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Desperate Calls

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When the first wave hit him, Monoma was in a panic.

It had been so sudden. So rushed that it had torn the breath from his lungs. Too much too fast at the absolute worst of times.

Heats were slow to start. There were signs that warned an omega before things got this bad. There was always time to prepare. To nest. It didn’t hit so suddenly. Even younger omegas experiencing it for the first time felt something off.

Monoma knew his schedule. He always planned around it. It was hard not to with mates like his.

The problem with heroics was that it took up so much time. There were emergency calls and disasters to deal with at any given time. Organising time off was a hassle, but one any omega had to go through. Mates of those omegas too.

Going off schedule was a hassle to everyone involved. To his mates. To his colleagues. To the poor omega suddenly clutching at his belly in the middle of a fight, and the alpha heroes pretending like they didn’t notice.

It was undoubtedly the doings of the villain they’d cornered. Their quirk, quite clearly, was a dangerous one. One they were not above using to escape during a frenzy.

Monoma didn’t like to think of himself as a violent hero. No, that was for small minded barbarians like Ground Zero, or his little lap dog Red Riot. It was tactless and messy and caused more problems to deal with.

Right now, however, Monoma had never wanted to punch someone as much as he did that moment.

He’d be tempted to as well, if he wasn’t too busy doubling over and pressing his legs together.

The villain saw it as his chance to escape, dashing towards the affected omega.

It was a solid plan, in theory. Disorient and weaken an omega, possibly distract any alphas in the group of heroes, and make his escape through the weakest link.

Smart, but insulting.

Monoma stumbled back, right arm sweeping up in an arc as a wall of ice formed between them.

He wasn’t as used to wielding Shouto’s powers, and it wasn’t nearly as finessed as the original holder, but when he heard a body slam into the wall Monoma was smug. Especially when he heard the other heroes clamber to restrain him.

Monoma was proud, of course. Even in such an unconventional time, he was a hero in his prime. Trained in the superior class B in the most prestigious school, UA. As if he could be caught off guard so easily!

It was a shame, though, that the pride was so finite.

His fellow heroes, done with the chase, were reaching out to him in concern.

They smelled far too strong of alpha. Even the betas, as clueless as they were, had a scent to them. Not nearly to the extent of the far thicker scent of alpha, but enough to overwhelm.

Too many scents, all mixed in a disgusting cocktail of conflicting tastes. It felt vile on his tongue, and Monoma quickly covered the lower half of his face and waved them off.

He needed to get home. Get away.

It frustrated him greatly, being a slave to his own biology like this.

There were times when it was fantastic. When he was happy and willing to indulge in his inner omega. Out on the field, in the middle of a job, was not that time. He was embarrassed and frustrated. It was unprofessional and looked bad on him.

Monoma, who worked so hard to be where he was. Monoma, who struggled to stand out and outshine the others. Monoma, who proved the disbelievers wrong time and time again.

One little mess up with a heat inducing quirk, and instantly the world would shake him off his pedestal.

“Monoma, dude, are you okay?”

Oh Tetsutetsu. Sweet dependable Tetsutetsu who smelt of rust and soft leathers. Tetsutetsu was too good for this world and, apparently, too dense to understand Monoma’s predicament.

Monoma would trust this man with his life. At that moment though, Monoma did not trust himself.

Monoma’s tightened his hand over his face, laughing loud and anxiously all of a sudden. His eyes were wide and frantic, knees shaking as he felt his uniform dampen between his legs.

“I’m fine!” He lied, voice an octave or two too high even behind his hand. “I need- need to head home! Emergency! Co-cover for me!”

Tetsutetsu blinked, wide eyed and confused. His nostrils flared, brows creasing for a moment as he tried to put pieces of a mental puzzle together. A brief moment of uncertainty, a couple more unsubtle sniffs at the air, and Tetsutetsu tensed up.

“R-right! Okay! Yeah! Sure! Get- get home safe!”

Monoma wasn’t sure what left him more flustered and embarrassed. The fact Tetsutetsu’s attempt at being discreet was woeful, or the fact he felt like he needed to tell a hero to get home safe.

Monoma took a step back and damn near tripped on his own feet. He hated that Tetsutetsu probably had a point.

Monoma lent up against the wall of the alleyway, watching as the police arrived and took in the criminal. All the while, Monoma flicked through his contacts, clicking the name of his alpha and prayed the man would pick up.

The phone rang over and over, ringing on in mockery. Each shrill noise against his ear made Monoma whimper. He threw his head back, eyes squeezed shut as his entire body pricked with need.

“Answer the phone. Answer the phone. Answer the-!


“Hitoshi!” Monoma perked up, smile wide and unashamed until he saw the way the heroes all turned to look back at him.

Face flushing red in his embarrassment, Monoma turned towards the wall, shoulders hunched up. He just prayed his coat covered the wet spot he could feel on his ass.

Shinsou was silent for a moment, and Monoma could feel the cogs begin to turn in that brilliant mind of his.

“What happened?”

Only Shinsou could hear such an ecstatic response to hearing his voice and instantly suspect something was wrong. Or, perhaps, he could just hear the way Monoma was panting into the receiver.

He wasn’t sure when his breath started to quicken and shake, but he was suddenly hyper aware of it. Not to mention the sudden heat of his body, and the way his clothes felt itchy on him.

It was ridiculous, of course! His clothes were perfectly tailored and nothing short of smooth. Right now, though, they felt like straw. Pricking at his skin and making him itch.

“I- uh-” Monoma’s mind was starting to fog up, his thoughts muddled as he tried to focus. It was hard with Shinsou’s voice in his ear. He pressed his forehead against the brick wall and tried not to melt where he was. “Quirk?”

Somewhere in the back of his mind he knew he was being unintelligible. He knew that he would strongly deny it. Right now though, that was far from his concerns.

“Shit-” Shinsou hissed, and Monoma’s head tilted to the side, stretching out a mark on his neck. “I’m working-”

“I need you.”

There was more cursing on the other end, and Monoma’s knees buckled. He pressed against the wall for support, glancing over his shoulder to make sure no one noticed.

Tetsutetsu was standing close, arms folded and trying desperately not to look like he was standing guard. He did not look casual at all, and Monoma was caught between frustrated that he needed it, and grateful that he was wordlessly provided it.

Shinsou asked for the address, his voice far off as Monoma heard the man shuffle around. It took Monoma far too long to force it out, vaguely rattling off nearby buildings in hopes Shinsou recognised them.

“Tenya’s on his way.”

Monoma bit his lip, scared of just what sound that news might force out of him.

“I’ll be home as soon as I can.”

Monoma couldn’t hold back the delighted keen that time.

“Do you have someone with you?”

Peeking back at the very uncomfortable Tetsutetsu, Monoma answered; “y-yeah.”

“Are they trustworthy?” There was a slight growl to Shinsou’s voice, hard and commanding. Monoma’s belly clenched at the sound.


“Okay.” Trusting as he was, the possessive tenseness dissipated instantly. “Just hang on.”

The phone clicked off, and Monoma let his arm drop with a shattered laugh.

“What do you think I’m doing?”

Pressing his shoulder against the building wall, Monoma tried to make himself as small and unnoticeable as possible. A frustrating and humiliating action to take. He was Monoma Neito. Larger than life constantly chasing recognition.

To be cowering, shy of attention, felt wrong. Unfortunately, attention was the last thing he wanted.

Unless it was from the right people, of course.

That Monoma craved.

It was a dreadful wait. Time clicking buy minute after minute. The police wrapped up, heroes started to disperse, and Tetsutetsu was finding it harder and harder to look inconspicuous. Like he wasn’t standing guard and scaring off every curious alpha in the area.

Monoma appreciated his loyalty.

His phone had been slipped away, knees inturned as he rubbed his thighs together.

It wasn’t nearly enough, and Monoma tried to discreetly press an arm between his legs. He pushed his wrist against his throbbing sex, shivering and mewling to himself.

It was frustrating and mortifying, and Monoma was overjoyed to notice a familiar pricey silver and blue car pull up on the curb.

A car door opened, and Iida’s head popped up over the top as he started to get out.

There was no need. The moment the car wasn’t in motion, Monoma was already diving for the passenger side, ripping it open and climbing in.

Iida was a little slow to the uptake, staring in bewildered shock as his mate clambered in before sitting back down again.

“Drive!” Monoma demanded, sweating and shivering violently. His eyes were glassed over, mouth hung open as he shamelessly panted.

“Seatbelt,” Iida insisted, reaching over when Monoma didn’t make a move himself.

Grabbing the belt for the omega, Iida jerked in surprise when he lent forward, pressing his face against Iida’s throat and breathed in deep.

Sweet, beautiful, beta Iida. So clueless and helpful. He smelt of soap and water, and Monoma chuckled deliriously.

He’d probably been in the shower when he’d gotten Shinsou’s message. He didn’t smell quite like himself, but that was okay. It was comforting feeling him.

Iida soldiered on, clipping the belt before his own.

“The faster we get home, the faster we can take care of you.”

“Mmm please do~” Monoma purred, obscene and breathless.

It was cute watching Iida stiffen up, hands tight on the wheel as he took off. His focus was centered straight on the road, refusing to so much as blink. The moment he broke concentration, he’d be disastrously distracted by the omega falling apart beside him.

Iida was a stickler for the rules. At any other time, it was somewhat admirable. He was intelligent and thorough. There were times that he broke them, times Monoma usually gave him trouble for, though they were always paved with good intentions.

Right now though, Iida insistence on sticking exactly to the speed limit was infuriating.

“Faster!” Monoma demanded, voice quaking.

“If I speed, we might get pulled over and it will take longer!”

Throwing his head back against the seat, Monoma slumped, groaning childishly.

There was a minute of heavy breathing and whines that Iida pointedly tried to ignore, before movement in the corner of his eye caught his attention.

Iida glanced over briefly, face flaring red as his hands tightened on the wheel.

“That’ll get us pulled over too!”

Monoma was beyond caring. His zipper was down, a hand shoved under the fabric of his pants as he sunk two fingers into his heat. It was an awkward angle, only the top knuckle pushing past, but it was just enough to ease some of the tension.

He moaned, head knocking the seat again as he desperately tried pumping his fingers in and out.

Beside him, Iida was quickly falling apart too.

As a beta, his senses weren’t nearly as sharp. He didn’t have that inbuilt nature to breed. That pull of desire to dominate and claim an omega succumbing to their heat. Couldn’t taste the scent of a desperate omega quite like an alpha could.

That, however, did not make him immune to the very lewd gasps Monoma was making.

Monoma’s free hand wrapped around his cock, stroking and offering high pitched moans at the touch. It wasn’t enough. Like this, Monoma had no chance of satisfying his need, but the sensation was enough to bring him some comfort. Even if he couldn’t quite reach that high.

“You couldn’t wait?” Iida stressed, red in the face and struggling to keep his focus. He was holding his breath. Monoma’s scent may not affect him so ruthlessly, but the aroma was so pungent. It was damn near suffocating.

He’d open a window, but at this point he was scared to take his hands away from the wheel. Not to mention he did not want anyone else to taste it.

“If you weren’t- such a shit driver- wouldn’t- have to-” Monoma panted, sinking further in his seat and trying to raise his hips.

An empty insult, really. Iida was the most sensible driver he knew. Still, he felt immense satisfaction as their speed picked up just that notch higher.

He was in a painful flurry of warmth, and his eyes were starting to roll. Drool was starting to drip down his cheeks, breath hot and heavy as sweat beaded across his skin.

Iida’s hand moved in a sharp sudden motion, flicking on the air conditioning before returning to the wheel, knuckles white.

“Not- not helping-” Monoma whined.

“I’m trying!”

Iida was frantic at this point, obviously distressed and unconventionally horny.

Monoma managed to breathe a laugh, hazed blue eyes watching Iida with amusement and need.

It was always a delight whenever Iida’s collected facade shattered, though this was probably not the best time for the beta to fall apart.

He wished Shinsou was there…

He wished something thicker than the tips of his fingers were sunk into his ass.

Growling, Monoma’s hands instantly flew to his belt buckle, all reason crumbling. Critical thought was gone.

He popped the button, and the car came to a sudden stop.

Monoma’s head perked up, eyes wide and in shock when he recognised their home. He hadn’t even realised they’d pulled into their street.

Iida was out in an instant, slamming the door after himself, and Monoma managed to rip his belt away just as Iida threw his door open.

Normally Monoma didn’t enjoy looking so desperate. Not where anyone else could see. Right now, in the daylight out in the open, he could not bring himself to care.

Iida was sweeping him up into his arms, and all Monoma could do was claw and draw himself closer to the beta, not caring that he was making it more difficult.

“Fuck me.”

Iida’s face was nice and hot, a cute shade of cherry red, and Monoma instantly lent up to rub his cheek against Iida’s.

“Need to get you inside,” Iida insisted, storming up their veranda as he struggled with their keys.

Monoma’s nails dug into the base of Iida’s thick neck as he tried to reposition himself. His pants were still halfway down his hips, cock heavy and weeping, and Monoma roughly rolled it against Iida’s abs.

“Breed me.”

Iida seemed to choke on his own spit, fumbling with the keys before finally shoving the front door open.

“We- we need Hitoshi for- that one-”

Iida sounded nervous, kicking the door closed after himself before beelining towards their bedroom. He tried to drop the keys on the bench, missed, and Monoma heard them fall to the floor.

Iida didn’t even miss a beat, clearly not caring for the disorder, and Monoma purred in return.

Making it to their king sized bed, Iida set Monoma down, face still flushed and body half drenched in Monoma’s arousal. His hair was dishevelled, still damp from the shower and sticking up at the back.

It was unfairly cute, and Monoma instantly reached out for him, grabbing the beta and tugging him down on top.

Their bed was perfectly made. Sheets crisp and perfect. Two thick and hard white pillows were set up on the left, one thin lavender on the right, and the mountain of varying sizes neatly stacked up in the centre.

He hadn’t had enough time to set up a nest, not when he wasn’t planning on having this for weeks, so Monoma pulled his pillows closer. Piled them around himself and Iida kneeled over him, making quick work of the omega’s uniform.

The familiar scent of home brought Monoma comfort, and each layer carefully peeled from his body brought relief.

He could tell Iida was flustered, put off that the hamper was too far away to throw the soiled clothes in. The man knew perfectly well Monoma wouldn’t let him escape.

Monoma raised his hips, Iida’s lifting with them as he worked Monoma’s belts out from their loops, easing his pants the rest of the way off.

“I don’t understand why you need two belts.”

Monoma huffed, rolling his hips up as his pants were dragged down slick coated legs.

He wanted to argue back. Insinuate that he didn’t goad Iida over the practicalities of his own hero uniform, even if it was a boldfaced lie. Speaking in full sentences now was an impossible task, so instead he pushed himself up, clawing at Iida’s clothes much more roughly.

“Touch me!” He demanded, naked body quivering and yearning for stimulation.

Ripping his shirt away, Iida fell upon Monoma again, large warm hands gripping the omega’s hips and soothing over them.

It was pathetic how easily he reacted to touch, but Monoma mewled shamelessly.

Iida wouldn’t judge and, while Monoma had a talent in getting in his own head, he was far too gone to feel embarrassed. Felt far too safe to feel threatened.

Each touch was like electricity, igniting his body and setting him aflame. It was sensational, and as Iida’s hands trailed down his thighs Monoma trembled and gasped.

Iida was awkwardly kicking off shoes and pants, fumbling whilst still tracing over soft skin. Multitasking, like a good beta. Pulling Monoma’s thighs apart and rubbing along his groin.

“Tenya-!” Monoma gasped, reaching out to claw at the back of Iida’s neck and tug him closer. “Fuckin’- please-! Need-”

“I know,” Iida soothed, finally kicking his pants away from his ankles before laying himself down flat between Monoma’s spread legs. “I’ll make you feel better, I promise.

Iida’s hands moved from his groin, grabbing at his soaked ass instead and lifting the blond’s hips up.

Wasting no time, Iida swallowed down the omega’s cock down to the throbbing base.

The sudden heat surrounding him made Monoma scream, curling inwards as he grabbed at Iida’s hair.

He fisted it, indigo locks caught between lithe fingers as he cruelly tugged. Iida only moaned, a sweet hum making Monoma curse and jerk.

Tears were in his eyes, mouth open and lewdly panting. Blood rushed to his face dusting over the bridge of his nose as sweet relief poured over him.

“Fuck-!” he cried, rutting his hips up into Iida’s waiting mouth. “So- so good.”

Iida’s thick fingers grasped at Monoma’s cheeks, pulling them apart before he could feel a blunt tip press at his aching sex.

“Fuck me-!”

Monoma didn’t need to demand it. The moment he started to speak, Iida was already pushing through, the slick making the press smooth.

His warm finger pressed in so much deeper than Monoma’s own. He curled at the knuckle, pressing along fluttering walls and massaging him from within.

Monoma was teetering on his edge, caught between trusting into Iida’s accommodating mouth, and pressing back against the digit.

“More! More, Tenya~” He was babbling now, drool dripping from his chin down to his own rapidly moving belly.

Iida instantly complied, his finger drawing back before a second pressed along with it. It glided in smoothly, pushing past the winking rim and sinking in nice in deep.

It was almost enough. So good. Too good.

Monoma’s head fell back, moaning towards the ceiling until a voice spoke against his ear.

“Does Tenya feel good, baby?”

That familiar voice felt like smoke, encasing Monoma’s body and choking him of air. His eyes widened in shock, mouth hitched open with a guttural moan as he came.

His ass clenched around Iida’s fingers, slick gushing as he came down Iida’s throat.

Iida pulled away in shock, white ropes flicking up and catching on the beta’s glasses.

Eyes rolling back, Monoma spasmed, falling back against a warm chest.

Thick fingers slipped from his hole, and the omega gave a pitiful whine, head turning to press against a familiar throat.

Lavender and sandalwood. So familiar and comforting. Monoma fell lax, melting into the calming scent of alpha.

“Hitoshi!” Iida yelped, an arousal soaked hand reaching up to pull his glasses away and assess them. Cum was traced over his lips, and a tongue briefly peeked out to lick it away. “I didn’t hear you come in.”

Neither of them had. Even an omega so caught up in the throws of heat and sex hadn’t picked up on the scent until it was pressed against him.

Shinsou’s scarf was discarded to the floor, and he made quick work with the rest of his clothes all while still cradling the now placid omega.

His mouth was hitched in that sly grin of his. So handsome and perfect, and Monoma reached out for him, needy for a kiss.

As calm and collected as Shinsou appeared on surface level, he was a live wire of alpha instincts. His pupils were blown, his scent heavy and blanketing the room. It overpowered the thick scent of sex and heat, though Shinsou was still perfectly thriving on the taste.

Shinsou had been so overwhelmed with concern driving all this way. The moment he’d stepped inside, that taste of sex and mates heavy on his tongue, that concern had melted away.

He had more control than most. Years of hero work and controlling himself had given him an edge. It was still very much there, and both his mates could feel it.

Throwing his shirt aside, Shinsou reached around the omega, skilled fingers catching Monoma’s nipples and slowly tweaking the nubs.

Monoma cried out against Shinsou’s lips, head falling back against his shoulder as he came apart.

Shinsou was far more hungry. While Iida’s focus was solely on satisfying and soothing Monoma in his time of need, Shinsou was far more indulgent. Twisting and pinching to drink in the desperate cries of his lover.

Iida had set his glasses aside, though he watched on, amber eyes wide with a quiet hunger of their own.

Heavy eyes glanced over Monoma’s shoulder, that wicked grin still stretched across Shinsou’s handsome face.

He caught Iida’s, that predatory gaze turning down right evil. Iida swallowed hot and thick, obediently edging closer to the pair.

Lidded eyes returned to Monoma’s fucked out face, his nose brushing against the scars left from a bite over Monoma’s glands. Shinsou hummed in content, pressing a loving kiss against his claim.

“Tenya was so good for you, wasn’t he?” Shinsou purred, smile growing as Monoma crumbled and nodded eagerly.

Shinsou nosed along Monoma’s strained throat, over the jut of his jaw, before perfect teeth caught his earlobe in a gentle bite. Monoma instantly jerked and mewled.

“You should thank him, shouldn’t you?”

“Tha-thank you!” Monoma cried out, voice higher in pitch as a hand slowly snaked down Monoma’s twitching belly, before a palm ground down against his half hard cock.

“Cute~” Shinsou praised, and Monoma shivered in delight. “But not what I had in mind.”

Shinsou’s hands instantly moved from their positions, gripping Monoma’s hips before lifting the omega onto his lap.

Monoma could feel Shinsou’s cock now. Thick and warm, hard for him. He purred in response, wiggling his hips back and crying out in delight when Shinsou bit down on his gland in return.

The taste of Monoma’s heat was thick on his tongue, and once Shinsou let him go he lapped at the throbbing skin. He was delicious, and Shinsou’s control was slipping more and more.

“Gonna fill you,” Shinsou promised, and Monoma moaned in delight.

“Please!” Monoma begged, rolling his hips back.

“Gonna breed you,” Shinsou pressed, teeth trailing over Monoma’s bare shoulder.

Grasping Monoma’s hips, he lifted the blond up, and Iida reached under his ass to grip Shinsou’s throbbing cock and help line it up with Monoma’s gaping hole.

“Breed me, alpha, please!”

Shinsou hummed, feeling the tip of his cock catch on the twitching hole.

“Gonna make your belly swell.”

“Please-” Monoma choked, drool pooling under his tongue and Shinsou slowly lowered him down, pushing inch after glorious inch deeper into velvet heat.

A hand reached around, rubbing over Monoma’s rapidly moving belly.

“Good boy~” Shinsou cooed, bowing his head to press his forehead against Monoma’s shoulderblade.

Shinsou was so much thicker than just two of Iida’s fingers, and Monoma didn’t even try to stop himself from drooling. His ass squeezed around his alpha’s length, sucking the man in deeper.

Shinsou sat up onto his knees, holding the omega tighter as Iida sat back and straightened up, watching in quiet wonder.

He started off slow, rolling his hips into squelching warmth as Monoma mewled and begged. Clawed at Shinsou’s wrists and fell apart.

“Fuck! More! More!”

“Shhh,” Shinsou silenced, tired eyes peeking over the omega’s shoulder to admire his face.

So pink and wet, dripping with spit and sweat, and Shinsou couldn’t deny himself a taste. Didn’t even try.

He bit down further up the span on Monoma’s shoulder, digging in deep as Monoma cried out and squeezed around him. So tight and hot, and Shinsou growled out in turn.

His hand moved down from Monoma’s shoulder, wrapping around the weeping omega cock and stroking it over. A few rolls of his wrist as his other hand pinched and groped Monoma’s chest. All the while, Iida sat patiently, knees curls and engines digging into his thighs.

He fisted his hands in his lap, neglecting his own need in favour of watching the intimate display between them.

Raising his head, Shinsou snapped his hips up harder, bouncing Monoma on his lap.

“Spread your legs.”

It took Iida a moment to process and understand Shinsou was speaking to him. Only brief seconds after to obey. He spread his knees apart, cock full and heavy between them.

“We’re going to fill you up, Neito,” Shinsou promised, wicked grin creeping back when Monoma whimpered in response. “Get you all swollen with our cum. You’d love that, wouldn’t you?”

Monoma arched, chest sticking out and pretty pink nipples stiff.

“Yeesss,” he hissed, hands moving to Shinsou’s thighs before he dug his nails in. “Knot me! Faster!”

Clicking his tongue, Shinsou pulled his face away from the omega’s shoulder. “So demanding. Tenya, help me.”

Sitting up higher on his knees, Monoma started to slip from his alpha’s lap, eyes wide as his hands frantically reached forward to catch himself.

Iida didn’t let him fall. Grasping the omega’s shoulders, the pair helped Monoma reposition onto hands and knees.

Shinsou’s hands were gripping Monoma’s hips tightly, pressing in until skin turned white. He was losing his cool, sweat dripping down his jaw as he struggled not to fuck Monoma’s waiting heat there and then. He wanted nothing more to completely violate him.

“You want it, don’t you?” Shinsou’s voice started to waver, the overwhelming scent of alpha even making their beta shiver and straighten up to attention.

“Yes! Yes, please, Hitoshi! Damn it!”

Shinsou lent forward, hips slowly rocking forward into Monoma’s dripping ass.

“Be a good boy and reward our beta.”

Shivering and drooling, glazed over eyes flickered up to Iida’s pinched face before falling back down to Iida’s waiting cock.

In the state he was in, it was hard for Monoma to think. To focus. But this? This he understood plain and simple.

One hand grasping at Iida’s thigh, the muscular man jolted in surprise, careful hands reaching out to sooth over Monoma’s hair.

It was a soft act, one Monoma half wanted to lean up into. More than that though, he wanted to be filled. Wanted to get his mouth wrapped around the beta’s thick cock and taste his seed.

Their alpha’s command simply sealed the deal.

Pulling himself forward, he moaned when Shinsou pushed his hips forward too, making sure to keep the omega filled.

Bowing his head between Iida’s thick thighs, he grasped at the cock in front of his face, his other hand keeping himself braced on Iida’s leg.

Thick fingers continued to brush through his hair, encouraging and sweet, coaxing him on. Shinsou watched with waning patience, body tense and muscles bulging.

Monoma wrapped sweet lips around the flared head, moaning in delight as he slowly sunk down.

Iida’s hand twitched in his hair, head leaning back with a quiet ‘Fuuhh-’

The almost there swear from his straight laced mate only encouraged the omega, lips twitching up into a self-satisfied smile as he swallowed Iida’s long length down.

There was a deep growl behind him, fingers digging in harder into his hips reminding him just who had a hold of him.

Shinsou’s motions chanced, slow rolls instantly shifting into sharp motions. A quick, frustrated pace as his addicting scent ensnared them all. Thick and demanding, and the light in Monoma’s eyes began to dull.

It felt like a trance, one even Iida seemed affected by as his head bowed.

Shinsou thrust forward in a harsh motion, pushing Monoma forward forcing him to swallow down more.

Iida’s mouth was open, panting as he struggled not to grip Monoma’s hair tighter and pull him down. Snapping his jaw shut, Iida rolled forward much slower, pushing that last inch down until Monoma’s nose was pressed against pubes.

It pushed Monoma back against Shinsou’s cock, and the knot he could feel swelling there.

Shinsou’s nails bit at Monoma’s skin, leaving crescents in their wake as he pulled Monoma back against his cock. He pulled Monoma tighter, but each thrust only pushed Monoma back, effectively fucking him between the alpha’s cock, and the betas.

Tears pricked in Monoma’s eyes, drool coating Iida’s cock and smearing down his cheeks. One particular sharp thrust forward made Monoma choke, eyes rolling back as his throat constricted around Iida’s girth.

Breathe, Neito,” Shinsou commanded, and Monoma obeyed.

Squeezing his eyes shut, he focused on breathing through his nose. Relaxing and letting his mates take care of him.

It was easier, and with each thrust forward he could feel Iida’s cock slide over his willing tongue. Could feel Shinsou’s knot press against his rim.

The pace was getting brutal. Rapid thrusts making the room echo with slaps of skin as Monoma’s ass rippled with each impact. It was a pretty sight, and Shinsou’s eyes narrowed with each thrust. He wanted to lean over. Wanted to bite and mark up his omega’s pretty skin.

Instead he grit his teeth, body tense as he fucked hard and fast into the suffocating heat.

Monoma was slobbering over Iida’s cock, eyes crossed and all finesse gone. Iida didn’t mind in the slightest, panting wildly himself.

“Close,” Iida warned, fumbling over the word in his euphoria.

“Swallow it all,” Shinsou demanded, like Monoma had to be told.

In that moment, the idea of cum spilling down his throat and filling up his belly was elating.

Monoma tried to move his head up and down Iida’s cock, but with Shinsou’s thrusts it was pointless. He was already bobbing obscenely, slurping and gagging on Iida’s thick cock.

Within seconds, Iida was pushing his hips forward, crying out as he came hard and fast down Monoma’s throat.

Iida moaned beautifully, coming apart as his fingers tightened in blond locks. Thick bitter seed roped down Monoma’s throat, and Monoma swallowed happily. Drank it down, moaning as the warm seed filled his belly.

Iida’s cock throbbed between Monoma’s lips, slowly growing flaccid before Iida slowly pulled out.

As soon as Monoma’s mouth was free, Shinsou’s hand reached out to grasp his shoulder and pull him back up.

Sitting up onto his knees, Monoma stuck out his tongue, spit and cum shimmering on it. His eyes rolled back, voice raw as be babbled and begged.

Shinsou bit down on his gland once more, rutting his hips up hard and sharp as his knot slowly eased into his tight heat.

Monoma’s jaw dropped, a wicked cry escaping him as a warm hand wrapped around his cock.

With Iida’s help, Monoma came, white seed spilling on the beta’s lap. Shinsou pushed the last inch inside, his knot filling Monoma whole before he came too.

Shinsou growled against damp skin, body twitching as hot cum filled Monoma entirely. His cock throbbed, pumping his fertile seed inside his desperate omega.

Monoma threw a hand back, grasping at Shinsou’s lavender locks as he felt the warmth spread inside. His free hand pressed against his belly, mouth hitched in a wide fucked out smile.

He knew it wasn’t possible, not yet at least, but he could swear he felt his belly swelling with his mates’ seed alone.

Coming down from his high, Shinsou panted against Monoma’s skin, slowly pressing tired kisses against his shoulder.

They remained there for a moment, Shinsou’s knot snug in Monoma’s heat before the alpha carefully shifted them.

Easing them to lay down, Shinsou pressed Monoma up against his chest, grasping the omega’s tight before throwing it over his own. He slipped a leg between Monoma’s positioning them close to wait out the tie.

Iida, far more composed than the other two, pushed himself out of bed. He moved around the room, picking up clothes and setting everything in order.

He returned with a warm wet towel, cleaning his mates as they laid knotted.

Shinsou thanked him in his exhaustion, though Monoma was far too gone for something like that.

The blond could only reach out for his pillows, drawing them closer and making a rough nest to press his nose in and comfort himself. He stole both of his mates’ pillows along with them, though neither could bring themselves to complain.

Iida set down glasses of water for them before finding a blanket to throw over them. Just enough to cover them, because he was sure he was not going to be able to move them enough to get under the ones beneath them.

He’d need to cook and clean too, though that could wait. For now, Iida collapsed beside the pair, the bed dipping under his weight.

Monoma reached for him, grabbing the large beta and forcing him to curl closer.

All the while, Shinsou peppered kisses behind Monoma’s ear, a warm hand rubbing over his belly.

“Gonna fuck you over and over,” Shinsou breathed, calculating eyes watching over Monoma’s hair.

Monoma hummed, looking far too pleased with that news.

“Gonna breed you until your heavy and begging to stop.”

Monoma laughed, soft and tired.

“Then I guess.. it’s going to be a long heat.”