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A Second Chance

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You were never anything special. Maybe that sounds cliche, but it was true. You slid into the background with ease and never stood out in any way. The shyness didn’t help that, any chance to make a mark was overwhelmed by your fear.
So, after going through life this way, not a single close friend to show for all your years on this earth, you ached to start over. Maybe if you just had one more shot you could . . .
A deep sigh huffed out through your nose at your thoughts.
‘Too bad so sad you edgy punk’
You chided yourself,
‘Nobody gets a second chance at life’.
For the sake of our story, you were wrong, but you didn’t know that yet.

You shook of the line of thought you’d been following and continued walking, focusing instead on the light taps of your boots against the ground. Arriving home, you unlocked the door and stepped inside, trekking up the stairs before depositing yourself face-first on to your bed with thud.

Face smushed against the pillow, you pulled your phone out of your pocket and up by your face, plugging in your earbuds. You started a random YouTube video with little care and within no time your eyelids fluttered before sliding shut and leaving you in darkness.

You would have liked to say that you could immediately sense that something was off, but in the haze of sleep your barely squinted eyes couldn’t focus enough to recognize anything off about your surroundings. It was when you heard a voice that you finally gained enough basic situational awareness to notice that your body was curled up on asphalt rather than the mattress you had fallen asleep on.

“You okay there, kid?”

At your sudden realization, your eyes slammed open and you jolted up from your laying position. The sudden shift left you dizzy and you once again shut your still bleary eyes.

This startled the man standing over you, but he was well practiced at not showing such emotions in the slightest and so he continued to stand there. Seeing a completely unfamiliar child on UA campus during the summer, he thought he probably should issue a security alert, but this didn’t seem like an infiltration and that made him question how on earth the girl had gotten there in the first place.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine” You answered on reflex, eyes still shut as you rubbed them with your hands.

‘Well, okay then’ Aizawa thought, ‘in that case . . .’
“How did you get in here?” He asked, more brusquely this time.

You opened your eyes and scanned your surroundings, your eyes skimming only over the man next to you’s legs due to your vantage point. The complex you were in held many different large buildings, but you seemed to be somewhere in the back which hindered you from reading any out front signs for a hint as to where you were.
“I . . . Don’t know”, the confusion in your voice was obvious and Aizawa was now equally flummoxed and irritated. He wondered if an accidental use of your or someone else’s quirk happened to reveal a blind spot in UA’s security.
“Well then, you’ll have to come with me, I’m afraid”, at his words, you, as you were still gazing around perplexed, finally flicked your eyes up to the man who’s voice you had begun to realize was weirdly familiar.

Your eyes widened in shock at the sight of his face, which the hero didn’t quite know what to make of, not many civilians tended to recognize him.

“Aizawa?” Your shock overwhelmed the part of your brain that wondered if you should withhold what you knew.
The use of his name by the stranger, not even his hero name but his actual name, was the last straw for the tired man as he pulled you up by your arm and began walking with you to the school building where some other staff were still in their offices.

As he did this he immediately shot back at her
“How do you know my name?”

This reaction shattered your hope (fear?) that he was simply a very good cosplayer and sent your brain for now another loop. What were you supposed to do with this information? How did you get here? Were you dreaming?

Dream or not, you figured your course of action should be to tell the heroes your situation and hope for their help, otherwise you were up the creek. You sighed audibly,
“That’s a bit of a story”
Aizawa huffed back,
“Well get ready to tell it.”


As you gathered your thoughts on the way in the building, you decided this was likely not a dream. Your eyes could simply focus on the details around you too well, as you lagged behind Aizawa who held firm to your wrist, you found yourself able to see each stray hair whisped around his head and each bit of stubble on his unshaven face.

As a last check you looked down at your unrestrained hand and counted your fingers, once, twice, three times.

‘Yep, still 5’ you thought with wonder. If internet posts about lucid dreaming had taught you anything it was that you shouldn’t be able to do that.

Now faced with this revelation, you realized you needed to think through what you were going to say, but this thought came too late as you found yourself in the UA teacher meeting room you had once seen on your screen, now right before your eyes.

Aizawa tugged a chair to a spot centered in front of the table where some teachers were already sitting, looking puzzledly at the Eraser hero as he told you gruffly to sit down.

You obeyed, and he turned around to lean against the edge of the table, facing you.

“Who are you, how did you get in here, and how do you know my name? Start answering”

You scanned the room and recognized Snipe, Ectoplasm, Cementoss, and Midnight, who had been speaking casually with one another, now enraptured by the unfolding events. You could see Cementoss’ eyes widen at the mention that you had ‘gotten in’ here and Midnight quirked an eyebrow in curiosity.

You took a deep breath and bit your lower lip before releasing it to speak. You decided you had some semblance of a theory to propose to them, so you began.

“You know the multiverse theory, right?” This opener triggered more quirked and furrowed brows around the room, “Y’know different universes for every possibility you could imagine? . . . I think I’m from a different one.”
“. . . One?”, it was Aizawa who spoke once more.

The room fell silent.

You continued, “I fell asleep in my bed in my world and woke up here.”

“That’s a lofty claim, little girl. Any reason we should believe you?”, this time it was Midnight who spoke, looking amused, you figured this was probably due to her interest in your ‘youthful vigor’, or whatever she said in the festival arc.

You figured at this point that your uncanny knowledge would be your best proof, but first you had to ask.
“That depends, when are we right now?”
“When are we?” Aizawa repeated in frustrated disbelief.
You didn’t know years, so you pulled out your best bet, “Do you know who Izuku Midoriya is?”

“No, should I?”, was his deadpan answer. So, you thought, even entrance exams hadn’t happened yet. This led to your next question.
“Is it summer? When are the entrance exams?”
Snipe piped up this time as his curiosity rose “yeah, exams are in 3 weeks”

At this point you knew where your only bet lay, but before you could continue Aizawa cut in once more “What does this and you knowing my name have to do with your ‘universe’ claim?”

You chuckled awkwardly, “Well, to cut to the chase, I know things about your world and your future because in my world yours is an anime.”

You gave the room an awkward, slightly grimace like, smile and let your words sink in until Aizawa was ready to shoot back another incredulous question.
“Okay, so what’s your ‘proof’ knowledge that you gained from this ‘anime’ in your world?” Aizawa felt absurd as the words left his mouth, but she had appeared mysteriously on campus without raising any alarms. To perform such a feat just to tell such a ridiculous lie and get kicked back out seemed only slightly less crazy than this girl telling the truth, so he decided to hear her out.
At that point there was no going back and no other options, so you were ready to pull out your ace in the hole.

“I know about All Might’s other form, and I know more that I can only tell him. So, if it’s not too much trouble, Where is All Might?”

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The stunned silence at you reveal was broken as Aizawa hurriedly made a call, and after a brusque and explanation-light conversation, All Might was on his way to the school.

Once Aizawa hung up the phone, a heavy silence fell over the room and you twiddled you thumbs anxiously. This much attention and speaking to a group was not in your typical wheelhouse.

Midnight’s eyes softened at your flushed face, no doubt thinking something about your adorable youthful innocence.
“We still don’t know who you are, dear”

You perked up at this, flushing deeper and feeling the heat spread across your cheeks. “Y/n L/n”
Aizawa sighed “Well, L/n,” the use of your last name surprised you before you remembered that was customary, “say I believe you, are you saying you really don’t know how you got here? At all?”

You shook your head as you looked down at your hands, which were clutching the rim of the chair between your legs.

“Could someone have sent you here with their quirk?” This is the first time Ecto has spoken since you entered the room.

“Well,” you began “there aren’t quirks in my world, so if that’s true then someone here brought me here rather than someone sending me”

The pros were slightly surprised at this revelation, but the contemplation of this was cut short by a booming voice everyone in the room knew all too well.


Your back was to the door and you didn’t know if you were ready to turn around, you could only imagine what it would feel like to see him in the flesh. However, when you heard the hissing of steam followed by a choked cough, you turned around in surprise despite knowing exactly what just happened.

The deflated hero’s eyes settled on your face as you turned and his sunken eyes widened. “Aizawa, you didn’t tell me there would be a child here!”

His deep voice sounded distressed and as you floundered for words, Aizawa cut in.
“Don’t worry, she knows.”
Now was All Mights turn to flounder, he sputtered slightly before asking simply “How?”
“That’s what we’re trying to prove”

You had a feeling that was probably your queue so you gulped and gathered yourself.

“I know about your quirk as well, Sir. And about Midoriya.” So the other pros behind you couldn’t see, you silently mouthed ‘One for All’.

If his eyes weren’t so sunken, you think they’d be popping out of his head by now. You continued, “I know this because I come from . . . another world . . . where all of this is a TV show, and I don’t quite know how I got here.” You forced out your words quickly, inter-spaced with nervous pauses, knowing how ridiculous you sounded.

Aizawa didn’t care to give him time to process, and cut to the chase “So you know what she’s talking about, All Might? And there’s no other way you can think that she would know?”

All Might’s brows furrowed and he sighed in contemplation.

“Yes, I do believe it is near impossible that she could have found out without me knowing.” The shrunken symbol of peace asserted. Aizawa didn’t feel entirely sure that All Might was as thorough as he thought, but he took his word for it anyway. “How peculiar . . .” the blonde man continued, thinking aloud.

“Well, what do we do now?” Aizawa muttered.

“I don’t know . . . “, you said quietly “I don’t have anywhere to go”

All Might looked at your furrowed brows and felt a distinct pluck at his heartstrings. Your lost expression reminded him of his pupil, which he had quickly grown very fond of, months ago when they first met.

A popping sound drew the the room’s attention as All Might suddenly re-inflated “Worry not, Young Lady! You can stay with me, All Might!”

Your eyes widened as you stared at the hero, who was giving you a thumbs up and signature smile. “I-I couldn’t do that, Sir. I don’t want to be a burden, you don’t even know me!”

His hearty laugh sounded just like it had in the show, and for a moment you almost counted your fingers again, but this was real. All Might was real, and he was really saying this.

“Don’t worry about it! It’s no skin off my back to help someone in need! Especially not when they seem to be willing to keep my secret”
He winked at you and you could almost hear the twinkly noise that would have accompanied such an action in the show as your face flushed.

“T-Thank you very much, Sir! I promise I will keep your secret!”

His convincing done, All Might deflated once more and walked over to you, placing a hand on your shoulder. “Thank you, young lady. I promise I will help you find your footing in this world and understand what happened to you. In the mean time, how about we go buy you some necessities?”

Shit, he’s right, you didn’t have anything here. “I can’t thank you enough, Sir.” You almost choked on your words with how grateful you were feeling.

He smiled slightly “Don’t worry about, let’s get going.

And with a small wave to the other pros, you left.


At some point on the way to the shop, you realized All Might didn’t even know your name yet. You almost face-palmed as the thought struck you. God, this man didn’t even know your dang name and he was willing to take you in, you felt so selfish for taking advantage of his kindness.

“Mr. All Might, Sir?”
“Just call me Toshinori when I’m like this, young lady, wouldn’t want to blow my cover”

You flushed again at his overwhelming kindness.
“Yes, Sir, Toshinori. I’m Y/n L/n, by the way.”

It seemed he had forgotten that he didn’t know you name as well as he started and said “ Oh, Of course, yes! Nice to meet you, Young L/n.”

You smiled at him and you both continued on your way.


After your basic shopping was done, with some personal items more hidden away so you could hopefully avoid some embarrassment, you headed back to All Might’s apartment. It was an absolutely stunning penthouse, but you still found yourself surprised that the number 1 hero didn’t have some sort of mansion. After all, he had to be stupid rich, right?

Then again, you thought, he probably favors more privacy and indiscretion than that, given his secret. Plus, you pegged All Might as the type to spend more of his wealth on charity than on himself. The thought made your heart warm, ‘He really is the world’s greatest hero’.

The wording of your thought echoed in your head, reminding you of Izuku’s intro speech at the beginning of the series. The reminder that he and all the other character’s you loved were out there had your heart pounding. God, would you get to meet them? What would you even say? What if something happened and you got sent back without ever even seizing the chance to look at them, for Christ’s sake.

This line of thought made you look at Toshinori, who was walking back into the living room with a pillow and blankets so you could make a bed on the couch. Then, you spoke quickly, almost against your will, “Could I go with you to meet Midoriya sometime?” In your shock you smacked your hand over your mouth, but then pulled it down to try to amend you actions with a quiet “If that’s not imposing too much . . .”

As you trailed off, Toshinori chuckled a deep, quiet chuckle and without looking up from the blankets as he placed them on the couch, responded “Of course, Young L/n. I’m sure having someone his age whom he can talk with about his quirk will help him greatly. I can take you to meet him tomorrow.”

The imminent plans sent your mind racing, only snapped out of your reverie when Toshinori said “I’ll leave you now, Goodnight, Young L/n” and exited to his room.

You sat for a moment before crossing the room to lay under the blankets on the couch. ‘I’m going to meet the Izuku Midoriya tomorrow’ was all that rang through your mind, making it hard to sleep. More thoughts began to run through your mind when something struck you for the first time. ‘Wait a minute’ you thought ‘Why do they all speak English?’ You couldn’t bring yourself to worry too much about such a minute detail, so you shrugged and decided it must be cause you watched the dub. Oh well, who says this alternate universe has to follow any of your rules. You sighed and decided continuing to worry would do you no good. Despite this, it still took a long time before you even felt tired at all. But as your eyelids finally began to drift closed, a fleeting, panicked thought crossed your mind. You hoped you wouldn’t wake up back in your bed at home tomorrow.

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‘Where am I?’
You gazed, confused, at the white void surrounding you. You started walking, but you saw no change, running, no change, screaming, nothing.

But then it all stopped, a heavy silence and stillness settled over you like molasses in the air, as a hand grabbed your shoulder. You turned slowly to look at the figure before you, a man. In the moment you simply thought of him as a normal man, but in retrospect you couldn’t remember a single feature or detail, not even a hair or eye color. This man was something and nothing at the same time.

You also didn’t realize until later that when he spoke, his mouth, that you couldn’t remember or describe, did not move. However, the logic of the dream, which you did not question at that moment was that this was a normal man and that he was speaking totally normally.

His voice rang in your head, somehow deep and high, slow and fast, gravely and smooth all at the same time. How? You didn’t know, you just knew that it was.

“ A mistake was made” was the first thing he said to break the deafening silence that had fallen over you both.

“W-What mistake?” It took all you gathered courage to ask this question, inexplicably frightened despite your dream trying to tell you that this was normal.

“Silence” was his response, so you slapped your hand over your mouth and the man began again.

“A mistake was made” the timing, intonation, volume were all identical to the first, like a recording. “You were meant to be here, so that has been corrected”

Your eyes widened ‘Is he talking about the My Hero world?’

“Yes”, the voice answered your thoughts but the lack of a command for silence told you that you had not accidentally spoken aloud.
“Be who you were meant to be, don’t let it go to waste.”

You bolted up to find yourself still on Toshinori’s couch and your rapid breaths slowly steadied.

“Corrected . . .” You quietly muttered aloud, echoing the man in your dreams. Something about the wording made you realize with a certainty that your existence had been erased from your former world completely. It was a relief, really, knowing your parents wouldn’t agonize over their missing daughter.

Maybe others would feel differently, but you were rather okay with being independent, it was nice to know your family would be okay as well. That weight off your shoulders and the sense of answers caused you to release a relieved sigh and slump back into the couch.

After a few minutes of stillness, the sound of footsteps made your eyes open once more.
“Good morning, Toshinori” you spoke with a newfound peace.

The hero looked over at you to respond only to stop in his tracks, eyebrows shooting up in confused surprise. This immediately made your brows furrow, only for the furrow to deepen as he asked, “Did you always look like that?”

“Like what?” You squeaked

“Well . . . “ he gestured toward the bathroom and you jumped up and rushed over to the vanity mirror only to freeze.

You were still you, so there was that, but the changes left you speechless. Your hair, once one even tone, now faded from (h/c) through lightening shades until it reached a pastel pink and then finally white. This was accompanied by a white crescent moon on your forehead and shallower white crescents on your cheekbones.

Those definitely weren’t there before.

You touched your face and hair while looking in the mirror as well as holding a gradiented lock in front of your face to affirm what you were seeing.

You walked back into the main room where Toshinori still stood with puzzlement visible on all your features. “What is all this?”

His face twisted with thought as he responded. “It looks to me like the physical accompaniments of a quirk, honestly”, this made a realization hit you smack in the face.

“Of course!” Your face lit up “ this was the final part of the correction!”

Toshinori was only more confused now.

“Correction?” He questioned you.

You explained to him your impossibly vivid and detailed dream, the unfathomable entity and what he said to you.

“Well, Young L/n, I suppose you are the subject of some divine intervention. And you believe the last step of reuniting you with this world was granting you your quirk?”

“I guess so yeah” you shrugged slightly, “ I guess now I just have to find out what it is.”

It was Toshinori’s turn for an epiphany “Wonderful! You can practice your quirk while Midoriya trains today!”

The reminder of this imminent meeting caused another wave of excitement to thrum through your body.

“Let’s have a quick breakfast and get going! We can’t leave my other pupil waiting!”

You chuckled happily “Yes, Sir, Toshinori-Sensei!”


The whole walk to the beach has you teetering on a razor’s edge between overjoyed and stupid nervous.

You know that Midoriya is the sweetest person to ever live and therefore he won’t judge you, but this is just such a big deal. He’s the main character of the show you loved more than anything and the future number one hero. You stare down at your boots as you walk, trying to mentally prepare for a meeting that you never even thought could be possible.

As Toshinori and you approach the beach you were still caught up in your head and staring at the ground when you hear the hero next to you call out.

“Young Midoriya, ready for training? Only 3 weeks left so it’s time to make it count!”

Your head snaps up and by the time Toshinori finishes speaking the indisinct silhouette of Midoriya is quickly converging on your location. You’re close enough to him by the time he notices you at the hero’s side to see visible surprise cross his face.

“Hi, All Might. Y-You brought someone with you?”

“Ah, Yes. Izuku Midoriya this Y/n L/n, she’ll be joining us for training today”

“Oh, Okay” he easily accepted the word of his mentor, though he had many questions he wondered if he should ask. “I-It’s a pleasure to meet you, L/n-san”

You found it slightly amusing that the Japanese honorifics stuck around in this world, but in that moment you realized you would quickly grow tired of being called by your last name all the time.

“You both can actually just call me Y/n” you responded with an awkward chuckle. Midoriya immediately launched into a nervous response, not wanting to seem rude.
“Y-You can call me Izuku, then! I-If you want . . . “ his hand rubbed the back of his neck nervously after it had ceased it’s wild gesticulation in time with his words.

A smile spread wide across your face. “ It’s a pleasure to meet you Izuku”

The blush that spread across his face was beyond even your worst anxious flushing, so for his sake you decided to shift the topic.

“So, Toshinori, what’s on the agenda today?”

“Well, Young Midoriya must continue his clean up of the beach, he has only 3 weeks left to become a proper vessel for One for All. While I surpervise his progress, we can try some exercises to help you uncover your quirk”

Your attempt to ease Izuku had officially failed as his mentor’s blatant reference to their soon to be shared secret quirk right in front of you as well as the mention of unlocking your quirk left him more confused than ever and visibly scrambling for words.

Your gaze flicked from a sputtering Izuku to Toshinori before finally asking. “Should I just explain everything?”

The mentor of the two youths paused for only a second in thought before nodding, giving you the go ahead to to speak.

Seeing this exchange, Izuku fell silent and affixed his attentive gaze to your face, which suddenly made you a tad self conscious. Nevertheless, you pressed forward.

“I am from an alternate universe, in which this world is a television show, so I know many things about this world and it’s future. Some sort of . . . otherworldly force . . . Sent me to live here. My world does not have quirks, but I believe that in assimilating to this world I may have gained one” you paused, thinking that you must have covered everything “All Might is watching over me for now and it’s honor to train with both of you”

Silence fell and Izuku continued to stare. You couldn’t blame him, this was now the third time you’d explained it and you still felt nuts when the words left your mouth.

“. . . So, what was the show about?”

Izuku’s question was one you should have expected, and yet you didn’t. Before you could stop it, a questioning “Wha?”, left your lips. ‘Huh’ you thought back over yesterday ‘I guess I haven’t really explained to anyone the nature of the show.’

Izuku fiddled with his hands as he pressed further. “I mean, is there a main character? I imagine it would be All Might. Does it focus on his early years? His fight with his rival?”

You could help but let a giggle escape your lips at his obliviousness, your reaction made his brows furrow over his big, confused doe eyes . . . He was so cute.

But, this was not the time for those thoughts. Amused smile still quirking your lips, you responded.

“You’re the protagonist, Izuku”

There was the sputtering shock again, his already big eyes impossibly wider. You could even see All Might’s eyes widen slightly before a gentle smile settles on his still gaunt features.

“M-Me? Wha-why???” Was all Izuku could manage.
“Cause you’re the chosen one, silly. Destined to be the next symbol of peace? That ring any bells?” You couldn’t help but tease a little.

The young man looked down in contemplation “I-I guess but I just-“

You remembered now the boy’s tendency to be self deprecating just in time to cut him off. “You just nothing, Izuku, you’re amazing and you’re going to be a great hero. This is your destiny”

This shocked the boy into silence long enough for you to say “Now let’s go train, hero!”, and start walking towards shore.

Chapter Text

Izuku had gotten to work on the beach, so it was time for you to start you exploration into your quirk. All Might, now inflated, walked you through some exercises. First you relaxed completely, basically meditated, to see if you felt or sensed anything. Though you were horrible a meditating, as you couldn’t quite hush your rambling thoughts, when you closed you eyes and sat still you did feel something strange. You could feel some sort of aura? Energy? You weren’t sure what to call it but it was all around you could feel particles of it bouncing around and forming buzzing clusters of different shapes and sizes scattered around.

When you told All Might this he knew it was promising, for a second in the depths of you focus he could sworn he thought he saw the white of your marks and hair become ever so slightly brighter.

At this point he told you to focus on a particle and try to, well, do anything to it. Amplify it, move it, call it to you. You found one in your mind’s eye and focused, furrowing your brows in concentration. You tried to will it towards you, envisioning it floating forward.

It was then that All Might knew he wasn’t imagining the brightness of your features as they started to glow, brighter the more you focused.

As you continued, you found that the particle did begin to respond to your call. It began to drift in your direction, and as it did so, your focus on it seemed to call other particles towards it, consolidating into a larger, brighter mass. As you felt it grow and come closer and closer to your face, you heard All Might gasp. Forgetting about possibly breaking your concentration, your eyes shot open only to find a glowing ball of light hovering in front of you. Despite your worries, it didn’t dissipate after you opened you eyes, and to your surprise you noticed that you could still sense the other particles about you despite no longer trying. It was like one of those two picture optical illusions, once you have noticed the second possibility it seemed so obvious despite being previously hidden.

Completely enraptured, you failed to notice that Izuku had also stopped to watch with shock on his features when he noticed what was happening. Still hypnotized by the glow, you raised your hand to touch it. You could already feel the heat that was emitting from it and were surprised when your tentative fingers weren’t burnt by it’s touch, only a slight sting consuming them instead.

Your fingers could pass through it, but as you focused on trying to move it you found you could push it back and forth with your hands.

All Might and Izuku both stayed quiet, not wanting to interrupt your exploration.

It was then that it struck you just what this was. Like any good fan, in the past you had found yourself considering what your quirk might be. Your tendency towards shyness hinted at stealth and a preoccupation with the mind gave you an interest in perceptual manipulation, though you had embarrassedly presumed that invisibility like Hagakure wouldn’t make you strong enough to really do much, given that you weren’t naturally very physically adept. Your mind then turned to shadow manipulation, which would cover stealth but could also offer offensive and defensive possibilities similar to that of Tokoyami.

In all of this, one thought had passed your mind only briefly. Light. The manipulation of light, photokinesis, had so many possibilities. After all, every visual experience we have is nothing but light waves converted to electrical signals. But light also had combat possibilities, like Bakugou or Aoyama’s quirks, light was powerful energy, the concentration of which could exert force and emit heat.

It was at this point, revelation fresh in your mind, that you returned your focus to light in front of you. You decided it was now or never to test such theorizing.

The light was still held above your right palm close to your body, so you flung you arm out straight in front of you with your focus on exerting such force on orb and flinging it out like a blast of energy.

The orb flew from your hand a modest distance and hit the sand of the beach with a hard impact and a burst of light.


The excited and anxious energy that had been building in your body exploded in time with that of your light blast and you jumped to you feet, finally turning your attention to a shocked All Might.

You saw his wide gaze shift slowly over from the small sand crater in the middle distance and back to you. You met his surprised expression with and overjoyed grin that pulled your cheeks wide.

It was then that he exploded into loud, cathartic laughter, a tinge of pride that he had guided you so quickly to your discovery.

“Amazing, Young Y/n! What an impressive beginning!”

Your heart was still beating out of your chest as you rambled your previous thoughts aloud to the other two on the beach and an emphatic discussion with Izuku immediately followed as you to continued back and forth with imagining the possibilities of your quirk.

“Back to work, you two!”

All Might’s shout snapped both back to reality and turned to him and nodded enthusiastically before turning back to your respective tasks.

As you settled back into your spot on the sand, you sent one last glance at Izuku and he briefly met you eyes as you exchanged one last smile.

You had never been happier in your life, old or new.

Chapter Text

When the time came to return home, Izuku parted from Toshinori and yourself with a polite farewell and a wave. As you both returned the gesture, you found yourself wanting to ask for his phone number, as you had bought one yourself the previous day in case Toshinori ever needed to contact you, but as much as you wanted to talk quirks with him you knew that for him you were still basically a stranger. A friendly and fascinating stranger, yes, but still a stranger nonetheless.

This mental note made you wonder if knowing you had a mysterious knowledge of life unnerved him at all. If so, he hadn’t shown it, but that boy was so damned sweet you figured he wouldn’t risk seeming impolite. You knew he had a backbone, though, when the going got tough, and you truly couldn’t wait to see it grow.

Your thoughts then turned to Toshinori who walked just slightly ahead of you and didn’t seem to mind the silence. He made you feel comfortable around him, if not a little star struck, with ease. This was probably to be expected given how his specialty was connecting with and inspiring crowds of strangers, but you wondered if you could pay him back somehow for how he went out of his way to help you. After all, like with Izuku, you were still a stranger to him.

“Is there anything you’d like to know?”

As Toshinori turned towards the sound of your voice you let your gaze drop to your shoes.

“Huh?” Was his response.

You both were getting close to his apartment building as you clarified, “Is there anything you’d like to know . . . about the future, that is. I mean, I guess I don’t know how I might affect it but I don’t think I’d be meant to be here if I altered things too dramatically . . .”

Your simple question slid into nervous ramblings and in that moment the man beside you was struck with the fact that you were definitely just like a slightly more stoic version of his green-haired pupil. Maybe it was just a certain kind of polite anxiousness that appealed to his heroic and fatherly instincts.

He thought over your question, maybe there was some sort of information that could aid him without risking the future as you feared.

He sighed “When exactly will I lose One for All for good? I want to be ready.”

Your eyes widened at his question and somber countenance. You opened your mouth to say ‘Next summer, when the UA training camp is scheduled’, but you found that your voice eluded you and you grew slightly dizzy.

As your balance wavered, Toshinori reached out to steady you by the shoulders. But, once you stopped trying to speak and closed your mouth firmly, you were swiftly able to right yourself once more. Though you heard nothing, a message rang clearly in your mind, it told you that you were not allowed to say that. It told you that they had put you in this world but that they would remove you to save it.

You briefly gasped in air as you felt your voice return to you.

“Are you alright Y/n? What’s the matter?”

You hung your head in shame as you responded “I don’t think I can tell you about the future, at least not specifics. I’m really sorry, Sir”

Toshinori put a hand on your shoulder, “Don’t worry yourself about it. At the very least I already know I need to be prepared.”

Your face set in a determined expression as you looked back up to meet his eyes. “ I can tell you this, though, don’t worry about Izuku. His destiny is to become the greatest hero and he will fulfill it. That’s a promise.”

You thought back to how your anxieties were assuaged by that guarantee from future Izuku in the show’s opening, you hoped to offer him a similar solace.

A smile stretched across his features. “Thank you, Y/n.”

You hoped you could continue to be of some help to the hero, it was the least you could do, after all.

The days that passed after that went by so quickly that you could barely believe it. With each day of training the extent of your control over your quirk grew stronger.

The more intensive manipulation you attempted the more focus it took, but like anything else it took less and less effort with each session of repeated practice.

After a week your grasp of your light blasts was incredibly solid, in your opinion, and you had already begun to dabble in some more of your creative ideas. Some of your first ideas revolved around the perceptual element that you had always assumed would be included with your quirk. You focused on the photons the bounced off of your body and urged them to continue along their paths instead, passing through your form.

After days of patchy partial invisibility, your efforts finally reached fruition. Your blanket order to the particles, ‘Pass through me’, finally had enough power and focus behind it to reach all of the ones in you vicinity.

After that, your focused blasts made you think of Bakugou’s use of his quirk for mobility. You figured yours would be different, though, more like how Aoyama used his laser to propel himself.

Focusing on that visual in your mind, you gathered particles in your palms and then propelled them towards the ground in a steady stream. You did the same for the soles of your feet when you found balancing with your palms to be difficult, you admit to falling forward onto the sand twice before deciding to do this.

A few days intense focus while you hovered then led to you tilting your palms slightly to propel you around.

After two and a half weeks, and a good few headaches from mental exertion and focused squinting, you had a decent handle on each of these applications.

As empowered as this made you feel, this was far from you favorite part of training. Each bit of progress was immediately excitedly shared with Izuku and All Might, and they had to admit that your enthusiasm was contagious.

Breaks for rest or lunch were always spent discussing quirks with Izuku. You had encouraged him early on to walk you through the contents of his hero notes. You were genuinely eager to absorb all this knowledge just as he was, seeing his heartwarming excitement as he rambled to you was a big plus, though.

It was here that you found your window, asking if he could text you pictures of his notes for future reference. Despite the intense blush that warmed his cheeks and a bit of stuttering, he readily complied and you would text back and forth with him about questions and comments you had.

It was funny, conversation was often so hard for you, but with him it came so easy. Your shared enthusiasm made you both click together well.

One significant halt in your conversation came with a question, one you somehow had forgotten to even think about.

“So, are you going to apply to UA as well?”

Your eyes spread till you could feel the brisk air begin to dry them, causing you to blink rapidly.

Of course! How else were you supposed to live this new life to fullest? Was there even a question about it?

“Yeah, I guess I am,” came your reply. Then you paused for a minute, you had been doing quirk training, but what was even on the written exam? It had been summer so you hadn’t studied anything in months, let alone anything they might ask about hero law or something. “Shit, I don’t even know what’s on the written exam! What if they ask about this world’s history? It could be different from mine’s in any number of ways!”

As you got lost in your thoughts, Izuku saw your distress and quickly responded,
“Don’t worry!! I’ve got some good study guides I can send you! And I can help if you have questions!”

Your immediate gratitude was so strong it knocked the air out of your lungs, so your following words were breathy.

“Izuku Midoriya you are an actual angel.”

Blushing had become way too common for Izuku since he met you. Your kind words were often overwhelming not to mention the fact that he had had no idea what to do around a girl before you made him feel so at ease. Sometimes he would snap out of a rant to find you looking over his shoulder at his notes, close enough to make him jolt and turn tomato red.

Little did you both know that you were both simultaneously thinking how nice it was to finally have a friend.

When you informed Toshinori over dinner that you wanted to apply to UA, he wasn’t really surprised. First, however, you both knew you needed to get some identification and become a registered quirk user.

When you were able to get through the process relatively easily, you thanked God, or maybe that man from your dream, that no one asked too many questions.

After all the preparations were made, the day of the exam was coming fast. Izuku and you spent everyday training and studying, but despite your distain for such activities in your past life, you found that your passion for this made it almost enjoyable, even very enjoyable some of the time.

Before you knew it, it was the morning of the exam. You made sure to come along with Toshinori that morning when he went to transfer his quirk to Izuku. After all, you couldn’t miss the look on his face when he heard he had to eat a hair.

Your giggles turned his attention to you briefly and he asked, “You knew this was going to happen didn’t you?”

You nodded.

Chapter Text

The gates of UA were now before the both of you. You hadn’t had time to truly take in the magnificence of the school during your previous visit, but standing there taking it all in, plus your growing test anxiety, was increasingly overwhelming.

“Stupid Deku,” came a voice from behind you, oh god that voice was all to familiar and your body tensed in recognition.

Oh shit! You had forgotten this part of the scene! You knew exactly what you would see if you turned but you were too overwhelmed to try. You let him pass silently while Izuku sputtered and watched his back as his slouching form strutted away from you.

God he was such a little shit.

You heard muttering about Bakugou’s encounter with the sludge villian and you remembered vaguely what Izuku’s thoughts had been in this moment as you watched him sigh in relief.

You put a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t worry, Izuku. UA is the time where you finally get to show Bakugou what you’re made of.” You smiled at him encouragingly.

“O-Oh yeah, I didn’t even think about the fact that you would probably know him already.” Your chuckle was dry as you thought about what you knew.

“Yeah, enough to know that the weird balance between ego and insecurity he’s got going on is about to get all fucked with. For the best, though, he’s in desperate need of character development.”

Izuku’s brow’s furrowed “Insecurity?”

“Don’t worry about it, let’s get going.”

Oh god, get ready for him to trip.

There he goes.

There he stops.

“Are you okay?” the cheerful voice that came from Izuku’s opposite side had your heart beating fast again.

Uraraka! The other sweetest human on Earth. Oh my god she was here, they were all real and here and you were going to lose your mind.

Izuku started flailing in the air and you aided him back into an upright position. Uraraka continued talking and her voice was so cute you couldn’t stand it. Izuku, of course, couldn’t say a word and so you gave two brief responses on his behalf.

“Thanks for the help”
“Yeah, It is pretty crazy, huh?”

Then she quickly took her leave, as she did Izuku was still shocked and blushing but honestly his reaction wasn’t exactly like you remembered. ‘ I guess in this timeline he has actually talked to a girl already, but definitely not one as cute as Uraraka, whatever though.’

You both eased back into walking and you were a little startled when he finally spoke again.

“Did you know her, too?”
“Oh, yeah” you didn’t see anything wrong with a brief rundown, “Ochaco Uraraka, quirk: zero gravity, she can make anything she touches float and release it at will. More importantly, though, I think you and her might be tied for cutest, sweetest human being on this earth . . . Well, any earth.”

You looked to the side at Izuku to find that he was blushing again.

When you reached the main building, Izuku and you parted ways with a brief wave to go to your respective seats.

You listened as intently as you could manage despite already knowing the gist of what he was about to say and repressed giggles at the proceeding display when Iida finally spoke. Poor Izuku.

You looked down at you card. ‘Battle center D, huh? I’ve totally forgotten where Izuku and everyone else was assigned.’

At that point you stood up a walked slowly, watching those around you and saw Izuku, Iida, Uraraka, and Aoyama go to B, while Bakugou went to A.

You didn’t quite have time to glance around at the other openings and no one in the crowd surrounding you seemed familiar.

Then came the anxiety full force. You felt heat in your cheeks as your heart began to race. ‘Come on, Y/n, you prepared for this! Flying offers mobility and scouting and your blasts mean you can hit from a distance.’

Oh! Another idea just hit you! Getting ahead would be important for first shots at the robots. So, you willed the light around you to move through your body, and with the benefit of invisibility you wiggled you way carefully through the crowd. Luckily, any slight brushes or bumps were brushed off by your fellow examinees after a brief glance around them.

When you got near the front you stopped.

“Right! Let’s start!. . .”

Present Mic yelled out to all the groups from the tower and as he continued speaking you saw the large gate in front of you begin to open.

Along with the other leaders of the pack, you started in and dropped your invisibility. You used your hand beams to quickly get yourself off the ground before then creating two more under your feet for added balance as you shot yourself up. Withdrawing the beam from one hand, you looked around for the robots. You saw scattered clusters of them and found one with two threes, two ones, and a two.

You swooped closer, slightly clumsy which was much to your dismay. And prepared a blast. One three was down, then the other, and then the other.

You continued like this, honestly a little slower than you would like given how much focus it took to do this all at once.

You reascended and found that people had already reached all the groups you had seen before, and mourned that there would be no more full groups for the taking.

You began picking off ones you could see that weren’t already down, even if you saw someone already getting squared up to face it.

‘Okay, that’s 20, no where near enough.’ You then saw three threes and three twos surrounding a group of examinees. Who were focused mainly on the threes with the twos coming behind them.

You focused a constant stream of concentrated light from your hand to the ground and quickly flew in a circle so that it blasted down through each of the enemies.

You head had begun to hurt, so you landed by them.

“Are you all okay?

They all nodded, though a few grumbled at the loss of their targets.

Maybe that would get you rescue points? Well, no way to be sure. You began to run in the direction where you had seen the largest cluster of robots when you heard loud crashes and saw clouds of smoke rising in the distance.

Oh yeah, the zero pointer.

You winced at the throb of your brain when
you ascended once more and saw the robot. You surveyed the scene around it, everyone seemed to be at a safe distance and were all running away to safety.

Would it even be worth it to try and fight it? You didn’t know if your blasts would be enough. Then you saw it’s red ‘eyes’ lock onto you and it got ready to attack.

Shit, no choice then. You held out you hand and shot a blast at it. It was damaged, but not enough. You started to fly away, the robot still locked on you, when you remembered something.

‘Hagakure!!! Of course!’ Everyone always theorized she passed by being invisible and just deactivating the robots or something.

You willed the light through you and the robot immediately stopped tracking you.
At this point you could probably run, everyone was out of the way so what good would it do? You weren’t here to try and show off, and you weren’t the main character here either, Izuku was.

Then you realized you really didn’t know what would happen if no one stopped it, and you watched as it continued to pursue the other examinees as they fled. You sighed. And flew around the back of the machine. ‘Control panel? Anything? Your headache had gone from mild to moderate.

‘There!’ It was nearly invisible from a distance and was hidden in a dangerous spot near the joint of the giant machine. You sent a blast to try and hit it, but the robot moved just in time to obscure the small switch once more. It turned to try to latch onto it’s attacker but it still did not see you.

Once it turned back you got in close and hovered by it, waiting for your moment. In and instant you smacked your hand onto the switch and pulled back.

The bot froze, but was leaning forward in it’s pursuit, so it began to fall . . . towards the other examinees.


You moved around to the front of the robot and started blasting it backwards with all you had. The nearest examinees all doing so as well. One jumped off the ground with odd springlike legs and sprung repeatedly against its upper body, another with an elastic-like body stretched themselves up to push it, and so on.

In no time the bot was slowly tipped so that it fell over backwards and you heard cheers erupt from the crowd. You lowered yourself to the ground and immediately laid down in exhaustion. You needed to continue to train your quirk stamina more.

You winced when the adrenaline wore off and your head was pounding.

“Yep, major headache now, cool, great, awesome”, your words were muttered under your breath and through clenched teeth.

You just hoped you had done enough.


After the exam, you knew All Might would cut communication with Izuku until the results came out, so you mentioned to him how much the boy was going to freak out about that fact. He gave you permission to text Izuku just to tell him that it was going to be because he was busy, and you hoped that word from you on the matter would help settle his mind.

Toshinori wasn’t allowed to share anything about the exam with you either, but did mention that he had had to explain things to a certain four pro heroes when they had seen you in the exam. You mentioned that you had figured he would have warned them ahead of time, and the man had to embarrassedly admit that he had forgotten. Classic Toshinori.

You spent a lot of time thinking about the events of the exam. 35 villian points, you didn’t think that was too shabby, but really didn’t know how many points you needed.

You had probably gotten some rescue points, after all, only Bakugou hadn’t and that was seen as an outlier.

When the results came you were on the edge of your seat. 35 villian points and . . . 35 rescue points!? That had to be enough! It was way more than you would have imagined.

Your eyes scanned down the scoreboard, the order was familiar, though you had forgotten Uraraka got third. But then, you got fourth?! As Present Mic would say, this hologram was ‘turning out to be a nonstop megamix of surprises’. Toshinori congratulated you and suddenly everything was so real, you were going to meet all of them. All of the iconic class 1A would be going to the same school as you.

Before you forgot you took a moment to do one last thing. You texted Izuku.

“Told you it was going to be fine :)”

Chapter Text

“Izuku, I’m totally freaking out! I still can’t believe I’m in 1-A with you! 1-A is all the other main characters! They’re all so amazing, how am I supposed to act normal?”

On the way to your first day, you whisper-yelled to the boy beside you frantically.

“Well,” he thought for a second “You act pretty normal around me don’t you? How is that different?”

You were caught off guard by the thought, you were quite calm around him. “I guess it’s just cause, I know how kind you are and that you can get just as nervous as me about this stuff.”

Izuku giggled embarrassedly, “Yeah, I guess you’re right”

You smiled at him before being sucked into your thoughts once more. Even though you knew it could be hard for you, and with anybody else you wouldn’t even try, you just wanted so badly to be friends with all of them. They were the friend group you always dreamed of, but you didn’t know how to make friends!

Wait, were you and Izuku friends? You’d talked a lot since you met but you still felt shy about jumping to that conclusion, even after he’d asked to walk to school together that day.

“Are we friends?” The boy started at your words and looked slightly confused.

“Yeah! O-Of course we are! . . . Right?”

Your chest felt warm. “Yeah!”

The both of you looked down with flushed cheeks, but you already felt a little better about your dream of befriending 1-A.

“So,” Izuku broke the silence again, his curiosity was getting the better of him. “Is there someone in our class you’re most excited to meet?”

You paused to think. “I mean, everyone is so impressive. You already met Uraraka, who’s great, and Iida, the guy with glasses who called you out, really isn’t as bad as he seemed. He’s just a bit of a stickler.”

Izuku’s voice was weak, “Yeah, that’s for sure. I was hoping he wouldn’t be in our class. . . Oh god, Kacchan is too, isn’t he? You seemed to know a lot about him.”

You chuckled. “Sorry, Izuku.”

He sighed, “Anyone else scary?”

“Well, Todoroki will be cold at first and then confrontational, but that all works out. He’s actually a really great guy.” Izuku could see that your expression was wistful as you spoke and he wished he could know what you were thinking. The knowledge you had was such a mystery to him, and he was almost jealous you seemed so smitten at the thought of these people you hadn’t even met. After all, along with already having proven a good friend, he was the main character, right? He shook away these thoughts in favor of the one he decided to voice.

“Why does that name sound so familiar?”

Your reaction surprised him, a look of distain spreading across your face, one he hadn’t seen on you before.

You sighed as you thought about that bastard Endeavor. It wasn’t your place to tell anyone what he did to Todoroki, but nothing would stop you from voicing your distain.

“That ass Endeavor is his father, but I wouldn’t bring it up if I were you. Don’t ask why.”

“Oh,” he blinked in surprise, “Okay.”

There was a beat of silence before you pepped up again quickly, “Welp! I’d say that’s enough gossip about our classmates. Even though I’m pretty sure anything I can say won’t affect the timeline, you don’t need to be overloaded with information. I’ll tell you about all their quirks later, though!”

Izuku followed you as you picked up your pace slightly, more perplexed by you then ever.


Before long you were at UA’s gates once more, this time as official students. You both entered with trepidatious footsteps and an anticipatory silence fell over you as you found your way to the classroom.

‘1-A, this is really it.’ You fell slightly behind Izuku as he opened the oversized door.

Immediately you both locked your eyes onto Iida and Bakugou’s confrontation. ‘Well, at least he knew this was coming this time.’

You’re thoughts were interrupted as Iida finally turned and his gaze locked on to Midoriya with awe.

“It’s him”

Iida’s words made everyone’s head’s turn and Izuku immediately froze. You took this as your cue to leave them to it.

You put a hand on his shoulder as you pushed past him and walked to find a desk. “Good luck, hero.” You tried to keep your amusement out of your whisper, but a small smile was on you face. Izuku sighed, a slight blush on his face at your nickname.

You looked around the room, you saw that the two backseats on each far row were open, two behind Asui and next to Koda and Sato and two behind Momo next to Tokoyami and Todoroki.

Odd, you thought you remembered Momo sitting in the back row? Then again, you noticed another change, no Mineta. Thank god, maybe his absence had contributed to her change in seating, that would make sense, anyone would want to make sure the obvious pervert was staring at them, especially a beauty like her.

Well, you always gravitated toward the back corners so you found yourself walking across the back of the room to the seat by Todoroki.

You probably shouldn’t bug him, right? He’s still in his ‘I’m not here to make friends’ stage, it would make sense to just wait for the festival when Midoriya would open his mind.

A part of you couldn’t shake the thought of speaking to him, though, and honestly? You had a decent plan of how to go about it.

Anxiety built in your chest as you turned your eyes to face him. Before long he sensed your gaze and turned an impassive semi-glare your way. This likely would have made anyone else immediately look away. He oozed intimidation and you could feel your heart beating.

“Uh, Hi. What’s your name?”

His face didn’t change at all as he shifted his gaze forward once more, still entirely stoic. “I’m not here to make friends.”

You couldn’t help but laugh, which actually made him raise an eyebrow and turn his gaze to you despite keeping his head forward. Yeah, you had seen that coming.

“Don’t worry, I already kind of could tell. I got that vibe from you.” His raised brows furrowed slightly and you continued. “I just figure getting acquainted with our classmates is a good idea anyway because we’ll likely be working together a lot. Pro work is too collaborative for us to not.”

He paused, and a quiet huff escaped his nose. “I suppose, I’m Shouto Todoroki, then”

I small smirk graced your face despite your attempts to repress it, “I’m Y/N L/N, but you can just call me Y/N, I’m more used to it.”

“Well, you can call me Shouto if you really want to, I simply couldn’t care less.” His voice stayed the same even monotone it had been. “And that still wouldn’t make us friends, or anything.”

You laughed again, and he was slightly annoyed by this. “What?”

You stopped your giggling to respond. “Ah, you’re just very blunt, it’s funny.”

“Oh, Okay.” He turned away again and you took that as the end of the conversation, but then his mismatched eyes glanced at the front of the room where Izuku was blushing while Uraraka spoke excitedly and Iida hovered nearby. He decided gathering information would make that odd exchange worth it.

“Hey”, his voice startled you and you turned to see him looking at your three standing classmates. “You walked in with him, right? What’s the deal with all that those other two were talking about? Why the scene?”

“Oooh, that,” it made sense to you that he’d take any opportunity to gather info, that was sort of his thing, even if he likely assumed no one here was any real competition for him. “Izuku took out a huge zero point robot in the entrance exam”

“Hm,” a short hum was all you got out of him and you didn’t expect more. Then, with impeccable timing, you heard Aizawa make his dramatic, unsettling, entrance.

While everyone was caught up in shock, you laughed internally. What a weird guy, but also same. Who doesn’t wanna lay around in a sleeping bag all day, honestly.

Everyone shuffled to the changing rooms to get dressed, but a voice stopped you.

“L/N” You stopped and turned toward the voice of your scraggly teacher.

“Yes, Aizawa-Sensei?” You believed your use of the Japanese honorific would be appropriate here given your past experiences in this world.

“Listen carefully,” Other students were still a only a slight distance away as they headed out the door, so he kept his voice low. “While it’s hard for us to know exactly what you knew about the entrance exam, the staff still felt there was good reason to debate disqualifying you.”

This made you swallow thickly, the weight of his words hitting you.

“That being said, we believed that, knowledge or not, that you showed skill in the practical exam that was worth acknowledging, especially given the limited time you had to train your quirk.”

You couldn’t help but feel a bit relieved, only to be pulled back onto your toes a second later. “Don’t make us regret deciding to take a chance on you.”

You straightened up and looked him in the eye, your heart racing. “Yes, Sir!”

“Now go get changed.” Jogging to reach the last of your class that were making it out the door, you felt a new weight, but also a new excitement, fill your mind. You hadn’t noticed that Todoroki had made sure to spare a glance at Aizawa and you before he exited the class. He noted that the interaction seemed odd, and he would not forget about it in time to come.


You couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. You at least could do better that some of your classmates simply do to the varied applications of your quirk, but you still needed to get better scope and control.

As you reached the dressing room and started to change, you saw that all the girls were introducing themselves to each other. When they finally turned to you and Mina asked you name, you gave you typical introduction, and made sure to tell them to call you Y/N.

“Y/N,” You turned to Uraraka’s voice, “Do you know falling boy? I’ve seen you with him twice now.”

“Oh, Izuku? Yeah, we met and trained together before the entrance exam.”

“How cool! Are you guys together or something? Like dating?” Of course Mina would say something like that, you flushed nonetheless.

“No! We’re just friends! We still only met three weeks before the exams.” Did you feel that way about him? It was too early to say, you thought. You loved everyone in your class like a friend or family, but you didn’t know even him well enough yet for that.

The conversation flow had shifted away and you finished getting dressed, so you all headed out meet the rest of the class and you fell into the crowd with Izuku on your left side and Uraraka on your right, though you hovered just slightly behind them.

Admittedly, you zoned out once more while everyone reacted to the news of what you all would be doing and Aizawa monologued, but you kept your eyes locked on him attentively so he hopefully wouldn’t notice. What finally snapped you out of your head was Bakugou’s coming up to the plate to throw, and his loud explosion.

You had to admit it was impressive, there was a lot you could learn from him.

Aizawa continued, making his shocking announcement that he planned to expel the lowest scoring student. You could see Izuku start shaking and you wanted to tell him what would happen, but you knew you couldn’t.

Aizawa’s eyes were locked on you and the green haired boy. He remembered your mentions of his name to him and All Might when you had first arrived in this world. Whatever All Might was up to with this kid he was sure he wouldn’t like it.


Okay, the 50 meter dash was first. Wow, seeing everyone’s quirks in action was more overwhelming than you thought it would be, but you had to focus. When your turn came you crouched slightly and started up your hand beams before the time came to go, when you were slightly above the ground you fired up your feet. You were hovering for only a second before the machine said to go and aimed your hands behind you and extended their beams to propel you forward.

5.29 seconds, not too shabby.

The tests went by is a similar fashion, and before you knew it, Izuku was up to throw. Your heart was in your throat, but you knew he could do this. You knew Aizawa’s harshness was necessary to improve him, but it hurt to see him berated like that.

You watched in awe as he finally threw the ball, the rush of air whipped you hair behind you and when he turned to Aizawa you could see the surprise in the pro’s eyes. You were so proud of your boy.

Of course, Bakugou then made his scene, understandably surprised, but was stopped by Aizawa and when Izuku returned to the crowd you gave him a smile and a thumbs up and he smiled back at you.

By the time you reached the long distance run, you had to alternate your quirk and jogging to keep your headache from getting too severe, but you simply weren’t very fast on your feet and were more accustomed to mental than physical exertion.

Then the time came to see the scores, You almost couldn’t bear to see Izuku shrivel at the sight of his last place standing. You didn’t feel too bad about 8th, above average, but you did feel a tad guilty. He deserved that higher spot, he was a true hero through and through. But, what got you through was knowing that he wouldn’t be expelled and that he wouldn’t surpass all of you one day, he really deserved that.

“And I was lying, no one’s going home. That was just a rational deception to make sure you gave it your all on the tests.”

Yeah, you stick to that story, Eraser.

Momo saying it was obvious had always kind of rubbed you the wrong way, but you know she didn’t mean badly by it. She was sweet, you hoped to be her friend one day.

Aizawa left the group of students and you felt you should say something. Izuku needed to hear this and you wanted the rest of them to know it too.

“Um, well,” Some heads turned towards your voice. “I feel like you all should know he actually totally wasn’t lying before. I read up a bit before today and Aizawa-Sensei has expelled a whole class before that he didn’t think had potential. If he hadn’t been impressed by Izuku’s quick thinking and determination with the ball throw, he would have expelled him without a second thought.”

Shocked mumbles passed through your classmates, you thought you saw Momo blush ‘Sorry, girl’, and you heard Kaminari say, “Damn, and when I was just starting to think I could calm down a bit.”

You and Izuku met eyes, his wide with shock at what you had said. You smiled and mouthed ‘good job’. Izuku thought maybe he could do this after all, even if all the odds were against him. He’d just have to keep working hard and learn to control his power!

“Do you want me to wait for you while you go see Recovery Girl?” He snapped out of his reverie and was surprised to see you right in front of him.

“Y-You don’t have to, I wouldn’t want to hold you up!”

“Don’t be silly, Izuku. It’s no problem, I’ll see ya!”


When Izuku met you out front you were quickly joined by Iida who first asked if Midoriya was alright and then introduced himself to you. Uraraka joined you as well and though you were mostly quiet, walking with the three of them made your heart swell.

Not bad progress for the first day, huh?

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The next day, though you knew you would have to wait, you were on the edge of your seat in anticipation of the infamous 2nd day battle training. Despite that, though, you found yourself enjoying just sitting in the classroom or at lunch and looking around at your classmates. It was weird to just sit around all, well, normally, with these people you’d daydreamed about.

You found yourself looking at their faces and flushing with embarrassment just thinking about the content you’d seen about them, the internet was a crazy place. You were pretty sure Todoroki had flickered his gaze around the room briefly and caught you looking at him out of the corner of your eye and blushing profusely at the memory of some shameless smut fic you’d come across. You made sure to keep your eyes forward for the rest of the day after that and decided to try and forget about your world’s raunchy internet for your own sake, you hoped he didn’t think you were some weird fan girl . . . Even if you supposed you kind of were.

When the time came and All Might walked into the room you chuckled under your breath at his pageantry. A warm smile spread across your face when he briefly met your eyes.

Then, of course, came the time for costumes. You’d kept yours pretty simple but cute and you were proud of it. You tried to consider what support items to include and you honestly couldn’t think of much, but you did add a belt with two pockets just in case and a powerful light which you could turn on with the press of a button to produce fodder for your quirk in dark surroundings.

Everyone filed out to meet All Might and stood idly amongst the crowd of your fellow classmates.

“Your costume’s cute, Y/N!” You turned in the direction of Uraraka’s voice and smiled, your voice was high pitch with nerves but you were excited to see her.

“Thanks! Yours is great too! Cute and bubbly just like you!” You thought you saw her pink cheeks flush a little? It was hard to tell given their perpetual pinkness.

“You think so?” Her hand rubbed the back of her neck bashfully, “I think they made it a bit tight.”

You giggled, “I guess bodysuit is just sort of the hero default, I don’t mind it though.”

At that moment Uraraka glanced behind you. “Hey, Deku!” You turned to see the boy in his rabbit-like green suit and smirked a little. Pure, sweet boy.

He blushed and stuttered nervously as she spoke about her costume to him, and you gave him a smile and a wave that made his blush multiply. Maybe you should have opted away from the bodysuit simply for his sake, the poor guy.

All Might gathered you all to attention to explain the exercise. Your classmates asked questions and chattered when, finally, All Might brought out the box to draw lots. You thought for a second, if your presence was to have minimal impact on important developments you’d probably just replace Mineta and be with Momo right?

Every one took their turns drawing and your thoughts were confirmed when Momo called out for Team C and looked down to find ‘C’ printed on your slip of paper. ‘Okay!’ You thought ‘She’s great at strategy but you know a good bit about your classmates! You can do this!’

You walked over to her and held your slip up with a shy smile”That would be me, it’s a pleasure to get to work together with you!”
You cursed your high pitch, ‘trying really hard to be polite so you like me’ voice and met her eyes.

She smiled gently and responded with a simple, “The pleasure is mine”.

All Might pulled the first match, Izuku’s match, and you looked over to see his form visibly tense. As you walked by to the viewing room you put a hand on his shoulder and looked to Uraraka. “You guy’s have got this.” You tried to keep the graveness out of your voice, no one else knew how serious this was going to get. Uraraka said thanks and you made meaningful eye contact with Izuku before you continued on your way. He could do this.

You made it to the room and All Might started the exercise. As you watched Izuku and Uraraka enter the building and walk quietly down the hallway, you knew what was coming.

Even so, you were as amazed as your classmates as you watched Izuku’s quick thinking in action. Their amazement at his actions made your heart swell with pride. When Izuku final ran, though, Bakugou was looking positively insane.

“That guy has some real anger issues, it’s kinda scary”

Kaminari’s comment made you laugh, and you turned your head to see him glancing in the direction of your response.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure he’s feral” The electric boy chuckled back and you both returned to being enraptured by the screens. You did take a moment, however, to mentally high five yourself for a successful interaction with a new classmate.

When the point finally came that Bakugou used his gauntlet blast and he and Izuku were facing off again, the tension in the room was high.

When Bakugou did his evasive maneuver in the air, even you were surprised. Details of the fight had become hazy in your mind before that moment and your heart clenched as Izuku got hit with a blast.

“He doesn’t come off as a guy with a strategy, but he’s actually quite intelligent”

All eyes were on Todoroki now as spoke, some people seemed shocked at his words. You couldn’t blame them, seeing Bakugou run around like a crazed animal and almost throw the match made one forget that underneath all those emotional issues he was smart.

Todoroki and Momo broke down the importance of the ability Bakugou displayed with this move and in the pause you shared your thoughts.

“After all, he’s so emotionally dysfunctional because all he thinks and cares about is fighting, makes sense that all that obsession would pay off.”

Conversation continued as the fight got more dire, at which point Kaminari stated that while Midoriya did well, he was simply outmatched.

You turned to look at him, “Don’t count Midoriya out just yet, Kaminari. He might surprise you.”

You words made his brows furrow, as your concerned expression turned slightly excited, like you were anticipating something, even as Midoriya was running away on screen.

At that point the boys began charging at one another, the viewing room was chaos as Kirishima yelled to All Might. All Might told them to stop, but it was too late.

That’s when Midoriya’s punch changed direction and, quite literally, blew the roof off the place.

The room was silent, the hero team had won.

God, that fight never got any less intense, seeing it for real was something else. The power of One for All was truly something else to witness. Those who had heard your earlier statement briefly noted that you were correct, you can never quite count out Izuku Midoriya.

When the time came for Iida to be named MVP and Momo to shine, you were just as impressed despite knowing what she’d say. You muttered aloud to yourself “I totally got the coolest partner”. She overheard you and smiled slightly, a light blush on her cheeks.

Next was Todoroki’s turn. Damn, you hated the cold, you braced yourself for as the teams began. Aaaand there it is. You watched on the screen as he coated the building with ice, why did he have to be so cool? Pun intended. You never really understood why he did the whole half body ice thing early on, though. ‘Weird’

The battles continued and and you found yourself enraptured as you watched. Finally, something you didn’t know the end to.

Then, Momo and you were up against Kaminari and Jirou. As the two of you grouped up you voiced your thoughts. “I know strategy is like your forte so I’ll just cover my thoughts real quick. I imagine Jirou will use her earphone jacks to listen in the walls and finds us, and then Kaminari will be offense to knock us out with his electricity. We can try and do something to disable Jirou’s quirk like blasting a loud noise to disorient her, but that might just be delaying the inevitable. As for Kaminari I imagine you could make something to insulate us and then we could just take them both out?” You stopped when you realized you were rambling. “Uh, what do you think?”

She thought for a moment, “That sounds like a very good evaluation of the situation. Additionally, I’ll blockade the room, we can never be too safe.”

So, Momo made insulating cloaks for you both and slotted beams across the door like you remembered from the show.

Finally, you heard Kaminari and Jirou try to open or take down the door, to no avail. Then you both saw electricity coming in from outside, but you were both protected.

This felt . . . anticlimactic, that is until you heard the creaking of the door and the metal slats as they crackled. Kaminari was pumping electricity into it and it was starting to give. Finally the door fell open, you readied yourself to use your quirk and Momo stood ready with a staff she had made. Kaminari fired more electricity at the both of you, but you both blocked with your cloaks. After that, you shot a light blast at him and he was thrown back through the doorway and against the wall, though he wasn’t down yet. Once he steadied himself, he charged at you. At this point even he knew he needed to get in close to land a hit you wouldn’t be protected against by your cloak. You flew up above him before he could reach and fired at him again, sending him sprawling on the ground.

You got your capture tape open and ready as you swooped down. He was just sitting up as you looped the tape around his torso a slid to a stop on the ground behind him and wrapped the tape around him a few more times.

You glanced over at Momo and Jirou to find that Momo had just restrained her opponent as well. And you heard All Might announce your win over the speakers.

“Ah man,” you heard Kaminari’s voice behind you as you stood and walked around to face him. “I can’t believe I lost to a girl on the second day of class.”

You snorted as you crouched down to release him from the tape. “Believe it, Sparky.” You mentally face-palmed at his sexist comment; silly, prideful boys.

A smirk a grew across the boy’s face, “Y’know Y/N, if you wanted me tied up you only had to ask.” He winked, a classic Kaminari flirtatious joke.

You couldn’t help but blush at first, but you scoffed and then chuckled at his ridiculousness “Ah hush, Kaminari you pervert.” You then paused and muttered under your breath, “Plus, I’m only into the reverse”

As you finally finished freeing the boy, you saw a bright blush erupt across his cheeks in your peripheral vision. You thought it was hilarious messing with him, but you still were slightly too flustered to look him in the eye.


When you made it back to the viewing room, Uraraka and Iida congratulated you on your win and you thanked them.

“I couldn’t have done it without Yaoyorozu, she’s super impressive”

Yaoyorozu was walking in just behind you and was once again slightly flustered by your compliments. “I couldn’t have done it without you, Y/N. You did great out there.”

Her smile made you flush, and her compliment meant a lot to you. God, you were surrounded by amazing people.

“Hey, Kaminari, what did Y/N say to you at the end that made you blush so much? It was clear even on screen.” Kirishima’s voice was peaked with curiousity, and you supposed most people had heard by now that you preferred your first name.

You turned your head to look at Kaminari with an eyebrow raised. He briefly glanced at you with a panicked gaze before chuckling awkwardly. “Nothing, I don’t even remember, y’know” he chuckled more and everyone decided to leave it be. You smirked but were also relieved he didn’t say anything, your embarrassing joke was an impulsive move on your part.

The rest of the fights went by quickly, but you found them enrapturing. Full fights you never got to see in the show, you took mental notes to tell to Midoriya.

All Might said his farewells and everyone went to get changed and returned to the classroom, as everyone discussed results you were able to get official introduced to everyone you hadn’t yet.

Finally, when Midoriya returned and everyone swarmed him, you lingered at the edge of the crowd and waved to him once you knew he was leaving to catch up to Bakugou.

As everyone crowded to the windows, you knew that from this distance no one could see the tears in Bakugou’s eyes, but you knew they were there. You mostly had ignored him as he had his silent tantrum throughout the day, he needed to learn that too much ego would get him nowhere. But now? You felt a pang in your chest for him, everyone had that moment where they were forced to realize that there was always someone better, prettier, smarter; often many people. You knew it hurt, and so you hurt for him as well.

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You were ready for the reporters when you got to school that day. You willed the light of the world through your body and prepared to slip through the crowd when you froze with realization. Shigaraki would be here soon. You looked all around you for forms in the distance or on the edges of the crowd . . . Nothing. You breathed a sigh of relief and slumped in placed when you were caught off guard when someone bumped into you.

You stumbled slightly and your invisibility fell. You looked over to find Kirishima looking slightly bewildered and completely sorry.

“Sorry Y/N, uh, you were invisible just now, right? I’m not going crazy?”

You laughed, “Yeah, sorry, I was just getting ready to sneak through the crowd.” You gestured loosely to the mass surrounding UA’s gates.

“Oh, good luck, I might just talk to them and hope they let me by.”

“Well, good luck, Kiri.” You chuckled as you said it and turned invisible once more, not noticing what you’d done as you already were so familiar with the boy in your mind.

Kirishima stood there for a moment as you left, at least he assumed you did, and blushed almost imperceptibly. “Did she just give me a nickname?”


Only once you sat down at you desk and gave Midoriya a brief good morning and discussed the media circus outside, did the reality of what it meant sink in.

This meant the USJ attack was next. You looked out the window again, to see the gates close up when the news woman attempted to enter. You could see the very edges of the crowd over the gate from your raised perspective. Lingering just a bit away from the crowd was a lone figure . . . With light blue hair.

You were sure you felt your heart stop. Your breathing picked up but remained silent as you were deathly still in a way that meant your chest barely moved with breath. You were frozen in a way that meant your eyes widened only slightly, barely noticable. Izuku looked back at you to see you in this state, a state that looked just off enough to tell him that something was wrong.

“Y/N, are you okay?”

Your head turned to face him and snapped out of your trance. “Yeah,” you laughed but it was forced, “just zoning out.”

Izuku smiled slightly and you paused before adding. “Hey, Izuku?”

Your voice was small and it surprised him. “Yeah?”

You responded briefly, not knowing if an outside force would stop you. “Be careful today, okay?”

His eyes widened, the eye contact you were making was trying to convey a thousand things that you couldn’t say. You wanted to add one more thing.

“I mean, I know you’ll be okay, cause you’re you, but I still worry.” He seemed to understand what you were saying. Things would be okay, if anyone could assure him of that it was you.

“Sorry about that, time for another day of class!” You suddenly shook your more serious demeanor and giggled while grabbed your notebook from your backpack.

The whole interaction was very strange, but Izuku somewhat understood your intentions. You knew something and though it would end up all right, you couldn’t help but want to warn him. In the end, though, all you could do in the meantime was move on and have a normal day.

While Izuku understood these things, the dual-colored boy sitting to your right who was idly listening while staring forward blankly, did not. This was yet another odd bit of information he catalogued away, if ever he needed it.


After Aizawa announced the need for a class rep, and the ensuing chaos, and the vote, Izuku Midoriya was class rep.

‘Well’ you thought, ‘for now, at least’. You had voted for Iida, so at least he didn’t have zero. You hoped it would make him feel better in the meantime before his appointment.

You sat at lunch with Izuku, Uraraka, and Iida as they discussed the results of the election. Iida mentioned that he had voted for Midoriya which led Uraraka to question who voted for him.

“Oh,” you finished chewing a bite of food, “that was me.” The eyes of all three were immediately on you. “I kind of figured you’d both vote for Midoriya and I totally thought about it, but I figured, along with being suited to it, Iida would enjoy the job more.”

Iida looked surprised. “Thank you, Y/N, I’m honored you think so highly of me.”

You smiled awkwardly, “No problem.”

The conversation continued with Iida’s aspirations and his family line and what have you, approximately how you remembered it.

Then the alarm went off and Izuku and your eyes met. You shook your head and hoped he understood you, ‘this is not what I meant this morning’. As people began to freak out you started to just follow the crowd. You knew everything was gonna be okay, and you wanted to tell people that, but it felt wrong to say that aloud. It was not just the media, villains were here and you knew it. You felt yourself stop and fall back as people continued to move past you, but the crowd was mostly ahead of you by now. Your eye scanned the areas away from where everyone was crowding, but you knew you would see nothing.

You sighed heavily and began walking again, this was Iida’s big moment. You looked to around you again and were surprised to see Todoroki also at the edge of crowd, looking nonplussed as ever.

You huffed to yourself in amusement before turning away and standing up on your tiptoes to try to see the doorway, so you didn’t notice when Todoroki finally glanced around and saw you staring at the air above the crowd expectantly.

After a moment of looking forward once more you both saw Iida rise above the crowd and spin through the air before landing and making his announcement. As the crowd dispersed, Todoroki filed away yet another odd occurrence, his suspicion about you growing once more.

Back in the classroom, ‘Emergency Exit Iida’ was made class rep and you smiled at Izuku as he returned to his seat.

Class continued on, but when Aizawa stood up to introduce the day’s training, rescue training, your blood ran cold. Your head was swimming as Aizawa finished and everyone began to stand up. You were only jolted out of you daze by Izuku’s voice.

“Y/N? You okay?”

Your eyes flicked to him and you swallowed the lump in your throat, “Yeah, I’m okay.”

You got up and left to go change.


You wanted to engage in the bus conversation to keep your mind off what was to come. It killed you that you weren’t saying anything, but alarms in your head told you you’d just pass out if you tried.

So, you stepped on and found a seat between Kaminari and Mina, being in the center of two fun people had to distract you, right? You had been zoning out again, but Tsu’s voice cut through your thoughts.

“Sure, but Bakugou’s always angry so he’ll never be that popular.”

Ah, yes, this pivotal scene. You let Bakugou finish yelling.

“Well,” you piped up, “hero fan girls will actually probably love the concept of a ‘bad boy’ as long as they don’t actually have to deal with him like we do.” Your mind of course went to this due to your knowledge of Bakugou’s popularity in the My Hero fanbase.

“Hey! What the fuck, Glowstick?! Just cause you hang out with Deku you think you fucking know me?! You wanna die too?!”

‘Huh, Glowstick’ you thought. You had been wondering if he had noticed or questioned you hanging around Izuku since before even starting the entrance exam, apparently he’d at least noticed, you guess he’s not totally face-blind.

You both ignored Bakugou and after a moment of consideration Tsu nodded in acknowledgement of your point, and Kaminari came in with his famous line.

“You know, we basically just met you, so it’s kind of telling that we all know you personality is flaming crap mixed with garbage.”

You knew the line was coming, but you laughed anyway.

“Hey, hey, we’re here, stop messing around.”
Aizawa’s voice cut through Bakugou’s yelling. Well, that was nice while it lasted.

You filed out to see Thirteen, who escorted you into the building and explained its contents. Throughout their speech, you felt the tension in your body rising, it was inspiring and you wished you could enjoy it but you simply couldn’t. Your eyes were trained on the area just behind Thirteen in the distance with an intensity.

Then the power went out. ‘Shit shit shit’ The fountain sputtered. ‘Oh god’ The portal materialized. The villains were here.

“Wait has the training started? I thought we were rescuing people?”

You responded, “This isn’t training, Kirishima.”

Aizawa told you all to stay back and slipped his goggles over his eyes. “This is real. Those are villains.”

His words echoed your own thoughts at many points since arriving in this world. This was real. For better or worse.

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The inevitable had come, Aizawa faced the villains while you and you classmates ran for the exit. You knew you wouldn’t reach it, but you ran nonetheless.

You were quickly stopped. ‘Kurogiri’, god did the guy no how to monologue, so cliche. He seemed so cocky, and given you knew he’d fail, you momentarily shifted from fear to distain. You wanted to scoff and rub in his face that he would fail to kill All Might, but you kept quiet.

Your mind began to race. You remembered a post analyzing how people had ended up teleported with those near them. You were at the back edge of the crowd, where you often gravitated, and found that the person nearest to you was Todoroki to your right.

‘Okay’, you considered ‘that could work, I would be able to rush back to the front the fastest to help Aizawa and making sure Todoroki gets back fast is probably the best chance for him getting solid support from a student.’

‘However, I don’t know how Midoriya will fare without Mineta, he was actually useful in this scene.

The conclusion you came to was that if Midoriya needed you for the sake of upholding the timeline, that meddling divine being would make it happen. So you stayed where you were and let black fog envelope you.

You emerged from the fog and fell to the ground. Looking around you saw that you were in the landslide zone.

“Okay, so with Shouto it is, Divine Being” you muttered to yourself you looked to your right and saw Todoroki already freezing the villains as you had anticipated. From a distance you faintly heard him chiding them.

You got up and flew over quickly. “Shouto!” You called out as you did. You hoped he wasn’t entirely joking about not caring if you used his first name, then again he doesn’t joke whatsoever.

He didn’t turn his head until each villain in sight was adequately trapped and he just stared at you silently from the corner of his eye. It was slightly unnerving.

“Okay, listen,” you were going to try to break this down quickly and get going to help Aizawa. Mental images of his injuries for Shigaraki and the Nomu haunted you mind. You couldn’t change big things, but maybe you could protect him from that. “I imagine you want to press these guys for information, but we already know what we need to. They’re here to kill All Might and we can assume they have a plan to do so. I’m assuming it’s the big thing by the hands guy cause it doesn’t look at all human. So, I say we head back to the front ASAP to help Aizawa and All Might if he arrives because if they have something as strong as they imply the heroes are going to need all the help they can get, do you agree?”

Todoroki turned to face you directly and was silent for a moment. “How do you know I wanted to interrogate them? Why do you assume to understand their plan so quickly?”

You sighed, this totally wasn’t the time for this. “I made logical assumptions, Shouto. One way or another I’m going to go help Aizawa, but I imagine you can do much more to help than I can so hopefully you plan on coming too.”

At that moment you turned and took off, flying quickly as you could towards the front. After a moment you heard the gentle tinkling sounds of Todoroki’s ice behind you as he used it to skate quickly over the terrain. Maybe you really could manage to help, even if it was just through lighting a fire under Shouto.

As you were finally coming up on plaza, you saw Izuku and Tsu crouched and hidden in the water. Good, you assumed they found another method to subdue the villains once they’d been gathered by the giant whirlpool.

Then your eyes shifted to where they were looking, Shigaraki was clasping Aizawa’s elbow, you knew what was coming. You cursed how close the two were and focused carefully on the trajectory of the photons between you and Shigaraki. You shot a narrow beam directly at him which jolted him away from Aizawa and onto the ground as he looked up at you.

At that moment, Shouto caught up and sent ice at Shigaraki who began muttering as he disintegrated it. You took a second to look at Aizawa’s elbow, the sleeve was destroyed but there was no exposed muscle. That’s something, one timeline improvement. Aizawa looked aggravated at your presence but had no time to voice this as he had backed up and been swarmed by more villains who he continued to fight while others were redirected to you and Shouto.

Shigaraki continued monologuing to Aizawa while you shot blasts at as many villains as you could. You were high up and luckily none seemed to be able to reach you, but you provided backup as Shouto froze each villian that swarmed him.

You saw movement in the corner of you eye and turned, all the villains were frozen or knocked away, but the Nomu had almost reached Aizawa while he was distracted facing Shigaraki.

“Aizawa! Behind you!”

You knew that blasts would do nothing to the creature, so the warning was all you could think of. Aizawa turned around and jumped back.

Todoroki froze the Nomu but he broke the ice immediately. That when the Nomu moved forward fast and grabbed Aizawa and slammed him into the ground.

You could only watch as the Nomu twisted and broke Aizawa’s arm. ‘No no no goddamn it! Maybe I was crazy to think I could actually help.’

You squared up to send another blast at Shigaraki instead, but his raised voice stopped you. “Touch me and your teacher is dead, stay there and listen.”

You froze and let your arm fall in defeat, even Todoroki was frozen in place, looking unsure. The Nomu broke Aizawa’s other arm and you felt like you were going to throw up. That’s when Kurogiri materialized to say that Iida had made it out. Thank god for that at least.

Shigaraki started scratching his neck frantically, they were going to have to leave and so he wanted to leave a mark that would last before they left. He launched at Tsu in the water, but froze before you could try to hit him, Aizawa had erased his quirk.

Wait! Okay! The Nomu was poised to slam Aizawa’s head back into the ground, worsening his injuries, but the Nomu is going to replace Shigaraki when Izuku tries to hit him.

“Izuku do it now!!! Quickly!!!”

You knew he would know what you meant and Izuku didn’t waste a second in launching his attack, so as your eyes were glued on the Nomu, it just disappeared. Aizawa fell back towards the ground and you flew over fast, catching his shoulders and easing him down gently.

Izuku’s smash had reverberated through the whole building and when you looked over to see the Nomu grab Izuku and Shigaraki was reaching for Tsu once more.

Then the door slammed open, it was All Might.

The relief that overtook your classmates was palpable as All Might swooped in at grabbed Aizawa, Izuku, and Tsu away from the villains. He ordered you all back to the entrance with Aizawa. Izuku lingered, though, you did too. Only you two knew that he wasn’t invincible.

Despite All Might’s reassurance, you both were concerned as you looked back at fight. Aizawa was dragging slightly between Izuku and Shouto, but you knew they needed to be heading back to All Might.

You focused light under Aizawa’s legs and arms and floated him up off their shoulders. They both looked back at you.

“I’ve got this from here, he’s going to need you. And Izuku? Please try to refrain from breaking your bones? Like seriously, your quirk is a last resort, okay?” You said this as you didn’t want Izuku to take you words to mean that he should fight now, only at the last minute, he needed to save it for then.

They continued to look at you, the dust cleared and you all looked to see All Might with the Nomu digging into his side.

“See?! Go! Now!”

They didn’t need any further prompting.

You watched the fight in glances from then on. Shouto froze the Nomu, Bakugou came in and tackled the Kurogiri. It seemed to be happening as you remembered it now. They had that handled, you had a job for now.

The others came to help you and Tsu with Aizawa, at least this would all be over soon.

That being said, the awe you felt as you watched All Might fight, the sheer power radiated throughout the whole building and shook the ground like a force of nature. You briefly thought that if nothing else, you were brought to this world simply to witness his power.

The stand off that followed was tense, and Shigaraki was headed for All Might. When Izuku jumped it bought just enough time for the pros to arrive.

‘Thank god’

When given the rundown of Aizawa’s injuries over Tsukauchi’s phone, you noticed something.

You vaguely remember in the show that they had said there was no way to know if his vision would be impaired. So when the words “it seems he won’t suffer an vision impairment, but it was a close call” through the phone, your heart gave a powerful thud in your chest.

You did something.

Chapter Text

Though the attack was over, your mind had continued to race with thoughts. Was there any useful information you could give about the villains? Would you be allowed to? It seemed impossible to know what would change the timeline and you were scared to meddle.

I mean, you knew their hideout was a bar but not where, you knew Shigaraki‘s real name, you knew All for One was the true leader. But would any of that do any good?

Later, with just All Might and Tsukauchi, you attempted to say what you could. The bar comment didn’t do much, but you continued.

“The true leader, Shigaraki’s mentor, is All for One.”

Both of the men froze, eyes wide. You knew All Might had wondered about that at this point, dreaded it, but knowing it was a whole other thing. You continued.

“He stays away from the bar, speaks to Shigaraki over voice call. But he’s not the only one. And I remember that one of them says that they are glad the failed under the ‘phony’ League of Villains name rather than their own. I don’t know what this refers to or who other than All for One. And-“

You were preparing to reveal Shigaraki’s true name. You knew it would be a gut punch for All Might but you wanted to say all that you could. Apparently, though, you already had because before the words could leave your lips the air was sucked out of them, like before, and you coughed and gasped for air as you recovered.

“I guess I can’t say that.” You supposed that reveal was a big enough deal to protect.

“Is that all, then?” Tsukauchi had recovered from witnessing your outburst. He had been briefed on your situation so he knew such a thing might happen.

You sighed, your voice weakening from it’s previously deadpan tone “Yeah, I’m sorry I can’t be of more help.”

You looked down, feeling slightly dejected and your voice ever smaller. “. . . And I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you, I’m sorry I couldn’t stop this.”

You felt a hand on your shoulder, Toshinori. “It would have happened whether you were here or not and from what I heard you managed to help Aizawa. So, just focus on what you can do, I think this world is better with you in it regardless of how much you can change things like this.”

Like any kindness or compliment, his words made your head fizz and tingle like TV static and your face flush. You looked up at him with a shy expression and simply said, “Thank you.”


After the day of rest, you felt reinvigorated by your excitement at the upcoming sports festival. As you sat at your desk, you gazed out the window idly for a while before feeling the hairs raise on the back of your neck, like eyes on you. It made you whip your head around but you didn’t see anything, so you shrugged it off.

As everyone chatted excitedly you smiled idly, as affection welled in your chest you realized you really needed to try to speak more. You can’t make friends if you don’t speak.

Then of course Aizawa shocked everyone with his presence and then scared them with vaguely ominous statements before finally announcing the sports festival. Classic Aizawa.

When lunch finally came, there was a buzz of excitement throughout the classroom as everyone hung back to talk.

When Izuku mentioned that he was nervous, those thoughts crossed your mind too for the first time. A big crowd, cameras, everybody watching. Aw fuck.

You looked at him. “Yeah I get that. Stage fright amiright?”

Then you all turned to Uraraka’s voice “Deku, Y/N, Iida” her determined face really was . . . something in person, “Let’s do our best in the sports festival.”

As she lead everyone in an intense cheer, you laughed, she was even freaking out Kirishima who is usually the one to yell out excitedly. You giggled as you put a hand on her shoulder and voiced this fact, looking up at the boy. He blushed slightly and chuckled, “I guess I do.”

You smiled, “It’s nice though! Your excitement is contagious,” he blushed a little deeper.

“Really? Heh, Thanks”

“No prob” you said as you waved and turned to head out with Dekusquad.

Of course, then came the discussion of Uraraka’s motivations. You remember the flashback to baby Uraraka and your heart squeezed. ‘So cute!’

“Young Midoriya! Young Y/N! Here you are!”
You chuckled internally, All Might and his showboating. Midoriya questioned his presence, to which he responded, “Lunch, would you two want to eat with me?”

You found yourself wondering why he asked you as well for Izuku’s pep talk for the festival. All Might, though, was thinking that you were always a big help in encouraging the boy and he wouldn’t mind the assistance. Iida and Uraraka gave nods so the two of you looked to eachother followed after your teacher.


Back in the cafeteria, Uraraka wonders aloud to Iida what All Might wants with the both of you.

“I heard that when All Might was attacked by villains during the USJ incident Midoriya tried to stop them himself, perhaps that’s what this is about. Also, remember what Asui said on the bus? Since their quirks are so similar to each other it’s possible All Might’s taken a liking to him.”

Uraraka asked back, “What about Y/N?”

“I was thinking about that as well, I don’t really know. But did you notice All Might calls her by her first name? I know she tells people to but it still seems odd for a teacher. It seems like he does it without thinking. She’s kind of mysterious so maybe he’s a family friend or something of the like? I haven’t wanted to pry.”

A few people ahead of them, Shouto Todoroki listened intently, peaking at them out of the corner of his eye. It seemed everywhere he looked odd things about you kept popping up. Izuku Midoriya as well. But now there was finally something that peaked his interest.
As All Might and Izuku discussed their powers you mostly listened. All Might was right that you also acted as a soothing presence to the boy. You liked to keep him from getting too caught up in doubtful thoughts.

All Might gave his intense pep talk and you started to get excited. Your friend was going to make his debut as the future number one hero. Your friend.
At the end of the day was when the crowd of student blocked your door. Your eyes immediately blinked to Bakugou. ‘Hoe, don’t do it.’

Then, of course, he went and called everyone extras. ‘Oh my god’

A voice began to respond and you felt your heart jump. Shinsou Hitoshi.

You listened to his declaration, enraptured. You really did hope he would get transferred into the hero course. You knew Aizawa would train him so it was likely.

Either way, though, between Shinsou’s speech and when everyone began to agree with Bakugou’s assertions, everyone was getting pretty fired up.

Chapter Text

In the time leading up to the festival, you trained at the beach, sometimes with Izuku and sometimes alone. Something you considered your number one priority after the USJ was increasing the power of your blasts, being able to more quickly collect more light energy. Also you trained your endurance more, which had already improved since you started at UA.

You considered what you might need to do in a battle with each of your classmates and suddenly felt woefully outclassed. Well, there was many that you could likely evade and wear down with attacks from afar. Tokoyami even would be an easy match for you given your quirks. But then there was classmates like Bakugou and Todoroki, the former could reach you in the air and his attacks were far more powerful that yours and the later also had attacks with the range to reach you and the power to take you out. Midoriya could blow you out of the arena with just the burst of air from his smash.

So, the increase in your power was paramount to make sure a strong attack couldn’t blow you away, that you could power against it. Also so that you could strike back in turn. You idly wondered if you could control Aoyama’s laser.

These were just some of the things on your mind as you trained, trying to make bigger and bigger craters in the sand.
On the way home from a day of training, Toshinori texted you to ask if you could pick up some things from the store.

You were actually quite excited about this, as you really wanted to do everything in your power to thank the man, you wouldn’t even have money to buy things at the store if it weren’t for his taking you in without a second thought. Despite this eagerness, Toshinori for the most part tried to prevent you from doing chores and errands for him, feeling no need to be payed back for his actions.

As your eyes scanned the shelves diligently for the item you needed you heard a voice down the aisle from you.

“Y/N?” You turned in surprise, given how few people you knew in this world, what were the chances of a random meeting?

You immediately recognized the yellow hair and unique black streak “Kaminari?”

A signature mischievous grin spread across his face “Y’know, I already call you by your first name, so call me Denki, sweetheart.”

You giggled at his classic over the top flirting. “Sure, Den~ki~” you over-enunciated his name with teasing flair and you think you saw him blush a little. Maybe that play had backfired on him.

You chuckled and continued, not wanting to let an awkward silence fall, sometimes non-awkward conversation is so hard. “So, how’s your training for the festival going?”

He perked back up at that “Pretty good! Practicing trying to up my wattage limit. No luck with aiming though.” He shrugged. “How about you?”

You thought. “Working on increasing the concentration and power of my light and my overall endurance. Nothing very interesting.”

“Sounds pretty cool to me! But just know you won’t beat me again.” His cocky attitude reminded you of when he faced off against Shiozaki and that make you laugh quietly.

“Overconfidence is going to make you look a fool one day, Denki, be careful.” Your tone wasn’t serious, more lighthearted and teasing, after all, it’s funny when he looks a fool.

“Then I’ll make sure to back it up.” He winked at you and you blushed slightly. Suddenly you remember to check the time on your phone and noticed that you should really be going.

Denki noticed this and took a shot, as is typical of him. “It getting late, how about I walk you home?”

After you checked out, despite your protests, Denki did proceed to walk you all the way to All Mights apartment building.

On the way there, you once again felt yourself melting easily into conversation, just like with Midoriya. This time with more teasing jabs and meme references. Denki was delighted to find that quoting a vine was an easy way to make you brighten up and laugh, and you were delighted to find out that internet culture was just about the same in this world as yours. You’d been a bit busy to check, after all.

You supposed you truly were meant to be here.

“This is me” At your words Denki looked a little disappointed.

“Can I have your number?” A blush spread quick across your cheeks. “Y-Y’know cause I totally need to send you that video I was talking about!” ‘Saved it’ Denki thought.

You chuckled, “Sure.” He handed you his phone and you put your number in with your name before returning it to him.

“Night, Denki.”

“Night, Y/N”

The festival had arrived before you knew it, and you were quite excitied. Big things happen this arc. Also, you had moved your quirk training to the school grounds for the last while because your blasts had reached a size where they would actually notably fuck up the beach. The day before the festival you had gotten to the point where one of your blasts would actually break apart concrete thoroughly. During the entrance exam the damage to the robots was mostly done when they slammed into the ground, but now you bet you could actually blast the thing to bits.

You sat in the waiting room at a table with Uraraka and Tsu while Izuku stood nearby. When Iida came in and told everyone to get ready to go, you had already noticed Todoroki approaching Izuku. Great, time for these silly boys and their dramatic monologues. You love them, though,

When it was all said and done, Izuku’s speech did sort of pump you up, right as he finished you got up to put your hand on his shoulder and encourage him. At that moment Todoroki said “Fine” like you imagined he did in the show, you did’t quite remember, which made you glance up at him. He met your eyes with that same intimidating seriousness he always had and his mouth opened briefly, like he was about to say something, but he didn’t.

As he turned around to leave his eyes stayed locked on yours. The boy had known what to say to Midoriya, he was All Might’s pupil and a rival, he would beat him plain and simple. But you? He wanted to tell you he would beat you as well, but how to explain his singling you out? ‘Hey, I know you seem to know things you shouldn’t?’ ‘Hey, I know you have a weird relationship with the teachers?’ No, that wouldn’t do. He would find out later exactly what was up with you and make sure you knew that it meant nothing when it came to beating him.
You were surprised for a few seconds after Todoroki turned and left, but recovered to look back at Midoriya and smile before you head out after everyone.

As everyone filed out of the tunnel, you looked around at the crowds with a mixture of awe and intense anxiety. At that point everything sort of became a blur as you got caught up in your anxious thoughts.

Before you knew it, it was counting down to the start of the obstacle race. ‘You got this’ You thought reassuringly ‘your flying is perfect for this, just get to the end real fast and the follow after Midoriya so you won’t mess up the timeline too much, also because Best Boy deserved to win.

When the timer ended you immediately hovered up above the crowd and started flying overhead, no need to worry about Todoroki freezing you. You flew over the crowds and exited the tunnel just in time for it to be coated in ice and looked down to see him running just below you so you slowed you pace just slightly, you figured it would save stamina to let him handle the robots, you could fly over.

You did exactly that, once again in awe despite your previous knowledge. The people in this world are just too amazing. The second he froze the bot you increased the power of your beams to rocket over it at your top speed and fly right over his head.

After a moment you looked behind and could see Bakugou, Sero, and Tokoyami going over the bots as well.

Todoroki saw you above at this point and sent a wave of ice up at you. You shot up as fast as you could and managed to avoid it.

‘Guess he doesn’t like sharing his lead, got it.’ You let him keep running and turned invisible before shooting past above him. Flying over the pit was easy and you looked back to watch Todoroki cross.

‘My quirk is almost too suited for this.’

You hovered along above Todoroki before looking back to see Bakugou catching up. ‘I better get out of the way before they start fighting’. You shot over to the end and waited.

Finally the loud explosion sounded and you saw Izuku flying over the field. ‘So proud’

When he finally landed and started running you flew just behind him and uncovered your invisibility just before breaching the opening of the tunnel behind him.

You immediately went up to Izuku to congratulate him. He was already about to cry at his victory, now on top of that he looked shocked “Y/N? You were there the whole time?”

You chuckled, “Yeah, invisibility meant I wouldn’t end up fighting like Todoroki and Bakugou.”

You heard a voice from behind you. “What the fuck was that?! Where did you come from?!” ‘Bakugou.’

You turned, he looked furious, and a little ways from him was a shellshocked Todoroki.

It had definitely helped that the only classmates to see you turn invisible in the past were Izuku and Kirishima.

You just smiled and waved at the two of them, half nervously and half tauntingly.

The next rounds would definitely not be anywhere near that easy.

Chapter Text

You made sure to tell Izuku how proud you were.

“You were amazing! I know you feel like you got lucky but it was totally all because of your quick thinking! God, that was cool!!!!”

He was blushing wildly.

“Also! All Might is totally so proud, you have no idea”

“Really?” He perked up at that.

“Yeah!” You lowered your voice “I’m pretty sure I remember him jumping up with fists in the air and say “Yes” when he saw you flying on that explosion.”

Izuku looked so happy you could just cry.

As your classmates filed in many congratulated the two of you.

“Deku, that was amazing! I can’t believe you got first place I’m so jealous! And Y/N! Second place out of nowhere!” Uraraka

“Nice job you guys! Both coming out of nowhere was pretty crazy!” Kirishima

“Y/N! You’re so lucky! Your quirk was perfect for that. And can you believe Midoriya just yote himself like that?” You laughed at this, the speaker, Denki, turns to the boy. “You’re an absolute madman!”

“You two! What a power couple, am I right?” Blushes abounded at this. “Mina!” The girl just laughed at your scolding.

Then came time for the next event. The Calvary battle. You figured you just be on Izuku’s team, after all, you could levitate your team just like he was already going to.

Denki was next to you as everyone else started picking teams. “Y/N, can I be on your team?”

You hadn’t even considered making your own, you didn’t want to change things to drastically. “I was actually thinking I would just join-“

At that moment there was a voice behind you. “Y/N”

You turned in surprise, it was Todoroki.

“Join my team” it wasn’t really a question and your eyes blinked over to Izuku who had noticed the scene. You gave him a thumbs up and he looked surprised but nodded.


You walked with Todoroki to his team of you, Momo, and you saw Iida walking over from a surprised Izuku and Uraraka. Oh dang, you hadn’t even thought about how you were the second of his friends stolen by Shouto. Izuku looked at you once again, you gave him a guilty, sorry smile and a nod. He had to trust you that things would work out.

“Y/N” Shouto again. “I will not let you go easy on Midoriya, do you understand me? You as well, Iida.”

The both of you nodded and Shouto walked the team through his plan, you were to replace Kaminari, a flash-bang-like burst of light to stop competitors rather than a shock, but otherwise his strategy was the same. You felt a little bad that the electric boy likely wouldn’t get through now, but you supposed he did only end up getting embarrassed in the next round.

When strategizing was finished, a good amount of time remained. This was purposeful on Shouto’s part, he approached you.

“I need to speak to you in private.”

You were taken aback but nodded and followed him a small but appropriately isolated distance from your team and any others.

He didn’t waste a second. “Will this strategy work?”

You did a double-take, “What?”

“Will this strategy work?” More gravely this time.

“W-Well, it should, it’s totally sound and I trust your judgement.” You were confused and nervous, what did he want you to say? Why ask you?

He huffed. “I didn’t ask if it should. I asked if it will.”

Your eyes widened, there was no way he knew, right? “How would I know that?”

His eyes narrowed. “Don’t play dumb, I know there’s something odd going on. You keep just knowing things you shouldn’t. That’s why I picked you over Kaminari, I couldn’t let Midoriya have your knowledge on his side.”

You didn’t respond, mouth open in shock, so he continued. “Now, you’re going to tell me how you knew what you did and what the teachers have to do with it now, or I’ll report you for having prior knowledge of the USJ attack, what you said to Midoriya that morning could not have been a coincidence.”

He heard that? You were too flabbergasted to process his threat, one that wouldn’t quite work given Tsukauchi’s knowledge of your situation, but still. All you could manage was, “What do you mean what the teachers have to do with it?”

He sighed. “Aizawa called you back and had a conversation he kept purposefully very quiet on the first day. What secret discussion could you have had if he hadn’t even met you yet? And All Might seems too familiar with you, he calls you your first name despite his teacher status and it’s clearly out of a lack of awareness and habit. Now stop dancing around the question.”

You sighed, other than Izuku, if anyone deserved to know what you know it was him. You know about his past and his traumas. Plus, you know he is trustworthy, he’s a good guy, and that’s going to show soon.

“I’ll tell you, but only after the festival.”

He stared you down intensely. “Fine.”

The fact that your presence didn’t change Todoroki’s plan meant that the Calvary battle didn’t offer many surprises. You blasted away any enemies who got too close until your team was finally standing face to face with Izuku’s. Uraraka’s boot had still broken and limited their mobility despite Mineta’s absence. You supposed that the universe just had it’s ways.

You were nervous about your role here, the time in which he could freeze the other teams would be less due to the fact that your flashbang didn’t physical tense their muscles like Denki’s electricity, instead just stunning and blinding them. When the moment came you put your all into a flash of light and thank god it worked.

In the stand off that ensued you didn’t exactly tell your team that your quirk could take dark shadow out in seconds, unlike what they assumed. But hey, timeline and all that.

Iida’s rush was intense, getting dragged behind him was like a rollercoaster. And when Izuku rushed back at you, like Shouto says later, you really could feel his power. It crackled in the air like lightning about to strike, you wondered how Shouto could be right about no one else feeling it.

Oh poor Izuku, when he realized the band he got was the wrong, he looked so panicked. But, when it all came to an end you made it, he made it, and everything was as it should be. You would never tell anyone you tried to keep some light from hitting dark shadow in some of your attacks, just enough to keep him alive to grab that band. Nope, no one would ever know about that.

Chapter Text

You walked over to Izuku to congratulate him after he was done crying in gratitude. He was so funny that way, so determined under pressure and flustered and emotional all other times.

“Great job, Izuku! Sorry I left you there, I just knew you would be okay.”

He chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of his neck. “Well, you guys almost had us so I didn’t feel so sure.” He paused and thought for a moment before lowering his voice. “Speaking of which, you know about Tokoyami’s weakness, and yet you didn’t say anything or take dark shadow out, why?”

“Timeline, Izu. What’s coming up is way too important.” You missed his red face (‘Izu?! That’s it, I’m dead’) as you reminisced about his and Shouto’s fight, it was a super important moment for both of them.

You snapped out of it and smiled at him, which really didn’t help the flustered boy. You saw Todoroki making his way to Midoriya and took your cue to leave. “Well, Good luck.”

Izuku started to mumble “Yeah, thanks” in his unfocused state before realizing what you said. “Wait, what do you mean good luck?! We’re just heading to lunch right now? Right, Y/N?” You were already heading out.

You starting thinking as you walked. Next were the one on one battles. There was no guarantee but if you simply took Denki’s slot in the bracket you would be up against Shiozaki first. How to beat her? Her plants absorbed electricity but your blasts should work, right? Specifically, though, plants would be weak to fire.

An image flashed in your mind, the reflected light of a magnifying glass setting something alight. Could you do that? At the very moment you reached a planter on the other side of the bars leading out of the stadium. You hopped up on the bar and then over it to sit on the edge of the planter. It was worth a shot. Some of your classmates gave you funny looks as they passed by and when Uraraka asked you just told her you’d catch up.

Admittedly, you also wanted to be there when Izuku got out of his talk with Todoroki. He might have questions for you, or even just need some advice or encouragement, either way you like being there for him.

At this point you abandoned those thoughts in favor of focusing on one leaf which you had plucked and held in your fingers. Okay, you just needed to focus on concentrating a lot of light particles on one pinpointed area. After a little while of doing so with no success you gather more and more particles, endlessly supplied by the rays of the sun beating down on your back. Then, finally, a spark. You lost your focus for a second and it flickered out, but it was something.

A few tries later and you watched as the flames licked slowly away at the leaf.

“What are you doing here?” You looked up in surprise and shook the leaf to put out the blaze before dropping it. It was Todoroki, his face still severe and his voice cold even more than usual, you saw the small figure of Izuku in the distance standing still and likely deep in thought.

“I, um, practicing?” You had to admit that remembering his conversation with Izuku was a reminder of tragic past that filled with intense emotion and made you more nervous to talk to the dual-toned boy in front of you.

He raised an eyebrow. “Practicing setting a leaf on fire?” He sighed. “Nevermind, I don’t care.”

But he didn’t leave, he moved a little in place, like he was considering it, but was otherwise still and stoic.

“Do you really have to wait until after the festival? Why in the world can’t you just tell me now?” He sounded irritated, you guessed that his conversation with Izuku had him feeling more impatient, especially given his hope that your secret might reveal something about Izuku’s connection to All Might.

You thought, you had figured it would be a lot to process in the middle of all this, but maybe it was just the sort of crazy distraction he needed? After all, you can’t imagine he’d be ready to talk about it right after the festival, given everything else he’ll be thinking about.

“Well, I guess it’s up to you? I know there’s a lot going on right now and a lot is probably on your mind, but . . . Well, I think you’ll be thinking about much more important things for a while after the festival.”

The boy wasn’t sure what on earth that meant, which was all the more frustrating. “Then just tell me now”

You hesitated, “Are you sure? It’s kind of a lot to take in?”

He gave you an icy glare “I’ll be fine.”

At this moment Izuku was passing by you two on his way to eat and gave you a questioning look. You simply nodded and motioned for him to keep walking.

You took a deep breath. “Now this is going to sound crazy, like super crazy . . . But I grew up in a very different . . . world, one without quirks.”

“How is that possible?” He didn’t look like he believed you at all.

“I mean, multiverse theory and all that. I come from a different universe. I fell asleep one day in bed in a world without quirks and woke up on the pavement of the grounds of UA with Aizawa standing over me.”

“As for how I know things. This part sounds almost stupid, but, in my world there was a show called My Hero Academia which was about this world, specifically about our class. Sans me, of course. I had watched the show which spans a decent bit into the future from here, so outside of the addition of me, I’ve seen this all before.” Even as you spouted such craziness, Shouto was still and impassive in front of you, he definitely wasn’t buying it.

“You’re right, you sound crazy.” You huffed, of course he didn’t believe you. “Why should I believe you?”

You laughed wryly. “Because if I was making it up would I have made up something so silly?”

He didn’t respond for a while. But then he started asking for elaboration as if accepting your premise. You told him about the being in your dream, which he didn’t seem to buy as legitimate but oh well and how All Might had taken you in. You even explained how you couldn’t reveal the future or do too much to change the timeline.

“Here, ask me something about the near future.” He looked dubious. You idly wondered if the universe would get tired of you doing this.

“Who will win the Sports festival?”

Of course, Bakugou’s name is ripped from your throat the moment you open your mouth and struggle for air for a moment, the muscles of your throat are clenching around nothing, drawing nothing in. When air finally floods back into your lungs you gasp and cough in relief.

You look up at him weakly from your doubled over position, his eyes are as wide as you’ve ever seen them and he’s frozen in place. “Yeah, so that’s what happens.” Your voice is breathy and a wry smile is on your face.

You both sit in silence, your pretty sure that strong physical reaction was making him finally consider that this was real.

“Well, if that’s all. I should be going.”

Shouto Todoroki, you walking enigma.
When time came to go back and announce the third round, Izuku was immediately aside with you. He had been giving you questioning looks since you returned and your eyes had promised him an explanation.

“What happened?” His voice sounded somewhat concerned.

“Well, I told him.” Izuku’s eye’s widened. “I told him where I’m from. He had noticed that I seemed to know things I shouldn’t and I figured he deserved to know because, well, I had seen what he told you.”

Izuku’s mind seemed to be racing. “Is that okay? I know All Might and the teachers sort of agreed we should keep it mostly secret.”

You waved your hand in dismissal of his worries. “Todoroki’s trustworthy, I already told you he’s a good guy deep down.”

A sigh left Izuku’s lips. “Yeah, I understand more of what you told me about him now.”

You both fell into a silence as they announced what was to come. The debacle with Shinsou’s team of course followed. You had never been quite sure how you felt about these events, but you at least respected their decision, it was very noble.

When the bracket was revealed, you were against Shiozaki. You supposed practicing on that leaf wasn’t for nothing.
Izuku and Shinsou were the first two up, of course. You always kind of wondered how Izuku could let himself speak after all that warning to stay quiet. But you supposed that when it came to defending his friends, it would be easy for him to forget that kind of thing. He really was just such a good guy.

Despite knowing what would happen, watching Izuku walk towards the boundary of the ring still made your heart pump. You also felt bad for Shinsou, though, knowing what would happen. He really was shafted by the entrance exam, wasn’t he? He would make a great hero one day. You still thought so, even as he laid in the ground with his feet past the boundary.

Would it be weird if you tried to talk to him? What other chance would you get? You told the others you need to go to the bathroom, once you were out of sight you turned invisible and flew over the expanse of the arena and into the tunnel Shinsou was to exit through. You landed and watched as Shinsou pledged to become a hero and got Midoriya with his quirk two more times. It was pretty funny, what a sweet, trusting boy you are, Izuku. When Shinsou entered the tunnel you spoke, but for some reason you still felt to shy to drop your invisibility.

“You really got Izuku there, huh?” You were giggling as you said it. Shinsou looked around for the source of your voice alarmed and you took a deep breath before appearing.

“You? What do you want?” He wasn’t as on his guard as he had been before, but he still looked wary.

“I, uh, I just wanted to say you did really great! I look forward to seeing you in the hero course.” God, this was nerve-wracking.

“Is this some kind of joke?” Luckily the words weren’t as hostile as they could have been, one of his furrowed brows was still raised in confusion.

“N-No! I just don’t doubt for a second that you’ll make it. You have the most perfect hero quirk I’ve ever seen! To stop a situation non-violently in a second, that’s the impossible ideal of heroism! But you can literally do it!” You got a little carried away and the boy in front of you looked stunned.

“Uh, thanks.” He really didn’t know how to respond.

“Sorry, that was a little weird, huh? I should go.” You turned invisible to try to escape the embarrassment, but before you flew back over to the stands you said one more thing to Shinsou’s still frozen figure.

“See ya, Hero.”

Chapter Text

Todoroki’s match was next, which meant that soon would be his run in with his father. You had to admit the temptation to track Endeavor down and tell him to go fuck himself was strong, but you knew you should stay out of it for now.

‘Sero vs Shouto’ you mused. You knew how this would end. That, of course didn’t make it any less cold when the ice soared in front of your classmates faces and above their heads. Your face was fixed in a contemplative frown the whole time. Izuku had been right, Shouto looked so . . . sad.
You were lucky that there was such a thawing process after Shouto’s match, because you got ample time to try and calm your rising nerves before your first match.

Mic did his introduction of Shiozaki as an ‘assassin’ which he would soon regret before moving to you.

“And the mysterious front-running lady from 1-A, the luminous Y/N L/N!”

You considered his words, were you mysterious? You supposed that you had been invisible for most of the first round. These thoughts occupied you while Shiozaki preached to Present Mic.

“So, anyway, BEGIN!”

You sent out your first blast as soon as he finished, which she blocked quickly with a shield of vines. It burst apart at the impact, but it still meant that she was untouched.

You flew up immediately knowing her vines would be after you. As you flew up fast they pursued you doggedly, growing fast and seeming limitless. While still moving you tried what you had done before, your focused light pinpointed on the vine that was headed straight up towards you. It sparked and started to eat away slowly, you focused on another spot and as each flame grew until it finally puffed out triumphantly, like the point of no return in a forest fire.

You heard a soft yelp from Shiozaki as the fire started getting closer to her. You started to swoop down. While she was distracted frantically detaching the engulfed vines from her hair you reached her and grabbed the front of her jacket while you dived bombed.

Your momentum pushed the two of you to the edge of the ring and you tossed her over the edge and then redirected yourself back and up to hover in the air before landing.

“Shiozaki is out of bounds! L/N wins!”

At that moment you breathed a sigh of relief, a slight headache creeping up on you due to the focus you had to put into the new application of your quirk. It was worth it, though. You were farther than you ever thought you’d get in the festival.

You meandered for a while rather than heading straight back, Iida and Hatsume’s fight would take awhile. While you let your mind wander you remembered that with the outcome of the match, you would be up against Iida next. He won against Shiozaki in the show, but you weren’t sure how a fight between the two of you would go. Did you even want to beat him? All he wanted was to make his brother proud.

‘Oh god!’ It hit you, ‘his brother!’. Could you in good conscience beat someone who’s brother was about to be . . . Oh god. Then again, he deserves a fair fight, he deserves for you to try your best. Sure, you had fudged things in earlier rounds, but if you had tried to change too much and had messed up important events you know it would have ended badly for you.

Well, you supposed there would be no lasting plot consequences of beating him, so this could really go either way.

As you made your way back to the stands a very nervous and almost sullen Uraraka was making her way out as an oblivious Izuku muttered to himself in his seat a small ways behind her.

“You’re going to do great, Uraraka. I know it.” Her eyes jolted up to meet you approaching form. Her smile was forced as she responded, but the affection was real.

“Thanks, Y/N. You can call me Ochako, y’know?”

You smiled back gently. “You got this, Ochako.”

She pulled you into a quick and unexpected hug, but you were happy to provide some comfort and encouragement, before she walked away briskly.

When you sat down by Izuku, he was already enthralled by the new match that was starting. Mina vs. Aoyama.

The match didn’t last long, neither did Momo vs Tokoyami (poor Momo, you hoped that maybe you could help her with her confidence), many of the early ones hadn’t, really. The first real long match was Kirishima and Tetsutetsu punching at eachother. The second was to be Ochako and Bakugou. Good on Ochako for that, only going down after the second drawn out struggle of the tournament and with Bakugou no less.

You stayed in your seat when Izuku went to talk to Ochako and gave a brief nod when he and Iida returned. As the fight between Ochako and Bakugou began, Iida and Izuku spoke back and forth about strategy for a while before falling into nervous silence. You watched as the unrest grew, some audience members oblivious to the growing barrage of debris floating above the ring. You looked to Izuku and saw the anxiety oozing from him. You elbowed him before nodding your head upward towards the debris. You saw his green eyes widen in recognition.

The smile that spread across your face when Aizawa told of the crowd was filled with so much pride. Proud of Aizawa for standing up for both his students, proud of Ochako for showing that she should never be underestimated, and proud of Bakugou for not being simpleminded and misogynistic enough to underestimate a strong opponent.

Even as Ochako collapsed she kept trying so hard to get up. It was heart crushing to know how devastated she was in that moment, but you wanted her to know that you were still so proud of her.

That was it for the first round, you supposed. As much as you dreaded to beat Iida, one thought kept recurring in your mind. You really wanted to fight Shouto.