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Night Flight

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Bakugou loved quiet flights. Especially when they were overnight. The plane was so blessedly dark and silent when all the few passengers were asleep. It gave him almost free reign to do whatever he wanted.


"Shhh, be quiet, baby. You don't want anyone to hear you, right?"


Well, whatever he wanted with his favorite steward anyway. He loved Kirishima, with his adorable face and soft yet muscular build. And the fact that he sometimes wore a skirt for his uniform. It made it so easy to do what he was doing now, the skirt could just be pushed up and the stockings underneath pushed down, and because Eijirou was always such a good boy, he'd already be ready to go.


All Bakugou had to do was ditch his copilot under the guise of taking a piss. Honestly, all the other stewardesses knew about their arrangement, so even though they were still awake, if they heard anything it wouldn't be for the first time. The thought made a satisfied warmth pool in Bakugou's stomach. He loved knowing that people could hear how good he gave it, and he knew that anyone close enough would definitely be able to hear. Eijirou never seemed to be able to hold back all of his gasps and moans. Not that Bakugou ever really tried to hold back either. It was just so hard when he saw Kirishima wearing that outfit, the tight fabric doing everything to accentuate his hips and ass.


Which brought them to now, where Bakugou was fucking into Eijirou like his life depended on it. Kirishima was mewling at each thrust, overwhelmed with the feeling of being impaled on the pilot's cock. Bakugou's arms were curled possessively around his chest, using his deft fingers to tease the redhead's nipples over his blouse. Bakugou grinned sadistically at each little noise his actions drew from Kirishima. He knew the steward had a sensitive chest, and loved to take advantage of that fact whenever he could.


Suddenly, the plane hit a short pocket of turbulence, forcing Kirishima harder onto his cock. Eijirou moaned loudly, unable to hold back at the unexpected stimulation. Bakugou slapped a hand over his mouth and gripped him hard.


"If you don't shut up, everyone will know what we're doing, baby." He growled into Kirishima's ear. The redhead just whimpered.


"Hah. You'd like that, wouldn't you? You'd like all those older businessmen knowing you love cock, huh? You want me to unlock the door? I bet there's a line forming outside to have a turn with your slutty little hole."


The blond pressed wet, open-mouthed kisses on the shorter man's neck as he did his best to moan around the hand on his mouth.


"You like that?" He continued, knowing the dirty talk turned them both on.


"Want me to, you slut? Maybe I'll have 'em pay. 5,000 yen to fuck you." By now Eijirou was trembling with the need to cum. He was so close, he just needed a little bit more to push him over the edge. Behind him, Bakugou groaned.


"And- ah!- another couple thousand yen to cum inside my cute little fucktoy." He punctuated his sentence with a slow stroke over Eijirou's aching cock and he nearly shrieked , cuming hard on the bathroom wall. When it was over, he went limp in the pilot's arms, letting himself be fucking into over stimulation until the blond came after him, cursing.


The couple stood there for a couple of seconds panting before Bakugou pulled out. Kirishima groaned at the sudden empty feeling. Bakugou laughed and patted the redhead's butt playfully, then tied off the condom and flushed it down the toilet.


"Katsuki! You ripped my stockings! Again!" Kirishima pouted.


"Don't worry, baby, I'll buy you some more." The blond drew his husband into a sweet kiss.


"For now, you can just change back into the slacks. Don't worry, we're gunna land soon anyway." He winked.