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People Will Say We're In Love

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Hey Bits
I subscribed to that channel you like, The Hockey Guy.
So look, I saw this video before you could send it to me! :-)
We got a mention.

I knew you'd like his vids!

Oh my lord. Jack
He's not a gossip. Why is THG talking about us?

Bits, we played great hockey together. He did his homework.

Yeah but Jack
What if they pick up stories that link my name with yours?
THG is so good, it's only his DIY style that keeps him low-profile.
The Toronto media watches him, I know they do.
We're gonna be careful though, right? It'll be fine.
So no more bouquets, ok? (I loved those flowers you sent me 💐. You're the sweetest, best boy. But it looks like I have a boyfriend.)
Anybody might guess! Even my folks! They love you. Stop being so gosh darn great! 😉
When you're here at the Haus, don't laugh at my jokes too much. You didn't used to, so much, did you?
The way you look at me, honey. It's, well. It's the way I been looking at you, probably.
Smitten. I thought I didn't have a chance with you, and it wouldn't'a mattered if they could spot my crush from outer space. But, now.
Your eyes, sweetpea, have been glowing.
And if you wear my jersey here, sweetheart, they'll suspect.
Oh and don't Skype anybody from your kitchen. It definitely shows you collected those things for me. ❤️
So yeah, just don't be so obvious and we'll be fine I'm sure! 😘

Haha, Bits. I may be obvious, bud, but you're just as bad!
Why do you take the trouble to bake my favorite pie?
And you got my jersey first. I had to get yours so it's fair.
"To be faiiiiir...."
You need a list of things to be careful about too.
-Don't praise my ass too much.
-Don't look so happy to see me.
-Don't run to greet me. People will see we're in love.
-I guess we shouldn't hold hands. (Bitty, I love holding your hand. It feels so good.)
-I guess we shouldn't dance together except in a group.
-Well, maybe after everybody else is shwasted already it'd be fine.
(Shitty and Lardo won't notice we're in love if they're baked.)