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Quirk: Sixth Sense

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Izuku's never really had a problem with ghosts. After all, he's lived with multiple ghosts his entire life. From the tall blonde, Annita, to the small, but eccentric, Rebecca, he's dealt with them in the best way he could. Whether it's playing with them, helping them, or just talking with them, he's always around when his mom isn't. In case you didn't get the hint, Izuku's apartment complex is haunted. And not just his apartment: THE ENTIRE BUILDING!!

All of the past residents from before Izuku was born had left the building, scared out of their minds that the place was filled with ghosts. That's when the landlord called the police to investigate. But even then, the police were scared when they set foot inside one of the complexes and saw a ghost. In fact, they fled the scene. That's when they called one of the best active detectives on the force: Naomasa Tsukauchi.

Naomasa traveled to the building to investigate, when he came upon a woman and her baby heading to the top right complex. Afraid of what might happen to the poor person, he rushed out of his car and shouted, "MA'AM WAIT IT'S DANGEROUS HERE!!!!" The woman jumped in surprise which stirred her baby and it started to cry. Furious, the green haired woman marched towards the officer and started reprimanding him.

"Why would you shout in the open when a baby could be sleeping? Have you no respect or tact?"

He quickly apologized and gave a deep bow, "My apologies, ma'am, but I'm afraid I must ask you to stay clear of this building, for you and your baby's safety. I'm sure you understand."

What the woman said next was not what he was expecting, "So, the landlord must've called the police to investigate the building. Well, you've come to the right haunted place. Please, come in."

Yep, the woman invited him to enter the 'haunted' building. But what threw him for a loop was the fact that his quirk didn't go off when she said that the place was haunted. 'Huh. Well, this just got interesting.' So he followed after her and as soon as she opened the door, he thought he was hallucinating. 'Ghosts? That can't be right. Ghosts don't exist. What's going on here?' His question was quickly answered, "Well, here they are: The resident haunts of the apartment building. Say hello everyone!"

As he entered, he saw multiple ghosts. And all of them were looking and waving at him, which caught him by surprise. So much so that all he could do was stare and wave back with his jaw hitting the floor. "I guess I don't have much of an investigation anymore. Looks like I'll have to tell the landlord that the place really is haunted." He stopped talking when he saw all of their faces, sad faces. "What's wrong?"

The living woman tugged his sleeve, "Please, sit we have much to discuss."

They were talking for a good twenty minutes before the detective decided to not tell the landlord about the building being haunted, and instead tell him that it is still being investigated. The woman, Inko Midoriya, and the ghosts all thanked him and waved goodbye when he left. "I wonder if we will ever see him again."

Said one of the ghosts, to which Inko replied with, "Oh I'm sure he'll be back. And next time, he'll probably bring some friends." Everyone chuckled at the thought.





Shouta Aizawa was just looking for a place to live while he attended U.A. He just wanted a place where he could sleep in peace, a place that was quiet. He just wanted a place to call his own for once. He just happened to come across an apartment complex that was surprisingly cheap and affordable. He was suspicious, obviously, but he had no other options that were within his price range. So he took it; he packed all of his things; he headed straight there; and he instantly regretted ever doing so.

Why you may ask? Because the place was haunted by ghosts. Lots of ghosts. An oddly suspicious amount of ghosts. He may be a first year, but he knows when and how he should investigate. He immediately focused his attention on the young looking green haired woman who was sitting on the second story of the building, feeding her baby... 'Wait a minute, why does she live here when she's surrounded by ghosts? Does she even know she's-'

His thoughts are cut off when he sees the woman talking with one of the ghosts. 'Yeah she knows that she's surrounded by ghosts. So why isn't she freaking out or flipping her shit right now?' The woman sees him and eyes him curiously and cautiously at the same time. Good, he thinks, you should never immediately trust someone on first interaction. Then he realizes that he's being rude to her by just staring and decides to go and introduce himself.

And so he finds himself walking up the stairs and passing by at least three different ghosts. And now he's standing in front of the woman and he speaks first, "Hello. My name's Shouta Aizawa and I'm guessing that I'll be your new neighbor. I hope I won't be a bother to you or your child." He finishes off with a bow.

The woman speaks next, "I'm Inko Midoriya and everyone you see here aren't just the residential haunts, but they're also protectors of this place. So please, treat them with respect and they won't bother you too much."

"Protectors?" He asks curiously, "Are they protecting the building or you?"

She looks at him with a confused face, before changing it to a smirk while saying, "I won't say just yet. Wait until my son grows up, maybe then I'll tell you." She finishes with a cryptic message. 'Damn, she's just like the principle; always so fucking cryptic and never giving a straight answer.' They finish their introductions and Shouta starts unpacking his things in his new home.

"This place is going to be interesting."





About a year after Izuku's birth, the building got new residents, who all just so happened to be heroes in training at the prestigious U.A. High. They were all nice to Inko and the ghosts and would even babysit little Izuku with either each other or with one or some of the ghosts while Inko was away. She does need some time for herself, being a new mother and all. The ghosts themselves enjoy their company, but they draw the line when it comes to Izuku, as they seem to want to protect him above anyone else, which the students found to be rather strange.

They all lived peacefully, until Izuku turned five and went to visit the doctor at the hospital to see what his quirk would be. Izuku and Inko already knew what it was since he was born with it already manifested, so they saw this as a pointless endeavor but decided to go anyways. When they arrived at the hospital and met the doctor, he did the mandatory tests for newly manifested quirks and was left with a puzzled expression.

"Well Mrs. Midoriya, your son does have a quirk, but no one at this hospital knows what it is. I'm sorry that we couldn't be of much help to you or your son."

Inko just waved him off nonchalantly, "It's fine doctor. Besides, me and Izuku already know what it is. He's  had it since he was born, after all."

This surprised the doctor, "Is that so? Then tell me, what is it?"

Izuku gave him a large smirk and said, "Why? It's more fun if you figure it out for yourself, right?"

The doctor gave the young boy a crooked raised eyebrow while the mother was trying, but failing, to hold in her laughter. He sighed and gave them some papers to fill out, which they did. But even then, it was cryptic as hell. 'What's up with these two? It's as if they don't want people to figure out the boy's quirk. Or maybe they can't because they were forcibly told not to, or else.'

He started to think of the possibilities of the situation that the young family must be facing. From having an abusing father, to the young family actually being villains hiding in public. Or maybe he was being paranoid and they were just being difficult asses on purpose, he didn't know which one infuriated him the most; being right about their situation or them being trolls to him and possibly everyone else around them. But just in case, he would contact a certain detective to investigate the Midoriya's.





Naomasa's day was slow; there weren't many things going on that needed his expertise. Until he got a call from Musutafu General Hospital about a suspicious mother and son, "It may just be paranoia at work here, but I want to be sure that the Midoriya's aren't up to anything illegal or are in trouble. Could I ask you to investigate this for me, sir?"

"I don't see why not. I've actually met the Midoriya's before, but one can never be too careful." He hangs up and heads for the haunted apartment complex.

As soon as he arrives at the building, he sees other people living in the other rooms. LIVING people. And not only that, but these people are new Pro Heroes. 'Must've graduated just a couple of years ago. Might as well ask whoever's here at the moment about the Midoriya's.' He heads for the tall blonde man, the Voice Hero: Present Mic. "Excuse me sir, but I'd like to ask you a few questions regarding one of the inhabitants of this building."

He got the stink eye from the pro, before he remembered that he was being rude, "Ah, please forgive my rudeness, Detective Naomasa Tsukauchi. You can trust me, I know the Midoriya's living circumstance as well. I met them when little Izuku was just a baby. I'm just checking in on them for their doctor, who called me out of concern for their safety." At this, the Hero perks up, and rose out of his chair, meeting the detective, face to face.

"Phew, I was worried that you were after the kid and his mother. Though it's not like you could ever reach them, what with the ghosts and all protecting them 24/7. If you want, I can bring you to them. Everyone else is already in there, playing a game with him."

Tsukauchi raised an eyebrow since his quirk went off, "And what game would that be, if I may ask?"

He saw Mic thinking or contemplating, he couldn't tell at the moment. "Well, it's kind of like gambling, since we make bets for the game. As for the game itself, we put our ideas as to what the little squirt's quirk is."


"Well then, mind if I join in?"

"ARE YA KIDDING?? HELL YEAH YOU CAN JOIN!!" Shouts Present Mic with his quirk. When they enter the correct apartment, Naomasa can see the numerous Pro Heroes surrounding the young Izuku. Said boy turns around and sees the detective standing in the doorway.

One of the ghosts comes up to his ear and whispers, "It's ok, he was here when you were just a baby, you can trust him."

When he hears those words, he brings out enough courage to walk to the officer, and introduce himself, "H-hello sir, I'm I-Izuku M-Midoriya. What's your n-name?"

He couldn't help but smile at the boy's nervousness at meeting someone new, "My name's Naomasa Tsukauchi. It's nice to finally meet you after five years. WOW... has it really been that long." He looks at the young mother as he said that last part.

"My goodness it has been a while hasn't it detective." Inko and Naomasa start a conversation with each other. While that's happening, Izuku sees a ghost that wasn't there before. It approaches him, nervously, while the other ghosts stare cautiously while conversing with the other people in the apartment.

It kneels down in front of Izuku and speaks, "Hello, young master. I just wanted to tell you a few things about the man that I travel with."

Izuku speaks to the ghost through the astral plane, "You mean your ward, right?" At this, the ghost raises its head and stares at the boy in awe. While in the astral plane, Izuku looks as though he has armor on that looks like something from European Medieval Times, as well as a small crown adorned with flowers and vines. He also happens to be an extremely tall figure, standing far above all those around him. He holds in his hands a scepter whose purpose is purposely unknown to all ghosts.

"Yes sir! His quirk is Human Lie Detector. I don't think I need to explain what it does. I hope this aids you sir!"

Izuku exits the astral plane, surprising the ghosts around him. "Izuku? I'd like to place my idea as to what your quirk is."

Izuku looks up at the detective and gives a wide smile, "Sure thing! Just put it in the hat, and mom will read them out." He does just that, putting his idea of Perception into the hat.





They all left disappointed at failing to guess what his quirk was. Naomasa said his goodbyes and called the doctor from the hospital to tell him that he has nothing to worry about, and that everything is fine. He's the only one who leaves content at knowing that the young family is safe where they are and are constantly being supervised, making his job easier in the long run. Who knows, maybe the boy really will become a great hero. Only time will tell.


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One day, when Izuku was at school, talking to its resident haunts, he was approached by his friend, Katsuki Bakugou. He couldn’t see the ghosts surrounding Izuku, but they had scowls written across their faces, indicating that the blonde, explosive boy was about to do something bad to Izuku. And he got the memo, immediately standing up and staring at his ‘friend’ and the ghost that protects him.

(Yeah every single person in this story has one ghost that stays with them for their entire lives, acting as their protector. Izuku is the only one who doesn’t have one, since he’s his own spiritual protector. The protector ghosts will later be referred to as their Quirk Spirits, inspired by the Know What I’ve Made by the Marks on my Hands Fan fiction.)

“What do you want, Kacchan? And don’t even think about hitting me, or else!

Katsuki was taken aback by the threat, but recovered quickly, “You really think you can threaten me and mean it? Stupid Deku, you’ll know your place, you quirkless loser!” He bolts it straight towards Izuku, but is suddenly blown away with great force.

Looking up in confusion, he sees Izuku’s right palm extended towards him, while wearing a scowl on his face. ‘What the fuck did he just do?’ This garners the attention of all of the other kids in the area, who scurry towards the two boys. One group stands around Izuku, while the other goes to make sure Katsuki is alright. He gets up, angrier than he was previously, and yells at the green boy.

“WHAT WAS THAT?! I THOUGHT YOU WERE QURIKLESS?!” Izuku then decides to end this stupid debacle with Katsuki. So he takes both himself and Katsuki to the astral plane to ‘talk it out’ as one of the teachers instructed them to do. Katsuki feels a rush of cold air fly past him and closes his eyes. When he opens them again, he sees a vague outline of the area that they were just in, but it looks different somehow.

Then he looks over to where Deku is standing; and immediately shits himself upon seeing that Izuku is so much taller than him and looks very intimidating. Then he hears him speak, in a voice that doesn’t sound like his at all, “Well then, Katsuki Bakugou, what will you do now, I wonder?” Katsuki couldn’t believe it; the damn nerd’s quirk is incredible. Incredibly scary that’s for damn sure.

He couldn’t do anything, except stand there helpless and shaking from fear. Izuku then releases them both from the astral plane, and they return to normal. Everyone looks at them confused at what just happened. Katsuki then starts to scream and runs away, crying waterfalls like a Midoriya. Izuku is both proud and ashamed at what he just did: It was the first time he had ever brought another human being into the astral plane, and he screwed it up.

He was in huge trouble for badly hurting Katsuki. They said that he hurt him physically as well as his feelings, but what they didn’t know, was that he only hurt his pride. Well, actually he crushed it like it was an empty can of soda. Except it wasn’t empty at all; in fact it wasn’t even open yet. Those tears of his were the contents of the soda spilling out.

(I know it’s a shit description. Please tell me a better way to word it. I’m shit at wording metaphors.)

They called his mom to come pick him up, saying that he shouldn’t be hurting other children and to check his mental health, just to be safe. One of the ghosts that hang around the school speaks up, “Yeah right! This asshole’s a terrible teacher if he thinks that you started the fight when he has cameras everywhere. You’d think someone was paying him off or something. Jeez!” Izuku tried not to laugh at the ghost’s comment about the principal.

Said man was looking at Izuku with concerned eyes, ‘I think he’s already losing his mind, the children say that he talks to himself and the adults think he answers his own questions in his head but still talks out loud.’ The principle didn’t want to kick out the kid, feeling sorry for him since he doesn’t have any friends, except for his imaginary ones, which he deduces is what’s actually happening.





“Stupid teachers, they don’t know what they’re talking about. They think I started that fight, but Kacchan was the first one to move. I just defended myself and I got in trouble! Ughh!” Inko could only laugh at her son’s misfortune, though she had to agree with him on the teacher’s being dumb. They thought that he was going insane just because he was talking to ‘himself’ and not the other kids, without realizing that those that he talks to are much more pleasant than they were.

Of course, they wouldn’t believe either of them if they told the principle about the ghosts that ‘plague’ the human race, which they all found to be a funny way to say that they watch over them instead of possess them like in those old horror movies, which they actually find insulting. If they were going to terrorize the living, they wouldn’t be messing with cutlery and other cooking tools; they would dive straight into their dreams and haunt them that way. It’s far more efficient and effective than those stupid movies.

(This is also the author’s opinion. Like why would they mess with pots and pans and open and close doors all the time. Just drag them out of bed and toss them over the railings if it’s a two or higher storey building and make sure that they land on their heads. Or why not just take a cutting knife out of the drawer, slowly and quietly, and then launch it at their heart from the back: FAR more effective and easy. My opinion, though, tell me what you think.)

They arrive home and are greeted by everyone, both ghosts and the Pro Heroes that live there. In fact, they learned that everyone, who now lives with them, works at U.A., or is affiliated with it in one form or another. They grew concerned for the boy who was home a little bit too early, while the ghosts that were travelling with him explained everything, which infuriated the Heroes, and pissed off the ghosts.

Then when one of them told the rest of what Izuku did to Katsuki, they all paled. The ghosts know that most humans probably can’t handle the astral plane as well as Izuku can, and are now actually afraid for the other boy. The Heroes, on the other hand, were getting ideas that Izuku may actually have social anxiety. Shouta approached the boy and asked him, “Izuku, are you ok?”

Normally, Izuku would just tell them yes, but Shouta doesn’t interact with him much, and whenever he does, it’s always about something serious. “What do you mean by that, sir?”

He tries to find the right words to explain his concerns, and decides to just say the truth, “I’m afraid for your mental health, mostly around other people. And by that I mean--”

He’s interrupted by a casual clothes wearing Recovery Girl, “Social Anxiety, Izuku, is what Shouta here means to say.”

Izuku looks at the ground, shameful that he, the Spirit Leader, can’t converse normally with living humans. Inko looks at her son with sympathetic eyes and bends down to pet his hair lovingly. Chiyo Shuuzenji approaches Izuku and takes his hand, guiding him inside the building, with everyone else following after them. When they enter the building, Chiyo sits Izuku down on a chair and begins to give him a check up on his well-being.

After about an hour of tests and questions, Chiyo is satisfied and tells them all that Izuku is just lonely and craves affection, more-so than others she’s had the pleasure of meeting. That was surprising enough to everyone present that they all wanted to approach him to give him the affection that he wants, but unfortunately, the ghosts don’t want them around him at the moment.

“Why won’t you let us near him? You all should know that we’re worried about him right now.”

They respond with, “We don’t know why we’re not letting you through either. There’s just something about this whole situation that gives us a bad feeling.”

Shouta then gives his two cents, “So it’s less of protecting Izuku from us and more so protecting us from him.” The ghosts all nod in agreement.

They all think to themselves, ‘This has to be serious if all of the ghosts are protecting us instead of him!’ And as if on cue, Izuku walks towards his room and shuts the door, locking it shortly after. That in and of itself was a red flag, since Izuku never locks his door. The ghosts won’t dare interrupt Izuku, seemingly afraid of him now, which concerns the adults in the room, since they’re never scared of Izuku.





They all decide to hang around to see whether or not Izuku will come out of his room tonight. Several hours later, Izuku is still in his room and Shouta starts to get aggravated. So he decides, fuck it, and starts his trek towards the boy’s room. He knocks lightly on the locked door while saying, “Izuku, can I come in, please?” No response. So he decides to pick the lock, succeeding at doing so. As he enters he is met with a sight that makes him regret opening the door.

He sees Izuku, hunched over on the ground, holding his chest in his hands. Upon closer inspection, he sees that, it’s not his chest he’s holding, but rather a small green sphere that looks like it’s connected to his heart, and it unnerves Shouta to the point where he’s frozen on the spot, out of fear. 'Whatever that thing is, it looks highly unstable.' He lets out a small, but understandable word, “Izuku?”

Said boy turns his head towards Shouta, slowly and with closed eyes. Upon reaching his face, he opens his eyes, only for them to glow a bright green and he hears a voice in his head that does not sound like Izuku’s, but is undeniably his, “What is it you want with me, Shouta Aizawa? Is it so important that I must be interrupted from completing the ritual that will ensure that I do not lose my sanity?

Shouta realizes too late that he is now in the astral plane and that his quirk won’t work here. So instead, he gets on his knees and bows to the giant figure that is Izuku Midoriya, “My apologies, but we were all very concerned that something bad had happened to you and that you didn’t want us to know. What can I do to earn your forgiveness, Spirit Leader?” He knows better than to call him by his true name in here.

The Spirit Leader ponders on this, while holding the green sphere in his left hand, and scepter in his right hand, “Simply tell them not to disturb me, as well as what I am doing and all will be forgiven.” As soon as he finishes his demand, he releases his hold on Shouta, and continues the ritual. Shouta, on the other hand, stands up, gives a bow, and exits the room, locking it as he goes.

He enters the living room where everyone is seen standing up, growing concern written on their faces, while the ghosts are all cowering at different areas of the building. ‘So that’s how much presence he exudes as the Spirit Leader. Holy Shit!’ He approaches the living people in the room to give them comforting news, “There’s no need to worry, Izuku’s gonna be alright. Just give him all of the time in the world. Also, do not disturb him, or you will regret it, trust me!” They all nodded their heads vehemently.





It took till the middle of the next day for Izuku to come out of his room. And when he did, everyone was shocked. He had tattoos all over his body; the only exception being his head. “Izuku dear, what happened to you?” Inko, for the first time in her life, grew concerned for Izuku. ‘His quirk shouldn’t be able to do this?’ She thought.

Izuku answered all of their growing questions with one simple action: He held out his hands and revealed a green sphere that, to Shouta, looked more stable than it did the night before. “This is where my quirk resides. And only I can get to it. The tattoos on my body are actually different kinds of symbols and words that can be read by others too. But its main purpose is for me to gain access to other people’s quirks via their ghost protectors or Quirk Spirits if you will.”

They were all baffled at his explanation, that their quirks have physical manifestations as spirits. But then again, Izuku is able to see ghosts and the like so who’s to say that there isn’t such a thing as Quirk Spirits. He then continues his explanation, “I got these tattoos embedded on my body so I can remember the words and rituals I need to perform specific tasks that I couldn’t do otherwise. I can help people control unstable quirks for example.”

Everyone thought the same thing, ‘Now that’s one incredibly useful and versatile quirk!’ All of their worries were put to rest in that instance. Even the ghosts were at ease around Izuku, seemingly no longer being afraid of him. The rest of the day was uneventful, to say the least. It was a Saturday and they didn’t really do much, except give Izuku some much needed affection. After all, if Chiyo said he needs it, who are they to deny him of its bounty.

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Katsuki had always been creeped out by Deku ever since he experienced his quirk in kindergarten. Nearly ten years on, and the damn nerd still creeps him the fuck out. Especially since his entire body seems to be covered in weird symbols and words in a different and foreign language. He’ll never understand his quirk, no matter how hard he tries.

The teacher came into the class and just announced that everyone had to decide what they wanted to do in their future… only for the useless extras to show off their quirks upon hearing that they want to be Heroes. Screw them all! He’s the only one who’s going to be a Hero. He hopes.

“Ah yes Bakugou, you want to go to U.A. don’t you?” Said the dumbass teacher.

Bakugou says, in a cocky tone, “That’s right, and I’m the only one who’s going to be going from this shit school! I passed all of their mock exams after all!”

Just then, the teacher said, “Oh yeah, Midoriya, you’re planning to go there too aren’t you?”

Izuku just nods his head, “Yes sir. Even if I don’t make it into the Hero Course, I’ll still try out some of the other courses like General Education. U.A. may be famous for its Hero Graduates, but they’ve got other ventures too.”

The class immediately started their murmuring, unintentionally making Bakugou fume in the process. One of the school’s ghosts whispers in Izuku’s ear, “I’m not even alive anymore and I can still feel the Pomeranian’s anger surging. And I’m not the only one either.” He then points over to the other ghosts in the room and sure enough, they are all backing off from Katsuki.

The teacher tries to calm everyone down, “Alright, alright settle down now everyone. We’ve still got class to go through, and then you can all be on your way. Understand?” The class groans in acknowledgement, with both Katsuki and Izuku rolling their eyes and thinking the same thing, ‘It isn’t hard at all. These guys/morons just don’t put enough effort into their (fucking) work.

After class had ended, Izuku was about to leave but was stopped by a small group of some of his fellow classmates who believed they were his friends. But in reality, they were nothing but a bunch of groupies who wanted to be seen hanging out with the teenager covered in ‘badass’ tattoos. They never bothered to try and figure them out nor did they ever ask Izuku what they meant, which is why he didn’t think they were really his friends.

“Yo Midoriya, wanna come hang with us at the arcade?” The tallest one said. Yeah, Katsuki had the right idea in that they never really cared for them as a person and only hung out with them because of their quirks.

Izuku responds, “Nah, I’ve got some errands I need to run for some people in my neighborhood and my mom doesn’t really want me to spend our money at the arcade. Sorry guys.” He wasn’t sorry. Not. One. Bit.

They all looked disappointed, but decided to play it cool, “Alright no prob man. See ya tomorrow then yeah?” Izuku just nods and lets them leave.

After a while, it was just Izuku, Katsuki and his group of dumbasses. They followed him like he was a god because of his quirk and they always egg him on about putting him in his place. But Izuku never gave him that chance and today was no different. Izuku gets up from his desk and leaves the classroom to start his jog towards his errands.





Izuku had just left the school and was now in an underpass, when he suddenly felt a disturbance nearby. Immediately going into action, he started his quirk suppression ritual in order to trap whatever was coming his way, most likely a villain. ‘And a slippery one at that too.’ He had just finished making the ritual on the ground when some slime started seeping out from the manhole cover of the sewers.

And along came a garbled voice, “Dammit! He won’t give up will he?!” Just then, the slime man spotted Izuku with his hand fully extended and his palm was glowing. He didn’t pay attention to the glow, being happy that he gets to wear something new now, “Hey there kiddo, come here why don’t ya.”

Izuku saw him fully enter his circle and promptly grinned, “Nah. I’ve got you right where I want you!” The circle on his palm glowed even brighter. Upon doing so, the circle on the ground emitted the same light, making a sort of prison that not even All Might could break through.

The Sludge Villain started thrashing around and screeching, “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!?! WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO ME?!?!?!?!”

Just then, the manhole cover slammed into the wall, “HAVE NO FEAR! WHY? BECAUSE I AM HERE!

The villain started thrashing even more. Izuku spoke up, “Don’t bother hitting it All Might! You won’t break it!”

It’s then that All Might saw what was going on. He walked towards the voice, only to see a young schoolboy with his palm extended forwards and glowing. He said, “Young man, are you responsible for trapping this criminal?

Izuku nods his head, “Yes sir. Sorry but do you have anything that you can trap him in? He won’t be able to escape from there, no matter how hard he tries.” To emphasize his point, the villain hits the barrier numerous times, to no avail.

All Might takes out an empty two liter bottle of soda and Izuku says, “Good. Now, twist the cap off and insert it into the barrier, I’ll do the rest.” All Might does so and is caught off guard when the villain gets sucked into the bottle, all the while screaming. Once he’s fully inside of it, the bottle comes flying towards All Might and he quickly screws the cap back on.

The Hero turns towards Izuku, “Thank you for the assist young…

“Midoriya. Izuku Midoriya.”

Young Midoriya. I must ask: By chance, are you aiming for the Hero Course?” He needed to know for sure.

Izuku nods his head, “Yes sir! And if I don’t make it in through that, then I’ll try to get in through Gen Ed. I do have a plan, so no need to worry about me sir.”





All Might wonders about this child. ‘Is he the one Nedzu always talks about? The child who sees what others cannot?’ While he ponders on this, Izuku seems to be looking in both directions. ‘Why is he doing that?

Sure enough, Izuku answers his question, “It’s alright for you to turn back into your civilian identity sir. And before you ask, it was a friend of yours who told me.”

All Might was shocked to hear the boy say that. But who was this friend of his who told him? None of his accomplices would’ve told some random teen about his condition and he’s pretty sure that this kid isn’t working for him. So who could’ve told him about his condition? He’ll have to ask him after.

So he decides to transform. When his true form is revealed to Izuku, the kid looks awestruck, “Wow she wasn’t joking when she said you looked awful.” All Might spews out blood from his mouth. Prompting Izuku to sweat drop and say, “How are you still alive sir?”

All Might decides to enlighten the kid, “I got a life changing injury kid. A rather nasty villain basically destroyed my entire stomach and my left lung, so those needed to be taken out of my body in order for me to live at all.”

Izuku hums in acknowledgement, “Total gastrectomy huh. No wonder you look so emaciated. But why haven’t you been eating anything that follows a diet for people who have that?”

All Might looks shocked and ashamed at the same time, “I… I don’t know. I know that I should be eating according to that diet, even Recovery Girl says that and gets on my case anytime I don’t eat or drink anything for a certain period of time.” He sighs and gets up, “Oh, and by the way. Whenever you see me like this, please call me Toshinori Yagi, alright?”

Izuku smiles and says, “Ok Toshi-san.”

He sputters at that before having a confused look on his face, “Toshi-san? Where did that come from?”

Izuku looks down for a moment before bringing his head up and talking in a different voice, one all too familiar to Toshinori, “Toshi-san, it’s me, Nana.” Toshinori backs away from the boy and falls on the ground, mind in disbelief. The kid continues, “This bright child gave me permission to possess his body to allow me to speak to you again. Toshi let me say this.”


Toshinori immediately stands at attention while saying, “YES MA’AM!!” They start laughing hard prompting Toshinori to give a pout before he started chuckling along, “It really is you Nana. How?”

They reply, “I’ve always been with you dummy. And I always will be by your side. Before I leave his body I just want to say: I’m proud of you Toshi and I always will be.” When she said that, he collapsed onto his knees and started to cry. Izuku bends down to offer him his hand.

All Might grabs it and says to the boy, “Thank you. You have no idea how much I needed that. What can I do to repay you?”

Izuku thought about it before saying, “Reconcile with people that you haven’t talked to for a while and tell them about me. We’ll go from there. This will be your progress towards healing wounds that can’t normally be healed.”

All Might thinks upon this. He hasn’t talked to Sir Nighteye for years and he hasn’t seen Gran Torino in a long time either. He settles on talking to them sooner than later, “Very well then Young Midoriya, I’ll see about doing so with the people that I haven’t seen for a while.”

Izuku smiles at that and starts walking away, before stopping to say, “And remember to look up a dietary plan for your condition, got it?”

Toshinori replies, “I will.”





As he’s walking away, he wonders on how all of his friends will react upon hearing of his encounter with Izuku Midoriya and his conversation with Nana Shimura. He chuckles to himself, “They’ll probably think that I’m crazy. Gran already thinks I’m crazy. If he hears me say this, he’ll think I’ll have gone insane.” He’ll just have to wait until after their conversation. Now Sir Nighteye, on the other hand, is going to be more difficult to talk to, especially after their rough argument years prior. “Maybe Gran Torino will give me some advice on what to say to him. But first things first: I dietary plan!”