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Ch.38 - Old Feelings and Unmatched Emotions


He paced back and forth out in the waiting room. The call he had gotten from his old roommate had sounded panicked, but given the circumstance, anything other then panic would not have been proper. 


Dolion breathed out softly, trying to calm himself. Today wasn’t the day to get jealous, or upset. Today was the day to celebrate the accomplishment the two had made. He’d smile, laugh, and talk praise. He had to. 


Years of doing this had taught him how to look and act happy and supportive. Every laugh covering the fact that his own life was nothing but a mess because of the other man in question. Every piece of work, every letter of love… taken and assumed to be someone else’s.


It was enough to drive a man mad-


“Dolion.” His old roommate called out, stalking through the hallways with a gleeful smile on his face. “Sorry to keep you waiting. Come!”


Dolion followed, not saying a word. His friend looked happy, he looked ecstatic. As he should. Dolion making notes on how to smile, how to laugh, and how to speak. He would base his own reactions on those of others. Learn what they were looking for and then give them what they were looking for.


Language was a tricky thing, but when one knew how to speak it with a silver tongue… you can make anyone believe anything.


“Oh, Dolion.” Her voice was strained. “Welcome… thanks for coming.”


Dolion paused a moment, looking at the women before him. Resting in a bed, looking exhausted and holding a small bundle of pink. The sounds of cooing heard. Dolion paced closer, looking at the small being who had come into this world not too long ago.


“What’s her name?” He asked, looking towards the new parents.


The pair looked at each other, laughing slightly. “We’re… still, workshopping that.”


Dolion paused a moment. There was always a name he was fond of for a baby girl,  and this small one looked to be the perfect candidate to receive it. She was as pretty as her mother, and no doubt would be a force to be reckoned with.


“(Name).” Dolion spoke, nodding to himself. “Call her, (Name).”


His true feelings on this had accidentally slipped by, and the baby’s father looked up with a raised brow. 


“You seem pretty certain on that name?” The father spoke, slight tease in his voice. “You must like the name,  huh old friend?”


Dolion shrugged, covering his tone again. He had almost revealed how angry he was about this. It should be him with the baby. Him with the wife. Him with the fame. Him with the museum. Him with the success.


“What can I say…” Dolion laughed. “I always thought if I had a daughter… I’d name her that.”


The two parents looked at one another and then nodded to one another. Dolion raising a brow as the mother spoke.


“Well, Dolion… we hope you’ll be an uncle to our daughter.” She smiled gently. “I’m sure little (Name) would love that.”


Dolion couldn’t help but smile, but not for the same reasons the parents were.




Bakugou huffed, looking out towards his girlfriend who was smiling gently as she worked on her homework. When she had invited him over to do homework together, he had assumed it would be at her home.


Instead, he, the two kwamis and her were all stuffed into the small closet she called an office that this museum. He had finished his a few minutes ago, and now was looking at the inactive miraculous that was supposed to have been put back after last night’s group efforts and getting that white-haired little girl back to normal.


She had hidden them in plain sight. Mixing the jewels into a glass vase and then putting an artificial flower in. Thus, it looked like nothing more than an aesthetic flower vase.


“(Name)...?” The door to her small space opened, a man pausing when he saw what was happening. “Oh… you have a friend stuffed in here with you?”


“We’re studying, uncle.” You responded. “Have a test in another week or so.”


“I’ll leave you be then, just wanted to see if you wanted to dust the dinosaur bones with me or not?” He spoke, seeing as your eyes lit up at the mention.


“I’ll come!” You spoke, shuffling out.


Bakugou followed behind you, shocked. Did you forget he was here?


“Hey!” He called out, catching your shoulder. “I thought we were gonna get dinner!”


You nodded. “Gimme another thirty minutes and we will!”


You dashed off after your uncle,  Bakugou watching. He shook his head, not sure how he was feeling. Part of him jealous you had picked a bunch of dusty bones over him, but at least the closet wasn’t as crowded now.


He huffed back in, Tikki and Plagg coming out of their hiding spots. Tikki telling bakugou it was fine and to relax for thirty minutes. But Plagg seemed to be feeling similar to Bakugou.


“That guy… always seems to know exactly what to say when he wants (Name) to hang out with him.” Plagg crossed his arms. “Drives me nuts when we’re supposed to go get cheese!”


“She just wants to spend time with her uncle, Plagg.” Tikki shook her head. “And besides, it’s important to (Name), since she never knows how long he’ll stay around. We should all be supportive and open about this…”


Bakugou merely clicked his tongue, something in his head not liking the way Dolion had looked at him. And how he had spoken to you right after he noticed the male sitting there with you.


Either way… soon enough, Bakugou would break the news to you that he was suspicious of your father and uncle. But right now, he’d let you have your time.


So long as he got his, as the male also… wanted to spend as much time with you as possible.




He held onto you tightly, ear pressed against your chest, trying to listen to something or anything that would tell him this wasn’t happening. But between his hard breathing and the way his mind was blasting his thoughts on full volume, the male couldn’t feel or hear a single breath entering and leaving your frame.


The black cat kwami was just as bad, desperately touching your face, trying to get your eyes to open again. Why did this always have to happen to him? He may be the God of destruction, but it didn’t mean he himself had to destroy. So why… why couldn’t protect those most precious to a kwami? The holder… was someone a kwami couldn’t and shouldn’t fail.


So… why did he have a streak of breaking this?


“Plagg… Bakugou…” Tikki tried to speak, her voice soft, but not lacking in her own shock and worry. “Please… snap out of it.”


Neither male moved, leading Tikki to watch as Monarch continued to step closer. The red kwami dropping the candy she had gotten and with new energy flew towards Bakugou and lifted his face up to see Monarch. There was still a threat here, and Tikki couldn’t stand the idea of losing another holder today.


Bakugou’s eyes widened as he saw Monarch’s eyes slowly move from your still and cold frame toward the boy who was now covered in bits of your blood. His hand extending slowly and then curling his fingers inwardly and outwardly a few times.


“Now… it seems dire that I get your miraculous to fix this all, right, Red Beetle?” Monarch spoke with a soft and kind tone.


He was speaking to Bakugou like a friend, like someone he just wanted to help and support. But… Bakugou knew this wasn’t the case. He still couldn’t say for sure, but with how manipulative Monarch was, he couldn’t shale the thought of him trying to get you killed purposefully so the ash-blonde would hand over his miraculous and yours in a bid to save you.


Bakugou inhaled slowly, hands gripping yours tightly, the feeling of the small gem you had forced towards him in your last few moments making him ignite. This man before him was one you had grown up trusting, one you had spoken so highly of. One… you thought of as a friend who was always looking out for your best interests.


Bakugou inhaled slowly, biting his lip harshly. If he was drawing blood at this moment he didn’t know. But what he did know was that his anguish was transforming itself into something else, something much more dangerous than the grief that came after a loss.


“She fucking trusted you…” He breathed out, grip tightening onto the black gem. “She fucking thought of you as family!”


Monarch sighed. “We are family…. And I’ll make sure it stays that way when I change this world.”


“You’re changing her if you do that…” Bakugou seethed. 


“It’s not like you’ll notice… no one will.” Monarch took another step forward, no longer wanting to waste time. “Now give it here. Both of them.”


Bakugou shook his head, finally putting you down onto the ground. No one else was around, but he didn’t know for sure if that meant no one else had watched your demise. One thing was for certain though, you had asked him to watch over Plagg as your last wish.


And thus, uncle or not… Bakugou was not going to just hand Plagg or Tikki over because this villain was the only hope left to save you and bring you back. The grimoire had spoken of life for a life… so, it meant whatever Monarch changed, would affect someone else when it was over.


Monarch would not be getting his hands on these precious jewels. The only one who would be allowed to hold such power now… would be him.


Bakugou opening his palm slowly, exhaling when he saw that the gem had turned into a ring. Plagg’s eyes widening when he saw his gem had already taken on a new holder. This kid… had some unbelievable drive to do good and keep balance in this world if he was able to activate both miraculous at once through self vituous desires. 


“Bakugou…” Tikki spoke, watching as her holder slipped on the other ring onto his other hand. “Don’t do it… it’ll be too much!”


Bakugou ignored her, slowly rising to his feet. He swayed from side to side a little bit. Even having the inactive forms of the cat and ladybug on his hands, he could feel the overwhelming surge of power coursing through him. It was as if the power was draining from the mythical jewels and taking root inside of him.


It left a nasty pit in this stomach, but one he also couldn’t help but begin to feel energized from. It was addicting, like the first sip of coffee ever. It was bitter and not delightful at all, but as the seconds passed afterward, he couldn’t help but want to take multiple sips and see what other flavors he could make from the root taste.


Bakugou heaved out a long and painful breath, no longer sure if it was because of his emotions or that his body was already aching. Maybe both… maybe neither because he was feeling a strange numbing in his body. His mind. His emotions. His everything.


Nothing mattered anymore in this world… because he could do whatever he wanted to it! He could make this world into anything he wanted it to be. And he could be anyone he wanted to be. He could even be the ruler, the strongest and unquestionable God.


There were voices of the two tiny creatures trying to reason with him, but his eardrums were echoing. The whispers of power and praise were getting louder, and as his eyes fell onto your cold form laying just below his feet, he knew what had to be done.


Gripping rings onto his hands, he looked up towards Monarch. The male was taking a few steps back, shaking his head. It seemed this turn of events were ones he didn’t consider in that educated and highly proud mind of his. 


With a smirk, a light chuckle, and one final exhale… Bakugou mutters the names of the two kwamis before him. And then, the room was enveloped in light.