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Throwing Shadows

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It’s surprising to see her senior, the boy who had been by her side always encouraging her, (Though she’ll admit it’s unpleasant) being in this… form.

Mirai watches nervously as the blue force field forms around him. Akihito’s yommu influenced mind has now completely overridden his usually unpleasant self.  Mirai He lethargically drags his feet across the ground, angrily hitting those now long fingers against the edge of the force field. The sound of his roaring hits her hard, and she begins to wonder if her senior is still in that wretched body.  

Hiromi mutters to himself that Akihito is worse than usual.  Mirai feels the guilt growing now. 

Is this what you meant Senpai? Mirai thinks to herself. Is this why you are with me? Do you understand me?

Mirai notices Akihito’s yommu power extending past the barrier. Large flames burst out and almost sends everyone holding him in his container flying back. Mirai uses her blood to shield herself. Ayaka doubles the amount of power she’s been sending to hold the force field and again he roars louder. 

“If I have to, I’ll exterminate him,” says Hiromi, shooting his own magic against the flames.

Senpai. Mirai locks herself and cannot stop observing Akihito on his destructive path. Akihito… She pauses in her thoughts wondering why she didn’t call him her senpai. 

The barrier pulses for a moment. Akihito screams once more and pounds his monstrous hands against the walls. His yommu power finally reaches its limit and soon his roar accompanies a large enough hit that the barrier is ripped apart and those green swirls of his powers further break it. 

Mirai quickly uses her blood once more and shields herself while she knows that behind her protective wall, Hiromi, Ayaka, and Ninomiya have sucummbed to the explosion. 

It is then she lowers the shield and finds Akihito in a crouched position, arms and knees tucked underneath him as though tired from blasting his way out of the box. Then Mirai recognizes that postion.

She sat in it not too long ago asking Akihito if he thought she was a normal person. 

Mirai thinks back to all the times she yelled at Akihito for meddling in her affairs, and how he said she didn’t understand anything.

You don’t get it!

You think I have friends Kuriyama-san?

Mirai feels the tears starting.

Kuriyama-san, Yui is dead!

She gets it. She completely understands why he’s been so keen on helping her. Akihito feels as though they are the same. (That and he’s a pervert with a glasses fetish.)

Am I a normal person to you?

Akihito begins to stand back up and Mirai prepares herself to finally end this. The yommu in control of him at the moment knows that she’s about to attack him and he suddenly shoots more fireballs at her. Her blood sword drops out of her hand and she charged towards him, slicing and destroying all the things that yommu is sending at her. 

Mirai has no intention of killing him however. Akihito’s yommu side seems to think otherwise and is prepared to shoot another round of fire at her. Mirai just jumps through his series of attacks and the yommu becomes prepared for a killing.

She tackles him to the ground and hugs him tightly, hoping that this gives Akihito the chance to regain control over his body. He squirms and wriggles out of her hold but she finds him starting to calm down until he gasps for breath and falls unconscious.

Mirai pulls herself up from his chest and watches him carefully. She smiles through the tears coming through and buries her head into Akihito’s chest falling asleep to his calm breathing.

She wakes up moments later with a hand on her head. Mirai peers up finding him staring at her, his eyes back to their normal brown.

“Kuriyama-san?” He asks.

Tears come again and Mirai only buries her head against his chest while she cries.  

Am I normal to you?

When she treats him to dinner that night she tells him that he’s only a pervert with a glasses fetish.

Mirai supposes that they are just people who are normal in their own world. Perhaps their own worlds are the same.