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Heroes in The Dark

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When their teacher, Aizawa Shōta, told the group that they were taking a paid trip to another moving city in the middle of the ocean — Katsuki was skeptical to a fault. He figured that if the first one was a failure, then why try again?

The last trip to the last moving city was a literal nightmare. Not only did he have to dress up in a suit but, they ended up fighting against an unknown invader. That was perhaps the only day Katsuki envied those who weren't able to take the trip. Even if the situation ended in their favor — it was still a bad trip in Katsuki's book.

This trip that they were on at the moment was paid for by the school and since everyone lived on campus — they were required to attend. Again, Katsuki was skeptical and voiced his opinions as loudly as he could that very morning they had to leave.

That was only five days ago.

To him it felt like a literal lifetime and he was certain the others would agree with him.

Now, here Katsuki was — with his classmates, in cramped individual cells. This was also their seventh time being moved to a different location. Each time, they were blindfolded and had their ears plug, as to why — Katsuki couldn't begin to guess. When they reached their destination, it was still dark. Almost as if the blindfold was never taken off. However, it was gone and the reality of the fact was that they were somewhere so far down in the darkness. To top that off, a few of them received Quirk suppressants and he was amongst a nice amount of his fellow classmates. 

Hardly anyone made a sound. Even the two most talkative and obnoxious, Denki and Mina, hadn't made a single sound. Annoyingly this concerned Katsuki; his mind always wondered to if they had received severe injuries during the skirmish. That was only three days ago.

The sound of clanking caught Katsuki's attention. He perked up, only a little and strained his eyes within the darkness.

"Ahem, if I could have everyone's attention."

'Oh, it's only four-eyes.' Katsuki felt a small amount of relief. It was only one of his classmates making noise and not one of their tormentors coming in for another round. Katsuki pressed himself against the cold concrete wall and leaned his head against the bars; he focused all his attention on listening.

"I assume everyone is awake and listening? I will resume with the daily role-call..."

Katsuki was certain he heard a groan coming from two cells down. 'Probably that damn raccoon eyes...' However, it could've also been his imagination; it always ran wild in the darkness.

"Alright, Aoyama Yūga."


Katsuki clenched his teeth at the dead sound in Yūga's voice. Sure, he wasn't friends with he guy nor did he pay him much attention but, right now Katsuki hated the way he sounded so defeated. It was nothing like the Aoyama Yūga he was use too.

"Ashido Mina!"

"...I'm here..." She exclaimed quietly. She sounded absolutely tired, almost like she was ready to pass out at any minute.

"...Just hang in there Ashido-chan." Tenya replied, his voice shook a little. To Katsuki, it sounded like uncertainty; like he wasn't entirely sure that they were going to be freed.

"Sure...whatever you say class prez..."

"...Asui Tsuyu!"

"Still here, Iida-san." Tsuyu replied bluntly. She was far too good at hiding her true emotions when you could only hear her voice. Though, Katsuki knew better. He knew she was scared out of her mind and wondering if she would ever get to see her family again. "Tōru-chan is also here in the same cell."

'Fuck...that's right...the old hag and pops. I don't even know if they knew about this damn trip...' Katsuki almost wanted to bang his head against the metal bars of his cell. Five days and he, nor the others, thought to ask if their parents were aware they were going out of country.

"That's always a good thing right?"

Silence entered after another familiar voice sounded off. Katsuki was certain he knew who that voice belonged too and was surprised he attempted to even make a joke after being in captivity for three whole days.

"Kaminari Denki?"

"Yup...that's me. Over here being pathetic as hell..." Denki exclaimed with an off hand laugh.

Katsuki felt the strong urge to beat some since into the electric Quirk using teenager. The main reasoning was due to how uncomfortable he felt with the tone in Denki's voice was so detached. He hated it with a passion. He felt his hands shake in his lap.

"Right...moving on, Uraraka Ochako!"

"Yeah, I'm still here, Iida-kun."

Katsuki stretched his legs out and continued to listen out; for some reason he wasn't certain he was listening out for his name. 'Must be this damn darkness. Fucking coward...' Katsuki's gaze move through the darkness and spot a large dark outline of something in the corner of his cell. '...It ain't a damn thing. Just your mind fuckin' with you, get it together!' He quickly dismissed the imaginative figure.

"Ojiro Mashirao!"

The sound of sliding against the gravel caught Katsuki's ears. It was obviously Mashirao's tail wagging slightly at the sound of his name being called.

"Still here." Mashirao spoke up and his voice overpowered the sounds of his tail swiftly moving from side to side against the gravel. "Also, Tokoyami-san is still here as well. He's sleeping right now."

"Okay, thank you Ojiro-san." Tenya paused for a moment, allowing his memory to go over those who had answered and have been spoken for, "Next is...Kirishima Eijirō."

Katsuki lifted his head up and looked around, even though he knew he couldn't see anything or anyone. It was a habit, he figured.

"...Kirishima-san, are you present?" Tenya asked once again, alarmed by the silence.

Katsuki would be lying he said he wasn't concerned by the lack of sound coming from his red-haired friend. "...Yo, shitty hair say somethin'..." He gave a small window of time for Eijirō to answer. He was furious at the silence he received, "SHITTY HAIR FUCKIN' SAY SOMETHIN' YOU BASTARD!!" His voice cracked and his eyes began to burn; he prayed they didn't hear the cracking in his voice. He had to wonder if it was the stressful situation taking its' toll on him mentally or the darkness still messing with him.

Almost an entire three minutes later, Eijirō managed to grumble out an answer. "...Yeah." It wasn't much but, it was something to Katsuki. It allow him to know that the redhead was still alive and breathing; even if he sound hopeless.

"You had us worried..." Tenya started off, his normal concerned tone kicking in.


"...Kōda Kōji!"

Shuffling was heard across from Katsuki's cell. He figured it was Kōji but, he wouldn't be entirely certain until he heard the timid teenagers' voice.

"I-I...I'm here. I'm...kinda scared..."

"We all are," Tenya replied with a sigh before continuing. "Satō Rikidō!"

"I'm here in the same cell with Kirishima."

Katsuki raised his bound hands and furiously wiped away continuous tears. He hated when he got to the point of crying when he was angry. 'Those fuckers don't deserve the satisfaction of hearing or even seeing me cry!! I've gotta get my shit together.'

"Shōji Mezō!"

A whistle came three or four cells down from Katsuki. He wasn't certain if it was across from him or on the same side. "Still alive and breathing." He knew what followed up next, a typical thumbs up from the six armed teenager; almost like a signature move. "I'm in the same cell with Asui-san and Hagakure-san."

Tsuyu croaked, "Just call me Tsuyu, please."

Katsuki almost wanted to laugh; almost. Her reply was so deadpanned and normal, he didn't feel like he was in a fight or flight situation. Unfortunately, the darkness was a constant reminder of the dangers around him.

"Jirō Kyōka!"

There was a heavy sigh. Katsuki figured it was several cells down to his left. "Yep, still in the hellhole. Housed with Ojiro and Tokoyami, these guys are really great you know? Housewarming was fantastic..." Kyōka's unenthusiastic nature flared up with a hint of sarcasm. "Oh, and Serō is in the cell next to us with Mineta, so just skip those guys. I'm vouching for 'em."

"Oh...okay," Tenya cleared his throat to continue, "Todoroki Shōto!"

"Present." Shōto respond quickly, his voice as deep and bland as ever. Katsuki wondered if anything could emotionally effect him besides having his issues at home. "...Shinsō is also here as well, sharing the cell with me. Next to Tokoyami."

"Alright, thank you Todoroki-san. Bakugō Katsuki!"

Katsuki sighed heavily and shook his head. He was just screaming at the top of his lungs earlier and Tenya was still asking for roll call; it pissed him off but, he was too worn down to get angry. "...I was just fuckin' screamin' earlier and you've got the fuckin' gall to ask this bullshit?"

"...I suppose you are correct. I am sorry for not paying more attention earlier. I was...alarmed." Tenya apologized. Katsuki was certain he was bowing profusely; something he also found annoying to no end. "I shall move on then, Midoriya Izuku?"

"Huh?! Oh um, I'm still here. Sorry, just a little distracted right now." Izuku exclaimed from the cell right beside Katsuki.

"It's fine. It's okay to get a little distracted every now and again," Tenya replied in a hesitant manner, "Last but, never least...Yaoyorozu Momo!"

"I'm here, Iida-san. I'm in the same cell with Kaminari and Mina."

There was something in Momo's voice that caused Katsuki to shift closer to then entrance of his own cell, "The fuck do you sound like you're tryin' to take a shit?" He pressed his forehead against the cold bars and gripped at them tightly. He wished he could blow a hole through the bars and find whoever was above the clowns that were causing them so much pain and suffering.

"If you must know Bakugō-kun..." Momo started off in a stern manner, "I'm attempting to create something. A flashlight really and then see if I can come up with more items."

"Yeah? And do tell how the fuck is that working out for you, huh?" Katsuki allowed the sarcasm to drip. He wasn't stupid. He knew that Yaoyorozu Momo was another one of the few who received a Quirk suppressant.

Before Momo could answer Katsuki back — the sound of a heavy iron door opening caught all their attention. It was the only door that they could all consider their exit. The sounds of footsteps closed in on Katsuki's holding cell.


Katsuki found himself startled; he wasn't sure if it was the panic within Izuku's voice on the sounds of the groaning and footsteps coming closer. He quickly scampered away from what he thought was the cell door and quickly pressed himself into the corner.

"Shut it you little green-haired shit!!"

From the cell next to Katsuki, he heard a loud yelp. Alarm bells rang off within his head. 'FUCK!! That nerd is gonna get his ass handed to him if he don't shut the fuck up!!' Katsuki's mind screamed loudly and he felt cold sweat drip down the sides of his temples.

"Don't...lay a finger...on 'em..."


'Shut up!! SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!' Katsuki wanted to scream at his classmates but, found himself frightened stiff. He tried to convince himself it was because of the special gloves they forced on his hands or perhaps the fact he chained down and they had his cell door open.

Without warning Katsuki felt the wind knocked out of him. It was the first time they had actually laid their hands on them and out of twenty something teenagers, Katsuki was the one to pay for his classmates foolishness. He gasped for breath and felt a swift kick to his chest and then to his face. The next thing Katsuki knew there was a strong amount of pressure on the side of his head and he felt the gravel beneath cut into his skin.

"Don't want us touchin' your precious students, eh?" Katsuki gritted his teeth as he listened to the voice of the man above him, "Then give yourself up like the good little hero you are, right? You've come to our playground and now you'll play by our rules alright, Eraserhead?"

Again, the man stomped on Katsuki's head and nearly knocked his lights out with one more kick to his face. He was sure his nose was broken; the trickling of blood was a telltale sign alongside the fact he tasted blood around his mouth. 'Bastard probably knocked a tooth loose...fuckin' asshole...' Katsuki shifted around and attempted to sit upright.

Unfortunately, that was a bad move on his end and felt a shock of pain at the back of his head. As soon as he had sat upright, Katsuki figured the guy had never left the cell and kicked him square in his chest; causing his head to collide with the stonewall. A groan escaped Katsuki and he couldn't help but, tremble.

"Kacchan!! Stop moving. Please, please stop moving!!" Izuku begged from the cell beside him.

'...Stupid Deku...' Katsuki blinked several times and was nearly blinded by a flashlight. 'Shit...' He wheezed slightly, 'Holy fuck...a broken nose sucks...can't even fuckin' breathe or anything...' He squinted his eyes; he was able to make out an outline of night vision goggles. 'No wonder these fuckers could see me.' The foot against his chest applied pressure and he gasped painfully.

The flashlight was turned to the left of Katsuki and his red eyes couldn't help but follow. What he saw frightened him to his very core. "Sensei...?" Katsuki muttered. There were so many words that came to mind when his eyes landed on the beaten body of Aizawa Shōta; so many and yet Katsuki wasn't sure which one would fit the situation. "DON'T FUCKIN' LOOK!!" Katsuki shouted out painfully, in hopes he was able to stop his idiot classmates from being overly curious.

"See that kid?" The man started off before flashing the light towards Katsuki, "You could be in his position if he were a bit more of a wuss. Lucky for you lot, you've got one helluva teacher who stays true to the real nature of a Pro-Hero." Katsuki was certain he saw a grin stretch wide, "Let's see how long he'll be your hero, huh?"

The man spent a few more minutes degrading Shōta and beating Katsuki. By the time he and the other group of men left, Katsuki felt himself teetering between the state of consciousness and unconsciousness. Ever few minutes he wheezed out a breath and trembled in the corner of his cell.

He hated being like this; weak. Unable to fight back or at least attempt to fight back. It was a struggle being the helpless one for a situation they were professional trained to handle with ease.

Shōta grumbled underneath his breath before cursing too himself. He crawled from what he believed to be the middle of the cell towards the back of the cell; he felt Katsuki's presence to his right. A sharp pain shot up through his back as he twisted around, "Shit...!" He clenched his teeth and pressed his back firmly against the cold stonewall.


Shōta sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, "Yes, Ashido?" As soon as he said the name of his student, he felt his heartbreak at the sound of her crying filling the enclosed space of their individual cells. "...Look, I know this is probably the last thing you kids wanna hear but, keep hope alive. Everything will be fine. Don't do or say anything to provoke them...okay?"

"...But, Aizawa-sensei, Bakugō didn't do anything!!" Hanta exclaimed from several cells to his left. "He didn't do a damn thing and they still attacked him!!"

Shōta hummed as he leaned his head back against the wall, "It was probably to show me that they weren't joking or afraid of causing bodily harm to you kids..." He stayed silent for a moment and allowed his chest to rise and fall. To say he was worn down to the bone was an understatement. He felt like crap and even more due to the fact that his kids are suffering from this traumatic experience. "It'll be alight. Just let me be your shield, understood?"

"Aizawa-sensei...!" Tenya stated. Shōta could hear the disagreement within his voice.

"Just listen to me, alright Iida? Your brother would kill me if anything happened to you..." Shōta muttered the last part to himself. "Bakugō, can you hear me?" There was silence and Shōta shuffled closer towards his student; only stopping once he felt Katsuki's shoulder bump his arm, "Hey can you hear me? Bakugō are you there?" He asked and his only response was trembling, "...It'll be fine. The heroes are gonna notice something wrong and they'll come and save us. Alright? Until then...I'll keep you kids safe. Even if I have to die here."

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"So you're going on a trip?"


"And I'm invited?"

"Yes, you are. I'm vouching for you and your teacher agreed since you'll be transferring into the Hero Course starting this coming year."

Hitoshi found a small smile form upon his face. He wiped away the sweat from his forehead and looked at Shōta. "...Thank's Aizawa-san. I honestly don't know how to repay you for wasting so much of your time dealing with me."

"It's not wasted time unless you make it wasted," Shōta exclaimed sternly and crossed his arms against his chest, "Plus, there's always that flaw in the system that misplaces people like you and me. Pitting students up against giant robots? Bullshit. Some people don't have strength enhancing Quirks or mutation Quirks to handle something that large."

Hitoshi nodded in agreement. Shōta was right, the U.A. entrance exam was extremely flawed and only allowed people like Bakugō Katsuki, Midoriya Izuku and Todoroki Shōto to pass with a literal snap of their fingers. It was just like what Monoma Neito said to him, they were the ones looked down upon by society — seen more as villains than anything else.

"So be ready this coming Monday. Have your bags packed with essentials. Don't bring useless items that aren't going to be used or even remotely needed." Shōta spoke up once again as he eyed his pupil, "Have any unfinished homework assignments done and turned into your teachers. I've managed to get them to exempt you from other coming classwork for the next three weeks."

"T-three weeks?!" Hitoshi stuttered out as he raised a single eyebrow, "What could we possibly be doing for three weeks?!"

"Hero stuff. You know the things you'll be possibly doing in the real world." 

"Where is this place?" Hitoshi continued on as he picked up his dwindling bottle of water. "Is it another province within Japan? One of the islands off the coast of Japan? China? Korea? A country abroad?"

Shōta's eye twitched a the amount of questions that suddenly poured from Hitoshi. This was something unexpected from such a detached teenager. It was a pleasant surprise; as it showed Hitoshi had more than one emotion. 

'Almost like me...'  Shōta smirked, "Well if you want to really know...stop by classroom 1-A. I'll be debriefing the entire class on the details. Debriefing is happening this coming Friday and I'll have a list of items that will be suggestions for you all to pack, okay?"



Hitoshi was one hundred percent positive field trips didn't end with hostage situations. After all, that was only in the movies; or at least that's what he continuously tells himself.

Field trips were fun and exciting. Much like the beginning of their trip was, telling jokes the entire flight and getting to know each other better. Even when they landed the group was still in high spirits and somewhat excited for what was to seen next.

He held his knees close against his chest and wrapped his arms around himself tightly. It was going on their fourth day of captivity and he found himself continuously mulling over the conversation he had with his mentor and future teacher. It wasn't even just the conversation about the trip; it was the first time Aizawa Shōta pulled him to the side after the Sports Festival and all the days he was trained vigorously, all the way until he was told that he was finally eligible for transfer to the Heroics Course starting his second year of high school.

All those interactions and conversations, training sessions felt like a life time ago.

"Shinsō Hitoshi!!"

Hitoshi perked up slightly at the sound of his name. It was obvious as to who was calling him, Iida Tenya, the man made it his job to keep tabs on everyone for the entire trip. Through thick or thin. Even more-so now than what it might have been before. Then again, Hitoshi wasn't certain; he was still getting to know everyone.

"...I'm here," Hitoshi answered and rested his chin upon his knees, "Here and wishing I was somewhere else..."

"Heh, you and just about all of us..." Hanta replied in response to Hitoshi's last comment.

"Honestly, we should really be wondering where Aizawa-san is," Hitoshi pointed out and turned towards the direction he last believed Shōta was in, "He's the only one getting dragged through whatever fucking torture they feel like placing him through and it's nearly every other hour."

"He's right Iida, we should really be focused on Aizawa-sensei's wellbeing rather than our own." Tsuyu croaked rather loudly. Hitoshi was certain she was directly across from him. "As long as we follow what Aizawa-sensei tells us — then we'll have nothing to worry about...but, Aizawa-sensei is going through things that we can't even remotely imagine."

"Honestly...hearing Bakugō freak out like that yesterday has me concerned as to how badly hurt Aizawa-sensei is..." Momo commented from her own cell.

A sound of agreement caught Hitoshi's attention. He was almost positive it was Ojiro Mashirao; the very guy who still seemed wary of being around him. '...I wonder if this situation will change his mind about me? After all, we're in this together.' Hitoshi thought to himself grimly; a frown taking over his vacant feature.

Shōto shifted around uncomfortably and Hitoshi turned his head towards the sound. "...Bakugō, what exactly did you see?"

There was silence after Shōto's question. It was expected, especially since it was Katsuki who was being asked the question. 'Then again...' Hitoshi mulled over in his head; his thoughts drifting towards the merciless beating Katsuki received. 

Every time he thought about yesterday — he felt a cold shiver down his spine. He had been looking in that direction when Katsuki was being beaten into a near unconscious state; much to his misfortune he watched as the flashlight flicker from Shōta's battered body and Katsuki's trembling form.

"...It had to have been bad!! Bakugō isn't even the one to freak out like that!!" Mineta nearly shouted in fear.

Denki grumbled something underneath his breath. Just as Hitoshi was certain Denki was about to shut Mineta down — he heard a yelp coming from a few cell down to his left.

"Ouch!! What'd you do that for?!" Mineta whined.

Hanta huffed out of irritation, "You're too loud!! You're gonna get us killed!!" He exclaimed in a hushed stern tone; the annoyance was clear within his words.


Still Katsuki had said nothing, leaving them all to suffer in his silence. Hitoshi understood and sighed heavily, "Let's all be honest, do we really want to know?" 

"No...not really," Shōto answered quietly. "...Yaoyorozu?"

"Yes, Todoroki-kun?"

Hitoshi had to wonder what Shōto was going to ask. He had a nagging feeling that it was the same question that he had wanted to ask but, hadn't mustered up the interest to ask. Figuring he knew the question, Hitoshi slid himself closer to what he believe to be the cell door. He pressed his back firmly against the cold steel bars and leaned his head back.

"Have the effects of the suppressant worn off?" Shōto asked in a curious manner.

Hitoshi was certain he heard shuffling within the cell next to him. Even the silent Katsuki was curious to know.

For several minutes, Momo stayed silent. Hitoshi guessed that was she giving her quirk a try. 'We can only hope for the best...' Hitoshi thought to himself and allowed his eyes to wonder through the darkness.

A clattering sound caused Hitoshi to turn around; he latched his hands unto the bars. Shōto seemingly also made his way to the cell door as well — Hitoshi could feel extra body warmth radiating from the dual quirk user.

Nervously, Hitoshi bit the bottom of his lip and like everyone else he silently awaited a verbal answer. Not even two minutes later, Momo made a small unreadable sound. Hitoshi's eyebrows furrowed in confusion and mild concern.


Hitoshi nudged his cellmate "...Is that a good thing?" He muttered underneath his breath in question. He never turned around to see what Shōto's own expression was; mostly due to it being pitch black in their holding area. He was sure that Shōto had his own eyebrow raised.

"Not certain in this darkness..." Shōto quietly answered.

Hitoshi found himself sighing again and leaned his forehead against the steel bars of the cell. He closed his eyes and forced himself to focus on the sounds around him. Although, no sound were being made. '...Clicking...?'

"Oi..." Katsuki grumbled out; it nearly scared Hitoshi from his concentration. "Ponytail girl..." There was a paused, "...You made that fuckin' flashlight." It wasn't even a question, no where near being one. It was almost as if Katsuki was fully aware of what object Momo created.

"How do you know?"

"The fuck do you mean how do I know? You can't fuckin' hear clicking bird-brain?" Katsuki answered. There was an obvious edge to his voice. "Those assholes left me with one good thing and that's these fuckin' hearing aids."

'Bird-brain is...Tokoyami, if I'm not mistaken.' Hitoshi mused over his current though. Normally, he would be angry when someone broke his concentration; after all it was apart of his brainwashing quirk. Funny enough — he welcomed the distraction with open arms.

"...Hmph, I was expecting a little more sarcasm." Fumikage answered. The sound of his voice was strangely impassive and Hitoshi was trying to remember if the short teenager had always been that way. "Unlike the rest of you, my eyes can easily and quickly adjust to the dark. You're correct, Yaoyorozu-san did create a flashlight. From my isn't much."

Soon after Fumikage confirmed that it was indeed a flashlight that Momo created, she flicked the small light on. Truly it wasn't much but, it was something; even if it did hurt their eyes a little bit.

"Like Tokoyami-kun's not much but," Hitoshi's eyes followed the light and watched as it was faced upwards by Momo. "It's a start...and plus we haven't really been given much of anything to eat. So..."

"There'll be difficulty in your creations." Izuku interjected.

From what Hitoshi could see, Momo seemed to frown at Izuku's statement. "Unfortunately, you're correct. I can't make anything that would truly help us unless I have a little bit more on my plate."

"Tch...sons of bitches are doing this bullshit on purpose," Katsuki from his corner of the cell. He seemed to have been the only one who didn't scoot closer towards the cell door. Hitoshi figured it was due to what happened yesterday; he couldn't blame him for being overly cautious. "They're aware that you need food to fuel your quirk. Same reason I've got these fuckin' gloves on my damn hands." At that statement Momo flashed the light towards Katsuki; just as the ash blonde said, his hands were specially gloved and cuffed together. "Flash that shit towards Deku...I need to see something."

Hitoshi couldn't help but to break his own silence. "What's the reasoning?"

"Shut the fuck up and watch..." Katsuki grumbled and moved himself from Hitoshi's line of sight. His pained expression wasn't missed by Hitoshi and he couldn't help but frown. He had to wonder how much pain was Katsuki truly in?

Hitoshi moved his attention away from Katsuki and focused on Izuku for a moment. The normally happy go lucky teenager raised his hands towards his face; keeping minimum damage towards his eyes. It appeared that Izuku was heavily chained down. From his hands and arms to his legs. 

"Wait a minute..." Denki started off, "Those big ass cuffs...those are the —"

"Same fuckin' things from the Sports Festival..." Katsuki finished as he blankly stared at Izuku.

Shōto hummed intuitively, "They really shouldn't show us off on television." Hitoshi couldn't have agreed more with Shōto's blunt statement.

"...We can tell U.A. that when we have a plan of action." Fumikage responded leaving little room for anyone to ponder on Shōto's statement.

Momo flashed the light all the way down the row; passing Shōto and Hitoshi by and ultimately landed on Fumikage's cell.

Hitoshi thought it to be a sight to behold — yesterday when he heard Kyōka's comment, he had believed her to be sarcastically speaking of their kidnappers. However, he literally had a new light shedded upon the comment as, Mashirao had his tail protectively wrapped around Kyōka and Fumikage sat close by the cell door.

'...They're keeping her safe.' Hitoshi inwardly smiled at his own thought. It was a very endearing sight to behold. It showed him how far comrades and fellow Pro-Heroes in training would go to protect one another. 'This is how it should be, always. We're in this together. No one is alone.' 

Fumikage shielded his eyes from the light, "No need for the light. Dark Shadow is trapped within me."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Hitoshi questioned as he tilted his head to the side.

"Meaning," Hitoshi turned his head towards Katsuki who butted in as to answer his question. "Those shitheads are keeping his quirk in check. With what? Who the fuck could be the very cell he sits in that's keeping that annoying Shadow quiet." Katsuki glowered; the way he answered the entire question almost made Hitoshi feel like it was meaningless to ask or it should've been obvious.

"What Bakugō says could very well be correct," Fumikage lowered his hand and glanced at the bars he leaned against. "It could be the cell itself or they could've possibly..." He paused for a moment. His eyes began to widen in realization, "...That's right, I remember now. I was shot in my arm when I shoved Serō to the side. Almost immediately, I felt odd...and I heard Dark Shadow but, he wasn't around."

Hanta grabbed a hold of the bars. He stared long and hard at Fumikage, as if trying to remember the moment itself. "...Holy shit, that was you!! I was trying to remember who it was that shoved me. I didn't catch myself in time to avoid a hit to the head though." He pointed towards the dried blood on the side of his head; a smile of embarrassment colored his cheeks a light shade of red. "I don't even care that I got a bump on the head, if I had caught that bullet...I'm sure I would've probably been dead." His smile fell quickly, "Thank's, Tokoyami. I really do owe you."

"Hmm...I wonder if it's similar to those quirk destroying bullets that Overhaul had created..." Izuku questioned out loud. "If it's as strong and potent...Tokoyami-san," Fumikage looked toward Izuku and could see the fear and concern within his eyes. "Are to communicate with Dark Shadow still?"

Fumikage gave a solid nod, "I am. The only issue is not being able to materialize him. He can also communicate with me as well...he wanted me to tell you that."

"That's a relief..." Izuku visibly relaxed.

Hitoshi frowned, remembering the day the news aired about what happened to Nighteye and Kai Chisaki's arrest. Chisaki was the man responsible for not only killing a well known Pro-Hero but, creating and distributing drugs to destroy many people's lively-hood; quirks. He was also the man responsible for ruining Togata Mirio's future standing as a Pro-Hero by taking away what he had desperately built up and abused Eri since she manifested her own quirk. It was scary when Hitoshi thought about it. Losing his quirk. Sure it wasn't the most ideal quirk to have but, he knew that without it — he wouldn't be the same. 

'How does Togata-senpai manage...his entire life as a Pro-Hero, just...gone.' Hitoshi frowned deeply and looked worriedly towards Fumikage. 'If these guys really have something similar or an exact replica of that bullet...he's no — we're all in trouble.' 

Shōto nudged Hitoshi lightly, trying not to startle the teen. "You alright?"

"Mmhm...why?" Hitoshi whispered loud enough for the dual quirk user to hear him. For a moment he found himself just staring blankly at a quiet Shōto — who appeared to be in thought, "Todoroki?"

"...You just had this look on your face is all." Shōto finally answered with a single brow raised.

Hitoshi looked to the side, "Oh...yeah, just...Midoriya's got me thinking about the drug bust news on Overhaul."

"It is scary to think about...I'll admit that much."

Hitoshi found himself surprised and looked towards Shōto; a questioning look covering his most previous expression. From what he learned from the rest of the class, Todoroki Shōto, was as awkward as they came. The boy knew little on how to communicate with his peers; until the heart to heart session during the Sports Festival. He was quiet and was an obvious loner. Nearly everyone was aware that Shōto was the son of the major secondary Pro-Hero, Endeavor. Of course, everyone around him thought it was cool; except himself. Hitoshi had found that odd — to be the son of a widely known Pro-Hero should've been exciting. That was what he believed until he overheard Izuku mumbling to himself about Shōto's issues with his father. Since then, it was much more obvious at how Shōto's interactions with anyone always ended so awkwardly. '...But now, he's learning. He's...not as heartless as everyone at school makes him out to be.' 

"Just another thing to be concerned about!!"

The sound of fist hitting the steel bars of a cell caused Hitoshi to jump. His eyes narrowed in on Rikido. The large teen kept his fist against the bars and leaned his head forward.

"Now now!! We must keep calm," Tenya spoke up from his silence. "There will be no hope in panicking...if we can just figure out a plan of escape..."

'...A plan of escape...' Hitoshi thought to himself quizzically and turned his head towards Fumikage. 'Our plan of escape...'

Chapter Text

It was going on the seventh day of captivity. While, Shōta had been in worse situations — he couldn’t imagine how his students were fairing.

At least they weren’t dangling from the ceiling by their arms, forced to stand for hours on end. ‘As long as they’re alright...I’ll be fine...’ Shōta quietly thought to himself. Sure, he wasn’t in the most comfortable position but, he would endure whatever came his way to protect his knucklehead students.

Shōta sucked in a breath as he felt a cold breeze pass him by. He hated that part of his own situation. Being stripped bare wasn’t exactly the best thing to happen to him. Then again he was sure he could list a multitude of things that he considered horrible, that happened to him during his Pro-Hero career.

It also didn’t help the fact that it was one hundred percent humiliating to be placed on display for everyone to see. He had to wonder what made the people of this island despise Pro-Heroes to the point of kidnapping and torturing.

He wasn’t sure if he would ever figure it out but, that was the last thing on his mind. Currently, he was concerned about his students — it was his second day of being kept away from them. It also didn’t help that every time he had a visitor they would laugh in his face or beat him into an unconscious state for asking about the well-being of his kids.

Shōta closed his eyes as his thoughts lingered on his hardheaded students. 'Hopefully, they've followed my instructions well...if these bastards lay a single finger I swear...they're dead.' A quickly as the deadly thought crossed his mind — he jolted at the sound of a voice. His eyes narrowed towards the doorway. ' three voices? Shit...' 

One of the men entered, laughing as if everything was fine and dandy. Closely, he was followed by three others; only two of them he did not recognize. Three were dressed as if they were attending a ballroom dance — while the other man looked to be equivalent to a medieval executioner. However, that wasn't the only thing that caught his eyes; all three held different equipment in each hand. His heart sinked slightly as he eyed every object within their possession; he failed to notice that a fourth party had entered the room.

"Ah...Mr. Eraserhead..." Shōta glared at the man who spoke his hero name. "Come now, no need for such a hateful look. Aren't we friends here?" The man loosened his tie and nodded his head for the others to set everything up, "All we're gonna do is have a little fun, my friend." He grinned widely.

Shōta maintained his uninterested expression and watched as the other three moved around in the room seamless. 'Something isn't right...' His eyebrows knitted together and his eyes landed on the open door. "...So, yeah. I've been here days? And normally I'm good with names...but, yours seems to slip me the most." A sharp pain erupted from his back. He gasped sharply and gritted his teeth.

The one who hit him was the man with all the torture tools. It seemed befitting enough, Shōta guessed. His eyes full of hate, he glared at Shōta. "Quite sick of that smart mouth of yours Eraser."

"Lemme just say this one thing...I really don't remember any of your names." As soon as those words escaped his mouth — something metal collided with his the side of his temple. He was always hit in the same spot — he wouldn't be surprised if he got out of the entire situation with his face slightly disfigured. '...Son of bitch...that's probably why I can't remember a damn thing right now...' His head hung low to the left and blood trickled quickly down the side of his face and dripped from the tip of his nose. He wasn't going to put any effort into fixing his position; he long decided that either way he would get absolutely no comfort.

"...Eraserhead, dear dear Eraserhead..." Shōta's open eye watched as the suited man stooped in front of him. A frown covered his face; he almost looked genuinely sorry. Except he wasn't and Shōta wasn't an idiot. He wasn't about to fall for something so cliché. "I will tell you once more...and do better to remember my name, okay?" Shōta held back a snort and watched as he stood, "Harima Isao, is my name. I am related to the Peerless Thief, Harima Ōji. I will also gladly broadcast your demise to the world. Henceforth my beautiful equipment."

Shōta couldn't help but, roll his eyes. As long as his kids were in this situation — he wasn't going anywhere. "...I'd like to see you try..." He challenged.

"...We'll see how you hold up Hero. Who will come an save you...I wonder really." Isao smirked, he raised his arms and shrugged his shoulders, "Moving on! I have four other assistants who will be...helping me. If I may re-introduce..." He approached Shōta once again and roughly turned his head towards his right, "The man who assaulted you is Alphonse Adolf, he's a foreigner. From this wonderful land called Germany if I remember correctly..." He turned Shōta's head once again but, with a strange gentleness. For a moment they locked eyes before Isao moved from his line of sight; he revealed two more people. "These two are Konno Yasahiro and Konno Yasuhiro."

The twins glanced at each other before looking back at Shōta. Both were dressed quite sharply, their distinguishing colors being that of a dark red and the ties being orange. One wore black dress shoes, while the other wore white. There was something about their eyes that made him feel extremely uncomfortable.

Yasahiro tapped Yasuhiro's shoulder and began to whisper in his ear. A grin stretched from ear to ear as Yasuhiro snickered.

'That's definitely not good...' The worrying thought crossed Shōta's mind. However, his demeanor remained stoic. His eyes glued to the two mischievous twins.

"What's that look for Mr. Eraserhead?" Yasuhiro questioned as he frowned slightly. To see someone take an entire one-eighty in their personality was a cause for concern in Shōta's book. Now, he wasn't sure if he was angry and scared or just sympathetic to the boy.

Yasahiro clicked his tongue as he smirked, "Yeah, with a look like that...I'd say you're judging us. And it's a shame really cuz you don't even know us." He turned his attention towards the ringleader, "Look...are you sure this is going to work, Harima-sama? I mean...this guy looks like a fucking hobo...and smells like one too."

"Yeah, he can't possibly be a hero." Yasuhiro agreed as he kept his eyes locked with Shōta. "Who's gonna care if he dies?" He tilted his head.

'...Assholes, I can't help the way I smell right now.' Shōta glowered at the teenage twins. He had to wonder if they thought all of this was a game.

"Hahaha!! Worry not my boys, for this man before us is a Pro-Hero indeed." Isao laughed with assurance. He then removed his tie and tossed it towards one of the twins; which they responded by stepping away and looked at the clothing item. "This is the man who placed his life on the line in USJ, have you two been living under a rock?" He raised a brow as he turned to the twins. Yasahiro and Yasuhiro gave each other a questioning look and ultimately shrugged. Isao sighed as he shook his head, "Perhaps instead of rotting your brains with mindless video should take a look into pop culture and current news."

Yasahiro rolled his eyes and resumed setting up the camcorder. Yasuhiro shrugged once again, "Maybe...maybe not."

"...That is a good question...who will care if you died, dear Eraserhead." Isao began to roll his sleeves up as he gave Shōta a look of pity. "You may have colleagues at the school but, you are just underground garbage. Quite honestly the minority. However, you shall do. I shall make a mark and you will be my scapegoat." A frown grew upon his face, "If only you were one of the big billboard heroes...then it will all make more sense." He sighed and sat down before Shōta, "Miss Aimée do the honors please...we can't have our scapegoat trying to overpower us."

Shōta felt his chin snatched roughly by Isao. The man held his attention forward and his mind began to race and wonder. 'Shit a fourth person?! How?? Where?!' He felt his breathe quicken and suddenly, his world was narrowed down to a sharp burning pain from both his legs. His teeth gritted against each other as he face contorted into pain.

"Hurts...doesn't it?" Isao gripped Shōta's jaw tightly, "Scream...please do. And when or if you ever do...remember no-one can hear you." He exclaimed coldly, roughly he pushed Shōta's face away. "...Ah, a shit Pro-Hero in need of saving..." He crossed both his legs and leaned back on both his hands.

Shōta wanted so badly to snap at the man and curse all of them; the woman moreover for being a coward. He closed his eyes tightly as he felt the sharp invasive object cut deep into his calf muscles. A metallic taste started to form within his mouth. He had even realized that he resorted to biting his own tongue. The knife dug deep into his legs several more times and he felt a stinging pain stemming from the heels of his feet.

"...I think I did a pretty bang up job," Shōta hissed loudly as he felt liquid pour against his open wounds. He figured it was from the female named Aimée. Normally, he didn't hold any strong animosity towards women — no matter what they did for their pass time but, this woman was about to be the first. "Oopsy daisies." Shōta jerked away from the woman as she looked over his shoulder; a radiating pain stemmed from his entire body. Aimée smiled innocently, "I really do feel bad for this Mister Aizawa but, I'm just doing what the boss says."

Shōta's tired eyes widened. From the corner of his eye, Aimée walked to stand behind Isao. '...If they know my real name...then...' He raised his thin black eyebrows, "...What else do you know?" He grumbled out and winced from the pain.

"I'm sorry, you'll have to speak up Eraserhead. I can't quite hear you..." Isao leaned in closer a steady hand placed behind his ear. Shōta eyed him for a minute. He couldn't help but, feel as if he was being mocked by the man.

As he opened his mouth to speak — he found himself quickly caught off guard; suddenly it was much harder to breath. Shōta gasped desperate to fill his lungs with air. He bared his teeth at his attacker and attempted to pull away.

"You may be the guest here, Eraserhead this house we are not to be questioned." Isao's face twisted into a manic grin and he tightened his grip around Shōta's neck. "We ask the questions...not you!!" He shouted directly into his captive's ear. A choking noise was the only response he received but, he wasn't satisfied. "You know...I think you'll be a difficult bastard. I'll just have to show you who's top dog here." He squeezed tightly and watched in amusement; Shōta's eyes began to roll upwards and his entire body trembled.

'...No...I...I can't lose consciousness....' Shōta pleaded with himself. His vision began to blur, black-spots appearing. He kicked his legs as best he could and only then did he feel hands release themselves from his neck. He found himself hacking violently as he gasped for much needed air in his lungs. Shōta closed his eyes tightly as he panted.

"Mr. Al," Isao slowly stood to his full height — a distasteful look upon his face. "...Which would you choose?" He walked towards Alphonse, "Oh and raise him up. I want him standing."

Shōta felt himself being lifted by the cuffs around his wrist. He flenched at his painfully chafed skin. His arms felt strained as they were pulled beyond the point of comfort and he could feel his legs shift around. "Ahh...." He took a sharp inhale.

"Oopsy daisies!"

Now he was standing or at least trying to stand to keep himself upright. Unconsciously, he took a step back — only to go back to his form position. He slowly peeled his eyes open. For some reason his brain wanted to connect the dots, even though he already knew what he stepped in was his own blood. Looking down, he moved his left leg as best he could. 'Yep...that's my blood alright.' Slowly he shook his head from side to side, feeling a dizzy spell hit. 'Blood loss maybe...'

"Ah, perfect! Thank you Mr. Al for your lovely suggestion." Isao bowed slightly before walking away from Alphonse, "Oh and you can bring that closer. I can't waste time by walking back and forth you know!"

He laughed as he re-approached the battered Pro-Hero. "My...oh my, look alive Eraserhead! You will be the star of the show my friend. For one who hates the sure have become quite popular. You and those damnable children..." With a single finger, he lifted Shōta's chin upwards. His own jolly eyes beaming into those of the tired Pro-Hero. "It has only begun..."

Chapter Text

"So...what's the plan again...?" Kyōka chimed. The uncertainty at the forefront of her tongue as the words just rolled with a bit of sarcasm. She felt Mashirao tighten his tail around her and she looked back at him — only to find him sound asleep. A small smile formed as she patted Mashirao's tail gently.

Katsuki groaned loudly and shuffled around in his own cell, "For fucks sake. Why the hell can you not remember this shit?!" He glared in Kyōka's direction.

"Oh, I don't know...maybe because," Kyōka paused dramatically for a moment, "Perhaps sending in Mineta is the stupidest damn plan I've ever heard!" She snapped and huffed in defiance.

Izuku sighed and rolled to face away from Katsuki's cell. The two had been going at it for nearly two days in a debate about whether or not they would send Minoru out to look for an escape route.

While, Izuku would admit it was an iffy plan as Minoru wasn't the most cooperative person — he managed to see a bright side of things. Minoru was the smallest out of the entire class. That meant it would be easier for him to squeeze into tighter spaces; such as venality or holes in the wall.


Izuku flinched and quickly opened his closed eyes. "Huh?! W-What is it Kacchan?!" He questioned and looked over his shoulder. There didn't seem to be any danger. 'What's he shouting for...?'

"...Shut the fuck up. Just fuckin' mumbling nerd!" Katsuki smacked the back of his head against the wall. Caring little if he busted his head open again. Having to be in the same proximity and vicinity as Izuku was driving him mad. He almost felt like death by the hands of the villains who had them would be welcomed with open arms.

Katsuki lifted his gloved hands and covered his face. There were times he wanted to just scream, cry, fuss and shout. The only things he really managed to do was scream when those bastards beat him and cry once he was sure that everyone else was sleep. He only managed to fuss when Izuku pressed his nerves and shout when the others asked stupid questions. Those were his only current emotions. He felt as if he were going to combust from the stress of everything around him.

"...Can you all pipe down? I've got one hell of a headache..." Hitoshi mumbled out from his shared cell. Shōto made a small noise in agreement with his cellmate.

"Tch..." Katsuki snorted from behind his gloves. He allowed his bodyweight to pull him to his left. Everything around him was tiring.

"...So are we really allowing Mineta to do something like that?" Tsuyu croaked.

"...Eh..." Izuku found himself shrugging in pure darkness. Only then did it occur to him that a verbal answer would have been best. " know...I'm not sure."

"Who the fuck knows..." Katsuki grumbled from behind his gloves. He turned to face the wall, "Everyone seems to be up in the fuckin' air about this shit. But, if we don't do nothin' then we're all good as fuckin' dead."

Hanta dragged his hand through the gravel beneath himself. "We didn't even ask him what he wanted to do." He pointed out blandly as he stared blankly at his bare feet.

"...Does he honestly have a choice?" Fumikage questioned as he glanced over in Hanta's direction. "I mean, he's truly the smallest one of every single one of us. His quirk can get him to greater heights and..."

"There's the fact that he wasn't drugged with that damn quirk suppressant!" Denki quipped immediately from his cell. "No offense or anything." He gripped the bars of his cell, "Seriously though...we really do need this or else what Kacchan said is gonna be true."

Katsuki grumbled to himself in annoyance. As much as he wanted to curse Denki out — he found himself drained of his usual energy. He wondered if it was because he was stressed beyond reasonable means. His hands dropped from his face and he pressed them against the wall in front of him. '...Didn’t I just try this bullshit three days ago? Why do I keep thinkin' hoping that there will be some weak point in the wall?' He found himself frustrated once more, "Fuck..."

"Is there really any use at all?" Eijirō stated. Denki turned around and gave him a concerned look. "All of our useful quirks are either suppressed or weakened to the point of almost being quirkless."

Izuku couldn’t help but to wince at Eijirō's words. However, he kept it at the forefront of his mind that the his classmate wasn't speaking directly to him or about him but, about the situation at hand. Izuku closed his eyes once more. Silently wishing he could just plug his ears and be in peace with silence.

"...Dude...bro, it's worth it. The hell are you even saying man?!" Denki snapped as he turned towards Eijirō. It seemed that everything quieted down as soon as he shouted at the redhead. He even caught himself off guard as his heart skipped a beat out of fear. Was it fear due to the situation? Fear due to his sudden burst of anger? Or perhaps fear because his beloved friend had basically given up on hope? "Who gave you the right to lose hope?! C'mon, I know your better than this Kirishima!! You're like the third person within the class to keep our hopes above our damn heads!! The others being Kacchan and Midoriya but, that's besides the stupid point!!" He brushed his knees off as he approached Eijirō; ignoring the fact it was pitch black and he could accidentally step on one of the girls.

Mina squealed as Momo grabbed her arm. Both knew that Momo hardly had the strength to move from one corner of the cell to the next. Momo used whatever ounce of strength she had left and pulled the other girl towards her. "Humph!!" She grunted as Mina nearly crashed into her. Both of them was sure that it wasn't all Momo's doing.

"Your manly as hell dude!!" Denki stomped his way over and reached out for the bars, gripping them tightly. "Don't let this be the end...we've got one helluva ways to go dude. What would Tetsutetsu think of you man? What would your hero Crimson Riot say dude?"

There was a brief silence between the teens. They were both sure that they were looking each other in the eye but, had no way of knowing due to the darkness.

"C'mon...Red Riot..." Denki pleaded as he leaned his forehead against the cold bars. "C'mon can't give up...not yet."

Eijirō shook his head as he turned away. He was well aware that it was pitch black and that Denki couldn't see him; though he figured his silence was enough of an answer. He drew his knees closer to his body and encircled his arms around them; chin resting atop his knees.

"Dude...please Kirishima...please man," Denki felt his eyes sting, "...You gotta stay strong. Like you've always been..." His voice cracked and he found himself sliding down the bars. Tears rolled down his cheeks, "Why like seriously...why..."

"Kaminari...?" Kyōka called out, barely above a whisper.

Mina stared directly into Denki's direction. She knew how it felt. To be the only one to try and keep hope alive or stay brave. That was middle school her though and now, there was people much stronger than her now; emotionally and physically.

The people she considered were the obvious; Bakugō Katsuki, Midoriya Izuku and Todoroki Shōto. Katsuki for his brashness and never ending will to win. Izuku was a strange one, he cried but, all of his tears fueled him to reach for his goals and his will to never give in and save everyone was astounding. As for Shōto, Mina had never been certain of him until after the sports festival; he wasn't an emotional man and kept everyone at an arms length — all while silently cheering them on. He had basically done that with Momo and the girl did a complete one-eighty after the students versus teachers match. She figured with those three that she didn't need to be the stand up person in the class and as such, she took a step back — enjoying being at the back of the crowd.

She wasn't entirely certain about how Denki use to be before they met at U.A. but, she was well aware of how Eijirō use to be — easily discouraged. It always hurt her heart to see him so alone back in middle school and she could only hope that he would be a much more confident and courageous man once he entered into U.A. The following day after being accepted into U.A. and attending homeroom class — her hopes and dreams had come true as she saw Eijirō talking to the others, a smile bright upon his face.

During their time in U.A. he only started to show a little bit of his old self when Katsuki had been successfully kidnapped. The second time was when Fourth Kind didn't renew his internship and he struggled to find a new one. The third came immediately after the second — before he was called upon to help with the drug bust on Overhaul and rescue of Eri. Apparently the night before, he had been downstairs in the lounge with the guys and had brought up his doubts dealing with his strength. Funny thing was that the one who told him to get it together and a run around of 'I believe in you' was none other than Bakugō Katsuki. It was a shocker even to her but, she kept silent about that matter.

'Perhaps...Eiji needs that good ol' Mina push! Yeah that's what it is!' Mina told herself as she tried to work up the courage to shuffle to the opposite side of the cell.

"...Just drop it Dunce Face. Let 'em be..."

Mina jolted at the sound of Katsuki's voice. Anything that she was building up and preparing to do was bulldozed in a split second. She sighed and leaned her head against Momo's shoulder. 'Maybe he's right...' 

"...Does anyone know what time it is?" Tōru asked suddenly. It was out of the blue but, a more than welcomed distraction for those who were still awake. "Oh, better question...who's awake?"

"Me..." Izuku answered blandly.

Tsuyu croaked loudly, "Well we're in the same I'd hope you'd know if I'm awake or not."

"Who the fuck gives a shit about the damn time anyway?!" Katsuki growled as he kicked the wall, "Fuckin' stupid ass fuckin' questions..."

Hitoshi groaned loudly and clasped his hands against his ears, "Couldn't possibly get any louder, huh? Shut up!" He stated, his voice just above a whisper.

"I'm awake." Shōto answered.

"Unfortunately, I am still up and can't get over how stupid that plan was..." Kyōka's held fake enthusiasm and she leaned backwards against Mashirao.

"...NOBODY ELSE WAS MAKING OR COMING UP WITH ANYTHING BETTER!!" Katsuki shouted himself hoarse, "I'd like to see YOU come up with a BETTER FUCKIN' PLAN!! If not then sit your ass down and shut the fuck up and strap your ass in for one fucked up ride! Cuz, it's the only fuckin' thing that's gonna get us anywhere!!"

"...Could you not wake everyone up?" Fumikage hissed at Katsuki. To him, the sound of Katsuki's voice was just as loud as his quirk. 'I must've dozed...' If there was one thing Fumikage hated — it was being a light sleeper. Mostly if not all thanks to his quirk having spouts of insomnia at the strangest times. Luckily, for Dark Shadow it wasn't his fault this time around.

A loud and prolonged creaking of the heavy iron door caused everyone to go silent.

Katsuki quickly pressed himself into the corner of his cell, closest toward Izuku. He felt fabric brush against his skin — Izuku seemed to have done the same.

Fumikage stayed nearby the cell door. He crossed his arms against his chest and glared at the three men who entered. He wasn't about to allow them to lay a finger on Kyōka.

The only people who didn't move was Eijirō, Denki and Tenya. Eijirō completely ignored the fact that their torturers had entered and Denki was still lost in his bustling emotions. Tenya on the other hand, had just woke up and rubbed at his eyes. The expression on his face left the impression that he was still groggy from sleeping.

Hitoshi curled up into a tight ball — he wasn't certain why he didn't just move. He wondered if one part of him thought he'd become invisible or perhaps he was hoping they wouldn't drag him away like last time.

Shōto took quick notice of Hitoshi's fear and immediately he found himself standing, walking forward. '...What am I going to do without access to my quirk...?' He questioned himself as he stood beside Hitoshi and blankly stared at the three men. He watched as they obviously looked for their next victim.

He was aware of who they prodded at; Bakugō Katsuki, Midoriya Izuku, and just recently Shinsō Hitoshi. Katsuki even more than the others due to his pride. They wanted to break him and didn't really bother dragging him out of his cell to some secluded location; no they beat him openly in front of the others. If there was one way to hurt someones pride it was to humiliate them in front of people who believed the person to be the strongest amongst them.

As for Izuku, there would be times where they openly debated dragging him away or just giving him the same treatment as Katsuki; surprisingly the decision would be immediate as they would beat him right there and then. Most of the fault would be on Izuku — he would mumble underneath his breath and break their concentration. At times they would take off the heavy cuffs and taunt him into trying to fight. Sometimes their bate plan would work and Izuku would end up more injured than the normal.

Then there was Hitoshi — someone who wasn't even part of their class. Someone who was just invited to tag along by their teacher. It was only on the second day of their teacher being m.i.a did they turn their attention towards him.

Shōto found himself frowning as he thought about when they brought Hitoshi back. The teenager was a crying mess and anytime he would fall asleep he would wake immediately, screaming and kicking. Basically he would fight for his life. It made Shōto wonder as to what they were doing to him.

"...Should we take that brainwashing kid again? Or perhaps the other one who keeps stepping up to..."

Shōto snorted loudly. They were talking about him. It wasn't a surprise but, they would always have issues trying to get to Hitoshi and would rough Shōto up. It had became something of a ritual for them. However, they had yet to even try anything like they had done to Katsuki and Izuku. Some part of him welcomed them to try — he would prefer it to be himself than any of the others.

"He has been eye balling us every time we come in here...him and that bird kid."

"Well...I heard that the bird kid has some creepy ass quirk!"

"For shits sake,'re the one who shot the kid with quirk disruption bullet!!" The man smacked Jun in the back of his head.

Jun yelped and pulled away, "I can't help if I'm forgetful Maze..."

"Look we need to make a decision now you morons!"

Maze swiftly kicked the other man in between his legs. "Wanna say something else, Longwei? I don't believe that you were placed in charged the last I checked..."

After some more talking, Maze was the first to break huddle. He approached Shōto and Hitoshi's holding cell. The man stood tall — towering over even the tallest of their class and that was Shōji Mezō. He was also covered in fur from head to toe — looking almost like someone very familiar but, Shōto couldn't quite place the name or the face. Overall the man resembled a grizzly bear; with only one thing being off and that was his hands being more human like but, still maintained the fur.

Shōto glared directly at the man. He crossed his arms against his chest. There was no way he was going to move just so they could torture Hitoshi again. He wasn't about to let that happen again but, still there was always that one thought in his mind. 'What can I even do?!' His eyebrows dropped as he attempted to intimidate the man named Maze.

"...Yo...half-n-half bastard...what the fuck are you doing?" Katsuki questioned his young classmate; fear soon becoming concern. "Hey...don't fuck with these guys...just..." He found himself falling silent. There was absolutely something wrong with saying what he was about to say. He was going to tell Shōto, a fellow hero in-training, to stop trying to protect Hitoshi. "Shit..." He clenched his fist. His entire body began to shake — there was absolutely nothing he could do or say. Katsuki wanted so badly to protect them all but, he knew that was impossible.

"L-Leave them alone you bastards!!" Izuku shouted as he stood to his full height. Katsuki couldn't help but turn and look at the shorter teen. "...Just...take me instead. Leave everyone else out of this...please and return our teacher." Izuku demanded as he stood unshaken by the three men. 'Show no fear...c'mon, you've been through worse...'

Jun clicked his tongue, "You don't get to tell us what should and shouldn't do." He stalked towards Izuku's cell and before any of them knew it — Katsuki had reached his hand through the bars. "The hell?!"

Katsuki's eyes were pleading and his face remained blank. He wasn't entirely sure why he did what he just did. Perhaps he was tired of hearing the pain of his classmates or maybe he was just punishing himself for the way he bullied Izuku for an entire decade.

"I...I'm gonna give you until the count of...umm..." Jun paused as he struggled for the correctly words, "The...uh, count of...three! Yeah, that's it three! One..."

Too busy keeping Jun from getting to Izuku, Katsuki hadn't notice the man who was bent over had recovered and was right in front of him. A scream of agony tore from Katsuki's throat as Longwei had swiftly broke his wrist with a single kick. Katsuki felt tears forming in the corners of his eyes as he continued to scream; feeling the pain radiate through his entire forearm. Never before had he ever felt pain that terrible.

Longwei stomped on his limp hand, "Bitch who do you think you're fuckin' with, eh?!" He raised his foot and mercilessly stomped on Katsuki's hand over and over again; breaking his bones, "I heard you were normally a mouthy son of bitch. But, look atcha now kid!! Can't even muster up anything against us!! You broken piece of shit!!"

"Kacchan!!" Izuku shouted as he attempted to bum rush his cell door. Both his hands were bound and so were his ankles; so he used what he believed was the next best thing — his shoulder. Paying little attention to the growing pain and discomfort in his shoulder, he continued to ram his shoulder against the bars. "LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!"

"Deku stop please!!" Ochako yelled out as tears began to fall from her face. "Please...stop hurting them..." She cried as she shifted around and fixed herself to be on her knees and she bowed; face meeting the gravel. "Please leave them all alone!! I'm begging you!"

By this time, even Mezō stood and gripped the bars of his cell. "Damn..." He grumbled as he glared directly at Katsuki's assaulter. "You'll pay...dearly."

'I can't let this continue anymore...!' Shōto closed his eyes and took a deep breath; stabilizing his racing heart. It was now or never and he chose now. As soon as the cell door was opened Shōto wasted little time and rammed into Maze with all his might.

"The hell?!" Jun turned away from Izuku and opted to help his comrade out.

Longwei paused as Jun sideswiped his shoulder; his leg lifted in mid air. He glared at Katsuki and then Izuku. Ultimately he backed away and turned to help Jun show Shōto away from their boss.

Hitoshi uncurled himself slowly and lifted his head up to see Shōto fighting or at least attempting to fight off all three of the torturers. His eyes widened, ", no no no!! You don't know what these bastards are capable of!!" He scrambled to get to his feet and was about to reach for the younger teenager but, froze. He was too afraid. Too afraid to help the hero in training. His arm quivered as he was eyed by Maze. That was the one he feared the most. The others were childs play but, Maze — he was something entirely different. It wasn't because he was taller than him, it was more of what he could do to a person.

"Todoroki!!" Tenya shouted out from several cells down. He couldn't see what was going on but, judging by the stilled movements from Izuku and all the shouting — it wasn't good.

Pain radiated throughout the back of Shōto's head as he was slammed against the bars. He was pinned from both sides. His eyes sharpened themselves, a low and deathly glared directly towards the one he attacked. He stayed silent as he waited.

"Where's that damn suppressant at?!" 

"Longwei has it I think..."

"Give it up then!!"

"I'm tryna hold this kid back for ya!! You really wanna risk this kid kickin' your ass?!"

Shōto watched as the three argued amongst each other. It was extremely pathetic in his eyes. '...These guys are a bunch of idiots. Good to know.' Shōto's lip twitched into a small but, noticeable smirk. 

Taking notice of Shōto's smirk, Maze growled as he glared at the teenager. "You wanna die you ignorant shit?!" His fist slammed against the bars — narrowly missing Shōto's face. He had hoped his intimidation would work — however, Shōto had yet to flinch or tremble. " piece of..." Maze shook in pure rage and pulled his fist back, "I got an idea. Keep him still for me."

"You...fuckin'..." Katsuki felt his eyes burn with the tears that continued to pour. His throat felt as if he had voluntarily swallowed sandpaper. Though, he had yet to bother himself with that; all his focus was on his damaged hand.

Shakily, Katsuki pulled his mangled hand through the bars. He didn't even have to take in the damage to know that there was going to be scars left behind. The bones from his thumb and pink had split his skin clean open as blood oozed down, dripping onto the gravel. He gritted his teeth to keep himself from screaming. His face was probably snotty tearstained mess but, he didn't really care at that moment. "I'm gonna fuckin...kill you assholes...just you wait..."

Maze perked up — briefly distracted by Katsuki. "...I'm sorry...could you...possibly repeat what you just said?" He gave a toothy grin as he turned away from Shōto and stalked his way towards Katsuki, "Oh...and if anyone sticks their hands out side of the cell bars again — be prepared to lose a limb."

" wouldn't!!" Tenya challenged. His voice shook — causing the other two torturers to laugh loudly.

"But I would and that's the reality of it...Iida Tenya." Maze assured as he waved the glasses wearing teenager off. A few gasps sounded off in the from — mostly from the female teenagers.

Tenya felt his heart skip a beat, " do you know...?" His hands loosened on the bars as he began to back away from his cell door.

"Oh my! What a surprise! How could such sensitive information escape!" Maze mocked them as he raised a hand to cover his mouth — faking a shocked expression. After a few seconds he began to laugh and opened Katsuki's cell door, "Just to let you know we haven't..." He paused for a moment and looked at Jun and Longwei, "Well at least I haven't seen those stupid U.A. sports games. A waste of time really, like seriously what villain sits down and watches their prey from behind a television screen," He shrugged and kicked the door wide open, "Not me. However, there is something that I do like to do...boy oh boy...searching information on you U.A. kids is difficult. I got a friend of mines to hack the system. He claimed it was fairly simple."

Katsuki trembled as he used his legs to push himself away from the quickly approaching danger. "B-back the fuck up..." His eyebrows furrowed and he cradled his injured hand closer, "Fuck off." His teeth clenched together as he twisted incorrectly, "Shit..."

"I know every single one of your names...and a nice handful of your backgrounds." Maze stalked closer towards Katsuki entering his cell, "You're Bakugō Katsuki...the big shot first year who won first place in the Sports Festivities. Congrats...but, you're also the same kid who was held hostage twice. Once by the sludge thug and the second was by those league of shitheads." He smirked widely, "You and that, Midoriya Izuku, kid went to the same middle school. Oh, check this were also in the same place as that damnable sludge thug," From the corner of his eye — Izuku halted all movement. More out of shock and surprise than pain. "The guy who rushed me...youngest son of the biggest hotshot in Japan, Endeavor. Am I right, Todoroki Shōto? Or do I have you mistaken?" By this time he was sneering and stooped down to Katsuki's level. He took a split second to survey the damage, "...Poor kid." 

It felt as if the entire earth was shaking. Katsuki couldn't be anymore wrong. It was all him — the trembling and he couldn't stop. 'Why...can't I stop? I...can't show fear...I'm not a fuckin'' He felt his breath hitch as the words of his mother ran through his mind. For the first time, he would have to admit she was right. He was a weakling. He wasn't as strong as he acted and everything he did was a front.

Katsuki felt the ground leave him. '...Round-cheeks ain't over here though?' He thought to himself as the oxygen gradually started to decrease. He could here his name being called — however, he couldn't understand why he couldn't see anything.



"This...this can't be really..."



All those voices. They were familiar. He could put names and faces to voices; only due to him finally giving his classmates some form of attention. '...But I can't...see anything...' Like there was nothing but darkness — as if he were blind. Subconsciously, he managed to lift his hand up and gripped at another hand. It was at that time he realized, he was being choked. Whether it was to death or unconsciousness — he wasn't certain. The grip tightened around his neck and he choked. 'Air...I...I...need some fuckin...air...'

Slowly the noises around him began to fade. In and out. He wouldn't admit it to just anyone, well perhaps Izuku — after a few threats but, it was scary. Almost like a drowning sensation. And like that, his consciousness gave way.


Kyōka clasped her hands against her ears, "Dude...what the hell..." Her eyes began to sting with fresh tears. She wasn't certain if she just watched one of her classmates die. A hand squeezed her shoulder gently and the tail tightened around her — it was Mashirao. Though, she didn't perk up or bother to look. Her mind was far too captivated as it continuously played out the scene of Katsuki being choked.

"Bakugō..." Hanta gripped on the bars. His mouth hung loose for a moment. He couldn't understand why Katsuki hadn't fought back. "...What happened....why? What did you assholes do?!" He shouted; his hands shook. This shaking was far from fear — it was fury. Pure cultivated fury. This was something he wasn't going to let go.

Hitoshi found himself shaking violently. He watched as Maze dropped Katsuki's body — a dull thud sounding off. "Bakugō...he'" There wasn't any words he could formulate at the moment as to how he felt. Either that or his brain wasn't properly processing everything. He felt like he was about to lose his mind. '...Is he dead?! What the hell...what the fuck?! No....' 

"...Would've thought the kid would have more spunk than...whatever the hell that was," Maze muttered to himself as he scratched underneath his chin. "Ah, well...hopefully your firecracker wakes up. He's a pretty fun punching bag. It's like a piñata...except cries come out instead of candy."

Shōto struggled against the two holding him, "Bastard....!!" For some reason, his skin felt hot. He couldn't tell if it was perhaps his quirk attempting to activate due to his elevated anger and aggression or if it was just his anger.

"Oh, you're angry? Hmm? You want to hurt me don't you?" Maze questioned as he felt Shōto's icy glare follow him. "Ah...but, you're powerless." He paused for a moment and searched Longwei's pockets, "Here we are...! The show is about to begin kid!'ll need a distraction," Swiftly he kicked Shōto below the belt and watched in sick amusement as he doubled over.

Shōto felt his entire world narrow down to the intense pain below. Now, he knew exactly how Izuku felt when he was punched below the belt. He felt himself struggling to breath and his legs shook. '...Is it supposed to hurt this much....?!' The thought ran circles around his head as he felt nausea well up in his stomach. He felt a small pinch in his neck but, opted to pay it no mind. Right now he felt like he was about to puke.

However, the next pain was a lot harder to ignore. It ricochet throughout his entire shoulder and he grunted. They had dropped him. He blinked a couple of times and looked past the giant hairy leg in his pathway — focusing on Ochako shouting at him. He wasn't entirely sure what she was saying. '...Does this sort of pain mess with your hearing...? I've gotta ask Midoriya when I get the chance...' 

"We ain't gonna hurt ya too much kid. You're a special package that's gotta be delivered without too much injury." Maze exclaimed and nodded at his two lackeys, "Chain him and drag him, if he ain't gonna stand." He turned away, "Also...any rowdy noises calls for punishment."

Everyone seemed to quiet down at his last statement. With the except of Izuku — who was terrifyingly enough starting to sound more and more like Katsuki as his anger took to the ladder. Shōto understood why. Katsuki was just choked out and nobody could tell if he was either dead or alive. Now that Shōto thought of it — fear and concern began to bubble to the surface.

Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do as he felt himself being dragged away. Shōto gritted his teeth. He could feel the gravel beneath tear at his ragged shirt and into his skin. He watched as the iron door was shut and locked. Now the fear had fully blossomed.

Chapter Text

'You've obviously reached the voicemail of Aizawa Shōta. I must be busy if I'm not answering. Returning calls are not guaranteed.'

Hizashi sighed out of frustration. It had been a week since Shōta had left with the students. Now, he didn't have much of a problem with how long they've been gone — it was a three week excursion but, he did have an issue with promises not being kept. Shōta had promised he would call him on day seven and let him know how things were doing. Right now, Shōta was failing him.

He looked at the clock. It hung just above the entrance of the teacher's office; reading twelve past noon. 'Maybe he's just on lunch or something...or maybe that Bakugō kid is giving him a run for his money.' A small smile formed and his brows furrowed together. His eyes drifted away from clock and over towards Shōta's desk. '...Somethin' just don't feel right though...'

"Oh, I wasn't expecting to see you here Mic."

Hizashi perked up at the familiar voice. He twirled around in his chair and smiled brightly, "Yo, All Might!! What's brought you down here?" He leaned back into his chair.

"Ah...not much at all. Just had to get away from all the hustle and bustle." Toshinori smiled sheepishly as he made tracks towards the coffee maker, "...Then again, those students should be childs play compared to Eraserhead's class." He paused for a moment and turned to face Hizashi. Concern filled his face, "Speaking of which, have you heard from Eraserhead?"

Hizashi flinched visibly and shook his head, "...No, I've been tryin' to get through but, he ain't been pickin' up. You heard from that Midoriya kid?"

Toshinori only frowned and shook his head in response. He crossed his arms and looked out the window. 'What is going on, young Midoriya?' A beeping noise broke his train of thought and he turned to see his coffee ready and raring to go. "...I think I'll go black today."

"One of those days, huh?" Hizashi asked as he turned to his unfinished paperwork. "I feel ya on that one. I mean...look at all this paperwork I've gotta finish..." He almost wanted to pull his hair out and to think he promised to catch Shōta up on his own paperwork. "...Ah, this is gonna kill me..." A pat on the back startled him.

Toshinori gave Hizashi one of his famous smiles. He wasn't certain if he was an exact replica but, that never stopped him from giving nearly everyone his famous smiles in his weaker form. "What're you talking about? You're Present Mic! You're a Pro-Hero. You have your own radio station that you host nearly every-night and you teach during the day." Hizashi seemed too blush a little as he looked back down at his paperwork, "As far I'm're doing a hell of a lot better than me. After all, I stuck strictly to hero work." He turned away from Hizashi and began to walked towards exit of the office. "Well...I'll leave you to it Mic. Tell me if you manage to contact Eraserhead, okay?"

"Yeah...I will. Thank's All Might," Hizashi waved at the former Pro-Hero. As soon as the door shut — his mind began to wonder off. 'Okay. So, Shō's gone off with his class on a trip to yet...another floating island. This's the damn name...' He stood from his chair and walked towards Shōta's desk. Immediately, he felt challenged by the sight. It looked as if a miniature tornado had came around and destroyed the supposedly neatly stacked papers. "Dammit Eraser...clean your damn desk man!!" He cursed lowly and began to shift around the mess. His target was a lone pamphlet of the floating island that was given to him five weeks back. 'SHIT this is five weeks of a damn mess!! Jesus Shō wonder your damn room stays empty! You don't need shit if you can't keep it organized...' He began to grumbled under his breath as gave up on shifting through the mess. Pulling back he tapped his foot as he eyed the disaster before him. "...You owe me big time Shō. And I mean BIG time."



Fuyumi silently waited as she turned over the flowers in her hand. For a moment she took in the pure beauty of them and smiled to herself. These were the flowers that Shōto had specifically told her to scout out and she wasn't the only one who was keeping an eye out for them. Her younger brother, Natsuo, had also been on the lookout and told her exactly where to buy them. She sighed in content and looked up.

Today couldn't have been a more perfect day for a visit. The waiting lounge was near empty; with only two or four other people and it was quiet. There was also the fact that Natsuo was making his way over — sounding especially eager to see their mother.

The only thing that bothered her was — she hadn't heard a single word from her baby brother, Shōto. '...I wonder if mom received a letter from him. I know U.A. has gotten more strict since everything that's happened but...' 

"Hey!! Fuyu-chan!"

Fuyumi found herself pulled away from her thoughts and stood up. She watched as her brother approached with a warming smile and they embraced.

Natsuo pulled away and huge grin on his face as he patted Fuyumi's shoulder. "Well you ready to go up? Or are we waitin' on baby Shō?" He raised a brow as he took the flowers from his sister. His grin dropped slightly as Fuyumi shook her head, "...Ah man. Again? C'mon....I really don't want to have home be our middle ground to meet up."

"Oh, no complaining. You know dad secretly enjoys having you over." Fuyumi elbowed Natsuo and began making her way towards the elevators.

"...I call bullshit on that Fuyu-chan!" Natsuo huffed out as he trailed behind his sister. "So you're telling me that dad enjoys me pulling out all his bullshit cards and waving it in his face?" He awaited an answer, taking a few glances towards her.

"Language Natsuo." Fuyumi shook her head and gave her brother a look of disappointment. "Lets just drop the dad subject. Today is mom's day. So no mentioning dad at all!" She warned as they entered the elevator.

Natsuo nodded, "C'mon you know I'm real good at that Fuyu."

The two exchanged a mutual smile before returning their eyes towards the elevator door. It didn't take too long as their mother was on the third floor. Slowly, the elevator came to a stop and dinged; the button flashed signaling that it was the third floor.

Upon exiting the elevator and entering the hall — it was strangely quiet. Though quiet, it retained its usual hustle and bustle of nurses and doctors; all moving about to take care of business.

Natsuo quietly followed behind his sister as they approached the front desk of the third floor. Allowing his sister to handle business, he found himself drifting off into his thoughts about Shōto. It was difficult to believe that he was only now getting to know his baby brother after fourteen years of forced separation. '...That's all thanks to that bastard...' He thought to himself sourly and felt a slightly tug at his sleeve. "Huh? Oh, I'm behind ya Fuyu-chan." He gave a goofy smile as he followed behind her.

Though, he kept his eyes ahead — Natsuo drifted back to his thoughts. 'So...a few things I gotta keep in mind about Shōto is, he loves loves loves his soba cold. He enjoys traditionally made tea. He's a fan of All Might. And...and...' He huffed in frustration. 'That's three things Natsuo...THREE THINGS!! Get it've gotta learn what he does like and what he doesn't like.' After a few minutes of pondering, Natsuo perked up happily, "Oh yeah!"

"Oh yeah what, Natsuo?" Fuyumi asked cautiously as they came to a stop at the very end of the hall. She raised an eyebrow as she looked her little brother over, "What are you planning?"

"Huh? Planning? Nothin' at all big sister of mine!" Natsuo grinned widely as he hugged the flowers to his chest, "Just thinking about the things that Shōto likes and dislikes..."

"...Uh huh." Fuyumi nodded, urging her brother to continue.

"Yeah and it just crossed my mind and Shō have a very similar dislike," He watched as his sisters' face contorted into a scowl. She seemed to know where he was going with this one. "And that's big ol' stupid face Endeavor!!" He couldn't help but laugh at his own comment.

Fuyumi smacked his shoulder, "Enough fooling around Natsuo! Straighten yourself out and look presentable for mom," She watched as Natsuo's shoulders slouched. Raising her hands, she began to fix the collar of his dress shirt and fixed his hair; to which her hands shooed away. "Ah, now you look great. No talking about you know it?"

Natsuo snorted as he turned his nose upwards, "Yeah me I'd be the last person to mention that ass in front of mom..."



" you know when you might be back?" Inko asked. She moved about the kitchen — her phone settled two inches away from the stove; on speaker. "You know...he could really use you right now, Hisashi..."

'....I know Inko. And I really do want to come home and see how much he's grown up but, my job always has me pressured and trapped over here.'

Inko couldn't help but frown at the reply. It was always the same excuse and while she loved Hisashi with all her heart — she just wished he'd be a much better father. The last time Izuku and Hisashi had seen each other was just before his medical appointment about his quirk. That was nearly over a decade ago. Since then, Hisashi had yet to return home; she was sure that Izuku was heartbroken by his absence. 

A sigh erupted from over the receiver. 'You know I don't want things to be this way Inko. I wish we could have a comfortable life together but, I...we need this so we can live comfortably in our later years.'

"...Sure Hisashi..." Inko glanced at the phone as she shook her head. The amount of disappointment that was growing in her heart was unbearably stressful; she could only imagine how Izuku feels towards Hisashi. If he ever felt anything at all towards the man.

'Speaking of which, how is Izuku? And his friend...Katsuki? How are the Bakugō's?'

Inko walked away from the stove as she dumped a few dishes on one side of the sink. "Oh, Izuku is doing wonderfully. He managed to get into U.A. and he's doing amazing! A's all around...and he's in the same class with Katsuki. He doesn't talk much about the boy but, I can tell he still has that same glow like all those years ago..." She found herself smiling as she thought about how Izuku would smile slightly when she asked about Katsuki. It was endearing but, there was a look of sadness that seemed to stick immediately afterwards. "The Bakugō's are doing quite well. Of course, we're all too busy to sit down like we use to when the kids were younger."

" that I think about it," Inko paused as her thoughts drifted back to Izuku, "He called me earlier this week, saying that he wouldn't be able to see me this weekend. He also said he'd give me a call back...but, I haven't heard anything..."

'Oh, I'm sure the boy is fine. He's come this far! Got into his dream school and still managed to get into the same class with Katsuki! I'm proud those two...'

Inko reached over the sink opening the small curtains before her and looked at the sky. The sun was just about to set. Her brows furrowed and she frowned once again, "...I hope you're right, Hisashi."



'You've fuckin' reached  Bakugō Katsuki. If you're getting this — then I don't wanna fuckin' talk. Don't expect a call back either.'

Mitsuki's grip tightened on her phone. She wretched the device away from her ear, "This lil' shit...I told him to change this disrespectful voice message!!" She shouted directly at the phone — failing to notice the beep.

"Ah...hun..." Masaru reached a reluctant hand towards her wife. He always felt nervous when she got so violent; it always left him uncomfortable. "The phone..."

"I mean can you believe this child of ours, Masaru!!" Mitsuki stormed around as she shouted at the top of her lungs. Unknowing the phone was recording everything. "I've got a few words for him...just wait until that beep comes in! I'm gonna let his shitty lil' ass have it! I'm sick and tired of him being so damn disrespectful! I hope the teachers don't have to deal with that...then again, what the hell am I thinking?!"

"...Um...hun..." Masaru repeated again. He shrank back slightly as Mitsuki stormed back and forth pass the television. "The phone's recording..."

Mitsuki raised her hand up, "Not now, Masaru. I'm having a moment." She back towards the phone and placed it against her ear, "Listen up and listen good Katsuki! You are going to change that damnable voice messaging you have and start acting like a respectable young man! I can't believe Aizawa-san had the nerve to speak up for your shitty lil' ass! I wouldn't have. I would've let your ass rot on national television you lil' prick! Now, by the time I give you a call back tonight I expect this voice message to have been changed and once I call back again, I expect you to pick up the damn phone!!" She hit the end call button; a smile creeping upon her face.

She turned around happily facing Masaru. "So what were you saying honey?"

Masaru slowly removed his glasses — a look of concern passed over. Masaru pinched the bridge of his nose. He wasn't certain how he was still surviving when it came to dealing with either Mitsuki or Katsuki; or even dealing with both of them together.

"...I um, what movie would you like to watch, hun?" He gave her his best smile as he patted the couch — offering her a seat.



'You've obviously reached the voicemail of Aizawa Shōta. I must be busy if I'm not answering. Returning calls are not guaranteed.'

Hizashi pinched the bridge of his nose. There he was still attempting to call Shōta. This time he wasn't in the office nor was he hiding in the classroom, trying to avoid the students and other teachers. No. He was outside in front of the group dormitory of the teachers — dressed comfortably; pacing back and forth. He was sure the heels of his shoes were worn down from just a simple repeated movement.

He was absolutely ready to pull his hair out of his head. Never had he ever stressed this much over Shōta missing out on giving him a call back. He also never been this worried before. After all it was only a three week excursion that was paid for by U.A. There was nothing fishy about it. At least that's what he's trying to convince himself.

"Shō..." Hizashi whined as he stooped down; staring directly at the screen of his phone. He hadn't left any messages — he knew Shōta hated that sort of thing. "Pick up...." He ran a single hand through his loosened hair.

'...Alright, think Mic, just think! What would Shōta do if he was in your shoes...' He thought for a moment as he stood back up. After a few seconds, he frowned — he knew what his best friend would do. "Sleep...that bastard." He groaned and shoved his cell phone into his pocket. Turing around he pulled the handles of the dormitory entrance.

Upon entering, he was greeted by an extremely excited and happy little girl. The only little girl that had been with them under Shōta's care. Hizashi smiled as he picked her up and spun around in a circle, "Hey there Eri!! How's my littlest listener doin' this fine evening?"

Eri giggled as she encircled her arms around Hizashi's neck, "Good! I played with All Might!" She stated happily; she pointed towards the former Pro-Hero. "We played superheroes!"

"That so my little listener?" Hizashi smiled softly as he held her at his hip. He turned his attention towards Toshinori; the man slowly stood. He waved at Hizashi as he cracked his back lightly. "Yo, All Might. Thank's for keepin' little Eri some company."

Toshinori dismissively towards Hizashi, "Nonsense, Mic! It was my pleasure. She's already a little hero in the making!" He walked towards the two and patted Eri on her head, "You just missed Midnight though, they were both drawing pictures for Eraserhead or well, young Eri was at least. Midnight only directed her a bit..." He smiled sheepishly as he rubbed at the back of his neck. "It's really nice. Maybe young Eri wouldn't mind showing you later on." Both men watched as Eri nodded her head — extremely eager to show her off drawing.

"Oh! That'd be nice. You think you can show me later, little listener?" Hizashi asked as he placed her down. She gave him a solid nod. He couldn't help but, pat the girl upon her head. "Alright! It's settled then," He straightened his back out, "Now go on and enjoy your time before curfew!"

It didn't take too long for Eri to gather whatever she had on the floor of the lounge and disappear up the stairwell. Both, Hizashi and Toshinori smiled at each other — before walking over towards the kitchen.

"Man oh man...what to eat..." Hizashi muttered to himself as he began to raid the cabinets.

Toshinori watched from the entrance of the kitchen and smiled a little, "You know Cementoss made some vegetable yakisoba." He easily pointed out as he crossed his arms.

"And I would've hope you'd know me well enough to know I love my protein!" Hizashi allowed his quirk to activate slightly as he gave Toshinori a disapproving look. "C'mon...I don't want that. Geez, not everyone wants to eat like a rabbit!"

Toshinori laughed as he leaned against the wall for support. For some reason, he felt as if his legs were going to give out. He wondered if it was due to sitting on the floor while playing to Eri. "So...anything from Eraserhead?" He raised a thin blonde eyebrow. Hizashi noticeable stopped all movement for a few seconds before going about his kitchen raiding. 'That...can't be good.'

"I uh..." Hizashi started off as he searched for the correct words. There was really nothing he could say. Shōta failed to pick up the phone and there wasn't much else he could do besides continue to try or wait until tomorrow morning. "He...he didn't pick up. Look..." He closed the cabinet and turned towards Toshinori. He removed his trademark shades — a frown deep upon his face. "I'm really really concerned All Might...I'm gonna need your help. I just seriously can't shake the feeling that somethin' is up. Ya know?"

Toshinori nodded, sporting a similar frown. He had a weird feeling when Izuku hadn't sent any pictures or badgered him about how things were going at the floating island. All he knew was that it wasn't like Izuku to somehow magically keep his silence for an entire week straight. '...Unless young Midoriya is doing a...what do these kids call it...a dare! That's it a dare. Then again...he'd fail at that.' He shook his head as the thought crossed him mind. It was a humorous thought but, it was less likely that Izuku would be good at a game like truth or dare; even more less likely to play. "I'm honestly glad I'm not the only one. It's pretty rare for young Midoriya to not message me over the duration of the trip."

"But what can we do? I mean, I figured out where they went at." Hizashi exclaimed as he exited the kitchen and headed towards the stairs. Toshinori followed closely behind the loud Pro-Hero. "There's only one thing I didn't get to do and that was search reviews and such on the place."

"You'd think Nezu-sama would give fair warning if it was dangerous. Or just simply not allow them to go at all." Toshinori pointed out as he gripped the railing.

Hizashi nodded and looked over his shoulder at Toshinori. "Keep in mind...we all thought the forest was gonna be safe as well. Look what happened with that..." He stated as he took his right towards the second flight of stairs. "Look I ain't undermining Nezu-sama or anything but..." He stopped as they reached the floor with Shōta's room, "I think there should have been more research on that place. And that we should've prepared those kids more. They've been through hell and it's only their first year here! Even Eraser was iffy about the whole idea but, he didn't argue the fact."

"So...we're going to try and research this place?"

"It's all we can do right now. I think it's covering something big up...something that it doesn't want the outside society to know about it." Hizashi started off for Shōta's room as Toshinori reached the final step. " say I am over exaggerating a bit. I apologize in advance All Might but...this feeling I have..."

Toshinori shook his head and dismissively wave his hand. "No no...I know what this is. It's a little Pro intuition. As a's just something you can't ignore." He patted Hizashi on the shoulder, "Let's see what we can dig up. Shall we, Present Mic?"

"Yeah. You bet All Might!" Hizashi nodded; entering the empty room with his head held high. He was going to get to the bottom of this feeling he was having — he just hoped he was completely wrong.

Chapter Text

The sound of fabric tearing caught Shōto's ears. The gravel had eaten away at whatever had been left of his shirt as he was dragged. He flipped himself around to be on his back and allowed his eyes to observe everything around him. He wasn't about to let this chance slide by on a whim. 'I've gotta find an exit and Aizawa-sensei!'

A rough tug at the chained collar around his neck caused him to choke slightly. He raised his hand towards the metal collar around his neck. His hands desperately began to feel around; only stopping at the sticky wet warmth that began to coat his fingers. '...Shit it broke my skin...' He gritted his teeth and hooked his fingers around the front of the collar; hoping it would ease the pain around his neck.

"Is our special guest still conscious back there?"

Shōto rolled his eyes as he attempted to tune out the conversation. Right now, he need to focus — not worry about what those morons were going to do to him. 'That's one thing I can thank dear old father strong focusing skills.' He thought to himself sarcastically. A slightly turn of his head to the right and his eyes widened at what his eyes managed to catch. 'Sensei?!' Without thinking he released his fingers around the metal collar and attempted to grab a hold of the door frame.

He was positive that it was his teacher that was dangling from the ceiling by his arms. 'Sensei!!' His mind screamed at him as he managed to put a stop to all the movement. Though it came with the price of him nearly choking to death. However, this didn't deter him from his tightening grip around the door frame.

"Ugh...why do they have to always do this!!" Jun complained as he pulled fiercely on the chain.

Shōto gasped for a single breath — the collar began to cut deeper into his skin. It didn't take too long for one of the guys to come back and laugh at his pathetic attempt to stop. He didn't care much — all he knew was that he wasn't going to just leave his teacher hang like a noosed corpse. His teeth gritted together and he glared at the man, Longwei, from the corner of his eye. 'He's the asshole who broke Bakugō's wrist...he'll pay. They'll all pay, dearly.'

"Get a load of you tough guy!" Longwei sneered. He delivered a swift kick to Shōto's gut; leaving the teenager gasping for his breath. "You think you're the only one to notice that?" He jabbed a thumb towards Shōta, "Let me tell you...that kid, Shinsō, wow-wee...he was like a mad bull when he saw him. You're a bit more on the docile side. I wonder why?" He kicked Shōto again in his stomach.

Shōto felt his grip loosen and gritted his teeth. He gasped for air before quickly adjusting his hold on the frame. Being kicked was something he could handle. At least he told himself that — trying to memorize and replace his fathers' fist with his legs; imagining that it was the exact same feeling. Another kick came his way and he grunted. 'Gotta protect my stomach...!' He told himself mentally as he tried to curl up.

"HA!! You really think that's gonna work?!"

Though he managed to protect his stomach from anymore vicious kicks — he felt the man's foot slam down hard against his side. "Gahh!!" His breath escaped him quickly and just as his grip loosened — Longwei delivered another assault. This time he slammed his foot against Shōto's hands and grinned at the raw scream that was torn from the teenagers' throat.

Shōto bared his teeth as he glared quietly at the man. Reluctantly he drew his hands away from the frame of the doorway; not wanting his hands to be dealt further damage.

"Could you possibly keep it down..." A sharply dressed man walked out of the room. He stopped and a wry smile crept upon his face, "Oh my oh this Endeavor's boy? Oh ho...what a pleasure!" Shōto hadn't missed the blood that drenched his hands, reaching to his forearms. The man began to wipe away the blood as best he could with the white towel, "Blood is just so difficult to get off the skin you know," He stated nonchalantly towards Shōto. It was disturbing to say the least. "Oh, you stupid buffoons! Stand this young man up to his feet! Treating such a special guest in such a...despicable manner. I should have you all killed really. Especially you Longwei," He quickly flipped out a switchblade and pressed it against the mans' neck.

Longwei quivered from fear, "R-right...s-sorry boss, it won't happen again!!"

"Yes...I do agree you ARE A SORRY PERSON LONGWEI!!" He shouted as he allowed the blade to draw blood, "Now...let us start over, Longwei. Shall we?"

Longwei swallowed thickly as he slowly nodded his head. "Y-yes s-sir Isao-sama." He felt the sharpened blade press further into his skin, "Alright...alright already, I apologize Isao-sama! I didn't mean to undermine you in any way, shape or form..." He teeth clattered against each other; he awaited Isao to drop the knife from his neck.

"...Hm," Isao looked him dead in his eye. He was searching for any form of deceit or mischief. A small step to the side and he found himself closer to Longwei, "You do something like that to my special guest anymore without my permission...I will skin you alive and gut you like a pig. Your fucking head will be my trophy...understood?" Isao whispered into his ear; he found amusement in the sound of Longwei's breath hitching.

A shiver ran down Shōto's spine as he watched the scene before him. There was something about that Isao man that was terrifying. He hadn't missed the pure fear that flashed in Longwei's eyes as the knife pressed deeper into his throat and the trembling after silent words were shared.

Shōto only snapped out of his train of thought when he was yanked violently to his feet. He felt a sharp pain travel throughout his abdomen. 'Probably from being kicked earlier...' Raising his hands up — he began to hack violently; pulling back he took note of the blood. He used the back of his hand to wipe his mouth as he refocused his eyes upon the villains at hand. 'No time to worry about my health.' 

"Oh my...allow me to get something to wipe your hands, Todoroki-san." Isao stated a grin dancing along his face. "Actually...follow me," He grabbed the chain of Shōto's handcuffs and pulled him along to enter the room that held the unconscious Shōta. "Ah, dear Mr. Eraserhead! Your student has come to visit you. It's rude to sleep when a guest is around you dog!!" He growled and delivered a swift kick to the badly bruised ribs of the Pro-Hero. A groan erupted from the injured man; his body quivered violently.

Shōto could only stand and stare as he took in the damage that was dealt to their teacher. He was honestly surprised the man wasn't dead yet. A abnormally large knot bulged from both sides of his ribs; which was a sickly purple color. There was a large pool of blood around him — Shōto had a terrible feeling that it was fresh blood settled upon dried blood. Welts covered his midsection and there was bruising around his neck. Looking at Shōta's arms — he could tell one was broke at the forearm; a piece of what Shōto believed to be bone tearing through scarred flesh. Shōto squinted his eyes as they focused in on Shōta's face, which he unfortunately couldn't see due to his long hair; however he did notice the dried blood that caked his hair.

Shōto took a step backwards. He blinked several times — he was lightheaded. His stomach flopped slightly, angry at the sight of his teacher. He closed his eyes tightly; willing the rising bile to fade away. His hands shook violently. From both anger and fear. '....What do I do...' He questioned himself mentally; his will to fight was struggling against the fear that overwhelmed his entire being.

His eyes stayed shut as he felt someone wiping his hands off. He couldn't bring himself to them. He feared he would just pass out from the sight. His teacher was stripped down to barely nothing and was being torture to being at deaths doorstep. He couldn't imagine what else his teacher had been through; all this just for them. It made him physically sick.

"It's rude to keep your eyes closed boy." Isao stated sternly and Shōto's eyes snapped wide open. "You...look a little pale. And weak. Have you men been feeding our guest?" He asked, examining the trembling teenager as he walked in a circle. "Judging from the way this boy You stupid bastards..." He turned dangerously towards the three men; he began to swinging his blade involuntarily towards the three, "You imbeciles will feed them including that Yaoyoruzu girl! They are not to die anytime soon!! Do I make myself clear?!"

After receiving reassuring nods, Isao turned away from them. Shōto couldn't help but, eye his switchblade as he steadily approached him. "Worry not Todoroki-san. If we starved you poor children...I'm afraid our Pro-Hero Eraserhead would be so broken..." He looked towards Shōta, "...That's not what I need yet. It's not what I want."

Isao turned away from Shōto and approached Shōta; for a moment he stood there and stared. His switchblade was still unsheathed and he twirled it around between his fingers. He then looked over his shoulder and stared at Shōto, "Where shall I place this blade, boy?" He grinned manically at the confusion in Shōto's eyes. "There are several choices...however you get two," He pointed the blade towards the injured Pro-Hero, "Either he gets it or," Slowly he lifted the blade to point towards Shōto, "You get it."

He laughed, "It is not a difficult decision boy! Pretend you're playing Pro-Hero right villain has a gun and his partner is fighting one of your Pro-Hero friends. Now picture this, your friend is on the verge of clasping and a child is about to get shot before your very eyes! However, you've heard the child has a quirk that allows them to regenerate. But...being a Pro-Hero, the criticism...just think about it. It would terrible if you didn't protect the child. you...A, take the bullet yourself or B, allow the child to take the bullet just because, you wanted to play by ear. Oh, but lets not forget about your Pro-Hero friend! Option attempt to save their life but, we don't talk much about that option. So...A," He tilted his head to the side, "or B? Not all information is what it's cracked up to be Todoroki..."

'What sort of sick bastard...!' Shōto's eyes widened. He couldn't understand — did Isao believe everything was a game or was he serious. A shaky breath escape his lungs; it hurt. '...What kind of man makes up a life or death scenario just for the fun of it?! Especially knowing...' Something within his brain clicked for moment and he thought back to when himself, Izuku and Tenya had fought desperately against the Hero Killer, Stain. 'Is this man trying to carry out his legacy...or...?'


Shōto jolted away from his thoughts and looked the mad man in his eyes. "...I'll take the hit." He muttered just loud enough for Isao to hear. If Shōta was awake or even aware, Shōto didn't want his teacher to know the small sacrifice he was making for his sake. He forced himself to stand straight up and kept his eyes locked with Isao, "Didn't you hear me? I said, me." He exclaimed once again; his voice on edge.

"...I hate you damn heroes." Isao stated as his face twisted with rage. He took the knife and dragged against the palm of his hand, "I want to make things interesting. You've brought this upon yourself Todoroki." He then switched the blade to his bloodied hand.

Shōto raised a single eyebrow; his eyes darted from the bleeding palm to the bloodied knife. 'What the hell is going on?!' He felt his breath quick and he swallowed, the lightheadedness started to come back.

"You seem confused...let me explain," Isao exclaimed as he quickly approached Shōto. Pulling his hand back — he plunged the switchblade into his right side. Before, Shōto could scream a hand shot up and covered his mouth, ", you'll wake your dear old teacher. I want to tell you about my quirk...biohazard." He leaned in closer, "You see...the blood that ruins through my veins is highly toxic. Not to the touch per say...but, if it were to seep into an open wound of another person, they will slowly suffer. Now...I was saving this for your teacher but, you came along with such excellent timing!" He twisted the knife and pushed it deeper. A muffle scream caused him to grin once again, "Congratulations, Todoroki-san. You've just made your first and quite possibly last Pro-Hero decision...a shame that you'll not only be suffering from the poison but, you'll also be tortured."

"That sounds like a go to me." Maze grumbled and crossed his arms.

Jun nodded in agreement as he readied to pull the chain, "I can't wait...too uh," He paused for a moment, "Torture! Yeah, that's right torture..." Longwei silently nodded — still shaken up from his close encounter with Isao.

"Toodles," Isao released him and left the knife stuck in his side, "Try not to hurt him too much. I want my poison to do its work."

Shōto toppled over once again. Unfortunately he landed on the side with the knife and he bit down on his tongue; he tasted blood. The corners of his eyes began to burn — but, he wasn't about to cry. Painfully he turned himself over and laid flat on his back, he raised his fingers to wrap around the metal collar. His mind was swimming with thoughts — most of them were panicked and others were just as grim. '...Midoriya doesn't give neither am I. Gotta find a way out...I know where Aizawa-sensei is now but, an exit...' He closed his eyes and focused on breathing; in an out. It was all he could do at the moment as he was dragged out of the room and down the long grueling hallway.

With pain flooding his body — he blocked out the conversations that the three men had with each other.

'This damn knife hurts like hell.' Shōto thought to himself as he opened up his eyes. He wasn't sure how far he had been dragged away from the others and his teacher. It was something that was at the forefront of his mind but, it always made a quick retreat. He forced himself to focus on more important things and with that, his eyes began to scan his surrounding once again. '...An exit...' 

He felt hands grab both his arms and roughly forced him to a standing position. His stomach flipped once more and tightened. With bound hands, Shōto gripped at his abdomen. '...Shit...' It was the only word that crossed his mind and he bent over and vomited all over the floor. He couldn't figure out if it was thanks to the vicious kicks to his stomach or the sight of his half-dead teacher.

It was a surprise but, the three villains had allowed him to continue puking up his guts. He figured it was apart of their torture or at least it was what he thought. He gagged once again and spat the sickening leftover contents to the side. His entire body felt sluggish. It was another feeling he was use to — all thanks to the volatile training his father dished out to him. 

"Sucks that Al has cleaning duty this entire week..."

"He does? I thought it was one of those little brats or that wench?"

"No, it's Al. I'm positive. Bring the kid over here and set him down gently...I hope Isao's stupid quirk doesn't have the high potency to kill him. Not only will he be pissed but, so will I." Maze grumbled as he directed both Longwei and Jun. "I still want my payback after all..."

Shōto felt himself being dragged once again, the heels of both feet scraping against the ground. It was painful but, there was another pain. One that caused him to wince as he was seated. He gritted his teeth and tasted the settling bile and metallic taste of blood upon his tongue. It was sickening and his stomach jumped once again.

There was a white noise. It was so loud, that he wondered if the others around him could hear it. He lifted his head up just enough to get a read on their expressions. There was nothing telling in their faces; if anything it appeared as if they were laughing. '...Why can't I hear them...?' He questioned himself and his brows furrowed. '...Maybe the effects of that man's quirk...' A deep burning sensation welled up within his stomach. It was slow but, he could feel it and it was nothing like his left-side.

He hadn't noticed that they had rebounded his hands behind his back. Ignoring the fact that his head was tilted towards the ceiling and a damped cloth placed overtop of his face. His mind stayed focused on the white noise in the back of his mind; though his ears did catch a question.

"So Todoroki...while those idiots are getting everything ready," The sound of a chair screeched against his currently sensitive ears and he gritted his teeth. Luckily for him — the sound hadn't lasted long. "We're gonna play...twenty one questions. There's nineteen kids in your class and you make the twenty...then there's that Shinsō kid. He obviously makes up that extra one."

Shōto stayed silent and moved his focus to breathing. The damp cloth overtop of his face made it difficult. There was also the fact that he didn't want to panic due to not being able to breath. 'In...and and out...relax...' A shaky breath released itself from deep within his chest.

"," Maze started off slowly, "The first set of questions will just be...well, how can I put this...let's just say simple. Who do you believe has the weakest quirk in your class?" Shōto couldn't help but snort at the question. It sounded stupid to him. He wondered if this was what Hitoshi went through. "...You laugh but, I'm serious. I like to get to know my prey a little better than these morons."

"Why would I answer you?" Shōto managed to ask. He sounded muffled, as he suspected. He was truly surrounded by idiots. The cloth was unexpectedly lifted from his face and he locked eyes with Maze; he looked absolutely bored.

Maze sighed, "...You kids have absolutely no manners. I expected this from that orphan kid Shinsō but you..." He scratched underneath his chin and poked his lip out, "You're the son of Endeavor. You've gotta have some form of manners!"

'Not from him.' He thought to himself sourly as he glared at Maze. "We aren't friends. So that should be enough of answer for you."

"Fine, looks like I have to unnerve you then." Maze kept his frown as he sharpened his eyes upon the teenager, "Born the eleventh of the first month of the year, you're the fourth youngest in your class. You got into U.A. through recommendations. According to Isao, you took second place in the Sports Festival. You're the youngest son of the former number two hero, Endeavor." Shōto stiffened and twitched slightly, "I can smell your fear kid. It's part of my quirk Grizzly. Feeling a little nervous now? You see, we don't have to go through the difficult questions...except," He pointed toward's Shōto's scar, "That, I'm curious really. Tell me, c'mon let's be friends Todoroki."

"Go to hell." Shōto bared his teeth. His hands clenched into fist behind his back. He wanted so badly to hurt the man in front of him. It was unnerving that the villains had gathered such information. ' How do they know all this?!'

"...Shame really. Even the children of the big hotshots are rude."

Attempting to avoid the dampened cloth, Shōto craned his neck to the side. Maze growled out of frustration and made a signal to someone behind him. Then, there was a sharp pain radiating from the knife wound; his teeth gritted against each other and his eyes widened.

"Bag this little shit-head."

It was quick and effortless. Shōto only panicked after the fact; his brain believing that he would be suffocated. However, that wasn't the case — the bag over his head was just a sack. The sack had holes, so he could breath but, his brain wouldn't connect. Then the dampened cloth had returned to being over his face. He wished his heart would stop racing. 'These bastards are trying to mess with my senses...' His brain had rationalized but, it wasn't connecting. It wasn't making him feel any better.

Shōto picked up on the voices around him. They sounded so far away. He wondered if it was due to his senses being confused. The human body was a weird thing at times. Several thoughts had crossed his mind — thinking of all the things they could do to him and that he couldn't do to them and then, everything was cold. He gasped for a breath. 'Am I drowning?!' Shōto's body began to violently shiver as it tried to process what had just happened; he could feel ice cubes in his lap and his entire body was drenched.

"Hmph...again." Maze ordered from afar.

He wasn't sure how far away the man was standing but, it didn't matter. What mattered was that they we creating a drowning effect and unfortunately, it was getting to him. Scaring him. Again, water came rushing over the cloth and sack. Shōto shook his head of the water and took a deep breath. 'I'm going to panic if this keeps up...!!' He hated the human body at times. Even if he was aware of what was going on and their methods — his brain refused to connect the dots.

"Another!!" Maze called out, he sounded happy.

'WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?!' His mind screamed as he began to struggle against his restraints. He didn't care if the cuffs around his wrist would bruise or break his skin; he didn't want to be in this situation. "AHHHHHH!!!!" He screamed as loudly as he could and pulled forward. Narrowly, he dodged the ice cold water. It ran down his back.

"Scream all you want brat," Maze exclaimed. Shōto could hear his footsteps closing in. "No-one can hear you. Not that damn hobo nor those stupid friends of yours." Pain from his side caused him to tense up and he felt the knife twist again. A whimper escaped from him and his ears caught onto a booming laugh, "I barely touched ya kid!! So sensitive, geez."

Shōto breathed out though his nose and shivered. He wished he had access to his quirk to warm up. 'Then again...there would be better things to do with it than warming up...' He didn't bother holding back a lighthearted laugh.

"Oh? What's so funny Todoroki? You some sort of masochist?" Maze questioned loudly. Shōto figured he was further away from again, he was grateful for that. "Must've had one fucked up childhood...again with the water. C'mon, I ain't got all day!!"

He shook his head as the ice cold water hit him again. By this time, his teeth were clattering against each other violently. He couldn't remember a time where he had been this cold. He snorted again; he couldn't figure out what was funny. Perhaps he was some sort of masochist or perhaps he was losing his sanity. 'How long have we been trapped...' 

The treatment of ice cold water being dumped on him continued for what felt like a lifetime to him.

Now, he was staring into the eyes of his main torturer. Though, he was probably looking worse for wear. He absolutely freezing from having several buckets of cold water dumped onto him and still felt desensitized from the treatment. Water dripped from his hair; hanging and obstructing his view. His teeth clattered together and he trembled; constantly he was reminded of the switchblade that was jammed into his side.

"...Are you done with that hotrod yet?" Maze shouted at whoever was behind Shōto.

'So damn cold...' The thought stuck out boldly in his mind. 'But...we need an exit...we need it...' He blinked a few times, water dripping from his eyelashes. If this small room was a freezer he was sure he would've been able to see small puffs of his breath. A hand smacked his face a few times and he leaned away the hand and looked up to see that it wasn't Maze but, Longwei. The man was equipped with what appeared to be oven mitts and a flat piece of circular metal. It was glowing red.

"You look like you're reliving something terrible kid." Longwei raised a brow and tilted his head. He appeared curious but, a lot less than Maze. "Just breath a little...this is only gonna hurt for...well I don't know." He shrugged, watching as Shōto had stopped all movement.

Shōto could no longer see the men in front of him. No. Now he was a child, just waking up and rubbing at tired eyes. He was peering around the corner again — in search for his mother. Desperation was at her voice and she turned his way; fear prominent in her eyes. 

'...No...' Shōto said quietly in the back of his mind and trembled, his eyes focusing in on the hot iron. If he thought his burn was painful then — now he was about to have pain redefined in a whole new way.

A scream echoed from behind the closed doors.

Chapter Text

Toshinori pulled at the collar of his winter jacket. He brought his hands closer towards his face — blowing on them both. It was a weak attempt at keeping them warm but, it was worth a shot. His mind began to wonder as he waited outside of the U.A. campus entrance.

It was finally starting to feel like winter. He found himself smiling slightly as he thought of Bakugō Katsuki. The explosive student wasn't entirely fond of the weather. It was a major contradiction to his quirk and had made him ill-suited for combat in the wintertime. There was also, Asui Tsuyu, the amphibian of the class. She was another one who showed obvious troubles with the steadily dropping weather. It was extremely concerning to Toshinori, as he had heard the poor girl had gone into a small state of hibernation during the Hero License Exam. 

Then there was the other students who would have no issues in the cold weather at all — like Todoroki Shōto and Yaoyorozu Momo. With Shōto being able to manage his body temperature easily, weather was but a walk in the park for the young teenager. As for Momo, she would easily and quickly be able to create anything for herself and others in all weather types.

The more his mind lingered on the first years of class A — the more his heart sank.

Both, himself and Hizashi had continued from where Shōta had stopped in his research but, came up empty-handed. It was extremely frustrating because, they both wanted evidence to bring forward to Nezu and tell the principal of their worries. However, it was difficult when they couldn't find solid information on the ocean-bound city.

It truly left the two teachers with few choices; one was to approach Toshinori's friend in the police department and the second was to search the library. They had agreed that they would leave the police out of the matter for the time being — as they were still in the dark about the entire situation.

'A few missed phone calls would mean nothing to the police...but, if I contacted Naomasa about the matter...' Toshinori snapped out of his thoughts when he felt a tap on his shoulder. Looking to the left — Hizashi stood by his side a bright smile on his face. The man was dressed discreetly — wearing his hair in a ponytail and a fedora tilted away from his field of view; he also wore a long tan trench coat. It was almost as if the Pro-Hero didn't want to be noticed.

"Ah, going a little underground today Mic?" Toshinori teased and placed his hands within the pockets of his coat.

"WELL..." Hizashi started off loudly. It was as if he was going to give the older man a long winded explanation. And much to his surprise — Toshinori seemed to quietly await for him to continue. "Yes." There was a curtness at the forefront of his voice — even though it was accompanied by a smile. He was sure that Toshinori could tell he wasn't playing around. "Did you call a taxi?"

Toshinori shook his head in regards to the question. "Ah, I guess I could have called them, huh? I apologize for that Present Mic..." He bowed his head; intensely looking at his shoes. "I can give them a call. It's just I had a lot on my mind..."

"No, no! Don't even sweat it All Might," Hizashi patted the former number one hero on his shoulder. He gave the other blonde a knowing smile, "I completely understand man. I can handle the call you just relax. Cool?"

Toshinori could help but to match the smile that was on Hizashi's face. It was almost as contagious as Izuku's smile. '...Ah, young Midoriya...' A sharp pang in his heart and he winced slightly. '...Perhaps...I should contact Naomasa. I know Mic wouldn't like it too much but, he could help in our private investigations. He is a detective after all.' He sighed to himself as he internally debated on whether he should contact his friend.

While, he could full trust Naomasa not to alert the police — Hizashi was a different story. Hizashi hardly knew Naomasa like Toshinori did and thus would rather the man stay out of their business unless absolutely needed.


Taking a glance towards Hizashi, Toshinori saw that the man was still busy with trying to set them up with a driver. For a moment his eyes lingered on the other teacher and he looked back down. He slipped his hand from his right pocket — his phone tightly in his grasp. The bright light of the screen was all he was met with as he stared intently at the screen. He frowned at the lack of messages from his star pupil, Midoriya Izuku. Another reminder for him to take action. '...Sorry Yamada but, this will help us more than anything else.' 



The ride to the library of the inner city of Tokyo was a quiet one. Not much was shared between Toshinori and Hizashi about what they had to do. Both knowing that it was an obvious task — find out the secrets of the island. Something that didn't seem to be an easy task at hand as they had learned the other night.

A pinging sound caused Hizashi to glance toward Toshinori. It seemed the other man hadn't notice the noise. "Uh...Yagi, your phone kinda went...uh, ping." He imitated the noise as he raised his hands up; as if to imitate an explosion. It was funny now that Hizashi thought about it. A pinging and explosion was nothing a like but, his brain immediately produced the sight of an explosion to match the noise.

"Hm? Oh! Ah, how embarrassing that I didn't notice..." Toshinori gave an embarrassed smile and reached into his pocket for his phone. He immediately knew who it was — Tsukauchi Naomasa.

The detective had secretly agreed to meetup at the Tokyo library. Giving a quick response, Toshinori took note that the taxi had stopped. He looked out the window. 'Ah finally!! We can really begin now.'

"Yeah! We really appreciate it man," Hizashi said as he dug through his pockets and paid the driver. "Take care man, we'll be sure to call you later on. Alright, thank you." He waved as the driver departed and turned to see that Toshinori was half up the stairs. "HEEEYYY!!! WAIT FOR MEEEEEE!!!!" He felt a light blush appear on his face — his quirk accidentally activated. 'Shōta would've ripped me a new one if he were here right now...' He slapped a hand over his mouth and took off to follow the other teacher; not missing the odd staring he received.

Toshinori couldn't help but laugh at Hizashi. The man could be funny on his own accord. He couldn't understand how Shōta would say he was too overbearing; so far Toshinori wasn't seeing any signs of the man being overbearing or overly annoying.

"Gotta keep a cap on it now..." Hizashi stated jokingly; albeit much quieter than what he had been minutes ago. He rubbed at the back off his neck as they both entered the quiet library. Yeah, this certainly wasn't a place for someone with a quirk like his. "Right...we'll stick together for a bit, alright?"

"I've got no problems with that." Toshinori nodded in agreement.

Entering the quiet domain, the two felt strangely out of place.

Hizashi reached up and removed his fedora. He couldn't help but, take a look around. It was one of the largest libraries within Tokyo. So it was a justifiable area to search for clues. The only issue was, Hizashi wasn't in his element. Taking a quick glance at Toshinori — he could tell the older man was also out of his element. This was something more fit for an Underground Pro-Hero than known Pro-Heroes like themselves. Shōta would know exactly where to start. Hizashi frowned as he thought about his close friend. 'I ain't giving up! Not now, not ever! Not until I figure out the truth. I'll just have to play this out like Shōta would...just gotta keep in mind of all his crazy stories. Otherwise...' He looked down at himself — taking in the way he was dressed. It was warm but, for him he felt silly. Like he was hiding from something or someone. Way out of his element. '...This would be for a clown show than anything. Maybe I should've tried to get into contact with FatGum. He'd know what to do for sure...'

"Ah...I think we should get a move on Yamada-san."

Hizashi snapped himself out of his stupor. He looked up at Toshinori and gave a knowing nod. "Right...we should start off near the computers." He started off to where the computers were located at.

"...What would make you think that the library computer would have more information that ones provided by U.A?" Toshinori eyed Hizashi curiously; following closely behind the teacher. There was silence and he frowned, "Yamada-san..."

"I don't know Yagi! This ain't even my speciality! I'm just going by the stories Shō's always told me about. When he would have to go undercover and look for information," Hizashi huffed out of irritation. He wasn't upset with Toshinori. It was more like he was frustrated — he wished situation like this came with manuals or hints. "Just...go along with it okay?"

"Right." Toshinori exclaimed as he looked around the library. They were quickly approaching the computers but, he was fascinated by the size of everything. He didn't even know so many books could exist.

"...Excuse me, are you two hoping to use these computers?"

Both, Hizashi and Toshinori stopped in their tracks. The voice wasn't familiar but, it didn't seem that the person was talking to anyone else. Hizashi turned around to see a young woman — looking to be in her late twenties. "Ah, um...we were. Is something wrong?" He raised his fedora to his chest; a look of concern painted his face. Toshinori stayed silent as they awaited an answer.

"Unfortunately, these are down at the moment." The young woman sighed in distress, "It's what one of the librarians told me at least. Honestly, they could have at least put up a sign or something..." She muttered. Both, Hizashi and Toshinori glanced at each other. For some reason, the girl gave off a vibe. A vibe that said she wasn't one to mess with. "Well...anyway, they directed me to go to the second floor. Hopefully those will at least be of some use..."

"Uh...right, thank you young lady." Toshinori bowed as he smiled brightly.

The young girl smiled brightly at the two, "Of course! Anything to help the former number one hero of Japan! And of course the best radio host out there...Present Mic!!"

"SHHH!!!" Hizashi pressed a finger to his lip. He desperately didn't want the young girl to call any fangirls or fanboys over just because she said the magic words. Several downhill scenarios passed through Hizashi's mind and he shivered. He definitely didn't want to get caught up in nonsense. "We appreciate it young listener but, you gotta keep it down...we're on an important mission. So...uh, here..." He grabbed a book out of her hand; not caring if it was hers or the libraries. Quickly he took out a pen from his trench coat pocket and uncapped it — placing his signature at the beginning of the book. "There you are kiddo! Enjoy enjoy!"

Toshinori swiped the pen away from Hizashi — eyeing the young Pro-Hero as he did so. "I guess if he's giving you his autograph then I'll comply as well," He smiled at the young girl and gave her a quick signature, "Alright. Well, we appreciate everything. You have a great day now." He waved at the girl and grabbed Hizashi by the sleeve of his coat.

"Bye!!" Hizashi smiled as he waved at the girl. She looked like she was about to freak out. In a good way. The smile stayed on his face as he nearly tripped over his feet — they made it to the escalators.

"...Yamada-san..." Toshinori tapped his foot as he glared at the other teacher. Hizashi shrugged him off as they were nearing the upper floor, "I hope that's not how you handle everyone you run into..."

"...Now why would I do that?" Hizashi asked, a pout forming on his face.

'...I think I see what you mean Eraserhead.' Toshinori thought to himself as they stepped off the escalator and took a left towards the other set of computers.

" that..."

'Dammit!! Not again...' Hizashi let loose an exasperated sigh, shoulders hunched slightly. 

"Oh!! Why if it isn't The Cruller!!"

Hizashi raised a brow. Toshinori seemed to know this person that stopped them. Now he was curious. He fixed himself and turned around to see what looked to a be a college student. He was about average height, standing between Katsuki and Shōto. His eyes were brown with matching hair. Funny enough, the boy wore an All Might hoodie. 'A fanboy. Nice. Real nice...' Inwardly he snorted as a smile crept upon his face.

"It's crawler All Might." The boy corrected the man quickly. "Hey Present Mic." He shoved his hands in his pockets as he looked at the two older men, "So, what brings you here?" He tilted his head.

'...Does my disguise mean nothing?!' Hizashi felt his eye twitch as Toshinori began to converse with the college student. Even though he was caught up in his own turmoil — he overheard the young reintroduce himself to Toshinori. Haimawari Kōichi was his name and he had apparently been saved by Captain Celebrity, a Pro-Hero from America, and All Might during an attack sometime last year. He hadn't really paid much more attention to their conversation — until he overheard an extremely familiar name.

"...Yeah, I was trying to get in contact with know, Aizawa." Kōichi cleared up as he pulled his phone out, "There were several kittens that myself and a friend of mines found." Pulling up one photo, he showed them the multiple kittens, "We can't really keep them so we kinda figured he would know where we could take them. I was wondering since you all work at U.A. if you can tell him? My mom has been bugging me for weeks about them and won't back off until I figure out what to do with them..."

"Ah, well of course we'll tell Eraserhead about your turmoil Haimawari-san." Toshinori nodded.

Kōichi eyed the two teachers. He was sure but, something wasn't right. His vigilante hero instinct was starting to kick in. "...Is something wrong? Your acting kinda strange All Might..." He frowned as he looked the man in his eyes.

"Well..." Toshinori felt an elbow dig into his side, "Hey...that hurt..." He muttered as he rubbed at his side. He couldn't help but give Hizashi a disapproving look — which he had also received from the Pro-Hero.

Taking notice of this, Kōichi cleared his throat to gather their attention once again. "Look...I can possibly help out. I may just be a vigilante illegal hero but, I'm not going to ignore something that has 'help me' written all over it."

"No way." Hizashi exclaimed as he crossed his arms against his chest. His grip tightened on the brim of his fedora. There was no way he was about to let an illegal hero, a vigilante get involved with a matter that might be bigger than just the Pro-Heroes themselves. From the corner of his eye, Toshinori seemed to give him a look — he wasn't sure what type it was but, he didn't like it. "Absolutely not, Yagi. He is NOT getting involved!!"

"What if he could just help us research?" Toshinori quickly argued. 

Stubbornly, Hizashi shook his head and walked away from the two. "No means NO, Yagi. I ain't gonna get some kid involved! Especially a vigilante hero!"

Toshinori watched in astonishment as Hizashi stormed off. '...That's not like him at all...' The thought of concern passed quickly and he looked at a seemingly confused Kōichi. While he wasn't too much aware of the work ethic the young man had — from what he overheard from Shōta was that the kid was just as determined if not more than some of the kids that went to U.A. He also remember hearing Shōta stating that it was a waste and lost for the Pro-Hero society to miss out on having such a dedicated youth. "...Come with me young Haimawari." He ushered the college student to follow him. "Mic means well's just this is a really serious matter. We aren't sure if it'll be too dangerous to just send in the Pros alone."

"...I see," Kōichi muttered to himself quietly as he followed Toshinori. ", if it is research I think I can handle that much."

Toshinori smiled, "I don't doubt it kid. But, Mic just doesn't want any unnecessary harm to come your way." The two stopped behind a seated Hizashi. The blonde was already getting to work as he whipped out a library card to log into the computer. "...Where did you get that from Yamada?"

"This? It's Shōta's library card. The guy renews his card every year and even got a second one cause he thought he lost his first one." Hizashi explained a small smile creeping upon his face, "That sleepyhead forgot he loaned it to me until I said something to him. So he just let me keep one while he has the other..."

"Here you go, All Might."

Hizashi's finger froze above the keyboard. His eye twitched again, "...Look...kid," He turned around to face Kōichi, "I ain't trying to be rude or I've heard about you from Eraserhead and all but, I'm not dragging you into this mess. First off, you're an illegal hero. A vigilante. Thank you for wanting to help and all but, you are aware you could get sent to jail right? Not saying that I'm gonna wail on ya. We need all the help we can get nowadays..."

"I see where you're coming from Present Mic. I won't try any heroics. Not this time," Kōichi stated firmly, "But, I can help research. Just tell me that much and I can see what I can come up with on my end. Please...just let me help. Let me at least do that one thing for you." He clasped both hands together and bowed his head, "Please, Present Mic! All Might! Let me at least do that."

"Research work, huh? I'm sure this young man can handle that." Kōichi found himself startled at the hand upon his shoulder. "Wouldn't you say All Might?"

Hizashi almost wanted to bang his head against the keyboard. Not only was a college student getting involved but, someone who he was sure was obviously from the police department was getting involved. And the man knew Toshinori. 'Wait just a darn second...' He shifted his stare from Kōichi to a new arrival and then to Toshinori. The older man wasn't doing such a great job at hiding his guilt. "....Yagi."

"Look...ahh..." Toshinori turned away as he ran his hand through the back of his unruly hair. There was nothing that he could say that came to mind that would satisfy Hizashi — so he figured he would address the other person within their small group. "'s everything going, Naomasa-san?" He gave a lopsided smile and extended his hand to the other man.

Naomasa gladly shook Toshinori's hand. "Pretty good until the distress message." He nodded toward Hizashi — who seemed all but happy. "Don't worry Present Mic. Nobody at the station knows about this yet. Toshinori told me to keep this on the down-low until we know for certain. I'm just here to help with what ever I can."

"...So," Kōichi broke the small silence as he smiled at the three older men. "Can I help out?"

"I don't see the harm in doing so." Naomasa answered before Hizashi. "First we need to discuss what we're looking for." He looked directly at Hizashi for the answer.

It seemed like they were getting two outside helpers whether Hizashi liked it or not. He sighed heavily. As he thought about it — it seemed like a hindrance than anything else. '...It would make things go faster. It's already...Tuesday? An entire week and two days have passed...I guess it couldn't hurt too much.' He convinced himself as he turned himself around in his chair. "Alright...fine you can both help. Listen up gentlemen, cuz I'm not gonna repeat myself twice..." Both Naomasa and Kōichi nodded, "So the four one one is that Eraserhead, Aizawa Shōta, has taken his entire class plus one gen ed student on a three week excursion to a floating city known as The Peerless. To make things short...Eraser shared with me his worries about taking the trip but, didn't complain much more to the school principal. I just couldn't shake my bad feeling after I didn't receive a call on Saturday and then a new week came. I'm not chalking this up as a oh he must've forgot cuz, I've called the man several times and received NOTHING back. No text, no call, no voice message. NOTHING. So I'm worried and even more worried that he was worried! Hell the man was researching the place before he left but, didn't get too far. So..." He paused for a moment and turned back around towards the computer, "...That's pretty much it. I'm not giving up until I find something. That island is hiding something. Something big, like it doesn't want the world outside to know. So far I've found out that they're funded by the Meta Liberation Army. Which can't be a good thing..."

"...No. No that's not good at all." Naomasa walked away from the group; wanting to get to work quickly.

Kōichi stayed for a moment longer. His mind lingering on the Meta Liberation Army and the mysterious island, The Peerless. He felt some form of familiarity with the subject at hand. Not the Meta Liberation Army but, the mysterious island. "...Present Mic." Hizashi hummed in acknowledgment. "I...I um, I'm not sure how much help this will be but...I've actually had a class project about some mysterious city out on the ocean. One that not many people get to see...but, I've tried to do some research on them and I've ran into dead ends. I don't know but...this sounds a lot like that one. The one that doesn't really like outside visitors." Standing from his chair, Kōichi rolled his sleeves pass his elbow and latched onto the chair. "...I honestly hope this isn't that..." He quietly walked away; finding a computer a little further from the three older men.

Hizashi felt his heart starting to sink; finding it much harder to focus. His eyes glided across the screen as he clicked on link after to link. All in hopes of finding something solid. He needed something solid. He refused to believe that there wasn't a single thing about The Peerless out on the open web. If anything the more he thought about them being associated with MLA the more he feared they were associated with other groups of extremest. It was a scary thought — to be surrounded by so many people who despised you. A chill found its way down Hizashi's spine and he swallowed the hard lump within his throat. 

From the corner of his eye, even Toshinori had a perplexed look upon his face. '...Ah, shit Shōta...please whatever is going on...hang in there...' 

Chapter Text

Fumikage couldn't stop his mind from swim. Wondering what day it was, what the time is and if someone was coming for them. There was also the darkness. The darkness that he used to be so fond of. Now, he wasn't entirely sure about it anymore.

This darkness was like one he never dealt with. One that was constricting and suffocating. One that could drive anyone mad; including himself.

It was crazy how this sort of darkness was different from any other. So strange how the darkness would play a strong part in his life once he graduated and became a Pro-Hero.

He couldn't help but shake his head. He wasn't even certain if he could see a bright side in the situation anymore. Down here in the dark, he wondered if he would ever live to see the rest of his years attending U.A. If he would even see the darkness the same way as he use too.

Right now, for the pass however many days they had been hidden away — he wasn't appreciating any of it. Even, Dark Shadow had complained to him about the darkness being too much. It was strange. Dark Shadow complaining about the very thing that gave him strength. It was almost laughable.

Of course, he was sure that his classmates had felt the same way long before.

He hated that he was the only one who had the best vision in the dark. His eyes had always been able to easily adjust to the dark. When he had told his classmates several days ago, they all looked shocked. It was funny. One part of him thought he had mentioned that his vision was always at it's best during the nighttime.


Fumikage shifted his attention toward Katsuki. He had finally woken up after being out for two days straight. It was a relief but, the older teenager sounded like he was on the brick of starvation; even death.

'You all haven't eaten in a longtime...' Dark Shadow's comment echoed throughout the depths of his mind. Fumikage sighed, there wasn't much he could say. It was absolutely true. They hadn't eaten anything in a while. He wasn't even sure if their captors feed them.

"...Ponytail girl..." Katsuki grumbled out.

Fumikage frowned at the sight. Katsuki looked absolutely pathetic but, still managed to hold on tightly to his pride. It was almost as if they never destroyed or damaged his pride. Even though the man was laying on his side — unmoving, cradling his crushed hand. It angered Fumikage to not ends.

"...Yaomomo's been out since you were choked out Bakugō..." Mina exclaimed quietly.

Fumikage watched as Denki slowly nodded. He frowned and leaned against the bars — his eyes trained in the direction of Katsuki's cell, Izuku's cell, and the others across from them.

"Bakugō woke up, what? Two days ago?'ve been out maybe...I don't know but," Denki paused and turned his head towards Momo, "She's...we tried to wake her up man. But, she won't budge dude..."

Mashirao sighing caused Fumikage to jump a little. From the corner of his eyes, he saw the martial arts hero pinch the bridge of his nose. "...Are we seriously going to die in here..." He mumbled to himself. Then a hand wrapped around his own and gave a light squeeze. "Jirō..." 

Katsuki muttered several curse words under his breath. " still kickin'?" 

Fumikage watched as Izuku stirred slightly. It looked as if he rolled over to face Katsuki. "...What is it Kacchan?"

"A plan..." Katsuki grumbled, getting straight to the point.

To Fumikage, it didn't sound like it was the same question he wanted to ask Momo. He cleared his throat — figuring he could pick up for Izuku. "Well, Bakugō...we've been attempting to formulate a plan for a sometime while you were unconscious."

"And...?" Katsuki urged through clenched teeth.

"It's...kinda risky but," Hanta spoke up from behind Fumikage, "We're thinkin' of sending two instead of one. Mineta is still on the roaster. Hagakure-chan will be joining him."

Fumikage watched as Katsuki lifted his head slightly. "Eh?!" It was amazing really. No matter how injured Katsuki was or got — there was something deep within him that ignored those injuries. Almost like nothing had happened to him. Of course, that only happened when either Izuku irritated him or someone said something that knocked him off his rocker.

"Just so you know," Tōru spoke up, "I volunteered. Seeing you and Midoriya work so hard...and then Todoroki springing into action like that..." She falls silent for a moment, "...I feel like I've been useless ever since we've gotten captured. Like you guys have just been shielding us from deadly blows and...I'm sick of it. I want to help you all for once! To make Aizawa-sensei proud like I said I was!"

"Hmph..." Katsuki huffed.

"I think almost all of us can say we've been useless," Minoru stated quietly. It had been several long days since the smaller teenager had spoken to any of them. He still had yet to place in his opinion on being volunteered to find an escape route. Fumikage wondered if he even cared. "All of us are hiding behind Bakugō, Midoriya, Iida, Yaoyorozu and Todoroki!! Each of us expecting them to get us out of this situation. And then..I thought, what if it was just myself? What would I do? There is no Bakugō, Midoriya, Iida, Yaoyorozu or Todoroki if I alone was captured."

"What he's trying to say is that...we need to pull our weight, whether we were relying on someone constantly or not. We've gotta take action." Hanta cut Minoru off quickly, "And I'm not down talking you, Tokoyami. Nor you, Shinsō. Shit even you've been a rockstar Ojiro!! But, most of us are relying on those who we believe are going to keep us safe. While it's okay...we aren't putting proper use of what Aizawa-sensei has taught us."

There was a silence. It was almost deafening to the group of teenagers. Fumikage was almost certain that everyone came to a silent agreement with what Tōru and Hanta stated. There was no arguing the fact. Though, he and Mashirao had made a solid agreement with each other to protect Kyōka from any harm. Both of them knew that Denki would appreciate their efforts.

"...Dumbasses," Katsuki growled out, "Fuckin' idiots...sending two out there is just digging a fuckin' grave.  It's gonna be dangerous. Soy-sauce face..." Hanta hummed in acknowledgment, " guys are gonna have to be on it. You'll have to cause a lot of shit for them to even think about opening your cells."

"Wait a minute!" Izuku shouted and shifted around in his cell. The sounds of chains rattling and scraping against gravel caught all of their ears. "We might not have to go such a dangerous route."

"We maybe thinking the same thing Midoriya-san..." Tenya added.

From what little of Tenya, Fumikage could see — the man had his back against the cold bars of his cell. "...I'm curious," Fumikage piped in, "Let's hear it Midoriya." At the corner of his eye, Eijirō moved closer towards the cell bars and gripped them tightly. 'He seems to be back in the game.' Dark Shadow pointed out and Fumikage hummed in agreement. 'You think it's the combination of Todoroki, Bakugō and Midoriya's efforts?' Fumikage thought on the question for a moment, "Perhaps. It could very well be."

" as I was watching those guys try to wrestle Todoroki-kun into an immobile position — they were frantically talking about a quirk suppressant." Izuku stated thoughtfully.

Katsuki clicked his tongue, "SO THE FUCK WHAT?! What the hell does that have to do with anything Deku?!"

"What I'm saying Kacchan is that," Izuku paused for a moment. Fumikage figured he was gathering his thoughts; to make sure his words flowed easily and were understandable. "Do you remember when you pointed out that our cells might have some form of a quirk suppressant system built into it?" His ears picked up on Katsuki grumbling and continued, "So I was thinking maybe...just maybe, when we aren't in our cells and we're standing in the walkway...we can use our quirks!"

"Midoriya might just be right," Hitoshi cued in from his corner spot. Fumikage eyed the general education student. The teenager hadn't moved since Shōto was taken; nor had he slept. "...You guys might not have noticed but, one of those bastards looked panicked when Todoroki's anger shot through the roof. He pulled one of his hands away as if Todoroki was too hot to touch..." He stared directly at his cell door, as if he was waiting for something.

Katsuki snorted, "I'll believe the shit when I see it."

"There's only one way to find out then..." Izuku mumbled and looked straight ahead, "Shōji-san...stick one of your limbs between the bars."

"Fuckin' Deku...I SAID I'LL BELIEVE IT WHEN I SEE IT!!!" Katsuki shouted as loud as his lungs would allow him. His throat was still sore from being nearly choked to death. "Are you fuckin' deaf or some shit?! I.Will.Believe.It.When.I.See.IT."

"OKAY KACCHAN!!" Izuku shouted back.

Fumikage was sure he saw a dangerous glint in Izuku's eyes. It was almost concerning. "...Tsu-chan, do you have the flashlight Yaoyorozu-chan gave to you?" He questioned as he looked directly at Tsuyu. For a split second — he wondered how good her eyes were in the dark. If she could see things just as clearly as he could.

"Give me a minute, Tokoyami-chan."

"Ewwwww....THAT'S GROSS Tsu!!" Tōru squeaked at the top of her lungs.

Fumikage had to agree with her. It was absolutely disgusting. Then again they were lucky they couldn't see the girl in action. Though, he figured the sounds were torture enough. 'Looks like those quirk suppressants can only do so much to a mutant type of quirk, huh?' Fumikage hummed once again, in full agreement with Dark Shadow. "If it really is as Midoriya says...that there is a built in suppressant system for each of these cells — then it is weak."

"Dude...ugh..." Denki groaned loudly. "My stomach is doing backflips...please Tsu spare us please..." He begged. Fumikage found it amusing as he watched Denki cover his mouth with one hand.

Tsuyu kept her tongue wrapped tightly around the pocket-sized flashlight. "It was the only way to hide it. We can't have them aware that we have something like this." She rationalized quickly before turning her attention towards the object at hand.

"She's right. If they caught us with this...they would've definitely turned their attention towards Yaoyorozu-san." Mezō backed up the reasoning with his own solid comment.

"...This is kinda off topic but," Rikidō started, he sounded despondent. "Do you think they'll ever feed us? I don't think I can go another night or day on an empty stomach..."

Hanta sighed, "Doubt it."

"Nope." Mashirao said, with a strange bluntness.

"Not a chance, Satō." Mina stated sadly.

Katsuki growled lowly. He was obviously irritated by the question. "Are you fuckin' stupid? How the fuck do you think hostage situations work?" He jeered at the other teenager. "All that fuckin' sugar rotting your brain already, eh?!"

"...That really isn't how this sort of situation works." Hitoshi muttered. A hit of concern was within his voice.

Kyōka leaned her elbows against Mashirao's tail and cut her eyes towards Rikidō's direction. "Yeah, I don't think we've been established as proper guests yet big guy. So no." She answered, not bothering to hide her sarcasm.

"...It could be possible that we might. The chances are slim though..." Izuku began to mutter to himself.

'Fumi...he's doing it again.' Dark Shadow whined. Fumikage couldn't help but smile. "Yes...we're all aware Dark Shadow."

"...Is it working, Tsu-chan?" Denki broke the steady silence. His face pressed against the bars — facing in Tsuyu's direction.

There was silence that enveloped the group. Tsuyu seemed to try everything from what Fumikage could see. She shook it more than once; with her hands and then her tongue. She then tapped it against the wall — in hopes the batteries would start back up. A croak of disappointment sounded off.

"...UGH!!! GIVE THAT SHIT HERE!!!" Katsuki growled viciously as he attempted to pick himself up. Unfortunately, it was a wrong move on his part — a suppressed scream escaping his once tightly sealed lips. "Fuck...fuck...FUCK!!" He shouted as he rolled onto his back. "...Frog girl...give the fuckin' thing here..." He exclaimed in an uneven tone as he panted heavily.

"...Bakugō..." Ochako muttered quietly.

Fumikage could see the pain written all over Katsuki's face. He couldn't understand why the boy wouldn't listen to his body. '...He probably believes spite will get him through everything.' Dark Shadow's voice echoed from the back of Fumikage's mind. The answer almost made him want to bust into laughter. However, he didn't — he knew Katsuki would figure out that he was being laughed at by him and wound up hurting himself even more.

"Give it to me...I might be able to get it started..." Denki offered as he stuck his arm through the bar. His palm wide open. "Lemme see..."

"Kaminari-san you have an emitter type of quirk." Izuku pointed out flatly.


A frustrated sigh escaped Katsuki. It was amazing what anger could do to a person even if they were in pain. Then again, everyone knew that Katsuki thrived from his twenty-four seven anger. "YOU...UGH," He threw his head back onto the gravel. "You...Dunce-Face, you've got a fuckin' emitter type of quirk. EMITTER YOU FUCKIN' NUMB NUT!!!" He snapped and rolled over to be on his right-side. A groan of pain escaped him as he pulled himself to his knees, "If what Deku says is right...then those of us who hold an emitter type of quirk are fucked behind these bars. Those who have fuckin' mutant quirks are the lucky sons of bitches. Is that simple enough for you?!"

"...Don't gotta yell man. I'm just trying alright?!" Denki replied weakly, retracting his arm back behind bars.

Katsuki sucked in a breath as he felt pain shoot through his forearm. "...Fuck..." He groaned and shuffled his way to his cell entrance on his knees. He didn't care if they got scraped or bloodied. It was the least of his worries. "...Look...just know that it ain't you Dunce-Face. Nor is any of you other losers..." He leaned his forehead against the cold bars.

"...It's not working." Tsuyu answered after her long silence.

"Then we'll rely on Tokoyami's eyes then? Right?" Hanta spoke up and tapped Fumikage on the shoulder through the bars. 

Several voices of his classmates sounded off around him. Fumikage looked back at Hanta — he was concerned. And of course, his classmate couldn't see the concern that painted his face. His eyes weren't that good in the dark. Sure he could see a little better than everyone else but, that didn't mean that he had night vision. 

"...Well my vision isn't all that I assure you..." Fumikage muttered as he looked around at his classmates.

The looks on their faces said he could accomplish it. Even the angriest of their class, Bakugō Katsuki, held some form of encouragement within his deep red eyes. However, something in the back of his mind told him that he couldn't see as good as they thought. He was afraid he would mess up their chances. '...Can I really trust my eyes...' Fumikage thought grimly and clenched his hands into a fist. 'I believe in you Fumi!' Dark Shadow cheered. Of course his quirk would say something to encourage him in their most trying times.

"Tokoyami-chan isn't the only one that can see in the dark." Tsuyu spoke up as she stared directly at Fumikage, "We can do this together if you'd like Tokoyami-chan?" She tilted her head and pressed a single finger against her bottom lip.

Fumikage felt a comforting warmness flood his chest. He smiled slightly and looked directly at Tsuyu. How luck was he to have such a friend like her. Someone who would always back him up no matter what the situation. "...Of course Tsu-chan. I thank you." Tsuyu croaked happily in response.

" I said earlier Deku...I'll fuckin' believe it," Katsuki stopped for a moment — eyes shifting through the darkness, "...I'll believe when these two see it."

"...Right, well Shōji-san." Izuku called out, his voice filled with determination.

Fumikage silently shifted his eyes from Katsuki and Izuku towards Mezō. The tallest and yet the youngest of their class; everything depended solely on him. Fumikage held firm belief in his friend — the younger teen was no pushover. His red eyes followed Mezō's extra limb as it fitted perfectly between the cell bars. Quickly, he stole a glance at Tsuyu — she also seemed focused on the taller teenager; mostly on the stumps of his extra limb.

Even, Mezō focused in on his own limb. Though, he couldn't see anything but darkness — he knew where his arm was and watched it intently. A frustrated sigh escaped him. Nothing happened. For a moment he felt disheartened until his mind clicked; something told him he needed better way to concentrate. And so he closed his eyes and forced his mind to focus on the small amount of quirk factor that traveled throughout his body. A tingling sensation made its way through out his limbs.

"Wow...Midoriya-chan—" Tsuyu couldn't hide the amazement within her voice.

"—Your right..." Fumikage's eyes widened as one of Mezō's limbs shaped itself into a mouth. "...He did it!!" He immediately stood to his feet and gripped at the bars of his cell. "Shōji you did it!! Look!!" He shouted from pure excitement. His heart raced with ultimate joy. This was what they needed. This was their stepping stone.

"Are you serious...? Like don't be fuckin' pullin' my leg bird-brain..." Katsuki's voice sounded off. It was shaky and uncertain. "Yo leap frog!! Is he fuckin' serious?!" He whipped his around to the direction he last heard Tsuyu.

Tsuyu croaked happily, "He is." She found herself nodding in the darkness.

Mezō seemed slow to comply with opening his eyes. Scared that it would all have been nothing but a dream and he was still find himself and his classmates struggling to survive. He willed himself to take a few deep breaths and opened a single eye.

It was as Fumikage and Tsuyu said — he had activated his quirk. 

"...I," Mezō started off; using the mouth from his limb to speak, " worked. It really worked." He smiled, "It was difficult to tap into my quirk factor but, it actually worked."

Izuku let loose a sigh of relief, "Thank god..."  

"If that's the case then..." Mashirao started off quietly. Fumikage heard shuffling from behind; he figured his classmate was moving to stand beside him. "Then the strength in my tail should be enough to put a nice sized dent in this thing." Mashirao knocked his hand against the metal bars.

While, he couldn't even see his own nose in front of him, he wasn't going to allow that to stop him. Not with their new found knowledge. Sure, he could feel the effects of the quirk suppressant weakening his muscles to lift his tail but, he wasn't going to let that be his downfall. Not when he could possibly do something.

"Tail guy you do that and they fuckin' walk in here and see that shit..." Katsuki started off lowly, "These bastards will fuck you up. They are no fuckin' joke. You understand that?"

"...I do but, I don't care anymore." Mashirao answered back and wrapped his hands around the bars. "...Like Mineta said, it's time for us to start pulling our weight. For me, that means I have to take action."

"AT LEAST LET US COME UP WITH A FUCKIN' PLAN!!!" Katsuki snapped quickly. A pained groan escaped him as he made a wrong movement. His teeth clenched tightly, "A fuckin' plan. Then...then we'll do what we need to do. Got it?"

"Kacchan is right. Even though we know that those amongst us with mutant quirks might be able to do something...we can't get reckless. Not now." Izuku agreed as he sat himself upright. "Ojiro, how high can you lift your tail?" He questioned, "Tokoyami-kun can you tell me what you see?"

"Of course." Fumikage complied as he turned around; giving himself a full view of Mashirao. He took a few steps backwards after realizing how close Mashirao was to him. His eyes zeroed in on his tail, "Go ahead, Ojiro." For a few moments, he watched as Mashirao struggled to lift his tail. However, every time he looked at Mashirao's face — there was nothing but, determination.

"Don't push yourself to hard Ojiro-chan." Tsuyu said as she watched from her own cell. "There's no way we're expecting you to lift up your tail immediately due to the information we gathered. Plus we still haven't eaten anything..."

Rikidō groaned loudly and curly into himself. "Don't even remind me..."

"Shh! I hear something!!" Mezō alerted quickly and everyone quieted down.

The large iron door started to creak open. It was slow but, Fumikage could tell it was opening up. He turned around to glance at his classmates behind him. Katsuki had stayed frozen in place; leaning against the bars. Izuku stayed sitting upright in the middle of his cell. Both, Denki and Eijirō hadn't backed away from their cell doors and seemed to be looking in the direction of the loud noise. Tsuyu had quickly consumed the flashlight and Mezō quickly reverted his limb to its default form.

A light had shone from behind the door and the others blocked their eyes. Fumikage closed his eyes for a moment and turned around; he took a few deep breaths. After his breathing exercises he opened he slowly introduced his eyes to the light. If he could hug light — he would.

"Mmm...I heard you children haven't been feed yet..."

'...That's not one of the normal ones.' Dark Shadow pointed out immediately. Fumikage rolled his eyes. To him none of the villains were normal. "Hmph..." He grunted and crossed his arms; his red eyes glaring at their new guest.

This person was new. A female with stunning yellow eyes and pitch black hair short hair. The woman was dressed rather provocatively; Fumikage couldn't but compare her to Midnight. If not perhaps dressed worse than Midnight. Her face was heavily made up and she placed a hand on her hip.

"Oh no need to glare young man..." She approached Fumikage's cell. For a moment she eyed the small teenager up and down. "Ooh, there is just so much eye candy down here."

Denki shifted around uncomfortably at her comment. "...Yo lady we um...we're kinda underage here." He didn't bother hiding his look of disgust as he stared at the woman.

"Oh-ho! You think I'm being lustful?" She looked over her shoulder and stared gleefully at the blonde teenager. "Cute really. Where's the boy called Midoriya?" Her bright yellow eyes scanned the cells and landed upon a green haired teenager who appeared tense.

Izuku kept his silence as he felt eyes land on him. It was nerve wracking to know that the woman asked for him specifically. Silently he hoped nothing would happen. He kept his eyes forward — staring directly at the cell directly across from him. The occupants stared directly back at him; the only one he was unsure of was Tōru due to her transparency.

"No need to be afraid, Midoriya. I was only curious." She called out.

Fumikage looked towards Izuku. The green-haired teen looked faint; as if he were about to pass out any second. He frowned as he examined Izuku's obviously terrified demeanor.

Katsuki grumbled underneath his breath. His rage filled red eyes was greeted with bright yellow eyes. "The fuck are you lookin' at?!" He snapped immediately and kept his forehead pressed against the bars. He didn't dare to move. Not yet, he didn't want to cause his own body anymore pain.

"...You must be that Bakugō boy. I've heard a lot about you from Harima and Maze's group of misfits." She addressed the injured teen. He looked absolutely feral; angry red eyes glaring. "Your the prideful one."

Katsuki bared his teeth, "What the fuck of it?" He dared the woman.

"You said something about food?" Mashirao questioned quickly.

Fumikage felt a small weight lifted off his shoulders. 'I think Ojiro just saved Bakugō.' Dark Shadow stated and Fumikage nodded. The tension between the woman and Katsuki had diminished quickly.

Katsuki clicked his tongue, "YOU REALLY FUCKIN' TRUST THESE FUCKERS WITH FOOD?!" Red eyes widened as they moved from the woman to his classmate.

"No." Mashirao answered the angry teenager. He had yet to remove his eyes from the woman. "...But we can't just survive on air alone."

"We barely even have that..." Eijirō muttered quietly as he looked from Katsuki and then to the woman.

There was silence as the woman stared eye to eye with Mashirao. He felt slightly unnerved by her absent stare but, he kept his own eyes trained as well. The long their staring competition lasted the more Mashirao saw hatred grown in her eyes. He glanced at Fumikage, wondering if he had noticed as well.


Fumikage looked at their only exit to see a familiar face. One that he was sure everyone in his class hated by now.

It was Longwei. The man donned an apron and oversized oven mitts on both hands. He pushed a small cart filled with several plates of food and a few bottles of water on the lower shelf of the cart. "The hell are you doin' down here Missy?! I thought you we're supposed to be helpin' the boss, eh?" He looked from her to Mashirao and gritted his teeth. "THE HELL DID MAZE SAY ABOUT THOSE LIMBS KID!!! YOU WANNA LOSE ONE?!"

Mashirao found himself caught off guard as strong hands grabbed a fistful of his shirt. Using what little strength he had left in his arms — he kept himself stagnated; preventing Longwei from causing too much harm.

"...You little shit!!" Longwei released Mashirao's shirt and watched as the teenager stumbled backwards. "Your ass is mine. Just you wait." He threatened and turned his attention towards his female companion. "The hell are you standing around for Missy?! Start passing this shit out so I can leave. I've got better things to be doin' than being in this shit-hole with these fucking kids."

The food was passed out quick and effortlessly; most of the contents spilling from a few plates.

Longwei stopped in front of the second to last, Bakugō Katsuki. For a moment the two glared at each other. "You know don't need this. How's about you eat that pride of yours? See how filling that is." He tilted the plate and allowed the contents to fall to the floor.

"....You think I give a fuck?" Katsuki muttered. His stomach ached at the wasted food.

Longwei shrugged and grabbed the very last plate of food. He looked over at Izuku — the teenager hadn't moved from his spot in the middle of his cell. "...We're done here Missy." The contents of Izuku's plate met the same fate as it fell to the ground.

"...Ahh...the water...!" Kōji stated in a slight panic and watched as the cart was rolled away.

Missy seemed to catch on and grabbed a few bottles from the bottom of the cart. Ignoring Longwei's complaining — she sat one bottle in front of each cell. "Harima did say to pass it all out. Wouldn't want your life cut short due to holding such a nasty grudge now would you..." She brushed her hand alongside the wall — illuminating the dreary cells further with the inside lights.

Silence filled the room as each student looked at one another. They had water. They could see each other now that the room was finally lit and everyone except two had food. Now all they needed was a solid plan.

Fumikage looked down at his food. He was suspicious of what might be mixed in. It looked to be edible but, that was as far as Fumikage got on looks alone.

"...Yo Bakugō." Eijirō called out quietly as he looked at the ash blonde. " can uh..."

"Fuck that shitty hair. You fuckin' eat." Katsuki answered back, his tone holding less of a bite. He turned around to face Fumikage's direction and allowed his back to slide down against the bars; in a sitting position.

Hitoshi slid the place away, "I don't trust it." He stated before laying down on his side.

"It's all we have though." Ochako spoke up. She too seemed just as suspicious of the plate. However, her stomach twisted angrily.

"You are correct mon amie." Yūga agreed.

"Midoriya-san you need to eat!" Tenya furiously insisted. He began to slid his plate underneath the cell door, "You as well Bakugō! We all need our strength if we are going to attempt any form of escape. Shinsō the same goes for you as well!"

Hitoshi shook his head, "Nope. Not eating that shit." He curled up and blocked the light away from his eyes. Being hungry was the last thing on his mind. Right now, he was exhausted beyond belief; not that the others would know.

"Speak for yourself four-eyes..." Katsuki huffed out and cradled his hand closer towards his chest. His stomach growled at him. He angrily shut his eyes; ignoring the hunger pains.

Izuku shook his head silently and turned his back toward Tenya. "I'm...not all the hungry right now Iida-san. I appreciate it but, you should really eat." For him, eating would be next to impossible; he replica heavy handcuffs from the sports festival.

"Yaomomo," Mina poked her unconscious friend, "Yaomomo...we've got food! You can eat now..." She waited for a response from the girl and frowned. "...Yaomomo?"

Denki grabbed a hold of his plate and looked at the contents. He then looked towards the girls, Mina and Momo. '...I'm so hungry but...' He sat the plate down, "...I'm not gonna eat until Yaoyorozu wakes up. It...just don't seem right." He watched as Mina continued her failing attempts to wake Momo up. "...Hey Bakugō...Midoriya, how come Yaoyorozu was able to use her quirk? She has an emitter type too..."

"Cuz somebody's fuckin' stupid." Katsuki answered blandly; keeping his eyes shut tightly.

"...Um, that's a good question. Well...they probably didn't think much of their quirk suppressant system. So...they probably were late turning it on? I mean...for the first few days they focused their attention on Aizawa-sensei." Izuku explained thoroughly as he pondered on the matter. It was an excellent question but, he was surprised that Denki was the one to ask it. "Yaoyorozu also still had a little bit stored up." He recalled the battle they had; he wondered how long had they been there.

'Do you think Kaminari knows what he ran into?' Dark Shadow asked, curiously. Fumikage nodded as he pushed the food around on his plate. "I'm sure he's aware..." He answered quietly.

For close to thirty minutes, Izuku managed to theorize different ways Momo managed to create something. Much to everyone's surprise, Katsuki seemed to allow the other teen to continue with his inane mumbling without getting angry. However that only last but for so long and even after their meal — Izuku was still talking.

"We still need a fuckin' plan." Katsuki said through clenched teeth. The sound of Izuku going on and on about how Yaoyorozu might have been able to create something was driving him crazy. And yet, he didn't have the energy to yell at him.

"Ditto." Mina nodded. She attentively watched over Momo; in hopes that the girl would wake up soon.

"...So, we've figured out that mutant type quirks aren't really affect by the quirk suppressant system..." Hanta listed and raised a single finger.

Tsuyu croaked loudly and titled her head, "Midoriya-chan's theory on that was tested and proven correct. However, there's still the fact of the walkway..." She shifted her gaze towards the small walking path that separated the cells, "There could be the possibility that even if we do escape our cells — we might not be able to use our quirk until we leave this area."

"'re saying that," Ochako thought for a moment. She placed bits and pieces of what Tsuyu was trying to relate together. "It's not just the cells but, on this side of the iron door...our quirks are still somewhat suppressed?" Tsuyu nodded. "...How are we going to test that?"

"Are we really going back to square one with this?" Hanta frowned as he ran his hand through his hair.

Fumikage shook his head, "No need for that. Actually, it doesn't matter too much if we can't use our quirks outside of these cells. If those with mutant quirks can tap into their factors than that should be enough." He pointed out swiftly as he seated himself closer towards the cell door. "Ojiro...Serō, Jiro-san, Iida, Tsu-chan, Mineta and Shōji." He named each student who had mutant quirks, "We...our..." He sighed heavily and closed his eyes, "...We're going to have to rely on you all for this."

"...If we are going to go through with this, then we need rest." Tenya spoke after a brief silence.

"...And Todoroki?" Hanta asked silently.

"We wait for 'em." Katsuki answered.

Hitoshi stayed quiet for a moment. His mind drifting off to his missing mentor — to their missing teacher. "What of Aizawa-san?" His voice was quiet. Almost too quiet for anyone to hear but, he was sure that Katsuki heard him. The angry ash blonde always heard quietest of people.

"...We fuckin' find him." Katsuki replied; his voice heighten. Its normal gruff was laced with fierce determination.

Chapter Text

Izuku found himself slowly awakening to the sounds of hushed voices. The voices were those of his classmates; no doubt formulating ideas and plans to escape the mess they were in.

"Sero I'm not complaining or anything but, can you try to, force the tape out?" Mashirao asked.

Hanta snorted and shook his head, "No way man. I've already tried! You're going to have to grab what little came out and pull."

"Isn't that gonna hurt?" Minoru questioned quietly.

"Nah, it's just gonna feel weird." Hanta shrugged as he placed his elbow sideways against the cell bars. "...Just pull as hard as you can Ojiro. Don't be afraid to hurt me if it comes to that. It's a small price to pay for something greater."

"...Okay." Mashirao sighed as he positioned his fingers alongside the small amount of tape.

For some reason, Izuku's brain had created a scenario — one that he was sure the others would find enjoyment in. It was one where most of them were getting ready to play a prank. The group was of four; Denki, Hanta, Mina and Eijirō. All of them busily moving about in the kitchen of their dorm. As for what they were about to do, Izuku had no clue but he was sure it would all come crashing down and that they would get caught by their teacher.

It was so lighthearted, Izuku wanted to cry. He wanted so badly to let his river dam of tears to flow. All because, he knew his brain was creating a coping mechanism. To disassociate his entire being from the current situation he was in right now. His brain was attempting to create a lie to cover the truth of what was happening and it wasn't working.

"...This is a bunch of bullshit..."

Izuku jumped at the familiar booming voice. It was Katsuki but, as Izuku turned around — he noticed the other had his back towards him. He sniffled slightly as he turned away and looked at his heavy cuffs. His eyes then shifted around the entire room; seeing that everyone had busied themselves.

There was little to nothing that he could do. Izuku looked back at Katsuki; from his comment he assumed his childhood friend was feeling the same way. Useless.

Izuku shuffled himself away from the middle of his cell and closer towards Katsuki. It took a lot of effort, as usual, to reach the ash blonde. Having his hands fully bound and legs chained together wasn't helping him much when it came to moving around.


Izuku pressed his back against the bars and smiled to himself. "Kacchan?"

"Finally awake, huh?" Katsuki asked, his voice quieter. Izuku only figured he was being polite towards the others; allowing them to concentrate.

"Yup...finally up..." Izuku answered back just as quietly. He felt shifting around on the opposite side of the bars; the fabric of his clothes and his hair moved slightly by Katsuki's movement. "Something wrong, Kacchan?"

"Yeah, you little shit nerd. Your fuckin' hair is tickling my fuckin' back. It's annoying." Katsuki grumbled out as he continued to move about. Izuku wanted to laugh at his friend but, held back. "...Holy shit Deku, if you don't get your fuckin' hair off of me..." He grumbled the threats underneath his breath; face twisted in annoyance.

Izuku let loose a small snort and bit the bottom of his lip. Katsuki's last comment seemed to be the last straw for him.

"The fuck are you laughing at shit nerd?" Katsuki felt his level of irritation spike at Izuku's snide laughter.

Izuku shook his head, "Nothing." A growl erupted from behind and his smile stayed strong on his face, "Seriously Kacchan, it's nothing. I swear." Silence had settled between the two; Izuku hadn't figured anything different to happen. After all, their relationship was still a working progress. "...Kacchan?"


"What're Ojiro and the others doing over there?" Izuku asked and glanced over his shoulder. He was met with a mess of ash blonde hair. His heart sunk a little as he took note of the dried blood. It covered a nice amount of the back of his head; drying up on his upper back. Izuku wondered how he was really feeling. After all, Katsuki was really good at hiding when he was in pain.

Katsuki clicked his tongue, "Deku you fuckin' idiot...they're obviously coming up with a plan and executing it." He exclaimed with sarcasm at the tip of his tongue. Izuku stayed silent, obviously not satisfied with the answer. Katsuki could feel it; he knew the smaller teen well enough to know when he was and wasn't satisfied. "...For the love of...So tail guy is taking some tape from soy-sauce face and bird-brain is gonna wrap that shit around his tail for protection as he tries to put a fuckin' dent in their cell door. Satisfying enough Deku?"

"...I guess so Kacchan." 

An air silence settle between them. Both taking in the noises of their classmates taking action. It was a nice change. One that was easily accepted. Izuku only hoped that nothing would ruin their chances; his brain had fed him several different scenarios. Ones where their missing classmate, Todoroki Shōto, would get killed due to their incorrect actions or one where their teacher would pay the price. What made matters worse for Izuku in that case, was that he would have nightmares of events that had yet to take place. He hated it; as it would ruin his rest. However, since the other day — Izuku achieved his goal of getting true rest. He felt rejuvenated.

"...You should've saw these losers earlier." Katsuki spoke up. A sound of amusement was hidden within his gruff voice. "I don't know how but, a fuckin' fat ass rat had ran through the walkway and the girls flipped shit. It was funny as hell." Katsuki grinned as he leaned his head back, "Then dunce-face and shitty hair was yellin' at rock-head to try and fuckin' talk to the thing." A small laugh erupted from his chest. "Idiots keep forgetting that emitter types can't do shit behind these bars."

Izuku felt his heart warm from Katsuki's lighthearted laugh. While, he would considered it off-putting and scary — right now he welcomed it wholeheartedly. It was something that they could both use. A good health laugh. "Ha...too bad I was sleep, huh?"

"Damn straight it sucked for you!" Katsuki sneered at Izuku. Both could tell it lacked it's normal bite. He looked over his shoulder and met green-eyes. They were determined just like his own. "You know...we're gonna survive this, right Deku? That we're gonna get sensei and blow this joint."

Izuku nodded, "I know." He turned his body to the side; his shoulder pressing against the bars. Izuku winced slightly. He had forgotten that he dislocated his shoulder a while back. '...I probably did worse.' He thought solemnly and leaned his head against the bars as well. Katsuki seemed to do the same — both of them facing their backs towards their classmates.

"WWWOOOAAAHHH!!!" Hanta fidgeted uncontrollably as Mashirao pulled at the tape. He had forgotten how strange it felt to have his tape manually pulled. It felt like someone was just painfully pulling his hairs and tickling him all at once.

Mashirao seemed to panic at the sight of his classmate fidgeting. "Ahhh...I'm really sorry Sero-san!!" He released Hanta's tape and bowed deeply.

"N-no...keep going! This is for a good cause..." Hanta insisted through clenched teeth. He used his free hand and pressed his forearm against the bar; steeling himself once again. "...Just keep pulling man!! I don't care how much I fuss and cry about it, keep pulling!!" He felt a tap from behind and saw Minoru. The smaller teenager had detached a piece of his hair and squeezed it several times. "...What is it Mineta?"

"...I was thinking that you might need the help of my sticky balls." Minoru stated blandly and squeezed his hair once again.

Hanta blinked away the stinging in his eyes. "Nope, I'm fine."

"Are you sure?" Minoru's brow furrowed, "I promise you the effects won't last long."

"No way man. You are not sticking my arm to these damn bars."


"...Mineta no." Hanta exclaimed sternly as he eyed his classmate. He huffed as he turned to face Mashirao, "Ojiro hurry it up."

"Right...just know that I do really apologize for all of this Sero." Mashirao frowned as he took a hold of Hanta's tape once again. He began to pull.

Izuku leaned himself forward, as to get a better look around Katsuki. His face must've had a concern look as he was waved off by both Fumikage and Kyōka. Just as he was about to go back to relaxing — his eyes landed upon Hitoshi. Izuku frowned deeply as he examined Hitoshi; he was slouched over in the corner of his cell. His shoulders were hunched and his head was faced down. If he hadn't known better — he would've thought the teen to be asleep.

"He's been like that all fuckin' night or day apparently." Katsuki's own eyes followed Izuku's, landing upon Hitoshi. "Fucker apparently hasn't be able to sleep for several days. Well since Todoroki was taken and I was knocked the fuck out."

"...I know that much." Izuku answered as he returned to his former position — allowing Katsuki's broad body to hide him. "Shinsō-kun suffers from insomnia."

Katsuki grunted as he looked away from Hitoshi. "Would've never known that shit Deku." His voice laced itself with sarcasm and he glared at Izuku from the corner of his eye. Katsuki could see that Hitoshi was suffering from insomnia. It was written all over his face; even more noticeable when he turned down the food. Then again, he had done the same and the only thing he was suffering from was extreme amounts of pulsating pain throughout his body, mostly his crushed hand.

Izuku visibly panicked but, stayed silent. His eyes averted directly to the heavy cuffs upon his hands. "Do you know if Yaoyorozu woke up?"

"Nope." Katsuki answered. He averted his own eyes, allowing them to wonder towards Mashirao and Hanta. He couldn't stand relying on others. "How're you feelin' nerd?"

"Good enough I guess..." Izuku closed his eyes; his mind began to drift. Though, his ears stayed alerted — listening out for his classmates. "I should really be asking you that."

"Tch, worry about your own ass Deku." Katsuki snapped, his tone raising slightly above the whisper he had managed to maintain.

"I had a dream you know."

Katsuki felt his breath hitch and he turned his full attention towards Izuku. Red eyes searched forest green, in search for a quick answer. Alas, he found none and quietly stared at his childhood friend. He couldn't even begin to guess what Izuku had possibly dreamt of; his tone was so flat he couldn't pinpoint if it was a dream or a nightmare.

"...Honestly, I've had several of them. The first one was of all of us. We were in the dorms, sitting around and laughing. Just...being us." Izuku smiled sadly. He shifted the heavy handcuffs to his left side — allowing them to hang of the edge of his crossed legs. "It was like a revolving door. I had told everyone I was going to be right back and stepped into the kitchen...or at least I thought I did." Katsuki only nodded in silence. "It was us stepping off the plane. And we were surround by a ring of fire. It was so hot and it wouldn't stop closing in on us. I closed my eyes when it started to burn at my feet and once I opened them, we were here. Todoroki-san was gone and so was Aizawa-sensei. Ojiro had managed to place a dent in the door but, they had came...with Todoroki in hand." His vision began to blur slightly, "...We...there was nothing we could of those bastards raised a knife to his throat and slit it..."  His teeth clenched but, he continued. He didn't want to suffer alone. "They...approached my cell and dragged me away. The scene changed again and we were all tied down to chairs. Aizawa-sensei...he was in really bad shape. He honestly looked dead. But, he wasn't..."

It angered Katsuki to hear the suffering Izuku had gone through. Sure, he might not entirely like the other boy but, he wasn't heartless. If he had known Izuku was suffering — he would've woke the boy up. Yeah, he had heard most of the others mumbling in their sleep most nights and finally was able to see them suffer from whatever nightmare they were trapped in. However, none of them shared their stories or at least he believed as much. Izuku was the first to share. "...What happened next?" 

"They tortured him. Right in front of all of us." Izuku whispered as if he was reliving the moment. "...I...I just...I hate it. I hate that I couldn't do anything. That I had just sit back and watch...I watched you all die...and...I didn't do anything..." 

Katsuki quietly watched as tears rolled down Izuku's cheeks. He would be lying if he said his own heart wasn't breaking at the sight. Seeing Izuku cry nowadays didn't sit well with him. Perhaps it never did. "Well...shit Deku..." He sighed heavily. There wasn't much he could really say to calm the other down. It didn't mean that he wasn't going to at least try. "Look..." He asked quietly, "Look at me Deku!" He demanded and tearful green-eyes looked at him. They looked haunted. "Just fuckin' look at me. I'm alive. I am fuckin' alive, breathing and kickin'. You hear me?!" Izuku weakly nodded. "Those extras...they're alive. You heard it for yourself! They're gonna get us the fuck outta here you got that? Ponytail girl, she's gonna be good! That Icy-Hoy bastard?! Even better! He's gonna be fuckin' fine. And sensei is gonna be so fuckin' dandy he's gonna drown us all in some fuckin' shitty ass homework! We are going to survive Deku. You hear me? You are not gonna fuckin' give up, you got it?! You ain't allowed that pleasure you shitty ass nerd."

Izuku nodded as he slumped further into the cold bars. His body shook violently as he sobbed in silence. He didn't want to disturb the others. Not now, not yet. They didn't need to worry about him crying. It was a lesser issue.

The sounds of the others voices filled their silence; each classmate whispering and mapping out plans.

Katsuki silently reached his hand through the bars and gently laid it on Izuku's forearm. He wasn't much of a cuddle type of guy nor was he one to console in; hell he didn't even know the basics of how to care for someone that was crying. And even with all that knowledge of knowing he wasn't the right person — he placed that aside and allowed himself to be a pillar. '...If I win, I can save them.' He thought of All Might's words after his big fight with Izuku. If he could just win — just maybe he could save them all. It was something he strongly believed in. Winning to save. "We're gonna get through got that Deku?"

Perhaps, All Might was correct. Katsuki was the obvious symbol of winning. Izuku was the symbol of saving. However, Katsuki believed strongly that if he won, the people around him would be saved and Izuku believed the opposite, if he saved everyone — he could win.

Katsuki gripped at the grim covered forearm of Izuku. 'If we can just put of efforts together...then we can do this. We can achieve it all.' Through all of the oncoming tears and running nose, Izuku nodded. It was weak and uncertain but, he nodded in agreement. Katsuki gave his own solid nod of agreement.

Silently, he swore that this would be the last time they would sleep in the dreary cold cells.

Chapter Text

Shōta was aware. He was alert in every way. The only thing he couldn't do was move. His body was in far too much pain for that sort of thing. Even though he was at a standstill — his brain was on the move and he couldn't catch up.


It was what he felt like. Just drifting. Be it on clouds or the open sea. He couldn't have felt any stranger.

His mind was clouded and his body felt numb. There were sharp pains; here and there. However, he felt absolutely numb.

He heard their voices. All around him and almost every hour. As if they never left. The voices he heard, he knew they weren't friendly. No. They were far from it.

Sometimes they would slap him around or whip him. Cutting seemed to be their favorite thing to do. He was sure it littered his entire body.

The worst was when they would hit him in the head with what he thought to be a metal pipe, he could never remember. He figured it was because of a concussion he had developed. '...Yep that's it.' He thought dryly.

The lesser things they would do too him was degrade him physically and verbally. Perhaps the physical part wasn't less but, he didn't care too much. It was disgusting; he hated it all. However, he would always keep in the back of his mind — that it was all for his students. And then, his brain would drift. He couldn't remember the last time he asked about his students wellbeing.

Then he heard it; the name of his student. His heart had skipped a few beats — excitement and concern filled his entire being. As much as he wanted to acknowledge the dual quirk wielding teenager — his eyes refused to listen to his brain. Pretty much every part of his body refused to listen to his brain. He chalked it all up to be fatigue; a severe case of it.

The man named Isao had asked a question. One that made his heart drop. He wished he could've been able to move or at least speak for Todoroki Shōto; to take Isao's attention away from the teenager. He didn't want his student to have to make such a decision, not for him. Alas, his body continued to refuse him. Refuse him of everything.

He could only imagine how Shōto must've felt when Isao had explained such a daring scenario. There was silence from his student and then Isao yelled, loudly. He was sure his student was startled.

More silence had filled the air; he couldn't understand why or what had happened. Shōto was completely silent. He had to wonder if the boy was outright refusing to answer the man.

Then there it was, Isao had spoken up again. His voice was hot with anger and filled with hatred.

It was then that Shōta knew Shōto had said something to upset the man. There was nothing he could do and so he waited. And waited, for a blow that would never come his way.

His brain kept rerunning the events of when Todoroki Shōto was there and he questioned himself multiple times. The more he questioned himself about the events that his brain played — the more he started to doubt his student had even been in the room at one point.

'I probably passed out.' Shōta told himself.

Everything around him was quiet. He wondered if it was nighttime. There was no way of telling time where he was; the room was windowless. And with that came complete and utter darkness. Then his brain would remind him that his eyes were closed and he would think about how long had he been in the current situation.

His sense of time was slipping him.

Shōta swallowed dryly, he hadn't had a drop of water in days. '...Or has it been weeks?' The worrying thought crossed his mind. It was concerning but, he forced himself to focus more on his body movement. The best place to start, his eyes came to mind. He knew it was going to be a challenge.

"...Mr. Eraserhead? I know you're awake."

Shōta felt his brain stop all activate — as if it was telling his immobile body to stop moving. It was funny when he thought about it a little more. His unmoving body being told to stop as soon as his brain halted. Yeah, he could laugh about that for days but right now, wasn't one of those times nor was it one of those days.

Right now, he was in the room with his enemy. He wasn't sure who it was — the voice sounded young.

"Mr. Eraserhead...we both know that you're up. Stop with the silly games."

Shōta gritted his teeth and the moment he shifted his body — pain seared throughout his body. A choke scream escaped him and he groaned; everything was so painful. Now, he knew why his body refused to listen all those times and now he was paying for forcing it; all do to one person.

He felt a piece of fabric pull away from his eyes. '...Are you shitting me? I was blindfolded? ...These assholes must've really did a number on my head if I couldn't feel that piece of cloth.' It angered him but, he stayed silent. His eyes, however, remained closed.

The darkness he saw didn't remain for too long as the same hands that snatched away the blindfold had forced one eye open. He felt liquid drip into one and at first he was terrified. 'Are these bastards fucking with my eyes?! Shit!! Shit!!' Shōta pulled his head — attempting to dodge the hand.

"...Mr. Eraserhead I'm just here to give these to you." The voice sounded frustrated.

Again, he felt the hands. One was placed firmly behind his head and pulled him forward; the hand opened his opposite eye. He felt the liquid.

"Don't move to sudden. Let it set for a while."

For some reason, he followed what the person had told him. He allowed the liquid to settle in his eyes. His brain began to process it. 'No burning. No severe stinging, nor are my eyes melting at the time being.' He hummed to himself and slowly opened his eyes.

There before him was one of the twins. It was Konno Yasuhiro and he was alone.

Shōta looked the him up and down. Now that he studied more into Yasuhiro, the more and more he looked to be younger than his own students. "How old are you?" Shōta couldn't stop himself from asking. It was the first thing that came to his mind.

"Me? I'm only fourteen, Mr. Eraserhead." Yasuhiro answered honestly and for a moment — they stared at each other.

Shōta felt awkward being stared at by the young boy. It was almost like the boy knew everything. As for what everything was — Shōta was clueless.

"Wow, I've honestly been waiting for this chance for a while now." Shōta raised a single eyebrow in confusion. "Every time I came in here you weren't conscious enough to lift your own head up! And now here you are...eyes open and talking to me. It's a miracle look like you should be dead right now."

Shōta's heart sank and a cold shiver ran down his spine. "...The hell do you want?" He grumbled out and kept his eyes trained upon the young boy.

"Well, I've read up on your files and for your quirk, you need eyedrops. So I went through your stuff..." Yasuhiro presented the small container of eyedrops. Shōta was stunned and if he were being completely honest, maybe even scared. "And ta-da! I found these and so like every night that Harima-sama wasn't in here I would sneak this in with me. Also, I have to give this to you as well." Shōta nervously watched as Yasuhiro dug through his pockets; he pulled out what looked to be a syringe. "Open up, Mr. Eraserhead. The faster I can get this done, just maybe you can get some sleep."

'...Is a child even supposed to be this scary in such a way?!' Shōta looked from the syringe to Yasuhiro. He was afraid and of a child. Of all things he could be scared of was a child. And it wasn't even Bakugō Katsuki. His brain created logical reasonings as to why he should be afraid. They were all believable; the kid was aware of his full name, his hero name and knows that his quirk requires eyedrops due to his severe dry-eye.

"It's not poison Mr. Eraserhead. It's just an oral version of the quirk suppressant." Yasuhiro explained and without waiting for Shōta to answer — he pried open his mouth. "Bottoms up! I heard this stuff taste nasty." He proceeded to drain the contents of the syringe into Shōta's mouth. It hadn't taken long for the contents to empty and Yasuhiro closed his mouth, forcing him to endure whatever was to come next.

Shōta felt himself gag immediately and he gave Yasuhiro a wild-eyed look. He was panicked, worried that he would choke himself to death. That wasn't the way he was going to die; not when his kids needed him the most. He attempted to back away as his gagging continued but, Yasuhiro was much stronger and kept his head in place.

They stayed that way for three more minutes and Yasuhiro released him. The young boy watched in slightly amusement as Shōta coughed, trying to expel the liquid but, he knew it was far too late. He could feel the effects immediately disrupting his quirk factor; for some reason, it felt like it was hot liquid running through his veins. Like he was burning from the inside out. He wondered if that was how Shōto felt during his bout with Tetsutetsu.

"Well...that was all. I'll probably be seeing you later on. Bye Mr. Eraserhead!"

'Why is disconnected?' Shōta watched as Yasuhiro stood. The boy brushed off the gravel from the back of his pants and began to make his way toward the exit. His exit. "Wait...wait...just...wait..." He weakly called out as he lifted his head higher; he wanted to better look around his room.

"Hm?" Yasuhiro complied as he stopped.

"...Water." Shōta muttered lowly. His eyes darted all over the room. There was no other exit than the one his captor used to come in and out. 'Shit...' He cursed to himself and his eyes landed upon Yasuhiro. The boy seemed too hesitate. He sighed heavily and shook his head. He couldn't believe was about to come out his mouth. "...Please...water."

Yasuhiro visibly bit the bottom of his lip. His hand began to worry the trimming of his shirt. "...Um...uh..." He looked at Shōta for a moment. "...I really shouldn't. I actually, I can't. I can't give that to you. I'll um, have to wait until—"

"Shit...kid I can't..." Shōta grumbled and he frowned. It was true, he wasn't sure if he could hold out for another day. He was so severely dehydrated that he wasn't sure if he could make it through the night. '...I can't leave those kids...not now.' 

"...I...fine. Fine. I'll get you some water," Yasuhiro gave in as he quickly walked out the room.

While, Shōta knew he couldn't trust the kid — he held out hope. He had some glimmer of hope that the kid would come through and actually bring him water. And once, he had that — he could start to worry about other things.

Shōta found himself waiting for minutes on top of minutes for Yasuhiro to arrive. A thought had crossed his mind and he almost convinced himself that the kid was going to get Isao and tell him everything that happened. His heart raced and it wouldn't stop. He never thought he would be but, he deathly afraid of Harima Isao. The man was a complete psychopath and was an obvious sadist.

"Mr. Eraserhead," Shōta felt himself jump. There in front of him was Yasuhiro and he held a small bottle of water in front of his face. "I would tell you to just drink it but, your hands are busy at the moment." They both looked up to see his hands dangling over the cuffs. Shōta quickly redirected his eyes towards Yasuhiro. "...I won't drown you with this unless you want me to. Then we can say you died in your sleep."

'What the hell is wrong with these people...' Shōta slowly shook his head and without waiting — he tilted back slightly. He was eager to feel cool liquids run down his throat. Without much word, he heard the cap leave the bottle and felt the plastic at the bottom of his lip. Then a coolness. One that he missed so very much but, Yasuhiro paced him as to not shock his system. He was thankful.

"And you're done." Yasuhiro tilted the bottle to allow the very last drop to moisturize Shōta's tongue. "Okay, well I'm leaving now." He reached for the top and screwed the bottle shut. Just as he was about to leave — he found himself stopping. He was only inches away from the exit.

Shōta sighed, he felt a little bit better. Much better than what he was feeling earlier. Perhaps all he needed was a little bit of water to refuel himself. To get the gears in his brain to shake themselves loose. So he could think clearly. After all, it was the only thing he could do while hanging from the ceiling.

"...Mr. Eraserhead?" Shōta blinked a few times; taking notice that Yasuhiro hadn't left. He wondered what else the boy wanted from him. "I don't know if you remember but, you had ask a wanted to know what else we knew."

A moment of silence had befallen them. Shōta carefully eyed the young boy. For days he hadn't eaten nor had he anything to drink until a few minutes ago. He also took into account that he was hit in the head multiple times — thus ruining his memory. His gaze fell to the floor and he thought. 'When had I asked that...?' He questioned himself and grunted out of annoyance. He couldn't remember. Just like when he wasn't certain if Shōto had been in the room or not. 

Yasuhiro reproached him with a frown, "You can't remember can you?" He turned away from the exit and seated himself in the corner of the room. In a spot where he wouldn't be seen if anyone passed by. "You had a question several days back but, nobody answered." He paused — eyes lingering on Shōta. "For your efforts...I feel you deserve some answers."

"The hell are you talking about kid?" Shōta sharpened his eyes upon the boy.

Yeah the boy had given him water, as requested. Sure, he had been giving him his eyedrops on the daily — even if it was at the dead of night; without his knowledge. However, it didn't mean that he was going to put his full trust in the boy. He was working with the enemy, so therefore he was an enemy as well.

"I'm not entirely sure where to start though..." Yasuhiro thought aloud and looked towards the ceiling. "...Maybe my quirk?" He asked himself and fell silent. Shōta watched in confusion as the boy openly debated with himself. It was strange. "Alright, I'll start there then. So even though I have a twin brother, we have different quirks. Mines is called, Analyze. Basically, my brain thinks twenty times faster than that of an average human being. At the age of seven I was able to crack difficult codes to systems and hardware. Age nine I stole sensitive files from government agencies and got away with it by planting them on my neighbor's software. All from my home, on my own computer." His expression stayed blank. "I also managed to rid my computer of an IP address. It was easy really. I have the highest gpa at my school. I've maintained it since I was little and plan on keeping it that way." He smirked as he continued, "So basically, with my quirk I'm much more smarter than the average human being. If not smarter than the smartest human alive. According to the doctors, as I grow — my thinking process will continue to increase by a four point one radius."

"...Why are you telling me all this...?" Shōta asked. He couldn't think of why the boy would feel the need to tell him quirk. After all, he didn't really care much to know.

Yasuhiro shrugged, "Honestly, part of me believes you won't make it out of here alive. So I guess that's the reason." His hands found themselves at the hem of his shirt again; pulling and tugging. The smirk on his face was long gone. "To answer your original question, I was the one who broke into U.A's system. I would tell you to tell them that they should tighten security but..." He trailed off and Shōta snorted. "Anyway, we also have every bit of information on your students as well. Both, Yaoyorozu and Todoroki were accepted into U.A. by recommendation. Bakugō Katsuki placed first in the entrance exam but, only with attack points. Midoriya Izuku placed dead last and only managed to get into U.A's Heroics Course with the rescue points he gained. Shinsō Hitoshi made it to the tournament finals of the Sports Festival and was pitted against Midoriya Izuku, only to lose. Iida Tenya and Tokoyami Fumikage both placed runner-up in the Sports Festival. Todoroki Shōto took second and Bakugō Katsuki took first place. All this...and much much more we know. You see..." A small smile curled at his lips, "I am too thank for. None of them, not even my brother would have been able to do that."

Shōta felt like he was struck by several bullets as the information was swiftly listed. Everything he said was true and there was no way he could possibly try and lie to the boy. He could feel rage bubbling to the surface and at the same time his fear had surfaced. Shōta could only stare at the smiling teenager. If the boy had information that only scratched the surface then there was no doubt in his mind that he knew much more sensitive information.

"...So now you know. My quirk and that I was the one who dug up the information." Yasuhiro's smile had yet to fade. There was some form of glee within his eyes; it was sickening. "Now, you can die peacefully. Knowing everything you wanted to know."

Shōta clenched his teeth, "Who says I'm going to die?" He snapped at the teenager and watched as the smile fell. It was like he was disappointed with Shōta's current behavior. Like he expected him to roll over and accept his fate. "I'm sure you've read it in my files kid but, I'm a Pro-Hero. I save lives and I don't just give up. I'll do everything in my damn power to see my students to safety." He growled as he glared at Yasuhiro, "Are we clear? Heroes don't just accept their fate. No matter how tough things get...I refuse to give in. Not when I know their lives depends on it."

"...And if they die first?" Yasuhiro tilted his head.

Shōta snorted, a grin worked its way upon his face. It was painful but, he couldn't help it. The question that was being asked to him was completely stupid. He knew his students wouldn't stop at anything to escape. Especially with Bakugō and Midoriya being down there; he knew there was no way they would give up. Not in such a life or death situation. Not in any situation ever.

"Seems like you don't know my students well enough." Shōta stated sarcastically. His grin widened as he locked eyes with Yasuhiro, "You're a fool to think that they'll just lie down and die. If I'm not mistaken their files state that each and everyone of them are heroes in training. And as so, they are taught to go beyond their limits no matter what the situation. class," His grin softened as he thought of his kids.

The knuckled-head kids that survived the USJ, the Beat Forest and teamed up with each other to save Bakugō Katsuki. His very special class that was making him more and more proud by the day. "...Those kids are survivors. They know what it's like to have their lives put on the line. How it is to have someone else's life on the line. They'll make it out of this...I have no doubts."

A small silence filled the air. Shōta could feel the tension between himself and Yasuhiro. He could tell the boy didn't like the way he answered his questions. However, he didn't care much. He knew what was what, that his class would escape alive and triumphant. They were all learning at the very best Heroics school in all Japan and were being taught by the very best Japan had to offer. 

'...Those kids, they'll do just about anything to make it out alive. And I know, I just know they're working together.' The thought brought warmth to Shōta's shivering body. He wondered if they knew how much joy they brought to him. If they knew how proud he was of them all.

Yasuhiro was quiet as he stood from his corner chair. His eyes never left Shōta; even as he approached him.  Silently the two stared at each other. Yasuhiro could tell the fear was far gone as he looked and searched Shōta's eyes. Any traces had vanished. As to why, he figured it was due to the talk about survival. Shōta was dead set on getting his students out alive. But, Yasuhiro didn't believe that he could. To him the chances were so slim — it wasn't funny. 

He bowed quickly, to show his respect. He then stooped down and grabbed the forgotten blindfold. For the last time, he glanced at Shōta and slipped the blindfold back on.

Yasuhiro stood and as he did so, he took notice of Shōta's grin. He gritted his teeth against one another and clenched his fist tightly at his sides. A sharp turn of his heel and he walked away, a seemingly losing battle.

What was meant to destroy the Underground Pro-Hero had backfired. Shōta had done the opposite of what he expected, of what he wanted. The man was now filled with overflowing hope and there had been written determination within his eyes. Something that irked him to no end. His fear tactic had failed, the unnerving with information a failure and now he was on the losing end. That was something he hated.

"...We shall see, Mr. Eraserhead..."

Chapter Text

“So you know your role right, Mineta?” Hanta asked as he stretched out his long limbs.

Minoru nodded as he popped off one of his hair balls. For a moment he squeezed — checking the density of it. He then stuck it to the wall; checking how long the stickiness would last.

It was something he had been doing for most of the day. ‘Or maybe it’s nighttime?’ Minoru’s eyebrows furrowed. He couldn’t remember when he had lost track of time. He shrugged to himself, figuring it didn’t matter much if they were going to attempt an escape.

There was one thing that did cross his mind and that was how long they had before someone would walk in on them. ‘That would be a disaster!’ Minoru felt his breath hitch as his heart sank.

"Okay you should be good to go Ojiro." Fumikage brushed his hands against each other. He glanced at Kyōka, who had gave him a helping hand in wrapping Mashirao's tail.

Kyōka gave him a thumbs up and took her former position by the stonewall; there she jammed in both ear-jacks. With both her hands, she covered ears and closed her eyes — to help her focus. 'This is's now or never.' She thought to herself.

Mashirao wagged his tail around; he could tell the quirk suppressant system was still doing its job. His tail was still too heavy for him to lift but, he wasn't going to let that be a downfall. His classmates were counting on him. "Thank you." He smiled at Fumikage. The shorter teenager only nodded and took several steps back — giving him room to work.

"Alright...I'm ready over here." Mezō stuck his extra limb through the bars and gave the group a thumbs up. On his right was two ears so he could hear and to his right was a mouth and another ear. His current role at the moment was to help Kyōka keep an ear out for intruders.

"I'll continue to give my legs a healthy exercise!" Tenya stated from afar. He had been doing stretches for the past few hours while Mashirao was getting his tail wrapped with Hanta's tape. He wouldn't be needed unless Mashirao was taken away from them and so far they had been lucky. Unfortunately, for him — his shins didn't have any form of protection. '...If it comes to it I'll have to adjust the angle in how I kick.' 

Mashirao took a few deep breaths. He raised his hands up as he breathed in and down as he exhaled. After another two sets of breathing exercises he placed his body at an angle — as if he were preparing to kick the door with his legs. A thought crossed his mind and he froze; it was something that he felt was important. Something that he had to tell everyone. "...Guys?"

"Um, is there a problem Ojiro?" Hanta questioned from his current position. He was now sitting on the jagged gravel, prepping himself for more stretches.

Everyone else seemed to quietly turn their attention towards the martial arts hero.

Mashirao nervously gnawed at the bottom of his lip. He was sure everyone was wondering why he was now hesitating. It was Katsuki's words about their tormentors coming down at the wrong time and seeing him bash his tail against the metal bars; accompanied by the fact that the more he thought about it — the more concern filled his very being. He was afraid that he would fail. After all, no one else seemed to have anything that could possibly work for them as an escape tool.

"The fuck is it tail guy?" Katsuki snapped, startling Mashirao. He took note and urged himself to settle down; he grumbled underneath his breath.

"...It's well, what you said to me Bakugō. And..." Mashirao trailed off as he looked at everyone. They were all counting on this; it stayed within the back of his mind. "I thought...what if they do come in here? And they see me doing this? They'll take me away..."

Tenya cleared his throat, halting Mashirao in his words. "Then I shall take forth the mantle. I will attempt to place a dent within my own cell door."

"...He said he'd be back for you..." Izuku's eyes widened as he muttered to himself. How could he had forgotten that blaring detail. And the man, Longwei, had said it in front of all of them. All due to Mashirao holding onto the bars of his cell. "Dammit...we didn't take into account that he said he'll be back for Ojiro!!" He shouted as he looked at his classmates. A few seemed confused by his outburst. Only Katsuki, Mashirao and Hanta seemed to understand.

"...Son of a mother fucker..." Katsuki sighed out of frustration.

Hanta stopped his stretching and looked directly towards Izuku. "That's why I told him to just keep pulling at my tape! Cuz we don't know when that bastard is going to come and snag you!" His eyes shifted towards Mashirao, "I mean shit, Todoroki isn't even back! And Aizawa-sensei's been gone for god knows how long!! That's why I said what I had to pay was a small price for something greater! Now get to it Ojiro." He exclaimed sternly a knowing look in his eyes, "I know you can do it man...I just know it." Hanta stood to his full height and pointed towards the iron door. "Leave that shit to me man. I've been stretching my arms out because, I think my tape is jammed at the moment. So, I should be able to shoot it out better after a few more." He grinned and returned to stretching his arms out.

Hitoshi kept his gaze upon Mashirao. The teenager seemed to be reinvigorated and reclaimed his position; a much more stronger posture. The sounds of Mashirao's heavy tail hitting the bars echoed — it was a dull sound. It probably would have been louder if he had a piece of armor or something attached. "...I can't believe we're actually going through with this..."

"My sticky balls seem to grow back within less then an hour." Minoru spoke up as he pressed against the one stuck to the wall. The longest he managed to have his stay was about fifteen minutes at the most. " quirk is able to stay active for fifteen minutes, I counted. And I also counted how long it will take for it to grow back. Which as I said, was about less than an hour. With that being said..." He turned towards the iron door, "I should be able to help keep that door sealed. Giving Ojiro enough time to tackle that door."

"Okay...but, why are they small?" Mina pointed out from her spot. She still hadn't left Momo's side. Still faithfully awaiting her to wake up.

Minoru seemed confused for a moment and then he turned around. '...Oh, that probably explains why it doesn't grow back as fast or...perhaps it is and it's not the proper size?' He hummed to himself inquisitively, "You know...I didn't notice that. That probably explains why it doesn't stick as long. No matter how much I want it to last — it won't...and well the quirk suppressant system as well. Draw backs draw backs...I tell ya." He shrugged and turned back to doing his business.

"Alright, then what the fuck are we waiting for?!" Katsuki shouted as he forced himself to stand up. It was painful. Every part of his body hurt but, he knew he had to fight against the pain. Right now, he was probably working with a severe concussion, a still broken nose, a busted head, cracked or broken ribs and a destroyed right hand. If anything, he was probably the worst out of the group; currently. He wasn't sure how his classmate Shōto and teacher Shōta was fairing. Though, he knew as well as anyone that they weren't doing any better.

'...The most difficult thing is going to be getting those fuckin' chains and handcuffs off of Deku.' Katsuki bared his teeth at the thought. Everything had to be timed. It was why they had Kyōka and Mezō on hearing duty while Mashirao attempted to break out of his cell. It was why Hanta had begged Mashirao to continue to pull at his tape no matter the pain. It was why everyone with a mutant quirk in their class was working so hard right now. 'Soy-sauce face and grape shit will just be buying our asses time by trying to seal that fuckin' door.' He glanced over towards Mina and Denki. Watching how they gently handle Momo, feeding her water slowly but surely. She was going to be the strongest asset to their team. '...We need to wake her up. Now.'

Katsuki stumbled towards his cell door. 'Shit...I'm fuckin' weak as hell right now...' He grunted as he crashed into his cell door. The last thing he needed was to pass out due to being famished and dehydrated. Longwei had wasted his food, giving it to the rats and chose not to give him water. He closed his eyes for a moment, he wasn't the only one to get that treatment. Then again, Izuku wasn't moving around as much as he was at the moment.

"Kacchan...I think you should sit down." Izuku stated in an even tone. He watched as Katsuki struggled to stay upright. Forcing himself to move when he couldn't — he hated it.

Of course, Katsuki paid no attention to Izuku. He stared directly at Mina and Denki; the two were now staring back. He figured Izuku's comment had gathered their attention. Then again, Ochako was even staring at him. Her eyes were filled with worry. He wished that they would just mind their own business for once. "Oi, raccoon eyes...dunce-face, how's ponytail girl doing?" He questioned quietly as he shifted his blank gaze toward his unconscious classmate.

"...Well..." Mina started off silently. She began to smooth out her wrinkled short skirt.

Denki seemingly looked at Mina, in hopes she would have an answer. Alas, the girl was silent and that left him to give an explanation. From his peripheral he could see Katsuki grow more impatient by the minute. '...Or maybe he's about to faint?' He frowned as he grew more concerned for his explosive friend.

Now he was feeling bad for not trying to force Katsuki to at least have some of his food. And then there was the fact that he received no water. From the looks of it the ash blonde was sweating profusely and perhaps at a dangerous rate. His water levels were dropping and Denki knew it but, he also knew that if he said anything that other would yell at him; telling him to mind his business.

"...Um, we're working on it. We gave her a few drops of water in hopes that she'll get up. I think if we keep doing that...she'll be fine. But, she'll be weak when she wakes up. Ya know...water can't substitute good ol' solid food!" Denki laughed nervously and smiled at Katsuki.

Katsuki stayed silent, a blank bored expression on his face. He felt like he was swimming in extremely deep waters. It was a feeling he wanted so badly to shake because, he didn't feel right.

Izuku silently watched Katsuki. Something was off about the ash blonde. The more Izuku thought — the more he noticed how strange Katsuki had been acting. It was his normal self and yet, there was a blaring difference. His normal red angry eyes were glazed over and seemed distant and after the encouraging speak he gave Izuku, he seemed to just go downhill from there. It scared him. 'I know he hasn't eaten. Nor has he drank anything. Just like me...but, I'm not feeling strange. Perhaps it's because I'm stationary? He has been moving around a lot. Even more since Ojiro got enough tape for his tail. And now he's up and moving around again...what if he passes out?! Or even worse...!!'


Izuku jolted from his train of thought. Or at least he believed he was just thinking and not speaking out loud. However, the peripheral side view of Katsuki told him everything. The ash blonde was absolutely livid and Izuku was sure he would try to choke him out just to shut him up. Nervously, Izuku turned away from Katsuki and the others; it was probably for the best. Now, he could possibly think on other things. Like how they were going to get to Shōto and their teacher. '...Actually...we're going to have to search this entire place. We don't even know how far down we are or how many levels this place has...we might have to split up...' 



Maze stormed his way down the hall. The fur on the back of his neck was risen. It had been that way all day. He had a very bad feeling. Like something was going to go wrong for them. 'Gotta find that old bastard...' He told himself as he stomped through the halls.

He held back the strong impulse to just shout out his boss's name. That was something that got under his skin; something he didn't like. He didn't want him to be angry as soon as he found him. A small part of him hoped that he wasn't already angry.

While he was sure that Isao wouldn't treat him the same way he treated Longwei, he didn't want to push any buttons. Isao was very unpredictable. One minute he could be someone's best friend and the next he would kill you in an instant if you didn't agree with him. 

Maze shook himself of the cold shiver that ran down his spine. 

A muffled scream caused him to stop. He couldn't help but smirk. He was aware of who it was and then he thought for a moment. '...Is he in there messing with that hobo?' For a moment he took a few steps forward and raised a fist to knock on the closed door.

Maze felt his mind flood with unpleasant endings he would meet if he was interrupting an important time for Isao. The cold shiver reclaimed in place within his spine. He swallowed thickly as he tried to build himself up. Tell himself that he was prepared for anything and everything. That Isao wouldn't stay mad with him for too long because, he had something that would take his anger away from him. He began to count backwards in his mind and he knocked lightly against the door.

Immediately all sounds ceased from behind closed doors. All except the moaning he was sure that was coming from Shōta. Not that he cared much.

"Who the fuck is it?"

At the sound of the voice, Maze let loose an animalistic growl. It was one of the twins; perhaps Yasahiro. He got himself worked up for nothing. "You fucking brat...where's Isao at?!" He began to pound on the door.

"...Relax dumbass." Yasahiro opened the door, peering through the crack. "Why do you need him? He's in here but, what do you want?" He questioned as he glared at the older man.

Maze found himself no longer able to hold his anger back. With all his strength and forced the door open; knocking the teenager back. Yasahiro managed to catch himself before falling over his brother, Yasuhiro. His fist shook.

They both glared at each other for a moment. However their glaring match hadn't lasted for long when Isao swiped at Maze with the machete he had in hand. He barely dodged the blow as he felt the blade cut into the side of his face.

"The hell Isao?!" Maze backed away in astonishment. A single hand shot up to assess the damage dealt to his face. It was bleeding, badly.

Isao readjusted his grip on the handle. " many times? Well, Maze?! HOW MANY TIMES MUST I TELL YOU TO NOT INTERRUPT ME?!" He approached Maze and raised the machete above his head, "I've told you time...and time again, haven't I? Why is that only the ladies, Mr. Al and these kids understand hmm?" Isao slammed his arm against Maze's throat, causing the man to choke. "I've raised you better than that know why? Why must you interrupt my time with Mr. Eraserhead? Hmm? I'll let you think before I release you. Your reasoning had best be a good one or else, your pathetic life ends at the age of twenty-nine."

Shōta groaned loudly and Maze noticed that Isao's expression grew more and more feral. The two stayed that way for several minutes; until Isao had calmed himself. Maze told himself, he should have seen this coming. Using his free hand, he rubbed at his now sore throat. He kept forgetting how strong the man really was when it came to being physical. While, Isao kept his lanky form — he strangely strong for his size. 

Isao turned away and took a few deep breaths. "While I am calming down...see that your reason for being in here isn't to just meet an earlier end, Masao..."

Maze found a smile inching its way upon his face. He winced at the pain that radiated from the cut on the side of his face but, he couldn't help that he felt like a child again. '...I haven't heard that name in decades...' He knew what it meant. It meant that Isao didn't want to hurt him when he used his real name. Then again, he had been around Isao the longest. So he knew that Isao wouldn't harm him too much. Isao kept his silence; still in his deep breathing exercises as he reproached the dangling Pro-Hero. "...Um, I came here because..." He thought for a short moment. "I got a really bad feeling Isao. Like...something bad is gonna happen. We should just broadcast this shit and kill them all off. Something isn't right."

"...I know." Isao replied calmly and pressed the tip of the machete into the right-side of Shōta's chest. He watched as the man threw his head back in pain; the sound of his pained choked scream was satisfying. Slowly, he began to twist the blade from side to side — digging further into flesh. Fresh blood rolled down Shōta's chest in a fine line. "But...Masao, you have to keep these things in mind..." Maze perked up slightly, "It takes time. And according to little Yasu, he's not broken enough yet." Isao frowned and forced the blade to go further. A scream tore itself from deep within Shōta.

"Harima-sama." Yasuhiro called out as he stared directly at his screen. "The Pro's...I think they've figured us out. Should I send a distress signal to Re-Destro?" His nimble fingers hovered over the keys of his laptop.

A chuckle of glee escaped Isao. It was all so much fun. The panic and mayhem he was starting and he had to thank the Meta Liberation Army for getting them started. So he could make his statement heard and seen, clearly. "No...have I not told you? My good friend, Yotsubashi-san, will be busy meeting up with the League of Villains." Isao's grin stretched from ear to ear as he eyed Shōta. So much pain and yet, he wasn't sure if it was enough to satisfy him. He pushed the blade deeper. "I think we should be able to handle a few ragtag Pro's...wouldn't you say, Masao?" He looked over his shoulder.

Maze answered him quickly and quietly with a nod; he bowed. He then straightened himself up and kept his hand on his wounded face, "What will you have me do?"

"Gather by one," Isao ripped the blade from Shōta's chest. His face twisted as he ran a single hand through his hair, "Place them in groups of two...if you can."

Maze seems to take that as his moment to exit. He turned away only to feel something rough land on his head. 'Huh? A towel?' He used his free hand snatched it off his head. His small brown eyes looked over it before looking over his shoulder. Isao's back was now facing him.

"Clean yourself you fool. Make yourself presentable when you pick up those children and escort them. Be...gentle if you can."

"Gotcha Isao." Maze grumbled out and made for the door once again.

"Oh...and Masao?"

His hand gripped the handle of the door tightly. "What?"

"...Have someone bring Todoroki-san in here...he may play a lovely little part in breaking our hero." 

"Whatever you say, Isao."



Izuku fidgeted around as he watched Mashirao bang his tail against the metal door.

This had been going on for what he assumed to be hours. Both, Hanta and Minoru managed to block off the iron door temporarily but, not even they knew how long it would last. Now, the two joined everyone else in silently watching Mashirao take on the metal door.

There was also the concern that they could get caught at any minute.

Izuku was so very nervous. Nervous due to the fact Mashirao seemed to be getting winded and from where he sat, he couldn't tell if there was any dent being made. Then again, he figured Fumikage or someone who much closer would have said something by now.

Another thing he was concerned about was Katsuki. He looked absolutely lost and continued to limp around his cell restlessly. Izuku silently hope that Katsuki's body wasn't about to give out on him. '...Please Kacchan just hang in there. Please...I don't know what I'll if you...' Izuku caught himself and shook his head viciously. 'No. No way, Izuku. Kacchan isn't just gonna give out like that. He's strong. So much stronger than that...stronger than any of us! He'll make it. We'll make it.' 

Mashirao charged the cell door with a war cry. Using one of his perfected techniques in a simplified fashion, Tornado Tail Dance, he spun around and smacked his tail with full force against the door. Once he pulled back his tail, he winced. Something wasn't right.

"...I...did you just...? Okay, am I seriously seeing this right...?" Eijirō whispered out and blinked his eyes several times. For good measure he rubbed at them with both hands.

Fumikage only stood there astonished at what he just witnessed. He did a double take at Mashirao. "How...did you...? In just under a matter of hours...?"

"...Heh...I did do it didn't I?" Mashirao asked as he stumbled backwards. He was exhausted.

Fumikage took notice of Mashirao and caught him before he fell awkwardly on his tail. "Yes, you did. I think." He reconfirmed, with a smile. His smile didn't last long until he heard someone point out blood. Apparently lots and lots of blood.

"He's bleeding!!" Hitoshi shouted out. He gritted his teeth as he stood to his feet. "Shit..." He quickly took off what was left of his shirt and handed it over to Kyōka.

"Holy shit man!! How did you manage to do that?!" Hanta stared directly at Mashirao's split ankle. It was bleeding heavily. "Your ankle is screwed man!! What the hell Ojiro?!"

"Ankle?! Don't you see his tail?!" Kyōka shouted out as she handed the ratty shirt too Fumikage. She released one of her ear-jack's to full face her two cellmates.

Fumikage cursed underneath his breath. Mashirao had a large gash on his tail and ankle. Fumikage didn't even recall him using his leg at all. 'Fumi, how did he do that?' Dark Shadow questioned innocently. "Honestly, I can't even begin to tell you..." He answered aloud and helped Mashirao to lay on his stomach. He couldn't tell if a main artery was cut or not, even with the large amount of blood pooling from it. "...Shitty lights!" He snapped under his breath. 

"What the fuck..." Katsuki grumbled as he blinked several times. "...Shit." He stated to himself. There Mashirao was on the ground bleeding and from what he could tell it was really bad. 'Did I fuckin' blackout or some shit?' He shifted his hazy gaze towards the cell door. His eyes widened. 'What the hell...?'

Mashirao had almost completed his job. However, he had done more than enough. The metal bar was bent outwards. However, the force from Mashirao's tail managed to split it in half. It appeared to be a clean snap. 

"Must've not had the budget to get better metal than that..." Denki remarked as he eyed the snapped part of the bars.

Mashirao had complied with being laid down on his belly. This didn't stop his curiosity. He wanted to know how much damage he had dealt but, the others seemed to occupied with him at the moment. Attempting to lift himself up, he felt a hand firmly press against his back.

"Don't move." Fumikage stated.

"...Okay." Mashirao used his arm as a head rest. His brow furrowed as he looked at a panicked Hitoshi. "What?" The purple haired teenager shook his head; his expression hadn't changed as he looked away.

There was a concerning silence.

Mashirao listened to the sound of gravel being stepped on. He felt his tail being lifted and cloth being wrapped tightly around it. Then hands lifted up his left leg and he felt more cloth being secured around it. He could hear the teen muttering to himself, he figured he was answering Dark Shadow. His eyes scanned the entire room. Everyone was looking at him; most held horrified expressions. Izuku looked like he was about to pass out at any given minute. He started to worry. 'Why are they looking like that?'

"You don't feel that at all?" Fumikage asked. He finished bandaging his friend up with the rags of shirts he was given. Mashirao shook his head and Fumikage frowned. 'Adrenaline rush.' Dark Shadow said and he nodded in agreement. "...You'll probably be feeling that in a little bit. I'll need you to stay still."

Mashirao watched as Fumikage approached their cell door. "Did it work?" He asked quietly, head lifted slightly.

"More than enough Ojiro. Rest up." Fumikage answered swiftly. He then took the liberty of examining how much damage was dealt. The first and obvious thing his eyes caught onto was the amount of blood that dripped from the bars. A sigh escaped him as he tore at the ragged sleeves of his shirt and wiped away the blood. 'Sharp. Not bad...but, it's not enough. There weak...but, it'll still take more time.' 

Something crossed his mind and he wondered about the entire frame of the door. '...I wonder is it sitting out? How far...' Fumikage then stepped to the side — attempted to get a better view. He couldn't tell if the door was sitting out enough. "...Kirishima-san."

"Hmm?" Eijirō raised a brow at his name. He quietly sat in front of the cell door.

Fumikage stuck his arm through the bar, "Can you tell how far this door is sitting out?" He pointed towards where the key would go. Eijirō frowned and shuffled to his left; he shook his head. "Right...hmm..." He retracted his arm and moved to be in front of the door. "...Shōji? Can you tell me how far this door is sitting out?" He asked once again and placed both hands against the bars; avoiding the damaged parts.

"Sure, give me a minute..." Mezō replied.

Fumikage nodded, he pushed at the door slightly. It earned him a creaking noise. Inquisitively, he pressed his bodyweight against the door once more. It was making sounds as if it were moving but, he didn't feel like it was doing anything.

"Keep doing that Tokoyami!" Mezō encouraged.

From the corner of Fumikage's eye, he saw that Mezō had managed to reshape the ear into an eye. He gave his friend a nod. Again, he pushed against the door and felt it shift slightly. 'Are you doing anything Fumi?' Dark Shadow pressed and Fumikage shrugged. He wasn't even sure if anything was really happening. He pushed again and received a creaking sound.

Another twenty or so minutes, Fumikage found himself still struggling against the door. Each time he looked at Mezō — he saw a frown. Like his efforts weren't working any longer. Soon, he found himself with his back against the cell door, sliding down to be seated.

"...It only budge a little..." Mina looked as if she was about to cry. She felt her shoulders shake and she bit her lip. "All that...and it only budged?! What the hell are we going to do now?!" She shouted, it wasn't directed towards anyone in particular.

"Look...Ojiro has been working on it for a while now..." Fumikage started off but, Mina wasn't about to allow him to finish.

The pink girl stood to her feet and stormed towards her own cell door. "For how long, Tokoyami?! Huh?! I see a small dent and a lot of blood!! He injured himself doing that!!"

"...He snapped the bar in two..." Fumikage grumbled loudly, his arms were now crossed against his chest. His anger flared slightly and his teeth gritted against each other.

Mina stomped her foot down; caring little about the gravel cutting into her skin. "That's just one bar, Tokoyami!! One measly bar!! You really don't expect him to try that all over again?! And that..." She pointed an accusing finger towards the iron door, "Is only going to last but, for so long!! What are we going to do now?!"

"That's just not fair..." Fumikage replied lowly as he turned to face the girl.

Mina took a hold of the bars. If she had been able to use her quirk — she was sure it would've melted under her death grip. "NO Tokoyami! You want to know what's unfair?! Expecting him to be finished in under a few hours!!"

Rikidō groaned loudly, "Take it easy...seriously we just got started. None of us are expecting—"

"Shut it!!" Mina snapped at the large man as she faced him, "Don't you dare say you weren't expecting him to be finished in such a short period!!" She watched as Rikidō winced and looked away. It was just as she thought and she figured he wasn't the only one. Wanting Mashirao to do the impossible.

"Relax Ashido...this is like...what? Day one?"

Mina found herself furious at the words that came from Denki. "Just day one...yes, it is just day one of us trying this shit out!!" She turned around to face the blonde, "DAY ONE!! And we're all expecting him to get us out of here right away!! And don't you guys even dare say that you weren't expecting it...cuz I know...I just know..." She began to trail off as tears began to obstruct her vision.

Fumikage huffed and closed his eyes. That was the last thing he wanted to hear; his classmate crying. '...We can only take on so much...' He told himself as he thought of everyone's limits. It was only a matter of time until the happy go lucky Ashido Mina took a nose dive. He felt his anger dissipate; there was no way he could stay angry with the girl.

Mashirao propped himself up on his elbows. All the commotion quickly catching his attention. His curious eyes staring directly at Fumikage; he noticed the other wasn't aware. He then looked over towards Kyōka. The girl was silent and noticed him moving around. She shook her head in disappointment. He wondered if it was towards him or Mina's comment. 'Everyone's emotions are so high right now...' Sadly he looked away and allowed his head to hang. His forehead touching his grimy forearms.

"...And Yaomomo won't wake up...Todoroki hasn't even came back..." She raised her hands and began to wipe away the tears. "For all we know, Aizawa-sensei might be dead..."

Denki found his heart sinking once again. Slowly, he reached his hand out for the girl; he was slow and reluctant. He wondered if he had the right to comfort her after contributing to her emotional breakdown. Mina seemed to give him an answer as she back away from him; tears still flowing.

"Mon amie...I think you mean two days..." Yūga piped in from his lone cell.

"I don't think this is the time to be correcting someone..." Hanta grumbled out and he glared at Yūga.

"...We are all aware that we are on a time restraint." Tenya replied as he put a stop to his small training session. "So...yes, perhaps most of us were hoping for him to be able to breakout in such little time. Even with the knowledge of that being an unrealistic goal. It's why Sero-san and Mineta-san barricaded the door."

Izuku quietly watched everyone from his cell. The words Mina said, it hit him hard. Stupidly enough, he was expecting Mashirao to do everything quickly. He was expecting to be out of his cell when Fumikage had placed his faith within the select few. '...Now what...? What do we do...' Izuku knew as well as any of them, that their tormentors were going to come. That they will see what they tried to do. That they will drag someone off. And then, he remember his dream. '' He tasted copper as he bit down with force upon his lip.

"...Fuckin' shit..." Katsuki muttered. His head was pounding but, nothing had happened to him. He knows he didn't eat or drink for a while but, he didn't think his body would be affect to this degree. '...I am fuckin' sweating...that's probably it.' He looked down. His body was indeed drenched in sweat and he wondered how he hadn't notice until now. 'So damn busy trying to get Deku outta his fuckin' head and then dealing with everyone fuckin' exhausted.' The pounding in his head only worsened when someone began to yell. It pissed him off because, his brain couldn't figure out who it was. "Shut up...shut the fuck up..." 

Nobody seemed to take heed or notice of Katsuki's biting demand. He gritted his teeth and turned away from them. His head hurt and their plan from what he could make out, had failed. From what he saw, Mashirao was down for the count and none of those who shared his cell could do anything more but watch the plan slip through the cracks.

Through the pain within his body and head, the gears in his brain began to shift. He had to think fast. They needed to keep hope alive. 'C'mon...fuckin' think you idiot. The door is blocked off. Temporarily.' He rolled his eyes. 'Tail guy is down but, he damaged the bar. He split the fuckin' thing in half. Bird brain tried to put more pressure on the door and arms kept an eye out for him to tell him how he was doing...but, that didn't last too long. The fuckin' door stopped fuckin' moving...that was apparent by bird brain's frustration. C'mon the fuck on!! Think Katsuki think!! We need this...this is what we need...' A dizzy spell sent him stumbling and his shoulder hit the bars again. The weight of his body caused a creaking sound and he was sure everyone was looking now. They were quiet. The current argument forgotten in place of concern; he was certain. He could feel their eyes and he was glaring directly into forest green eyes. They were panicked.

"Mind your fuckin' business extras!!" Katsuki snapped as he attempted to stand upright once again.

"Dude you just bashed your damn shoulder into your cell door!!" Hanta argued.

Katsuki felt his shoulders shake in anger. "Not on purpose you fuckin' moron!"

"...You were wobbling..." Hitoshi noted aloud as he watched Katsuki's sweat covered back. '...How hadn't I notice that? Then again...the light has only been on but so long.' He frowned as he watched the dried blood on Katsuki's back come to life — a reddish pink rolling down his back.

Now he was angry. Katsuki glared at them overtop his shoulder. Each of his classmates held the same expression; concern. He hated it. Even, Mina who had been crying, was looking at him. Tearstained face laced with concern. To him, there was no need for it. He was standing and walking, even if he almost fell — he was still on the move. Sure his expression might be pained at times but, those didn't last long enough for anyone to notice.

It took minutes of staring before any of them decided to turn away. Some silently speaking amongst one another. He didn't care though. As long as they worried about themselves and not him; he was fine.

"I'm fuckin' fine...just got a fuckin' headache..." Katsuki mumbled as his head cleared for a moment. He hoped his quiet response would get them to shut up. He didn't feel like hearing them at the moment. 'I need to sit my ass down before I fall.' The hushed whispering seemed to die down; everyone seemingly going silent. Perhaps they had heard him after all. Even if he felt like he was speaking far too softly for anyone to hear; then again, he was the one out of the entire group who had screwed up ears.

Feeling satisfaction flood him, Katsuki turned his attention towards Izuku. Green eyes held fear and worry.

"Nerd..." He acknowledged Izuku with a short nod; limping towards the bars that separated them. His red eyes started their search once again, wondering what was on Izuku's mind. Izuku's lips began to quiver as he looked down. Katsuki sighed, slow to seat himself as to not fall. "...Talk to me Deku." The green haired teenager shook his head. "Humph, fine then. Stay quiet if you want..." Katsuki grumbled and leaned his shoulder against the bars. Izuku seemed to stay put where he was — a few inches away from him and facing in his direction. "...Listen...this...all of this we just did," He took note that Izuku stopped shaking, "...This was basically the last strike. Once they walk in and see all of that," He nodded his head towards the damaged cell and barricaded iron door. "We're fucked. That's just it. There's no sugarcoating anything anymore, you got Deku? So now...this is where shit gets real. Where everything gets super important."

Izuku slowly lifted his head up and felt his heart clinch painfully. He was so afraid. Their plan had failed and even Katsuki admitted it. However, when he looked into red eyes — he saw something akin to determination. Like he was ready to risk everything.

"Good...I've got your fuckin' eyes on me. Now, listen closely..." Katsuki toned his volume down, "Those fuckers are probably going to take us from this hellhole and separate us. The separation part I can fuckin' guarantee that will actually happen. Once it does, there is literally nothing we can fuckin' do. Todoroki isn't coming back down here. Just like Aizawa-sensei isn't coming back down. Leaving these's an endgame. You get me?" He watched as Izuku slowly nodded, "...So I need you to do something for for all of us..." 

Chapter Text

Kōichi quietly closed the door to his joint-owned apartment. Exhaustion was hitting him hard but, he knew he couldn't sleep just yet. His eyes burned and his limbs felt as heavy as lead.

It was going on day two of researching about the ocean bound island, The Peerless. And as before when he did his school assignment based on the location — he found nothing. However, the determination from Present Mic was keeping him on the move.

Being forced to leave the library due to closing hours — Kōichi turned to a cat café that Shōta had recommended to him a long time ago. So when it came to closing hours at the library, he would make sure to leave on time and with information uploaded to his flash-drive and head directly to the twenty-four café.

Kōichi dropped his backpack near the door and kicked off his shoes. 'Haneyama-chan is probably sleep.' As quietly as possible he started off for his room; his laptop tightly in his grasp.

Tiptoeing around the small apartment he took notice of several glowing eyes; all watching him.'And...the cats are up. Great...' He rolled his eyes as he avoided the cats. Most of them approached with a purr and rubbed against his leg.

" I'm sure Haneyama-chan fed you all!" Kōichi exclaimed in a hushed whisper.

Of course, one of the cats had something to say — meowing loudly overtop of the others, who purred. "...You! No is no." Kōichi grumbled as he passed by the bathroom and Kazuho's room. He approached the very last door; his room. It was closed like he requested and he couldn't help but, smile. 'Haneyama-chan can be a little crazy sometimes but...she's still cool. Always got my back!' He turned the doorknob and entered his room.

Much to his misfortune — Kazuho hadn't attempted to fix him room. He figured that it was going to be left messy. After all, every time she did try to get him to keep it tidy or clean it up for him, it never stayed as neat as she wanted it. Not that he cared too much. It wasn't like he lived in his room, he had his everyday duties to tend too. The two main ones being college and his vigilante work.

Kōichi kicked around at the things on his floor. He never bothered to turn the lights on when he got home. The last time he did — Kazuho yelled at him and threatened his entire being. It was something he could do without, the threatening of his life.

In the dark, he continued to move his feet around until he felt his futon. A knowing grin appeared and he took a dive for it. He landed awkwardly on his futon — miscalculating the angle of it. Only his hips managed to land on the comforter and the rest of his body met the hard work floors. A hiss of pain escaped his tightly sealed lips and slowly, he adjusted himself properly to be aligned with the futon.

"Ow..." Kōichi grumbled, setting up his laptop. A single hand rubbed at his sore shoulder — he knew he was going to be feeling that tomorrow. '...Well time to get to work.' He told himself as his hands hovered about the keyboard.

He was going to get down to the mystery. Once and for all.



Bloodshot green eyes stared at the glaring screen before him. Watching as the small arrow clicked links and moved around through information.


Another click and another website. Still nothing. His eyes searched vigorously through the words upon the screen. He wouldn't give up not now.


Hizashi twitched slightly at the sound of his hero name. As much as he wanted to acknowledge his friend — his brain wouldn't let him. It was far too focused on looking for key information. Information he could bring to Nezu and quite possibly the police. 'If I can just find something...just one little thing...we could get started. Then they'll be fine. We Pro's will go in with the swat, kick down the doors and save the day! Then that island can be put on lockdown for good...' 

Toshinori frowned as Hizashi seemingly ignored him. It was two days into their search for information. Two days since Hizashi began to pull all-nighters for the sake of the evidence. Of course, Toshinori understood and wanted justice to be brought down quickly. However, there was a matter of taking care of personal health. Something that Hizashi wasn't doing. The barely ate, when they went to the library or came back to campus. He would only shower and immediately hop on his personal laptop; searching.

" long has he been like that?"

Toshinori perked up from his spot at the dinner table. "Ahh...hey Midnight." He smiled at the woman as she approached him. She claimed a vacant chair and made herself comfortable. "Two days counting so far...I'm kind of afraid what will happen if this stretches on any longer..." He turned towards Hizashi; the blonde still very occupied with his information digging.

"...I wish you guys would've told me sooner." Nemuri replied, she kept her eyes trained upon Toshinori. She couldn't bring herself to look at Hizashi. The man seemed to be falling apart more quickly as he skipped meals. "I mean...I could have been helping as well. You trust some college student and your detective friend but, where does that leave me? I care for Aizawa too you know." She frowned as she thought about her fellow teacher.

"Midnight...I know how you feel. I would have been happy to have alerted you but," Toshinori sighed and turned towards Nemuri. "Mic and I needed to be sure. And that college student...umm, young Haimawari! Yes that his name." He smiled knowingly to himself, "It was by chance we ran into him. And as for my friend Naomasa-san I contacted him with out Mic's knowledge. He was pretty pissed about that..." He rubbed at the back of his neck; recalling how irritable Hizashi was the day they were in the library. "I only did that because, I knew I could trust him to not alert the authorities just yet."

"And I would?" Nemuri bit back as she leaned his elbows against the table. "I'm a Pro-Hero, Yagi. I know how troublesome it can be when the police is involved in a situation that could possibly be handle without them."

Toshinori's smile fell as he locked eyes with Nemuri. "I know that Midnight. I know. I'm fully aware that you wouldn't call a state of emergency but, still with everything that has been happening to Aizawa's class..." He trailed off and looked away. "It would cause far too much panic...and we need to be sure. And once we are, we plan on bringing the evidence to Nezu. From there...then we could gather a group of Pro's and perhaps if needed the S.W.A.T..."

A small sniffle caught their attention and they both turned around. Little to their knowledge — Hizashi had also turned around as well.

There at the steps leading to the secondary floor was Eri. The child was rubbing furiously at her eyes as if she had been crying.

Nemuri quickly left her seat and approached the child. "Hey sweetie what's wrong...?" She asked, stooping down to be at an equal level. Toshinori also stood from his seat and approached the girl as well; quickly choosing to sit down instead of bending at the knees.

Eri continued to sniffle as she wiped away her tears. " had a nightmare..." She clutched tightly at a stuffed cat. Both, Toshinori and Nemuri looked at each other; a frown upon their face. Normally, it was Shōta who cared for the child when she had a nightmare. Surprisingly, the man was skill when it came to smaller children.

"Hey there my littlest listener..." Hizashi's voice caught both the teachers off guard. Nemuri shuffled over to the side, allowing him to join their small circle. She shared a look of confusion with Toshinori — the man shrugged. "What's all the fuss about now?" He stooped down, asking quietly. A tired smile was on his face.

Eri shyly raised her stuffed cat up, allowing it to cover most of her face. "...I had a nightmare..." She repeated loud enough for everyone to hear.

The three adults shared a concerned look with one another. Nemuri and Hizashi joined Toshinori in sitting on the floor.

Nemuri opened her arms up and almost immediately, Eri complied and hugged her. "Oh, Eri..." She muttered as she began to comb her hand through pure white hair; undamaged and sprawled around her shoulders. "It's okay sweetie it was just a dream, alright? They can't get you anymore okay?"

"'s just like Mrs. Midnight said," Hizashi patted the girl on her head, "They ain't gonna be able to get you no more. Not with all of us here." He gave the best encouraging smile he could.

Eri only nodded as she rested her cheek upon Nemuri's shoulder. It was comforting but, she felt like an important part of her life was missing and it bugged her. "...When's Mr. Eraserhead coming back...?" She asked quietly and held the stuffed cat closer. It was something that Shōta had given to her after her first bout of nightmares since coming to campus.

Hizashi felt his heart sink. He should've saw that coming. It was only a matter of time before the girl asked about her caretaker. Nervously, he glanced at both, Nemuri and Toshinori. Their expression were the same as his own. He was at a complete lost. There was no way he was going to tell the girl that the man was possibly in danger at the moment and that they would bring him back as soon as they could. And he certainly wasn't going to lie to the girl. Shōta had gotten extremely irate with him for telling the girl a small harmless lie; there was no way he was going to go through that torture again.

"Eraserhead should be coming back within another week or two okay, young Eri?" Toshinori spoke up, breaking the growing silence. There was a determined look in his face. "He'll be home before you know it..."

"...I'm scared..." Eri's words came out muffled and only Nemuri caught on.

Nemuri felt her heart skip a beat at those words. Going with her first instinct, she held the girl closer and her mind raced. She wondered if Eri had a hunch that something was wrong. After all, Hizashi had been acting the least bit of normal; pulling late nighters and gluing himself to his laptop whenever he got the chance. '...She had a nightmare...but, what about? Am I wrong for assuming she was referring to Overhaul?' 



Naomasa fixed his case paperwork into a neat stack upon his desk. It was finally time to go home. A good thing but, he kept in mind the request that Toshinori had for him. There was also the issue of everything that went down in Deika City. He wondered if both incidents were connected.

The silence within his office space found his mind wondering. 'Eraserhead and his class hasn't been in contact with any of the teachers of U.A.' He reached for his desk draw and began to rummage through it; in search of pen and paper. Once found, he started to write down a timeline. One of when Aizawa Shōta and his class departed and one of the destruction of Deika City within the Aichi Prefecture in Japan.

He already had a nagging feeling that what happened in Deika City was more than just some normal terrorist attack. That much he knew but, it would have to be proven. There wasn't much he could do on that matter for the moment, so he refused to to base on that issue. He continued to allow his pen to glide around the paper as he thought.

'That kid...Haimawari Kōichi said something about The Peerless...' Naomasa tapped at his chin as he eyed the words he had written. He needed everything to connect. 'A city that doesn't appreciate outsiders. But, why would Nezu-sama allow them to go to a place like that?' His eyes widened as he recalled something. It was something that Hizashi had said during his short explanation on the situation. 'The MLA!! How could I have forgotten! And from what sources are telling...they are within the Aichi Prefecture area...are these happenings connected?!' He drew a large circle around his conclusion. Snatching the paper, he folded it up neatly and placed it within his coat pocket.

Naomasa pushed his chair and started for his office exit. Once outside, he locked the door and turned around to see two familiar faces. He smiled slightly, "Tsuragamae-sama and Tamakawa-san," He bowed, "What can help you both with?"

Kenji attempted to clear his throat only to accidentally bark. Sansa flinched, glancing at Kenji from the corner of his eyes. "Ah...I apologize." Naomasa only smiled and Sansa shrugged. "Anyway, I was just notifying you that you were called in to assess the damages over in Aichi Prefecture. You know, Deika City?" He received a nod, "Well...I'm not going to force you to go right away. Nearby police stations of the Aichi Prefecture are already doing damage control. They just want the hand of a good detective is all and well that is were you will come in, Tsukauchi-san."


Kenji smiled out of approval and patted Sansa's shoulder, "Tamakawa-san here will also be tagging along. I'm sure you wouldn't mind...?" Both, Naomasa and Sansa glanced at each other. They both knew each other's work ethnic and was aware neither of them were burdens and would do their jobs. Naomasa shook his head and kept his silence. "Great then! It is settled, both you and Tamakawa-san will be working on this case together. You will also have some underground help as well."

"Underground help...?" Naomasa raised a single brow. Hearing the word caused him to think about Shōta; he couldn't help but frown.

Kenji nodded and motioned the two officers to follow him. "Yes...I'm sure you remember Kaniyashiki-san?"

"Oh...yes, I do. She did work with FatGum and Eraserhead about a year or so ago." Naomasa recalled as he followed behind the chief officer.

"She apparently finished another one of her undercover cases and heard about what happened in Deika City." Sansa spoke up from the opposite side of Kenji. "Well she inquired about it to the Commissioner General and asked who was being sent from this location, to which he replied that they were sending you and myself." Naomasa nodded quietly and began to fasten up his coat.

Kenji came to halt just a few inches from the entrance of the police station. He turned towards his two officers. "What Tamakawa-san says is true. Kaniyashiki-san approached me early this morning asking if she could be of assistance..." Naomasa replied with another silent nod and placed on his hat; his eyes never leaving the chief. "So she will also be helping out whenever she can. Right now, she has another case file to finish up...but, she shouldn't take long."

 "I thank you for notifying me, Tsuragamae-sama. Have a good night, the both of you." Naomasa gave them a quick bow before taking his leave.

Of all the time's he could be needed somewhere else; it had to have been now. 'This all has to be connected. It has to be.' He told himself determined and walked towards the parking lot of the station.

There wasn't many cars int he lot due to it being the extreme early hours of the morning. He counted himself luck for not having to search for his car; sadly everyone at the police station thought it would be the best idea to get the same make and model vehicle. All being the exact same color.

Touching a single button on his car door, he unlocked it and entered. As soon as he settled himself in, he turned the car on as to chase off the coldness that had long settled during his work hours.

He reclined his chair back and waited as the car heated up. Figuring it would take a moment or two, Naomasa pulled his phone out to check his messages. Seeing nothing he went to his contacts and dialed Toshinori's number. He wanted to exchange the information he had and see if the other man had came up with something.

As soon as the tone started up, he set it to the side and began to dig in his pockets for the scrap paper. His eyes scanned over the words again. 


At the sound of his name he perked up and placed the phone between his shoulder and ear. "Ah, Toshinori! Glad that your still awake..."

"Yes, well Mic was awake and glued to his research nearly all day."

Naomasa raised a brow, "Really?"

"Mmhm, didn't even hear me calling his name. Only snapped out of it when young Eri came down..."

He repressed a sigh and pinched the bridge of his nose, "...Tell Present Mic not to overexert himself please. That's the last thing we need..." He trailed off and reached for his scrap paper. "Listen, Toshinori, I called because I have a theory we can run on for right now. Actually, it might just be enough to get the ball rolling."

"Lets hear it detective."

"Alright, give me a minute." He flatted the paper out on his steering wheel, "Okay, so I'm sure you've heard about what happened Deika City in the Aichi Prefecture?" A noise of acknowledgement sounded from the receiver. "Well...I hate to suspect this but, I believe this is connected to what's going on with Eraserhead."

"...Go on."

"Present Mic said something about the people of The Peerless are in arms with Meta Liberation." Naomasa's eyes looked over the words written. "I also took into account of what Haimawari Kōichi said to us at the library, you remember right?"

"Yes. If I'm not mistaken young Haimawari told us about how the people of the island are wary of strangers?"

Naomasa laughed slightly, "Close Toshinori, close. Anyway, you know how the Meta Liberation formed out of defiance against quirk laws. So I'm wondering if they managed to build a city that's free from those restraints."

"...Hmm, it's a nice theory I'll admit. We could...hold on Naomasa-san, young  Haimawari is dialing in..."

A brief silence washed over as Naomasa awaited for Kōichi to be placed in the conference call. From his peripheral he spotted a lone pen and reached over. He uncapped the pen and began to write down his thoughts on the situation.

" Hello? All Might?"

"I am here. As well as, Tsukauchi Naomasa, my detective friend."

"Oh! Great that's good. I think you guys will like to hear Present Mic with you All Might?"

Naomasa caught onto the urgency in Kōichi's tone. "Did you find something?" He stopped writing and focused his full attention on the conversation at hand.

"...I did. So I got someone from my college whose tech savvy to help me with research. He's pretty skilled at that stuff. I didn't tell him much of anything but, he did confirm that the CEO of Detnerat has strong connections and even intercepted signals from The Peerless."

Naomasa hummed as he wrote down the information. '...The CEO of that company is Yotsubashi Rikiya...he just recently expanded his company to create support items for the Pros...' He tapped the pen against his chin and before he could fall deep into thought — a loud voice came into play. "Present Mic." He acknowledged quickly.

"Relax Mic...I know I know...but, this is important. Young  Haimawari seems to have found some solid information. Ahh, I apologize. Please continue."

"It's okay All Might. So my guy from my college did some deep digging and apparently The Peerless is namesake to a villain whose real name is Harima  Ōji. This guy apparently existed during the same time Destro was around and apparently the two had strong connections. Alright, so we all know that Destro created the MLA to oppose the quirk control laws and The Peerless was a wide known villain back then. A villain who also held a similar belief with Destro."

"Ah, I was wondering why that name was so familiar..." Naomasa muttered to himself as he wrote down the information that Kōichi gathered.



Hizashi nervously bounced his knee up and down as he listened to Kōichi over the receiver of Toshinori's phone. This was the information he had been searching for all along. Something that he wasn't able to find. '...Guess I should thank this kid. He came in real handy.' 

He was tired. Extremely tired and was about to go to bed after being forced by Nemuri and Toshinori together. That had been about thirty to forty minutes ago. Right now, he was in his pajamas and had his hair loosely hanging around his shoulders. He was also downstairs again, with Toshinori; in a conference call with Naomasa and Kōichi.

According to Toshinori, Kōichi had found some telling information about the ocean bound city. Hizashi only held hope that it was the breakthrough they needed.

So there they were, in the lounge of the teachers joint dormitory — huddled around a phone. At the early hours of the morning.

Hizashi felt like it was worth it. Anything, to proved that his hunch about the island was right and that they needed to take immediate action.

Toshinori leaned forward and rested his elbows atop his knees. His phone was on the coffee table before himself and Hizashi. Both of them intently staring at the device and allowing newfound information to sink in.

"It actually gets crazier. So Destro and The Peerless became close friends during the time. Both fought a losing battle against the laws and  eventually, Destro was arrested. The Peerless on the other hand had vanished. During Destro's time in prison he wrote an autobiography telling the world of his after he published his writings, he committed suicide."

"...So what does this have to do with what we need to know?" Hizashi pressed as he leaned in closer to the phone.

"I'm getting there. So, Destro left a nice sized  fortune for his friend The Peerless. This was found through unmarked letters that was exchanged between Destro and another person. Both of these men shared their ideals with each other. One wishing for the freedom of quirk usage. The other...well his was complicated. You see, Harima Ōji, didn't like heroes nor the police. He hated every form of authority and wished to create a society where no-one was bound by laws. A society where everyone was free to do what they wished without consequence."

Hizashi felt his heart stop, his eyes widened. He looked towards Toshinori; taking notice that the man was thinking the same thing. "...You're telling me that..." The words found themselves caught in his throat.

A silence had befallen the four men. It was strained and thick; fear and worries bubbling to the top. This was what they had been looking for all along. However, it came as a surprise.

There was a small part of Hizashi that hoped he was wrong. A silent belief that he was just worrying too much. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. The reality was that he was right to worry and that his friend and students were in danger.

A danger that had hidden itself. A danger that Nezu hadn't seen. A danger that Shōta had somewhat knowingly walked into. A danger that easily bypassed the system with fancy words and bright colors, accompanied by false reviews stemming from Detnerat.

"Toshinori...Yamada-san, call the best crew you can. Any able Pro-Hero who is free. I'll see what I can do on my side."

The sound of a car starting caught their ears before a click was heard. Naomasa had ended the call from his line. This left only three of them in silence. A silence that was causing Hizashi to feel faint. He wished he would have urged Shōta to talk to Nezu about his concerns.

"...I...I really do want to help more. But, I know the answer is going to be no. Plus... Eraserhead would be angry if he found out that I jumped in to help him again."

Kōichi had fallen silent. Hizashi pinched the bridge of his nose tightly. There was no way he was getting any rest tonight. Not with what he was just told.

"...We really appreciate it, young Haimawari." Toshinori exclaimed. The man ran a single hand through his hair, "Just...get some rest. The Pros will handle this."

"I know you guys will. You always do. And don't thank me, like I said, I'm always glad to help. I wish you guys all the safety in the world. Bring those kids and  Eraserhead back safe and sound...I'll totally be checking in to see how everything is going. Goodnight."

Another click, the call had ended and the backlight on the screen was bright. It was their only source of light besides the one in the kitchen. Both were left in a heavy silence. One that neither of them was expecting or wanted.

Hizashi stood slowly, his knees cracked but, he ignored the sound. His eyes drew themselves too Toshinori. He watched as the taller man reached for his phone and search through his contacts. "...I guess I'll start making those calls as well." His voice was low but, it broke the thick silence that had settled.

"...Contacting...that's all I'm good for nowadays..." Toshinori jeered at himself. A look of distain settled upon his face and he glared at his phone. He hated how useless he had become over the past few months. And right when his pupil Izuku needed him the most. Right when he felt he was needed. His free hand ghosted over his injury. A reminder of his numerous losses. "Endeavor will be contacted for sure and I'll see if he can call in several others. Perhaps even Gran Torino..." He started to mutter to himself.

Hizashi silently departed the lounge; leaving Toshinori alone. His brain rolled over the information he was told, it was like a rerun in his head. He had to alert his fellow teachers. Especially, Nemuri who had became suspicious not too long after the trip to the library.

He couldn't understand how Nezu had missed out on such a blaring detail. It was all in the name, the danger but none took heed. They all believed it was going to be safe.

His ascension to the stairs was a long one. It was filled with jumbled thoughts and growing worries as he made his way to his room.

Hizashi quietly entered his room and made his way to his nightstand. There his phone laid on the charger, a full battery. Unplugging it, he began to scroll throughout his contacts. Taking a quick glance at the time and he knew that he had a long grueling day ahead of him.

The other teachers of U.A. was the he decided to alert; sending off a mass text message.


'Calling for a meeting tomorrow before noon. It's important.'


Immediately his phone went off. It was Nemuri who responded quickly. He didn't figure much, he knew she'd be the first to answer.


'I take it that you found something important, huh? I don't see Nezu in this mass text message. Are you going to message him  separately?'

Kayama N.

'Yeah...gotta give him all the details first before addressing you all.''

'I'll be there.'

Kayama N.


Hizashi's hands shook as he took an uneasy breath. Scrolling through his phone he landed upon Nezu's name. For a moment his thumb moved from messaging too calling. He wasn't sure what he wanted to do. He wasn't even sure if Nezu was up so early in the morning.

After another minute of his indecisiveness, his thumb smashing the call button and placed it on speaker. He watched as it dialed for a few seconds.

"Ah, Yamada-san? How many I be of  assistance this fine morning."

Hizashi couldn't help himself as his brain did backflips. '...What in the hell could Nezu possibly be doing this early in the damn morning?!' He shook himself free of the thought and cleared his throat. "Yeah! Um, sorry for such a" A soft laughter was heard from the receiver. "Yeah, anyway,'s really important. You know that three week excursion trip Shōta and his class is taking?"


He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. His thoughts coming together for the best explanation possible. "...Well, they're in danger."

Chapter Text

Dabi hissed at the stinging at his arms. Burn cream was being applied to the injured areas of his arms. Most of the injuries ranged from below his wrist but, after the last battle he was in — his hands started to see some severe damage.

After a few hours of struggling to get the cream on his hands and then sloppy bandaging — he reluctantly asked for someone's help. Much to his surprise Himiko Toga, happily agreed to him. For the life of him, he couldn't figure out why he said yes. The girl was still an absolutely nut-job and gave him the creeps from time to time.

However, there was something that got to him about her now. There was a permanent reminder that she almost lost her life. And deep down it scared him but, he would never admit it. Nor would admit that he slowly started to find himself caring for the group.

"Be still!!"

"Hmph, easy for you to say..." Dabi snapped back at his teammate.

Toga huffed and pulled tightly at the bandages. Dabi hissed again at the roughness and glared into the single golden eye of the girl. "Alrighty! One more to go!" She exclaimed cheerfully and moved to attend to his right arm.

Dabi sighed, looking away from the girl. He hated healing processes it was always the longest. 'I guess this was for a good cause...the MLA merged with us so...' He thought on how different everything was going to be.

Shigaraki Tomura was no longer a leader of a ragtag group of villains. No. Now the man was the leader of an entire army. After a literal war with Re-Destro, Tomura came out as victor and demanded that they submit to him; to which Re-Destro agreed.

Re-Destro not only submitted but, stepped down as Grand-Commander of the Meta Liberation Army; announcing their group officially defunct. It was then Tomura took the label as Grand-Commander and announced his nine lieutenants; which Dabi was named the first of the nine and Toga followed in as second.

Dabi was grateful for his new position and was glad to leave behind the small vanguard squad he once lead. However, he still kept his own goals at the forefront of his mind. He couldn't let anything get in the way of what he need to do. What he had to complete.

'The Paranormal Liberation Front...a nice ring.' Dabi smirked to himself.

"Okay, Dabi! All done!!" Toga did a happy two-step as she danced around Dabi. He rolled his eyes at the silliness she displayed.

"Dabi, Toga."

The two stopped all movement and looked towards the doorway. Atsuhiro stood outside of the door at the corner. His top hat clutched tightly against his chest.

"What?" Dabi questioned as he approached the man. Toga followed closely behind; happily swinging her arms by her side.

"A meeting is about to commence...Re-Destro wishes to address Shigaraki-san." Atsuhiro stated as he began to walk down the hall. Both, Dabi and Toga followed closely behind.

Dabi clicked his tongue out of annoyance. He didn't have time to held back for another meeting. He need to be somewhere. "...And why tell me? Am I forced to be there?" He snapped as he shoved his bandaged hands into his pockets.

"Well...being the first lieutenant Dabi," Atsuhiro started off as he glanced over his shoulder, "I would think that Shigaraki-san expects you to attend. So yes, I recommend you go as to avoid annoying Shigaraki-san any further."

Dabi rolled his eyes and increased his walking speed to be side by side with Atsuhiro. Toga quietly had fallen behind the two; from what Dabi could see she was still swinging her arms. It reminded him of a child.

"So...if I may proceed with debriefing you two?" Dabi shrugged in response. "Right, well as I said, Re-Destro is calling for a meeting. It came up all of a Shigaraki-san is quite angry at the moment. Anyway, from what I heard from Skeptic he wishes to notify us all of their other affiliates. An ocean bound city called...The Peerless."

"Oooh!! I heard of that place! They consider it a ghost city. Not in the way they really mean. People apparently live there but," Toga hummed to herself as she continued. "Nobody has been able to see it with their own eyes! So it's a myth!"

"Fairytales?" Dabi snorted and shook his head. "Now, we're going to be working with a group that supposedly has mythical allies? Tell me how stupid does that sound." He glared at Atsuhiro from the corner of his eye. The man shrugged, to which Dabi sighed heavily. "This shit better be good. I've got other business to tend too."

The three approached the ending of the hall and turned the corner. Atsuhiro stopped them and ushered them into the first door on their right.

Rikiya alongside his two high ranking officers were by his side; both, Kōkū and Tomoyasu. The three were silently conversing with each other and Tomoyasu appeared to be pointing at something on the screen his laptop.

Dabi nodded his head for Toga to go first and the girl happily skipped into the conference room. He then followed behind the girl to see that Jin and Shūichi were seated at the secondary exit of the room. Toga quickly seated herself near the two men. At the very end of the table beside Jin, was Tomura. The man still looked to be in severe pain. Dabi didn't expect much, after everything that went down — Tomura lost part of his left hand and injured his left leg during the battle. However, the man looked more opposing without his multiple hands. Dabi would be lying if he said, he wasn't the least bit nervous around the young man. Shaking his head, Dabi exhaled through his nostrils and made his way to be seated beside Toga.

Atsuhiro closed the door and seated himself on the opposite side of Tomura. "...I would say that we are ready to commence but..." He glanced toward Tomura; taking note of his pain.

Tomura seemed to notice everyone's eyes drawing towards him. He felt his anger spike to a dangerous level. Unable to contain himself, he slammed his right fist against the table. It was already bad enough that his pain medication had yet to kick in. The last thing he needed was everyone staring at him; with sympathy. He hated it with a passion. "Get on with it already!! I don't plan on being here all day." His eyes zeroed in on Rikiya.

Dabi snorted as he leaned back into his chair. Now, Tomura was speaking his language. With a smirk on his face, he turned his attention towards Rikiya. He silently awaited with everyone else as the man gathered himself to speak.

"I would like to start off with my greatest gratitude. Thank you all for taking time out of your busy schedules to attend this meetup." Rikiya gave everyone a head-nod. A small show of his appreciation. Dabi rolled his eyes. "Anyway, I would hate to keep you all for too long so...Skeptic, if you will..." He watched as Tomoyasu complied, turning the laptop towards the others.

"It's a fucking city bound by ocean. So what?" Tomura growled as he clenched at the armrest of his chair.

Rikiya gave a soft smile, "Yes it is. However it is not just any city bound by ocean...Trumpet?" Quietly, Kōkū complied as well and raised from his seat. He watched as the man walked to the opposite side of the room and hit a switch.

Hitting the switch caused the room to dim and the overhead project cut on. It presented a better view of what was on Tomoyasu's laptop.

Dabi examined it and squinted his eyes. He hated that his eyesight was terrible. From what he could make of it — it had appeared to have one large company building. 'This there getaway spot or something? I know that man-child of a boss of ours demanded a few things but...I don't remember a vacation spot being one of them.' He sighed as he shifted his eyes towards Rikiya.

"It looks nice. And big. We vacationing there?" Jin asked gleefully as he jumped out of his seat. Dabi felt like his mind was invaded and threw a cold glare over his shoulder.

Rikiya laughed once again and shook his head. "If it is a vacation you all wish for, I can arrange that another time...however this place, it is called The Peerless." His eyes shifted towards the image upon the wall and he felt a small sense of longing. "This is the place named after the great villain, Harima Ōji, or better known as...The Peerless."

"History lessons?! I love those." Jin piped in once again, reclaiming his seat. "C'mon man, hurry the hell up and get this over with!!"

Tomura's eyes wondered towards the image of the city on the ocean and back towards Rikiya. He felt there was a strong connection between the two but, he kept his silence.

"As you are aware...the Meta Liberation had many allies." Kōkū picked up for Rikiya. He then made his way towards the screen, eyeing it with a hidden tension. "So the allies of ours have also automatically become yours. This happens to be one of them...all of those who live and thrive within The Peerless can be called upon when needed. We have a connection with their skilled hacker, Konno Yasuhiro. He is a coordinated of ours and keeps us updated on trades coming from there."

Tomura raised a single thinning eyebrow. His interest was now piqued. He leaned in closer, "...Please tell us more of these...ocean bound people." His eyes switched between Kōkū and Rikiya.

Rikiya felt excitement well up. It wasn't everyday that he got to tell trade secrets of his former army. Plus, he enjoyed the people of The Peerless. "I'm glad we have your interest Grand Commander. You see...I have a close friend who runs the entire city there. But, before I get into that...may I tell the tale of how they became?" He watched as everyone on the opposite end glanced at one another and shrugged. "Ah! Fantastic. It's a wonderful little tale, you'll love it." He cleared his throat and thought for a moment. "So as you know...I am the son of Destro. And Destro was the founder of the original Meta Liberation Army. Well during that time...he met a man. A man who shared his ideals but, wished for much more!" He threw his hands above his head for effects, "Surprisingly enough, this man was a well known villain within Japan as well. And my father, Destro, slowly got to know this man...who finally revealed himself to be The Peerless. Harima Ōji...he was a man who wished for so much and could only achieve so little by himself. So, he decided to help Destro on his warpath. Unfortunately it was a losing battle that caused Destro to be arrested."

"...So what happened to Harima Ōji?" Toga questioned as she tilted her head to the side.

"A good question young lady." Rikiya acknowledged Toga with a smile, "The Peerless was known to be an elusive man. So he managed to avoid capture by the police." He explained and watched as the girl seemed to fall into thought. "During Destro's imprisonment, he wrote an autobiography based on his ideals and how the MLA came to be a living thriving group. Sadly...after successfully publishing the book he committed suicide." His heart clinched as he looked down at the table. All his memories of being told his father took his own life were fresh; almost as if it had happened the other day. "However...he did not leave his friend Harima Ōji without anything. A small sum went to the man and he was able to see his own dream come true. His dream...was to have a city where its people were not bound by laws. There were no consequences. Crazy enough, he stayed in touch with me, fully knowing that I was the last bloodline of Destro. And...well, he had a son as well."

Tomura allowed the information to sink in and leaned back into his chair. "...So The Peerless has a son?" He question and Rikiya nodded. "You two are friends or business partners?"

"We are both." Rikiya replied and propped his elbows upon the table. "You see...I helped to fund his a blackmarket that he runs. And Detnerat receives under counter goods from him."

"His name?"

"Harima Isao."

Silence filled the conference room. Those across from Rikiya looked to be in deep thought. 

"What is his quirk?" Tomura asked, fingers tapping against the table.

Rikiya smirked at the question. "His quirk is a unique one really. It's called Biohazard. Would you like an explanation as to how it works?" A reluctant nod came from Tomura. "In order for him to use his quirk, he has to cut himself. The location of the wounds don't matter and the cut doesn't even have to be that big but, the blood that flows through his veins is highly toxic. However...the drawback is that it is ineffective by touch and it must seep through the wound of a person for it to actually work."

'Sounds like something that sick bastard All For One would like...' Dabi hummed as he leaned his chair backwards; balancing himself.

"...Interesting." Tomura replied simply, "What are his ideals?"

"Simply, to keep his people free from those who wish to chain society." Rikiya stated, "As long as he stays ocean bound, he gets to run the city anyway he wishes. Oh...and let me not forget to mention that he has a strong disdain towards heroes."

Dabi gritted his teeth and sighed. As he expected a waste of his time. He didn't care how beneficial it was for Tomura but, it was something he didn't care to know. "Are we finished here? I have business to attend." He stood up from his seat and began to make his way towards the exit.

"Dabi..." Tomura called out. His tone was low and dangerous, his eyes glaring directly into his back.

Rikiya took note of the tension and waved his hand. "It's not trouble at all, Grand Commander! Really. You're free to go first lieutenant Dabi. I apologize for keeping you." He gave a genuine smile.

Dabi snorted and exited the room. Pulling out his phone he took notice that an hour and fifteen minutes had passed by. "Shit..." He also noticed a text message he received, thirty minutes ago and it was accompanied by several missed calls. He grumbled as he dialed the number of his contact.


"Yeah what?" Dabi grumbled out as he walked the halls.

'The hell took you so long, man? I've called like ten times and dropped a text message!'

Dabi felt his quirk flare with his anger. Hawks was being extremely loud and irate in his ears. Right now, he wasn't in the mood for someone else to throw their anger around or towards him. His hand gripped his phone tightly. He ignored the pain that flared. "Well, I'm a busy man now. I just got out of a snooze of a meeting." He spoke through clenched teeth.

'Ah, I nearly forgot. You aren't just a leader of a tiny vanguard squad anymore.'

He felt his flames creep against the back of his neck. It singed his hairs slightly. Hawks was now teasing him. "Go to hell. Anyway, we're still meeting up. Got that?" A hum of acknowledgement reached his ears. "Aichi Prefecture, east of Deika City. Don't approach or come into the city."

'So we  meetup east of Deika City. Do not approach. Gotcha!'

"Why the hell do you sound so rushed for?" Dabi questioned as he began to pace the hall.

'Didn't I tell you I have to keep up appearances? It's important hero business that I call in for... apparently myself and several others. I'll be sure to meet up with you later though, perhaps tonight?'

"Whatever, don't be late." With that the phone call had ended. Dabi pulled the phone away from his ear and shoved it in his pocket. "Damn idiot." He grumbled under his breath.

"Dabi!! Great you didn't get too far..."

'Shit.' Dabi closed his eyes, willing his anger away. He could feel his flesh burning slightly at the back of his neck. 'Fucking Hawks is going to pay for that shit. Gotta make sure to give him a hard time since he wants to tease someone.' The thought crossed his mind and he grinned. He enjoyed dishing out payback. Whether friend or foe, he loved getting people back. Finding himself a little more levelheaded and calm, he turned towards the voice. "What the hell is it lizard breath?"

"...It's Spinner!! Spinner, that can't be that hard to remember!" Shūichi argued quickly, falling into defense. Much to his irritation, Dabi had rolled his eyes at him and cracked a smile. "Don't smile at me. Anyway, you should've stayed a little longer."

"Oh? And why the hell would I've done that?" Dabi leaned against the wall as he eyed his comrade. "That meeting was complete and utter shit to me. If it has nothing to do with what I HAVE to do...then why stay for the rest."

Shūichi shook his head and ran a single hand through his hair. There was an air of frustration about him. "...I still don't know how you landed first lieutenant spot..." He earned himself a glare for his off-handed comment.

"Look I've got places to be unless you want to be a fried lizard...I heard those are a delicacy in other countries." Dabi's smile turned into a grin as he slowly stalked towards Shūichi. "Now...what is it?"

Shūichi backed up a little. He felt unnerved by the threat. For some reason, he had a feeling Dabi wouldn't hesitate to kill him. "I'm sure you remember those kids from the forest right? That time we had to kidnap that explosive brat?" Dabi nodded slowly. "Well...they're on that ocean bound city. Seems like that Harima Isao guy asked Re-Destro to set him up with a few fake flyers and ratings broadcasting how great their city is," Shūichi crossed his arms against his chest, "He had Skeptic forge papers saying that they have the worlds best survival program for Pro-Heroes in training. From saving civilians to defeating and arresting villains. It's pretty should check it out. Looks official as hell."


Shūichi seemed uncertain how to answer the question. They stared at each other in a small bout of quietness. One trying to decipher the short question and the other wanting answers. "...Uh, what do you mean why? Like...why Re-Destro did it for him or..." He stopped for a moment, "Why Harima wants to do that?"

"That last question. Why in the hell does he want to do that?" Dabi huffed as he shoved both hands into his pockets.

"...I think Trumpet said something about making an example or whatever. Apparently they'll be broadcasting it. Shigaraki wants us all to watch when it happens."

Dabi stayed quiet as he stared at Shūichi. Taking a sharp turn on his heel he walked away from the man; feeling desperate to find the exit. He felt slight panic and concern but, he knew he couldn't let the man see him in that state. A small part of him wondered if this was related to what Hawks had to deal with before their meeting. '...I'll just have to get information out of Hawks about what's going on with the heroes...and if so...' He shook his head clear of his most negative thoughts. All he could do right now was hope that Shūichi had heard wrong and that his current thoughts were also wrong. A voice in the back of his head kept telling him that it was just some other class of idiot kids training to be heroes that got lured in. 'I'll just have to figure that out myself. First stop...Hawks.'

Chapter Text

Under darkened clouds, Hawks sighed as he placed his phone securely inside his jacket pocket. Before storing the phone away he allowed himself to look over the mounting text messages that seemed never-ending.

Now it was all he could think about. A frown grew upon his face and he glanced towards the rushing traffic down below. His wings began to spread and he stood up; he took off without waiting another minute.

Hawks reequipped his shades. He had to count himself lucky that he wasn't too far from U.A. Especially after the message he received from Endeavor.

It was short but, he could tell there was an urgency within the message. It wasn't too long before he was added to the group chat and everyone was going off the walls with messages. Many trying to figure out what was going on before they arrived. It was probably something he should have done as well — hear the situation before he jumped to the call.

However, he felt a strong obligation towards Endeavor. His thoughts took him back to the massive scar the other man had received during the staged fight. '...Endeavor's kid is part of the first year class A. So I've gotta do something to make up for what happened. And then there's my bird buddy...shit, I can't make any promises right now.' He felt a heavy weight on his shoulders as glided overtop of Tokyo.

U.A. was only seven more miles away. He had a lot of time. So much time and he knew it was going to be spent thinking.

Hawks kept his eyes ahead and flapped his wings harder. He didn't want to think. To force himself to decide between saving children and a fellow Pro-Hero or following up on his undercover mission. It was so difficult when two important situation appeared. 

'...Hmph it always will be difficult until Endeavor can force these idiots back into the holes they keep crawling from...' Hawks clenched his fist and passed through a cloud. A light amount of condensation covered his uniform; he didn't care. He needed something to take his mind away.

Much to his misfortune, his mind stayed in limbo with decision; even as he slowly approached the locked gates of U.A. He took notice of several other heroes. And he zeroed in on a familiar few; a smile crept upon his face. Finally, he could get his mind away from making a tough decision. He twisted himself at an angle to land behind the group. It was those who took part of the raid against Overhaul.

"Hey...why if it ain't FatGum and Rock Lock!" Hawks flipped his shades up and patted both men upon their back.

Taishiro found himself startled and he turned to face Hawks. Within his grasp was what appeared to be fried fish snacks and he swallowed. "Geez, don't scare me like that Hawks." Ken seemed unfazed and nodded his head silently towards the other hero.

"Ah sorry about that big guy." Hawks reached for one of the fried fish snacks. Taishiro seemed happy to share as he placed it down to the Pro-Heroes level. "You're a real pal, FatGum. So...what's the hold up here..." He pointed towards the crowd in front of the with the fish snack.

"Oh that?" Taishiro began to stuff more snacks into his mouth, "Well the principal has came to the gate to let us in yet," He turned his wrist over to look at his watch, "I've been waiting here for about two and a half hours."

Hawks raised a brow and moved up closer to stand between his fellow heroes. "Two and a half, huh?" He muttered as he eyed the crowd.

"Yup, you can only guess how long everyone else has been waiting."

"What?" Hawks shot back as he looked up at the larger man.

"Yeah, as soon as I arrived there was like...fifteen already here." Taishiro nodded to himself as he continued to await for the gates to open.

'...So he's been waiting for two and a half hours. Shit...' He shoved the fish snack into his mouth and departed from the two. Slowly, he started to weave in and out of the crowd of heroes; many of them giving him greetings. Hawks acknowledge them but, kept his attention forward.

If there was one thing that grated his nerves it was keeping a group of Pro-Heroes waiting when someone had obviously called them for something important.

Just as he neared the entrance and those at the entrance, the gates released pressure. At the sound, everyone quieted down and watched as the doors began to open. There to greet them was Inui Ryō better known as Hound Dog. On his shoulder was the principal of the school, Nezu.

'...Ooh, he seems exceptional angry today.' Hawks thought humorously and stopped in the crowd. His eyes took note that Enji was a few people ahead of him and his mind began to drift again. He could feel the abnormal heat that radiated off the man. Enji was angry.

"Ah! If I may say that it is a pleasure to have you all." Nezu happily greeted the large group of Pro-Heroes. "As you all know, a situation has arose! One that we will need many hands to take place in." He turned towards Ryō and whispered something into his ear. "If you may follow me to the dorms of the first years of class A."

Hawks found himself moving alongside the group. Everyone around him was in deep conversations. Many were quiet and hushed as to not bother anyone around them. He quickly managed to make his way to walk side-by-side with Enji. Those behind and in front of them seemed to fall into pairs, making a line.

He felt Enji's eyes land on him for a quick second before facing ahead.

It wasn't too long before the other Pro-Heroes and teachers of U.A. came into view. Amongst them were three third year students and a large group of first years. Hawks figured they were from the other Heroics Course class. And they looked to be arguing with their teacher.

"Ah...Endeavor." Toshinori greeted the current number one hero of Japan.

A response was grumbled out but, Hawks couldn't make out what the man had said. Not when he felt his attention pulled towards the argument that Kan was having with several teenagers. It was something truly to behold.

"No is no! This is Pro-Hero business and I will not allow you kids to come into harm's way." Sekijirō snapped as he towered over his student.

"And yet they get to go." Neito pointed towards the three third years.

A suppressed snort escaped Sekijirō, "That is none of your concern Monoma." He dismissed his most troublesome student. Unfortunately he had another onslaught coming his direction.

"Vlad King...those of class A helped us out back in the forest..." Shihai squeezed himself between his fellow classmates. He approached Sekijirō with his head held high and his eyes shined with determination. "...It's only right that we help them."

Yōsetsu peered over Shihai's shoulder and began shouting aggressively. "LIKE WHAT THE HELL!!! WHY CAN'T WE HELP OUT?! WE'RE JUST AS CAPABLE AS EVERYONE ELSE!!" He glared directly at his teacher.

"Kan-sensei...we mean no disrespect." Hiryu bowed, "We just wish to help."

Hawks sighed and shook his head. He turned his attention towards the three third years; they were conversing with Kayama Nemuri. There was also a child in the arms of one of the teenagers. '...The blonde kid looks familiar.' 

"Don't worry too much about Eri," Mirio stated as he held the small girl close.

Nemuri smiled at him and placed a hand on his shoulder. "I know you’ll take care of her." She turned her attention towards the other two students. "You two...Amajiki and Hadō, we'll be needing your assistance. Are...are you two up to help? To do some rescue hero work."

"Oooh, yeah yeah! I'm totally up for it! Ready and waiting right, Amajiki-chan?!"

Tamaki nervously glanced from Nejire to Nemuri; his eyes finally landed upon Mirio. "...I...I..." He found his thoughts jumbled into a mess. Eyes began to draw towards him. "...I...okay." He answered just barely above a whisper. His anxiety was starting to get to him and he immediately broke away from the group.

Hawks observed and watched as Tamaki walked into the first year dormitory of class A. He found himself slightly curious about the boy. It was a thought he would have to indulge in later. His eyes shifted towards Snipe watching as the man greeted everyone at the front door. He felt like he was going to a formal event rather than gathering to speak on matters involving a rescue mission.

Not long after waiting to enter the building — he found almost all the seats taken and many Pro-Heroes near the stairs and kitchen. To Hawks, it started to look like they were getting ready for protest. He rolled his eyes and found a small spot beside Enji; they were closest to the exit but, within ear range of everything.

"...Is this really a good idea to have a meeting in such an enclosed area? Feelin' a tad claustrophobic." Taishiro exclaimed from the doorway. A quick glance over his shoulder and he took note that he was basically a door blockade. His cheeks heated up a bit as he faced ahead; a small amount of embarrassment filled him.

"It's good! We did a quick sound-check for the speakers inside and outside the dorm." Hizashi exclaimed from the center of the living room. "So if some of my listeners are still outside, they can still hear me! I'll try not to be too loud now. Don't wanna damage anyone's eardrums." He gave a small laugh. For a moment he felt quiet and began to adjust his the volume on his directional speaker. "Check one...check two..." He grunted in frustration. It was his first time having to actually adjust the volume level; much to his surprise the button was still rotatable. "...Check three! How's that listeners?"

Hizashi watched as everyone spoke amongst one another and they all came to a solid agreement. He received several solid nods. "Good stuff my inside listeners! How's 'bout my far out listeners?"

"Good? Y'all sure?" Snipe asked and he tapped Taishiro's broad back, "Tell that crazy cowpoke we're ready."

The large Pro-Hero looked over his shoulder. His eyes zeroed in on the thumbs up and he turned towards Hizashi, "It's a go, Present Mic!" He exclaimed before returning to his fish snacks.

"Great! Alright many of you have been told, we have a major situation at our hands. One that's too much for just us at U.A. to handle." Hizashi took his shades off, green eyes scanning the crowd before him. He wanted to get an honest look at their expressions. Not hidden behind his trademark shades. "Let me start off with explaining what's going the parent of one of the students is actually here..."

Enji's flames flared as he glared at Hizashi. He was beyond angry and wished to release it. "...It would have been smart to tell us parents before sending those kids off." He growled out and crossed his arms against his chest.

"Ah...yes," Nezu interjected from atop Ryō's shoulder. "While, that may have been a great idea I wished to keep the media away. You of all people should know how they are...and how news can travel easily. So I decided to keep it a trade secret within U.A." He cheerfully threw his arms up. "If you would be as kind as to continue, Present Mic."

Hizashi only nodded his head and his eyes went back to the crowd before him. "Eraserhead is the teacher of the first years in class A. So he's in charge of lesson plans. Himself and Nezu had met up one day discussing actions they could take on getting the kids a better workout. A better handle on rescue situation, better combat training and a better environment where they could focus and be safe. So without further adieu, Principal Nezu, went on a search for the perfect spot and was actually mailed a brochure about a five star ocean bound city — one where many heroes around the world attend to up their training routine." He paused for a moment and took a deep breath; a slow exhale. A small wave of dizziness; he figured it was from saying so much in one breath. "The principal looked on their website and saw reviews from places like Detnerat and few other well known places around Japan. They even had reviews from other countries. So he felt it was trust worthy and purchased tickets on behalf of all the student in class A as well as an extra on for Shinsō Hitoshi, a student getting ready to transfer into the Heroics Course next year." Without much else to do but, talk — Hizashi began to pace the floor. "With that all done, he notified Eraserhead of their three week excursion to the island called The Peerless."

Ryō involuntarily growl and barked, scaring most of everyone within the room. His eyes were filled with fury and he looked at Hizashi, "Grr....The Peerless...he's —" Before he could finish his comment, a loud howl was released. He shook his head slightly and continued to growl; albeit much lower.

"...Uh, Vlad King?" Hizashi pressed the button on his ear piece. Green eyes staring straight in Taishiro's direction.


"Good this thing works too! Anyway, mind givin' my listeners a translation?"

'Sure. What he was going to say was that The Peerless is Harima  Ōji. A famous villain back in the day when Destro existed.'

Hizashi couldn't contain his normal grin and he pressed the button again. "Thanks my translating listener!" He cleared his throat to continue, " are right Hound Dog, The Peerless is the name of the great villain Harima Ōji. It's also the name of the island that Eraser and his class went too. we all know, Eraserhead is a man who thrives on logic. So when that man thinks or feels that something it's right, nine times out of ten...he's being rational. He told me about his worries on the entire situation and couldn't seem to shake the feeling. I asked him if he was going to talk to Nezu-sama but, he refused. And let me tell you...when he refused to take his concerns to Nezu-sama, I was shocked. When it came time for the trip, he told me that sometime on the weekend he would call me to let me know how everything was going."

"The call never came..." Emi stated from the front. She was seated right before the blonde and he could see the large amount of concern within her normally happy eyes.

A slow nod came from him, "Knowing Eraserhead he would call around lunchtime or late in the evening, after the kids were done and settled down. It was something I figured but, I gave him a few calls around lunchtime. That was when I went to the teachers office and All Might had entered..." His green eyes traveled to Toshinori.

The former number one Pro-Hero was seated in the dining room area. He felt everyone's eyes draw towards him. To him, he saw the eyes of people who wished he could get back in the field and it hurt his heart. "...I did and well I was frankly concerned that young Midoriya Izuku hadn't called or anything. He's a student that I mentor and as such he is...eccentric and loves to share his adventures with me. Knowing him, I would receive many photos and it never happened." Toshinori recounted and explained with small details, "Later that night, Mic tried to call to no avail. And when that happened he told me of his concerns..."

"Which lead us here." Hizashi pulled everyones attention back on him, "Right now, the police or S.W.A.T. or whatever they are should be out there getting ready. Honestly, I couldn't have done this alone...I wanna thank All Might, Tsukauchi Naomasa of the police force and...believe it or not, a college student. I can't disclose his identity unfortunately but, he is very much aware of who he is."

Enji pushed himself off the wall as he approached Hizashi, "I was wondering when you were going to be finished. Being long winded like that keeps them in the danger they are in." He watched as Hizashi's gaze shifted away from him. Quickly he turned towards the large group of Pro-Heroes, "What we need is to act fast."

"We need to know who can and can't go though!" Hizashi exclaimed silencing Enji. He could tell the man was angry for being cut off but, he didn't care. All he knew was that they couldn't bring a chunk of Japan's greatest heroes just to save an underground Pro-Hero and several students. Reaching his hand up to his ear piece he began to speak, "Vlad King...ask those outside who will be willing to help."

'Already did. So far we've got...Mirko, Mt. Lady, Kamui Woods, Gang Orca and Gunhead. The rest dismissed themselves. You?'

"...Well...I don't know," Hizashi pulled his hand away from the button and looked at the cramped group of heroes. They all look amongst each other in silence.

Taishiro rose his hand above his head. "I'm going for sure. Gotta keep my team FatGum safe! And plus, I owe Eraserhead a lot." He looked toward Tamaki, who was a nervous wreck. A large smile covered his face, "I'll be ready whenever, Present Mic!!"

"You already know my answer." Enji grumbled.

Emi stood up quickly, "I'm going too! I...I just can't abandon Eraserhead like that..." She gave a brave smile to Hizashi.

He also smile as well, his spirit lifting more and more as more hands shot up. "...Okay, so here's who we have...FatGum, Endeavor, Ms. Joke..."

"Count me in as well..."

There was silence when the elderly voice came into play. Taishiro took notice the man was in front of him, "Need help there?" A solid nod was given and he lifted the smaller man up as high as he could.

"Gran Torino?!" Toshinori stood immediately from his seat.

Sorahiko raised his cane above his head; shaking it furiously towards his former pupil. "Oh, hush Toshinori! Just because I'm old and decrepit doesn't mean I can't fight." He grinned widely as he turned his attention towards Hizashi.

'Including myself, you, Hound Dog, Snipe and Midnight that's a total of...fourteen.'

'Fourteen Pro's...that should be good enough but...' Hizashi's thoughts came to a halt as he noticed a raised hand. It was the number ten Pro-Hero, Tatsuma Ryūko better known as Ryūkyū. Her eyes were closed and her face contorted as if she was having a mental struggle for an answer. "...Yeah, what's good my Dragoon listener?" He asked, placing her on the spotlight.

"I..." Ryūko started off quietly. Her eyes were closed tightly and her mind was swimming with thoughts. Thoughts on how her last group mission had gone. She feared for the loss of a fellow Pro-Hero but, she feared even more for the children who had been through so much. "...Just tell me when we are leaving. And no I will not fly anyone over there on my back." Her statement was stern as she opened her eyes; looking at everyone in the room.

"Fifteen, Vlad." Hizashi stated over his ear piece. A smile was finally brought to his face. A real one. One that said, he knew they were going to win this battle. "Anyone else? We leave in less than two hours!! Those who are coming, go prep yourselves. Follow Power Loader to the Support Department workshop if you need anything tweaked. Those who are hungry, go to Lunch-Rush and he'll have somethin' mighty good for you awesome listeners!! As for those who have decided not to go...stay safe out there!!"

Everyone winced as the Voice Hero ended on a loud note. Hizashi didn't seem to notice much as he began to make his way towards the nearest exit that wasn't blocked. He had work to do. Managing to exit the building, he walked towards the front to speak with Sekijirō. Once the man came into full view — Hizashi took notice that his students wouldn't leave him alone.

"Sir Vlad King, it has become my best interest that we also attend this mission."

Sekijirō gripped the pen and clipboard as he continued to write. He would have hoped his students would give up and accept the fact that they weren't coming but, they proved him wrong. "...Shishida." A click was heard as he sheathed the pen. He gave his student a very serious look, "It is in all of your best interest to find another way to pay class A back. Understood?"

Jūrōta only stood there and looked down at his shoes. Both his hands were limp at his sides. "...But sir..."

"No but's Shishida. None of you are going. That's final." Sekijirō frowned as he watched his student back away; defeated. His attention then moved towards his entire class. "Ahem," Clearing his throat he turned towards his beloved students, "Class B...please stand at attention this is important. Now...don't go thinking that I believe you guys aren’t capable of handling this task..."

"Sure as hell seems that way..." Togaru grumbled as he crossed his arms. His eyes stayed trained upon his teacher.

"Then I apologize that you cannot yet see that Kamakiri. But I don’t." He watched as his student turned his head away. It was something that he could understand. The frustration of not being able to help when you wished. However, his heart wouldn't let his students get into harms way. Especially when he knew it was dangerous. "I know you kids can handle everything this world could throw at you. wasn't just class A that survived the forest that night but, you guys did as well. And you learned from it. I..." Sekijirō sighed as he looked at the faces of his students. "...I just can't bring myself to allow any of you to do this. It'll be far too dangerous and...we're already bringing two students. Just...think of something else to do for class A. I'm sure they'll appreciate anything."

Itsuka's hand twitched slightly. She wanted to raise her hand. To argue the facts but, she knew he was only doing what was best for them. For their safety. She shook her head and stepped forward to be in front of her classmates. From her peripheral she caught Hizashi waiting. "...Come on everyone. Go on about your business. Study or clean or train...we will all see Aizawa-san and class A when they are here safe and sound." There was grumbling coming from them as they turned around. All of them heading towards their dorm; except Neito. "...Monoma go." She pointed as she stared blankly at her classmate.

"I know, I was just waiting for you was all, miss class rep."

There was a tone within his voice that didn't seem normal. Itsuka frowned as she began to walked towards Neito. She could tell he wasn't feeling his normal self. Neito stayed silent as they walked side by side. Neither of them saying a word as they slowly walked towards their dorms. Both of their minds, heavy and hearts filled with mixed emotions.

"Seems like he was a little rough on those kids." Hawks muttered as he exited the dormitory. By his side was Enji and the man still had an intense heat about him. One that started to singe his feathers a little.

"You're not coming?"

Hawks hummed to himself and looked over at Enji. The man wasn't looking at him but, over top of him. As to who he was staring at he wasn't sure. Nor did he care much. "...Nah, I got a job waitin' for me..." He pulled his phone. There was several text messages from Dabi and a few missed calls from the Hero Association. "Which I am going to be late for."

"Hmph, then why bother coming?"

This time around Enji's cold blue eyes locked onto Hawks. There was so much emotion whirling within that Hawks felt a little chill down his spine. Right now, he was glad that he wasn't those villains. He almost felt sorry for them and their stupid decisions. "Well...first off you asked." He easily pointed out and stepped a few feet ahead of Enji. His wings stretched out, "And well, I'm a curious man, Endeavor. Just had to know what was going on and where it was taking place. Unfortunately, it's out of my zone so...I am unable to be of service." A strong flap of his wings lifted him from the ground. "Well...I wish you luck. And bring my star pupil Tokoyami back without a feather missing! I'll catch you later Endeavor."

Without another word he took off into the sky. The only place he felt free. The only place that allowed him to truly think. Hawks placed his shades and allowed his mind to drift as he flew to his next destination. '...I'll make if up to you someday Endeavor. Right doesn't seem like I'll get that chance. Not until my mission is completed.' 

Chapter Text

Izuku could hear his heart thumping rapidly in his ear drums. As always he was nervous. Sadly enough, it was stemming from his childhood friend Katsuki. Though, it wasn't particularly him — it was more of what he shared with him.

Since being told the new plan, Izuku was now their only beacon of hope. His classmates only hope of getting out alive. Katsuki had emphasized on that at several points during their conversation. It was a shared secret between him and the ash blonde. That he would take immediate action when he saw necessary.  

Izuku felt cold sweat drip from his forehead. His forest  green-eyes locked with the fiery red ones of Katsuki. The older teen looked like he was depending on him heavily. For what, Izuku hadn't a clue yet. All he could do was listen to what his friend had to tell him.

"Those fuckers are probably going to take us from this hellhole and separate us. The separation part I can fuckin' guarantee that will actually happen." Izuku's eyes widened at the matter of fact statement.

'Separation?! No...we...'  Izuku's mind screamed at him. His entire body tensed.

"Once it does, there is literally nothing we can fuckin' do." Katsuki looked down for a moment before continuing, "Todoroki isn't coming back down here. Just like Aizawa-sensei isn't coming back down. Leaving these's an endgame. You get me?" He watched as Izuku slowly nodded, "...So I need you to do something for for all of us..." 

Izuku  reluctantly nodded as he swallowed. His nerves were beyond jumpy — it was like they were going hyper. Like he was on some sort of sugar rush.

"Your going to have to fight these guys."

"W-what?! Kacchan...I can't..."

Katsuki clicked his tongue as he glared at Izuku, "SHUT UP!! Deku shut the fuck up and listen!!" He growled lowly as he regained Izuku's attention. He didn't need the boy to start fretting out now. Not yet. Not anytime. "You are going to fuckin' fight these assholes. You decide when though. I can't be there for your ass all the time and tell you when to jump. So between the moment they walk your ass out of that iron door and to wherever the fuck your gonna be fuckin' break free. You break away from those bastard. Use what they gave you against them."

"...Kacchan..." Izuku stressed as tears slipped from the corners of his eyes. He was so afraid. His green-eyes traveled down to the heavy cuffs.

Sure they could be used as weapons but, Izuku's strength had been dwindling by the day. Same as Katsuki and now he was expected to do the unthinkable. Alone. "What if they take precautionary measures?" He asked quietly, eyes still widened.

"Pfft, think moron." Katsuki shook his head at Izuku. "All those times they attacked you...did they inject you with anything?" Izuku slowly shook his head. "Alright, how's about when they fuckin' took those cuffs off, eh? When they tried to tempt you into fighting?" Once again, Izuku shook his head. "You see...these bastards don't think you need it. Why? Cuz they've weakened you." Izuku frowned, his brows furrowing. "Use their idiocy against their asses. Fuckin' beat those ignorant shits at their own game. Sure you may be feeling like shit right now...but, show 'em that even in that state, you're the strongest fucker they've gotta deal with."

Izuku looked away for a moment. He was trying to come to terms with everything he was being told. Everything he was being asked to do. He doesn't know how long they've been hidden away but, it seemed to damage some part of him. He wasn't sure if he could see himself winning against their enemies.

"Oi!! Shit nerd, you with me?!" Katsuki snapped at him silently. Without looking up, Izuku nodded his head. "...Look you've got this shit. Alright? You can't be thinkin' about shit going south alright? You've been a fuckin' hero all those other times and showed so many bastards what it was like to get their asses kicked!" Katsuki’s memory took him back to when a quirkless Izuku attempted to rescue him from the sludge villain and then when Izuku had jumped in to save All Might at USJ and when he ran throughout the Beast Forest to save him. "Show 'em what a hero is made it?"


Everything was up to him now. He was their last and only hope. There was absolutely no signs of the Pro-Heroes coming to rescue them. And like Katsuki said, their teacher was down for the count as assumed by his prolonged absence.

Izuku looked over his shoulder. His eyes easily gliding down the row of emptied cells. 

It was by the hour they were taken. And each of their expressions was permanently burned into his brain; the fear in their face. It was haunting.

Of course, everyone got loud and rowdy every hour they stopped by to take another. Katsuki remained in a strange silence; his back pressed firmly against the stone wall and his shoulder against the bars.

The only one remaining was Tenya and he was still giving himself a workout. He ignored their torturers as they laughed and verbally discouraged him.

It wasn’t long before he too, was gone.

All the cells opposite of Izuku and his remaining classmates — were cleared out.

"This is it, huh? We're all going to die..."

Izuku looked down his own row of cells. His green eyes landing upon Minoru. The smaller teenager paced the floor; the sound of gravel being kicked around was accompanying the movements.

"That's not gonna happen Mineta..."

The sound in Hanta's voice tired. Izuku figured it was from yelling; he had been part of the rowdier group within the class.

"YES WE ARE!!" Minoru shouted defiantly. "We ARE going to DIE!"

"Mineta...for the last time, shut up." Kyōka said blandly as she huddled herself closer towards Mashirao. It was a silent decision of hers to make — to keep the man away from harm. One that Fumikage seemingly agreed too as he  shuffled himself closer to the two.

Izuku found himself extremely surprised that Katsuki had yet to yell at the other. He was still stuck in his uncomfortable silence. One that had Izuku concerned. He was sure he wasn't the only one who was worried.

Shifting his green eyes towards Katsuki, he noticed how the light reflected off of his body perfectly. The coat of sweat seemed to get heavier and heavier; Katsuki hadn't complained. Izuku wondered if he was burning up with a fever. He looked at the severely damaged right hand. It was gloved but, there was evidence of injury; dried blood and painful sharp fragments of his bone was sticking out.

"'re just silencing me because you know it's true!" Minoru pointed an accusing finger towards Kyōka. He earned himself a glare from those who were listening.

Hitoshi shifted his eyes towards Minoru. His chin rested upon drawn knees and his arms wrapped tightly, "...No. I'm sure she really just wants your tiny ass to shut up." A knowing raised eyebrow and a smirk was present.

Just as Minoru was about to argue with Hitoshi, he was startled; running directly behind Hanta. There was a noise that was familiar to all of them. The sound of metal creaking and those who remained, including Katsuki, looked at the cells across from them.

Izuku's eyes scanned down the cells again. He did two more times until something caught his eyes. Izuku shifted his body around to be on his knees and he squinted his eyes. The noise had came from the cell that was occupied by Tsuyu, Mezō and Tōru.

'...But...there all gone...' The rational thought passed his mind. Still he wasn't satisfied. He felt that something or someone was still over there.

"THIS PLACE IS HAUNTED!!! HELP!!! GETS US OUTTA HERE!!!" Minoru shouted as loudly as he could. A mad dash towards his cell door and he gripped the bars. "HELP US!!! WE'RE GONNA DIE BY A GHOST!!!"

"...Shit will you shut up?!" Hitoshi snapped at him. He didn't need someone annoying on top of the fact he didn't get good rest to add to his already terrible mood. His eyes shifted towards Katsuki and Izuku, wondering if the two were interested in what the sound was and who or what it was coming from.

" way!! This is what happens!! When the numbers dwindle and we're in smaller groups the ghost come out and attack!! This place is haunted!!"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!" Katsuki yelled only to throw himself into a coughing fit. A thought to himself that it was worth it; all the coughing. That Minoru would only shut up if he heard it from him.

Izuku's eyes shifted from the cell across from him to Katsuki. His friend looked to be having a difficult time as he continue coughing and hacking. He frowned but, kept his silence. Knowing Katsuki, he would get even angrier if asked multiple questions about how he was holding up.

When his coughing finally decided to subside — his chest felt heavy. Like it was difficult to get air through his lungs. Katsuki leaned his head back against the wall and panted, breathing uneven. His hazy red eyes never left the cell the noise came from.

"...H-hello? Whose there?" Izuku spoke up for the group. His heart was pounding behind his ribcage. Thoughts slowly became a frantic jumbled mess once again.


"Eh...?" Katsuki raised a brow and tilted his head.

Hanta unfolded his legs and stood up, brushing himself off. "No way...Hagakure?! Is that seriously you?!" He slowly approached the door of his cell.

"...Yes now shush!!" Tōru replied and stepped out of her cell door.

"...How?" Hitoshi stared quizzically. He released his arms from a tight hold and pushed himself up to stand. His back stayed firmly pressed against the wall.

"Stripped. I knew they'd forget about me sooner or later." Tōru replied easily.

It was a complete slap in the face to Katsuki as realization hit him. Sadly enough, he had forgotten that Tōru was still amongst them. His eyes widened. 'She could be part of the plan!! She can follow Izuku and help him break free...fuck yes!' A grin crept on his face. "Oi...invisible girl," His voice was still rough from the coughing and yelling. "Listen up...I'mma—"

The large iron door squeaked loudly as it opened. Katsuki quickly silenced himself and glared at those who entered. It was Jun and Longwei, they closed in on Hanta and Minoru's cell.

"No...NO!!!" Minoru dashed towards Hanta to cling onto his long legs. Hanta didn't protest as he glared at the men that stood between their freedom. That kept them from their freedom.

"Finally someone who ain't gonna fight...shit. Your little friends are a fuckin' hand full ya know?" Longwei commented as he got out shackles. Jun opened the cell door.

It didn't take long for both Hanta and Minoru to be gathered and taken away.

Izuku felt a small amount of anger flare up. It was small but, he noticed it. He looked down at his heavy cuffs again. 'I need to use this anger...let it flare up. Like Kacchan. And then nothing will stand between me and saving them...all of them.' Izuku nodded his head at his thought. Being afraid wasn't going to do him any good if he was to be the one saving them all. 'And Hagakure-chan is here...she could help!!' 

"What'd ya wanna say Bakugō?" Tōru asked, her voice close to a whisper.

Katsuki nodded his head, "You're gonna fuckin' help Deku break free once he leaves this area." A few gasps caught his ear. It was coming from the few people that remained to the left of him. He didn't care how surprised they were.

"What the hell are you talking about, Bakugō?" Kyōka asked as she eyed the blonde.

Even Mashirao lifted his head up from his arms. His eyes staring directly at Katsuki. "...Did you plan something and not tell everyone?" 

A exasperated sigh escaped from Katsuki. A roll of his eyes and he nodded. His red eyes shifted towards the four teenagers that looked at him as if he were crazy. "I did. Why? Cuz I know you extra's will go along with it." He moved his full attention towards Izuku, "Deku is gonna be our beacon in a way. Invisible girl is gonna trail close behind 'em and when Deku says go, you fuckin' go. Got it?"

"Anything to get us outta here." Tōru exclaimed as she walked closer towards the iron door. She pressed her body against the cold cell bars.

Fumikage sighed as he closed his eyes, "Then our lives are in your hands Midoriya." He leaned his head back against the bars. "...I believe in you." Kyōka and Mashirao nodded in agreement as they looked at Izuku.

"We don't have any other choice...I'm aboard." Hitoshi replied as he seated himself.

After the small discussion about their tweaked plan, they all fell into silence. Hitoshi attempted to get some rest; closing his eyes and leaning his head back.

'Resting up right now does seem like an idea but...' Izuku's eyebrow knitted together tightly. His attention wondered away from Hitoshi and landed upon Katsuki. The ash blonde had fallen silent — his red eyes staring at nothing in particular. There was a haziness within his eyes and it worried Izuku.

"Well...we'll be next to go..." Mashirao broke the thickening silence. His chin rested upon his crossed forearms. There wasn't any fear or worry in his heart or mind. 

Fumikage nodded his head, "Yes. Looks that way."

"Wonder when there coming?" Kyōka questioned as she looked at Fumikage. He shrugged, not truly knowing how long ago Hanta and Minoru had been taken away.

Hitoshi groaned, "Does it matter? Just get rest shit..." He kicked his legs out in front of himself. "Don't really know when you'll be able to rest your head again."

"...He's fuckin' right. Rest up or stay up." Katsuki agreed, his voice was rough but at the same time soft.

"How strange...there's a certain kindness in your tone there..." Kyōka teased and smiled at Katsuki. The ash blonde rolled his eyes.

"Shut the fuck up."

"You really are being easy going with us right now, Bakugō." Tōru pointed out.

Katsuki snorted, a smirk forming on his face. "You think so? Fuck you guys then..." He trailed off. "...I don't even know if this fuckin' plan is gonna work..." He glared at the gloves on his hands and the shackles that kept them in place. "Hell we might not even see each other ever again."

"...Do you doubt your own plan?" Fumikage's voice came into play.

The only thing Katsuki could do was nod. So much bad things had been happening to them that it was hard to see the good.

The first idea they all came up with together was questioned so heavily that it ended in shouting matches. In the end, it was scrapped. The next plan came after Izuku had pointed out a few things to everyone and tested his theories; which had been proven. Once, they had the knowledge that the system had little effect on mutation quirks — Fumikage suggested that they allow them to handle things. That plan had showed some progression until Mashirao had injured himself. Soon that plan withered away; leaving almost all of them hopeless. It wasn't until then that Katsuki shared his idea with only Izuku; it was a fool proof plan. Unfortunately it only involved Izuku — until they learned that Tōru was left behind by the guards. A small tweak in his plan brought his invisible classmate into the picture. When he first told her, his original fool proof plan had upgraded.

The more Katsuki thought of his own plan; the more his doubt surfaced. The chances of them escaping was extremely slim because, they were all weakened from being starved or beaten. "I've got my reasons so don't go talkin' shit." His voice was stern. "...I guess, I just wanted to have hope stay alive. If Deku could just miraculously break fuckin' free and kick the shit outta these assholes or just go around freeing who he can before fighting...just maybe we'll live."

" must seriously have a fever." Kyōka commented. Katsuki seemed to completely ignore her.

Again, the silence took over the group. This time none of them struck up a conversation; all stuck in their separate thoughts. None of them could sleep, not without worrying about what was waiting for them next.

The iron door opened up once again, this time it revealed four people. Two were recognizable while the others were completely new.

"We've come bringing good friends." Longwei grinned as he walked down the small amount of stone steps. "Meet Ganbaatar." He stepped to the side and the large man stepped forward. He looked relatively normal — except his hulking size. His jaw was wide and jutted out and his pale blue eyes sent shivers down their spines. "Don't let his size fool you, he's a talkative asshole who never knows when to shut up." He felt a glare his direction, "Up next is a real good friend of mines...Gang." The next man was much shorter than the first, standing slightly taller than Fumikage. His eyes were pools of blackness that left them feeling uneasy.

Mashirao kept his head down and stiffened when he heard gravel being kicked. Then keys jingled and a clanking was heard as it hit the cell door. Their cell door. He could feel his classmates stop all movement. Perhaps even holding their breath.

Longwei brushed by his companions. "They're only here to help me deal with..." Slowly his hand raised and his pointer finger unfolding directly towards Fumikage, "You."

'Me?! Why? I can't even use my damn quirk with this bullet in my arm!' The thought was frantic as Fumikage felt panic setting in. He could feel Dark Shadow react slightly but, his quirk still remained dormant. Roughly he was pulled to his feet by the two men. Ganbaatar released him allowing Gang to tighten his grip around Fumikage's bicep. Around the area the bullet had hit him. He gritted his teeth against each other and his red eyes glared at the one who held him. He was pushed towards the entrance of the cell.

Ganbaatar stomped his way towards Kyōka. She couldn't help but to be scared as the man towered overtop of her. She felt herself being yanked up roughly by the large man. His grip around her forearm was crushing. Kyōka nearly tripped as she was shoved towards Fumikage.

"I've gotta admit...I'm impressed that you managed to do that much damage with your tail! I would have been convinced that you were born with iron plating overtop of the bones and blood vessels but..." Longwei looked from Mashirao to the damaged cell door. There was dried blood. "...The blood gives everything away doesn't it? Too bad...really, perhaps if you had a quirk like mines, you'd already be halfway out of here. It counts to have been born with Iron Soles I tell ya!!"

Last was Mashirao, who felt himself tremble. His heart was racing and he locked eyes with Hitoshi. There was worry in his expression. One he thought he'd never see on the fact of the same man who used him and made fun of him during the Sports Festival. His ears caught the sound of gravel. He shut his eyes as tightly as he could; heart skipping a beat.


Longwei rolled his eyes and moved his hand towards his hip. His eyes traveled towards the voice and landed upon Hitoshi. It pissed him off that the teenager didn't fear him. "...Ya wouldn't be yelling if Maze was down here now would ya?" Cold metal pressed against his hand and he smirked. "What can ya even do behind that cage of yours, eh?"

Fumikage felt shackles placed upon his wrist. His eyes never left Mashirao. And his mind raced with thoughts. 'They're gonna hurt him Fumi...' Dark Shadow whined and Fumikage felt his anger flare up.

"Fine. We won't touch him. In matter of fact, we'll play a little mini game!" Longwei laughed, "I've got the power kid. But, I like games as well. Actually a little more than having power. You have two minutes to get your ass up." He stared blankly at Mashirao; noticing the teenager shifting around.

"...Or...what?" Mashirao asked, his voice almost far too silent for Longwei to hear.

A gunshot broke everyone's concentration and they jolted at the sound.

Izuku's eyes widened as Fumikage fell screaming in pain. His eyes shot towards Longwei — rage bubbling to the surface.

"Tokoyami!!" Kyōka attempted to reach for her friend but, was stopped by one of the escorts.

Longwei held his gun up, a look of glee as smoke rose from the barrel of the gun. "Heh, lucky enough for ya Tokoyami these bullets won't destroy that monster you've got inside of you." He grinned as he looked at the teenager. "I am so glad I finally got to get your ass back. Really, I was sick of all that silent glaring and ya got red eyes a certain little punk bitch that's two cells down." He jeered at Katsuki and aimed his gun at Fumikage. "I'll give you another two more minutes. No stupid fucking questions." His finger readied at the trigger and he watched as Mashirao struggled to raise up, "...One." A pause and shrug of his shoulders — he pulled the trigger two more times.

The first bullet tore through Fumikage's abdomen. The force of the bullet knocking him down gave him a surprise. Tiny pieces of gravel lodged itself into his back during the impact of his landing. It didn't hurt as much as the bullet does but, when his brain registered both pains — it was almost unbearable. He could hearing yelling and talking above him. Unfortunately, the pain didn't allow him to register the face and voice of the person.

Another burning sensation was felt as two more bullets struck him. One shattering his collar bone and the other tore through his shoulder.

"I'm getting up!! Stop it...please. Stop." Mashirao shouted at the man. He winced at the pain stemming from his tail; choosing to use it over his injured ankle. Testing himself he placed his injured ankle down and bit down on his tongue to keep from screaming. 'No! Tokoyami needs this...I can't let him get hurt because of my own stupid injuries!' With much difficulty he limped towards the exit of the cell and raised his arms up. His eyes zeroed in on his fallen classmate, watching as his face contorted with pain.

Longwei walked up behind Mashirao and stomped down on his tail. The teenager cried out at the extremely painful sensation. It felt like two tons of metal was being dropped on his tail. "Get a fuckin' move on tails." He sneered and nudged Mashirao's shoulder with the gun. "Someone stand that bird-brain up. Can't have him looking to pathetic in front of the boss..."

"The boss said not to hurt any of 'em..." Jun pointed out as he picked Fumikage up. He ignored the groans and moans that erupted from the teenager. He pushed the teen into Kyōka — who caught him and held him up as best she could.

"I know ya damn idiot. All I have to do is say that he resisted." Longwei shrugged as he placed his gun back in his holster.

Kyōka pulled Fumikage closer to her. Blood began to soak her shirt but, she opted to ignore it. Her current focus was Fumikage's wellbeing. "...Are...are you okay, Tokoyami...?" Her voice was shaky and her eyes stung with fresh tears. It took a moment for Fumikage to register that he was being asked a question. As much as he wanted to verbally answer his classmate he was force to settle on shaking his head. "...I'm sorry..." She hugged him.

Once the shackles were on Mashirao's wrist he was forced to move forward. He limped up behind Fumikage and placed his underneath his armpits. Fumikage almost jerked away but, that simple movement sent blaring pain throughout his body. "It's just me! It's just me Tokoyami..." Mashirao sighed as the tensed muscles of his young classmate loosened up. "...I am so sorry." He shifted Fumikage over and allowed him to lean his head back against his shoulder.

Jun took to the front of the group and opened the iron door. Longwei exited the cell and left it unlocked. He turned his attention towards Hitoshi. They stared at each other for a short time. "...We're taking him too."

"W-What?!" Hitoshi stuttered in disbelief. Purple eyes widened in surprise as his cell door was being opened up. His back was pressed firmly against the stone wall behind him.

Ganbaatar snatched the keys away from Jun, he made his way directly too Hitoshi. With no trouble it was unlocked and he approached the terrified teenager.

It didn't long for Hitoshi to be subdued.

Soon enough, Katsuki, Tōru and Izuku were left in a tense air of silence. All staring at the large pool of blood that was left behind.

"...Fuck..." Katsuki muttered out. His eyes widened as he looked at the blood. The large amount that was left behind was a cause for concern. Something that welled up deep within. Using the wall behind him — he slowly attempted to stand and leaned his right shoulder against the bars. There was no attempted movement once he was standing. He was aware that it would only make his current dizziness worse. A shaky breath escaped him. 

"...Guys if they bring those two down again...there is no way I can take on that many. And did you see that large guy!! He was almost as tall as All Might!" Tōru shouted and tiptoed her way around the blood. A sigh of relief escaped as she managed to avoid the blood. She headed directly towards Izuku and Katsuki's cell; highly away that they couldn't see her.

Izuku's jaw clenched. His green eyes were still captured by the blood. His mind rerunning the brutality they had shown. Anger and fear was settling. Tears stung at the corners of his eyes; his lip quivered. "We...we have to do this..." He whispered, "...This is it...we can't give up doesn't matter their size or strength." Slowly he shook his head.

"...Deku's right...we ain't given the fuck up now. We've got these losers depending on this shit plan I made that I ain't even sure will work. And even more now since they brought that big motherfucker in." Katsuki agreed with Izuku and looked towards the short teen. He watched as Izuku's shoulders shook. " on rescuing first after you break free. Both of you." He addressed Tōru as well — figuring she was somewhere close by. Izuku only nodded, keeping his silence.

Tōru turned away from Katsuki and Izuku. She pressed her back against the cold bars. "...Right."

Chapter Text


It would be the first thing to come from his mouth if some asked how he was feeling.

The trembles that wracked his body. Small traces of pain would appear for a set period of time. The most pain that lingered stemmed from the knife that was still stuck in his side.

Hypothermia he figured. If the poison coursing through him did kill him first then the hypothermia would and he wouldn't be too upset. He would prefer to die through somewhat normal means.

What he wouldn't give to be able to properly balance his body temperature with his quirk.

He guessed it could've been much worse. They could have already killed him by now. Then again, he wondered if that was the torture — to be awake and alive through everything he has seen and been through.

A knock came to the door and it echoed. Shōto felt his breath hitch. It was painful. Every part of his body hurt but, it was mostly his insides. They felt like they were on fire — like everything was burning up. He had never been poisoned before, so he wasn't certain what to expect.

He did know one thing; he was constantly coughing up clots of blood. At first it was every other day and slowly it progressed to everyday. He knew it was Isao's quirk. Just as he said, it was slowly killing him. His strength had greatly declined since the quirk wreaked havoc throughout his body. Even when they did finally feed him — it did help any and he would throw it back up.

A hand smacked him in the back of his head.

It reminded him of when he would train with his father. He had been thinking a lot about his past lately; ever since he was taken away from his classmates. Thinking a lot of how his father use to be for so many years of his life. About how his father finally said he was willing to change for the sake of a better family. Something that he wouldn't mind getting to see. His father change for the good of their family.

A part of him never gave up on hope for escape. It was something that came to the forefront of his mind when he would slowly wake up.

"I know you're awake kid." Maze's voice caused anger to boil within Shōto. "How're the fingers doin' kid?"

His fingers, it was another thing that hurt. They had told him that every time one of them came in, between Maze and Longwei, they would each bone in his fingers. So far one finger on his right hand remained undamaged as well as his entire left hand.

A shaky breath released from his constricted lungs. His hands involuntarily twitched and his teeth clenched at the pain the circulated throughout his swollen fingers.

The sound of a chair being dragged caught his ear. It stopped just a little ways in front of him. A creaking noise echoed as a heavy weight settled itself into the chair.

Silence passed between the two.

Shōto felt sharp nails brush against his temple. He jolted his head back, causing more pain.

"Be still you damn idiot." Maze grumbled.

He felt the presence of a hand coming closer towards his face. Stubbornly, he turned his head away; teeth gritting against one another.

"Tch, fine! Have it your way." Maze snapped, "...Well todays gonna be your big day, Todoroki."

Some part of Shōto wanted to know what he meant by that and then there was the other half. The half that didn't care for what he was talking about.

"...Still wanna be rude? Ah well...guess that can't be helped for the son of some hotshot hero." Maze laughed, it grated Shōto's nerves, "Anyway on to more important matters. Looks like your teacher has called for you."

The last comment caught Shōto's attention. Slowly, he turned his head towards the man and tilted it to the side.

"That's what catches your attention? Are you serious Todoroki?" Maze openly mocked him, "You've gotta be kidding dense are you kid? Ah, be still lemme get that cloth off your eyes. Speakin' of's that eye of yours doin', eh?"

Shōto took a sharp inhale as the cloth pulled at the damaged skin over his left eye. The partially healed skin began to bleed again. He felt small droplets of blood trickle down his face.

Not too long after Longwei had burned his left eye — they immediately placed a cloth overtop of his eyes. Temporarily blinding him. Keeping him in the darkness.

Burns were something that didn't heal all too easily. Something that he knew well enough since he was a child. However, this burn was completely different. The circular piece of metal that was used had taken two layers of his skin.

They left him bleeding. Bleeding and screaming in pain. It was much worse than when his mother burned him with boiling water. So much worse. This time around, he was certain he wasn't going to be seeing out of his left eye for the rest of his life. If he ever got to see the rest of it.

'A damaged eye is the least of my worries. we need to get out of here.' Shōto glared at Maze with his good eye.

"Pfft!! You think I'm afraid of that look?" Maze pointed at him with a grin on his face. He began to laugh. This only made Shōto angrier. "You look like a wet cat kid. You hear me? A WET CAT!!! Ain't nothin' scary about a damn injured kitty cat kid."

Shōto stayed silent and watched as Maze leaned back in his chair. There was tension in the air. He could feel it. So much worse than him and his father. '...I wonder if that bastard of a father knows I'm missing?' Now that Shōto thought about it; he doesn't remember his teacher saying anything about their parents knowing of the trip. Which made matters much worse.

"'ll be leaving this room and going to where that hobo is got it? Oh, and you might see your good ol' classmates on the way!" Maze exclaimed with fake excitement. "Honestly, you've got me surprised! Normally Isao's poison would've killed you...about a day or two ago. But you...just look at you..." Maze stood up as he eyed Shōto. He was truly impressed. "I don't know what's keeping you alive kid...but damn, give me some of that! Lemme know, I might be able to live a longer life."

'...This asshole is the biggest dumbass...god I'm starting to sound like Bakugō...' Shōto shook his head. The only things he connected with the guy before him was curse words. Plenty of them. 'He's such a bad influence. Being the oldest in the class...I wonder how he's doing...'

"Hey kid? paying me any mind at all?!" Maze snapped his fingers in front of the teenager.

"No." Shōto stated blandly, "I'm not."

An unimpressed expression covered Maze's face. His lips pressed together tightly. He looked as if he wanted to say something back but, couldn't come up with anything good. Without a word he walked towards a metal cart.

Shōto's good eye followed the mans every movement. He hardly missed a beat as he watched him shift through the tools of torture on the top shelf.

They didn't use too many on him. Only using pliers to break the bones in his fingers.

Maze picked up the pliers and examined it. "...I knew we weren't gonna be able to finish breakin' those damn fingers of yours Todoroki..." He turned sharply on his heel towards the bound teenager. "So...I was thinkin' just maybe we could just...I don't know, re-break 'em? The same hand that is." Using the pliers he pointed towards the right hand.

Panic began to settle quickly as Shōto found himself thinking about Izuku's hands. About how much damage he had dealt after re-damaging them during their round at the Sports Festival. He didn't want to know what that felt like. Shōto looked from the thick rope that bound his forearms to the arms of the chair; he began to pull frantically.

"Whoa...whoa whoa kid...this is the first time I've seen panic in your eyes. Well...that's a lie. You panicked when Wei burned you but," Maze shrugged his shoulders and rolled his eyes. "Who cares about that time? You were having flashbacks at that time! But this time...this time it's for real..."

'The hell is he talking about?! All of this fucking fear is real!! Just because it doesn't show on my doesn't mean that I'm not scared...' Shōto stopped all movement as he processed his thoughts. It was like a brick hit him, square in his face.

He was afraid. It wasn't the torturing that he was afraid of — it was the possibility of never being able to see his family again. Of never being able to fulfill his childhood dream of being a hero. Of not being able to see his friends and classmates and teacher ever again.

Suddenly, there was a sharp pain within his right hand. Maze was breaking his fingers again.

Shōto bit down on his tongue to keep himself from screaming. His arm twitched violently and he could taste  the blood from his tongue. Tears began to roll down his cheeks indiscriminately and he closed his right eye tightly.

"Aw shit Todoroki, is that tears I see? The son of the great Endeavor...sheds tears?" Maze taunted as he grabbed the undamaged pinky finger of the teenager; pressing the cold metal pliers against his skin. Using the pliers he slowly bent the pinky finger back and sharply twisted it to the side. A sickening crack was heard followed by a muffled scream.

Shōto could feel blood trickling between the small openings between his lips. He threw his head back in agony. The smallest of his fingers was snapped in all directions. A sharp fragment of bone tore through his skin slightly and began to bleed.

"It can't be that bad Todoroki..." Maze shook his head and reclaimed his seat. "You wanna know what's painful? I never use to look like this...a fucking animal." He pointed towards himself, "The way my quirk use to work, I was able to transfer into a grizzly bear. I was the baddest fucking punk out on the damn streets too..." He frowned as he eyed Shōto. "And then Isao took me in when I was...what twelve? And I went through some teenager shit...I threw temper tantrums. I cussed him out. He ain't ever hurt me or shunned me. Hell I even ran away!!" He shouted as he clenched his fist, "...That was my first damn mistake. I ran away. You know...Isao, he ain't ever use to live here. Even though he owned this entire city. He never lived here...he loved living in Japan."

Shōto's felt his chest rise and fall as he panted heavily. He opened his eye to glare at Maze. His body trembled fiercely.

"Even though he hated the heroes and police. He stayed cuz it was home. His home...and I fucked that up for him." Maze raised his hands towards his face. He could feel the poorly sutured scar on the side of his muzzle. Memories of living with Isao flashed through his mind. Memories of the only person who ever cared for him. "If I hadn't ran away. If I had just stayed the fuck put...but no, I went out into the streets being an angry fucking teenager and fucked everything up. Some bastards dragged me away. Injected me with this thing called Trigger. Ever heard of it?" He watched as Shōto slowly shook his head. "...Well it ain't a pretty drug. Fucks with your quirk factor. Making some parts of it stronger than other parts. For me it completely canceled out my ability to transform into a grizzly bear. My quirk was formerly a fucking transformation type. That fucking trigger apparently upgraded it and it took on an entirely different category. I went from transformation type to a mutant type. Nobody can explain how it could even do that. Not science. Not Isao. Not the fucking police. Not the stupid heroes. And certainly not the fucking people who kidnapped me!! A complete and strange phenomenon they couldn't possibly proved an explanation for. THAT'S WHAT'S PAINFUL YOU FUCKING LITTLE SHIT!! Being...being this!!" He knocked his chair over as he stood up and threw the pliers at Shōto; hitting him square in his chest. "Looking like a fucking freak for the rest of my life!! I hated people with mutant quirks. Always thought they were fucking freaks...and look at me now...."

Silence followed after Maze's shouting. He walked circles around Shōto's chair; chest heaving. His fist shook.

Shōto listened as circles were walked around him. The man walked around him more than twenty times; he was certain. Next he felt sharp nails cut the rope and into his skin. Sharp nails dug into his skin, splitting skin and he was yanked to his feet. His stomach flipped and the dizziness began to set in.

Maze took note of this quickly and he stepped away quickly; watching as the teenager vomited over the floor. "...Whoever has clean up duty...good luck with that..." He grumbled as he listened to the gagging. "I ain't got time for this you little shit." Forcefully he grabbed Shōto by the arm and lead him out the door. "We're gonna take a nice little walk down a fucked up lane Todoroki."

Shōto stumbled slightly but, continued to walk forward. He lifted his head up and looked around as they were walking. Much to his surprise the halls were crowded filled with several people; some dressed in business suits and others looked like thugs. '...What's going on...?' He wondered to himself.

"So is Ganbaatar gonna be at the front door?"

"I don't know...I thought that was going to be Jun."

"I heard that it was going to be Longwei himself. Apparently he and Gang said that they'd hold home base until broadcast is over."

'Broadcast? Front door? What the hell is going on?' Shōto turned his head all the way around to his left side. His eye widened and before he could think — he began to shout. "Ojiro...? Jirō?! TOKOYAMI!!!" He pulled away from Maze but was met with strong resistance.

"Todoroki? Is that Todoroki?! TODOROKI!!" Kyōka shouted out.

"Todoroki!!! We're going to get out of here...okay?! We're going to survive!!" Mashirao shouted after him, keeping a tight hold on the semiconscious Fumikage.

Shōto nodded his head as he was forced to pass them by, "I know!! I know!! I'm glad you guys know too!!" He exclaimed; hearing his voice crack. 'We'll be fine...we'll all be fine...'

"Todoroki? You''re alright..."

Shōto's eyes shifted away from the backs of his classmates and landed upon messy purple hair, tired eyes. Hitoshi's eyes were wide as they passed each other by. Shōto nodded his head, "I'm're fine too..." A weight lifted off his shoulders. He was relieved. "Shinsō know we'll be fine right?"

Hitoshi slowly nodded an absentminded expression on his face. He was taking in the damage that Shōto had taken since being away. "Yeah...yeah, I know." He replied quietly and felt a shove from behind.

"Get a damn move on!!" Longwei growled and moved his hand towards his hip. "And you fucking idiots better quit your damn yappin' about all this front door and back door bullshit got it?! Everyone will know their fucking positions soon enough!!"

"I bet that Isao's gonna ask for that kid you got there Wei."

"Go to hell Maze."


"No, get to work you dingus." Longwei snapped, effectively ending the conversation.

Shōto listened as Maze laughed, forcing him to take a sharp turn. His shoulder bumped painfully against the corner of the hallway.


"He is?! TODOROKI!!!"

At the sound of his name tried to stop. 'That was a door I passed!! Uraraka and Satō!! That was them!!' His brain was shouting at him to turn around. To fight and save his friends. A quick strike to the back of his head and he nearly blacked out.

Maze caught Shōto before he fell. An unimpressed expression painted his face, "I don't think you're in shape to be fighting me Todoroki. Just keep it moving." As soon as Shōto regained his footing — Maze gave him a light shove as to avoid knocking him over.



"Oh for the love of...will you shut the hell up?! You have been yelling for the past three or so hours you little shit!!"


The yelling caught Shōto's attention and he whipped his head to the left. 'Kaminari? And Kirishima!! Three doors ahead of Uraraka and Satō. I have to keep that in mind...' He told himself gingerly as he faced forward.

"Kaminari..." Eijirō sighed heavily as he turned away from his friend. His red eyes widened, "...Todoroki? Todoroki!! BRO!!!" He pulled at his restraints. "TODOROKI!!! DUDE!!!"

"Todoroki?! WHERE MAN WHERE?! WHERE THE HELL IS TODOROKI!!!!" Denki shouted and kicked at the man before him; effecting landing a hit between his legs.

A snort was heard from behind him. He figured it was from Maze, laughing at the weak efforts of his classmates. His teeth clenched and gritted against each other, continuing to walk.

The next several doors they passed by were shut. Shōto also figured they were sound proof as well. With the doors being shut, he had no clue of knowing if anymore of his classmates were close by.

"This is turning out to be one hell of a day." Maze spoke up, "Seriously, I thought we were gonna have for torturing you kids some more and not have to worry about the goof troops that are gradually catching up to us..." He clenched his free hand at his side. "I knew it. I just knew that something was going to go wrong! I mean...nine times out of ten the bad guys get their asses handed to 'em....Isao...I really hope you get this shit over with."

They took another left. Shōto couldn't remember the distance between the room that held Shōta was from the room he had been taken too. 'C'mon!! How can I even call myself a hero in training if I can't hold onto a small bit of information like mapping out my positions...' Silently, he cursed himself. ' Ojiro, Jirō, Shinsō and Tokoyami are about...maybe three or perhaps four halls down. From my current position, Uraraka, Satō, Kaminari and Kirishima are one hall away right now. But...I don't have knowledge on the others....where are they?'  His thoughts came to halt as he began to cough violently. He brought his hands to his mouth and raised both in his line of sight. '...Blood. I can't keep holding onto this borrowed fucking time!! I have to come up with something...anything...' 

"Hey Aimée they all out yet?"

Aimée flinched at the sound of her name. She turned to see Maze passing her by, "...What are you asking me for Maze? Didn't you pass Wei on your way here?" She winked and stuck her tongue out and activated her quirk.

"Disappearing act again, huh?" Maze questioned as he looked at the empty space. There was silence as he looked around, "Fine then. Be that way."

There silence as they continued down the hall. Down a hall that had doors but, were shut. Shōto was beginning to wonder if he would be able to locate everyone. He had to be honest with himself, he didn't even know the true location of where Fumikage, Kyōka, Mashirao and Hitoshi were being taken too. And there was apparently a few others left down in the dungeon. As to who, he was entirely sure. Not sure until he located everyone else. 'Then I'll know.'

"Todoroki," Maze called out and smacked the teenager in the back of his head. "Oi kid! Wake up! We're here."

Shōto glared at the larger man from his peripheral. The treatment of his being was pissing him off a great amount. He wondered what his own limit would be or perhaps, end. Deciding it wasn't worth the waste of energy, he walked into the open room.

The first thing he noticed was Shōta had been moved. He was to his right this time instead of being out in the open. Turning to see what was on his left side — he took notice that there was a camcorder and a camera set up. 'Was...was that here the last time?' Behind the camcorder was a boy who looked to be about his age, perhaps younger.

"Oh...why if it isn't the young Todoroki! The son of the number one Pro-Hero in Japan! The son of Endeavor..." Isao grinned as he stepped away from a young teenager. Shōto's eyebrows furrowed as he took it the appearance of the other boy who sat behind a laptop screen. He looked just like the boy who was working the camcorder. "Todoroki? Do I have you attention young man? Or should I say...little hero."

"...Go fuck yourself." Shōto growled. It seemed to be a wrong move as he felt a sharp pain in the back of his legs. Now, he was on his knees at the mercy of Isao; a man who wanted to cause him bodily harm.

"Seems like that explosive, Bakugō is a bad influence on you." Maze grumbled and crossed his arms.

Tension began to build up and Shōto could feel every little bit of it. Isao had shifted his attention towards Maze and then back towards him. "...Be gentle, Masao. I ask this of you kindly." Seemingly receiving an answer from Maze, Isao stooped down, "...Young hero, are you ready for your amazing debut? You and your teacher, Mr. Eraserhead will be my main stars." Isao grinned as his eyes traveled towards the knife in Shōto's abdomen. "Do you adore my weapon so much? Why you can have it if you wish!"

"...Like I said...go fuck yourself." Shōto repeated through his clenched teeth. The very hands that wanted to hurt him had reached out and pulled the knife out with precision. "Shit..." He watched as Isao twisted the knife between his fingers; seemingly fascinated by the blood.

Isao stayed quiet as he eyed the knife that was back in his possession. "It's rude to speak to people in such a way Todoroki. You say he gets this from...Bakugō Katsuki?" His eyes traveled towards Maze. The man nodded. "I must meet this young man, I really must. But...for now I'll return this to it's place and," Isao came down upon Shōto's shoulder with the knife. "Return to my current business at hand."

An ear piercing scream caused Shōta to jolt awake violently. He hissed as he felt pain throughout his body. His eyes stung badly as he opened them up. The first thing he noticed was the lights. It was always the lights. They caused him such a headache every time he woke up in the mornings. If he was even able to get any sleep at all. Another thing he noticed was that — he wasn't in his bed like he'd thought. His aches and pains weren't from a long nights work. He winced as he felt a sharp pain in the back of his head. 'That's right...a damn concussion.' Shōta cussed underneath his breath, his stinging eyes traveling towards a familiar multicolored batch of hair. 'Todoroki?! Shit...what did they do to you...' He looked away and noticed the others in the room. They were moving about do their business.

Maze kicked Shōto over and grinned as the teenager fell. "I would've thought a Todoroki would be a hardass. This one...nope."

"Now now...don't be so hard on the dear boy..."

"T...Todoroki..." Shōta grumbled out as he ignored the current conversation being held. He groaned as his head pounded. He wondered how loud he was actually talking for his head to hurt so badly. "...Todoroki..."

"Oh!! My oh, oh my...Mr. Eraserhead! You're finally awake." Isao smiled as he looked at the Pro-Hero. "We have brought to you, your student." A look of distaste caught his eye, "Oh such a nasty look Mr. Eraserhead. How long little Yasu?" He asked, looking down at the young teenager.

Yasuhiro typed away on the keyboard his eyes gliding across the screen. "...Maybe four hours? It's...well a small challenge to hack every news and any other larger station that we can broadcast on."

"C'mon Yasu, you're like the smartest out of all of us." Yasahiro complimented with a smirk on his face.

Isao nodded in agreement, "Your brother is correct, little Yasu! Have a little more faith in yourself...please. And little Yasa?"

"Tch, drop that little shit...geez." Yasahiro clicked his tongue in annoyance.

"How far can your barrier extend?" Isao asked ignoring an obviously angry Yasahiro.

Yasahiro hummed to himself; tilting his head to the side. "...Um, ah about a little over..." He stopped what he was doing as he fell into his thoughts. "Six hundred twenty-two miles. Maybe. I haven't tried...just kinda afraid I'll throw myself into another episode..."

"And as I said to your brother, have faith little Yasa. You must have faith...but, in case we'll have a medic on the side." Isao shook his head as he frowned at the young teenager. "Anyway...chop chop! We must get this show on the road my friends! Maze if you could...have Longwei bring me that Shinsō boy. You know, the one who reads minds or flays them or what have you." Isao watched as Maze walked out of the room, "...Oh, I just can't wait for this show to start. I bet you can't either eh, boys?" He looked at both Shōta and Shōto; a wicked smile on his face.

Chapter Text

"...You probably shouldn't have kicked that guy..." Eijirō said, a look of concern in his eyes.

After pointing out that Shōto was alive and seemingly well, Denki had flipped out. Eijirō hadn't expected him to act that way. As per usual there was a punishment. Denki was now sporting a shining black left eye and a badly swollen cheek to match.

"It can't look that bad?" Denki replied. He sounded like he was about to cry.

Eijirō sadly smile as he looked at Denki. He shook his head, "Sorry bro...but, it's looking pretty terrible bud. You've got a pretty nasty shiner..."

"C'mon dude..." Denki whined and kicked his legs out. "...Do you think that Jirō will over look it?" This time around he turned towards Eijirō to see his expression.

Eijirō looked towards the ceiling, falling into thought. To him, being concerned about his looks for a girl would be his last thought. He poked his lip out as he glared at the ceiling, "...Probably not. But, Kaminari...answer me this, aren't you scared?"

"Am I scared? Am I scared?! Of course I'm scared Kirishima. What the hell type of question was that..."

There was silence after Denki's answer. Eijirō kept his nose turned up and closed his eyes. He wasn't sure what prompt him to ask such an obvious question.

"I mean like...I really wouldn't be asking stupid questions about whether or not Jirō would still wanna look at this mug of mines." Denki continued and turned away from Eijirō. "Like I'm scared outta my freakin' mind man. I'm just trying not to think about all this shit!"

Eijirō frowned as he looked at Denki from his peripheral. His eyes caught tears rolling down Denki's swollen cheek. "I...I know...I'm scared to man." He sighed and closed his eyes. His thoughts began to drift. To drift somewhere far away from the current situation and still he thought about his classmates. '...I hope they're okay...' 

"...Kaminari?" Eijirō called out, his eyes still closed.

Denki perked up and turned towards his redhead friend. Tears still rolled down his cheeks. "Kirishima?" He sniffled loudly.

"I wanted to thank you," Eijirō started off, "I already thanked Sero and Uraraka. You were the only one I haven't been able to thank bro."

Denki couldn't hide the confusion. He eyed Eijirō up and down. "For what? What're you thanking me for dude?" 

"Remember I was all doom and gloom? Yeah, well that rally talk of yours was really something. I needed it man...and Uraraka and Sero gave me an extended talk afterwards." Eijirō opened his eyes and turned his head towards his friend. "After thinking about everything...I realized I was wrong for believing we have no chance. And for that I apologize bro! It was truly unmanly of me!!"

A goofy smile found itself upon Denki's tearstained face. He sniffled again, "Damn right that was unmanly...I'm glad to have you back Kirishima."

"Glad to be back." Eijirō grinned and nodded his head, ", we just gotta figure out how to escape."

Denki's smile dropped and his eyes widened, "Escape? Y-you think we can do that?!" He watched as the redhead nodded, determination sparked within his eye. "...I guess trying to come up with a plan can't hurt us too much, huh?"



Ochako tried to look over her shoulder. She wanted to take a look at how strong her restraints were. A tilt of her head to the opposite side and she reaped no real results. She let loose a frustrated huff of annoyance.

"I can't believe that was actually Todoroki...if he's alive then Aizawa-sensei surely has to be alright!" Rikidō had fallen silent for a minute. He turned towards Ochako, "Right...?"

Finding herself on the spot she froze up; she felt like a deer in headlights. Her eyes darted everywhere and never truly settled on anything within the room. There wasn't too much to look at; just two cameras and her classmate.

"Right Uraraka?" Rikidō asked again, desperation laced within his voice. His eyes were searching for answers. Something that would give them hope that they would make it out.

Ochako jolted out of her thoughts and gave a quick nod. "Y-yeah. I'm sure he's alright. I mean..." Her eyes dropped to her feet. They were scuffed up and rough from walking barefoot. She lifted her foot, noticing droplets of blood. "Aizawa-sensei has made it through a lot of things and so have we." Brown eyes widened; she found herself connecting with her words.

Rikidō seemed to catch on as well. "So have we..." He repeated as he stared at Ochako, "You're right! We have been through a lot. And we've survived all of it! So why not survive this right?! Right?!"

'We have been through so much...especially me! All since day one, when Deku saved me from getting crushed by that robot and I saved him from splatting on the concrete. And USJ, everyone teamed up with each other to combat the villains. To help lighten Aizawa-sensei's load. And Beast Forest...' Ochako found her mind racing through memories. So many memories she had collected since attending U.A. Though for her class especially, it was a never ending merry-go-round  of trouble. A small smile found its way to her face. They never were good at staying away from trouble. "I believe we'll survive this Satō."

"Hells yeah!!" Rikidō shouted as loudly as he could. He hopped around in his chair, going from side to side. "I'll work on getting out of this shit and then I'll get you loose okay?"

"Ah!! Shouldn't we come up with a plan?"

"We'll work on that once we're free of these...!!" Rikidō pulled against his cuffs with all his might. "Come on!! I can do this!"



"Hey! Can't you at least give us something to stop his bleeding!!" Kyōka shouted as she was seated. The moment she tried to stand, a heavy hand sat her back down. "Watch it jerk!" She snapped at Gang. Her face heated up with anger as she was ignored.

Mashirao tightened his hold on Fumikage as Gang approached them. The moment he tried to back up — he felt hands at his back.

"Relax, it's just me..." Hitoshi muttered out. He noticed Mashirao's shoulders began to relax. "...I really kinda need you to go forward. Please..." He felt the cold steel of the gun pressed against his bare back. It sent shivers down his spine.

"If I do, then Tokoyami is going to be left to bleed out. I won't let him die." Mashirao whispered back. His eyes trained upon Gang.

"I know, I'm not saying just up and drop him." Hitoshi sighed and clenched his teeth. "However...if you don't move we'll both get a bullet in the back. So go." He trembled slightly as he pushed Mashirao forward.

A sigh escaped Mashirao as he limped forward. He was taken by a surprise when Fumikage was yanked away and he felt cold steel against his back; his breath hitched.

"Sucks your stupid tail will be in the way if we sat your ass in a chair. C'mon tails nice and easy now." Longwei placed his finger over the trigger and forced Mashirao over towards the wall. "Good, now turn around." Mashirao turned to face him, "Gang drop the bird and chain this one up."


Hitoshi took one step forward when Fumikage was shoved off to the side. Scalding hot metal grazed his shoulder. It stopped him dead in his tracks. He felt the trickle down his shoulder.

”Don’t touch. Ya do that and I shoot, understood?” Longwei threatened as he held the gun steady. He shifted his gaze from Hitoshi to Fumikage, ultimately landing upon Mashirao. “I have the power. Remember that.”

Gang took both of Mashirao’s arms and held them above his head. It didn’t take long for him to chain them both together; leaving Mashirao dangling. Forcing the tailed teenager to stand on the tips of his toes.

Longwei marched towards Hitoshi and roughly grabbed his shoulder. Wanting to make a statement, it was Hitoshi's injured shoulder he had a tight grip on. The teenager gritted his teeth as he was dragged towards the vacant chair and was forced to sit down.

"Move and this one goes to your head." Longwei whispered from behind as he redid Hitoshi's restraints.

Hitoshi felt sweat drip down the side of his temple. He kept his silence and glanced down at Fumikage; the small teenager had yet to move. This scared Hitoshi but, he kept his panic locked down tightly. He had to or he would be dead. A smack against his shoulder caused him to bare his teeth as well as avert his attention towards the assailant.

"Good boy." Longwei grinned as he twisted his gun in his hand. He turned away from the purple haired teen and made his way towards the exit. "Gang set the bird up in the corner. Don't bother redoing his restraints. It won't matter too much once he bleeds out." He laughed as he walked out the room.

"Hurry up, Gan! Longwei ain't gonna wait for um, to um..." Jun stuck his head in the doorway, "What were we gonna do Longwei?"


"Right! Get the other two..." Jun found himself embarrassed and walked away from the doorway.

Gang rolled his eyes and set Fumikage upright against the wall. For a moment he stayed stooped down and looked at the gun wounds. The worst appeared to be near his abdomen. A sigh escaped him and he took out a handkerchief. He stuffed the small piece of cloth between his loose hand.

"...Why? Why did you do that?"

Gang stood and glanced at the teenage girl. Her eyes held confusion. He shrugged and turned away, making his exit. "Never in my job description did it say I couldn't help a dying teenager. Plus, Wei wasn't really supposed to do that." He muttered out as he shut the door.

"Tokoyami!!" Mashirao shouted as his attention zeroed in on the bird headed student. "Tokoyami wake up!!"

"Tokoyami!!" Kyōka called out as well. Though she was concerned about her friend she was still confused as to why a villain would help them. 'Is he...a contract worker or...?'

"Hey!! You're Jirō right?" Hitoshi questioned as he looked at the girl. She nodded. "Okay well Jirō, kick his leg a little if you can. See if that will wake him up."

Kyōka nodded once again, reaching her rough and bloodied foot out for Fumikage's leg. 'Just a little more...!' She mentally encouraged herself as her eyes dashed from her foot to her classmate. Her toes wiggled to catch onto Fumikage's pants leg. Unfortunately, she found herself short of reach and groaned in frustration. "Dammit!!"

"There has to be something we can do..." Hitoshi muttered; starting to brainstorm ideas.

Mashirao looked at Hitoshi from his peripheral. The teenager was stuck in deep thought. His eyes shifted towards Fumikage, "If he hadn't been yanked around like that his wounds wouldn't have started bleeding as bad as it was earlier."

"Well then...we keep him alive until Midoriya acts on Bakugō's plan." Kyōka stated as she stared at Fumikage. The gears in her brain was still turning; her ear-jack's twitched. 'I wonder if I can reach him with my ear-jacks.' Without thinking much longer, Kyōka extended her earjack and jabbed Fumikage on the side of his head.

"You can reach!" Mashirao wagged the tip of his tail happily, "Keep doing that and he's sure to wake up!"

"Oh you can bet on that." Kyōka replied and jabbed her bird headed classmate several more times.

"Tokoyami!!" Hitoshi shouted out. "Wake up!! You have to get up or you'll bleed to death!"

After a few more jabs to Fumikage's head and calling his name, he began to stir slowly. A pained groan escaped the slightly open beak.

'The hell is that jabbing me in the face...?' The thought crossed his mind and he wondered if it was one of his classmates being annoying. '...Did I sleep during a lesson...?' He pondered, until a sharp pain interrupted. His teeth clenched and slowly he opened his eyes. Coming into view was two of his classmates and the student who was transferring into the Heroics Course. That was when everything came to him; they had all been kidnapped. He wasn't in class just snoozing through a lesson. Nor was he lounging around with his classmates. '...That fall must've really rattled my head.' 

Fumikage strained his eyes to focus; it was like everything was colliding. He watched as their lips moved. There wasn't a word he could make out. He wondered if it was because of the pain. The pain that wouldn't stop pulsating through his body; from the bullet wounds. His red eyes watched as they looked at one another and began to speak once more; it was probably about him. Both Hitoshi and Mashirao nodded their heads towards Kyōka, he tilted his head. 'They...want me to look over at her? Is she okay?!' His heart began to race and he looked towards his female classmate. Once she was within view — he watched as she signaled with her ear-jacks.

It didn't take much longer for Fumikage to understand what Kyōka was signaling towards. Several relieved sighs escaped, all of them watching as Fumikage weakly applied pressure to his abdominal wound.

"...Thank goodness," Mashirao smiled a little, "I...feel a little more better now."

"A little more? Don't you mean a lot more." Hitoshi retorted as he raised a brow, "You haven't forgotten that plan have you?"

Mashirao shook his head, "No, I haven't forgotten."

"Hang in there Tokoyami...Midoriya and Hagakure will have this entire place running rampant. And then...maybe then we could break free?" Kyōka looked towards Hitoshi and Mashirao.

"I don't see why not..." Hitoshi shrugged and leaned his head back.

"They will be running around searching for for Hagakure-chan," Mashirao paused for a moment, "She could actually go around releasing everyone."

"While Midoriya distracts?" Kyōka questioned, a thin eyebrow raised.

Mashirao nodded, "Yes."

"But how long will that distraction work?" Hitoshi asked, curiously. He didn't doubt Izuku, he was well aware that the shorter teenager could accomplish anything he wanted. He had already proven that during the Sports Festival.

Mashirao shrugged as he looked at Hitoshi. "Don't know...but, it really shouldn't matter much...right?"

"Considering that this will be her first time on the surface...I can see how that would be a problem." Kyōka pointed out, "But...this is Midoriya we're talking about...he literally never gives up."

Fumikage laughed slightly. He winced as he interjected his own opinion. "I'm sure we..." His teeth clenched as he felt a sharp pain. "Could all tell from what the forest..."

"...I wouldn't know anything about that." Hitoshi snorted. It was a lie. He had actually annoyed his mentor until he caved and told him the entire situation. It was all over the news and Shōta was on television and he was expected to not ask. He always found himself laughing when the thought crossed his mind. " the Sports Festival, Midoriya made it clear that he won't ever give up..."



Hanta wanted so badly to bash his head against the wall. Not only was he stuck alone with Minoru but, he was chained to a wall. It concerned him greatly that he didn't know what was coming next. There was also the problem that Minoru wouldn't quiet down.

All they did was chain them both to the wall and left them in silence. With two cameras facing them.

'What're they planning with those cameras? Actually...what the hell was Bakugō planning?' Hanta hummed to himself as he thought back to before they were dragged off. Katsuki was about to say something to the newly discovered Tōru, who was forgotten. His eye twitched rapidly as he looked down at Minoru, "SHUT UP MAN!! I'm trying to think here!" He shouted at the smaller teen.

"NO WAY!!! WE'RE GONERS!!! WE'RE DONE FOR!! KAPUT!!" Minoru cried out even louder.

"...Holy shit man. Shut up. Seriously, I mean it. Shut the hell up." Hanta snapped; glaring at his classmate. "Listen dude, do you remember when we discovered Hagakure was still down there with us?"


"SHUT UP AND I'LL TELL YOU!!!" Hanta yelled, clenching both his bound hands into fist, "Bakugō wanted to say something, like something super important. Call me anything but wrong...I think Bakugō has a plan."

Minoru sniffled loudly. Tears pouring down his cheeks and his lip quivered. "...Are you saying we still have a chance...?"

"Hell yeah man...I mean. If Bakugō and Midoriya put their heads together, then we've got nothing to worry about." Hanta grinned with determination. 'If I'm thinkin' right — hell is about come to these assholes. They'll regret everything they've done.' 

"I hope you're right." Minoru muttered as he looked down at the floor. He continued to sniffle and closed his eyes tightly.



"Yaoyorozu...!" Tenya called out, his voice just above a whisper. He had just noticed the girl beginning to stir a little. It concerned him. He was positive that the girl hardly had anything to eat. "Yaoyorozu are you awake?" A loud growl caught him off guard. He felt a chill up his spine — his eyes quickly darting towards the door. 'Hm? Was I mistaken?' 

Momo groaned as she began to wake up. Her vision was blurred and crossed but, she found herself focusing more on the emptiness of her stomach. Slowly her eyes slipped shut once again. There was a growl and this time it was much louder.


When she opened her eyes again, there was no difference from the first time. Her vision was still blurred and crossed but, lifting her head up — she saw a familiar face.

A relieved sigh escaped Tenya; he hung his head low for a moment. He was glad that Momo finally woke up. Even if it was at the worst time possible.


Tenya perked up quickly and nodded his head. "Yes! It is me. I'm here and I'm glad your awake finally...I was worried." He frowned as he watched her slow movement. It appeared that she was slow recollecting everything that either happened or is going on at that very minute. Momo only found the strength to nod. She still look a little lost. "Kaminari-san and Ashido-san took the liberty of caring for you while you were unconscious. Honestly, I was surprised that you were alone until they brought me here." He explained, his frown only deepened.

"...Kaminari and Ashido...?" Momo forced herself to think about the current situation at hand. There was something that she was forgetting.

Tenya nodded once again, "Yes."

"Iida what's going on...?" Momo questioned. Thinking at the moment was somewhat difficult; especially since her stomach was completely empty.

Tenya's eyebrows furrowed before knitting tightly in the middle. "...We've been captured. As a class, so we aren't alone. No matter what it may look like at the moment..." He muttered the last part to himself. "Well, I don't really know how long we've been trapped here. I would guess maybe...close to a week? I'm not entirely sure so please do not take my word." Momo nodded as she trained her eyes upon him, "You've been out for a while now, famished and formerly dehydrated." The corner of his lip twitched upwards. Now that he thought back on the noise, it didn't sound too much like an animalistic growl. "Of course, that's why your stomach is growling. You'll have to forgive me. I haven't really had too much rest in the past few hours."

"...Oh...I remember now..." Momo whispered to herself and looked away from Tenya. The explanation brought bits and pieces of her somewhat scattered memories back. 'I did pass out. I was so hungry...I still am...' 

"Well...I don't entirely know how the others are doing but," Tenya looked towards the door that was closed. "I hope they are well."

Dark eyes widened as realization finally settled. Momo whipped her head towards Tenya; causing herself to get dizzy. She ignored the feeling, it wasn't as important as the question she had to ask. "Iida...I am I wrong for remembering Todoroki being dragged away?!" She was only edge as she felt the panic flare up; Tenya responded with silence. " you know if he's safe?"

"...No," Tenya sighed and shook his head once more. "I'm sorry Yaoyorozu-san but, I do not know. I apologize..."

Momo felt stinging at the corner of her eyes and she bit the bottom of her lip. "...It's okay. Don't apologize please..."

Silence had befallen the two; each sinking into their own thoughts. Momo continued to stare in Tenya's direction. There was something about the way he was position that caused her curiosity to surface again. It was just his position but, there was something that was missing from him.


"Hm? Yes, Yaoyorozu-san?"

Momo generally felt bad for what she was about to ask. Tenya had a look of concern and determination mixed within. She wondered why he looked so determined. "'s nothing important. Don't worry about it."

"But..." Tenya started of exasperated. He could tell she had a question and he wanted to know. "Please, Yaoyorozu. Ask away. I insist."

"No, it's nothing! I swear." Momo retorted quickly and looked off to the side.

Tenya blinked. A look of disbelief settled onto his face. "It is something if you have that sort of expression on your face!"

"Iida, it's nothing. Just drop it." Momo urged and bit the bottom of her lip again.

Tenya shook his head. If she was going to be stubborn, then he was going to have to equally match her. "I will not drop this. Not until you tell me Yaoyorozu. Please! This is obviously important to you and your questions are important me!"

"Iida please stop arguing with me." Momo pointed out, with no hesitation. She hoped he would stop and just let the conversation die.

The words coming from his classmate felt like a train hitting him. It was almost as worse as their current situation. He wasn't about to let this one go, not yet. "I-I am not arguing with you! I just want you to ask your question and not feel like you can't ask anything at such a daring time." Tenya felt his eye twitch slightly.

"It's a stupid question! So forget it. Please." Momo pleaded once again. This time she looked him in the eyes.

Fed up with the back and forth, Tenya slammed his foot against the smooth marble floor. He felt the pain from his calloused feet ricocheted through his calfs. It hurt but, he didn't care. He just wanted the back and forth to end. Momo seemed shocked at his actions but, stayed silent. "Ahem..." He cleared his throat and raised a brow, "If you would ask the question."

There was a reason he was so adamant on getting the question out of her. He wasn't entirely sure if they would make it through everything. There was zero signs of the Pro Heroes catching on to their absence and their plan down in the cells was a flop. Even though things were looking grim — he didn't want to give up hope. He wanted to continue to try his hand at escaping.

"Okay...fine Iida-san." Momo seemed to frown a little; she caved. "Your...glasses." There was a tilt of the head. Now she felt stupid for asking but, there was no going back. "I just couldn't help but notice...what happened to them?" She nearly shouted the last part; she wanted the cat and mouse of the conversation done and over.

Tenya couldn't help but to stare at his classmate. He guessed innocent questions like that wasn't all too bad. At least not as bad as she made it sound. A small part of his heart warmed up; it was a small amount of reinvigoration. It was a wonder what the simplest and most smallest of questions could do and in so many different ways.

"See! I told you it was stupid."

"Oh! No. No not at all Yaoyorozu-san." Tenya spoke quickly, chasing away the doubt Momo was showing. He shook his head and smiled a little, "It's not stupid at all. It...made me realize something. But, moving onto the real answer, they destroyed them."

"Oh...oh no, I apologize for asking." Momo lowered her head slightly.

Tenya shook his head again; his smile on broadened. "I have plenty back at the dorm. Those are replaceable."

"...The dorm...?" Momo found herself confused. She couldn't fathom why Tenya would even dare to mention home. With were they were now — she couldn't see home in their near future anymore.

Tenya nodded,, "Yes, the dorm. I'm sure you're wondering why I'm saying that?" The look of confusion had yet to dissipate. He continued, "I...think we might survive this. It's only a fifty-fifty chance so don't hold me to this but, I have a plan. One that I was working on since being brought here."

Momo kept her silence and frowned. 'Why does he still think it's possible for us to escape? Even if he did break free of his restraints and helped me our problems would only increase to something greater. We would have to deal with whatever is outside of this door...and I won't be of any use. I'll just slow him down...'

"You look doubtful." Tenya took note and looked down, "...It sounds crazy but, we can only try. Honestly...when have we ever given up? There are so many times we created a loophole. So why not create one here? What is the real difference? So what we're separated and weak. That happened back in the forest and USJ. Perhaps we weren't too weak at USJ but in the forest we had some issues. And the outcome of those issues allowed both Midoriya and Kirishima to come up with a loophole plan. One that I was that you had stood by. Sure...none of us are on the outside yet but, if we could do what they did...devise such a plan that will give us the upper hand in escaping with everyone..." Tenya paused and allowed Momo to absorb the information. "It sounds crazy and might get us killed a lot sooner than whatever they originally planned. But...I think it's worth it. It's crazy. And I'm willing to give it a shot before kneeling to these heathens."

Momo could argue with a few issues that would occur with Tenya's plan. She could have but, she did not. The class president had a strong point. There wasn't a time that she could recall them ever giving up. At USJ they went headstrong and survived. During the training in the Beast Forest — they recycled their actions again and survived with a few injuries and only one of them missing; however, they doubled back with a strong plan. A strong plan that made them successful in rescuing Bakugō Katsuki.

Here, they were still alive. Still breathing. Sure they had injuries but, it wasn't truly a call to give up.

"...Okay, Iida. Tell me your plan and I'll see what I can add to it." Momo caved once again. However, this caving felt good. She wasn't sure if the plan would work but, if Tenya wasn't giving up — then what right did she have to stop trying.

Tenya couldn't help but grin a little, "Listen carefully...and ask questions if you need too..."



Kōji nervously bounced his leg up and down. He was seated in a chair. Albeit wasn't comfortable but, it was much better than sitting on a floor full of gravel. There was also the current floors. They were much better — all marble and very reflective. He shook his head. 'I can't be thinking about the small things! We're in real danger still.' 

His attention shifted towards the only companion he had in the room, Aoyama Yūga.

Throughout most of the ordeal the blonde had been eerily silent. Only responding when he felt like it or if he saw it necessary.

Yūga's silence only ended once he was dragged out of his cell when they were in the dungeons. The blonde had began to complain about his stomach aching.

If it wasn't for Izuku's breakthrough of understanding what their cells were doing to them, Kōji would have been completely lost. With everything out in the blue, he understood why Yūga had complained. It confirmed Izuku's final suspicion; that they were able to activate their quirks outside of the cells.

Kōji found himself ecstatic when he figured that out. Luck for him, his friends were still around. The rats had never left and always ran through grabbing what little was left of Izuku and Katsuki's meal. He didn't put too much thought into his actions as he stooped down and came face to face with the little rat that was by his foot.

It was a small mistake but, a mistake that could possibly save them all.

Sure he had gotten injured during the ordeal. He was kicked viciously in his back when they had realized he wasn't standing. Of course, after the kicking came a little more that what Kōji had asked for; he convinced himself that it was all for his classmates and teacher. He was sporting a dislocated shoulder and sprained wrist but, he didn't care too much.

"Mon amie..." Yūga called out weakly, his head was hanging low. "...Such pain..." He winced as he felt his stomach cramp painfully.

It had been a while since his quirk had been used and being behind a cell that held his quirk at bay didn't help too much. Once he had been released — he accidentally fired off his navel laser. Something that didn't sit too well with the guys who had removed them from their cells. He earned himself a swift punch to his abdomen. Of course, things only worsened and he begged. On his knees he begged for the only thing that truly helped him contain his quirk; the belt. They laughed at him. Stepped on his face, allowing the gravel to cut his soft skin. His face had burned with humiliation and hatred. Begging wasn't something he liked to do. Especially not with villains but, he didn't have much of a choice and in the end, it didn't matter — his request was rudely denied.

Now here he was, suffering from the pains in his stomach and cuts on his face. However, he kept in mind that Kōji had gotten it much worse than he did. '...What was monsieur Kōda was doing? He had to have known he would get hurt...'

"Mon amie, Kōda." Yūga lifted his head up slightly; coming eye to eye with the shy teenager. "You must've known you would be punished for such an action?" He prayed that Kōji understood what he was speaking about.

Kōji's eyes darted around the room, he nodded. "...I...your quirk..." He started off extremely quietly; not too certain if he could be heard. It wasn't much of a concern at the moment — his mind lingered on the rats that stilled seemed to be on their mission. "...M-Midoriya...said something about our quirks and being outside of the cells." He tapped his foot against the floor, ignoring the pains that vibrated through his leg. "Y-you used your quirk. So...I um, I just...acted..." A small uncertain shrug ended his reply.

Yūga found himself shocked; he hadn't even realized that he did use his quirk outside of his cell. All that was on his mind at that time was the severe pain that coursed through his abdomen. It also came as a surprise that Kōji had quickly caught onto the detail and put his own quirk to use. He didn't have any doubt in his classmate nor did he believe the boy to be slow. Kōji had proved time and time again to be formidable and a fast thinker, if not a little reluctant at times.

'...Is this our true ticket to freedom?' The thought crossed Yūga's mind and he glanced towards the door.



Tsuyu croaked rather loudly, closely watching Mina fidget around in her chair. The pink girl had already tipped her chair over several times before herself and Mezō had arrived. Now, here she was again — on the floor and tied to a chair, fidgeting around.

"THIS SUCKS!! Sucks so much..." Mina kicked her legs out in frustration. "All this is so damn stupid!! These bastards are going to pay once I get out of this..."

Tsuyu tilted her head, "You should really be more careful Ashido-chan." A small hint of concern was laced in her voice; on the outside she remained stoic.

"Tsuyu is correct." Mezō agreed.

Mina clicked her tongue, "Easy for you to say Shōji! They let you stand."

It was true, Mezō was forced to stand. All six of his arms were chained to the wall behind him; along with his ankles. They believed that he would easily break free of being restrained to a chair. He didn't blame them for being wary of his strength.

"...Ugh..." Mina went limp and pressed her cheek against the cool marble floor. She was still frustrated at their position. Frustrated that no one had noticed that they were missing. Frustrated that time was running out for every single one of them. "...I guess they put Tōru in another room, huh?" Mezō shook his head. Now, Mina was both frustrated and confused. A terrible combination. She tilted her head up; Tsuyu also shook her head. "What the hell? What do you guys mean..." She whined, her eyebrow quirked upwards.

"They forgot her." Tsuyu answered simply; a knowing croak escaped her. "She was talking to us quietly before they started taking everyone."

"Joking about how she would be forgotten down there." Mezō interjected as he shook his head. It was sad, Tōru only spoke the truth. He had to share his plate of food with the girl when they were given food to eat.

Tsuyu nodded, "When they started taking everyone, she said she was going to stay behind. So she stripped."

"And those jokers never noticed?" Mina asked almost cautious.

"Never noticed." Mezō repeated solidly. He gave a slight tug at his chains. "So...she's still down there."

"...So all this is on Tōru?" Mina stated, her eyebrows knitted at the bridge of her nose.

Tsuyu hummed a little as she thought. If she was right, the last to be escorted would be Izuku, Katsuki and Hitoshi. If they stuck to the way they was taking everyone out. "...Maybe her, Baku-chan and Midoriya-chan."

"I guess that's a relief...but, Midoriya and Bakugō are like super weak right now. No offense but, those two never got a meal." Mina pointed out.

"I honestly don't think that would stop Bakugō from trying anything. The same goes for Midoriya." Mezō reasoned, leaning his head back against the wall. "Those two never really know when to give up."

Mina sighed, she didn't doubt her classmates. The two ran off of energy that she was positive wasn't from their planet. She figured Katsuki ran off of spite and his will to win. As for Izuku, she believed the boy to run off of his strong want for saving those around him. They were a pair that she believe anyone could trust with their lives. She was one of those people. She trusted both Katsuki and Izuku with her life.

"Honestly...our real concern should be Todoroki-chan and Aizawa-sensei." Tsuyu croaked, "They never came back...but, I don't think they're dead. I refuse to believe it."

"...It's been long and while I would like to think both Todoroki and Aizawa-sensei are strong," Mezō frowned beneath his mask as he looked at Tsuyu, "It just seems impossible with what we are going through."

Mina shifted around slightly and poked her lip out. "Look if we're entrusting our asses to Tōru, Bakugō and Midoryia...then we can't give up on Todoroki and Aizawa-sensei." Her voice was firm, leaving no room for arguing. "It isn't right. We either leave as one or don't leave at all."

"I'm not saying that I'm giving up on Todoroki and Aizawa-sensei. I'm just being realistic." Mezō explained. His attention now upon Mina. The pink skinned girl didn't seem to be happy with that answer. Then again, she had been upset since the entire thing with Mashirao and their failed attempt at escaping.

"How's about this...realistically Mineta should have been removed from our class by now with his attitude." There was no arguing that fact and Mezo listened quietly. "Realistically we shouldn't have survived the Beast Forest. Realistically, Bakugō shouldn't have been saved by the ragtag team of our classmates. Realistically that ragtag team should have been immediately expelled according to Aizawa-sensei. And realistically we shouldn't be alive right now." Mina stopped as she eyed Mezō. "Sometimes...being realistic isn't the way to go. We've been through so much and look at us. None of us ever gave up. Sure we complained but, giving up isn't first nature for us. Hell it's not even second nature! So screw being realistic right now, we're all getting out of this alive, you hear me?"

Mezō felt his lips twitch underneath his mask. Mina had made several strong points. Their class wasn't full of quitters. They were all go getters who never knew when to stop. There was also the fact that most of his classmates did overlook the realistic points of the many events they had been through. He kept his silence; knowing that there was nothing he could say to the girl that would revive his comment. It wasn't even something he wanted to do. He was glad that she spoke against him — gave him something to think about.

"You hear that you bastards?! WE WON'T GIVE UP!! WE'RE ALL GONNA MAKE IT OUTTA THIS ALIVE ASSHOLES!!!" Mina shouted at a single camera that hung above Mezō. Her eyes were hot with rage and teeth clenched. She hadn't even noticed that her fist were clenched and shaking. 'We don't give up. And that's a big mistake on their part.' 

Chapter Text

Anxiety built up within Izuku again. It always did when his brain wouldn't stop thinking about their great escape. He was surprised that he didn’t just implode at that very second.

Overwhelmed. He felt completely and utterly overwhelmed. This feeling was nothing like the other times he had felt overwhelmed in the past.

Though, like all the other times in the past that he had gotten overwhelmed he would cry. Right now, the corners of his eyes were stinging, badly. Of course this was accompanied with light sniffles. Luckily, Katsuki didn't seem to pay him any attention and Tōru was knocked out sleep.

It also didn't help that they had been waiting at lot longer than their classmates.

Two hours had gone by since four of them was taken.

Between those two grueling hours, voices were heard. Two of them. At least that's what Katsuki had claimed. When Izuku was about to ask a question the ash blonde had silenced him with a glare and a few shared words. The shared words were enough to wake Tōru from her sleep.

If sounds were enough to go by, Izuku would say that she probably had turned her body halfway around. To make sure she didn't make his mistake, Izuku made a shushing motion with his lips. By her silence, he figured she got the message; either that or she had fallen back to sleep.

Izuku waited patiently for Katsuki to deliver whatever dialogue he overheard. It had taken the blonde only seven minutes before he turned his head towards Izuku, to speak with him.

"...So what was it about?" Izuku questioned, staring at Katsuki from his peripheral.

Katsuki shrugged slightly, "It didn't sound too important but, I know you would fuckin' ask so..." He cleared his throat; his eyes shifting towards the emptiness outside of his and Izuku's cell. "Oi!! You better be awake and all ears invisible girl cuz I ain't in the business of repeating myself."

"I'm awake! Geez..." Tōru sighed and placed her chin upon drawn knees.

Red eyes traveled back towards the tired green eyes of his childhood friend. He knew the feeling. "So that fucker up there that was talking was Maze. No mistaking it."

"What did he say?"

"Stupid shit that ain't important." Katsuki grumbled out and he leaned his head against the bars.

Izuku frowned a little. His eyes dropping down — staring at the heavy cuffs around his hands. "Oh..."

"Way to make it sound super important, Bakugō!" Tōru whined. She picked up a piece of rock and threw it between the bars of her former cell.

Silence consumed the three teenagers once more.

Katsuki snorted, averting his attention away from both Izuku and Tōru. Quietly, he stared at the blood that Fumikage had left behind. He couldn't tear his eyes away. It was so much blood that his young classmate had lost. 'Hang in there birdbrain. Just a little longer...'

Once again, Izuku found himself lost within his thoughts. The thoughts of the wellbeing of his friends and teacher. Of course, kept the plan at the forefront of his mind. All choices were up to him ranging from when he wanted to free himself to whether or not he focusing on rescuing before he attempted to fight the villains. Though, Katsuki had told him to work on rescuing everyone — the ash blonde ultimately told him that it was his decision to make.

'My decision...what will I do?' Izuku questioned himself.

All thoughts were cut short by the sound of the iron door creaking fore the very last time. Their heads shot up at the same time; eyes drawn towards their exit.

"Deku this is it. Fuckin' wing it nerd." Katsuki muttered loud enough, "Remember...the smart thing right now is focus on breaking everyone the hell out. Got it?"

Izuku nodded, "I got it, Kacchan."

"Of all the people you decided to had to me."

"Don't complain to me was Longwei's suggestion."

Katsuki felt a smirk tug at the corner of his lips. 'Good that fucker with the gun isn’t here. Makes it a little easier but...only if we're taken at the same time.' His teeth gritted against each other as he forced himself to stand. 'Sitting ain’t worth shit. I'm not gonna have these fuckers force me to do a damn thing.' He looked over his shoulder, "Get the fuck up you shitty nerd! It ain't worth getting roughed up just cuz you wanna defy these fuckers."

Izuku only responded by standing up. His knees knocked together painfully. He paid it no mind.

”Whatever Jun, let’s just get this over with.” Missy huffed.

The first to reveal themselves from behind the iron door was Jun. He was quiet as he entered, walking down the small flight of stairs.

Both, Katsuki and Izuku kept their eyes trained. Silently awaiting to be taken from their respective cells. What the two didn't expect to happen was for the forgetful man to trip over air and fall flat on his face.

Katsuki felt his silent laugh rattle his body. It was a laugh he chose to hold back because he didn't want the pain in his ribs to flare up. If he were in perfect condition — he would've let loose on the older man. Unfortunately things weren't going his way; at least not yet. He was sure Izuku was trying to hold his laughter back as well. 

'Well fuck if we bite the dust at least we got a little laugh outta this shit.' A small grin crept upon his face. 'Not bad for a first strike.'

Missy tapped her foot against the stone steps and tilted her head, "...Air? Really Jun? Come on." She shook her head in disappointment. She was aware Jun was clumsy alongside being forgetful but, seeing the man trip over air was something she never thought she'd see in her lifetime.

Izuku snorted loudly. To keep himself quiet, he bit the bottom of his lip. Immediately turning away from the obviously stunned Jun. He could feel tears building up at the corners of his eyes. 

Jun stayed on the gravel for a moment. His light brown eyes darting from side to side. He then turned his head to his left; his attention remained there as he lifted himself up to be on his knees. "That...uh, wasn't air?" He was suspicious as he stood to his full height. 

"Sure it wasn't." Missy rolled her eyes as she pushed the man to move towards the cell doors. "I don't have all day."

"Okay okay! No pushing." Jun replied as he looked over his shoulder at the woman. He fished around for the keys in his pocket, "Ah ha! Got it."

Katsuki watched as the clumsy man unlocked his cell door. The grin on his face hadn't diminished as he was approached.

"Why're you,, grinning? You thought...that was funny?" Jun snapped. His gripped tightly onto Katsuki's shoulder.

Katsuki's grin widened as he stared the man in his eyes. "That and some other shit." He answered in full honesty. A sharp pain was registered near the left side of his temple and he found himself looking at Izuku.

The smaller teen was no longer holding back laughs but, anger. Pure unadulterated anger. A image of himself flashed in his mind as he stared Izuku in the eyes. "...Honestly you fuckin' idiot, I don't give a shit how many times you hit me. It's just gonna come back a tenfold you fucker."

"Sounds like the big bad boy has an empty promise..." Missy commented, a smirk playing across her face.

Katsuki felt himself being pulled along and finally, he was outside of his cell. The cell he had been sitting in for several days. The cell that housed all of his pain and suffering. He was finally free of the cage. "Keep callin' it a fuck empty promise. Shit's about to hit the fuckin' fan and you just won't see it comin'." A small tingling feeling caused his arms to twitch; he winced at the pain it caused. It wasn't much but, he could still feel it. Like his quirk wanted out. The unfortunate part to that was, he was as sick as could be and he had little to no energy at all to release an explosion if he wanted too.

"You're, uh...talkin' crap," Jun paused as he searched for the words. It took a few extra minutes but, it finally came to him. "You're not, Maze. Cuz Maze ain't around here!"

"So fuckin' what?" Katsuki retorted. Red eyes sharpened into his normal everyday glare. "Maybe I am talkin' shit cuz the fucker ain't here. The hell are you gonna do about it? Beside forgetting it ever happened."

Jun felt his cheeks flush at the low blow comment Katsuki made. He shoved the ash blonde teenager against the cell door on the opposite side. A smile appeared on his face as Katsuki winced at the pain he caused. "You'll be feeling a...uh, helluva lot more than that." Once he was done with the teenager he pushed him away, approaching Izuku's cell.

Izuku kept his eyes upon Jun as he opened his cell door. The anger in his face had yet to dissipate but, he wasn't about to fight the man. Not yet. As soon as the door flung open, Izuku extended the heavy cuffs around his hands. There was a look of confusion in Jun's light brown eyes.

"...What're you doing?" Jun questioned as he walked behind Izuku and stooped down to remove the cuffs around his ankles.

Izuku stayed quiet, refusing to answer. He felt a hand press against his back and guide him outside of his cell. '...Just like Kacchan predicted. We're being escorted at the same time.' His green eyes met with the blazing reds of his classmate. 'I'm surprised he fully removed the cuffs from my legs...if these guys really knew anything they would've have placed another set around them. And I can feel my quirk coursing through my veins...I'll rely on my legs for right now. If I have enough energy to use One For All. If not, I'll just stick to the basics like I did when fighting Kacchan during the villains versus heroes matchup. Yeah, that's what I'll do but...when do I break free...'

Katsuki gritted his teeth as Izuku fell into his own world. The boy was mumbling and Katsuki knew it was about the plan. Even if it did sound like a bunch of mumbo jumbo, he understood every word that was coming from his mouth.

As much as he wanted Izuku to just quiet down, he wasn't able too. Izuku was being walked behind him. He hoped that Izuku would either come to his senses or one of their escorts would tell him to stop.

", uh...Midoriya? Yeah, Midoriya." Jun allowed his regular fingernails to grow into claws. Normally he wouldn't use his quirk but, he didn't feel like pulling out the knife that was strapped to his boot. He placed his hand securely behind Izuku's neck and dug his nails into his skin. Immediately the muttering stopped and the teenager went stiff. "That's better. No more of...whatever that was." A swift nod was his answer and they resumed walking.

Once, they emerged from the underground dungeon they looked around. There was absolutely no pathway in front of them. They only had two choices; to take a right and sharp left or to take a left and pray they make it to the end of the corridor.

"Shit!! Maze changed it again!" Missy cursed and punched the wall. It wasn't much effort she put into the punch but, she wounded up having to pull her fist from inside the wall. This was something that Katsuki didn't miss.

'...Fuck they've got a damn she-hulk?! What the actual fuck...' Katsuki shifted his shocked gaze away from the woman and he looked toward's Izuku. There was a look on his face. Something that told Katsuki that he needed to prepare himself. '...Deku's probably gonna try and make a break for it now...' The muscles in his legs twitched rapidly. He could hear his heart beating within his eardrums.

Jun glanced from one end of the hall to the next. He hated it when Maze switched things up without telling him.

"I hate that damn polar bear sometimes..." Missy grumbled.

'...Strong and stupid. Looks like a walking disaster.' Katsuki smirked a little. He wanted so badly to laugh.

"...I um, guess I'll call him..." Jun fished out his phone from his pocket. Quickly he dialed for Maze.

'What is it moron?!' 

"It's about the corridor—"

Missy marched towards the phone and snatched it away from Jun, "Listen here sugar pops. I'm sick of you changing this building around and making it into a damn puzzle book! This isn't funny you large moron. Now, what the hell are we—" Her eyes widened as she watched the green haired teenager use his heavy handcuffs as weapons; uppercutting Jun.

A sickening crack was heard and Izuku felt his heart jumpstart. He wasn't sure if he had just killed the man or knocked him out; something that he'll worry about later.

Right now, he had a new issue arise. His eyes were widened with fear and he came face to face with the woman named Missy. He watched as the phone was crushed between her hand and he backed away a few steps. 'I'll have better luck running this way...there's no away I can get pass this lady! But Kacchan...!' Just as it looked like the woman was about to pounce on him — a chain wrapped itself securely around her neck.


Izuku took a weak step forward, "Kacchan!!"

"DON'T ARGUE YOU SHITTY ASS IDIOT!! FUCKIN' GO!!!" Katsuki shouted once again as he attempted to choke the woman out. His teeth were clenched tightly as he fought to ignore the searing pain coursing through his body. Much to his liking, Izuku had fled without anymore arguments.

' I just gotta put this she-hulk outta commission!' The grin that had crept upon his face was now gone as Missy landed a sharp elbow to his already damaged ribs. He bared his teeth as the woman fought to dislodge him off her back. She continued with his assault of elbows to both sides of his ribs. 'FUCK!!' His mind screamed at him. Blood began to trickle through tightly clenched teeth.

Missy began to move around with Katsuki still on her back. It seemed like neither of them was going to give up without a fight. Her movement to the closest wall was a struggle but, she managed. Taking no more time, she slammed Katsuki's back against the wall.

A shock of pain ran through Katsuki's spine. His eyes widened in pain and he was no longer able to hold from coughing up the blood that had built up in his mouth. He continued to hack but, not once did his grip around the woman's throat loosen. 'Shit...that fuckin' hurt like a bitch...' 

"You...just won't...give...up...will you...?" Missy asked between her gasps from breath. She slammed the teenager against the wall again.

Katsuki grunted at the feeling of his back being viciously assaulted. Red eyes that held a shock of pain were now in a sharpened glare of anger and determination. "Fuck no...I ain't gonna fuckin' give up if my life and the life of my friends and teacher is on the line..." He took a moment to breathe — his breath was getting short. "...I see you're just the fuckin' same..."

"Tch...I have my...reasons brat!"

Just as Katsuki was about to reply with a comment of his own, a heavy fist connected to his temple. Luck for him it didn't knock him out cold but, his grip loosened considerably around Missy's neck. There was his first mistake.

That was the first time Katsuki could say someone, a girl, managed to rattle his brain. In a very literal sense. He nearly blacked out. It only took that very moment and she grabbed his good arm to throw him over her shoulder. The impact his back made with the floor wasn't one he would like to make again — it was much worse than when Izuku had tossed him over. All at once his breath escaped him and he felt a foot come down heavily upon his chest. 'Fuck...'

There was coughing coming from the woman as she attempted to catch her breath. Her eyes were full of hatred and annoyance, looking down at Katsuki. "You little shit..." She rubbed at her neck.

"Heh, so all that eye candy bullshit was just that, bullshit. Bravo on your fuckin' acting skills bitch." Katsuki snarled at the woman. She dug her stiletto into his chest, until she broke skin. A spot of blood began to roll down his chest. His eyes looked towards the dangerous heels. "A real bitch aren't you...sugarcoat your fuckin' personality and someone's gotta drag your ass out. Just to show—" A scream of agony caused a sudden halt to his words. The woman had came down again upon his chest with her foot, this time allowing her heel to do more damage. 'Dammit...I gotta figure out a way to get away from the bitch. If I don't she's probably gonna fuckin' kill me.' 

"Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do sweetie. Don't take too much offense. I'm not doing this because I want to. It's a debt I promised myself that I would repay to Harima." Missy frowned as she looked at the teenager, "Honestly...I wouldn't have to wear so many masks if society wasn't throwing fuck you's out for free you know?"

"No...I don't fuckin' know." Katsuki exclaimed through his clenched teeth. All he could taste was blood. It was a nauseating taste one that was causing his stomach to do one too many flips. "Don't try and act like what you're doing is noble...cuz it aint."

"Like you could talk brat! The files on you, have you seen them? It explains your personality in depth. The way you treat people..." Missy clenched her hand into a fist, "People like you are very distasteful Bakugō Katsuki. Just like me...a pretty faced liar. They know how much of a monster you really are! The entire media shitted on your very existence when you were kidnapped! Not to mention the way you acted during the Sports Festival...what a little deviant shit you are. If Stain had met would have been ended immediately."

Something deep within Katsuki's mind snapped. This was the last straw. He didn't need more villains criticizing him just like the rest of society. He already knew what his problems were and what he did wrong. He would damned if he was going to let this lady continue to speak about him as if she knew him. Lifting his good hand up — he gripped the ankle of his assaulter. "...I ain't nothin' like you. And I already know my fuckin' mistakes." His eyes were wild as he shouted at the woman. "I DON'T NEED SOME FUCKIN' NOBODY TO THROW IT IN MY FUCKIN' FACE!!" He could feel his blood pumping through his veins. It was dangerous to have his blood pressure shoot through the roof. It was only going to cause him to bleed out faster but, he didn't care. Not right now. Right now, he was going to put this lady in her place. "Another fuckin' thing is I don't lie, you ass. And ain't walkin' away safely..."

"Another empty threat?" Missy glared at the angry teenager. Ignoring the hand wrapped around her ankle, she applied pressure to his chest.

The look in Katsuki's eyes had yet to change. There was still a wild look within them. His full attention was solely upon her. "...IF IT AIN'T A FUCKIN' LIE THEN IT SURE AS HELL AIN'T SOME EMPTY ASS THREAT!!"



Izuku didn't know where he was going.

He had only been to the surface once and he could barely remember that trip. Right now he was just allowing his legs to carry him a safe distance away from where he was at first.

His mind had been racing since he attacked Jun.

Green eyes darted from side to side. 'I need a place to hide for the moment! But where?!' Izuku gritted his teeth and forced his legs to keep the running motion.

While he had passed by several doors — he got a strange vibe from a few. Like he would be in more danger if he walked in those doors.

"Signs!! I need to look at the signs!!" Izuku told himself out loud.

Not once did it pass his mind that he could be heard and possibly detained. It was something that wasn't at the forefront of his mind. Right now, he was in pain and he was extremely tired from breaking out into a sprint. Especially since he hadn't run in several days.

'Conference room.' Izuku clicked his tongue at the sign and looked towards his left. 'Another conference room?!' He continued forward; examining the other signs. '...Who needs this many conference rooms?'  

All the rooms he passed by were conference rooms. Three of them large and the other was small. A place he wouldn't be caught hiding just to rest up. It would be bad to get caught in such a way. There was one room that caught his eye.

'That one...I'll be able to rest up a bit.' Izuku told himself as he slowly approached the room.

The sound of metal clanking together caused his heart to sink. He looked down at his hands. Never in his entire life did he want to scream so much. 'How could I have forgotten?! What the hell am I going to do now?!' 

He snapped away from his thoughts when he heard voices. It wasn't any that he recognized. He could barely make out what they were conversing about. For a split moment he wondered if they were talking about his classmates or his teacher.

A part of him wanted to stay and see if he could gather information by ear. The other part of him screamed to run. Another part of his thought about what Katsuki would do.

An explosion knocked him out of his thoughts. There was his answer right there, Katsuki had unexpectedly gave to him. Of course, if he had heard the explosions — then the people who was approaching him had heard as well.

Walking soon became running and it was heading directly towards Izuku. Natural he panicked, eyes widening — staring down the direction the people were soon to be coming from.

With eyes still widened with fear and panic he looked to his left. It was the only way he could go. There was no turning back unless he wanted to fight that woman. 'Not a choice. I have to try and free, I'll just go this way.' The thought crossed his mind and his legs began to move; carrying him away from the voices.

"Hey look!! Who the hell is that kid?"

'No no no no no no!! I can't get caught not now. Not here! Kacchan is counting on this to work! Everyone's counting on this!' Izuku encouraged himself.

"...That's Midoriya Izuku! The kid with that Heroics Course class that came here! Harima-sama will be pissed if he realizes this kid is loose!"

"Then what are we doing talking about it?! Let's just shut up and get him!!"

"It doesn't explain what that explosion was!!"

His heart rate sped up more. He was sure it was at an unnatural pace. One that should have caused him to drop dead. However, Izuku was running on something extremely different; desperation.

Reaching the surface and being placed in separate rooms was the endgame, like Katsuki had told him. He wholeheartedly believed the ash blonde.

No heroes had shown up.

No one knew they were missing.

Their last plan was a flop.

He was sure everyone was running something that wasn't considered healthy energy.

The only hero that was well aware of everything was either dead or near deaths doorstep.

It was up to them to save themselves.

Knowing all these things, Izuku felt an even greater need to escape. To get everyone and fight their way to freedom. At times like these they were to place what they learned into action. 'I won't let anyone down! Not Kacchan. Not Todoroki and certainly not Aizawa-sensei. None of them...I'll let none of them down.' Tears formed at the corners of his eyes.

Chapter Text

All it took was just one small step. One little tiny step and she messed up.

When the two people came to escort both Katsuki and Izuku from their cells — she decided she would get a head start on messing around with them. Thus leading her to trip the first person who made it down the stairs.

Though she knew her classmates couldn't see her, she gave them a thumbs up.

Of course, she waited for the second person to come down the stairs. She made a solid decision to not trip that one.

The first person she had tripped, Jun, had been rattled and extremely suspicious of the fall. What he didn't know was that he was looking her dead in her eyes as he looked upwards, to his left.

Tōru decidedly stood still. Not moving a muscle until Jun had stood to his height. That didn't take too long as his female companion hurried him along.

As they neared the cells of her classmates — she went up the stairs as quietly as she could. She was happy to learn that the flight was extremely short; counting about four maybe even five steps.

Re-focusing herself, she stared down a long hall. To her left only two or three steps forward was a door. A door that was wide open. Curiosity had gotten the better of her and she walked forward and took a peek inside. She figured it wasn't a risk if nobody could see her.

What she saw next nearly made her scream. She ducked her head away and covered her mouth; back sliding down the wall.

Inside that very room was her teacher, Aizawa Shōta.

The condition her teacher was in made her wonder if he was even alive. He looked like he should be dead if he was already. His hair was caked with blood. Old and new. He had no noticeable clothing that she was aware of and his legs looked like they went through a meat grinder. The worst part of it all was the blood. There was so much blood. It made her physically ill.

'Okay, stay calm. You can do this Tōru. Bakugō and Midoriya are counting on you!' She told herself before peeking around the corner once again. 

To be a Pro-Hero of the shadows meant being aware of your surroundings. Something she believed in.

Her eyes scanned the entire room once again, avoiding the battered body of her teacher. '...Two boys around my age. Some creepy old guy. The giant. And...' Eyes widened as they landed upon another familiar body. 'Todoroki?! Oh no no...what did they do to you?' 

Tōru pulled back and wiped away at coming tears.

Shōto appeared to be just as bad if not equal to their teacher. Instead of hanging from the ceiling like Shōta, he was seated in an old wooden chair.

The burn overtop of his left eye was much worse than before. Missing several layers of his skin. There was a stab wound in his abdomen — which was severely discolored. Stacking on that, the spot of his wound appeared to be swollen. Blood dried up; ranging from the entry point of the wound to down his pants leg.

Feeling herself hyperventilate — Tōru stood up quickly and backed away from her cover.

That was when Maze had stepped out. While her brain was rational, telling herself that he couldn't possibly notice her; the movement of her body said otherwise. She panicked when he placed one hand on the wall and as soon as she turned around — she was face to face with solid wall.

A wall that wasn't there.

One that she was extremely positive did not exist seconds ago.

"...But I just...I just came from..." Tōru muttered to herself. A shaky hand placed itself flat against the wall. It was a real wall. It wasn't an illusion. "I just came from this is that even possible?" Her voice cracked as she pressed against the wall.

A wall that wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.

'Oh no...what do I do now!! How did this even happen?' Tōru thought to herself in a panic.

The one and only way that led to her captured classmates was closed off.

"What do I do?" Her voice was silent as her mind raced. 'I'll just have to turn around...and hope that I walk right into them.' She sniffled and wiped away the tears that wouldn't stop. The tears that showed her fear. A fear that she wasn't able to handle at the moment.

A determined nod of her head and she turned around. What she saw next caused more tears to well up at the corners of her eyes. The door she had saw earlier was no longer in existence and there was several other oddly placed doors that appeared to be shut.

She lost track of Katsuki and Izuku; who she was in charge of freeing.

To make matters worse, she lost track of her teacher, Shōta and classmate, Shōto, who had been missing for while — within a matter of minutes.

Now she was lost.


Something she didn't want to happen had happened.

”Okay Tōru...this is no time to panic. You have to stay calm.” She took a deep breath as she repeated those words aloud to herself.

Too many choices. Far too many for her liking.

’Whatever that Maze guy did, it basically flipped this entire place. I know what I saw...and this wasn’t it at all!’ The thought crossed her mind and she began to walk. She had no other choice but, to walk forward.

A small amount of panic crept up on her. The lengthy hallway wasn't welcoming. The lights hanging from the ceiling should have eased her if only just a little. However, there was an ominous silence. It just didn't sit well with her.

Tōru found herself shivering. She crossed her arms against her chest and started a long walk. A walk to nowhere.



"Harima-sama, broadcasting is a green light."

At the sound of Yasuhiro's voice — Isao smiled in a childlike glee. It was finally his time to show the world his message. One he was sure they wouldn't understand until a Pro-Hero pays the price.

"Yasu, how's it look on your screen bro?" Yasahiro asked as he fumbled around the the focus on the camcorder.

Yasuhiro hummed for a moment. He began to readjust several open windows of his laptop screen before, focusing on the main window. "...Perfect over here, Yasa." He gave a thumbs up without looking at his brother.

"It's rolling, Harima-san!" Yasahiro grinned as he looked overtop of his camcorder.

With a smirk on his face, Isao twisted around on his heel to face the camcorder — his audience from behind a simple screen. "Welcome one! And welcome all..." He bowed lowly, "I am Harima Isao. Son of the infamous villain The Peerless."

"Today...this very fine day, I will be presenting a Pro-Hero. Though he is not of the top ten billboards...he is a hero nonetheless! However!" Isao raised from his bowed position. His eyes staring directly into the camcorder. At his audience. "I wish to tell you a tale. A tale of a very beloved villain...Harima Ōji. Also known as The Peerless. An only child to the Harima family, he lived as a middle classed citizen. The first of the Harima family to have a quirk. During his teenager years, he faced the oppression that was dealt out to all quirk users. Fighting and struggling for the right to use their quirks how and when they see fit. At first, he took up a mantle as a vigilante to fight against the laws. After graduating high school he began to delve deeper into the criminal world, robbing those he deemed worthy to be robbed and attacking those he believed deserved to be hurt. By his late twenties he became so well known that he caught the eye of Destro...the leader of the Meta Liberation Army."

Isao cupped his chin as he tilted his head upwards. "At first, Destro didn't know he had ran into a very well known and wanted villain. So...Harima Ōji, not knowing if he could truly trust Destro — put him through a test. A test that only he was aware of. He kept his identity a secret and kept on the down low. While The Peerless kept his silence, Harima Ōji took a handle with the MLA and helped with their demonstrations. After staying quiet for more than three months, he figured that Destro was a trustworthy person. That their goals were similar. During the night of a particularly blood demonstration — he showed up as The Peerless. The best thief in all Japan. Taking notice that it was a losing battle, he dragged Destro away to safety. Making a soundless escape."

A small smile appeared on his face as he thought of his father. The man he wish he had gotten to know better. A man who's ideals influenced him greatly.

"...It was only then he told Destro who he was and not long after they entered a brotherhood. A partnership that would be passed on to the next of their kin...which brings us here." Isao dropped his hand to his side. A frown taking over his features. " father and Destro couldn't liberate quirk users from the tight leashes the law holds upon them. dear boy if you would..."

Maze nodded from his spot near the door. He pushed away from the wall and appeared before the camcorder. "Today we've capture not only just a Pro-Hero but...students of the Heroics Department. Twenty-two lives are now at our mercy. They will pay for the wrongs of the laws that have caused so much suffering amongst many." Just as he was about to remove the curtain that hid the underground hero and student; an explosion rocked the building.

"What the fuck was that?!" Yasahiro shouted as he held onto his camera equipment. If there was one thing that wasn't going to get damaged it was his beloved equipment.

Yasuhiro looked around the room. His eyes ultimately landed upon an obviously angry Maze. He tilted his head, "You know don't you?"

Isao clenched his fist by his sides. He turned towards Maze, "Go and handle that issue...will you? We cannot have any understand, right? I'm putting my faith in you Masao." He whispered and turned away, "Ahem! I do apologize my wonderful audience! Just a small issue my dear boy Maze will be handling."

Maze turned sharply on his heel and stormed out of the room. His thoughts filled with anger. He was well aware of who set off that explosion. There was only one thing that had him puzzled. 'How in the hell did he do this?! Those damned idiots...they should have took precaution with those last two!' He cracked his knuckles and grinned, "Oh...boy am I going to enjoy myself this time."



Izuku skidded across the marble floor as he whipped around the corner. His feet were hurting him. Mostly due to how badly they were cut and small bits of gravel caught underneath his skin. It hurt but, he didn't want to get caught.

The people who had been chasing him had decided to split up. 

From what he heard as he ran, one group was to check out the explosion. The rest tailed him.

As he continued to run down the hall, he felt a tremor. Something that felt familiar but, didn't hold the sounds. This tremor wasn't caused by another explosion.

This tremor caused him a severe case of vertigo. One that sent him crashing into the wall.

Both his head and shoulder crashed against the wall. A suppressed yelp escaped him as he fell to the sleek marble flooring.

Izuku closed his eyes tightly. His head throbbed painfully, he hoped all he received was a bump on the head. A gash was the last thing he needed. He didn't want to be walking around the halls disoriented.

It took a while to collect himself. That was until he remembered why he was running. 'Crap! I have to get up! I can't get caught! Not now!!' His teeth gritted and he forced himself to move. To get up. He moved his knees underneath his body and lifted his upper body up.

Standing up was a struggle but once he made it to his feet, something caught his attention.

"...What happened?" Izuku whispered to himself.

Everything had changed. What was supposed to be a long hallway, was now a dead end. His eyes were wide and he examined everything before him. Slowly, he turned around.

He was certain his feet had left behind bloodied footprints.

There was also nobody behind him.

The people who had been chasing him had vanished into nothingnesses.

"How is this possible?" Izuku questioned as he began to take steady steps forward. Concerned that he would fall through a trapdoor. That would be a terrible way to have his life ended. Death by falling into a dark hole.

'Wait! That lady she said something about this place being a puzzle.' The thought crossed his mind. 'And that guy, Jun called Maze. Is he...responsible for all of this?'  It was a thought that stuck with him.



There was still ringing in his ears.

The explosion had only been over ten minutes ago.

Five of those minutes consisted of him rolling around groaning. Tears pouring down his cheeks.

He wasn't expecting his quirk to react with his anger. Sure he was extremely pissed off to the point of wanting to set his quirk off.  But he never really expected it to go off.

At least not the way it did.

He was pleasantly surprised to find out that the gloves on his hands, weren't what he believed them to be. They were just regular gloves. Regular everyday gloves. Placed on him to fool him. To scare him. And he had fallen for it.

Now the glove on his left hand was destroyed around the palm area.

Katsuki was certain the he had put the woman out of commission. As for how long, he wasn't sure.

Unfortunately, he had received a vicious recoil in his left arm after the explosion went off. He was certain he had fracture his own forearm.

It was the only reason tears had pooled at the corners of his eyes. Spilling over down his cheeks.

An extra minute and he finally found himself up. Albeit he was relying on the wall to hold his weight.

Everything in his body hurt. His head. His left arm and right hand. His nose was still killing him and now his back was aching from being rammed against the wall. He was in pain and drenched in sweat. Sweat that stung as it rolled overtop of his chest wound.

As he walked, his legs wobbled. Knees knocked together. One foot crossing over the other. As if he was trying to trip himself up.

His vision crossed a few times as he slow made his way through the corridor. 

Through the dull ringing in his ears — he caught onto multiple voices. These voices mentioned a very familiar name. They sounded angry and desperate as they neared him.

There wasn't anything he could do to defend himself. Both his arms were out of commission and he felt like he was about to drop dead.

Until something happened.

Katsuki braced himself against the wall as he felt a tremor. A tremor that wasn't natural. He lifted head away from the wall. He was presented with something entirely new. Something that caused his heart to sink.

"What the fuck? How in the actual hell...?" Katsuki questioned. Eyes going in and out of focus. A thought crossed his mind, he wondered if he could truly trust his vision. Everything had been so blurry since leaving the dungeon — it left him uncertain of the things around him.

The sound of a door being yanked open viciously caught his attention.

He stopped dead in his tracks.

"I knew Jun and Missy would mess up. A shame really...that's okay." Gang muttered out as he stood his ground. The behind him left wide open. "I don't know how you got down this corridor but, I'll see that you are properly escorted."

Katsuki snorted as he shared a piercing glare with the man. '...Fuck what can I do?' He thought to himself as he sighed heavily. Arms shaking. He hoped it wasn't his quirk wanting to go off again. He wasn't sure if he could handle another round of overstocked power. "I ain't got beef with you shit face. Fuck off and maybe...just maybe I'll let your worthless ass live." He growled. All the while, lowering himself into a fighting stance. Something that only came natural.

Shockwaves of pain echoed through his body. He wished it would just stop.

"Blanca make sure that muscle head is restrained correctly this time." Gang called over his shoulder as he took a slow approach towards Katsuki. "I have a child to handle."

"You got my classmates in there?" Katsuki raised a curious brow.

The absent emotion within Gang's face had soon turned into a frown. "Wouldn't you like to know?"

"...A fuckin' smartass, huh? Well I'll tell you what ass-rag..." Katsuki smirked as he felt his adrenaline rise, "I dog walk your ass in this corridor, you back the fuck down and I get to have those extra's you got back there."

"I don't make bargains with children." Gang replied his eyes glaring at the ash blonde.

"Fuckin' loser. Scared you'll lose? Heh, if I were you I would be too honestly." Katsuki taunted openly. He could hear his own heart racing through his eardrums. There was a slim chance he could back up his talk with action. Something he normally didn't do unless he was certain he could win. 'Now ain't the time for second guessing. You picked the fight. You go through with it. No backing down now.'

"Oh ho...I thought I smelled something sweet. Like caramel."

Red eyes widened and he whipped his head around to see another man. Another opponent. "...Fuckin' bullshit." He muttered to himself.

"You must be Bakugō Katsuki, the kid with the explosive quirk and an attitude to match." The man continued as he tilted his head. His eyes were a yellow color. The same color of a yield sign. The corners of his eyes drooped low and his skin was a dark tan. His hair was buzz cut, taking on a brown color.

Katsuki could see the smoke coming from his nose and mouth. 'I swear to fuck if this ass has a fire quirk...' Through the building worry and fear, he grinned as the man approached. "So what of it, asshole?"

There was a deep breath, the chest of the man swelled up — before releasing into a steady and dangerous exhale. Just as Katsuki thought, fire exited the man's mouth and nostrils. "No reason really. You caused that explosion." He tilted his head upwards and exhaled large quantities of fire. It changed from the normal orange-red to a blue. "I'm here to subdue you."

"Haa? You think I'm scared of you cuz you can breath fire?! Ha! That'd be like me being afraid of IcyHot. Which doesn't fuckin' exist." 

"I wouldn't be too cocky if I were you." Gang crossed his arms. His eyes shifted towards the new arrival, "Nice to see you actually working Bodaway."

'This little bastard can't really be talkin'. He's the one who's getting cocky!' Katsuki whipped his head towards the shorter man. 'Alright time to focus now. So I've got this large asshole behind me. And I got this tiny ass-rag in the front.' His eyes moved towards the door behind Gang. 'There's also some shit face in there with my classmates. Gotta figure out how to knock these idiots out and then rescue those losers.'

"Brat your knees are knocking together." Katsuki clicked his tongue. Gang didn't seemed fazed by his front. "Do you really think I can't see through you? All this is a front. Something you can't back up even if you tried."

"Oh yeah? I'd like you to say that to my fuckin' face." Katsuki snarled as turned to face Gang. Shakily he lifted his left arm. Palm open and sweating profusely. "Try me you son of bitch. Just try me."



Shōto felt cold.

It was nothing like winter type of cold or sitting under the ac unit type of cold. It wasn't even his quirk type of cold.

This cold felt like death.

Death's cold embrace.

All of his limbs felt heavy. Especially his head. He could barely move it. His chin pressed against his chest.

A part of him wondered when everything was just going to end. When he would be able to rest.

'I'm so tired...' He thought to himself.

The rhythm of his heartbeat was off. It was much slower. His chest rising painfully before falling. Air was difficult to get through his clogged lungs.

Lungs that were filled with blood.

His blood.

A single tear slipped from his right eye. He had failed to do what he had originally planned. Failed to find an escape. Failed to actually try to escape and failed to free his teacher. His teacher who had been suffering so much more in their stead.


The voice reached his ears. It sounded so familiar. He wanted to answer so badly. But his brain and body wouldn't connect. Like it just stopped functioning on it's own accord.


'Aizawa-sensei...? I want to speak...I want to answer...but, nothing's working...' Shōto thought to himself as tears finally began to build up around his left eye. It still stung. However the pain wasn’t even comparable to what his insides felt like.


A sharp pang struck his heart. He had never heard his teacher sound so close to crying.

This entire situation was such a nightmare. For all of them.

His grey eye shifted towards the direction he heard his teacher. The man still looked dead to him. He wondered if everything he was hearing was all in his head. Or if he was truly that close to deaths door. 'Aizawa-sensei...'

"...I...know..." Shōta muttered out.

Shōto was confused. And still he questioned if this was all in his head. He wheezed. A small line of blood escaped the corner of his lips. Even if it was just an illusion, he wanted his teacher to know that he heard him; loud and clear.

"...Don't do that...ever...again..."

This time he was going to talk. He wanted to know what his teacher was talking about. As he started to open his mouth — he coughed out blood. It splattered across his lap and onto the floor. He was an absolute mess.

"...Kid?" Shōta grumbled out. His head lifted slightly, long hair shifting overtop of his shoulders.

That was when a curtain was pulled down. They were exposed. Revealed to those on the opposite side.

Shōto trembled, he struggled to take a breath. The coughing was wearing him thin.

"My beloved audience...I present to you," Isao stepped to the side — a grin upon his face. He looked like a jester. "The Underground Pro-Hero, Mr. Eraserhead. And his little hero protégé, Todoroki Shōto."

'...I didn't even know that there was other voices besides sensei...' Shōto forced himself to lift his head. His eye sight had gotten worse. Isao's quirk was truly taking its toll. Slowly destroying his senses one by one.

Dying slowly was a feeling he wouldn't wish upon anyone.

He hadn't even noticed that Isao approached him. Until he felt the forgotten knife tear from his shoulder. It was just more blood to bleed out. More of his life just fading.

"Thank you little hero. You were so kind to keep my knife for so very long!" Isao ruffled the red and white hair, "It's such a shame that you have to pay for the crimes those dreadful law makers had committed against us..." Using the knife he lifted Shōto's head up. The heterochromia eyes were clouded. He felt a tinge of excitement. "Dear boy...don't leave us just yet. You will be resting soon enough...just survive long enough for our audience to understand...everything."

Chapter Text

Masaru clocked in at his job.

It wasn't much, just a job in the designer industry. One that his son, of course, thought was boring and stupid. However, he continued to enjoy it. It was were he had met his wife, Mitsuki. He wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

A smile formed on his face as he thought about his family. Though, his son was arrogant and rude he loved the boy. His wife had been his pride ever since he had married the woman; regardless of her explosive outburst. The same outburst she passed along to their son.

"Hey Bakugō-san! Nice to see you."

Masaru waved to his coworker as he approached him. "Good morning, Higa-san."

"How's the family?"

It had became an everyday question that was asked of Masaru. The questions started when his son was attacked by the Sludge villain while making his way home from school. It had settled after three weeks before starting up once Katsuki got into high school.

The questions persisted more and more common from his co-workers after the incident at the Unforeseen Simulation Joint and more so later on, when his son and his classmates were attacked during their summer training camp. Which ended with his son being kidnapped.

It always scared him to think about what would have happened if the Pro-Heroes never reached Katsuki in time.

"They're doing just fine. Katsuki is still doing great at school and my wife is still as lively as ever." Masaru stated happily.

Tsubasa patted his coworker on the shoulder. A friendly gesture. "That's good to hear. Especially nowadays you know?"

Masaru only nodded in a silent agreement. He gathered several blueprints from outfit designs that had pilled in his filing cabinet, before making his way to his work station. Tsubasa followed closely behind with his own work in hand.

"So got any plans for the holidays coming up?" Tsubasa questioned as he placed down blueprints that was submitted to him.

Masaru nodded once again a soft smile upon his face, "Yes. My wife and I are hoping that Katsuki will be allowed to come home. With everything that's been happening we haven't heard much from him in a little bit." His heart sank at his own words. He wondered why.

"That's right, I forgetting that your son is still attending U.A. A little risky don't you think?"

"What's that?"

"Having your son attending a school that's constantly targeted by villains..." Tsubasa trailed off as he took his seat, "Wouldn't it have been safer for him to just transfer schools? I mean, with everything that has been happening..."

Masaru shook his head; his smile stayed upon his face. "My son...Katsuki, he wouldn't have any of that. He's headstrong just like his mother. Trying to change his mind or even telling him to do something entirely different is next to impossible." He reached underneath his desk for his kit, "Besides...we've placed our full trust within the teachers at U.A. Especially Aizawa-san. He has a much tighter handle on my son than any other teacher in the past...he's meant to be there."

"Well your son did win at the Sports Festival...I guess I can see why you're still letting him stay there I guess." Tsubasa rubbed at the back of his neck.

' son. My one and only son...he's strong. Headstrong and persistent. I won't take him away from anything that he knows he can accomplish.' Masaru felt his heart warm. His son may not show him enough respect but, he loved the boy with all his heart.

All thoughts were cut off at the sound of his phone going off. A small blush appeared on Masaru's face. He had forgotten to turn his ringer down. Placing his work to the side, he pulled his phone from his pocket. 'Mitsuki? Hmm...she doesn't normally call me this early at work unless something is wrong. Perhaps it's Katsuki again.' He sighed as he stood from his chair. "If anyone comes looking for me Higa-san, tell them I had to take a call."

"Understood, Bakugō-san."

With that, Masaru picked up the phone and began to walk away from his work station. "Hello, hun?"

'Masaru you need to speak to that brat of ours.'

He walked towards the back of his workplace. Finding himself close to the emergency exit. He ran a single hand through his hair, "...Did he pick up the phone?" He asked in an even tone.

'That's the problem! That lil shit hasn't answered the damn phone the entire weekend! Nor has he bothered to change that shitty voice message he has on there!'

Masaru frowned, "Well hun, I'm sure he's just busy..."

'No, Masaru. No. I know that idiot son of ours. He isn't busy. Not that damn busy to not pick up the phone or at least attempt to fix what I complained about.'

"Hun don't stress yourself. Hows about this we can do a three way call with the main office of U.A.? Will that make you feel better?" Masaru silently hoped she would be at ease with the quick suggestion.

'I think that's a little too late. I'm stressed and pissed off cuz this lil shit doesn't want to go down the straight and narrow correctly!'

There was silence after the small outburst. Followed by a heart heavy sigh. Masaru's heart sank even more. Once again, his thoughts wondered off to how Katsuki was fairing. It was normal for Katsuki to at least try to fix whatever Mitsuki had complained about; if only to get her off his case. Then again, the boy was training to be a Pro-Hero and was still a regular everyday high school student. There was so many things to keep in mind. To keep him from automatically panicking.

Right now, his wife wasn't keeping in mind that Katsuki was only a teenager. Still attending high school and training to be a hero.

Masaru sighed heavily and placed his free hand on the back of his neck. "Listen hun, if you want I'll call up at U.A. during my lunch break and—" Before he could finish he was cut off by a panicked voice.


"...I'm busy. On the phone right now. If there's any..." Masaru turned towards his coworker. His words had fallen short at the visible panic.

"It's your son...!!"



"Hey Haimawari-kun!! Time to wake up! You can't sleep in all day. And plus, your mother keeps calling. She say's she wants those cats out of her house and we can't bring anymore get up and be productive!"

Kōichi groaned at the loudness of his roommate. He couldn't understand how she was so energetic at such early hours of the morning. '...Maybe I just need to go to sleep early enough. Yeah that's it...' He thought to himself as he began to doze off.


This time Kōichi jolted upright from his futon. His hair frazzled, sticking up at all ends. "I'm up! I'm up!!" He shouted, his voice still heavy with sleep.

"You see that's what happens when you stay up late at night and don't get rest."

He rolled his eyes in silence. "I have a life you know." He replied as he yawned.

"Sure you do Haimawari-kun. Sure you do. Look as much as I think your mom is nice..." Kōichi cringed at the words used by his roommate. She couldn't have been anymore wrong. "And that she is a very caring person. She calls way too much and complains even more about those cats. I've been telling her that we can't take anymore in and we're trying to figure out what we can do with the ones we already have."

Kōichi sighed and pushed his covers off of his legs. Once again he yawned, stretching his arms above his head. "Right...right, got a plan Haneyama-chan?"

Kazuho peered from the kitchen. Her expression was sullen as she glared at him. "May I remind you that YOU were supposed to be working on that?" She disappeared back into the kitchen.

By this time, Kōichi was up and about in his room. He stuck his tongue out as soon as she ducked away. Sometimes he wondered who was pushier, his mother or Kazuho. Then again, he would rather be around Kazuho than his overbearing mother. She could be a living nightmare at times.

Lazily, he shimmed into a pair of pajama pants. Knowing that Kazuho would throw a fit if he came out in just his boxers. He used his hands to smooth down his hair before leaving his room.

"I've already told you that I'll talk to Eraserhead when he gets back." Kōichi exclaimed, stepping over several cats in the hallway. Most were awake while others were sleep. Much to his luck, the most violent one of the bunch was knocked out.

Kazuho hummed as she stood overtop of the stove. "And what happened with that?"

"...Aren't you listening to me? I said I will speak with him when he gets back!!" Kōichi replied as he stared at her in disbelief. He sharply turned away from the kitchen, finding his way to the couch.

"You know this is the age of electronics right?" Kazuho exclaimed sarcastically.

As soon as he sat down on the couch, he crossed his legs. Immediately, he threw a disapproving glance towards his friend. "You are aware he's a teacher now right?"

"Leave a message."

"Already did that."

"Call him again."

"And have him flip out on me? How's about no."


"You call him then!!" Kōichi shouted, his face turning red as he snatched the remote from the coffee table. "I'm not the only one picking up these cats and bringing them in! You are too!"

Switching on the television, he began to flick through the stations. He wasn't necessarily looking for something specific — he just wanted noise other than Kazuho talking his ear off about the multiplying cats. 

"News station please."

"Nope," Kōichi replied as he leaned back into the couch. "You know this is the age of electronics right?" He mocked her, unknowing that she was right behind him.

Kazuho snatched the remote from his hands. "Oh, I'm well aware. However that specific technology needs charging right now. And I need to watch the news."

"Hey!! Give that back!!" Kōichi whined as he reached for the remote.

There was a short struggle between the two, stations changing rapidly. The two roommates stared each other down before being startled by the sound of an explosion. Kazuho leapt over the couch. She landed perfectly beside Kōichi.

"What was that?!"

"I...I don't know. Why're you asking me?!" Kōichi felt his heart pound and Kazuho gripped his arm.

For a moment the two were completely clueless. Both looking around frantically. A silence completely overtaking them. Within that silence, they both sighed heavily. Their eyes met and a small smile was exchanged.

They panicked over nothing.

Kōichi relaxed into the couch and leaned his head back. The sound of the explosion sounded awfully close. As if it was in the apartment. He closed his eyes. 'Wow we panicked over nothing. So lame.' 

Kazuho released Kōichi's arm and did something entirely different. Instead of leaning her head back like Kōichi — to give herself a moments rest, she turned her attention towards the television screen. Her brow furrowed, "I'm sure I turned it on the news station...who is this guy?" She questioned aloud.

"Hm?" Kōichi tilted his head down and opened a single eye.

He watched as Kazuho flicked from news station to news station at rapid speed. Strangely enough, there was still the same guy on each station.

'What the hell?' Kōichi thought. Quickly, he reached for Kazuho's hand; effectively stopping her from changing the channel. He had a bad feeling stemming from this guy. " on this."

"But he's on every news station!"

"I know! Just don't change the channel." Kōichi shouted at her as he leaned forward. His eyes focusing solely on the television screen.

From what he could make out, there was blood all over the floor behind the man on television. It was strange. He couldn't tell if this was some new news anchor, television show, or a movie. However, something was telling him that it was neither of those three things.



"Could me a favor and grab my phone from my room? Please. This is important."

Kazuho glanced at Kōichi for a moment. She then quietly stood up and ran towards the hallway and straight to Kōichi's room.

He watched as the camera zoomed in to focus solely on him. Moving every step of the way as he moved. It looked like the man was pulling back something. As if he was about to reveal a grand prize.

Not even a minute later, Kazuho reappeared with Kōichi's phone. He gave her a small smile. It was tired and weary; she was concerned. "...Do you want me to stay right here? I already turned the stove off."

"Please, thank you Haneyama-chan." Kōichi replied with ease. He unlocked his phone and brought up his contact list; his finger hovering overtop of Yamada Hizashi's name.

'My beloved  audience...I present to you, the Underground Pro-Hero Eraserhead. And his little hero protégé, Todoroki Shōto.'

Kōichi felt his heart skip a beat. His eyes widened as he stared at the television. 'This can't be way. No!' A shaky breath escaped him and from he corner of his eyes, he could see that he wasn't the only one falling apart.

Kazuho had a look of astonishment upon her face. A look that wasn't going away anytime soon. Kōichi felt bad for keeping her there; for letting her see that. He watched as tears slowly build up at the corners of her eyes.

It broke his heart.

"Kōichi..." It was the first time she used his first name. Spoke to him with familiarity. If this had been any other moment — Kōichi would be smiling like a fool. "Please...tell me this isn't real...that Eraserhead isn't..."

Slowly, Kōichi shook his head. His thumb pressed harshly against the name it hovered over. His shaking hand rose the phone towards his ear. 'Please pick up Present Mic! Please...'



The day had started off fairly nice. At least Togaru thought.

Right now he was downstairs with a few of his classmates. Pony alongside Ibara and Kinoko were in the common area — all three girls giggling over something as they flicked through the television stations.

Both himself and Nirengeki were sitting at the dinner table. They were helping one another do homework.

In the kitchen was Yōsetsu. He had just came in from being outside; sweating profusely. He was raiding the refrigerator for snacks and drinks for the others who were still outside.

So far everyone seemed calm enough. His other classmates were still upstairs.

Nobody had brought up anything about their fellow first years of class A. All too worried that it would cause a small argument amongst them.

And then one of the girls mention something. "How's about we watch the news?"

It sounded like Pony. Her accent still heavy. She was still trying to get use to speaking with them in Japanese. And they speaking with her in English.

The girls all agreed.

"All you girls gotta do is just ask me. I was just out what the hell..." Yōsetsu muttered as he continued to grab things from the refrigerator.

Silently, Togaru was curious about the weather himself. Wanting to know if he truly needed a winter coat to go out for a light jog.

"If you ask ain't cold! Ain't cold at all." Yōsetsu closed the door and began to gather the items he had chosen.

Togaru sat his pencil to the side and glanced at his shorter classmate. "Nobody wants anything dealing with the weather from you." He eyed him.

"What?! What the hell makes you think that you giant praying mantis?!" Yōsetsu snapped as he glared at the other teenager.

Nirengeki sat his own pencil aside and looked at his two classmates. While he wanted to agree with Togaru — he didn't want to be in the middle of an argument. Nor did he feel like hearing an argument. "Uh, guys. Could you...not please?" He asked quietly.

"That bastard started it..." Yōsetsu muttered as he sat everything down on the dinner table. "Ain't nothin' wrong with wearing shorts and a sleeveless shirt in the winter!!"

Togaru clicked his tongue and went back to his work. Trying to talk to Yōsetsu at times was like talking to a brick wall. A brick wall that could be smart at times and other times just plain stupid. It was annoying.

"Will you not?"

Yōsetsu glanced towards the stairs. It was Sen and close behind was Shihai and Setsuna. The two behind him appeared completely exhausted. "That giant praying mantis started it!!"

"Ugh...will you just shut up?!" Togaru shouted as his attention was once again drawn towards Yōsetsu.

Sen rubbed tiredly at the back of his neck. Stifling back a wide yawn, "How's about you both shut up?" He suggested as he made his way towards the kitchen. Shihai followed behind him in silence and Setsuna walked towards the girl in the common room.

"What's this?" Setsuna asked as she titled her head to the side.

Kinoko shrugged, swinging her leg back and forth; each time hitting the ottoman in front of her. "Don't know. I thought it was the news station."

"Alas...I could not tell you dear child..." Ibara exclaimed as she looked towards her classmate.

Pony kept her eyes on the television. "There's...a freak on television?"

'What is she talking about?' Togaru thought to himself. He decided to ignore it. That was until he heard a voice that sent chills down his spine. A voice that said two very familiar names.

'My beloved  audience...I present to you, the Underground Pro-Hero Eraserhead. And his little hero protégé, Todoroki Shōto.'

"Huh...?" Sen looked overtop of the kitchen bar. His eyes landing upon the television screen.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SHIT?!" Yōsetsu shouted as he ran towards the common area.

Quickly Togaru stood. Knocking his chair over in the process and followed behind Yōsetsu. Nirengeki slowly rose from his own seat. He nervously began to pick with the hem of his shirt.

"What's all the fuss about?" Jūzo walked through the front entrance. Reiko stayed quiet as she followed behind her classmate. She broke off and approached the other girls in the class; her eyes immediately drawn towards the television.

Itsuka walked in directly behind him with Neito in tow. "Guys just because we don't have classes right now doesn't mean..." Neito stopped her. A hand placed upon her shoulder. She glanced at the blonde — there was a troubled look in his face. He wasn't facing towards her but the television.

'Thank you little hero. You were so kind to keep my knife for so very long!'

She wished she hadn't looked at the the television.

"What the hell?" Sen muttered under his breath and exited the kitchen. Shihai had already left and was sitting in one of the couches in the common area. He was staring intently at the television screen. His face filled with anger.

'It's such a shame that you have to pay for the crimes those dreadful law makers had  committed against us...'

Tetsutetsu came jogging in through the front door. "Hey! Hey! What's the hold...the fuck up!!" His anger towards Yōsetsu taking so long had dissipated. Looking at the television screen — his anger built towards something entirely different. Something he had tried to get his mind off by working his limbs until everything was numb. "THE HELL IS THIS GUYS?!"

"We don't know you fool. Just be quiet." Neito replied through clenched teeth.

Whatever calming atmosphere they once had was now gone.

A thick tension settled within the air.

"My dear classmates! Do you know...!" Jūrōta nearly fell down the stairs as he skipped a few. He was panicked.

Neito nodded, "We know..." His eyes narrowed into a hateful glare. His attention never left what his eyes were seeing. What he was witnessing. What angered him to his very core.

Jūrōta had fallen quiet and he felt a pat on his shoulder. Behind him was Kōsei, Yui, Manga and Kojirō. Each of them had the same expression. Anger mixed with concern.



Inko frantically knocked on the door of the Bakugō's. She didn't bother driving down the street. Not after what she had just seen on television. And she knew that this was Mitsuki's day off. So she knew the woman would answer the door.

She hoped.

The door was opened a with force. A force that was saying words the woman in front of her couldn't say.

The two locked eyes. Both were red and irritated from heavy crying. Mitsuki stepped to the side and motioned her long time friend to enter.

Mitsuki close the door and grabbed a tea kettle and began to make tea. "You still like that green tea...?" She asked, through the sniffling and oncoming tears. Her tears weren't just regular sad tears to cry. Her tears were filled with rage and frustration.

"...I do." Inko replied quietly and seated herself upon the couch.

There was silence. A thickening silence. One that neither of them wanted to break. Both women gathering their thoughts in the silence of their own anger and sorrow.

"...I take it you saw the news?" Mitsuki decidedly broke the silence. She couldn't handle it any longer. She felt like she was going to explode.

Inko nodded, "I did..."

"I had to turn that shit off. I wasn't about to sit in here by myself and suffer...worrying over that brat and his classmates..." Mitsuki replied through her clenched teeth.

Inko wiped away the tears from her eyes. She looked towards Mitsuki; taking note that her shoulders were shaking. The woman was tough but when it came to her son — she would make the entire world pay. It was something not many people knew about her. She loved her son with a passion but, also kept a strong hand waiting to deliver discipline.

"Masaru will be coming home soon. You're welcomed to stay of course." Mitsuki continued on as she waited for the tea kettle to whistle. The burner was turned up to the highest setting. Her patience for things weren't at an all time high after what she had seen. "Honestly...I'm just lost for words. No...I have so many words that I want to say but, I just can't come out with the shit! So damn frustrating." She shuffled to her left and grabbed two cups from he cabinet. "I take it's the same for you, Inko?" She looked overtop of her shoulder. The short plump woman was staring at her with big watery eyes. Eyes that broke her heart. She knew what the other was feeling.

Inko could only nod as she bit the bottom of her lip.

"...The staff at U.A. has some serious explaining to do. And I'm not even talking about that kind man Aizawa-san." Mitsuki stated, "I mean...sure we signed those kids over to them and they share custody until those rugrats graduate but, this...this is fuckin' outrageous! Why the hell am I not aware that my damn brat isn't where he should be?! Why weren't we notified of this shit yet?! It just pisses me off so damn much!! I won't pull his ass out of the school but, they're going to have a piece of my mind once that lil shit returns safe and sound. I just..I don't want anything to happen to Katsuki..."

Inko shot to her feet at the sound of Mitsuki's voice cracking. She made her way towards her friend and looked up, watching as Mitsuki furiously wiped away tears. She wondered to herself, how could she comfort someone else if she to need that comfort as well.

Without much thought, Inko reached for Mitsuki's free hand; a light reassuring squeeze was given.

"I'll be fine Inko...I swear that." Mitsuki muttered quietly as she wiped the tears away. There was a light whistling sound that caught their attention.

It was the tea kettle. Inko stepped away and walked back towards the couch. Mitsuki turned the burner off and began to make the tea. The process wasn't long — she left the rest of the water for when her husband arrived.

With both cups of tea in hand, Mitsuki approached Inko. A tired smile was upon her face. She sat down next to Inko and sat both cups on the coffee table in front of them.

A heart heavy sigh escaped her as she stared at the blankness of her television screen. "...You know I've been calling that brat all last week and this pass weekend? The lil shit didn't pick up. I didn't think the worst at first. I just thought he was being a lil asshole and was outright refusing to pick up the phone. It was Sunday when I started to have this sinking feeling. Like something was really wrong. I haven't been able to sleep since then and continuously called that brat. I needed to know that he was fine. That he was safe...and well, I guess I got my damn answer." She closed her eyes for a moment and opened them. Her attention directed towards Inko. "Enough about me though. How are you holding up? You've been quiet ever since you got here."

Inko clasped both her hands together. Her eyes falling towards her lap. She pondered on the question. A question that both she and Mitsuki had already known. She figured it was all for the sake of talking. To just hear someone else's voice. Perhaps that was what she wanted when she frantically tried to get in contact with Izuku but to no avail.

"I...I'm scared." Inko finally answered, "I'm just scared."



Natsuo knocked on the door before turning the door knob. With flowers in his hand and a bright smile he greeted his mother happily. "Hey mom!" He approached her and sat the flowers on the windowsill. Bending over slightly, he gave his mother a hug.

Rei returned the gesture with ease and held onto Natsuo for a minute longer. They released each other and Natsuo sat down beside her on the bed.

"Aren't you supposed to be in school Natsuo?" Rei questioned after the short silence.

Natsuo looked at his mother from the corner of his eye. He smiled a little. "Nope. Semester ended. Plus winter break is coming up. I don't think classes will be picking back up until next year in the spring." He turned his head to fully face her, "Which means, I get to visit you on the daily! If you want that is."

Rei quietly looked down at her lap. She was deep within thought and didn't come to until Natsuo held her hand.

At times she wondered how she would ever live without her beloved children.

"Something wrong mom? You...look kinda off."

Rei looked back up towards Natsuo. Though, the boy didn't seem like it — he was extremely sharp. Highly aware of his surroundings at all times.

She shook her head, not wishing for the day to be just about her. "How was the semester?"

"Passed it! It wasn't completely perfect but straight B's are a wonder." Natsuo kept a hold on his mothers' hand. "I'm learning a lot about medical welfare. Honestly, can't wait to be able to get a job doing just that!"

Rei squeezed Natsuo's hand as she smiled at him. "I am so very happy to hear that Natsuo."

"Hm? There you go again. You just did it again. You look off..." Natsuo frowned as he looked at his mother. Without releasing his mothers' hand — he stood up and took a seat in front of her. His eyes staring directly into her own tired ones. "Mom...what's wrong?" He asked sternly.


"Eh, baby Shō?"

Rei only nodded. Natsuo looked down at his hands — the one that was holding his mothers' hand. It was strange that she mentioned Shōto. He had been thinking about him for a while.

"Have you heard from him?"

Natsuo perked up, he blinked several times as he looked at his mother. "I uh, haven't..." He answered. "Have you mom?"

Rei shook her head as she looked out the window. The expression on her face contorted into something completely different. He could have sworn he saw fear flash within her eyes before she looked away.

"Well I'm sure he's just busy with school and all! I mean...he is in hero training. I'm sure he'll get to us when he's able. Ya know?" Natsuo gave his mother a goofy smile. He hoped it would ease her worry. To ease her heart. She didn't need anymore issues to stack against her.

Slowly his smile began to drop; noticing that she was still concerned. "'s about this mom," He stood up and took his phone from his pocket. "We'll take a picture and send it to him with a message! How's that sound?"

Rei seemed puzzled at first as she looked at her son. "He'll be happy once he sees a picture of his awesome mom!" Natsuo pressed as he walked towards her and sat down. "Please...." He begged and poked his lip out. It caused Rei to giggle slightly and Natsuo took that as a yes. "Alright! So I'm gonna put my arm over you like this..." He placed his arm overtop Rei's shoulder, "And do this..." He used both hands to hold his phone up, "...And smile!"

There was a quick flash and the photo of himself and his mother saved to his gallery. He kept his arm around her shoulder and opened up the gallery, "Let's see..." He pressed on the picture and looked at his mother. "What do you think? Think he'll love it? And I'll send it to sis as well." Rei nodded quietly and watched as Natsuo first sent it off to Shōto with a message before going towards Fuyumi's name.

His finger hovered over her name — he noticed that there were several texts messages from her. 'She normally doesn't send this many messages unless I spammed her...which I didn't.' Natsuo curiously stood up, his eyes glued to his phone. ", I'll be right back. I promise. I'll just be right outside the door okay?" He received a solid nod before he left.

Natsuo exited the room and placed his back firmly against the door.

First his mother looked like someone died or was about to die. And now his sister spammed him with frantic texts messages. 

"What the hell is going on?" He muttered to himself before dialing Fuyumi's number.

It only dialed for a short minute before he heard her voice over the phone. Her tone of voice matched what he thought about her text messages; frantic.

'Natsuo?! Oh thank god you saw my messages! Where are you?'

"Whoa...slow down Fuyu. What's the four one one?" Natsuo questioned as he raised a single brow.

'It's  Shōto!! He's hurt Natsuo. He's hurt really bad!!'

'Hurt?! What the hell is she talking about?' His thought was panicked and he pinched the bridge of his nose. One of them needed to stay calm and if it wasn't going to be Fuyumi, it had to be him. "Fuyumi relax. Seriously, relax. Breath in and out..." He coaxed her into doing a few breathing exercises.

Through those exercises — he heard several loud voices. Accompanied with the sound of loud helicopter blades spinning.

"Fuyumi what in the hell is that noise?" Natsuo asked.

'That's dad on the other end...' 

'Oh for goodness sakes. Why is this asshole on the line?' Natsuo gritted his teeth and leaned his head back. "...Well what's this about Shōto being hurt?" He vehemently ignored the fact there was a third person on the call.

'Your brother and his classmates are in danger, Natsuo.'

Natsuo rolled his eyes, "I was asking Fuyumi. Thank you very much. Anyway, Fuyumi, how'd you find out?"

'...It's on the news Natsuo. He's so badly hurt...I can't I just can't...'

Fuyumi began to cry over the receiver. It made Natsuo wonder how long she had been crying. When she picked up she sounded like she had been crying for hours on end. "Shit...are you home or something?"

'I'm on my way...'

"I'll be there soon. I'll just tell mom that something came up. Don't go anywhere okay? I'll be there in a jiffy." Natsuo confirmed with his elder sister.

'I could head over there if you want...'

"And have mom seeing you a crying mess?! Hell no Fuyumi. She's already got enough to worry about. Just stay home and I'll be there." Natsuo exclaimed sternly.

'...Okay. I will.' 



Nothing could quite describe the anger that Enji was feeling right now. Not after seeing what he had just saw.

Unfortunately he couldn't show his rage through his flames. Or he'd risk blowing himself and everyone else onboard up. Something he'd rather avoid doing if he was trying to save his son.

His grip tightened on his phone. It was on speaker — so he could hear his daughter and son. His daughter was the first to call and the conversation had started off fairly normal. She told him that classes might get cut early due to winter break coming up and that she would probably be home early.

The conversation then went more towards his direction. He had left without telling her anything. She was concerned. He told her not to be and that he would be home soon.

Of course, Fuyumi wasn't buying it. Even more so when he overheard one of her coworkers calling her and saying something about the news station and her brother.

That was when Enji started to really feel his anger rise to dangerous levels. Fuyumi cried over the phone and was apparently released for the rest of the day due to family emergency.

For about an hour or so it was just the two of them on the phone. He promised her that he would stay on the line until she got home. And then she got a call. He was placed on hold for a few minutes.

The two way had turned into a three way quickly. His son Natsuo was on the other end.

As usual, he wasn't happy to hear that he was on the phone with him. Thusly commencing ignore mode — speaking only to Fuyumi.

Enji only spoke because, he knew Fuyumi was having a difficult time. So he told Natsuo what was going on. It earned him a negative sarcastic response. He guessed it was karma in the form of his son; he tried not to let it get to him. Right now he had to focus on the mission ahead. Focus on saving a fellow Pro-Hero, his son and a bunch of other teenagers.

There was silence over the line, with the exception of Fuyumi sniffling. He could hear his son talking to Rei. When she spoke — she sounded concerned. From what Enji could make out, Natsuo quickly eased all of her worries by saying something important with his college came up.

A lie.

One that Enji didn't appreciate his son telling to his mother.

He decided he would scold him for that later.

'You all still there?'

'I am...'

Enji only grunted in response. He raised the phone closer to his face; taking it off of speaker. "Listen Natsuo, stay home with your sister until I get back okay?"

'I'm not an asshole like you, if that's what you're assuming.'


'I'll stop. But, I'm just letting him know that right now. I'm nothing like you.'

"I wasn't insinuating anything of the sort, Natsuo." Enji stated sternly as he glared straight ahead.

'...Well whatever. Just...please...please if there is anything good that you can do, bring  Shōto home. Bring my little brother home safely. I'm trusting you with this one thing.'

"...I will." Enji promised as he frowned.

' safe please. And bring  Shōto home safe...we'll be waiting.'

"I will." He repeated. This time with certainty and determination.

All sounds on the opposite end of the phone ceased. He had quietly hung and pulled his phone away from his ear.

In a silent anger he stared at the phone. He placed his phone away and looked out of the open helicopter doors. Both his hands clenched in his lap. Icy blue eyes narrowing into a glare. 'These foolish villains will soon know the wrath of the flame hero, Endeavor. Just wait...'

All he could do now was await landing.

Chapter Text


It was a painful feeling. 

One that he had been well acquainted with since his younger years.

He hated it.

However, this wasn't something he could avoid this time. He had just seen the news while he was walking to a secluded location in the woods; to meet up with Hawks.

Seeing what he saw, caused an anger to release. One that made him feel like the run away child from all those years ago.

For about three hours straight he had been burning down the forest trees. Of course, he gave the animals within the forest a fair warning. And little time for them to escape.

He couldn't control it. His flames. They seared his skin painfully — burning the bandages that Toga had thoughtfully wrapped him up with.

All that hard work she had done, gone.

Gone because of his anger. Gone because he couldn't stand the sight of what he had seen.

Right now, he was nearby a river stream. He sat down patiently and silently; looking at his reflection in the water. Hating what he was seeing. Not that he would tell anyone.

As far as he was concerned — nobody needed to know.

Not now. Not yet.

"Hey, Dabi!!"

He perked up at the sound of his name being called. With the same distasteful expression, he looked towards the new arrival. "Hawks." He grumbled as he clenched the grass underneath his hands. It hurt but, he didn't care.

"Wow bud, you smell like burnt fried chicken on a bad afternoon." Hawks remarked as he landed a few steps away from Dabi.

Dabi bared his teeth as he glared at the crooked Pro-Hero. "Shut the hell up." After a minute, he unclenched his fist; feeling loose grass slip between his fingers. He stood to his full height. Icy blue eyes never leaving Hawks. "What the hell took you so long?"

" know..." Hawks grinned slightly. A placed behind his neck, "Gotta keep those appearances up. Can't let the folks down just yet. You know?"

Dabi only glared at Hawks. He didn't like the answer he received but, he couldn't find himself to care enough to challenge the man. "Whatever. Come, follow me. We're taking a detour."

"Nearby Deika city?"

"Tch, where else do you think?" Dabi stated sarcastically. He began to walk down the riverbed. Following the stream that lead to a small abandoned farmhouse near the outskirts of Deika city.

Quietly Hawks followed a short ways behind Dabi. He gave his wings a little bit of room to breath; stretching them out. There was a small amount of strain he could feel. He guessed it was from all the flying he had done.

The thought of having to fly back home using his quirk was nothing short of a nightmare. He literally dread the moment when he and Dabi finished their business.

He shook his head clear of thoughts about flying home. Right now he had to focus on his mission. 'Speaking of focusing...' A curious brow raised as he watched how Dabi was hunched over. Sure the man always had a horrible posture since he first met him but, today seems to hold a different kind of weight about it.

"Is there a reason you're staring at me?" Dabi asked, his voice filled with irritation. He shove his hand deeper into his pockets.

Hawks found himself startled. Dabi hadn't even looked over his shoulder and knew that he was being watched closely. 'He's sharp. A little too sharp right now. Gotta be careful.' He told himself as he relaxed his wings; retracting them. "Ah, nothing at all! Well..." He started off and looked at the river from the corner of his eye. The sunlight reflected perfectly off the waters. It was beautiful and calming. "...I just kinda noticed that you seem a little off."

"Oh, is that so?"



"C'mon Dabi...we're friends right man? I mean sure I got kinda pissed with you for setting loose a big ass Nōmu like you did a while back but..."

"Leave it."

"...I'd rather not."

Dabi clicked his tongue. His teeth gritted against each other. 'How annoying. Why is he so curious all of a sudden?' 

"Friends tell friends what's going wrong man."

"We aren't friends you moron."

"Oh?! Then what do you call this lovely little exchange we're having right now?"


"Business...with friendship." Hawks jogged lightly to catch up. He patted Dabi on the shoulder. "C'mon can trust me."

"Oh? Can I?"

Hawks nodded as he looked into icy blue eyes. Eyes that made him slightly uncomfortable. He ignored the feeling, forcing it to the side.

"Are you just deliberately being stupid or are you actually always like this?"

'...What an ass.' Hawks thought to himself. Cheerlessly he eyed Dabi. This time the man seemed to have his normal glow about him. His normal happiness. If it could be called happiness. "Are you always an asshole?"

"Surprisingly, I am. Ah...we're here." Dabi stated blandly as he came to a stop. He looked up at the ruined barn house. It looked as if it could topple over at any given time.

"...You expect me to walk in that?"

Dabi snorted, turning around to face Hawks. A wicked grin was clear on his face. "I would shove your ass in there but," He stopped and took his hand from his pocket; deftly removing Hawks hand, "I'm still placing you through a recruitment process. Don't push it."

"...Eh, I'll try not too." Hawks muttered underneath his breath. He took his hand away from Dabi's own bloodied hand. "'re bleeding."

"And I'm convinced you're stupid." Dabi snapped back at Hawks, "We aren't here about me you idiot. We're here about that job I gave to you..."

"About the number three Pro. I know. I know." Hawks raised his hands up and nodded his head. "It's done. He's been...silenced."

Dabi hummed to himself as he turned away. He took a few more steps towards the run down farmhouse. "Good." He replied simply. "As far as I'm concerned, that was the last step you needed to take Hawks." He looked over his shoulder, "However..."

"Always those damned buts." Hawks sighed, crossing his arms against his chest. "What is it now? I did everything you wanted me to. What else is left?"

"In a rush?" Dabi raised an eyebrow at his contact.

Hawks shook his head, "No, not really. Just gotta keep appearances you know..."

"Hm," Dabi hummed once again, "About...three or so weeks from now, you'll be meeting Skeptic. He'll have a little something waiting for you."

"Okay, meet up point?"

"The gates of Deika city."

"...Three or so weeks from now?"

"You heard right." Dabi confirmed and leaned against the rust wall of the farmhouse. By this time both his hands were out of his pockets. Both hanging at his side. His eyes never left Hawks, "In three or so weeks meet up at Deika city. Skeptic will be waiting. As will I. Now go."

Hawks only nodded. He stretched his wings — as if to take off. However, he held back.

Something still didn't feel right. Dabi appeared to be putting on a front. A front that wasn't truly him.

"...Why are you still here? I said buzz off." Dabi repeated as he frowned at the Pro-Hero.

Hawks turned away from Dabi. He wasn't about to take off — he was only preparing himself. He had a long flight ahead of him. "You looked like you had a question. So...I'm giving you sometime you know, to ask."

"...Where's Endeavor?"


Dabi only nodded and looked down at his muddied boots. "Right. Leave."

Without another word being exchanged, Hawks took off. Dabi felt the strong gust of wind blow his hair back; with a meaningful force.

Dabi waited until he was certain Hawks was out of sight before making his way back to Deika city. His mind heavy with concern.



It was late in the afternoon when Dabi had arrived at the designated hotel. He took the longest route possible to give himself enough time to cool off.

Unfortunately, it didn't seem to help any. He could still feel his quirk flare up. Burning his flesh and singeing  the hairs on the back of his neck.

Images of what he had seen appearing every time he blinked.

He was still angry.

"Yo!! If it ain't Dabi!!"

'Ugh, Twice...' Dabi rolled his eyes as he pressed the elevator button. He wasn't in the mood to talk. From the corner of his eye, he could see both Jin and Toga approaching him. With a little bit too much happiness. Too much for his liking at the moment.

"Dabi! Dabi! Dabi!" Toga sang as she skipped up to him. She stopped at arms length, looking him up and down. "You don't look so good."

"I'm not." Dabi grumbled as he shoved his hands into his pockets.

Jin walked around him to be on his opposite side. He groaned and shook his head. He didn't want to be surround by people he knew would only annoy him.

"How was that meet up?!"

"That moron was late." Dabi answered. His tone was steady and flat. There was a small silence and from his left, Jin stepped a little closer. Dabi flinched away. Jin had sniffed him. He clenched his fist in his pockets.

"You smell like a crispy piece of meat." Jin commented and took a step back, "Why didn't you bring any for us?!"

"Cuz you dumbass, it wasn't meat."

The elevator arrived just in time with a ding. Dabi felt slight relief and stepped into the elevator. Right behind him was both Toga and Jin, stepping in to stand by his side. He glared at his reflection in the elevator door.

"You need your bandages changed!" Toga pointed out. She placed both her hands behind her back and rocked back and forth on her heels. "Oh, also Shigaraki is waiting for you in his room."

Dabi's frown deepened, "Fine. I'll got there first. And I'll be fine with changing my bandages on my own."

"...Did something happen?" Toga tilted her head.

It was strange. That was the first time Dabi had seen concern within her eyes. Concern that appeared genuine. A shiver went down his spine. He shook his head and quietly waited for the elevator to stop.

"No." Dabi stepped off the elevator as soon as it hit the third floor. "Where is that crusty bastard at anyway?"

"Ooh! Ooh! I'll take you!!" Toga exclaimed happily. She hooked her arm around his own and started to drag him off.

Dabi nearly tripped as he struggled to keep up with the teenage girl. "Wait! Dammit you're going too damn fast."

"I'll catch you two later!" Jin shouted to the two. He turned to walk the opposite direction.

Toga hummed loudly to herself. Her arm tight around Dabi's own arm as they walked down the hallway. He finally managed to get in sync with her.

Dabi couldn't help but to glance at her. He was on her blindside and there was always that constant reminder of their mission. 'As if I need more things to bother me...' He huffed as he turned his head away.

Both comrades were silent as they walked towards the very last door on the right. Much to their surprise it was open.

"Knock, knock!!" Toga exclaimed as she knocked on the open door.

"Come in girl."

Dabi felt Toga release him and he watched as she entered the room. He took a deep breath before releasing it. Without a second though, he peered into the room.

Inside the room were those from todays meeting that had taken place several hours ago; with only Shūichi being absent. The newest edition being Geten. She silently stood in the corner — looking in the same direction as everyone else.

Those who stood included Kōkū and Atsuhiro. Rikiya resided in his high tech wheelchair. Tomoyasu was seated beside him in a chair and his laptop upon his lap. His attention was mostly geared towards his laptop screen.

As for Tomura — the man was sitting upright in his bed against the backboard. He was highly focused on something. Dabi could tell because, Toga had jumped on the bed and joined him. Normally he would have yelled at her to get off by now.

"Ah! Come in, please first lieutenant. You must see what my friend has done." Rikiya called out to him in pure bliss. He motioned for Dabi to enter the room.

Of course, Dabi only glared. He wasn't about to play nice just yet. Rikiya wasn't his commander. When he didn't move this caught Tomura's attention.

Surprisingly the man didn't appear to be as annoyed as he was earlier. Dabi figured it had something to do with his pain medication. There was an expecting look on his face.

Dabi only sighed and finally entered the room after a short staring competition with Tomura. He only stopped at the door. He wasn't in the mood to mingle with any of them. His eyes stayed trained upon Tomura.

"Dabi sit." Tomura stated simply and nodded his head towards the empty chair. "I doubt Twice will be coming back anytime soon. So join us."

A look of distaste appeared on his face and he removed one hand from his pocket, rubbing at the peeling skin on his neck. "...Look, I just got back from talking to Hawks. I'm tired." 

"I understand that but, don't you want to see how pathetic Eraserhead looks? It's almost laughable. I insist you sit." Tomura spoke once again. His tone changed quickly — much more stern and adamant then earlier.

There was no room to argue.

He huffed and stalked his way over towards the empty seat. A sharp turn on his heels and he seated himself sloppily in the wooden chair. Icy blue eyes wandered towards the screen. 'Of course these sick bastards would be watching this...shit.' His eyebrow dropped low; blue eyes glaring at the television screen.

' beloved  audience. While these two gentlemen have done nothing against us but follow the laws...they will unfortunately be the first to pay. These two alongside twenty others.'

Dabi only focused his eyes upon a red and white haired teenager. The same teenager he had addressed during the raid in the forest. He could feel his flesh burning again. 'I can't let it get to me. Not in front of them...' His eyes dropped towards his lap. 'The best thing I can do right now is to pretend I'm sleeping. None of them will bother me.'

"Ha, Eraserhead you were such a cool hero...time to say goodbye." Tomura commented smugly.

'I was truly hoping to have lured in a famous Pro-Hero! I wished to do a great favor for Stain The Hero Killer. His  ideology was such an inspiration to many of my people aboard this paradise!'

"I didn't think people would care too much about Stains ideology since his lock up in tartarus." Kōkū exclaimed quizzically.

"Oh you would be surprised. I have three that still hold him up with high respect and grace." Tomura replied plainly. "Ah speaking of which here comes the biggest fanboy of them all...did you bring what I asked for Spinner?"

' Sadly...I captured the perfect hero. A hero who Stain would let live to see another day.'

At that remarked, Dabi opened a single eye and spotted Shūichi in the doorway. The expression upon his face was pretty hilarious but, Tomura was right about him being a fanboy. He dressed just like him and attempted to create a sword that was almost similar to his. It was borderline stalker.

"Yeah yeah I did. And will you please stop talking about me...I keep sneezing!" Shūichi frowned as he walked pass the television screen; a tray of food tightly within his grasp. As soon as he approached Tomura he held the tray out in front of him, "You're luck they still had some more. And why the hell are you guys watching this still..."

'I'm glad I'm not the only one bothered by this...' Dabi thought to himself. He closed his eyes once again; feeling slightly at ease that he wasn't the only one that was disturbed.

'Much to Mr. Eraserhead's bad luck — I am nothing like Stain. I kill all of those who are heroes. I kill those who support the lawmakers and their laws.'

"I must say I am quite proud of Isao. He has come such a long way...he never use to live on his paradise island. He strictly lived in Japan. And surprisingly he obeyed the laws." Rikiya comment as he smiled, "He stayed here for his adopted son and for the love of his homeland. However...once he left and stayed upon The Peerless, he became a much more defiant man. Since he rules over the entire city, his rules are just. And if a hero is upon his island...that hero will meet death."

"My master would have liked him. But...that one that looks like a grizzly bear, he seems familiar." Tomura stated.

There was a faint groan. Dabi knew it came from the monitor of the television. He crossed his arms against his chest and leaned his head downwards; chin touching his chest.

"I don't know the entire story behind Maze but, he was apparently an experiment that Isao had found wondering the streets. A victim of one too many triggers and gifted with a second quirk. Apparently the process was painful." Rikiya shrugged, "You'll have to ask Isao himself or perhaps Maze."

'We'll just have to see which one of you will pay first. Perhaps I'll have Mr. Eraserhead watch as his little hero  protégé Todoroki dies. Or maybe Shinsō.'

"If the chance arises."

'Which of you boys would like to go first? keep in mind I have a limited amount of time on my hands.'

"Of course, Commander."

'Which little hero dies first...Shinsō Hitoshi or Todoroki Shōto?'

Dabi felt his quirk flare dangerously again. This time he couldn't keep it in check. The chair beneath him had been set aflame and he was halfway across the room, near the exit. His heart was racing and his eyes were wide.

"Whoa!! Put that out! Put that out!!" Shūichi began to panic and threw his plate of food at the blue flames.

Quickly, Geten conjured up her own quirk. She coated the burning chair in a thick coat of ice. Ice that was similar to someone Dabi knew all too well.

Atsuhiro took a few cautious steps forward and tapped on the small iceberg. A single touch trapped the ice and chair within a small confined space.

"Ooh...that was close." Toga placed her chin into both palms of her hands. She kicked her legs against the bed.

Dabi looked at the scorch mark on the carpet. Where the chair had just been. His chest was rising and falling quickly; he just panicked. He eyed the spot before looking at everyone else.

Only a few people gave him looks of concern. Geten was staring in his direction as she was putting the fire out; she had yet to say anything. Toga had only spared him a quick glance before looking back at the empty spot. Tomura had thrown a quick glare at him before turning his attention back to the television; knowing he could trust those around him to handle the situation.

The last person that kept their eyes on him was Kōkū. His eyes held more suspicion than anything.

"Perhaps you should retire to your room Dabi." Atsuhiro exclaimed as he frowned at the fire user.

Tomura nodded and waved his hand at his first lieutenant. "Go before you burn the entire room down."

"It has been pretty stressful...I totally understand Dabi." Shūichi stated from his spot near Tomura. "Just...go and relax man. You've been on the go for weeks now." There was a frown on his face as well. His eyes holding concern and worry.

Dabi hated it. He hated all of it. He glanced down at his arms — small beads of blood bubbled to the surface. A small nod and he turned around; exiting the room. His mind filled with thoughts and memories.

Memories that wouldn't stop haunting him.

Thoughts that would last a life time.

"Yo Dabi!!" Jin exclaimed happily. "You're tracking blood my man!! What the hell happened?!"

Of course, Dabi ignored him as they passed each other by. He picked up his pace and ended up in front of the elevator. His finger pressed the button several times. '...Dammit...' His hands shook violently.

Much to his luck the elevator did take too long this time around. It dinged and the doors began to open. A little too slowly for his liking. As soon as he was sure he could squeeze through, he took his opportunity.

Once inside, he rapidly pressed the close door button. He backed up into the corner of the elevator and slide his back down against the cool metal. His eyes closed tightly once he was seated on the floor and he ran his hands through his hair.

All of his thoughts remained on what he had just seen.

Chapter Text

Hizashi tried to ignored the fact that he was several hundred feet in the air and directly above water.

There was nothing but ocean for miles.

Not that he expected anything else. However he wasn't enjoying it. The entire experience was making him motion sick. Something he hated.

His hands gripped at the single belt that stretched over his waist, strapping him in. They had been flying for what felt like forever to Hizashi.

The police lent two armed helicopters and a chinook for the rest of the Pro-Heroes and S.W.A.T members to ride in.

Both, Hizashi and Nemuri were assigned to ride in the first helicopter. While, Vlad King and Endeavor were in the second helicopter — just a little ways behind them.

Neither guns on the helicopter were armed but, they did bring a few that knew how to operate the weapon if it came down to a gunfight when they attempt to land.

Hizashi hoped that it wouldn't come to flying bullets.

He closed his eyes, hoping that his mind would distract him with other thoughts if he wasn't constantly looking down to what could possibly be his death. Small blonde eyebrows knitted together and his bottom lip quivered. '...C'mon Hizashi! This is so much better than being surrounded by bugs much better...' It took a couple of minutes before he felt comfortable enough to open his eyes.

From the corner of his eye he could see Nemuri looking at him. Her face was a mixture of concern. And behind that concern was a certain hilarity hidden. One that he wasn't taking too kindly too.

His fellow Pro-Hero seemed to be enjoying herself. Seemingly content with being so far in the air and overtop of a large body of water.

That irked him. He knew that she was also enjoying how frightened and sick he was since take off.

"This ain't funny you know." Hizashi exclaimed as loudly without activating his quirk.

A smirk found itself plastered across her face. It only made him feel more miserable. "But I didn't laugh." She pointed out.

Just as he was going to retort her comment, a vibration interrupted.

For a moment the two heroes looked at each other before looking down.

"I think that's yours Mic."

"You think I can answer it at this altitude?"

Nemuri shrugged as she watched the blonde dig through his pocket. Pulling his hand out he revealed his phone.

"Answer that and you'll disrupt the lines."

Hizashi's hand flinched away from the answer button. He looked up to see one of the crew members staring him down. It made him slightly uncomfortable. ", okay." He tucked his phone away into his pocket.

There was a few minutes of unease. Hizashi shifted around uncomfortably. His eyes darted everywhere before landing upon the crew member across from him. He was staring. Intently and it was making him feel awkward.

"This is Ms. Joke of the chinook. Can you all read me?"

'Thank goodness! This little staring contest was getting awkward.' Hizashi thought to himself. He raised his hand up to his communication headset. "Yeah this is Present Mic of Alpha. We read you loud and clear!"

"Endeavor of Beta. What's the problem?"

"Well everyone here on the chinook are getting restless."

"Your point?"

Nemuri reached for a button on her own headset. She muted it. Obviously displeased with Enji's tone of voice. "No need to be so harsh..." She muttered underneath her breath. A look of disappointment covered her face.

Hizashi shook his head in disappointment. He stayed quiet, awaiting an answer from Emi. As much as he wanted to correct Enji for his rudeness — he didn't want to cause any tension. There was also the fact that Emi didn't sound like she cared much about Enji's sour attitude.

"My point when is this concession stand of heroes gonna park it?!"

There was an awkward silence coming from both Hizashi and Enji. Hizashi couldn't figure out if she was being serious or if it was a joke. If it was actually a joke — it was terrible and poorly executed. He smirked slightly but stayed quiet.

"Man...I thought for sure that one would get someone rolling..."

Hizashi quietly hoped it wasn't leading to more terrible jokes.

"Enough of the foolishness. Now what exactly is the problem?"

"Geez, tough crowd this evening, eh? All we want to know is the eta."

"Um..." Hizashi looked up at the crew member across from him. A questioning look on his face. He was certain that the man was listening in on the conversation. "...Estimated time?"

There was silence as the crew member knocked on the wall behind him. "Arrival time?" He asked with out hesitation. Turning back towards Hizashi, he shrugged his shoulders. "There's apparently a problem. A barrier of some sort. We're nearby and would be landing now but..."

"We don't have time for this!!" Hizashi shouted impatiently at the man. All fear of heights forgotten he unbuckled his seatbelt and stood up; he walked towards the open hatch. He took a hold of the safety bar on the side and peered out.

It seemed like the pilot was correct but, Hizashi knew that they didn't have time to spare. 

Right now was a matter of life and death.

With twenty-two lives on the line.

Of twenty-one children.

Of one Pro-Hero. A longtime friend.

He was snapped out of his state of trans by Nemuri's voice. It sounded as if she was answer a question. A question that he was sure he heard but, blocked out. All in favor for planning.

"Are you kidding me?! We don't have time to waste!"

"Hmph, I'll figure out a way in myself if I have to."

"...I would offer to jump but...uh, I don't think that impact will do my body any good. BMI hero or not. Nobody would survive that fall."

"FatGum...why would you even want to do that?" Nemuri asked the younger hero carefully. She looked over toward Hizashi. His face was mixed with concern and confusion. "You know they have parachutes, right?"

"I'm aware of that. And we don't know if they have gun towers or anything, so that would be dangerous. Also...if it's what I think it is, this could be a barrier that repels vehicles. Planes included. So if something like a human was just touch it, it should be tangible."

"Meaning we'll go right through it?"

"Bingo, Vlad King! We just need someone who can pull that off..."

"Shit...and we don't have Hawks to try that theory." Hizashi glared at the large floating island that was several hundred meters ahead of them.

A barrier means that they were found out.

The villains were aware of their arrival.

Now they were being kept at bay. Until they finished whatever sick plan they had in mind.

"Not all is lost though."

"What's that supposed to mean?!" Hizashi questioned. His mind still racing for ideas.

"I...I c-can't do that! I-I'll die!"

"You can do it! Your Suneater for crying out loud! Part of U.A.s Big Three! You can do anything you set your mind to kid."

"...What is your plan FatGum?" Nemuri asked, she was extremely curious as to why and what he was going to have Tamaki do. She was sure it was something that was way out of his comfort zone.

"W-why me..."

"My plan is for my pal Suneater here, to jump out of the plane. What'd you have to eat little buddy?"

"He ate duck FatGum!!"


"Thank you, Nejire-chan! Since you ate duck today, you'll be able to fly."

"He's still just a student." Nemuri stated as she frowned.

It was an idea. A very risky idea. One they couldn't possibly take. There was already other student's lives on the line. They didn't need to add another.

"Is he strong enough to carry a person? I mean while flying."

"He could, what's your quirk kid?"

"Vibrate. I'm basically a walking earth quake. So he'll be safe once we land."

"While that's nice and all, one issue still remains." Hizashi interrupted, "These people might have loaded weapons. And we'd be placing two kids lives on the line if we do that!" He didn't like the idea. None of them had safety gear that would allow them to take bullets.

"...I'll go. You two kids are with me. I can only hope that my skin will be tough enough."


"No but's Present Mic. Time is ticking and we don't have a better plan. I'll fly them down with my quirk. Actually, FatGum and Hound Dog — you're both coming too."

Incoherent growling was heard over the microphone.

Hizashi was silently as he listened. It was all he could do for right now. No matter how much he disagreed with the plan. There was nothing he could say. His knuckles whitened as he tightened his grip around the handle.

"Don't think you youngsters are counting me out! I'm going along for the ride."

All Hizashi could think about was the added danger.

He also reminded himself that time was running out. There was no other choice.

'Dammit...' Hizashi cursed, teeth gritting against each other. He turned to look over his shoulder. Shaded green eyes landing upon Nemuri. She had taken over where he couldn't finish. 'It's probably better. I'd just argue back and demand we come up with a better plan that didn't sound as risky...' 

"Then that would be enough temporary manpower needed. We have Ryūkyū who will be acting as a transporter for...Gran Torino, FatGum, Hound Dog, Suneater and...?" Nemuri trailed off, she didn't know the other student's name.

"Quake. Just call me quake."

"Right, Quake." Nemuri smiled as she looked towards Hizashi. There was still a look of skepticism on his face. However, he didn't look like he was going to argue. After all, they were truly running out of time and had little choices. "Snipe, keep a good eye out for them, okay?"



"You darn tootin!!" Snipe exclaimed over the headset. He took out his trusty gun. "Don't worry about anyone shootin' at ya'll. I'm the sharpest quickdraw around!"

Tamaki pulled downwards on his hood. He stood further from the crowd, in the corner. His head was pressed tightly against the steel inside plating of the chinook. He couldn't believe his employer just volunteered to throw him out of a plane. Into the thick of danger. With nobody to have his back. '...This is terrible...' A tap on his shoulder jolted him from his thoughts.

"Hey, hey! Amajiki-kun, I think you'll do great! You always do great! I'll be down there once everything is secured, okay?" Nejire tilted her head with a smile.

A smile that Tamaki was all too familiar with. One that reminded him of Mirio.

'I wish Mirio was here...' He thought to himself.

The amount of scenarios that went through his mind all ended terribly. He figured it was because he wasn't a very optimistic person to begin with. He had always been a nervous wreck and an anxiety filled mess since he was a child. All ways thinking of the negative before the positive. All assuming something will go wrong.

"Suneater!" Nejire shouted at him with a smile. He seemed to refocus his attention on her but, not without cowering away. She reached a hand out and patted him on his shoulder. "Have a little more faith! You can do it."

A light blush appeared on Tamaki's face. He nodded hesitantly and watched as she happily skipped off towards the Pro-Heroes who were staying aboard the chinook.

It wasn't long until he felt a familiar strong hand wrap around his shoulder. Looking up he saw that it was his employer, Taishirō. There was a large determined grin on his face. "Ready Suneater?"

Tamaki gave a solid nod and began to walk towards where their small group was gathered. Taishirō left his side to talk to the other heroes. He overheard that their departure would be in less than six minutes.

Again, he found himself approached — this time by a different person. The one who approached him was a teenager, around his age. His costume colors consisted of green gold and black; the pants being black and the armored plating on the sides of his face being golden. The green color was mainly in the shoulder straps and gauntlets on both hands.

There was a smile on his face as he held his hand out. "An honor to be able to work alongside U.A.s best graduating heroics student. I'm Shindō Yō, nice to meet you."

"...Um...n-nice you as well...?" Tamaki replied with uncertainty in his voice. "I...I'm Amajiki Tamaki..." After a moment, he took the teenagers' hand and gladly shook it. A warming smile spread across his face.

Yō grinned immediately when they released hands. He turned towards the Pro-Heroes. "Looks like this is going to be one hell of a fight. From what my teacher Ms. Joke told me, we've gotta watch each others' backs. I've got yours if you got mines," He looked over his shoulder at Tamaki. "By the by, my quirk is vibrate. Not sure if you heard but, basically I'm a walking earthquake. I can created strong vibrations from the palms of my hands. So when I say get back, listen."

"Uh...o-okay." Tamaki exclaimed meekly. He shrunk back slightly; starting to feel a weird vibe from the other teen.

"What's your quirk? It's something that deals with manifestation of what you eat right?" 

Tamaki nodded, seemingly less nervous than before. The question was just pertaining to his quirk, he didn't feel too much anxiety when it came to something so simple. "Y-yes, I um...I can" He turned around, his back facing Yō. A tearing sound was heard and within seconds wings appeared on his back. "Like that, I ate duck today. Alongside beef, clams, crabs and eel." He stretched his wings out and folded them back in. Turning back around he found the teenager staring at him. It made him slightly uncomfortable. He tugged downwards at his hood. "M-manifest..." He mumbled.

Wide-eyed, Yō was only able to nod as he stared. He had remembered watching U.A.s Sports Festival on television during his last year of middle school; he had seen how powerful Tamaki's quirk could be. However, to see it in person was total different.

Perhaps, he truly did felt it to be an honor to work alongside someone like him.

"Hey you youngsters better be prepared! We're about to take off!" Sorahiko waved his cane above his head.

By the time both teenagers turned around — Ryūko had already transformed.

Ryūko turned her head slightly, "Climb aboard. Hurry up, we don't have much time to waste."

From the corner of her eye, she watched as Sorahiko climbed aboard. The elderly man used his quirk and landed perfectly onto her back. The next was Yō, who carefully walked up her tail to get access to her back. Her eye shifted from the young teenager and landed upon Tamaki. The teen appeared to be very uneasy, unwilling to move forward.

"...Hound Dog?" Ryūko sighed as she called out the part-time Pro-Hero.

An irritable growl was heard. Ryō whipped his head around towards Tamaki; his eyes narrowed. "!" He barked as he eyed the teenager down. While he was highly aware of how Tamaki was as a person, very cautious and uncertain about everything — they had little time to twiddle their thumbs. Right now, Tamaki couldn't be hesitating. Fears meant nothing when on hero duty. 

"Go ahead, Suneater." Taishiro encouraged from Tamaki's right. He gave his employee a big thumbs up, "We've got kids and Pro to rescue! No hesitating."

Tamaki began to walked forward. He could feel their eyes on him. Watching his every movement. Even though his hood was pulled all the way down; to cover his face. Suddenly, he felt hands raise him up and he nearly panicked — until he saw a familiar green. Looking up, he saw that it was Yō holding his hand out; to help him up.

"C'mon, I'll help you up."

There was no hesitation as Tamaki grabbed ahold of Yō's hand. He was pulled up and clumsily ended up on his stomach. Both his arms and legs dangling on each side of Ryūko's back.

"Haha, might want to fix yourself." Yō laughed as he looked over his shoulder. Tamaki was obviously embarrassed of his positioning; even if he could see his face, he could tell. "The last two are already aboard and the hatch is open." He watched in small amusement as Tamaki's head shot upright; looking both directions. "Hold on tight, Suneater."

Tamaki's mind began to run with all sorts of thoughts. HIs impending doom. The failure of the last minute plan. Dying by falling from such a height — everything was going through his mind. It also didn't help that he had a very good imagination.

He felt his legs tremble as Ryūko began to run towards the exit. Her wings were spread.

'But! B-but!! I'm not on correctly! We're going to die if we do this! We're going to—' His manic thoughts ceased when he felt his hood being pulled away. He felt himself being lifted upright by a familiar large hand. Finally, he was seated correctly, albeit his hood was removed and now flapping in the wind. He couldn't help but to wince at wind as it came fast and sharp against his skin. His heart was racing and he grabbed a hold of Yō's shoulders. The grip was unconsciously tightening by the minute.

"Ouch! C'mon lighten up on your grip!"

Tamaki jolted and lightened up his death grip. A blush of embarrassment covered his cheeks — reaching the tips of his ears. "S-sorry..." His voice was quiet against the raging winds.

The swift and unstopping movements Ryūko was creating were dizzying to him. Tamaki wondered how everyone else was holding up.

Just as his thoughts began to drift off to somewhere that wasn't his current location — something sharp nicked his cheek. He yelped loudly and retracted one hand from Yō. Touching his cheek, he pulled back to reveal blood.

"You okay?!" Yō shouted over the raging wind.

"Uh...yeah, just bleeding a little!" Tamaki shouted back. He wiped the back of his hand against his cheek. 

A bullet had just grazed his cheek and badly if the blood was anything to tell. The graze was probably extremely deep for blood to be pouring out so quickly and freely. Or perhaps it was the due to the high speeds they were taking on.

Tamaki wiped his hand against his hero uniform; ignoring the fact that blood would be hard to wash out. It was the least of his concerns.

"A bullet?!" Taishiro questioned. He received a solid nod from the teenager in front. "Damn...that means these bastards are more prepared than they seem!"

Sorahiko raised his cane above his head. He looked over his shoulder, "Be prepared for the worst! I don't think that's the last we'll see of those bullets!!" He warned.

There was silence amongst the group. Ryūko took a sharp turn as she dodged something that looked far too large to be perceived as a bullet. The sound of an explosion caused her to close her eyes for a few seconds.

"Holy shit!!" Taishiro shouted and shielded Tamaki with both his hands.

"W-was that a-a....?!" Tamaki stuttered and shook violently.

Yō glanced over his shoulder to see the remnants of the explosion. It was a cloud of dark smoke that began to dissipate in the air. "...Are these guys fucking lunatics?" His voice shook as he turned his head around. Looking down below them, all he could see was dots.

Those dots were people that wanted them dead. No matter what the costs.

"Snipe to ground team. I repeat Snipe to ground team!"

"Gran Torino to chinook crew, we copy!" Sorahiko answered through the headset.

"Alright...en, pla...just chan...midget."

Sorahiko grumbled underneath his breath, "Gran Torino to chinook, I'm going to have to ask you to repeat that?" He raised a brow as he awaited an answer.

"...aid...change in...."

"Should there be this much interference?" Taishiro shouted in question to the elderly Pro-Hero.

Sorahiko shrugged his shoulders, "Who knows?! I sure don't!"

Taishiro hummed to himself. A disgruntled growl caught his attention. "Something the matter Hound Dog?" He looked overtop of his shoulder. Ryō seemed highly focused on something. A something that was angering him to no ends. "...Hound Dog?" He received several barks followed by a growl; though he was certain he heard words somewhere in between.

"S-S-Suneater to chinook..." Tamaki started off as he looked upwards to his right, "Your b-breaking u-up. Repeat last transmission."

All of them had fallen silent as they listened out for an answer.

There was nothing.

"Weird I can still see them. And we aren't too far from there shouldn't be an inter..." Yō stopped comment. His eyes widened in realization, "We must've passed the barrier!! It's the barrier!!" He alerted everyone aboard.

Sorahiko snorted, "What's this about a barrier kid?" He looked at the teenager that hovered above him.

"..What does it have to do with anything?" Taishiro questioned, his head tilted to the side.

Before anything could be said, the sound of metal clashing was heard.

Tamaki found himself startled by the sound. It had been close. Far too close for his comfort. His eyes narrowed in on the teenager in front of him. He watched the odd, slow movements of his hand touch his face guard. Like he got hit with something. His heart nearly stopped. Now he knew what that sound was and what almost transpired.

The metal against metal sound was a bullet hitting the right side of Yō's face guard.

'H-had he not had that...' Tamaki's hands shook violently at the thought.

Yō cursed underneath his breath. Fingers ghosting over the bullet that lodged itself into his face guard. He could have died. Had he not had his face gear on — that very moment would have spelled his end. A chill ran down his spine as he forced himself not to think about how he almost died.

"You okay up there kid?!"

"Just fine...." Yō muttered under his breath, "I'm good! Anyway back to the barrier! What I was saying before hand, that barrier isn't just keeping vehicles and such at a distance but—"

"...It's a disruption in the transmissions..." Tamaki finished in a single breath. He glanced down — they were close to landing.

Yō nodded, "Bingo, that's it. Like Suneater just said, it can disrupt transmissions. Meaning our communication devices don't mean a damn until whoever is making that barrier is out of commission!"

"Suneater!!" Ryūko called out, "I'll need you to jump! Use your wings and fly to that tower to our right! Whoever is up there needs to be taken out quickly or the others won't have a safe landing!!"

"But that doesn't mean a damn thing if we don't take out this asshole with the barrier!!" Yō snapped. His narrowed eyes surveyed the entire ground zone.

Ryō growled at Yō's comment. "...One thing at a time!!!" He barked at the young hero in training. It was his first complete comment of the day since starting the operation.

"I'll try to fly in closer! But be careful Suneater," Ryūko warned sternly as she continued, "If you feel like you are in the slightest bit of danger as in, the missile is about to be fired, maneuver away from it! Understood?!"

Tamaki closed his eyes and took a deep breath. His hands were shaking. The thought of jumping had him terrified but, it was a no choice situation. He had to push his fears away; bury them deep.


He took a look on both side, trying to figure out which side he would descend from. His left leg was the first to be lifted and he turned towards his right. He took his right hand away from Yō's shoulder — replacing it with his left.

His eyes narrowed at his destination. The location of where their main issue was located. He found himself so focused as he transformed his feet into talons; he hadn't noticed that Taishiro was helping him keep his balance.

"Good luck kid..."

Taishiro watched as Tamaki leaned forward slightly before pushing off. He would be lying if he said his heart wasn't racing for the young hero in training; he had never witnessed Tamaki try fly at great heights with wings that wasn't his. Now that he thought about it — there wasn't a time he ever witnessed Tamaki flying. '...You've got this kid...' 

Yō also found himself captivated as Tamaki was free falling. He felt himself panic slightly as his eyes widened, "Is he stupid he's gonna—!"

"He didn't get to be called one of The Big Three for nothing kiddo," Sorahiko grinned, "Amajiki maybe a nervous wreck but, he's crazy strong and very smart. Nobody would expect an anxiety filled kid would be a good candidate for a hero. But, here he is...proving everyone wrong."

"Your telling me that free falling is part of his elaborate plan?!" Yō questioned, he found it hard to believe that falling in the sky was in anyway a grand idea. "I call bullshit. The guy is smart, I'll give him that but, this...this is just..." He turned his attention towards Tamaki and was surprised as to what the older teenager had done. "...Ooh that's a pretty cruel idea. I like it!!"

Tamaki felt the man struggle against the grip of his talons. From a distance he could here voices cheering him on. His heart fluttered.

"Lemme go you freak!!"

'He won't be too injured if I release him at this' Tamaki glance down and surveyed the area. With the speed he was flying — it was possible that the man in his grip will go flying, instead of falling straight down. '...I'm at least ten meters above ground. So, I won't drop him. Not here and not yet.' 

His wings flapped harder as he ascended. He ignored the bullets that were flying by him. 'Right! Protection!' The thought popped up and he looked at his hands; watching as they transformed. His right hand was that of a clams shell and the left the claw of a lobster. He used his right hand to cover his chest and abdomen as he zeroed in on the tower.

Just as he was closing in — something razor sharp and hot tore through his bicep muscle. His teeth gritted against each other and he looked down to see that the man had a pistol aimed his direction. "...Dammit..." He muttered as his wings began to beat much harder than before. The ascension to the town looked to be a long one and his passenger was impatient. 

From the corner of his eye, he watched as the man was about to pull the trigger once again. Tamaki jerked to his right and smacked the man against the metal structure. There was a grunt accompanied by the sound of metal hitting each other. He figured the man must've dropped the gun.

"Damn you!! Lemme go you freak of nature!!" The struggling man shouted again.

Tamaki began to make circles around the tower as he neared the top of the watchtower. He wasn't sure if the person at the top knew he was approaching but, he figured just incase he could get the jump with his movements. His second rounding to the opposite side of the tower — he released the extra weight he had been carrying.

All he heard was screaming as he rounded the corner to the right side of the watchtower. He perched himself on the railing and he was face to face with, to his surprise, a female. An extremely intimidating female, who looked to be in her late twenties.

"See ya sky bitch." She grinned.

Chapter Text

Katsuki narrowly dodged a straight punch. His chest raising a falling with ragged breathing. He watched as Gang pulled his bloodied fist from the wall. The man didn't seem fazed.

Since the beginning of the fight, he had been on the defensive. A very weak defensive. He hadn't been able to will his explosions — he tried that with the man named Bodaway and ended up getting burned badly.

However, the man did do him a favor by melting the cuff around his left wrist. Now his arms were able to move about freely. And he had an offhand weapon on his right hand to use.

'...Shit what the fuck is this guys quirk?!' Red eyes narrowed dangerously, following every step Gang had taken. Just behind the smaller man was Bodaway; who seemed to be enjoying himself. 'The guy behind him breaths fire...but, what does he do?'

Gang raised his hands and cracked bloodied knuckles.

It caused the ash blonde to cringe at the sound and sight. He couldn't understand how the man couldn't feel pain. '...Wait a damn minute...if this ass can't feel pain...' He bared his teeth as he glared at the older man. Looking into his eyes, he saw nothing. There was no emotion within them. No signs of pain, anger or excitement. Just nothing. "...Just what the fuck are you?"

"I don't understand why you're making this so difficult."

Katsuki smirked, "You really think I'm just gonna roll over don't you? Well guess what you motherfucker I ain't. I ain't ever gonna die. But you will." He retorted snidely. His left hand twitched. A sign that he had too much stored energy. Even now, he was still sweating — all do to being sick. He wondered if they could tell that he was extremely sick. If he was clammy. He would just like to think that they were too dumb to realize anything that was going on.

"Persistent? I like that. Bodaway, I'll handle him. If he's loose then there must be more running about. Handle them." Gang stated as he stared at Katsuki.

Bodaway snorted and rolled his eyes, "Fine." He grumbled before walking away.

No more words were exchanged. Only the sounds of Bodaway’s heavy feet could be heard.

And then came the silence.

"That idiot was in the way.” Gang stated plainly, “Wouldn't you agree?"

Katsuki’s red eyes narrowed, "Fuck you."

Gang had fallen silent at Katsuki's comment. Both his arms hung by his side, blood dripping freely from his knuckles. Nothing hurt. His dead eyes dropped to the bloodied tile below him. For a moment, he was stuck in thought. A thought that always crossed his mind when he saw blood from himself or others.

"What's the hold up you asshole?! You fuckin' afraid ain't ya?!" Katsuki sneered at the older man. "You've got a chance you fucker...step aside and let me have the extra's back there. Oh and while you're at it, tell that bitch in the room to fuck off as well."

"...Humor me please..."

"Eh?! You just tried to smash my fuckin' head into the wall and now you wanna talk?! What in the actual fuck is wrong with you?"

"Hmph...I wouldn't have gotten violent if you would just come quietly." Gang replied blandly. He blinked before lifting his head up to meet red eyes, "Answer me does it feel to be in pain? What does pain feel like?"

Katsuki couldn't help but to give the man a quizzical look. "What the fuck is wrong with you?"

"Does something have to be wrong with me for me to ask a question?"

Something didn't feel right when Gang frowned. Katsuki had never seen a frown that held no meaning. A frown that didn't belong. It was empty.

"...Another dead end for that question." Gang shrugged to himself before refocusing. He took an offensive stance. His fist clenched tightly. "There is nothing special about me if that's what you're trying to figure out."

"Eh?!" Katsuki tilted his head slightly, "The fuck are you talking about?"

Instead of receiving an answer, Katsuki found himself forced on the defensive again. Gang had charged him.

'I'm sick of dodging this ass!! Fuck it, I'm going all out!!' Katsuki stepped forward with his left foot. He planted his bared foot firmly against the tile covered floor. Pain echoed from the soles. He could feel the small bits of graveled that embedded itself underneath his skin. 'He's gonna try for a punch...a straight one. He's a lefty so...I'll just do this.' 

Just as he predicted, Gang came at him with a straight left. Much to both their surprise — Katsuki caught his fist with his bad hand. Ash blonde eyebrows knitted tightly against each other as his eyes began to sting with tears. He hadn't even realized that he was biting down deeply onto his bottom lip; until something warm began to roll down his chin.

Gang glared at the teenager and threw his right fist — only to have that caught as well.

"Heh...the fuck are you gonna do now you little shit." Katsuki taunted as his left hand tightened around Gang's right fist. "Like I said...if you just fuck off, I'll leave you be. I just want the extras. Got it?"

They were at a stagnate. Both opponents glaring into each others eyes. Red eyes filled with anger and the other filled with confusion and frustration. Frustration at the persistence of the ash blonde teen.

Gang shook his left fist loose and nearly threw Katsuki off balance. Raising his freed hand once again, he pulled back and threw the closed fist against Katsuki's temple.

Black spots appeared around the edges of his vision. The force of the hit was strong enough to jar him. The corner of his right lip twitched upwards into a snarl and he whipped his head back around to see the fist coming at him once again. This time it wasn't aimed towards his face.

"FUCK!!" Katsuki shouted as he was acquainted with new pain.

Gang had slammed his fist into his right hand — which he was about to unconsciously raise up to defend himself from anymore assaults. The tight grasp he had on the old mans' right fist had loosened up a considerable amount. Automatically his attention zeroed in on his broken hand and he dropped his guard. Just as he was about to draw his hand towards his chest — something metal collided with his jaw.

A cracking sound could be heard and he hit the floor; screaming from the pain the traveled through his bones and aching muscles.

Once again, he found himself rolling around in severe pain. Tears started rolling down his face but, no sound escaped him. He couldn't understand how Izuku could let anyone punch broken bones. He honestly couldn't understand how Izuku could manage through the pain. Sure, Katsuki was strong but even he had his limit.

Right now, those limits were being pushed.

All of his senses zeroed in on the pain coursing through his body. He could barely hear his classmates call his name out. He hadn't even realized he ended up in their line of sight.

Emotionless, Gang watched as Katsuki writhed in pain. He took a slow approach towards Katsuki and looked down at him. The teenager was now cradling his injured hand. "Pain, huh?" He muttered and slowly lifted his foot up. Without a care he brought his foot down; listening to the agonizing scream that echoed through the halls. "Well? What does it feel like?" As he awaited an answer — he caught Blanca from the corner of his eyes. "He's mine. Go find another if you're so eager."

There was a thin blade within her hand — it was exceptionally long. It had no handle to show and was very sharp at the end. Her quirk was activated. It was the only logical explanation as to why she had a blade in the first place. It was a long strand of her hair that she had pulled before exiting the room.

"I was just going to help you kill him but, have it your way Gan." Blanca shrugged, "If you don't mind me asking, I overheard you sent Bodaway to find the other escapees?" She tapped the blade of hair against the tiled floor.

Gang nodded, "Yes. Don't kill them. Just subdue them with little injury. It's already bad enough Wei messed up..." The last part went silent. Only to be heard by his ears and his only.

Blanca's only answer was silence. Her eyes shifted from Katsuki's broken body and then to Gang. A small sigh escaped her and she flicked her wrist. Within seconds, the blade became a limp piece of long hair. She didn't miss the hateful glare within Katsuki's eyes; she shook her head. Turning sharply on her heels, she walked away in the same direction Bodaway had exited.

Katsuki's body trembled violently. He rolled over to be on his knees; all of his weight being held by his left hand. "Why...why can't you just fuck off..." He growled through clenched teeth.

He didn't have any energy left. Nothing left to fight or defend himself. He was reduced to a transparent hope. A hope that didn't exist. A hope that wasn't going to save him or make Gang leave him alone.

He just wanted to be done with this place. To go home.

Gang only quietly watched as Katsuki was obviously breaking down. He waited for the teenager to get back up.

Five minutes had passed them both by.

In those five minutes Katsuki found the strength to stand again. His body leaned against the wall. The back of his head was pressed again the wall behind him. Eyes never leaving the old man in front of him.

The rising and falling of his chest caused him to wince every time. Breathing was starting to become a difficult task. He couldn't take much more; he could feel it. His body wanted so badly to give out but, his mind was screaming at him. Demanding that he fight on.

"Your in no shape to continue defying me." Gang stated plainly.

Katsuki rolled his eyes, choosing to ignore Gang's comment. He started to raise his left arm but was stopped by Gangs' quick movements. His arm was smacked away and a heavy fist slammed into his chest. The strike left his lungs empty and breathless. Gang grabbed on tightly to his left arm; a merciless grip.

"Dammit..." Katsuki's teeth gritted together. His red eyes glaring hatefully into pits of darkness. "Why...why the fuck won't you just stop...just fuck off...this ain't got nothing to do with you!!" He shouted out of irritation.

A fist slammed into his ribcage causing his knees too buckle; he almost hit the ground. However, Gang wasn't allowing him to fall again. The man was holding him up by his arm.

Katsuki was lifted back up. A single fist slammed into his ribcage once again before catching his jaw again.

Grunts soon became screaming and screaming turned into silent sobbing. He couldn't hold back anymore. It was more than he could take. Just pain on top of pain, pilled upon sheer agony.

He found himself bleeding upon the tiled floor beneath him. Laying in his own blood. He could barely move his body; like he was being anchored down by thick amounts of lead. With a great amount of effort, Katsuki turned his head to his left. Tears from his left eye rolled across the bridge of his broken nose and melded with those of his right eye. Eventually his tears mixed with the blood beneath him. He choked out a painful sob; everything was hurting so badly.

"...Look at the mess you made Bakugō Katsuki." Gang stated with a dry sarcasm. Katsuki was looking the man in the face — it was blank and uncaring. Much like how Shōto's use to look. "Are you going to clean up after yourself? I sure won't." There was a split silence as they stared at each other, "So, do you give up? Are you escortable now?" His head tilted to the side.

And still, Katsuki felt the need for defiance. He didn't want to give in and he wasn't going to start. "...Fuck you..." He replied weakly. Though, his body was broken and crying out in pain — he was still mentally strong. He wished he could fight back.


'...Wait that ain't round cheeks and sure as hell ain't that human shaped diabetes...invisible girl?!' Hearing her voice almost made Katsuki want to jump for joy. It also made him want to lay into her about walking off without them. A small smile twitched upon his face.

"...Seems your friends really want to see you. I don't mi—" Gang was cut off as he felt add weight onto his back and a single arm wrapped around his neck. He found himself being pulled backwards and the grip tightened. His hands began to desperately claw at the arm. Laying his hand upon the arm revealed to him that it was a girl who was choking him out. Attempting to look down, he noticed that there was no arms around his neck.

The person choking him was invisible and the only invisible person he knew was an ally. However, the voice he heard wasn't her voice. 'Who is this choking me?!' Gang questioned in a panic. He could feel himself get lightheaded and he opened his mouth slightly; wanting to take in oxygen.

'Fuck his ass up...' Katsuki cheered his female classmate on mentally. He wished his body would just get up. Just get up and march towards the man and give him an explosion to his face. '...I guess that's what a fuckin' imagination is for hehe...' He felt a soft laugh escape him as he watched black eyes roll back. He didn't missed the fear and panic within his eyes. " do got emotions...asswipe..."

There was a loud thud and the sound bare feet against tile caught his ears. He figured it was Tōru running towards him.

"...Fuck off...go check on...the others..." He grumbled out.

By the sound of her footsteps — Katsuki figured she followed his word. He sighed and stared at the body that was lying a few steps away. Relief flooded his senses. He didn't care if the man was just unconscious or dead; all that mattered to him was that he wasn't moving. He wasn't a threat. That also meant that his classmates were free. '...Deku, myself...invisible girl...round cheeks and the sugar addict are free...just gotta get the others...'

"Oh my god!! Tōru?! How?! How did you escape?!"

There was the sound of keys jingling. Katsuki could only guess that Tōru was shifting through the keys; to free both of their classmates.

"I stayed behind! I knew those idiots were going to forget that there was twenty one kids. Morons only transported twenty in total."

Katsuki couldn't help but smirk at the proudness in Tōru's voice. He wasn't certain if being forgotten was something to be happy about but, he figured for a time like this — it was a plus.

"Geez...thank whatever god is looking out for us...I really honestly did think we were all goners..."

"Not yet! Gonna have to thank Midoriya-chan and Bakugō for that! It was their plan after all. I was only implemented in at the last second."

"You don't say?"

The sound of Rikidō's puzzled voice almost caused Katsuki to snort. He couldn't believe his two classmates right now. Acting like they weren't in a life or death situation. He supposed that was just a charm of his entire class.

"Yup. Honestly, I had a trick up my sleeve! But, I liked their plan a whole lot better than mines." 

His ears caught onto someone re-approaching him again. He peeled a single eye open. 'Funny, I don't even remember closing my damn eyes...' A slight shift of his head revealed Ochako standing above him. She looked as if she was about to cry but, held back. For that, he was thankful.

"Don't move Bakugō! Your bleeding badly..."

Katsuki clicked his tongue, "Tell me something I don't know round cheeks..." He held back from rolling his eyes at the girl.

"Eek! And you're sweaty..." Ochako frowned and shook her hand of the nitroglycerin laced sweat from her hand. Strangely it felt thick and sticky — which struck her as odd. There wasn't a time she had seen or witnessed Katsuki being sick; so she was unaware on how his body would react as it fought off bacteria and other invading germs.

This time he didn't hold back. Katsuki rolled his eyes and gritted his teeth, "I'm fuckin' sick...geez stop being a fuckin' ditz..."

"Hey, Bakugō can you move?"

'For fucks sake...' Red eyes cut towards Rikidō as the man exited the room. He watched as the larger man rubbed at his wrist. "What the fuck does it look like to you?!" He shouted and winced at the pain that followed through.

"Relax, Bakugō was just a question." Ochako replied. She was on her knees by Katsuki's side. For a moment, she considered activating her quirk on him. However, she knew how that was going to end. Either she would be puking the entire way or she would be rendered incapacitated. Neither of those were needed in their current situation.

"I'd fuckin' relax if you guys would stop with the stupid questions..." Katsuki muttered underneath his breath. His red eyes shifted towards large brown ones. "...The fuck is wrong now round cheeks?"

Hearing her nickname, she withdrew herself from her thoughts. Her eyes met curious red ones. "Huh? Oh! Um, it's nothing really. We should probably get going though." She answered, waving the ash blonde off. "Satō can you carry Bakugō please?"

"My legs aren't broke morons. I can fuckin' walk," Katsuki jeered. Suddenly he felt a small burst of energy. One that was keeping him awake and aware. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough for him to actually move his body and get up by himself. "...Just help me up, so we can get the fuck outta here. I ain't for dealing with that asswipe again."

Neither of his classmates hesitated as they positioned theirselves properly; one on the left and the other on the right. At the same time, Rikidō and Ochako grabbed his arms; their grip was sickeningly delicate. "Oh shit you idiots, I'm not gonna fuckin' break! Get me up now." He snapped at the two with a demanding tone.

"Oh!! Bakugō so I just want to apologize for walking off earlier," Tōru shamefully pushed her pointer finger against one another. It wasn't like he could see her but, it didn't stop her from making the movements of a seeable person. There was silence as she watched Katsuki being helped up by both Ochako and Rikidō, "...I just wanted to scout ahead! And um...well I kinda know where Aizawa-sensei and Todoroki-kun are..."

As soon as he was on his feet, Katsuki pressed his body against the wall. He used it for support. "C'mon lets leave. We ain't got time." He grumbled and began too slowly move down the opposite end of the hallway.

Both Rikidō and Ochako exchanged concerned glances. Ultimately, the two decided not to say anything. Figuring it wasn't worth getting Katsuki riled up over questioning him about his wellbeing. Even if it did worry them. 

"Oh! Speaking of Todoroki, we saw him..." Ochako exclaimed as she trailed closely behind Katsuki. "He didn't look like he was doing so great..."

"He isn't! Honestly...he didn't even look alive when I saw him..."

Tōru's comment caused a sharp pang in Katsuki's chest. He grunted and glared at the emptiness of the corridor. His mind began to create imagines of how Shōto must have appeared based on the emotion and words coming from his invisible classmate. From the sound of her voice, it sounded like Shōto was just as close to death as he was and he hoped the younger teen hadn't gave in. He hoped the dual quirk user was still fighting to stay alive.

"Hey um, Hagakure-chan?"

"Yes?" Tōru turned her head towards Rikidō. She watched as the man peeled off his tattered shirt and handed it to her.

He gave his classmate a grin, "It ain't much but, I kinda figured you might be cold. I take it you left your clothes, huh?"

"...I did but, you really don't have to Satō. I'm good I promise." She moved to extend the shirt back towards the large teenager, "'s actually easier for me. A little more stealthier." 

"Are you sure?" Rikidō frowned as he looked at the shirt being returned.


"Hate to interrupt whatever the fuck is going on back there but," Katsuki interjected and rerouted the conversation, "Where the fuck is that Icyhot bastard and sensei?"

Tōru had fallen silent at the question as they rounded the corner. There was a point she did know where their teacher and classmate was located. However, now is a different story.

"Well?! Where are they?!"

She jolted at the booming sound of Katsuki's voice. ", well the issue is that I DID know."



"So you ain't got a damn clue where they are, huh?"


Katsuki sighed in exasperation. He could feel his anger return but, he wasn't going to release it on his classmates. Not after all they've been through together. Right now, he wasn't the only one in hell and suffering.

"There was—" Tōru was cut off as soon as she bumped into the ash blonde. She felt her skin crawl as a layer of sweat coated her arms, "Ewww!!" She shook both her arms and hands; highly disgusted.

"Shhh!!" Katsuki raised his left arm up and pushed Ochako to stand side by side next to Tōru. "...Someone's up ahead."

"How do you—"

He pointed towards his left ear. "My hearing aids...that bastard back there fucked up my right one. I only got one good one left." Closing his left hand into a fist, he raised it above his head. It was a signal. One that he hoped they understood. As he began to take a few shaky steps forward — her was stopped by a petite hand. "I'm just scouting ahead!" His tone was irritable but his voice stayed at a whisper level. "Chill the fuck out Uraraka." He looked over his shoulder; being met with concerned eyes.

"...I'll watch your back." A nod was shared between them. Ochako stayed on standby and was tapped on the shoulder by Rikidō. Turning around she was met with confusion, "Shh...he's just scouting ahead."

Rikidō visibly relaxed at her response. "Ooh...okay."

The three classmates watched as Katsuki made his way to a spot of cover. The ash blonde managed to stoop down to the height of an end table. None of them missed the pained expression upon his face.

Katsuki peered from behind the table, his red eyes landed on three suited men walking down the hall. Neither of them appeared alert. 'Meaning these fuckers don't know we're loose. Aizawa-sensei would say a logical ruse. Fuckin' shit, if they're putting on a ruse then we're stepping on eggshells.' He sneered at the group before turning towards his classmates. Using his left hand he held up three fingers and pointed down the direction he had scouted.

"There's three...I'm going to guess Bakugō wants us to make a decision..." Ochako turned to her two silent classmates. "Fight...or flight?"

Rikidō frowned slightly as he looked overtop of Ochako. His eyes met impatient red ones but, only for a few seconds. He returned his attention to Ochako; brown eyes staring intently at him. "...Well Bakugō doesn't seem like he'd be one to miss out on a fight..."

"But think about it!" Tōru interjected quickly. Both he classmates looked her direction, "We, just like him, have to consider not only his but our condition as well. I can tell you for a fact Bakugō won't be much use in a fight right now. As for us...well..."

"I can still fight. I just need some sugar in me." Rikidō exclaimed with determination.

Ochako shook her head, "No, I think we should avoid fighting. I can tell you...if I were to use my quirk just to keep them stagnant," There was a hint of assurance in her voice as she spoke, "I'll be out of commission for the rest of this escape mission."

"So we avoid?" Tōru asked again.

Ochako nodded and turned towards Rikidō. She waited for his opinion on the matter before returning to Katsuki — she could only assume that Tōru was doing the same. Watching and waiting for a solid answer.

"...Flight it is then."



Mashirao found himself sweating heavily as he pulled against the chains that held him. He had been doing this since Hitoshi was taken from them. Taken to be brought to whoever was the mastermind behind everything.

Hitoshi had been gone for hours and he was sure the younger teen wasn't coming back.

That was only one thing that worried him. Another was the fact Fumikage was nearly unresponsive to his name. Mashirao would constantly glance over at the smaller teen — looking for signs of life. There was the slow rising and falling of his chest. That was the only thing that kept him from fully panicking.

He glanced over at Kyōka; she had been staring directly at the camera that was trained upon them. She had been silent the entire time. Through Hitoshi's removal and his struggle against his restraints.

At times he wondered if she had given up. So he would look into her eyes to see a gleam. One that shouted determination.

'I could use my tail to help give me leverage...' Mashirao thought quickly and put it into action. First he relaxed his body against the wall and moved his tail, pressing it firmly against the stone wall behind him. He took a few deep and steady breaths; imagining that he was in one of his training session.

Imagining that he going against a strong current or doing resistance training.

His goal — to get to the other side.

'If I can just keep this simple. I can break free...just pretend this is resistance training.' He told himself mentally and shut his eyes. His tail twitched slightly. He could feel the pain from his wound but, ignored it. Keeping all his focus on pushing away from the wall; fighting the nonexistent currents. Both his hands tightened into fist and he could feel his veins pop from his forearms. The feeling of the cuffs chaffing at his skin. He pretended none of that existed. His teeth gritted against each other as he gave one strong forceful push. A push towards freedom.

A grunt escaped him as he began to fall forward. Something caught his ears. The sound of chained links breaking and the gasping from his classmate.

Slowly, he opened his eyes. Sure enough he was face to face with the pristine tile beneath him. He couldn't help but, smile at the reflection of his face. Unclenching his hands he placed them flat against the tile and pushed himself up to be on his knees.

He was free and now he could free Kyōka and they could escape with Fumikage.

" did it..." Kyōka sputtered with wide eyes. Her heart fluttered in excitement, "You did it! Ojiro you did it!! Tokoyami!! Ojiro's free! He did it! Look!!" She called out to her bird-headed classmate. A piece of her heart withered when she saw no reaction from Fumikage. It scared her deeply.

There was a rush of happiness that filled him. For a moment he stayed on his knees — giving himself a moment to gather his bearings.

Standing up turned out to be just as much of a tasked as breaking free from his chains. His ankle was still paining him and one looking told him that it was bleeding — badly. Though, he forced himself to ignore it. Right now his attention was on his two classmates. One that was still cuffed and seated and the other that was close to deaths door.

Pain traveled from his ankle and stopped at his thigh. That wasn't the only thing that caused him issues but the chains and heavy stones attached at the end was slowing his movements. Still he continued to limp his way towards Kyōka and dropped down to his knees again. He stared tensely at the cuffs around her ankles; a set that kept leg movement to a minimum and the other keeping her secure against the legs of the chair.

He found himself studying more into the leg of her chair. It appeared to be a regular wooden chair. '...Maybe I could just karate chop it.' Mashirao thought to himself and raised his hands. "Okay...this may look stupid and sound it but, I'm going to chop these legs off."


Mashirao looked directly into her eyes. His stare was intense and his eyebrows dropped low. "Shh!! Not so loud!" He sighed and looked back down at the chair legs, "I was speaking of the chair legs Jirō-chan." A sound of relief escaped his classmate. He couldn't help but smile a little. "I'll just need you to be still. Once I break those legs, you'll be relying on the back legs for support but, if you stand up immediately there will be nothing to worry about."

"...So why not, I don't know, let me stand up and see if you could lift the chair." Kyōka questioned thoughtfully. The look she received from her older classmate made her sound dumber than Denki when he overexerted himself. A light blush appeared on her face, "N-nevermind. Forget I even said anything..."

Mashirao blinked a few times. It was clear that he was confused in the matter at hand. He wondered if his expression said something he didn't entirely mean. It was something that he decided to question later.

Kyōka stayed silent as Mashirao got to work. She found herself glancing from the camera system to her unconscious classmate in front of her. 'I wonder if these assholes are watching us.' She glared in disdain at the camera above the door.

A cracking sound and sudden weakness in the chair beneath her caused her to jolt. Looking down she spot Mashirao silently apologizing. She also could have sworn there was blood.

"...Do you think the others are alright? That Bakugō and Midoriya are free?"

"Hmm...maybe. Knowing those two it's most likely that they are causing mayhem as we speak. Plus...they have Hagakure-chan. A positive thing really."

She laughed at Mashirao's response. Silence had befallen the two once again. Mashirao placing his focus on breaking the second front leg of the chair. Her attention had been drawn towards Fumikage once again. "...Do you think Tokoyami will be okay?"

"...We're all going to be fine."

"But...Tokoyami? And Dark Shadow?"

Mashirao sighed heavily and readied his hand, "As I said...we'll be fine. All of us. Aizawa-sensei, Todoroki-san, Bakugō, Yaoyorozu-chan and Tokoyami. All of us...we will escape." He reared his right hand back before striking the wooden leg.

A cracking sound could be heard within the confined room.



Momo groaned at the sound of her growling stomach. It made her nauseous — the feeling of an empty stomach.

It was something she never had to deal with before. Something that she would never ever want to deal with ever again if she had a say in it.

She would be lying if she said she wasn't close to passing out. But the loudness of Tenya's engines kept her wide awake. Albeit she was suffering but, she was still awake.

It was a good thing, something she wouldn't argue with or about.

Another thing keeping her awake was the way Tenya was spinning around on the floor. The first time he had fallen to the floor and spent around, she was in fits of laughter.

"Alright...let's try this again!" Tenya cheered himself on. His expression was surprisingly inscrutable as he revved the engine on his legs. He could feel his legs vibrate intensely from his engines and he took off. Freely he slid against the tiled floor. Freely he crashed into the wall once again. His knees were beginning to ache him.

Laughter that hurt alongside her empty stomach. Even now it was still funny; Tenya was still obviously attached to the chair and had ran into the wall several times.

"...Damn." Tenya cursed lowly. His engines kicked back up again. 'I don't deserve to proudly call myself an Iida nor do I deserve the hero name Ingenium if I can't escape this! This is what Aizawa-sensei teaches us for. This should be nothing!'

Right now there was a small smile on her face. Silently she wished she could do more to help Tenya.

Being as so that she wasn't fed anything — she couldn't produce tools that would possibly aid them in escaping. It made her feel completely useless. She was training to be a hero and yet, here she was in a situation that calls for her expertises and she had nothing to show.

A small thought in the back of her mind told her it wasn't her fault. Strangely enough it sounded like Shōto's voice. Telling her that she can do anything and that he believed in her. She wondered if he was fairing well.

Momo took a moment glance at the door. A moment that changed all the gears in her head. Suddenly the engines became a background noise and she focused in on something that was trying to squeeze itself underneath the door.


"...Of all the times..."


"...I should be able to preform a simple task such as this!"


"Freeing myself and saving others! It's what Aizawa—"


Surprised at the raised voice that erupted from Momo — Tenya could only stare at his classmate. His expression was a mixture of shock and confusion.

He examined her widened eyes as she stared at him. 'Am I bleeding or...?' He questioned himself mentally before speaking up, " something...well, wrong? Your looking more pale than you were earlier..." He pointed out.

"...I'm great.," Momo started off as she stared at what appeared to be a rodent next to Tenya's head. It went unnoticed by the class president due to the way he was angled. He was facing towards her and his head was inches away from the door.

If he looked up; he would see what she was slightly freaking out about. And he didn't. He opted to give her a look of concern and confusion; shock long fading away.

"...There's's to big to be a..."


Momo found herself saying plainly. Her voice was flat but, inside she was freaking out. "Rat." Like most girls — she found mice and rats disgusting and creepy. She wasn't surprised that they were in a place like this.

However, she was teetering between wanting to scream and just pure silence. She couldn't explain why. Something was bugging her about the small creature.

"A RAT?!" Tenya's face immediately scrunched up in disgust, "You mean to tell me a filthy rat is in this very room?!"

"Your head..."

Awkwardly the rat was staring at her. It tilted its head at her. Now she was really creeped out. It was like it was familiar and not familiar at the same time. She hoped it would stay near her classmate.


"Not on! Near...just near, Iida-san."


The rat squeaked loudly and ran directly towards Momo. The air of determination around the small rodent was enough to cause her panic.

Just as she squealed — their door was forcefully kicked in. Tenya accidentally started up his engines and found himself sliding across the floor. A grunt escaped him as he crashed into the wall next to Momo. The sound of the door being kicked in startled them.


The rat was long forgotten as Momo stared at her classmate. The normally quiet and reserved Kōda Kōji had just kicked a door in. He normal shy and nervous expression was replaced with one of confidence and urgency. Around him stood large amounts of rats and mice. All at his command.

It was no wonder she felt familiar with the rat just minutes ago.

"Kōda Kōji?! Is that really you?!" Tenya attempted to turn his head around. He wanted to see for his own eyes. It wasn't that he didn't trust Momo but, it was something he had to confirm for himself.

For a second the shy, reserved Kōji showed himself. A small smile and a blush on his face. He stepped into the room quickly and approached Momo; in his possession he revealed keys.


Kōji hummed to himself and looked down at his little followers. A proud smile replaced the shy one instantly. "...T-they helped. I...I asked them to help. To look for keys and to find me." He looked back at Momo and walked behind her to put the keys to work, "A-and s-so they did." His voice was quiet and humble.

And somehow, she could still tell that he was proud. That in his own little roundabout way — he was somewhat bragging. It was the nicest and kindest bragging she had ever heard. If that even existed.

Besides the new expressions on his face, Momo noticed something more. He was injured and badly. It looked as if his arm was hanging loosely by his side. There was blood dripping from the side of his head and a large bruise forming around his ribcage. Cuts also littered his entire body from head to toe; ranging from minor to major.

"Thank you..." Momo muttered, rubbing at her wrist. She followed Kōji's movements with her eyes; he moved somewhat sluggish and it was obvious he was hurting. Even if her quiet classmate didn't voice it, she could see he was in pain.

Tenya felt no more pressure of the handcuffs. The stiffness in his muscle made sure he was aware as he moved his arms to his front. He rubbed at his wrist and patiently waited for Kōji to free his ankles.

So many questions ran through his mind. He was uncertain at where he would start. There was a knowing look on Kōji's face as he watched Tenya stand. He was waiting for the questions.

Silently, Tenya decided that it would be wise to ask later.

"...We should probably get going. The others are still in need of our help." Tenya stated as he started for the door. He stepped around the unconscious body that laid upon the door. Something he hadn't notice before hand. He didn't much care.

By the sounds coming from Momo, it was clear to him that she hadn't noticed either. Still she followed in Tenya's footsteps and stepped over the man as well. Kōji was close behind, along with his small minions.

As they started down the hallway — Tenya was reminded of something. "Kōda-san...I am fully aware that you weren't taken alone." A sound of acknowledgement was heard, "...Where on earth is Aoyama-san?"

", he's..."



Hitoshi closed his eyes tightly as Isao struck him with his fist.

He didn't blame the man. That always ended up happening whenever he said something out of the way. Something that the person he was talking to didn't like.

It was the only thing he could do to get Isao's attention away from his mentor and fellow peer.

Given their appearance — they could use a break. Big time in Hitoshi's opinion.

He felt a hand grab his face and forced him to face forward. It was perfect. His mouth was full of blood and he had been waiting to spit it out. So he did. He spat the blood directly into Isao's eyes; it only served to make him a painted target.

Hitoshi grinned as the man released his face. He could feel some blood drip down his chin. 'I'll do anything for Aizawa-san and Todoroki. If it means keeping them from harm, then I'll gladly do whatever I need to do.' 


Without warning, he felt a sharp pain in his abdomen. Looking down there was a butcher blade deep within his stomach — exiting through his back. His teeth gritted together painfully.

More blood began to drip from his chin. On both sides.


Hitoshi was familiar with that voice. It was Shōta. The older man had been in and out of consciousness ever since he arrived at the room. He guess he just woke up again. If the sounds of chains being yanked on and silent incoherent curses being muttered was enough to go by.

"Mr. Eraserhead...your student here has been a very naughty boy." Isao exclaimed through clenched teeth as he glared into Hitoshi's purple eyes. Eyes that held indifference. He hated it.

He wanted to see the boy in pain. Or even dead. That way his guest Pro-Hero would be mourning the lost of a student. His heart fluttered at the idea. He was tempted. "...Everyone here knows what happens to naughty children. They get punished." Viciously he wretched the blade from Hitoshi and brought the blade high above his head, "And punishment you will get child!!"

Hitoshi's eyes widened as the blade came down fast and hard; cutting a large gaping gash across his chest. His ears were met by another sound, screaming. It was the first time he had screamed since being brought into the room.

He could feel tears spill over the corners of his eyes.

An obvious reaction to pain. Or at least he told himself.

"Yes...scream more boy! Scream more to my hearts content!!" Isao laughed manically and raised the blade above his head again.

Hitoshi was struck again. He screamed again feeling the open air touch his mangled flesh. The blade had struck him with precision — cutting deeper into the cut that had been formed seconds ago.

His toes curled and he attempted to brace himself again. At the forefront of his mind a single thought. 'This is for sensei and Todoroki! I can handle it. I have to if I want to become a hero...I have to hold out!!'

A scream tore from his throat again, the rawness already presenting itself. It was easily taken over by the new gaping wound across his abdomen. It was so deep; he felt like his guts were about to spill out.

Just the thought of it made him want to puke.

The blade was brought down on him two more times. Gashes ranging one side of his body to the next. Blood gushing out. Hitoshi felt dizzy and slowly but surely bile began to rise from he pits of his stomach. He pressed his lips together tightly; not wanting to throw up.

It would only drain him of more energy.

"Do you see that Mr. Eraserhead." Isao gripped Shōta's face tightly and faced him towards Hitoshi. He pointed his blade towards the purple haired teenager, "It seems like he wants to follow the broken society the billboard heroes want to put up. According to Stain...that is unacceptable. However...that spot of death is reserved by none other then..." He leaned in closely towards Shōta's ear.


Hitoshi felt the bile eased down slightly. His ears caught onto the yelling from his teacher. From the corner of his eye he could see the frantic limited movements from Shōta. He had to wonder what Isao said to him.

It was just causing the Pro-Hero more pain. All the moving around.

Hitoshi nearly snapped as he watched Isao kick Shōto in the face. The teenager was knocked out of his chair. It was unexpected. A quick and sudden movement on Isao's part. He felt panic well up within him.

Isao picked Shōto back up and sat him back down in the chair. The man had the audacity to stoop down in front of him. "Oh you poor child you. I am very very sorry little hero. You'll have to forgive me...I have sudden spouts of anger." There was no response from two toned teenager.

Still Isao saw fit to taunt the unconscious teen and threaten his life in front of both Hitoshi and Shōta. "Lets make a wager...shall we? So...I will start off lightly and cut your throat and then I'll cut deeper and deeper until you either bleed out...or scream for mercy.'s not even a wager! It'll be my personal little game. Unfortunately..." He placed the butcher blade down in front of Shōto's feet; dangerously close to his toes. "You'll be the loser in this game. I have many different tools I wish to use. I'm glad that I can share it with Endeavors youngest son!"

"Hey..." Hitoshi found himself frantic only to choke on his own blood. He could feel his fist clenched tightly behind his back. Another dizzy spell hit him and he lowered his head, teeth gritted in pain.

"...Leave him alone...please...please..."

The sound of Shōta's voice cracking had hit Hitoshi hard. His eyes were wide and tears began to form again. It was something he had never heard in the once stoic voice of his teacher. He sounded broken. From the corner of his eye he watched as Isao approached Shōto — twisting a thin clean blade between his fingers. 'No...please...' 

Isao tilted Shōto's head upwards, "...It's a true shame that the children of today must suffer the consequences from the past actions of law makers..." He muttered to himself as he brought the blade up to his view. " an olde if you would. A razor sharp blade used back in the eighteen hundreds for shaving. Many many many years ago...before my time and way before your time." He circled around the unmoving teenager and stood directly behind him.

"My dear beloved audience...since Mr. Eraserhead could not choose and Shinsō Hitoshi was unruly..." He cut his eyes at the purple haired teen, "I have made the choice myself. Todoroki Shōto, son of the current number one Pro-Hero Endeavor, shall be the first to suffer. A little hero until the end...a lovely little ending for such a young child."

There was a quick twist of the blade between his fingers. Stopping at just the right moment Isao placed the blade lightly against Shōto's throat. Small beads of blood began to bubble to the surface. Shōto had yet to react.

"...That's one cut." Isao grinned.

He moved the blade to the lowest part of Shōto's neck. Eagerly he dug the blade much deeper than the last; blood began to roll down Shōto's chest. There was still no reaction from the teenager.


"Stop..." Shōta snarled at the man.

Isao glanced at the injured hero and was surprised to meet glowing red eyes. He watched in amusement as Shōta's hair lifted off of his shoulders.

"Ahhh...push a man hard enough and he'll start to push back. Is this your way of retaliating Mr. Eraserhead?" Isao questioned, sarcasm at the tip of his tongue. He moved the blade and tilted Shōto's head up a little, "Your quirk, won't save anyone here Mr. Eraserhead. YOU won't save anyone here. Do you get that? Do you see this?" Gripping the blade tighter — he was tempted to just run the blade across the teenagers throat and be done with it. "Heroism ends here. False upcoming heroes...end here. Our demonstration will have the world in confusion. The law will rethink all that they have ever done."

The gruff Pro-Hero snorted at Isao. Everything was hurting him but, he wasn't about to standby and allow his student to die before his eyes. He would never allow such a thing to happen; never. Not while he was still breathing. He blinked and felt his hair fall back into place.

"...I...I said..." Shōta found himself loss for words; or rather he could barely think of anything that was intelligible. He already knew it was because of his severe head injury he sustained. It angered him, that he couldn't get his thoughts together. That his mind was so scattered and yet so aware at the same time.

Isao flicked his wrist, cutting much deeper than he meant. He glared at the hero, "I KNOW what you said Mr. Eraserhead. I just don't give a damn what heroes think. You're all dogs of the law. Doing whatever they say. Doing whatever needs to be done. It's disgusting really..." A gurgling sound caused him to looked down; his eyes beamed. 

The deep cut within Shōto's neck seemed to be enough to wake him. Glazed over eyes stared at him; confused and lost. Isao felt a giddiness as he stared into bicolored eyes. Eyes that looked to be near deaths door.

"Harima-sama something isn't right..."

Just as Isao was about to question Yasuhiro — everything in the room had gone dark. He gripped the blade in his hand and glared into the darkness of the room.

"Power outage." Yasuhiro stated blandly. His laptop screen was the only thing that was keeping the room somewhat lit.

"Of all the damn times..." Isao grumbled underneath his breath and he stalked his way towards the exit of the room. His ears didn't miss the pained laughter that came from his left. It was the purple haired teenager, that much he knew. As to why he was laughing; that was another story. He just didn't know. "You think this is funny you little shit?!"

Hitoshi grinned in the darkness. A new found friend to his little secret from the villain. "Damn's funny as hell..." He replied sluggishly.

" were the one weren't you?!" Isao turned around sharply. He glared in the directly that he knew Hitoshi was in.

Hitoshi only laughed harder, throwing himself into a coughing fit. It took him a minute to gather himself, "I thought you knew every damn thing...I guess not. My ain't this flashy..." His grin returned and soon he began to laugh again. 'Wow...just fucking wow...that smart little bastard...' Specks of blood escaped his lung as he continued to cough. '...Maybe some of us will have a for us...I don't even know anymore...'

Isao fist shook as he turned away, "Little Yasu..." He started off as calmly as possible, "Watch over your little brother Yasa while I'm away."

"Of course, Harima-sama."

There was silence as he stepped into the pitch black hallway. He stayed there for a moment and looked over his shoulder, "Oh...and make sure these heathens stay put. I'd rather not have more issues on my hands."

"Yes, Harima-sama." Yasuhiro replied again.

With that, Isao exited the room and switched the blade to his left hand. He dragged the blade across the wall; a dangerous glint in his eyes. 'Someone is going to pay dearly for such a...rude interruption.'

Chapter Text

When the corridors had changed the first time Izuku was filled with nothing but, confusion. For a while he moved about with shaking legs; in fear of trapdoors.

He was aware of who was causing it. The only thing he didn't know was what else could happen.

It happened two more times and left Izuku absolutely terrified. That was until he ended up in the same corridor that held both Eijirō and Denki.

They both looked to be in bad condition but, Denki seemed to be getting the brunt of everything; having been stabbed in the thigh. There was also the fact that his left eye was swollen completely shut and his cheek was matching.

Eijirō sported a deep gash underneath his right eye and a long cut down the left side of his face. He also had a cut on his upper and lower lip; matching and in line.

Freeing his two classmates was no small feat — the man holding them was an exceptional fighter. Izuku escaped with a large gash on his back.

Still the three managed to escape, running directly into the hallway. That was when the unnatural tremor took place again. Izuku planted his feet to keep himself from falling; unfortunately his two classmate weren't ready for that.

It took a while for Denki to get up to his feet. His thigh bleed even more since he fell on it.

Of course, it was followed by frantic questions. Some questions Izuku could answer and some he couldn't; they didn't press him for the ones he couldn't answer. He was happy for that tiny favor.

Even with two of his classmates at his back — it didn't stop his rising fear. The fear of running into Maze. There was also his growing concern for both Katsuki and Tōru. More so for Tōru than Katsuki; he knew the angry blonde could take care of himself.

There was no doubt that Tōru had gotten caught up in the quirk when she left the dungeon. He wondered if she was afraid when she found that she had been separated.

'Calm down...just calm down...maybe Kacchan found her. They're both safe. They're both safe...they're safe.' A cold shiver went down his spine the more he thought about how they were separated. The more and more he thought on it the more it scared him.

A tap on his shoulder caused him to jump. His shackles were raised, ready to attack; until he saw familiar faces. It was Denki that had tapped him and Eijirō was close behind, a look of concern.

He had forgotten that he wasn't alone anymore. Warmth rushed through him as he relaxed himself.

" were muttering to yourself man." Denki exclaimed quietly, "I just didn't want you to get to the point where you could accidentally walk into someone without realizing it."

Izuku gave the blonde a tired smile, "Thank's Kaminari-san." How glad he was to have his friend at his back and yet, his mind never stopped racing.

Instead of relaxing, his brain moved onto figuring out how to escape.

They could go around releasing and rescuing everyone all they want but, escaping was the major issue. Another problem was the fact they would also have to find a middle ground if they wanted to escape as a group.

Finding everyone and joining up wouldn't change the fact they would have to escape the building. A building that could be manipulated by one man. A building that could separate them at the blink of an eye.

A building that they possibly would never escape from.

His breath quickened as his thoughts raced and circled around their biggest issue. It scared him that someone could have a quirk that could do something like that. A quirk that could possibly drive someone into madness.

Another tap on the shoulder pulled him from his panicked thoughts. This time he didn't scare as easily as the first time. It was Denki again.

" like I've been wondering..."

"Mmhm." Izuku urged him to continue.

At this point, the three huddle into a small circle. A planning circle Izuku would like to call it. Both himself and Eijirō stared intently and patiently at Denki.

"I was wondering if we could kill the lights." Denki pointed upwards, "If we do that — then we'll be on even ground. Sure they know the building better than us but..."

Eijirō smirked slightly, ignoring the fresh blood running from the cuts on his lips. He looked up at the lights, "That's not a bad idea. I like that. And we can attack from the shadows." He looked at Izuku; his smirk never faultering.

"I'm not against the idea but..." Izuku trailed off as he stared at the lights.

"You're worried about that Maze guy, huh?" Denki questioned.

Izuku nodded and looked into red eyes before shifting towards yellow eyes, "He's the one causing structural changes. If he's causing that then it means he's knows the entire ground floor whether it's the original or not. With him having a full understanding of the mapping it leaves us at a severe disadvantage. We would be giving him more power than needed."

"Well...shit." Eijirō started off as he looked down, "I guess we can't really argue with that...still causing chaos with those who aren't him would give us a slight advantage." He pointed out. His head lifted ever so slightly.

Izuku quietly nodded in acknowledgment. He then fell into thought. Processing their chances of coming out on top if the power was out. Not once did it look good, all he could see was Maze as the end result. He looked at his heavy cuffs and then towards his classmates.

"So...? You're like the fifth smartest in our class, what'd you think?" Denki questioned once more. 

Izuku nodded again and looked at his two classmates, "We'll do it. And plus if..." He paused for a moment, "If possible, we could use Dark Shadow to our advantage."

"We'll you two go on ahead." Eijirō stated as he turned the opposite direction. A hand stopped him quickly. He knew it was Denki. "What's up man?"

"The hell are you going?! Splitting up is not part of the idea!!" Denki scolded as he eyed his friend. The redhead didn't seem fazed and shrugged, "So you don't know where you're going."


"And you're just going to go?"

"Uh, yeah."

"And do what man?!"

"Cause trouble. Look for our gear. You know, stuff. Just go." Eijirō pulled his arm out of Denki's grip. He started off again, "I'll catch you guys later! Some of us are going to need our gear if we have to fight our way out!"

"We can do that together dude!!" Denki shouted. Distressed he turned towards Izuku; the short teenager was silent. Not willing to argue. "Midoriya....!!" He whined as he pointed towards Eijirō's direction.

"...While I don't think it's a great idea to split up...he has a point. Some of us do require our gear." Izuku turned away; fighting the feeling to run after Eijirō. He had to convince himself that the redhead knew what he was doing. As well as tell himself that there was a possibility of Eijirō running into the others. "We need to find where they keep their power box at."

Denki could only stare at the green haired teen in astonishment. Surprised that he wasn't going to chase the redhead down and stop him. Surprised that he didn't say they should stick together.

Deciding it was a losing battle Denki limped to catch up with Izuku. Much to his appreciation, Izuku had stopped and waited for him. Once they were side by side, they began to walk; not knowing what awaited them next.

In a way, Denki had hoped that Eijirō would come running back to them. Deciding that they would look for their gear after killing the lights. And then there was the issue of Maze's quirk, which activated about ten or so minutes into their walk.

This time Denki grabbed a hold of Izuku to steady himself. Neither complained and Izuku seemed happy to help him keep his balance.


Denki raised an eyebrow and looked at Izuku. He was staring at something with an intensity; his good eye followed to where his classmate was looking. What he saw caused a shiver to run down his spine. He felt slight nausea roll up from his stomach.

There was blood everywhere. Bloodied footprints mostly but, a nice sized puddle of blood was in the middle of the floor. There was also holes in the wall; like someone was trying to strike at another person.

"...What the hell..." Denki muttered as he looked at everything around him. He found himself pulled away from his thoughts when Izuku pulled him to move along. 'That's right...we don't have time to gawk. But still...' A quick glance over his shoulder; he couldn't help but wonder who was in this hall last.

Then he spotted something small and orange. Denki felt his heart sink and he hoped Izuku didn't see what he spotted. 'That's Bakugō's hearing aid...shit shit shit shit shit shit man. SHIT!!' He screamed to himself mentally and looked away.

It was no wonder that it looked like a small war zone. But it bothered him that there was no telling scorch marks from Katsuki's explosion. He wondered if the ash blonde had even fought back.

"Keep an eye out for an electrical closet." Izuku broke the silence as he looked up at the signs above the doors. "What were looking for should be in there."

"Right...but, shouldn't we try to figure out how to get that off of you?" Denki pointed a questioning finger towards Izuku's cuffs. He release his classmate as the other looked down at the heavy object.

Izuku shook his head, "Later. I think I'll just use it as a weapon for the time being."

There was another wave of silence. Both of them looking up at signs. This was when the gears in Denki's head began to move again; he looked at Izuku's cuffs from the corner of his right eye. "Dude, I just thought of this but..." Izuku perked up and glanced at him, "Couldn't your quirk destroy that in like...a second?"

"There's no doubt." Izuku answered with a certain dryness.

"So...why not do that?"

"Saving what little bit of energy I might have for more important things."

'Probably Maze...I wouldn't doubt it.' Denki sighed to himself and went back to searching for the electrical closet. Still this didn't stop him from making small talk. From wanting to fill the silence. " did you escape exactly? You never told us."

"I didn't?"

Denki found it funny that Izuku sounded surprised. The green haired teen must've had his mind on other things. Things that Denki probably wouldn't have been thinking of until some later time.

"No you didn't."

"Oh, uh sorry." Izuku muttered quickly. A blush of embarrassment covering his cheeks lightly, "Well down when everyone was still in the dungeon and when our last plan failed, Kacchan had approached me. He talked to me. Telling me that what we did was basically a last ditch effort and that leaving the cells was endgame. That we would all be separated." Denki couldn't help but frown but, he stay silent. "It was something he came up with, the plan. I was to escape whenever I saw fit once outside of the dungeon."

"Why didn't you guys tell anyone?"

Izuku seemed to flinch at the question. For a moment he was silent and not willing to look at Denki. "...Kacchan thought it would be best if it was between the two of us. He said that you guys would fall into line once rescued."

"Well...I guess that's a respectable reason and true too." Denki thought to himself a smile on his face, "At least you didn't say anything like—"

"One of you squealing if they thought some suspicious was happening?" Denki whipped his head around; Izuku still wasn't willing to look his direction. "We kind of thought that would happen as well. That one of you would break and the plan would dissipate."

"...That's kinda hurtful my dude."

"It was a precautionary measure." Izuku frowned slight as he looked at his classmate, "If we knew that could trust everyone not to say anything we would have told you all. There was just some people that we weren't certain about..."


Izuku nodded, "I'm not trying to say that he's weak but, when he's backed up and against the wall...he's unpredictable. In what he says and what he'll do. And I know he wouldn't mean to blurt certain things out but..." He shrugged and turned his head upwards; continuing the search for the closet. "He and a few of the others wounded up finding out anyway."


"Yeah...kinda, well I guess not entirely. We had found out that Hagakure-chan was still down there." A small twitched upon his lips, "Both Kacchan and I were thinking along the same lines. When he was about to ask her, they had came back and took both Mineta and Serō-san."

Denki pondered for a moment, "So...beside you two obviously knowing," Izuku nodded, "You mean to tell me that Tokoyami, Jirō, Ojiro and Shinsō knew?!"

"And Hagakure-chan too. They all know."

"Still didn't tell me how you escape though."

Izuku shook his head and picked up his pace, "Maybe later, Kaminari-san. We really have to focus." He replied sternly.

There was no arguing the point. Izuku was right and Denki knew it. He just couldn't handle the silence at the moment. But still he followed Izuku and stayed as quiet as possibly; until he jolted and latched onto his classmate.

A much different tremor rocked the entire building and even Izuku was frightened stiff. An explosion was accompanied by this tremor. Izuku didn't believe it was done by Katsuki, the sound was too muffled.

Like it was coming from outside. 



Eijirō ignored the tremors beneath his feet as he ran through the halls. A small part of him regretted splitting up from Izuku and Denki but, he knew someone had to look for their gear.

Since he knew he could only carry but so much, he decided on the essentials.

'Bakugō is going to need his gear to minimize recoil. Aoyama needs his belt for obvious reasons and then there's Kaminari...' He huffed as he thought about how he could carry the gear. 'I could probably put it on myself until I see them. But if I get into a scuffle I'll probably dama—'

All of his thoughts halted as he collided direction into someone. The collision was had enough to cause him to stumble backwards; the other person had fallen completely.

Instinctively, he activated his quirk and raised his fist, readying himself to attack. He didn't bother to look at the person on the ground properly; figuring it was an enemy from the start. Until the person spoke up frantically.

Amongst the frantic familiar voice was other voices. He managed to tune the others out.

"W-wait monsieur Kirishima! It is me! Aoyama!"

Eijirō shook his head clear, his heart calming from its fight or flight response. He looked down to see the blonde trembling from head to toe and arms full of gear. "Dude!" He grinned happily at the blonde and grabbed him by the arm, yanking him to his feet.

"Monsieur we have no time to speak! They will be coming soon!" Yūga glanced over his shoulder and tightened his grip around the gear.

'Looks like searching for the gear is completed.' Eijirō thought before patting Yūga on the shoulder. He reactivated his hardening quirk and pounded his fist together. 'The more people we take out, the less that will be on our asses.'

Yūga eyed the redhead; his trembling had yet to stop. Nor has his racing heart and the tightening feeling in his chest. "Monsieur Kirishima, what are you doing?! We should run!" He shouted at his classmate.

"Nah, I can handle a couple of guys."

Yūga found himself frustrated at Eijirō. It wasn't particularly him but the tone of his voice. It irked him because, this was a life and death situation. He couldn't fathom finding anything to be happy about in their position. He glared at his classmate, "We should run." He repeated once again but, made no moves to abandon his classmate.

"Listen...Aoyama if we leave these guys hanging," Yūga's frustration began to dissipate at the look in Eijirō's eyes. There was a firm determination and seriousness about them. One that he couldn't argue with. "They'll just go after the next person. If we beat them down here and now, that'll be less people on our asses. Get me?"

"...Then I will stay with you." Yūga sighed as he turned to face the same direction as the redhead. He was afraid but he wasn't going to leave Eijirō to fend for himself. 

If he had done that, then he would have no right to be apart of the Heroics Course.

"I think he went this way!!"

"Then stop talking and get that French bastard!"

Eijirō firmly placed his left foot in front and held himself steady with his right leg. He raised his right arm and pulled back. "Well if you're staying then stand back! You've got gear in your hands and I'm sure you'd rather not damage it!" 

Before Yūga could say a word, his eyes widened as the redhead threw his fist forward. There was a grunt as it collided with the face of one of his pursuers. The man twitched slightly and looked as if he was about to get back up; ultimately he passed out.

"That's one bastard down!" Eijirō cheered but was cut short as someone grabbed his arm. "Shit!!" His balance was thrown for a second as he stumbled. The person on the other side was trying to pull him into the opening.

Red eyes narrowed and he replanted his feet firmly. "Nope!!" He increased his hardening on his left hand and he grabbed the wrist of the person. With all his might he swung the person from around the corner; his entire body twisting as he turned. He slammed the man face first against the wall he stood beside.

The man hissed at him, his snake-like tongue darting between parted lips. Eijirō ignored him and placed his left hand firmly against the back of his head.

Another tremor came. It wasn't nothing like the first. The structure was changing as they braced themselves.

The man shouted several curse words and struggled against the arms that held him down. His eyes widened in fear at the knowing look on Eijirō 's face.

"Seems like you're just as lost as us buddy." The redhead stated plainly. He twisted the mans' arm upwards; he received a hiss. "Not my fault. You shouldn't have came around the corner."

"You smart-ass little shit! You were—"

"Aoyama, you still with me?!" He asked not willing to look away from the man in his grip.

"I-I am..." Yūga pressed his back against the wall.

Eijirō glanced at the blonde quickly before looking at his captive. He ignored the man underneath his grip and fell into thought. It was a no-brainer on what he should do with the guy but, he didn't want to hurt him too much unless he was given a reason. 

'...If I can immobilize his legs, he'll be down for the count.' The thought seemed plausible enough for him to follow through. He reared a hardened knee back as far as he could and struck the thigh of the man as hard as he could.

The screaming from the man caused him to wince and immediately he trashed the idea of breaking the man's legs. He didn't want to hearing screaming. "...Aoyama I'll need you to fire your laser on my mark."

"Mon ami?"

"One..." Eijirō removed his left hand from the man's head. Still he wouldn't stop screaming; his heart skipped a beat. His own breath quickening.

"Kirishima what are you planning to do?!"

"Two." Eijirō gripped the man's arm in a crushing grip. He was still screaming. His hands shook as he mentally fought himself to loosen his grip.



Viciously he yanked the man away from the wall. There was still screaming; his heart rate increased. He was close to panicking. He shoved him to the ground of the opposite side of the hall; a direction he decided they weren't going to pass through. His red eyes met with hateful tear-filled grey eyes. He told himself mentally that he did the right thing. "Aoyama NOW!!" He turned sharply and ran towards his classmate.

A single laser like bullet was shot at the ceiling. Cracking could be heard and pieces of debris from the ceiling began to fall. It effectively muffled the man's screams. Eijirō couldn't have been more thankful. He hated what he associated the screaming with.

Screaming was all he could hear in his head. He couldn't think straight and so stood there. Bent over, hands on knees — trying to catch his breath. Trying to catch his sanity.

Eijirō wasn't certain how much time had passed once a familiar hand grounded him. He looked up to see a worried face. He was thankful that he wasn't alone; he knew he would've broke down.

"Mon ami Kirishima...are you alright?"

"Yeah...I'm fine. Just catching my breath is all." He felt a crack in his back as he stood up, "...What about you? You look pretty...bad."

It was his first time truly looking at Yūga and the blonde looked terrible. His legs had cuts and gashes all over them and his arms were badly bruised. There was also a gash going across his forehead; blood covered parts of his face. It looked like he wiped it away to keep from abstracting his view.

"If you are good mon ami, then so am I."

"You sure...?"

Yūga nodded as he smiled slightly, "I will have to be for the time being."

"...Alright, well let me help you carry some of that."



When the structure of the building started to change, Izuku didn't hide his frustration. A few curses slipped from his mouth; it was frustrating to be looking for something and then have the build's floor plans change at the blink of an eye.

Denki probably knew that he was frustrated; it was clear when he released him seconds before the tremors stopped. Izuku felt a pang of guilt.

There was silence between them until they stumbled upon an unmarked door.

Denki stopped completely, giving a long and hard look at the door before him. He noted that it was unmarked; unlike the doors around them. '...Is this what we're looking for?' From the corner of his eye, he noticed Izuku started to move again. His hand shot out and stopped the short teen.

"Midoriya, we should check this room dude."

Denki only turned around when he received silence. Just as he thought Izuku was skeptical. It was understandable since the door wasn't marked like the rest. But if he remembered correctly, the rooms they were placed in was just the same; unmarked.


"Look I know. I know what you're going to say. The room isn't marked." Izuku nodded as he stared at the sign above the door. "Neither was the room that Kirishima and I were placed in!" He grinned as much as his face would allow.

Izuku's eyes lit up with realization. "Our classmates might be in there..."

"Or it might be the electrical closet!"

"Wait don't open it!" Izuku half whispered and shouted at the blonde. "We don't know who or what is behind there."

Hand on the doorknob, Denki shrugged. "So we open it and find out."

"Kaminari..." Izuku sighed and back away slightly, "Fine. Go ahead and open it...but carefully." He then made his way to the left side of the door. Opting to be the eyes, since the other was basically in a blindspot.

Denki took the right; hand still on the doorknob. He quickly twisted the doorknob and earned himself a disapproving look from the teenager across from him. "Sorry! Just wanted to get that part over with..."

"Just be more—" Izuku stopped and perked up slightly. He looked over his shoulder, "Someone's coming!"

Denki eyed Izuku, a small thin eyebrow raised. And then his ears caught onto the noise. He wondered how the other was able to hear that while talking. Sometimes, he could barely himself think if he talked. Only when things were dead silent between the two — could he hear the approaching footsteps.

"We're looking for an ash blonde teen, Bakugō Katsuki and probably that green haired plain looking kid, Midoriya Izuku."

Both teenagers looked at each other. They ended up in a corridor that someone was about to turn into. They knew what it meant; they would get caught and have to fight. Denki was sure that Izuku would avoid using his quirk on the person unless he knew it was Maze.

As for Denki, he wanted to avoid shorting his brain. Unless he absolutely had too.

"Oh shit."

"We can't fight! Not now, open it!" Izuku exclaimed quickly. He looked over Denki's shoulder; it was empty. He knew it was only a matter of time.

"But you said to be careful!" Denki argued, slowly pushing the door open. He knew he was fighting a losing battle. That he should just listen to Izuku and open it.

The look he was receiving right now was something he would expect from Katsuki. Not once in his lifetime did he believe he would see Izuku getting annoyed with him. The tense silence and annoyed green eyes told him that he what he said was wrong.

However, what came next took Denki by a complete surprise. The doorknob slipped from his grasp as it was kicked in. He stared at the green haired teen in completely shock.

"Come on! You'll get us caught!!"

He blinked a few times, realizing that his classmate was talking to him. He slipped into the room quickly and Izuku closed the door as quietly as he could. Something cold nudged him. He knew it was Izuku.

No questions were asked as Denki began to feel around for the doorknob. He was aware that Izuku wanted him to lock the door just in case they had been heard. His fingers brushed over the doorknob and finally landed on the lock.

A small click was heard. Now the two had to sit and wait. The room was pitch-black, neither of them could see each other.

Denki could hear his heartbeat in his ears; pounding like a drum. He was afraid. Not of getting caught but of the darkness. He knew it was due to being kept in the darkness for so long. A strong dislike started to develop after three days of their captivity. He wondered if Izuku was feeling the same way; all he could hear coming from the other teen was shaky breathing.

Besides shaky breaths and pounding hearts, Denki could hear footsteps closing in on their location. Quietly he hoped the man would go away. He was sure Izuku felt the same way.

The jiggling of the doorknob caught him off guard and he jumped away from the door. He accidentally bumped into Izuku, "Sorry dude."


The motion seemed to go on for another minute and then there was dead silence.

"....Yes, Bakugō Katsuki and Midoriya Izuku. There's more? Dammit..."

They could hear the man move around and continuing his conversation. As the distance of the footsteps grew, the more relief they both felt. The two decided to wait several more minutes as a precautionary measure.

"Wow...that was like really close." Denki muttered, staring into the darkness. Izuku made a noise of agreement. "...Lights?"

Izuku nodded, completely forgetting they were shrouded in darkness. He could feel his face heat up in embarrassment "Y-yeah." He replied bashfully.

Darkness lingered for three minutes before the lights above began to flicker. Both teens sighed in relief as they stared at each other.

A small nervous laugh escaped Denki as he shook from head to toe. Izuku would have joined him but, the room they were in caught his full attention.

"...We're here..." Izuku breathed out as he examined the room. His comment caught the attention of his classmate. "Kaminari-san, this is it. This is the room! We can cut the power!"

Denki pushed away from the door. His good eye scanned the entire room and within seconds he found the power box. "Aw hells yeah!" He clapped his hands together as he approached the box. His classmate stepped to the side; watching him closely.

Opening the metal door revealed to him several switches and a few wires. He eyed the wires and took a hold of all three, "...So I've still go some stored energy. Once I snap these wires," He looked over his shoulder, "I'm zapping this power box to hell. It'll cause a big ass power surge. So um, be ready?"

"Don't you need you directional gear?" Izuku questioned quietly.

Denki pondered the question and shrugged. He didn't really know the answer to that question. He had always wanted to direct his electricity without his gear at a target; he figured now was the time to try. "...I probably do. But I don't have that so, I'm just going to have to hope I don't short my brain doing this..."

Izuku nodded and looked at the power box again. A concerning thought popped up and he looked at the door behind him. "Kaminari-san?" He called out.


Izuku turned back towards his classmate. The blonde had released the wires and full turned around just to face him. Izuku wondered if there was something in his voice that caused concern; yet he saw nothing telling in the face of his classmate. "I should probably stand outside."

"...I'm not arguing that but, I'm gonna have to. What if that Maze guy activates his quirk again? We'll be separated, then what?"

The reply was thought provoking and Izuku knew he was right. But there was something that was bothering him and he didn't want them both to be incapacitated if something went wrong.

"I understand what you mean. But I'm concerned with what might happen if you can't control you electricity..."

Denki pouted slightly; there was a stinging pain in his cheek. "...C'mon Midoriya, have some faith in me. I know there are times...well all the time that I can't control it without my gear but, right now..." He paused and turned away. He picked the wires back up, "There isn't a choice. I don't want to be left alone and if I incapacitate both of us, we're behind a locked door. We'll be safe."

"You could kill us..." Izuku stated. He visibly noticed the discouragement as Denki's shoulders slumped; still the blonde didn't turn back towards him. To him it appeared that Denki wasn't going to reconsider and let him out into the hallway. He nervously gnawed at the bottom of his split lip, "...Alright."

It was all he could say and it was all Denki needed to rip the wires from the box. He then grabbed a hold of the entire power box. A deep breath was taken and he exhaled, small sparks of electricity danced upon his forearms; ending at the tips of his fingers. He felt in his element. 'Midoriya...sorry if I knock us both out dude! Just believe in me. I can do this. I can and I will.' 



Mashirao halted all movement. His grip tightened on Fumikage as he looked at the ceiling above.

The lights above began to flicker rapidly.

Petite hands grabbed a hold of his tail fluff; he knew it was Kyōka and didn't mind that she grabbed a hold. Mashirao stayed stagnated with his two classmates. One unconscious and unaware on his back. The other tailing close behind him.

The light continued to flicker for three minutes, before giving our completely.

"...Not again..." Kyōka muttered.

Mashirao knew how she felt. He didn't want to be in the darkness anymore than she did.

There was also the fact that the entire build would tremor and they would be faced with a dead end from time to time. And neither of them missed the sound of an explosion and then the sound of something caving in.

Now they had to add darkness back onto their list of worries.

Here they all were, shrouded in the darkness inside of a building that felt like a maze. Mashirao wished Dark Shadow would awaken from within Fumikage. He knew that it was impossible at the moment. Fumikage still had the quirk disruption bullet stuck in his bicep and they would have to dig it out for Dark Shadow to have his freedom.

Mashirao glanced overtop of his shoulder, "Just hold onto my tail and please...don't pull my hair." He knew full well that he couldn’t see her. She wouldn't be able to see him either.

That brought up a new concern. One that Kyōka brought up before he could.

"They have the upper hand..."

As far as Mashirao knew, it was true. Their enemy still had the upper hand. They knew the hallways much better than they did. He didn't doubt that they knew the building would change at the drop of a pen.

"...We'll only be detected if they have a quirk that lets them see in the dark." Mashirao countered. It was quick, something he just thought of at that second. He felt a small boost in his confidence. "Stay close...we'll be sticking to the walls."

"So we don't bump into anyone."

Mashirao felt a smile on his face, "You got it Jirō-chan." 

"...It's a plan. I trust you Ojiro."



Things had been going great. They managed to avoid getting spotted four times, mostly thanks to the revolving building itself and everyone was very cooperative.

No arguments.

No stupid questions.

None of it.

Katsuki had felt content. Sure he was in pain but, he was content. Until they ran directly into some large greasy guy. The man looked like he was from a horror movie and held a butcher blade in one hand.

The light flickered but, Katsuki wasn't concerned. No. He was more concerned when he saw the man aiming for Ochako.

His footing was quick and just as the lights went out, Ochako was shoved to the other side of the hallway.

Katsuki could feel the sharp blade cut through his skin and muscle; it hit the bone. He bit back a scream and stumbled backwards before he caught himself. Red eyes narrowed in the darkness. He could feel the warmth of his own blood running down his right arm, separating at his fingers.


'Dammit!! SHUT THE FUCK UP!!' He wanted to scream at Ochako. His leg moved again; dashing towards the voice of his classmate. As soon as he reached her, he grabbed her arm — fully intending to move them both out of the way.

Try as he might, his legs would barely budge. Overexertion was the first thing that came to mind. He shouldn't have push his body the way he did. There was also a part of him that wanted to yell at her. 

"Listen here round cheeks you—" His scolding ended in screaming. The blade cut deep into his back. Something that he knew was bound to happen because, his body couldn't move. He was lucky enough to have Ochako hold his weight as best she could.

"Dammit you bastard!!"

Katsuki knew that it was Rikidō. Not only was it a much deeper voice but, he was sure Tōru wouldn't be stupid enough to give her position away. Especially since she was invisible. Stealth was second nature for the girl.

A part of him wondered if the man was going to attack him again.

And then his left ear caught onto the struggling behind him. It sounded as if Rikidō was wrestling to get the blade away from the man so they could be on fair ground. All he could hear was grunting accompanied with manic footsteps.

Arms tightened around him. He wanted to protest but didn't. His body felt like dead weight. He wondered if he was crushing Ochako. He would have to make it up to her for putting all his weight on her; even if he didn't mean too.

Katsuki could feel himself fading in and out. The sound of metal clattering to the floor jolted him into reality. He clung onto his teetering consciousness. His heart speed up out of pure fear. He didn't want to fall unconscious. He knew what the end result was if he did — he wouldn't wake up. He'd be dead.

He didn't want to die. Not while everyone was fighting their damnedest for their lives and their freedom. He couldn't abandon them because his body was breaking down.

Rikidō felt a fist collide against his cheek; he brushed it off. He dealt with much worse and felt much worse than the punches the man before him was dishing out. 'This is nothing! I'll have this guy down and out in no time.' His arm raised up just in time to block another punch and with his free hand he struck the man square in his face.

He felt something crack underneath his fist. A grin spread across his face. Dropping his guard, he threw a straight right punch. All he caught was air and he was shoved to the side. He quickly recovered and placed his fist back up. "Come on you old bastard. Give me everything you've got!!"



Izuku was surprised when he opened his eyes. Surprised that he was actually conscious. The only thing he didn't much appreciate was being met with the darkness once again. It made his skin crawl; images of being locked in the cell crept into his mind. He shook his head clear and walked towards where he last saw Denki.

Now the only thing that would truly impress him would be a sound of mind Kaminari Denki. If the blonde used as much electricity as he thought — then he would be mentally down for the count.

So, Izuku waited in a tense silence. His eyes caught onto the small sparks and his nose caught smoke.

"...I..." Denki started off slowly, "...I did it..." He removed his twitching hands from the power box. It felt like he drank seven cups of coffee and he pushed pass that feeling. Right now he was aware. He was conscious and he could talk; albeit a little slow but it was better than gibberish. "I did it..."

Izuku felt a smile spread across his face. He couldn't see Denki but, he was sure they were facing each other by now. " did do it Kaminari-san."

Denki took a single step forward and accidentally discharged, shocking Izuku slightly. "Shit!" Now he knew why he was super jittery; he still had electricity coursing through him that was never released. He laid a twitchy hand on Izuku's shoulder, "...Sorry..."

"I-It's okay. It was an accident..." Izuku couldn't help but flinch under his touch; afraid of getting shocked again.

The sound of Izuku's voice was genuine enough for Denki to move forward. He unlocked the door and then rested his hand on the doorknob. His hands were still shaking. 'Dammit. Too much electricity.' He took a few deep breaths; willing himself to relax.

Still his hands shook and it frustrated him. Not once could he ever remember feeling like this from having some stored energy. A sigh escaped him and he twisted the doorknob, opening the door. He hoped his jitters would cease sooner than later.

The second he stepped outside of the room with Izuku close behind, an ear splitting roar echoed through the halls. Quickly he latched onto Izuku and looked around, "What the h-hell was that?!" He nearly shouted. He was happy that he regained full control of his speech.


The two teenagers stayed in the center of the hall, only steps away from the room they exited. Neither of them dared to move.

A feeling of dread consumed Denki, he knew that Izuku would want to fight this man. If only to put him out of commission so he couldn't activate his quirk. So he released Izuku and faced the opposite direction; pressing his back against his classmate.

"...You know we have to do this right, Kaminari-san?" Izuku asked as quietly as he could. He shifted his legs underneath of him; readying himself to activate One For All if Maze came his direction.

Denki reluctantly nodded, "I know." He knew and he didn't like it. But he wasn't going to leave Izuku to fight the guy by himself. He raised his right hand; thumb up, pointer finger straight and middle finger bent slightly inwards.

Maze was going to have one rude awakening if he came his direction.

Chapter Text

When Maze left to go check out what was the cause of the explosion — he had been eager. Eager because he knew what the cause was and where it stemmed from.

Every ten or so minutes he would lay his hand on the wall and change the corridors; hoping he would run into the escaped teenager. Much to his dislike he yield no results. His anger and frustration started to surface.

Then he heard another explosion and felt a tremor.

He was sure that came from outside and if so, that meant they had intruders. Those intruders, Pro-Heroes — there to save the day. He held himself back from putting a hole in the wall; he wished Isao would have listened to him.

It made him question if Isao had any faith in him.

Maze decided he would prove himself. Believing that Isao was still seeing the Masao from the past instead of the current one. He wouldn't blame him; he felt held back by his past nearly everyday.

Another tremor rocked the building. Maze's ears caught onto the sound of a roof caving in. He was furious.

Maze believed that would've been his last straw, until the lights started to flicker above him. He stopped and looked up for a minute. He hoped the lights wasn't about to go out.

Of course, his misfortune continue — the lightbulbs above him surged before exploding. He raised his arm to avoid getting glass debris in his eyes. The lights continued to explode in a row.

He was left in pure darkness. Something he absolutely despised. A trigger of bad memories. 

'Dammit, it won't be my fault if that kid dies by my hands.' Maze thought to himself sourly. He hoped Isao would understand. All most everyone on The Peerless knew about his post traumatic stress when it came to being in unnatural darkness.

Maze shook himself of the glass that settled into his thick fur. His heart felt like it was about to jump out of his chest as he examined the darkness around him. The only good thing he had against the darkness was being able to see clearly. Something akin to night vision but it never stopped his fear of the dark.

An animalistic growl erupted deep from within his throat. The darkness began to creep into his thoughts and he shook them away. He had to focus on getting to the source of all these issues. And hopefully not kill any of them.

Maze felt his fist shake and he struck the wall beside him. 'Those damned idiots...I could kill them.' The thick fur on his hands raised up as he thought about the two who failed to escort two teenagers. He wasn't going to let Jun and Missy off the hook for their rookie mistake. 'If those idiots had taken the precautions like they were supposed to we wouldn't be in this mess!!'

He remove his fist from the wall and smacked it with an open palm two times. His anger only rose alongside a deep anxiety; all due to the darkness.

His eyes continued to dart around until they landed upon someone familiar. Someone who couldn't see too well in the darkness. He contemplated if he should call out to his comrade; the man was headed straight towards him. 'If I don't...we'll collide or I could just step out of the way.' 


He jolted out of shock that the man knew who he was in the corridor with. "Yeah it's me, Gang. How'd you know?" He snorted, eyes narrowing at the other man.

Now he was questioning if the man was real at all. If it was all just in his head. From what he was told by Longwei — Gang had no quirk. The man was quirkless and had been since birth. So he didn't have super senses, super hearing, night vision eyes or anything that would allow him to navigate correctly through the darkness.

"I could smell you a mile away." The man joked.

Maze hated when his friends said they could smell him a mile away. That he smelled of forests and the ocean breeze. At one point he had wounded up asking Isao what he smelled like; of course the older man thought it was strange.

Ultimately, Isao had gotten back with him about the topic. The man said he smelled like a rainforest and pine-cones. He would never forget that day.

A snort escaped him and rolled his eyes, "Bullshit. Anyway, did you have eyes on the target before I changed the corridors?" He asked as he approached the smaller man.

They were face to face. If he didn't feel anything wrong then, he sure was now as he looked down at the man. He felt his skin crawl and he tried to ignore it.

"Hm? What target? I thought you were the target." A twisted smile appeared on the face of the man before him.

Maze felt a cold shiver go down his spine. The voice was no long Gang's but a distorted voice of the man who had taken him years ago. He stumbled backwards as to escape. 'No fucking way! This shit isn't real! It isn't!' The thought screamed at him and his hands clasped onto his ears and he closed his eyes.

He knew it was the darkness playing tricks on him. Drudging up his past memories.

Suddenly, he felt like a teenager again. He felt like that tall lanky kid who hated the world. Long dark brown hair that stayed in his eyes. Hairy arms that people teased him about. Light brown eyes that people seemed to love.

The kid who didn't feel loved.

The kid who had made a fatal mistake.


"I fucking hate you!"

"Oh? Is that so..." 

"I do."

"...What are you doing Masao?"


Masao didn't miss the disappointed sigh.

"It is if you are living under this roof."

"Oh? Really? Then your gonna like this answer...I'm fucking outta here."

"...I'm sorry?"

"You heard me you old bastard. I'm LEAVING."


"And I'm not coming back." 


"Have fun being lonely for the rest of your life you old bastard."

A young Masao threw the rest of his items in his bag. He didn't have much but, he wasn't about to leave without anything.

He knew that Isao was watching him calmly. The older man was always so calm. It pissed him off to no degree.


Masao hated the heartbroken sound in Isao's voice.

Acting as if he actually cared. Nobody ever cared for him and he knew this man would be no different.

To prove it, he had started trouble at school — attacked one of his classmates during lunch.

At first it wasn't about proving anything to himself or Isao. It was just a normal fight between two teenagers.

The other teenager had gone off the lip and angered him.

It wasn't until Isao was forced to pick him up from school and drive home in a heavy silence. It wasn't until the older man gave him several side glances; the look of disappointment. It wasn't until Masao started to see that the man was just like everyone else.

Just another somebody who didn't want to deal with him.  He could see it in the older man's eyes.

There was no way he would mistaken it for anything else.

Masao snatched his red baseball cap from his nightstand. Roughly he pushed past Isao and stormed his way down the stairs. He could still feel Isao's eyes on him.

A low growl escaped him and as soon as he hit the bottom of the stairs he slipped his shoes on.

Nothing else was exchanged between them. Masao slammed the door behind him and walked out; ignoring the heavy snowfall.

His legs carried him a nice distance as he entered the bustling city of Tokyo.

Then, he wondered where he would go.

He had been so busy being hung up on his anger that he forgot. There was no other place for him to go.

Masao began to move to cross the street with a large group of people. His mind stuck on where he was going to go.

He had no friends.

He wasn't going back to Isao.

And there was no way he was going back to the orphanage.

"Going somewhere kid...?"


Unconsciously, Maze smacked his hand against the wall. He changed the corridors. However he was unaware and hyperventilating.

A loud banging sound caused him to turn around and put his fist through a door. His eyes were wide and his arms shook. For a minute he started at his arm through the hole in the door. He then looked around him, almost forgetting his main objective.

Maze shook his head clear; now he could feel everything around him. His arm through the door. The hairs on the back of his neck raised. His chest raising and falling rapidly. He wouldn't doubt that his pupils were dilated.

He knew what his objective was, to figure out where the explosion came from. Isao sent him to investigate and take care of the problem.

Yet he couldn't focus. Not with all the darkness around him. It felt like everything was closing in on him. He hated that feeling. As if someone was watching him and chasing him down.

'No! I'm the one chasing. I'm the one haunting these brats down!' Maze desperately tried to convince himself. Still he felt no ease. Only a building feeling of fight or flight.


Maze withdrew his fist from the now damaged door. He was still shaking; anger and anxiety. 'I know I heard voices! I heard them...those little shits are around here somewhere...' He roared, sharply turning away from the door. His narrowed and wild eyes surveyed everything they landed upon.


He was extremely certain that someone was nearby. That he had heard voices. Those voices were as clear as the daylight.

Maze started back down the hallway. His nerves were jumping and his breath hitched every now and again.

He didn't notice that he started to pick up his speed. 


Masao felt himself slide making a sharp  turn down another alleyway. He grunted as his body slammed into the dumpster. His ears caught the sound of a hissing cat.

He ignored it.

Right now he had bigger problems.

"C'mon kid, don't run! We just want to be your friend..."

Masao clicked his tongue at the comment. He wasn't about to stop like some idiotic teenager. Times like these, he loved that his trust in people was extremely low.

He was able to make the wisest decisions.

His decision in this matter; to run for his life.

'Shit! The snow is getting thick!'  Masao began to panic. He could barely move his legs. ' no no no!!' He attempted to pull his leg up as high as he could and stepped forward. 'There's no way I can escape...and my quirk takes far too long to activate!'

Tears burned the corners of his eyes. His entire body shook. And it wasn't even from the cold winter nights breeze. It was from fear.

Fear that he had messed up.

Fear that he was going to die.

Fear that Isao wasn't going to come looking for him.


'No...I...'  Masao flinched at the sound of crunching behind him.

They were starting to close in on him.

"Sure did give us a run for our money."

"...Hopefully he's worth it. If not, we'll just kill him."

'Kill?! I don't wanna die...I don't wanna die!!'  Breathing was getting harder. His eyes widened, darting all around the alleyway.'I have to escape...I can't die. I won't die!!' 

A hand gripped his shoulder. His breath hitched, chest tightening up.

"Cat and mouse is over kid. You'll be coming with us..."


A part of him truly believed that someone was after him. Now he was running and he wasn't sure from what. He knew what he was supposed to be doing and yet, a part of him felt like he was being watched closely.

As he ran, he swore he heard voices. However, he never stopped to check — he only reached a hand out to the wall. He hoped that he would run into those who were speaking loudly.

After changing the corridor once more — he began to slow down. His legs aching from carrying him out of desperation. His lungs burned badly as well. 


A burning sensation traveled through his veins.

Masao felt his body jerk violently.

He was injected with something they called, Trigger. A drug that supposedly enhances quirks of all types.

The first two months gave them no results as he was injected once per day.

He found that strange. Strange that they didn't notice his activation of his quirk factor was faster.

And then he remembered — only he would notice that. Only he knew how long it took him to activate his quirk.

After the second month, he noticed they changed their routine. They began to come in more often.

They would injected him three to four times within one day.

There were days he wished it would all end.

They ignored his pleas. Denied him food whenever they wanted.

Days he wished they would let him go.

He would get extremely ill every twenty or so minutes.

Days he hoped someone would save him.

At times his nose would bleed for no reason. He would pass out soon after.

Days he  regretted what he said too Isao.

Sometimes he could taste blood in his mouth. He wondered if it was killing him.

He even cried for Isao.

Something that he would never do. Cry for another person.

Five more months passed by.

Pain in his back.

Long ago he had stopped crying. It wasn't getting him anywhere.

Pain in his neck and face.

He convinced himself that he deserved what he was getting.

Pain in his arms and legs.

That everything was his fault.

Agonizing pain.

That he knew he would end up in this sort of situation.

One day, he touched his face. Everything was different.


He ran a shaky hand through the thick fur atop his head. His eyes continued its search. He was glad that some part of his body knew that he was searching for someone. But he also cursed his eyes for causing his fear to run rampant.

For some reason, he grinned. He wasn't entirely certain why. Perhaps he was just grinning in the face of fear. A fear he would never overcome.

Maze picked his search again, "C'mon...don't hide from me. I just wanna be your friend!" He laid his hand upon the wall beside him. As he moved, his claws dug deep; tearing the paint off the walls and scraping against the wood underneath.

"Don't get quiet now!! I KNOW YOUR THERE!!" Maze shouted as he started walking faster. He wrenched his claws from the wall as he rounded the corner, "FOUND YOU!!!"

As soon as he rounded the corner, his eyes caught onto two people standing in the middle of the hall. The first one he came face to face with was the the same man he had seen earlier; yellow eyes were wide in fear. He charged the man, his claws still extended.

A yelp of pain and the feeling of flesh catching and tearing underneath his claws told him, he hit his mark.

Behind the man with yellow eyes was another. This man had green eyes. Green eyes that were filled with terror and distraught.

Still the past wouldn't leave him alone.


Four years passed by.

He was still in captivity.

They still injected him with drugs of all kinds. Mostly wanting to know what would happen.

They took note that his quirk, Grizzly, which was a transformation type had completely changed to a mutant type.

It changed his appearance permanently.

His body still ached.

He wondered if that meant he had no quirk.

His captors brought a man around. One that Masao would never forget.

The man was tall. Dressed in a dark suit and tie. He sported a purple tinted helmet.

It wasn't entirely strange and Masao wondered if the helmet had anything to do with his quirk.

For minutes the well dressed man talked with his captors.

The conversation started off about him and his quirk. Then they spoke about the drug, Trigger. The next thing they spoke of was taking and giving quirks.

Of Nomūs and genetically modified human beings.

A small amount of concern rose.

And then he was left alone with the well dressed man.

Masao had watched as the man removed his helmet, his back facing him.

"...Since you apparently have no name boy, I will call you Maze."

Masao felt a cold shiver run down his spine. Something he hadn't felt earlier when the man was talking.

Perhaps it was because he was finally being addressed.

Masao wondered if he should tell the man his real name. Instead he asked a question.


"Oh, so you do speak. Ha, they were beginning to wonder if all these drugs destroyed your ability to verbally reply to anything or anyone."

Masao trembled.

"Now what is it, Maze?"

"...C-could...c-c-could y-you f-f-free m-me?"

Masao wasn't certain if he was asking the man to outright murder him or break him out of his cold and dreary cell.

Either way, he wasn't complaining.

He just wanted out.

There was silence. The man still hadn't turned around to face him.

"No. I deal business with these people. I am not here to free you, Maze but..."

The man turned around to face him.

Masao wished he hadn't. His eyes widened as he looked the man in the face.

Or lack thereof.

"I will give to you a gift that will suit your name so well, even you will love it."

The man grinned.

Masao pulled at his restraints.

Whatever the other man had — he didn't want it.

All he wanted was his freedom.

"Now...go and destroy all of those who have ever harmed you."

The last thing Masao remember was blinding pain. The feeling of something tugging and yet it was also pushing.

His screams and the face of the man was the last thing he could remember of that very day.

Three weeks later the police stormed the location.

Masao had killed as many of his captors as possible. Showing no mercy and causing them as much pain as they did to him.

Only two had escaped. It angered him.

The two men that escaped were the ones who had caught and brought him there.

The sight of his shadow caught him off guard. Lights were being shined on him.

An unfamiliar voice; announcing that he was police and to put his hands up.

Masao cooperated. His hatred for the men who kidnapped him was much strong than his hatred for police at the moment.

He was covered in blood as he turned towards them; hands held above his head.

They walked him through the building — much to his surprise they didn't cuff him. He wondered why.

He was placed in a police cruiser and an hour later — placed in a holding cell.

It had taken them two days to realize that he was the missing teenager that was reported.

They called his last guardian. The man, who he had learned was the one who placed a missing persons' notice out.

Isao had came.

They embraced.

Masao cried and apologized for saying what he said and doing what he did. He promised that it would never happen again.

Isao promised him a better life, away from Japan.


Maze grinned widely, ignoring the pull of the sutures on his face. He ignored the pain.

The hairs on the back of his neck were still standing. His eyes stayed on the man before him. He felt amusement as the man cradled his arm. The second man came to help the man to his feet.

He could see their mouths moving. But he heard nothing. Nothing but the static noise in his head. Nothing but the thoughts of his past.

The two men took off in the opposite direction. Maze felt his excitement flare up. A small predatory instinct.

Now they wanted to continued the game they had made him play all those years ago. A game that was about to be the end of them.

"Oh? Still wanna play cat and mouse, eh?" He grumbled underneath his breath. The adrenaline pumped rapidly through his veins.

He raised both his hands and cracked each knuckle, calmly following after the two men that ran from him. He had always wondered and questioned if he had killed them. Now that he managed to remember properly — he was going to finish what he started. "I knew I didn't kill you bastards..." He muttered to himself.

"I don't know how you found me or how you even got here but, todays the day you die!" Maze declared loudly. His grin turned into a toothy smirk. His right hand twitched eagerly.

And yet, something wasn't settling well with him. A part of him knew something was absolutely wrong.

Chapter Text

"See ya, sky bitch."

It was all he heard and more than enough for him to deactivate the talons. He leaned backwards and allowed gravity to take him.

His ears caught onto a depressurized sound and a second after was the sound of a high pitch whistle. The sound of the missile being shot.

The very missile that could have ended him in one blow.

Tamaki felt his hands trembled and winced at the sound of the missile exploding. It was frightening to think that he could have been the one exploding.

'Calm down...calm're still alive.' Tamaki told himself mental; allowing the thought to simmer. He now found himself starting up at the sky.

The stars of the night began to reveal themselves. Just the sight of the stars set off alarm bells.

Tamaki fought against the strong wind as he turned himself over. His wings had already been stretched out; allowing him to glide. With a single motion turned to his left, flying back up to the side of the watchtower.

As soon as he reached the top, he lounged at the woman.

"Shit!!" She cursed loudly, "I knew you weren't dead!!" With her weapon in hand, she swung with all her might.

Quick on his feet, Tamaki dodged and found himself near the railing. He glanced over his shoulder quickly before eyeing his opponent. His right arm transformed into that of a lobster claw.

"Ooh, impressive." She stated with a smirk on her face.

Tamaki ignored her snide comment, his eyes following the way she held missile launcher. His eyes widened as the missile launcher slowly changed into a dark olive green katana.

"You looked impressed...or surprised? Whichever the fact," She raised the changed weapon above her head. A proud look upon her face, "I've always had an affinity for weapons. I'm also the only one who has a grenade launcher. My quirk allows me to change any weapon into whatever weapon I want it to be. All I need to know is the make and mode and boom," She brought the blade down, sliding through the air. "I've got every weapon I could ever want in one."

The woman adjusted her hold on the katana; holding it above her head. A readying stance to strike. Her feet moved into place, spaced from one another.

It only took one of them to step to the side and the other followed suit. Both of them watching each other closely; waiting to see what the other would do.

For a minute, Tamaki study her. The woman looked to be well built and extremely agile. Her hair was in a ponytail as to not get in the way. But there was something else that caught his attention; the way she was dressed and her eyes. She was dressed as if she were a guerrilla; something that he had only ever seen in movies or books. It made him wonder if she was paid to do what she was doing.

There was also her eyes. One of which was watching him closely and the other which was hidden behind an eyepatch.

The small detail gave him a slight advantage.

But, of course he wasn't the only one who knew about her disadvantage.

"See something you like, pretty boy?" He startled and she laughed at him, "Cute and a scaredy-cat. I'm liking you more and more kiddo." A grin took over her features; she held the blade with one hand and pointed towards her eye with the other. "I know you're staring at this kiddo. Think it'll give you an advantage, huh? Think again pretty boy."

"FatGum to Suneater. I repeat, FatGum to Suneater. Do you copy?"

Tamaki startled again, his eyes narrowed in on the woman across from him. He raised his free hand towards his ear piece. "I-I read you."

"Nice to know it works between us. That means  we're only cut off from the air team. Gran Torino, out."

"Hey dumbass, be more careful down there! I saw that damn missile get fired right in your face!! I was up here cursing and shouting at Ryūkyū to let me down so I could help your ass out! Shindō, out."

Tamaki could help but feel ridiculed and insulted; as if he were to blame for getting a missile shot at him pointblank. It depressed him slightly but, he pushed the feeling to the side.

'If I can get her close to the ed—' He thoughts were cut short, when the blade swiped at his eye protection. It left a long scratch going from one side to the next. He nearly lost his footing; stumbling backwards.

There was little time for him to move as the woman sought to strike at him again. This time he managed to block the blade with the use of his lobster claw. He pushed the blade away and swung at the woman with his free hand.

Much to his surprise — the woman recovered quickly. She was off to the side with her blade raised above her head. His eyes widened at the maniacal expression on her face as she brought the weapon down upon his back.

Tamaki had to count himself lucky for including a flak vest with his costume. It took the brunt of the damage; hitting a metal plate. Unfortunately, the blade had sliced deeply into his wings. He deactivated that part of his quirk.

Judging by the second reaction from the woman, she wasn't pleased. He took a kick to the throat.

It was something he had never felt before. A kick to the throat. It hurt and nearly sent him into a panic as he coughed violently. His first reaction wasn't to protect his throat but, to swing back. The lobster claw collided with the blade of the katana again.

With one strong push, the woman was sent stumbling backwards.

Tamaki rubbed at his aching throat; from the corner of his eye he watched the woman. 'I need her on the other railing! Dammit...' He grimaced and turned to face her fully. His hand never dropped from his throat.

"Hurt like a bitch didn't it, pretty boy?"

The katana came at him again and he struck the blade with his lobster claw again. Tamaki struggled against her for a moment. An idea popped up. He extended his free hand; turning it into a clam shell. With his lobster claw — he pushed her off balance and followed up quickly with his clam shell.

A solid hit cracked the bones in her elbow and she hit the metal railing of he watchtower hard. She was greeted with the distance of the fall; eyes widening. Her head whipped around, catching Tamaki approaching her. "You wouldn't dare..." She gritted her teeth. Her blade clattered to the ground and her face heated in anger.

The woman twisted her body, left fist raised and ready to strike the teenager. Instead her fist smacking against his face, it was caught in mid-motion. The claw tightened around her arm and she was lifted up.

" wouldn't dare! You can't do this to a lady you insignificant ass!"

Tamaki winced at the cruel words but, it didn't stop him from stepping forward. He dangled her over the railing. "...So rude..." He muttered before releasing her.

All he could hear was in coherent cursing and insults. He was sure it was all towards him. A frown found itself upon his face and he stepped away from the edge. A short walk to the other side and his quirk activated his wings.

Tamaki perched himself atop the railing.



"When the hell are we going to get down there?!" Yō shouted out of frustration. He understood that she was being cautious but, time was of the essence.

It was already nighttime. The lives of future Pro-Heroes and a longtime Underground Pro-Hero was still at risk.

For all they knew, twenty-two lives could have already been lost.

Ryūko turned her head slightly, eyeing the teenager. "Patience is virtue." She replied before turning away.

The answer only served to frustrate him more. Just as he opened his mouth to reply back — he felt hands grab him. The next he knew, he was in the air overtop of solid ground that was hundreds of feet away.

Yō immediately began to struggle against the hands. He reached up and gripped the wrist of his attacker.

Only the sound of a familiar voice stopped him from doing anything else drastic. That and the fear of being dropped.

"C-calm down! It's me, Suneater!"

Yō looked up, seeing a distressed expression on Tamaki's face. The older teenager looked like an overflowing bag full of anxiety.

And for a second, he didn't care. Far too caught up in his anger to be considerate.

"YOU CAN'T JUST DO SHIT LIKE THAT!! SNATCHING SOMEONE UP AND NOT SAYING A WORD!!" Yō fumed, he was sure the upper part of his face was red; along with his ears. A thought in the back of his mind told him that he would be able to blow off steam once they landed. It was very reassuring, Yō narrowed his eyes at the people below them.

The people below didn't know how much trouble they were about to catch.

Tamaki flinched at the aggression in his tone. "...S-sorry..." He muttered quietly.

It seemed that his apology matter little as Yō shifted his attention to the people underneath them. He didn't bother to repeat his apology; feeling it matter little now.

Silence passed the two, Tamaki only focused on flying. This left Yō to focus on looking for a spot they could land.

His dark eyes roamed over the blacktop below. Only once did they settle upon the watchtower that Tamaki had came from. Only once did they land upon the helicopter pad; for a moment he considered it.

And then, his dark eyes landed upon a heavily guard door. The group of guards were armed but didn't seem to be ready to attack. He figured it was because, they believed it would be difficult for them to land anywhere due to the flying bullets.

'Looks like a perfect hiding spot...' Yō thought to himself and he smirked. He raised his hand to tap Tamaki, "Suneater," Once he looked up; the two met eye to eye, "I need you to land there." His pointer finger was extended towards a corporate building.


Yō clicked his tongue, "JUST LAND!!!"

The sternness in his voice and the demanding tone seemed to have gotten through. The wind felt sharp against his face; meaning that Tamaki increase his flight speed. An eagerness built up within him. He couldn't wait to unleash his quirk on the guys below.

As they neared the building, one of the guards appeared panicked. The guards arranged themselves in formation; three females held the front line and two males in the back. On each side was one male and one female.

All except one had their guns pointed towards them. It seemed they were awaiting orders.

'Ah, so these guys are probably working on more strict orders. Idiots.' Yō almost wanted to laugh at them. He was close to landing on the ground and prepared himself.

Much to his dismay his landing wasn't easy and the palms of his hands took major damage. He found himself skidding across the blacktop. The coolness of the blacktop below brought a sense of relief.

Though he knew he would be feeling the pain later on.

It was forty-five meter dash between him and the guards at the door.

Yō glanced at each and everyone of his opponents. The females were the first to come into view; he felt no sympathy for what he was about to do. To him a villain was a villain. Gender didn't matter and certainly didn't mean special treatment over the other. 'Just as guilt as those who tortured twenty-two people mercilessly.' His eyes narrowed and he kept himself low to the ground; palms flat. He could feel small beads of blood bubble to the surface.

"...Now look at what you did. I think this calls for some payback."

Only one person made eye contact with him. The very man in the back. The man who was trembling from head to toe. The same man who called for back up.

Back up that Yō was sure wouldn't matter much or change the tide.

"T-the hell are you all waiting for?! Shoot the bastard!! Damn...where is Ganbaatar when you need him?!"

Yō's grin widened as the ground beneath him began to tremble slightly. He pushed one pulse out and he found amusement as the people before began to lose their footing.

A few of them began to shot his way. The bullets passing him by and making it nowhere near him due to the vibration beneath their feet.

The second second pulse caused the muscles in his arms to tense slightly. This form of Tremoring Earth was about to be one of his strongest on record. Following the second pulse was deep cracks in the blacktop — quickly spreading out and closing in on the guards.

"Hey that guy is doing something!!"

"Why is the ground shaking so damn much?!"

"I can't even get a shot if this keeps up!!"

"It's him!! Aim your weapons at him!!"

His ears caught onto other voices around him. More guns were aimed his direction. He didn't care. All that mattered to him was the panicked scream.

"Holy shit we're gonna die!!"

"Speak for yourself idiot! I've got a wife and kid to go back too! I ain't dying just yet!!"

"Then shut the hell up and shoot him!!"

Triggers were pulled and bullets came flying his direction. He could hear the bullets cutting through the wind and only grunted when a few tore through his skin.

"Holy shit, will someone shoot that asshole!"

"Is this any earthquake?!"

"Earthquakes don't take place in the ocean you dumbass!!"

Within seconds the ground around him shattered. Yō was quite pleased with sounds of people being trapped and falling through the cracks of the blacktop.

"What the hell...what the hell!!"

"Help I've fallen and I can't get up!!"

"Shit something is crushing my arm!!"

'Heh, idiots. Keep on panicking. Please. You're only making it worse for yourself.' A halfhearted laugh escape Yō. His entire body locked up for a second before relaxing.

Shakily he stood to his feet and looked at the palms of his hands. Pieces of rocks were buried underneath his skin. He then raised a shaky a hand up and touched a small hole on his left side. Moving his right shoulder, he winced. 'Must've hit me there as well. But only two bullets taken. Not bad.'

"Hey!! Are you okay?!"

'FatGum? Looks like they finally landed.' Yō nodded as much as he could. His body could barely move; it surprised him that he managed to stand up. Even more as he stayed standing. He could still feel the tremors of his quirk throughout his body.

It was the only thing he didn't like about his quirk. No matter how hard he trained, he was told that he would still suffer the aftereffects. Though not as bad as when he was smaller. It was something he dealt with. Had been dealing with it since his quirk manifested.

Whenever asked if he was alright and he knew it pertained to his quirk; he would give the normal answer. He would claim that he was fine. Even though it made him nauseous at times. He was lucky that this wasn't one of those times.

Yō's eyed widened as he felt his legs seize up. He felt himself tilt forward and was unable to do anything about it. And then, he wasn't falling.

Tamaki had landed next to him right in time. An arm held out to keep him from falling flat on his face.

"Are you sure you're alright?" Tamaki asked quietly. He eyed the younger teen for a moment. He didn't miss his bloodied palms or the droplets of blood rolling down his side. He squeezed his shoulder gently.

Yō smirked as he stared back at Tamaki, " quirk does this all the time." His eyes shifted away from his comrade and surveyed the damage he dealt to his surroundings. "...It's just never been this bad."

"Hope you kids are ready for another round! Here they come!!" Sorahiko announced before springing into action.

Taishiro looked over his shoulder at the two teenagers, "You two hold this spot down! Ryūkyū is going to get Mic and the others!" With that being said, he took off.

Tamaki watched as Taishiro charged towards a group of larger villains. He pulled his hood back over his head and adjusted his flak vest. Extending both his arms, he transformed both hands into clam shells. He then made all his fingers on his right hand into tentacles. 

Yō clicked his tongue out of annoyance. "Shit..." He mumbled and forced his right leg to step forward. A hand tapped him and from his peripheral, he say Tamaki standing by his side. The older teenager was facing the opposite direction

"I've got your back." Tamaki replied barely below a whisper.

Yō held his hand out. A smile on his face, "An honor to be able to work alongside U.A.s best graduating heroics student. I'm Shindō Yō, nice to meet you."

"...Um...n-nice you as well...?" The reply was timid and uncertain. "I...I'm Amajiki Tamaki..." 

Yō grinned at Tamaki's naiveté as they shook hands.  "Looks like this is going to be one hell of a fight. From what my teacher Ms. Joke told me, we've gotta watch each others' backs. I've got yours if you got mines!"

"...Well I've got your back too." Yō redirected his attention.

In front of him, he noticed a few people trying to climb out of the cracks of the blacktop. He took note of their struggling and decided that they weren't worth his attention. "I can send out shockwaves in a concentrated direction. So you won't feel the effects. I just need time is all." Yō spoke quickly and precise. His eyes narrowed at the door before him.

At the door that looked to be in the clearing.

'I wouldn't be any good fighting in a place like that. One shockwave of my quirk Vibrate and the roof will come tumbling down! Meaning...' Yō knew what had to be done. Someone who wasn't him had to go and storm the building immediately.

"Hey Suneater..." He trailed off and his eyes widened. "SHIT!!" He cursed loudly. 'Nobody was there!! What the fuck?! I can't dodge this...dammit!!' 

One fist was aimed directly at him. From the corner of his eyes, he watched as the man snagged a hand full of Tamaki's hood. From then on out, everything felt like it was going in slow motion. But, Yō knew better. Especially went a solid steel fist cracked his chest cavity and sent him flying.

Tamaki felt a strong pull on his hood. His eyes were widened with panic. A heavy hand gripped the back of his head and his world came crashing down. His face met the undamaged blacktop below and for a second he blackout; his quirk deactivating. The only thing that woke him back up was the pain in his face. His eye protection was completely shattered and cutting deep into his skin.

Before he could lift himself up, a solid metal knee collided with his back. His screams were muffled as the person above him smothered his face into the ground.

"...Aren't you too young to be a Pro-Hero?"

'It's a guy...' Tamaki thought to himself. He attempted to move his arms and lift himself up. It was a bad move. His neck was craned painfully backwards and within a heartbeat — his face met the blacktop again.

Tamaki fought to keep his consciousness. A heavy weight lifted off of him — it was of little relief. He turned his face to the side.

"'s lights out for you little hero."



"Hound Dog, try contacting air team again!"

Ryō nodded, hand raised to his specially fitted ear piece. He found himself to be much more calmer than earlier. He wondered if it was when they managed to land and Taishiro and Sorahiko joined both trainees in battle. "Hound Dog of ground team. Can either the alpha, beta or the chinook read me?"

There was static silence for a minute. Ryō growled and spoke again, "This is Hound Dog of ground team. Can anyone read me?!"




Ryō could help but to tilt his head in confusion. "...This is Hound Dog. Is anyone there?" From what he could make out, there was a conversation already taking place. He wondered how long the air team had been going at it.

"...Mic...ask wha...hell...M..."


"Report?" Ryūko asked as she neared the two helicopters.

'...Did I just hear right?' He silently hoped he didn't just hear that someone was about to go skydiving. His eyes locked onto the chinook, "....It's kind of staticky. But I heard something. Just not sure yet." 

"Keep trying?"

Ryō gave a quick nod, "Hound Dog to air team. Hound Dog to air team, do you copy?"

Again, he heard bits and pieces of a conversation. It sounded like it was still around the same subject. A subject that he hoped that he was wrong about hearing.


'...That was far too clear. Who the hell is talking about jumping?!' Ryō let loose a low but long growl. His free hand clenched into a fist. He spared a quick glance behind him.

They had just exited the barrier.

"An  ingenious plan of The Lurkers!"

'....Dammit, it's Mount Lady.' Ryō knew that whatever the blonde woman had in mind — wouldn't end entirely well. Still he kept his silence. His eyes narrowed directly at the chinook. He removed his hand from his communicator.

"Report Hound Dog?"

Ryō snorted and bared his teeth, "Something stupid is going on."

"...I'm sorry?" Ryūko asked, voice full of confusion.

Ryō didn't expect anything else. The woman couldn't wear her communication device while in her current form. Thus, forcing her to leave it on the chinook. "...Just glance at the chinook from time to time."

Ryūko only nodded and she was certain that Ryō appreciated that silence as opposed to being asked tons of questions. She stayed en route to the two leading helicopters. Allowing Ryō to refocus on the conversation.

"Don't rope me in with this. You can do that with Woods but, not me."

"What?! I have nothing to do with whatever her idea is!!"

It seemed the conversation escalated with their emotions. However, what Ryō didn't expect and what angered him was an extremely loud booming voice. A voice that would silence not only Pro-Heroes but a crying child.


Ryō almost wanted to snatch the device from his ear and crush it. Instead, he shook his head — trying to rid himself of the lingering hi-pitch noise. A vicious growl and barking escaped him.

"Hound Dog?"

"Finally, some room for  thinking. So from what it appears the—"

His hand hovered near his communication device; a single finger pressing the button. The only thing he could do at that moment was let loose a long and vicious growl. He couldn't form any current words that explained how he felt about his ears being viciously assaulted.

"Hound Dog?!"

The voice that acknowledged his presence was a shocked Hizashi. He only growled again in response before barking a few more times.

"Ah, shit...Vlad can you translate?!"

"Vlad King here, and no I can't. He's not really saying anything at all."

"...So he's literally growling out of anger?"

"Look, I think that's the least of our problems right now! Mount Lady is about to jump and we're on a time crunch!"

"What?! Tell her to abort whatever crazy ass plan she has Mandalay!!"

" I don't think anything is going to change her mind, Present Mic."

"Shit...look Hound Dog, if you can please report!! Present Mic out."

"Wait...isn't that Mount Lady?!"

At Ryūko's question, Ryō snapped his attention back towards the chinook. Sure enough it was the normal sized version of Takeyama Yū, free falling. His eyes widened as he witnessed she activated her quirk; soon enough he was looking at sixty-seven foot woman.

However, something more alarming caught his attention and he figure Ryūko had noticed as well; he felt himself jerk at the sharp upwards turn. An abnormally large tidal wave. A tidal wave that was headed straight towards The Peerless.


Chapter Text

"C'mon...don't hide from me. I just wanna be your friend!!"

Denki's breath hitched at the sound of Maze's booming voice.

"Don't get quiet now!! I KNOW YOUR THERE!!"

'Holy shit...he sounds too close!' The thought crossed Denki's mind. His legs began to shake.

The only sounds that could be heard was nails being dragged across the wall.

Had the lights been on, Denki was sure he wouldn't be as frightened as he was now. At least he would like to convince himself.


Everything seemed to happen in a flash. Denki had heard the footsteps around the corner. He had thought he was ready to fight the man. And yet, his entire body locked up.

He had froze up as Maze charged him. All the built up energy he felt earlier had dissipated. There was no tingling in his arms, nor his hands or fingers. Nothing on his body twitch to signify the stored energy.

In a last ditch effort, he moved his arm up to defend himself. Immediately, he felt claws tear into his skin; a yelp escaped him. The force from behind the blow caused him to stumble and fall on his backside.


His ears caught onto Izuku's panicked voice. He trembled as he cradled his arm to his chest. Yellow eyes stared into the darkness but, he knew he was looking directly at Maze. He also knew that Maze was looking directly at him.

He felt like a deer in headlights as he moved slowly; using his legs to push him backwards. He only stopped once he felt cold metal against his back.

"Kaminari are you okay?!" Izuku asked worriedly. He couldn't see Denki's face but, he knew the other was injured. If his suppressed scream was anything to go by. He heard the shaky breath released by the blonde. He offered his arm to help him to his feet. "We need to run!"

Denki nodded as he turned sharply to follow Izuku, "Midoriya, dude what the hell are we going to do?!" He glanced over his shoulder. Darkness was all that he was met with and he was starting to regret taking the electricity out. "That guy is going to murder us!!"

"I don't know how you found me or how you even got here but, todays the day you die!"

Denki whipped his head back around; facing forward. "He's insane!!" He cried out as he fought to catch up with Izuku. "This guy is insane and we're gonna die!!" His injured leg was doing him no good right now. "Midoriya...!"

And neither was the fact that they were literally being hunted down by Maze. A man that not only emitted intimidation but was extremely powerful. A man who could easily cause them to run into a dead end.

"MIDORIYA!!" Denki shouted to his classmate. His thoughts were running rampant; all jumbled up. No single thought was complete. The pain radiating from his forearm and thigh blaring as his feet came in contact with the tiled floor.

"I'm thinking!! Give me a minute!!" Izuku shouted back at him, sounding winded.

'We can't keep running forever! We have to stop him. But can we stop someone who could easily trap us with the use of his quirk?! Come on Izuku! Think! What would Kacchan do...?!' His green eyes darted through the darkness. '...Explode things.' Izuku inwardly sighed.

"Kaminari!! A sharp right!!" Izuku shouted and whipped himself around the corner. He pressed his back against the wall; staying silent. '...If I can activate One For All...'

"Oh-ho! You sure you two want to go that WAY? It'll get a little cramped...but, be my guest..." Maze spoke in a mocking manner. "A short chase but a long and agonizing death for the both of you...for what you did to me, I think I can settle for that much."

Denki slowed down for a moment. '...Is...he telling us not to go that direction...?' 

"KAMINARI!! Come on!!"

Denki shook away the worrying thoughts. He limped as fast as he could and took his right. In doing so, he ran directly into Izuku, startling himself; a small electrical current came from his feet. Luckily the currents exited the back of his heels instead from the front of his feet. He grabbed a hold of Izuku's shirt to keep him from falling. "Sorry!!" He pulled Izuku upright to keep him from falling.

"I-it's fine."

Denki made his way around Izuku and stood to his right. His back was pressed firmly against the wall. "...Midoriya, dude?" There was something he couldn't shake. As if Maze was giving them a hint in a way.


Releasing a shaky breath, he turned his head towards his smaller classmate. "I'm not the only one who heard what he said right? Like that wasn't in my head..." He needed to know that he wasn't loosing his mind.

That what Maze said was real.

"...I heard him." Izuku confirmed after a short silence. Denki figured he was thinking, "But, he could be trying to trick us."

Denki quickly accepted the answer. Wishing to not ponder on the matter for too long, his mind moved on to more important things. Like what they were going to do next. Then his concentration was broken by a familiar muttering. One that he thought was somewhat annoying had become a comforting thing.

It meant that Izuku was analyzing everything around him. The people, the situation, the surrounding; just about everything. Denki silently wished his brain worked that way.


From the corner of his eyes, he could have sworn he saw green lightening. He said nothing about it; opting to see what his classmate wanted. "...Dude?" His tone was hushed as he acknowledged Izuku.

"How did you tap into your quirk just now?" Izuku asked as quietly as he could. 

Maze had gone quiet on them again. It would be hard for Izuku if he didn't admit it bothered him in the slightest. So, he kept a clear and open ear for the man. He was well aware of the tactic the man was using.

Maze wished to install fear within them. So far, it was working. He was using the darkness to his advantage.

"I dunno!! It just...kinda came out, I guess." Denki trembled beside him, "Dude! Just please...PLEASE do something!! I'm gonna have a damn heart attack before we even see the light of day!!"

'Back when Kaminari shocked me, he had too much energy built up. He still needed to release the stockpile he had. But as soon Maze came around...that stockpile vanished.' Izuku hummed to himself as he narrowed his eyes in the darkness. He turned his head towards his classmate, "Scoot over some." He whispered. 

"....How the hell is me scooting down going to—"

"Just do it!!" Izuku pleaded as he bumped shoulders with the blonde. An exasperated sigh caught his ears as well as feet shuffling against the floor. 'Kaminari discharged again when he bumped into me.' 

"Just how far do you want me to go?" 

"Far enough." Izuku exclaimed quickly. He took it one step at a time as he fell deep into thought again. 'Jirō-chan joked about anyone being able to use Kaminari-san as a human stun gun. He obviously still has a stockpile. I could use him.' He turned his head towards Denki, "Kaminari-san do you remember what happened back at U.S.J?"

"Uh, yeah. That's like something I'll never forget my dude. Just like this shit." Denki replied sarcastically, "Any crazy shit like this I will never forget! Why are you asking that at a time like....oh."

Izuku felt the corner of his lip turn upwards, "You know where I'm getting at right?"

"I can't. And I'm not letting you use me as a human stun gun dude! That's been an off limits thing since Jirō kicked me into that villain!" Denki shook his head as he continued, "Besides not only am I weakened, I'm also scared out of my ever loving mind!"

A heavy silence settled once again.

Izuku only sighed and looked down for a moment. 'Alright, Kaminari disagreed with being used. trying to tap into One For All. I could use Full Cowl at ten precent to break these cuffs. That way I'll have both my arms and legs to fight with. However...if I do use my quirk at ten precent with my condition, I'll have no clue where that will leave me. What I'll have left to fight with.' He lifted his head up and took a quick glance to his left. He knew the cat and mouse game wouldn't go on forever. That they would either be caught or somehow outsmart him; perhaps even fight him and win. 'We have to fight back. But in this darkness...our chances of winning is slim.' 

Quietly, Izuku hoped that Denki wasn't feeling guilty over taking the entire power out. Izuku wasn't mad with him. After all he agreed to go along with it; even with all his concerns.

' that I think about it, he hasn't switched the corridors yet. And...he's acting weird.' Izuku hummed as he remember what Maze had yelled at them. It was moments after he struck Denki but, it struck Izuku as odd. 'How we found we got here...' Another thought popped up immediately after that one. Suddenly, it was much more clear to Izuku.

A grunt drew Izuku out of his deep thinking process. He looked to his right, "What's wrong? Are you okay?" He asked in a hushed tone.


Izuku frowned at the sound of Denki's voice. It sounded like the blonde was about to have a melt down. He stopped shuffling once he bumped shoulders with the blonde. "Huh...?"

"...Dead end."

Izuku felt his heart skip a beat. "A-a d-dead end..." He said to himself. It was quiet, so that only he could hear. To hear that they had ran into a dead end that fast was terrifying to him. It meant that they would have to come to terms with this being the end.

That they would have to accept that they weren't going home.

"It's a dead end...we're dead..." Denki repeated in disbelief. He turned around and placed both of his palms against the wall, "We're dead Midoriya. This is it man...this is how it all ends..."

Izuku pushed himself away from the wall. He ran to the opposite side of Denki. His eye brows knitted together tightly; eyes darting around as he thought.

A deep unsettling laugh startled both of them. They both glanced over their shoulders. They knew it was Maze. That he was taking his time as he approached them.

"Well...well...well..." Maze started off with an animalistic grin, "Doesn't this just bring back memories..."



"Mon ami...I am tired..."

"NO breaks! Keep running!!" Eijirō glanced over his shoulder. He knew the blonde was still behind him by how close his voice sounded.

Their walk in the dark had started off pretty simple. Both of them agreed to stay absolutely silent; already knowing the main objective. To find everyone else and make their escape. It seemed easy enough and Yūga promised he would allow Eijirō to handle any dangers they run across; mostly since he was neck deep in equipment.

Even the corridors had ceased its randomized changes. It lifted their mood.

Until Eijirō had collided with another person. A person that wasn't Yūga; the blonde was behind him. A person he was sure wasn't on their side.

A person who turned out to be a woman. A very angry woman.

When she spoke, he knew immediately it was the same woman who had passed out their food; Missy. The one who looked at them lustfully before saying she wasn't interested in children. The same woman that Eijirō had felt a vibe from since he saw her; a very bad vibe.

Another voice came in to play. One he hadn't recognized. However by the rough yanking from his classmate; he seemed to know who it was.

Eijirō chalked it up to being another person who wasn't on their side.

They had been running down corridor after corridor in the darkness. Neither of them with a sense of direction or remotely knowing where to go. They only ran into one dead end and Eijirō had to bulldoze their way pass the two women. Neither him or his classmate got injured or at least Eijirō thought.

Yūga hadn't yelped or complained.

From time to time, Eijirō noticed when Yūga would slow down. He would encourage the other to continue or they wouldn't make it. Silently he was thankful that neither of the villains chasing them had anything to do with super speed or agility.

Eijirō came to skidding halt, his ears catching onto the sound of his classmate falling. 'Dammit! I might have to carry him...' A sharp turn of his heels and he quickly made his way to the blonde. He dropped to his knees and placed a hand on shaking shoulders, "Hey come on! We can't waste time!"

"I...I understand Kirishima...but, I just can't..." Yūga felt like he was about to heave his entire insides out. There was also the pain in his legs that he hadn't mention to the redhead. He still doesn't regret not mentioning it earlier; before they were shrouded in darkness. "...Mon legs..."

Eijirō raised a single thin brow. He then removed his hand from the shoulder of the blonde, moving to his calf muscles. His fingers brushed overtop of deep gashes. "How the...why in the hell didn't you tell me?! You idiot!! How in the hell have you been getting around with that!!" He felt heated and grabbed the blonde by his arm. It was slung over his shoulder and he grabbed the back of his pants to hold him upright. "Dammit man, you should have told me—"

The sound of a wall cracking and then ultimately breaking shut Eijirō down quickly. It was something he wasn't expecting. His blonde classmate ultimately stopping was something he figured would happen but, not a wall being broken down.

His eyes widened as he saw sparks of green lightening. A smile filled out his face; stretching from ear to ear. "MIDORIYA!!" He shouted happily.

It seemed he wasn't the only one who noticed that it was the green haired teenager. Though the other party wasn't entirely happy. Missy sounded downright murderous."THAT'S THE LITTLE SHIT THAT KNOCKED JUN OUT COLD!! HE IS DEAD!!"

Eijirō jolted and glanced over his shoulder. 'I'll have to ask him about that at a later time.' He took a mental note and hoisted Yūga's arm over his shoulder. His approach towards Izuku was somewhat slow; something that quickly concerned him.

"NOT NOW!!!" Izuku shouted, "Run...RUN!!!"

Another figure stumbled out of the man made hole. From the small sparks still emitting from Izuku's legs, Eijirō could tell it was Denki. "IT'S MAZE DUDE HE'S TRYING TO FUCKING MURDER US!!! LIKE FOR REAL!!!" Denki shouted in a panic.

'Maze?! Aw shit.' That was something Eijirō wasn't going to argue. He picked up the pace as much as he could. 'Looks like Operation Darkness was a bust...shit....' His eyes catching onto small bits of green lightening; emitting from Izuku's legs.

"...Mon ami...drop me and run! I will only slow you down!!" Yūga demanded as he began to struggle. To pull away from his redhead classmate.

Eijirō shook his head, "No can do. Nobody gets left behind, Aoyama. But...I have a better idea," His eyes shifted to where the blonde rested his head against his shoulder. He couldn't believe what he was about to tell him to do. However, it would save their lives. "Drop everything you have."


"No arguing!! Drop it!!"

"DUDES HURRY UP!!!" Denki cried out once again.

Eijirō's ears caught onto the sound of metal clattering to the floor. Everything felt lighter. He stopped for a moment and scooped Yūga up in his arms. Quickly, he continued and followed after both Denki and Izuku, closing in on them much faster.


"Just think of it as a training exercise!" Eijirō replied quickly. He knew the blonde was embarrassed at the way he was being held. It was the only thing that crossed his mind. So he went with it.

"A fucking hole in the fucking wall..." Maze grumbled as he stepped through the hole. He stepped through. His ear twitched and he looked to his right, "I can hear you...I can smell you...and I can see you. You'll fucking pay for not only this hole in the wall but, for everything you've done to me..." He hadn't notice his two comrades.

Neither of them said a word. Nor did they move. Both of them highly aware of how Maze got when in the darkness. How he would try to kill someone and say that they will pay for what they did to him in the past.

Isao had told them to steer clear of Maze when he was having his episode. Telling everyone that if they hear him grumbling something and it's in a pitch black location to come and get him.

"...Dammit..." Missy muttered. She felt a tap on her shoulder, "Hm? What Aimée?"

"We should go. See if we can intercept them. If where Maze just came from was a dead end, then I know this pathway." Aimée stated with confidence "I've actually learned this layout of the building."

Missy looked towards the young girl; of course all she saw was darkness. '...Would love to have had one of those stupid shades Harima keeps bragging about. The only ones out of any of us that has an advantage is both Harima and Maze.' She thought to herself sourly, "Fine since you know your way...then please, enlighten the path. I've got a green-eyed little shit to destroy..."

Izuku felt his legs cramp up but, he never slowed down. That wasn't an option he or anyone of them had at the moment. 

"Midoriya!!" Eijirō called his name. The redhead sounded energetic. "I've got Aoyama!!"

Izuku hadn't looked over his shoulder to see. Mostly because he was sure he saw another person with Eijirō when he broke the wall down. He just wasn't sure who it was, "Aoyama?" His voice filled with curiosity as he spoke.

"Ahhh, my mon ami Midoriya Izuku!! I am so pleased to hear your voice."

A small smile tugged at Izuku's lips, "It's good to hear yours as well Aoyama-san!!" His heart swelled with happiness and building determination. He could feel a small amount of tears build up at the corners of his eyes. ''s four now. Not just two. We're four. And he's only one...we might have a chance...'

Eijirō called him again, "Oh, Midoriya!!" The redhead didn't sound winded at all.

And yet Izuku was sure that his two classmates had also been running for their lives as well. Especially since he heard Missy's voice. The woman was livid. Izuku didn't want to deal with that on top of dealing with Maze.


"Uh...don't be mad and you too Kaminari but..." Eijirō trailed off, hesitant to say.

"Dude Kirishima, not trying to be an ass but," Denki looked over his shoulder, "We have a seven foot hair ball chasing after us. A seven foot hair ball that wants to END US!! Whatever you have to say IT CAN WAIT!!!"

At the request of the electric quirk user, Eijirō had silenced himself. Only the sounds of their feet hitting the tile below could be heard. Carrying them as far as they could.

As they continued to run through the dark corridors, something important crossed Eijirō's mind. "Midoriya?" Eijirō called to the older teen again. He felt his classmate shift in his arms. He would guess that the blonde was uncomfortable, "Sorry, bro." He apologized; a small amount of guilt pegged him. 

Yūga gave a simple smile, "No need, mon ami."


"Dude...that was like Full Cowl you used right?"

"Yes, why?"

"...If I'm not mistaken you have like a percentage or something right?"

For a moment Izuku was quiet. Eijirō couldn't tell if the other didn't want to answer or if he was just uncertain. He wouldn't blame him for being uncertain. 

After all, they were being chased by a man who resembled a large grizzly bear.

"Take a left and come to a stop!" Izuku instructed and came to a stop once he reached the corner. He stepped a little further into the opening; not wanting Denki to run into him again. '...Gosh...all this running...I need to end it right here...' His chest felt tight from all the running and his head a little light.

Denki came to a stop as soon as he heard Izuku's ragged breathing. He let loose a heart heavy sigh. Soon he found himself falling to his knees, unable to stand any longer. He wouldn't doubt if his thigh was gushing out blood. Subconsciously, his hand moved towards his injured thigh, "...Dammit, I'm bleeding...again." He moved his hand from the spot and checked on his arm injury; something hadn't been able to do up till now. Three long gashes and he could feel warm blood still running.

"Holy wow...geez," Eijirō exclaimed, feeling breathless. "Think you'll be good for right now, Aoyama?" He questioned, eyeing the blonde teenager.

From the cracks of green lightening emanating from Izuku's legs, he could make out Yūga nodding. As gently as he could, he placed Yūga back on his feet. He allowed the blonde to get his footing before releasing his shoulder.

"...Five percent."

Eijirō snapped his head towards Izuku. A questioning look on his face, "Eh?"

"You asked me the percentage, I said five." Izuku repeated again. He raised the replica heavy handcuffs to his view, "This should be no problem breaking."

"Then why didn't you do that earlier?" Eijirō frowned as he leaned against the wall.

"...I wasn't sure how much fight I would have left in me." Izuku answered in a chagrined manner. "Even now, I'm not sure if I'll be able to do anything. So...if that turns out to be the case..."

Eijirō felt a smirked pull at his lips. He knew exactly what Izuku was about to say and he wasn't about to turn the offer down. To him it meant payback for all the pain Maze had placed Izuku, Katsuki, Shōto and Hitoshi through. Both his fist clenched at his sides and he activated his quirk, "Hell yeah, Midoriya! I can handle that easy." He raised both fist up and bumped them together.

"Oh, thank god for you Kirishima..."

"Bro...don't worry about it. You've been through some serious shit." Eijirō interjected, his tone serious as he eyed Izuku. "It's time for the rest of us to do something! So break those chains and if you think you can still fight the—"

"Class A, if you can hear and are alert — this is Mandalay of the Wild Wild Pussycats. I am  conveying the message that if you are injured, DO NOT engage. I repeat DO NOT engaged if injured. Those of you that are able please protect those who aren't able. I repeat once again, this is Mandalay. We, the Pro's, are here!"

Eijirō found himself looking around. Any words that he had at the tip of his tongue had dissolved into nothingness. His heart slow began to swell up. And he hoped that what he heard was real.

If it was, it meant that they were with in reach of safety's arms. The Pro Heroes being there gave them the biggest leverage they needed. Something he was sure they all prayed and hoped, even wished for.

"...Mandalay..." Denki muttered as he stared straight ahead. He was so far lost in his shock and piling emotions; he hadn't notices tears running down his cheeks.

"...Mon ami's...we...we..."

Neither of the four teenagers could express their happiness to hear friendly voices. To know that the Pro Heroes did find out what happened. To know that they were there to save them. To know that their nightmare was so close to being over.

'This is what we truly needed. And we have it!' The thought passed through Izuku's mind. The determination that he had been feeling was now and finally set. There was nothing more to worry about. All they needed to do was either — escape or stay alive long enough to get saved. "Full Cowl...five percent!!" He could hearing the sound of the metal creaking and weakening underneath the pressure. "Come on!!"

The metal finally gave way; and cracked in the middle. A single tug and Izuku's hands were finally free from their own prison. His ears caught onto the metal hitting the ground. The sound echoed loudly throughout the corridor.

Izuku glanced at both his arms. From the small amount of lighting that his green lightening was giving off — he took note that the cuffs had indeed cut into his skin. Dried blood appeared to be the only thing that was left; alongside a deep scar.

Still he could fell the energy coursing through his veins.


Izuku lifted his head up and looked directly at Eijirō, "...I can still fight."

"Good shit bro, cuz I think that bastard is coming our way!" Eijirō turned sharply on his heels and ran out into the opening. He took a fighting stance, a grin spread from cheek to cheek. "Let's kick this guys' ass!!"

Before taking his place beside Eijirō, he looked towards Denki. "Stay put...we'll handle this okay?" The electric quirk user made a sound of agreement. Izuku then turned to wards Yūga and raised a single hand up; patting him on the shoulder. "Stay with Kaminari-san. And don't move, okay?" The blonde gave a single nod.

With the knowledge that both Denki and Yūga were going to stay put and were being protected, Izuku finally made his way towards Eijirō. He stopped at a short distance to the redhead's right. He took a moment to rotate both of his shoulders; only wincing at the lingering pain from his right side.

"Your shoulder good bro?"

Izuku nodded, "Yeah...just hurting a little. It's been outta the socket for a while. I can't really expect much from it just recently being placed back in." He shifted his body to the side; right leg to the back and left in the front.

A deep unsettling laugh caused Izuku to trembled slightly. But, he stood his ground. Right now, he was feeling his best. Much better than ever before. Not only did he have his hope sealed but, his quirk was still useable. He had the energy to end the fight with Maze, once and for all.

"...Found you. Oh? What's this...ready to fight back, huh?" Maze bared his teeth at the teenagers. "...This is about to be the most bloodiest death ever..." He lower himself; both arms out, his claws ready. "'ll die for good."

Chapter Text

Ochako huffed as she lugged around nearly all of Katsuki's weight. The ash blonde had been in and out of consciousness during their quiet escape from the fight between Rikidō and the man with the butcher blade.

She had been hesitant to run and leave Rikidō behind but, her classmate insisted since Katsuki had been struck twice.

The walk down the darkened corridors were mostly quiet; with the exception of Katsuki's groaning from time to time. At times the ash blonde would mutter questions underneath his breath. Ochako could barely understand him and wouldn't ask him to elaborate; she knew he would pass out once again.

"Geez...your really really heavy Bakugō..." Ochako felt slightly dismayed as she adjusted her grip. Her legs were paining her but she knew she couldn't give up. "...But that's okay. I still kinda owe you from when you saved me when we went to that last floating island, right? When you saved me..." She tightened her grip around Katsuki.

It was just the two of them as far as she knew. She had no clue where Tōru had disappeared off to and was sure that Rikidō would have his hands full trying to deal with the butcher.

The more she thought about it being just the two of them — the more nervous and concerned she became.

It was obvious who the strongest was between her and Katsuki. However, Katsuki was barely able to keep himself conscious during their slow walk. Which left Ochako, who had been reluctant from the start of their escape to use her quirk. In her current condition if she were to use her quirk she would be no better than Katsuki was at the moment.

She didn't need both of them passed out in the middle of a dark corridor. And she was sure Katsuki would appreciate that one of them be somewhat conscious and coherent as they trudged through each corridor.

"Well...the Pro's are here!" Ochako announced proudly. She could hear the wheezing as Katsuki tried to breath. It scared her. "...We'll get to go home...all we have to do is stay alive."

Ochako was fairly surprised that the corridors had stopped changing. She was however, very thankful — it made things less confusing. And while she did expect to pass by maybe one person, she hadn't expected to get hit with something.

Something that was considered far too much of a perfect aim.

Much to her surprise, she hadn't yelped or made any other noise. The pain was there and obvious; she had been struck in the arm. She nearly dropped Katsuki but, uncovered some unforeseen strength and held him against her.

Ochako immediately turned her back as to protect Katsuki. The words that Mandalay related to them running rampant through her mind.

"Ooh...I am very...very impressed."

She hadn't recognized the voice but it very offsetting. It made a cold shiver run down her spine. She hugged Katsuki closer to her. A groan escaped the ash blonde; she hoped he wouldn't wake up.

Ochako knew very well that Katsuki would tell her to run and let him handle whoever was about to try and kill them. Something that she would argue against because of his condition.

"Then again, I can't be too surprised. After did make it to the tournament rounds of the Sports Festival..."

'Todoroki's right. We really need to tell U.A. about flaunting us off like that! It really paints a huge target on our backs.' Ochako thought in aversion. Still she hadn't said a word in response.

"You know..." The man started off once again; she could hear the suave sound in his voice. It angered her to no ends. "That knife is laced with a toxin that runs through my blood. I can only hope that it works quicker on you than it is with that Todoroki boy."

Ochako snapped at the sound of Shōto's name. There wasn't one time that she had stopped thinking about him. Always remembering his obvious deteriorating condition. "Where is he?! Tell me!!" She shouted; completely forgetting that she would wake up Katsuki in the process.

"...Such a demanding tone for such a young girl. Have you no manners? No introduction or anything?" The man sounded offended. Ochako could beg the differ. "Hmph, that's fine with me. I already know who you are Uraraka Ochako. And the boy you have in yours arms...Bakugō Katsuki," By this moment she was throwing a glare at him over her shoulder, "I am Harima Isao. The man who will end you're pathetic existence right here and now."

Ochako rolled her eyes and hoisted Katsuki back up; taking note that he was slipping from her grasp. All to quietly she began to side step as quietly as she could. She knew that Katsuki's legs were dragging the ground and hoped it wasn't causing him any pain.

"Hmph..." Isao snorted, banishing the silence.

For a short time, Ochako had believed she was escaping that the man couldn't see them. A sharp pain in her upper right shoulder proved her wrong. She was struck once again with another knife. A sharp breath was taken as she stopped immediately.

To keep from dropping Katsuki fully, she pressed him against the wall. Gently she allowed his body to slide down against the wall; all the while not knowing he was awake and alert.

"What you don't know girl is that I can see you." Isao exclaimed, sounding almost annoyed. "I wouldn't try to do something so...pathetic ever again. Honestly, you should just accept your end. Make it...painless."

Ochako turned around to face only the darkness around her. She knew Isao was somewhere nearby. She reached her left hand over and ripped the knife from her upper right arm. A hiss escaped her and she moved her hand towards her back; ripping that knife out as well. "You just gave me weapons to use against you...not too smart on your end."

"Sharp tongue? I like that..." Isao laughed with delight, "It's a nice change you know? Having someone who is able to fight back...sadly, you aren't the one I wish to fight. It's the boy behind you."

Her eyes darted around in the darkness, "I'd like to see you try and get past me!" A single hand clasping on her shoulder caused her to jump. Only the familiar voice kept her from using the weapons in her hands.

"The fuck...are you doin' round cheeks..." Katsuki grumbled out and stuck out his left arm. He pushed Ochako to be behind him, "Think I ain't know you got your ass hurt, huh? Just cuz I'm fuckin' out of it don't mean I don't know what the fuck is going on..." His teeth clenched as he took an uneven step forward.

Ochako's hand immediately shot out and grabbed Katsuki's wrist, "Don't...something isn't right with this guy."

"Tch, I can tell by his fuckin' voice he's a nut job!" The ash blonde snapped and yanked his left arm free. "You run. I'll handle this asshole." He winced at the pain running through his left arm. Nearly forgetting there was a bone deep gash there.

"I'm not weak, Bakugō!!"

"And I ain't insinuating that shit!! Got it Uraraka?!" He tried to ignore the stinging in his eyes. The fact he was so close to crying and in front of someone who wasn't Izuku; it was something very telling. "I'm tellin' you too fuckin' jet so at least one of us has a fuckin' chance!!" Katsuki nearly folded at the pain erupting from his ribs, "Shit..."

"I won't leave you to just die..." Ochako argued and took a step forward. Now she stood side by side with her explosive classmate. 

In her mind, this was something they had to do together. Whether Katsuki liked it or not. She wasn't going to give him that choice.

Right now, everyone's survival mattered.

"Tch...fuckin' idiot," Katsuki snarled as he glared at Ochako from his peripheral. He knew she couldn't see him but, he was sure she knew that she was getting one of his infamous looks. '...Why does she fuckin' think I'll make it?! She fuckin' saw me. How my body is so close to failing...we don't need two of us dying today!' He grunted and snapped his attention to the darkness before him.

" adorable. I would say that this is a lovers quarrel but," Katsuki snorted at Isao's stupid assumption. "I'm aware that I'd be wrong. How's about Bakugō Katsuki will not have to die alone. Take comfort in the fact that your girlfriend here has a deadly toxin coursing through her veins..."

Katsuki was about to snap at the man for calling Ochako his girlfriend but, he faltered when he heard the word toxic. Something that he would consider the same as poison. He whipped his head towards his female classmate; eyes full of worry. Only his voice would convey to her what he was feeling.

"The fuck Uraraka?!" Katsuki gritted his teeth, "So those fuckin' wounds...shit."

Once again, his arm twitched violently. It reminded him of when his explosion accidentally went off when he was holding back the she-hulk; the woman who was hellbent on taking Izuku's head. Silently he wished he could set off one of the biggest explosions he could muster. Wishing that he could have full control back.

In silence, he hoped his quirk would be triggered once again.

"I'm feeling fine, Bakugō!" Ochako argued, "He could be lying. Trying to scare us..." She knew that wasn't true. The man had sounded far too certain of himself that she could label it as pride. A pride that seemed to rival Katsuki's own insane pride.

Isao couldn't hold himself from a manic laughter. One that was directed towards Ochako's comment. " are just adorable aren't you, girl? I can give you one main reason that what I have said isn't a lie." Unbeknownst to the two teenagers — he pulled out a machete. The same one he used only hours ago, "My is called, biohazard." He ran his hand down the blade; drawing blood. "I will tell you as I told that Todoroki boy. You see..." Seeing Katsuki step off to the side — to try and attack him, he lounged at the ash blonde.

"SHIT!!" Katsuki cursed loudly.

Isao found himself shocked and surprised at the movements Katsuki took. He almost nicked the teenager on his face. However, Katsuki's abnormally quick movement caused him to be centimeters off.

Still Isao didn't let himself be put-off by the stroke of luck Katsuki just had. He knew it wouldn't happen again. He wouldn't allow it.

"...The blood that runs through my veins is highly toxic!!" Isao grinned as he lounged at Katsuki again; he failed to land a hit. He knew Katsuki couldn't keep up with his erratic movements; not in his declining condition. "Not to the touch but, let's say it entered the wound of a person. They will slowly suffer!! How amazing is that?! Ahh, such bliss!!"

"Your a fuckin' psychopath!!" Katsuki sneered. Again he narrowly avoided a hit to the face. 'What this ass doesn't seem to even know is that I've got fuckin' hearing aids. Well one now thanks to that emotionless fucktard from earlier.' He clicked his tongue as he thought about Gang destroying his right hearing aid with a single strike. It pissed him off to no ends. Not the destruction of his hearing aids, he knew he could replaces those but to be placed on the defensive. It wasn't in his nature to stay in defensive for as long as he was forced too. '...I seriously can't keep this bullshit up. My body is fucked and I'm just making shit worse by forcing it to do what I want it do. At some point my brain and my body ain't gonna cooperate properly. I'll fuckin' drop and be a sitting duck!!'

"Ah, I're listening out for my footsteps! And then the sounds my blade makes when it's being swung..." Isao deducted; for a split second he could see the shock that cover Katsuki's face. It then turned into a confident smirk. "You think you'll win?"

"Nah, I fuckin' know when I'm beat you bastard. I just don't fuckin' give up." Katsuki raised his left arm up just in time to knock away the blow of the machete. 'Holy fuck?! How in the shit did I fuckin' do that?!' It was extremely shocking to him that his arm had collided with the flat surface of the blade. Something he was sure he would never be able to do again. "HAH!!" He laughed at Isao's failed attack.

Katsuki then raised his left arm up; his palm open and ready. He hoped his quirk would trigger like it did last time. "Eat shit and fuckin' die you ass!!" A small spark started up; it allowed him to see the fear in Isao's eyes.

As soon as the spark started up, Isao twisted his wrist and with the blade, he slashed upwards; successfully cutting into Katsuki's arm. The ash blonde cursed loudly and stumbled backwards; his arm was still held up. His palm still glowing.

Nothing had gone off.

Isao stepped forward to attack Katsuki again but was stopped when someone jumped on his back. Two blades  dug themselves deeply into his chest. "DAMMIT!! YOU LITTLE BITCH!!"

'FUCK she didn't fuckin' run?!' He felt himself panic inwardly, 'Dammit...come the fuck on!! GO OFF!!!' Katsuki internally pleaded as he glared at his trembling arm. He couldn't understand why one spark escaped but nothing had happened. His palm still glowing; ready to fire.

Ochako wrapped one arm around Isao's neck; attempting to put him in a chokehold. She could feel that he was trying his best to shake her off but, she wasn't going anywhere for the time being.


At that Isao turned towards Katsuki and was about to attack him again. Ochako did as she was told, closing her eyes. She never released her tightened grip around Isao's neck.

A blinding explosion escaped from Katsuki's palm. He shouted in pain; his arm jarred by force. It was one of the ones he wasn't expecting to go off but, it gave them a great advantage. However, it left him on his back in an unbearable amount of pain.

Pain that he was certain he wasn't going to get back up from.

When Katsuki had told her to close her eyes, Ochako had been expecting the ash blonde to use his stun grenade move.

It was more than any of them bargained for.

The explosion that exited Katsuki's palm was a mixture of the stun grenade and an actual blast of his regular attacks. Albeit with more strength behind it.

Both herself and Isao were sent flying down the corridor.

Ochako winced as she started to move around. Her arms struggled to lift her upper body. 'Geez that hurt...that was nothing like what he let off at the Sports Festival.' Once she was propped up on her knees — she raised a hand; fingers ghosting alongside her left temple. 'Blood...geez.' A sharp numbing pain caught her attention. It stemmed from her upper right arm. "Ouch..."

The sound of another person stirring caused her entire body to stiffen. She knew who it was, that it wasn't Katsuki. A small part of her was absolutely sure Isao wasn't human. Especially if he was able to get up from a blast like that.

Even more so, that the blast was abnormal. Nothing like Katsuki's normal explosions he would let loose.


'Tsu?!' Ochako whipped her head in the direction of Tsuyu's voice. It sounded like she was further down the corridor. Closer to Katsuki's position. Immediately, she picked herself up from the floor. Ignoring the aches and pains that ran throughout her entire body.

"Tsuyu!! Be careful, I hear something to our right!!"

'Shōji too?!' Ochako wanted to jump in joy. To cry out of pure happiness.

"Hm?" Tsuyu glanced over her shoulder. "Uraraka-chan!! And...I don't know who that is. A villain probably. Shōji-chan?" She turned around and prepared herself tongue to get Ochako away from the danger, "Protect Baku-chan please? I'll handle this one." Her tongue shot out and wrapped around Ochako's body; pressing both her arms to her sides. "Sorry for not asking but," Her tongue drew the other girl towards them at an incredible speed. "You were in danger."

Ochako nearly fell forward as Tsuyu's tongue released her. Much to her relief Mezō caught her and picked her up; she was cradled in his right arm. She could only guess that Katsuki was in his left arm.

"Hey," Ochako startled at the closeness of Mezō's voice. One of his limbs had taken the form of a mouth, "Are you alright?" She nodded in response, "Good. Did you hear Mandalay's message?" Again she nodded; unable to use her voice. She was so close to tears. "That's good. Ashido decided to split from us to look for Aizawa-sensei and Todoroki. You're the only two that we've ran into so far..."

"This is Mandalay, reporting in to give you an update. FatGum, Endeavor, Hound Dog, Present Mic and Suneater have infiltrated the facility! I repeat FatGum, Endeavor, Hound Dog, Present Mic and Suneater has successfully infiltrated the facility! The Pro' are on the way! As a reminder, DO NOT engage if you are injured. Those who are able protect those who aren't. The Pro's are on the way."

Tsuyu croaked happily at the news. "It's good to have the Pro's here...we're almost done. Almost free." She croaked again, fixating her full attention towards the man that stood several meters away from them.

"...That hurt boy..." Isao growled out as he stumbled to his feet; his hand brushed against his head. He could feel blood. The first blood that someone other than himself had drawn. It was exciting; having someone worthy enough to draw his blood.

He wanted more; except this time he would be the one drawing the blood. As much blood as he could get. "You seemed to have destroy my little bastard you." He tossed the shades to the side. A smirk worked its way upon his face, "It's always good to carry a second pair." He reached into the pocket of his dress pants and pulled out a pair of shades.

"Mandalay here with another update. Two students are within sight." 

Tsuyu crouched down low, camouflaging herself in the darkness. She started crawling forwards before veering off to her right; easily scaling the wall. Once she was on the ceiling she stopped. Using her tongue, she immediately snatched what appeared to be a machete from off the ground. With her tongue around the handle — she drew the weapon towards her immediately.

Her nose scrunched up at the scent coming from the blade. Just by the smell alone she knew it was a toxic. One that she was sure was deadly. Securely, she tucked the handle of the weapon underneath her hand and glanced towards where Mezō stood with Katsuki and Ochako.

"...Oh it seems we have a guest?"

Tsuyu's attention shifted towards the man before her. 'He hasn't noticed me. Good.' With the machete in her grip, she began to crawl forwards.

"Well, it seems my blade has gone missing..." Isao sharped his glare on the three teenagers before him, "That's just fine with me. I've killed people with my barehands before."

"Tokoyami Fumikage and Jirō Kyōka have emerged safely. I repeat, Tokoyami, and Jirō have emerged safely. Pro's there are a total of twenty left inside the building. One Pro-Hero and nineteen students."

Mezō shifted around, ready to take off at any moment. He kept himself silent; one limb on his right took the form of hears and the two to his left were ears as well. His grip on both Katsuki and Ochako adjusted slightly; to protect them if they were attacked. A sharp inhale of breath caught his attention; it was the explosive teen.


Katsuki gritted his teeth together at the searing pain. His eyes narrowed in the darkness. He wanted to move from his uncomfortable position but knew it wasn't possible. Not with the person who was cradling his with three arms. He could feel the webbing of skin from where his own was exposed.

Mezō shook his left arm lightly. Katsuki groaned at the movement. He was sure the ash blonde was glaring at him by now. "Bakugō? Try not to move too much. I know you're uncomfortable but, I won't be able to protect you otherwise."

"Tch...I don't need your fuckin' help..."

Mezō chose to ignored the ash blonde at this point. He refocused his attention on the man before him. His entire body was stock-still — his ears peeled.

Isao grinned and took his shoes off. 'Seems he relies on sound as well.' He snorted as set them to the side.

From the ceiling, Tsuyu watched every movement Isao took. All in silence, awaiting her moment and chance to attack.



Hanta silently stared up at the ceiling in the darkness. He long stopped counting how long the power had been out.

Only one person came to check to see if they were still there. A few threats sailed both his and Minoru's direction, to not try anything funny.

Of course, Hanta rolled his eyes. Knowing full well that if they couldn't escape with the lights on — then it was near impossible with them off.

However, it didn't decrease his moral. Not after hearing that the Pro-Heroes were finally there. That they would finally be brought back to safety. He was happy but, he couldn't bring himself to shout in joy like Minoru had done just moments ago.

He did make a comment about Fumikage and Kyōka escaping. A full grin, from ear to ear, on his face. Other than that, he was quiet.

"I can't believe we're going to make it..."

'Ah we go again...' Hanta huffed a little; a small smile on his face. He didn't say anything to make Minoru quiet back down. Allowing the smaller teenager to indulge himself in the bliss of knowing they were saved.

Even if everything he was saying was just a repeat from earlier.

"Do you think...this was apart of Bakugō's plan?"

"Pfft!!" Hanta snorted as he rolled his eyes, "I doubt it, Mineta."

"Oh...then who do you think did it? How do you think they noticed?!"

"I don't know man...just ask 'em when we see 'em. Cool?"

"...Maybe. I just want a mental break from all of this."

'You and me both...' Hanta hung his head low, "I feel ya on that one..."

Just as they both found themselves settling down in the tense silence — a loud thud caught their ears. Minoru yelped loudly and Hanta nudged him with his foot. Ultimately, he shushed the smaller teenager before narrowing his eyes at the door.


Hanta's face went blank. That voice was too aggressive for who he knew it was from. "...Holy shit..."

"Ashido?!" Minoru asked out of pure shock.

It seemed that Hanta wasn't the only one expecting Mina to be outside of their door. Especially not sounding the way she did. 

"Y-yes...t-t-two people are in there! Don't hurt me!!"


'Bakugō is setting a really bad example. It's funny as hell, though. Never would have thought Ashido could get this aggressive...' Hanta found himself smiling again. The commotion outside their door seemed to continue. Something that could have been ended immediately if the person who was watching their door had just answer Mina's question.

A loud scream caused them both to flinched violently.

"Please....please stop....that hurts...."

"It's acid stupid. It's supposed to hurt. Now, if you'll excuse me."

Both Hanta and Minoru glanced at each other through the darkness. Both eagerly awaiting for the doorknob to turn. Instead there was nothing but silence and then a light flashed in their direction.

"Sero-kun?! Mineta?!" Mina continued to use her acid to eat away at the wooden door. All the while she kept her eye on the man who was guarding the door, "Make any move and you'll regret it." She threatened before stepping through the man made hole.

Hanta found himself tearing up as he classmate approached him. He watched as she placed the flashlight between her teeth; reaching up to melt the chains that held his wrist above his head. "Ashido..."

" crying geez. Your like the least-likely guy in the class to cry," Mina exclaimed with the flashlight between her teeth. She stooped down and melt the chains around his ankles. Quickly, she moved to do the same with Minoru. Stepping back, she grinned at both the boys, "You guys have matching jewelry by the by."

Hanta raised both his hands up and wiped his tears away. He sniffled as he looked back at Mina. She was already by the door; the light still flashed in his direction.

"C'mon guys! We've gotta go find Aizawa-sensei and Todoroki." Mina rallied. She moved the flashlight towards Minoru, "I need you to stick that bastard outside, to the ground." She watched as Minoru eagerly nodded. "Good shit guys, now let's blow this joint!!"

Hanta was the last to step through the hole in the door; with a little difficult due to his height. He looked to his left and then his right, he could see movement. He figured it was the man Mina was harassing minutes earlier.

Minoru easily stuck the man to the ground with four of his hair-balls. He then stomped on the mans hand, "Take that!! Asshat."

"I'm totally telling Bakugō you stole one of his vocabulary words," Mina stated, voice filled with mischief.

The tears started to build up again as he listened to the two bicker. Things finally felt normal. Hanta raised one arm and wiped away the tears before they could fall.

"You alright, Sero?"

It made him want to burst into tears. Inwardly he laughed, reminding himself of Izuku. It seemed both Izuku and Katsuki were rubbing off on them. In someway or another.

"Yeah...I'm good. Let's go find sensei and Todoroki, right?" Hanta started off and he picked Minoru up by his shirt. He promptly sat the smaller teenager upon his shoulders. "It'll be faster."

Minoru smiled and rested his arms onto of Hanta's head, "I'm not complaining."



Tsuyu maneuvered quickly around Isao; her back pressed against his. She could feel the man's anger radiating off of him. He swung his left arm and she ducked. She came back up and stepped back to avoid Isao's right fist.

Again he came back at her with his left and she easily blocked it. She knocked his arm away and duck down; her hands planted firmly against the floor. With one leg she kicked at him, effectively nailing him in the jaw. Quickly, she then swiped and hooked her leg around Isao's; taking him down in a swift motion.

" damn..." Isao grunted. As he was about to get back up, he felt a long slimy tongue wrap around his ankles, "What in the hell?!" Soon enough he found himself being lifted into the air.

Tsuyu narrowed her eyes at Isao as she lifted him as high as she could. With all of her might, she slammed the man into the ground. A pain groan escaped the man — telling her that he wasn't out of the game. Again she repeated the motion two more times and ended up throwing Isao down the hall.

Ignoring Isao, she hopped towards Mezō who had stayed for the entire altercation. She looked at the younger teenager, "Are you ready to go? We might find someone else on the way." She croaked, the slightest hint of a smile on her face.

"Yes. Are you alright?" Mezō questioned as he followed behind Tsuyu.

Again she croaked, it was one filled with happiness. "I am. Tokoyami-chan and Jirō-chan are both safe. Both, Uraraka-chan and Baku-chan are with us. And I'm sure the others are fine. I honestly couldn't be any happier." She took small leaps; allowing Mezō to keep up with her motions.

"Good, I'm glad to hear that." Mezō replied a small weight lifted itself from his shoulders, "I just as happy as well. But Tsuyu?"

"Hm?" She hummed and looked to her right. Mezō had quickly fallen in step with her.

"Climb on my back and hold on tight. We'll need to get these two out of here."

"You smell it too, huh?"

"Smell? No nothing like that. It's just that," Mezō paused, feeling Tsuyu climb onto his back. "There body temperatures are fluctuating rapidly. It doesn't feel right." As soon as Tsuyu was situated on his back, he began to run again.

"It's something akin to poison. I don't know how deadly it is but," She lifted a single finger up and pressed it against her bottom lip, "We do need to get them out of here. Waiting for a Pro isn't a choice with their condition." Mezō nodded in agreement. "As always I'll be your eyes and you'll be my ears."

"Of course."

Silence settled between the two. Tsuyu's ear twitched, catching onto a noise. She glanced down at Katsuki and then Ochako, neither of them were awake.

"That was me. I apologize."

Tsuyu croaked, "Oh, that's fine. But what's wrong?" She tilted her head slightly.

"...Well, we obviously heard Bakugō use his quirk."

Tsuyu nodded in agreement. Her eyes shifting towards Katsuki's shivering body, "Uh-huh."

"That guy back there took the full brunt of it. And was blinded by it." There was silence and Mezō continued, "So, my point you think what you did to him was enough?"

"...Want my honest opinion?"

"I do." Mezō nodded his head.

"I have no clue," Tsuyu answered plainly. She pressed her finger against his bottom lip, "If he handled Baku-chan's attack then...mines would only serve to give us a head start on escaping."

Mezō said nothing after the honest reply. He allowed it to marinate and he shaped one of his limbs into an eye. Using it he looked behind them; he wished he could see in the darkness. He could feel the worry settle in and he felt paranoia rise.

Still he said nothing, knowing that Tsuyu would check their flank from time to time.

He just hoped the man wouldn't catch up to them right away.

Chapter Text

"...It's a relief that those two were able to escape..."

Kōji jolted from his deep thoughts. He glanced down at Momo and lightly tightened his grip around her.  A small noise of agreement escaped him.

"Ah! Yaoyorozu-san are you okay?!" Tenya asked. His voice was hushed but alert and concerned.

Kōji understood whole heartedly how he felt. Momo was still running on nothing but a little bit of water that was fed to her days ago; so he believes. The first time Momo had collapsed was before the lights had gone out. It caused both himself and Tenya to panic. Both of them stopping immediately to check on their classmate.

He asked her if she wanted to be carried and she declined, saying that the reason she fell was due to not having walked in days. Quietly, he accepted her reasoning. It only caused him to stay closer by her side and she hadn't complained.

The second time she fell was when Tenya was in the middle of a fight with one of the villains. This was minutes after the lights had gone out. Kōji immediately summoned the rats to her defense and for the rest to help him and Tenya fight the villain.

It had been a long and tiring fight but, they managed to win in the end. Kōji immediately ran towards Momo's last known position; he was extremely happy that she had stayed put. However that happiness died down when he realized she was unconscious. He decided that was the last straw and that he would be carrying her.

Of course, Tenya agreed — he always did. Especially, if it was more helpful than anything else.

Since then, Momo had been in and out of consciousness. From time to time, her stomach growled and Kōji felt pangs of guilt every time.

"...Lightheaded but...I guess I'm alright." Momo answered after a prolonged tensed silence.

Tenya's only answer was silence. His attention drawn from Momo and to the rats below him. All he could here was squeaking and nails scurrying across the tiled flooring. He wondered if they were trying to communicate with his classmate. "...Kōda-san?"


"The rats..." Tenya paused for a moment, in search for the correct words. "Why have they stopped?"

Kōji frowned, not entirely knowing the answer himself. Sure the rats were squeaking but, they had said anything directly to him for him to understand why they seemed extremely distressed. For a moment he looked down, staring at the darkness; he was sure some of the rats were near him.

He stooped down with Momo in his arms, " friends and I would like to know why you've stopped?" It was a simple question. One that he expected one of them to answer.

There was nothing but silence and confusing squeaking coming from a few. Kōji couldn't help but, tilt his head in confusion. He considered asking again until he heard a loud thud.

This caused most of the rats to scurry away; the one closer to him stayed put. For a moment he panicked — he didn't want to lose the other rats. "Ahh....! Please tell them not to go too far! And remind them to find an exit please." He whispered as quietly as he could. The next thing that caught his ears was a single rat scurrying. He figured it was off the direction the others rats had taken off.

"C'mon out tails...I'll be quick I promise..."

'Tails...? They couldn't possibly be talking about...' Tenya's brow knitted together tightly. If it was who he thought they were talking to and about, he needed to prepare himself. To make sure he would be able to kick his engines into high gear if needed.

"Tails!! Ya's rude to ignore your elders ya little ignorant monkey!!"

'That voice....that's Longwei. Dammit...' Tenya cursed to himself mentally. '...Monkey...monkey...monkey? OJIRO!!!' His teeth gritted in realization and his hands clenched into a tight fist. 'Okay, I know who I'm dealing with and who my enemy is attacking. Now I need to time my entry correctly...if I don't, who knows what could happen...' He could feel the hairs on the back of his neck raise; a cold chill ran down his spine.

"...C'mon monkey boy. Ya got an injured tail and ankle...and nowhere to run."

'....Think Tenya....think! Think like Tensei...think like Ingenium!!' The muscles in his legs locked for a moment; it stopped him from running. A small part of him protested but another part was thankful. He could hear Longwei but, he wasn't exactly sure where he was. For all he knew the older man could be in the middle of the corridor to either his left or right, or he could be a room with an open door. 'I have to play this by ear. Wait...actually...' 

"I'm gettin' a little PISSED OFF now monkey boy!! Damn kids always barking up the wrong fucking tree....well I guess ya won't be doin' any of that shit no more ya damn brat!! Cuz once I kill ya, all those little shit dreams of being a hero DIES along with ya kiddo. So c'mon...LET'S MAKE THIS QUICK!!!"



'Damn...I should've been more quiet. More alert! If I can't secure this as an exit point then getting whoever is closest out will be difficult...' Mashirao stayed low to the ground. To avoid placing pressure on his ankle — he decided to move around on his hands and knees.

Everything was going great at first. He secured an escape route and helped two of his classmates out. Immediately after that, he decided to go searching through the drawers of the office desk; apparently he was a bit too loud in his search.

The sound of heavy footsteps had approached so quickly, Mashirao had zero time to try and hide.

Mashirao raised his arms to cover his eyes — not expecting to be blinded. The next thing he felt was scalding hot pain in his left side. It was only then he realized who he was dealing with.

He pressed himself underneath as desk; teeth gritting against one another. From his spot he watched as a light flashed above him, it moved about slowly. It was unnerving that the light hadn't shined in any other direction. He wonder if Longwei was going to approach him.

"...I already know where ya are monkey. Might want to give it up." Longwei sneered as he aimed his gun, "Your tail ain't no match for my gun. One well placed shot and...heh, ya know the rest kid." He began to walk forward; a grin wide across his face.

Mashirao swallowed the lump stuck in his throat; he could feel small beads of sweat drip down his neck. He could feel his hands shaking; to keep them busy he reached for his tail and held it close.

"I'll tell ya one more time tails....there is nowhere to go. This is the end of your line, ya get it? Do ya understand now?"

'No. This isn't the end. I've made it this far and the Pro's are here! But...' His eyes darted around as he felt his heart speed up. The pain on his left side only increased; fresh blood began to run down his side. He shut his eyes tightly. 'Calm down...I have to calm down. If I freak out, I'll just bleed to death. That isn't an option...' His breath hitched.

He could feel the fight or flight feeling well up within.

"...I've got my finger on the trigger." Longwei exclaimed blandly; disinterest taking over his voice. "Ya know I'll pull it. So why not move? Bullets can go through things ya know?"

'Smartass.' Mashirao's eyes peeled open and for a moment he almost considered getting up. Several scenarios flooded his mind; he would either get shot immediately and it would possibly be fatal or they would be at some sort of standstill. Knowing how sadistic Longwei was he knew the man would shoot him pointblank.

He wasn't sure what made him break his silence. He liked to think that he was just tired of Longwei being the only one talking or perhaps he had several things that weighed on his mind. Things that needed to be said.

"We both know how that would end." Mashirao replied, his tone was equally bored. "You would pull that trigger as soon as my head was in view."

"Heh, then why prolong this? What's in it for ya, eh?"

"My freedom."

At that Longwei began to laugh manically. Mashirao felt a small amount of rage build up; his heart clenched. He released his tail and pounded his fist against the top of the desk. This elicited more laughing from the older man.

"Ahh...too funny. Freedom? Why would ya think of that? It ain't in your reach. Death is the closest thing to ya tails."

The trigger was pulled, allowing the readied bullet to tear through the metal plating of the desk.

A pain scream escaped Mashirao as the hot bullet tore through his right forearm; it created itself an exit point. 'Dammit!!' He cradled his arm against his chest. The feeling of warm blood dripping down his arm and dropping onto his chest scared him. He wondered if this was what Fumikage had felt when he was writhing in pain on the floor.

"Judging by that...I missed the head. Damn." Longwei clicked his tongue out of annoyance. "Guess I'll have to do this execution style." As he took one step forward, the roaring sound of engines caught his ears, "What in the—"


It felt like everything had happened in slow motion. Tenya legs vibrating from the strength of his engines — Longwei turning around far too late to avoid a direct blow. Instead of kicking him, Tenya opted for a tackling method; his arms wide open and out.

Tenya could feel the bricks rip through his skin as he slammed Longwei against the wall. For a moment he stood there, the engines vibrating his legs. He waited until he was sure that Longwei was unconscious. Only when arms slipped to the side did he release the man. He watched the unconscious man drop to the ground. A sigh escaped him and he raised both his arms. 'Light scratches...' His attention the settled upon Longwei; eyes sharpening into a hateful glare.

Looking at the man before him — all he could see was the pain that was brought to his classmates. It also made him think about his brother and about the incident with Stain The Hero Killer. All of it left a bitter taste in his mouth. One that he was sure would never go away.


Tenya found himself pulled away from his thoughts. "AH!! Ojiro-san!! I do apologize, I was just struck in thought!!" He turned around sharply to face his older classmate. "I am glad to you" His eyes widened as he stared at Mashirao and he dropped his gaze. He found himself so caught up on Mashirao that he missed the fact that Kōji and Momo were in the room as well. It wasn't until he felt a hand on his shoulder that he looked up. He noticed that Kōji and Momo were steps away. 'Ah, good she's back to her feet...' A sigh of relief escaped him at the sight of Momo standing; even if it was with a little bit of assistance.

"Hey, it's only because of you. You saved me. Thank you..."

Mashirao's voice drew his attention back to him. Again, the guilt swelled up. He couldn't help but look away. His hands clenched into fist at both his sides. He wished he would have acted sooner.

 "...And well you helped make our leave point more noticeable." Mashirao drew Tenya's attention once again; he pointed towards the accidental man made hole. He leaned against the office desk behind him. An attempt to gather his bearings; something that Tenya took for a sign of help. Noticing the other teenager approaching — he waved his hand. "I'm alright. Just catching my breath is all..."

From the look he received, Tenya didn't buy his explanation. However he didn't push the issue any further. Mashirao was sure all of them were trying to gather their bearings.

He pressed his left hand onto his side, trying to keep it from bleeding. His right arm hung loosely at his side. "...How did you guys get here? did you escape?" Even though he was trying to change the subject, he was indeed curious as to how the three of his classmates escaped.

"Ah,'s a long story but," Tenya cleared his throat and looked towards Kōji, "If it wasn't for Kōda-san, we would have still been stuck in that room until the Pro's arrived."

Mashirao glanced over his shoulder. Kōji timidly looked down at his feet and kept a tight grip on Momo as he held her up. "...Good. That's good. I thought for a moment you were going to say Midoriya or Bakugō. But it doesn't matter who got you guys out. What matters is that you're free and here." He pushed himself away from the desk and limped towards Kōji. A quick tap on his shoulder, "You should take Yaoyorozu-san out there to get medical attention."

"Ah...b-but, what will you do...?" Kōji's eyes darted around the room. He didn't want Mashirao to see the concern in his eyes.

At unexpected question, Tenya glanced at Mashirao. His eyes stayed trained up his classmate. Silently awaiting an answer. 'If he's going to do what Kōda-san is implying...' His eyes narrowed.

"...I..." Mashirao started off quietly and looked over his shoulder. His eyes briefly passing Tenya and landing on the obvious hole in the wall. He then withdrew his attention and looked straight ahead, "...I'm going back in."

Angered by the answer, Tenya marched up towards Mashirao. "What?!" His face twisted with a scowl. Of course, Mashirao hadn't turned around. Almost as if he knew he would be angry about his choice of going back in. Gently, he laid his hand upon his shoulder, "You can't...what about your wounds?! You're ankle is messed up and your tail is wounded! Let's not forget that you've been shot TWICE." He squeezed Mashirao's shoulder lightly, "You can't do this Ojiro-san."

"I can and I will. I know I'm injured but," Mashirao paused a sigh leaving him, "I already told Jirō-chan that I would be going back for the others."

Tenya found himself shocked. His hand slipped from Mashirao's shoulder, " class president, I forbid you to go back!" It was a demand but, it sounded more like a plea. His voice had cracked.

Mashirao shook his head in defiance. A frown upon his face as he looked at Tenya over his shoulder, "I can't bring myself to just leave everyone else in this darkness. Fighting alone...I won't." With that being said, he limped towards the entrance of the room. Not wanting to hear anything more from his classmate.


'...He'll die if he goes back in...he'll die, doesn't he know this?! Everyone will be safe...the heroes are here.' His mind attempted to reason that everyone else would be safe. And he wanted to stop Mashirao but, he couldn't bring himself to do so. He couldn't bring himself to be forceful like he was with Izuku during the time Katsuki had been kidnapped. A tap on his should brought him back to reality, he looked at Kōji from the corner of his eyes. He then shifted his attention towards Momo; there was a knowing smile on her face.

"Iida-san...?" Momo spoke again. Once she was certain Tenya wouldn't fall back into his thoughts — she began to speak her mind. They locked eyes and she could see tears building up in the corners of his eyes. "Go with him or tell him to stay put here...that you'll go find the others..."

"I told the rats and mice to look out f-for the others." Kōji glanced over his shoulder. "T-they know to meet here."

The next thing Tenya heard was footsteps walking away from him. He assumed it was both Momo and Kōji. Seeing as there was no other choice and that he wasn't going to settle for Mashirao placing his life on the line — he decided to walk towards the door. Another tap from behind stopped him and he turned around to see Kōji holding out a flashlight.

A smile was exchanged between the two. Tenya watched as the timid teenager rushed back over to Momo. He stayed in his spot until they both disappeared around the corner.

"Mandalay with an update! Two more students are within visual.  Yaoyorozu Momo and Kōda Kōji are safe. I repeat, Yaoyorozu and Kōda are safe. Pro's there are sixteen left inside. I repeat, sixteen left inside. One Pro-Hero and fifteen students."

Completely satisfied once he heard Shino announce their safety — he exited the room. For a moment he stood in the doorway trying to get the flashlight to turn on. A worrying thought crossed his mind; that it might have been damaged when he tackled Longwei. His eyebrow knitted tightly and he shook the flashlight with all his might.

A few second passed before the light began to flicker. As the light flashed, Tenya pointed it downwards. Around him were the rats and mice that Kōji commanded to stay put. He then flashed it down corridor to his left; it lingered for a moment before he deemed it safe. He then flashed it to his right and immediately took note of a familiar figure.

"Ojiro?" He took a cautious step forwards. Luckily, the mice and rats scurried away in different directions.

"So you didn't leave after all, huh?"

Mixed emotions flooded Tenya as he picked up his pace in his approach. A part of him relieved that his imagination wasn't playing tricks and the other part confused. "Why would I leave?"

Mashirao shrugged slightly and pushed himself away from the wall. "I'm actually relieved you stayed. I think I'll be needing the help," His teeth gritted as he limped down the hallway, "There's only so much I can do right now."

"Then why not stay?" Tenya questioned, a single eyebrow raised. He found himself a few steps behind his classmate.

"Doesn't sit well with me."

The answer itself was straightforward. Not that Tenya was expecting anything else from the blonde. He knew how Mashirao could get about certain things.

"I'll do all I can to help everyone out. And...I think this might just be it." Mashirao broke the silence. He looked at Tenya from the corner of his eye, "I'll let you take the lead. You have the flashlight're less injured than I am." He received a nod, "Okay. Well...this is a pretty big place, you ready?"

A smile found its way to his face, "I'm sure we can handle it." He exclaimed, "Just stay close behind, okay?"



Izuku felt a sharp pain in his back as he attempted to move. He had just been slammed into the wall by Maze and the man made sure to do a lot of damage. He could only hope that his spine wasn't injured in the process. Having a disfigured hand was enough for him but, having a messed up spine was too much.

The green sparks of lightening still danced around his body. It was surprising that he was still able to extend his energy out for as long as he had and with his body condition. He still expected it to go up any minute now.

Izuku groaned as he pulled himself forward. He planted his hands flat against the floor and looked up. It took him several minutes to get up to his feet. He kept himself from screaming in pain; fist clenched tightly.

Just a few paces to his right, he could hear Eijirō still fighting toe to toe with Maze. It seemed like neither of them would run out of energy. Though, he was sure that Eijirō was doing more damage to Maze due to his quirk.


Izuku snapped his attention to his right. He turned around and placed himself low to the ground. "...I...I'm alight! I can still fight..." His eyebrow knitted together; he questioned himself. If he could really be of any use to Eijirō with his condition. 'I have to keep fighting. If I don't...and if Kirishima-san gets exhausted, then Aoyama-san and Kaminari-san will be done for. I WON'T LET THAT HAPPEN!!'

'Man...he sure as hell doesn't sound alright! He’s gonna fight til he drops.' Eijirō clicked his tongue and narrowly missed a hit to the face. While low, he threw a straight punch and he heard Maze growl at him. 'Shit, it's like everything we do is literally NOTHING to this guy!! What in the hell is he made of?!' 

"Tch!! You know, this is getting kinda boring. Don't mind if I up the ante a bit do ya?!" He mocked and crossed his arms in front of himself — blocking a body hit. This only severed to frustrate Maze. Something that Eijirō had been planning on doing from the start. "UNBREAKABLE!!!"

The fabric of his pants tore as his skin became jagged. "I've been serious this entire time...but,'re wasting time that I could use to be saving my friends!! Time to go down you asshole!!" He shouted as he charged forward. 'Let's see if I can hold this for more than forty seconds! I'm reaching for a minute!!' A rush of wind from his left nearly knocked him into the wall. "Midoriya?!"

The cackling of the green lightening was all Izuku heard as he charged forward. His right fist retracted back and his left arm out, he had been planning on delivered a good right hook to Maze. However, his quirk seemed to have other plans and a strange tingling sensation crawled through his left arm. 'What the—?!' The sensation stayed and he could feel a vine like energy leave his body.

It was the exact same energy that had left him during his bout with the other heroics course students. During, Hitoshi's integration into the course. He had once again unintentionally activated Blackwhip. He could only hope this time, he could control it.

'Shit! No...Not here, not now!! Why?! Of all times...' Izuku felt himself panicking. The muscles in his left forearm began to cramp badly but, the black line of energy stayed a certain size. He wasn't sure if it was his during or if it was the previous user of One For All. Either way, he was somewhat grateful that he hadn't lost control. The last thing he wanted to do was accidentally hurt Eijirō.

Izuku came to a skidding halt and felt the energy lash out at Maze. 'Dammit...I don't even know if I'm hitting him!! I'm no good with this...but, if it's here...then I'll just have to settle with it!!' He raised his left arm, attempting to strike Maze.


"Still here!!! Need a hand?!"

"N-no! I need you stay back!! It's my's the same thing that happened during the match-ups against Class B!!"

Eijirō came to halt by Izuku's side. From his peripheral, he could see the green lightening dancing about Izuku's entire body. "...Alright, so what's the orders? What do I do?" He asked, feeling his hardening quirk wear down. 'I'm a minute in...but, I need to do something. Wait...' 

"Just stay there and don't try to attack him. I'll handle—"

"Midoriya," Eijirō cut in quickly and his classmate had quieted down. "I have an idea. But, I need you to retract line or whatever it is."

"I...I can't....I don't know how!!"

"YOU CAN MIDORIYA!!" He snapped at his friend as he looked him in the eyes, "YOU CAN!! And you know. We both know it!! Now retract that damn thing in and launch me into that big bastard!! C'mon, I can't hold Unbreakable for much longer!!"

"But what if it—?!"

"MIDORIYA!!! No what if's or buts!! Just do it!!"

Frustration rose within Izuku quickly. He gritted his teeth and closed his eyes tightly. 'I don't have a choice...' He pulled his left arm back roughly. Surprisingly, Blackwhip retracted alongside his arm.

"...Heh, giving up? Ready to become a damn bloodstain on this fucking walls?!" Maze roared as got down on all fours. He grinned widely as he kept his eyes trained upon his targets, "You'll be easier to kill...." He glanced at Izuku, "'ll go first. And I'll enjoy ever last bit of it!!"

Izuku paled at the sound of Maze's voice. A cold shiver running down his spine. 'No, I can't be afraid! We'll end this...once and for all!!' He swallowed nervously, not knowing how much of a distance he placed between himself and Maze. "Kirishima, to my left!!"

"On it!!" Eijirō quickly ran to Izuku's left and planted himself firmly on the ground. He positioned himself forward, "DO IT!!" He forced himself to hold his Unbreakable form for a moment longer. It began to make him feel lightheaded.

A vine-like energy wrapped itself around his body; effectively pulling him from his thoughts. "Okay!! Give me a second!!" He walked backwards as far as Izuku's quirk would allow him. There was a strain and he nearly tumbled forward. It felt like the vine-like energy was pulling him closer towards Izuku. "NOW!!! GO!!!!"

Izuku channeled all of his energy into his left arm. 'Please...please don't break...please don't break...please...' He silently pleaded as the veins in his left arm began to pop out.

The movement of his entire left arm was quick and fluid. A normal left hook into the air and he sent Eijirō flying towards Maze. He bit the bottom of his lip, feeling a slight fracture in his left arm. A draining feeling blanketed over him and he dropped to his knees. With that, the green lightening slowly began to fade out. A tight feeling welled up within his chest as it was rising and falling.

It was something that Maze wasn't expecting. Something that knocked him back into reality. Forcing him to remember what he had set out to do. Causing him to notice that the people he was seeing wasn't really there.

No, what he was seeing was the teenagers that Isao had told him to look for. The one he had been originally looking for was now on the ground in obvious pain and tired. The one who he was sure that should have already been escorted was the redhead teenager, Kirishima Eijirō, whom he just had a head on head collision with.

Both of them had dropped to the ground immediately. Maze found himself on the ground, in excruciating pain. Blood dripped from the center of his head and his vision blurred. He blinked his eyes slowly, watching as Eijirō got up. The teenager was unharmed and walking away.

"I...I...can't believe it..." Maze muttered to himself. His entire body felt worn-out. He couldn't remember feeling like that in a long time. '...I failed. Old man...Isao...I'm sorry I failed...' His thoughts drifted back to Isao; a pang of guilt struck him.


Isao had decided to stay four more years in Japan.

The old man told Masao that he wished to wrap things up before leaving.

He only shrugged, caring little for what the old man had to do.

All he knew was that he was safe.

That he was with someone who truly did care for him.

He wouldn't wish it any other way.

A part of him, wish that he could repay Isao for what he had done for him.

And from that moment on, he began to ponder on what he could do for Isao.


A tear slowly ran down his cheek. 'I've been nothing but, an ass to you...and you saved me so many times. All I wanted...all I ever wanted was to repay you back. You gave me a home. You never hit me when I lost my temper. You never stopped me from walking out the door and you always accepted me back into your home. You're what I've always wanted and...I got it. It...took me a while. But, I finally figured that out. That you always cared for me...and I want to repay you back. This was the only way...and' Maze could feel his thoughts run into each other and mix. His current thoughts with his past memories. His past regrets and current regrets merging.

Maze sniffled and attempted to blink the tears away from his eyes. He dragged his arms up and placed his palms flat against the tiled floor. '...I won't let you down Isao...I won't...I'll do anything for you. Even if I have to die...' He lifted his upper body slightly off the floor and shook his head a little.

He could feel the blood falling. Pouring down his face. He was sure that it splattered onto the ground when he attempted to clear his clouded thoughts.

Still he kept his eyes trained upon the two figures. He watched as Eijirō stooped down to help Izuku up. He could hear their voices. He could hear them talk. However, he couldn't make out what they were saying. The words that they were exchanging.

It mattered little to him. All that mattered was keeping his promise to Isao.


Masao had just turned twenty-one.

Both himself and Isao had celebrated.

It was their third year of living within the unrestrained society of The Peerless.

It was also the happiest Masao has ever been.

Something that not only Isao could tell but, some of his new friends that he had made on the island.

"Old man Isao?"


Masao placed his chopsticks to the side and looked Isao dead in his eyes.

"Ah ha looked to be fired up Masao. Whatever is on your mind, my dear boy?"

"...Well...I know's not smart to tell another person your wish but..."

Isao couldn't help but laugh. He smiled brightly at Masao.

"My dear Masao...whom ever told you that?"

"Oh...well, you see...well you know I'm only part Japanese! And that I'm from America..."


"...So, well in America, your wish won't come true if you tell it to another person."


Masao frowned as Isao laugh hysterically.

"...What's so funny you old bastard?"

"It's just the things that could be believed nowadays. Just because you share with someone your wish doesn't keep it from coming true, Masao. Please do not believe everything my dear boy."

Masao stayed silent, thinking.

"So...I can tell you and it'll still come true?"

"Of course, Masao."

"Are you certain old man Isao?"

"I am, my dear boy."

Masao smiled slightly and shrugged.

"Okay, wish was to repay you back. In anyway possible! I'd even die for you if it comes down to that!"

Isao laughed again, a sad smile taking to his face.

"My dear dear Masao...please. You don't need to repay me, my boy. Everything that I have done for you was for your wellbeing. Because, I care. Not that I wish for something in return. Wish for something else Masao."

"But...that's all I want. All I want is to repay you back for your kindness! And if I have to die then so be it. I'll glad do anything for you Isao."

There was a sad look in Isao's face.

The rest of the night had been quiet; with the exception of crying.

Masao made sure to never bring up his wishes ever again.


'Even if you don't want me to do this Isao...even if you wished a better life for me...I want you to be happy as well.' Maze felt his body fall back down. His chest hit the tiled flooring hard; it nearly knocked the breath out of him.

By the time he looked back up — the two teenagers that he had his sights on had vanished. Both, Izuku and Eijirō were gone. He would have to search for them all over again. Not that it was an issue. His senses were heightened all thanks to his original quirk, Grizzly.

'I have to keep trying...I won't give up. Not when this will make Isao happy...' Maze reinvigorated himself, his thoughts stayed upon Isao. Not just the man who raised and took him in but, also on his wish that he had made. His promise that he seeked to keep.



"Dudes...where the hell are we going to go?" Denki broke the thickening silence. His voice filled with worry, "We can't even see our damn noses in this darkness...and Midoriya's injured...shit man..."

"I'm fine Kaminari-san..." Izuku muttered as he leaned against the wall. His mind then slowly drifted off to what had happened earlier.

Eijirō had allowed him to catch his breath while he was on his knees. He reported to him that he had successfully injured Maze. Neither of them knew to what extent. They both exchanged a small laugh and he was helped to his feet.

All of his issues had started once he took a single step forward. His entire body collapsed immediately. Of course, Eijirō had panicked and started fretting over him. It took several minutes to tell his redheaded classmate that he was fine and that he would use the wall for support.

It wasn't until they reached both Yūga and Denki that Izuku was freed. Izuku did exactly what he told Eijirō he was going to do; used the wall for support. He also told him to keep a helping hand out for Yūga — just incase the blonde needed it.

"But dude....Midoriya...." Denki whined as he stayed close behind the green haired teen, "You got like...smashed into a damn wall man! And you said your spine could have taken damage!! My dude, that is cause for concern."

Izuku only shook his head. He appreciated that his classmate was concern for his wellbeing but, they had more important matters. "Kaminari-san, I'm fine. I promise you, I am. The main focal point is Aizawa-sensei and Todoroki-san. That's what we need to focus on...they need our help."

"...I hate to say this but," Eijirō piped in, his voice quieter then normal. "Midoriya's right Kaminari...we still don't even know if Aizawa-sensei is alive. But you and I, know for a fact that Todoroki is. He's alive but, from what I can recall, he wasn't looking so good."

Yūga frowned at Eijirō's words. His concern for both his classmate and teacher only rose. Quietly, he hoped that they were both still alive. "...Mon ami's, keep faith." He wondered if he was saying that more for himself or for his classmates. Either way, the three younger teens seemed to agree with his words.

Their agreement and his overwhelming concern, brought him back to a leveled playing field. It was nerve-racking and yet calming. Still he was bothered and he knew that feeling wouldn't fade until he saw his teacher and young classmate for his own eyes.



A loud thud alerted Yasuhiro. He pushed his laptop away and walked towards his younger brother. Taking out his phone, he pressed the flashlight button and shined it upon Yasahiro.

"No!" Yasuhiro dropped the phone and grabbed his brother by his shoulder. He propped his head up into his lap. His eyes were wide and his heart racing; he always got frightened when this happened to his brother. It always scared him and he would never know what to do. The first thing that always came to mind was for him to panic. 'How did I not notice?! What can I do....what do I do?! Yasa...I don't know what to do...' He felt the corners of his eyes sting.

In his arms, he could feel his brother convulse. His body twitching in rapid — jerking motions. "That's it!! Turn you on your side...that's what Harima-sama always does..." He spoke to himself as he turned Yasahiro onto his side.

Still his body convulsed and jerked violently. Yasuhiro could feel his hands shake; his heart sinking as his brother fought to control his own body.


Yasuhiro jolted as he was pulled away from his thoughts. He turned his head towards the sound of the familiar voice.

"...C'mon...speak you arrogant little shit..." Hitoshi sneered at the young teenager. A grin wide upon his face.

He had been trying to get Yasuhiro to speak to him for several hours. He had also been trying to ignore his pain and focus on activating his quirk once the younger boy spoke to him. However, it seemed that the young teenager knew better than to speak with him. He hated that but, right now — he saw an opportunity that he wasn't going to let slip by.

"Oi...c' got your tongue you little shit? Is it your brother? Huh?" Hitoshi pressed as the silence from Yasuhiro continued, "Is he...having a seizure? I've experienced one of those only once in my life. And I know someone who goes through them...I could help you..."

'C'mon...take the bait you little shithead. Speak...and control is all mines.' Hitoshi silently begged for Yasuhiro to speak to him. To forget the information he that he stole from U.A.s database. His grin hadn't lightened up. A sharp pain from his abdomen caused his clench his hands into tightened fist and gritted his teeth against one another. 'I have everything all planned'll release me and then release Aizawa-san. Then...I'll have to care both Todoroki and sensei'll be difficult but, I'll have to deal.'

"Yasuhiro...right?" Hitoshi raised an eyebrow and tilted his head to the side. 'Ignore the pain...just ignore it. Focus on taking control away from this brat.' He told himself as he started to speak once again. "...I think we're both the same age. Perhaps you're a year younger than" It was just more bait he placed out. Something to reel the other in, to gain his trust. To get him to speak. "...As you know, I'm still a gen. ed. kid but, I'm going to be a hero in training let me start with your brother. I can help him. I know what to do...just, if you want him to live..." Hitoshi paused as he searched for the right words, "You'll have to trust me."

Chapter Text

"You'll have to trust me."

Tears slipped from Yasuhiro's eyes as he looked from Hitoshi to his brother. He knew better than to answer the purple haired teenager. He knew all too well from the footage of the Sport's Festival. As soon as he would answer, he'd be under Hitoshi's control.

However, his brother was suffering at the moment and even though Hitoshi was taunting him, he could hear the sincerity in his voice. He felt more tempted than usual to answer but, still he held his tongue.

Only able to cry as his brother suffers.

"Hey...c'mon, you want him to live right?" Hitoshi asked quietly.

'...I do...but, I won't answer you. No. I'm not weak. And neither is Yasahiro. He'll make it through this...' Yasuhiro mentally encouraged himself.

"I know you want him to live!!" Hitoshi shouted as he pulled at his restraints. A sharp pain caused him to throw his head back. He nearly bit his tongue and he squeezed his eyes shut. 'Shit...that fucking hurt. Why....why isn't he saying anything?! Why is he being so stubborn?! I don't understand...' 

The sound of a heavy body dropping caused Hitoshi to snap away from his thoughts. He whipped his head to his right, "...Todoroki...? Hey...shit..." He hissed as the pain increased in his abdomen. "Todoroki...Aizawa-sensei?! Hey!!" 

"...All I want right now is for Yasa-chan to be saved. I don't want to lose my brother." Yasuhiro broke his silence; his voice cracking. He raised a single hand and wiped away his tears. "...Harima-sama..." He looked back down at his brother; watching as the convulsions worsened.

Yasuhiro recalled what Isao had told him. To watch over Yasahiro. He pondered on the message and wondered if Isao would be angry with him for accepting help from the enemy. He wondered what Isao would do if he was in his position — not knowing what to do and having someone you despised offering a helping hand.

"...Harima-sama...I...I want to believe that Yasa-chan can make it through this...but..." Yasuhiro muttered to himself, trailing off. He hooked both his arms underneath Yasahiro's arms and dragged him towards the wall. There he laid his brother down. He adjusted him so that he was laying on his side. His back leaning against the wall. Silently, he hoped that would hold his brother for the time being.

He took a few steps back and turned away from his brother. He then approached the camcorder and fumbled to find the flash button. '...If I do what I'm about to do, I'll need some light.' His fingers continued to feel around for it and a single click; the darkness was chased away by the light from the camcorder.

Yasuhiro looked over the three people in front of him. The Underground Pro-Hero, Aizawa Shōta, was unconscious but alive; he could see his chest rising and falling. His eyes shifted towards the dual quirk user, Todoroki Shōto. He had been the one that had fallen from his chair. Yasuhiro wondered if he had fallen or tried to move. A frown found itself upon his face and he turned his attention towards Hitoshi.

The very teenager who didn't know when to be quiet. His eyes narrowed at the purple haired teenager. He was bent over in the chair — in obvious pain. However, his attention wasn't upon Yasuhiro. It seemed that he was focused on his feel peer; the one who had fallen out of his chair.

"...You." Yasuhiro called out as he kept his eyes upon him. For a moment Hitoshi didn't pay him any attention. He clenched his fist tightly, "Hey!! I'm speaking to you!!"

Hitoshi clicked his tongue and rolled his eyes. He snorted as he slowly turned his head towards the young teenager. "...I've got a name and I'm sure your aware of that..." He spat blood from his mouth before speaking again. "Gonna make the right choice...? Or are you gonna kill me, eh?" There was silence and Hitoshi almost wanted to laugh, "...I can't use my quirk on you...too much pain right now..." He sighed as he turned his attention elsewhere.

"...I demand you help my brother." Yasuhiro spoke after a short silence passed.

Again, Hitoshi snorted and grinned as he glanced at Yasuhiro from his peripheral. "Demand?! First aren't any friend of mines. Second...I don't owe any favors to someone who wishes me dead and third...well I'm older than you. Age priorities you shitty brat..." He grumbled the last part to himself.

"Do you not fear for your life? Or even theirs?!" Yasuhiro questioned as he approached Hitoshi, "I am in the hierarchy! I have the control!!"

Hitoshi rolled his eyes once again, "Like I give a shit..." He sighed again, feeling another sharp pain. His head hung low — chin touching his chest. 'So damn tired...'

Yasuhiro opened his mouth once again, ready to argue with Hitoshi and demand he help. However a sudden sharpness pressed against the back of his neck caused him to go silent.

"Move a muscle and you'll get hurt..."

"Huh...?! Hagakure?!" Hitoshi lifted his head slightly.

'Hagakure...?! Damn that's the one who can turn invisible invisible.' Yasuhiro attempted to turn around and felt the blade poke his skin. He stopped immediately, his entire body shaking.

"...Shinsō, you're lucky I overheard you yelling. And then I heard this guy right here..." Tōru watched as Hitoshi fell slack against his chair. The purple haired teenager looked much worse than she remembered him appearing. She felt relieved that he was still alive. "Where are the keys?"

Yasuhiro shook his head, his lips pressed together tightly. His hands unclenched at both his sides. He swallowed nervously.

"Tell me where the key is!!"

'...If I have to lose something precious to me, then so shall she!' A roguish smirk appeared on his face as he eyed Hitoshi. 'Hmph, as if I'd tell you...' It was what he wanted to say aloud to her. However he found himself saying words that had nothing to do with his defiance, "What sort of hopes do you have?"

"Huh?! What was that?" Tōru asked, completely baffled by the response she received.

Yasuhiro sighed, "I said...what hopes do you have?" He asked once again, his smirk faltering slightly.

"...Hopes..." She whispered to herself silently. A click of her tongue and shake of her head, she raised her free hand and gripped Yasuhiro's shoulder tightly, "I'm NOT here to exchange pleasantries!! Where's the damn key?!"

"...If you tell me what I ask," Yasuhiro stopped for a moment and he thought solely about his brother. All the while, he silently apologized to Isao. "I'll give you the key."

"So you have it on you?!"

"I do. But, trust me when I won't be able to get it."

"Tch...I doubt you're a fighter."

"And you are?" Yasuhiro countered quickly. This caused silence to fill the room. " this a deal? Or do you really want your friends to die?"

"Now you want me to make a deal with you?!"

"...It's a simple one, honestly." Yasuhiro replied with ease. His hands were no longer shaking. Both hanging loosely by his sides. "You answer me and I'll give you what you want. Thus, you save your friends. Not a bad deal, right?"

Tōru stayed silent for a moment. She looked between her two peers and her teacher; all of them were in bad shape. '...If all I have to do is answer some questions...' She pondered for a moment before roughly turning Yasuhiro around to face her, "You aren't saying this just to be saying this right? Geez...I can't believe I'm about to do this..." She muttered the last part to herself.

"I have no reasons for fighting you at the moment. And brother, Yasa-chan..." His eyes shifted towards his brother. "He needs help...right now, Harima-sama isn't here to help. Shinsō says he can help but...I don't know if I should trust him."

"What? Because he can brainwash you?" Tōru almost wanted to laugh at the young teenager. Then again, she couldn't blame him; she was scared of the same thing when she first met the purple haired teenager. "Or is it because he wants to be a hero? Someone who could possibly save the life of your brother? What I'm getting from this entire thing is that you don't really care about your brother at all! That you want him dead."

Yasuhiro felt a nerve get struck and his hands clenched into a fist. His teeth gritted against one another. "That...that isn't..."

"Then what is it?! You would really jeopardize the life of your brother because of a petty dislike?!"

Yasuhiro flenched slightly and looked away, "...I...the last time I trusted someone who called themselves a damn hero was the very day my brother and I were orphaned." He unclenched his fist and shoved his hands into his pockets, "...So in a way, yes. How can I even trust him?" He then shook his head, "I don't want an answer for that. Now, how did you all do what you did? Tell me. Please, your teacher seemed to have high hopes for you. I was looking to prove him wrong seems that I have been the one to lose."

Hitoshi snorted and began to laugh. This caused Yasuhiro to turn around to look him in the eyes. The laughing soon became a choking noise and blood dripped down the corners of his mouth. His head still hung low, eyes narrowed at the tiled floor beneath his aching feet. "...That's...fucking stupid. The question you're have some sort of complex or some shit? Little do know you've lost this fight...right?"

"...I do. I became aware of that the minute the Pro-Heroes were within range." Yasuhiro answered simply. A gasp from behind caused him to shake his head. "I wasn't chosen to gather information on you so called heroes for nothing."

"...So you knew?"

"I did."

"Glad one of you knows when to give in..." Hitoshi muttered lowly to himself. Weakly, he lifted his head up and looked the younger teenager in the eyes. "Two of the...smartest damn future Pro's...that's what happened."

Yasuhiro kept his silence, thinking back to when he spoke with Shōta. It was the only time he truly felt defeated or close to it. He wished to prove to Shōta that he was wrong. However, in the end — the tables had been turned on him. He was wrong.


"Seems like you don't know my students well enough."

Yasuhiro didn't miss the sarcasm that laced itself with Shōta's words. His eyes locked with the irritated red eyes the Pro-Hero. He kept his silence allowing the man before him to speak.

"You're a fool to think that they'll just lie down and die. If I'm not mistaken their files state that each and everyone of them are heroes in training. And as so, they are taught to go beyond their limits no matter what the situation. class..." 

He watched a grin spread across Shōta's face. Watching as pure determination filled his eyes. He was absolutely astonished, that a man who had been beaten and tortured for days on end — still had hope. That a man like him could still grin and laugh things off in his situation was shocking to Yasuhiro; it rendered him silent.

"...Those kids are survivors. They know what it's like to have their lives put on the line. How it is to have someone else's life on the line. They'll make it out of this...I have no doubts."


"...I guess...I see now." Yasuhiro muttered as he looked towards Shōta, "...The two trainees you speak of...Bakugō Katsuki and Midoriya Izuku?"

"Bingo you little shit..." Hitoshi grumbled and lowered his head. His chin pressed against his chest once more. He felt like sleep was tugging at him.

Yasuhiro huffed and closed his eyes. He found himself in thought once again. His hands clenched and unclenched in his pockets; one hand tightly gripping a key. '...Harima-sama, please forgive me turning my back on you. brother needs this.' He removed the key from his pocket and dangled it in front of the teenage girl before him. "...I'm impressed really..." He felt the key snatched from his grip. "If you could...please get my brother help."

"Oh deciding to trust heroes now?"

Yasuhiro shook his head as he listened to the movements around him. "...No, I've decided to trust my age group."

Tōru decided not to reply to Yasuhiro's last comment. Instead she focused on helping Hitoshi up from his chair. She was almost reluctant to leave his side but, he waved her off. Quietly, she moved to flip Shōto over and hooked her arms underneath his. She struggled as she dragged him towards the exit of the room.


Tōru jolted and swung the weapon in her hand at Yasuhiro; not expecting him to be behind her so fast. The attack was dodged swiftly and she met with a piece of cloth. Without thinking, she snatched the piece of cloth and rushed to Shōto's side; frantically looking over him.

"His throat." Yasuhiro exclaimed as he watched the girl wrap the cloth around the injury. He wondered if Shōto was really alive. There was only so much he knew of Isao's quirk but, he definitely knew how it worked. He stepped off to the side and watched everything going on around him.

The feeling he was feeling at that very moment was all too familiar to him. It brought him back to the incident that changed not only his life but, the life of his brother. It was the same feeling all over again. And he questioned if he did the right thing.

Tōru struggled as she reached for the chains that held Shōta's arms high above his head. "C'mon...c'mon...!!" Once again, she was caught by a surprise; it was Yasuhiro once again. The young teenager had took the key from her hand and reached over top of her to release Shōta from his shackles. She didn't have any time to question or protest the actions as she reached for her falling teacher.

A pained lengthy groan escape Shōta. He cracked a single eye open. "...Ha...Hagakure...?" His speech was slurred as he talked. Still it was laced with surprise and shock. Feeling his right arm being released, he took in a sharp breath; trying not to scream from the pain.

"It's me sensei! It's me...and I'm getting you out of here, okay?" Tōru attempted to reassure the older man. ' am I going to do this?! I should've taken Satō's offer...' She kept her hands tightly gripped around Shōta's upper left. Slowly she lowered him to the tiled floor below; making sure he wouldn't get injured any further. 'And I can't possibly carry all four of these guys! It'll be too much...I need help...'

"Hey is that Todoroki?!"

Tōru jolted from her thoughts and glanced over her shoulder. 'Is that...Sero-kun?!' 

"That is!! THAT'S HIM!!! TODOROKI!!!"

"...Mineta?!" She whispered to herself and sure enough it was her two classmates. She watched as Hanta stooped down, checking on Shōto and watched as Minoru slide off his shoulders.

"Hm?" Minoru turned towards his right and stopped like a deer in headlights. There before him was Hitoshi, against the wall and his teacher, Shōta, laying on the ground. His eyes also caught onto the blade that was floating in the air and he turned towards the teenager standing off to the side, "Y-you!! S-stop there!! I ain't afraid to—"

Mina came rushing in and took an offensive stance. Fully prepared to fight. "Is he alright?!" Her eyes darted from the shivering body of her teacher and then to Hitoshi's slumped form against the wall. She then looked towards the other teenager int he room, whom was standing closest to their teacher. "HEY YOU!!! DON'T MOVE A MUSCLE!!"

"It's me!! Mineta, Sero-kun...and Ashido, it's me..." Tōru repeated as her voice cracked. The blade in her hand fell and clattered to the floor. She immediately ran towards her three classmates and found herself embracing Mina. It was slightly embarrassing but, she found herself not caring too much. Apparently, Mina felt the same way as she held her close.

"Tōru-chan!! I knew I'd run into you soon..." Mina held her for a moment longer and then released her; pulling away. "Are you okay?! You aren't injured are you?"


Yasuhiro looked at the group of soon to be heroes before him. He took notice that the tallest one, Sero Hanta, had also moved to check on his brother. "...I do not wish to fight." He stated and held his hands above his head, " brother..."

Minoru popped off two pieces of his hair, "Yeah aright!! Like we're gonna bel—"

"...Didn't you hear me before...?" Hitoshi huffed as he lifted his head up once again, "...I'll save him...we'll save him..." He leaned his head back against the wall; noticing that the room was now more crowded. 'Must've passed out...' 

Yasuhiro stayed in his position. Unmoving as Hanta quickly made his way past him. He hadn't missed the dirty look he received.

"Aizawa-sensei...? Hey, Ashido check on Todoroki for me? Tell me if something feels weird with him." Hanta directed as he gently began to reposition Shōta's arm. He began to dispense the tape from his elbows.

"...Holy shit balls...the hell is with his temperature!!" Mina snatched her hand away from the dual quirk user. "Hey...if you knew he—"

Hanta began to use pieces of his tape to temporarily cover Shōta's wounds. "He was freakin' freezing when I touched him." He replied to his classmate, "He also looks extremely pale and his pulse is dangerously low," He moved to lift his teacher up and position him on his back. He used some of his tape to  hold Shōta against his back. 'Gotta get that kid now.' His train of thought ended quickly when he heard a groan. Guilty built up as he listened to the pain noises escaping his teacher. 'He hasn't been this bad off since U.S.J...shit...I hope we aren't too late...'

"How are we supposed to move him if his quirk is acting up..." Mina questioned as she frowned.

"I...I'll do it..."

Almost everyone within the room looked towards Hitoshi. He almost wanted to look away as they watched him stand to his feet.

"Dude, you've got a fucking hole in your stomach!!" Hanta snapped at the other teen, "You can't even hold your own ass up!!" He scolded as he walked towards the unconscious body of Yasuhiro's brother. He bent at the knees as he scooped up the unmoving body, "Ashido, carry this kid." He stood up and walked towards Mina; he waited until she stood before giving her the unconscious teenager. "Mineta, dude, take a nice amount of my tape and bandage up Shinsō."

Hitoshi rolled his eyes and pressed his left arm against the gash in his abdomen. "I'll carry him..." He spoke once again as he looked towards Shōto. "I don't give a shit if I get, he protected me. I want to pay him back...even if he doesn't know." A hand tapped his shin and he looked down to see Minoru motioning to him. He sighed and slowly lowered himself to the floor.

It hadn't taken long for Minoru to bandage Hitoshi up. However, it did take a minute or two for Hitoshi to get back up to his feet. He watched as Minoru walked towards everyone else at the door.

"...What do we do? We can't just leave him..." Minoru felt dismayed. He stared quietly at Shōto, pondering on an idea to share with his classmates.

Hitoshi shook his head and made his way towards the group of teenagers. He leaned against the wall, "I said I'll carry him." His voice came out firm and determined as he eyed Hanta. He could see the frustration and disapproval in his dark eyes.

"I'll help carry him too!!" Tōru broke the tension and grabbed Shōto by his right arm, "C'mon you guys...we don't have time to think this over! If Shinsō says he can do it, then he can! And I'll help." She looked towards Hitoshi, "I'll handle one side and you handle the other, okay?"

Hitoshi found himself shocked. However he was also pleasantly surprised. He approached Shōto's left side and watched as Hanta grabbed him by his upper arm. There was still a concerned look in his face but, he decided not to argue. Hitoshi was somewhat glad. Slowly, he positioned himself to hook the right arm of the dual quirk wielding teen over his shoulder. Immediately, he could feel the excruciating pain as Shōto's skin felt like pure fire.

"Ouch!! Wow...he's burning up..."

Mina nodded her head a concerned look on her face, "I know right! I touched his right side too! I was really surprised when it was hot."

'Took the damn words from my mouth...' Hitoshi clicked his tongue and turned to walk out of the room. He allowed Tōru to exit first and followed after her. He wasn't sure who had exited behind him; he kept himself focus on the dangers ahead. And he allowed his pain to fuel him. To keep him awake and alert.

"Alright...we're following you Ashido." Hanta exclaimed. He adjusted his arms to be underneath Shōta's legs; to keep them from dragging on the floor.

From, Hitoshi's left — he watched as Mina stepped forward. He looked down to see a flashlight in her hand. Something he hadn't noticed until now. 'At least we'll be able to see...that's a damn relief.' His eyes then shifted towards the direction Mina flashed the light.

"Alright...let's get going. We need to get them out of here." Mina started off without another word; her pace was slow. 

Hitoshi figured that she was being thoughtful to him. Though, he would prefer her to move faster — he knew it would only do more harm than anything. It wouldn't benefit him to force his majorly injured body to do anything over excessive. It was already bad enough he was carrying added weight; he was thankful that Tōru had offered to help carry Shōto. Quietly, he followed after everyone; falling in line quickly.


Hitoshi hummed to himself and glanced over his shoulder. Tōru hadn't stopped moving and he decided he wouldn't as well. Though, it didn't stop him from looking in the direction of the voice.

"I'm placing my trust in you!"

'...Hmph...' Hitoshi turned away from Yasuhiro. He felt strong animosity towards not only him but, his brother, Yasahiro. However, he wasn't about to stand on the side and allow a life to be lost. It wouldn't have settled well with him. Even if he was helping the enemy. He knew he was doing the right thing.

A part of him wondered if his actions, his words, could change the young teenager. He knew that it wouldn't stop them from getting into trouble with the police for what they did. However, he did hope for a small change in the teenagers.

'Sometimes...the smallest actions and words bring about the biggest changes...' Hitoshi smiled too himself a little. His teeth gritted against each other as continued to walk. Even with the pain attempting to cloud his mind — he couldn't help but remember his fight with Izuku at the Sports Festival and how his mentor, Aizawa Shōta, approached him.

"This is Mandalay with another update. The four escaped students are receiving medical attention as we speak. Gang Orca and Nejire-chan are posted at the front entrance. A total of sixteen is still left inside. One Pro-Hero and fifteen students. The S.W.A.T team is being sent in through the back. I repeat, the S.W.A.T is entering through the back and are accompanied by Detective Tsukauchi, Mirko and Edgeshot. Rendezvous if possible. Rendezvous if possible."