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when i’m with you (i’m in utopia)

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at 10:45 am, jeongguk woke up to the soothing sound of namjoon's raspy voice.

"come on, bubba, wake up." namjoon whispers, rubbing soothing circles on jeongguk's back through the soft fabric of his kumamon designed onesie. "appa is making breakfast for you. your favorite, bun! warm milk with honey. and after you eat, it's playtime!" namjoon gasps for effect. "how fun is that, bun?"

as he hears his appa's name, jeongguk's eyes flutter open. he wakes to the sight of his dada, who's sitting on the edge of the bed. dada begins to smile once he see's the sight of his baby's wide, innocent eyes staring right at him. dada reaches a hand out to thread his finger's in jeongguk's hair, a gentle sigh escaping his little one's mouth at the feeling. looking ever so fondly at his baby, namjoon can tell that jeongguk has slipped far into headspace today. today will be a good day.

"good morning, petal!" namjoon greets with excitement, his voice barely above a whisper. jeongguk smiles brightly at his dada, letting a tiny squeal of excitement shine through from his throat. namjoon giggles, happy to see his baby so excited to see him. "did you sleep well, my happy baby?" jeongguk rolls onto his back, a chant of "dadadadada"'s leaving his mouth. namjoon smiles so wide at that, he thinks his mouth will stay like that forever.

"are you hungry? do you want to go see appa?" namjoon asks, knowing he won't get anything more than a babble in response from his baby. jeongguk is deep in babyspace today, which is all the more reason to be at home with appa and their baby today, spending all day focused around their prince. jeongguk reaches his arms out, clenching and unclenching his fingers. getting the hint, his dada holds him in his arms for a few minutes, letting jeongguk stay in bed a few minutes longer.

after holding him for a few minutes, namjoon picks jeongguk up and rests him on his hip. "let's go to the kitchen and see appa now, yeah?" jeongguk looks at namjoon with his wide doe eyes, a tiny mantra of "appa appa appa" being his only response. getting up and walking out with the door closed behind him, namjoon chuckles. "yes, we're going to see appa!" he says, voice quietly leaking excitement. jeongguk lays his head on namjoon's shoulder, watching them make their way down the hall. as soon as they reach the kitchen, jeongguk begins clapping his hands and squealing in excitement. hearing this, appa gasps and turns around to see his baby.

"hello, baby! did my little bunny sleep well?" jeongguk giggles, shoving his fingers in his mouth. seokjin gently takes jeongguk's fingers out of his mouth, replacing it with his favorite cloud themed pacifier. "i know you want to chew love, but you can't chew on your fingers. don't worry! your favorite breakfast is ready!" jeongguk, not understanding what his appa was talking about, slowly leaned forward to make grabby hands for appa. after being handed over to seokjin, who covers his cheeks in feather light kisses, jeongguk squirms in seokjin's hold, gently kicking his legs out and rubbing his cheeks on seokjin's shoulder. seokjin giggles fondly as he watches jeongguk's reaction, finally deciding to sit down with his baby on his lap.

"alright," he begins, "let's dig in! we have a big day ahead of us." seokjin makes jeongguk lean forwards on his chest, a bottle being brought up to his mouth as he takes his baby's pacifier out of his mouth. jeongguk immediately opens his mouth, sucking on the silicon with his hand clenching and unclenching on jin's shirt rhythmically. jeongguk lets out a deep breath once the warm liquid reaches his tongue, relaxing in his caregiver's arms. the sound of namjoon eating and jeongguk sucking on the bottle fills the room. today, all is good.

when jeongguk finishes his bottle, seokjin lets him rest his head on his shoulder while he eats. jeongguk is content like this, his eyes coming to a close. as his chest rises and falls in a pattern, namjoon can't help but coo across from him.

"we're going to need to wake him up for his bath later, hyung. you know he'll just keep falling asleep if he doesn't get one." namjoon whispers. seokjin swallows his bite of food, a small laugh following suit.

"yeah," he sighs, "but let's let him take this nap for now." after seokjin finishes his food, namjoon grabs their plates and jeongguk's bottle so he can wash the dishes while seokjin bathes jeongguk. "hey, buggie. wake up." seokjin whispers, gently bouncing jeongguk on his knee. jeongguk whines, rubbing his eyes on seokjin's shoulder. seokjin coo's, empathizing with his baby. "i know my love, but we need to get ready for the day so we can play later." seokjin gets up, his baby in his arms as he walks towards the bathroom. once they reach the bathroom, jeongguk is gently placed down into the toilet seat.

"alright, my little bunny. let's get you in the bath this morning. if you need one later, we'll just bathe you again." at the mention of a bath, jeongguk begins to babble and bounce in his spot. seokjin smiles, a "calm down, calm down" following suit. once the bath is prepared, he takes off his baby's onesie and sets him in it. jeongguk begins to point at the cabinet. "oh, yeah. i'm so sorry my love, how could i forget your color fuzz tablets?" seokjin asks lovingly, leaning over to pull the container out of the cabinet. once jeongguk notices cookie monster's face on it, he lets out a squeal, excitedly bouncing up and down. seokjin tries his best to hide a smile as he began opening the lid, showing jeongguk the array of vibrant colors being trapped in the container.

"which color do you want, koo?" seokjin whispers, watching his wide eyed baby stare at all of the colors. he slowly reached in and picked a blue tablet, bringing it closer to his eyes to get a closer look."you want that blue one, baby?"

"oo." seokjin presses a kiss onto jeongguk's forehead.

"yes, honeybee, blue! good job! let's put it in the water now, hmm?" seokjin gently takes the tablet from his baby's grasp and drops it into the water, the water turning into a shade of blue in what felt like an instant. seokjin hears a gasp of astonishment, looking at his tiny baby's shocked expression. "yeah, you see how the water changes colors, huh? you're so cute. let's get you washed up." as seokjin washes jeongguk up, namjoon comes in halfway through with a new onesie for him.

"dada!" jeongguk almost shouts, pointing directly at namjoon. namjoon laughs, giving jeongguk a kiss on the cheek.

"yes, bubba, dada's here. dada wants to play with you while appa cleans you up. dada has your favorite yellow towel in the dryer for you right now so it'll be all nice and warm by the time your bath is over!" jeongguk looks at dada, his mouth agape at the mention of his favorite towel. dada chuckles, shaking his head slightly as he pulls out jeongguk's bath toys from the cabinet. they play randomly until jeongguk's finger's begin to prune, putting the toys in the cabinet and helping him out of the water. namjoon walks off to get jeongguk's towel, coming back with it wide open to wrap jeongguk up. jeongguk's eyes hold stars as namjoon wraps him up. with his tummy full and his warm towel, he's a happy baby who couldn't get any happier. after drying jeongguk off, namjoon dresses him in his boxers and a bear onesie, putting his now clean pacifier back into his mouth. appa gently brushes through jeongguk's hair, making sure there aren't any knots in it. when he's done, dada comes back into view with a silly smile on his face.

"okay, my squeaky clean baby! do you want to play with your blocks now?" jeongguk begins babbling happily, which namjoon takes as a yes. “okay, hun, let’s get you to the playroom.” namjoon carries jeongguk into the playroom, gently setting him down on the mat. jeongguk immediately crawls over to where they usually keep his blocks, stacking them up and silently asking namjoon for help. they stacked the toys higher and higher until they eventually fell. jeongguk laughs outright at this, laughing so hard he nearly topples over.

"'ain! 'ain!" he says through his pacifier, looking pleadingly at dada.

"you want me to stack them again, baby? okay, only for you bun." and so namjoon does. he stacks the blocks back up, not really caring about the letters, and watches them collapse in front of him when the blocks couldn't stand any longer. jeongguk laughs again, clapping his hands. namjoon repeats this routine of stacking up the blocks over and over again until his baby eventually gets bored, moving over towards the rattle instead. jeongguk grabs it and places it in namjoon's hand, a silent demand to shake it for him.

as jeongguk hears the familiar shake of the rattle, his eyes focus right in front of him, on his dada shaking the rattle. he doesn't even notice his appa walk in, the only sounds in the room the rattle and jeongguk's rhythmic sucking of the silicon. jeongguk watches the rattle with wide, innocent eyes, and namjoon shakes it to the tune of a song he's far too deep in headspace to remember. jeongguk gets bored of the rattle soon enough, whining at his appa to do something about it.

"what's up, baby bun? are you bored of the rattle? oh, how about you and appa watch paw patrol while dada picks up your mess?"

"pat'ol!" jeongguk echoes back, looking between his appa and dada. seokjin fake gasps at this, a smile plastered on his face.

"yes bubba, paw patrol! my baby is so smart, isn't he? let's go watch cartoons." seokjin lift's jeongguk up, placing him on his hip as he walks towards the living room.  he sets jeongguk down on his lap, rhythmically bouncing his leg as he searches for the remote. when he finds it he turns on the tv, flipping to nickelodeon. with a sigh of relief, appa lays back to relax with jeongguk. they had two episodes of koo's favorite show until nickelodeon would be playing something else.  jeongguk perks up as he hears the famous intro to paw patrol begin, pointing at his favorite characters.

"'ase! appa, 'ase!" he voices, turning to look at his appa.

"i see chase, baby, i see. oh look, it's rdyer!" seokjin says, pointing at the famous character. jeongguk claps his hands excitedly, his eyes fixated on the show. jeongguk babbles to seokjin for the full hour that the show is being played until he yawns, rubbing gently at his eyes. seokjin removes his hands from his eyes. "no no, baby, don't do that. let's just set you down for a nap, okay? you seem to be getting very tired easily today, our poor baby." seokjin parts some hair out of jeongguk's eyes, the little one closing his eyes at the action. seokjin calls for dada to come in, who scoops jeongguk up and begins to carry him to his bedroom. as he lays jeongguk down and tucks him in, he decides to lay right next to him and rub his stomach through the white fabric of his onesie.

dada begins to hum a tune that seems oh so familiar to jeongguk, lulling him to sleep faster than he had expected. looking at jeongguk, he can see his chest falling and rising in a steady motion, can hear him breathe in and out. namjoon watches the baby suckle on his pacifier, in and out, in and out. he kisses jeongguk's head.

"goodnight for now, my precious little bunny. nap well." he whispers before slowly rolling out of bed, walking towards the door only to meet seokjin's eyes staring ever so fondly at the two men. both seokjin and namjoon know that in and outside their roles as jeongguk's appa and dada, they couldn't be any more happier. they have the world's most precious baby with them, and there isn't a better place than this that they would even consider calling home.