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The Lap of Luxury

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Eijirou fiddled with his diamond stud earring for what felt like the millionth time in a row. He couldn't help it, ok? He was bored! His Daddy's meeting always took forever and he could never even understand what they were talking about. It was just a bunch of tatted up old geezers arguing about money and property or whatever. Of course, Ei knew that those "bunch of tatted up old geezers" were some of the most dangerous men in the country, who could kill or torture without hesitation, and had an army of followers.

But Ei wasn't worried. He knew his Daddy was the most dangerous person in the room.


Despite being barely in his 30s, Bakugou Katsuki had managed to become of of the most feared yakuza in all of Japan. He took over his mother's empire when she died, and had quickly risen to the top of the criminal underworld. That's when he met Kirishima Eijirou. Katsuki, like most men he knew, liked to frequent the clubs and bars (that he actually owned) of his city after nightfall, and it was on one of these completely normal outings when he saw the most beautiful creature on earth, grinding sensually onto a pole.


Bakugou took one look at cherry red locks and shining bronze skin and laid his claim right then and there. He didn't even wait until the show was over to demand his presence in the manager's office, where he ripped the dancer's booty shorts off and ate him out like a starving man.



The rest was history, Kirishima went home with him that night, and the next day all his stuff was moved out of his shitty apartment and into the Bakugou estate. Eijirou never had to dance again, and for five years now, had lived in the lap of luxury. Literally. And luxury's name was "Daddy". Sadly, life was not ALWAYS jewels and champagne. Sometimes, life was standing next to your Daddy while he completely ignored you for over an hour. Which really should have been unacceptable.


Especially when he was all dolled up, waiting for their date tonight, in a loose white blouse and tight black pants, complete with a pair of black Louboutins. And while his lacy red panties were hidden beneath the pants, his practically open blouse did next to nothing to hide his perky, braless tits. So, yeah, Ei felt a little justified in feeling miffed over the whole situation. But even if he was a sugar baby, he was no brat. In the beginning, he obeyed because he didn't want to be cast aside, but after that fear faded, he obeyed because he knew how good the reward was.


And Ei prided himself on that. He preened when his Daddy called him a Good Boy, blushed when Daddy's friends commented on his obedient Pet. Because he WAS. He WAS a good boy, an obedient pet. If he could, Ei would wear the title branded into his skin. Maybe a thought for later. But Eijirou was tired of being a good boy. He wanted to do what HE wanted. Which is why, when Bakugou turned to him and said "water", he didn't jump up and fetch a glass like he normally would have. Instead, he stayed seated and inspected his (perfectly manicured) nails.


The room was instantly doused in silence. A tense and dangerous silence. Kirishima felt a shiver down his spine, but it was too late to back down now.


“Eijirou.” He couldn’t help it, he peeked at his Daddy from behind his bangs.


“I asked for water.” Bakugou’s tone was neutral, but the threat was obvious. But for some reason Kirishima couldn’t stop.


“When are we leaving, Daddy. I’m bored.”


The temperature in the room plummeted. You could have heard a pin drop.


“What was that?”


“Uh, n-nothing, Daddy, I’ll go get your water.” Ei scrambled to get up but was stopped by a hand around his forearm.


“No. Stay right here.” Ei nodded meekly and went to sit down, but was stopped again.



Ei managed to whisper a “yes, Daddy” before Bakugou let him go and went back to his meeting like nothing had even happened. Even though the discussion slowly picked up again, the heavy suspense in the room didn't lift. Eijirou tried not to fidget too much, for fear of further punishment, but it was hard not to when he was just waiting for the other shoe to drop.


And drop it did, after a good ten minutes, when finally Kirishima had let his guard down. Bakugou casually reached over and started to unbutton the redhead's blouse. Kirishima fought valiantly not to let out a startled "eep", but it slipped out anyway. His Daddy didn't even seem to notice. He just continued to listen to another man speak while slowly going down the row, brushing gentle fingers against his baby's shivering stomach.


Ei knew better than to say anything, so he pursed his lips shut tight. After what felt like an eternity to the redhead, all the buttons had been undone. Bakugou tugged none too gently on the fabric and took his hand back. Crossing both arms, all still without looking back at Ei. Understanding the silent command, Kiri slowly started to strip. His eyes were trained on the floor beneath his heels, but he could feel the gazes of the men in the room on him.


At last the thin fabric slipped like water off his shoulders and fell with a soft noise to the ground. Even if the shirt wasn't exactly keeping him warm, Kirishima felt hypersensitive to the cold, and a shiver ran down his spine. The redhead could /feel/ his nipples tightening, could see them as he fought to keep his breathing under control, anticipation returning tenfold.


When Bakugou spoke up to join in the discussion, Kirishima looked up in an attempt to catch his eye, to see what he was planning, or to silently beg for forgiveness. But it didn't happen. Instead when Bakugou finally turned around, it was to pop the button on the redhead's pants. A whimper built in the back of the redhead's throat, but he swallowed it down. His Daddy pulled the zipper down as well without fanfare, and looked expectantly at his baby.


Kirishima felt shame run hot through his stomach. Losing the shirt was bad enough, and now this. But he knew this was his punishment for being a brat, and he wouldn't allow himself to disobey again. With shaking hands, Kiri pushed the tight pants down over his hips, revealing the red panties. Once over the redhead's plush thighs, the pants fell down to pool around his feet, and Ei gently stepped out and nudged the fabric behind him with the discarded shirt.


Even though he was still wearing underwear and high heels, Eijirou felt more exposed than ever. He was naturally 5'4", but with the heels' added height he knew everyone in the room could have a clear view over the table of the soft line of his pussy, still clearly visible through the lace of his underwear. Kiri had his gaze resolutely back on the ground, staring intently at his painted toes. He knew his Daddy would not be happy if he crossed his arms over his chest like he was desperate to at that moment, so he clenched his hands into fists to keep them obediently by his sides.


The next few minutes felt like they lasted a lifetime. It was obvious that every man in the room was starting at Kirishima. His cute tits, small enough to fit perfectly in a palm, and his sinfully sexy red panties, drawing eyes like a billboard. Normally Bakugou wouldn’t have hesitated to kill anyone who dared to to boldly ogle at his baby, but this situation was different. As much as he hated it, he knew that this punishment would sink in. Which is why he knew he had to up the ante.


Without warning, he roughly grabbed his baby by the wrist and dragged him forward to stand in front of him instead of beside him. Ei wobbled a bit in his heels, but obeyed without more than a whimper. It was when Bakugou kicked Ei’s legs apart that the redhead began to sweat. 


“Hands to yourself.” His Daddy murmured. Then slowly, teasingly, he dragged the tips of two fingers forward from his baby’s wet hole to his clit, ending with a rub on the sensitive nub. Kirishima couldn’t help it, a desperate mewl slipped from between his trembling lips. In answer, his Daddy landed a sharp smack to his ass, and admired the jiggle it caused. By now the meeting had come to a screeching halt. Everyone knew it was hopeless to continue when this show was taking place right before their eyes.


“What did I tell you to do, baby boy?” Daddy’s voice was still low and quiet, and Kiri had to try his hardest to hold back a whine.


“You told me to fetch you water, Daddy.”


Another gentle rub against his clit. “And what didn’t you do?” 


This time Ei really did whimper. His whole body was trembling, shaking like a leaf in the wind. His Daddy was drawing slow circles around his clit, occasionally dragging down to his twitching hole, and it was getting harder to think clearly.


“I d-didn’t bring your water, Daddy.” Ei could feel tears prickling at his eyes at the humiliation of being seen teased like this by a room full of gang leaders.


"That's right. And I hope I won't have to punish you again, baby, it's not fun for me either." The blond's voice was still nothing more than a low murmur, yet didn't fail to send shivers racing up Kirishima's spine.


"I- I'm sorry- Daddy, please..."


"Shhh, sweet boy. I know you want to be good. So just stay still and it'll all be over soon." As he spoke, Bakugou pulled aside the panties covering Ei's now wet pussy, still keeping up his soft ministrations, but now dipping ever so slightly into his baby's needy hole. As he did so, the other hand came up to pinch the redhead's nipple, teasing the sensitive bud between his thumb and forefinger. Kirishima's instinct was to make some sort of noise, but he swallowed down a soft moan, and did his best not to move an inch. Which was hard because his Daddy was currently playing him like a fiddle.


After so many years together, the two both knew exactly what they other liked, and what drove them crazy, and Bakugou was currently using that knowledge to its fullest potential. As the seconds turned into minutes, which for Ei lasted an eternity, it was getting harder and harder for him to concentrate on standing upright. His knees felt weak with what the blond was doing behind him. Stroking down the tender inside of his thighs, feeding a single finger into his desperate hole, and groping his chest all combined with the humiliation of getting reprimanded naked in a room full of people had Kirishima barreling towards his orgasm.


The teasing had done its job, almost too well. Every time Bakugou's finger slid back inside his dripping cunt, an obscene squelch caused his clit to twitch in pure arousal. When the older man started steadily, but relentlessly hitting his g-spot it was like the dam broke down.


"Oh, god, Daddy, please, I'm sorry, I know I messed up, I promise, please, it won't happen again, I'm a good boy, please!" The closer he was brought to release, the more desperate Kirishima's ramblings became, and the harder his body trembled under Bakugou's steady hands.


"Who am I, Eijirou?"


"My Daddy!! Please, I-"


"And what are you supposed to do when I tell you to do something?" Eijirou sobbed at the feeling of another thick finger slipping in next to the first.


"Do it! Please, I'm gonna cum, please!" He wailed, but his begging went ignored.

"Oh, don't worry, you can cum." Eijirou sobbed in relief, too far gone to question his Daddy's order. At last when a third finger joined in attacking the redhead's sensitive inside, he shuddered, curling up around the hand still pawing at his chest. Just as he was about to tip over the precipice, though, those wonderful fingers disappeared.


Kirishima fucking wailed when his orgasm washed over him, completely and utterly ruined. When it was over his whole body shook like a leaf, pussy desperately clenching and unclenching around nothing. Frustrated tears threatened to fall over at the feeling of being both unbearably desperate, yet overstimulated, and every nerve felt raw and frayed. Behind him, Bakugou patted his baby on the butt.


"Have you learned your lesson?" Meekly, Eijirou nodded. "Good. Put your clothes back on, baby."


Kirishima went to do just that, resolutely not looking at anyone else in the room, when his Daddy spoke again.


"And Eijirou?" The redhead paused to look at him.


"Don't forget my water."