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A Bikini With Red Polka Dots

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Kendou had proposed a little weekend trip to the beach and, somehow, it had all worked out pretty well.


All the crew –Kendou, Tetsutetsu and Monoma— managed to have the weekend off –which was quite a hazard due to all of them working on different places— and so they made to the beach without problem at all.


It was a good day; the sun was high and shiny, the sky was adorned with fluffy clouds and there was just the perfect amount of wind so the warm weather wasn’t uncomfortable.


There weren’t lots of people on the beach either, which was quite a plus because the three friends could enjoy from some peace and calm but they still got some kind of background noise.


Such a perfect day.


Tetsutetsu was basking on the warm but delicious weather and the view of the calm ocean’s waves crashing on the sand when he heard a tiny gasp –probably Kendou— and the moment the silver haired man turned his head he felt his brain going off.


There, by the shore, was a girl walking slowly as she took her long and bright red hair to put it on a messy ponytail.


But that wasn’t all.


The girl didn’t just have a really, really curvy body, but she was wearing a red polka dots bikini and sweet Jesus, Tetsutetsu couldn’t figure out if the bikini was, indeed, small or if the girl’s curves were so big and pronounced that they made the bikini look so tiny.


This girl’s body was just something else, entirely.


Now, Tetsutetsu wasn’t one of drooling after big breasts and big, round butts –he did appreciated them though—, he was more of the idea to firstly get to know the person, how they think, their personality and then his heart would decide if he wanted to ask them out or just kept them as a friend.


Monoma always teased him about it; “That’s why you’re almost thirty and haven’t dated but two people in your whole life”, he would say.

If Kendou was near, she would reind the blond about his disastrous “love” life –Monona couldn’t keep a boyfriend around for more than a month- but Tetsutetsu didn’t take it too seriously those comments because he actually didn’t mind them and because they weren’t exactly lies.


Yeah, Tetsutetsu had only dated two persons due his tactics but those two were incredible and long relationships, even though they ended at somepoint.


That’s why a small part of Tetsutetsu’s mind was going crazy because he had considered –for a little bit— wanting to know the red haired girl, not because he was curious about her but because he wanted to know who wa the owner of that amazing and stunning body.


Once again, this wasn’t like Tetsutetsu at all; he did appreciated when a boy or a girl were pretty or super fit bit it wasn’t like him to actually drool after them as a thirsty man in a dessert.


He wanted to find consolation in the fact that he couldn’t be the only one looking at her and thinking lots of stuff---


But then, maybe he was the only one because the redhead stopped walking and turned her head at Tetsutetsu’s direction.


The silver haired man felt his breath hitch, a cold shiver running through his back as his brain began to supply tons of apologies and excuses but then the unthinkable happened.


The girl’s serious face broke into a huge, toothy and bright smile; Tetsutetsu stayed there, frozen in the spot as he kept walking away.


Tetsutetsu felt star-struck, and before he knew what was happening, his body was moving on his own.


If at first he just wanted to know who was the owner of that amazing body now he needed to know who the owner of that beautiful smile was.


Tetsutetsu was so focused on following the girl that his brain just barely registered Kendou’s and Monoma’s voices telling him something he didn’t understand; all of his brain cells working on no losing that marvelous backside and in following the redhead wherever the heck she was going.


That was probably why he practically ignored the, now, frenetic calls from his friends as he kept waking behind that red polka dots bikini.


Until he tripped over, apparently, nothing.


Tetsutetsu snapped out of his trance and the first thing he notices was that he was inside the ocean. More precisely, he was in the deepest part of the ocean; that’s why he had “tripped”, because there wasn’t any sand to walk on.


Tetsutetsu stayed still as a cold shiver ran through his back and then his ears began to work once again and so he could understand his friends’ shouts.


Tetsutetsu what the fuck are you doing?!


You don’t know how to swim, fucking idiot!


Oh, right. That’s why he always stayed in safe, dry land when he was in a pool party or in the beach.


He never learned how to swim.


Tetsutetsu just had time to widen his eyes at the realization before he was sinking hard and fast as if his body was made of metal.


He moved his body like crazy, but it didn’t matter what he did for he couldn’t simply reach the surface, and then there was water in his nose and in his mouth and---


And everything went black.




When he woke up, the first thing Tetsutetsu was aware of was the horrible taste of salt water on his mouth and that his chest hurt a little bit; then he noticed both Kendou’s and Monoma’s worried faces and he was about to apologize but words died on his mouth when he saw no other than the beautiful redhead kneeling besides him, her scarlet eyes worried and her lips slightly open.


If it weren’t for his hurting chest, Tetstutetsu would have thought he was dead and in heaven.


-.Are you okay?-. The girl asked and Tetsutetsu felt his heart stop at hearing her voice for the first time.


Tetsutetsu didn’t answered right away, so the girl tilted her head with her lips already forming another question when the silver haired man finally spoke.


-.Please go out with me-. Blurted Tetsutetsu. The girl’s scarlet eyes widened in surprise and he could hear Monoma’s laugh behind him.


-.What?-. Said the girl, her face showing her confussion though her lips were forming a small, cute smile.


-.I mean—It doesn’t have to be a date but I would love to go out with you-. Said Tetsutetsu in a rush-. We-We can just hang out just like friends and then see what happens! T-There’s a dancing club near the beach and---


The girl’s cheeks turned a rosy blush as she gave him a sweet smile.


-.That—That sounds nice-. Said the redhead and Tetsutetsu felt his heart beat harder-. But I’m afraid that we can just be friends-. Tetsutetsu felt his entire being froze at that.




-.W-What?-. The girl’s blush intensified.


-.You seem like a nice dude and I would love to be friends with you-. Explained the girl-. But that’s all we could be because I---


-.Cherry-Bomb, is the idiot alive or what?-. Asked a deep voice, interrupting the redhead’s explanation.


Both, Tetsutetsu and the girl looked at the owner of the voice and holy fuck; yes, Tetsutetsu was straight as an arrow but he wasn’t embarrassed to admit when another guy was ripped or good looking and the guy who had just spoke was both ripped and really good looking.


Ashy blond hair, blood red eyes and a body built by the greek Gods’ themselves.


It was like watching a mix between Rambo and Schwarzenegger.


Tetsutetsu was still processing the guy’s good looks when the red haired girl spoke.


-.Babe! Don’t be rude, he almost drowned!-. The ashy blond tsked and---




Did she call him “Babe”? As in your-my-boyfriend-or-girlfriend-so-I’ll-call-you “babe”?


Was the Rambo-Schwarzenegger guy the redhead’s boyfriend?!


Tetsutetsu looked between the Rambo-Schwarzenegger guy and the redhead girl.


-.That wouldn’t had happened I he hadn’t been following you like a horndog, drooling after you-. Said the blond, his red eyes never leaving Tetsutetsu’s grey ones.


The redhead made a choking noise and exclaimed a really high Katsuki!, but Tetsutetsu couldn’t even think about how cute she sounded because his brain was too busy screaming at him to RUN!, dammit! And he would have gladly done it, if not for the redhead’s hand that was gently holding his arm.


Tetsutetsu was so royally screwed.


-.What? It’s the fucking true! The whole beach saw his stupid stunt and the punishment he received for it-. Answered the blond.


The redhead sighed and stood up walking to the blond and putting a hand on the guy’s broad chest.


-.Katsuki, babe, stop it. You know I love how protective you are of me but I think this time you’re over-reacting-. Said the girl with a stern but sweet voice-. He didn’t have any bad intentions-. The blond –Katsuki— scoffed.



-.Yeah, sure--

-.Alright Blondie, I think it’s enough-. Monoma said-. Yes, our friend was quite the creepy idiot but I can assure all the people here noticed your girlfriend ‘cause, sweetheart, she just doesn’t go unnoticed. Less in that bikini.-. The redhead’s whole face flushed red at that-. And I say it as a compliment, honey ‘cause you’re absolutely gorgeous that’s a fact-. Explained Monoma.


-.Also-. Said Kendou-. The only difference between our dummy friend and the people here is that they realized that she wasn’t alone but with you, while Tetsu didn’t, because he’s a lovely moron.


Tetsutetsu really wanted to feel relieved for his friends defending him, but looking at the blond’s deathly eyes he wasn’t so sure he would finish the day without a black at least.


-.The fuck did you just call me?!-. Screamed the blond. Monoma just rolled his eyes.


-.Of course that was the only thing he heard-. The ashen blond actually growled but then the redhead began to laugh.


Tetsutetsu couldn’t help but blush at that, she had a really cute laugh.


-.Come on Katsuki, they all seem nice and supercool!-. Said the girl with a smile-. Why don’t we all go to eat something after we finish here?-. She asked.


-.The fuck Ei--!?


-.Babe, seriously. It’s fine. Tetsutetsu may had been a little bit creepy but he didn’t have any bad intentions; he invited to hang out, you know? He could have told me lewd things or declare his eternal love for me but he didn’t that has to count, don’t you think?-. Katsuki just hummed, resigned.


The redhead smile and hugged the blond.


-.So, what you say? Want to grab a bite with us?-. Asked the redhead to Tetstetsu and his friends.


Kendou, Monoma and Tetsutetsu looked briefly at each other before answering.

-.Yeah, sure.




Somehow it al worked out in the end. Eijirou –that was the redhead’s name— and Tetsutetsu ended up hanging out together –just as friends, of course— and their group of friends kind of merged together, so it was a happy ending.


… Except for when someone asked that stupid but obvious question.


“So, how did you all meet?”


Eijirou, Monoma and Kendou were more more than happy to answer it with what all they call “The Beach Incident”; they would tell –stranger or friend— every single detail about that day.


Tetsutetsu hated it and Katsuki did too, both men turning into grumpy brats the moment the incident was brought on in the conversation. Funnily, though, it was the only thing that both, Tetsutetsu and Katsuki, seemed to 100% agree on.


Even after a few months of knowing each other, Tetsutetsu and Katsuki didn’t get along so well. Yes, they behave for the sake of their friends but if they were left alone they either ignored each other –consciously or not— or began to fight.


In a way Tetsutetsu go it, after all their first impressions of each other weren’t the best: Tetsutetsu had been a creep with the blond’s girlfriend and Katsuki had been a jerky asshole that was more than ready to beat Tetsutetsu into a pulp.


The Beach Incident had been a total mess for the two of them.


Still, they managed to act civil most of the time, which was a progress even more for the fact that Tetsutetsu had a hard time trusting Katsuki with the way he acted with Eijirou, not that she couldn’t take care of herself, they had become work out buddies and Tetsutetsu was 100% sure that Eijirou could take down whoever who dare to come over her.


But Tetsutetsu was always left with a sour taste in his mouth at Katsuki’s possessiveness towards the redhead… At least in the beginning of their friendship.

Even when Eijirou explained she didn’t mind Katsuki being possessive –unless it was uncalled for— Tetsutetsu still didn’t like it; every single time they hung out and Katsuki happened to go too, the blond was always all over Eijirou. A hand on her hair, on her waist, on her shoulders, hugging her from the back, nuzzling on her neck--- It could mean nothing, because they were dating after all, but the they Katsuki did all of those things, well…


It practically was the equivalent of an animal stating their territory, of them claiming something that was solely theirs.


And Eijiro, certainly, wasn’t an object that could be owned.


Of course, the more time they spent together more things Tetsutetsu began to notice. They were minor details, but they were important nonetheless because thanks to them Tetsutetsu realized that, yes, Katsuki was a possessive prick but he had misunderstood how that system/dynamic worked.


Katsuki was always all over Eijirou but not in the “this is my girlfriend” way, he was always all over her to show off that he, Katsuki Bakugou, was Eijirou Kirishima’s boyfriend, that she had pick him for over everybody out there.


At first glance, it didn’t look believable but that’s the conclusion Tetsutetsu ended up with after watching Eijirou’s and Katsuki’s relationship up close.


Tetsutetsu had even come with a crazy theory were Katsuki acted like that because he had some self-steem issues---


The silver haired man couldn’t even come up with how that could be possible because if Eijirou was a Greek goddess, katsuki was a Greek god himself; Tetsutetsu could bet that Narcissus would be jealous of the blond’s looks, but that was beside the point.


Though… Tetsutetsu could ask Eijirou about it, but that would be to nosy from his part and it was more Katuki’s business than Eijirou’s so Tetsutetsu would have to ask the blond and he still wanted to live so that wasn’t happening.


Even with The Beach Incident between them, things still worked out in a really good way; Tetsutetsu’s and Eijirou’s friends got along just fine, Katsuki still hadn’t murdered Tetsutetsu and Eijirou and Tetsutetsu were in their way to become besties.


In all honestly everything was more than okay, though it was a little weird to be friends with the girl he had crushed so hard at first sight –and almost dies in the process— but what could Tetsutetsu say? In the course of their building friendship he had seen how happy –and in love— Eijirou was with Katsuki.


Tetsutetsu wasn’t going to be a jackass and destroy a relationship just because his feeling weren’t returned or because he didn’t like Eijirou’s boyfriend.


So yeah, friendship truly suited them way better.


-.Tetsu! Over here!-. Eijirou called him as soon as the silver haired man went into the coffee shop.


Tetsutetsu smiled at her and went to pay for his coffee before joining her at the table, only then he realized the redhead wasn’t alone.


-.Uhm, hi…-.Said Tetsutetsu at the petite blonde sitting beside Eijirou. The blond girl looked from her phone to him smiling and Tetsutetsu felt his heart jump.


It wasn’t for her smile –though it was a cute one—, but her eyes; they were big and looked like melted caramel, like fine gold shinning under the bright sun.




-.Oh, right! Tetsu she is my friend Denki Kaminari, I’m pretty sure I’ve told you about her-. Said Eijirou. Tetsutetsu licked his dry lips and try not to gape so obviously.


-.Uhm, y-yeah something about electricity?


-.Damn right!-.Exclamed the blonde. Eijirou giggled.


-.Yep! She works as an electrician on a company in the other side of the city-. Said Eijirou-. That’s why I’m introducing the both of you until now, she’s always busy-. Said the redhead with a little pout.


Denki just smiled.


-.I was busy, my darling. But now my schedule it’s back to normal so we can meet up more so don’t be a brat-. Said the blonde.


-.You better-. Grumbled Eijirou and Denki just laughed.


God, she had a pretty laugh too!


-.Well, why don’t you tell me who this handsome man is?-. Asked Denki looking at Tetsutetsu with those beautiful golden eyes.


Tetsutetsu felt as if he was going to have a freaking cardiac arrest.


-.Right! Actually you know him pretty well, his name is Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu-.Answered Eijirou.


Denki’s lovely eyes widened.


-.The Beach Incident guy?!-. Eijirou nodded with a big smile as if anything was wrong with that sentence and Tetsutetsu just wanted to drop dead that instant.


Of fucking course Eijirou talked to her about it, just his fucking luck.


-.Wow, man, my dude I don’t know if you know this but from our side you’re a fucking legend!-. Said the blonde.


-.W-What?-. Denki nodded.


-.Yeah! Like, okay it was a pretty dumb thing to do I mean, bakubabe or not bakubabe, Eijirou could have kill you if you had been a creep but bakubabe was there and you practically faced death itself and survived and now you’re super friends with Eijirou and you still breathe? Like---? You have our absolutely admiration!-. Explained Denki.


Tetsutetsu was feeling and thinking a lot of things at the same time that he didn’t know what to do.


-.Uhm, thank you…?-.Was the only thing he silver haired man managed to answer.


Apparently it was the correct thing to say because the blonde gave him a toothy smile.


-.Seriously dude, I’m your fan!-. Said the blonde and Tetsutetsu could only blush.


Eijirou rolled her eyes.


-.Come on sis’, it wasn’t like that.


-.Dude, I do have my fair share of bakubabe so I can tell that “The Beach Incident” was totally like that-. Said Denki -. I wasn’t there but I can confirm-. Eijirou just laughed and reached for her phone.


-.oh, wow! This is totally a coincidence!-. Said the redhead as she looked at her phone-. Sorry guys I have to go, I’m meeting with Katsuki to, uhm, do romantic stuff-. Said Eijirou as she saved her phone and stood up.


-.Wait, didn’t bakubabe had a work meeting today?-. Asked Denki raising an eyebrow.


-.y-yeah, but it got cancelled so now I’m going to see him ‘cause I’m his girlfriend and--- I love you guys, see you later bye!-. Answered the redhead in a rush as she practically bolted out of the coffee shop.


Tetsutetsu and Denki could only watch her go.


They stayed in complete silence for a little while.


-.Okay, that was---


-.weird, right?-. Tetsutetsu nodded-. Yeah… I’m not super sure but I think we’ve been set up, my friend-. Said Denki. Tetsutetsu felt his while face getting hot.


-.I--It wasn’t me-. Said Tetsutetsu, Denki raised an eyebrow and Tetsutetsu’s blush intensified.-. I--I mean, I didn’t ask Eijirou to set us up I didn’t even know you were gonna be here! Like-- I did wanted to meet you ‘cause Eijirou talks about you a lot but I didn’t ask her to do this! I was supposed to meet her here and--and you can check the messages!-. Said Tetsutetsu as he began to fumble with his phone-. She never said something about---!


Denki let out a snort and stopped Tetsutetsu’s explanation by putting her hand on top of his hands.


-.Dude, dude it’s alright-. Said the blonde with a sigh-. Believe me, I know this wasn’t your doing.


Tetsutetsu gulped and looked at the blonde.


-.Y-You do?-. Denki nodded.


-.I love my girl-friend with all my heart but she has the bad habit of setting me up with whoever guy she thinks it’s the right fit for me-. Said Denki with a small smile-. She means well, that I know but the cherry on the top is that sometimes the guys do know about the set up but sometimes they don’t so it can turn really, really awkward.


-. I--I see -.Tetsutetsu mumbled-. I’m sorry-. Denki chuckled.


-.It’s fine, my friend. The one that should be apologizing it’s me, I usually see it coming when she’s planning on setting me up but I honestly didn’t think of anything when she invited here today-. Said Denki-. Maybe I go distracted because you’re one of her 24/7 friends and she usually sets me up with her work buddies or school guys back then-. Explained the blonde with a little pout.


-.Well if you want we can leave?-. Proposed Tetsutetsu-. I mean, I would like to know you better but if you’re uncomfortable we can try another time?


Denki didn’t answer right away, she just stared at Tetsutetsu in silence; Tetsutetsu, for his part, felt like dying as he was under the stare of those golden irises.


-.Actually I’m not that uncomfortable-. Said Denki at last-. So if you want we can, you know, stay here?-. Tetsutetsu could only blink at that. Denki gave him an inviting smile-. This can be a mock-date of sorts and then we could have an actual first date, that of course if you’re interested.


Oh, Tetsutetsu was very interested thank you very much.


-.I-I would really like that-. Said Tetsutetsu knowing very well h was blushing. Denki smiled.


-.Great! You do seem like a nice dude and you’re handsome too-. She said, wiggling her eyebrows.


Tetsutetsu almost choked with his own spit.


-.But there’s something we need to clarify before we even try to try this-. Tetsutetsu frowned but nodded.


Denki seemed to take a deep breath before she spoke.


-.I’m not Eijirou-. Denki said and Tetsutetsu frowned once again, this time in confusion-. I think it’s pretty obvious we’re super different, physically talking-. Said Denki. Tetsutetsu just blinked.


-.I--I  don’t think---


-.Look-. Denki interrupted him-. You do seem nice but you fell for Eijirou first and believe me, I don’t blame you. Y girl-friend is an amazon warrior but I’m not like her-. She said pointing her body-. Like--at all. And yes I could at least have a great ass like her if I did some exercise but I like my body as it is so yeah, if you think that jus because I’m her friend I’m gonna become a super fit girl, you’tr gonna be pretty disappointed my friend.


Tetsutetsu pursed his lips and hushed his head so he could actually think about what Denki had not just say but implied.


He couldn’t help but to feel offended because he knew he wasn’t like that, and he was pretty sure Eijirou and the others knew it too; but at the same time, he understood or at least he got why Denki wanted to make that specific point clear.


And Tetsutetsu felt angry and sad because for what Eijirou had told him, she and Denki had been besties for a really long time and being compared to your best friend or used to get to her and making you feel insecure about your body by a bunch of dicks---


…Well, Tetsutetsu couldn’t blame the blonde for being cautious.


-.So? You still wanna give it a try?-. Asked Denki raising an eyebrow.


Tetsutetsu gave her a small smile and looked at her.


-.Do you know what was the thing that made me go after her?-. Asked Tetsutetsu.




-.The Beach Incident? Didn’t Eijirou tell you why I went after her?-. The blonde shook her head and Tetsutetsu could only wonder.


He had told Eijirou what made him go after her, why he decided on the spot that he needed to know her; and he was pretty sure she had told everyone that knew about The Beach Incident the reason behind Tetsutetsu’s actions.


It was the best part of the story according to Eijirou, so it was strange that the redhead skipped that part.


-.I would usually bet-. Said Denki-. That you saw Eijirou basically modeling her bikini and that was more than enough but something tells me that would be the wrong answer-. Tetsutetsu chuckled.


-.It was her smile-. He said-. Yeah, I was already mesmerized by her body but then I saw her smiling and that was it. I had to know at least her name-. Explained Tetsutetsu.


He could tell that the blonde was quite surprised by his answer for her golden eyes were wide open and moving along Tetsutetsu’s face looking for the veracity of his words.


-.You can ask her-. Tetsutetsu told her-. We both know Eijirou wouldn’t lie about something like this and certainly not to you.


-.Yeah, she wouldn’t-. Answered Denki-. Sorry, it’s just—I, I think it surprised me. Your answer, that is-. Said the blonde with a nervous smile. Tetsutetsu nodded.


-.I get it, don’t worry-. Denki looked at him, a light blush on her cheeks.


-.It’s just, your answer could easily be a lie but Eijirou would never do something so ugly, so that means you’re being honest.


Tetsutetsu smiled.


-.I am-. The blonde nodded.


-.Good. So, smiles are you thing right?-. Asked Denki-. Do you like mine?


Tetsutetsu looked at her.


-.You have a pretty smile but I think your eyes are just magnificent-. Answered the silver haired man, feeling himself blush at his own words.


The blonde wasn’t doing any better for her cheeks were fully red as Eijirou’s hair.


-.W-Well, I—uhm, t-thank you. I grew them myself.-. said Denki.


Both of them just stared at each other in what seemed be an awkward silence until they broke out in a fit of laughs.


-.Oh God, you’re so funny Denki-. Said Tetsutetsu as he tied to stop laughing. Denki smiled.


-.So I’ve been told-. Tetsutetsu kept laughing a little bit more before he could speak.


-.I do really want to take on a real date, if you want of course-. Denki chuckled.


-.I told you that I do want to, mister. You seem really nice and now I know you aren’t gonna use me to get to Eijirou’s ass or try to change me-. Said Denki-. And you’re handsome, thouth that’s more of a bonus-. Said the blonde, winking at Tetsutetsu.


Tetsutetsu felt his cheeks burn as he got his phone out.


-.I-In that case, are you free tomorrow?-. Asked the silver haired man.


Denki’s smile grew sider.




A year passed and Tetsutetsu found himself on the beach once again.


This time, though, it wasn’t just Kendou, Monoma and him, this time Eijirou, Katsuki and Denki had come along too.


Myabe tht had been why it took them so long to organize the little trip, for the six of them worked in different places/areas and had crazy schedules.


But they had managed it and that’s what mattered.


Tetsutetsu hadn’t been too happy with the chosen place, mostly because he still didn’t know how to swim and his friends and girlfriend (yes, girlfriend, he and Denki became official after the third date) didn’t waste any chance they got to tease him about it.


In the end he agreed because it was five against one and because Denki used a tremendous puppy face against him and he couldn’t just not to agree.


Tetsutetsu was a weak man for his girl.


So there they were, the lot of them: Monoma taking a sunbath and Kendou, Eijirou, Katsuki and Denki playing volleyball while he took care of all of their stuff.


Tetsutetsu let out a happy sigh and marveled at how different things were from back then.


If things had gone in another direction, Tetsutetsu would have been left pinning over the gorgeous redhead with the beautiful smile.


But, in that moment, Tetsutetsu couldn’t be more grateful with fate, the universe or to whatever that made possible that he and Denki met; because as exaggerated as it could sound, Tetsutetsu couldn’t bear the thought of never meeting and never getting to know the beautiful blonde with melted gold for eyes.


Tetsutetsu truly had it bad.


He was just so in love with Denki…


He hadn’t told her yet, but he suspected the blonde knew it.

He will tell her, of course, when it was just the two of them.


From the time being, he would enjoy watching at his precious girlfriend rocking her blue bikini and keeping to himself the glances Denki gave him with a cute blush covering her cheeks.




Maybe the beach wasn’t so bad after all.