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orderly chaos

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Ochako loved her husband, she really did. But sometimes she just wanted to strangle him because he was being an asshole. Well, she would have strangled him if he were home. (Which he wasn’t.)

It was the cherry on top of a very, very shitty day.

Her day hadn’t started badly - the alarm had gone off at the right time, she and Katsuki had time to eat breakfast together, she had arrived at work in time.

That’s where the problems had started: the company she worked for was merging with another construction company, and some papers had gotten lost, putting the whole merger on hold. That had caused problems for everyone in her department, but especially her, as head of HR.

The whole mess had made her so late to her lunch with Izuku that they had barely time to chat a little before he had to leave. She had returned to the office to find a mess, and she had spent the whole afternoon trying to straighten it out. She had stayed at the office past her usual hours, a rare occurrence.

She had sighed with relief once she had toed off her high-heeled shoes and changed into one of Katsuki’s t-shirts.

Katsuki wasn’t home and would not be eating dinner with her, and so she decided that junk food would do for dinner.

And so there she was: climbing on the kitchen counter in an oversized t-shirt and shorts, trying to reach the highest shelf in their kitchen cupboard.

The reason for it?

Her asshole of a husband had decided that junk food should go on the highest shelf. It wouldn’t have been a big deal if she wasn’t short and her day hadn’t been a mess, but it had been a mess and she decided that she was okay with spending the rest of her life in prison.

She was mumbling about how she was going to kill her husband, and that was the only reason why she didn’t notice that the man was standing in the doorway, arms crossed and an amused expression on his face.

“I can’t reach anything, ugh” she had mumbled a little louder than the rest, and she had almost died when someone had answered her.

“That’s why it’s there, cheeks.” She loved her husband’s voice, but hearing it when she thought he wasn’t home? Not so nice.

Her husband’s voice made her turn towards the door suddenly, and that made her lose balance. She flailed for a bit, but a few seconds later Katsuki was there, his hands on her tights.

He helped her down, before angling his jaw for a kiss. She just sighed and put her head on his chest.

“Why were you trying to kill yourself to reach the Pop-Tarts?” The amusement in his voice was doing nothing to calm her down. Really, it would have killed him to not call her out on her junk food habit?

“Ugh. This day has been shit. Work has been a mess. I need those.” she whined, knowing perfectly well that sooner or later she’d get her hands on the forbidden pastries.

“Really, cheeks?” He sounded a little more serious now, and she was glad for that. He knew that she would (and did) go after junk food at the drop of a hat, but she never complained about her work.

“Don’t get me started. I swear that I’ll kill someone,” His chuckle reverberated in his chest, and against Ochako’s ear. “Preferably you for putting the junk food shelf as the highest one.”

“Cheeks, you know perfectly well why I did that.”

In the meantime, his arms had embraced her, something she didn’t know she needed until he did it. He had trapped her against the counter, and their position forced her to look him.

“Doesn’t mean I need to be happy about it,” she said and tried to wriggle free. “You weren’t supposed to be home until later.”

“Shitty hair cancelled on me when I was halfway to the bar. Raccoon eyes has the flu or something.”

While they were so close, he kissed her nose. She scrunched up her face, not willing to acknowledge that the kiss would have been welcome even if placed a little lower.

Ochako could see the smile in his eyes, the one he always reserved for her. Her husband didn’t have the right to be so cute when he was such a beefcake.

And then the moment ended. He gave her another quick kiss (this time on the top of her head) and then started to take out stuff from the fridge.

Her plans for dinner were dead (predictable), and she would get to eat her husband’s cooking (great cooking, but definitely not junk food).

Oh well, at least she could ogle Katsuki’s arms and shoulders while he was preparing their dinner. There were worse things at this world.