, realizing that his son had to show his face to the world. Everyone in this time period would know, did know, what his son looked like. It would be centuries until people forgot, perhaps longer. His son won’t be able to go out in public places anymore with his face. He supposed that an appearance changing Quirk was in order.

‘Later,’ he thought as he closed his eyes to hopefully catch some shuteye. Not once did he let go of his son. Nostalgically, he was just reminded of how his brother would curl up in his protective hold whenever he had a nightmare when they were younger, and the memory made it hurt even more…

Especially when his son’s nightmare was his reality…

“If I could only manifest objects in here, like I don’t know “The World’s Worst Dad” mug, I would gladly throw it at your head.”

“And hello to you too little brother.”

Two brothers were once again reunited in the black void of young Izuku’s mind. The boy was nowhere in sight, perhaps secluded off and shielded away in the confines of his own head after what had happened earlier in the day. Both brothers weren’t exactly happy with the predicament, and a lot of emotions were definitely running high. Hisashi was only glad that it was just his brother, because if he had to deal with anyone else amongst the former users of One for All, he was seriously debating on using that Quirk erasing serum right then and there.

“I hope you are happy, Hisashi, I really do,” growled the younger brother, glaring at his older brother with such distaste and anger, “If I could actually throttle you, I gladly would. What you did to me in the past was bad enough, but what you are doing to your own son is far worse than whatever ‘concern’ you held for me. You didn’t gave him a damn choice. You knew exactly what would make him bend to your will, just like you tried to do to me. Giving two options that were obviously in your favor is not a bargain nor was it fair. Stop trying to delude yourself that you gave him any sort of choice.”

“And what do you expect me to do, Yoshito,” growled Hisashi, glaring right back at his brother, “You expect me to let my son die over and over again for a society that never gave a damn about him? To throw away his life for…for ingrates that treated him as if he was nothing but dirt? Whether or not he could’ve used his gift, he would’ve been seen as either useless or a criminal. Take a look around you, this society. Tell me that this is what you wanted when the government decided to regulate Quirks this way. Tell me, Yoshito. Is this really what you wanted? This is not just my fault alone brother. It’s just as much as society’s fault and inadvertently yours too. Tactics have changed, children nor longer treated as children. All of them willing to die for some sort of ideal that never cared about what they wanted. Discrimination only changed its target. It. Only. Got. Worse.”

Yoshito looked at him, both of their stances tense, itching and ready to even attempt at throwing down again like they did before when he was still alive. His brother had a point, from his position inside One for All he saw society change so much in different generations. Each of them possibly worse off than archaic times when Quirks first started to appear. Even still, he glared harder before speaking, “Maybe you’re right….this may have been not what I’d exactly wanted….but that doesn’t change the fact that your tactics haven’t changed either. You used the same ones on your son besides physical force, but that’s only because he bowed to your will. What would’ve happened if he had refused? Would you have killed him like you did me? Society may be broken still brother, but you broke your son in the process to ‘fix’ it.”

“Believe me or not, no, he wouldn’t be killed, only his Quirk,” declared Hisashi, unintentionally saying it sarcastically, “Quirk erasing bullets are now a thing and I also have a Memory Altering Quirk that works wonders. He would’ve stayed safe in the cabin with Inko, away from doing any physical harm to himself and living his days as a normal teenager.”

“Like that’s going to solve absolutely anything, metaphorically killing what makes your son who he is,” Yoshito stated, exasperated at his brother’s answer. “You know, you could’ve tried to listen to your own kid. You could have worked with him. But no, you dragged him into this mess.”

“He. Was. Never. Supposed. To,” Hisashi emphasized, cutting his brother off. “He was never, ever supposed to be dragged into this prior to getting your Quirk. I was perfectly content to let him be whoever he wanted to be, even a Quirkless hero if he wanted to. If that blasted oaf of a gorilla hadn’t given him One for All and died like he was supposed to, he wouldn’t have been in this mess. Now here we are.”

“If that ‘oaf of a gorilla’ had died, then Izuku could’ve easily died anyways to the Sludge Villain you so ‘graciously’ offed yourself,” countered Yoshito. “You ruined him Hisashi.”

“And do you think I wanted to,” Hisashi suddenly stated, catching his brother off guard when he saw actual tears appear on his face. “Do you think I wanted this for Izuku? Do you think I wanted to hurt you too? You were the only family I had left. If you only had listened to me, heard what I was trying to say, then this wouldn’t have happened. You would still be alive and perhaps Izuku would’ve had his uncle physically there. We are both at fault here.”

Yoshito didn’t say anything. Not for a while as his brother stared him down with actual tears on his cheeks. His shoulders slouched ever so slightly as he found his words. “Maybe…..but still….you’re still around….you’re still alive and kicking right? I’m just a remnant, a memory inside a Quirk. You can still do something about this, make your own choices. Just like how each of my successors have. Including Izuku.”

“Don’t sell yourself short,” snorted Hisashi, giving the smallest smile he could muster, “You may be a remnant, but you can still be there for Izuku when I can’t...Watch over him…please.”

“It’s not like I’m going anywhere brother,” Yoshito slightly laughed. He started to frown again before looking at his big brother, “I’m….sorry….for what it’s worth.”

“I’m sorry too,” Hisashi returned, looking at him with regret, “You don’t know how many days go by where I still feel regret for killing you the first time.”

“We made the biggest mess, huh,” managed Yoshito, “…take care of yourself brother….I’ll watch over Izuku. You have my word.”

“I will….we all have our sins to carry don’t we,” Hisashi asked, breathing a sigh.

“Well…I know this for sure….Izuku will rise above it,” Yoshito stated, “He’s done so before. He’ll do it again.”

“I hope you’re right, brother,” Hisashi said as the vision started to disappear, “I hope you are right…”

“So what shall we do with Shigaraki Tomura?”

“Well the brat is still confined in his room, it’s his own fault for taking Lord Defcon as a hostage before the heroes. Perhaps my lord would like for me to enact punishment?”

“Angelo, if anyone is going to punish Shigaraki Tomura, it’s the prince.”

“I know, I know,” sighed Angelo dramatically, pouting at Scarlet, “I was just offering my services to our lord, is that so wrong?”

“I WISH I COULD COMFORT LITTLE LORD!! HIS BIRTHDAY! RUINED,” sobbed Gigantomachia as he sat amongst his fellow Inner Circle members.

“There, there big guy, we’ll be there for our lord and master,” Angelo soothed the giant, who was currently sobbing up a storm. They were just glad that they weren’t too close, less they drown accidentally from the massive tears that fell from him despite him being somewhat near human size, though still massive.

Eres stood amongst her fellow comrades as they mused over what they should do next. Guilt crawled in her chest as she looked at the table in front of her. The plans she had made to strike another fear tactic to the heroes laid out before her, Kamino being the first choice besides Shibuya or the heart of Yokohama.

“Eres, yoo-hoo, what’s going on in that teal haired head of yours?”

Eres didn’t look up, her fists clenched which got the other four members slightly concerned. It was when she spoke that they in turn looked upset, “It’s my fault…I suggested to Lord that we would attack Kamino first…had I know that our prince would be there….I….”

“It is not your fault, Eres,” Pryde stated while looking at his comrade. He looked at her sternly as he looked at his younger comrade, “Hindsight is twenty-twenty. You didn’t know that Lord Defcon had decided to go there for his day off.”

“That’s right, how could have you known,” asked Angelo, placing a hand on his hip and looking at the clearly distressed woman, “We hadn’t seen Lord Defcon before he went out for his birthday day off. It isn’t your fault.”

“If you are that worried still, speak with our lords when they are available,” suggested Scarlet, looking at Eres with sympathy in her eyes. Out of the five of the Inner Circle, Eres and Scarlet had always been close ever since All for One had found them and taken them under his wing from their fledgling vigilante days. They were blood sisters through and through, her skill and Eres battle strategies a formidable combination, and despite her cold appearance versus Eres’s slightly warmer one, she cared for her fellow circle members. They were family after all. “I am sure that they would accept your apology.”

“Thank you,” Eres smiled faintly, the rest of the Circle nodding slightly. She took a breath before looking over the table, “For now until then, we shall continue with plans. We cannot let this set us back.”

“Of course,” they chorused while Machia only wiped his eyes.

“Anything for our lords and masters,” declared the giant, “Anything.”

You will know you’re reborn tonight

Must be ragged, but I stay by your side

Even if my body is bleached to the bone

I don’t want to go through that ever again

Call of Silence – Hiroyuki Sawano ft. Gemie

Chapter Text


The days after the attack on Kamino wasn’t any better.

Homes were lost, families’ livelihoods were gone, nothing seemed to hold hope for them anymore. Even the All Might statue that stood proudly amongst the destruction couldn’t give the same joy it once had given. There was nothing, absolutely nothing for them to celebrate over. Rebuilding the city was the only thing they could start to do. It would probably take years for everything to be rebuilt afterwards, but it was the only thing they could do.

At present, a press conference was held in how they should go about the culprit of the destruction. Everyone that was able to watch stayed tuned in as they went back and forth at how to label this catastrophe. Class 1-A sat together in their in their living quarters as the discussion was being held. Endeavor had been answering the questions as of late in regards to the attack. It was then he was given the okay by the officers to state the bureau had reached a consensus decision.

HNA Reporter: We are coming to you live from the conference to inform that the protection bureau has finally reached a decision. The question was made just about a few minutes ago. Here is the footage now.

Reporter: Has the bureau finally reached a decision as to how they will go on from here?

Endeavor: As it stands, the missing teen known as Midoriya Izuku, now classified as Defcon, will be treated as an S-Rank Villain given the catastrophic destruction he has caused to Kamino Ward. He is no longer to be treated as a missing person but a criminal.

The conference erupted into a multitude of questions as the broadcast cut back to the reporter outside.

HNA Reporter: And there you have it, Midoriya Izuku who had been MIA and listed as kidnapped is now to be considered the S-Rank Villain known as Defcon. We will have more news-


Aizawa had promptly turned off the TV while the students hung their heads low. He muttered ever so softly, “That’s enough for today. Classes will resume tomorrow as the school has given you time to mull and think things over. Get some rest.” Unable to say more, given the looming gloom that was over the kids, he left the students be and decided to meet with the other teachers as to handle any of their mental states.

Shouto tsked and stalked off, moving to head to his room while Katsuki did the same, two respective door slams could be heard within the starkly quiet building. Neither of the two believed what was said at that press conference. No one bothered to take anything to consideration of what happened prior to the fight. Why would Midoriya dodge around and fight for his life quite literally if he had been always on the League’s side? It was plainly obvious that Shigaraki Tomura had every intention to kill him right then and there had All for One and his crew not appeared to pick Midoriya up. No, once again they took the situation at face value, and it made both of them sick.

The dorm was silent once more as the rest all sat together in the main living quarters, their hearts heavy. It was only when Kirishima decided to break the silence first, “This can’t be real….they couldn’t have just….thrown Midoriya-kun under the bus like that.”

“It’s….It’s unbelievable…..they’re not even giving him a chance to talk,” Yaoyorozu said, clutching her chest a bit. “There has to be more….there’s got to be.”

“Damn adults taking this at face value,” cursed Sato, surprising everyone in the room as he got emotional. “How is that even fair? Do any of his feats before this count as nothing to them!?”

“Truly this system isn’t doing all of us favors,” Tokoyami said while looking down.

“Midoriya-chan looked so sad.”

They all looked to Tsuyu who was starting to cry. Fresh tears rolled down her cheeks while her hands were clutched on her lap, shoulders trembling. “He looked so sad….He didn’t want to do it. I know he didn’t want to do it. And yet…”

Mina placed a hand on her shoulder quietly while they all started to tear up as well. Ochako clutched her chest as she wept, remembering the face Izuku had made before the blast. How empty his eyes were. How there was no malice nor glee in his face, only sorrow. Izuku was hurting and she couldn’t do anything to help him.

Iida slammed his fist into the wall, frustration welled up inside him. This was just like Hosu. Almost exactly like the Stain incident. Instead of telling the truth of what they saw, the authorities only said the things that would only make sense to the public. It’s no wonder they didn’t get their testimonies under the guise of letting them take the time to process and cope. “Midoriya-kun deserves better, so much better than this. He should have the benefit of the doubt. Why didn’t they try to talk to us to hear what we saw? How is that fair and just for Midoriya-kun!?”

The class didn’t know how to respond to his question, all they could do was silently mourn for the public injustice towards their dear friend.

“Lemilion-san, are you okay?”

Mirio sat in Eri’s hospital room, downcasted before looking up to see the girl gaze at him with concern. He gave a smile and nodded, “Yeah, Eri-chan. I’m okay. Just…a lot of things happened a few days ago.”

“That’s what the nurses were kind of talking about,” Eri said while clutching the blankets, “That a bad villain showed up suddenly…is….is Deku-san going to be okay? Did you find him yet?”

The words stung Mirio through the heart, his smile faltered ever so slightly. He couldn’t tell her. He couldn’t tell her what he had seen that day. It was obvious since the television in the room was presently broken that Eri had no idea what people were classifying Izuku as presently. He looked away sadly, unable to look at her in the eye. “No….no I didn’t find him yet.”

“But you will right? You promised you would bring him back,” Eri said questioningly, looking at him. “Is he at least safe?”

Mirio bit his lip before finding his resolve and smiled at her fully, “Yeah, yeah I will and he is. I know he’s safe. Don’t worry Eri-chan, Midoriya-kun will be safe and found.”

“Good,” smiled Eri in return, her warmth radiating over to his currently cold body.

She didn’t know how much it hurt to say those words.

“This is a disaster…”

Toshinori and Gran Torino sat together in Toshinori’s apartment. The investigation papers laid strewn around the place, left hanging as the two men sat and reluctantly digested the information and reality of what happened three days ago.

Midoriya Izuku now a villain to their society. Not even having a chance to explain himself.

Toshinori had wept quietly in the privacy of a spare police station room. The imagery was just so clear. How Young Midoriya just walked to his fate and was subjected to the worst death ever imagined. The look on his face when he was about to unload the attack. How empty his eyes looked. It pained Toshinori so much to see his student suffering at such a cruel hand that was bestowed upon him. He could remember how Young Bakugo had screamed at the boy to come back only to see the boy leave in the portal created for him.

As he sat there with his teacher, he muttered so pathetically, “What are the chances of us ever getting Young Midoriya back now?”

“To be honest….slim to no real chance,” Gran Torino grunted as he looked at the uneaten cold taiyaki that sat on the table. He scowled slightly. Midoriya was such a bright and passionate kid. Ambitious and strong, so much like Toshinori when he first sought his eyes on becoming the next greatest hero. In a way, his stubbornness reminded him of Nana as well. Despite initially meeting him being so meek and timid, he held himself strong for what he believed in. To see that be destroyed by the person that took away his closest friend, groomed her grandson to be a scapegoat, and puncturing a hole into his idiot of a student he saw as his son was too much.

“Damn bastard always having to ruin the lives of others,” growled Gran before slamming his fist on the table. “Why couldn’t he just have died and let it be over already. Midoriya wouldn’t be in this mess, none of us would.”

Toshinori didn’t have a comeback to that. He only sat there, staring into the void as the ache in his heart only grew further.

Aizawa Shouta was tired.

If anything, the whole system could rot in the pits of hell for causing this mess in the first place.

As he sat there with a bottle of whiskey, he couldn’t help but think of how stupidly irritating the whole press conference was. Did the words of the teachers of U.A., even All Might himself, mean nothing to the rest of society when they were witnesses too? Even the kids were completely dismissed on what they had seen that day. He was there too to see Midoriya walk up to the madman and play right into his hand. He downed his glass, taking it in one gulp at the whole ordeal as he remembered the event so clearly, wanting to just forget and think it was just a dream.

Had the system really turned against Midoriya just for the sake to save face and simply just labeled him as a lost cause? What was one life to the many that lost their livelihoods? Even still it didn’t sit right with Shouta to cast aside a once bright eyed student that pretty much landed in so many problems. Well…

Said problem child landed in the largest problem ever possible, and Aizawa Shouta nor anyone else in the faculty could do anything about it. He poured himself another glass, slamming the bottle onto the table. He was lucky that no one else was in the lounge right now to see him waste away. Perhaps a much needed nap was in order, but Shouta hardly thought it would be enough to take away this irritating feeling of hopelessness that came upon him.

He could still remember it, no matter how hard he drank. He could still remember the look on Midoriya’s face as he metaphorically died in front of their eyes.

If only they had more answers than questions, if only they could get to the bottom of this properly before they continue to cast away whatever good was left in the boy.

If only they could do more.

Shigraki Tomura was probably having the worst time of his life. Quirkless and bound while on his knees, he could only stare upward from the center he was kneeling at. Ahead of him sat Sensei on his usual throne-like chair, looking at him with such disappointment and displeasure he had ever seen in his entire life. Right beside him, at his right hand, was the biggest thorn in Shigaraki’s backside since he had ever encountered the boy. The mere sight of him right beside Sensei made him rage. That was his spot, he was supposed to be standing there, NOT HIM! Why was HE standing there?!

“So what is your verdict, my lord,” he heard one of the circle members, Pryde he vaguely remembered, ask. Besides Kurogiri, Gigantomachia, and the Doctor, Pryde was one of the oldest members of Sensei’s Inner Circle. The man was no push over, his brute strength as well as his keen animal sense as a lion could easily fend off any foe that would stand in his way. The man’s loyalty to Sensei was unbounded, and Shigaraki knew for a fact that this lion man clearly distasted him, especially today.

“I think the decision squarely belongs to our young prince, wouldn’t you say my lord,” Angelo spoke up from another side. Shigaraki glared at him slightly. He would’ve started to violently scratch at his neck for what the lavender haired man had called that damn brat. Young prince? Him? Who was he to take his place so suddenly!? Last he remembered was that the thorn was nothing more but a captive. A means to an end. What significance did this pathetic NPC have over-

“Perhaps you are correct. My son, what do you think we should do? You were the one he slighted most.”


Sensei….has a son?

That brat was Sensei’s son?

Shigraki stared upward in shock, looking at the boy in full this time. There was no doubt the resemblance that was heavily present between the two when compared, and with his hair now all white, Shigaraki was for certain that the boy could’ve easily passed as a younger looking Sensei.

Even still, now seeing things beyond his blind rage, he could see how empty and cold the boy looked compared to when he first encountered him. No longer was that flame ignited in his eyes or drive to be a hero was there. He looked utterly broken and placed into a role that was so uncharacteristic of him that it somehow made Shigaraki’s stomach churn.

This….this didn’t feel right.

Why didn’t it feel right?

What did Sensei do to him? What did Sensei do to his own son? His own flesh and blood?

What did this mean for him? Did Sensei even care about him? He…He took care of him, he took him in. He saved him. Surely he had some worth to the man right? Sensei had to have cared, or else he wouldn’t have…he wouldn’t have-

He couldn’t think, he could hardly breathe, he could only stare up to the eyes of a broken boy who looked back down at him. Those eyes. They were so haunting. Nothing was making sense. What even made sense here? Oh god what was going to happen to him? What was-

“I honestly don’t care.”

Everyone looked at the boy in full who only just looked away. Shigaraki could tell he didn’t want to be here, and honestly he didn’t want to either.

“Oh,” questioned Sensei as he looked at his son, perhaps concern? The ragged man couldn’t tell, especially if it was genuine or not.

“He more or less falls under your jurisdiction, so frankly, I don’t have the energy to care at the moment,” the boy stated so tired. So empty. So very uncharacteristically empty. It made Shigaraki want to choke on the very air he was trying to breathe in.

The resounding silence was deafening. Everyone looked at him in slight shock at his decision to let Sensei decide his fate. It almost seemed like it was unexpected.

“It seems like our Lord Defcon actually is ruthless inside somewhere,” smiled Angelo in dark glee.

“No, I’m just tired,” the boy stated so bluntly that the weight of the impact could’ve left them all flat. He looked to Sensei dead in the eye before speaking again, “Can I go? I just want to take some time for myself.”

“Of course, Izuku,” Sensei said before motioning for Kurogiri to open a Warp Gate to take the boy to who knows where. The man soon turned to Dabi who stood somewhat amongst the Vanguard who were all present for this apparent trial and perhaps execution, “Though as of today, Dabi will be acting as your new right hand man. Feel free to use that time to get acquainted. How about the rest of the Vanguard?”

The boy only nodded his head before speaking, “Leave them with him….they were with him since the beginning, so it wouldn’t really work well for me to just take what he has. I should be utilizing my own vices no?”

The Vanguard looked at him in surprise while Shigaraki was just completely astounded. Here he was, the bane of the boy’s existence up to this point, and yet he was willing for him to keep the men that he still had? What was even this reality that he was in?

“Very well,” Sensei answered as he gave Kurogiri the okay to proceed. The boy looked at Shigaraki once more with those same empty eyes that it caused the man to shiver before he walked into the portal. Dabi didn’t spare the ragged man a glance as he followed suit, Kurogiri soon disappearing to attend to whatever the actual prince needed.

Nothing made sense. Nothing made absolutely no sense. Shigarki couldn’t even hear what was being discussed as white noise filled his head.

He was just so lost….just like the boy that just left.

“I don’t think I can do this anymore….”

It was roughly 9 p.m. when Mineta Minoru spoke amongst the class in their living quarters.

Everyone seemed to be surprised, all of them looking at him with questioning looks.

“What are you talking about Mineta,” asked Kirishima with a raised brow.

“I….I don’t think I’m cut out to be a hero,” choked Mineta as he held himself. Tears were welled up in his eyes, his body shaking. Amongst all of them, he was probably the quietest after the day Midoriya had debuted himself as a villain. Not once had he tried to rebound after it. It only made his mental health drop to the floor.

“Hey Mineta don’t cut yourself short, you can be,” Sero said while trying to comfort the small boy, “I mean you were the one that managed to help us pass that final exam last year.”

“But that was just a test,” shouted Mineta, startling everyone as he looked at them with fear that they had never really seen on his face. “What happened that day wasn’t like anything we’ve ever faced before! I don’t know how you guys can even handle going through with being a hero after facing that! And it’s not just that Midoriya destroyed the entire ward! It’s that guy that is making him this way! How the hell are we supposed to go head to head with that!? Especially now that Midoriya is forced to be on his side!?”

The whole class at present sans Katsuki and Shouto all looked together at each other. Yes, they were surely unable to fight such a power that All for One currently held. Not to mention the fact that Midoriya was now at his side with both incredible powers and his analytical mind greatly gave him a huge advantage. Then who knows who else wholeheartedly supported the diabolical man either. It really seemed as if it was hopeless, that they stood no chance in trying to beat the villains now with such overwhelming strengths.

But that doesn’t mean they couldn’t try.

Midoriya definitely would’ve still tried and beaten the odds. Why can’t they?

“I…I just….I just can’t. I can’t find it in myself to push forward like you guys,” cried Mineta, unable to hold in the guilt that he was turning back on a friend. But his little body couldn’t find the courage to keep going. He felt like a coward, useless, unable to get himself to try and save Midoriya like he had helped him. “I...It’s like Aizawa-sensei said…..I don’t…think I have the same motivation to try and be a hero anymore.”


The grape headed boy looked up at his classmates who only stared at him in concern and understanding. He shakily held his breath as each of them began to talk.

“If…If that’s how you really feel man, then it’s okay. We don’t blame you for feeling that way.”

“Kero, maybe kind of sit on it for a while before saying something to Aizawa-sensei.”

“You have a good amount of potential and it would be a waste to see you go. But we will completely understand your decision.”

“We can all help and pitch in to let you know whatever we find about Midoriya-kun, to give you peace of mind.”

“You guys,” muttered Mineta while each of them gave a smile.

“We don’t even know if we can still push forward either, even still we got to at least try,” Kirishima admitted with a sheepish smile, “but that doesn’t mean we will force anyone else to do so. You’re good man, that was actually really manly of you that you spoke up about your feelings so truthfully. That goes for everyone here.”

The whole class nodded and Mineta wiped his face, sniffling a bit while they all huddled close.

After the next two days, Mineta Minoru had fully dropped out of the Hero Class and Class 1-A soon welcomed and accepted Shinsou Hitoshi in.

Soon they would find a way to change destiny.

They had a friend that counted on it.

The end of all lies

Face to face with the horrid truth

The world that falls over in the shadows of the junk

We can’t stop, we won’t drop

No more smiles you fake

Thus the needle that passes through zero-time

Pointing to the other side of the night sky

NOISEofRAIN – Hiroyuki Sawano ft. Takanori Nishikawa

Chapter Text

Almost a day had passed since the press conference had decided to call Midoriya Izuku – now Defcon – an S-Class villain and treated as a high level threat.

Said new villain sat at his desk while overviewing some business reports that were currently piled up since he had taken a small break after….well after everything. Izuku gave a sigh while rubbing his head, overlooking the business plans as well as blue prints for the reconstruction of Kamino. He had asked Eres to try and put into motion what they had discussed for his own base of operations when he took over his father’s work. If it would work for Kamino then it would greatly work for them too. It was the least he could do to give back what the citizens had lost.

He started to slightly scowl when he looked back at the reports on their production on Trigger in the States. Why were shipments going from there to other places that had legal usage of Trigger stopped? It wasn’t as if they were breaking any rules even though they were working from Japan. They had placed their main headquarters for Trigger production in the United States for a reason. Unless there had been another country that banned its usage too. He would need to double down and speak with his father on that one while he set it aside for now. It was a funny thing given how the first experience on handling Trigger was when he had to fight Overhaul. The day he was first regarded as a legal hero. A simpler happier time. He was about to go look over the reports from the Quirk Research facilities when he heard his door open.

“You know, Boss, you were supposed to take a break about an hour ago,” Dabi drawled while he looked at Izuku in slight amusement. It was certainly interesting to see Izuku sitting at his desk with all the reports settled neatly in different piles. Reminded him on how many times he had seen All for One be whenever they met in one of his main offices. Even still, as his current right hand, it was Dabi’s responsibility to ensure that he paced himself accordingly.

“Dabi, I’ve taken a break for almost about what, a week,” asked Izuku with a raised brow, looking at the burnt young adult from his desk. “Everything piled up on us and now we need to get back to business. We already have an issue with one of our assets in the U.S. I need to comb through them all and see the stocks on how we are going to be doing financially later on. Our funds have been sparse as of late and we can’t afford to waste any more time on my mental state.”

“And that’s why I’m here to make sure you don’t do anything stupid,” Dabi sighed before poking the small teen’s forehead with his finger. “You need to pace yourself better. Running yourself ragged won’t do you or any of us any good. You went through a lot so your pops doesn’t blame you if you take things slow.”

Izuku slightly flicked his hand away before rubbing his temples tiredly. Like it or not, Dabi was right. He had been building his façade as a harden villain for a while now. He had to look the part in some shape or form, and even now he felt like it was slowly becoming a natural part of him. Was it because deep down he was always this cynical? He had tried to always be optimistic as much as he could when he was younger. But even still the voices were still there, crawling around and gnawing at him to make him feel a bit of despair until All Might came around and changed everything for the better. Still…it didn’t mean it all went away.

The thought of All Might only brought sorrow in his chest. After that day he could only imagine the regret that was on his face that he, Izuku, was now at the side of his father. He could just envision how All Might must be regretting on giving him One for All now knowing his heritage, his bloodline. How ironic this must be for him to be both legacies at the same time and now under the man’s thumb. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to laugh or cry about it anymore. He was so tired.

“Kid, Earth to kid.”

Izuku snapped his head up to see Dabi looking at him critically. He calmed himself before slightly relaxing in his business chair before addressing him, “Yes, what is it?”

“You know you don’t have to put on that boss image around me,” Dabi sighed as he shrugged his shoulders, “You’re not your pops, you won’t ever be. You don’t have to act like him with me. Only gotta do it with the lower ranks right?”

Izuku paused a bit and looked down slightly, thinking a bit. Was it…really right for him to do so? He could be himself a little bit around Kurogiri, he was mostly himself with his father. Key word in that sentence: mostly. Amongst the Inner Circle, Eres seemed to be the one he could be comfortable around. He gave a sigh while lowering his guard just a good bit, still anxious despite Dabi being around him for a good week. “I suppose you’re right….”

“I mean I may have had to run away from an abusive household on my birthday, but yours was just as crappy if not more,” Dabi bluntly stated as he took a seat at one of the couches, relaxing himself. “If it makes you feel better, your pops has Shigaraki running around from a Nomu that has his Quirk. Guy is currently Quirkless, don’t think I feel sorry for him though.”

“I would’ve just taken the Quirk and let him wallow for a while to know how it feels to be powerless even for a short while,” Izuku admitted, looking off to the side tiredly and missing Dabi’s look of slight shock. “He doesn’t know what it really means to be Quirkless in our society, how it hurts…part of me wonders how I was able to stay optimistic for the longest time while clinging onto my small dream.”

“Makes you wonder if that’s why those Quirk regulations exist,” drawled Dabi who only got a snort from Izuku. He wanted to at least see what the boy’s present line of thinking given how much had changed since he came into the fold.

“And look what has happened with that,” grunted Izuku. Did it help anyone to become better? No, it made people become worse. It didn’t help anyone, only empowered people that society deemed as worthy. If All Might hadn’t been there to pull him up and spark his dreams further to become a hero, he would’ve moved on to something else that would’ve been expected of him. Then again even in the work place, people seen with Quirks are presumably better off rather than someone who is Quirkless. Ah how naïve he once was, sometimes he wished he could’ve clung onto that childhood a little bit longer. Alas it was never meant to be.

What his father had discussed with him only made more sense the more he sat on it.

“You sure you’ll be okay kid,” Dabi asked, raising his brow slightly at the boy. It looked as if he had way too much in his head. Not that he blamed him, the kid had gone through a crap ton in such a short amount of time anyone would’ve liked. The League itself was working overtime in order to get things ready faster. And with how their funds have been slightly lacking, it’s high time that they placed their foot down on loose ends. Still, he knew the kid wasn’t up to mental strength to handle such a tall order. “Why not take a walk around, maybe that’ll help.”

“….Maybe,” Izuku sighed before getting up from his seat. “I’ll try to walk around. I’ll keep out of sight.”

“Kurogiri and I are always on standby if need be,” reassured Dabi. “Not like you can’t handle yourself on your own, but you know.”

“I know,” nodded Izuku before he went to change in his walk-in closet into more comfortable clothes to not be seen. As he bid Dabi farewell, he placed up his hood and a medical mask over his face, utilizing the minor change appearance Quirk he had received from his father to conceal his freckles and change the color of his eyes from green to brown. Couldn’t go walking around as his usual self now.

Dabi watched the boy leave the room, hearing a soft click when the door slid to a close. He gave a sigh and scratched the back of his head, “Kid’s got it tough…”

Aizawa didn’t want to be a part of the press conference that was being held at U.A. but he was. He had to be there. Of course he had to be there. It was the same reason he had been stuck in one for the first time concerning one of his students. Only thing is that student came back and continued on to get his Hero License.

This one, the problem child of 1-A, didn’t come back as expected.

As Principle Nezdu spoke on their behalf at the center addressing the possibilities arising now with one of U.A. students being on the side of villains, the Eraser Hero mostly drowned it out as plausible white noise. He withheld an urge to scowl when he saw a particular reporter back with the audience gathered. Of all people to come back to ask questions, why did it have to be that one? He held back his scowl even more when said undesirable stood up to ask his questions.

“Eraserhead, it’s come to our attention that the boy, Midoriya Izuku, was from your class was he not,” the reporter asked, looking at him with that same dead expression that irritated Aizawa to no end. “This is the second time a student from your particular class has been taken, now this time there is definitive proof that he has sided with the villains. What is your answer to this phenomenon in regards to your class being the primary targets? You have the USJ incident, the training camp incident, and finally this one where your student had went MIA until recent events.”

“As it stands now, while he is currently labeled as an S-Class Villain, Midoriya Izuku’s case is being handled with care,” explained Aizawa, keeping as calm as he could. To call 1-A’s problem child an S-Class villain continued to feel absolutely foreign. It didn’t make sense. Nothing about the situation made sense for a student like Midoriya, who had done numerous heroic acts while under his tutelage, to do a complete one-eighty on the very ideal he aspired to be. The same went for all of the teachers that had known the boy despite the short amount of time they taught him. “There’s not enough information to fully decide his motivations and decisions to side with the villains. It is currently up in the air given the nature of the situation.”

“What is there to investigate when there is definitive proof of his villainous actions in the now barren Kamino,” asked the reporter, the snide look on his face coming on slowly. “Not to mention that he knows the ins and outs of U.A., its faculty, and the students he communicated with?”

“We have taken measures to strengthen security if that is your concern,” voiced Nezdu from beside Aizawa, deciding it would be best for him to speak on that behalf. “We have neutralized and froze Midoriya-kun’s school ID as well as ensuring countermeasures to any incidents where a person may warp inside while our staff is being trained in advance for such an event to occur.”

“But is that even enough,” the reporter pressed on, narrowing his eyes. “It’s clear evidence that the boy will know everyone important inside the school, as well as the heroes that teach there. Do you find yourselves able to handle the situation at hand should you ever face the boy again in combat, or would your sentimental feelings stand in your way?”

“Should the event ever transpire that he is to ever break in, we are taking everything into consideration while ensuring capture is imminent,” Aizawa stated bluntly, his irritation level rising. “As stated before, we do not know enough of his motivations nor do we know if he will ever appear back at U.A. for any other reason. To act blindly without knowing anything would go against common protocols for turncoats, as we could also assume there is manipulation involved or a Quirk involved. We need straightforward answers, not assumptions.”

“Are you truly risking everything just for the sake of one student,” the reporter icily stated.

Aizawa’s blood froze. His fists tightened ever so slightly. Beside him Nezdu slightly bristled.

“Wouldn’t it just be easier to classify him as just that, a villain who willingly destroyed the livelihoods of many that only wanted to live their lives,” asked the reporter, not stopping on his onslaught on U.A.’s teachers currently present. “There’s always that possibility that they persuaded him with their words of false promises and carved his pathway to evil. It’s clearly evident that he was given powers by this villain known as All for One. What is he to the lives of many?”

God Aizawa hated this man right then and there even more than the press conference before. Never in his life did he hate the system even more than he did now. Of course the public didn’t see what they all saw that day. The moments before Midoriya Izuku had been declared and chanted as Defcon. How the boy struggled while taken hostage by Shigaraki Tomura and the rest of the League of Villains. How the boy tried to escape from their hands up until All for One had appeared. The only time the boy had complied with the villains was when the man himself showed up. Did that not speak volumes from the footage they saw? Or was it overshadowed by the overwhelming blast that could’ve, keyword could’ve, killed them all in an instant?

“While your question is reasonable, there is still the overlying observation prior to Midoriya Iuzku’s actions against the heroes,” Aizawa stated, keeping calm but inside he was seething. He had to keep calm. “We do not know the full extent of the story but we will deal the matter accordingly. Like I had stated once before, charging in without full knowledge of what we are up against would prove foolish. That is all we will say on the matter.”

‘Until we finally get our answers,’ he thought quietly and bitterly. Because he really wanted to put All for One out of his misery for even messing with his student.

Even if the boy was the bastard’s son.

Patrolling the city of Esuha City on the way back to Nighteye’s Agency alone made thinking all the more evident.

As he looked out into the horizon of the setting sun, Togata Mirio couldn’t help but think about the day’s events so clearly in his head. It was the only thing he had been thinking about considering he still had the hope he could still find him.

That he, Togata Mirio, could save Midoriya Izuku from whatever fate he had been forced into.

He was sickened beyond belief to see how they treated Midoriya at the press conference. How they were willing to just label him as a villain without any context of why just made Mirio want to vomit. He never thought he would ever feel any form of anger or animosity, but that clearly changed when they decided to throw Midoriya under the bus and just ignore all the red flags that were obviously there. He was for certain any one that knew Midoriya felt the same way. He couldn’t imagine what the class must be feeling, let alone Aizawa-sensei and All Might. All Might especially. The gnawing ache was strong, almost as if it was eating everyone alive no matter how hard they clung onto hope.

It was as if hope didn’t want them to hold onto anything in this case.

But Mirio couldn’t feel that way. He refused to feel that way. No matter how hopeless it seemed, he was willing to push through the tides while the naysayers continued to shout against him and those who believe otherwise. If Midoriya could defy fate, then so can he. Anyone can. They just had to try hard, think harder. Nighteye had trained him that way, or else he wouldn’t be where he was today.

No, it was absolutely out of the question. He had to cling onto that hope even stronger than before. A special light was depending on it.

He didn’t realize said light was dwindling further than he ever imagined.

Mirio was about to pick up the pace when something had caught his eye. A similar get up, but inversed in color. But those….those red shoes.

‘Midoriya,’ he thought instantly and moved towards the figure. It had to be him, it couldn’t be anyone else but him. No one else wore the same red shoes as him. Did he manage to escape again? Perhaps, perhaps he could finally save him.

He was about to shout when suddenly everything looked so still in the alleyway. He landed, stunned while the figure ahead of him just turned and faced him. Above him white doves flew overhead, frozen in time as he saw the head slowly turn up to him to stare with empty emerald eyes. Eyes that were once filled with so much determination now filled with resignation.

“I was…kind of hoping to run into you Mirio-senpai.”

“Midoriya-kun, where are we,” asked Mirio, still disturbed by the look his former fellow intern had on his face. “What happened?”

“It’s a Quirk called Time Stop,” Midoriya answered off-handedly. His voice was so empty that it caused Mirio to shiver. “It allows me to freeze time for at least ten to twenty minutes to just the both of us. When it wears out or I deactivate it, not even a second passed between us will be known to anyone else. But…I don’t need ten minutes to tell you what I need to say.”

“What are you talking about,” asked Mirio, clearly distressed. “If it’s about what happened at Kamino, then I don’t believe for a second that you wanted to hurt any of us. If you really wanted to hurt us or even kill us, you wouldn’t have let us take cover like we did. It’s not just me that believes that either.”

“It’s…not that Mirio-senpai,” Midoriya said with a sigh. “I don’t believe I was ever meant to be a hero. I was never meant to have this knowledge All Might bestowed upon me…Nighteye was right about me. I’m not supposed to be the next All Might….you were…and I took that from you.”

“What on Earth are you talking about,” Mirio shouted. Not the next All Might? Not meant to be a hero? This didn’t make any more sense. “Of course you have every right to be a hero! You are a hero! You are a hero especially to Eri, who’s worried about you and wants you to come back home. We just want answers Midoriya-kun and to find a way to help you!”

The was a flash of slight pain Mirio could see from his friend’s eyes, seeing them widen ever so slightly as he saw him look away. He pushed forward, “What they are saying about you is nothing but lies. You deserve so much, so much more.”

“I don’t deserve it.”

The words struck Mirio hard like a knife piercing his heart while Permeation wasn’t active. “Midoriya-kun why-”

“Because it should have been you. It should have been you at the beginning and like the parasite that I am I took that away from you,” Midoriya stated, his voice strained, “If only I could say more, I would. But ultimately…in the end this was my fault…I was chasing down some childish pipedream that was out of my reach. It belonged to someone else that was worthy, and you are Mirio-senpai.”

“And so are you,” shouted Mirio, feeling tears sting his eyes. “You are worthy of it Midoriya-kun. You did so much for everyone around you. You aren’t some parasite! You are Midoriya Izuku! You are the hero Deku! More than worthy enough to be the next All Might like everyone else is! Sir Nighteye saw something in you. All Might saw something in you. Everyone did. So do I.”

“It’s so funny how that name now returns back to its original meaning,” Midoriya said, laughing softly and bitterly, almost to himself. As if the other words couldn’t get through to him. It made Mirio feel useless. “I really am useless like this…”

“Midoriya-kun please that’s not true,” Mirio couldn’t help but beg but Midoriya held up his hand and shook his head.

“It’s okay Mirio-senpai….you don’t have to lie to yourself anymore…no one has to lie to themselves anymore,” the currently white haired boy stated as he looked up at him with those same broken eyes. A sad smile was on his face as a few tears trickled down his face. “It’s about time I stopped lying to myself too….this is farewell Mirio-senpai…..please….be the hero you are supposed to be….the next All Might everyone deserves. As for me….Deku is nothing more but a broken dream…just dust in the wind…goodbye Mirio-senpai. I’m sorry.”

“Midoriya-kun no,” shouted Mirio as time suddenly resumed, charging forward to reach for the teen in front of him. White feathers fell upon his vision suddenly, causing him to lose sight of the boy. The moment he could see again, the boy was gone. Vanished without a trace.

His breath was caught as he fell onto his hands and knees. He felt numb, his heart heavy as soon the tears started to spill from his eyes. The words slowly echo in his head, repeating that broken “I’m sorry” over and over. His face contorted in anguish as he gritted his teeth, hunching over while tightening his fists on the ground.

Anguish soon turned into frustration moments after as he couldn’t find himself to believe what he heard. He wanted to scream. He wanted to shout. He wanted to…just do something to let out this pain in his chest. He couldn’t help but feel like he had failed so miserably. He failed in the worse sense possible as a hero ever would.

He failed to be there for his friend that definitely needed him most.

No, no that wouldn’t happen again. He wouldn’t let it happen again. No matter what Midoriya had said, he wouldn’t stop until he got the full story. And when he did, he’d be sure to be there to save Midoriya from the League of Villains once and for all. With that resolve in mind he stood up, wiping his tears away. He had promised Sir Nighteye that he wouldn’t cry anymore. That he would keep smiling.

He wouldn’t let Midoriya’s dream just die away like this. He’d shout to the heavens in silence if he had to. Defcon wassn’t the name that fit someone like Midoriya Izuku. Not by a long shot. He’ll get him back, just like he promised Eri. He’ll bring him home, back at U.A. in Class 1-A, where he belonged.

He would defy all odds. He would fight this curse that fell upon Midoriya even if the world continued to go against him. Because that’s what All Might would do.

Because that’s what the Hero Deku would do.

Don’t be above your day dream

Angles have been taken from your vision

But even if your dream passes you by

I’ll sing, crossing that bridge

So I can let this silence ring aloud

Ninelie – Hiroyuki Sawano ft. Aimer and Chelly (EGOIST)

Chapter Text

As a fateful encounter began to draw to a close, another was soon to happen upon the horizon.

At the Musutafu Police Station, Yagi Toshinori sat in one of the empty rooms staring at his cup of coffee. He hadn’t been in the best mindset to go back to U.A. to start teaching again. Not when he would stare at the empty desk and think about the student that belonged there. He had remained in the room, unmoving, staring at the cup as if it would provide him with any answers.

He couldn’t help but think back on that day, on constant repeat in his mind. How Young Midoriya had been within reach. How he was right there, in front of him, needing help, needing his help, and how he couldn’t provide it. How he couldn’t save him. Had Shigaraki Tomura not interfered and held him hostage, there was no doubt in his mind that he would’ve ran to grab the boy himself, Quirk or no Quirk at his disposal.

He failed Young Midoriya…again.

His fists tighten instinctively on his lap at the thought. How his hands seemed to have gotten used to the gesture since it felt so numb now. No matter what he did, no matter what he said, despite being the former Symbol of Peace, he couldn’t persuade the people to see reason. That they were only seeing the tip of the iceberg and not the actual whole that lurked underneath the surface. People were afraid and upset, and rightfully so. But that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt any less. Not when it was hurting his student, his protégé, his son the most.

Blood relation or not, All for One didn’t deserve such a son as Young Midoriya. He didn’t deserve Shigaraki Tomura’s loyalty either, but that’s a moot point now.

Toshinori didn’t react to the door opening, nor do he react to the visage of his former mentor come in from the corner of his eye. He did however hear a sigh come from the tired man, not like it would do either of them any good.

“Toshinori, sitting here and just staring at that coffee mug isn’t going to help you at this point,” he heard Gran Torino grunt, “Nor is it going to help the kid either.”

“Is there even a way to help him at all anymore,” Toshinori managed to say, his voice hoarse. He couldn’t help but feel like it was hopeless. But it’s not like he can’t give up. There had to be something for him to do to at least…bring Young Midoriya some better closure than what he was receiving right now. To mitigate the hate he’s been getting.

“Well acting like this isn’t going to help him,” snorted Gran Torino, exasperated. It didn’t surprise Toshinori in the slightest that his old master was just as tired as he was with this situation. Just when they had some glimmer of hope, All for One had to ruin it altogether in the worst way possible. He didn’t know what was worse, losing Nana or losing Young Midoriya.

Both hurt in the most equal way possible. They were both his family, the only things he had left besides Gran Torino. And now they were lost to him.

“Then what will, Sensei,” sighed Toshinori, running a hand over his face tiredly, “The populous already declared him as a villain, the other heroes aside from the ones that knew Young Midoriya don’t want to listen to reason, everything seems like it’s against us the more we try to help him.”

“Then are you really going to give up on him, just like that,” Gran Torino asked him, looking at him skeptically.

“Of course not! Not when everything isn’t his fault,” declared Toshinori while looking at his former master seriously.

“Then stop damn wallowing and use those feelings to keep moving forward,” Gran Torino stated seriously in return. “Just sitting here in the room feeling sorry for yourself isn’t going to help the kid from whatever binding chains All for One has on him. Son or not, he doesn’t deserve this. So get up and start acting like the symbol he needs to see that hasn’t given up hope on him.”

Toshinori stared at him while the older man sighed, taking a seat and looking contemplative himself before he started to speak again, “When we lost Nana, I had to keep moving forward because that’s what she would’ve wanted me to do. She gave you to me to finish your training to become the pillar you were and still are. No matter how much I wanted to kick and scream, there was something that had to be done. You were her lasting will, and I saw that through to the end. Midoriya in this case is no different in how we lost her, but there is a slight difference. And that is we can still reach him, if not physically but emotionally and mentally.”

Toshinori continued to stare at him, some of the pain in his heart slowly alleviating just a little. Gran Torino was right. He had to stay strong for Young Midoriya, especially now. Feeling sorry for himself wouldn’t assist his protégé in any way. He had to keep pushing forward. He gave a nod before saying, “You’re right…I haven’t been doing anything productive have I?”

“Of course I’m right, and no you haven’t,” grunted the elder in the room, “Go on and get yourself freshened up. It’ll do you some good before we figure out any other plan to see if we can help the kid in some way.”

“That sounds like an idea,” Toshinori stated, giving a slight smile before getting himself up. He heaved a breath after before saying, “Thank you Sensei…..I think I needed that.”

“Get going before you goddamn collapse you big lug,” grunted Gran Torino, receiving a chuckle from the former Symbol of Peace as he turned to make his leave.

The moment he was sure Toshinori had left, Gran Torino gave another tired sigh and rubbed his face. He didn’t want to admit it while the big lug was there, but even he wasn’t sure how much more he could give in order to save the kid from whatever hellhole he got sucked in.

Toshinori didn’t need someone else moping around while he was suffering too.

Gran Torino couldn’t help but feel helpless when seeing someone else he cared about, two of them in fact, go through something so horrible that not even he could see a good outlook other than trying to make it hurt any less. He hadn’t felt this way for a very long time, not since Toshinori had to retire or actually receive the grave injury to his stomach. But seeing the kid, someone so young, someone filled with so much hope, potential and determination completely shatter and be so torn apart…that was possibly the worse death he had ever seen in his entire life.

Damn All for One, doesn’t even spare his own flesh and blood from misery. Anything he did only brought pain for others, it only benefited him and him alone.

He felt tired, so goddamn tired. He was supposed to be retired, yet here he was back at a police station trying to figure out what he could possibly do in such a helpless situation like this. Whether he liked it or not, no one could even hold a candle to All for One now. The only two people that could were either unable to fight or, in the case of Midoriya, under the man’s thumb with whatever shackles he placed on him.

“What a helpless turn of events this had to be,” Gran Torino grunted as he stared at the coffee mug that Toshinori had left. Still, he decided to make sure the big lug made it back to his apartment safely. Didn’t want to leave him alone when he’s a walking target still.

He didn’t anticipate the scene that he was to see next…

“It’s….been a while….hasn’t it All Might?”

Toshinori’s eyes widened the moment he had entered his apartment.  Standing there, in the middle of his living room, was Young Midoriya Izuku. Dressed in a black hoodie and white shorts with his trademark red shoes he had come to know him for, the boy looked as if he had been crying earlier given from the tear streaks on his cheeks. But his eyes were so hauntingly empty as he looked straight at the former Symbol of Peace. So, so broken.

It made Toshinori want to breakdown and cry at the sight.

“Y-Young Midoriya,” he started, moving forward and ignoring the fact he somehow found and appeared in his apartment, only for the boy to shake his head and held his hand up. There was so much he wanted to say, so much he wanted to do. Did he escape again? Given from his stance, it wasn’t the case. Less he wouldn’t have shown up here. Why then?

“You don’t have to say anything All Might…there’s not…much to really talk about at this point,” the boy stated so emptily, “I just came….to apologize……I wanted to say how sorry I was.”

“Young Midoriya, what are you trying to apologize for when none of it is your fault,” Toshinori managed out finally.

“I wanted to say how sorry I am….for failing you so badly.”

Toshinori felt his heart drop to the floor with a massive thud. No…no. Is that what Young Midoriya really thought of himself? That can’t…that was a lie. He never saw him as a failure. Never.

“Young Midoriya, no, please don’t say that,” Toshinori managed out, “You are not a failure. You never will be a failure-”

“You don’t have to lie All Might…I am one….the biggest one ever,” Young Midoriya said so bitterly. “We should have never crossed paths…you should’ve found a better successor than me…you deserved so much more than the parasite that you gave One for All to.”

“That’s not true,” Toshinori shouted, hoping to reach the boy with words. But it seemed like his words were falling on deaf ears. As if the boy already accepted it in his heart.

“It’s so ironic don’t you think,” asked the boy that was once filled with so much joy, so much youth. “You stated yourself that the root of all good comes from the root of evil…how ironic it is…that I came from that same root…only to fall back into it.”


No, no…

“Please, don’t say that Young Midoriya,” Toshinori said so pathetically, his voice cracking as tears streaked down his face. “You are good, young man. Everything about you-”

“Was a lie.”

Toshinori couldn’t say anything. The pain in his heart overweighing his ability to talk. He was shaking as the boy looked back at him with a sad empty smile.

“If I had known…I wouldn’t have let myself be a poison your reputation so….I’m sorry I became the biggest failure you have to live with, there’s really nothing…nothing you can do anymore…and there doesn’t need to be anything done, other than saying goodbye,” the boy said, so hollow. “Goodbye All Might….and I really….truly……am sorry.”

“Young Midoriya, wait,” the man shouted, only for the boy to disappear so suddenly in a small flash from a possible Warping Quirk the boy now had in his arsenal.

Toshinori fell to his knees, eyes wide as the boy yet again was in his reach, but he couldn’t save him. He couldn’t reach him. The words he wanted to say were still caught in his throat as he stared into the empty space of his living room. The pain only increased as he soon shouted and slammed his fists into the floor.

He remained hunched over, curling up tightly as he let out a strangled scream of agony as his tears of lament poured ten times over the moment Gran Torino came rushing into the room.

In the distance, Midoriya Izuku stood at a nearby rooftop as he saw the scene. He turned away after pulling out his green hero mask from his pocket, letting it go into the wind as the sun began to fully set, putting a close to his life as a hero in training. He muttered so softly knowing no one would hear as he disappeared into the mist void that opened up for him.

“I’m sorry for failing you…All Might…Sensei…”

Can you hear my rusted heart?

For you it just might fall apart

My hope is broken

Can you see?

Cage – Hiroyuki Sawano ft. Tielle

Chapter Text


More running.

More dodging.

But this time, this damn Nomu had his Quirk.

Shigaraki Tomura couldn’t remember how much dodging and running he had done in his entire life. The fighting he and his Vanguard had to deal with was extensive enough when it came to fighting against the giant known as Gigantomachia. But at least there was more open space for him to run and dodge and use trees for coverage.

No, here, within a slightly confined space, he had to utilize wall hugging and other tactics to dodge the Nomu before it could touch him and use his Decay Quirk. He had to find a way to knock it out somehow, but with a strength enhancer and regeneration Quirk that it was equipped with, it would be hard. Any kick or punch he did to try to knock it out didn’t seem to work, as he never really utilized such tactics in his fighting style. No, that was always…

The kid’s fighting style.

Tomura ducked down the moment he saw the Nomu try to grab him, losing focus for a short second when he thought back about the kid that used to be the thorn in his side. He couldn’t bring himself to hate him, not when he saw that broken look on the kid’s face.

It reminded him of something, but what, he couldn’t remember.

Or did he?

He remembered that feeling, a feeling long before Sensei had found him. That feeling of having your dreams shattered before you. To be taken from you when all you wanted was someone to encourage you. Someone who backed you up on your dreams. He remembered it so clearly, but couldn’t remember as to why he knew that feeling.

He remembered it somewhat briefly, perhaps his family. It hurt, it made his head hurt. Any time he thought about it made his head hurt. But the images were starting to become clear. He remembered it, just barely, of the faces that sometimes haunted his memory, only for it to slip away.

But the feeling didn’t go away, it only made him sympathize with the boy even more.

One thing was for sure, and Tomura was for certain of it.

Sensei was really a jerk to his own son…perhaps, like his father was to him.

Izuku never liked seeing the Nomu. Not since his first encounter with them in USJ, not since Hosu during his conflict with Stain, not since he first saw one of the labs in Kamino when trying to save Kacchan, not since the attack on Endeavor, and especially not now.

As he walked through the various test containment tubes, he suppressed a shudder at all of these people, innocent people, who were damned to a fate worse than death. Some of them he thought didn’t deserve what had happened to them, despite many of them being children who use to bully and mock him when he was much younger.

The first time he had learned the truth, he threw up. He felt his whole world be ripped from under him and spun in a never ending cyclone. He couldn’t look at them, couldn’t see even a bit of them to the point Kurogiri and his father had to warp him away and help him through his panic attack. He was upset, he was frustrated, and worse, he was angry. Angry at his father that he would do such a heinous thing to all of these kids no matter how much wrong they did to him. The possibilities that Kacchan would’ve turned out like them rung through his mind.

He couldn’t look at his father, All for One, without feeling a sense of disgust and resentment. It was possibly why the man wasn’t there when it was during the time the doctor was fully mending his bones.

Would Kacchan been turned to a Nomu just the same like everyone else in Izuku’s life had he not gone to rescue him? The answer was more than likely yes. Had Izuku not demanded that no one else be turned into a Nomu, then who knows who else would’ve suffered had he not intervened. No one deserved this kind of fate, no matter how cruel society had treated him for his supposed Quirklessness.

It was just too petty in his eyes.

Still there was one particular Nomu he wanted to talk about, hoping to take his mind off things over his recent farewells. One that had familiar looking red wings that had snatched him that night in Hosu City. The one Stain had killed in turn to ‘save’ him because he saw Izuku as ‘worthy.’

The one he knew obviously was Tsubasa, Dr. Ujiko’s grandson.

Was the man that faithful to his father that he would subject his own grandson, his own blood, to such a fate? Izuku had to get a few answers. With him being his father’s son, he should be able to get them with no issue.

He found the doctor at his usual spot, sitting in front of various monitors to ensure the containment of the in progress Nomu that were left was running smoothly. It was strange even still to see him here. He never thought he would ever see the doctor anywhere else the moment he told him he was Quirkless. He never thought he would be working for his father either behind the curtains. Was this another way that his father would also obtain Quirks? Through children? It’s true that his father had a foothold in the medical field through the means of Quirk Research, which was what Izuku had been covering most of the time and the possible frontal business he would be using to hide behind if not the media business they also own, but did that mean besides the deals for Quirks he also took from children? His father did seem to have symptoms of kleptomania, so while it sickened him, he wouldn’t be all too surprised about it either.

He gave a slight sigh, now wasn’t the time to be thinking on such things. He had to focus, he needed his answers. He cleared his throat in hopes to catch the doctor’s attention, luckily he did.

“Ah, Young Master Defcon, what brings you to my lab today,” Dr. Ujiko asked as he turned away from the monitor, slightly surprised, “It’s not every day that you come down here on your own.”

“I…wanted to ask you something in regards to the Nomu,” Izuku said, trying to keep himself calm and not get sick again. Just the thought of what they were still sickened him.

“Oh? Well ask away, I can always provide an answer in regards to my precious children,” beamed Dr. Ujiko, pleased that the young ward was interested at last in talking about them. Especially if it was regarding the High End Nomus that would serve a greater purpose for the young lord.

“It’s about one in particular….I faced it in Hosu during my encounter with Stain,” explained Izuku, looking at the doctor directly, “The one that was…based on your grandson.”

The doctor turned quiet, his pleased expression soon dissipating away at the mere mention of his grandson. He gave a sigh, pushing his glasses up, “I’m assuming you wish to ask why I would turn my own blood into a Nomu correct?”

“Yes,” affirmed Izuku. So the doctor did feel some regret it seemed. That still didn’t answer why he would do it.

“I had warned my grandson numerous times before what he was doing would prove consequential, but he didn’t listen to me,” Doctor Ujiko said sadly while turning away a bit to see the monitor, “Because of the influence from Bakugo, not to mention how our society views Quirkless people in general, I couldn’t seem to get through to him at all. Eventually it led up to the point where All for One was going to make him a Nomu himself.”

Izuku remained silent as he watched the doctor resign himself to the memory. He could see it in his eyes. It was clear that while he had no qualms of doing it to others, Doctor Ujiko clearly didn’t want his flesh and blood to be involved in what he truly did.

Just like his father.

“I had offered my life in place of my grandson, but then I realized if I did that, it didn’t matter,” Doctor Ujiko continued. “Even if I was gone, he would’ve went ahead and turned my grandson into a Nomu. So if anyone was to do it… would’ve been me in the end. It was the only mercy I could give to him, knowing how vindictive your father can be.”

“Was….he,” started Izuku before seeing the doctor shake his head.

“No, he wasn’t conscious. I had placed him to sleep in order to do the procedure, unlike many others I have turned. He didn’t feel anything,” Doctor Ujiko muttered sadly, “I had wanted to keep him particularly close after, but then Shigaraki Tomura demanded to have Nomu be used. If it wasn’t for him, Stain wouldn’t have killed him…he would’ve stayed with me.”

“You…don’t blame my father,” questioned Izuku, confused as to why he would still blame Shigaraki Tomura and Stain only for the death of his grandson.

“Your father is a very, very powerful man, just as you are, Lord Defcon,” Doctor Ujiko explained, returning his gaze back at the villain prince, “There isn’t really any point for me to try and go against him, even in his most vulnerable state he wouldn’t go down easily. He didn’t develop his reputation just by charisma alone. Besides, trying to gain revenge wouldn’t bring my grandson back to me.”

“I’m…I’m sorry,” Izuku stated while Doctor Ujiko once more shook his head.

“You, Lord Defcon, are not at fault for what has happened. You are just a victim as my grandson was to what society has created, all of us are. Whether I like it or not, even Shigaraki Tomura as well,” Doctor Ujiko stated, looking at him seriously, “You are the key to the change that is to happen. The key that would save all of us from any more heartbreak or pointless feuds that plague our society. Remember this, young lord, for you are the force that society may not want but more so definitely needs.”

Izuku remained silent, feeling a tremendous weight soon placed upon him. Was he really that important? Was he really someone that needed to step up to such a huge mantle of expectations?

He didn’t know…

She didn’t anticipate to find his mask but she did. Why it was here, she can only guess the answer.

Deku was here, he was somewhere here in the city. But where exactly and even if he was still there, Uraraka Ochako couldn’t tell. More than likely he was gone by now.

Her heart clench while she held the mask close. The last time she really saw Deku was the day before he disappeared. She remembered how surprised he was to receive word about his father coming home, that he was pretty excited to see him after all this time. She didn’t count the recent times she had seen him, given they were so short and…

She bit her lip, trying not to cry and not think about those two instances. It always made her heart hurt when she saw him so resigned and unlike himself. Unlike the usual determined and heroic person she had come to know and befriend. The person she had admired for the longest time. The last time she felt it so strongly was when the sudden appearance of that strange Quirk sprouted from Deku during the training exercise. How much pain he was in and how she wanted to be able to save him from said pain. At least then she was able to save him from it.

The feeling only intensified tenfold, perhaps a hundredfold, when she saw the same kind of pain exemplified in what she saw that day, and unlike the last time she couldn’t do anything about it.

She couldn’t help him.

‘No I can do something about it, I can help Deku-kun’ she thought while she held onto the mask and continued on her patrol route, hoping that she could find a means to look for Deku. She just had to keep her faith about her, knowing they could find a way to rescue him.

Just had to hold on to that faith.

Ochako kept moving forward, thinking it was about time to meet up with Tsuyu-chan and Hado-san before meeting up with Tatsuma-san. Her heart skipped a beat when her phone rang, checking to see that it was a text message from Iida. Her eyes widened when she read the message.

Iida Tenya: Hurry back instantly to Sir Nighteye’s Agency! We have located Midoriya-kun’s location and are preparing to infiltrate in hopes of getting him back!

They found him….

They actually found him…

She started to run, heading straight towards the train station in order to go to Nighteye’s Agency. More than likely Tsuyu-chan would be on her way there too.

‘I’m coming Deku-kun,’ she thought determinedly as she made her way forward.

She’d save him this time. No matter what. She won’t let go of him this time.

“So how goes the model?”

“It should be completed within two more days, Lord Defcon,” Eres explained while looking at the young lord that stood at the head position of the table. She looked at him a bit worriedly under her cold expression, taking notice that he wasn’t all there at the current moment. Across from her Angelo and Pryde had noticed the same thing. She decided to voice it, hoping to at least ease the young lord just a bit, “Are you sure you wish to continue on, my lord? We could always take a small five minute break for you to collect yourself.”

“No that won’t be necessary,” Izuku stated as he looked at the plans on the table. “I’ll be fine once this meeting is over and I can head over to Nara to meet up with my father. For now we need to discuss our other assets. How is the production of Trigger in our U.S. facilities?”

“As of right now production has picked up after maintenance found the issue with one of our main production factories. By the end of this year it should be enough to raise back up the stocks we lost,” explained Pryde, “We can contact the pharmaceutical companies that they will be having their shipments arriving early to meet with their current demand.”

“Good, and how goes our media outlets,” asked Izuku while looking at Angelo.

“As of now they have been mitigating a bit of your debut as much as possible. You being the undeclared heir to the companies means it would be beneficial for us to make an alias for you,” explained Angelo, flicking his hair a bit out of his eye, “Perhaps we can go over a list of possible names you would like to use at a later date? Given we still have much more to cover, my liege.”

“Very well, at least that’s covered for now,” sighed Izuku while picking up a stack of papers that was organized neatly on top of the table, “All that’s left is possible new locations to set up the new Quirk Research facilities further down south in Japan. Have there been any regions in need of new facilities or updated facilities?”

“From the looks of it Chubu, Kyushu, and Kansai are all in need of updated facility spaces. Chugoku is the only area that hasn’t had a good amount of Quirk Research facilities created other than doctors that set up office there,” Eres explained while looking at the reports. The demand to have Quirk Research facilities were always high, and with their staff and equipment they could assist numerous amounts of people that wanted to better understand their Quirks, from children to even the elderly. She looked further into the reports and scowled slightly, “It seems though the ones in Hokkaido definitely needs more of a security improvement, we’ve have had numerous reports of vandalism and stolen property, not to mention our staff there have horrid working conditions. Perhaps we should be putting our foot down on the rebellious subordinates not doing their part of the deal.”

“That is more or less best handled by my father as he is still the one in charge,” explained Izuku, narrowing his eyes just a bit, “I have yet to establish more of a hold, despite my….debut. It would be best to bring the matter to him.”

“I’m sure you are more than capable of convincing them with your power, my liege,” Angelo stated as a matter of fact while looking at the teen, “You hold a lot of respect amongst us and a good number that have seen your abilities.”

“Even still that isn’t enough,” sighed Izuku while pinching between his eyes a bit, feeling a bit of a headache, “Power is one thing, to be able to handle control is another, especially given I’ve just barely got incorporated in. While you all knew of my existence beforehand, many like Shigaraki Tomura didn’t know I am my father’s son.”

“You do pose a point there, Lord Defcon,” stated Eres as she pushed up her glasses a bit, “Perhaps it’s time we have a bit of a recess, before we continue on.”

“That’ll be fine, proceed, I’ll just continue to see what other things need to be covered upon your return,” Izuku stated while he took a seat. He couldn’t help but feel something was coming, what it was he wasn’t sure. Part of him somewhat wished his dad would’ve allowed him to use Search, but at the same time to have something constantly pinging at you in your head over and over didn’t seem so desirable with the mindset he was in at the current moment.

“Lord Defcon, please pace yourself accordingly,” Pryde said while looking at the young lord, “It won’t do any of us good if you run yourself ragged.” Concern seeped in his voice while seeing the teen look back at him with tired eyes. He was no stranger to that look, All for One had similar looks when things seemed to go awry and out of his control. He’d be damned if he allowed the man’s son do the same for himself.

“Thank you for your concern Pryde, it’s warranted,” Izuku said with a sigh as he started to relax in his chair, “You are all dismissed. I’d like some time for myself…please.”

“Yes sir,” they chanted before bowing and taking their leave.

“I’ll be sure to bring back some tea, to perhaps calm your nerves,” Angelo offered only for Izuku to shake his head.

“Coffee would be better honestly, I feel like I’m going to need it,” sighed Izuku, causing Angelo to nod and leave the room. Once he was for sure alone, he turned his seat to open the blinds to look outside towards the trees ahead. This particular facility was located further away from society, safe within the confines of the forestation. It allowed them to not worry about any particular unwanted guests to arrive, but one could never be too wary of their surroundings. Security cameras were riddled around the facility, as well as defenses. You never truly knew who would try to pop their heads in, be it other villains or heroes that stuck their nose in. He gave another sigh when thinking about it, Kurogiri wasn’t going to be available today either, as he and his father were over in the Okinawa region doing business there, but surely things would be okay. He just needed to wait patiently for them to finish there before they could all go to Nara.

Still he couldn’t help but feel a sense of worry….

An hour before….

Class 1-A all found themselves in Nighteye’s, or in this case Centipeder’s, meeting room for a debrief. Across from them they could see Aizawa, Bubble Girl, Hado, Mirio, and Tamaki standing up in front with Hatsume Mei standing with Snipe and Gunhead.

All of them were tense, considering the nature of this mission. They had found one of the facilities belonging to All for One and his conglomeration. Conveniently being used by Defcon right at this moment.

They had found Midoriya Izuku, and they planned to get their answers one way or another.

“I want to thank all of you for gathering here today for this dangerous operation,” Centipeder began seriously, looking amongst the gathered heroes and sidekicks in the room, “As you are well aware, we have finally tracked down Defcon and his affiliates to this facility located just north from the city, within the confines of the natural landscape.”

“From the satellite footage we were able to retrieve, the compound seems armed and dangerous, perhaps even heightened due to the presence of All for One’s…son,” Bubble Girl strained to say, the whole idea of Midoriya Izuku being All for One’s son still being a foreign thought in her mind. “So this is why we asked for the expertise of Eraserhead, Snipe, and Gunhead for this operation.”

“All of us want answers, the ones gathered here all know who precisely we are trying to extract from this place,” Centipeder stated while the whole facility remained silent. “It won’t be easy, the only particular reason why we had asked for all of you is due to your closeness to the boy. Anyone else we were to ask would’ve stormed the facility before we could have the chance to even reach Midoriya Izuku.”

The whole room looked on seriously, some of them nodding their heads. Mirio tightened his fists slightly, knowing this was a big chance to get him back now. All of them were itching to go, wanting to head over to the facility as soon as possible.

“The first who will go in will be Eraserhead and Gunhead to possibly disarm the facility. Accompanying them shall be Invisible Girl to locate Defcon’s current stand point,” Bubble Girl explained, “This is the crucial part of the operation, as we want to isolate Defcon away from the other members of the facility.”

“Celaphone, Lemillion, Chargebolt and Pinky shall accompany them as well to help with apprehending and breaking into the facility. Snipe and Earphone Jack will provide coverage from a distance while the rest of us proceed on standby,” Centipider stated before looking at Hatsume, “You have provided us with the necessary equipment?”

“That I have, my babies are rearing to go for this exercise,” stated Hatsumei, smiling a bit but remaining pretty tamed. The news about Midoriya had definitely surprised her more than anything. To hear that he of all people became a villain was a surprise to absolutely everyone in the school that knew of Midoriya. There had to be more to this than meets the eye. “The Quirk Suppression cuffs that I helped modify for this operation should be ready to go. As well as communicators, cloaking devices and body cams to keep surveillance.”

“Excellent,” Centipider stated before looking at the rest of them, “As for the diversion team, we shall have Anima and Sugarman cause a ruckus outside nearby. Tentacole will provide surveillance for the two of you. Utilize your surroundings to apprehend them. Bubble Girl shall accompany you for that part of the mission. The rest of us will be on standby to close in, Ground Zero leading the initial charge. The moment we find Defcon, we will surround him and retrieve him. Everyone is to be readily equipped with Quirk Suppression cuffs, we shall move out at 1800.”

“Roger,” chanted some of them.

Ochako held close to her chest the mask that she had found, feeling confident that they would get a chance to see Deku one more time. They had to get him out of there, they absolutely had to.


She looked up to see Iida looking at her, more specifically at the green mask in her hands. She held her breath before stating, “I….found it during my patrol….Judging from the bit of dust on it…it was probably discarded hours before I had found it.”

“Is that…..really,” asked Ashido, looking at the mask too as some of Class 1-A looked at her.

“It’s Deku-kun’s mask,” affirmed Ochako while she revealed the item. Ahead of her Mirio looked pained seeing it. A good number of 1-A’s students also looked pained at seeing the mask. To see the mask could only mean that Midoriya had let go of it some time ago. As if….

“We’ll get him,” Shouto declared with absolutely certainty. “We’ll make sure to get him out of whatever situation All for One has him in.”

“That’s the fucking plan Icy-Hot,” snarled Katsuki, “The next step is to make sure we give that asshole a piece of our minds.”

“But first things first, we get Midoriya out of there, get our answers, and work towards that with Midoriya’s help,” Shinso spoke up, “He would probably be the only one able to go toe to toe with the guy after All Might.”

The class nodded their heads while the elders watched them reason it out. It was true, the only one that could fight All for One now was Midoriya Izuku. If they had him back on their side, maybe, just maybe they could put an end to the villain lord’s reign. All they could do now was just hope.

Just pray that they will be able to seeing things through.

Arriving at the facility was the easy part, to break in was the harder part.

The facility itself was large and built defensively from top to bottom. The terrain defended it from possible ambushes, but there were a few hidden spaces that were easily exploited. Obviously those points had constant guards walking around…along with Nomu.

It was bound to be difficult, no doubt it was going to be difficult, but they had a plan. They would be able to break in if they stuck with the plan. Placing the cloaking devices on, Eraserhead, Gunhead, Lemillion, Pinky, Chargebolt, Celaphone and Invisible Girl were off once they heard a flock of night birds resounding the night followed by the sounds of trees rustling around signaling Anima and Sugarman were beginning. They saw the villains stationed there go and investigate, hearing some of them wondering if it was Gigantomachia moving around in the woods to signal his arrival.

Once they were gone, they watched the patterns of the Nomu as they walked past. Lemillion saw his opening to phase through the walls with ease in hopes of not setting off the alarms. Once he was sure no alarms were tripped he looked around a bit for possible guards and cameras.

‘Damn their security is tight,’ he thought with a slight sweat. Part of him hoped that he would be able to stay undetected for much longer before he went ahead to phase through all of the walls in hopes to find the monitor room. Soon enough he did so, finding two villains looking at the screens boredly. He looked briefly to see where Defcon would be, and sure enough he wasn’t in the footage. Perhaps he was in a private room? He could only hope so.

“Say, what do you think of Lord Defcon huh?”

Lemillion looked to see the two villains start a bit of conversation.

“I don’t know, kid is pretty tough,” grunted the other, “You saw what he did to the ward right? He’s only a teenager and yet he’s almost as strong as the big boss himself.”

“Yeah scary right,” shuddered the first villain, “Wouldn’t want to see him angry. Can you imagine?”

“Yeah,” sighed the other.

‘Well that conversation proved pretty pointless,’ Lemillion thought before he pulled out the Quirk Suppression cuffs. Quickly he slapped them on the instant he removed the cloak, catching them by surprise. Before they could even shout, he bonked their heads together hard enough to get them unconscious, sighing in relief before taking control of the security measures, deactivating the weapons system outside and inside. He found one where it would unlock the doors and quickly moved to find another that would open the door that Eraserhead and the others were waiting for. When he opened it he made his next move to find where the power source was to cut off communication outside from the facility, the next agenda being to lock in the Inner Circle members when he found them all relaxing in a lounge area. At least…he hoped that was all of them.

When Eraserhead and the others saw the door open, they quickly moved past the Nomu with ease under cloaking before the door closed once more. Gunhead, Pinky, and Chargebolt went ahead to meet up with Lemillion while Invisible Girl, Eraserhead, and Celaphone moved down the other hall to start picking off more of the villains inside, needing to drop their cloaking when they did so. They moved fast, muffling the shouts of the villains with their alloy cloth or their tape before Invisible Girl hurriedly helped with cuffing them. So far, so good, none of the other villains in the facility noticed their arrival just yet.

“That’s it for this hallway, Invisible Girl, hurry and go see to where Midoriya is and alert the others immediately,” Eraserhead said in a hush whisper to the girl.

“Right,” he heard her say before she moved on ahead. The need for her cloaking was just an added bonus on top of her Invisible Quirk, so at least she could have her gloves and shoes on for the rest of the mission as well as her utility belt to hold the cuffs in. The only difficulty now was finding where in the world Midoriya would be. If she had to guess, it would probably up above somewhere, overseeing a grand window perhaps? It’s what a lot of villains seem to do in the movies, so it was a start.

Meanwhile back with the others in the facility, Gunhead quickly pinned the last of the villains in the hallway while Pinky took care of the cameras instantly. Lemillion quickly phased through the door to the power supply room and unlocked it easily as it was the only door that was locked normally.

“Chargebolt you’re up,” Lemillion said as the boy headed in. Finding what they were looking for, Chargebolt gave a breath. He’d done this before, he could do it again. He could bear being stupid for just a short amount of time. Electricity surged up inside him and he gave it a go to short circuit the circuit board.

It worked.

The lights briefly went out, causing the facility to suddenly be on high alert. In his office, Izuku looked up a bit to see everything dark before the back-up generators went on. He narrowed his eyes and moved to make contact with anyone outside, only to find the phones to be disconnected.

This….this wasn’t good.

Back with the infiltration team, they had finally cut the last of the wires for the phone lines within the facility and outside communication. They were good to go. A sound of static came from their communicators in their ears when they heard Invisible Girl.

“I found it! He’s up in an office room with big windows facing the rest of the others waiting outside to charge in!”

The alarm started to blare suddenly. Oh no.

“We need to move now,” shouted Gunhead, their cover blown and the teens nodded their heads before running out. More villains showed up. That wasn’t good.


An explosion resounded up above, distracting the villains just enough for the heroes to instantly attack back. The pincer attack worked. The others should be bulldozing in now with their teams.

Now, it was just a matter of getting Midoriya Izuku.

“We will be there within ten minutes. In the meantime contact Dabi to be sent to your location immediately if it is another group or possibly the heroes.”

“Will do,” Izuku stated as he hung up his cellphone, it still working as the nearby cell tower was thankfully intact. Damn it, if worst came to worst, he would have to fight them off himself. He breathed in and out before he got up and removed his gloves in case he may need to use Mimic instantly. He all but turned around only to see a familiar ashen blonde skyrocket towards the giant window.


Izuku instantly dodged out of the way the moment Kacchan exploded his way in, glass shattering inward. Quickly he moved further back when he saw the boy shoot himself at him with a timed explosion. He soon gripped the fists that came at him, holding his ground while he glared at the red eyes blazing back at him.

“Finally fucking found you, you damn DEKU,” shouted Kacchan as he tried to force the boy back.

“And who said I wanted to be found,” snarled Izuku as he suddenly head-butts the blonde in the face, forcing him back before punching him in the gut hard enough to send him back into the dust cloud he created. He soon began to levitate, in just the right time as well, when he saw Todoroki’s ice shoot up from one side and Iida shooting from the other side aiming to possibly kick him down. He dodged the ice while grabbing Iida by the leg, swinging him around to throw him into Todoroki when the smoke cleared. He was so distracted in trying to back up when he felt something click onto his left wrist.

“I got you,” he heard Hagakure shout, having placed on a Quirk Suppression cuff on his wrist while he looked over to where she was with wide eyes. He could feel at least two or three of his accumulated Quirks nullify within his body, but the others remained intact. So with that knowledge, he acted upon it.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered quickly, catching Hagakure off guard before he used his strength enhancer and One for All to break the link on the cuffs. Knowing where her wrist was, he grabbed her and hopefully grabbed her by the stomach before flipping her over at the next incoming student, which surprised him to see it was Shinso of all people, in order to keep ground. He took a glance behind to see Sero and Aizawa along with Mirio come up. He felt his chest pounding, his heart wanting to jump out of his chest.

‘No, no, nono no why are they all here,’ he thought in a panic. In his ear he heard static.

“Lord Defcon, the rest of the Inner Circle and I are handling the heroes on the lower levels. What is your status?”

Scarlet Shadow.

“I have a good size group in my office, Kurogiri and my father will be arriving within the next six minutes,” Izuku hastily answered in a hush whisper, pressing his fingers against the earpiece to respond, “Gather the others and don’t kill the heroes, understood?”

“Yes my lord.”

Izuku was about to give a sigh of relief when he dodged out of the way from both Sero’s tape and Aizawa’s capture cloth. Again he felt a Quirk get nullified, more than likely from Aizawa’s Erasure Quirk this time. No matter, it wasn’t too much of a bother to Izuku when he sent a gust of wind at them to send them back with the use of Aerokenisis. Thanks to his keen senses heightened from his extensive training, he dodged Mirio’s incoming attack before activating Barrier to block the incoming punch to his gut. With a window of opportunity, he gripped Mirio who looked at him in shock before sending him flying to the group that was sent to capture him.

‘Now or never,’ he thought bitterly as he felt several Speed Enhancement Quirks activate and he bolted, his hands bare and first aimed at Todoroki, seeing the boy back on his feet to attack again. Not giving him a chance to shoot either fire or ice at him, Izuku grabbed both of his forearms and swung him around to hit Aizawa, feeling the quick transfer in the matter of milliseconds. Jumping, Izuku then summersaulted midair after gripping onto Aizawa’s head to do the same while also moving to kick a leaping Iida in the gut. Launching himself back, he had enough time to see Kacchan propel himself, quickly gripping onto his upper arms to keep the boy back when the other did the same.

“Damn it asshole stay the fuck still,” shouted the ashen blonde as he pushed back. Damn what did All for One do to him? Katsuki felt like he was pushing against an indestructible steel wall.

“And why the hell would I do that when you shouldn’t have been here in the first place,” Izuku snarled back as he suddenly moved and let go of Kacchan, only to send a swift upper cut right at the boy’s chin. “Also, thanks.”

Katsuki didn’t get a chance to even say a word when a familiar sounding crackle came, but not from him.


Katsuki shouted when the force of an explosion sent him back, careening him into the ground. Grunting when he landed on his back, he felt himself slide slightly before he could look up to see the nerd poised with his hand out, smoke coming out of the palm like…


“W-what the hell,” Katsuki stammered while he looked at the currently white haired teen. How the hell? What the hell? How on Earth did he get his Quirk!? He quickly tried to make sure that he can still use his, only to find it true as his palm gave off a few pops. So how….when…

“You thought I only got Quirks from him didn’t you.”


Katsuki jumped out of the way when ice was sent his way before dodging a sudden burst of fire on his right. He was about to send his own blast back only to find that he couldn’t. It was as if he was being stared down by Aizawa, but the only one staring him down was Deku. Deku who was levitating again, lightning cackling off his body while his eyes flashed a bright green, just like how Aizawa’s would when he was using his Erasure Quirk. How on Earth was he using these Quirks!?

“So let me enlighten you.”

Katsuki could only stare when the fire came, noticing how close it was coming when a wall of ice erupted to block the attack. He turned to see Icy-Hot defend him, only to notice that he too was staring in shock. Even he had his Quirks, so what on Earth was happening here!?

“What the actual hell Deku,” shouted Katsuki, glaring hard at the teen. How in the hell was any of this possible!? Did One for All mutate again!?

“Mimic, the ability to copy and retain a Quirk after taking and receiving it through skin contact,” explained Izuku, looking at them with empty and narrowed eyes, “A mutation of my father’s Quirk…All for One.”


“Turns out I wasn’t in the right environment for it to appear,” shouted Izuku as he created to small blasts in the palm of his hands. It wasn’t strong enough to kill them, but it should be enough to send them back so they could leave. “So if you know what’s good for you,” he began before he shouted as he threw the blasts at them, “you’d get OUT OF HERE!”

Both Katsuki and Todoroki dodged it as soon as it came, only for the resulting explosion to send them back just due to the force. Landing on his feet first, Todoroki made a wall of ice to brace them from falling out the broken wide window.

“TODOROKI-KUN! BAKUGO-KUN,” shouted Iida, looking up to see the two boys facing their dear classmate and friend. Between him and the rest of the retrieval team was a wall of intense fire as well as unstable ground that could give out if they tried to get close. From the corner of his eye he could see both Aizawa, Togata, and Shinso in the same predicament. Damn it, the plan had been ruined. He gritted his teeth while he tended to an unconscious Hagakure, seeing Uraraka run up from below with Tsuyu. “Uraraka-san! Tsuyu-chan! We need assistance!”

“On it,” shouted Ochako as she made herself float along with Tsuyu. As she got closer she could see him. He was there. Deku was really there, facing Todoroki and Bakugo head on. Her heart clenched, seeing how much had changed in the boy she once knew. But she knew he was still in there, buried so much that she didn’t even know at this point in time. When she was able to land, she released her Quirk and allowed Tsuyu to go and assist Iida while she ran up to the wall, keeping herself light so the ground didn’t give out. “DEKU-KUN!!!”

Izuku broke eye contact with Kacchan and Todoroki to see over to where Ochako and Iida were, looking right at Ochako’s worried eyes. His eyes briefly widened in shock before he began to grimace, gritting his teeth. Why, why did they all have to be here!?

“Deku-kun! Please, you don’t have to fight us! Let us help you,” shouted Ochako, clutching her chest while she looked at him, knowing she had his attention. “Whatever it is that he has over you, we can help you get through it!”

‘You don’t know.’

“Fucking listen to damn Round-Face you stupid Deku! Whether you like it or not, you are coming back with us you damn nerd,” shouted Katsuki, eyes blazing at him.

“I DIDN’T ASKED TO BE SAVED,” Izuku suddenly shouted, inadvertently sending a sudden shockwave from the intensity of his shout, sending them back, “WHY CAN’T YOU JUST LISTEN TO ME AND LET THIS GO!? JUST LET ME GO!!”

“Because you didn’t give up on us, you didn’t let us go,” shouted Shouto, glaring at the teen in front of him. Was he being this hypocritical right now? “It doesn’t matter if you got your power from your old man! You told me that my Quirk is mine! It’s the same for you! You don’t owe him anything!”

‘You all don’t know.’

“Why are you being so goddamn STUPID,” shouted Katsuki, glaring as well while he got in a fight stance, “Half-n-half is right! Who is he to barge in and demand you to be his goddamn puppet!? What right does he have when he hasn’t even been there in your goddamn life!? Are you really being a real Deku right now!?”

“None of this would be happening had I actually listened to you and jumped two years ago!!”

Stunned silence.

Ochako stared, seeing tears finally pour from Deku’s face. Pain, so much pain. So much hate, but not at them, but at himself. The sound of the fire and crumbling rubble was the only thing that resounded in the destroyed office, but it didn’t deafen the crippling silence that befell them.

Jump? What did he mean by jump? He didn’t mean….he can’t mean…

“If only had I jumped, no, if only I hadn’t been born, NONE of this would be happening,” Izuku shouted, the ache in his heart sprouting forward as his old scars just flared and lay bare to the stunned audience before him, “In the end you were right. How goddamn useless am I right now that I can’t do absolutely anything to stop any of you from worrying about me. How it would’ve been just easier on everyone that I just didn’t exist!”

No one said a word, no one could really say anything. They were so stunned at the teen’s response to the ashen blonde they didn’t realize how much was building up inside of him. How all of that unstable energy was just building inside him.

“Why can’t you just accept that I CHOSE this path!? Why can’t you just listen to me and just FORGET about ME,” Izuku shouted even louder, the lightening cackling dangerously around his body, “I’m not worth SAVING!! I will NEVER be worth SAVING! So just goddamn listen to me and JUST. LET. ME. GO!!!!”

A massive cyclone of wind and debris forced all of the occupants back into the air, sending them fly out of the building through the gaping hole Bakugo had managed to blast earlier. The group shouted from shock of feeling themselves impact the ground suddenly. Whether it be shock from the impact or shock from what Midoriya had said, they couldn’t discern. No one, absolutely no one, was ready for such a response that it left them in continuous silence.

Back inside the now obliterated office, Izuku panted harshly. He couldn’t stop crying, he couldn’t stop the tears from falling. He kept heaving and heaving as a familiar shadowy mist appeared behind him, his father coming out and seeing him in his distressed state.

Hisashi looked on in astonishment and horror as he rushed over to Izuku almost instantaneously. What the hell happened? He was about to voice his concern when his son cut him off.

“Just…Just get me out of here Dad….please,” Izuku pitifully begged, his whole body trembling while his head was hung low. Everything hurt, his body, his mind, his spirit, everything. He couldn’t help but feel so numb. So tired.

Stunned by his son’s words, Hisashi only nodded and wasted no time in getting his son out of the facility, commanding Kurogiri to hurry and transport all the non-captured personnel and the Inner Circle. He held the boy close, only to just feel how badly his son was shaking. From a distance, he could see his son’s former classmates, in particular Bakugo Katsuki. Murderous intent flared inside of him at the thought that the blonde had once more tried to harm his son, only for a silent grip from Izuku to bring him back to reality. He turned to him, remembering his word to his son before he took him through Kurogiri’s awaiting portal.

He’d deal with the heroes later….right now his son needed him.

Utter silence continued to wash over them as they stared at the burning facility they were evicted from. To say that shock was etched on their faces was an understatement as the rest of the team had arrived to meet up with them. None of their words seemed to get through to the initial eight that had been in the room with the boy they had hoped to save. Only the words that were said by said boy remained in the minds of them all.

The words kept ringing through Katsuki’s head over and over. How much Deku had honestly meant it about himself. How he thought of himself so lowly to the point he, Katsuki, realized what kind of damage he had done to the once optimistic green haired boy that had once been an actual friend to him. How much he had honestly emotionally destroyed a friend he never realized he had. How he, Bakugo Katsuki, abandoned the first real friend in his life over something the boy had no control over.

How much he had failed the one friend that needed him the most.

Why has the conflict continued?

Your hand should have sought only salvation

What should I fight to compensate?

I will not throw away my ideal

Sight Over The Battle – Oldcodex