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Property of Bakugou Katsuki

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It’s a well known fact that Kirishima Eijirou is one of UA’s most desirable omegas. He’s cute, thicc, and most importantly, hot as all fuck. Basically every alpha’s wet dream come to life. Except, he’s already spoken for. Quite loudly in fact. And it would be damn near suicide to fuck with his boyfriend, Bakugou Katsuki. An alpha just as well known as his counterpart, but for far different- more violent- reasons.The general policy was look, but don’t touch. Admire? Sure. Take pictures of? Go ahead. But lay a single finger on what’s his, and you’ll never see that finger again.


But Kaminari has never claimed to be the sharpest or least impulsive tool in the shed.




“Bro, please, just once!”

“Kami, I don’t think it’s a good idea”

“Is it because of Bakugou? Come oooon, it’s not like he’ll find out unless you tell him”


“Kiri. I swear it’ll be good, you know me bro!”

“I guess... just once though!”


Kaminari Denki, like most of the world, was a beta. Some people thought this meant a person who was relaxed about their sexuality, freed from the extremes of the omega/alpha experience. Kaminari liked to prove these people wrong.


So what’s a simple pervert to do when he’s been teased and cockblocked by his own best friend literally all day? First it was during classes, when he was forced to watch Kirishima squirm, impaled on his alpha’s cock, face red and eyes teary.


Then it was during lunch, where he had to watch Bakugou tease his tits at random, pinching the perky brown nipples and groping his chest without even looking up from his lunch while the omega sat helpless.


But the final nail in the coffin was during training. Kirishima and Kaminari had been paired up to fight and it was /very/ hard to concentrate on not getting his shit wrecked while sporting a boner. He couldn’t help it, Kirishima just looks so good all sweaty and satisfied.


Which brought him here, after class in Kirishima’s room, begging for one simple go at touching to his heart’s content.


It’s not like he wanted much! It’s not like he was asking to fuck him (though it was tempting). Kaminari just couldn’t see how Bakugou could have his omega parading around in such slutty clothes and NOT expect anyone to try and touch. But after copious amounts of begging, Kiri finally agreed and Kami could have cried with joy when he offered up his chest


Wasting no time, Kami began to dig in, rubbing and squeezing those perfect tits, reveling in the soft sighs and hitches in breath whenever he brushed over a nipple. It was easy to do over the sheer material of the omega school uniform top, but it was still not enough. Kaminari quickly ripped the shirt open, deaf to the shocked gasp above him and the sound of buttons flying around the room. And he was right, Eijirou’s tits felt much better without the fabric in the way. His tan skin was smooth and soft, occasionally crisscrossed with tiny scars


“K-kami, I- ah!”


And they tasted just as good as they felt, /especially/ those cute little nipples, tight from the sudden simulation, and fit perfectly, like sweet little candies, in his eager mouth


“Seriously, dude, you have to stop, this is too mu-UUCH!”


And the rest of him was just as soft, those plush thighs, his trembling belly, and that ASS. Kaminari felt like he had been blessed. But that wasn’t even the best part, no, THAT was the sight of Eijirou’s soft cunt, clenching around nothing and already starting to get wet. Kaminari suddenly had a lot of saliva in his mouth. It was so /pretty/, not to mention the most ADORABLE little cocklet right above it, barely four inches as hard as it was


And Kaminari had permission to touch


The next few seconds were kind of a blur. Kaminari could remember a loud groan before a WAY louder bang, and all of a sudden his head hurt? Was he on the floor? What was that grunting noise above him? Oh well. That’s a problem for tomorrow Kaminari.




"You little fucking slut. Weren't satisfied with just me, huh? Your alpha not good enough for you anymore?"

Bakugou had wasted no time after hearing that noise from /his/ omega, bursting through the door and ripping that stupid electric idiot away.


Said idiot was now passed out on the floor, having been promptly forgotten by Kirishima as soon as the alpha sunk his thick cock into him, not giving him time to adjust before pounding in, claiming his dripping pussy, Eijirou making little "ah-ah-ah"s to the rhythm.


"No, Katsuki, that's not- ah!"


"Shut the fuck up you fucking whore. Did you forget? You belong to /me/, Eijirou."


Bakugou was robbing him of the ability to respond, his cock driving all the air from his lungs with each powerful thrust. A large hand came down to grip his own leaking omega cock, forcing an overstimulated sob from his throat.


"Yes! Alpha, I'm yours! Please!"


"Please what, omega? Please make you cum? Knot you? Fill you with my cum?" 


Eijirou whined desperately, but Bakugou just laughed.


"Little sluts like you don't deserve my knot. Little sluts like you deserve to be punished. Say it, Eijirou, tell me what you deserve." Bakugou fisted a hand in his red locks, still hammering in like a machine. Kirishima gasped, tears prickling at the corners of his wide eyes.


"I- I'm a little slut! Please alpha, please punish me!" He mewled, tears finally falling down his flushed cheeks. Bakugou grinned.


"That's what I want to hear." He pulled out suddenly and walked to the door, bypassing Kaminari and tucking himself back in his pants.


"Come with me"


Ei followed obediently, resisting the urge to question what his alpha had in store, knowing that would just make him madder. Kiri was trembling both from the shock of having been fucked so roughly and the anticipation of what was about to happen.


Said anticipation only grew when they entered the common room. Most of their fellow classmates were there, hanging out or doing homework. Only a few even noticed that they had entered, both in states of disarray, though Kiri decidedly more so, still wearing his torn open blouse.


That soon changed, though, when Bakugou stormed in, pushing past whoever stood in front of him, his omega following meekly behind. The alpha made his way to the couch, where he growled until Iida and Todoroki stood up. Taking their place on the couch, Bakugou grabbed Kirishima's arm and pulled until he had his omega situated over his lap. Kiri's face was being pressed down by a hand of the back of his neck, and his butt was propped up over Bakugou's knee.


He could feel the class's eyes on him, and his face grow hot from the attention on his helpless position. Bakugou's other hand was smoothing over his omega's thighs, squeezing them tight, right under his butt cheek, which was just barely still covered by his uniform skirt. When Kiri tried to squirm, the firm grip on both his thigh and neck tightened to almost painful.


"Uhh, Bakugou? What are you doing, man?" Sero's voice reminded Kirishima of the others still in the room, still watching him. The redhead's squirming grew more frantic.


"How many of you would fuck him, given the chance?" Bakugou's tone was casual. Predictably, there was no answer, but really, none had to be given. Eijirou had finally stopped struggling, and lay limp over Bakugou's lap, who once again began to grope his thighs and ass.


"No, really. How many? Someone? Anyone?" Again, there was no answer, but the tension in the room was thick enough to be cut. Many of the alphas in the common room began to shuffle in arousal as the scent of turned on omega practically poured from Kirishima.


"None of you? Well, that I don't believe." Finally, the tension was broken.

"Ugh, Bakugou, you know the answer is all of us, why are you teasing, man?" Mina groaned, the alpha having to adjust her hard on in her pants. There were a few murmured agreements around the room


"All of you, huh. How many people are in the class, Eijirou." Bakugou's voice was still casual as he spoke to Kirishima for the first time, letting go of the redhead's nape to allow him to answer. Kirishima picked up his head, but immediately lowered it again when he saw everyone


"U-um. 20?" Eijirou's voice was meek, and he squeaked when the blond alpha tugged his head back up by the hair, forcing him to face all the hungry stares of their classmates. 


"20, huh? 20's a good round number. You better count all of them, or else."


When the first hit struck, Kirishima's gasp was enough to make the mingling scents of arousal in the room became nigh unbearable. The blow was somewhat softened by the omega's skirt still in the way, but it was still enough to have him whining and squirming


"Eijirou." Bakugou growled in warning, tugging on his hair.


"O-one! Alpha...!" Another spank forced a sob from his lips, which were read from where Kirishima had been biting them. The "Two!" came without hesitation this time.


Bakugou took a small mercy on his and let go of his hair, letting Kirishima's face fall back onto the couch and going back to his previous position of holding him down by the neck. The alpha deemed him sufficiently warmed up, and the next few spanks came down ruthlessly.


SPANK "SIX! Oh god, Katsuki, alpha please!" 


"Please what, slut? We've barely gotten started."


"Ah! Seven!"


By now tears had started prickling the omega's eyes, both from the painpleasure of the punishment and the obvious arousal from everyone in the room. The next two strikes were both on the omega's trembling thighs, and his responding yelps were closer to screams.  Bakugou flipped up his omegas skirt to pool around his waist, revealing his wet cunt and rock hard cock.


By now, quite a number of their fellow classmates had begun to touch themselves to the scene, eyes transfixed on Kirishima's blushing butt and face. Bakugou smirked at the sight and smoothed his hand over the soft skin of his tender ass gently.


"Let this be a lesson to you all." He growled, bringing his hand down hard. A loud SMACK rang out against the uncovered skin, and tears finally fell when the omega sobbed "Ten!"


"No one. Fucking. Touches. My. Property." The alpha growled violently, his open palm coming down to punctuate each word. Kirishima quickly counted to 15 around the tears streaming down his face.


"Alpha! Please!" He shrieked. "I'm gunna come!"


"You /slut/. You're gunna come from me spanking you? You're that much of a little whore?" The alpha spanked him again, this time right over his desperately twitching pussy. Kirhsima screamed .


Another two swats rained down on the omega's poor abused hole, and his little cock twitched almost violently at the contact, it was an angry purple and looked ready to blow any second. Kirishima himself was wailing and sobbing nearly hysterically, begging to be allowed to cum


"Not. Yet." Bakugou snarled. His pupils were blown wide, the black swallowing his red irises until they were barely visible.

"Hold it. One more."


The alpha waited for what felt to everyone like an entire lifetime for his omega to calm down, but it had to only be a few seconds. Let Eijirou's writhing and hitching cries die down just a bit.


Then, when he deemed him ready, finally brought his hand down to spank his dripping hole one last time. Immediately, said hole spasmed violently and a gush of slick squirted out. The omega screamed and writhed, bucking wildly again the iron tight grip his alpha had on him.


When it finally ended, Kirishima went limp, panting and shaking. Bakugou groaned and brought his hand to his own aching cock. It only took a few strokes for him to blow as well, letting his cum coat Kirishima's ass and skirt. Gently, he smoothed the hand around his neck up through his hair.


"Good boy. Good job. You did so well for me, baby. You can rest now. I hope you learned your lesson." He cooed soothingly, lulling the satisfied omega finally to a blissful sleep.