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Ch.24 - Escape Scenarios and Worst Cases


He wasn’t sure how far his patience would go thanks to this crush. More so, he didn’t know how much longer he could go without giving in to the desire to strangle the person closest to him. If there was one reason he’d lose his mind, it would be locked in a room with some of his annoying classmates. And today… he had willingly let it happen.


Apparently the pink dyed hair girl thought it would be fun to spend this Saturday at some escape room, and a few other classmates had tagged along. There was his usual band of idiots: Kirishima, Kaminari, Mina and Sero. But there was also the group Kirishima had invited along for the sake of being friendly to their classmates. These other beings: Deku, the half-and-half, round face, frog lover, and four eyes. Then, of course, the girl in question he was putting up with this torture for. 


Escape rooms had a limit of eleven people… and he was lucky (though maybe it was more unlucky) that he got the final slot. And now, he was among his classmates who were looking over the next set of clues and seeing what the first step would be to escape.


The theme was a hotel room. And you needed to get out of the bedroom part of it and into the main room. From the main room you could work on escaping the room and exit into the lobby. But this was an escape room, so numerous clues that were way too over the top lined the room. And everyone aside from him seemed super gung-ho on solving it.


The line ‘let’s try to win for us’ repeated several times. He couldn’t help but roll his eyes. If they were not trying to beat the shitty record, then he had no interest in helping. So he’d sit and watch from afar… only interacting if he felt like he needed to, or if his heart thought he needed to attempt to impress a certain person of his affections.


Currently, you were working with the three other girls on some puzzles. The four of you were giggling every so often as you talked. At least the half-and-half wasn’t up close and personal with you today… seeing as he was trying to help shitty Deku and four eyes with a clue of their own.


“You wanna help us, Bakugou?” Kirishima asked, motioning towards Sero and Kaminari who, by some miracle or curse… had found a clue that needed to be solved with knowledge of the periodic table… so it wasn’t going well, thus why Kirishima was asking their smart ash-blonde friend for help.


Bakugou let a low growl escape his lips as he sulked over from where he had been sitting on a chair. Kaminari and Sero practically threw the science-based question sheet at him. Bakugou scanned it over, solving it immediately.


“Baron, Oxygen, Potassuim, and Nitrogen’s symbols are N, K, O, and B.” Bakugou pointed to the door. “Go check the knob and see if anything is around it.”


Kaminari and Seri scurried off to do as such. Bakugou grumbling on how the idiots couldn’t figure out something so simple. Kirishima sat on the ground beside him, punching Bakugou’s shoulder playfully.


“Nice one man! We’re a step closer to getting out of here now!”


Kirishima watched as Bakugou scoffed and looked off towards the wall. The redhead frowning. The ash-blonde had been acting weird lately. Kirishima couldn’t place exactly why… but he knew Bakugou. And thus he knew Bakugou hated tagging along to things like this, but for some reason was.


As Bakugou’s self-proclaimed ‘best bud’, Kirishima was determined to find out what was bothering him and help him out in any way possible. After all, in the redhead’s mind, that’s what friends did and while everyone else was investigating how to escape this room, Kirishima would be investigating how to help Bakugou out of whatever had captivated him as of late and get him the success he desired.


Kirishima’s eyes followed Bakugou’s as the male started to look away from the wall. His eyes landing on the girls. Bakugou’s eyes widening slightly as (Name) let out a chuckle at something Mina had said to her. Dust of pink coming to his cheeks as he turned his head and pretended to look at the solved clue once more. As if the ash-blonde was embarrassed by the thought of getting caught staring at you.


Kirishima blinked in surprise, starting to get an idea of what the situation was.  After all… Bakugou did seem like the type to try and show off when he was crushing on someone. And in a place like this where he could do so… as well as suddenly going along with gatherings, Kirishima knew that the male must be trying to impress and grow closer to you.


Bakugou shrugged Kirishima off as the redhead slung an arm over Bakugou’s shoulders. Kirishima looking at his friend with wide and sparkly eyes, as if he had just seen or heard the most amazing thing in the world.


“The fuck are you doing?” Bakugou rose a lip in disgust toward his friend.


Kirishima smiled brightly. “You’ve got a crush on (Name)... don’t you, Bakugou?”


Bakugou inhaled sharply, not believing he could be this obvious! First Tikki, and then the Half-and-Half, and now Shitty Hair! And here he thought he always had a damn good poker face when it came to mushy shit like this… apparently not. 


But Kirishima realizing it so quickly would not keep the ash-blonde from telling him to never mention it again. Kirishima was about to comment further as well, pledging his support to Bakugou’s feelings, only for the ash blonde to get up.


“Stop being so fucking nosy… it’s damn annoying…” Bakugou clicked his tongue, making his way towards where Kaminari and Sero still had not found the key out to the main room.


Kirishima inhaled softly, looking downwards. He didn’t mean to be nosy… he just wanted to help his friend with a crisis that he so clearly was having. And well… Kirishima knew Bakugou was capable of a lot of things… but love. Maybe not?


Was it really so wrong of him to have brought it up?


The redhead sighed. He didn’t mean to do anything… but it seemed like he had done nothing but cause trouble and problems for everyone this week. On Monday he had spilled his lunch all over Kaminari and the blonde didn’t have a spare uniform… and thus had to be in his gym clothes for the rest of the day. Tuesday was no better… as Kirishima had been called out by Aizawa for dozing off. He had been up all night trying to help his mom with one of his younger sisters, and thus didn’t get much sleep… so come class, he was embarrassed for not being ready like everyone else. Wednesday was a disaster… seeing as he accidentally bumped Mina while she was painting and ruined her canvas with a long splatter of green paint. Thursday he failed a test he studied for… and would have to make it up next week. Friday was filled with more cramming for the redo test, homework and general stress.


He had been hoping today would be the good day. All his close friends together, just having a good afternoon. But it seemed as if nothing was meant to go right… and now, even his best friend who he usually could never upset… was mad at him.


Kirishima’s ears heard the sounds of a door unlocking. As well as coos of praise towards Bakugou as he seemed to have gotten the door open. Your voice especially praising him, furthering showing Kirishima that Bakugou really didn’t need his help…


He just seemed unable to do anything right…


His mother had often said Kirishima didn’t have thick skin when it came to his emotions and his empathy towards others. And right now it especially seemed like it, as he was near his breaking point for all the bad things that had happened this week.


“Kirishima! Come on! We need help in the next room!” Kaminari’s voice called out and the male got up and followed the group entering.


His footsteps felt heavier than usual, and even his usual smile was quickly fading. After all… they didn’t need him here. They were all doing just fine without him, and all he did was cause things to go wrong.


Kirishima breathed in slowly, but the air in his lungs didn’t last for long. As soon the air was being expelled from his body as someone tackled him. The sounds of light surprise hitting his ears. His red eyes poking open to see it had been Bakugou that tackled him.


The ash-blonde was looking off as if he would be using his own body to shield Kirishima from something. Kirishima was now utterly confused, and wondering why he had been tackled. The answer came quickly though.


“Akuma!” Midoriya screamed, everyone else now on guard as the black butterfly was flapping gently.


“Fuck!” Bakugou roared, looking towards Kirishima. “Listen… whatever you think I meant by it… I didn’t! You know I hate these shitty things, and I shouldn’t have taken it out on you!”


Kirishima blinked, a little bit of his negativity fading away. Maybe he had been overreacting… and now that an akuma was here… he especially needed to calm himself down so no other tragedies happened.


“You’re right… sorry.” Kirishima apologized as well. “I’ve just had a tough week-”


“Dude, you’ve been having a bad week?” Kaminari suddenly came into the situation. “Man you should have told me… I unlocked new Smash characters… you and I should have been blowing off steam in the game.”


Kirishima laughed slightly, glad he had good friends around him. His heavy heart starting to feel that much lighter the more he talked to his buddies, and saw that he still hadn’t messed up as badly as he assumed he did. Relief flooding his system, enough to make him chuckle.


Bakugou’s eyes widened as suddenly the akuma stopped coming near him. It meant Kirishima was no longer displaying enough negative emotions to attract it… but… that meant the butterfly was still looking for someone to Akumatize.


Bakugou rose to his feet, Kaminari helping Kirishima up. It looks like everyone had resulted in hiding in various edges of the room away from the butterfly. It started to flutter towards a table in the center of the room. The creature perching itself on a fake flower arrangement, as if waiting for something to happen.


“W-what now…?” Uraraka asked, hiding behind Tsuyu.


“We should press the panic button!” Mina cried who was hiding behind you.


“Okay two problems with that…” You muttered, pointing towards the table. “First is the Akuma could get out… second is… the panic button is resting right by the Akuma.”


“I’ll handle it…” Todoroki spoke, grabbing his phone and starting to head towards the akuma.


“Todoroki-kun! Don’t!” Midoriya called out, grabbing Todoroki and pulling him back.


“Midoriya it’s fine.” Todoroki shrugged, but now Iida was holding on as well. 


Todoroki sighed, seeing that despite how he could easily tell Monarch to shove it and take his butterfly back… his friends were much too protective. Well… Midoriya was smart, maybe he’d come up with some sort of plan.


“So what now?” Sero asked, feeling pretty nervous.


“We’re in quite the situation…” Tsuyu tilted her head. “Not like any of us have a way to contact Kuro or Red Beetle… so I think we’ll have to deal with this ourselves…”


Bakugou’s eyes shifted to you quickly, seeing how your (eye color) hues sterned slightly. It seemed you were determined to not let another victim occur today. He felt the same… and now it seemed that while this was meant to be an escape room… it would become an inescapable room until someone could take care of the Akuma and not let anyone else become a victim of Monarch and the way he twisted the emotions of others.