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Burn, baby

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Shouji couldn't breath, couldn't think.


He was so painfully aware of everything that was happening.


Of Mineta who was seated in his lap like he belonged there, contently nuzzling his face into Shoujis broad chest.


Of the spheres Mineta used to pin him down to the ground and against a tree.


He could smell the suffocating smell of smoke and fire as the forest burned.


Why was Mineta doing this?


He thought they were friends.


Why did he betray everyone?


Shouji took a deep breath that did nothing to calm his nerves.


"W..why?", he flinched at the stupidly weak whisper that passed through his lips.


Mineta looked up at him with his wide eyes, "What do you mean, Mezou?"


Shouji gritted his teeth, he decided he hated the way Mineta spoke his name.


"Why would you do this to everyone?! To our classmates, our friends?!! ", Shouji demanded, his voice low and harsh.


His tone didn't seem to bother Mineta in the slightest, a fact that made irritation claw at his insides.


"Oh! I didn't do all this, Shigaraki did. But if you're asking why I took part in his plans…", Mineta leant forward until his lips brushed Shoujis ear, "...that's top secret, darling!"


Shouji growled and tried to jerk out of the hold he was trapped in, to no avail.


Mineta only laughed at his struggles, his small fists still curled in the front of Shoujis shirt.


"But! I will tell you why I captured you!", Shouji stopped his futile struggling when he heard Mineta speak.


His sharp grey eyes met with Minetas purple ones, which were shining with barely contained amusement.


He hates this so much, all his former friend saw him as was some play thing.


He'll probably say he wants to torture him. Maybe use him as leverage? Ransom?


Mineta leant forward, his nose brushing against Shoujis.


"Because I love you."


Shouji stared at him in disbelief.


He didn't even feel it when Mineta pulled his mask down.


He was suddenly pulled back to reality when his felt a pair of soft lips push against his own.


Shouji tried to turn his head away, but Mineta had a harsh grip on his face. As he insistently pushed his lips against Shoujis.


Seeing no way he could pull away, he bit Minetas bottom lip instead, the needle points of his teeth easily catching on, and sinking into the plush flesh.


Mineta pulled back with a small pained noise, and Shouji felt a small bit of satisfaction swell on his chest when he saw the blood dripping down Minetas chin.


Pulling his hand away from his bleeding lip, Mineta gave Shouji a smirk that make his blood run cold and sick feeling turn in his gut.


"Oh, so you wanna play rough, Mezou~", Mineta purred as he went in for another kiss.


Shouji quickly turned his head away, Minetas lips landing on his cheek instead. Shouji shuddered at the feeling of blood smearing onto his cheek.


"Aww, don't be like that Mezou, baby!", Mineta whined, "Just give me a little kiss!"


Shouji shook his head, Miners pouted at his  uncooperativeness.


But before he could insist further, a dark swirling portal opened up next to them.


Mineta sighed, "I guess that's my queue to leave.."


He stood from Shoujis lap, and pressed a quick kiss to his lips while the larger boy was staring at the portal.


Mineta pulled up Shoujis mask for him, "Sorry I gotta leave babe", he pointed at the spheres that still held Shouji down, "Those won't wear off for awhile, might wanna get comfy!"


Mineta stepped toward the portal, but before he entered he turned to Shouji, a dark look crossed over his face.


"One more thing, you better break it off with Tokoyami. I don't like to share."


Shouji stared wide eyed at him, how did he-?


Almost like he read his mind - maybe he did, Shouji felt like he knew nothing about him now -, Mineta answered, "I know everything about you, sweetheart."


And then he was gone.


But his words and actions remained.


Echoing through Shoujis entire body.


Shouji could still smell the smoke.


He jerked his head back, and cracked it against the tree.


The pain was a welcome change to this horrible uncertainty, and helplessness.


His classmates were out there, fighting for their lives.


And he was stuck here, doing absolutely nothing. With the knowledge that Mineta - a traitor and a villain - was obsessed with him.


And he wasn't dumb enough to miss the very obvious implications of the harm the other boy could bring upon Tokoyami if he didn't break up with him.


But how far was Minetas reach?


Surely he knew that Shouji would tell Aizawa what happened here?


And why the hell did he join Shigaraki in the first place?


How could his little goofy, perverted classmate - former classmate he reminded himself - be so eager to be this ?


He could only wonder these things while he waited to be foundfound by the others.