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Sunshine lost it's light

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Hysterical and horrified screams follow, as a third hero falls next to other two corpses. Maniacal laughter of the villain fills the room and the goons of hers chuckle in front of the live television.

"What is this? Another one down already? Aaaw~ rest in peace Gazellent, no need to get up anymore.~" The lunatic gives a grimace, trotting joyfully to the next person in line, wailing and pleas ask her to stop, but it all comes from audience who look down at the helpless heroes in a neat row at the stage, like sitting ducks, ready to be culled.


Fourth limb body hits the ground with a thud. "Nighty night, Cherry Bomb.~" Civilians are begging her to stop, begging this to end, begging the heroes to fight instead of just standing there. The she devil dances towards another person.

But he feels so sleepy, who was he again? Why is everyone yelling like that? He's just obeying the command to stay still, there's no harm in that right? It's not like there's any strenght to move anyway so why bother?


"I'm so disappointed in you Yin, what will your brother say about your performance today." She shakes her head and looks at the corpse with disapproving expression. Fifth victim lays cold in the ground.

Why was he here again? There was some sort of event he can't recall the name of. Who cares tho, it feels nicer without any thoughs, everything feels so blissful. His calm, even breath is relaxing, staring straight ahead with hazed up vision is relaxing, everything is a blurr and it's so wonderful to not think.


The insane laughter echoes loudly, background noise just as high, most of them are scared for some reason. "Oopsie, you didn't get to mourn her after all Yang.~Don't worry, all of them can see and hear who dies. They will give you cozy tomb right beside your sister." Cooing at the dead man.

The woman snorts and walks in front of him, eyeing everything for head to the toes. She whistles and crosses her arms, amused glint shines in those mad eyes. "What's this costume suppose to be? Are you rockstar or hero?" He feels too drowsy to respond, too sleepy to get offended. Slowly blinking his heavy eyelids, while the woman grins and puts the gun middle of his forehead. "Doesn't matter anymore.~ Say goodbye to your precious listeners.~" The evil snarl says.

Her finger is about to press the trigger but long white cloth shoots out from the ceiling panels, wrapping the villains wrist, yanking it upwards.


The bullet scrapes his hairline, leaving a shallow bleeding wound in his skin, breaking the headphones along the way. The broken half dangels, waving in the air and falls off completly by the motion. The blood trickles down, passing his ear and disappearing from sight under the directional speaker.

Pair of red glowing eyes is glaring down at them, the hidden figure jumps out of the shadows, he lands and disarms the villain lady and the mans black hair still flows up despite the him being already at the ground. She grunts at the new challenger, ripping her hand of the hold and taking a few jumps away from them.

"Mic!! It's me!! Are you good to cover me?!" The man tenses up for the lack of an answer. "Mic?" He doesn't look behind him, attention glued to the opponent. It would be grave mistake to get distracted.

The villain giggles, and it turns to laughter. "Sorry but he won't hear you!! Too busy being empty, blank slate!!" Her face shifts to amusement, wiping a single tear for corner of the eye. The mystery man keeps his postion as the villain carries on. "What did you expect? Did you really came here without knowing on...." Realisation washes over her face, eerie smile creeps up in her lips. "Or you knew but you couldn't nullify my quirks effects on him. Right? Eraserhead.~"

"You discovered it, so what? Yours is bigger question than mine!!" Now the not so mysterious man snarls at the she devil, words are seeping with a rage but the fighting stance is still perfectly intimidating and steady. He can't see his face but it's probably just as intense.
The villain doesn't seem to care. "My quirk is called 'Reprogram' and i like to cook with my special little kitchenware." She twirls her fingers that look like USB sticks."You ARE preventing me for using these but how long? Would you want these in your neck, or perhaps  one of my cookies?" The grin turns fully sinister and she looks down at where he stands. "Present Mic liked them very much.~"

The hair finally fells on the Erasers shoulder and the hero dashes forward. The villains USB fingers are about to detach, before she could do anything tho, her clothes suddenly becomes frayed, the fiber sneaks all around her, trapping her enough so erasure hero can cuff her. The same thing happens with the other villains, and another person descents from the roof above, balancing on thin strings.

The fashionable approaches to take the villain, the other just nods and paces finally back towards him.

The scarred up fingers snaps few times right in front of his eyes. "Mic? Can you hear me?" The worried look on the heros face deepens with a scowl. He feels the man shaking him. "Please say something." Wobbling a little when he stops it. "Hizashi wake up..." Eraser says, quietly and pained, a whisper only between the two.


Aizawa tries to get the blonde respond, the glassed green eyes don't show any sign of freewill wich is alarming. He wasn't able to erase the quirk, and there are still few more heroes standing like statues, unfazed of the horrors that happened, not caring that they would have been murdered.

Six casualties and Hizashi was so close to be the seventh. The wound in his friends head didn't seem to be deep enough damage his skull, but it's somewhat long to bleed quite a bit. "Sorry..." Aizawa feels useless, he should have accepted the invitation when the voice hero offered it, or atleast arrived earlier, the guilt is unbearable.

"Ctrl-alt 7.7 /+Eraserhead/ /-Mind Virus/ Del Mind Virus {Code0} {Code♾} Enter." The dazed man collapses, Aizawa got him to his hold so he won't hit the ground, panic settles in his whole body.

"What the hell did you do!!?" Best Jeanist beats him to it, the villain lady looks oddly happy.

"I just rebooted him!! And changed the password to a totally random one!! The rest of these idiots wakes up with 'BAKERY!!' Just like that." The remaining heros are waking up from the trance, confused and unsure whats happening. It doesn't take them long to notice the corpses of people they were going to work with today. "Human brain is so~ much easier to code, it doesn't even sound like the real deal but oh well.~" She shrugs and grins, like this is some sort of game.

"Free Present Mic too since you started." There's a hint of anger in his tone, where is she going with this? Aizawas patience starts to run out.

"You stalled me Eraser so well, a good actor deserves an reward." She chirps, the attidute of the villain feels opposite of what she says. "But i just said that i randomized his ticket to freedom!! I also gave up on my account so there's no way the lil old me could undo anything!!" The statement is a victory speech, she talks like she won. He glares at her. "Now now, those settings are there to stay, unless you figure out the password from millions of options."

"What settings..." Before he could finish, the blonde stoods up. "Mic..." The emerald green eyes are even deader than before, Aizawa could mistake him for a dead body if he wasn't standing up right now, the usually so bright face is lifeless. He has weird feeling in his stomach pit, and the cold sweat slides everywhere his neck.

"Yes master?"

He want's to puke, this is not real, his best friend doesn't sound like that, doesn't look like that, Hizashi isn't somesort of mindless servant, this is just a bad dream, i nightmare, Aizawa feels so sick in everyway possible.

The crazy laughter gets his attention. "ENJOY YOUR NEW SLAVE ERASERHEAD!!!" The woman gulps down something, and soon her mouth starts to foam.

"OI!!SPIT IT OUT!!" Jeanist tries to get her to cough the poison out but fails. He checks the pulse and shakes his head. "My apologies, i should have been more vigilant..."

He snaps."Apologize? Apology doesn't fix this situation." He keeps his voice low, threatening and full of malice. "I've know Present Mic for fifteen years and now looks like a fucking zombie so get the hell out of my sight Jeanist and go tell the police why we need the seventh bodybag after all." The number four pro hero isn't suprised by his rage, but ashamed like he should be. Guiding the rest of the victims out, letting Aizawa have bit space.

He turns around to Hizashi who seems to be waiting at his so called orders. "Let's go sit down, i need to do a check up."

"Understood master." He moves to the nearest sofa without any trouble. The lack of personality is creepy, he can't recognize his friend at all.

"Don't call me that." He lifts his leg and steps on the broken headphones erasure hero frowns, he knows the emotianal value of them and they are still in better shape than their owner.

"Understood sir." Aizawa tries to not bite his lips and gets to the sofa. Taking a few first aid items and begins to clean the wound.


"Yes sir?"

"Please wake up."

"I don't understand sir."

"You're not like this. Just fight it, please?

"I don't understand sir." Aizawa groans, this was getting nowhere and it hurts. It's not like the man lost every single drop of his freewill, why is this so difficult."

He can still think for himself right?

"Tell me about the villain, what really went wrong?"

"Mind Virus file not found." Eraserhead freezes.

"What?" Glancing at his friend, he couldn't have heard that correcly.

"Mind Virus file not found."

"Mic, you can tell me about it, the danger is over." Tears starts to swell up, he won't believe this, he wants to deny it.

"Mind Virus file not found."

"Oi, Hizashi, do you hear what you are saying? You're a living, human being, not a machine."

"Can't compute"

"This isn't funny, you are a person!! What the hell did she do to you!!" Aizawa is in distress as he shakes the blonde. Pain and guilt are turning to self-blame.

"Can't compute"

The tears are bad for his dry eye but he can't stop them anymore, he's not a public person neither by his job or personality, yet still he cries, even if it stings.

"Can you smile?" His voice comes groggy. The blondes lips curl up into tiny, hollow line. His heart beats too fast, it's way more unsettling than he thought. "Never mind..." it falls fast as it came. Why does he have to torture himself like that? His dearest friend is just a empty shell of his former self. His breath shudders, hoping that other man knows. "Do you know what the password is?" He needs to ask this, he wants to free Hizashi, leaving him like this for who knows how long is wrong with natural laws.

"I'm not an user."

He inhales deeply, needing to say it even if he doesn't want to. He has to or otherwise he can't help him. "Hizashi i order you, don't you dare to refer yourself as an object." Tight lump in his throat feels agonizing.

"Understood sir."

"Now let's go home, it's no use for anyone else to supervise you right?" Aizawa needs to do
research, even if it takes forever Eraserhead will find it, otherwise he won't forgive himself.

"Understood sir."

He wipes his tears away and rises up, Mic mimics the motion, following few steps behind when they go wich is really odd to him. Hizashi usually prefers to be next to him, with animated hand gestures, talking about everything and anything. The voice heros silence is terrifying when you know what kind of person he was.

Aizawa gives few statement while people stare at them worriedly. He's an underground hero, so leaving famous Present Mic with someone unknown doesn't tickle most of the peoples tastes, hero or not. Luckily Jeanist confirms the two of them as childhood friends and Aizawa as the only person fitting for the task anyway thanks what the villain did before she killed herself. He leaves with Hizashi without no more trouble.


"Hmmm." Recovery Girl healed the cut in Hizashis head easily. The rest of the test tho, comes with no success of getting any reaction from him. "This is troubling, Mic-kun appears to be completely brainwashed. The quirk doesn't seem to affect anyone elses psyche at all, but this might if he's not freed from it in time." He let's out frustrated groan. "We can't be sure about this, i've never seen something like this before." The old lady, Chiyo Shuzenji jumps out of the seat where she was examining Mic. Youthful heroine is just as lost as he is.

He huffs. "You know that he's like a walking dictionary in both japanese and english!! How the hell i'm suppose to find the password amongst all of that?!" He paces around the room. "It could be anything!! Food, animal, date, weather, anything!! What if it's somesort of ridiculous band name? What if there's a two or more words it...."

She stops him with her walking cane, giving a more concerned look than she did to Mic. "I know you care deeply about him but this is unlike you Aizawa-kun. A pro hero shouldn't loose their cool, a man of rationality and logic like you should know that." She motions him down the floor with her. "Tell me what this is about, i've never seen you this emotional."

"RG he looks dead, and i can't limit the options. He won't function without my orders, h-he didn't even flinch when that gun was pointing at him and..." His breathing is getting heavier and it's true, he doesn't show his panic attacks to anyone else but Hizashi, his crutch and support but it's gone, his best friend is gone and he doesn't know what to do, how can he get his brightly radiating friend back. 'What to do? What to do? What to do? What to do? What to do? What to do? What to do? What to do? What to do? What to do...'

She shushes him calmly from the inner turmoil. "Breath." And he does, but he still feels lost, he still blames himself. Looking up at the blonde who usually would immediately come and hold him, asking what's wrong, is just sitting there like a doll, not moving a inch for the spot, staring blankly into nothingness instead of fussing. "You have lots of vacation days and no classes to teach since you expelled them all. There's plenty of time to free him, but remember to take care of yourself too." He nods meekly. "You two have been inseparable since the high-school, i'm sure you can save him Aizawa-kun." She walks over to Mic and pats his thigh few times. "And you better have picked something simple, no one at the UA wants you to be replaced."

Aizawa smiles at that. "Thanks RG."

"Call me if you need someone to talk with, i'm sure that Midnight can visit too." He hasn't told Nemuri yet that Hizashi is here at his place, she must be worried too since most of the country saw what happened. She waves and leaves leaving the two of them alone.

Aizawa opens his phone to see several unread messages and missed calls, some of them are from her and Tensei has tried to contact also. Quickly sending them text that they can visit, he needs help to figure this out. Opening their chat he types.

A:Asked RG to check on him, sorry. You can come over.

Keeping the message short and on topic, soon a new message pops up.

N:You could have checked the phone earlier dumbass!!!!! 😡😡😡

N:How is he? Are both of you ok? They haven't told how it ended, the footage cut after the shot... 😟😨

T:Nemuri calm down, i'm sure they are both fine.

Aizawa scowls.

A:Not exactly....

T:Wait what? I heard that the rest of the heroes were mostly unharmed.

N:Was it the bullet??!! Is he bleeding out!!!?? He's not gonna die is he??!! 😢😢😢


T:They wouldn't be at his place if Hizashi was dying, they would be at the hospital.

A:This doesn't feel any diffrend...

N:What do you mean by that??


He pauses, this is the part of the conversation that gets hard to tell about.


Not responding for three minutes, he finally puts his phone at Hizashis direction and takes a picture, sending the image to two of them.

A:He is still brainwashed....


T:Why?? Didn't the villain free them??!

A:She noticed that i know him personally and switched the 'control' to me....


A:I should have went there with him, or should have stayed professional and act like i didn't know him...

N:Shota honey...

A:I made a mistake...

T:It wasn't your fault, he would be dead if you haven't come!!


A:He looks dead, he doesn't have freewill anymore....

A:I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.


A:I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

T:Me too but Aizawa please calm down!!!

A:I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

T:Aizawa i'm warning you.

A:I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

The phone suddenly rings, the number belongs to Tensei. He picks it up nervously.

"Go beyond?" The patient male voice asks.


"Go beyond?" Repeating it.

"Plus Ultra." He answers quietly.

"Go beyond." It doesn't sound like a question anymore.

"Plus Ultra."

"Go beyond."

"Plus Ultra."

Tensei sounds relieved. "Better?"

"A bit..."

'Plus Ultra' is a Latin Phrase. It translates to 'Further Beyond.' It has been adopted as the school motto for the U.A. High. The speedster made him say it as a mantra to fully collect himself, reminding to 'Go Beyond' this set back and fix it. If Recovery Girls words didn't help him then this did.

"I will get some groceries, just repeat  that until i'm done with shopping." It's reassuring that they both are coming to help, how has he forgotten to appreciate them for their kindness?

"Ok." Tensei humms at the other side and the call ends. He's alone with the blonde for a while that needs to change out of the hero costume before the guest arrive, he sighs. "Go take a shower, i will bring you some clothes."

"Yes sir." Hizashi finally moves towards the bathroom bit inhumanly. It reminds Aizawa about those fancy androids that look like real people.

He scratches that thought away. "And call me Shota!!"

"Yes Shota." He regrets that, but he doesn't want to be called 'master' or 'sir' again so he has to go with that.

The blonde disappears out of sight and Aizawa heads towards his bedroom to find him clothes. Luckily he doesn't have to borrow his own, since Hizashi has his own drawer that he uses when spending a night here after long patrols. Aizawa has one at his place too and both have been purchesed by Hizashi for these kind of days. He bites his lips. 'This is not tge same.' With a bit of searching, he takes a navy blue t-shirt, a light blue pajama pants with dolphins on it, fuzzy white socks and oddly cute flower pattern underpants.

He exists the room and goes to the bathroom, halting at the doorway and blushes. "Holy..." Hizashi has already stepped out of the shower and waits drenching wet, fully naked. "W-what are you doing?!" He hisses and takes the towel. "Dry and cover yourself!" Tossing it to him.

Hizashi doesn't catch it tho, instead it falls to the floor where he pick it up. "Yes Shota." Aizawa feels so sick, why he feels so sick for looking at his friend?

The blonde starts dry himself, Aizawa puts the clothes to top of a stool, it's mostly used when either one of them is injured, how many times the other has patched him up here? He slides his left hand to his side, tracing it around where on of the bigger scars should be. The uneven skin under the shirt is nostalgic, it was from the first mission almost gone wrong, Aizawa had to protect a little boy from a kidnapper. The villain was a mutant type with
pocketknife quirk, hidden blade was bit larger, hidden at the hole in the arm. "Do you remember anything? About what kind of person you are?"
"I don't understand Shota."

"Of course you don't." Murmuring sadly. "Put the clothes on already." He averts his eyes when the blonde comes to take them.

"Yes Shota."

He walks back to the doorframe and leans on it. Looking at the both sides of the floor where the tiles cut and becomes light wooden parquet. Thinking if he's taken their friendship for granted before, Aizawa isn't good at these kind of things. Feeling like he doesn't deserve the usually talkitive friend or anything he has ever done for the erasure hero. What has he ever given to Hizashi in return? He has never understood why the loudmouth wanted to be friends in a first place, not like he ever asked the reason.

He looks at the blonde again, Hizashi has the clothes on but didn't say he was done, instead his still as a statue. His hair seems to be still dripping wet. Sigh. "Take the stool closer and sit, we need to dry your hair." And Hizashi complies.

"Yes Shota." The eyes look still lifeless but also irritated, come to think of it, when did he saw him blink last time?

"Hizashi, have you blinked at all after the incident?" Frowning.

"No Shota."

He inhales deeply, taking one of his bottles of eyedrops, tilting the blondes head from the smooth and clean jaw, amplifying the drops to the hazy eyes. "Please do it regularly when you need it."

"Yes Shota." The green eyes blinks few times and continues staring after they are done. They look darker than the they should be, nothing like the lively emerald color. Hizashi also smells like his cheap shampoo wich makes Aizawas heart bumb diffrently somehow. Did he need to specify what shampoo to use? How detailed the instructions need to be? Is it possible to him get hurt if he's not strict enough what to do?

The blonde blinks and Aizawa releases the jaw, flushing when he hold it longer than necessary. He grabs the hairdryer and turns it on. "Say if it's too hot or starts to hurt."

"Yes Shota."

He knows that Hizashi takes well care of his hair, but it's easier to help him instead of making him do it himself right now. Blowing the long locks back to their straight form, he absentmindedly runs his fingers in it, the silky smooth hair feels good against his skin, Aizawa knows that his black hair is soft but it's nothing to compared to this.

"It hurts"

He jumps and snaps back from his thoughts, the hot air has lingered on the same spot for far too long. "Sorry." He flips the switch to cold and rubs the scalp for a bit. Turning of the dryer, swaping it with Hizashis hairbrush and  starts stroking the healthy luscious hair, this time treating it more gently. Now he's
concerned tho. "Tell me every time if you get injured or if you're in danger ok?"

"Yes Shota."

He thinks about this a while. What else Hizashi can't do without him telling about it. "Remember to eat when you feel hungry and drink occasionally."

"Yes Shota."

"Don't forget to come and say me when you're done with the tasks i give you."

"Yes Shota."

Aizawa starts to braid the long light hair he's holding. "Do your task safely."

"Yes Shota."

"Never leave the appartment without me."

"Yes Shota."

"Don't use the knives without supervision."

"Yes Shota."

He keeps doing this until the braid is done. He hates to command Hizashi when he's like this but he has to know how to act like basic human again. There are few things in that list he didn't want to tell even once. "Go fetch the spare glasses and the origami paper from your side of the work desk. Sit somewhere in the living room so i can see you."

"Yes Shota." Hizashi stands up and exits the room. This is going to be so draining for Aizawa.

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The inevitable knock on the door means they are here at last. Gathering his composure before he starts to lose it again,or even regret inviting the two heroes who undertake to see the horrifying state of voice hero Present Mic.

Who's also their mutual childhood friend.

Flipping the lock,and swinging it open, revealing Tensei and Nemuri with bunch of groceries and other stuff. They are both forcing a smile, scared and strained for not knowing how bad this is yet. Tensei is not that obvious, clearly trying to be the anchor for him and Nem since the earlier conversation went how went, he's always too kind for his own good.

Aizawa won't blame the motherly man if he breaks down as well.

"Come in."

They comply, leaving their shoes to the rack. Nemuri abandons everything she carried and goes straight to the living room. They follow her to see that she's already on her knees right in front of the sitting blonde at the couch, cupping his cheeks.

"Oh Zashi, What did the villain do to you?" Her lips quiver, sniffling as if she's going to cry.

"He looks…." The bluenette next to him starts but cuts himself off, not knowing what to say.

"Soulless." He completes the sentence.

She stares at him, bewildered. "B-but he's not right? Somewhere deep down, there's still the piece of same old Hizashi. You said it yourself." She pinches the man's cheeks like a grandmother seeing her grandchild. 

This situation is far from a happy thoughts like those.

"Nemuri you should do tha…"

"It hurts."

Nemuris hands releases the emotionless face and she clasps them to her sides while biting her lip. Terrified and shaking to hear how unnatural Hizashi sounds. Tensei too, is fully stiff and frozen in place. Almost dropping the bags that he and the other brought.

Aizawa sighs and takes the plastic bags from the man next to him and goes to place the every food item on fridge and cabinets. "He didn't even flinch when he was scraped by the bullet so i had to give…" Pausing. "...a suggestion to confirm when he's hurt." He holds one of the bags, it has toy store logo on it. It contains a huge cockatoo plushie that has checkered, yellow and black bandana on the neck. "Sorry that i didn't give any warning about that…"

She stands up and goes to the couch opposite where Hizashi is, folding her legs to the chest and holds them tightly with her arms. "No need to be, i came in too hastily." Letting out a sob. "That's a 'get well' gift for him. How did this happen!??" Tensei descents back from his thoughts, taking that as his cue and goes to calm Nemuri down before she starts wailing.

He inhales deeply. "The villain called herself Mind Virus and her quirk was called 'Reprogram' if that part was sincere. Every snack at the charity event were switched since the police found the originals at the dumpster. I assume she brought them because it was easier for her quirk to work on food when it was still being prepared with kitchen equipment." 

The last thing is in the place he can find it later. Taking the plushie and a tray where he put bowl of chips and four bottles of soda with him to the living room area and serves them to everyone.

He points down at the bottle he placed in front of the blank man. "Hizashi, this is your drink. This and the chips are free for you to use if you feel hungry or thirsty." 

"Yes Shota."

Slumping down next to the blonde, putting the cockatoo toy between them, Aizawa opens the package full of colorful paper.

"Really?" Nemuri motions towards the unresponsive man.

With a sigh. "One,he can't work it on his own. Two,if you're implying that he's using my name while responding then yes,you're correct. I asked it because i hated the first two." His tone is passive aggressive,hoping that the next question is not what he thinks it is.

"The first two?"

There it is.

"Master and sir…." He mutters quietly. 

Tensei elbows the woman's side, making her yelp. "So,~ what's that for?" His stares curiously the origami paper, but occasional glares at Nemuri in warning.

"I want to see how bad this truly is and came up with a test."

"What kind of test?"

Aizawa hesitates for a moment,the scale of this can be determined only by these next few commands.

Swallowing the bile on his throat, speaking up. "Hizashi, make an origami fox,crane and shuriken."

"Yes Shota."

The blonde takes a paper and starts to fold,precise and neat. When he's ready, he takes automatically the second piece, doing it just as smoothly. Third origami needs two pieces, usually Hizashi would stop to think about the color and patterns, but instead the man nabs them from the top of the pile without any pause.

"I'm done Shota."

Three perfect origami figures sit on the table. Shuriken looks weird tho, with pink cupcakes and traditional looking trees. Those papers just simply doesn't fit together.

They both look at him and the figures. He could hear the unspoken 'Is this it?' Shaking his head, saying the part he fears the most.

"Hi-hizashi,make an origami dragon."

"Yes Shota."

When Hizashi starts, both Nemuri and Tensei seem to realise why he chose this for the test.

Voice hero is man of many talents. Cooking, socializing, cheering, singing, dancing, teaching, crafting, not to mention being multilingual genius and plethora of other talents all easy to Present Mic/Yamada Hizashi. 

But on the side what he can't do, origami dragon is one of them. The blonde struggled week and a half until he gave up on it, Aizawa can remember finding crumpled paper balls everywhere the energetic friend went. He hopes for all his heart that the blonde would fail it this time too, his friend isn't a mindless drone that does things with absolute perfection. That there is still something left from the real Hizashi, the one who burns the first batch of meringues, the one who gets hiccups during karaoke, the one who gives him crappy cat necklaces and….

"I'm done Shota."

He falls back to reality. Reality where his friends faces has turned pale, reality where his whole being screams how wrong this is, reality where sky blue dragon with cloud pattern sits on the table, no wrinkles, no extra fold lines.

Just perfect.

He can't breath, where did the air go? His body feels stiff and rigid, the room is hotter than it was second ago. His eyes hurt, is he crying again? The dry eye should prevent him from crying much, how can he still cry?

"SHOTA!!" Nemuri and Tensei jump of where they were seated and comes over to him in a hurry. They are saying something that he can't hear, his thought progress doesn't work.

'I could have saved him, this is my fault.'

'My fault, my fault, my fault, my fault, my fault, my fault, my fault, my fault, my fault, my fault, my fault, my fault, my fault, my fault, my fault, my fault, my fault, my fault, my fault, my fault, my fault….'


Tensei's engines smoke just a little, he used bit of his quirk to hit him in the left cheek. Him and Nemuri stare the man in a shock.

"Go beyond?"

Aizawa blinks few times.

"GO BEYOND!!?" This time Tensei raises his voice, angry and teary eyed.

"Pl-plus ultra!!" He has never heard the other man this angry before. Heck, has Tensei actually even been angry before? The bluenette is always so calm and caring that Aizawa never thought that Tensei for all people would be capable of yelling at someone.

And that someone is him.


He breaths in and out heavily, scowling furiously. Grib in his shoulder eventually loosens, but his expression doesn't go anywhere.


"What??" The man cuts him off.

He gulps, feeling incredibly small right now. "The school gets new first year student in few months." Pausing and inhaling. "We can hide this for now and say Present Mic is fine and needs rest but public will know what's going on when he doesn't come back to teach the new students."

"Your point?" The anger is dissipating, Aizawa feels like he could sit straight again.

"He can't function without me and i can't bring him to school if he's still like this. Tensei, the password could be any of the words or sentences he knows." He looks at Hizashi, right next to them but not part of the conversation. "It could be anything!! I have vacation days piled up, i can do this for now and i will. But this will end both of our careers if it goes on too long and i can't spend 24/7 for the rest of my life saving him." He looks at the concerned friends in front of him and motions the blonde with both hands. "The liveliest person in my life isn't 'living' Tensei!! Hero or not, my sanity can't take this forever!!" He places his hand to his cheek, it still stings. "I-i c-ca-can't d-do t-this fo-for-forever, i-if w-we c-can't sa-save h-him we have t-to…."

Tensei falls to his knees and laughs sadly, tears pouring to the floor joining the other wet spots. "How unheroic of me!! Of course you feel pressured!!" He takes takes hold of Hizashi and shooks him. "Did you hear that Zashi? I made things worse so you better awake the fuck up because there is spot that only belongs to you!!" The blank man doesn't respond. 

"Hizashi wake up."

"I don't understand Shota."

Tensei takes the plushie and throws it at the blondes unchanging face. "It's simple, really." Pouting at the man.

"Hizashi fight it, come back to us."

"I don't understand Shota."

Nemuri has stood up at some point. Neither of the men notice until she's picking the cockatoo from the floor. She chuckles while wiping the dust off. "Look at them little birdy, i'm friend with all these nutcases." She takes lipstick from her purse and comes back to the couch. 

"What are you doing?" Aizawa can't help but ask.

"Zashi is gonna be so mad when he wakes up and sees my new blackmail pics." She says it confidently and grins, plastering rose red on the blondes lips, who's not giving any resistance to the woman tilting his head.

They snort,Aizawa thinks how Hizashi could tail after Nemuri and plead for her not to use it. "Yeah..." He's not alone in this, and he promises to himself to save his best friend,even when his own sanity is on the line. "Go beyond."

"Plus ultra!!!" The two friends says in unison.


"...Papa Roach, Panic At The Disco, Foo Fighters, Set It Off, Major Lazer, Kygo, Italobrothers, Halsey, Caravan Palace, Wildfire, Sia, Avicii, Macklemore, Higedriver, The Freak Fandango, Timmy Trumpet…"

He's been going through every bands and artist that Hizashi knows, hoping that one of these could be it. Nemuri has brands and nature related words, Tensei is responsible for historical events and traditions. UA principal Nedzu also visits, ranting from the memory about every word in dictionary.

'Dictionaries.' He corrects himself. His tiny boss has shelves full of japanese and english dictionaries, so of course he has read them all, maybe Nez can do it backwards if he wanted to.

"...Fall Out Boy, Volbeat, Onerepublic, Melanie Martinez, Imagine Dragons, Lady Gaga…"

Working on both of their lesson plans is pain in the ass. His own is easier, sure, but lot of work. His english skills in the other hand, is way harder, Aizawa knows the basic, just in case if someone he needs to rescue is a tourist, senator, or a foreign student for example.

He's still not the same level as Mic tho.

Speaking of which, the blonde is cooking for them, currently chopping on the carrots for the curry. It's been little over a week now since Hizashi got brainwashed and so many times Aizawa has seen dreadful moments and felt them, even to the point of really vomiting and wishing that his friend would have followed him to the toilet to hold his hair. The lesser moments are mistaking sleeping Hizashi as normal Hizashi when he wakes up in the morning, he has gotten his hopes crushed by the empty dead stare from the eyes that used to be so bright and full of life. The times when he puked tho, one stands above them all.

At the fourth day, Aizawa had forgotten to close the balcony and beetle found its way to the apartment. He noticed it when the blonde finished whatever task the erasure hero gave him, and the beetle just, walked there, on the his bare neck without him screaming in horror or noticing it at all. 

He did command Hizashi to the toilet in the end, not to hold his hair but so he could take the beetle that mocked him and threw it to the toilet along with his earlier lunch. 

And he cleaned them both after that.

"...Blackway & Black Caviar." He finishes. Glancing the man out for any changes in behavior. 'Still no huh?'

Hizashi has become much more paler due to lack of sun, Aizawa curses that his balcony doesn't offer that kind of luxury, otherwise the man is in good shape. He keeps him fed and hydrated, they exercise daily so his muscles won't weaken, not forgetting to keep his hygiene up as well.

He stands up and walks over to him. "Hizashi, stop for few minutes and put the knife away."

"Yes Shota." The man does as he's been told and Aizawa wraps his arms around him. He usually won't hug anyone, but he misses the loud, friendly voice. Hizashi has always been better than him, it hurts when it's reduced to being obeying puppet.

And Aizawa is the puppetmaster against his will.

"You know Hizashi? All of our friends and coworkers have sended you gifts. The people at the radio station are hoping that you would come back soon."

"I don't understand Shota. I don't need any gifts."

He ignores the awnser and continues. "I know you would bet with Nemuri how many students i would expel this year Hizashi."

"I don't understand Shota. I won't do anything unless you command me."

Burying his face to orange scented hair. "You're meant to work your hero agency, radio show and at the school Hizashi."

"I don't understand Shota. My only meaning is to serve you."

"Deep down you know it's not true, i'm sorry that i haven't figured out the password yet Hizashi."

"I don't understand Shota."

He sighs, this is getting nowhere. "Hizashi, say three of you favorite things."

"To serve and obey you, Shota."

He tightens his grip. "I said three but the answer wasn't fine either way." He mumbles.

"You Shota. I'm sorry that my response didn't please you, i will do better at my other tasks."

He lifts his head baffled and blushing, the third thing was him.

Remembering that everything the blonde says is automatic and not done by the free will, he releases his hold and goes back to the lesson plans. "Continue making the curry Hizashi."

"Yes Shota."

The blonde takes the knife and carries on dicing the carrots. Aizawa tries to work on the papers in front of him but his attention is elsewhere. Gazing at the busied man, Hizashi is still beautiful despite the skin losing its colour and the dimmed eyes. He wonders how someone like him ever wanted to be friends with Aizawa in the first place, they are polar opposites of each other.


The word suddenly sounds so bitter. Even if he doesn't understand how, they have always been like that, best friends. Why it feels so wrong to think about it now? He wants to hear the endless chatter again and the extra motions that comes with it. He misses the wide smile that makes him happy. He longs for their trips to the cat cafes and bars where the man would do something silly. Wanting back the man he could always count on and tell about his worries and how his day went. He's smiling at the thought of that.

His blush deepens, he shaking his head furiously. 'It's not like that you moron.'

He looks at Hizashi again, potatoes are now at the cutting board.

"Hizashi, throw every green potato parts to trash can." 

"Yes Shota." The man picks up green and yellow potato cubes immediately out and puts them just as efficiently to the garbage bag hidden under the sink.

'It's not…' Scowling when his mind goes that way once more. Now he won't stop it tho, letting it wander to the parts where this actually is coming from.

Many things in his life had changed since he met Hizashi. His decisions are lot better nowadays, they don't go to those weird harder routes he used to do, instead they are easier and quicker. He has never felt alone after he let his walls down, and the man would always care for him when he's sick or injured. Damn, even when he overworks himself, Hizashi is always the first one to notice it and watches like a hawk that he would take a break. Also the weird feeling everytime he's with him, it's almost if…

...Hizashi completes him.

He doesn't know how but he just made himself feel way worse than before.


This feels too much.

'Please wake up.'

When does this end?

'I want you back to us, come back for me.'

Yet everything feels so numb.

'Question why i'm saying these.'

His life is dull and fading.

'What the hell is the password?'

His life is distant and emotionless.

'Why can't i save you?'

Just shell of its former self.

"...Florence And The Machine." Five thousand, seven hundred, and twenty fourth band/artist. He's so tired of this, not even close to the halfway of the infinite playlists he's supposed to read out loud. The hazy eyes just stares at him, unmoving and imprisoned.

"Hizashi, what is the password?"

"I don't have the authority to tell you Shota." So empty and cold words.

"Hizashi, i give you the authority. Tell what the password is." His own, just as cold but stern.

"I'm not allowed to have authority Shota."


"I'm not allowed to have authority Shota."

"You're not the way i want you to be Hizashi." He scratches his eyes, they are irritated from the constant crying. 

"I can be everything you want me to be Shota."

"Except yourself." The blonde blinks, but doesn't respond to his quiet murmur.

He can't take this.

The eye twitches slightly, rest of his body moves in it's own to the study, leaving the other man to the couch for a moment. Their shared work desk has only one locked drawer, Aizawa takes its key and clicks it open, taking it's only content to his hand and goes back to the living room.

He sits down on the table and props his arm so it could stay up. "Hizashi, do you know what this is?"

"A gun Shota."

Placing the muzzle to the middle of the man's forehead. "Why aren't you afraid of it Hizashi? You did this when everything started but you're still not scared." His tone is cold, but his hand betrays him, which is shaking like a leaf.

"Being afraid isn't efficient, i'm using 100% of my focus to serve you. But i can be everything you want me to be Shota, you can command me to be afraid."

Everything feels numb.

"No. Instead you can smile for me Hizashi."

Everything he does is useless.

Hizashi smiles. Aizawa hasn't seen Hizashi smile in ages. This isn't the smile he wants but beggars can't be choosers.

Everything he does is futile.

He leans in and gives a kiss to the smiling man, which isn't reciprocated, nor is he pulling away.

That was liberating.

He imagined it to taste like strawberries but oh well. His starts to smile and cups the mans other cheek to support it.

The almost dead eyes looks at him.

"I love you."


Dead eyes looks at him.

He slides to the couch, putting the head of the corpse in his lap, Aizawa closes the eyelids for it with his fingers. "Rest now."

He puts the gun away for a moment so he could take a phone out of his pocket and dial a number.

Running his fingers on the soft,silky hair while he waits. The warm blood oozes to his thighs.

The phone clicks, Nemuri is on the other side.

"Eraser! Now it's not the time, i'm in a meeting!" She whispers.

"Nemuri i freed him." He says cheerfully.

"Really!!?" He can hear her excuse herself for whatever she was doing and door opening. "How? What was the password? Can i talk to him? Does he remember what happe…."

"Oh, i didn't find the password." He chirps.

Nemuri is quiet for a moment. "So~ he woke up on his own?" She laughs nervously. "Sho, can you give the phone to him, i missed him too ya know?"

"I'm going after him. Please say to everyone that i apologized for being so weak." His eyes itches, tears are running down again. But he smiles, soon they won't itch.

"O-oi Shota!! What did you do!!? What do you mean by tha…" He ends the call without letting her to finish the sentence. Shutting off the phone so it won't ring, he doesn't need anyone to call him anymore.

He leans down and gives a kiss next to the dripping hole he made. Tossing the phone away and taking the gun again.

"I'm sorry Hizashi, i know this isn't the ideal freedom that everybody wanted you to have."

Aizawa places the gun to his mouth, muzzle pointing upwards, he holds it with both of his hands and closes his eyes.

'I hope i'm still worthy enough to come heaven with you.'

The finger presses down.




It's a cold and dreary night at the Mustafu. The sirens echo through the tall buildings and endless alleyways. Everything is upside down and the warm liquid pools to the floor. The cloudless starry sky doesn't bring comfort or mercy to this torment, the effect is more opposite of them.

When was the last time he had night terror this bad? His legs are tangled in his blanket and he has fallen head first to the floor. He's surprised that his tears haven't formed a pond yet. He untangles himself lazyly and falls rest of the way to wooden parquet. Why did his life had to become so miserable?

He rises up to his knees, looking at the bed and the figure wich is almost white as a sheet.


The blonde stirs and sits up.

"Yes Shota."

Aizawa crawls back to bed to be closer. Those eyes and skin look like they belong to a dead person but there is no bullet wound in the forehead. The skin is so pale due to the lack of sun and the eyes are dim from the brainwash.

"Come here." He opens his arms to the blonde who listens, taking him to his embrace, holding the almost lifeless looking friend close to his chest.

'A friend, just friends.' He bites down to his lower lip. 'Fuck!'

"Hizashi, i'm sorry i wasn't there for you. You don't deserve this kind of life or treatment, you're not anyone's property."

"I belong to you Shota. I'm meant to serve you."

He squeezes harder, it's so difficult not to cry. "No, you don't. The villain implanted these thoughts on you, you're not yourself Hizashi."

"Memory of Mind Virus not found."

Bursting into tears, Aizawa just wants Hizashi to be unchained by the quirk. "Hizashi i love you. I love you, i love you, i love you!!" He coughs some of the spit stuck in his throat, it's hard to breath again. "I miss you, you're so close but so far away. It should have been me, not you. I'm sorry that i failed to save you, i'm sorry that i haven't freed you already, i'm sorry that i took you from granted. I miss you and i love you, i'm idiot for not realizing it sooner but it's a-always be-been there. Y-you de-dese-deserve to be f-free and ha-happy, d-deserve t-to think o-on your ow-own. I-i ha-hate th-that you're go-gone, i h-hate it bec-because i'm al-alone and mise-miserable without y-y-yo-you…" 

He can't speak anymore, his loud wails fills the bedroom, he hasn't never cried this audibly before. He doesn't care if the neighbors hear him through the thin walls.

"Sho…" Inaudible whisper drowns in the cries.

The body in his hold moves a little but he doesn't notice.

"Shocchan?" Bit louder, but not enough yet.

A hand rises to his belly and starts to pet it, Aizawa realizes that he didn't ask that from the other. Calming down thanks to soothing circle motions provided by the long slender fingers. He takes the blonde by the shoulders and pushes him up, the man yelps by the sudden forcefulness.

His expression is confused, scared, sad and questioning. Those bright emerald eyes blinks out it's own tears, eyes that sparkle from water and being so full of life.


"Shota, please don't cry again. Breath first, i'm here, shhhh.~" The panicking man wipes the tears away from his buffy irritated eyes. Is this real? Or is he still dreaming? 

The blonde focuses solely on him, thumb stroking behind his ear until his breathing is even, body relaxed. Shushing every piece of anxiety and fear.

"There you go big guy!! Feeling better now?" Hizashi is smiling widely, genuine, warm, big reassuring smile. The one he missed so much.

He's almost crying again.

"Calm down Shota, shhhh.~ No need to cry, shhhh.~ Did i say something wrong?" He looks at lost what to do, just like Aizawa himself. There is some explaining to do but how to start?

"Sorry for getting so sentimental. Let's go to the kitchen." He wiggles out of bed and gives his hand to Hizashi who takes it. The other man's confusion just grows.

"Uuuhh, so? This is kinda giving me heebie jeebies now. You stared at me like you've seen a ghost or something."

"You're not completely off your mark." He whispers.

"Excuse me?" The other didn't seem to hear. Or he did and it didn't make any sense to him.

Aizawa doesn't repeat it and the awkward silence makes the blonde uncomfortable. He's going to make the most rational decision in ages and pamper Hizashi before he's ready to tell. Tell how the villain was so close to ruining both of their lives, how he and everyone else missed the man's usual upbeat energy, the radiating sunshiney presence. How Aizawa hasn't notice how badly smitten he was to the other is a complete mystery.

Also this gives him extra time to figure out how to tell it.

Motioning Hizashi to sit down at the kitchen table, he goes rummage through his cabinets for all the snacks they have brought to try getting some reaction out of him. All the candies and chips are either new flavors or the blondes favorites.

"Umm, are we really at your place? I've never seen those shelves that full before." He stops talking for a moment. "How did i end up here anyway?"

After emptying the open bags of sweets to the bowls, he places everything in front of the pale man and fetches them drinks to go with them.

"We are, and i will tell as soon as i come up with good explanation."

The man blinks when they are eye to eye again. "I assumed you didn't kidnap me but now i'm worried." It's only fair to come up with theories like that.

"Let me phrase it again." Giving the cold cola to him. "There is something that happened to you, but i don't know how to fill you in yet."

The man's expression turns to something he can't read. "Is it the reason why you been crying? Your eyes are more tired than usual." His voice is soft and gentle, knowing exactly when to push it and when not.

He answers with a small nod.

"Actually, there's a file about the case at the work desk." His act is cowardice, but how he could tell Hizashi about it when it was his fault, he needs strength to apologize properly. 

The man gulps. "Okay…" It comes out quietly and bit strangled. His imagination must be running wild since Aizawa can't explain it straight then and there.

They abandon the freshly opened sweets, even if he's not ready for anything what happens next. Well, almost. There is one thing he is ready for but he won't mind, he deserves it.


Entering the study, Hizashi's focus is on the pile of gifts and cards rather than the work desk.

"Those are all yours." He says bluntly and the other looks at him for a second, then back to the pile and starts walking towards it.

It's a huge amount of stuff, almost like Present Mic's fan mail, but Aizawa knows who gave them and in what context. 

The blonde is reading some of the cards, he knows everything from the memory by only looking at the cover.

A card with four cats in it. 'We heard about your condition and hope you become your wild wild self again. Signed:Wild Wild Pussycats.'

Space theme. "Everyone misses you Mic-senpai. The school meetings aren't the same without you. Signed:Thirteen.'

The ugly cartoon bulldog card. 'I saw on the tv what happened. You better turn back to normal so i could pay my dept to you asshole, don't think you can get away with this. Signed:Kan.' His dog got sick on the wrong time and Hizashi paid for the surgery like a saint.

One with a certain turbo hero in it is quite obvious. 'Me and Nemuri visited you on the first day (And still will if this goes on.) So sorry for throwing that cockatoo plush she bought to your face. I wasn't any good at raising their hopes up for saving you. I wish you get to read this soon buddy, there's a Yamada shaped hole in our friend group. Signed:Tensei.'

The other laughs nervously. Aizawa takes the cockatoo and pokes the blonde with it, causing him to laugh slightly louder. 

"These dates in the cards don't make any sense!!" 

"Oh? And the rest of it does?" He raises an eyebrow.

The man's face falls to embarrassed. "We-well no. I can't remember anything that could have happened to me." He shrugs and continues. "Or how long it took. Seriously, i was just at the charity event and now i'm reading these future 'get well' cards!!" 

"So you didn't forget where you were before this?"

"Ye-yeah!! Kinda. I think i saw some people put perfectly good looking food to rubbish chute and someone approached me…" The man holds his head when he talks now. " head hurt after that and everything went blank." Heaving audible breaths while placing the card back to its place.

"Wait, you saw the villain?" Aizawa is surprised, the police confirmed that the food was in fact quirk induced. Mind Virus in the other hand, let him to believe that Mic took the bait, thinking that it was what the event was offering them. But he's bit relieved that the voice hero didn't fall thanks to that stupid trap.

He looks at him, bewildered. "She was a villain!!?? Hold on a sec, i saw her earlier that day. She talked to me rud…" Hizashi cuts off what he was saying, both hands grabbing fistful of his hair until he relaxes. "...with good manners and we had civilized conversation." The blondes eyes look just as hazed as before, with few rapid blinks they turn back to normal.

"Huh?" He's lost in word. Aizawa thinks his heart just skipped a beat.

He holds his head again. "Ugh, no no no!! She was…" He scowls and does this again. "...refusing nicely to let her well behaved companion for being kicked out." The blonde shakes his head and tries again. "I,i…" Failing faster this time. "...saw absolutely nothing and didn't catch her real name." He falls backwards and Aizawa catches him. The panting hero looks pained and frustrated, he puts the plushie underneath the man's head. "What the. Actual. Fuck!!?" He asks.

"I think i know now why she wiped herself out of your memories. You must've seen her acting suspiciously and then her preparation later on."

"Shota?" He flinches at his own name. The neutral tone Hizashi uses makes him feel like kid being interrogated.


"How many days since all this?"

He swallows his tight throat. "O-over a month and half." 

The other inhales deeply. "Can you bring me the file so i could understand what the hell is going on?" Side glancing him and keeping his palms together. Aizawa hopes he doesn't need to tell any details about anything that isn't on the file.

"R-right." He fumbles to the work desk and grabs it, coming back just as clumsily with big fat folder that summarises things the best way it could.

Hizashi sits back up and takes the folder from him. "It's~ bigger than i thought."

"Well, the villain attack wasn't a small kind." Saying matter of factly. 

He sits on his knees while the other opens it and reads quickly through every page he flips. Aizawa is usually impressed how fast the other can read but now it's just world mocking him in the last minutes.

The man is already on the last page. Closing the cover when he's done.

He's looking mortified.


The man is silent.

Aizawa takes the folder slowly away from the drooping blonde. "Now you know…" He says, not knowing how to fix the situation to better. Hizashi deserves to be happy, not this.

'Why am i so useless?'

The other hums and sniffs. He raises his head and rubs the teary emerald eyes which threaten to spill. "Ya know? The first two who died, Ripe Riffle and Electro Beat were going to be my next star guest for the Hands Up Radio. T-they kinda reminded me of us, the biggest difference was that Riffle wasn't an underground hero." The tears fall in straight line in the man's almost perfect white cheeks. "Shit!! I w-would have been dead too unless you didn't save me!!"

"Hizashi i didn't save you."

The blonde twitches and looks straight into his eyes with is own, frowning and confused. He moves his head to the left and avoids it.

"I didn't save you, i only made things worse."


He cuts the other off. "You read it right?! If i wasn't focusing only on you, none of this wouldn't have happened! O-or if i just took the damn invitation to the event like i was supposed to! I would have been there for you a-and the rest of them would still be alive! I couldn't help because i was too selfish! If i jus…"

"Wowowowo!! Shota what are you saying? Are you really blaming this onto yourself? C'mon dude, it's not your fault." 

Hizashi tries to reach him while he talks, but he slaps the the hand away, gaze finally meeting the other again.


The man practically freezes, the only movement is him rubbing the red spot that is annoyingly visible.

"Just look at you!!! I never let you out and your skin lost its colour!!!" He hisses. "The public thinks that you were recovering, 'where the hell is Present Mic' is practically plastered to every newspaper nowadays!!! The fact that i needed to command you to do even the basic things like blinking or sleeping was a hell for me which i deserved!!!"

"Shota, no…" The other tries to argue.


Hizashi is in shock. Aizawa could see every moment when his face falls more and more from his hurtful yelling. 'He needs someone who treats him better than me.' 

He rises up and turns towards the door, Hizashi grabbing his pants stops him for moving any further. Gently trying to pull the fabric out from the forceful grip without looking behind him he hears it.

"Did you lie to me before?" He flinches, the upset voice is getting to him, the way he can't move a muscle where he stands. 

"About what?" What is he referring to? Their friendship that just withered away? Something about the his case? What could he have 'lied' about?

"Y-you said it was always there!!" *Hic* "Even if you didn't know about before." *Hic* "Did you lie to me Shota?"

He looks behind him even if he promised himself not to. The distressed man is weirdly pulling off the ugly crier thing, mouth crooked incredibly low and quivering, puffy eyes half lidded when cries, messy hair from literally coming out of the bed without brushing it. Heck, even the snot trail looks cute on him.

Aizawa rips his leg free when he realises what he's thinking. He clasps his hand onto his mouth, blush creeps over his whole body before he can have chance to hide it.

Before his outburst Hizashi were still affected by the villains quirk.

'Wait,what was the password?' Too busy fawning over normal Hizashi to pause on the important part that returned his mind in the first place.

"Wh-when did you…" How much did he hear?

The man stands up, hands in chest, wrinkling the pajama shirt with his fingers. "I felt awake when you said you loved me!!" *Hic* "Shocchan please, say it wasn't a lie, please don't go!!" Aizawa takes his hand of his mouth, letting it fall to his side. "Sho, listen…" The man in front of him takes a step forward.

And looks heartbroken when Aizawa steps backwards.

"I have no right to love you!!" His own splits in half when he says that. "I'm a horrible man who you shouldn't have even befriended all those years ago!!" He takes two more steps away from here, he wants to run and never enter Hizashi's life ever again.

"I know you wouldn't have shot me!! You're not thinking straight Sho!!"

"Stop calling me that!! And your freedom wasn't guaranteed, it could have been anything in the human language!! Someday i would have had to release you!! Even if the decision wouldn't have been the good one, you looked so unnatural and still do when you try to recall the villain who almost ruined your life!!" At some point, he has backed up to the door. Why the hell he had to closed it?

"No, i refuse to believe that, you're too kind to kill me or anyone else. Not by shooting my brains out, not by stabbing me in the back, not by strangling my neck while i sleep. Not! By! Anything!" 

'How are you so confident?' 

"I've known you half of my life and never regretted it!! I will never regret it because i know who you truly are and it's none of the things you say you are!!" 

'How can you be so sure?' 

"You never let me outside because you're overprotective and for a reason!! I have enemies that could had used the opportunity so i get that!! I feel physically even better than before!! You must've helped me train so i could be in good shape when i return to work!! You were so thoughtful and had so many sweets that i like or possibly wanted to try!!"

'Don't let him talk you out of this.'

"You are the bravest person i ever known and that won't change from the self doubting thoughts swarming that head of yours!! Never think that you aren't capable for being a hero, you climbed all the way to hero course and i always admired you for that!! You were so cool so i had to talk to you, had to know you, and now i do. You missed me so much that you blame yourself for something that wasn't your fault. You could have been sitting in the VIP section and still not notice the villain scheming around. If someone should have stopped her, it should have been me since she made the effort to destroy the evidence. She wasn't sure if i would stay that way so she took extra measures for you if you managed to free me and you did."

'Don't let him talk anymore…'

"Sorry Yamada…" He tries to look for the door handle he couldn't find without breaking the eye contact. It's weird to use the blondes surname like this but he shouldn't change his mind. Ending what they have is for the best.

He places his hand to the handle, but long pale fingers sneaks on top of it.

'When did he came so clos…'

His thoughts are interrupted by Hizashi tilting his head and kisses him, open mouthetly. He tries to turn away without really trying that it's shameful. Eventually tho, he closes his eyes, melting against the door where his hand drops from the handle to take Hizashi's.

The kiss isn't perfect by any means. It's salted by their tears, maybe bit of the blondes snot is in it too. Lot of emotional distress hangs from it, if he could at least angle it better so their noses won't bump each other anymore.

When Hizashi pulls away, his lips chases the smoother ones. Realizing his mistake he tries to free his hand but the other holds it firmly.

Hizashi giggles and he stops, looking at the man who's pinning him. "You absent minded goof, what was your plan anyways?"

He blinks at the amused man, confused what he means. "Umm?"

The other does it again and he blushes. "This is your apartment silly!! Where were you gonna go?" He has a struggling smile but it's genuine. Aizawa always knows when it's not.

"Nowhere i guess." Now he knows he's not thinking logically, that answer could have been better and not facepalm worthy.

The blonde liked it tho, laughing loudly in middle if the night. "That's better, no running away from home mister!!" His face feels hot, how red is he right now when the other's gaze is watching him.

He sighs and puts his forehead onto his chest. The raven's heart is beating so fast that the other could definitely hear it at that distance.

It takes five minutes when Hizashi wraps his arms around him.

Two to make him do the same.

Half an hour to break the silence.

"I got a crush on you the first time you showed that toothy grin of yours. Then loved you when you smiled warmly to that street cat you kept visiting."

"That long huh?" He's emotionally tired right now, but he still feels relieved. No matter if everything or nothing was his fault, Hizashi doesn't reject him. "I love you too. Never scare me like that again." His chin is top of the man's scalp, he puts his whole head weight into it, rubbing the messy hair with his stubble.

"No worries, it's not on my to do list." The blonde nudges his head with his. Their eyes meet for what felt like ages. "You're so freaking vulnerable once you let your feelings out by the way. What's the worst thing that could have happened?"

Recalling the beetle. "There are some moments i wish that didn't occur. I will tell you about them later since now it's not a good time." 

"My tormented man." Hizashi cups his cheek. "It's over big guy, no one is torturing you anymore Shota. You're freed too in your own way." The words are soft like a butter.

His hand goes top of his. The erasure hero leans in and closes his eyes when their lips meet for the second time. Still salty, but better than the last. Enough to call it breathtaking.

Their lips part for a second. "You're lucky that my tormentor is too cute to stay mad at." Closing in and out again. "He didn't make me suffer willingly and never does it on purpose."

The man's humming against his mouth is nice. They pull apart and the raven pants, literally so breathtaking.

"True, he's quite disappointed at himself for abusing you." The man grins. "Gonna make it up to you so how about a movie?"

"I think you got Disney classics collection from your agency." He eyes the pile, trying to find the specific box shaped gift.

"Wait, really!!?" He looks at them and then him, waiting for confirmation that he can let go for now. He gives him a small nod, the man smiles and trots back over to the gift corner. "Dude, we could binge watch some of those all day with those snacks!! 'Make Mine Music' and 'Melody Time,' come to papa."

"Can we start with 'The Aristocats?' There's music in it.

He puts his fingers to ok sign. Aizawa is glad that the voice hero is himself, not a mindless servant. Lively, bright and independent like he should be. They are not in the afterlife either, both alive and well, waiting what tomorrow brings to them.


"Hey Sho? Can you get me a charger?" His phone screen is black, quick messages to others would be a good idea right now.

"I just turned it off." The raven appears with their movie snacks. "Try opening it."

He does just that and the logo lights up on the screen. "It's alive!! It's alive.~" He says dramatically.

"Wrong reference." The other responds bluntly.

"Still a movie reference!!" Chirping. Blinking at his phone. "Holy shit!!"

"What?" Shota looks at him from the DVD player.

Chuckling. "There are so many messages." He whines. "My agency, school, the radio station, plus literally everyone else outside from these places and work!! Heck, who should i start with?" Scrolling through the texts and email that all wishes his recovery. How many people look up to him and cares is odd concept, noting that he's just a hero amongst hero society, not even close to the top ten.

Although, he has made many friends and carefully picked connections, surely none of them would joyous if he does drop dead.

The raven huffs. "I can make a new chat group to get few out of the way."

"Nice!~ Don't add me yet tho, let's surprise them with a lovely picture.~"  He purrs and props the camera so Shota is in it too. They both smile and Yamada takes the pic before his face reddens too much. 'I didn't even ask him to do that, oh my gosh so cute!!' Clicking the star and making it one of his favorites is must. It isn't blurry and the lighting is perfect, Shota is so handsome and he doesn't need to hide his huge gay crush anymore. The only thing sour is the way it come to this, but he's too exhausted to go on the negative route again and the other wants him to be himself so he might as well comply. It's not that hard when you don't remember what happened. 

'I need to buy flowers.' Thinking sadly. Where to even bring them? He has no clue where the six heroes are buried. The file said that the rest of them are fine but did they attend their funerals? 

Where his final resting place would have been if he did die?


He snaps out of his thoughts, looking beside him where Shota shows his phone.

Eraserhead created a new chat.

Midnight added.

Ingenium added.

Mandalay added.

Tiger added.

Pixie-Bob added.

Ragdoll added.

Nedzu added.

Recovery Girl added.

Cementoss added.

Hound Dog added.

Power Loader added.

Snipe added.

Vlad King added.

Ectoplasm added.

Thirteen added.

Lunch Rush added.

Ms. Joke added.

Best Jeanist added.

"Did you add Jeanist because he was also there that day?"

"I lashed out to him, i need to apologize my behavior."

His mouth gapes. "You yelled at one of the top heroes!!!??"

"He did resent himself for not watching the villain properly when i mentioned it." The man grunts.

"What now?" Peeking at the new messages on the man's phone.

V:Kayama warned me that you might need eventually more support.

V:Didn't expect you to use our work numbers. Or this many people at all.




S:Ya alright there mate?

"Wow. They talk like you're mourning for me."

The man shrugs. "They weren't too far off."

New notification sound interrupts them.

Ma:Those three are busy right now but Pixie said she will text soon as she can.

Mi:Shota? Are you having an anxiety attack again? Do i need to come over??? 😟

Ms:Count me in!! I can bring my 'ridiculous' hat collection for the gloom this time. I know you didn't like the ties i tried on him but now i'm sure that his appearance will get better. 😆😆😆

I:Joke no. I know it sounds like fun in your head but the wording is the opposite of it.


"Damn…" Did he really look that bad?

Shota types.

Er:It's okay…

L:Any need for new ingredients? I can teach you a new recipe. 🍽

Er:No thanks, maybe later.

B:I'm sorry for being so careless Eraser. If you need help, i can provide it.

Er:I was jerk to you so no need to apologize.

B:But what you said was true, it was an amatour mistake to let the villain take her own life.

Po:Even the top pros make mistakes. Aizawa, you too don't have blame yourself.

Er:I know.

Re:Anything we can help dear?

Er:Just tired.

"I think we need to add me before the next one offers you help on the solved problem."

The raven hums in agreement and presses the screen couple of times. New notification blinks in his phone.

You've been added to the chat.

Pr:Wassup homies!! Missed me?

Pr:I saw that Emi has been giving me makeovers, i wouldn't mind trying hat or two. 😘

Mi:Oh my gosh, Shota lost it. 😨 

He frowns at the reply. The raven facepalms, leaving one eye so he could write.

Er:No, i did not.

Ms:I usually encourage you to joke more but this isn't funny.

Huffing for the disbelievers.

Pr:Ladies, ladies, i really am back.

Pr:Did i start with wrong greeting? 🤔

V:Eraser, you can stop now.

"Just send that picture already." His deep voice is bit panicked, their friends might call the police at this rate.

"On it!!"

Pr:[Image send]




I:Thank you for stopping them. 😧

Ec:Welcome back Mic.

Pi:I looked the chat just in right moment!! I'm telling Tiger and Ragdoll the good news. 😄

Ma:We hope you liked the gifts we sended you.

The voice hero chuckles.

Pr:I heard that the plushie is from Nem and DVD box set was mailed by my agency but other than that i've checked four cards and nothing more. 

Pr:Yet. 😉

C:Which ones?

Pr:WWPs one. (Thanks girls.) 

Pr:Thirteen my man, i'm flattered and not gonna disappoint you when i get back to business. 

Pr:Kan, keep the money. Your dog's life was too important.

Pr:Tensei. If you threw that plushie in my face, i can tell you need a hug too. Meet me soon?

I:Will do!! 😁

V:It's not an option, i'm paying and that's it. 

Th:Glad to hear that senpai!! 




Ti:[Image send]

Laughing at the sudden picture of their trademark pose. Shota snickers a little from the hero teams gesture.

Pr:I think i saw Vocaloid themed Switch in there. No one needed to give me such quality stuff. 👀

S:Still got you one. 👉😏👉

Pr:So humble. 👈😎👈

Mi:I want a hug too…


Pr:My arms are open for the hug line. 👐

N:I'm glad that you've returned to normal Present Mic. May i ask you if you remember anything about your case?

He huffs.

Pr:Sorry Nez. My memory is absolute zero when i was full zombie on you guys. The villain might have altered my mind so i can't talk about her probably. 

Pr:It's like fucked up autocorrect.



B:Maybe don't say it like that when Eraserhead can see this.

"Huh?" He tilts his head, then looks at the erasure hero. Shota is stiff, and watching him now instead of his screen. New message comes and he reads it.

B:You referred yourself as a machine at first, i overheard him talking to you before i left the studio.

"Really?" He mutters. Wrapping his free hand around the other, kissing the tip of his nose. "Never belittle yourself when you always get the worse experience than i do." The tired man snorts. "Seriously, it's always you. In reality you're stronger than you think."

The raven hums then movie starts without them. They both are typing.

Er:It's okay. Everything is finally fine now.

Er:Bit offended tho, did you really thought that i would go that far?

V:To be fair, there was 50/50 chance for that.

Pr:Okay, you can pay that debt to Sho.



They lean on each other, close to dozing off. The man's black hair feels soft like a pillow.

I:So Zashi? Can you write down anything she may have done to you?

Pr:Dunno. 🤷

Er:He goes in and out of the quirks effect when he tries to say something.

Ti:So it's permanently there?

He scowls.

Pr:I'm an eye witness that can't say what he saw. 

Pr:Great. 😬

I:Wanna try my suggestion on the chat?

"What do you say?"

The man is quiet for a moment, watching the butler dropping the basket with cat family in it. "Go ahead, it could be useful." Shota's focus is drifting between the movie, convo and him.

Pr:Okay!! 👍

'She…' He tries to recall that day, something clicks in his head and his body forces him to type lies it spewed out to him. The finger hits send and his head jerks backwards until it clicks back.

"Didn't work." The sleepy man says.

"This is so annoying." Murmuring and holding his forehead. When it stops throbbing, he glances at the phone in his lap.

Pr:She treated me well and it didn't hurt. I saw absolutely nothing suspicious and no one was with her.


H:My fur is all ruffled from this.

Po:Still good in there?

Er:He's back to normal, didn't look this time but felt his body jolt.

Pr:Welp, it's official. Can't even write it because my brain cells are avoiding it!! 😤😱

Grunting at the messages. Sure, the villain really did a number on him, brainwashing effects has still hold of him and he hopes to get rid of it if he could. 

The other man is fully on his side now. Seems like he nodded off.

Ec:What are you two doing?

Pr:Watching 'The Aristocats' or at least tried. The sleepy prince just wandered back to dreamland. 

Ec:It's almost noon.

S:High noon? 🤠


He chuckles.

Pr:I woke up to Shota's emotional rollercoaster and jumped on. Were both pretty tired for going through most of what happened to me.

B:I wonder what the villain gained for doing this. The woman had to have some kind of reason when she left you like that.

Pr:Beats me. My lips are unwillingly sealed. 🤐

Re:Get some sleep Mic. Your sleeping habits will suffer without any rest.

He smiles.

Pr:Got it RG!! Also thanks for healing the gun wound. I appreciate it.


Pr:See ya soon guys!! 💤

Everyone wishes him good dreams. He falls asleep just before the best song in the movie, 'everybody wants to be a cat.' He has so much to do now that he's returned.


"The great hero Napoleon Bonaparte once said... 'True heroism consists in being superior to the ills of life.' Plus Ultra!! Break a leg, everyone!!"

The crowd seems excited and no wonder. The fresh blood is entering to a new chapter of their lives. Do they get spot in the hero course or not? The voice hero is more than thrilled to watch the young ones efforts.

Mic walks out of the stage, getting ready to announce the next bit. Going through the hallway, until a hand slams the wall in front of him, startling him slightly. His eyes wanders to person who stopped him.

'Using a kabedon tactic on me huh?' He smirks.

"What's cooking good looking?" He says to the erasure hero. Leaning to the wall and going with the flow.

Eraser tilts his head. "I want a kiss before i'm going to judge the kids." The monotone voice explains.

"Is it because All Might is starting as a teacher or are you just that needy.~" Purring as he comes closer to his hero.

"Both." The blunt man licks his lips. "Also you noticed that Tensei's little brother is participating this year."

"Yeah, lil Tenya has grown up since we last saw him." Mic gives the kiss what the man wants. "Didn't seem to recognize his uncle Zashi and asked few questions about the four pointer." Their lips collide again. "Also he complained to this green haired kiddo about distracting people or something."


"Don't think about it in wrong way. It echoed in the room and the boy was just analysing out loud." He grins. "The voice sounded familiar, he might be one of my listeners."

Eraser hums and kisses him once more before they have to go separate directions.

"Listener or not, the kid needs to survive the exam first."

"And you mister 'i'm expelling them all.' You kicked out your last class without sparing anyone!! Do you ever get a full classroom under your wing?" Teasing the underground hero like this is fun. Especially when he's proud of what he's doing.

"Shouldn't you be somewhere?" The man counters his smile with his own.

"Ack!" The slouching raven doesn't block his way anymore. Mic takes a running start to the tower, slowing down to look quickly over his shoulder and sending a blow kiss to the other who catches it. He runs backwards until he gets his own. "I love ya!!" Facing back to the right way, slapping the kiss to his cheek. He couldn't be any happier.

He runs through the hallways until he comes to the crossroad section, meaning to go straight but his attention goes to struggling kid bit further on his left.

The boy seems to be lost, looking at the map right way and upside down. He seems to decide which way to go, disappearing around the corner. Has Mic seen him before?

Something clicks.

"Here you go Kurogiri!! A fresh new traitor like we promised." The woman ruffles the boys hair. "Tell AFO how grateful i am for getting to borrow you and your quirk."

"I will. Good luck with your mission Virus." The black fog like man responses.

"Thank you thank you!!" She chirps. "I hope you manage to kill All Might like you planned!!" Giving a crazed up grin. The vibes she emits are tainted with insanity.

The fog man nods and takes the kid, going through some sort of warp portal that might be his quirk.

They are gone and he couldn't do anything.

The woman whistles and the goon holding him pushes him out of the closet. The villain approaches him from near the rubbish chute, she point downwards and the lackey kicks him behind his knees so he would fall on the floor.

"I know who you are Present Mic and i know you work at the UA high-school." Snapping her finger, another crook brings a muzzle and puts it on him. Mic tries to struggle, oh god how much he hates these things.

The muzzle prevent him for using his quirk but he can still talk. "I knew you were upto no good!! Where the hell did you send that kid??!!" He's trying to push forward and tackle her, but the grunt gripping him won't budge. She takes his chin and moves it upwards, exposing his neck even further. Where the hell they put his directional speaker?

"My son disobeyed me so he's gonna go and learn for the best. To destroy that precious hero school, but i can't have AFO to get two traitors." She coos, flipping his head side to side. "You're either dying today, or forgetting everything you saw if someone comes to rescue you.~" The gloved thumb traces down at his adam's apple and presses it, making him gasp. "Try to understand, parenthood is difficult when your child wants to be hero!! I'm giving the boy what he wants and making him my hero!!"

"You're one crazy lady. Borrowing your kid like he's some sort of library book!! Shame on you!!"

The woman takes his ear and tugs it hard. She bites the tip of her glove and yanks the hand out of it, revealing the USB shaped fingers.

"Wh-what are you doing?" What kind of quirk is that? What she's going to do with those?

"Oh, i'm not borrowing him, they can keep the useless brat." She smirks.


One of the fingers detach and wraps itself around his neck. The slithering body part is making him very uncomfortable.

The maniac laughs. "This is my suicide mission!! My only kid didn't inherit the power i hold and now i can't get another one!! That shithead can be finally useful to someone and i'm not here to witness it!! Isn't that perfect!!" 

"Poor kid…" He mutters under his breath.

The villain stops laughing and looks down at him. Her expression falls to rage, taking the the both sides of the muzzle. 'Me and my big mouth!' She looks him straight to the eyes. 

The angry yellow eyes won't break the contact. "Poor kid? What about the poor me?!! Instead of frying people's brains, he's doing that to his own!! I'm so disappointed giving birth to that worthless bastard so i'm even killing myself today because of him!!" She pouts like her actions are justified. "If he helps Shiggy then i guess i can forgive him from the grave but otherwise i won't!!"

"No wonder if he wants to be a hero!! His mama is a complete nutcase!!!" He hisses, yanking his head and hoping to get away from her soon.

"Ha,ahahahahaa!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!" She laughs ominously, the crooked smile sends chill in the whole room. "I will give you our names hero and make you forget them!! If anyone manages to rescue you, i'm making their lives into to a hell too trough you!!~" The woman drools. "Aaahh, think about the person who becomes your master!! Would they like you? Or dispose you when they can't free you!! I need to pretend that you went down like everyone else so of course i have to shoot you if your turn comes before a hero!!!" 

"M-my what now?" He gulps. Horrified of the vague explanation of the villains plot. Mic should have warned that is sixth sense was telling him that something is wrong. So,so incredibly wrong.

She releases the muzzle she held. "Goodbye!!~"

Mic yelps when something attaches to his neck, rectangular object sends shockwaves through his body. No one is holding his arms but he can't move, his head and body jerks upwards when he's gasping for air, mouth gaping open that he wishes he could scream for help. His vision starts to turn white, the room is replaced with blank canvas, green flashing numbers enters it. Twitching when the painful waves slowly makes him lose himself to the oblivion. He tries to resist it, again and again and again, failing every attempt to use his quirk and stop her. He can hear her fastly repeating something in his echoing mind.

Minutes after it doesn't hurt anymore. He enjoys the calm ignorance, ignorance is bliss and he likes it. The numbers in his sensors are his friends, every part of him is buzzing like a dream. Mind Virus is maintaining him so well, he only needs to give her access to his hard drive.

"Download complete."

She switches the USB connection and takes it off from his port. The thing around his speaker falls to the floor. She looks at him with intense yellow eyes.

"What are you?"

"A machine madam."

"Do you have glitches in your system?"

"No madam."

"Say my real name."

"Ayamachi Kaminari."

"Delete it."

 Yes madam."

The new information vanishes just as fast as it came.

"Deletion complete."

She gives him protection to his hearing sensors and a amplifier for his speaker.

"Now, go out there, act natural, make sure the heroes enjoy my cooking. Have a good time until i call you to the stage with them."

"Yes madam."

"Good robot!!" She praises.

He smiles for his current master.

He walks down the way he is suppose to go.

'Activating software.'

"She treated me well." He wobbles for side to side while he walks.

'Denki Kaminari is a new acquaintance.'

His head droops. "The school won't be in danger." 

'Forget meeting him and Kurogiri.'

"It didn't hurt at all." His eyelids half lidded.

'Forget the conversation about the AFO and Shigaraki.'

"I am a machine." He straightens up and stops.

'Forget the plan for killing All Might.'

"I am meant to listen and obey."

'Today is a good day. You're unaware what is going to happen at any day now.'

His vision turns white, full of green numbers. "The boy i saw wasn't familiar, i haven't seen him before."

'Delete and instal.'

"Loading the commands."

Unnecessary information is wiped out of his hard drive.

"Deletion complete."

It instals everything he needs to remember.

"Installation complete."

His body twitches.

"Initiating the days task."

Something clicks.

He blinks and starts to run.

"Fuck, i'm gonna be late at this rate!!" Eraser stalled him longer than he thought. 

He's not mad tho, he loves the man too much for that. He can still make it before the kids starts the enterance exam.

Maybe he can skip the countdown?