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A Mark We Choose

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This is an incredibly bad idea. This is the worst idea any of them have had. And yet? It's exactly what they need.

At school it was revealed that their class's designated rock person, Kyouka Jirou, is also learning how to be a tattoo artist from her uncle. No one tell her parents, that certainly isn't a thing her parents would be proud of at this age. Of course, the rebellious teenage age makes teenagers, well, rebel.

And now the five of them are packed together in the clustered basem of her uncle's basement, both her uncle and her standing at a tattoo table and talking quietly.

"I can't believe I let you boys talk me into this. If my parents find out-" Momo starts off in a rush.

"If your parents find out they're fucking perverts and I'll bash their faces in before they can say shit," Bakugou speaks up firmly. "These tattoos are going to be hidden on our hips. If anyone sees them, they're nasty fucking pricks and I'll kill them."

The hot headed is quickly placated when a pale hand cards through his spiky hair carefully. "Easy Katsuki. We'll deal with that when we cross that bridge," and Todoroki's voice is full of pure amusement. He continues to pet Bakugou's had, as if the other was a cat, but Bakdoesnt complain once.

"C'mon, we've wanted to get a matching tattoo for a while now. It'll be a permanent reminder on our skin that we aren't alone," Kaminari says happily from where he's sprawled out over Midoriya's lap. And none of them can really argue. They've all craved it ever since they had the idea. Something they choose for themselves to mark their own skin, not given to them from their parents.

A giant fuck you, if you will.

Kyouka's uncle walks over to them and crosses his arms over his chest. "Alright, give me the sob story," he says gruffly. It almost seems like he doesn't care at all, but there's something behind his eyes. Like he's hoping there's something seriously there rather just another random, rebel teen.

Midoriya shifts a bit while clearing his throat. "I'm sure you can see some of our bruises, burns and scars already," he starts off calmly. "There's more under the clothes, worse than what you can see. And we aren't in a gang." Midoriya pauses to watch Kyouka's uncle tense up slightly. "Our parents, or are least one for each of us, is not very nice. We want a permanent mark on our skin that isn't caused by complete anger and is on our own terms. Sure, we could wait. But I think I'm about to lose my mind if i have to look at the brands on my thighs one more fucking time." His voice is tight at the end and he sucks in a shaky breath when Kaminari and Momo gently grab his hands to support him.

They can all see Kyouka's uncle's shoulders sink. He opens his mouth to speak, but Bakugou cuts him off.

"We don't want your sympathy or need you to baby us. Are you going to do our tattoos or not? If not, we'll take our money elsewhere and find someone who will."

It's harsh and to the point. Just how Bakugou likes it. And no one in the group reprimands him. He simply gets a few light strokes behind his left ear from Todoroki to sooth the boiling anger, but he can tell that even Todoroki's ever persistent patience is wearing thin.

"I'll do it," Kyouka's uncle spoke up. "Please, call me Shimizu throughout our session today," he added gently. "Here, there's chairs over by the station. We can get started."

So they all shuffle over to the work station that Shimizu had set up. Bakugou ends up in the main seat first. Stripping enough so Shimizu has access to Bakugou's upper and outer left thigh. It's the spoke they had all agreed on.

Shimizu begins to prep Bakugou for getting the tattoo, Kyouka hovering behind him just close enough to see without getting in the way. Shimizu talks everyone through the process easily while he works. Bakugou barely reacts when the needle is moved along his skin. Shimizu is doing it free hand, and suddenly everyone is a little scared that this will end in a disaster.

By the time Shimizu finishes, everyone feels a little stupid for doubting him. The tattoo is not overly large. It's a ring of flowers; a chrysanthemum, an iris, a blue tulip, a white rose, and a daisy with weaving ivy to tie them all together. It's maybe as big as Bakugou's hand going either way. And it's beautiful.

"Did they hurt at all Kacchan?" Midoriya asks curiously.

Bakugou blows some loose blond hair out of his eyes. "Nah, not as bad as my mom's punches," he says simply. He let's Shimizu cover his new tattoo before he stand up and gets fully dressed again. "I'm sure you'll all be able to handle it. And I'll hold all your hands, so you can squeeze it if you need to. And if it hurts too bad I'm sure Shimizu will stop to give you a break if you need it."

Shimizu nods in agreement easily. He's moving to change needles, getting a clean one ready. Todoroki strips next and slides onto the chair easily. He huffs in amusement when Bakugou's hand slides into his own. "I think I can handle this," he says playfully.

"I said I would hold everyone's hands," Bakugou replied stubbornly. And Todoroki just smiles fondly. He's grateful for the comfort he knows he really doesn't need. He can't help but accept and melt and be soft with his little group. He had grown used to doing it all alone, facing fear all by himself. He can't make himself fight it away in the group. He can't help but fight it head on with his group.

He wouldn't ever give it up.


By the time they're all leaving, having paid (half the price they had been told at first) and with some proper ointment to put on their new tattoos, they were sore. Shimizu offered to do any of their future tattoos for half price, if they ever want more, as they made their way our of the garage.

Momo looks down at her leg, where the tattoo rests under her pants. "I can't believe I did this," she says, but she's smiling brightly. She looks back at the boys and beams. "These tattoos are so pretty too! I'm so glad we did this."

All the boys melt because Momo is the sweetest and most genuine person any of them have ever known. She's a perfect blessing and none of them deserve to have her as a friend.

Momo laughs loudly when Bakugou picks her up by her waist and spins around with her a few times.

"Let's go back to my place and chill. The bane of my existence is on a business trip and won't be back for a week," Todoroki spoke up after Bakugou set Momo down.

"Wait, is your older brother going to be there tonight?" Kaminari asks eagerly. Looking at Todoroki with a hopefully gaze.

"Natsuo?" Todoroki asks playfully, grinning when Kaminari groans in exasperation.

"No! Touya!" Kaminari cries. "Y'know, the one that's hot and the bad boy."

"Who also slacks off and doesn't have a job?" Bakugou scoffs.

"He has a job now," Momo and Midoriya chime together. They both blush brightly in embarrassment when three gazes pin them in their spots.

"Excuse me?" Bakugou asks, a slight smirk playing at his lips. "I expected Kaminari to be all over the bad boy types. But you two? You're both such goody-goodies. And you're talking to Touya, since when?" He teases lowly.

"That's not what it is at all!" Momo cries, face getting even redder.

"We aren't talking to Touya like that!" Midoriya cries at the same time. He's far redder than Momo, all the way down his neck.

The other three look unimpressed as they watch the two.

Midoriya's shoulders slump then and he sighs heavily. "When Momo and I went to get snacks for the sleepover we had last week and Kacchan's place we saw Touya and the convenience store. He wasn't really all that happy to see us and threatened to throttle us if we mentioned it to anyone."

Momo rubs at her face for a moment. "We figured it wasn't a big deal. We'd all have jobs if our parents would let us, but they won't and we only get spastic free time. We weren't really threatened by him, he kind of smiled at us despite threatening us." She shrugs then and smiles. "Anyways, no you know."

"You're right, it's not a big deal," Bak agrees easily after that. "'Bout time he got a job," he huffs.

Once they settle down, they're on their way to Todoroki's house which isn't too far away.

"Oh, and Denki?" Todoroki called.


"Touya will be there and working out for a bit."

"Holy fuck, YES!"