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Alternate Universe Voltron Short Fics

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Out of everything he has ever wrote, Keith never expected that his romance novels would gain popularity.

People exclaimed about how realistic they were, how real the scenes and the emotions were. 

All he did was write a short novel about love, or about what his version of love is out of a identity crisis, for not knowing what to write and he had a very odd dream and it just happened. It was suppose to be ignored, forgotten not the big blowup that it ended up being. He should be happy, he was now making actual money and he had people demanding for more. 

When Takashi Shirogane came into his life as his editor, somehow passing all the trials that Keith would put them all through, even going as making grammar mistakes purposely to see how they would react he was surprised. The man has shown nothing but patience as he simply edited the grammar, nothing but patience to deal with him when he had another crisis. Which happened more often then he would have liked. 

They had become fast friends, always staying up to talk about story lines and ideas, then it would turn into talking about everything and nothing. 

So he started a series that went way out of his control. It was the series that changed his life. 

So when he started his spy forbidden love series it started out small. The main characters just met, wondering exactly how to work together, how to become people who to trust to have their back. That was only his first book. 

It wasn’t until book number three that Keith realized that he was in love with Shiro. It wasn’t a magical moment like everyone said it was going to be but Keith knew that the day Shiro walked out of his life was going to be the day he breaks and he couldn’t let it happen. So he did what any normal writer would do, he started to express his feelings through his writing. Expecting him to notice since he had to read every page he writes.

Now he was on book number seven and he was ashamed to say that he was writing to close about how he wanted to be with Shiro just to see if his stupid editor would finally notice after editing his last four books about how he feels. His fans have started to take notice and Keith took a step back, waiting for Shiro to finally say something since his fans were starting to make theories say how Keith was writing secret love messages to his editor but he didn’t hear a single word. 

So he tried even harder on the eighth book. 

“Well what do you think?” Keith asked as Shiro finally put the final chapter down. 

“It’s beautiful Keith. The way you capture their true feelings and how to tell each other is really realistic. Makes me wonder how since you never fell in love yourself.” 

Keith felt his face grow hot as he averted his eyes. He was, but the man in front of him was to oblivious to see it.

“That’s why I have you. So you can tell me if I am going off the tracks or not.” 

“You’re not trust me. It seems like you have actually understood it better.” 

He shrugged as he finally took the final draft into his hands, staring down as he knew what was coming next.

“I think it’s time you end the series actually. You have these beautiful characters and you still haven’t hinted if they are going to be together or not Keith. You’re killing your fans.” 

“Well maybe I like killing my fans.” Keith huffed, smiling as Shiro laughed. Keith would gladly fight anyone who said that Shiro’s laugh wasn’t the most beautiful thing on earth. “I just don’t know how to end it.” 

“This is my part where I tell you that you should probably listen to your fans.” 

“And this is my part saying fuck you I can do what I want. Maybe I can do a good and bad ending in one book. Let them decide how they want to end it.” 

“Are you sure you want to go through that much writing?” Shiro questioned and Keith couldn’t help but to roll his eyes.

“Shiro I have already written eight books, what’s one more?”

“I suppose you are right. So why did you make them go through so much pining?” 

“Because some people are so oblivious that you want to strangle them when they try to show you how much they care about you.” 

Keith didn’t even realize how loud he has gotten until he finished his comment, noticing how Shiro was staring at him with wide eyes, his jaw slack. He didn’t feel embarrassment like he thought he would, not when he wanted to yell at him, asking if he finally got it. 

“Keith do you have feelings for one of your fans?” Shiro asked and Keith wanted to throw something against the wall.

“What!? That is seriously what you are getting out of this!!?” 

“Keith calm down. Looks it’s perfectly normal to start having feelings-“ 

Keith watched as Shiro jumped when he slammed his hands down onto the table, piercing him with a glare. “You are the most infuriating man I have ever met Takashi Shirogane! I have feelings for you not a fan but of course you are too stupid to even see it!”   

He regretted the words as soon as they slipped out of his lips. He watched as Shiro went silent, shocked at his words and Keith knew he screwed up. Shiro probably didn’t even have feelings for him. Oh god, he could even leave now that he knew. 

“You have feelings for…..” Shiro started only to fall silent. Keith didn’t know if he should run or stay and actually strangle him like he stated earlier. His face grew hot as he fidgeted, embarrassment starting to kick in as the silence stretched on longer.  

“Yes.” He whispered, starting to feel shame crawl up his throat as he looked down at his hands that were still on the table. 


He had enough, he needed to get out of here. “Look, I got to go.” He couldn’t bring himself to look up at him as he turned to leave only to feel his hand grabbed. Keith snapped his head up, his eyes meeting soft grey ones and he blinked as Shiro brought him close, wrapping his arms around his waist. 

“I never thought it was for me.” Shiro whispered into his hair and the thought confused him. 


He felt Shiro sigh more than he heard it before Shiro pulled away slightly, his arms staying around his waist and he burned. He has wanted Shiro to touch him like this for years. 

“I thought it was for someone else.” He clarified and Keith wanted to laugh in disbelief. Now why would he ever come to a conclusion like that?

“It was always you Shiro. Ever only you.” He said, hoping that maybe the other man would get it. It seemed like he did when Shiro smiled, bringing their foreheads together in the most innocent touches. 

“I guess I am an idiot huh?” 

Keith couldn’t stop the chuckle as he nodded slight. “But you are my idiot right?” 

“Right.” Shiro whispered before he brought their lips together for the first time. 

“I am still writing both endings.” 

“Keith.” Shiro said as he shook his head once again. “Fine but that sad ending has to make me cry before you publish it.”

“Wouldn’t have it any other way remember? I like killing my fans.” 

Keith smiled as Shiro laughed. It was the best confession he could ever think of. It was perfect.