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I May Be Too Good For You

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Keith is a bit of a “player” in this story. He’s, actually, a pretty social boy... within his own friend group. He gets average grades as well. But concerning “intimate relationships”, Keith likes to...’bounce’ from person to person. Love is love, right? Keith doesn’t want to limit himself to only one person. Nothing wrong with that and that doesn’t make Keith a bad person. After all, he /is/ still just a high school, hormonal boy. He just likes to have we’ve already established. And a little fooling around never hurt no one. Right?

Lance is a “straight A student.” He’s a sweet boy, who is a little naive and sometimes seems to look at the world through rose colored glasses. However, being naive doesn’t mean he’s dumb or a ditzy Mary-Sue type of person. He just likes to see the best in people. I mean...everyone makes mistakes, of course. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a bad person...right?


Earlier in the school year:

Keith and Lance first meet at one of their high school football games. Keith’s seen Lance around campus. He’s always one of the top students and seems to be in every club and is friends with everyone. So, not really someone Keith would hang out with. He seems like a goody-two-shoes...boring.

‘Cute ass though.’ Keith briefly thinks and then turns back to talk to his current “play of the day”, as a few of his friends call his—”lover” isn’t the right word, but Keith is drawing a blank on what to call these people— ...person...Keith’s person.


Lance, on the other hand, always sees Keith. He seems to only talk to certain people though. Which is fine! Not everyone is a social butterfly, like Lance. But Lance thinks Keith is so cute...has thought that since that first football game.

What Lance wouldn’t give for just one day to hang out with Keith. Or just one date...