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Ancient Alternian History

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The first Sea-Dwellers were an offshoot of the main troll species. They split off into more aquatic environments almost as soon a the proto-troll came to be. Their Mother Grubs making their homes in underwater grottos and seaside caves, they developed fins, gills, and (in some cases) bioluminescence. I will spare you the finer details of the benefits of living in the ocean when compared to living on the surface. But you should know how quickly the Sea-Dwellers managed to flourish in the seas.

Surprisingly, there weren’t nearly as many dangerous predators in the shallow waters of the coasts as there were on land. Though there were quite a few throughout the ocean, the shallows didn’t have the space to fit the Leviathan Abominations of The Deep. They were relatively free to roam in this environment. Another facet that helped them in their development was that the seawater refracted the sun’s light enough so that anything in the water wouldn’t die from exposure. So as long as they didn’t get too close to the surface, they wouldn’t cook like lobster in boiling water.

And with my personal tutelage, they were able to advance far faster than the Surface Dwellers. Knowing what was needed of them, I helped make sure that the rate of mortality for their young was almost non-existent. They would need the numbers to challenge the surface population.

I taught them all they could learn. Submarine architecture, physics, mathematics, biology, military tactics, how to fight, how to wage war, and so many other subjects. To prepare them for what was to come, I would set up wargames between different sections of the population. For knowledge without experience is almost useless. Although, to make sure there wouldn’t be any wasted lives, I made it so that the weapons used in these mock wars were non-lethal. They would hurt, but they wouldn’t kill.

You seem confused. Why would I personally let my presence be known to the wider Sea-Dweller population? So that I can guide them more effectively, of course. It wasn’t difficult to convince them I was a deity of some sort, come to guide them to prosperity and greatness in the mortal realm. Of course, this wasn’t a lie, I don’t lie. I was for all intents and purposes, a god unto them. I simply didn’t correct them that I was a First Guardian and what that meant.

To be clear, it’s not like I was holding their hands every step of the way. I only showed up every few decades to show them a new thing or two, maybe leave a few questions for them to ask themselves that hint at other concepts that would then lead to further advancement. By the time that the Surface Dwellers reached a medieval times level of advancement, the Sea-Dwellers have already mapped the majority of the ocean floor, developed advanced firearms, built modes of rapid transportation across the ocean, and telecommunication.

By the time that they were ready for the invasion of the Surface, they were more than a match for any science fiction adversary that one can imagine. Let alone a society that had only just discovered the steam engine. But their hubris in this belief would be their downfall in many important battles that would cost many lives on both sides.

As you can imagine, I didn’t really need to manipulate their genetic code all that much since I’ve been selectively presenting their genetic slurry to the mother grub for desirable traits since the dawn of their evolution. At most, I merely used mild gene therapy to stabilize their blood color.

The Violet Bloods can be considered as almost perfect. But true perfection dwells within another caste.