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Love Trial

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-« After a careful discussion of the facts of the case among the members of the jury, we have decided to plead the said accused, Himiko Toga, guilty, beyond reasonable doubt, of the serial Bloodlust murders.” The head of the jury pronounced the verdict, his face crunching in disgust when he heard the blond girl’s delightful squeal.

-“ As of it, the Central Criminal Court of Tokyo sentences the accused Himiko Toga of 14 years of prison, including 6 years at the Kamino Cliff asylum. Court dismissed.” The wooden hammer hit the high platform signalling the end of one gruelling trial.

A case that caught nationwide attention due to its atrocity. Random slaughter events all across the capital, all characterized by the huge blood loss and near dismembering. Its proctor, quite surprisingly, was the reknowned web idol Himiko Toga, also known as Toga-chan.

The maniac Youtuber uncovered her hobby in an online video about a month ago, giving a rather graphic show of skinning a young stripper in an alleyway.

That same insane woman was currently squealing in delight as she squirmed out of her attorney’s hold and bounced her way to the judge.

-“ Oh my God, I can finally stay close. Think you don’t want me going anywhere.” She giggled, inching to rest her face over the judge’s bench, her six-inch heels as leverage. “ Guess you know where to find me now, I-zu-ku.” She licked her lips, while eyeing the green-eyed judge with Cheshire, lustful eyes.

He just sighed: “ Take her out of here.” On cue, two bulky tuxedo men dragged the woman of his bench, into a camisole and out of his court.

Seeing as the double doors closed, he finally rested his face on his open palms and groaned.

-“ It has gotten to you, I see.” He recognized the husky voice from below and then he glanced at the prosecutor, leaning against the left bench. Seeing how his face contorted into a tiny smirk, he guessed his fatigue painted all over his face.

Shoto Todoroki was one of the district’s, if not the country’s, best public officials and he only operated as a prosecutor in high-profile or national defence cases, and seeing how much uproar this case had seen, it was natural that he was called in. The man was still dressed in his black robe and signature green scarf over his shoulders, the red half of his hair slicked back to reveal an azur blue eye and a burn scar. And he beamed of mischief.

-“ Shoto, please don’t give me that look. You know how messed up this case was. That woman…she…”

-“ She is crazy.” A faint murmur came from their right: there on the bench, with a troubled look on his similar azur eyes, both temples held in his hands. “ I FUCKING need holy water to cleanse my mind.” He grumbled, tugging his red hair in both hands.

The two snapped when they heard a muffled chuckle from the dual-haired man.

-“ Shotooooo.” The two whined in unison making the man go in a full blown laughter.

-“ Oh c’mon, Touya, you seem to have gotten along.” A feral roar escaped from the redhead’s throat.

-“ Gotten along? Gotten along? You fucker, all that bitch talks about ‘ OMG look at how cute he is?’ And ‘ wouldn’t he look better all battered up?’ All I wanted for this entire trial was for her to disappear into the depths of hell. FUCK….Why is it always me who gets the nutfucks? First, there was the guy with DID who started flirting with me mid-trial; and second, the fucker with the weird hand fetish, and now this …UGH.” He wailed into hands.

-“ Well, …You are the best Lincoln Lawyer around so…” The glare that was shoot to Shoto’s way was one that could kill.

-“ You know better than I do that this case was doomed from the beginning. She never intended to drop her charges. From her video to her statement, she wanted to be charged. Ugh, that thirsty bitch having the hots for Izuku like a slut in heat.” He growled pointing at the small, frustrated judge.

Midoriya Izuku, the Criminal Court’s judge was a handsome man, with wonderful forest green eyes and green curls and starry freckles. Of course he had grown out of the chubby cheeks and baby fat, now adorning a sharp jaw and broad shoulders, a defined neck and muscle lines. Quite the number of women and men have swooned over him, be it in daily life or even in court.

But damn, this woman was one of the worst.

-“ Well, you can’t blame her. Izuku is quite the snacc.” This earned the dual haired a choked cry.

-“ Sho, you are…mar…RIED.” Touya squinted at his younger brother, getting more pissed by the minute at his indifference. He sighs and starts gathering his papers. “ Anyway, assholes. I’ll pass by now. I have to pick up Yona from school today. She was pestering me about the advances of the case for the longest.” He scoffs and walks out. “ Salute, fuckers.”

-“ By the way, I believe the press would be barraging the court yard, waiting for a statement from the defence.” Shoto teased, enjoying how his brother froze instantly, mumbled a silent “Fuck”, and continued his stride.

Being the last remaining two in the room, Izuku huffed a sigh then proceeded to hastily strip out of his robe – Imagine wearing that shit in a hot summer day- and walked down next to Shoto, the two making their way to the adjacent bureau.

-“ That was your last trial of the day.”

-“ Yes it was. I barely had any sleep these days. My first session was at 4 AM with Iida. And I had been studying some files before that.” The greenette began massaging his forehead, hanging his robe at the wooden hanger and stomping his way to his office in front of the wall-panel glass window.

The large wooden table was filled to every corner with files, papers and binders. On the front edge, a golden platter with the words “ Judge Izuku Midoriya” carved into it sat on full display

Shoto took a seat on one of the armchair siting on either sides of a small coffee table, propping his elbow on the desk and eyeing his old friend with weary scrutiny. “ You should take a break, or probably go home. Those eye bags can no longer be concealed with make-up.” He saw the other flinch in his seat.

-“ Are…Are they that visible?” He thought he had applied enough to cover them. He hadn’t probably slept in 72 straight hours, deep into case study and trials. Receiving a knowing stare from his friend, he let his head finally rest on the desk. He looked like shit, hadn’t eaten properly in days ( Living solely on caffeine and cereal bars.) and now that he gave a look at his shirt, the fabric is turning yellow from lack of hygiene, and his hair needs a hairdo since it was getting out of control.

-“ Have been busy lately.” He murmured, more to himself than to anyone else.

 He heard his friend snort and shift on his seat: “ You really should get yourself someone, Izuku. I mean everyone from our class back in high school are either married or engaged. And here you are, stagnating and over working yourself.” He stated matter-of-factly.

If Todoroki Shoto was anything, he wasn’t a liar, he was an honest man through and through; and being friends’ with him meant being at the full length of that blunt honesty. Izuku knew that he cares. That this is Shoto’s way of caring for his friend. Yet for him, this is just like adding insult to injury.

He sighed again -How many times has he now?- and rested his chin over the desk to look at his friend: “ Shoto, you know that my job is the most important thing for me right now. I am always busy or on the call, and I don’t have time to sleep; much less maintain a relationship. Yes, I am still single. However, what should I do? Like take you and Momo for example, the simplest reason why you work is because you two work in the same justice department.” He cringed at his words. He was such a human, lonely, uncoordinated mess.

His job is probably the only redeeming feature of his, a position where he does not feel awkward or fidgety in his skin, even his mumbling became a long lost trait that he learned to overcome in court. After all, he was the sharp blade that cut through the truth. Some of his friend’s even find it hard to believe that that same righteous, stern judge is their cutesy, weird, nerdy friend.

Shrugging, Shoto leaned on the back of the chair and crossed a leg over the other, relaxing in the now potent silence between the two.

That was until Shoto whispered: “ By the way, Momo is pregnant.” A loud bang resounded through the office. Looking sideways, he snorted when he saw the bright red patch on his friend’s forehead.

-“ WHHAA? Since when?” He said, baffled. These were some big news, and the concerned was not showing as much interest as he should.

Shoto shrugged: “ Well, you are the first one that I tell about this. Haven’t even told mom or my siblings for that matter. But just so you know, she would be taking a soon-to-be leave for maternity.” He stated nonchalantly.

Izuku was panicking. Why did he inform him of this? Did he have to react in a certain way? Is he to be expected to react in that distinct way? Why is he the first one to be told about this? What was Shoto meaning with this? Why..

-“ Midoriya, there you go again.” His mumbling halted by his friend’s calm voice and a light knock on his table.

Well, he may have lied a second there, he didn’t TOTALLY get rid of his mumbling habit, he just learned how to make it more manageable in a professional setting. “ I am telling you this because I wanted to ask you to be the baby’s godfather.” Izuku’s brain crashed that instant.

-“ WHAAAT? ME…But Sho…” He never got to interject as the official’s phone began ringing.

Turning from an uncomfortable Izuku to whirl in his own thoughts, he picked up: “ Hello, prosecutor Shoto Todoroki from the state justice department…Oh Eijirou, hello…” That caught Izuku’s attention, toning, even if just for a little his ongoing panic attack.

Kirishima Eijirou, a detective in the Tokyo Police Department, had been one of their classmates that pursued a career in police school. And oh, was he one good fit. All muscle and force, he escalated from officer to detective in a matter of a couple years, becoming the new head of the department.

-“ Oh, you have caught a suspect, …right …was he the only one in the vicinity? …Yeah, that is unfortunate…Alright, I’ll be heading right now. Yeah, thank you, see you soon.” And he hung up, setting his phone down and craning his neck to the side with a satisfied ‘Finally!’

Seeing the serious look that suddenly appeared on his face, Izuku figured that this hanging matter between them could wait, more important things are at hands. “ Shoto, what did Eijirou call you for?”

The dual-haired attorney looked at his friend, lightly tugging at his robe’s collar, he spoke: “ They caught a suspect in this one case that I’ve been working on.” He randomly swing his hand around. “ You know, those organized robbery cases that have been targeting the different branches of the national bank.” He explained.

Yes, of course he heard of the case, actually his neighbour, Uraraka Ochako – a young investor- had been one of the victims of said robberies. Some large organisation had been robbing banks and galleries around the country. The pattern of these thefts seems quite random, hence making it hard to track. They never know when or where the next incident will happen, though it clearly isn’t the work of a single person, seeing how delicately each incident was designed, with little to no fingerprints of evidence to follow. Through his colleagues at the civil court, he came to witness the great number of plaints the victims were poising against their banks for lack of security and discretion. He even heard that the CEO of the Neito insurance, one of the first affected by this gang, have asked for the help of the FBI and CIA.

-“ …They called yesterday afternoon informing me of some sudden activity near UA artefact exhibit. Ei and his squad have instantly surrounded the area and scanned the perimeter. At about 11 PM last night, they managed to catch the gang members while they were trying to take the One for All – All for One Twin Talisman. Unfortunately, out of the four thieves, they only caught one. They are asking to come talk with the accused since I am the one officially in charge of the case.” He rubbed the back of his neck. “ At least, we got a lead now. If we bait him well, he might spill the beans on his partners.” He started to take of his robe and took his suitcase, heading to the door to leave. “ I’ll have to go now. Talk to you after.”

Hand on the knob, he heard the roughing of wood against wood and fabric being rustled.

-“ Midoriya, you are coming?” The greenette who was just a minute ago sulking on his desk, was now adjusting the cuffs of his suit jacket, that professional mask back on again.

-“ Yes, I have to anyway. You may not have noticed but this case is actually in my personal line of work. I don’t have a lot of information about the case file, but from what I heard you say, the file will be soon then moved to my court after the arrest is complete. And as the Central Criminal Court’s Judge, I assume it’s of my duty to observe the facts and follow the evolution of the case.” He ran his hand through his hair, trying to tame the mossing mass but to no veil. “ So, Mr prosecutor Todoroki, would you lead the way to the station?”


They soon reached the TPD central headquarters, the red SUV pulling over to the parking lot and allowing the two men out and into the all-glass skyscraper. Marching inside the building, Shoto only gave out nod from the receptionist to greet them and guide them into the left wing of the office.

It was the first time that Izuku came inside the department building, mostly because his interest is an aftermath of police’s work. Long corridors with doors scattered on equal intervals and the casual closet here and there. It was rather sinister and quiet for its own record, not that he wasn’t used to the heavy silence of his office, but this type of silence was different, almost haunting.

Reaching a peculiar oak door at the end of a hall, the receptionist bowed deeply and bid the pair her farewell.

Confused, Izuku glanced at Shoto who marched forward and abruptly turned the knob inside.

-“ Sho, ..and Izuku too. Long time no see bros.” A giant redheaded man tackled them both a bear hug, a grin as bright as the sun on his face. “ How long has it been? Especially you Izuku. It almost impossible to see you out on daylight.” He playfully giggled, walking back behind his desk.

-“ Nice to see you too, Ei. How is Mina?”

-“ Good as she can be. Dominating that fashion business.” He gave a thumbs up, shuffling some papers into order and discarding others.

-“ Ei, you called me over about the case.” Shoto stepped forward and looked over the other man.

-“ Yeah, the robbery cases….” He took a binder folder and opened it. “ Like I told you over the phone, we managed to catch a suspect.” He motioned toward a blurry picture on the top of a page, four distinctive white forms on the grey background. “ Four members of the gang were sent to retrieve the artefact. They must have some kind of electromagnetic device or hacker as the surveillance system went down just upon their entrance, we only managed take this picture as they entered from our in-site members. Thanks to Kaminari and Jirou’s handy work, we used the already advanced defence mechanism of the exhibit to barricade them, though two escaped via ventilation and one was thrown out of the building by our captive. Through some bugs with baited all around the gala, we deduced they used code names.” He explained the situation, pointing at every picture and piece of evidence that related to the topic.

-“ So… we have one of them. What was his codename?” Izuku popped up between them, sliding the file a little to his side

-“ It was Shinsou who cornered him, he said the other referred to him as GZ before he threw his partner by the window. Though,… despite being so desperate to get his colleagues out of the scene, he reacted completely docile and with minimal struggle.”

-“Hm.” Shoto hummed, furrowing his brows a little.

-“ That is why I called you actually.” Eijirou continued, Izuku’s eyes perking in interest as his friend’s. “He kept demanding to meet his lawyer.”

-“ His…Lawyer.” Shoto grumbled.

-“ And you know what that means.” The redhead shrugged sheepish.

He could practically hear the roll of heterochromatic eyes. Izuku chuckled beneath his palm, going over the provided documents.

He glanced up when he heard a loud sigh: “ Goddamn it. I guess I’ll have to meet him then.” He tugged at the lapels of suit jacket, huffing in annoyance.

-“ Well then, …” Closing the folder, Izuku turned to the redhead inspector. “ I assume this case hasn’t been moved to court yet?”

-“Ah yes. We are actually waiting for farther insight into the case before moving it to court. But since you are already here, I think it’s better if we have you on it.” he spoke, sending a sharp nod to his friend.

-“ Yes, thank you for your apprehension. May you lead us to our suspect, inspector Kirishima Eijirou.” Izuku demanded, looking at Shoto who blinked in affirmation.

-“ Of course, Judge Midoriya Izuku.” He grinned before fetching the cell keys from the drawer, and taking them out of the office and into a steep stairwell at the far end of the corridor.

Walking down the steps, they headed to the underground confinement level. Walked back into another corridor, one brightly lit by white LED spots and devoid of any doors or closets this time, just a long path. And so they walked, the clacking of their loafers over the waxed floor a mantra dancing between them.

Soon Ei stopped, smiling over his shoulders and holding his biometric card over the scanner. They heard a loud buzz – Izuku the only one startled by it- and a door slid open before them.

-“ Well, here we are.” He spoke, walking inside followed by the two? The door sliding closed behind them. It was then that Izuku noticed how the door was enforced seamlessly with a thick steel layer.

-“ Hey, Sero. How is everything?” The redhead greeted the man sitting on a desk at their right. The plain faced man smiled and dipped his cap to his superior.

 Izuku stood as he watched their guide hand his gun and holster to the other, the two exchanging light hearted teasing.

Another buzz resounded in the air, making the judge yelp. Another door opened, the number 305 in bold red numbers over the door.

-“ Thanks Sero.” The inspector said, earning him a thumbs up from his partner. “ Well, inside this cabinet is the captive’s cell. I have already spoke to him this morning, and he seems hellbent on holding his position and talking to a lawyer. So I won’t walk in with you for good measure.” He sighed, taking a folded chair from Sero’s side. “ He might consider it an act of hostility and refuse further advances.”

-“ Okay, thank you then Ei.” Shoto  stepped forward and into the room.

Izuku stood reluctantly in his spot. Will him intervening incite some unwanted reaction? What will he do if the prisoner reacts in a violent way? Is it okay for Shoto to walk in alone? He is rather annoyed by the whole ordeal, will he be at his top game? What if..

A booming laugh shook him out of his own world. Muttering again.

-“Oh my God Izu. And here I thought you got rid of that awful habit of yours.” Ei was wheezing, holding his aching stomach., while his partner snickered a little.

He soon recovered from his state with hearty puffs: “ Oh, oh. Fear not man, we got on the watch, just as you walk in and the door closes, the cameras and alarms are activated. So if anything happens we will know. Other than that, I agree that we will need more than Sho’s sass and slick talking. The guy is a tough nut to crack. So please go in too.” He smiled at the shorter male.

So he was needed after all. Of course he was, he was a high court’s judge. Toshinori Yagi’s prodigy and priced intern. Of course he was a great asset when it came to negotiations and analysis. So better put all his expertise and teachings to use.

Breathing deeply, he paced with such determination through the entrance, jumping a little when that buzz sounded again.

 He stood still at the threshold, blinking his eyes to adjust to the new lighting of the room. The first thing he saw was the blue of a Shoto’s suit. The heterochromatic man had his back to him, his hands resting on both his hips. Even in his haze, Izuku notices the hard grip on pants.

Shoto was a man of sass and few words, so he expresses his emotions all through actions. So seeing him in such a state had Izuku on his toes.

Marching forward, he came face to face with the Advanced Isolation Cell. Courtesy of the great Hatsume Mei.

Double-layered, bullet-proof Plexiglas façade and adamantine enforced walls ground. ‘ A perfect cube.’ As she presented it to the public. No way to dig or break out as every inch was lined with sensors that immediately triggered the counter measures.

-“ How about we keep that as a surprise for later.” She maniacally laughed at the sponsor’s faces.

No prisoner dared to attempt an escape out of this cell right after she offered her first, revised edition to the TPD about a year ago.

Passing the hulking figure of his friend, he noticed another form in his field of vision. A back actually. Pressed against the glass was a crouching man, his face was down cast. The only feature that stood out in Izuku’s eyes was the messy, spiked up halo of blond on his head.

It was quite unusual. Such a colour in Japan. Maybe…. Just maybe….

As if sensing his presence, the figure slowly glanced at him. And that is when Izuku’s breath was taken away….

That red, as bright and fierce as the purest rubies. But when the light hit them just right, it turned into molten gold. A hypnotizing swirl of the liquid metal when a naughty smirk split on that sharp face made him buckle on his knees. He wanted to drown into those eyes and ruined by that cocky mouth. By God it has been so long since he felt like this.

However, he snapped out his wet daydream by a sharp whistle, one that came from the crouching seducer himself.

-“ Never knew they allowed scrawny twinks into the forces these days.” Those sharp eyes scanned his length. “ Not like I’d mind seeing that ass everyday.”

Excuse me? that is what Izuku intended to say, but which never came out of his mouth, as he flushed from head to toe, mouth gaping in scandal.

-“ Ohhh,…” the blond criminal cooed. “ Just look at that mouth, just enough to wrap aound my big, hard c…”

-“ AHM.” Shoto gave a sharp cough and glared at the blond, the two having a staring showdown.

Izuku just took that time to shake his head out of its stupor. Goddamn it, what happened to him? This never happened before. Well, he always seemed to attract unwanted attention from the most repugnant of people ( Horrifying bar stalker flashbacks on…), but he never even spared them a glance. Always eyeing them with faint disgust and pity, his righteousness one of the main qualities in his career choice.

But for once… Just this time…. He allowed it to go thus far… and he …was kinda charmed?

The hell is wrong with him? The caffeine is getting to his head for sure. 

Hearing his dual friend sigh beside him, Shoto just pinched the bridge of his noise. He was never one to be easily railed up by a client but damn this fucker’s attitude is too much. Much known in a 3 minutes.

-“ Could you please cut the chase? Upon your demands and in respect of your civil rights, the department had called me to present you.” He groaned frustrated. “ My name is Todoroki Shoto, prosecutor of the Tokyo’s justice department. Here by my side, is the Criminal Court’s judge, mister Midoriya Izuku. And before you called me rude names and criticized my style, I had come to give you an offer.” He spoke, the professional mask back on. That of a hard man looking for justice under every corner.

The blond tched, his bangs shadowing half of his face. He slowly started gathering himself, rising to his feet as he towered over Izuku’s frame entirely.

For Izuku’s 5’9, the man was much taller than him, boy he even rivalled Shoto’s 6’2. When he stood up, with glaring red eyes and a scowl, Izuku almost fell to the floor. That aura of dominance…. Damn he wanted to rot in it.

Holy shit Izuku, get yourself together, he is a prisoner for crying out loud. He shook his head slightly.

The blond glared at Shoto, shoulders pushed back like a board and chest huffed like a king. Yep, he was a dominant.

-“ So you are here to give me an offer… Pch… Don’t get ahead of yourself. I only asked for you in hopes of talking to someone useful.” He smirked victoriously, both hands tucked in his black and white striped prison jumpsuit, while he spoke with arrogance. “ In fact I am the one with something to give.”

-“ What do you mean?” Shoto blurted, though the narrowing of his eyes was enough evidence that he was annoyed.

The criminal chuckled, bringing one of his hands to his pierced earlobe, tapping it gently with a comical face.

Izuku read it as a ‘ Listen carefully, I am not saying this twice.’

-“The gang that you’re following operates under the name of Destro. Their activity is orchestrated and supported by the financing from Chikara Yotsubachi…”

-“ Wait isn’t that the CEO of Detnerat co. and support?” Izuku mumbled aloud.

That earned him a glare and a grin: “ Well sure nerd, but don’t fucking interrupt me again okay? Anyway, they target national banks and insurance companies in hopes of recovering from their huge drop in the stock market after the 2015 economical crisis. As for the stolen artefacts, they are sold in the black market via auctions for high profile figures such as Politician Hanadata Koukuu, an pharmaceutical emperor Chikazoku Tomoyasu. The operation of the Twin Talisman was in fact one of the greater sales that could’ve occurred, but rest assured they will not be acting for a long time. The organised activity of the gang is thanks to the information from the head of the Tokyo TV news, Kizuki Chitose. They provide information and data about the targets, then the infiltration goes in teams of four with two outside men to send specific electromagnetic waves that interrupt intermission. It all goes like water under the bridge from there, we get in, the entire system is mapped out to the last detail. And just like that, it happens.” He shrugged. “ I was actually impressed when we were cornered, got me there.” He chuckled a little.

Shoto and Izuku were baffled, this case seems to be bigger than they had thought. If they were to catch this gang, it will unleash a massive domino effect that will bring down numerous influential figures. But, something was not right.

-“ Why?” Izuku asked, green met crimson instantly. “ Why are you telling us this? We didn’t even give you an offer, you neither getting out of here nor supporting your position. Why then are you saying these things? I don’t get it.”

-“ Plus, there is no guarantee  or evidence that what you are saying is true. You could be just saying bullshit to derail us and hinder the investigations. You had willingly helped your friends escape and allowed them to catch you, if that is anything to go by, then you must be the greatest scum of them all.” Shoto grumbled.

The blond just stared at the two, like that look you give a damn dog that butted his head yet again with a tree, and shrugged.

-“ Pff take it or leave it, I don’t care. I said what I had to say and I bet you have it now on tap somehow.” He vaguely gestured with his right hand. Izuku noticed a thick silver band around the ring finger. “ Now get out, that is all of me today.” He marched out to the center of the cell, his back facing the pair.

Izuku remained in place, eyes fixated on the lines of that chiselled back through the fabric, but mind elsewhere.

He didn’t register the grunt Shoto uttered, nor did he register when he called out for him to get out.

Robotically walking out of the room, the faint buzzing and foreign mutters fell in deaf ears. His mind was faraway.

He didn’t mean to interrupt but….

-“ Ei, could you please lend me that file for a few days?”


He studies. Oh he studies hard… Every detail of the file, pictures and records…

That is when he notices. For the mere eye, it sounds like some kind of nervous reflex. But for someone like Izuku, whose observational skills were the backbone of his job, he noticed. In the footage provided by Ei. A short one of the members entrance to the exhibition, the man named GZ  rhythmically tapped on the silver ring, his thumb swiping over the length of the band and back.

At first Izuku paid it no real mind, but upon further inspection, he noticed the pattern. Zooming in, it clicked.

The swiping and tapping was actually a message in Morse code.

-“ Already….at…. The entrance…. 02.52 reporting.” He read.

With a newfound hope blooming inside him ( The fuck? Was he trying to defend a criminal for the best he could. What is wrong with him?)  he took his own Ford Focus and headed to the TPD.

After a quick outlook of his discovery, Ei allowed him in.

-“ What the fuck?” the blond snorted when his eyes fell in the dishevelled sweaty man before him. “ Did you run here or something?”

Izuku couldn’t respond in that moment. Damn, he rushed his way here without a pause. He just felt like he should come and confront this man. He had to.

-“ You…huh…you…. Who really are you?” the judge huffed out. He was hyperventilating; kind of what you get for always slacking in a chair all day but oh well.

The blond crooked a sceptical eyebrow: “ What are you talking about? Did you just miss me and wrap some lame ass excuse to do so or what?” he teased, enjoying how the boys face went from red, to tomato red to strawberry red.

Imagine that said strawberry with starry freckles and a shaky smile to boost. A delicious feast.

-“ Th…That is not it.” He whined. He doesn’t remember the last time he had been this flustered. Being a workaholic freak reduce every chance of having decent amount of social interactions. And now here he was, being hit on by a hunk criminal in jail.

He inhaled deeply to compose himself before speaking: “ I recognize what you did. In the footage they got before entering the exhibit,…” He pointed at his right hand. “ that ring… It’s actually a Morse machine. I saw you were sending a signal before you got in.”

-“ Uhh, is that what brought here? Well, we all have our way of communication I was just sending my input to headquarter.” He spoke. Izuku didn’t miss the sudden twist in his pocket.

-“ You were not. I read your message, you were informing of your position yet you didn’t us the codename they called you with, GZ wasn’t it?” He clarified, the satisfaction of his discovery glaringly clear.

Bakugo didn’t respond, the man just kept looking downwards, expression imperceptible.

Then he laughed, a gruff deep laughter coming from his chest, reverberating through the room and sending a pleasant shiver the long of Izuku’s spine. He bit his lower lip to repress a sweet moan.

God this man’s sole presence made a mess of him. Taking a case without a suit, skimming through the same 2-minute long video over and over again to prove his innocence. He never did this. He shouldn’t do this.

Yet, as a judge and as Izuku, he never felt like doing the right thing.

When the man recovered from his state of hysterics, he looked at Izuku; sharp red eyes piercing through his very being.

He stood upright and pointed his index finger at the other man: “ I like you. Look at you, A pretty smart boy, playing detective for the sake of getting me out, are you trying to be a hero or what? “ He questioned the young judge, those all-knowing eyes never leaving his prey.

Izuku visibly flinched, taking a step back. He was shocked at the accusation, though he also understood the question ( He asked himself the same thing just now.) Why is he so concerned by the matter? He never meddled with criminals, his job is to put them in their place behind the bars, where they would or not repent. He was a judge, the cases come to his hands and with the assistance of his team, he drops the testament. He was never a hero. Ei was a hero who caught the evil. Shoto was a hero who defended the weak. He just looked over from above like a figure so high above them.*

Although, this time, just this time he felt like he knew.

It was something Toshinori told him once, years ago when he became his intern:

-“  Judge is the man in the high bench, he looks it over from his pedestal, picking the good from the bad, judging the right from the wrong. But it is that mighty overlook, like a bird over its land, that makes him see. See what is wrong, what is right at first glance.” He repeated his mentor words. The man was like the father that he never had. “ Those are some words that I take at heart. You can never be a hero, I am far from it actually. But I know what I saw. And what a saw in you was pure, blunt honesty.” He explained, looking straight into those hypnotizing lava pools.

The blond didn’t waver, his finger still pointing at the greenette and a smirk over his face. Slowly he advanced forward, closing the distance between him and Izuku.

His palms now resting on the glass wall between them, and his eyes softened a fraction: “ Would you look here. You aren’t as much of a wimp as you look.” He smiled at other, the two now only apart by the thick glass.

Izuku smiled sheepish at the weak attempt of a compliment and looked up: “ So, who are you then? And if the information you gave us is true, then what were you doing in that gang?” He innocently asked, beaming at the mischievous smile that split the other face further.

-“ No need for me to tell you, you’ll find for yourself soon.” He whispered sweetly at that lovely annoyed pout.

-“ Whaaa? That is….” He halted, a redhead who flung the door and barged in calling for the greenette, rudely interrupted the magical moment.

-“ Izuku, Shoto is on the phone, he wants tooooo…. Uh, did I interrupt?”

-“ Uhm, no. I was just talking to him. Uh, did you say Shoto called?” He awkwardly scratched the back of his neck turning to look at his friend.

He could hear a feral beast roar from behind him. Yep he is a dominant.

-“ Yeah, uh, Izuku will you please walk out with me,” and so they did, the door sliding shut over his lover’s face. His last glance, a parting nod

He didn’t mean for his eyes to linger on that closed door, but they did. Eijirou tapped him on the shoulder making him look back at him.

That witty smirk. Mina is definitely rubbing off on him.

-“ Well, Shoto is on the phone…” he handed him the phone with a wiggle of his brows.

Izuku fidgeted but smiled shyly taking the phone from him.

-“ Hello, Izuku on the line…”

Izuku this is Shoto. What are you doing in the department?

-“ Well, I discovered an important fact in the case. So, to put it out simply I think what GZ said is…”

His name is Katsuki.

-“ What?”

His name is Bakugo Katsuki, stop calling him that dumb codename already.

-“ Ah, wait, how did you know his name? Sho, what…”

That is why I am calling you man. I called your office and your secretary told me you went to the TPD. Though I wasn’t surprised. So, there is a man in my office by the name of David Shield claiming to be an FBI superior and he is asking for you and me to be present.

 Wait, FBI????? HOLY SHIT. It couldn’t…. But this man knows their names and considering that Katsuki was still owning the ring the time of their first meeting then…

Realisation poured over him like a bucket of cold water when he drove to the justice office and into Shoto’s bureau.

He was met with his friend unamused glare and a cheeky giggle of a brown haired man.

-“ Oh my, are you Mister Midoriya Izuku then?”

-“ Yeah, that is me. And I assume you are Bakugo’s superior and your contact to us was provided via a

Morse message.” He spoke, testing the waters.

The man visibly gasped while his friend looked confused.

-“ Izuku what are you talking about?”

-“ I see mister Midoriya knows more than I expected.” He chuckled under his breath. “ Then,…” He pulled a yellow file and a thick manila envelope. “ Mister Todoroki, would you please take the file while mister Midoriya inspects the documents in the envelope.” He demanded smiling softly.

They did as demanded, Shoto flipping through the file, his eyes widening more as he flipped through the pages. As Izuku pulled out the documents in the envelope.

Izuku was baffled to say the least. There rested various photographs, memory cards and details profiles and reports on the multiple clients that Katsuki told them about; pictures of the auction hall and organization gatherings along with signed and stomped deals and cheques. It was actually more than what Izuku needed to frame all the effectors. In a plastic folder on the back, civil and criminal records of 21 ex jail residents, he assumed they were the gang’s members.

-“ These documents are all we need to arrest and frame Detnerat and its partners of theft, extortion and trafficking.” He flipped again through the papers, awing at the intricacy of every little detail.

-“ What the HELL?” Shoto slapped the folder on his desk, glaring at it like an abomination. “ So you are telling me that that vulgar, dick fucker is an S-class FBI agent who had infiltrated this organization. And in the span of two months gathered all that info without even being doubted once.”

-“ Well, mister Bakugo is quite the bad boy himself so playing the role came as easy as it could. He has a perfect success record in all his missions. Be it on the field or in the desk, he is one of our best, and seeing the range of this case, we had to send him out. Though according to what mister Bakugou told us is that he trusts both of you to close this case up, after all the FBI got to stay preferably out of the picture. So in exchange of these information, we demand you free mister Bakugo so that he can join his line and take his next job.” David explained, his eyes swiping between the two men calculating.

The two looked at each other, and with a swift nod sealed the deal with the FBI superior.


Bang resounded through the court: “ Therefore, the Central Criminal Court of Tokyo accuses the CEO of Detnerat Co. and support; Chikara Yotsubachi, with extortion, art trafficking and organized robbery. The stocks of the corporation will be equivalently divided and brought back to the inflicted companies, depending on their losses under the assistance of the Justice Department. Plus a life sentence for the CEO. As for the stolen artefacts, they are retrieved and rendered back to their rightful owners with a penalty of 20 years of prison for Hanadata Koukuu and Chikasoku Tomoyasu for art trafficking. Ms Kizuki Chitose will be relieved of her duty as head of TV Tokyo station along with 10 years of prison with 5 years of social service for leaking information and breaking the pact of confidentiality. Court dismissed.” Izuku dropped his verdict, seeing as the policemen ran to cuff the accused and driving them out.

He glanced at Shoto to his right, the man was slouched on his chair and tiredly sighing. This case really got the best out of them, they had a lot of trouble trying frame the corp. CEO, thye man seems to have  his own relations in the department, but with some Touya dabs (Or so Shoto calls it) They had them cornered. Add to it the documents they had from the FBI, they were set off.

Izuku groaned. He won’t lie, he was definitely sexually frustrated for a moment now. Right after Izuku and Shoto broke it off with the FBI, they received a call from Eijirou, telling them about some men in black and fancy limos asking for Katsuki’s custody. And just when given the OK, they have scooped the blond out of the cell and away to God knows where.

Shit, the fucker didn’t even leave a link for Izuku to follow.

He groaned again, good job Deku, finding the man of your dreams and letting him dip right-out.

Seeing as the people filed out of the room, and Shoto tiredly gathered his things and all but dragged himself outside; Izuku did the same.

Snatching the robe and scarf out of his form, he absentmindedly walked out to his office. Finally he can go home, case himself in fluffy blankets and marathon the old All-Might anime over ice cream and chips.

Walking into his office, he dropped his robe on the ground and was all for falling himself on it too, when manly, muscular arms trapped his waist.

He froze, feeling every hair on its body stand on its end. “ What?” He breathed out.

A deep chuckle resounded behind him. One that him shivering in its grip.

-“ I can’t believe you already forgot about me Deku? How long has it been, two weeks? I kinda feel bad here you see.”

Izuku tensed, looking down at the hands that wrapped around him. The ring was enough proof: “ How?” he whispered mostly to himself.

-“ I can give you multiple answers to that question. First, I got you key duplicated through some resources..” he jingled the keys on his peripheral vision. “ Second, Wasn’t that the name your friends gave you in elementary school because of your clumsiness and it followed you all the way through college? Is it Deku?” He breathed in his ear, nipping at its helix. “ And third, I convinced my superior that I am more useful to them in my home country than I would ever be in America. So they got me an identity, a dwelling and a job at the TPD. So here I am.” He murmured, this time lapping at Izuku neck.

Izuku squirmed, all the sensations so foreign yet he couldn’t refuse. He didn’t back up nor respond to the blond. All he did was look, into those seductive red eyes that draw him in. The smile that flipped his world and the hands that are now holding the key to his heart.

-“ You seriously didn’t think I would let such a gorgeous ass unscathed, did you?” He affirmed his words with a firm squeeze of Izuku’s buttocks. The greenette yipped cutely, cheeks set ablaze.

-“ Now mister judge, how about we have our own trial right here right now?” the blond licked his lips hungrily.


He never regretted that trial.