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Ch.3 - One Villain and Two Heroes


“All you have to say is: Tikki! Transform Me!” The floating red bug instructed, having just finished her quick rundown of what his powers would be and how to use them.


“Let’s fucking kick Kaminari’s ass back into being a happy idiot then…” Bakugou grumbled as a deathly excited grin came onto his face. Tikki sensed he wasn’t about to let her finish her explanation of things.


“B-Bakugou wait! There are a few more vital things-”


“Tikki! Fucking transform me!” He shouted from inside a little broom closet, nearly knocking over a mop as he held the hand the red ring was on.


Soon enough though his body was basked in a bright red and white light, turning him into a real-life hero. And when the lights finally faded, he took to looking at himself as best he could in the mirror.


The costume wasn’t bad. He had a black mask that went off the sides to form what looked like red explosions. He had bulky black pants on the bottom, and on his top was a fitted armored shirt that was black and red. The outfit wasn’t bad at all… in fact he liked it a lot. It was edgy and scary looking, something he would definitely want to wear if he ever was a real hero.


What ticked him off though… was what this power did to his hair. It was still ash blonde… but the ends were… well, they were pretty much red frosted tips. Each ending strand of his hair was a deep rose red.


He was about to complain about new hairstyle when suddenly the lights above him kicked off entirely. The much-needed reminder that he could talk shit about the crappy hair he got later, the male took off running to find where that stupid idiot had gone and stop him from causing further damage to the city.


It appeared that this little magical being also made him much more agile, stronger, and keener with his senses than he was before. He had literally just leaped on top of a building, after all, and now was running towards where he could see sparks of electricity flying free.


“Fucking hell…” The male grumbled, seeing the path of destruction that led to where he could see the evil version of Kaminari wreaking havoc. 


It seemed his words had made the other male’s ears perk up. And thus with a quick turn and shooting of a bolt of lightning, Kaminari had turned his attention away from the police barricade he was attempting to electrocute to now trying to do that exact thing to Bakugou.


“Someone else here to ruin my fun?” Kaminari yelled, looking and acting much unlike his usual self. “Then I have someone else to prove I can be much worse to than a stupid jewel thief!”


Bakugou reached for his special weapon, ready to use it against his classmate when he instead was pushed out of the way and pushed upwards with a gust of air. When he blinked, he saw himself sitting beside a girl.


She looked at him with a smile, putting away some oversized fan she had. She had a pair of black cat ears on her head, and was dressed similarly to him… including a necklace with a green cat paw on it.


“Hey there!” She greeted, acting much too calm and friendly for nearly being burned to a crisp. “You must be my partner I was told about!”


Bakugou’s eye twitched. “I don’t need a damn partner. Now out of my way! Lucky damn Charm!”


He grabbed the little hand grenade on his waist. The only one he got… so he had to make it count. The other one of his other side would be used to fix this entire mess. Pulling the pin, the male threw it up into the air. The little capsule burst with ladybugs and then he caught an item in his hands.


“Oh. Cool magic trick!” The cat girl spoke. “Though… it's kinda lame your power only explodes into a curtain hook…”


“Shut up! It's supposed to be the key to my victory!” He blinked, looking towards you with a rage. “And I told you to get lost!”


“So mean!” You took out your little fan. “I have a power too you know!”


“Is it cooling yourself down when it's fucking hot?” He snarked you.


“So this is where you went…” Kaminari appeared on the little roof beside the pair of you. “Now face the awesome power of Chargebolt!”


“No… my power is this!” You spoke as Kaminari started to charge up his own attack. 


You were much quicker though. Opening your fan as you called out ‘Cataclysm!” Your fan glowing with black energy as you took aim towards the male. In the next moment, you had sprung upwards, dodging Kaminari’s electric attack and slamming him downwards. 


Bakugou watched in horror as the two of you fell off the building and ran to the side to try and save you both. Instead, he witnessed you use your power to create and giant crater in the ground, slamming Chargebolt into it and thus keeping him inside and unable to move.


“Ha! Electric is weak against ground!” You cheered, watching the evilized male struggle.


Bakugou was speechless… in a reckless and stupid way… that was brilliant. But now… he needed to help you. He still hadn’t used his own power and from how you were trying to pull off the akumatized object… you needed his help.


“Fucking move, stupid cat…” He barked, shoving the curtain hook into the small opening.


With a tough tug, Bakugou sent the little electric shooter up out of the ground and it crashed onto the floor. Breaking upon the impact and letting a little purplish-black butterfly lose from the object.


Taking the other grenade and pulling the pin off it as well, he watched as the small little butterfly was sucked inside. And then he threw it up into the air. The cat next to him watching with wide eyes as he did his other secret magic trick.


“Reversed!” He shouted, millions of ladybugs starting to fly around and clean up the damage done to the area.


After a minute, everything looked to be back in order. No damages and everyone who had been in danger was cheering. But before Bakugou could bask in the delight of being a true hero, he watched the feline female pick up the knocked out straw blonde and leap towards the top of another building with the help of her fan.


Curious and wanting to also make sure his idiot classmate wasn’t too damaged… or at least not more damaged, he followed. When he arrived, he watched Kaminari slowly transform back into himself.


“I thought it would be best to let him come to in a space where his identity would not get out… or well… where others would automatically get angry at him.” You informed Bakugou. “Thanks for the help, by the way, you’re a great partner!”


Your supportive smile did little to make the male’s scowl go away, so he opted to ignore you and turn his attention back to Kaminari and how… despite the power of electricity, the fight was rather lackluster.


“Well… that was fucking easy…” Bakugou grumbled, seeing you get all shocked.


“Of course it was! This is the first enemy!” You stomped your foot. “They are only going to get harder from here, especially with the main villain learning and testing out his powers! So it means we need to get the missing jewel back before he gets stronger or smarter than us, ladybug!”


Bakugou’s eye twitched. Ladybug? What sort of lame name was that…? And what the hell were you talking about? Didn’t the butterfly gem do this to Kaminari? Shouldn’t the moron have it on him?


Maybe he really should have listened to the last of what that floating bug was trying to tell him?


Before he did, though, Kaminari started to come to once more. And the attention was turned towards him as he realized he was no longer in the museum's office. But rather… on some building with only foggy memories and feeling quite emotionally drained.


The blonde blinked a few times, seeming to come back to whatever reality he had been staying in for the past hour. As his vision cleared, he noticed two figures standing out before him. One of them with his arms crossed, looking rather irritated as he held a red frosted tip of his hair between his fingers. The other was kneeling down in front of him, holding out her hand.


“Are you okay?” She asked, the pair of black cat ears on her head being the first thing he spotted. “Feeling any better now with that butterfly no longer making you over emotional?”


“Huh? Butterfly…?” Kaminari blinked, not sure if his mind was hazy from whatever had just happened or because a girl dressed like a cat was in front of him.


“Looks like the idiot’s got brain damage…” The male in red sighed, looking at his ring. “I got one dot left… so according to the flying bug, I got to scram.”


The black cat nodded. “Right! I should get going as well. Don’t want anyone to find out who I am after all! Not even you, ladybug~”


“I’m not a damn ladybug for the last fucking time!” He shouted towards her.


“Then what are you?” She teased him back.


“A beetle!”


“Ladybugs are beetles!”


“I’m not a damn ladybug!”


The sounds of two beeping miraculous made both of you stop your petty argument, looking with worry and then knowing they had to go. Looking back towards Kaminari you rose a hand.


“I’ll take you back to where you started. Let’s hurry though! I only have two more minutes than the angry ladybug!” You took Kaminari’s hand into yours and helped him up.


“Stop fucking calling me that, you damn stray cat!” He yelled, making you look at him with a tired expression.


“So what should I call you then?” You asked him, watching him smirk.


“Call me Red Beetle!” He pointed towards himself. “The best fucking hero around!”


“My… how scandalous!” You laughed, the beetle realizing what he said as you started to leap away with Kaminari. “I’m Kuro by the way! Look forward to working with you more, beetle boy!”


He watched as the cat disappeared over the sides of the buildings, using that fan of hers to move with ease and create enough force to shoot herself upwards. His mind blank and only watching her go, hands shaking gently and chest tightening. Only when his ring hit the single dot did he finally come to and hurry to find a safe spot to transform back.




Bakugou walked into his room, being sure to shut the door behind him. Then ever so cautiously opened his school bag to allow the little ladybug spirit to roam about. Tikki zoomed out of the bag right away, looking around her new surroundings.


“You have a lovely room.” She spoke, getting comfortable on a pillow on his bed. 


“Here.” Bakugou spoke, pulling a cookie out of a bag he had purchased from the bakery down the street while Tikki slept in his bag on the way back.


Tikki’s eyes widened and she grabbed the pastry and happily started to munch on it. Bakugou watched her with a sneer, not believing his little magical fairy… thing… liked sweets. Though… so long as she kept letting him do the whole superhero thing, he’d let his parents think he had a cookie addiction for Tikki’s sake.


“Hey.” Bakugou spoke, sitting in his desk chair. “The cat mentioned seeing each other again… why would she?”


Tikki paused in her nibbling. “Well… as I was trying to tell you before you decided to jump straight into action… the butterfly miraculous is the reason this entire situation came to be… and since both you and the Cat Miraculous’ holder asked for myself and the black cat kwami’s help… we’ll be able to assist you both until you recover the butterfly miraculous. If that is what you want.”


Bakugou looked at her with a devilish smirk. “Hell yeah, I want to keep being a damn hero!”


Tikki zoomed up towards Bakugou. “Really? Oh, I’m so glad! That makes me very happy to hear! Now… will you at least let me fill you in a bit more on kwamis, your powers, and your enemy and also your ally?”


“The cat girl?” Bakugou blinked. “She’s sticking around too right? If she is… then she can be pretty helpful again… she literally nearly destroyed a city block earlier… fucking useful power she’s got.”


Tikki blinked, smiling gently. She had been around humans long enough to pick up on the little cues and giveaways they would give. And her newest holder was definitely starting to develop feelings towards the new holder of the destruction kwami.


“You really like that girl already, don’t you, Bakugou?” Tikki smiled, watching as horrified realization came across Bakugou’s face. Tikki’s smile going away as soon as she said it, having not expected that reaction at all.


It looked as if her newest holder would be the strangest yet… especially since he was seemingly trying to convince himself more than her that he did not have any sort of a crush. But… she knew his heart was in the right place, and would happily stay by his side.