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Things We Lost In The Fire

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A soft sigh parted your lips as you stood underneath the warm rays of the sun, the breeze gently caressing your skin, your hair swaying with it. The days were growing warmer and the air sweeter as Spring drew near, Winter slowly coming to an end. The nights were still cold, but at least you no longer needed three fur blankets to stave away the biting chill of Winter.

The soft chimes coming from the flowers made a soft smile pull at your lips as you looked down at the last of the winter fairies, so small that you could only perceive them as small glowing white blue orbs. One of them hovered over your basket, and you smiled down at it, pulling aside the cloth that covered the contents to reveal the jar of honey you brought for them, the rest of the basket filled with poultices for the village. 

“I brought some honey for your court, to thank you for the materials your leaders parted with,” you said, placing the jar on the ground, “I added some snowberries to keep it chilled, as you like it.” An excited chime sounded and the orb weaved around the jar in glee, covering it with a coat of light blue ice. A soft giggle bubbled out of you as you covered the basket once more, waving at them, “Enjoy! I hope we meet next Winter!”

With that, you made your way across the small footpath the Fae made for you. It was something only you could see and traverse, any other mortal would either not see it or end up walking in circles. A low growl pulled your attention to the dark shrubbery beside you, “Oh, I didn’t forget about you, Fuyu.” Smiling, you opened your leather satchel attached at your hip, pulling out a jar of bright blue gel, “A frost balm for the coming seasons. Only take one scoop a day, otherwise it won’t last.” A harrumph sounded as a long spindly arm reached out, grabbing the jar gently, then disappearing into the shrubbery once more.

You continued down your path, finally reaching the stretch of grass that marked the crossing between the human and Fae kingdoms. The sweetness of the air faded as you crossed back into the human kingdom, replaced by a more subdued scent. A smile pulled at your lips as you saw your aids waving at you, and you waved back at them as you made the short trek back to your cottage.

“Miss [Y/N], did the fairies like the honey?” young Izuku asked, his large round eyes filled with mirth, crinkling with the bright smile on his lips, “And did Fuyu appreciate the balm?” He ran a gloved hand through his moss green tresses, a soft blush on his freckled cheeks as he looked down bashfully, “It’s probably a silly question.”

“No shit, Deku. Of course they appreciated her gifts,” young Katsuki barked, brows turned to an annoyed frown as he looked up from his work, only to glare back at the snapdragons when they tried to nip at his fingers, “Yeah, yeah, I’m fucking busy feeding you.”

You shook your head, eyes closed as you laughed at the duo, “No need for such harsh language, young Katsuki. And it’s not a silly question, young Izuku, Fae are indeed fickle creatures. I may be good friends with them, but even I cannot guess when their whims will change.” Soft laughter bubbled up more as young Katsuki turned his face away, trying to hide his flushed cheeks, and young Izuku merely gave a relieved smile.

Young Ochako merely joined in with your laughter, leaning away from the excited swaying of the slithervines, “Miss [Y/N], I hope your journey went well this time. Did any mischievous little sprites try to trick you again? We saw some of them dancing near the border, but Bakugo’s surly face gave them the shivers!” At the glare young Katsuki shot at her, she merely laughed, sprinkling some sugar towards the vines.

The sound of a bell ringing brought your attention to the back door, where young Shoto leaned out of the door, his dual-toned eyes landing on you, “Oh, Miss [Y/N], I was just about to look for you! The fire scarabs got out of their cage again, and they’re chasing Koda.”

A merry chuckle left you as you handed the basket over to young Izuku, “Would you be a dear and hand these to Courier? They need to be sent to Mustafa village.” You returned young Izuku’s beaming smile and watched as he ran off to hand the poultice to their Phoenix, then moved to enter the cottage, hearing the commotion before she saw it.

Fiery red beetles buzzed through the air, chasing young Koji around. A shrill whistle left you, and the beetles froze. “Leave poor young Koji alone. It’s not nice terrorizing people. Do I have to lower your meat rations again?” you spoke in a stern voice, watching as the beetles frantically returned to their terrarium.

Young Koji visibly sagged with relief, a thankful look on his face, “Th-thank you, Miss [Y/N].” The large boy bowed down to you, and you merely shook your head, giving his shoulder a soft pat and smiling when he rose up, “I-I apologize, Miss [Y/N].”

“Young Koji, it is fine. There is no need to bow or show such high respects. You are an equal here,” you said, giving him a warm smile, “We’ll help you get over your discomfort with insectoids, but for now, would you please make sure the floofs are fed? Young Tsuyu was supposed to feed them, but if I recall correctly, she left today to see her family.”

“That is correct, Miss [Y/N]. Asui left approximately an hour ago,” young Tenya’s voice sounded from the front of the cottage, “Kaminari, Kirishima and Sero also left approximately thirty minutes ago to help a customer carry some of her purchases.” His head popped around the entrance separating the front and back, and you gave him an appreciative nod, then he disappeared again.

“M-Miss [Y/N],” the slightly out of breath voice of young Momo made you look over at her, seeing her hold a young drake in her arms, “Hagakure, Jirou and Ashido are bringing more. We found them in an abandoned nest. It would appear they have been without heat for a while.”

A worried frown creased your brow as you walked over, sniffing the drake, “The reek of humans… no doubt curious people who thought that they would make excellent pets, only to have the pair chase them off. Unfortunately they would probably not recognize their scent. Get them into the fire scarab’s terrarium and add some fire ointment to their chests. I’ll fetch our old nurse.” With that, you made your way to the stairway leading to the basement, hurriedly passing by some of your other aids until you stopped beside the dark haired man, “Ah, Shota, just who I was looking for. Have you seen where Galena is? We need her to nurse a brood of drakes.”

Shota looked over at you, sighed and turned around, the old cat in his arms fast asleep. “As you can see, she is very much enjoying her nap. I will take her to the drakes,” he said, scratching behind her second set of ears and cooing softly as he left.

This was your daily life, taking care of magical flora and fauna, as well as providing a home for people who were different. Ever since you were young, you had an affinity for all the mythical things that existed in the world. You understood them, and they understood you. These were trying times, and many humans still held prejudice against all things magical, but their stigmas were quickly dying out, and your wonderful cottage was the reason for it. You tended to everyone, human or not. And you protected those the humans had dared to hunt. You were equal parts loved and feared by humans, but you were always respected.

Your word and existence was what kept the peace between the kingdoms, after all. And one word from you could send all the magical forces you held counsel with down upon the humans. Of course, not all creatures were good, but you knew how to handle them, how to sate their urges and keep the peace. And for that, the humans respected you.

Life was full of difficulties, but the joy you felt when all of your aids sat around the dinner table, merrily conversing and eating, enjoying life, it made your day every single time.

So, when a frantic young Izuku came charging down, you did not stress or panic. You merely smiled at him, “Yes, young Izuku? What brings you to me with such haste?” You waited patiently as he regained his breath, eyes wide and frantic.

“A… a dragon… it… it crashed near the barn,” he heaved out once he could, chest rising and falling rapidly, “It looks like hunters… attacked it… It… it won’t let any of us near, and Courier is trying to tire it out.”

Eyes wide, you sprinted with a ferocious speed, zipping up the stairs and out of the cottage, eyes landing on the barn. And, as young Izuku said, there was indeed a dragon there. You waved your arms frantically at your aids, “Step back! Leave it to me!” They stopped, and reluctantly backed away, but hovering close by as you stopped beside Courier, the Phoenix’s feathers puffed up and ruffled. “Return to your duties, young ones. The cottage will not take care of itself,” you spoke, giving them a confident smile, sighing in relief as they reluctantly returned to the cottage.

You lightly pat the Phoenix’s side, “There, there, Courier. Easy girl. You still have to deliver those poultices. No need to run late.” Courier gave a worried huff, but rose into the air, albeit reluctantly so. Your gaze fixed onto the dragon, scanning its body. Its scales were midnight black, with a few crimson streaks here and there, but your heart dropped at the purple exposed flesh. “Oh no,” you whispered, brows creased, “You must be in so much pain, noble dragon.” The wounds still ebbed a steady flow of purple blood, but you knew these wounds weren’t fresh. To work through a dragon’s scales like that would take days, and you could only imagine the pain this one was in.

You took a cautious step towards it, your eyes locking with its intelligent blue ones, “Relax. I promise I won’t hurt you. Please, let me take a look at your wounds.” Its eyes followed your movements, body tensing. You stopped the moment a blue glow emanated from its chest, the strong smell of sulphur leaving its maw. You bowed your head, hand outstretched, a sign of trust and submission. It fell quiet, and you could feel the ground vibrate beneath your feet as it took cautious steps towards you.

When you felt a warm, scaled snout pressing into your hand, your lips pulled into a smile, cautiously moving your head to look over at it, “Good, good.” Up close, you could see the slight discoloration of its flesh, signs of both blood loss and the beginnings of an infection. Rage boiled in you, “Those stupid hunters. Always taking sadistic glee in wounding your kind.” You looked into its eyes, giving it the warmest, kindest smile you could, “Please, follow me. I believe I have everything in the barn that I can use to aid you.”

The dragon gave you a skeptical look, but complied regardless, sluggishly following you as you made your way to the barn doors. Cautiously, you opened them a bit, allowing him to sniff, then opening once he seemed to relax. “Hawks, you’ll be getting a friend. Don’t bother him, too much, okay? He’s hurt.” An excited coo sounded, a flurry of gold and red bounding towards you excitedly, only to stop when a low growl escaped the dragon. You smiled apologetically at the dragon, “I apologize, Hawks has only had Courier for company, and he’s always excited to meet new people.”

The griffin cawed in agreement, purring happily as he sauntered over to you, rubbing affectionately against you, which only made you laugh, “Not now, Hawks. Tell my aids to come. I will need their help tending to all his wounds. Tell them to bring dragon roots with, and some slithervines.” You gave his beak an affectionate nuzzle, then stroked his fur as he hopped past you.

You looked over at the dragon, then gestured to the wide interior of the barn, “Make yourself comfortable. I apologize for advance, it will be a bit crowded in here, but I promise that all the people coming to help take care of you are people I trust. They will not harm you. So, please, try not to hurt them.” It huffed at you, limping into the barn, but your heart froze as it fell forward, a pained whine leaving it. Brows creased in worry, you rushed to its head, seeing the life slowly drain from its bright blue eyes, “No, no. Come now, keep fighting. I know it hurts, but you made it this far.”

Frantically, you began to feel its pulse, feeling the life slowly ebb from its veins, and dread filled your bones. As if their timing couldn’t be any better, your aids stood by the doors of the barn, your head snapping to them, orders barking from you and getting them into motion.

The next few hours were frantic as everyone worked together to clean all its wounds and monitor its vitals, doing exactly as you ordered while mixing and preparing all the ointments needed to save its life. You refused to let it die so soon after finding a place where it could be saved.

Hawks stood close by, plucking some of his feathers for you to use in your ointments, an understanding look on his amber eyes. Courier sat beside him, passing some of her feathers as well, a sad coo escaping her as she rubbed her head gently against your leg. You visibly shook, tears threatening to spill down, but you refused to give up. You remained strong, and once all his wounds were covered in healing ointments and wrapped in bandages, you used the potent poultice containing Hawks and Courier’s feathers, gently feeding it to the dragon.

Looking outside, you could see it was well into the night. Everyone looked tired and worn out, their clothes dirtied. With an exhausted smile, you waved them on, “Go rest. You all did well, now only time will tell. It’s up to its strength and will to live. I will keep watch, don’t wait for me.” You were thankful that they did not try to protest, only tiredly made their way back to the cottage.

A drawn out sigh escaped you as you walked to the dragon’s side, your hand gently stroking its muzzle, “Hang in there, okay? I want you to live a happy life, and I want to get to know you. You’re still so young, you’ve barely passed adulthood.” You huffed a laugh as Hawks propped his head underneath your arm, rubbing against you soothingly.

A smile tugged at your lips as you seated yourself in from the dragon’s head, so that you would be the first thing it would see when it woke up. Hawks curled around you, his head resting on your lap and his body providing a support for you to lean against and warmth to stave away the chill of the night. Courier tugged the barn doors closed, then strut towards the dragon, plucking some of her feathers and laying it around him, their warmth enough to keep its body warm, then she went to rest by its chest, head pulled under her wing as she fell asleep.

Your hand idly stroked Hawks’ head, earning a purr from him. “I really hope it makes it… I would hate for it to have survived so long only to die as it found help,” you whispered, a soft huff leaving you as Hawks nudged you gently, a soothing coo leaving him. You smiled and continued to stroke his head, eyes closing as you rest against his warm body, “You’re right. It'll definitely make it.”

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The next few days were filled with the usual activities, although you had attended to the dragon’s wounds at least every two hours, making sure the bandages and ointments were kept fresh. Some of your aids helped during those times when you were busy with other things. Courier and Hawks made turns in keeping it warm, laying against its chest. And while it showed no signs of deteriorating, it did not show any signs of improvement either.

By the fifth day, you feared that it had fallen into an eternal sleep. The only magic you knew of that could wake it up resided with the summer fairies, but they were still an entire season away from appearing. And a favour as large as that came with a great cost. The Fae were your friends, but they were fickle creatures as well, and their deals almost always had some twist to it.

You sat on front of the dragon, hand gently placed atop its snout. The amount of exposed flesh was terrifying, and you were surprised that it had even been able to fly in its state. Its lower jaw, ears, down its neck, chest, shoulders and forelegs were all covered in bandages, as well as its hips and hind legs. Two half circles covered the skin beneath its eyes. And almost half of its back was wrapped and covered as well. However, the most worrisome was the semi-circular scar over its heart. “I only hope you feel no pain while you sleep,” you whispered, a sad smile forming on your lips as Courier nuzzled against you, “Thank you, Courier. Everyone had grown attached to him. It would be… heart-breaking if it perished…”

You are pulled from your thoughts when the barn doors open, a familiar laugh filling you with warmth. “Do not fear! Why? Because I am here!” Toshinori’s voice boomed, his large form filling the doorframe, only to instantly shrink down again, coughing up blood.

“Toshi! It’s so good to see you!” you greeted, a warm smile parting your lips, your eyes crinkling, and you rose to your feet, “If I’d known you were coming, I would have tidied up a bit. Young Izuku will be so happy to see you again, as will all my other aids.”

He smiled, looking over at the unconscious dragon, wiping the blood away, “Aizawa told me about your current patient. Dragons sure are a rare sight, but this… I can understand your feelings, young [Y/N].” He walked over to you, pulling you in for a quick hug, then lowered himself onto his haunches, inspecting the dragon, one hand idly moving to stroke Hawks’ head, earning an annoyed grunt from the griffin, “I forgot, Enji is your favourite.” You chuckled as Courier quickly perched herself on his shoulder, a pleased look on her face as he began to idly stroke her feathers, “I believe Shuzenji might be able to aid somewhat in his recovery.”

“Ah, yes, I sent a message to Chiyo a day ago, but I haven’t received any word from her yet,” you said, seating yourself once more, “I know Hunters are necessary sometimes… but do they have to be so utterly… barbaric? Perhaps if they weren’t all humans, they’d have more heart.”

Toshinori arched a brow at you, “You know as well as I do that not all humans have ill intentions. Look at young Midoriya, he was human before.” A sheepish look crossed your face as you rubbed the back of your neck, and he merely placed a reassuring hand on your shoulder, “Come what may, you can at least say you did not let it die. You fought for its life.”

You nodded and rose with Toshinori, lightly reaching over to stroke Hawks’ head, “Keep an eye on it for me, please?” He nodded, purring softly at the way your hand stroked his feathers, playfully tugging his ears that earned you a happy chortle, “Good boy.” Toshinori merely laughed at the way Hawks’ chest puffed out at the praise. “Come, let’s prepare dinner, I think something special is in order.”


"All Might!” young Izuku exclaimed gleefully, sprinting out of the small back garden, barrelling straight down on the lanky man. Toshinori merely laughed, arms spread open as young Izuku hugged him, the biggest smile on his face you have seen. “It’s so good to see you again! I finally started mastering it!”

Toshinori smiled, ruffling young Izuku’s moss green tresses, “That’s good to hear. Now, these old bones would like to rest.” He laughed at both you and Izuku rolling your eyes at him, “I’m ancient for my kind.” Courier pecked at his wild golden locks, and he just stroked her head, “You’re the oldest lady here, aren’t you?”

“All Might’s here!” am excited shout sounded from young Ochako as she called into the cottage, young Katsuki scowling over at her as he stopped tending to the snapdragons, snapping something at her, and she merely turned around and stuck her tongue out at him, which only irked hot-headed boy.

Young Katsuki looked over to where your small group approached, a brief moment of surprise on his face, and then he glared at young Izuku with his carmine eyes, “Way to fucking go, Deku. Now the feed needs to be cleaned up.” He pointed towards the bucket carelessly thrown aside on the garden’s small walkway, small seeds scattered everywhere. 

Young Izuku blushed furiously, looking down bashfully, “I sincerely apologize, Miss [Y/N], I saw All Might and I… got a bit over excited.” One hand moved to rub the back of his neck as he went over to the bucket, scooping most of the contents back into it, “I’ll clean the rest of it up.”

A mirthful chuckle left you and you merely shrugged, “No need, young Izuku. And young Katsuki, be kinder. I know you’re still adjusting, but there’s no need to be so hostile to young Izuku.” Another chuckle left you as young Katsuki looked away, a slight embarrassed flush on his cheeks. “While the three of you are out here, would you be so kind as to get the vegetables and herbs for my special stew?”

All three teenagers spun their heads to look at you, surprise on their faces, which was quickly replaced with joy as they nodded vigorously, moving about the garden with renewed energy. Toshinori merely laughed and followed you into the cottage, quickly swarmed with excitement from all your aids.

You couldn’t help the warmth in your chest or the soft laughter that bubbled up at the lively nature, watching as he made an effort to greet every single aid, as well as answering all their questions and giving them hugs. He was a legend amongst your kind, loved by most – and those who did not, at least respected the power he held.

Your eyes landed on young Shoto, who stood awkwardly to one side, one hand holding his arm, an uncertain look on his face. With a gentle smile, you walked over to him, placing a reassuring hand on his shoulder, “What is the matter, young Shoto?”

His dual-toned eyes met yours, brows slightly creased, “My mother sent me a letter… Midoriya and Uraraka both said I should go see her, but…” His voice died down, one hand moved to gently stroke the scarred side of his face.

“As terrifying as it may seem, I believe both young Izuku and Ochako are right,” you spoke gently, eyes and smile filled with warmth, “She is, after all, still your mother. I know that you are still traumatized by the past, but I believe seeing her will help relieve those feelings. Take young Izuku and Courier with if it will help settle your worries.”

“I… will think about it,” he whispered, a half-smile on his lips. You gave his shoulder a light squeeze, then released your hand from him, smiling as he went to greet Toshinori as well.

You cleared your throat, gaining everyone’s attention, a big smile on your face as you looked over at them, “I’ll need some help tonight with making my special stew. Young Ochako, Katsuki and Izuku are already gathering some of the herbs and vegetables I need. Would the rest of you be dears and grab all the other things I need? Young Momo, Mina, Tooru and Kyoka, would you be dears and bring the drakes to the kitchen for me, please?”

The next moment was filled with excitement as all your aids sprinted around, buzzing with glee as they grabbed what you needed. You watched for a moment, then made your way over to the kitchen, preparing the pot and fire.

Young Katsuki was the first to bring his load of ingredients, a proud smile on his lips as he noticed that fact, chest puffed up in pride. You merely shook your head, smiling over at him, “Thank you, young Katsuki. Would you mind bringjng me two buckets of water please?”

“Right on it, Miss [Y/N],” he said, bounding out, confidence exuding from him, though he did turn a surly glare at young Izuku who bound past him, immediately snapping at the smaller boy, “Watch it, Deku.”

Young Izuku cowered from the surly blonde, shakily placing his load onto the counter beside young Katsuki’s, “F-finished, Miss [Y/N]. Is there… anything else I can help with?” He glanced over at the slamming back door, brows creased ever so slightly with worry.

“Don’t be afraid of young Katsuki. He’s more bark than he is bite,” you spoke, moving over to the ingredients, “You could help by rinsing these off for me. Wouldn’t want to accidentally eat dirt with my special stew, now would we?”

Young Izuku beamed at you, eyes bright once more and brows no longer created, “Y-yes, Miss [Y/N]!” He took small handfuls, placing them in the nearby basin and giving them a thorough rinse, seemingly having forgotten the worry and fear from earlier.

Young Momo, Mina, Kyoka and Tooru came in a few moments later, each carrying a drake in their arms. Beaming, you walked over to them, gently stroking each drake, “Thank you. Place them under the pot, it’ll be a nice little treat for them.” The four girls nodded, bounding over to gently coax the drakes under the pot, which they happily did, crawling into the fire and nestling there. “Thank you, girls. Would you mind helping young Izuku rinsing off those for me, please?”

Soon, the kitchen was bustling with everyone bringing ingredients, helping out where they could. Young Katsuki and Eijirou working with you in peeling and cutting up all the ingredients, tossing them into the boiling water of the pot. Toshinori gently stirred the wooden ladle, Courier now perched underneath, nuzzling against the drakes. Once everything was nearly ready, you gently shooed everyone out of the kitchen, adding your secret ingredient into the nearly finished stew.

Softly, you nudged the Phoenix sleeping in the dying fire, “Dinner’s ready. Mind keeping the drakes warm while we eat? They’re a bit too hot to handle at the moment.” She cooed softly in agreement, and you gave her a thankful nod. You scooped the stew out into bowls, calling everyone back to help carry the food to your dinner table.

Within moments, all of you were seated around the dinner table, merrily eating and talking, old Galena rubbing against everyone’s legs in the hopes of getting some scraps, which almost everyone gave her. A smile sat on your lips as you watched, worries and fears settling. Things were good.

Toshinori gave you a look, leaning closer to you, a proud look on his face, “You’re doing good, [Y/N]. You’ve come so far from the little girl I found in the forest.”

You smiled over at him, tears pricking at the corners of your eyes at the compliment, “Thank you, Toshinori. I… wouldn’t have had this if it weren’t for you. You gave me this chance to be someone, of course I won’t waste it.”

Before Toshinori could reply, the back door slammed open, a frantic Hawks charging into the dining room. His eyes landed on yours, amber gaze pleading, chest rising and falling. Within a few seconds, you were on his back as he sprinted back outside, barrelling straight towards the barn. He barely stopped outside the doors, your feet already planted on the ground and carrying you forward.

Your heart hammered in your chest, eyes trying to adjust to the darkness of the barn, ears straining to listen for any sign of life. Your body froze as a pair of bright blue eyes met your own.

“You’re awake!” you shouted in relief, startling the dragon, which scrambled away. An apologetic smile crossed your lips, “I apologize, I am just… relieved and happy to see you wake from your slumber. Would you allow me to take a look at your wounds, dragon?”

It stared at you for a moment, eyes wary. Hawks entered, chirruping softly as he moved over to the torches, activating the glowstones. You winced a bit at the sudden illumination, though quickly returned your gaze to the dragon. While it stood on all fours, it still seemed to limp and a low whined escaped it as it shifted its weight from one foot to the other. Carefully, you stepped towards it, hand outstretched once more, “Easy there. It’s been a good few days since you’ve moved. Don’t move too much. I just want to see how your wounds have healed.”

It’s muzzle pulled back in a snarl, curved teeth flashing in a show of intimidation. You scowled in return, “Don’t be an ass.” Immediately its body stilled, maw hanging slightly agape as an incredulous look crossed its face. “We looked after you for five days, tended to your wounds. If I wanted to hurt you, I wouldn’t have waited until you woke up,” you scolded, quickly closing the distance between the two of you, hands immediately moving to peel the bandages away, just enough to peek at the flesh underneath, “Infection is clearing up, colour is getting back to normal. You waking up is a good sign. Obviously a bit malnourished, but we’ll get you back to a healthy weight real soon.” Your hands moved to hold his face, inspecting his eyes, “All in all, you’re looking a lot better than you did.”

Hawks chortled at the flabbergasted dragon, merely giving a cocky and smug look as the dragon glared at him. “Hawks, I could very easily do your yearly physical inspection right now,” you spoke, smiling as the griffin very quickly fell quiet. Placing one gentle hand on the dragon’s snout, you smiled at him, filled with warmth once more, “I’m glad you made it.”

The dragon huffed, pulling its head away from your touch. Hawks trotted over, propping his head under your arm, cooing as you gently stroked his head. “I will call my aids, and we’ll bring you some food. If you wish to roam, Hawks will accompany you. Our cottage is over there,” you gestured as you spoke, the dragon’s bright blue eyes following, “If you want something, just drop by. Hawks can help you further, I will be leaving now to get you some food.”

As you turned to leave, you felt its eyes follow you, a strange feeling running down your spine, but you chose to blame it on the cold draft and your lack of a jacket. Pulling the barn doors shut, you heard Hawks animatedly start to chirrup with the dragon, a small smile on your lips as you made your way back to the cottage, giving your worried aids a relieved smile and a thumbs up, “It just woke up. I know it’s late, but we will need to prepare some food for it.”

Again, the kitchen buzzed with life as everyone worked together to make a mix of food and medicine, only finishing late that night. You smiled over at your tired aids, gently patting young Ochako’s shoulder, “The rest of you may head to bed now. You’ve all earned a good night’s rest. Young Ochako, would you mind making the bowl lighter for me?” She beamed a smile and touched the bowl, handing it over to you with great ease. You lightly pat her brunette locks, “Thank you. Go rest as well.”

As you made your way out, Toshinori moved to hold the door open for you, closing it behind you and following in comfortable silence as you returned to the barn, Courier hovering close by. “Do you think he’ll stay like Hawks and Courier did?” he asked as you stood outside the barn.

You took a moment to think it over, shrugging lightly, “Dragons are nomadic creatures. They only settle in one place once they’ve found a mate. If it flies off, I will gladly part with it, though I will make sure it’s fit enough to leave and survive out there.”

“A scarred dragon rarely finds a mate,” he pointed out, blue eyes glancing at you from their deep set sockets, “And if Hunters find him, they won’t let him escape again.”

You merely gave him a smile, then looked up at the stars, “I suppose we’ll cross those bridges when we get there. For now, we have a hungry and wounded dragon to take care of.” With that, you opened the barn doors, beaming a smile at both Hawks and the dragon, then moved to place the bowl in front of it, “Here you go, this should help you regain a lot of your strength, but I would recommend resting once you’ve eaten. You’re still recovering, and I would hate for your wounds to be agitated with you moving about too soon.”

The dragon merely stared at you for a moment then huffed as it sat down, snout poking at the mix in the bowl, gingerly opening its maw to take a bite. It looked up at you curiously, then slowly began to eat further. You smiled and lightly stroked its head, smiling at the growing warmth of its scales. You looked over at Toshinori, “I think I’ll rest in the barn for tonight. I have to clean his bandages anyway. Your room is still where it was.”

Toshinori nodded and closed the doors as he left. You smiled and moved over to where Hawks was curled up, gently propping yourself against him, watching the dragon, hand idly stroking at the soft fur behind you. Courier waltzed over to you, curling up in your lap, a soft warmth washing over you. The last thing you remember as you fell asleep was seeing the dragon move closer to the trio of you, curling around you and covering you with a wing.

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“M-Miss [Y/N].” You frowned at the trembling voice of young Koji, stirring in the warm confines of Hawks’ fur and feathers, Courier’s warmth missing. As you noticed her lacking presence, you also heard her caw threateningly, an unfamiliar growl reverberating behind you, sending vibrations down your body. Something nudged your side, and then came the worried coo of Hawks.

Eyes opening, you looked down at Hawks’ worried amber eyes, his gaze flitting over to something. Rubbing them, you looked over, your body freezing as you noticed the dragon curled defensively around you, one claw pinning a terrified young Koji to the floor, Courier pecking carefully at the claw, a scowl on her face as she cawed again. A blue glow came from its chest, traveling up its throat and maw, the smell of sulphur almost overwhelming.

Like an arrow released from a bow, you shot upright, immediately pulling at the dragon's claw, “Let young Koji go. He’s one of my aids.” You turned to look into its bright blue eyes, noting that it had stopped preparing to breathe fire, its eyes assessed you for a moment, until it huffed and released young Koji. “Thank you,” you sighed in relief, then looked over at young Koji, “Are you hurt?”

He shook his head, his body still trembling slightly, “N-no. I-I’m sorry, Miss [Y/N], I was coming to wake you for breakfast.” Gently, he pushed himself back onto his feet, looking shamefully down at the ground, “I forgot the dragon was awake.”

“No need to apologize, young Koji. We need to work on its bedside manners. Just remind the others and approach the barn with caution from now on, unless Hawks, Courier or I accompany you,” you spoke, gently patting his arm, “I will head to the cottage in a moment. I must tend to his wounds first.”

He smiled nervously up at you, then glanced at the dragon, turning around to leave, closing the barn doors behind him. You looked over at the dragon and shook your head, moving over to lightly pat its nose, “I don’t fault you for your reactions, but please, unless Hawks or Courier seem threatened, assume that anyone who enters is one of my aids.”

It glowered at you, an annoyed huff leaving it as it returned to a more relaxed position. Hawks trotted over to you, softly bumping his head against you, and you merely giggled at the action, “Yes, yes, I know. You’ll get breakfast soon. Tattooin’s supplies arrived a few days ago, so I’ll make you your favourite; chicken.” You swore Hawks’ eyes twinkled, a delighted coo leaving him as he rubbed against you, nearly knocking you off of your feet. “Easy Hawks,” you laughed, lightly patting his side.

When you looked up at the dragon, you noticed the almost jealous expression on its face as Hawks continued to rub against you. Again you felt that strange feeling, but you simply shrugged it off again. You moved over to it, gently nudging it to stand on all fours as you slowly began to peel off all the bandages that covered it, making sure to check that it didn’t hurt it. You were happy to see that the wounds seemed to be improving, scar tissue slowly forming. Stepping back, you grabbed the ointments, gingerly applying them to its wounds, the purple flesh looking healthier than it had the last few days. It hissed lowly as your hand grazed a bit hard over one spot, and you quickly pulled back. “I apologize if that hurt,” you said, quickly making sure you hadn’t agitated the wound, thankfully it didn’t seem so. Gingerly, you returned to applying ointments, and once that was done, you grabbed fresh bandages, covering all of his wounds once more.

“Do you have a name? I’d hate to call you ‘it’ and ‘the dragon’ all the time,” you asked, watching as an apprehensive look crossed its face, and you quickly spoke up again, “Not your true name, of course. I would never ask for a true name.” You stepped back to grab a cleaning cloth, wiping the ointment off of your hands.

Hawks seemed to chirrup in agreement, and the dragon gently took one claw, digging it into the dirt in front of it. You walked over, looking at the kanji engraved into the dirt. “Da…bi…” you read, then looked up at it and beamed a smile, holding your hand out to its snout, eyes crinkled with joy, “Nice to meet you, Dabi. I’m [Y/N] Faewhisper.” It looked at you for a moment, then bumped its snout against your hand. You gently stroked the warm scales as you spoke again, “Blink with your left eye if you’re a boy, and with your right if you’re a girl.” Dabi’s brows pulled down into a scowl, an almost questioning look on its face, “It would have been improper of me to… check.”

Tilting its head, it blinked its left eye. You smiled and continued to rub his snout, “Ah, I see. Well, it’s good to have you here Dabi. I’ll be leaving for a bit to get all your food ready. Try not to move around too much, okay?” He huffed and lightly bumped you with his snout, almost playful in a manner. You smiled and turned around, waving as you left the barn, “See you soon.”

The walk to the cottage was relatively quick, a new spring in your step as you entered. You smiled at your aids, greeting all of them as you made your way to the kitchen, sleeves rolled up as you began to prepare the feeding mix for Courier, Hawks and Dabi. A familiar presence stood beside you, offering some aid, and you looked over to give young Katsuki an appreciative smile, “Thank you, young Katsuki. Would you mind cutting up some dragon root for me please? Dabi still needs some healing herbs, he’s not at the strength he should be yet.”

His eyes narrowed, brows furrowed, until his bright mind put two and two together, “He’s the dragon.” He left, then returned, a handful of purple roots in his grasp, rinsing them off and then moved to start dicing them, tossing them into the mix you were currently kneading. A comfortable silence fell as the two of you worked together, broken only when he stopped to stare at you. “Why did you let that idiot in?”

You glanced over at him, no need to ask who he meant, a soft sigh parting your lips, “Young Katsuki… he’s an orphan, just like you, and many of your friends. All Might saved him and mentored him, but because he travels around so much, he asked me to take young Izuku in. We were the only people he felt comfortable enough to look after him.” You watched some of the anger on his face wash away, “I know you don’t like humans all that much, but remember, not all of them are evil. Young Izuku is one of the good ones.”

Silence fell over the kitchen once more, young Katsuki focusing intently on cutting up the food and fetching what you asked him. You smiled once the feeds were done, then looked over at him, “Would you mind getting young Ochako and Eijirou for me please?” Silently, he nodded and left, returning shortly with the other two, “Young Ochako, would you be a dear please and make these lighter? Young Katsuki and Eijirou, would you two please help me carry Courier and Hawks’ feeds as well?”

The trio nodded, young Ochako and Eijirou grinning goofily, and young Katsuki merely looking off to the side. The brunette girl quickly touched each bowl, a faint glow emanating from her fingertips as she did so. Young Eijirou took Hawks’ feed, and young Katsuki took Courier’s feed. You took Dabi’s feed and the three of you made it to the back door, which young Izuku held open for you.

Watching closely, you saw young Eijirou smile at him, giving him a warm thanks, and the green haired boy returned the smile, which quickly fell as young Katsuki walked past him. He tensed up, ready for the explosive blonde’s verbal abuse, only to stare in confusion as the blonde continued to walk by. You smiled down at him, lightly patting his moss green tresses, “Relax, young Izuku. Would you please make sure young Tsuyu has fed the floofs?”

He nodded and left as you stepped outside. Young Eijirou animatedly hummed as the three of you made your way to the barn, but you quickly stopped him before he could open the door, smiling at his worried face, “Let me go in first, Dabi is still a bit skittish.”

“Oh, okay,” young Eijirou laughed, his toothy grin flashing brightly, “Makes sense. I mean, I wouldn’t trust anyone after getting hurt like that.”

You gave him an appreciative smile and slowly pried the barn’s doors open, a warm smile on your face as your eyes met Dabi’s bright blue ones, “We brought dinner, two of my aids are with me, don’t hurt them.” He huffed, rolling his eyes as you pushed the doors open wider, allowing both young Eijirou and Katsuki to enter, and they moved in to place feeds on the ground as both Hawks and Courier bound towards them, excited squawks leaving them as they dug into their food.

Dabi looked at them with a bored expression, then watched as you placed his feed in front of him. This time, he seemed more willing to eat, though he still ate slowly, careful not to agitate his jaw. You smiled and gently stroked his head, earning a confused look from him. His pupils were slightly dilated, a sign that he felt relaxed, and you felt a small part of you glow with joy that you could make him feel like that.

“We’ll be off, if it’s okay, Miss [Y/N],” young Eijirou said, his arm slung across young Katsuki’s, the blonde boys cheeks exploding with a faint pink. If you hadn’t known him for years, you would have overlooked those pink cheeks, but you merely smiled and nodded, watching in amusement as they left, young Katsuki only pushing young Eijirou off when they were close to the cottage.

A soft laugh bubbled up and you shook your head, “Young Eijirou is going to have his hands full with that one, but hopefully he can help Young Katsuki with his feelings.” As you turned around, you noticed the curious look Dabi gave you, and you merely sat next to his head, staring at the view from outside the barn, “Young Katsuki’s heart has been hidden behind walls for years. His entire clan was killed by human soldiers. Young Eijirou’s parents left him at our doorstep as a child, to keep him safe from the prosecution they faced. Those two have always been close, but I think young Katsuki is finally starting to realise just how much young Eijirou means to him.”

Hawks trotted over to you, quickly nuzzling against your side, spinning loudly as he fell asleep, your hand idly stroking his fur. “I gave a home to them all. Some of them still have family and chose to come work for me, but most of them have bad histories,” you continued, a sad look in your eyes, “I’m the only person who would take most of them in, who could provide for them. I suppose you could say that I stepped in as a mother figure.”

You startled when you felt his warm snout nuzzling against your cheek, catching a stray tear, a worried look in his bright blue eyes. Wiping at your eyes, you smiled up at him, “I apologize. Those children are close to my heart. Many of them I have raised as my own. I only fear what will happen when I am no longer with them.” You smiled as he nuzzled his snout against your side, then watched as he curled around you and Hawks, one wing moving to cover you, his head resting beside you, bright blue eyes staring into yours. “Thank you,” you whispered, your other hand moving to idly stroke his head.

Your eyes looked at the healthy tissue and scarring tissue, a sigh leaving you, “Once it’s scarred up enough, I’ll have to stitch the tissue back together, otherwise they might tear again. It might hurt, but it’ll be necessary.”

Dabi snorted, rolling his eyes, and you merely smiled, a slight frown creasing your brows as you took a moment to look at him, “Dabi… do you have a mate?” He tensed beside you, eyes looking at you suspiciously, searching for something. You rubbed the back of your neck, staring down at him, “I mean, your kind only settles down once you’ve found a mate… so, I guess, either way, you’ll be leaving once you’re strong enough, huh?” Somehow, the idea of him leaving made your heart feel strange.

His bright blue eyes stared at you for a moment, and then he huffed turning away. You chuckled lightly and stroked his head, “I’ll have to leave now. While my aids are capable, they do require a helping hand at times.” He glanced at you, then moved to rest his head on your lap, effectively pinning you down. You laughed and gently stroked his head, “Don’t worry, I’ll come to check up frequently. Besides, Hawks and Courier will be here to keep you company.” Brows furrowed, he reluctantly lifted his head, bright blue eyes trained on you as you left.

Again, you felt that strange feeling, a slight crease forming between your brows. What exactly was this feeling? You could write it off any other time, but the growing frequency made you worry that perhaps something was the matter. Deciding that it could wait a bit longer, you returned to the cottage, smiling as young Tsuyu waved at your arrival, the bell’s chime alerting everyone. A small bundle of white fluff rested in her arms, and you walked over to idly stroke the floof, a pleased hum leaving it at the contact.

“Young Tsuyu, is everything alright?” you asked, watching as she nodded, tongue slightly poking out as she smiled reassuringly at you. “Very well. Tell the others I will be heading to town for a bit, I have to see Chiyo for a bit. Toshinori should still be here, make sure to tell young Izuku to get him to help in the garden.”

The walk to and back from town had taken a few hours, your satchel filled with requests. Once a month you went to town to offer your services to the folk there, especially those that could not make the trip to your cottage nor afford to send letters. By the time you arrived, your body was worn out and tired. The cottage was quiet, only a few of your aids still milling about, greeting you as you entered. You greeted back, taking out the requests, pinning them to the board.

Then, you creeped to your room, removing your satchel and outer garments, then flopped down onto your bed, your body relieved to finally be able to rest. It didn’t take all that long for you to fall asleep, your dreams filled with a certain blue eyed dragon. 

The next morning, you woke up to being rocked by three sets of hands. Brow furrowed, you stirred, feeling the hands pull away, looking over to see three very worried looking boys. Young Denki, Eijirou and Izuku stared down at you, all of them wearing the same look of worry. Immediately, you sat upright, looking between the three of them, “What happened?”

The looked at each other, then back at you. Young Izuku was the first to talk, “The dragon, Dabi, he’s… he’s really upset.” You frowned at that, if he was upset, you’d go soothe him, but why did they all look so worried?

Then young Denki continued, “He won’t let any of us near him, not even Hawks or Courier.” Your frown deepened. Had he really grown that attached to you? However, you still understand why they were rousing you from your rest.

And then it was young Eijirou who spoke, putting the pieces together, “He’s trying to tear through everything, looking for something.” At that your eyes widened, and you shot past the boys, quickly making your way out of the cottage.

The sight looked familiar; an upset dragon and your aids trying to calm it. Courier and Hawks seemed to be trying to help as well, but everything just seemed to aggravate him. You ran closer, but stopped when his eyes landed on you. His entire body visibly slackened, and then he barrelled straight towards you, your aids and Hawks leaping away just in time. A smile crossed your lips as he stopped in front of you, snout nuzzling against you affectionately.

“Were you worried because I wasn’t in the barn last night?” you asked, hand gently stroking his head, feeling more than seeing him nod his head, your smile growing as your heart warmed, “Oh, I do apologize for that. I had to go to town last night, and it took a bit longer than I had planned. I fell asleep before I had the chance to check up on you.” He huffed and lightly bumped you with his head, not enough to knock you over, but enough to rock you. You laughed and gave his head a soft hug, “There, there. However, I can’t sleep in the barn forever, it’s not all that good on my muscles, I’ll sometimes need to sleep in my own bed.”

He pulled back, tilting his head slightly. “I promise, I’ll come say goodnight when I’m not going to be sleeping in the barn,” you reassured, lightly patting his nose, “Now, stop being a terror to my poor aids. We’ll get your breakfast ready. You go back to the barn. I’ll have to take a look at your wounds, because I’m sure you might have aggravated some of them with all your movements.”

With a roll of his eyes, he limped back to the barn, Hawks and Courier already waiting for him. Your aids smiled in relief, returning to what they were busy with before. Young Shoto walked up to you, a look on his face that pulled a smile onto your lips, “Have you decided yet, young Shoto?”

He nodded, and a soft smile formed on his face, “Midoriya talked to me, and All Might said he’d take us there. So, if it won’t be too much to ask, may Midoriya and I take a few days off?”

You wrapped him in a hug, a big grin on your face, “Of course! I’m so happy, young Shoto. You and young Izuku have the rest of the day off to pack. I’ll make some meals for you, and some poultices. Never know if you’ll get sick or hurt.” He returned your hug, and smiled as you pulled away. This was one step closer to him overcoming his past, and it made you so happy that he was finally able to do it.

You almost missed the way Dabi glowered, but it faded when you smiled and waved at him as you disappeared into the cottage.

Chapter Text

The next few weeks passed by in a blur, and you fell comfortably into a new daily routine; wake up, feed Hawks, Courier and Dabi, tend to Dabi’s wounds, spend some time with him, return to help around your cottage, make sure to give Hawks, Courier and Dabi their dinner, say goodnight to Dabi, go to bed, and repeat. One thing you had noticed over the passing days was just how attached Dabi seemed to be. The moment you deemed him fit and healthy enough to roam about without supervision, he followed you everywhere. He always got annoyed when you went inside the cottage, laying in wait outside the back garden, perking up when you came outside again.

Apparently you weren’t the only who noticed his attachment, many of your aids lightly teasing you, and even Hawks and Courier seemed to join at times. You didn’t mind them at all, merely laughing it off and telling them that dragons were territorial, and it often included living creatures as well. At the back of your mind, you worried that he would no longer go seek out a mate at the point, and another smaller part of you was slightly relieved that he would stay longer.

And, as per usual by now, the first thing to greet you once you left the cottage to tend to the back garden was Dabi’s bright blue eyes.

You smiled up at him, hand idly stroking his snout, “Good morning to you too, Dabi.” He seemed to ease up upon seeing you, a smile pulling at his maw. The purple flesh had now completely scarred over by now, your neat stitch work ensuring that flesh and scales didn’t tear away too easily. “How you feeling?” you asked as you closed the door behind you, picking up the watering spout, watering the plants as you walked, Dabi’s eyes following you closely.

He gave a shrug of his shoulders and laid down behind the back garden, head resting on the small wall, eyes watching you closely. You smiled over at him, giggling as he quickly snapped his head away, pretending that he hadn’t been caught staring again. “Dabi,” you called as you finished up, walking over to him, hand gently stroking his snout, “I don’t want to seem like I’m trying to push you away, but are you planning on leaving? I mean, the longer you stay here, the less likely the chances are of you finding a mate. It’s Spring now, so I’m pretty sure there’s some nice dragon ladies who’d be looking for their mates as well.”

Head tilting, he stared at you for a moment then shrugged with a huff, nudging you with his snout. You laughed and shook your head, “You can’t stay just because of me. You can always come visit, with or without the Mrs. You’ll always be welcome here.” He gave you a deadpan expression, another huff left him and he nudged you with his snout again, only earning another laugh. You moved to put the watering spout down and then walked to his side, hand softly brushing against the scars, making sure everything still looked good. “Have you tried flying?”

A moment of silence passed, and he shook his head. You looked him over and pointed to his wings, “Mind spreading them out for me?” Without missing a beat, he flourished his bat-like wings, stretching them out. You didn’t miss as he winced as the skin on his back pulled at the scarring with the movement. “Take it easy, Dabi. Slow steps,” you said, hands softly stroking the wing in front of you. You hummed in thought, striding over to the other wing, then strolled to his chest, feeling the secondary set of chest muscles. “Mmm, it feels like the muscles have atrophied slightly, but with their current disuse, it’s understandable,” you pointed out, then looked up at him, “I want you to spread your wings every morning and night, and exercise them at least an hour each day. The muscles don’t seem to be badly atrophied, but I don’t want to take chances. We can try flying once your muscles have gained more bulk.”

Folding his wings back, he nuzzled you once more. You smiled and gave his head a hug, a squeak leaving you as he lifted his head, carrying you into the air with him. He tilted his neck and head, placing you onto his back, then began to walk off, choosing a leisurely pace. Surprised, you held onto his neck, your body pressed against his warm scales, and slightly warmer scarring. “Dabi? What are you doing?” you asked, and he merely shrugged, his pace picking up until he was running terribly fast, the wind whipping past you, chilling the parts of you that weren’t pressed against him.

When his pace slowed down, you finally dared to release your grip from his neck, taking a look around. Another squeak left you as he grabbed you by the scruff of your shirt with his teeth, gently lifting you up and placing you down in front of him. You looked at the small lake, then looked over at him, “A lake?"

He nodded and proceeded to climb into it, steam rising from where his body made contact with the water. His head turned to look over at you, urging you to join him. You crossed your arms over your chest, “Do you want me to swim with you, or do you want me to bathe you?” A smile split across your face, laughter bubbling up as he sat down, holding out a claw, two digits held up. “Not a fan of getting a wash with the buckets?” you chuckled, watching him nod his head in confirmation, “I suppose there’s no helping it, huh?”

Your hands moved to pull your outer garments off, until you stood in only your small clothes. Taking one foot, you felt the temperature of the water, happy that it was a comfortable lukewarm, perhaps due to the heat of Dabi’s body. You looked up at him, noticing the way he stared at you, and you gave him a lopsided grin as you waded into the water, until you stood waist deep. He tilted his head as you stopped, eyes questioning.

“I can’t wash you if I’m floating in the water,” you chuckled, gesturing for him to come a bit closer, “I need to be able to stand to wash you properly.” He huffed again, rolled his eyes, but complied and made his way back to you, laying down in the water. Stroking his head gently, you smiled and began to gently wash away any dirt and grime that covered him, taking extra care to make sure his wounds are properly cleaned and that his scales didn’t have anything packed underneath them.

You were so focused on cleaning him, you didn’t notice the mischievous glint in his eyes. The next thing you knew, a great big splash washed over you, soaking your hair and the rest of your body. You sputtered, then turned to look at him, laughing at the way he innocently looked away, smug grin on his maw. “Did you really just splash me?” you asked, sending a miniscule splash towards him.

He shrugged and waded in deeper, sticking his tongue out at you as he went out of your grasp. Rolling your eyes, you lifted your shoulders and arms, “Well, I suppose you are clean enough. I’ll be leaving you to enjoy the lake while I try to figure out how to dry off.” You turned around, and as you waded back to dry land, your hands moved up to wring your hair out.

Glancing over, you noticed the way he stared at your back, a soft smile on your lips, “Oh, I sometimes forget about them.” You glanced over your shoulder, glimpsing the black markings on your back, a sign of your heritage, “My mother was a witch, it’s actually her cottage we live in now. She consorted with many of the races and creatures that roamed our worlds. One of them my father. He was… well, he was a Dragon Fae, and as such, was like royalty to his people. Obviously they weren’t all that happy when he became infatuated with my mother, but very few people are brave or stupid enough to stop a Dragon Fae. I was born from their union.” A sad look fell on your face as you stared down at the water, “Humans… they came in the middle of the night and dragged my mother out. She’d sent me into the forest to keep me safe, and I was. My father fought them, but they used cold iron… I watched them burn my mother and father.”

A small smile crossed your lips as you felt his warm snout press against you in a comforting manner, “Thank you. I got lost in the forest, I hadn’t known it was the Fae kingdom back then. Toshinori found me and took care of me. It was pure coincidence that we found my mother’s old cottage a few years later. He helped me fix it up and bring back life to it. And, that’s when I decided to stay and try to fix the relations between humans and our kind. I had hated them for years, but I’d also come to realize that they only feared us because they knew nothing about us, and we, in turn, did not always help matters."

You turned around to stare into his bright blue eyes, a warmer, happier look on your face, “And I decided I’d continue my mother’s line of work. It’s been… years since then. Being part Fae, I age slower than most, but I unfortunately do not have the immortality that my father possessed, only longevity.”

A flash of worry and fear crossed his face, his brows knit together in concern, gently nudging you with his snout. You laughed and stroked him gingerly, “It’s okay. I still have many years left to live.” But the look of concern never left him.


“Miss [Y/N],” young Mina called out in relief as she spotted you and Dabi returning, the rest of your aids looking just as relieved to see your returning presence. Two loud caws sounded, Courier and Hawks barrelling down on you. Dabi hissed when they got too close, and you merely laughed, stroking his neck and letting him put you back into the ground.

“I apologize for the concern I caused, Dabi decided to take an unexpected trip,” you chuckles, lightly patting his side as he gave a huff, “I hope everything is still well?”

“Todoroki and Midoriya have returned,” young Tenya began, and before he could continue, your eyes landed on the red haired man, his imposing figure and fiery beard unmistakable. “He came with them.”

With a sigh, you looked over at everyone, gently patting Dabi’s side again, “Okay, everyone, return to your duties. This is just like any other day. I’ll deal with Enji.” Everyone reluctantly dispersed, and you looked over at Hawks and Courier, “That counts for the two of you as well.” Courier seemed all too happy to fly off, carrying a small basket as she headed towards town. Hawks, on the other hand, bound towards Enji, excitedly rubbing against the man. You merely shook your head at the sight, biting back a laugh at the annoyed look on Enji’s face.

You made to move forward, but the low growl of Dabi stopped you. His eyes were narrowed, pupils almost nonexistent slits as he stared at the man, chest glowing faintly, teeth bared. Gently, you stroked his head, resting your forehead against him, “Easy there, Dabi. He’s a… friend, I suppose.”

“So, you’ve got yourself another pet,” came his deep voice, and you merely rolled your eyes as you turned to face him, “At least this one would make for a good weapon. A pity it’s constitution is in such a poor state.” His blue eyes locked onto Dabi’s, and all you could think to do was stand between the two, wincing slightly at the immense heat that radiated off of Dabi. “You should learn to make them more obedient, [Y/N].”

“Enji, you know my stand on breaking in any creature,” you spoke, voice stern, “What brings you here? Young Shoto must not be too happy to have you here.” At the mention of his youngest son, Enji scowled down at you, your hand gently stroking Dabi’s snout.

“I came to tell you to release my son from your care. My line needs to continue and I have found the perfect wife for him.”

A part of you was tempted to stop soothing Dabi and let him swipe at Enji, but you stuffed those thoughts away, merely narrowing your eyes at him, “Enji, if you thought that proposal was something I’d ever agree to, then you really aren’t the man I knew years ago. I will not release young Shoto from my care, and that will not change. Ever. Have you not learnt anything from your other children? Young Touya…”

A loud roar left Enji at the name of his eldest, fiery beard flaming, eyes filled with rage, “Do not speak his name. He is a disgrace to the Todoroki family. Natsuo and Fuyumi are too weak to continue my line. Only Shoto can. If you will not release him to me, I’ll…”

“Risk having all the forces I am allied with bearing down on you?” you challenged, fury written all over your face, your skin turning from its normal hue to a dark grey, your voice changing, “Enji Todoroki, because you are an old friend, I will not take insult at your words. But I do not wish to see you here any time soon.”

A tense moment of silence passed, all eyes falling onto the two of you. Enji finally back down, turning around with a huff and stomping off to the carriage beside your cottage. Only when the carriage began to drive off did you release a sigh, your body returning to normal. You sagged a bit, smiling down as Dabi propped you up with his snout, a worried look in his eyes. “Don’t worry… It’s just relief,” you answered, idly stroking his snout, “I’m sorry you had to see that. It’s been a while since someone has driven me to that point."

The air around the cottage felt awkward. You knew they had seen, but none of them wanted to pry. The worried glances they sent your way were obvious. So, you merely smiled and waved at them, “I apologize for that. We just had a little argument, don’t worry, dears.” Your words seemed to soothe them, and you were relieved that they seemed to move on.

Dabi seemed to ease up beneath you, his snout gently nudging you, in a show of comfort and concern, pulling a smile and laugh from you, “It’s okay. I just need a moment.” You gently stroked his snout and looked over at young Shoto, an apprehensive look on his face as he walked over, young Izuku trailing close behind. “Ah, young Shoto, young Izuku, I’m glad to see you’ve returned, how was the journey?” you asked, a warm smile directed towards them.

Young Shoto bowed in front of you, “I apologize for causing this, Miss [Y/N]. If my presence here causes too much trouble, please release me from your care and let me trouble you no more.” Young Izuku’s eyes widened, surprise on his face as he looked down at his friend. “My father will not drop the issue, and I would prefer not to cause any more duress for you, Miss [Y/N].”

Laughter bubbled up from you as you placed a gentle hand on young Shoto’s shoulder, “My dear, none of this is because you. Your father is… delicately put, an ass. The past few years have made him indifferent and cold. I won’t release you from my care and send you back to him. Your place is here, with all your peers and friends.” You looked over at young Izuku, and smiled, “Young Izuku, why don’t you make a nice cup of my special hot chocolate for young Shoto? We can talk about how the visit went tonight.”

Young Izuku gave you an appreciative smile, and young Shoto stared at you in disbelief, only moving to leave when young Izuku gently tugged at his arm. You watched as they disappeared into the cottage, then turned back to look at Dabi, “And now I need to return to my duties. See you tonight, Dabi.”


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A month passed by, and you were proud of the progress Dabi was making, his form soaring up above in the clouds, Hawks drifting beside him. You heart hurt at the idea that sooner or later Dabi’s nomadic nature would force him to leave, knowing you would miss his presence greatly. There was no point in denying the place he held in your heart. You smiled up at the two of them as they swooped down, a gush of wind blowing your hair and clothes as the landed.

“Enjoying the feeling of the wind against your face again?” you asked as you walked over to them, immediately making sure his scars hadn’t torn loose, proud at the way your stitching held. A laugh escaped you at the happy purr that left Dabi, your hand moved to stroke the side of his face, laughter dying down as a sad look crossed your face, “Spring time’s almost over, Dabi.” He looked at you with those bright blue eyes and nudged you with his nose again, a sad smile crossing your lips, “Come now, we’ve discussed this. Don’t worry about little old me so much. You need to go find a mate and live happily."

A deadpan expression crossed his face, eyes meeting yours, bumping you with his snout once more. Hawks seemed to find this amusing and chortled, rolling his eyes. You frowned, then arched one brow at the griffin, “And what exactly is so amusing, hmmm? If only we could speak.” Hawks merely continued to chortle, bumping you with his hips, which knocked you against Dabi, a squeak leaving you. “Hawks!” you giggled, then looked down as Dabi supported you with his head. You smiled down at him and stroked his jaw, “Thank you, Dabi.”

“Miss [Y/N]! Quick! We need you! There’s… there’s people causing trouble!” young Mina shouted, eyes wide as she sprinted towards you, “Iida, Midoriya and Todoroki are trying to keep it from escalating, but Momo told me to get you.”

Nodding at her, you looked over towards Dabi, “Get back to the barn. I don’t know who these people are. Hawks, make sure he stays.” Hawks nodded and Dabi reluctantly followed him. Your heart panged at the worried look in his eyes, but you bit the inside of your cheek, rushing back to the cottage with young Mina. The back door’s bell chimed, but it was drowned out by the shouting.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing? Don’t fucking talk trash about Miss [Y/N] you stupid fucking humans!” young Katsuki’s voice sounded form the front of the cottage, but you couldn’t see anything as the rest of your aids blocked your view.

“P-please, we don’t want trouble, just tell us what you want and we’ll help you,” young Izuku’s voice wobbled slightly, and your brows creased as you stepped closer.

“We’d like to speak to your superior, I can’t believe they’d let you have all this free roam,” an unfamiliar voice sounded.

“Miss [Y/N] is a kind person, she accepts anyone and everyone,” young Tenya’s voice sounded, a chorus of agreement sounding. Your heart warmed at this, but you were worried that things would escalate if you didn’t step in soon.

Once your aids saw you approaching, they parted, allowing you to walk into the cottage's front. The scene didn’t look good. Young Katsuki’s palms popped off small explosions, the soft crackling of ice came from young Shoto as the air around his right side cooled down, young Izuku and young Tenya stood between them and the other men. Your eyes landed on the other men, and from their well-dressed attire and the symbols adorning their coats, you could immediately tell that telling Dabi to hide in the barn was a good idea. These were elite Hunters.

“Thank you, dears, for trying to defend my honor, but please, let me speak to these gentlemen. Return to your duties and stay out of the front of the cottage, please,” you spoke, a kind smile on your lips. You watched as all of them hesitated, staring at you uncertainly. A pleading look filled your eyes, and reluctantly, they pulled away, none more so than young Katsuki, Izuku and Shoto. “Now, you three, please make sure the animals are fed,” you said, gently ushering them to the back of the cottage.

Once all of them were out, you closed the door connecting the front and back, looking back at the men. The one you assumed to be their leader stared at you with cold eyes, pink hair hanging low down his back, some bangs framing his handsome face. “I have to say, I’m quite surprised that you’d associate with these beasts,” he spoke in a voice as sweet as honey, but underneath it was acidic venom, “But I suppose their labour is more affordable.”

Biting back any retorts, you merely smiled at him, “I apologize if they caused a ruckus. How may I help you gentlemen?” You narrowed your eyes as some of them seemed to walk about and inspect everything, moving things about like they owned the place, “I will kindly ask you to stop prying.”

“Oh? My men are just making sure none of these things are bewitched, you never know with these beasts,” he responded, a sickly sweet smile on his lips, and he stepped closer, a menacing aura radiating off him, “So, why is a young woman such as yourself in charge of this cottage? Affiliating with all these beasts… you must be so tainted by their presence.”

“I will kindly ask you to treat me, my aids and my cottage with respect,” you bit back, eyes narrowed at him, his cloyingly sweet smell almost sickening. “And I will ask once more, how may I help you?”

He tilted his head, curiosity in his eyes as he scanned your form, “We saw a dragon in the skies. I’m surprised all of you are so calm.” Then he leaned closer, his face inches from yours, dangerous green eyes meeting your own, “I don’t suppose you know where it went?” His ungloved hand came to rest against your cheek, pulling a pained scream from you as his ring burned your skin. He pulled back, a satisfied look on his face, “Oh, I suppose it makes sense. A Fae harbouring all these poor beasts, keeping them enslaved in contracts, aren’t you?”

Your eyes narrowed, skin slowly turning dark grey, “Leave, at once.” His hand snapped at your throat, forcing another pained scream to leave you as the ring dug into the sensitive skin, panicking when you saw the way the rest of his men barricaded the doors. “Don’t you dare do anything. Do you even know who I am?” you seethed, teeth grit as you fought through the pain.

“A dangerous abomination that has bewitched the fair folk of this land with lies and trickery,” he hissed back, a sneer on his face, “We’ll burn this whole cottage to the ground and hunt down that dragon. We won’t let it escape again.” Your eyes widened at his words, hands moving to claw at his arm. He hissed at the way your claws sliced through his skin, tossing you against the nearby wall, a look of utter disgust on his face, “You truly are nothing more than a beast.”

Your back hurt from the impact against the shelves, but still a grin split your lips, eyes filled with fury, “The only beasts I see are the men trespassing on my domain, threatening to hurt those I care for. You’re either very brave or very stupid.” You rose back onto your feet, grin falling as you glared at him, “I will give you one last chance to leave before I dispose of you."

“See? Nothing but a beast,” he spat, producing a chain of cold iron, “A beast that seems to delude itself. Do you not see the Hunters surrounding you? Or do you believe yourself strong enough to take all of us on?”

The sound of flesh thudding against wood sounded from the door leading to the back of the cottage. Curiously, he tilted his head, then jut his chin out towards his men, returning his gaze to you, “Kill any of them that break through. I’ll deal with the Fae.”

A roar escaped you as you rushed towards the door, “Leave! Don’t fight for me! Take everyone and everything and leave!” Searing pain surrounded your neck, the sound of chains accompanied it. Your hands tried to pull it off, only to hiss at the pain that washed over your hands.

“LIKE HELL! WE’RE STILL UNDER YOUR CARE, AND WE'LL PROTECT YOU WITH OUR FUCKING LIVES! THIS IS OUR FUCKING HOME!” young Katsuki screamed, explosions rocking against the door.

Panic filled you at the swords that lined both sides of the door, watching as it disintegrated beneath the assault of your aids, fire, smoke and ice bursting along with the wooden splinters. The swords thrust forward, ripping a scream from your lips, magic flaring from your body, knocking the Hunters off their feet as your aids rushed into the room. “Don’t fight them! Just leave! I release you from my care! Go! Don’t waste your lives for me!” you screamed, tears in your eyes as you reached out towards them.

“Sorry, but that just wouldn’t sit well with us,” young Izuku spoke, eyes filled with determination, “You looked after us, fought for us. You saved us! We can’t turn our backs on you!” He gave you the biggest grin he could, “We’re here to save you!”

Your tears cascaded down your face as they all agreed, all willing to protect you. “You stupid children,” you sobbed, a small smile on your lips. Before anything else could happen, a deafening roar sounded, forcing everyone to freeze. The front of the cottage was ripped open, frantic bright blue eyes searching, only stopping when they landed on you, relief flashing through them. Until they saw the glowing iron around your neck and the tears that cascaded down your cheeks. “Dabi,” you choked out, hand reaching out to him.

“Oh, so it is you, dragon,” the pink haired man spoke, looking up at Dabi with an almost bored look on his face, and suddenly the chain around your neck slackened, “I suppose continuing this fight will be pointless. Men, draw back.”

Relief filled you as they left, and you fell to your knees, skin returning to normal, angry red marks marring your neck, palms and cheek. Everyone rushed to your side, Dabi pressing his snout against you, all of them wearing the same relieved looks on their faces. Some of them even cried as they held you, and you cried with them, arms trying to hug all of them.


The first thing you did was to make sure everyone else was fine, appreciating Dabi’s presence hovering closely behind you. On any other day, you would have scold him for wrecking any part of your cottage, but now all you could think about was thanking him. Worry still gnawed at you, but tending to everyone and your wounds gave you something else to focus on. You gave everyone the day off, but still they helped in cleaning up and covering the front of the cottage, continuing with the rest of their chores.

Dabi gently nudged you with his snout as you stared at the bandages that covered your hands. A small smile graced your lips, idly rubbing the back of your hand against him, “I’m fine, Dabi. Thank you… I… I would choose not to dwell on what would have happened if you hadn’t shown up.” You smiled up at him, placing a gentle kiss on his snout, whispering, “What would I do without you?”

A confused expression crossed his face as he stared at you, a soft blush on your cheeks, “I apologize, that was probably a bit much. I just wish to thank you for… for everything.” He huffed and lightly nudged you with his snout again, and you wrapped your arms around his head, eyes shut as you enjoyed the warmth. Once you pulled back, you smiled up at him, a lopsided smile on your lips, “Why don’t you head back to the barn and keep Hawks and Courier company? I’ll make a special treat for you.”

You watched as he shook his head, instead opting to pick you up and place you on his back once more. Instinctively, your hands clutched at his neck as the wind whipped up while Dabi carried you off. The familiar sight of the lake greeted you when he stopped. He picked you off, placing you down on the ground. “Dabi?” you called at the apprehensive look that crossed his face, worry settled in your heart. Was he going to leave? “What’s the matter?”

He exhaled a puff of breath and at first you thought it must have been the fading rays of the sunlight playing tricks on your mind, but it was very clear that something was changing with Dabi. It wasn’t until you noticed the rising steam and how his body shrunk down that you noticed his form changing as well. “Dabi?” you asked, heart racing, worry and fear gripping at your heart, your hand reaching out to him, his form hidden beneath the steam.

Your hand landed on something soft. A frown creased your brow as your eyes searched through the fading steam, setting on two familiar bright blue eyes. A lopsided grin met you, but instead of a dragon’s face and body greeting you, it was a very human one. If it weren’t for those eyes and the scars that marred his skin, you would have pushed him away. “Dabi?” you whispered, voice unsure.

“Yes,” he whispered in return, his arms pulling you into an embrace, “I don’t have enough strength to maintain this form for long, but I swear, I will work on it. I’ll keep building up my strength. Today made me realize that I can’t always protect you, not unless I can stay by your side.” Your arms wrapped around his chest, feeling the way he shook, his head buried in the crook of your neck, something wet falling against your skin. “The thought of losing you…” he whispered, voice shaking, “I would die.”

“I… I don’t understand,” you responded honestly, hands softly stroking his back in an attempt to soothe him, “How are you doing this? Why would you die?” He pulled away, hand grasping your shoulders as his eyes searched yours, apprehension flitting over it once more. “Dabi?”

“You’re so, so stupid for someone so smart,” he huffed, a smile on his lips, and you noticed the tears that tracked down his cheeks. Instinctively, your hands moved to cup his cheek, thumbs wiping at his tears. His eyes fell shut, his face relaxing. When they opened again, the two of you stared at each other for a moment, “Dragons don’t only have other dragons as mates, you know. And when it happens, the dragon can turn into the form of their mate for some time. I’m still too weak to keep it up for long enough, but I’ll keep getting stronger. For you.”

You stared at him for a moment, letting the information slowly sink in, a faint pink dusting your cheeks as you looked into his eyes, searching, “You mean to say that I am your mate?” He nodded, his lopsided grin gracing his lips once more. “So… you never left, because you settled down here…” you mused, a smile pulling at your lips, “I… I don’t know what to say.”

He rest his forehead against yours, eyes shut, one hand cupping your cheek, thumb idly stroking it, warm breath fanning across your face, “Say you love me as much as I do you. Tell me you that accept me as your mate.”

Your smile grew, eyes crinkling in joy as you nodded, “I’d be lying if I said anything else.” A relieved look crossed his face, and then his lips touched yours in a chaste kiss. He pulled back, a soft smile on his lips as he pulled you in for a quick hug.

“My time’s up,” he said as his body returned to that of a dragon once more, his snout gently nudging against you affectionately, and you gladly hugged him, planting a soft kiss on his forehead, earning a pleased hum from him.


The trek back was quick, and you smiled as your aids seemed to relax upon seeing the two of you return. You lightly pat Dabi’s side, giggling as he helped you down, hand staying on him for a moment longer than usual. A warm smile rested on your lips as you looked up at him, gesturing to the barn, “I’ll bring dinner in a bit. Head back and make sure Hawks and Courier didn’t cause too much mischief.”

As you approached the cottage, young Izuku stepped in behind you following you to the kitchen, a thoughtful look on his face as he helped you prepare dinner. “You’re… different,” he spoke as you finished up Dabi’s feed, “You look… happier. What happened?”

You smiled down at him, petting his moss green tresses, “Oh, young Izuku, I can’t hide anything from you. I’ll explain at the dinner table, but first, fetch young Ochako for me, please. It’s dinner time for those three.” A fond smile crossed your lips at the thought of Dabi.

Young Izuku nodded and disappeared, returning shortly with young Ochako, who made the bowls lighter for you. You thanked her and hummed merrily as you made your way to the barn, your steps lighter and your heart singing. Opening the barn door, you called out, “Dinner’s ready!”

The oppressive silence and darkness that greeted you was unsettling. Placing the bowls down, you stepped inside, making your way to the glowstones, calling out as you did, “Dabi? Hawks? Courier?” It was too quiet. You didn’t hear any sort of movement. Had they gone outside?

The warm light of the glowstones erupted as you grazed your hand on them, turning around to inspect the barn. Your blood ran cold, heart freezing. Purple blood covered the floor, Hawks and Courier were battered, feathers covered in blood. You rushed over to them, relieved that they were still breathing, but Dabi’s missing presence did not escape you.

“Dabi!” you shouted, looking around, pausing when you saw the note pinned to the back of the barn doors with a familiar dagger you had seen one of the Hunters brandish.

Thank you so kindly for looking after our prey. Consider this payment for your continued safety. Don’t try to save him. – Biba Hiroshi

Your heart shattered, and you bound out, seeing the carriage and cage traveling down the road. A roar left you as your skin turned grey once more, magic propelling you forward as tears cascaded down your cheeks, a scream parting your lips once more as you closed the distance, “DABI!” Biba stood atop the cage, the carriage and cage stopping as you approached. The Hunters leapt off as you stopped a few feet away, chest heaving, “Let him go!”

Your eyes focused on his humanoid form, bound in chains that glowed around him, some of the sutures torn loose, purple blood leaking from them, and from a few cuts. His bright blue met yours, filled with panic. You stepped closer, a scream tore out of you as a bolt hit your shoulder. Dabi’s eyes widened, his chest glowing blue, the smell of sulphur filling the air. A cone of blue fire shot out from his mouth, billowing at the guilty Hunter, who let out an agonized screech as the flames consumed him.

You took another step forward, but stilled when Biba cocked a gun, aimed not at you, but at Dabi. “I told you not to try this,” he hissed, his other gun cocked at you, “If you move, he dies. If he tries a stunt like that again, you die. Simple as that. Now, be good beasts, and behave.”

Dabi’s bright blue eyes met yours, fear filling them, “[Y/N], please… let me go…”

“I can’t!” you screamed, tears blurring your vision. You watched as the other Hunters climbed back on, feeling utterly helpless as their transport began to move. Eyes narrowed at Biba, you shouted at the top of your lungs, “You will pay for this! You will feel my wrath!” And then your eyes met Dabi’s, a worried smile on your lips, “I promise, I’ll find you!”

And then you fell to your knees as they disappeared into the night, barely even registering young Shoto and Izuku rushing to your side, young Katsuki and Kirishima rushing past to try and give chase. A deep howl left you, silence filling the air.

It started as a soft whisper, and then it grew it to a deafening cacophony of howls, all emanating from the forest of the Fae kingdom.

Biba Hiroshi had just declared war, and you would not stop until you found Dabi and killed Biba. 

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 “Are you sure you want to wage war on the Hiroshi empire?” Toshinori’s worried voice sounded from behind you, a gentle hand resting on your shoulder. You turned to glance at him over your shoulder, his piercing blue eyes filled with concern, “Your declaration isn’t finalized until you strike.”

“He declared war when he took Dabi,” you answered, voice flat as you shrugged his hand off of your shoulder, “I’m just seeing it through.” You glanced over at the worried turquoise eyes, fire still emanating from him, “Don’t tell me you’re having second thoughts as well, Enji. I’d have thought you’d be more thrilled.”

His red brows furrowed, clearing his throat, “Going to war with the Hiroshi empire… It’s the capital of the human kingdoms. If you go through with this… this war might not end with just Biba’s death.” He looked over at Toshinori, then sighed, “Loathe as I am to agree with All Might, perhaps there’s a better course of actions.”

“Actions that will take too long,” you bit back, eyes narrowed, “The sooner we strike… the sooner we can save Dabi. If we take too long…” Tears pricked at the corners of your eyes, heart squeezing painfully at the idea of losing him, “No, there is no other course to take. Biba struck first. If his father, Emperor Hiroshi, truly ever respected the peace we had, he will not halt our advances. If he knows what is best for him and his people, he will let us take Dabi back.”

“For better or for worse, you have the forces of the Todoroki kingdom at your side,” Enji sighed, then looked back at you, “I hope you can live with the consequences.”


“E-Emperor Hiroshi, w-we tried to stop her but she-“ The voice of the servant fell quiet as your figure entered the room, the clinking of your armour and the sound of your footfalls the only things sounding through the dreadfully quiet throne room. All eyes turned towards you as you strode towards the gigantic glittering throne of fire glass.

“What is the meaning of this, Faewhisper?” the emperor hissed out, eyes narrowed at your approaching form, pink hair greying, a heavy crown resting atop his head, “You march an army of your ilk to my border, threaten us with war and dare to enter my throne room unannounced. Have you gone mad?”

You remained quiet as you continued your approach, then stopped a foot away from him, voice echoing through the still air, “Your son, Biba Hiroshi, trespassed upon my domain, threatened the lives of my aids, wounded my griffin and phoenix, and took someone dear to my heart. I come here before you to offer you a chance to tell me where Biba and his Hunters are, where they took Dabi, and to let me march towards them. If you ever respected the peace our people had, you will not stop me from exacting revenge on the open declaration against us made by your son. Or has the apple not fallen too far from its tree, Reo?” Leaning away, you turned to look at the humans assembled, all of their gazes locked in fear, “Tell me, do you all wish to go to war simply to protect one human who dared stir my wrath?” Hushed whispers echoed through the room, Emperor Hiroshi quiet as your turned to look back at him, “Your son or your people and kingdom. Which will it be, Reo?”

Emperor Hiroshi let out a defeated sigh, his gaze drifting across the room and then met yours, his eyes a muted green, “I suppose it would only be a matter of time before Biba’s arrogance and ignorance would have caused events such as these. I shall aid you, Faewhisper, but promise me this; you will return my son to me alive.”

“As long as Dabi is alive, I swear upon my word that I will return Biba to you,” you answered, hand resting atop your breast where your heart beat, but your voice dropped, fury in your eyes, “But if Dabi is dead, I cannot promise that Biba will live.”

His muted green eyes narrowed once more, jaw set, “I suppose it is only fair.” Holding his hand out, you took it, a flare of magic firing off to seal the contract. “Their fort lies by the foot of the Dragons Teeth mountains, and your dragon is most likely there,” he answered, exhaustion settling over him, “May the gods give you strength.”


Your gaze flit across the unified determination of your aids, a small smile forming on your lips, “There’s no point in me telling you all not to come, now is there?” A chorus of agreeing nods and hums sounded and you bit the inside of your cheek, heart filled with worry, “You children… none of you should even be near here… If your life is even remotely in danger, flee. Don’t do anything foolish. Have each other’s backs. But if I say fall back, you listen and you fall back.”

“Yes, Miss [Y/N]!” they chorused in unison, all of them smiling confidently up at you.

“Come here, you rascals,” you chuckled, arms spread wide as they came to hug you, tears pricking at the corners of their eyes, “Please, stay safe.” Once they pulled away, you gave them a brief smile, looking over to Toshinori, “Make sure they’re outfitted, please.”

He nodded at you, a smile on his lips as he gestured for them to follow him. Young Katsuki, Izuku and Shoto stuck behind, all of them staring at you. “Miss [Y/N], we know you don’t want us on the front lines… but we don’t want to sit at the back. We want to be next to you,” young Izuku started, brows furrowed in determination.

Young Shoto stepped up, nodding his head, “Midoriya already worked out a strategy for all of us. We just need your approval, and we promise we won’t do anything too risky, but we all want to help protect you.”

Then young Katsuki stepped up as well, brows furrowed in a frown, “You’re like our fucking mom, okay? Like hell we’re just gonna watch you fucking run in there! We’re gonna fucking protect you like you protected us, whether you fucking agree or not… Miss [Y/N].” He looked away, arms crossed as you smiled at them.

“You boys… there’s no way I’m going to be able to talk you down, is there?” you sighed, pulling the trio into a hug, the worry and fear in your heart coursing through the rest of your body, “Just stay safe… please… if anything happened to you…” As you pulled away, you gently ushered them to join the rest, a pang in your heart.

The presence behind her made her look down at the elderly woman, who stared up at her with worry, “You’re planning on going tonight, aren’t you?” Before you could say anything, she held out her hand, a small poultice in her hand, “If you or Dabi are grievously injured. I won’t stay quiet if they ask me where you are.”

You smiled down at her and took the poultice, “Thank you, Chiyo. I can’t wait for the march tomorrow… this is the only way to keep them safe. I won’t let them put their lives on the line like this. This is the only way I can protect them.”

“But who will protect them if you don’t make it?” she asked as you began to leave.

“Well, then I can’t fail,” you answered, grip on the poultice firm. A single tear fell down.


The night air around Fort Hakon was quiet, a soft whine humming. The whine grew louder and grew in pitch, an almost deafening whistle and shriek as something quickly approached the fort. Cries called out to man the ballistas, to close the gates, but with a sickening crack, whatever it was shattered through the wooden gate, a dust cloud obscuring it from view. Crossbows were loaded aimed and fired into the settling cloud.

A low growl started up, building up in volume and quantity. And then you watched as the floofs leapt through the air, ferocious shrieking following their actions. Whether it was theirs or the Hunters’, you couldn’t tell. A bright orange burst from the cloud, knocking any standing Hunters over as Courier burst out, spewing fire at the ballistas. Low chittering sounded as the fire scarabs and drakes ran towards any flammable things they could find, igniting all they could.

Hawks swooped down, a loud caw escaping him as you clung to his fur, preparing to leap. The moment he began to turn back to the sky, you leapt off, landing in the peaceful epicenter of the courtyard, chaos erupting around you. You stood perfectly still as Hawks circle back, landing behind you. Courier perched herself on your shoulder as a loud whistle left you.

The chaos stopped and slowly all the animals returned to your side, snarling at any Hunter that tried to move. You stood in the center, eying them warily, hand held out. At the twitch of a finger, they would all attack once more. “Biba!” you screamed at the top of your lungs, voice inhuman.

A slow clap sounded, accompanied by the sound of a chain being rattled. Your eyes widened as he stepped out into the courtyard, dragging Dabi behind him, chains glowing around his bruised and battered body. He looked at you in disbelief, life sparking back into his eyes. Biba looked back at him and yanked the chains hard, forcing Dabi onto his knees with a grunt. “I should honestly thank you, Faewhisper. This form of his is so much easier to manage. But you’ve caused so much trouble for us. First you charm my father, then you convince them to cut off all supplies and support for our base, and now you attack us,” he spoke, voice eerily calm as he narrowed his eyes at you, “Though perhaps I should thank you. Perhaps seeing you die will finally break him. He’s grown so much stronger since you, rather annoying really. None of our usual tactics worked, and dragon’s hearts can only be destroyed when their spirits are broken.”

Dabi stared with wide eyes as one of Biba’s comrades took the chains, forcing him back, as Biba pulled out his kusarigama, the curved blade glinting dangerously. You narrowed your eyes, hand gesturing for your companions to step back, which they reluctantly did, hackles raised. “If I win, you let Dabi go and come with me to face your crimes,” you spoke, hand pointing directly at him, “but your Hunters are not allowed to intervene in any manner or form.”

He spat out a laugh, “Confident words coming from you. I’ll cut that bewitching tongue of yours out and crush your heart.” In the blink of an eye, the scythe shot forward, its blade slicing your cheek, the cold iron burning. A flash of curiosity crossed his face at your lack of response.

Panic filled Dabi’s eyes, his body leaping forward, “No!” Blue glowed from his chest, the strong sulphuric smell almost overpowering as blue flames started to flicker out of his mouth. He fell to his knees as the chain was yanked back, a bolt in his shoulder pulling a roar of pain from him.

Your heart froze seeing the bolt protrude from him, eyes wide. And then the air around you snapped and crackled with power, your companions lashing out at the Hunters. Hawks sprinted over to Dabi, shielding him with his body. Your body moved with surprising speed towards Biba, clawed hands swiping at him, your face filled with fury. Blood splattered to the stone floor and you both stood still.

Dark red blood blossomed across your chest, burning pain searing into it as the kusarigama’s blade left, blood splattering off of it. He smirked down at you, the fury on your face fading away to fear as the blade returned, aimed for your heart. You could only stare and watch.

Until an explosion careened the blade away from you, knocking both you and Biba off of your feet. “Did you think we were fucking stupid?” a voice followed, making your heart hurt. Your head swivelled, eyes meeting the fierce carmine eyes of young Katsuki, “We’re not going to let you fucking do this on your own!”

Tears cascaded down your cheeks as all your aids stood there, Aizawa, Toshinori and Enji flanking them. Young Tsuyu landed next to young Katsuki, “We knew you were going to go ahead. Ribbit.”

“Yeah, we just couldn’t keep up with your pace, but it wouldn’t be manly of us to let you fight on your own,” young Eijirou shouted as he knocked one of the Hunters down.

A burst of ice separated you and Biba, young Shoto and Izuku sprinting to your side. Young Izuku wiped at his tears as he looked you over, “We told you we had a plan.”

“All of you,” you whispered, your heart filled with warmth. The ice shattered, Biba standing behind it, a look of unbridled fury on his face. Looking back at everyone, you smiled, “I’ll handle him. Handle the rest of the Hunters.”

They nodded and left, Biba’s fury only growing, “You still think you can beat me!? I nearly killed you twice now! And now all the people that could have saved you are busy.” He rushed towards you, throwing the blade at you, but your hand grasped the chain, pulling him towards you and butting your head against his with a sickening crack.

He fell backwards, blood seeping from the head wound, a look of utter surprise quickly returning to one of rage. You snapped forward, using the chain in your hand to pull him to you again, fist colliding with his face, careening him to the side, only to meet your other fist, chain wrapped around it. “I don’t like violence. I never had. I’ve always held back,” you hissed, hair flaring as your magic crackles through the air.

Your hand closed around his throat, dark grey wrapping around beige, “You’ve lost. Surrender.”

Eyes widened at the pain blossoming in your side, looking down to see his hand pressed against your side, holding the hilt of the dagger that now lay buried in your abdomen. With a quick flick of his wrist, he pulled it out and plunge it higher up. Your grip around his neck faltered as he kicked you away, your body stumbling. One hand moved to press against your side, feeling your blood seep onto it.

“You’ll have to kill me,” he spat out at you, flicking the blood off of his dagger.

“Your father told me to return you alive,” you coughed, blood leaving your mouth at the action. With the back of your clean hand, you wiped at it, then fixed your gaze with his, “Stop fighting, Biba.”

It started as soft giggling until it grew to hysterical laughter, eyes wild as he strode up to you, “Look at you! You’re bleeding out and you’re still acting like you have the upper hand!” His eyes grew wide as your hand snapped back towards his neck, “Hah! I’ll just stab you-“ He stared at you as his voice turned into a gurgle, blood seeping out of him.

“He never told me how close to death I could leave you,” you whispered, claws digging deeper into his throat, careful not to nick the jugular or carotid arteries. Your free hand grabbed his wrist, snapping it with a sickening crack, a scream leaving him. “Surrender now, or I’ll keep going until you fall unconscious,” you hissed, watching as his pants darkened, “Your body is already terrified.”

And then he slumped, the fight leaving him. Placing him back on his feet, you forced him onto his knees, “Tell your men to stand down!” A shrill whistle left him, the fighting stopped. The sounds of weapons clattering against the stone floor sounded. You watched as all the Hunters got on their knees, hands held behind their heads.

Your aids cheered in victory and you smiled as you stumbled over to Hawks, who quickly pulled away, revealing Dabi. You fell to your knees by his side, hands cupping his face as you placed a kiss upon his lips, relief washing over you. As you pulled back, you couldn’t help but notice how the blood that covered your hands mixed against the purple blood that leaked from his scars. Tears ran down both your cheeks, smiles on both your faces.

“I never thought I’d see you again,” he whispered, bright blue eyes filled with mirth.

“You’re safe now,” you whispered, resting your forehead against his, “We’ll get these chains off of you and we’ll go back home.” Producing the poultice Chiyo gave you, you pulled the fork out, holding it against his lips, “Drink.”

Obediently, he drank as you poured the contents into his mouth, a relieved smile crossing your lips, “I’m so glad I got to see you again.” Darkness creeped at the edges of your vision, your limbs growing heavy and numb, “I guess I pushed myself…”

Fear filled his eyes, noticing the wounds that marred you, the blood that soaked your body, a pained scream leaving him , “[Y/N]!” You slumped against him, mustering just enough strength to caress the side of his face soothingly, “No! NO! DON’T LEAVE ME!”

And then darkness consumed you.

Chapter Text

A groan left you as you stirred, a light pain throbbing on the left side of your abdomen and across your chest. Something warm surrounded you, your hands idly trying to feel around. Your actions stopped at the sound of a door opening, a low growl reverberating through the air and you. Frowning, you opened your eyes, squinting at the stabbing pain the light caused.

“Relax, Dabi,” a familiar voice sounded, more compassion in it than you’d heard in a long time, “How is she? Chiyo will be coming later today to heal her further. Has she shown any signs of improvement?”

Your eyes began to adjust, staring at the familiar figure, settling on the unfamiliar face. A large scar marred the left side of his face, traveling down from his scalp and stopping on his cheek. His fiery beard was gone, his face normal once more. But his eyes were what really changed: they weren’t cold and distant, they were filled with warmth.

“I hope I don’t look as terrible as you do,” you croaked out, a pained smile forced onto your lips as you tried to sit upright, but a warm claw gently pinned you back down, your eyes traveling over to see those familiar bright blue eyes staring at you with relief and joy, “You’re okay…”

“We should be saying that to you,” Enji huffed, walking over to you and stopping a few feet short. You frowned until you noticed the way he was silently asking Dabi permission, which he reluctantly gave. “How are you feeling?” he asked, crouching down beside you, “You’ve been out for a few days. Dabi never left your side through it, nearly bit off anyone’s hands that didn’t have your aids, Hawks or Courier with them.”

A soft laugh left you, but you winced at the way your side tugged, “Besides feeling a bit banged up, I suppose I’m feeling good. How’s everyone doing?” Your eyes glanced over at his scar, “What happened there?”

“Everyone’s fine, a few scrapes and bruises, you had the worst,” he answered, hand rubbing the back of his neck as he stretched his shoulders, “I can’t say the same for Biba and his Hunters… they’re alive, but I don’t think any of them will be leaving without a few scars.” His hand trailed to his scar, a look passing through his eyes, “One of them tried to attack Shoto… I thought about what you said… I’ll try to be… a better father to them.”

You laughed, wincing at the pain again, “It’s great to have you back, Enji. That other man was an ass.” He furrowed his brows, trying his best to glare at you, but his faced eased up, a lazy smile on his lips. “Has Biba been returned to his father?” you asked, your hand’s grip firm against Dabi.

“Yes, his trial is on hold, until you are fit enough to attend,” he answered, standing upright again, “I’ll leave the two of you be for now. One of my servants will stand outside your room, if you require any assistance. Chiyo will be here in a bit.” Stopping by the door, he looked over his shoulder at you, then Dabi, a smirk in his lips, “Don’t aggravate your wounds too much.” And then he left, closing the door behind him.

A blush crossed your cheeks at his insinuation, voice scolding, “Enji!” Two warm arms wrapped around your body and immediately you relaxed, feeling Dabi’s chest pressed against your back. Your hands moved behind you to stroke through his midnight tresses, a smile gracing your lips, “Dabi…”

He pulled you flush against him, legs on either side of you, head buried in the crook of your neck as his arms wrapped around you, “Don’t do that again, angel. I don’t know if my heart can handle almost losing you again…” You sighed and gently pressed your cheek against his head, turning your face until you could place a gentle kiss atop his tresses, “I’ll admit, I nearly attacked your aids when they tried to help you… I was… not very rational.”

“Was I?” you chuckled, relaxing in his hold, “I’m sorry for putting you through that… but I am glad that you are alive and well. I have to thank Chiyo when she comes back for that poultice. And most likely apologize as well.”

A squeak left you as Dabi’s dual-toned lips pressed against your neck, teeth gently nibbling at the sensitive flesh, “I missed you… your smell… your smile… your voice… that damn way you made me relax… They tried to break me… but the thought of you kept me strong.” One of his hands moved to hold your chin tenderly, turning your face to look at him, his bright blue eyes staring into yours. Your hand moved to caress the side of his face, smiling at the way he seemed to lean into the palm of your hand, eyes fluttering shut. The cool metal that pressed against your palm added to the sensation of his scarred and healthy tissue. “Chiyo healed what she could, but said that these would hold better than your stitches,” he answered, humming as your thumb traced the scar that bagged beneath his eye, “Gods, I missed your touch.”

“I missed you too,” you repeated, smiling at him, eyes crinkling with mirth, warmth blossoming in your chest. Comfortable silence settled between the two of you as you stared at each other, smiles mirroring one another’s. Pure adoration and love washed over you, reflecting outwardly, “I love you.”

The way his face lit up at those words made your heart float, and then he pulled your face towards his, lips meeting yours for a chaste kiss, eyes brighter than you’ve ever seen them before, a faint pink dusting his cheeks. You would definitely file this moment away as one of the best you’ve ever lived. “I love you too,” he whispered against your lips, planting a firmer kiss against them.

The sensation of his dual-textured lips was odd, but not less enjoyable by any means. His hand moved to cup the back of your head, and yours moved to grasp his tresses as your kiss deepened, your heart fluttering at the absolute love he poured into it. When you pulled away, both your faces were flushed, goofy smiles adorning both.

A throat was cleared, snapping your attention to the old lady standing there, an annoyed sigh escaped Dabi. Your cheeks flushed as Chiyo arched an amused brow, eyes looking anywhere but at her. “I’m glad to see you’re feeling better, [Y/N],” she said, continuing to enter the room, eyes glancing over your shoulder, “You as well, Dabi.” She stopped beside you, smiling at the way the two of you sat on the furs, and then her cane tapped your head, “Stupid girl, you should be more wary of your health! You’re lucky Iida carried me along!”

You winced, laughing softly, “I apologize, Chiyo. I was… rash… Thank you for taking care of everyone… of him… and me…” She returned to smiling, her cane back at her side as she leaned forward to pull away at your bandages, “They don’t hurt all that much, unless I move too much.”

“I should hope they don’t,” she huffed as she planted a kiss against your abdomen, your wounds healing further, “That’s all I can do. There’ll be some scarring. You and Enji are too much alike, both fools.” Her hand moved to gently pat your head, “Rest well, [Y/N], you’ve earned it. Once you feel better, I’ll let your aids visit you, they’ve been worried sick. And Dabi’s been keeping most people from approaching you.”

“And? She was wounded, I wasn’t going to let some kids accidentally worsen it,” he huffed, hot breath fanning against your neck. You smiled and gently stroked a hand through his hair, a pleased hum escaping him, “I’ll still keep them at arm’s length if they get too excited.”

You pouted over at him, “But I would like to hug them. I can empathize with them. Would you really deny me the ability to comfort them?” Your pout turned into a smile at the way his cheeks flushed, face turning away as he huffed again. Leaning towards him, you planted a kiss on his cheek, “Why don’t you save up some energy for this form for later? I’m going to catch a nap and then I want to walk for a bit.”

“As you wish,” he hummed, scooching away as his form started to change, his large draconic body quickly returning and curling around you. A smile graced your lips as you pecked his forehead, waving as Chiyo left, your eyes falling shut as you nestled again this side.

“Hawks and Courier will be delighted to hear you’re awake as well. I’ll let them know first,” Chiyo’s voice rang out, the sound of the door closing following after you gave her a thumbs up. Darkness descended quickly as you fell into a comfortable slumber nuzzled against Dabi.


A happy chirrup and squawk resounded, stirring you from your slumber as two bundles of feather and fur lunged towards you. Happy laughter bubbled up from you as they nuzzled against you, a soft purr leaving Hawks as he rubbed his head against your cheek, and soft chirrup resounding from Courier as she rubbed against your arm. And annoyed huff left Dabi as he was finally roused from his sleep, glaring at the two responsible.

“It’s good to see the two of you,” you sighed as you gently stroked their heads, beaming a warm smile at both of them, “I apologize for worrying the two of you. Have they been taking good care of the two of you?” Both of them nodded their heads vigorously, and you laughed, lightly patting Hawks’ stomach, “So, they’re spoiling you? You know that means extra training and exercise when we get back home, right?”

The look of utter horror on both their faces brought laughter out of you, and Dabi merely chortled until you glanced back at him, “That includes you too. Need to build up any lost strength.” His chortling turned to a groan, eyes narrowed into a scathing glare. “Don’t give me that look. The moment I’m fully healed, I’m going to be training as well. Can’t let my body waste.”

“Miss [Y/N]!” excited voices shouted as your aids piled into the room, swarming towards you. Tears pricked at your eyes as they all came crashing towards you, some of them already bawling.

“You fucking idiot… You made everyone fucking worried… What would we fucking do if you died, Miss [Y/N]?” young Katsuki asked, shoulders trembling, tears pricking at the corners of his eyes. You smiled up at him and held your arms out, and he didn’t hesitate as he moved in to hug you, his whole body shook. “I was scared I’d lost you too…”

“I apologize for worrying you… I merely wanted to keep all of you out of the fighting,” you answered, gently stroking his hair, then looked over at the rest of your aids and smiled, “Come here, all of you. What would I do without any of you?”

All of them closed in, joining the hug, joining young Katsuki in crying. Warm, feathery wings wrapped around everyone as Courier and Hawks joined in, in their own way. And then a large set of black and purple wings hid all of you from the rest of the world as Dabi joined, his snout lightly nuzzled against your shoulder.

You smiled as everyone pulled away after what felt like eternity, then looked over at Dabi, “How much do they know?” Steam rose from Dabi as he turned into his human form, quickly seating himself behind you to hold you close. Looking back at your aids, the looks of confusion on their faces answered your question. “I see. I suppose the best way to start is to just state it how it is… I am Dabi’s mate, and thus, he can turn into a human,” you said, “It was why he was human when the Hunters captured him.”

“That’s so cute!” young Ashido squealed loudly, holding her cheeks as she gushed, “I’m so happy you finally found someone, Miss [Y/N]!”

“Whatever, he still needs to prove if he’s good for you, Miss [Y/N],” young Katsuki huffed, arms crossed over his chest.

“Awwww, don’t be a sourpuss, Katsuki-kun,” young Eijirou chuckled as he slung his arm casually over young Katsuki’s shoulders, a blush dusting the blonde. A toothy grin filled with razor sharp teeth graced young Eijirou’s lips, vermillion eyes crinkled with mirth as he looked over at you, “Miss [Y/N], as long as Dabi makes you happy, I’m happy. And I think I’m speaking for everyone when I say that.”

A chorus of agreement chimed, warmth flushing through you at their words. You smiled at them and gently placed your hand over Dabi’s, “Oh, my dears, you’re all so sweet. I promise, I’ll make your favourite meal when we get back home. I think everyone deserves a treat.”


A few hours later, everyone began to leave your room, the late hours calling most of them to bed. Courier and Hawks made themselves at home beside your makeshift bed, allowing some space for Dabi to curl around you. He’d reverted back to his dragon form not too far into the conversation, choosing to save his energy for in case. Young Izuku, Katsuki, Eijirou and Shoto hung back, awkwardly glancing at each other, and then at you.

“Come now, out with it,” you chuckled, startling them, “Whatever you can ask or tell me, you can in front of each other.” A warm smile graced your lips, scanning the four of them.

The first to walk up was young Shoto, who paused a few steps in front of you, “Thank you, Miss [Y/N]. For everything you’ve done for me. I wanted to ask… if I could return to my father? Not for too long, but I want to… try to better our relationship. And I’ve missed my siblings.”

You nodded, smile growing, “Of course! I’m so happy things seem to be getting better. I know it won’t be something that will fix itself overnight, but I’m haply you’re trying. Both you and your father. If you want to, you can take someone with, if it helps.”

He gave a small smile and a nod, “Thank you, Miss [Y/N]. I will think about bringing someone with.” With that, he left the room, giving a small wave as be did so.

Next, came young Katsuki and Eijirou, both boys blushing, though perhaps young Katsuki was redder. Clearing his throat, young Eijirou started, “M-miss [Y/N], we went to ask if… if…”

“If you can’t fucking as it properly, don’t, you fucking idiot,” young Katsuki snapped, earning a smile from the red head. He narrowed his carmine eyes and grabbed young Eijirou’s hand, then looked at you with a fiery passion in his eyes, still blushing, “We’re tired of hiding our relationship, so we want to ask if you’re okay with us being together, Miss [Y/N].”

“May we have your blessing, Miss [Y/N]?” young Eijirou asked, hand still holding onto young Katsuki’s.

A soft giggle left you and you nodded your head, “Of course you have my blessings, both of you. I’m glad the two of you finally feel comfortable.” Your warm smile seemed to soothe them, both of them smiling similarly and thanking you as they left, hands still linked together.

Last came young Izuku. He stopped in front of you and knelt down, “Miss [Y/N], while you were unconscious… I… I found out my mother is still alive. If… if it’s alright… I want to go to her… let her know I’m okay… and… I want to see her again.” Tears cascaded down his cheeks, “I don’t want it to seem like I’m going to run away, I promise I’ll return, but I…”

He fell silent as you leaned forward to hug him, “Young Izuku, it’s okay. I understand. I will not fault you for wanting to see your mother. So, with all my blessings and love, I grant you permission to go. Find her, and spend as much time as you need with her. Enjoy your time. I think she’ll be just as happy to see you as you will be to see her. If you want to, you can take someone with you.”

His arms returned your hug, holding on for a few minutes, until he finally pulled away, “Thank you, Miss [Y/N]. I promise, I’ll send letters, and I’ll definitely come back.”

As you watched him leave, you nuzzled back against Dabi, gently stroking his scales, “They’re growing up so fast… I’m happy to see them learning to spread their wings…” You smiled and shut your eyes, “It will be sad to see them eventually move out, but the thought warms my heart knowing that they will have friends and loved ones. I only hope that they will visit or send letters.” A soft hum left you as you slowly fell asleep against Dabi.

Chapter Text

The sound of the hammer slamming down resounded in the large hall, dreadful and morbid silence following it. “The court has come to a conclusion. Biba risked the alliance between our realm and the Fae realms, and as such, we hand him over to the Fae for punishment and appeasement of the alliance. Miss Faewhisper, we will hand him over to you to escort to the edge of the realms, to be handed over to the Fae courts.”

Stiffly, you nodded, followed by a quick bow, “I swear by my word to escort him safely to face his judgment. I suggest he be given time to prepare for the cruelty of the Fae, for he has wronged many of their ilk.” Your eyes met his own, hatred, betrayal and confusion swimming at the fore front. Quickly, you flitted your gaze over to the emperor, sorrow in his eyes, “Thank you, Emperor Hiroshi. The Fae will honor their alliance and we will withdraw form your lands.”

“A word, if I may, while everyone has cool and reasonable heads,” Enji spoke up, standing from his seat and drawing all attention to himself. “I would like to propose to let more races join the Hunters. There have been numerous cases in which Hunters have hurt, maimed or killed innocent folk, and many of those surviving were taken under Faewhisper’s wing until they could finally find a way in this world. Until this day, I have merely watched in silence, while Faewhisper picked up the pieces of what Hunters have destroyed. By letting other races join, perhaps more understanding could be brought between our folks, and less orphans would end up in Faewhisper’s care instead of their families embrace.”

Hushed whispers fell across the hall, turning into a soft cacophony. Raising himself as well, Toshinori nodded his head, “I would like to motion to let more races join the Hunters. I hope that in so doing, there will be more smiles and less tears.”

“I agree. While there may be bad people in the world, not every Oni or Tiefling is bad, just like not every human is exempt of their own corruption. Having more races in the Hunters would greatly aid in avoiding false accusations and innocent deaths,” another noble said as he rose from his seat.

The hushed whispers turned into a drowning cacophony as more and more people rose to agree and a few voices of disagreement rose up as well. The hammer falling once more brought silence, the High Judge staring down at you, “Let us hear Faewhisper’s opinion on this, as she has seen  the damage first and second hand. Do you believe the Hunters must become open to all people?”

Clearing your throat, you rose, looking over at all your aids and Dabi, smiling at all of them, then turned to face the High Judge, “I believe that the Hunters serve a purpose that is needed. I know that Ifrits have burnt down villages, and Oni have plundered others. I know of many races that have done terrible things. But I also know of many humans that have done similar things, some of them even in the Hunters. So, yes, I agree that all who wish to join should be allowed into the Hunters, but the must not be exempt of punishment or investigation should the possibility of corruption arise.”

A moment of silence followed, and the High Judge leaned back, “I believe many great figures have spoken unanimously. Emperor Hiroshi, what say you to this? The Hunters originated from your Empire. Do you agree that their doors should open to all races?”

With a deep sigh, Hiroshi rose and faced the court, “For a while I had believed that a human-only organization would be able to properly identify true threats, instead of having biased opinions from members of other races. My pride would not let me see that xenophobic tendencies could stem from this. Thus, I agree to this reform of the Hunter. As of today, the Hunters will be completely reformed to allow all members of every race to join.”

The dark of the night was broken by the luminescent glow of King Oberon and Queen Titania, both of which stood just outside the edge of their realms, their Ethereal beauty mesmerizing. Your lips pursed into a thin line, you looked over to the rest of your aids, “You may return now. I can escort Biba on my own from here. Dabi, please make sure they get to the cottage safely.”

The dragon huffed, narrowing his eyes at you and seemed about ready to cause a scene, but the serious and stern look you gave him silenced him. With a sigh, he gently nudged your aids back to the cottage while you proceeded to drag Biba towards the Fae.

“May your end come swiftly, Biba, for the Fae are cruel creatures,” you said as you stopped in front of the King and Queen of the Fae, bowing deeply, “King Oberon, Queen Titania. Here is Biba Hiroshi, yours to punish as you see fit.” With that, you shoved him forward, watching as both of them reached out with a regal grace only they possessed.

Biba seemed to still, eyes fixing onto the hauntingly beautiful visages of the Fae before him, his pupils blown wide and a light blue film covering them. Both Fae bowed their heads toward you. “Thank you, Faewhisper, you have done all our kind a great service,” King Oberon spoke, his voice deep and soothing like a fire in winter, but with an edge colder and sharper than any blizzard.

“We will ensure his punishment is fit for what he has done. Your reward is anything you desire,” Queen Titania’s pleasant voice chimed, reminiscent of the sweetness of spring and summer, but sizzling with dangerous, scalding heat.

You stared at the two for a while, knowing very well that you had to choose your words carefully. Although you were half-Fae and a representative of their people, Fae were Fae, lying, tricks, cruelty and mischief were in their nature. “I thank you kindly for your reward. I wish only to bind my soul with the one whom it belongs to, Dabi, so that we will never be apart, nor perish without the other.”

A moment of silence passed and a warmth flowed through you, pleasant and familiar. “You always surprise us, Faewhisper,” King Oberon spoke, then vanished across the border.

“May you live a bountiful life alongside your Akhtar,” Queen Titania finished, vanishing across the border alongside Biba.

Silence and darkness fell upon you as you remained at the spot, a warm smile on your lips. Taking a moment to recollect yourself, you made your way back to the cottage, smiling as you saw all your aids, Dabi, Hawks and Courier sleepily waiting for you. “Go, off to bed with all of you. I’ll get Dabi, Hawks and Courier to the barn,” you stated, gently waving at them to enter the cottage, resting against Dabi’s side, “I think it’s about time we rest in our own home.”

Begrudgingly, everyone began to file inside, with Courier landing to rest on Hawks’ back, who groggily stepped in beside you as you leaned against Dabi while the four of you made your way back to the barn. Opening the doors, Hawks and Courier quickly found their nesting areas and flopped tiredly into them, almost instantly dozing off.

A pair of warm arms wrapped around you, Dabi’s face nuzzling into the crook of your neck, “I heard. You bound your soul to mine?” A blush spread across your cheeks as he continued to nuzzle against your neck, “I truly cannot express how grateful I am to have you in my life, Akhtar.”

Flush spreading further down your neck, you giggled and turned around, facing him, warm smiles gracing both your features, “I had some time to think about it… and I realized that I well and truly can’t be without you. With the bond, no matter how far apart we might be, we’ll always have a connection, and we’ll always know where we are. If I had been a full-blooded Fae, I could have done it myself, it is considered amongst the highest honours a Fae can give someone. They do make fickle lovers, after all.”

“So, when they asked what wish you wanted, you asked for that because you yourself couldn’t do it?” he asked, and you simply nodded. Silence filled the air, the sounds of the night quickly filling it, crickets chirped, faeries laughed, an owl hooted, the soft sound of Courier and Hawks sleeping. His forehead came to rest against yours, both of you content with one another’s presence, “I’m glad that I finally found my mate.”

“And I’m glad I finally found my Akhtar,” you whispered back, a mirthful grin on your face, “I love you, to the stars themselves and back.”

“And I love you too, infinitely more,” he whispered, lips softly descending upon yours, “I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you. To wake up and know you’re mine, and  always be by my side. I couldn’t ask for more.”

A few years later…

Laughter echoed through the garden, a smile gracing your lips at the sound. “I’m gonna getcha, ya li’l rascal!” Katsuki’s voice sounded, more laughter following it. A soft chuckle left you as you finished dinner, wiping your hands off on the apron. His voice was deeper now, more mature, as age did with most men's voices, but he still sounded as explosive as ever. 

“Got you!” Izuku shouted, followed by a loud squeal, and a few cheers. His voice had deepened too, but still remained as soft and gentle as it had been before. 

“Aaaand gotcha!” Uraraka sounded as well, another squeal joining the cheers. Her voice had lowered a pitch, allowing it to sound much more mature. 

Smiling once again, you stepped outside, giggling at the sight of your aids, “Dinners ready!” At your call, everyone turned to face you, the two bundles in Izuku and Uraraka’s arms squirming with excitement, until they tumbled out and sprinted towards you. 

Uraraka had grown her hair out, her brunette locks now tied back in a ponytail, which still reached her mid-back, her face less rounded than it had been in her younger years. She'd grown an inch or so, but she was still small compared to the two men beside her. 

Izuku now sported a tuft of hair on his chin, his face much more angular than it had been, and he gained a lot more bulk through the years, as well as height. He easily stood a head or so taller than you, but his smile was still so warm and full of happiness, and those eyes still held that childlike hope and wonder. 

Katsuki grinned wolfishly, face still clean shaven, but his entire build had become more angular, more lean than it had been. While he hadn't bulked up as much as Izuku had, he certainly had grown taller than his friend, though with how much he hunched over, they usually appeared the same height. The golden ring on his finger glinted warmly in the sun's rays.

“Mom!” the children shouted in unison, squealing as you scooped both of them up into your arms, mirthful laughter bubbling up from the three of you.

“Go sit at the table so long,” you said, putting them back down, and smiling at your aids, “You too, I’ll go fetch Dabi.” With a skip to your step, you made your way over to the barn, the sound of roaring fire and clanging metal resounding. The doors were wide open, showing Dabi, hammer in hand, pounding away at a piece of metal, the material still glowing red hot, the air appearing like water from the heat the forge radiated. Hawks was stretched outside, belly to the sun, while Courier rested peacefully inside the forge.

Stopping by the door, you watched and listened to the rhythmic rise and fall of the hammer, the muscles and skin rippling with each strike, yet no sign of exertion or perspiration to be seen. Clearing your throat, you shouted, “Dinner’s ready!”

His hand stopped with one final swing, a broad smile on his face as he turned towards you, “Excellent! The blade’s nearly done, Koda says he’ll be finished with the handle soon, and then we can send the scythe off to the farmers, they shouldn’t dull within the next century.”

A smile grace your lips at the animated way he spoke, so much different from how he used to be before. The last few years you had Toshinori and a few other master blacksmiths  teach him a few things, which he seemed to enjoy, and now he lived and breathed in his work. And dragon’s fire made for excellent quality smithing. Two years back, one of your customers had asked for a new plow, since their old one had broken, and that’s how it all started, where Dabi would make farm implements for those farmers interested.

“Are Hoshi and Sora already there?” he asked and you nodded, watching as he dunked a bucket of water over himself, and the sharp hiss as it turned to steam made you shake your head. It was a routine he had started, to avoid accidentally burning someone. His body could handle the heat of his flames with ease, but most other people’s bodies would at least have minor burns if he accidentally touched them. Tossing the bucket aside, he moved to scoop you in his arms, his body pleasantly warm, “Well, let’s not keep those hungry savages waiting.”

You merely laughed and shook your head, "Indeed. Do you think Katsuki and Kirishima will be able to handle the shop when we leave? Especially with babysitting those two rapscalions?" Dabi shrugged, his only reply. The two of you were planning on leaving for a special client, one that would take you away for a month, and after debating it somewhat, you'd decided that Kirishima and Katsuki would be the best options to run your shop when you were gone, as Iida and Midoriya's strengths laid elsewhere, and Shouto was constantly traveling between his father's kingdom and the shop. Hands clasped in Dabi's you made your way back to the cottage. 

Eyes focused on the jet black hair, you gently pulled the comb through, smiling as Hoshi continued to speak animatedly with her father, hands moving all over as she explained. Sora snuggled quietly again you, eyes drooping, [h/c] hair standing in every which direction, much like his father’s.

Dividing the hair into three strips, you swiftly started braiding it, content with listening to Hoshi recount the game of catch earlier the evening to her father. Once fastened, she stood up, twirled around and skipped over to her Dabi, as you gently moved Sora onto your lap, gently combing through his [h/c] locks as well.

Hoshi stared for a moment, [e/c] eyes filled with so much joy and love, before they flicked back to her father and continued regaling him. Sora hummed softly, then turned to glance over at you, his cerulean blue eyes meeting yours, “Dinner was really nice.” Seemingly satisfied with having told you that, he turned to look ahead of him, the faintest pink tinting the tips of his ears, your lips pulled into a mirth filled smile.

Dabi smiled as well, scooping Hoshi up into his arms, your daughter squealing with delight as he did, her braid swaying. Sora stood up, holding his hand out for you to hold as the four of you made your way to your large, shared bed. Hoshi excitedly clambered to the middle, ducking under the covers, while Sora sleepily crawled over the bed. You and Dabi climbed in on either side, your children between you both, safe and protected.

“Night, Mom,” both children chimed, planting gently kisses on each of your cheeks, then did the same to Dabi, “Night, Dad.”

The two of you smiled and spoke in unison, “Night, Hoshi, our little star. Night, Sora, our sky above.” You both planted kisses on their cheeks, then said your own good nights and a shared kiss.

Content, you snuggled up to your children and Dabi, knowing that you’d finally found your happiness.

The End