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And so we pave the way

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Father’s Day is a big event in the Yamada-Aizawa-Shinsou household. (Long name, I know. They’re working on it.) This year is bigger than others, mostly because this is the first one in which Shouta and Hizashi are actually fathers. The pair have fostered dozens of children in their years together, but most children are either taken back by their parents or move homes. Now, though, they have an official son, and they (Hizashi more than Shouta) are thrilled. 

“You’re way too happy about this,” Hitoshi mumbles.

“Agreed.” Shouta nods.

“WE’RE FATHERS, SHO!” Hizashi cries, hugging his husband tightly. 

“Yes, now let go of me.” Shouta tries and fails to escape Hizashi’s gasp.

They both end up tumbling to the floor. “Hizashi you idiot,” Shouta grumbles from the awkward position on the carpet.

Hitoshi snorts. His fathers are basically a mess of limbs. The blonde laughs. “Aw, you love me, Sho!”

“I most certainly do not.”

“Yes you do!”

“I want a divorce.”

“No you don’t,” Hizashi and Hitoshi say at the same time.

Shouta glares at them. “ I don’t,” he grumbles in a low voice.

“We know,” Hitoshi says, smirking cheekily at his father.


“Old fart.”

“I’m not old.”


Aizawa’s eye twitches. “Hitoshi, I swear to God-”


“Happy Father’s Day, Dad,” Izuku says, wrapping his arms around Hisashi.

“Thanks, President Bush.” He chuckles. “So, where’s your mother?”

“In here,” Inko calls from the kitchen.

“Whatcha doin’?”

“Midoriya Hisashi you stay out there.”

Even though he can’t see her face, Hisashi can imagine the harsh glare she’s shooting him. “Okay, okay! Sheesh!” Throwing his hands up in surrender, Hisashi spins around on his heel and stiffly walks towards the door. “I can see when I’m not wanted.”

Izuku laughs, rolls his eyes and drags his father to the couch where they stay until Inko comes to tell them dinner’s ready. “Children, time for dinner!” She calls.

“Only Izuku’s a child,” Hisashi replies.

“I stand by what I said.”

“That’s cold, Inko. Really cold.”

“Mm. That’s what your dinner’s going to be if you don’t hurry.”

Izuku’s never seen his father move as fast as he does in that moment. (Hisashi loves Inko’s cooking.) After he accepts the fact that he has very weird parents, Izuku sighs and goes to wash up for dinner. 

Dinner is Hisashi’s favourite, tempura and udon. It’s a strange combination, really, but it’s Father’s Day and Hisashi’s having dinner with them, so it was his choice.

“So, Izu, what’ve you been up to?”

Not this again. “Stuff,” he replies, trying to be nonchalant. “Just school and...stuff.”

His mother shoots him a brief warning look before turning to smile at her husband. “Izuku’s been doing very well at Ourdera.”

“Of course he is! My kid’s a genius.” Hisashi beams.

Inko rolls her eyes. “Yes, well, the brain’s aren’t from you.”

Hisashi gasps and puts his hand over his chest. “I take offense at those words!”


The man shakes his head. “Anyway, got any extracurriculars? Any hangouts in Akumi? It’s been a lot safer ever since those vigilantes started prowling around.” Hisashi smiles. “People are a lot friendlier too. I finally met my neighbour yesterday.”

Inko mutters something that sounds like ‘idiot’ under her breath. “Ah, not really,” Izuku replies. “Just training for UA with my friends.”

“What’re you doing?”

He shrugs. “Spar, workout, runs, clearing Dagobah-”

Hisashi crooks an eyebrow. “You’re clearing Dagobah?” 

“Uh, yeah. Dagobah Beach.” “The dump?”



“Oh, well, we actually got a real pro-hero to teach us and he thinks we should start with basic community service before we graduate to public service,” Izuku explains.

(Even though they already have, unbeknownst to Aizawa and Hisashi.)

“Well that’s great, Izu.” Hisashi pauses his eating to rustle Izuku’s curls. “I’m rootin’ for you.”

Izuku grins at his father.

He’s got the best dad in the world.


Explosions in his home are not as uncommon as Riku would hope. It’s Father’s Day or something, which isn’t a holiday Riku like to celebrate. Niko’s out with her friends doing God knows what (he really doesn’t want to know) and probably having a good time. With his free time, he plans to sit down and read-enjoy the quiet. It’s an ideal afternoon.

Then he remembers that Mei is home.

…..there goes his silent bliss.

Riku doesn’t realize Mei’s home until the first explosion startles him out of Chapter 5 of Pride and Prejudice. Books topple off of shelves and a vase shatters.

Staring at the mess, Riku sighs, dragging a hand down the side of his face before bookmarking his place and going to find Mei.

“Mei!” He shouts. His voice bounces off the walls, but receives no answer. “Mei!” 

As he continues through the house, Riku approaches the door of the downstairs spare room Mei has claimed. The sign has an ominous message: ‘Mei’s Lab: Enter at risk of maiming or death’.

….he’ll have to have a word with her about that.

Riku knocks thrice on the door, calling out for his daughter once more. “Mei!”

There are a few crashes before the door opens, smoke pouring out of the room. “Hi Dad! I’m glad to see you!”

Behind Mei he can see the total state of destruction the ‘lab’ is in. “I’m helping you clean this up, aren’t I?”


Riku sighs again. “Mei-”

“You’re the bestest dad in the world and I really need your help!”

“.....fine. I’ll get the mop from the closet.”

“And the hazardous material disposal!” Mei calls behind her.

Riku spends what would’ve been a peaceful afternoon helping his daughter clean so his wife doesn’t kill them both when she returns.

But all in all, it’s not bad.

It’s just another chapter in the life of Hatsume Riku.

He’ll finish his book later.


Father’s Day hasn’t meant anything to Shiori in years. It still doesn’t. She spends the day like any other; roaming the city for the hell of it. The people are familiar and the city stinks like it always does, but she’s at home in the urban jungle. 

At home, but alone.

That’s okay for now.

After all, that’s basically how it’s always been.



Haruko makes a point of calling his father from university today. Akira is grumpy as ever, but Haruko knows he’s glad to hear from him. 

Discreetly, Haruko tries to casually ask if his father’s talked to Shiori or vice versa.

“Ah, y’know how it is,” Akira says.

He never answers Haruko’s question.

They talk a little longer before Haruko hangs up. Normally, he’d spend the day with his father, but he’s in Kyoto this semester and Akira lives up near Tokyo. Haruko sighs, scrolling through the contacts on his phone. He pauses on one that he hasn’t called in years before hesitantly dialing the number.

The phone begins ringing, but he’s not sure if he wants the caller to pickup. What would he even say? ‘Hi, I know it’s been like 4 or 5 years since we’ve talked, but how are you? Yeah, sorry I wasn’t there for the funeral, we got the notice late and Dad didn’t know how to face you.’


Haruko’s heart stops at the voice of his sister. Inhaling deeply, he replies, “Hey...Shiori.”

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After being caught, Shiori, Izuku, Mei and Hitoshi are all required to attend an extra class, a “vigilante rehab” if you will. Needless to say, none of them are thrilled about it, but they’re even less thrilled about crossing an already PO’ed Aizawa Shouta, so they go to the class.

All Might takes the first session, because no one else is free to teach the new class that day. Many teachers offer to switch with him because, ‘are you sure you can handle this, All Might?’ To which he gently replies that he an handle them. He’ll be fine. They’re just kids.

To which he’s met with deadpan stares and smirks.

“Alright, let’s go around and say our names!” All Might announces.

Everyone looks at each other and then back at the retired hero, relatively unimpressed. “.....All Might, we already know each other,” Izuku says after an all too awkward pause.

The blonde coughs into his fist. “Right. Uh, onto the first exercise!” He slips on his reading glasses and pulls out his script his teaching manual. “Imagine someone gave you a box of all the items you’ve lost throughout your life. What is in it?” He lowers the book with a smile. “That seems like a good place to begin! Young Kayano why don’t you start?” Placing an empty cardboard box on the table, he gestures for her to speak.

The girl blinks. “Y’know, it would be nice to have my sense of purpose back,” she says with a straight face.

All Might nearly chokes. “What-”

“Oh, wow, my childhood innocence!” Hitoshi smirks. “Thank you for finding this!”

“Young Shinsou-”

“My will to live!” Mei gasps, eyes wide like she’s found something special. “I haven’t seen this in fifteen years!” She does a little dance around the room. The other vigilantes are beginning to smile.

“Young Hatsume, aren’t you fifteen-”

“I knew I lost that potential somewhere!” His successor interrupts.

All Might stares at the boy with a look of betrayal. With a sly, yet somehow innocent look, Izuku smiles back at him. “Young Midoriya-” He begins.

“Mental stability!” They all say in unison like they’re all possessed. (Hey, maybe they are. It would explain a lot.) “My old friend!”

The faded hero drops his head into his hands. He had been warned. In hindsight, he should’ve traded Midnight for her Business Study Hall.

“Children….” he says weakly, lifting his head only a little. “Do you think you all could...lighten up a bit?”

“Hey.” Totally ignoring him, Shiori walks over to the box and peers in. “Is this my ability to give a fuck? I thought I got rid of this when I was born.”

Hitoshi races over. “A full night’s sleep! By god, I never thought I’d see it again!”

“My happiness and self worth! Thought I replaced this with near-crippling depression!"

“Is this my friendship with Kacchan?” Izuku decides to play along and reaches into the box, pretending to hold something in his palm. "I thought I'd never find it!"

Shiori shoves Hitoshi and Mei out of the way and smacks it out of his hand. “Not on my watch, bitch!”

“Young Kayano-”

“Haha! My relationship with my birth parents!” Hitoshi rushes over to the window, throwing it open. “YEET.” He chucks it as far as he can.

“Sanity!” Mei shatters it on the floor.

“My father’s love!” Shiori breaks a chair over it.

"My confidence!" Smashed.
"Patience!" Broken.
"Dreams!" Stomped on.

"Hope!" Crushed.

“My sense of self-preservation!” Izuku powers up OFA, mischief in his eyes.

All Might rushes over to his protege. “Wait, my boy! You should really keep that-”

“1000% smash!” Izuku completely obliterates one of his ‘lost’ items. He smiles at All Might, despite his purple fingers. “Hey! I think I see my sense of pain and ability to hold back tears in there!” He makes a grab for the box, but All Might grabs it. 

He opens the window and uses the dregs of OFA to punt it into the sun.

The room settles down after that and everyone returns to their seats. “I think that was very therapeutic,” Shiori says after a brief pause.

Hitoshi nods. “I agree. I feel much better.”

“Totally reformed.”

“...are you okay, All Might?” Izuku asks.

“I was warned,” he mutters.



All Might spends the rest of the day in the teachers’ lounge, facedown on the couch. “What happened to him?” Present Mic asks.

Aizawa shrugs, trying to glue pieces of the chair from today’s ‘class’ back together. “Vigilante rehab.”

He whistles. "Hey, weren't you supposed to do that today?"

Aizawa smiles and Yamada takes a full step back. "Nope."


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Midoriya Izuku is strong. He is brave. He is brilliant.

But some days he doesn’t feel like any of those things; not strong, not brave and certainly not brilliant. 

Those days he’s just weak, cowardly, stupid Deku.

So if today is one of those days, maybe he feels a little closer to the ground than usual. Maybe he keeps his head down more and doesn’t try and speak out about things he should, like when Kacchan burns his backpack. Or when the other kids tell him he’d be better off swan-diving off the roof-that he’d look better as a red splatter across the pavement or as a body in a casket.

Yeah. If today is one of those days, then that’s what they would say.

And if that is today, then maybe he listens a little more than usual.


His traitorous feet take him to the roof. 

Swan dive.

He takes another step up the stairs.

You think you’re special?

He pushes the door open. Isn’t this usually locked? They should pay more attention to the roof door.

After all, someone might jump.

He slips his burnt yellow backpack from his shoulders.

What an eyesore.

So many years of ignoring his classmates…but what if they’re right?

The gate around the roof of the school is gone in this area; last Monday’s storm knocked it down and it hasn’t been fixed yet.


So careless.

It’s like they want me to fall. He takes another step towards the edge; he can see over it now. He can see the soft pavement, like a bed waiting for him to dive in and sleep forever. He can see the tops of the trees in their limited green expanse. The sky is a grey blue, threatening rain. 

If he has to choose a day….

The wind cards through his hair, tossing his curls in an almost comforting manner. Just for a moment, Izuku hesitates, taking a step back.


Maybe it’s not a good idea.

You worthless Deku.

He loses his friendship because his quirk isn’t good enough.

Because he isn’t good enough.

Stay on the sidelines, Deku.

Before he knows it, Izuku is at the ledge, a million thoughts running through his head. 

Am I really doing this?

Oh God, I haven’t even written a note.

What’s my mom going to think?

He feels someone grab his hand, lightly squeezing it. “Hey. You’re pretty close to the edge for such a windy day. Might fall off if you’re not careful.”

He quite nearly falls off the school. “K-kaori?! W-what are you doing here?”

Shiori smiles (almost bitterly, Izuku notes-) at him. “‘S helluva view, huh?” Her grey-blue eyes roam the endless skies, clouded with something he can’t identify. 

Izuku scrambles down from the ledge. “Uh, yeah.” What was I thinking?

“Wanna grab an orange cream soda?”

He blinks before smiling a little. “Sure.”

They make their way down from the roof and away from Ourdera, talking and joking the entire way there. Izuku notices that something’s a little off with his friend, but he ignores it, because if he’d thought about it, he’d wonder why Shiori had still been at the school after hours, when she doesn’t spend a second longer there than she has to. He’d wonder why she was on the roof.

But Izuku doesn’t dwell on these little facts and what they might mean. He lets himself forget.

Just for now. His friend has unwittingly talked him down from jumping and for that, he is more than thankful.

He’ll have to return the favour sometime.


Not today, I guess, Shiori thinks as she sees Izuku open the door she’d unlocked to get to the roof. She’d expected to do this alone, but the mere presence of her friend (who’s probably planning to do the same thing she is) deters her.

Not today , she thinks, reaching out as he stands alone on the ledge. She puts her hand in his, squeezing once. “Hey. You’re pretty close to the edge for such a windy day. Might fall off if you’re not careful.”

Shiori is pretty sure he doesn’t notice how tired she sounds today, or how her voice almost breaks.

She lets go of his hand as he turns around. “K-kaori?! W-what are you doing here?”

Despite the weight on her chest, she does her best to smile at him. “‘S helluva view, huh?” 

Izuku climbs off the edge and they gradually dance away from the void, narrowly missing the end of their fates.

“Not today,” she whispers quietly as they walk along the fence to the store.