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Class 1-A Is A Fucking Mess

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Izuku was panicking. Not actually, but he was frantic. Bakugou had stormed out of his room with all of his hero merch as Izuku was coming back from his run. He had no idea what the explosive boy was going to do with it, but he was really worried.

So, doing the logical thing, he sprinted down stairs at full speed. Which only got him down stairs, with no Kacchan in sight. Where had the boy gone?

He zoomed around the bottom floor for a moment before he saw, out of the corner of his eye, a flash of black and blond. He swiveled around to check that out and saw Kacchan standing on the front lawn with a group of his friends. Kirishima seemed to be holding Kacchan back with the help of Sero’s tape. Kaminari and Ashido were protecting the pile of his things.

While he had frozen to take on the sight, Kacchan had broken Sero’s tape and knocked Kirishima over. He rushed towards the pile, but Sero managed to round him up but it was a close call. Kirishima shook off the hit and stood back up to restrain Kacchan.

“Kacchan! What are you doing?” Heads turned but Kacchan didn’t even flinch at his voice.

“Getting rid of this shit! You’ve had it since we were four. It needs to go! I’m sick and tired of your hero worship!” He was popping off explosions and struggling, but he wasn’t getting too far.

“Kacchan, please stop! There’s no reason for this!” Izuku was really hoping that he could get Kacchan to stop before he burns his stuff.

“No! I’m sick and tired of you fawning over heroes, Deku! It has to go!” The tape was ripping and Kaminari and Ashido looked ready to throw down, but Izuku knew better.

“Kacchan! Please! I’ll stop talking about heroes so much! I’ll even put some of the posters and figurines away! Don’t burn it, please!” He was on the verge of tears that he knew wouldn’t effect Katuski.

“No!” That was the end of his side of the conversation. No more reasoning or anything. Just ‘no’.

The tape had ripped and he managed to slip put of Kirishima’s grasp. He charged at Kaminari and Mina. Despite looking ready to fight, they jumped away before Kacchan was even within explosion range.

“Bakugou Katsuki!”

Katsuki froze, Kirishima froze, everyone froze. Izuku never calls Katsuki by his name, let alone his first and family name. So, it was acceptable for everyone to react that way.

“If you lay so much as one finger on anything I own ever again, I will personally see to it that your mother knows every single thing you have done to me for that past eleven years. You can kiss U.A. goodbye along with your hope of ever sitting down. Not only that, but I will beat you black and blue. I’ve had enough of your games. Now you’re just acting like a child, Bakugou. Get over yourself. Go see a counselor or something. Honestly, you’re just being a little brat.”

Kaminari choked on spit, Mina looked like a fish out of water. Kirishima and Sero had fallen down, mouths open like they were gasping for air. But Bakugou, his reaction was the best. He looked shocked and angry, but also sad and scared. His arms flopped to his side and he looked almost ready to collapse.

“Now then,” Izuku brushed his hands together,”Ashido-san, Kaminari-san, Kirishima-san, Hanta-san, could you help me move my stuff back up to my room? We’ll come back for Kacchan.”

In that moment, they realized that if Izuku really wanted to, he could destroy them all. They also scrambled to pick up as much of the merch as they could hold.

Katsuki just sat there. He contemplated his entire life. He decided to not mess with Izuku ever again, and maybe get a therapist.

Anyway, that’s the story of how Izuku became the most feared and most loved member class A.

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When Aizawa decided to become a teacher, he also became a therapist. He knew that teaching the hero course would be hard, so he learned how to deal with their emotional, mental and physical issues. He was up for the challenge, and so far none of his classes had really need his therapist side, mostly because he had expelled most of them and the rest had dropped out.

So, when the Hell Class came around, he wasn't particularly surprised when it was revealed that some of them needed therapy, even before USJ. But, he was surprised when it was Asui, the most emotionally stable person in class, who came to him first.He was honestly expecting it to be Kirishima. That boy wore his heart on his sleeve.

"Aizawa-sensei?" Tsuyu's head peaked around the door as her large eyes focused on Aizawa. She didn't look especially happy, but nor did she look sad.

"Yes, Asui?" She was the only one Shouta wouldn't classify as a problem child in some way. "Do you need something?"

"Call me Tsuyu, kero." Asui seemed to calm herself with a deep breath. "I was wondering if we could talk? I've had some stuff on my mind since... the incident."

Aizawa's eyes seemed dead, but if you looked close enough you could see a spark of surprise resting behind his chronic dry eye. "Sure," he waved her into the seat in front of his desk. "Go on and talk. I won't tell anyone. And I won't judge."

And that was the start of Aizawa getting all of his children into therapy to deal with their problems. He talked to Katsuki next, which went surprisingly well, despite the fact that the loud blond laid on the floor and just shouted his complaints and worries and everything else at Aizawa.

But, the start of his sessions with Katsuki was slightly alarming. Bakugou had been crying, spewing self depreciating words.

"Hey, none of that anywhere near me." Aizawa wanted to smack him, but he restrained himself. "Do you need to vent?"

That was when Aizawa learned that Katsuki was trying very hard to get back in Izuku's good graces and that he had made the little green haired one cry. After that, he didn't really have a reaction to the 'Bakusquad' all coming in together.

"Ai-Aizawa-sensei?" Kirishima, usually loud and happy was subdued and melancholy.

Sero patted his friend's back and finished the question, "Could we talk to you? All of us?"

"Yes, come on." By now, Aizawa had a couch in his office.

A few of his students were already seeing therapists (Shouji, Tokoyami, Satou, Kouda, and Momo) and he was very proud of them for seeking out help when they needed it. He still checked on them, and he was a shoulder to lean on for those off days.

The whole class had talked to him at some point, except for Problem Child (yes, that's with capital letters). So, instead of waiting, Aizawa went to him.

When said child opened his door, he looked sweaty and lightly pissed, but he schooled his expression when he saw it was Aizawa. They stood there in silence for a moment.

"Problem Child, have you thought of going to therapy?" Izuku's face scrunched again into irritation at the nickname, but became polite again.

He thought for a moment and said, "No, but I probably need some with how much chit we've been through. I wouldn't mind venting to someone." His eyes widened at who he had been talking to and he immediately back tracked. "Sorry, Aizawa-sensei, that-that just slipped out and, and I didn't mean to-to-to, uh, to say that."

Aizawa could see it, the social anxiety radiating off the kid. "It's fine, now why don't we set you up with someone. It could be me, I'm qualified, but you could also speak to Hound Dog, but I know he can be loud."

"With, with you sounds fine." Izuku hadn't relaxed at Aizawa's dismissal of the 'slip up' that he suspected to be Izuku's buried personality. "But, I'm kind of in the middle of a, uh, a workout, so maybe tomorrow."

"Sure, Midoriya." Aizawa could see the way Izuku's eyes lit up at the use of his actual name, and Aizawa made a mental note to never call him Problem Child again.

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Nobody really talked to Izuku before he came to UA, which explains his awkwardness around girls. Not because he’s a teenage boy, but because he doesn’t know how to socially interact. He also can’t deal with guys all that well either, but he’s better with boys because Katsuki is a boy and Katsuki was the only person he ever talked to, even if it was only yelling and screaming.

Whenever someone touches Izuku he flinches and his eyes become cold. He looks like he’s looking for ways to take you down, to immobilize you. But then, he realizes who it is and he calms down.

Once, Hagakure snuck up on Izuku to scare him. It was a dare from Mina. She didn’t think it would go so, so wrong.

She had removed anything that was visible and was trying her very best to be absolutely silent. When she got directly behind him, she stilled for a second, waiting. He shifted a little on the stool, but stayed turned away from her.

She asked him one day how he always seemed to spot her, even when she wasn’t wearing anything visible. His response was scary and very concerning, but oddly comforting. He said, “Whenever you move or breath, there’s a very small shift in the light. It’s almost like the light is trying to grab something that’s just out of its reach.”

She slowly lifted her hand and brought her fingers inches away from his back. She took a quiet breath and placed her palm fully on his upper back. She felt him tense and flinch almost out of his chair.

His head flew around, and she could almost see him pick up the light shifting around her quickly retracting hand. He grabbed it. Hard. Midoriya then pulled, placed his hand on her upper arm and threw her over his shoulder onto the kitchen island where he had previously been doing his homework.

It all took about four or five seconds and she barely had time to breath out before he was back and he was picking her up off the table and setting her on the couch while apologizing repeatedly.

Nobody touched him without warning after that. Especially after the Kitchen Incident™.

Whenever people start yelling, he slowly sinks on himself. He doesn’t even move that quickly. In fact, he seems like making moves too quickly will attract attention, so you don’t realize he’s moved until he’s in a ball.

Kirishima started a food fight. They were all in the common room, watching a movie with popcorn and chips and far too many junk foods. He had just tossed a piece of popcorn at Denki because he had said something stupid.

Soon, everyone was throwing food at everyone, Kirishima had his quirk activated against explosion powered trail mix, Momo had made a shield, and Tokoyami was double teaming with Dark Shadow against Shoji. Everyone was yelling and having fun.

Except for Izuku. He had flinched when the first of the true fight was started and had only gotten more and more scared. Slowly, achingly slowly, he was curling into a ball. Now, at that very moment, nobody was paying attention because food was flying and they were trying to dodge or fight back.

So, when Katsuki started using his explosions to give his flying cuisine more power, Izuku finished his ball. And he stayed that way until Momo and Iida were done scolding everyone for making a mess. When finally, bless her soul, Tsuyu asked where he was.

“Hey, Momo-chan, I know we’re all in trouble, but where is Midoriya-chan? Kero.” Her tongue poked out of her mouth and her finger met her cheek.

“I’m not sure, Tsuyu-chan. Uraraka-chan, you were with him, where did you two sit?” Her immaculate hand met her hip and her foot started tapping. She was worried.

“We were on that couch,” Ochaco pointed at the black leather couch that was stock piled with quilts.

Momo knew with a glance that he was under those blankets. And that he was breathing unevenly. Her worry only grew as she walked closer.

She could her nearly silent sniffles and sobs. She could see the blankets shake ever so slightly. She really hoped he was okay, she hoped that he was crying from laughing too hard. She was not naïve, however.

“Guys, why don’t we all head to bed. I’ll clean this all up, and we won’t even tall Aizawa-sensei! I think we all need some sleep. Don’t we have an english test tomorrow?” Immediately, Denki, Kirishima, and Mina turned towards Bakugou, who sighed and walked to the elevator.

Iida looked like he wanted to protest, but one second of eye contact with Momo had him arm chopping everyone to the elevator and their rooms. Uraraka stayed for a moment longer and mouthed ‘take care of him’ at her before leaving.

Momo proceeded to calm Izuku down, with singing and breathing exercises. They cleaned the common room and he went to bed.

They tried to pay attention to their noise level after that. If it got too loud, Momo would find Izuku and help him through it.

Whenever someone says his hero name, he flinches, lightly, and his eyes get angry, but his mouth smiles.

“Deku!” They were at the Provisional License Exam, the PLE, and Uraraka had called out to him. His mind flashed through every time Bakugou had called him that before, while, and after beating him to hell and back. He could control the emotion on his face but not in his eyes. He turned to smile at her over his shoulder.

She flinched as he turned his head a little too sharply. She flinched again when she realized his eyes were balls of burning hatred and anger. She flinched a third time when his smile was too sharp and too plastic. But she relaxed when he came over with his usual bubbly greeting and kind eyes.

She knew why he was angry. She knew it was because of Bakugou. So, while Izuku was babbling about the quirks he had seen in action, she shot her heaviest, most accusing glare at Katsuki. She smiled smugly when he flinched and looked away. He almost looked like a guilty, spiky puppy.

They didn’t notice the first two thing until they moved into the dorms, and by then, they thought it was because of all they had gone through, and they weren’t completely wrong. But one day... One day something odd happened.

Izuku was making curry in the kitchen. While he cooked, he danced along to his music, which was blaring through his earbuds. He didn’t even hear anyone come into the kitchen.

He turned around to find Momo, Todoroki, Mina, Kaminari, Sero, Asui, and Uraraka at the kitchen table. He blushed, slightly embarrassed that they saw him dancing. He pulled out an earbud.

“Hey guys, do you want some curry? I was just making some!” Izuku wrung his hands together as he itched to go back to his peaceful aloneness.

A chorus of “sure”s and “yes, please”s were called and he went back to stirring together ingredients and dancing lightly to his music. Again, he didn’t notice someone entering the kitchen.

That was until someone tugged out his earbud and placed a heavy hand on his shoulder.

He didn’t think.

He didn’t remember that his classmates were there.

He didn’t even wait to see who it was. He had been caught with his guard down and he’d know that hand anywhere.

So, being him, his first reaction was the flinch. Violently. And by violently, I mean he flinch so hard he fell onto the floor. He heard gasps and a few murmurs.

Why? I thought I was at U.A.? Was it just a dream? Have I been hallucinating? I thought this was over!

He was thrown into a full blown panic attack, and all the original group could do was watch. Watch as their explosive blond classmate tried to calm down his victim childhood friend.

Todoroki, for one, was furious and shocked. To get such a reaction from the green haired boy meant that Bakugou had done some horrible things. It probably didn’t help that they were there, whispering. So, Todoroki did something about it.

“Shh!” The human candy cane hissed at his friends. “Shut up!”

The last bit was a bit louder and pulled a sob from Izuku. Immediately, the group shut their mouths and moved to leave the room. But, a shout stopped them.

It was obviously Bakugou, who obviously couldn’t handle Izuku having a panic attack.

“Shut the fuck up, stupid nerd. There’s nothing to fucking cry about!” When he only got more tears, he yelled some more. “I said shut the fuck up!”

With the last statement he let out a series of sparks and mini explosions, which only caused the smaller green haired boy to shift into the fetal position, cover his head, and sob harder. Izuku looked like he was about to be tortured and then killed, not at all like he was only faced with his bully childhood friend.

That’s probably what got the attention of the others in the dorm. Not Izuku’s crying, but Bakugou’s shouting. And that was how the rest of class 1-A found their resident cinnamon roll in the fetal position on the floor in front of one Bakugou Katsuki. Who, by the way, was still yelling at Izuku to shut up and stop crying.

“There’s literally no reason to cry, you stupid Deku! None at all! You’re just a fucking wimp! Too scared to even stand up!” Bakugou was still setting off miniature explosions.

Izuku’s mind was a loop of every single time he had been in the exact same position, covered in burns and bruises. One time he was being kicked, one time has was being punched. Another time they were pelting him with large rocks. Once they threw broken glass at him.

A very small, extremely weak voice in his head told him that he was at the dorms, five minutes from U.A., all he had to do was open his eyes. But the rest of him was reliving his beatings, his punishments lessons.

After a total of five minutes, Bakugou got loud enough for Aizawa to come down. And, after shoving through his students, he was not prepared for Problem Child #2 to be looming over Problem Child #1 while screaming. But, it did make him see red.

Suddenly, Bakugou couldn’t set off his explosions and he knew he was fucked. Aizawa was there, at the kitchen doorway, eyes glowing red and his hair floating. Bakugou put his hands down and stood up straight.

“Get out of here, all of you. If I see even the heel of your foot in three seconds, you’ll be in detention for the rest of the year.” Aizawa’s voice was rough and scratchy, and he sounded like he was trying really hard not to scream. “Except for Midoriya and Bakugou.”

Never, not once ever before, had class A all unanimously agreed on something so quickly, nor had they ever moved so fast. As soon as they were gone, Aizawa growled, a long low note that shook his bones.

He waved Bakugou to sit at the kitchen table and he moved to comfort Midoriya. But, the moment he even got a foot from the boy, he flinched back and curled into himself even more. He was mumbling something, but it was too quiet for Aizawa’s ears to pick up.

“Midoriya, hey, can you hear me. Listen, I need you to calm down. It’s okay. You’re in the dorms. You’re at U.A., you made it. You’re here now, you’re safe. It’s me, it’s Aizawa-sensei.” His voice was soft as he crouched to be closer to the small boy’s body. “I need you to sit up, can you do that?”

He could see Izuku’s muscles unwind, see the boy relax. He gave a small nod and slowly brought his arms down from around his head. He peaked his eyes open, but flinched back from the bright light. “Are you having a sensory overload?” The question came even softer than the ones before. Another small nod.

Aizawa stood up, sent a light glare to Bakugou and moved to close the curtains and turn off the lights. At the sudden darkness, Bakugou yelled. “Hey, what the-“

He was cut off by a whimper and a glowing red glare in the dim light.

Slowly, Aizawa moved back to Izuku’s side. Not many knew, but Aizawa had degrees in therapy and psychology. This, paired with the fact that he was the boy’s only stress outlet, allowed him to help.

“Izuku, I need you to sit up. Can you please do that?” He heard clothes rustling and the light sound of Izuku’s palm hitting the floor. “Good, now I need you to tell me what happened.”

“Is,” Midoriya coughed. “Is, is, um, is Bakugou still here?”

The blond boy in question shot his head up when Izuku called him anything besides ‘Kacchan’. He hadn’t heard his actual name come out of his mouth in many years. Not since their first year in junior high. He shivered at what had happened.

“Do you want him to leave?” Aizawa was cautious, anything could set the small boy off again.

“Please?” The question came more as a sob than a request.

Aizawa turned his head and sharply motioned towards the door. He knew Katsuki could see him, even in the dim lighting.

“He’s gone now. Do you want to tell me what happened now?” Aizawa wasn’t going to force the kid to talk, or to touch him, or to do anything. Honestly, Aizawa would let him sit in the dark kitchen all week if it made him feel better. Aizawa didn’t want to see his favorite kid the problem child cry like that ever again.

“I was making curry.” He could barely make it through two words without hiccuping or sniffling. He recounted how a group of his classmates came in and he asked them if they wanted curry. He even told Aizawa that he was secretly hoping they’d leave him alone again. “And then, then Bakugou came in. I don’t know exactly, um, exactly when, or if he talked to them or not, but I was just listening to my music when-“

Aizawa fought off the urge to hug the younger boy as he broke down into more sobs and mumbles. He’s having a sensory overload and he just got out of a major panic attack. You cannot touch him, Shota. Not unless he okays it.

When Izuku was calm enough to talk again, he wanted storm out of the dark kitchen and rip Bakugou’s head from his shoulders.

“Bakugou, he took one of my earbuds out, he had his hand on my shoulder. I think, um, I think he asked me something, but I didn’t, didn’t hear it. But, he scared me. I was really relaxed and my guard was down, and that was my first reaction. You know, flinch and, and panic. And then they started whispering and there were gasps and it-it just....”

Izuku broke into sobs again, but this time, he lunged at Aizawa. It was tight and desperate and it was everything Izuku needed. He calmed drastically, he was still crying, but he wasn’t sobbing and his breathing evened after a couple seconds.

“Shhh, it’s okay, I’ve got you. It’s okay. You’re not back there. You’re here. You’re with me, I won’t let them hurt you. Look around. I need you to tell me five things you can see and then I need you to tell me a little bit of what happened. Can you do that, Izuku?” Aizawa didn’t want to ket the child go, his favorite kid, despite the problems the child caused.

“Yeah. Uh, there’s the table, and the refrigerator. Um, the chair and the island and the bowl.” He hiccuped out. The tears were still flowing, but they were slower now and he wasn’t breathing too heavily. “I was back behind the middle school. It was Bakugou and his two sidekicks. They were kicking me. And then they were punching me. And then they were throwing rocks at me. Then glass. And suddenly I was back in my first year of Junior High. The time that, the time that, the, the time tha-“

“Hey, you don’t have to say it. I know, I know what happened. You told me, it’s okay. Now, I need you to tell me four things you can hear.” Aizawa really hoped that he could get the boy to breathe evenly soon. When he had cut him off, he was descending back into a panic attack.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Izuku was breathless and sniffling. He closed his eyes and listened. “There’s your heartbeat. There’s my heartbeat. Someone is playing Smash Bros. in the living room. The refrigerator is filtering air.”

“Okay, now three things you can feel.” Aizawa was near having a panic attack himself. He really needed to stop caring about his students so much. If he didn’t, he probably wouldn’t let them graduate. Hero work is very dangerous.

“Your shirt. My socks. The floor.”

“Two things you can smell.” He was doing good. His breathing had evened. His sniffles were fewer and his hiccuping had mostly stopped.

“Curry. Your cats.”

“One thing you can taste.”


“Now, Izuku, I need you to let me go, I’ll take you back to your room and I’ll go talk to Bakugou.”

After that incident, nobody snuck up on Midoriya in the dorms, he was spared from pranks and he was left in peace when he cooked and baked. But one day, they noticed something else.

He wasn’t touchy-feely. Sure he melted into hugs when someone gave him one, but he didn’t initiate contact.

He never had, not once. He stayed a respectable distance away from everyone and almost looked ready to bolt. But, whenever someone touched him, he melted into it. It was glaringly obvious he was touch starved.

So it came as no surprise that when Kiri hugged him for the first time, he literally mewed. Like a cute little kitten. But right afterward, he backed away quickly, one hand over his mouth and the other tucked close to his body. His face glowed red and he was saying something that sounded suspiciously like ‘sorry’.

It took months, almost the entire school year for Izuku to get used to the class giving him hugs and some of the girls platonically holding his hands. During that time many things had happened. Once, Izuku had fallen asleep in Tsuyu’s lap while she was making small braids in his hair. Another time he latched onto Momo in his sleep and wouldn’t let her off the couch. He was surprisingly heavy.

Once he mewled and nuzzled Todoroki’s left hand when he had went to pat Midoriya’s head. (Todoroki totally didn’t almost set the couch on fire and he didn’t freeze the mug in his hand. You have no proof.) He fell asleep on Kaminari’s bed in the middle of a Smash Bros. tournament and cuddle Kaminari’s side the whole time.

He had some kind of cute but sad cuddly moment with each one of the class. Except for Mineta. (Mineta tried to put a blanket over him and Izuku had woken up very suddenly, smacked Mineta in his half asleep state with One for All.)

Eventually, they all decided, silently (They did not have a meeting. You have no proof.), that they would hug, cuddle, and basically touch Izuku as much as possible. That’s also how Todoroki found out he had a major crush on the small boy. And also how he found out he was very, very, very gay.

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The big gay poly that I’ve always wanted.

Uhm lets start with the type of soulmate au.
Its a writing au, where if you write/draw on yourself it shows up on your soulmate(s).

Each color is different depending on your ‘soul’ color (the color that is specified by your most dominant trait), and everyone starts out with white before the soul mark decides the color.

Soul Color Key:


Orange-Ambition(Good or bad. Common)

Yellow-Happiness(Fake or real. Common)





Silver-Purity(Extremely Rare)




There are more colors but these are the ones mainly in the au.

Kiri has a red (more fire engine, meaning passion rather than anger and its rarer)/pinky/orange color, meaning he’s passionate, a bit obnoxious and ambitions. Baku also has red but its more orange, meaning an angry/passionate ambition, but it’s tinged with blue. Todo has a mix of purple, green and grey (his soulmates really worry for him, but they become happier when the green is more prominent). Izuku’s is a silver tinted blue/green with some grey mixed in, kind of like the ocean (it his soulmates very happy to see the color, though they don’t notice the grey.) Shinsou has a green/grey that’s swirled with yellow and orange(which worries the others, but again, they love when the green and yellow are more prominent).

Anyway, in this AU Izuku has an intelligence quirk, which is the cause for the grey. They could have graduated high school already, but they stay for Bakugou, who they affectionately call Kicchan (key chan), rather than Kacchan because they couldn’t say the first part of Katsuki’s name, but they always remembered the last syllable. They call Todoroki Rokiroki (because it sounds like doki doki ;)). Shinso has been dubbed Toshichan (when they learn All Mights real name they laugh). Kirishima is Rochan (because it sound like ryu, and you resemble a dragon!). They all call Izuku Zuchan. Katsuki calls Todoroki Dodo bird, Kirishima is Spikes and Shinso is Soso. Kirishima calls Katsuki Katsu, Shinso is Hitokun, and Todoroki is Shochan. Todoroki calls Katsuki PomPom because he apparently looks like a Pomeranian, Shinso is Panda-chan bc of his eye-bags and Kiri is Shark-kun. Todoroki really likes animals. (He has two cats, a dog, four birds, a turtle and seven salt water fish.)

Izuku’s writing was a surprise to everyone bc no one expected them to have silver bc it was like, the rarest color.

Izuku and their soulmates all met when they were seven, they had been talking (writing) for three years, when their mothers decided to let them meet up. They had sleep overs at Katsuki’s every weekend for a year until one time, Todo didn’t show up and he didn’t write for a whole week. Then, he spilt everything. Sadly, his soulmates couldn’t help him because they were eight and he lived on the other side of the country. But he always talked with them. Everyday, one of them, if not all of them, talked to him to make sure he was okay.

(When all of them got into U.A.,Izuku threw a party at their house for the five of them.)

Izuku had taken doodling on themself in class in order to entertain their soulmates. Sometimes Katsuki told them to stop, but mostly they like watching the silver tinted ocean color scrawl flowers across their arms.

When Izuku came out as gender fluid, and had sensory issues (overwhelmed senses, sense sometimes cut out, lost sense of balance, bad depth perception, etc.),everyone accepted them. When Kiri found out he had autism, though it was on the lower side, everyone accepted him. When Katsuki found out he had bipolar, everyone accepted him. When Todoroki told them he was horribly scarred, depressed and had anxiety, everyone accepted him. When Shinsou told them then he had anxiety and sleep disorders, everyone accepted him.

They all loved each other.

When Izuku told them about One for All, everyone was excited and happy for their cinnamon roll. (Izuku jokingly said that that was their gender and it kind of stuck. It was the truth though, the green haired kid was happy and sweet). Whenever they realized what they could do with it (and subsequently filled up their arms, legs, stomach and chest with writing) they were excited as heck.
When they found out Katsuki was going deaf, they all learned sign. When they had found out Izuku had sensory issues that messed with their eye sight, they all started writing clearer.

During the entrance exam, they met up out front and that was the first time they had all been in the same area since they were eleven. (Todoroki had snuck out, caught a train and met them in a park at midnight. That was the first time they had all kissed.) kisses were shared and they all listened as Izuku, who had grown their hair out, ranted. (btw Izuku got first in the entrance exams).

In the battle training, the pairs were Asui and Ochaco, Izuku and Katsuki, Todoroki and Ashido, Tokoyami and Shoji, Jirou and Momo, Kaminari and Shinso, Kirishima and Koda, Sato and Ojiro, Hagakure and Iida, and Aoyama and Sero.

(Soulmates: Tsuchaco, ashigajiro, serokami, tokoshoji, jirmodou, Aoyanoma, tenmei, koto.)

Anyway, Izuku and Katsuki fought Ojiro and Sato. Izuku’s team won, Izuku thought up a plan with his OG quirk. He’d fight Sato while Kat fought Ojiro.
During the USJ attack, Kiri and Baku almost attacked Kurogiri, but they didn’t and so less people got warped bc 13 was able to distract Kurogiri. People that didn’t get warped:











And Iida.

Iida escaped v v fast and Ochaco helped Izuku perform their plan, which was zero g the nomu and have All Might yeet it into the stratosphere.
At the sports festival, Izuku won against Todoroki and won the entire thing.

During the internships Izuku went to Endeavour just so they could roast him the entire time. (Don’t get Izuku mad, they have an intelligence quirk and they’re really good at bribing people for blackmail material. They can and will ruin your life and career. Endeavour never could look the kid in the eye again.)

When everyone moved into the dorms, four of the the Power Pentagon shivered. Izuku would get more blackmail material now that they were living together with the entire class. Hagakure found out when she ate Izuku’s katsudon. She thought she was the Blackmail Queen, now she thought again. Never had she seen something as scary the a ranting green haired child with a wicked gleam in their eye.

The rest of the class knew that if Bakugou was scared of his own, innocent looking soulmate, then obviously the kid had something serious, so everyone tried to avoid pissing them off.

(Once they saw them training after school and they (Kaminari, Ashido, and Sero) were very scared after that. (‘They could crush my head with their thighs, I’m fucking terrified!’))

The trip to camp went smoothly, but Todoroki and Katsuki fought over who got to cuddle Izuku and they finally decided to share. But Kiri got to them first.

Getting there, Katsuki shut Izuku’s ramblings up with a heated kiss. Not that it was a surprise to the class, he did it all the time, but the other heroes were confused because Kiri had pecked the green haired kid on the head and it was pretty rare to find someone with multiple soulmates that were all the same gender.

Shaking that off, they continued unhindered until Todoroki came up beside Izuku and held their hand. Neither Kiri nor Katsuki said anything, so the heroes assumed they were just an odd set of soulmates. A very rare, very odd set of soulmates. It was rare to find someone with two soulmates, and three was rarer, so when Shinso finally sidled up to Izuku a planted a wet kiss on their neck, that really sent the heroes for a loop. Four soulmates for one kid? How in the world??

But they brushed it off, with slightly more difficulty. And when the class was sent flying, Katsuki caught Kiri and Todoroki got Shinso and Izuku.

(Seeing Izuku fight turned on all of them and later that night Izuku would get some out in the woods.(Shinso also got some.))

With the odd number of soulmates, it was odd to coordinate all of... that. But, Kiri wasn’t much for the whole thing, so he usually sat out, content to reenter the room and cuddle his boyfriends afterward, mostly because they were warm.
None of them played favorites, but if they were forced to pick, everyone of them would choose Izuku. They were the heart and glue of their group, they lit up their lives and was the sweetest thing.
So, when all of the soulmates were forced to separate, Katsuki threw a fit. He didn’t want to not be with his boyfriends who he spent their entire time at U.A. sleeping with. Todoroki, who had been soulmate deprived for years had a panic attack and Kiri had to calm him down. Shinso was already on edge being in an odd place and having to sleep there, but now he couldn’t sleep next to the people he loved. Yeah, no. He had a panic attack, promptly calmed down and then, with cold, angry and dead eyes, he told Aizawa to fuck off, picked up Bakugou and Izuku and stalked off, Kiri following with Todoroki over his shoulder. It was weird and scary, but nobody said anything because even Izuku, the little sunshine, bunny, rainbow child that could fuck you up, looked upset. And god know what the hell they could do to anyone who told them no.

So, with the knowledge that Izuku could ruin his reputation, Aizawa told the Pussycats that it was fine and that they shouldn’t worry and should not interfere no matter what. (His exact words were, “ I recommend not fucking with the green haired kid, they have an intelligence quirk and probably know more about you than you’d be comfortable with and they’re more than willing to blackmail you.” When asked about how a sunshine child like that could be so ruthless he replied with, “They’re insanely smart, and they know exactly what they look like to everybody at all times. They know how to put up a literally perfect facade, I don’t know if the happiness is a front or not.”)

It was obvious that Aizawa and the entire class was wary of the green haired cinnamon roll. When the attack came, Izuku was prepared. They had prepared for everything. They beat Muscular with psychological warfare and rushed down to the clearing. When they came across Aizawa, they knew what the man wanted. So, dropping their facade, they nodded and ran off immediately.
When Katsuki was taken, Izuku blew up. They screamed, they raged. They were not happy. Anyone who tried to calm them down was shut down and highly discouraged. Izuku would hiss out facts about them that were scarily accurate and the victim would usually leave as soon as Izuku reached the part on how to negate their quirk permanently.

Then, Izuku started rambling. They were forming plans, the best way to get back Katsuki. They talked for the entire trip to the hospital, and went silent only after they were put in a hospital room. The doctors said Izuku went into shock. When Kiri suggested they go get Katsuki, Izuku broke down. They sobbed for an hour and then got dressed. They had been cleared to leave earlier and they were ready.

Chapter Text

Slowly, more slowly than they had drifted apart, they drifted back together. It started with sparring without the intent to kill or maim. Then it was nicer nicknames. Soon enough, but still achingly long, they were playing Mario Cart together without Katsuki blowing up the controllers because Izuku was the other player. They sat next to each other peacefully on movie night. Izuku even helped Katsuki with his Heroic History homework.

Eventually, they were back like they were. When they were four. Not exactly the same, but after a year, they were back to being best friends. They shared everything with each other, they hung out. Some of their underclassmen thought they were dating, and the upperclassmen were shocked that they were getting along. Their class didn’t really know what was going on until one day, everyone was in the common room for a Smash Bros tournament.

“Kacchan, I’m hungry!” Izuku whined from across the room. Therefore, everyone could hear him.

They thought Katsuki would march over and blow up in his face, but to their surprise, he got up and made Izuku some instant ramen.

“Here, nerd.”

Izuku was quick to accept the bowl. He blew on it and smiled as he took the first bite. Spicy, like he liked it.

That was the first in a series of weird events. Katsuki gave Izuku a piggyback ride, Izuku brought Katsuki a bento, Katsuki cooked breakfast for Izuku, Katsuki bought Izuku some katsudon from Lunch Rush. Small things, until....

“Bro, I’ve got to know.” Kaminari slung an arm around Kirishima who was facing Katsuki. “Are you and Izuku dating?”

Katsuki looked at him with a blank face and turned his head to face the boy in question. And then, from across half the cafeteria, he yelled, “Deku!”

“Yes, Kacchan?”

“Are we dating?”

“Yes, Kacchan!”

That got people’s attention, and by two, a select few of the underclassmen had more money than they started the day with.

Kirishima and Kaminari and just about all of class A were shocked. They went through the rest of the day slightly shocked and anxious. ‘They’ll be the Wonder Duo. They’re great together, especially now that Katsuki is working with Izuku rather than against.’

Chapter Text

Izuku was worried. Usually, his mom would be here by now. She was off work, he knew that much, but where she was was a different question.

He’s been waiting for nearly an hour when a teacher calls him in. The whole walk to—actually, he doesn’t know where they’re going. But the teacher kept sending him sad looks. About the fifth time they’ve looked at him and frowned, they’d arrived.

It’s the principal’s office. Suddenly, Izuku is worried that he’s in trouble. But what had he done?


Wow. Izuku hadn’t known that a single thing could make him this sad. Being told his mother had been hit with a car was horrible. To be told that she had died en route to the hospital, well. He couldn’t be blamed for crying and then going into shock.
“Your father will be coming to pick you up here shortly.” The soft voice of the teacher floated to his ears.

He nodded, but it felt distant, like his body was being piloted by someone else. The only thing he could think of was how his dad would be. Nice? Rude? Mean? Would he hate him because he didn’t have a flashy quirk?


His father was tall. That was the first thing that hit Izuku. Besides the fact that he was seven, Izuku knew this man was tall. The next thing that hit him was that this man looked almost nothing like Izuku. His hair was curly, and he had freckles, but the resemblance ended there.

His eyes were sharp, his face angular, jawline strong. There was no happy sparkle in his eye, or smile on his lips. In fact, he looked pained. As if he didn’t want to be there.

That made Izuku wince. He was being a burden again. Kacchan had always called him a burden.
“You may have an intelligence quirk, but on the field, you’re a burden.”

“Hi.” That was all his father said before loading Izuku into his car—a very nice car—and speeding off to Inko’s apartment.

When they arrived, Izuku was told to get his belongings and make it fast. His father seemed to have no patience for him. Or his mumbling.

He packed his clothes and a few figurines into a duffel bag and filled his back pack with his notebooks. He had no idea what was going on besides his mom was never coming back.

The ride to Hisashi’s house was painfully quiet and tense. He could barely hold still, could barely restrain all of the energy sitting in his bones. He itched to move, to talk, to do anything.

His mom had called it something? Adhd? Yeah! Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. His father had no patience for it and told him repeatedly to sit still or shut up.


The years following were the worst Izuku’s ever experienced.


The whole reason Hisashi left was because he didn’t want a useless kid. So he neglects—not outright abuses—Izuku. Forgets to cook meals when he’s younger, forgets to go shopping when he’s older. Forgets this and that until Izuku has resorted to stealing and pickpocketing.

The first time he stole a wallet, he was almost caught. If hadn’t been for his boosted intelligence and physical training, he’d have been sitting in jail. It was close and he didn’t try it again for a while.
The first time he broke into a house, it went extremely well. They had cash and expensive stuff lying around. He only took what he could fit into his bag or his pockets, and left everything else.
He got about $2,000 out of that one trip.

It was on one of those many pickpocketing trips that he caught his first glimpse of his friend in nearly three years.

It should be noted that Bakugou Katsuki was very pretty, and Izuku hadn’t realized it yet, but he was very gay.


When Izuku’s about twelve, Hisashi comes back from work, angry about something. He goes on a rant, starts yelling. At the end, Izuku shifted—just moved his leg—and Hisashi rounded on him and struck him so hard Izuku was sure he heard his bones creak.

For two years, his father beat him and neglected him. Izuku developed odd ticks and behaviors due to the abuse. He never makes his movements obvious, sticks close to the walls and furniture when he walks, opens doors and windows silently, eats very little and very infrequently, always wears socks,etc. He also got rid of his mumbling habit, only talking when spoken to.

Then, one day, his father comes home looking horrifically angry. The only thing stopping Izuku from panicking was the fact that Hisashi never broke bones or left injuries in obvious places. Izuku took a subtle deep breath.

Hisashi set his keys down, removed his shoes and stood in the entrance way for a few minutes. Then, he was a flurry of movement. He threw the side table by the door at the wall, he kicked the wall, threw shoes, anything he could get his hands on. When one of the shoes strayed into the living room—where Izuku had to sit every evening after he finished his chores and homework—Hisashi had a moment of realization, seemingly.

He turned from the hole now in the wall. Slowly, slowly, slowly, like a predator on prey—Izuku was definitely the prey—he moved toward the boy.
What proceeded to happen was in crystal detail to Izuku, up until his father left and came back with a baseball bat. And Izuku will tell you that everything from there was blurry and then black as he passed out. However, he could tell you about every single injury he had.

Izuku dealt with this for a year, depression spiraling, motivation dropping. He ate less, slept more. Weight fell off him like water on plastic.
He only went to school because if he didn’t, he’d get beaten worse. He already knew everything they were teaching, having learned it all years ago in a knowledge hungry frenzy.

He had a bad feeling when he woke up this morning, not unusual, but it was worse than normal. Almost crippling. But Izuku pushed on, not wanting to get beat for being late.


That night, Hisashi had come home nearly shivering with rage and beat Izuku for hours. Around twenty minutes in, Izuku passed out. Didn’t matter much to him, he could still beat him.

After the usual bat, a knife was brought in. He cut up Izuku’s hand, his leg, and his feet. Deep enough to scar, but shallow enough to not let him bleed out. There was almost a finesse to it.


Izuku groaned as he pushed himself up. There was searing pain in his upper left leg, his wrists ache, he couldn’t open one eye, and he was pretty sure that the sticky on his back is blood.

He tried to stand, which was an immediate no. He fell with a cry and then froze. Thank god, he thought, that didn’t wake him up.

Instead of walking, Izuku crawled to his room, where he had an emergency phone, given to him by Mitsuki before he left with his dad, and first aid supplies. He treated his wounds, the one on his head the cause for the most concern. One thing he couldn’t fix was how mangled one of his hands seemed to be.

Three years. Izuku had put up with physical abuse for three years. If his mother weren’t dead, he probably would’ve been better off. He didn’t go to the police because he would be put in the system. But he knew one person he could call.

“Aunty Mitsuki?”

“Izuku? Oh my god!”

In the background he could hear yelling, probably from Kacchan.

“Aunty I need you to come get me.”

The effect was was like flicking a light switch, everything on her end went quiet. I must be on speaker phone, he mused.

“On my way, baby. Get your stuff together.”

“Aunty. I can’t walk.”

“What! Why?”

“I’m pretty sure my left femur is broken. And one of my hands is cut up really badly.”

“Okay. Okay. Okay. Fuck. Okay.”

There was silence for a moment. Izuku worried she had hung up.

“Oh baby. Okay, um, do you have anything you need to take with you?”

“My notebooks, there are twenty two of them. I can’t leave without them.”

“Okay. How about you get to the door, and get outside. When I get there, I’ll go in and grab them. Is he asleep?”

“I think he left.”

“Good. Wonderful.”

He could hear a car starting and pulling out of a drive way.

“Half an hour. I can be there in thirty minutes. Stay on the phone and grab any clothes you can, then get to the door.”

Izuku put the phone on speaker and crawled to the closet. Music was coming from the phone, presumably from Mitsuki’s radio. Izuku ignored it and pulled a duffle bag from the bottom of his closet. If he stretched a little, he could pull clothes down from the hangers.

Twenty minutes tinged with pain passed, and Izuku pulled the duffle bag and himself to the front door. Mitsuki had said a few things in that time, mostly just platitudes when he hissed in pain.

“Okay, I’m on your street. Get ready.”

Izuku had managed to prop himself up on his right leg and a wall. He unlocked the door and opened it. He’d move, but he knew he’d fall. He could see Aunty Mitsuki’s car coming down the street.
She barely waited for the car to park before she was flying out. She scooped Izuku up and deposited him in the back seat of her car. He whimpered when his leg shifted.

“Sorry, baby. I need you to tell me where your notebooks are.” She brushed a hand through his hair. She winced when he flinched back.

“Under my bed, there’s a loose floor board. It’s under a box full of old crayons and markers.” Izuku resisted the urge to cry, knowing that the movement of sobs would aggravate his injuries. “Please hurry. I need a hospital.”

Mitsuki nodded and disappeared into the house. She returned, two minutes later with his duffle bag and notebooks. An absolute godsend, Izuku sighed.

“I’ll put these in the back, and we’ll get going. We’ll get you help soon.” She popped the trunk and left the items there. “Do you know where the nearest hospital is?”


Izuku woke to beeping and the soft sound of a news station in the background. He shifted a little and hissed when he was met with pain. He went to open his eyes, and was met with a smooth, white ceiling.

Looking around, he spotted his duffle bag, Mitsuki’s purse, two plastic bags that seemed to filled with his notebooks, and one sleeping blond. From this angle, he could tell it was a male. Kacchan! His brain supplied.

Izuku moved his free arm to pat Katsuki’s head. The movement was hard, his arms felt like lead blocks. When his hand dropped on Katsuki’s head, reality seemed to hit him.
He was out of there. No more beatings, no more going days without meals, no more living in fear. He hoped.