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Sugar me, daddy

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"you can not be serious"

Katsuki stares down at his phone and reads the numbers upon his screen. 3 digits show, and they make Katsuki scream.

"I worked every fucking day last month!" Katsuki paces around his small room, which has cracks in the walls, water stains on the ceiling, and splintered wood coming up from the floor. With a deep sigh, Katsuki throws his phone onto his bed, watching it bounce, so it doesn't hit the floor, then marches aggressively into the kitchen. He grumbles about the mess and starts to shove it all into a black bin sac.

Katsuki doesn’t even bother to put shoes on before he is stalking out of his apartment, with the bin sac over his shoulder. His feet touch the cold winter ground and his pace quickens, enabling him to get to the bins quicker, practically running down the flight of stairs. Once at the bottom, he throws the sac with all his strength into the tall black dumpster.

Katsuki quickly races back up the stairs to his apartment and is panting by the time he gets to his door. His heavy breaths can be seen in the cold air, and his arms instinctively wrap around his t-shirt clad body. He reaches and pulls his door so he can race inside and get warm. this only problem being, his door won't open.

“fucking hell! not again” He shouts, continuously tugging at the door. Seeming as the door can only be locked from a key on the outside, but a latch on the inside, the latch must have fell, when Katsuki slammed the door. Yet that doesn't stop him tugging.

Katsuki’s rage starts to further increase, as well as his strength of tugging, and soon he is using his full body weight to pull, with one foot on the wall for extra leverage. However, the next thing he knows is that the handle in now off the door and in his hand, and that his body is being propelled backward, and flung over the edge of his balcony.


Katsuki is soon screaming, this time much more panicked, and his arms and legs are kicking and swinging, as if that would stop him from falling. Tears start to gather in his eyes, and he squeezes them shut, waiting for impact on the ground. However, it doesn’t come. Sure, his landing wasn't the softest, but it definitely wasn't the ground.

“who knew angels were just falling from the sky these days?”

Katsuki opens his eyes, to see a handsome face staring down at him, surrounded by messy green curls. Katsuki is currently laying in his very muscular arms from where the man somehow caught the falling blonde. The deep voice of said man cut though Katsuki, and made shivers run down his spine. The handsome man must have felt this.

“You must be cold baby, you're wearing next to nothing, here”

The man places Katsuki down, and then shrugs off his sweater, leaving him in a tight white shirt, with the two top buttons undone, and black skinny jeans, which all left nothing to the imagination. He gave the black sweater to Katsuki, and waited for him to put it on. Katsuki carefully did so, and watched how the sweater came to midthigh, pretty much swallowing him up and making a huge contrast between the milky skin of his legs, and the darness of the sweater..

“Damn baby, you look good in my clothes.” The man mutters checking out Katsuki, his eyes raking up and down his body.

“The names Izuku, do you have somewhere to go?”

Katsuki blushes, as well as muttering thanks - for the sweater, definitely just for the sweater- and explains to Izuku what just happened and why he landed in the arms of the handsome man.

“God, how can someone as pretty as you live there baby?”

Once again the blush on Katsuki’s face returns.

“It's all I can afford at the moment, working at a cafe doesn’t exactly earn you the most money” Katsuki chuckles, unable to meet Izuku’s eyes.

“Hey, look at me” Izuku says, bringing a large and to Katsuki’s chin, and tilting it to face Izuku’s.

“I'm going to give you $5000, in return I want your name, and your number” Katsuki’s eyes widen drastically, looking at Izuku like a mad man.

“Your joking right?”

“I don’t joke” Izuku’s stare and voice is cold and serious.

Katsuki bites his tongue and holds his breath. $5000 Is a lot of money, money that he could really use right now.

“Katsuki, and um my number is xxxxx” Katsuki blurted.

“Good boy. Katsuki is nice but I prefer baby.” Izuku grins, handing Katsuki the agreed cash. Katsuki just stood there with his mouth wide open, staring at the money in his own hand and then back to Izuku’s face. Izuku is just smiling at Katsuki, watching how the cute blonde looks at the money. Izuku’s phone then rings, bringing both their attention to it.

“what” Izuku snaps.

“Fuck, you are so fucking stupid. I was in the middle of something. I’ll be over in 5, get a repairman to xx xxx apartments, use my card. And fucking hurry up.” Izuku groans.

“Sorry baby, business calls, but ill text you, and as you probably heard, someone is coming to fix your door, and anything else you need done, okay? don't worry about the cost, I have more than enough.” Izuku rants, smiling. Katsuki just nods, too shocked and confused to respond.

“Use your words baby”

“yes, ah um thank you”

“Good boy”

Izuku then walks off after one last wave, leaving Katsuki to stand there, clad in a large black sweater, smelling of a delicious but expensive cologne and thinking, what the fuck just happened.

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Katsuki now sits within his apartment, watching men filter in and out, bringing new furniture and taking out the old. These men spoke no words other than “Boss ordered”, and “Excuse me” and Katsuki didn't know what on earth was going on. There are also repairs being done, for example, a new floor is being laid, the walls were completely knocked down and are currently being rebuilt and the stains on the ceiling are being removed.

So, Katsuki sits, on a brand new grey couch, to match the newly painted walls of white and grey, head in his hands, ignoring the men carrying a plank of wood right in front of him to gods knows where.

The men eventually leave, and its around midnight. He met Izuku, at 7.30am. Katsuki literally spent his one day off, sitting in his apartment, staring at the wall in front of him. And on that note, he heads to bed - a new, extremely comfortable and soft bed.

Katsuki then wakes around 6.30am and starts getting ready for work. He showers and shaves, and then dresses in a pair of worn black skinny jeans, the colour being faded, and a slim fit black tee. Katsuki then follows his normal skin routine, which is washing his face with a scrub, and then moisturising, giving him a healthy glow.

“Oh man” Katsuki mutters looking at his eyebrows, in between the two, stray hairs are growing, causing Katsuki the groan and grab a pair of tweezers. He sucks in a breath and quickly plucks away the annoying hairs. Katsuki is then left with a nice red patch, but that would go away within a few minutes.

A rumble and growl takes Katsuki’s attention away from his face, and he makes his way to his little kitchen, and peers into his fridge. He of course, it met with nothing, but the $5000 is burning in his wallet, so Katsuki decide to actually buy some breakfast on his way to work, as well as to put some of the money in his bank, and leaving some at his apartment so he can buy some groceries after his shift.

He leaves his newly upgraded apartment around 7.30, and makes his way to a restaurant called ‘Ground Zero’. the name came about from the amazing ground coffee they serve, and the healthy menu they offer, with ‘zero guilt food’ as it was very tasty, but also very good for you.

He sits by the window,a s Katsuki is a people watching whore. It's his little habit, that he just cant help. After searching the menu, he decides on a strawberry black tea, and a smashed avocado, poached egg and smoked salmon bagel.

As he waits for his food, his old cracked iPhone pings, and he sees a message from an unknown number, and usually that would make him nervous, but Katsuki is basically vibrating in his chair from giddiness.

'Morning baby, was everything sorted okay?'

Katsuki grinned at his phone screen about to reply to the text in rapid speed when he stopped himself. What was he doing? He literally met this man 24 hours ago, who gave him a load of cash, and paid for everything in his apartment. Sure, Katsuki was over the moon thankful, but why would this man go out of his way for Katsuki, and surely he must be loaded, rolling in money.

Maybe he was a sugar daddy. This thought made Katsuki laugh to himself, shaking his head, although the thought did have his thighs squeezing a bit tighter together. Katsuki wouldn't be completely against it. It might be nice to be brought nice things in return for … nicer things. Izuku isn't exactly ugly, in fact he is very good looking.

'Morning, you really didn't have to do that much!'

Katsuki sent a quick reply, and his food arrived. He took a bite and almost moaned at the heavenly taste. Katsuki had gotten used to eating nothing for most mornings, so this was definitely a change for the better. Yeah, Katsuki definitely would mind if Izuku wanted to be his sugar daddy. Katsuki would sit on Izuku’s face everyday if that meant he could eat this well everyday. A blush instantly filled Katsuki’s face, and his thigh were squeezing impossibly tight.

'I wanted to. I have more than enough money. I don't mind spending it on pretty things like you baby.'

Okay, Izuku had big daddy energy. That being said, Katsuki added Izuku to his contacts under the name Big Daddy. Katsuki wasn't sure what to reply to that so he just left it, and finished up eating his food, and drinking his tea.

He checked his phone for the time and realised he had 7 minutes to get to work, so he quickly paid and started walking to the little cafe, in which he worked. It was nothing special, but the customers like Katsuki, and the boss immediately made Katsuki his best friend. His boss was an out-going red-head, with sharp teeth, and a personality that no one could hate.

As Katsuki walked into the cafe, the little bell above the door jingled, announcing his arrival. Immediately, his boss walked out from the back and sent Katsuki a huge grin.

“Bakubro, morning!”

“Morning Kiri”

Katsuki quickly hung his coat into the employee's room, and grabbed his apron and hair net. Tying his apron, and getting his hair all in the next, Katsuki set to work. Katsuki is an amazing pastry chef, that makes customers come back every time. It also made the cafe extremely popular, and from time to time when Katsuki would have to help manage the floor, many young boys and girls, as well as the old grannies and grandpas, came in to see Katsuki’s pretty face, even if most of the time it contained a frown.

Yet, today Katsuki was in the kitchen, where he was most comfortable, probably because he didn't have to make awkward conversation, or have to fight off any hand that were reaching to touch his ass, or ‘casually’ brush against his hip.

Katsuki was 24, yet looked around 18, meaning many people perved on the poor pretty boy. Katsuki, obviously spoke his mind and told them all to fuck off, which made Katsuki a piece of art in his town, meaning you can't touch him, but you may admire from a distance. Anyone lucky enough to touch this art work, must be some hell of a guy/girl.

Katsuki when to school in France, learning how to bake pastries and delicacies, from the ripe age of 18, up to 22. This way the may reason Katsuki was so broke, and so good at doing what he does. It also means this was the reason Katsuki could speak French fluently and a bit of English, so when tourists came in, Katsuki was able to explain what each item was. This then being another factor of why this cafe became so much more popular when Katsuki joined.

Katsuki busied himself making all different sweets, and delicious foods, in preparation for when the customers started filling in at 9.30. This also meant that mouth-watering smells filled the cafe, and made it even more welcoming. Katsuki had flour on his cheek, and crease marks of concentration on his forehead, making sure everything was perfect, as the more that sold, the more money Katsuki would get, and because he also got great satisfaction of seeing what he made look so good.

9.30 Rolled around quicker than he thought, and customers started filling in, so Katsuki took a quick break. He checked his phone as saw that Izuku had texted him a couple of times.

'Are you busy today baby? I would love to see you again.'

'Never mind now baby, something came up.'

'Im stopping at Red Riots, heard they sell amazing stuff, did you want something, I can drop it to your door on my way.'

The last text made Katsuki pause, thats where he works, and is currently working right now.

“Who’s big daddy?”

Katsuki jumped and spun round to see Kirishima with a shit eating smirk on his face,

“no one”

“doesn’t seem like no one” Kirishima chuckled, “anyway.. you are needed on floor”

“what! don't do this to me, i kn-“

“you know how busy it gets on a Saturday morning” Kirishima signs dramatically, but with a sly grin on his face.

“i hate you” Katsuki mutters. Kirishima obviously saw that Izuku was stopping by, and wanted to cause him more pain.

Kirishima had the nerve to laugh.

Begrudgingly, Katsuki takes off his hair net, and makes his way to the counter. There he sees a big queue of people, and released Kirishima wasn't lying when he said it was busy. All the other waitresses were being swept off their feet, taking plates and cup to and from tables. Katsuki takes around 7 orders before he is met with a familiar face.

“Yeah, 3 americanos, 5 Kou Ama’s ?, and a croissant, the almond one - take away”

“Do you mean 5 Kouign Amann’s?” Katsuki chuckled. this made the greenette look up from his phone.

“Oh hey baby, that French sounds good on you, maybe we could french our tongues some time ?” Izuku spoke with a smirk. A blush drowned Katsuki’s features and Izuku chuckled deeply.

“you have a little something here baby” Izuku says, gently bringing his large rough thumb to run across Katsuki’s soft cheek, dusting off some flour. Katsuki audibly swallowed.

“so, is there anything else I can get you?” Katsuki spoke quickly.

“Nope, and here keep the change.” Izuku mused handing Katsuki a $50 note. Katsuki’s eyes widened, and he thanked the curly haired man profusely. The said man just waved it off, and moved to the side so Katsuki could take the next order.

Katsuki did just that, and soon the queue had dissipated. He was just about to go back to the kitchen when Izuku called out to him.

“Hey baby, what time do you finish work?”

“around 5.30”

“mmm I finish around 8ish, i’ll pick you up at 8.30, I'm taking you out. Dress nice” and then he left.

“So that's big daddy, nice”

“fuck off”

Kirishima just belly laughed.

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Katsuki’s day remained busy, and he couldn't wait to shower, and maybe nap. Even though he was tired, he was very excited, yet stressed - all at the same time. ‘Dress nice’. What is nice, Katsuki had no clue, and he definitely was not going to his parents for help. Nope. No way. Never.

“Oi brat why are you here”

“Old man where are you!”

“Don’t ignore your mother!”

“Oh, hello Katsuki, how are you?” Katsuki’s father spoke with a calm, comforting tone.

“Hi, um I'm doing okay, but I kind of need your help” he muttered, shuffling his feet, and looking at his hands.

“Are you sick brat?”

“Of course, whats the problem son?” Masaru spoke, ignoring his wife’s outburst.

“I need an outfit, I was told to ‘dress nice’” Katsuki spoke shyly.

“Ill be happy to help” Masaru smiled, “Go take a shower, and I will find some outfits, we have a few new designs lying around that I think are in your size.”

Katsuki nodded before heading upstairs into the bathroom. He calmly stripped off his work clothes and ruffled his hair. He reaches into the shower, and switches it to the right, letting hot water pour from the shower head direct above. The steady flow of water immediately steams the glass box of the shower, and Katsuki delicately slides the door to the side, and steps in with grace.

The warm water bring goosebumps to his cold skin, making him exhale deeply, and his body relax. Katsuki tilts his head backward, making the water directly hit his face, and run aline down his neck, to check to navel. He brings his hands towards his head, and pushed his hair away from his face, before running them back down over his face and down to his next, with his middle finger tips lightly catch his plump lower lip making it drag before bouncing back to its original place.

He reaches for his deep pore cleanser and squeezes a small amount in his hand, before rubbing in soothing circles upon his face. Katsuki then grabs his favourite shampoo and then conditioner, and thoroughly washes his hair, massaging his scalp. A lucky thing with being an only child, is that his parents always had things for him at their home, for the rare times he stayed. This meant that Katsuki was able to fully relax in the shower, and mentally prepare himself for his night ahead.

Soon enough, Katsuki is tinted a sweet pink tone, and he decides it it time for hims to step out of the shower. He wraps a towel low on his slim hips, and walks towards the mirror. Here he applies a light moisturiser and brushes his teeth. Katsuki then swings the bathroom door open, bringing back his previous goosebumps from the temperature difference outside of the bathroom, and heads toward his childhood room, even if his parents did make it more mature for his older age.

Lying upon his bed is 3 different outfits, of similar styles. Katsuki looks at the 3, before deciding on one. He chose a white button up shirt that was covered in small black crosses, tight slim fit trousers - which reached just above his ankles, and black boat shoes. Hanging on his wardrobe door was a long black coat, seeming as it was winter, and a black beanie.

It didn't take long to get dressed, and soon Katsuki was sat at his dressing table, with hair products and little make up in front of him. He started with his hair and started spraying to enable his naturally blonde puffy hair to stand out even more, giving him and explosive look. He rubbed some gel within his hands to warm it up, before grabbing fistfuls of his hair and tugging, giving him a more messy / sexy look, as well as adding volume.

He then moved onto his makeup. He applied only the slightest amount of liquid highlighter on his cheek bones to give him a natural glow, and then applied black eyeliner to his eyes. Katsuki’s mother taught him how to do make up, against his will. He just let it happen, seeming as he secretly liked it, and because his mother didn't have a daughter, yeah mostly that….

Looking at himself in the mirror, Katsuki blushed and bites his bottom lip, shaking his head. He cant believe he's got a date, with a ridiculously hot man, that saved his life, and pretty much is a sugar daddy. He starts to imagine all the things he could do with Izuku, sexual things, and he hates himself for it, because he barely knows the man, but I guess you could say Katsuki had his meet cute.

A shout from his mother drags Katsuki out of his thoughts, and he gives himself a few minutes to cool down before grabbing his coat and beanie and heading downstair. He checks the time and sees the clock reads 7.30pm. He was there longer than he thought.

“Wow, you look nice” Spoke his mother, with a teasing tone. But katsuki just groans grabs his belongings and head to the door. His mum and dad follow, chatting behind him, and Katsuki swings open the door but stops just before he fully leaves.

“Thanks” he spoke genuinely.

“Did you hear that Masaru! Katsuki thanked us”

“I know dear, you're more than welcome son”

Katsuki then takes his leave. The winter has made the skies darker earlier, as well as colder. He unconsciously wraps his arms around himself, and walks home a little quicker. Katsuki has a little hum playing on his lips, so quite only himself could hear. His eyes wander and traces the street lamps, and take in the reflections of the light of windows of shops and passing cars.

His walk isn't too long, but it also want short, and by the time he makes it home its 8.05pm. He shuffles quickly into his apartment, slides of his coat and beanie - grumbling when he realised it had ruined his hair, and then sits on the sofa. He switches on the TV, watching the local news, but not really paying attention. He is too anxious for that, because any moment now Izuku could arrive.

Katsuki soon enough gets bored and looks at his phone. He mindlessly flicks though the same 3 apps, hoping something new pops up the next time he opens it. He sees a stupid picture of his boss, Kirishima, with his girlfriend, Mina, at some kind of play park, and mina is pushing Kirishima who is sat on the child’s swing. Katsuki just double taps before scrolling some more.

Katsuki is then bored again, and check the time. 9.34pm - and Izuku still isn't here. Did he forget? Maybe he's running late? But he would have sent a text right? Katsuki has got the right night hasn't he? All these thought swimming around his head start to drown Katsuki and his mood rapidly decreases.

However, loud and frantic knocking interrupt Katsuki’s thoughts. He quickly sits up right before awkwardly jogging/walking to the door. He takes a deep breath, smooths down his shirt, and then swings the door open.

Here he is met with Izuku. Yet the tall man is panting, his usually tight curly hair, is loose and sweating leaning over his face and over his eyes. His shirt is half way undone, but has some sort of strapping or halter over it. His jeans look impossibly tight, but have a huge rip in his left top thigh, with a nasty gash or hole..? in his leg.
Izuku soon realises the door is open and sprints to Katsuki, taking him down with him onto the ground. Katsuki is utterly confused and about to shout at Izuku, when gunshots are heard. Katsuki starts to panic and tries to get up.

“Stay down baby, I wont let them hurt you, just listen to me” Izuku commands in a deep rough voice, and from where he is situated over Katsuki, he then places his arms under Katsuki’s, his large hands grabbing each side of his head, he then body crawls backwards into Katsuki’s home and slams the door behind him with his boot clad foot.

“This was not the plan baby I promise” Izuku groans, rolling himself off Katsuki and onto the floor besides him.

“They wanted to hurt you baby, they were coming for you so stopped them, but it seems like I pissed off their gang” He muttered. Katsuki swung his head so quickly to Izuku he must have got whiplash.

“Me?” he chocked out, flinching when more gunshots were heard against the door and walls of the building.

“Yeah, one of my men heard the little shits talking about you in an alley, told me so I went to sort them out. They were saying all kinds of shit about you, pervy, disgusting shit and it made me angry. I beat the little twerps up myself, but they were in a gang, and their boss found out” Izuku spoke, picking himself up and then offering Katsuki a hand.

Katsuki shakily took his hand, and allowed himself to be pulled up. Suddenly, he was pulled into two strong arms, and being surrounded by security. He felt a chin lightly be place upon his head and a deep sign ruffle his hair.

“I was so worried baby, what did you do to get in this much trouble?” Izuku squeezed tighter.

“I-i don't know” Katsuki stuttered.


So katsuki did. He racked his brain for any plausible reason, and his body froze up. Izuku obviously felt the blond tense.

“What is it?”
“It was because I put someone in jail. They were touching me, and saying horrid things, so I started shouting at them to leave me alone, and pocket dialled the police. One of them was getting a bit too much so I punched him and just fought back. The police arrived. Locked ‘em up. They were found for other stuff like drugs and rape too. Guess they weren't happy with me.” Katsuki sighed, lifting his head to look at Izuku.

“ I will make sure that nothing ever harms you baby got it?”

Katsuki just nods looking into Izuku’s dark green eyes.

“Use your words baby”

“I understand, I-um thank you Izuku” Katsuki stumbles, feeling his heart hammer in his chest, and not just from the violence outside.

“Good thing I caught you eh” Izuku smiled, just as a window was smashed. Katsuki could see a sparkle in his eyes, and didn't even flinch when the glass broke. Instead he smiled back.