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You can breathe now

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Bakugou is the number 5 hero, he is loved and praised for the work he does. Hes fearless and will run in to save the day without second thought, hes respectful to kind fans and adores the pups that approach him. While the Alpha has never considered having his own family, that doesn't stop him from enjoying those things. He never was really interested in having an omega- or beta or whatever-or any pups of his own, especially in his younger years. Ever since his younger years, he was only focused on one thing, becoming the number one hero. And having a family would just slow him was a weakness.


While being praised for his hero work he was also scolded by the public for his actions. He was hotheaded, loud, and has quite the mouth on him. The paparazzi always caught him flashing his fangs at the cameras or giving them the bird. He also threatened them constantly and almost destroyed a camera or two. It pissed him off beyond belief because that's not how he was, his fans knew that, but the paparazzi sure didn't. All those articles seemed to favor dragging his hero name through the mud than praising it.

Is Ground Zero really fit for hero work?

Is Ground Zero a good role-model for your pups?

Is Ground Zero a REAL hero?

Seeing these articles only fueled his rage towards the paparazzi. Which in tun just flooded the internet with a few more negative articles.


While Bakugou was a 'controversial' hero, there was one thing that went without question..and that was that Ground Zero - Bakugou Katsuki was the ideal Alpha. He was strong, tall, and very clearly able to provide and protect who ever he had in his life. He had omegas constantly approach him and/or try to gift him things. Even some betas approached him in the same manner. No matter how many times this happened it threw him off every time.


When it came down to it, it seemed although he was held high as this perfect Alpha, he didn't seem to think so.


No Alpha would have so many negative things spat on his family name.


No Alpha would have such a short temper.


No Alpha would be so aggressive seemingly unprovoked.


No Alpha would see a family has a weakness.


The Alpha rudely awaken his deep sleep by the high pitched shrieking of alarm clock. He grumbled and slammed his fist on the snooze button, before rolling onto his back to stretch out his body, letting a low growl as he did so. He slowly pulled himself out of bed and made his way to the bathroom. He started up the shower and brushed his teeth aggressively in the mirror as he waited for his shower to heat up.

One hot shower and a small rage of no being able to decide what to wear quick enough, he just settled with jeans and a black tank top, sure he it wasn't nice but he was going to change into his hero suit soon so might as well pick something easy enough to pull on and off.

He slipped on grey and black shoes at the door as he took his car keys off of the hook before heading out the door. He locked the door and gave it a few tugs before heading to his car. He got in and turned on his car, putting on his seat belt and sat there for a second, just kind of staring. He shook his head and pulled out of his driveway and headed off to work. He mumbled along to the music he was playing, tapping on his wheel as well.

Bakugou managed to get through the door and almost to the elevator unbothered. Almost.

"Bakubro! Hey! Wait for me!'' A familiar a redhead shouted Oh god no. The blond was already was not a morning person, everyone knew that. But now had have to deal with this guy before he could mentally prepare for the idiots that was his friend group. Kirishima, a redheaded Alpha, ran up to him and smacked him on the back '' I'm glad I caught you!' he said, smiling far too brightly. so much for a quiet morning. 

"What the fuck do you want?" The Alpha growled. 

''We work together today!'' 

''Were patrolling together today?'' 

''Sure are bro!'' Kiri said, still smiling 

The Alpha groaned and rolled his eyes as he got into the elevator with the other, that earned a light punch to the arm ''No need to be like that'' The redheaded said 


After a good thirty minutes, a change in clothes, and some light chatter between the two Alphas they were out on the streets walking around. 

"Hey, Bakugou.' Kiri said, looking over

''Mmm?" The blond grunted still looking forward as they continued to walk. 

''Do you think we'll actually get to do something today? And I don't mean stopping some petty crime, like..The good stuff.'' 

''Fuck if I know, its been so dead for the past couple of weeks and no ones found a lead on our big case.'' 

Kirishima pouted and looked ahead ''Well, I hoe so. I'm just itching for a good fight.'' he said ''with a villain'' He added on, feeling the hot stare of his friend. 

''Whatever..'' Katsuki mumbled '


It had been a few hours and they only had a couple more hours before they had to switch out with other heroes and start on paper work of what happened today. They would also be given the chance to finish up paper work from the day before. 

It had been so quiet, aside from greetings from fans, it was a boring and uneventful day. has been boring and uneventful 

An omegan woman rushed up to the two pro heroes, obviously distressed you could just tell by the look on her face but if you were that dense and could read her face and body language, her sour scent gave it away. Kirishima quickly caught the woman before she fell. Both Alphas instinctively giving out a calming scent in response to hers.

The woman was in tears, leaning into the redhead alpha hero for comfort as she babbled incoherent words. It was when Kirishima pulled her away, still hold her hands to try and calm her down when the other noticed just how..dirty the omega was. Her brown hair was matted and greasy, she was bruised up and had dirt caked on her legs and a few spots on her arms. 

''We need to get this woman to he hospital.'' He snapped at his coworker 

Kirishima seemed to have caught onto the state the omega was in too as he looked at him, nodding ''Right.'' 


Bakugou led the woman to a bench to sit her down while Kiri called an ambulance, the two didn't want to risk further injury from trying to carry her there. 


After getting the omegan woman taken care of and having answered the polices questions, the two pro heroes asked to see the woman.

It took a few minutes of talking but they were allowed into her room. 

Kiri gave a gentle knock and entered when given permission, He smiled softly at the omegan woman as he approached the bed, Baku behind him. She looked up at the two and smiled 

''Thank you so much for saving my life..'' She choked out, starting to sob softy ''I was so terrified and sick, I thought I was going to be stuck there forever.''

Kirishima frowned, this comment also struck a sour cord in Bakugou as well. ''Stuck forever?'' The redhead asked ''Were you there by yourself? Do you know the name of who had you?''

The woman shook her head ''No..there were other many.....they..'' she took a second to calm down ''I told the police everything. Im sorry but i cant relive through all that again..''

''Of course, its no problem.'' He said standing up, turning to leave with Bakugou, but he was stopped when the woman grabbed his wrist. both alphas turned to see the woman with tears streaming down her cheeks. ''P..Please, save them for me. Please....they're all so scared...Please...''

''Don't worry ma'am, I promise we'll do everything in our power to help those omegas.''

the woman smiled 

''Thank you Ground Zero.'' She whispered and looked to the other ''And thank you, Red Riot..for saving not only my life..but all of theirs..''

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This grand case had started off as one disappearance, an omegan woman had gone missing without a word. She had been missing for two days now. The omegas mother explained that they had fought the night the victim disappeared, she didnt call the first night because her daughter had usually stayed with her father or a friend for a night or two. She called when by the second night when her pup didnt return any calls or texts like she had before. She confirmed the young woman wasnt with her father or any friends. The pro hero Charge Bolt was the one who had started paperwork for the missing omega, talking with the mother and assisting is searches as well. 

Then another omega went missing, this time a male. It was reported in the late hours of the night. His whole family audibly fussing and carrying on in the background. Denki approached Bakugou, asking for help and untimely getting sucked into this investigation as well. Bakugou helped his read text after text and email after email. He watched security footage and even asked workers of near by shops. nothing. How could not only an omegan woman seemingly disappear without a trace but another omega, male this time? Not caught by Cameras or anyone walking the town. Gone without a trace

A month passes 

Charge Bolt and Ground Zero had found no leads and hardly any trace of evidence. Only a shoe print, which was more likely to fit one of the victims than the possible suspect and the fact that the victims were kidnapped in the same area. 

It was early in the morning, Bakugou hadnt even made it to his desk before Denki stopped him with a sad look on his face 

"What?" He asked hesitantly

''I just got a call..'' He said ''Two more omegas are missing around this area.' 

The taller Alpha growled in frustration. ''Are you fucking serious?'' 

Denki nodded ''The parents called in, saying theyre twin omega daughters have been missing since last morning. They had gone out to spend some time together and..Never came home. They were caught on camera entering the mall the drove to but never entering any stores or even exiting the mall.''

''God dammit!'' He hissed, small cracks of explosions escaping his fists, smoke rising up ''Im going to kill who ever is doing this.'' He hissed before stomping his way to his desk. 

Denki followed him ''But get this, they found the eldest twins car they had taken and there was a smiley face spray painted on the hood.'' He said, dropping pictures of the car and pictures of the omegan twins on Bakugous desk. 


Months had passed and now they had exactly 27 missing omegas in their city and a few neighboring ones. 

male and females alike 

still no solid evidence 

Every pro hero assisted in searches for the omegas and for evidence. 

Bakugou started getting frustrated more and more each day, snapping more at his coworkers, unable to relax and nearly jumping on any suspicious looking person. 

It had gotten so bad that he was forced to go on paid leave for a week. Needless to say, He was not happy and definitely did not leave without putting up a good struggle and throwing around a few insults. He was dragged out by his ( best) friend Kirishima, who was trying to calm him down and talk it all out. But the hotheaded blond refused, cussing and thrashing against him, sending explosions against his hardened skin, but they obviously weren't to hurt him, only to get him to let go. which surprise surprise, he didnt let go. 


After his forced leave, Bakugou was met with empathetic faces. He rolled his eyes, not needing this pity from these fucking extras. It was a week, so what? Bakugou sat down at his desk, sighing heavily as he leaned back in his chair. He closed his eyes and threw his arms behind his head. He needed a second to calm his anger before going about the rest of hos work day-

''Hey, Bakugou.''

The blond opened an eye and was met with equally red eyes as he stared at Kirishima ''What the fuck do you want shittyhair?'' He closed his eye again 

''I need you to follow me.'' He said ''This is really important.''

Bakugou groaned and sat up after opening both of his eyes. The Alpha stood up and followed the other into a meeting room. 

The blond froze as he entered the room seeing a crying green headed omega. He felt his mouth go dry and his throat grow tight. He slowly moved forward towards the figure. His breath hitched as he was met with green, tear filled eyes. 

Bakugou swallowed thickly ''Auntie..'' He whispered ''Whats wrong?'' He gasped as the omegan woman threw her arms around him, sobbing 

''Oh, Katsuki..'' She whined ''I..Izuku is missing..''

He froze. Unable to process the womans words for a solid second. 

He let out a breathy chuckle 


''Im so so sorry, They advised me to not tell you until you came back''

There was a mumbled noise 

''How long?'' Bakugou asked in a low voice 

it was silent 

''How long!?" he yelled, using his Alpha voice as he felt anger start to bubble in his chest

Inko whimpered ''Two days.'' She squeaked out.

The room went red.


This time, Bakugou was forced to three weeks paid leave after blowing up the meeting room and nearly the whole floor. He was once again dragged out the building by Kirishima

He was angry, His childhood..Friend? was missing and his auntie was so upset. He couldnt stand seeing her so hurt and crying like that. He was so angry that he was forced to be so unaware of Dekus disappearance for TWO fucking days!! 

The Alpha spent his time, watching the news, sleeping and begging either Kiri or Denki for updates on the case, which none were given to him.  This was going to be the LONGEST three weeks of his LIFE. 


''Thank you Ground Zero.'' She whispered and looked to the other ''And thank you, Red Riot..for saving not only my life..but all of theirs..'' 

Bakugou had let a small, soft smile fall onto his lips ''Dont mention it lady.'' He said before exiting the room with his teammate. 

Kirishima looked over at him, smiling widely ''Do you know what this means?'' The redhead asked excitedly, shaking his friends shoulders 

The taller one shrugged off the others hands ''I do know what this means.'' He said softly ''We get to-''

''Save those omegas.'' The alpha pair said together

Bakugou was going to free those poor, terrified omegan men and women and best of all..Get Deku back and make Auntie happy again. Oh he wold kill to see her smile again..Its been a hard few months without it. Four months since Izuku was last seen and almost a year since the first omega had went missing. This was such a difficult case to keep track of and even attempt to keep alive, since there was no solid evidence.

The blond Alpha couldnt believe the police seemed so willing to just sweep all this under the rug. All because its been over a year and it was 'Just a few omegas'. Bakugou believed that was the angriest he had ever been in his life. His childhood companion was among those omegas and he would die before giving up. He needed Izuku safe and to return him to see his auntie smile so bright again.

He was determined to solve this case, even if it meant doing so by himself. He was going to make the sick bastard behind this all beg for mercy..  

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The U.A. graduates had always been close and stayed together even after they finished school. While they did spread out between agencies they always stayed within the surrounding cities. Bakugou wouldn't admit it out loud but he did consider them his friends and cared for them and their well beings deeply.

He introduced his friend group to his omegan childhood companion, Deku one night while the group of pro-heroes were getting drinks and of course they loved him right away. And surprise, surprise Deku warmed up to the Omegas and Betas the fastest. He was very hesitant around the other Alphas of the group, only smiling and nodding to them. He was attached to Bakugous hip all night and, hed deny it..but Bakugou was a little protective of the shorter man. 

 The group had then made a habit of going out twice a month for drinks to catch up on work and gossip about their life. After the first few meet ups, Deku had no problem with talking to everyone in the friend group. He also learned who was with who.

Sero was with Denki and Shinsou,

Kirishima was with Mina,

Todoroki with Momo,

and Iida with Uraraka and Tsuyu.

While it wasn't unusual for Alphas to have multiple mates, Deku hadn't met Alphas with multiple mates before. It was fascinating to understand how they met and the amount of communication it took to have a relationship like that. He did absolutely adore just how in love the two trios seemed to be. He knew he wanted love like that, no matter if it was one mate or multiple. 



Bakugou sighed as he leaned back in his office chair, grunting as his back gave out a few satisfying cracks. He had been working on paperwork nonstop all day and it was more exhausting than actual hero work to say the least. The blond headed Alpha glanced at the clock. 10:45. Lovely. He had already been here since 7 in the morning. He groaned and stood up before making his way to Denkis work desk. ''Hey, Dunceface have you-'' He stopped as he realized the blond wasnt in his cubical. He glanced over at the beta who sat next to him ''Where is he?''

The beta looked up and shrugged ''I think he was called into the bosses office.'' She said. 

''Bakugou.'' A voice called out

The Alpha looked up to see his boss at the end of the hall, who then pointed at the young Alpha and moved a finger in a 'Come here' motion. ''Come to my office. Now.'' He said before turning around and heading back into his office. 

Bakugou huffed as he made his way to his bosses office, knocking on the door and only entering when he heard a soft ''Enter''. He closed the door behind him and gained a confused look as he saw Denki in the embrace of his purple haired Alpha partner. He stiffened as he caught a smell of he distressed Alphas and the sound of sniffling, oh no. 

The ash blond man made his way beside the couple, placing a hand on Denkis shoulder, offering a comforting smile to the usually loud blond. He turned to face his boss when he cleared his throat.

''Bakugou we called you in here to tell you some updates on the case.'' He started out ''The agency from the neighboring city called and informed us of two more missing omegas, both pro-heroes. One being Cellophane and the other Froppy.'' He sighed and shifted in his seat. ''Were so damn lucky we have a lead to where the omegas are being held because the public would lose faith really quick if word spread to the public of two of our well known omegan heroes getting kidnapped.'' 

“And you Have Shinsou And Denki here because Sero is their mate.” That earned a nod from the boss “So why am I here?” He asked 

The older Alpha cleared his throat and shifted in his seat to sit up. “I called you in here because I know you three and a couple others in this agency are not only close to Cellophane but are working the case as well. You, Red Riot and Charge Bolt here are the front of this case. Just now pro-hero Mind wiper will be involved in the case. He’s an underground hero so it gives us advantage on infiltration where the omegas are being held.” 

The purple haired Alpha and his mate both sat up “This is news to me.” The taller of the two replied. 

“I decided to add you to the case just now. Everyone in the agency is involved in some way. But you four are the head of this case. I trust the three of you to not make any rash decisions because your omegas are in there.” 

Bakugou opened his mouth to protest, that Deku was not “his Omega” but he was cut off by his boss. 

“With that being said, planning starts tomorrow at 6 AM sharp. And will continue through out the day.” He stated. “The plan is to develop a way to infiltrate, extract the omegas and apprehend the villains as peacefully and as quietly as possible.” 

There was a beat of silence 

“I expect the best out of the top heroes at this agency” 

All three of the Alphas nodded at once. “Yes sir.” Denki replied. 

“I promise to do our best. Nothing but the best.” Bakugou said. “To get their mate and my friends back.” 


After the meeting the two Alphas decided to take a breather and go get something to eat. Shinsou shifted in his seat and cleared his throat as he turned to face the unusually quiet blond. 

The purple hair alpha sighed softly “Babe, I know you’re upset but you need to eat.” He said, reaching out to comfort to his boyfriend but pulled away when said man flinched away.

”Not hungry..” he mumbled. 

“Fine.” The taller of the two said “don’t come bitching to me when you’re hungry later.” He said 

“Fuck you.” 

“Excuse me?” 

“I said...Fuck. You.” He snapped, using his alpha voice. 

“Do NOT use your alpha voice on me, Kaminari.” He said, giving a warning. 

“No! Fuck you! How could you stay so calm!? Our Omega is out there, having god knows what done to him and just wanna sit here and eat!?” He yelled, drawing attention from the people around them. Not good. 

Shinsou grabbed Denkis Wrist “Babe, calm down and sit.” He said “People are staring.” 

“Oh, so that’s what you care about?” He asked. “People staring?” He rolled his eyes “I don’t know if you were listening, but our Omega. Sero? Is missing! Not even missing, we know where he is but we’re just supposed to sit here!? And wait!?” 

Shinsou shot out of his chair, getting in his face and speaking in a quiet, calm manner but it was obvious he was angry “Shut. Up. You hear me? We are doing what we can with the information we have. We are going to get Sero back, in the most CAREFUL way possible..” he said. “You know damn well Sero would do the same thing. He would wait. And save us in a way to make sure we’re safe, unharmed.”

Denki opened his mouth to say something, but Shinsou didn’t give him the chance to. 

“And don’t you DARE say that I’m being too calm about this. Just because not not bawling like a baby doesn’t mean I’m not worried SICK!” He said, shouting at the end and tightening his grip on the others wrist. 

“I love Sero! And I love you! Trust me when I say I’m just as scared and just as worried as you are.” He said “Not a second goes that I don’t think about Sero and what hell he could possibly be going through.” 

Denki yanked his arm away from the taller male. “Then fucking act like it.” He said lowly before turning and walking away. 

He stopped and turned around “You’re fucking sleeping on the couch tonight!” He added before leaving and heading back to the agency.