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Sealed With A Kiss

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Izuku looked up and met the angry red eyes of a seven-years old boy sitting at a small chair in front of his own. The kid's arms were crossed, lips jutting out, forehead creasing. Toshio Bakugou was glaring at him. The teacher was used to teaching disobedient students, he was used to them being affectionate, bratty and especially their short tempers.

What he was not used to was how this kid act.

Toshio was mature for a kid and was not really the type to fight anyone at all. He'd rather stay quiet and study. He didn't even use his quirk to be a show-off. The kid was really new to him. Just as how Izuku was new to this school being a teacher.

"Toshio-kun," He began, intending, once again, to try to get to the bottom of this.

The kid shook his head, stuck out his chin proudly. "I'm not talking to anyone but my Dad."

Izuku glanced at the wall clock. He had sent a message to Toshio's father ten minutes ago, not long after the last bell. "I left a message. But what if your Dad hadn't checked it yet?"

"Then we wait."

The green-haired man almost smiled at the stubbornness of the kid, but knew that it would only make matters worse. "Are you sure you don't want to tell sensei on why you hit your classmate?


Izuku scratched his own messy hair, down to the back of his neck. The kid was really stubborn, he probably got it from his Dad—maybe.

"Maybe I could text your mom instead? Would you feel more comfortable discussing things with her?"


"Toshio-kun?" Izuku prompted, when the kid mumbled something under his breath, which he didn't quite catch.

"No. Don't have mom."

"Oh..." The teacher felt sad, "I-I'm so sorry for your los—"

He scowled. "I mean, she doesn't exist."


Realization hit him. Toshio might be adopted.

"Okay, then," Giving in, he smiled. "Let's just wait for your Dad."

"Brat." The voice was rich, deep and completely out of place in his classroom.

Startled, Izuku stood to face the man leaning in the doorway. "Uh, Mr. Bakugou?"

The other man gave him a smirk that cut him off at the knees. "Katsuki's fine."

Crimson red-colored eyes, spiky ash-blond hair, creamy-colored skin, the same as Toshio has. And those biceps that speaks volumes of bed and satin sheet. He looked familiar, and at the same time not.

"You sent a message."

Izuku felt his cheeks blaze as the thought passed through his head. "I'm Izuku Midoriya, Toshio's teacher."

When Katsuki accepted the hand the green haired had extended in a gesture of automatic politeness, the heat of the blond seared through his skin almost burning him on the inside. His breath caught and knew that he was going even redder. Dear God, the man was making his bones weak. And Katsuki Bakugou was the most beautiful man he'd ever seen.

Well, Katsuki was also staring back at him. Probably at his messy hair because he sure as hell he looked like shit at the moment. Or maybe his bright red freckled cheeks? Or mortified green eyes?

Tugging at his own hand, Izuku tried to extract it. But the man held onto it as he glanced at his son. Whereas the kid continued to sit there with a scowl expression on his face. Seeing their clasped hands, he favored his dad with a look that shouted "Really?! Right in front of me, Dad?!"

Katsuki returned his attention to the teacher. "What happened?"

"Uhm—" He tugged at his hand again.

Katsuki looked down, as if to consider it, then finally letting go of his hand. Fingers tingling in sensory memory, Izuku quickly moved to busy himself tidying the stock of homework on his desk. "Uh... Please take a seat?" He towered over him and it was kind of intimidating in some ways. Solid shoulders, pure hard muscle under those black v-neck shirt, and lean strength. Izuku wouldn't be surprised if he was a hero.

"I'd rather stand."

"Okay?" The green-haired didn't sit either, because if he did, he'd probably lose his power of speech with the guy's height looming all big and intense over him. "You see... Your son—Toshio-kun punched a classmate awhile ago, but he refuses to tell me what caused the incident."

Katsuki frowned. "Why isn't the classmate here?"

"Uhm well.. he was at home... I let him leave... because he's… quite fragile."

One blonde eyebrow raised up. "Hah?"

"Well... that boy is quirkless." And had a mother who treated him as if he was made of a glass. Given that the same thing had driven Izuku insane as a child, he might've tried to talk to the mother about it, except that it was obvious the boy liked it. "He was too scared that he didn't want to be near Toshio-kun—afraid that he'll use a quirk. Although I would've preferred to talk to them together."

"So you let him go?"


"You know that quirkless people aren't exactly weak?"

"Wait. Are you saying I let him be traumatized by—

"Did I say that?"

Izuku's face heated from the inside out. "I am their teacher."

"Not mine." the smirk widened. "But you could be. Wanna play classroom, sensei~?" When he blushed and was about to say a rebuttal, the blonde beat him to it. Katsuki turned serious as he said, "Quirks are for protecting, not hurting. Toshio knows that as well as anyone with a right mind."

Izuku's heart clenched at the absolute way he said that, as if it was simply a fact of life. That core of unflinching honor was one of the things the green-haired most admired about people with quirks. Specially about the heroes in their society.

It was... brilliant

"Toshio-kun is normally very quiet." He was, in fact, one of his best and favorite students. "He's also smart, doesn't associate much with his classmates, and before today, he's never once hurt a classmate. "That's why," he continued, forcing himself to think past the nerves that threatened to turn him mute, "I was so surprised by what he did. I honestly have no idea what could've caused it. He doesn't even play with them."

"Give me minutes." With a curt nod, Katsuki walked over to his son. "Come on, bud, let's talk."

"Okay." Toshio got up and led his father to the back of the classroom.

Izuku looked away out of politeness, knowing he wouldn't have been able to hear the conversation. Although he tried to keep his eyes on the homework, his curiosity got the better of him. The teacher looked up to see Katsuki crouching down in front of Toshio, his arms braced loosely on his knees. The position had caused his T-shirt to raised and exposed part of his biceps and backside. Green eyes squinted. The skin was somewhat exotic and curved, something that beckoned him to stroke them. Thankfully, before he could surrender to the urge to get closer, Toshio began to gesture so earnestly, he wondered what on earth he was saying.

"I didn't hit him that hard, Dad." Toshio blew out a breath that made his ash blonde bangs dance. "He's a sissy."


"I mean he's always crying, even when nobody does anything on purpose."

"Which doesn't explain why you hit him." Katsuki knew that his son had been born with a solid code of honor, a code that had been strengthened in the Bakugou Family. "We don't bully weaker people."

A shamefaced expression. "I know—Well, I guess I kinda got mad." Toshio shuffled his feet. "I wanted to use my quirk, but I hit him instead with my fist."

"That's good. What made you angry?"

"He said something mean…"

"Tell me what it was."

Toshio darted a glance toward his teacher, then leaned closer. "I didn't want to say anything to Midoriya-sensei, 'cause he's nice, and I like him."

Blonde eyebrow arched up. Are you trying to compete against your Dad, brat?

"I like him, too." A truer statement had never been said. There was something about the little teacher with his messy green hair and emerald green eyes that stirred him inside in interest. Katsuki wondered if he realized that his freckles were so cute, and that he had one hell of a sexy mouth. Then wondered if Izuku would let him do all sorts of wicked things to that mouth.

Later, he promised himself.

Right now, his son needed him. "What does this have to do with Midoriya-sensei?"

"My classmate told me that his mother said that sensei swings both ways."

"His mother said your sensei swings both ways?"

"Uh-huh." the kid nodded empathetically. "I don't know why sensei would swing something when he doesn't even play baseball."

Katsuki almost snorted a laugh. "I'm guessing there's more."

"And then he said that his mother said that Midoriya-sensei was too plain to get a man."

What a load of horseshit , the blonde thought. The boy's mother was probably some shriveled-up jealous twat.

"I see."

"And that because he wanted to be a hero, but he couldn't be, he just let anyone shove something in his ass—I don't why would sensei let anyone stab him on the back though..."

Katsuki had a sudden urge to punch out the little fucker himself. "Go on."

"I told him to take it back. Midoriya-sensei is the nicest teacher at the school, and he's not like that." Temper flared in Toshio's eyes, palms crackling in tiny explosions.

"Hold off your quirk." Katsuki said, forcing a choke hold on his own anger. "Hold it." He put his hand on his son's arm.


Katsuki found himself in a quandary. He really couldn't disagree with his son's actions, but punching out another kid, and a quirkless at that, was against the rules. "Brat, you know we don't condone this kind of violence." The kid nodded. "But I understand the provocation." Toshio smiled. Katsuki ruffled his hair. "You're a good kid." Standing, he nodded. "Grab your stuff while I go sort this out with Midoriya-sensei."

Toshio grabbed his hand. "Dad—"

"I won't say anything. Promise."

Relaxing, the kid went to their right and began to gather his things. Katsuki watched Izuku rise from his chair as he walked over and had to fight the urge to growl that he sits back down. He had noticed his shakiness earlier.

"Did he tell you?" The green-haired asked in that husky voice that brushed like black velvet over his skin.

Katsuki's groin stirred, asking for more. Being stroked by teacher might be the best thing he'd ever experience. "Yes.."

He waited. "And?"

"I can't tell you." The blond watched his brow furrowing, his lips pursing. He couldn't decide if he wanted to bite down on that full lower lip or lick the upper.

"Mr. Bakugou.. "

"Katsuki," he interjected, "You can also call me babe if you want."

Izuku's freckled cheeks reddened. He had no clue how to handle a teasing male who was clearly not only aware of the effect he had on someone but confident enough to take advantage.

Focus on the facts, he told himself, just focus.

"Mr. Bakugou, Toshio is a child. I expect you to act like an adult."

Oh, Katsuki had plenty of plans to act like an adult around teacher for sure. "I promised my son."

Izuku stared at him, then blew out a breath. "And promises can't be broken."


"What do I do then? I can't just punish him without knowing why he did that."

"I'll take care of it." Toshio had hit someone, and his son knew he'd be disciplined for it, provocation or not. "I'll make sure the punishment fits the crime."

"It's a school matter."

Before Katsuki could say anything, his son beat him to it, "Are you not done flirting with sensei, Dad?"

Izuku sputtered and Katsuki grinned. He glanced back at his son and saw him struggle to hide a smile. "That's not a very good attitude, brat."

Toshio rolled his eyes. "You're so obvious." His eyes flicked to Izuku, "I'm sorry I dis—"a frown of concentration that made him look even more like his father, "disrupted the classroom. But I'm not sorry I hit him."

The green haired shook his head in disbelief. Then to Katsuki, "Thank you for coming in, Mr. Bakugou. I'll look forward to seeing Toshio-kun in class on Monday."

Katsuki didn't move, tasting the realization that had him by the throat. It was hot, wild, right. Utterly, absolutely right. The knowledge made his smile slow and seductive. "Why don't you walk out with us?" The corridors had been close to empty when he arrived, and he couldn't hear any movement now. No way was he leaving this cute freckled teacher alone in a building darkness only an hour away at most.

"I-I'm sorry, but I'll be out in a moment." He began to gather the homework on his desk.

"We'll wait." Katsuki glanced at Toshio. "You can wait, right?"

Toshio grinned, "Yep."

Izuku gave him a guarded kind of look. "Really Mr. Bakugou—"

"Katsuki. You can only call me Mr. Bakugou when you're angry."



His hand fisted. "Fine. K-Katchu—Kach—"


Izuku colored again, "Okay, Kacchan then."


Katsuki almost laughed. It was like the teacher was calling and playing with a child. Sure, he very much wanted to play with Izuku, but it was in a different way. "Yes, Sensei?"

The flushed face highlighted the freckles on his cheeks. "I'll be perfectly fine walking out alone. I do it every day of the week."

He shrugged, enjoying the verbal sparring. "I'm here today."

"And what you say goes?" Looking down, Izuku shoved his papers into an untidy pile.

"Unless you can talk me out of it." He saw Izuku biting his lower lip, contemplating about arguing or not. All that beautiful passion, the blonde thought in pleasure, hidden behind the shyness that had first stained his freckled cheeks.

The green-haired hesitated first, before speaking, "And why should I be talking you out of anything?" He grabbed what looked like a yellow backpack and put the papers and homework inside. "You're nobody to me."

"That wasn't very nice." And Katsuki didn't like it.

Izuku frowned while packing his bag. The blonde could almost see him trying to figure out if he was being serious or if he was teasing him. He zipped his bag closed and swung it over his shoulder, or tried to, because Katsuki slid it out of his hand. Then he brought the strap over his arms, settling it behind his back.

"Mr. Bakugou!" Izuku looked like he wanted to smash Katsuki's face.

His groin twitched in interest, even Toshio giggled.

"Dad, you made sensei angry."

"Yeah." Katsuki agreed. "Come on, brat. We're moving out." He nodded at the coat thrown carelessly over the back of Izuku's chair. "Don't forget that it's cold out, or do you want me to wear it for you?" He began to walk to the door, knowing Izuku had no choice but to follow.

A moment later, they reached the front door of the school building, Katsuki pulled it open. The outside air was cold, and the blonde hated it. Specially when he was patrolling and fighting villains, kinda hard to produce sweat from his palms because of it.

"Where's your car?" he asked Izuku, noticing that his forehead was creasing. Kissable and eatable Izuku Midoriya seemed to not like the cold weather too. It pleased Katsuki. Because they could just cuddle or have sex instead of going outside with this kind of cold weather—

"Uhm there." The green haired pointed to a little car that would cut the blonde's legs in half if he was ever insane enough to try to fold himself inside.

But Izuku was on the smaller side. Katsuki's mind wondered if the teacher would mind tussling with a taller man. The idea of the things he wanted to play with Izuku made him grin.

"Can I have my bag?" The teacher asked after pressing his thumb to the door of his car, deactivating the security lock.

Instead of giving the backpack, the blond stared down at him. "Eat dinner with us."

His expression was startled. "O—" Izuku snapped his mouth shut. He almost, instantly agreed. The effect of this man to him was too strong.

"Eat dinner with us tomorrow, or perhaps you're dating someone?" Katsuki said, clamping down the anger inside him from the thought of this cutie freckled teacher dating someone already. His mind was now thinking of ways how to secure Izuku company for tomorrow.

The green-haired shook his head. "I-I'm not dating anyone."

"Come on, it's a once in a life-time offer."

"I-I shouldn't." But temptation whispered through his eyes.

Toshio sighed, probably got tired of watching his father's flirting going nowhere, "Come on, sensei. Didn't you say you live alone? It would be lonely to eat alone."

He bit down on that full lower lip of his, arousing Katsuki's jealousy. He wanted to do the biting.

"Well," Izuku said, clearly torn.

Then Toshio clinched the deal for him, by pleading,  "You should come, sensei! Please, sensei?"

His son was the real MVP. Might as well give the kid a reward for being helpful. Katsuki thought, smirking.

He saw how Izuku's eyes melt at that childish plea and knew he had him. "Okay then." But when he looked up, his smile faded, because he saw the hunger from those red eyes and the smirk playing on his lips.

"I'll pick you up tomorrow then."

"I have a car though…"

"And also do I." Katsuki leaned closer, his breath brushing against Izuku's ear, "Be ready for me, sensei."

Streaks of vibrant color stained his cheeks once more. But he didn't back down. "Are you planning to give me my bag or not?"

"Of course." Katsuki drew in a deep breath, giving the bag back to him and fighting the urge to nuzzle at Izuku's throat. "You smell good."

"Mr. Bakugou!" He grabbed the bag and quickly entered the car.

But he saw his cheeks reddening more. Satisfied, Katsuki took a step back, chuckling a bit. It wouldn't do to scare Izuku away. Not when he planned to keep him.

"You're bad at this, Dad." Toshio shook his head.

Izuku closed the door to his apartment and told himself that he probably already lost his mind. Not half an hour ago, he'd agreed to spend time with a man so dangerous like Katsuki, a sane man would have run in the opposite direction… instead of fantasizing about kissing him on those should-be-illegal lips. His entire body went hot as he remembered the look in those red eyes as the blonde told him to be ready for him. Like telling Izuku to spread his legs and preparing his—Dear God, the man was definitely dangerous!

"Calm down, Izuku. You need to calm down," He muttered to himself. "It's not like he's really going to do anything. Mr. Bakugou may or may not be flirting with me. It's nothing more than a momentary diversion his part. He also might not be gay... Yeah, he isn't. He has a son. He is straight. He is only inviting me because I'm Toshio's teacher. And... and a man that good-looking had to have women begging to crawl into his bed." The image of the blonde sprawled in bed, all gleaming skin and liquid muscle, made Izuku stomach flutter. Then he imagined him crooking a finger, that teasing smile playing over his lips. "If he ever looks at me like that," he whispered, pulling at his already messy hair as he walked into the bedroom, "I am doom. Doomed virgin. All Might can just Detroit Smash me in the face..."

His green hair tumbled around his eyes in a mass of soft curls. Katsuki''s hair had looked soft too, but spikier. His thoughts went from those blonde hair to what the blonde might look like when he was naked. Sexy. Handsome. All muscles and power covered with a creamy colored skin. Would he allow a Izuku to stroke him? His fingers tingle in awareness, and standing as he was in front of a mirror, he noticed how his lips were parting and his eyes widening. The green eyes dilating.

The ache between his thighs intensified.

His mobile phone rang, but he ignored it and went to the bathroom to fill the bathtub. He was too shocked at the raw intensity of the hunger surging inside him. Izuku had never before reacted this passionately to a man, until his entire body was almost trembling.

"Oh God, All Might, have mercy."

Because if this was what simply imagining the blonde doing those things to him, how in the world would he able to survive being with the man tomorrow then?

The man was too sinful to be real.

And the way he flirted... Or if it was really flirting, it would have been nice to be confident enough to flirt back. Instead of just blushing and going tongue-tied like a love-struck teenager.

Izuku was sure that he was definitely attracted to the guy.

The bathtub being full alerted him. He put down his bag, discarded his clothes and placed his phone on top of it. He sank into the hot water with a moan. After five minutes of just lying there soaking in the heat, he suddenly thought of calling Uraraka—his coworker, who was an expert on men and it was an advice on that subject that he needed right now. But as he reached out to get the phone, it rang again for an incoming call. He flipped it open(because he couldn't afford a smartphone) and answered the call without looking at the caller.

"Deku speaking," he said, dropping his head back against the wall and pressing his feet flat against the end of the bath.

"Why the hell are you calling yourself useless?"

Izuku's breath stuck in his throat at the sound of that irritated voice, it was mixed with sensual tone. "Kacc—Mr. Bakugou!" He almost jerked upright.

"I am your Kacchan," He corrected.

He what?!

Izuku's eyes widened.

"I mean, you should call me Kacchan instead of Mr. Bakugou. It's like you're talking to my old man."

His cheeks colored. "Of course. I-I'm sorry." He stayed very still, not wanting him to hear the splashing of the bathtub.

"And why are you calling yourself a Deku?"

"I... It's actually a nickname since I was young." Realizing the blonde couldn't see him, he stopped fighting with himself and allowed himself to appreciate the pleasure he got from simply listening to him. He had never before met a man with a voice like Katsuki—so masculine, so deep and husky.

"Are you taking a bath?" Katsuki suddenly asked, there was a slight smirk in his voice.

Izuku told himself to breathe, "Yes."

Oh." He heard a groan from the other side.

The green-haired frowned and bit on his lower lip, quickly changing the subject, "Is something wrong with Toshio-kun, that's why you called?"

Katsuki chuckled as if he knew what he was trying to do, and it rippled through him like living fire. "No, the brat is fine. I was actually going to tell you that I couldn't come get you tomorrow at 6 pm. I'll just give the address instead."

After saying the address, Izuku spoke, "Okay." he wanted to keep the blond on the phone but didn't know what to say to achieve that goal. "So, 6 p.m. tomorrow?"

"Hmm." He sounded distracted to his ears.

"I should let you go," The green-haired began.

"Tired of me already?"

Oh God, he really didn't know how to deal with him. "No..." Another male chuckle. "Goodbye?"

He ended the call and just sat there in the tub, flushing alternately hot and cold. Was he reading too much into it? Surely, Katsuki called him to inform him and make sure he goes because his son wanted him to join them. It didn't really mean he wanted him as well.

Izuku was already riding the elevator of the apartment where the Bakugous were living, by 5:30 pm the next day. Feeling jumpy, anxious and overexcited, he checked his clothing in the reflection on the elevator. He was wearing a plain white shirt and a puffy blue jacket . On the bottom, he had worn jeans, along with a pair of his favorite red shoes.

"I look like—Okay, shut up, Izuku. This wasn't a date. You're going to eat with his son too." The ping of the elevator had told him he'd arrived at the floor. "Oh, man." He pressed a hand flat to his stomach, and the other holding his bag tightened. "Calm down, Izuku. Calm down. How to calm..."

It was difficult to listen to his own advice when he had spent the whole night dreaming about the blonde. The muscles he'd glimpsed fascinated him—in his dreams, he had stroked and kissed the flesh... and then touched another, harder part of Katsuki's body… He almost moaned, and went to shove a hand through his hair before realizing that he had already combed it properly. He paused and stared at the door of the right apartment.

Holding his breath, he pressed the doorbell. It was a few minutes before the door opened. But instead of seeing the man, it was Toshio who greeted him. "Sorry, sensei! Dad is in the kitchen!"

The apartment was simple, yet homey. Izuku noticed as he entered. The frames on the wall didn't escape from his eyes too.

He paused. Eyes widening.

No way....

Some of the frames were of Katsuki wearing a hero costume that was so familiar with Izuku. Someone he had admired for long.... Someone he considered as his image of victory.

The number one hero, Ground Zero

How could he not know?!

How didn't he know that Ground Zero has a son?

"I had the brat when I went to America, eight years ago." A voice said from behind as if he knew what Izuku was thinking.

His eyes snapped to the blonde, mouth agape. He blinked a few times. Izuku was unable to stop staring at him. Katsuki was wearing sweatpants and a black tank top, highlighting the muscles in his biceps. Casual clothes. Looking so ready to be cuddled.

"Cat got your tongue, Deku~?"

Izuku quickly looked away, blushing a bit. He glanced at the other pictures and couldn't help but ask. "Where's Toshio's mom?"

Katsuki snorted, "The bitch doesn't want him."

He bit his lower lip. "I'm so sorry."

"If you're really sorry. You'd help me in the kitchen, sensei~"

The hero was definitely flirting. And Izuku was definitely playing with fire by allowing it to go on. Well, of course, he was probably just getting way ahead of himself. Katsuki was only flirting/teasing. It wasn't as if he planned to drag him off to the bed or church.

"What are you cooking?" He asked after putting down his bag on the sofa where Toshio was at, doing his homework, telling himself it was okay to try to flirt back, that this pull he felt towards Katsuki was nothing more than sexual attraction.

Izuku looked around the open-plan kitchen and living room.

"Katsudon." Katsuki was so big, so unashamedly male. They both took over the space of the kitchen. Even though it was the right size, it felt so small.

"Oh.. T-That was my favorite."

"I know." The blonde said as he put the pork on the skillet. It sizzled.


He instead said, "You could cut the fruits." Katsuki glanced at him, expression shifting to something darker and infinitely more dangerous, when he saw him cutting the fruits.

"Wanna play a game, sensei?"

"Ha? What do you mean?"

"Close your eyes, eat the fruit I give you and tell me what it is."

The notion of having Katsuki feed him had his heart racing at the speed of light. "What do I get if I guess them right?"

"We will think about it." His lashes lowered, and Izuku thought he caught a glimpse of something that blazed arousal, but when he looked back up, there was nothing but amusement in those red eyes. "What now?"


"Close your eyes, Deku."

Izuku swallowed the hunger he was feeling of a far different sort and let his lashes flutter down. It made him even more aware of Katsuki's scent—a mixed of burned sugar and something masculine, the warmth of him, the sheer presence of him.

When he shifted position to stand behind Izuku, effectively trapping him, he opened his mouth to tell him something. But Katsuki's finger brushed over his lips. "Taste." The blonde was all around him, in his blood, in his breath. Losing his train of thought, he closed his teeth over the fruit the other man put to his lips. The juice dripped down on his chin and he licked his lips without thinking about it.

Katsuki seemed to go very still, but when he spoke, his words were light. "What?"

"Uhm.." He tried to remember the fruits he was cutting awhile ago, "Apple?"

"Wrong." He went to open his eyes, but Katsuki said, "Keep them shut."

"Ha? Why? I thought it was only one time?"

"I'm going to give you another shot, sensei. Right now, you owe me a single forfeit. Let's see if we can even the decks."

"Forfeit?" Now he wondered why the thought sent excitement inside him. "You never said anything about a forfeit, Kacchan...."

"You never asked."

Playing with Katsuki was definitely asking for trouble. 

"Taste this." He put something else to his mouth, and Izuku bit down, determined to get it this time—feeling competitive.

He smiled. "Strawberry." A finger brushed over his lips, making his eyes snap open.

"Juice," The blonde quickly said.


Katsuki wasn't smirking this time, there wasn't even any playfulness on his red eyes, he was watching Izuku with an intensity he couldn't decipher.

"Dad, not in front of my katsudon!" Toshio suddenly said.

Heat flooded Izuku's cheeks, and he was more than glad to hear Toshio's voice. Or he might ended up worshipping this hero in front of him.

Katsuki let him go and he wanted to groan in frustration as he glared back at his son who was smirking at him.

This brat...

He shook his head. He'd come within an inch of kissing the life out of the green-haired man when he suddenly licked his lips. Perfect, luscious, biteable lips. But the blonde resisted the temptation for two reasons. One, his son was here. Two, he needed to behave, but what he really wanted to do was haul Izuku close and just take.

Patience , he told himself. The last thing he wanted to do was scare the teacher with the wild fury of his hunger.

The dinner was peaceful. They talked about a lot of stuff, especially about how long Izuku was here, him being a teacher, and a fan of heroes. Katsuki couldn't help but tease him, saying that the blonde must be his favorite hero, which the green-haired answered with a blush.

Izuku stared at his own car as they went to the parking lot of the building.

"So do the win and loss cancel each other out?" He suddenly asked.

"No. I'll collect my forfeit." Katsuki's eyes drifted to his lips and lingered there. "A kiss, Deku You owe me a kiss."

His lips parted, his breath whispering out in a soft gasp. "And"—Izuku coughed—"my winning?"

"I'll give them to you. Not now though." Katsuki planned to coaxed and tempted Izuku until he was desperate for him as he was for the green-haired man.

Izuku nibbled on his lower lip, shooting him quick glances. "So...?"

Smirking, Katsuki walked over to him and slid his arm around the green-haired's waist.

What would his lips taste like? Could he bear the pleasure? Izuku wasn't sure but Katsuki's lips went down to him.

"Close your eyes, Deku. Don't ask why and don't you dare daydream.” The hero said and before Izuku could open his mouth, his lips was pressed against his already.

The green haired wasn't really sure when his eyelids fell half-mast, but he knew full well when they fell completely, head tipping to the side as he let the blonde properly meld their lips together. And the kiss was making him feel a little faint. It was probably the faint smell of spice and caramel that tickles the base of his nose how lightheaded it made him feel. He then nipped Izuku's lower lip before licking it, tasting him and savouring the flavor.

After a few minutes, Katsuki let go of his lips. But Izuku's bottom lip was held loosely between his teeth, then letting it snap gently back into place as he drew further back.

“You should probably go back now.” The green haired whispered when he opened his eyes.

“Probably,” Katsuki agreed but his body was saying otherwise for he was still hugging Izuku. And his voice was a bit gruff at that time.

The impulse to stay exactly in his arms and kiss him again was almost overwhelming, but the teacher managed to restrain himself.

"I need to go home." Izuku murmured.

“Right.” Katsuki inhaled, gave him a chaste kiss on the lips and let him go. “I also have work to do.” The green haired nodded and was about to pull his car keys when he spoke again. "See you on Monday, sensei."

"Okay." He answered in a daze and rode his car.


Only when he came back to his apartment did he realize what happened. Izuku screamed. He couldn't believe that he just kissed his idol! The person he had always branded as someone who was hard to reach! Despite his fear at how quickly Katsuki had gotten under his skin, he couldn't help but be delighted that the blonde actually kissed him.

He wasn't sure quite how far Katsuki would take it. If the explosive hero pushed, would he surrender?

The temptation was blindingly strong. Not only was he beautiful and his hero, Izuku actually quite liked him. Being with Katsuki, if only for a night, would be, he already knew, a delight.

It would be perfect...

Yet the green haired found himself hesitating. Already, he reacted to the blonde more deeply than he had to any other man in his entire life. What would it do to sleep with him, to know him intimately, then watch him walk away?

Izuku's heart hurt at the thought.

The weeks fly by, and he didn't see Katsuki anymore. However, Toshio never faltered from throwing him sly looks and smiles as if he knew something, and sometimes the kid would bring a lunch box of cooked food or fruits, saying it was from his father, wanting to impress sensei .

This caused a lot of rumors that Toshio's father was courting him and trying to get his heart through his stomach—from the teacher's office to the parents of the students. He was teased by his co-workers, specially Uraraka who would always grin at him every time she sees Toshio.

"Ohhh the audacity to hit on someone's father." He heard one time when the parents were fetching their kids.

"I know Mr. Bakugou. It's so bad he's getting involved in this rumor. He should at least reprimand his son on stop following some people's ideas."

Izuku tried to ignore the two mothers gossiping on the hallway, but it seemed like they were really intent to let him hear them.

"It was probably loose, so he wants Mr. Bakugou to do it with him."

"Well, seems like Mr. Bakugou prefer sticks, that's why he left his wife."

"Poor kid. His father is...."

The green-haired, who was left alone in the room, stood in shock. He had always lived in a very innocent and peaceful environment. It was a rarity to see people like them who has such despicable characters. He didn't even know how to describe it. A wave of disgust arose in Izuku's heart. His gaze turned cold, he tried to calm himself but he still felt his anger.

The two mothers outside went silent, next to it was the door of the room opening, and Katsuki was standing there, wearing a black shirt with a skull design on it. His hands were shove on his jeans pocket.


Izuku stared at him, mouth slightly open, "W-What are you doing here?"

The serious, good-looking face tilted to the side, "As far as I'm concerned this is my son's school. Also am I not allowed to fetch my future boyfriend?"

"Kacchan!" His face reddened, and he shook his head in disbelief. "Where's Toshio-kun?"

Katsuki scoffed, "Are you really going to ask about my son? Not about my work or why I wasn't showing up? I'm jealous, Deku."

"Stop!" A surprised giggle came out of his lips.

He put his piles in his bag and walked towards Katsuki. The blond took it from his hand and threw it on his shoulder. Then he had the guts to take Izuku's hand and intertwined it with his.

"W-What?! We aren't even da—"


Izuku's face heated, and didn't say anymore as he followed the blonde outside. They even met the two gossiping mother in the hallway. They were looking at them with wide eyes. The green-haired pursed his lips and couldn't help but ask the person next to him, "Those two... aren't you going to say hello to them? They said they know you, Kacchan."

Katsuki frowned, "I don't know them. Why the fuck do I need to say hello?" Izuku heard the gasps from the two mothers. "Besides it doesn't matter if we are dating or fucking, its not like we are shoving dick pics on their goddamn front door."

This caused him to giggle. He knew that he was being petty, but he couldn't help it.

As the two went off, Izuku realized that they were going to Katsuki's apartment, using the blonde's car.

"M-My car?"

"Tch. Let it be for now, nerd. I'm bringing you to my house for another dinner."

When they got into the apartment, Izuku prompted. "So... Toshio-kun?"

"He was with his grandma's house." The blonde answered as he put down Izuku's bag.

It meant, they were alone. Inside the room. And suddenly, the kissing scene a few weeks ago came in his mind. He couldn’t forget the episode in the parking lot. Couldn’t get it out of his mind. His eyelids lowered, giving Katsuki a drowsy, sensually dangerous appearance as his hands tightened on the back of the couch.

“Don’t tempt me,” He whispered.

Tempt him? What did the blonde think he was doing to him? He was killing Izuku.


Izuku licked his own lower lip, unaware that he was staring back at Katsuki sensually. This was Katsuki Bakugou. He had dreamt of him every night, lusted for him, ached for him. He had missed him.

The blond groaned, both of their breathing accelerated. “You have two choices, baby. You can refuse or accept the consequences. Because I'm about two seconds from doing something that we might both like, since we know that the sexual tension between us is too hard to ignore."


The consequences of being in his touch, his passion. The next second, Izuku found himself kneeling in front of the blond. He would have cared and be ashamed for they were literally at the front door but all rational thoughts flew away.

Katsuki's hands were pulling on his own belt and pants, pushing it down, his hunger heating the air. It hadn’t made sense, even before, and it made less sense now. But he couldn’t deny the incredible pleasure or the desire that sang through his blood at the blonde's touch.

"If you don't want to be fucked, Deku, tell me now."


As his erection sprang free, Izuku's hands reached out hesitantly, fingers sliding over the moist turgid head of his cock. Katsuki's indrawn breath was like a sound of excruciating sensation as a throttled groan slipped past his throat. Izuku watched as his own fingers smoothed over the hot male erection, feeling the heat and hardness that awaited him there. His own dick throbbed in demand, a piercing sensation of unbearable need streaking into his stomach.

Izuku wanted all of Katsuki, every inch of his hard body covering him, taking him, making him scream with pleasures he had only heard about.


Shudders of sensation worked over his own body as he let his fingers slide idly around the crest of that erection. It throbbed, darkening further as he felt his own tightening in his pants.

"What do you want, baby?” The blonde's voice deepened as one hand tangled in that green hair, the gentle pressure against his head encouraging him to draw closer.

“Kacchan,” he whispered beseechingly.

"Whatever you want, Deku.” Katsuki whispered back as the bulging head came closer, his hand urging Izuku down.

Izuku's hand grabbed the hard muscles of the hero's thighs as he whimpered in a hungry desperate need he hadn’t known he was capable of.

He wanted to taste Katsuki.

He wanted to know how hard and hot his cock would be within his own mouth, feel the hard pulse of life beneath the tight flesh and know it was for him. Izuku was but a breath away, fighting to control the hard tremors of response quaking through his flesh as his tongue reached out and licked slowly over the small slit that pierced the head of Katsuki's cock.




He was all male, huge and ready for Izuku.


His mouth opened, drawing the bulging head of Katsuki's erection between his lips as his tongue began to stroke and caress, tasting the small drops of pre-cum that escaped it.

“Oh—fucking hell…” The blonde's hips lifted as a sound of sharp surprise left his lips. "There you go, Deku. F-Fuck yes, suck my cock, baby. Take everything you want.”

No experience here, but none was required. Only hot, wet suckling strokes that drove him to the very edge of his control. Izuku's cool, silken hand cupped his balls, tested their weight gently a second before his mouth slid lower, the flared head of his cock nearly touching his throat as he began to suck him with hungry abandon.

Small, lusty mewls escaped from the green-haired and it vibrated on his erection, nearly sending him over the edge.

"Baby.” He clenched his teeth as he fought to hold onto his control. His hands tangled in that soft green hair, holding Izuku to him as he pushed his cock deeper into his mouth, glorying in the sounds of the pleasure the other man was taking from an act that drove him steadily closer to ecstasy.

Green eyes glittered up at him with drowsy sexuality, freckled cheeks flushing and any control Katsuki may have had was shot in that second.


“I’m going to come,” he growled as Izuku worked his flesh with moist hunger. "Deku.” He could feel the fire arcing up his spine. “Baby. I’m going to lose it.”

His cock flexed and green eyes darkened further. His hands tightened in those green hair as his balls drew up against the base of his shaft and he felt his semen surging from the very depths of his soul.

"Fuck.” His lips drew back, his eyes threatening to close, but he didn’t want to miss so much as a moment of this.

He felt his seed erupt from the tip in hard, jetting pulses of release. Izuku's eyes widened, his lips paused for a bare second before he shuddered, moaning wildly, swallowed and began to draw on him again as each pulse thereafter was greedily consumed. Th teacher almost gagged as the cock was shoved deeper in his throat. He haven't even swallowed it all yet when Katsuki quickly lifted him off of his feet over his shoulder.


"K-Kacchan!" He yelped, spits and cum trickling down from his lips to his chin.

Then the blode threw him on the bed. He hadn't even have any time to admire the room, because his mind wondered about Katsuki's pants on his knees, and was amazed how the blonde didn't even tripped. But all these thoughts were forgotten as a predatory grin formed on Katsuki’s lips, obscured only briefly as he pulled his shirt off. “Strip.”

Somehow, Izuku complied after wiping the cum on his chin using the back of his hand. His gaze not leaving Katsuki's ripped body, his shoulders were broad, all pure muscles, and they were shifting and flexing as he dug through the drawer next to the bed. He was holding a bottle of lube when Izuku was finally done stripping.

"God. I’m going to end up fucking you blind,” The blonde muttered as he came to the bed. The kiss, when it finally came, was greedy, hot and hungry as his lips and tongue tore through his mouth. His hands roamed over his body, one smoothing along Izuku's tummy as he shifted his legs and spread them slowly.

The green haired gasped for breath as his hips was lifted by the blonde, bending the lower half of his body until his glory hole was exposed. A sharp detonation of pleasure exploded inside of him at the way his finger poke on the puckered flesh of his ass. He jerked, whimpering. His hands clenched on the sheet, trying to find an equilibrium for his sanity, as Katsuki leaned down, his face was close to Izuku's ass.

A surprised yelp came out of Izuku's throat as a teeth sunk onto the flesh of his ass.

"Kacchan—" he sucked in a breath as a finger, slicked and cold, jabbed into him, slowly at first before it pushed till its knuckle. “O-Oh, my God—” he shuddered as Katsuki twisted his wrist rubbing against his walls, then thrusting the finger in and out, trying to stretch him out until he could force another finger in.

"Will you taste as good here as you do with your mouth, ha? Deku?"

"Ah—nnghh—I don't—know...” Izuku couldn't speak properly, his voice was cracking as he sucked down oxygen in desperate gasps.

“Let’s see if you are as good here, sensei~.”

Katsuki's tongue swiped down. He hummed against it, a sound of lust and satisfaction as his hips surged closer to his hot mouth. Tightening his hands on his hips, the blonde held him in place as he began his campaign to drive Izuku crazy with the slow, hungry licks and carnal thrust of his fingers in his ass.

“So good…” The blonde muttered as he traveled lower, his tongue rimming the entrance to Izuku's hole. “So sweet and hot…” He invaded him slowly while fucking him with his fingers. And the green-haired's tumultuous wail echoed around them.


Izuku scrambled to hold onto the last shred of control. Fought to hold back, to enjoy without losing himself in his touch, but from the first caress he had been a goner and he knew it. When Katsuki lifted his hips, opening him further, and plunged his tongue into the snug cavern of his ass, he gave up the last measure of sanity.


He had never been loved like this. Had never experienced such sexual pleasure in all his adult life. Had never been taken with such carnal intent as Katsuki was taking him now. His tongue and fingers fucked deep inside his burning hole, pumping into him with fierce strokes as he threw Izuku higher, deeper into the maelstrom awaiting him. Whipping arcs of heat flickered through the teacher, heating his flesh, sensitizing each nerve ending as he strained closer to the inferno building inside him.

Those red eyes, shielded by thick lashes, watched Izuku with heated lust as his tongue and fingers didn't stop from their invasion. He couldn't get enough, and added another finger in. Pumping them inside.

The explosive hero's hands were warm and a bit sweaty, probably because of the NG-like sweat he was producing. At that moment, the probability of getting his ass exploded wasn't in his mind. All Izuku could think of was that the touch sent his system into a riot of sensations as he fought to breathe through the pleasure exploding along his senses.

"K-Kacchan. Oh God. I—" The teacher thrashed beneath him, his voice rising in reaction to the extreme pleasure rushing through him, "I can't stand it…."

Izuku was terrified, exhilarated, yearning and yet desperate to draw back. His eyes were tearing up.

He was confused.

He wanted more.

The conflicting impulses were shattering his sense of reality.

The green-haired arched to Katsuki, a tiny sob escaping his lips as his fingers went to the ash-blonde hair and it sank deeper, holding his head to him as he suckled at the tight flesh deeply.

Ah God, it was too good. So good that if Katsuki asked him what grade he could get from this, he'd be more than glad to give him an A+. Katsuki's teeth nibbled at the soft entrance of his back that his mouth had surrounded, his tongue lashing at it with fiery demand before he sucked at it firmly once again.

Izuku couldn’t stay still. Couldn’t stop his hands from holding him closer, his hips from moving, rubbing his ass more to that hot and moist tongue, to those fingers. And his own dick was so swollen, throbbing, so agonizingly sensitive he knew it would take very little to send him exploding into orgasm.

"Kacchan. Kacchan. Kacchan—Kaccha—" He kept on mumbling Karsuki's name as his hole was fucked with the blonde's tongue and fingers.

“Mmm.” The sound of male pleasure, the feel of his tongue fucking inside him was nearly too much.

Izuli was reaching, desperate…oh God, he was so close. His hands tightened in those blonde hair, holding Katsuki to him as he ate him with such sensual abandon that he felt lost in the headlong flight to wherever the blonde was determined to push him.

Insanity , the teacher imagined. Complete, hedonistic mindlessness.

Katsuki's tongue and fingers were weapons of sensual torture. It pumped and flickered in and out of his ass licking up the puckered and wet hole to torment him further, his lips covering it, suckling it, his tongue rasping over it.

Izuku was seconds from an orgasm. He could feel it building in his cock, his nerve endings gathering themselves for the explosion to come. But Katsuki stopped, pulling his tongue and fingers out of Izuku's ass. The green-haired gasped, he now felt empty and exposed. A tear fell from his eyes.


"W-What—" he was so confused.

The blond growled, looming above him. And then a wet noise was heard as Katsuki started slicking himself up with the lube. His gaze was so intent, promising Izuku much more, and when the head of his cock pressed against his entrance, the green-haired pressed back

Katsuki gripped his ass, thrusting halfway into him in one movement, splitting him open in the best way possible. "Holy fuck—yes!" he seemed to wheeze as his hips jerked, only to bury him marginally deeper. "You're so fucking tight—"

Izuku felt the convulsive clenching of his ass, the hungry milking motion of his muscles as Katsuki's flesh stretched them tight. Bare, hot flesh buried inside him. A danger. He panted, fighting not to tempt the control he was trying to impose over his big body.

But it was so good.

“Kacchan…” He jerked as he felt the head throb within him, driving Katsuki deeper.

"So cute, Deku,” The blonde whispered as his lips moved to Izuku's. “So fuckin' cute you take my breath away."

Guttural and intense, the words didn’t matter as much as his lips smoothed sensually over him, creating a rasping pleasure that had him begging for more.

“Please, Kacchan,” Izuku whispered as Katsuki kissed the corner of his lips.


He was gripping at the sheets to ground himself, the exhales from him were like moans. He wanted Katsuki to take him. To move. He was feeling so hot, desperate need burning inside him. He lifted a hand from the sheets, gripping onto Katsuki’s hair and rolling his hips back.

Instead, the hand gripping on his ass tightened and the blonde covered his lips. Then his hands cupped his ass, his fingers plumping and stroking it, sending arcs of diabolical pleasure straight to his aching dick. Katsuki licked his lips as he opened for him, their breathing hard and erratic, need slicing along their nerve endings.

“Let me pleasure you, sensei.” His lips caressed his as he spoke. “Let me show you how much I love hearing your cries and your pleas. Let me show you how good it can be."

Jerking his hips closer, a second before he drove deep inside his gripping flesh. Reality no longer existed in any way, shape or form.

There was only this.

Katsuki buried within him, hot and steel-hard, fucking him with deep driving strokes as he screamed out beneath him. Only the squelching sounds of flesh slapping and their moans and groans could be heard inside the room. Izuku'’s legs wrapped around his pounding hips, his hands gripping his shoulders as he held him close, lunging forcefully into his tight hole.

Each stroke sank to the very depths of his ass, caressing sensitive tissue, hitting his prostate gland, rasping delicate nerves until with a final, weak cry Izuku fought the final battle with the orgasm overtaking him and lost. He exploded beneath Katsuki, the white-hot streaks of ecstasy surging throughout his cock, making a mess in his stomach, as his ass tightened spasmodically around the blonde's plunging cock.

A second later, he felt Katsuki's release; hot, hard jets of cum spilling into Izuku as he groaned his name roughly, his voice tortured, dark and hungry. The noise he made was inhuman as he jammed his hips deeper. The heated warmth shattered the green-haired again, sending him plunging headlong into a smaller but no less destructive orgasm that left him weak and terribly frightened that he had just given this man more than his body.

He also had given him his heart.

Izuku slipped out of bed the next morning, making sure that the blonde wasn't awake. He gathered up his clothes and headed home. He was thankful that Katsuki was still sleeping, because he wasn’t entirely certain he could handle a conversation with him right now.

Never in his life had he experienced a pleasure as astounding as what he had felt in his arms the night before. He had never thought of sex, even before he met Katsuki. Even before he realized that he likes guys too. Sure, he had few experiments done by himself—he even have notes for it—but it left him disappointed, left him wondering why he had bothered.

However, last night had shown him why he should bother with Katsuki.

When he got home, he quickly stood under a shower. Izuku shivered beneath the pounding force of the hot shower, his eyes closing as he fought the sensitivity of his own body. He ached in places that he didn’t know could ache. The globes of his ass was marked here and there with the reddened proof of Katsuki's passion. Even his lips carried one of the rosy brands from his mouth. His ass clenched as he felt it ripple in remembered pleasure. Katsuki's mouth had lingered there, kissing and sucking him so intimately Izuku had thought he would die from the sensations. If he wasn’t extremely careful, he could become addicted to the blonde's touch, his kiss.

Rinsing quickly, he turned off the shower and dried his body roughly, wondering if there was any way to erase the feel of him from his flesh. The heat and hardness, strong thighs parting his, his cock, so hard and thick, working inside him.


Izuku shook his head, attempting to dispel the memory of the blonde's touch. He had to figure out what to do now. He didn't know how to face Katsuki.

And Oh God, Toshio-kun... How would he be able to face the kid? He was doomed… He was so screwed, and he knew it. He fucked the kid's father—more likely, he was the one who got fuck. But also, he was falling helplessly, hopelessly in love with him.

Izuku wore his cotton shirt and short. Taking a deep breath he opened the door, stepping into the bedroom with every intention of eating something in the kitchen.Instead, he drew stock-still.

Standing in the middle of his room was the blonde himself.

Katsuki was still wearing his clothes yesterday, and he was staring seriously at Izuku, arms crossed against his chest.

"K-Kacchan... H-How did you get in?"

"Are you really going to ask me that, instead of explaining why you ran away next thing in the morning?"

His voice was deep and husky, and Izuku's knees almost gave up. "I—" he tried to look for something to say, but his throat was constricting. He also didn't know what to say.

Katsuki stared down at him arrogantly, though the effect was spoiled somewhat by the glint of amusement in his eyes. "Is that how it works now, sensei? After learning so much about sexual pleasure, you're just going home and forget everything? I don't think that's how it works." He turned serious, "Hey, Izuku, we both knew we have this sexual pull between us and that we are both falling for each other. So why deny?"

The green-haired gasped, "H-How did—"

"Well I'm a fucking DILF, how could you not like me?"

"Eh? W-What do u mean DILF?"

"Jesus." The man snickered, "You don't know? Daddy I'd like to fuck."

Izuku sputtered. And then a thought suddenly formed inside his head, "Oh my God, what will Toshio-kun say if he knows about you and—"

"You really asked that after taking my dick up your ass?!"


"My son likes you, Deku. In fact, we both like you. Heh." He smirked when green eyes widened. "I've been thinking about this and I believe we should establish it. So what now, sensei? Don't you still have something to collect upon winning that time when I fed you?"

Izuku nibbled on his lower lip. A few seconds later, he moved quickly and smashed their lips together as an answer.