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Jirou was faced down on Bakugou’s bed. She was wallowing in her own self-pity and embarrassment. The boy was at his desk seemingly not paying any mind at the punk girl. She groaned and even thought about sobbing out of frustration alone. Bakugou tried his best to ignore her but her presence interrupted his state of mind.


“What crawled up your ass?” He hissed at her. He turned around in his chair finishing his homework.  He was almost amused at the sight in front of him. She made an incoherent sound to Bakugou. Bakugou huffed in boiling anger. “If you’re just gonna be in here, and sit in self-pity do it somewhere else!  My dorm isn’t for some sad bitch!” He nagged.


Jirou lifted her head, “You look like a sad bitch to me!” She snapped back. Bakugou gritted his teeth and growled.  He stomped toward the cretin in his bed and his palms crackling.  Jirou was quick to react and stabbed the blonde in his ears with her jack. He choked in pain and an explosion sounded through the room. The sound of the blast vibrated through Jirou’s ears, and she covered them.


The teens were huffing and slowly calming down. The ringing in her ears came down while Bakugou rubbed his temples.  


“How did an ass like you get into a relationship, with an idiot at that,” Jirou was looking down at the ground. Bakugou glared at her.


“One, only I can call him that, two, you finally realize your feelings for Lightning Mcqueen.” Jirou looked at him and blinked.  She started to laugh, covering her smile in the process. She sputtered “Lightning Mcqueen”.  Bakugou rolled his eyes, but he admitted it was kind of funny. 


“But yes, I li-like,” She stuttered.   Her face was completely red and she was looking at the ceiling.  


“Like Kaminari Denki, yeah you make it obvious”  He finished for her. She groaned. Bakugou rolled his eyes again (because he’s edgy and that’s what edgy people do).


“As much as I like to see you suffer and panic about falling in love with an idiot,” He started “I hate listening to him babble to Kirishima about you, so go fuck him or something.”  She shrieked at his last suggestion. Her blushed affected her whole head this time, from the tips of her ears to her neck.   



Yaoyorozu and Kaminari were a special duo. The number one in class friends with the twentieth in class. They found a middle ground in literature and the way Kaminari was so knowledgeable on the multiple languages. It amazes her how he still was one of the lowest scorers on the midterm. She knew for sure he aced the English tests. In their study sessions, it’s almost like he’s the one doing the tutoring. 


Tea and refreshments were on the coffee table as the pair talked about how ridiculous Romeo and Juliet was as a whole. They even joked about how it’s deemed one of the most amazing love stories. Yaoyorozu sipped her black peach tea and suppressed a giggle of her own. 


“Kami, don’t act like you aren’t a romantic yourself,” She said to him. Kaminari scoffed sarcastically. 


“Me? And Romantic Nah,” He chuckled a bit “Yaomomo,  I like flirting, but I wouldn’t kill myself because my significant other died, I’ll live on for the both of us,” He said going into a little daydream. Yaoyorozu hummed. She didn’t expect to hear a romantic fantasy of his.


“Kaminari, what do you think about love?” she said with a light blush on her cheeks. She’s thought about love before.  In fact, she found herself thinking about love a lot more lately. A certain white and red haired boy appeared in her dreams once upon a time. A weird dream where she was the knight saving a prince.


“Love? Well, I think it’s cool. Having someone that gives you butterflies in your tummy, and like giving someone that feeling back. I mean I like going on dates here and there, but haven’t someone I could love yet.” He focused on the black haired girl next to him. “Do you have someone in mind?”


Yaoyorozu’s face flushed going about the stupid dream she had. Thinking about it she and Todoroki have gotten closer to one another. In training, they somehow always get paired together. Even out of the class their interactions have become intimate. There were subtle touches and even getting closer to one another.  She even found herself hugging him and she was hugged back.


“Yaomomo? Hey,” Kaminairi called. She shook her head and her face heated up even more. She didn’t even know she was blushing already. “You kinda dazed off there,” he said. 


“Yeah, I think I like Todoroki,” She said breathily.  Kaminari jumped up from his spot, electricity swirling his being. 


“Todoroki?! Really! Oh, you have to tell him!” He said excitedly.   Yaoyorozu gasped and shook her head violently.


“What if he doesn’t like me back, Kaminari I don’t think I can-”


“You can what?” A cool voice asked the two. Yaoyorozu covered her red face when she saw Todoroki Shouto himself.  


“Todo! What up bro!” Kaminari waved at him.  Todoroki walked closer to them.   


“I was going to the kitchen and heard my name,” He said to the pair. He didn’t miss the blush on Yaoyorozu’s face but decided against commenting on it.


“I’m having a crisis, Kiri! I feel like I’m dying!”  Mina whined to her phone, in which Kirishima was on the screen as they face timed.  She was in her bed clutching a teddy bear. It was her only source of comfort as she felt her heart sinking.  


“Did you run out of black nail polish again?” He asked her. She shook her head shook. 


“No it’ fucking worse,” She said again. Her pink curls were ruffled up because of fingers running through her hair.  She knew she was going to miss her friends when she went back home for the summer, but she didn’t think she’d miss a certain black haired boy.   Last night she was bored and none of her friends would facetime with her. Yaomomo was in South America with her parents, Jirou was going on some music festival tour with her parents, Hagakure was in Okinawa, Asui had to watch her siblings, and Uraraka wanted to spend as much time as she could with her parents.  Kaminari had to work at his Dad’s shop during all break, and Kirishima and Bakugou were together. That left one person.


Sero answered after a couple of rings.  He had paused some video game, and she found it endearing that he stopped playing for her. They talked forever to the point where she actually fell asleep on the phone.  She didn’t know when Sero hung up, but when she woke up, she had a sinking feeling. 


“So you like Sero?” Kirishima asked her. Mina almost dropped the phone.


“I don’t know!”  She yelped. 


“Well if you do, the worst he can say is no, and I’m pretty sure you guys still can be friends if he does reject you-”


“But he fucking won’t Majin Buu,” She heard Bakugou grumble. 


“Katsuki!” Kirishima scolded. Mina looked at his face looked a mix of upset and pouty. It was cute. The two started to argue and Mina decided to hang up. She’ll deal with her problems alone. 


Uraraka has hidden her feelings for Deku for so long. The girls only know and have had countless of advice from them. She needed someone else’s perspective on her situation, perhaps from a guy herself. She made her way to the boys' dorms, making sure she doesn’t run into Deku in the process.


She made her way to her destination and knocked on the door. It didn’t take long for Iida to answer.  


“Uraraka-Kun! How are you?” He greeted her. His arms waving at her choppingly.  Uraraka laughed in the inside. She let herself in sitting on his neat bed. “So what brings you here?” He asked sitting on his office chair.  The brown haired girl plays with her hands and blushed thinking about what she’s about to tell him.


“Well, I’ve been feeling a certain way about someone, and I guess I felt like he didn’t need to keep it from you any longer,” she said. “I like Deku” She admitted. She felt a weight lift off her chest but her heart was still beating fast. 


“I know,” He said simply. Her head shot up and she got up from her spot on the bed. Her jaw dropped.  So many things were flying through her head. How did he know?  


“Iida! How did you know?” She asked.  Iida chuckled and shook his head. 


“Uraraka-Kun you have been my friend for quite some time, and you aren’t that good at hiding your feelings,” He beamed. Uraraka blushed. She was embarrassed. She thought she was good at hiding her feelings.  


“Does he know then! Is he avoiding because he doesn’t feel the same! Iida,” She said panicking and almost crying (she actually was). A hand rested on her shoulder. Iida tried his best to calm her down.   


“No, He’s very dense. I’m sure the whole class knows except him.” She made a sound from her throat. “But I assure you if you do confess to him he will take it, I’m without a doubt he likes you back.” She wiped the tears from her face.  She hugged him and felt his big arms hug her back.


“Thank  you,”



Asui was in the kitchen cooking some food for her classmates. He was tied up to keep it out of the way. She didn’t notice Shouji come into the kitchen while she cooking. When she turned she was almost frightened from the new person in.  

“Sorry, Tsu,” He said coolly.  Asui croaked as a reassurance that she was fine.  


“Shouji-chan you startled me,” she said. The boy didn’t talk much and the only way to get him talking was if you talked to him first. Asui was sure of her feelings for Tokoyami. Unlike most of her peers, she didn’t overreact to her realization. She’s accepted her feelings, but that doesn’t mean Tokoyami gave back those feelings.    


She knew Shouji and Tokoyami were close friends. They always partnered with one another and even found to have some of the same interests. Shouji was nice and was very determined to be a hero. She was grateful for when he kept her warm at the provisional license exam. 


“Shouji-Chan, can I ask you a question?” She said to him wiping her hands off.

“Yes, what is it Tsu-Chan?” He asked her with all of his attention towards her.   


“What does Tokoyami-Chan like doing?” Shouto was surprised but it was hard to tell behind his mask.  One of his tentacles shifted in a mouth.  


“It doesn’t do much, but I know he enjoys going to art museums. He usually goes alone since he doesn’t want anyone knowing.”  


Asui stuck out her tongue thinking about what Shouji said to her. She blushed at the thought of an art museum date, she found herself quite interested in art museums too. 


“Thank you Shouji-Chan” 


“Your Welcome Tsu-Chan”


“Madame-Moiselle your choice of man is very plain ,” Aoyama hummed. Hagakure sighed. He was right, Ojiro was plain.  


“I know! But he’s just so cute!” She huffed. She thought she was giving the most obvious hints to the tailed boy.  She loved the way his tail wagged when he was happy. He seemed to worry about her and pay attention to her most out of the boys.  Before she would have liked someone like Todoroki pay attention to her, but Ojiro always has. It's something that she didn’t notice at first.  She was lucky she noticed before it was too late. Her quirk made her literally invisible. She knows how it feels when no one pays attention to her. She even envied “plain” looking people. At least they can be described physically. 


“You do really like him, Mon Amie. Matters of love don’t interest me when it comes to myself, but when I can eye a person in Romance.” Hagakure blushed she felt her cheeks warm.  “What do you like about him other than his look of course?”


“Well, the obvious note is that he’s very strong-willed and so determined. Though out of that he’s incredibly nice, and especially to me. Lately, we’ve been hanging in the common room or outside of the dorms. I’m in for sure he likes me back,” 


Aoyama rested his hands under his chin with his iconic closed smile. “Then what is the problem?”


“He’s very dense. I’m assuming I’d have to make the first move,” she said twirling her hair in her fingers. Aoyama couldn’t tell though.   


“Then do it!, I’ll help you with my dazzle!” He cheered out of his seat. Hagakure followed in suit and cheered with him as well. 


“I can’t wait!”