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Mr. Sandman

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"You can never be a hero, you're a quirkless-good-for-nothing.  Go jump off the school roof, maybe you'll be lucky to be reincarnated as something else."


Those words played over and over again inside of Izuku's head.  He didn't bother to fish out his notes out of the fountain, what would he even do with them after-all?  The worst part about it was that Bakugo was right and he had no way to fight back or prove him wrong.  It just sent a nasty feeling deep inside him, making his stomach tie up in knots.  


He didn't know what he would do with himself, he didn't really have a dream job.  He wasn't able to picture himself as an adult like the other kids could and he didn't have the slightest idea of what he would do for a living, yet other kids his age seem to be working towards those goals to.  He was helpless, lost, and his future was heading for the gutters. 


Izuku sighed as he slumped his shoulders, making his way home after another tiring day.  He walked under an overpass then stopped when he heard sounds coming from the manhole.  He looked down at it with a confused expression until it turned to surprise when slime made its way out of the sewer.  


"Your body will do."


Izuku had no time to react as the villain threw itself at him and began to try and enter through his mouth.  He gasped and tried to pull it off of him, but his hands just sank through it as the slime pushed it's way deeper into his mouth.  He began to gag as snot and tears ran down his face but he was met with only desperation as the gagging did nothing to stop the sludge from going in deeper.  


He was losing air and his lungs began to burn as he fell to his knees.  The fight in him was dying down as he began to slowly lose consciousness.  As the corners of his vision darkened, a large man appeared in front of him and clapped his hands.  The force of the clap caused strong winds to tear apart the villain and to send him scattering across the darkened sidewalk.  


Izuku coughed up the rest of the slime then gulped in as much air as he could.  He looked up at the man with tears in his eyes as the man finished collecting the sludge villain.  Once his vision returned to him, he was able to make out who the man was, it was All might.  He was speechless yet excited, his previous worries were forgotten.


"Are you alright?"


He blinked, dumbfounded.  All Might saved him, All might was talking to him.  No way was this possible, he had to be dreaming.  He pinched himself and slightly flinched with the force he used.  So he wasn't dreaming.


"yes...I believe so?" His reply was raspy and his throat was sore. 


"That's good.  I need to get going to take this villain to the police."  All Might turned around to leave.


"Wait!  Please, I have a question I want to ask."  His head quickly looked up as he reached out for the larger hero.


The man slowly turned his head around, "What's your question?"


Midoriya gulped and looked down, gripping at and rubbing his backpack strap to hide his nervousness, "I...I'm there any chance that I can still be a hero?"


There was a long pause, but All Might eventually replied, " son, there isn't."


And like that, All Might left.  He left Midoriya there by himself.


Izuku looked down with a frown, his tears quickly coming back to him.  The hero he admired told him that there was no hope for him, he told him that with that same smile on his face.  It soon became obnoxious to think of that smile, that same familiar smile that was used to save so many lives and to strike peace throughout the world.


He gritted his teeth as he gripped on tighter to the strap of his backpack.  He didn't want to, but he began to walk home.  When he got home, he couldn't remember how exactly, too focused on his self-destructive thoughts.  


Izuku didn't bother greeting his mother when he got home, he walked straight to his room.  He dropped his backpack on the floor and let his body fall onto his bed.  He had nothing left, nothing to work for, nothing he aspired to be.  All the notes he took, everything he worked for up till now were worthless, completely worthless. 


After lying on the bed and thinking about the days ordeals, the empty feeling inside of himself began to replace itself with a rush of anger.  He quickly sat up in bed and looked to his backpack then the drawer in his desk.  He stood up and took his backpack, opening it and dumping the contents.  He grabbed all of his hero notes in his backpack and desk as well as a box of matches. 


Izuku filled his backpack with all of his hero notes as well as hero merchandise.  He had too much so he had to carry some of it out with him.  He began to head to the dumpster beach with all of his ruined childish hopes and dreams in tow. 


Once he got to the beach, he dumped all of the items into a pile and took out his match box.  He stroked the match and dropped it onto the pile, watching it go up in flames.  He sits down and leans against an old couch, staring at the fire with dead eyes.  


In the corner of his eyes, he saw a lanky man near by with long blond bangs, like All Might's but dead.  The mans face looked hollow as he walked closer to him, slowly approaching him.  Midoriya watched the man as the light caused shadows to dance on his face.


"What brings you to such a place young man?"


Izuku dropped his gaze from the man to the fire, "The crushing disappointment of reality, I guess."  His voice was lifeless, "And you?"


The man sat down him with a light chuckle and extended hand, "Sorry, I didn't introduce myself.  I'm Yagi Toshinori and I like looking for lost things."


The smaller boy looked from the extended hand to the mans smiling face then reluctantly shook the mans bony hand, "That's an interesting and weird hobby."


They soon released hands and the other laughed, "I guess it is, but not as weird as burning things."


Izuku frowned and looked to the pile of half burned items, "I don't need it anymore...there is nothing here that can serve to motivate me anymore...It'll just be painful keeping these things around, it would feel like they were mocking me..."


The man looked to the obvious pile of half-burned All Might merchandise and notebooks titled 'hero analysis', "Well, why not just donate them or sell them?"


Midoriya blinked and lightly sighed, "Well, this was sort of an in-the-moment kinda thing and my mom would end up questioning why I decided to do that...besides, this feels more suited..."  The knotted feeling in his stomach and the empty feeling in his chest returned to him. 


Yagi Toshinori nodded, "I see...Well it's about time that I get going.  It was nice meeting you kid, get home safe and have a goodnight."  He patted the other on the back before standing up.


He turned to leave and took a few steps before stopping, "Oh and have sweet dreams."  He said it without turning around then walked away without saying another word. 


Izuku furrowed his brow at that then turned back to the burning pile.  Even a weird man like him probably has a quirk.  He sighed at the thought then yawned.  It took a little while longer until the pile finally finished burning.  He pushed the destroyed items with the rest of the trash on the beach before dragging his exhausted body back to his house.


He became more and more tired with every step he took but he eventually got back home.  He found himself in his room and didn't bother to change his clothing as he let his body collapse onto the bed.  He couldn't even count the number of times that he yawned and rubbed at his eyes before he made it to bed.  But it didn't matter, he could finally sleep.


So he drifted off. 




Izuku woke up and continued with his day, but something was strange.  He checked the calendar and it was the same day and then it hit him, this was a dream, a lucid dream at that.  He shrugged and got ready for school and treated this day the same as the rest. 


The day followed the same patterns and he was back at where he left off, the sludge monster.  He could have avoided this part of the day but he couldn't help that he wanted to see All Might.  He was on the ground, coughing up the slime as the hero pulled him up to his feet. 


The same pattern and the man turned to leave him, so he called out like last time.


"Wait!  I have a question!"


"what is it?"


"I'm quirkless, can I still become a hero."


" son you can't"


As All Might turned to leave, for some reason Midoriya decided to latch onto the mans leg.  Of course the hero didn't notice until he was already in the air.


"Son, what are you doing?!"


"I don't know!"


Soon All Might landed on the nearest building top, setting Midoriya onto his feet.


"Why did you do that?"


"I...I don't know.  I just didn't want that to be the end."


All Might sighed and put a hand on his shoulder, "Listen son, I'm sorry...but the likelihood of someone quirkless becoming a hero is next to none.  You'll have to find something else to do."


There was a pause and All Might frowned when he looked down to where he put the bottles he used to capture the sludge villain, "Wait, where is it?  It isn't here!  It must have fell.  I'm sorry son, I must get going."


The All Might jumped away, leaving him alone on the building.  Izuku sighed and headed towards the stairs.  He was hoping for a different outcome than the one in real life but he guessed that this was the ultimate outcome, since nothing mattered and it would all end up the same.


As he began to walk home, he heard the loud commotion of a near-by villain.  He frowned, It must have been the villain I accidentally let escape.  The thought echoed through him like the rest.  Was his suffering not enough for him that he would end up causing suffering for others?  It wasn't like he meant to and he decided to watch the commotion since he had nothing better to do in this lucid dream of his.


Once he got to the scene, he frowned when he saw Bakugo.  Someone like him didn't deserve that, someone with a good future ahead of him.  But some part of him wanted to watch the boy suffer, some part of him deserved that the other deserved this for the years of pain he caused him.  But then again, he couldn't help but feel his feet move and his legs carry him closer and closer, until he was there next to Bakugo , trying to pull him out. 


He didn't know why he was doing it, he couldn't explain it.  He hated himself for doing it yet also didn't.  It was a weird feeling and all if efforts were futile, yet he still continued to try.  But then out of nowhere, All Might appeared and wrapped everything up. 


Of course he was lectured by a bunch of pro-heroes while Bakugo was praised for his bravery, even though the use of his quirk only made it harder for the heroes to get him out of that situation.  Izuku sighed and decided to just go home, nothing would change for him, even if it was his dreams.


He thought that, yet here he was, standing in front of All Might by his house.


"I'm sorry for what I've said.  You reminded me that it isn't the power that makes the hero, it is the willingness to help.  Let me tell you a secret.  I was born quirkless just like you, but I was gifted with this quirk called 'one for all' by the previous One for all.  I am actually here to become a teacher at U.A so I can find a new person to inherit one for all."


A dream, yup a dream, there was no way that this could ever be real.  But because it was a dream, Izuku was able to play along with it. 


"But why did you decide to tell me this."


"Well, I tell you this because I want you to Inherit one for all.  I know you would make a great hero."


Midoria froze, Me a hero?  Impossible.  But again it was a dream, so there was no way he would turn down the offer.  A dream in which he could become a hero with the same quirk as the number one hero, it was almost everything he could ever hope for.


"You want me to inherit one for all?!"


"Yes and I'll help train you so you can get into U.A. All you have to do is..."  He reached up and pulled out a single strand of hair and held it out in front of him, "Eat This!"


Midoriya froze then began to double over in laughter.


"Hey I'm being serious, the quirk is transferred through D.N.A...but if you don't want it...I guess I cou-"


"No I accept!"  Midoriya took the hair, "It's just weird.  Is there really no other way?"


"Nope, you'll have to eat that or consume my D.N.A. another way, but we both know that this is the most sanitary way."


Midoriya nodded and gulped as he looked at the hair, then after a few seconds he finally swallowed it.


"You actually did it?!  I was just kidding!!!"


"You what?!"


All Might laughed, "Just joking, I wanted to see your reaction.  That really was the only way to receive the quirk."


Izuku pouted and crossed his arms, "You didn't need to do that."


"No I didn't, but it was funny."


There was a long pause of silence before All Might finally spoke up again


"Listen son, I'll make a work out plan for you.  You'll be training to get into U.A. and I'll help you learn how to use the quirk.  I'll be back tomorrow to get you.  Here, give me your phone real quick."


Midoriya nodded and reached to his pocket to pull it out, handing it to the larger man.  He proceeded to type on the phone for a minute before handing it back to the smaller boy.


"I added my number to your contact list.  Talk to me whenever you need to.  I need to get going for now, but I'll be back tomorrow.  Goodnight."






What felt like weeks past by.  It was strange because to Midoriya, the dream felt so real that he could mistake it for real life.  To him, time past by as it would in real life, or so that's what it felt like in his dreams.  He even looked at his dream calendar and it was close to a months difference. 


He trained will All Might the whole summer and he already finished the entrance exam.  He did really sloppy and he wasn't sure if he would get in.  Leave it up to him to inherit  All Might's quirk and still fuck it up.  It was something expected for a worthless nobody like him.  But maybe if he really learned how to use the quirk, he would really become a hero.


Izuku scoffed at that.  What was he thinking?  None of this was real, he wouldn't wake back up and have a quirk, so of course he wouldn't actually become a hero.  But he could in this dream and when he finally wakes up, he might be able to have this dream the next time he falls asleep.  He hoped that this dream would continue the next time he fell asleep, it felt so real and he felt so happy in it.


There was a knock on the door to his room that brought him away from his thoughts.


"come in."


His mom walked in with a letter and she nervously handed it to him.  He took it and looked down at it.  It was from U.A., it was his entrance exam results.


"I'll go wait outside your room until your done reading it."


She then nervously yet excitedly shuffled out of his room to give him some privacy.  Mainly because if it was a letter telling him that he didn't get in, she would be out of the way to give him some space.  Quirks and heroes was a subject she liked to dance around ever since he was declared quirkless, she seemed to still be wary about it even now.


Izuku sighed then looked to the note in his hand.  He traced the ink lettering before carefully opening the letter as his heart skipped a beat.  He was confused when he didn't find a letter but a small device.  He took it and put it on the desk and saw a little note in the envelope, Press the button once you are ready to see your results.


He furrowed his brow and slowly reached his hand out towards the button.  He gulped as his heart beat got faster.  He felt more and more tense as his hand got closer to the button.  he tightly closed his eyes and pressed down on the button.


A bright light was released and he opened his eyes.  He blinked and frowned as he stared at his ceiling.  Ceiling?  Why am I staring at my Ceiling?  He sat up to find himself in his bed.  He continued to frown as he turned his head to look at his calendar.


He shook his head and couldn't believe that, thinking that he just forgot to mark the days off.  He picked up his phone and looked at the date and time then his contact list.  His heart dropped into his stomach when he realized he woke up.  He looked down at his hands.  


None of it was of course not.


Izuku was awake and back in reality.  He curled up on his bed and closed his eyes, finding it hard to go back to sleep.  So he decided he would just stay in bed, feeling too emotionally exhausted to get back out of bed.


Only if it was real...only if I could go back to sleep. 


But what he didn't know was that Mr. Sandman had visited him, that once he fell asleep he would dream like this again.  And what he didn't know was that he would find himself not wanting to ever wake up again.    

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Midoriya sat at his desk and cradled his head in his arms.  He sat in the back of the classroom surrounded by the other kids that didn't plan on becoming heroes.  The teacher was speaking but he couldn't hear him.  It was as if he was listening to their muffled voices from underwater.  He was slightly relieved that the voices in the classroom seemed so far away, since it would help him sleep.


He gripped his head tighter as he lowered himself into a more comfortable position.  His arms proved as cushion and as a shade to block out the light.  He frowned when he wasn't able to go to sleep as fast as he hoped.  It was as if thinking about it made sleeping harder.   He wondered what he would have to do to sleep easier. 


Before he noticed it, Midoriya finally drifted of to sleep.  He hoped that he would have that same dream, as vivid as the last one.  As everything faded to black, he woke up and lifted his head.  He smiled when he woke up at his desk to the envelope from the UA.  He had just opened it and set it on his desk.


He looked around his room then back at the small device onto his desk.  This was exactly how it was left last time he fell asleep.  He started right back where he left off.  He looked to the device on his desk and pressed it.  Once he did a bright light appeared and there was a pre-recording of All Might.


"I am here as a projection!"  The close up of All Might's face yelled as Midoriya almost fell out of his chair. 


"Actually, I came to this town to work at U.A.  Even if you passed the written exam, you got zero points on the piratical exam.  Of course, that means you didn't pass..."


Midoriya frowned when he heard this.  He felt like all that work ended for nothing.  Of course he couldn't even have happiness in his dreams.  He looked down as the recording continued.


"If that was all there was too it"


With that, Midoriya looked back up at the projection, slightly confused. 


"First take a look at this video!" 


All might turned and clicked a remote.  The camera zoomed into the T.V. that was placed near All Might in the flashy set up.  He watched as the girl he saved walked into the room.  His eyes widened when he recognized her. 


"Excuse me, um..."  She sounded nervous but then continued "um, the person with curly hair and freckles...Is it possible for me to give him some of my points?"  Her voice became more confident as she spoke, "I heard him say, 'if i can just get one point,' So I thought maybe he was still at zero points.  At least the points he lost because of me...He saved me!"


Midoriya;s eyes widened and sparkled, moved by the words she spoke.  All might then continued to talk.


"Your actions spurred others to act.  The entrance exam the other day was not graded only on villain points!  How can a hero course reject people who save others and do the right thing?  Call that lip service?  Bring it on!  This is a job that requires risking one's life to put that lip service into practice!  Izuku Midoriya, sixty rescue points and Ochaco Uraraka, fourty-five points!  You both pass."  All Might extended his hand, "Come, young Midoriya.  This is your Hero Academia."


With each word that All Might Spoke, Midoriya was moved to tears.


"Yes sir!"


For some reason the recording ended up becoming stuck in loop.  He frowned and stared at the projection.


"Izuku Miodriya!"


"Izuku Midoriya!"




With that, Midoriya flinched awake into his seat.  He looked around and frowned, his heart sinking.  He was back in reality.  He looked to the teacher as the rest of the students stared at him.


"Good of you to finally join us.  I should state that there is no sleeping in my class.  Listen to the rules or please leave."  The teacher pointed to the chalkboard and looked back into his book, "Now where were we?"


Midoriya glared at the teacher and snarled.  He stood up and grabbed his bag, heading straight to the exit.


"Hey, where do you think you're going?!"


Midoriya ignored the teacher and continued to walk.


"Hey, I'm talking to you!  Get back to your seat, Midoriya."


Without sparing anyone a second glance, Midoriya left the classroom then the school.  All he wanted to do was be alone and unbothered by everyone.  He wanted to sleep but he wasn't sure if he wanted to head back home just yet.  He frowned as he walked down the sidewalk, heading towards anywhere.  


He paused after a few minutes and looked up to the building he stopped in front of.  It was a small drug store, which made him think about getting something that would help him to sleep easier.  He walked in and looked around, walking to the medication isle.  He picked up some over the counter sleep medication then frowned.  He wouldn't be old enough to buy it.


Midoriya looked around and saw that no one was watching and there was no cameras.  He took the bottle and put it in his bag.  He then walked to some other isle and got a candy bar, a chip bag then something to drink.  He didn't want to come off as suspicious.  He took the things and walked to the register, purchasing them then leaving. 


He began to walk home with a sigh.  He felt heavy and exhausted.  Even though his soul and body were exhausted, his mind would't allow him to sleep that fast.  He would be too burdened with troublesome thoughts.  He wondered what he could do to get rid of his thoughts, to stop them forever. 


Midoriya was half way home and he was already putting in a lot of effort to drag his body back so he wouldn't collapse in the streets.  He felt dead by the time he reached the door, he just needed a bit more energy to make his way upstairs and to his bed.  He wasn't sure how he made it, but he felt his body finally give way and fall onto his bed.


He looked to the bag in his hand and slowly opened it.  He pulled out the sleeping pills and opened the bottle.  He dry swallowed two of them before closing the bottle and letting his things drop out of his hands and onto the ground.  It took a few minutes before he finally felt the effects of the medication.


Midoriya smiled once he felt everything get hazy, as if a blanket dropped over his body and his mind.  He slowed his breathing and allowed the slumber he so craved to wash over him.  This time he knew where things would leave off at.  He was absolutely positive that he would have the same dream again.


His now lighter eyelids opened as he found himself sitting at the desk.  He lifted his gaze to see the same device sitting on the desk top surface.  It seemed like the projection ended.  He smiled and quickly got up, cheering.


"I made it!"


He opened his door to find his mom in his door way.  He smiled and quickly jumped on her, hugging her. 


"I made it in, mom!  I did it!"


"Oh izuku"  She wrapped her arms around Midoriya, "I'm so proud of you.  I should make your favorite tonight!"


MIdoriya nodded, "Thank you mom, for everything."


Her grip tightened around her son as she nodded.  They were both crying tears like a waterfall.  It was clearly a trait that had been passed down.  The soon ate dinner together and went to go to bed.  Midoriya was afraid that if he fell asleep, he would wake up in the real world.  But he soon remembered that he fell asleep in his dreams before and awoke to the next day in his same dream.  That and if he happened to wake up, he could just go back to sleep again.


He went to his room and went to bed.  It was funny how he never experienced a dream inside of a dream and when he fell asleep, it was quite short, as if he was blinking.  He preferred it like that anyways.  As soon as he fell asleep, he woke up to the next day.


Midoriya smiled and hopped out of bed.  He had a few days before he went to his first day of school at UA.  He would have to express his gratitude to Uraraka, she was very nice.  He was looking forward to the next few days.  That was something he could never do in real life.  The more he thought about it, the more he didn't want to to ever wake up.  Everything was much better here. 


That got him thinking: did he have the ability to control the speed of the days in his dreams and what day he woke up to in his dreams?  He would like to skip the next few days so he could wake up to the first day of school.  He was just too excited to wait it out.  


"Midoriya foods ready!" His mother yelled




He frowned when he looked around his room and down to his hands.  He felt tingly and everything began to get hazy.  He opened his eyes to find himself in a dark room on his bed.  He lifted his head and heard his mom knock on the door. 


"Diner is ready."


He sighed and pulled himself out of bed.  He felt drowsy and heavy.  It was probably because of the sleeping medication he used.  He yawned and slowly moved to the dining room, looking at the table that his mom had set.


"Thank you."  He mumbled as he sat down.  His mother sat down in front of him.


'Your welcome."


They both said their thanks and began to eat.  Midoriya just stared at his food as his mother ate.  She looked back to her son and frowned.


"Is everything okay?"


"Yes, just a bit tired."


"If you say so...make sure you eat and rest up."


Midoriya nodded his head and looked back to his food.  His mom watched him before she took another bite.  After a few seconds, he picked up his chopsticks and began to eat.  He ate his food slowly, a few bites every now and then.  His mom had began to eat again until she noticed his pace.  She frowned again.


"Are you sure you're okay?  You don't have a fever or anything?"  She put a hand on her forehead then put her other hand on Midoriya's forehead. "You're slightly warm.  Drink some water and get some rest once you finish eating."


He nodded and his mom removed her hand.  He looked back down to his food and took a few more bites before setting his chopsticks down.


"Thank you mom, I'm full.  I'll go put my left overs in the fridge."


He stood up and took his plate into the kitchen.  His mother's worried eyes followed him until he headed back upstairs into his room.  He didn't mean to make his mother worry, he just wanted to sleep.  Once he hit his bed, he sighed.  He felt like he belonged here, the soft mattress welcomed him and beckoned him.  He rubbed at his eyes then went to take some sleeping pills again before falling asleep.


He woke up to find himself in a foreign classroom with students he had never really seen before.  As soon as he saw a few familiar faces, he realized that he was in Class A of UA.  He smiled and looked at the clock.  It was almost time for lunch.


"Pst.  Hey Midoriya, wanna have lunch with me?"


He turned to see Uraraka leaning over to talk to him.  He felt an overwhelming amount of happiness fill his insides.  Thoughts about the entrance exam and the recording filled his mind.  He wanted to get on his knees and thank her for her actions.


"Of course, I would love to."


The sat back up as their teacher, Aizawa dismissed them for lunch.  The students stood up and began to leave for lunch or get their lunch out.  Midoriya got up and pushed his desk to Uraraka's then he moved his chair over and sat down.  They set out their food and was approached by the uptight glasses boy that had yelled at him during the exam.


"May I eat with you two."


The both look at him slightly confused then nodded their heads.  Iida brought over his chair and his lunch and sat down besides them. 


"I wanted to apologize for what I said during the entrance exam.  I also wanted to tell you that what you did was respectable and quite cool.  As everyone ran away, you ran towards the robot to save Uraraka.  No one but you did it.  Even my legs froze up.  All I could do was watch."


Midoriya blushed and rubbed at the back of his head, "o-oh thank you.  It was nothing...but you did really good during the entrance exam too!  You were so cool!"  There he was, fanboy mode again.


"Thank you, but I can't accept your praise yet."  He bowed then began to eat.



Midoriya smiled as he headed home.  He had made many friends.  He wished his real life could be like this, but it never would.  No one would want to be his friend because he was quirkless, his number one hero also didn't have any hope for him.  He had nothing but his mom, but it hurt him to look at her and it hurt her to look at him.  She wasn't sure how to go about it, her son being quirkless with no real dreams left, the spark out of his eye.  He just wished she wouldn't look at him like that and he wished that he didn't cause her so much pain.


As thoughts thoughts circulated through his mind, he continued to walk home.  Step after step, it was as if he was becoming slower and slower.  As he took his next step, a flash of bright white light surrounded him and blinded him.  He gritted his teeth, knowing exactly what that meant.  He quickly sat up in his bead, anger flooding through him.


Midoriya looked to the window that filtered light through his room.  He growled and punched the bed before getting out of it.  He went to his book shelf and threw everything off of it.  He yelled in frustration then heard his mom knock on his door a few minutes later.


"Izuku, what's wrong?"


"Nothing, just stubbed my toe!"


There was a pause of silence before his mother responded. "Okay, be careful."


"Okay mom, thank you."


He waited a until he heard his mothers footsteps head downstairs.  He sighed and sat on his bed.  He could't continue on like this, being tossed around from his dreams to reality.  He needed to find a way to sleep forever. 


Chapter Text

Midoriya yawned and got ready for his school.  Recently he had been feeling more and more tired.  It was getting harder and harder for him to wake up from his sleep and once he had, he would feel as if he didn't get any sleep at all.  He had planned on finding a way to permanently sleep, but he still worried for his mom.  He didn't want to make her worry for him by doing that.  But he still did feel that desperation to seclude himself and sleep forever.  He just wished that there wasn't anyone that still cared for him, since it made everything harder.


It had been a few weeks since Midoriya made his decision.  He was just stuck within his internal conflict.  He wished there was another way.  It was just that everytime he closed his eyes, the colors changed and faded inside his mind and the sunlight seemed to get a little bit dimmer. Everything around him felt too loud and overwhelming while he felt cold and empty.  


Midoriya said goodbye to his mom as he left.  Doing almost anything these days made him feel exhausted, his body felt cumbersome.  Everything just seemed so bleak to him.  He just longed to go back to sleep, talk to the friends he made in them and live out all of his fantasies.  Thinking about it all only made him ache.  He lifted his hand and sunk his teeth into his fingers.  The pain seemed to wake him up a little bit, but the pain still didn't sate the strange feeling of emptiness he felt inside. 


Soon Midoriya found himself walking into his classroom.  He hadn't kept track of what he was doing, so the only thing he could vaguely remember was kicking a rock on his way to school.  Then the next thing he noticed, he was in his classroom.  He sat down at his desk and crossed his arms over the desk top, then rested his head on top of his arms.  He watched the rest of his classmates talk to each other before class started.  Everyone seemed to already have friends, but he was alone.  


Sure, it did feel lonely to an extent, but Midoriya argued that it would only be more people that cared for him which would make his decision harder for him.  He closed his eyes and kept his ears open, listening to the others idle chitchat.  He listened as the students quickly shuffled to their seats when the teacher walked in.  He opened his eyes and looked up to the teacher.


He honestly didn't see a point to any of this.  Sure he understood that an education was good for students that would be useful as adults, for ones that are going somewhere in life. But for Midoriya, he didn't believe that he would be needed or useful in their society.  He thought back to Bakugo's words, worthless good for nothing.  He was right after all.  A heroes society, he couldn't be saved now and he didn't think he wanted to be saved either.  What would they be able to do anyways?


Sleep, he just wanted to sleep.  Forever.  It was as if a wave rushed over him, a soft blanket that made everything foggy.  He shook his head, disliking the feeling it gave him while trying to stay awake.  Midoriya stood up to go to the bathroom to was his face.  As soon as he stood up and took a few steps, he wasn't able to stay awake.  His legs slipped beneath him as he closed his eyes, falling asleep.  His body crashed to the ground, his head smacking hard onto the ground.  


The impact caused blood to pool around his head.  The students around the room gasped and stood up.  The teacher quickly used the school phone to call an ambulance as well as the nurse.  Parents were called and the ambulance arrived.  They checked Midoriya's pulse then worked on stopping the bleeding.  Once they wrapped his head, they took him into tho the ambulance and headed for the hospital.




Midoriya woke up at U.A.  He smiled as he turned his head to see the rest of class A.  He hummed, wondering if he should make his dreams his new reality and his reality his dreams.  If so, he would be much happier.  In this world, he had already completed close to half of the school year.  


"So, you know how U.A. holds a sports festival each year?  You guys will be preparing for it."


The whole class cheered.  Everyone knew about the sports festival.  It was quite popular and tellivized.  It was a chance to show the world your abilities and it was a way for hero companies to find apprentices.  It was just a great way to get your name out there and to train to get stronger.  He knew it would be fun and exciting. 


"Okay, class dismissed for lunch."


MIdoriya and the other students got up and began to move desks around.  He sat down then paused when he saw Uraraka.  He tilted his head and squinted his eyes.  Something seemed off about her, not her personality, but something about her appearance seemed different than usual.  He stared at her, trying to figure it out.


"'re staring."  She blushed and turned her head.


Midoriya blushed and jumped, "Oh!  I'm sorry, you just look different today.  Like, the shape of your face is slightly more angular and sharper than usual."


Uraraka furrowed her brows in confusion, "What do you mean?  My face has always been like this."


"Oh, it has?  Your eyes look less wide and round too..."  Midoriya hummed to himself


"Oh, don't be silly.  I always looked like this."


Tenya joined in on the conversation, "Yeah, she's always looked like that."


Midoriya laughed, "Oh, Tenya.  I didn't know that you looked at Uraraka's face long enough to study it and know that it hasn't changed."


Tenya blushed and waved his hands around, "No No No!  It's nothing like that, I promise.  I'm just perceptive and I pay attention to detail."


At this point, both Tenya and Uraraka were blushing.  Midoriya continued to laugh, "I'm just teasing you guys."


"Hey, what's so funny?"


"Hey Shoto!"  They all smiled in unison.


"Hey."  Shoto sat down with his lunch and began to eat with the rest of them. 


Midoriya's smile lightly dropped as he looked down with a sigh,"I wish this was real and wasn't just a dream."


The others looked at him with confusion.  Uraraka was the first to speak up, "A dream?  This is your reality if you wish it to."


The others seemed slightly offset by her reply, but they didn't question it and went with it anyways.  Tenya was the second to speak up, "Yeah, don't be silly."


Shoto soon followed, "You can be kind of weird at times, you know."


They all laughed at that.  Uraraka began to fight through her laughter to speak up, "That's funny coming from you.  Talking about weird."


Tenya tried to force his snickering down, "Y-you guys shouldn't m-make fun of Shoto l-like that."


Midoriya and Uraraka continued to laugh a bit longer before finally calming down, "yeah, yeah.  Sorry Shoto."


The light giggling and conversation continued out through lunch, until they had to rearrange the desks back to their original order for the rest of class.  The day went on as usual.



Days and days went by inside his dream.  Midoriya almost forgot that this was just a dream.  A few weeks had passed by and he wondered how long it had been in real life.  He couldn't quite remember the moments before he fell asleep.  He just remembered falling asleep at his desk.  So he probably was still sleeping in class, since the teacher would probably wake him up at the end of class, for lunch, or for anything else he decided was important for him to be awake through.  


Still, he found it strange.  This seemed to be quite the long dream for just a little class dozing.  He had never spent so long inside his dreams before, that it kind of scared him.  His heart skipped a beat, what if he didn't wake up at all?  Midoriya shook his head and tried to shoo those thoughts away.  He reminded himself how much he wanted to sleep forever, how there was nothing left for him in reality except a mother who could only look at him with sorrow and pity.  He loved her, yes, but it only hurt to look at her and talk to her. 


So everything was fine, everything would be okay.  He could continue to sleep and enjoy his life here.  After all, he had a quirk, a future, friends, people who cared about him.  That and he had many exciting moments waiting for him, things that he looks forward to enjoy.  They have the sports festival coming up in a few days after all.  


He had been training with his classmates this past week.  He had also gotten close to All Might.  He much prefered the All Might in his dreams than in real life.  Even if in real life, All might didn't have that quirk and didn't give it to him, as long as the hero encouraged him, he would have taken that with a smile and leave.  But he knew that there would be no hope for him, especially after what All Might said.  He was right, Bakugo was right, everyone was right.  He could never hope to be a hero in real life. 


But now he didn't have to worry about any of that.  Midoriya was here in this dream, it felt so real that it was basically his reality.  Days went by as if they were normal here anyways.  He felt home here, this was home.  This was where he belonged.


He found himself staring at Uraraka in class again, but this time she didn't notice.  He was tracing the shape of her eyes and facial features.  Midoriya didn't notice the drastic change, since he watched it happen slowly over time.  But if he held a picture to what she first looked like to how she looked like now, he would notice.  But from what it looked like now, her bangs grew out a bit, her eyes were slimmer and sharper, and her chin was just slightly slimmer and sharper.  He guessed that these few changes were just due to some female puberty he wouldn't understand. 


Midoriya just shrugged and decided that maybe he was just a little tired and he needed to wash his face.  He raised his hand to use the restroom then left once he was dismissed.  Once he stood up and began walking to the bathroom, he had the slightest feeling of deja vu.  He narrowed his eyes in confusion as he walked down the hallway.  It was completely empty but he could hear the faint echo of a beeping noise, like the one someone would hear while in the hospital.


Midoriya just shook his head, it was sleep, he was just tired.  It would go away as soon as he washed his face and fully shook the drowsy feeling off.  It was strange though, the closer he got to the bathroom, the louder the noise got.  He even tried taking a few steps back to see if it would fade, but it just kept at the same volume.  This time he began to rush to the bathroom.  He looked to the mirror and around him, the bathroom was empty but it smelled different than a usual bathroom.  It smelled clean and like Iodoform, which was used to disinfect hospitals. 


Midoriya looked back to the mirror.  He placed his hands on the counter top and leaned over to get a closer look at his reflection.  Once he pulled back, he noticed that his cheeks looked more hollow and his hair was longer.  He also felt lighter than usual.  He looked at his body in the reflection, noticing that he was nothing but skin and bone.  


He frowned and quickly turned on the faucet all while the beeping continued.  It sounded as if it was right next to him, but there was nothing there.  Midoriya placed his hands in the water and began to was his face  vigorously.  Yet no matter how hard he scrubbed, nothing changed.  He found himself panting and out of energy once he was done.  He looked back up at his reflection and found that he just looked more tired than usual.


He sighed and looked down, deciding he should dry his face and go back to class.  Midoriya looked to the paper towel dispenser in defeat.  He dragged himself to the paper towels then felt that vaguely familiar tingling daze-like sensation.  He tried to recall what that feeling was, but by time it was too late.  


Midoriya opened his eyes to find himself staring up at a white tiled ceiling with fluorescent lighting.  He felt the scratchy cotton blanket on his skin, then the light tug from his arm.  He looked down to see a needle inside of his arm, connected by a tube which was connected to a bag that was dripping fluids into him.  He frowned when he noticed that familiar beeping sound.  He was in a hospital, but he didn't know how he got there.


He grunted as he went to push himself up.  His arms were skinny and his bangs were in his eyes.  Midoriya looked around the room, but no one was there.  There was no sign that his mother was still there.  He looked to the little call button on the side of his bed and he pushed it.  Since he didn't know if any nurses would check on him any time soon.  But he wondered if he should have just gone back to sleep instead, it would be pointless to have some nurse fuss over him.  But he still couldn't help but wonder where his mom was and why she wasn't here.  She could be at work, but he knew his mother fusses over him so much that she would be next to him.


It took a minute, but a nurse soon walked into the room with a bunch of other nurses and a doctor.  Midoriya furrowed his brow at this, it's not like anything special was happening here.  There was no need to bring a whole party into his room, just one nurse was fine.  All he wanted to do was ask where his mom was and if he could get something to drink and to eat. 


"You're awake?!  What a surprise!  None of us believed you would ever wake up!"  The doctor seemed so surprise and excited.


"Your mother insisted that you would wake up.  She didn't give up on you at all."  One of the nurses claimed.


"We called your mother so she could see you.  She had to leave for work, so she wasn't able to watch over you all the time." Another nurse mentioned as she began to take his vitals.


Midoriya just frowned and furrowed his brow, "What are you talking about?  The last thing I remember is falling asleep during class."


The doctor lightly hummed, to excited to be upset, "Well, you hit your head pretty hard on the ground during class.  There was a lot of blood and you didn't wake up.  You have been in a coma for about two months, fifty-seven days in total."


Midoriya's expression turned to one of utter shock.  He had been in a comma for fifty-seven days.  To think that he would wake up at all, he wished he hadn't.  To just continue dreaming in complete bliss would be enough for him.  As much as he was disappointed to wake up to reality, he had to admit, he was curious with what he had missed and how his mother was doing.  Then he noticed his stomach grumbling.  The doctors and nurses must have been just giving him enough to keep him alive.


" you think I can have something to eat?"  Midoriya didn't want to be a bother.


The nurses nodded with a smile, "Of course, we will get you something easy on the stomach."  She then turned to leave,


So they had called his mom, which meant that she would be arriving soon.  He did want to see her, he hoped that maybe this time her look wouldn't be one of sadness and pity, but joy and relief.  If her attitude changed towards him, he could see himself enjoying reality and wanting to stay.  Midoriya smiled at the thought of his mother's warm and welcoming arms.  He missed her, even if he had seen her in his dreams, he missed the real her. 


The food arrived before his mother.  He had been given soup.  Easy to eat and easy on the stomach.  He wasn't sure if his jaw was ready to chew anything yet and he hadn't had anything solid in his stomach for a while.  So he made sure to eat it slowly.  As he ate and soon finished, his mother arrived.


They both smiled at each other and he could already tell that she was going to cry.  And just like that, they were hugging and Ms. Midoriya was crying on her son's shoulder.  Midoriya loved this, he looked in her eyes and could see nothing of her previous emotions.  Everything felt better and right, like home.


Finally she pulled away and sniffled, "Oh, you don't know how much I was worried.  I missed you so much.  I love you so much.  Please don't scare me like that ever again."


Midoriya wasn't sure what to think about that last part, again.  Could he do it again, did he want to do it again?  He wasn't sure, he didn't want to right now but he can't say that for the future.  He was also sure that part of the reason why he was in a comma, wasn't because he hit his head.  Normally a coma would last for a several days or a several weeks, but his lasted for two months.  He was positive that it had something to do with his strange sleeping patterns and dreams.  Normally his sleeping would last normal than usual and it was getting harder and harder for him to wake up in the morning.  He wondered if he should tell anyone about what was happening.


He wondered if they would just chalk it up to him being a growing teenage boy who needs more sleep.  They probably would.  He decided against telling them, seeing how the scales tipped into a pointless outcome.  


"Yeah, I'm sorry mom.  I love you too.  But guess what, I had this really cool dream.  I got a quirk and I ended up being accepted into U.A.  I met a lot of cool people and made lot's of friends.  It was an interesting dream" 


Midoriya smiled as he told his mom about his dream.  He said this mainly to see what her reaction would be.  He wondered if she really changed, or if she would just slowly go back to having that look in her eyes once they got back into the regular swing of things. 


" does sound like quite the dream." 


She looked away.  She was glad to have her son back, but she still wasn't sure how to act with that topic of conversation.  Like usual, she tiptoed around it.  If he looked closer, he could see that look of pity.  It was still there, nothing changed.  Just like that, his hopes were tossed back into the gutter.  Soon, he would just find himself wanted to go back into his little dream land. 


Midoriya sighed and looked away, "Nevermind...ignore that..."


She just nodded her head, "I want to go home with you soon, but the doctor said that it is best to keep you here while they run some more tests on your brain.  They also said it would be best if you stay here through rehabilitation too."


MIdoriya just nodded, "Should you go back to work now that you've seen me?"


Inko frowned and turned her head, "No, I'll go to work tomorrow though."  She then smiled, "I want to spend today with you.  Oh yeah!  You were on the news the other day.  You'll probably be on the news again soon now that you finally woke up."


Midoriya was surprised and confused as to why he would make it onto the news, even if he was in a long comma.  There was nothing interesting about it or him.  


"Well that's useless information for the public.  Couldn't they have found anything better to report on?"


Inko lightly laughed, "Not sure, but I guess it is publicity for the hospital.  Especially if the community knows that you woke up here and got better under their care.  It looks good for the hospital, drawing in more clients from the public."


Izuku shrugged and nodded, "Well, that makes more sense.  So the hospital just wanted publicity."


Inko and Izuku spent the rest of the evening talking about random topics.  The topic of school popped up, reminding him that he had to catch up to the rest of the students by finding tutors or he would have to be held back a year.  He opted for the tutors.  Talking like this calmed him down and he hoped that his mothers feelings about certain things changed.  He feared that after getting back into routine, she would just go back to skipping sensitive topics, tiptoeing around him, and looking at him with pity.  That was the one thing he wished would chang and he hoped that at least that was not too much of an impossible task for it to come true. 

Chapter Text

Days returned to their bleak settings.  Midoriya's mother had to go back to working and he had to stay in the hospital for rehabilitation.  His mother had brought in some tutors, so he was glad that his stay wasn't too boring.  But he had wished they would leave so he could be by himself.  He wanted to be alone yet he didn't want absolute boredom.  He supposed that his thoughts kept him company enough. 


Midoriya had slept any time he could get, but he just wasn't able to sleep as long as he was able to last time.  The doctors said it was best for him not to sleep an unnecessary amount of time, so the nurses made sure to wake him up in the mornings.  It was a bother, he just seemed more and more tired than usual.  


He knew his mother loved him, but he hated how she acted as if he was so fragile that he would break at any mention of heroes or quirks.  Midoriya felt as if he was being suffocated, stuck in the hospital, coddled like a new born baby, unable to escape through dreams.  


He wasn't allowed of hospital grounds, but he was allowed to stroll through the hallways.  Midoriya had to use a wheelchair to get around long distance for when he wanted to leave his room, since he wasn't fully recovered and he couldn't walk properly after not being able to use his legs for a near full two months. 


Midoriya went on strolls often, since he hated being stuck in that small hospital room.  He often went to the roof without permission, since he liked feeling and breathing the fresh air.  He often looked to the sky and out onto the city.  Sometimes he was lucky enough to witness a fight between a villain and a hero, but most of the time he was left with nothing but his thoughts. 


He didn't see his mother often, since she would always return late after she finished her work.  Sometimes she would go home after work to take a shower and do the laundry so she would have some clothing back at the hospital.  Midoriya found that he didn't mind her absence, he preferred it over the tense atmosphere that normally surrounded the two. 




"We have found a small tumor located inside of Midoriya, Izuku's brain.  It might be cancerous, but so far we don't see any other signs of it being cancer.  There is a chance that it can grow and spread, but it seems to be dormant so far. "


Inko was present for this news, since she finally received a break from her work.  She seemed surprised and devastated that her son had a brain tumor.  Midoriya on the other hand didn't seem so fazed by this news.  He wasn't quite sure what to make of it.  On one had he wasn't sad, because he knew it probably didn't make a difference for where his life was headed.  On the other hand, the tumor also showed to not benefit him in any way.


Sure, he wanted to sleep forever, but he still wanted to have a heartbeat.  He didn't want to upset his mom by dying.  So he wanted to be in a coma forever, so if his mother decided to pull the plug on him, it would be on her terms and she would be more prepared for it.


 Midoriya flinched when his mother hugged him.  He was stuck in his own thoughts to pay attention to his surroundings, so he was caught off guard when his mother hugged him.  She seemed to be crying, so he tried to offer her as much comfort as he could by hugging her back.


"Hey, it's okay.  They said it might be, but they don't see any other signs of cancer.  It's dormant right now too, so it's not going to cause me any harm."


Inko didn't reply, she only tightened her arms around her son.  Midoriya on the other hand, sighed.  He understood that she was worried, but he still couldn't help but feel as if it was unnecessary.


"It's not like I'm going to die any time soon."


"I know, but's worrying."


He hummed and they stayed in that hug for a few moments longer before Inko reluctantly pulled away.  The doctor finally stepped in to finish the conversation.


"We would like to keep him here for rehabilitation and to run some more tests on his brain.  Once we do some more tests, we will come back with treatments we can provide."


Inko nodded her head, "Okay, thank you for your help."


"Of course Miss. Midoriya.  You don't have to worry, because the chance of it becoming cancerous is slim.  We can finish tests and provide a treatment before it has a chance to grow."


The doctors soon left and Midoriya was once again stuck in the room alone with his mom.  After that news, the atmosphere seemed to be more tense than ever.  He hated it.  But he had a feeling that this tumor was related to his sleeping patterns and dreams.  He knew he didn't have a brain tumor before this started happening.





Despite the news, his mother still went to work the next day.  Midoriya wasn't upset, he understood that she had to work to survive.  The day before had been the worst, they spent most of the day in silence after the doctors stopped by.  He didn't know what to say and his mother didn't know any better as well. 


He was still on his same schedule, wake up, shower, breakfast, tutor, rehabilitation, lunch, tutor, free time then dinner.  It was his lunch time and he decided that he didn't want to eat.  Midoriya decided that he would lay back and try to sleep.  He hated the sleep schedule he was given by the doctors.  


The sleep schedule didn't make him feel well rested, it just gave him headaches and made his eyes sore.  He felt exhausted and he was never able to fully concentrate when the tutors came around.  Luckily he was always tired, so he would be able to easily take a nap.  So he did, and he slipped away. 


Sadly for Midoriya, that nap didn't last long, like any of the other times he tried to sleep.  It always felt like they went by in a flash.  He just needed a longer time of sleeping, one where he couldn't physically wake up or where no one would bother him.  


Midoriya just stared at the tutor with listless eyes, wishing the time would flash by as it did in his dreams.  But sadly it didn't and he had to sit there for hours of this man talking.  He wondered if this was a good opportunity to learn how to fall asleep with his eyes open. 


He couldn't keep doing this, forcing his body to stay awake.  He didn't want to see his mothers pity or feel her coddling.  He knew that he wouldn't grow up to make any difference in anyone's lives or better the society as he always wished he could.  The only release he could find was through his dreams, which he hadn't been getting lately.  He needed to find a way to get into a coma again.


Midoriya debated a head injury, but he wondered how he would have to get one to that degree again.  He couldn't just fall backwards, natural instinct of survival would just kick in and prevent him from hitting his head at a good angle with a good amount of force.  So would he have to fall at a height that wouldn't stop him and wouldn't kill him.  


But it was hard to calculate, a fall from a height where his head wouldn't end up smashed against the pavement in a bloody mess that left him dead.  Two stories was probably too high, especially since there was concrete at the bottom.  But one story was too small, since his body would just naturally move to protect his head.  


Midoriya sighed and crossed the idea of jumping off the list.  He would need something that left him unconscious, but something that could be patched up to not leave him for dead.  After a moment of thinking, he came up with blood loss.  If he drew enough blood, he would probably have a seizure and pass out, and if he was lucky, he would enter in one of those coma things again.  If he happened to wake up, he could just do it again.  


So what he was looking for was something that could draw a good amount of blood.  All he had to do was not spill too much and to hit the help/call button before he passed out.  But after quick assessment of items that would be accessible to him,  he wouldn't be able to use anything of the sorts.  So he would have to think of a new plan, but at the moment he couldn't think straight when his bladder was full. 


Midoriya sighed before deciding that he should use the bathroom instead of sitting in bed all day and waiting it out.  Sure he didn't really want to get up or move around much, but he rather that instead of pissing in the hospital bed.  He slid off the bed and slowly made his way to the bathroom inside of his room. 


Once he stepped in, he didn't bother closing the door or turning on the lights, instead, Midoriya let the light from outside filter through the windows and fill the room.  The bathroom was darker than the main room, but he could still see.  The thing he didn't like seeing was his face in the mirror when he looked up.  He could tell why his mother was having a hard time looking at him, he wouldn't want to look at himself either. 


Midoriya was starting to notice the paling in his skin, his dead eyes, the bags underneath his eyes, the hollowing in his cheeks, his thinning messy hair and his frail thin like body.  His first thought was, Ew.  He couldn't ever remember looking like that, but he soon figured it didn't matter.  But he still couldn't help but feel agitated when he looked at himself.


Just looking at him angered him, made his hands feel a prickly stinging sensation.  Midoriya's frown turned into a snarl as an overwhelming rush of an itching and stinging feeling flooded through him.  It was like a flash of red and he couldn't stop himself from punching his reflection.  


The Mirror cracked and shattered into sharp shards of glass that littered the countertop and floor.  Midoriya flinched and looked down at his now stinging hand, warm blood dripped down from his new wounds onto the porcelain sink.  He stared at the glass embedded into his now pink knuckles for a few minutes before realization finally hit him.


He finally found something that would be able to draw his blood.  Midoriya shuffled closer to the mirror and leaned over the sink.  He reached over and broke off a large sharp piece that jutted out dangerously.  He then leaned over to the right to pull off some toilet paper from the roll.  He made sure to wrap his right hand in a good amount of toilet paper before walking back to the hospital bed with the glass.


Midoriya could admit that he was nervous, he was slightly trembling in the bed and his pulse had accelerated.  This was just a normal response, fight or flight, even if he knew he wasn't planning on dying from this.  He tried to slow his breathing, inhaling through his nose and exhaling through his mouth.  It had calmed him down to an extent, but he was still nervous. 


He tightened his grip around the glass, glad he wrapped his hand in toilet paper so he couldn't feel it cut into his hand.  It was a weird precaution he took, since he was trying to achieve blood loss.  But he decided that he didn't need any more wounds than what was necessary. 


As Midoriya tightened his hand around the glass, he took a deep inhale through his mouth.  He quickly brought the glass to his left arm, wanting to do it swiftly so the pain wouldn't change his mind half way.  It was like ripping off a band-aid.  So as soon as he got the glass to his left arm, he dug the sharp end into his skin and quickly pulled it across.  He didn't do it long ways, since he wasn't aiming to kill himself. 


In that moment, Midoriya wished he balled up something to gag himself with, because he let out a pained scream then bit down onto his tongue to stifle any further sounds of pain.  He was sure that the nurses would be coming into his room soon and if not, he could still press the help/call button by the side of his bed.  His eyes were shut tight, but he forced himself to peak open and turn his head to look at his arm.


The cut seemed to be mostly clean, but there were some parts that looked messier and more torn.  The blood had already began to pool and spill out before he watched, so Midoriya just continued to watch it spew out.  It shouldn't take too long before he started feeling dizzy.  His finger tips and toes already felt a tingling sensation. 


Midoriya turned his head to look at his right hand, where the glass rested.  He noticed that the slightly jagged edge of the glass had tiny bits of his skin stuck to it.  He frowned at the sight of it and looked away to the help/call button to the upper right of his head.  


Just a few more moments and he would push it.  As Midoriya reached up to rest his hand near the button, the door opened and the nurse came in to check on his scream.  Her eyes went wide as she quickly called for help from the other nurses.  Midoriya couldn't quite tell what was happening around him, too dizzy from the blood loss. 


Everything passed by like a blur, but he was happy.  This was the first time in a long time that Midoriya seemed genuinely happy.  Passing out with a smile on his face.




Midoriya gasped and quickly sat up, his eyes went directly to his left arm.  His arm was unmarked, there was no blood, stitches or scar.  He looked down at on the bed he was sitting on.  He turned his head to see Recovery Girl, so he was in the U.A.'s nurse room.  H large smile found it's way onto his face as he jumped up and left the room. 


He was back where he belonged, a world that accepted him.  He hoped that he didn't ever wake up from this.




Present outside of Midoria's dream


Midoriya had been successfully stabilized after that incident.  They had to give him a blood transfusion as they stitched his arm up.  He was now laying in the same room, unconscious.  Is mother was crying as she leaned over her sons body. 


"We don't know when he will wake up, but he shouldn't be asleep for more than forty-eight hours.  If he is still sleeping past those hours, we will run a few cat scans on his brain to see if anything changed with his tumor."


Of course Inko didn't reply, too upset with the situation.  But she did hear the doctors and she knew what would happen next.


"Once he wakes up, he will be put on twenty-four hour suicide watch."


She wasn't surprised, she had chosen to ignore whatever signs of depression her son had.  He had been sleeping longer, he seemed upset, he was withdrawn and his grades were dropping.  She just continued to play it off as if everything was okay, because she wanted to live that once happy life she had had with Izuku when he was a child. 


Two days had past and Midoriya continued to show no signs of waking up any time soon.  As promised, they took him in to get a cat scan, but then they took him in to get even more testing done since the cat scan wasn't sufficient enough.  They didn't come back until a day later to tell them what was going on with the tumor. 


"So, there is good news and bad news."


"Bad news first."


Inko always took the bad news first, so she could hopefully be cheered up by the good news soon to follow.


"Well, it turns out that the tumor is the thing causing him to sleep."


"Then take it out of him!"


"Um about that, we've discovered that if we take out the tumor, Midoriya Izuku will die.  There is no way that we know of to remove it."


Tears pooled inside of Inko's eyes.  She did't think that there would be any good news, good enough to change what she just heard.  Her son would sleep forever.


"The good news is that the tumor shows no sign of growing.  The tumor will not kill him, it doesn't pose a threat to him physically.  The only thing we can hope for is for him to wake up naturally like last time.  So it could last up to two months like last time, it could end sooner than that or it could last longer.  We can also get some more medical professionals in to study this phenomenon.  This isn't like anything we've seen before."


Inko was sure that all of her hope was lost.  This was something the doctors never came by before.  Her son would never wake up.


"There will be higher chances for him to wake up if we transfer him to a private facility.  They have better professionals, especially ones with quirks that specialize with medical needs.  He will be well taken care of with better supplies and case workers."


Even if Inko thought there might not be a chance, it was better than nothing, was the slimist of hope she could ask for.  So she nodded her head and pleaded.


"Please, please."




Five years later


Midoriya was working his way to becoming the number one hero.  He and all of his friends had already made it pro and now all of the older generation heroes are beginning to retire.  Some of the younger heroes were still, but it was still the new rise of heroes, a new generation.  


Midoriya often teamed up with his good friends, Todoroki, Iida, ochako, momo, bakugou, and kirishima.  He found himself teeming up with Todoroki and Ochako more and more than the rest, since the others went down their own paths.  He wasn't upset about it, he was glad to see everyone grow up and accomplish their dreams.


As far as Midoriya knew, this was his reality.  He forgot all about his real life and accepted his dream as everything he knew.  They survived through highs school, defeated the League of villains then became pro-heroes.  He felt fulfilled and satisfied.


"Hey Izuku!"


Midoriya turned his head to see Uraraka walking up to him, waving her hand.


"Oh!  Hey Ochako."


He waved back and smiled.  They had been on a first name basis for a while now.  Many of their fans believed that they were a couple and they were waiting for them to announce that they were getting married.  But as far as he knew, they were just good friends.  But recently Uraraka had been acting more strangely around him, getting all blushy and nervous. 


"Hey, wanna head out for some drinks?"


They were both of age to drink and they had just finished work for the day.


"Sure."  Midoriya smiled.


They headed out to get some drinks, but they made sure to buy some at the store and head back to Midoriya's place.  They didn't want to be seen drinking out in public because they didn't want to get bombarded by fans, and because they didn't want a scandal about them to start popping up.  Besides, it was nice to drink in the comforts of one's own home.


They both sat down on the couch and cracked open a few cans of cold beer.  They both took a sip at the same time, but Midoriya soon pulled it away after.  Uraraka on the other hand had easily gulped it down.  He was slightly surprised, for he found it quite bitter and weird tasting.


"Wow, I didn't pin you as the type to like beer."


She laughed, "Yeah, well it doesn't taste bad, though it's not my favorite taste.  But I found it funny that you even took a sip of it.  I knew you wouldn't like it."


Midoriya laughed and scratched at the back of his neck, "I guess you know my taste buds more than I do."


Uraraka lightly blushed and took the beer, downing the rest of it.  Midoriya's eyes widened and he began to worry, "Woah, careful.  Is it okay to even drink it that fast?"


She slammed the can down and turned to Midoriya, her cheeks flushed.  She huffed and jumped on him, pinning him down onto the couch.  Midoriya didn't think much about it, playing it off as her playful nature and her being drunk.  So he closed his eyes and laughed as he lightly pushed back at her.


He wasn't expecting Uraraka to push him down with more force than last time.  Midoriya paused and looked at her with a confusing expression.  She looked like she was beginning to sweat a lot, since he felt a few of the droplets hit his cheek.  But once he took a closer look, she wasn't sweating, her face began to melt away.


It was as if reality suddenly shattered.  His eyes widened and he began to try and push her off of him.  But it was as if Midoriya's strength depleted as the girls strength began to grow.  A sharp and twisted smile began to form on Uraraka's slowly melting face as her sharp nails began digging into his neck.  


He struggled to get free as his surroundings began to warp around him.  Midoriya tried to scream but his voice wouldn't come out.  It was as if he was a little kid again.  As his surroundings warped, the couch began to suck in his limbs, preventing them from moving.  


Midoriya quickly turned his head back to look at Uraraka.  She seemed slightly displeased as she touched her face.  She then smiled as she dug her nails into her own skin.  She began to pull it off and since it was melting, it came off all the easier.  She began to pull them off in chunks, letting the bloody floppy flesh fall onto the others struggling body.


He stared in horror as she finished pulling off all the skin, leaving a bloody mess and nothing but her skeletal and muscular structure of her face.  But then she began to pull out her hair, letting it fall out in clumps and strands.  She laughed, it was terrible and ear piercing.  


Midoriya wanted to scream and cry, but still nothing came out.  He felt his tears run down his cheeks and mix with the others warm blood that happened to splatter across his face.  Once she was finished, she looked to him and opened her mouth to let new flesh to flow out of her mouth like vomit.  The flesh moved to surround her face as new hair began to grow out of her skull.  Different, everything was different.  The body now bore the form of Toga. 


Toga laughed as she caressed Midoriya's face with her blood soaked hands.  She rubbed the others tears away then leaned down to kiss his forehead.  She laughed and hopped away before returning with one of her large needles, connected to a feeder.  


Midoriya shook his head, but no matter how much he begged and pleaded, his prayers weren't answered.  Toga proceeded to stab his left arm and drink his blood.  The feeling suddenly struck him as familiar.  This was how he got himself into the comma, cutting his left arm and passing out by blood loss.  Now this would be the thing to end his new reality. 


Toga happily hummed as she continued to drink from Midoriya.  The room around him began to crumble and so did the world.  Everything shook and began to fall apart.  The last thing he felt was a heavy pressure on his body before he disappeared into nothing.





The news station was just now releasing detailed coverage on the latest hero and villain fight that shook Japan. 


"The latest fight between Bakugou Katsuki also known as King Explosion and the leaders of the infamous League of Villains, All for One and Tenko Shimura who is more well known by the name Tomura Shigaraki, has finally finished.  The two villains have been taken into custody, but the damage and body count of the fight are high.  During the efforts to detain the two, many buildings and government owned property have been destroyed.  There were many casualties from these incidents.  There has been a victims list released on the heroes official website as well as our news stations official website.  You can read the names of the many citizens whose lives were taken on this day.  As for Bakugou Katsuki, who was at fault for much of the destruction to the buildings, has been put into question by the pro-hero board, government heads and representatives.  They have been brought in to discuss what repercussions this hero should face."


The channel was soon changed and silence filled the dark living room.  Inko sat on the couch, defeated.  She didn't have to check the list of casualties, she already knew the name of the only one that mattered to her was on that list.  Her precious Izuku.  He had been transferred to the private facility soon after the doctors had recommended it.  


Things seemed to be looking good so far.  They had discovered that the tumor was caused by a quirk.  The only problem was that they needed to find the person responsible for giving them that quirk.  But even if they found the person responsible, they didn't know if the user had the power to deactivate it or if he had to wait until the person died for it to disappear.


They knew that once the quirk user used their quirk, they didn't have to keep their quirk activated or put extra effort into keeping the quirk activated on the person.  So the quirk user could forget about even using his quirk on a person, and the quirk would still be in effect.  Because of that, they questioned if the quirk would still be effecting someone of the quirk user died.  


In the end, they deduced that the quirk user would have to do something specific for the quirk to deactivate.  But there was a small percent chance that the quirk would deactivate once the quirk user died.  The first theory was more probable than the second. 


The only issue was that they couldn't find the quirk user.  So they tried to see if there was anyone who had a quirk that could track quirks or if there was a quirk that allowed someone to go into someones memory, so they could find anyone suspicious.


They were still searching for those quirk users, for anyone to help.  But in the end, it didn't matter.  The grand battle between heroes and the League of Villains began and it caused much damage to the city.  There was a specific explosion that had destroyed three rooms in the side of a building.  One of those rooms was the room that Midoriya Izuku had been sleeping in.  The room had caved in on him, crushing his body and killing him.  


Her sweet, poor Izuku had died.  


She wished she could have had more time with him. 


But now it didn't matter...nothing did. 


Midoriya's bad end

Chapter Text

Todoroki had passed the entrance exam and made it into U.A.  His entrance exam was different compared to the other students, since he got in with recommendations.  For him, this wasn't something to be excited about.  This was easy for him, especially if he wanted to accomplish his goal. 


Things like this didn't surprise him and nothing seemed to shake him emotionally.  Todoroki always felt dead and full of anger, with just one goal in mind.  Revenge, or his version of revenge, to become a hero without using his fire quirk.  He would never use such a revolting quirk, to degrade himself and his standards.


Through the anger filled eyes of Todoroki Shoto, his father was scum.  The man was horrible and abusive, subjecting his offspring and wife through terrible ordeals just to sate his childish jealousy.  The man sent his own wife to a mental hospital.  His mother's state was deteriorating, she was getting worse. 


A part of Todoroki was afraid, he was afraid that his mother would never get better.  He was also afraid that his father will grow tired of his rebellion and force him to use his fire quirk.  When he was younger, he used to hope and pray that his father would change and they could become a happy and loving family.  But eventually, he stopped his foolish naive optimism and began to focus on reality.


Todoroki had plans on visiting his mother that evening.  He was putting on his shoes and reached for his jacket.  He was caught off guard by their landline that began to ring.  He was about to take off his shoes to answer it before someone else picked it up.  Judging by the heavy footsteps, it was his father.  He didn't know why, but he leaned back and listened to his father's side of the conversation from the other side of the wall.


"Hello, you have reached the Todoroki estate.  You are speaking to Todoroki Enji.  With whom am I speaking?"


There was a long pause and Todoroki had assumed it was because the person on the other end was speaking.  It took a few more minutes of silence before his father spoke up again.  In that time, he almost decided to leave, believing that the call was just an add or scam of some sort.  


"Yes, I heard.  I understand.  I will head over soon."


Todoroki didn't think too much about it, chalking it up to his father heading out for a work call.  He dismissed the call and headed out to see his mom.  It was about thirty minutes by the subway.  Everything was normal for his weekly visit.  He got off the subway and finished walking another seven minutes to the hospital.


Todoroki checked in as usual and headed up to his mother's room.  He stopped to see a few nurses, a doctor, and his father standing by his mother's bed.  He narrowed his eyes at that and stepped in, getting a closer look.  He found his father holding his mother's hand as his mother's body and face was covered in a white sheet.


His eyes widened as his eyes focused on his mother's body.  Enji Todoroki looked up to see his son.  His expression looked as if he was just caught red handed.  He stood up.




Todoroki's gaze quickly shifted from his mother's lifeless body to his father.  Rage filled his body as he remembered the conversation the man had on the phone just before he left.  His father knew about this, but he didn't bother to tell him or any of his other siblings.


Todoroki found his body moving without thinking.  He began to run to his father.  His father knew he wasn't about to jump into his arms and cry for comfort, not when his son had that look of pure hatred in his eyes.  Enji Todoroki didn't even flinch or stop his son from grabbing the collar of his shirt and punching his face.  He let the enraged boy punch him and yell at him. 


"This is your fault!!  She is dead because of you!!  You didn't even let us know, you went alone!!  It's all your fault, you worthless excuse of a father!!"


Todoroki landed blow after blow.  The doctors had to get help to pull the boy off of his father.  It took for men to finally get him away, but even then Shoto didn't relent.  He used his quirk to freeze their hands before running out in a frenzy. 


Todoroki ran and ran, his mind was running faster than anything he could hope to catch up with.  He was screaming and running, adrenaline was the only thing that kept him from collapsing.  It was all so sudden, he couldn't comprehend it.  Not like this.


He continued to run, he ran and ran until he could finally feel the toll on his body.  Todoroki found himself at the trash beach, leaning against an old wardrobe.  He was panting and he began to sink to his knees, his legs too tired to support his body.  As soon as he felt his face hit the sand, his breathing finally calmed down.


With this, Todoroki was finally able to properly process his thoughts.  Just like that, everything hit him at once.  His mother had died and his father didn't bother to tell them.  He had found out because it happened to be the day that he drops by to visit.  His mom was gone, dead, he would never be able to speak to her again and his father would probably forbid him from speaking about her.  LIke he had about his other siblings.


Before Todoroki knew it, he was crying.  He had been for the past few minutes, but he had only recently noticed it.  He couldn't care less about the sand that stuck to his wet tear stained face.  He wished he wasn't born with the perfect quirk his father had wanted.  He wished that his father actually loved and cared for his family, and never treated them that way.  But no matter how much he wished for the past to change, his future, his reality was already written in stone and could never be changed.   


Todoroki punched the ground and screamed.  He didn't care for the sand that now entered his wounded knuckles or for the blood that now stained the sand beneath his fists red.  He wasn't sure how long he had been at this, but he hadn't stopped until he felt the pressure of someone's hand on his back.


Todoroki paused and quickly turned his head around to find a scrawny looking man with blond hair.  He narrowed his eyes and took a defensive position, ready for a fight that could happen.


"You know, you should stop doing that.  The skin on your knuckles have torn, your blood is everywhere, and you could get a pretty bad infection if you don't properly clean that."


The man held up a first aid kit, "My name is Toshinori Yagi.  I saw you over here a few minutes ago and I decided to get one of these and run over here."


The man sat down next to Todoroki, "Here, give me your hand, let me fix that up for you."


Todoroki didn't see why he shouldn't turn the man down.  But he was surprised that a stranger would stop and help him like this.  So he shuffled himself into a better position and slowly extended his right hand towards the other.  He was still skeptical about the other and kept himself on the defense.


Toshinori took his hand and opened the first aid kit.  He took out some sanitizer wipes and began to clean off his hand, cleaning the blood off and getting rid of the sand inside of his wounds.  It stung, but it wasn't bad.  It only began to sting terribly once the man used the antiseptic, hydrogen peroxide he believed, on the cotton swab to disinfect his wounds.  Last, he placed gauze padding on his bleeding areas, then wrapped it with the gauze roll. 


Toshinori patted his hand with a smile, "There we go, all fixed up.  Do you care to share what brought you out here like this?"


Todoroki gently pulled his hand back into his lap and turned his gaze away from the man.  He wasn't sure if he was about to spill his guts to a total stranger, even though that stranger was someone who cared enough to check up on him and clean his wounds. 


Toshinori leaned back and looked up at the now night sky, "I won't pry it out of you...aren't the stars bright tonight?"


Todoroki found himself looking up to the night sky.  Toshinori had helped him, he was nice and considerate.  Yet, despite what he told himself earlier, the man seemed so easy to talk to.


"My mother died...She had been put in the mental hospital after my father's abuse...Her state was getting worse and it looked like the cause of death was suicide.  This is my father's fault and I will never see her again."


Toshinori hummed and kept his gaze towards the sky, "...She must have been suffering a lot then.  Well, at least she is in a much better place now.  I'll make sure to pray for her.  Eventually all living things die, it's the impact that that living thing had on its surroundings that matter most.  It's also what you decide to do with this event, to live how she wanted you to or to live differently."


Though Toshinori was right in a sense, Todoroki couldn't help but feel angry towards his father.  This was a new kind of anger and he wasn't sure what he should do with it.  As much as he wanted to beat up and kill his father, he was the number two hero and he didn't want to do something illegal like that.  But that still didn't change the fact that he wanted his father to feel a horrible amount of pain that he had never felt before. 


Toshinori stood up and shook the sand off his clothing and arms, "I've got to get going now.  Goodnight, sleep well and sweet dreams."


And just like that, the man disappeared, leaving Todoroki alone.  As soon as the other left, he felt an extreme amount of exhaustion.  He rubbed at his eyes and found that he had no energy to go home.  There was no way that he would call his father to get him, even if he hadn't made that scene in the hospital.  So he decided that he could just sleep on the beach and head home the next day.


Todoroki yawned and managed to at least crawl to one of the old couches that were thrown out.  He crawled on top of it and laid down.  It wasn't that comfortable, but it was better than sleeping on the sand and getting it all over himself.  He yawned and curled up, easily falling asleep.




When Todoroki opened his eyes, he found himself standing by the door to his house.  He looked down to see that his hands were holding his shoes.  He furrowed his brow and turned around.  He wasn't exactly sure how he got there and he couldn't remember what he was about to do.  How did he get here?


Todoroki began to recall what had happened.  He was about to see his mother.  His father received a phone call.  He arrived at the hospital.   His mother was dead.  He attacked his father.  He ran out.  He arrived at the trash beach, where he cried and injured his fist.  He was then met by a stranger, who cleaned is wounds and tried to comfort him.  Then I fell asleep?


But this seemed so real to be a dream.  Todoroki looked down at his hand to find it uninjured.  His eyes widened, he was dreaming before the phone call, yet the dream seemed too real to be a dream.  But he knew that there was no way he could just go back in time.  Seeing what time it was, the phone call would happen soon. 


Todoroki ran from the front door to the landline and waited.  A few minutes turned into half an hour and the waiting was getting nowhere.  Did he miss the call?  He left the landline to look out the window.  His father's car was still here, which meant that he hadn't left to go to the hospital yet.  That is unless he received the call earlier and he already came back.  Of course that bastard would hide something like this.


Todoroki growled and quickly made his way through the rooms of the estate to find his father.  It took a while, but he found him in the training room.  There was a scowl on his own face and his father's face seemed blank yet condemning.  Of course he would look as if he didn't care, as if nothing happened.


"Did you receive a call from  the hospital mom is staying at?"


Enji Todoroki raised a brow with slight confusion, "No.


"Liar" he spat, "I know what happened.  You got a call and they said she died."


Now his father's expression turned to one of pure surprise, there was even a shine of worry in his eyes.  Todoroki chose to ignore it and refuse to believe that his father had a hint of love for his family.


"Where did you hear this from.  I assure you she is alive in the hospital."


"No!  I remember!  I was about to leave to visit her.  You got a call from the hospital and you left after me but arrived before me!  I walked into the room with you and the nurses around her body that was covered in a white sheet!"


Enji seemed to be concerned for his son.  He was worried over why his son would say these things, especially since it never happened.  


"I'm sure that you were just having a really vivid dream.  She is still alive, we can go check if you want."


"No!!  There is no point in checking, I know she isn't alive!  Just stop lying to me, to my siblings!  You're just a sad excuse of a father!!"


Todoroki stormed out of the training room and Enji seemed to be deeply concerned.  This seemed to be more than just a dream.  To Enji, it could have been an influence of a quirk, maybe some villain that wants to personally attack him.  He wanted to help his son, to show him that his mother was still alive, but it seemed like the boy wouldn't listen to anything he had to say.  And why would he, he had treated his family terribly and now the boy was under the effect of a quirk that made him believe that his mother was dead.  Of course he wouldn't believe him.  But he was trying to become a better father and bring his family together, he also just wanted his children to succeed. 


Todoroki had shut himself up into his room.  This dream seemed to be so real, so of course his mother was dead in this dream.  He had only missed the timing of the call, that was all.  There was no way his mother was still alive.  His father had to be hiding it.  He couldn't trust him.  


Todoroki kept telling himself these things to calm his mind.  In reality, he was too afraid to actually go into the hospital to check.  If his mother was alive, it would be unfair.  it would be unfair, how could he lose her in real life and have his dreams taunt him.  If she was dead, it would be more reassuring, but if he went to the hospital to find her dead, it would be just as heartbreaking.  But since this dream seemed so real, meeting his mother might seem just as real.  But who's to say that he would have the same dreams with her in it again?  He would lose that dream version of her too and he would have no release of seeing his mother.


There was just no winning in this.  It was as if he was just made to suffer.  Todoroki sighed and laid his head against his pillow.  He covered his face with his hand, until his arm slightly fell back as he began to fall asleep.  He found it weird at first: a dream inside of a dream.


When he woke up, it was light outside.  Todoroki hummed, I guess I didn't take a long nap if it's still light outside.  He turned over and picked up his phone, turning it on.  He frowned when he noticed all of the messages he received from his father and siblings.


All of the messages were asking about where he was, where he ran off to, if he was okay, and that his dad was looking for him.  One came from his dad stating that he was coming to find and get him.  


It didn't make much sense, he obviously went to his room, why were they looking for him?  Unless.  He looked to the date on his phone then noticed his bandaged wrapped hand.  This was just the next day in reality.  His mother was dead and he somehow was in his futon after he fell asleep on a couch in the trash beach.  So how did he get home?


Todoroki got out of his futon and changed his clothing.  He still felt tired despite sleeping a healthy amount of time.  It was probably because he used up so much physical and emotional energy they night before.  He walked into the living room to find his siblings sitting quietly around the table.  After feeling the atmosphere around them, he assumed that they knew.  


"I fell asleep on a couch at a beach.  How did I get here?"


Todoroki had an idea on how he got here, he just wanted to hear it from on of his siblings, since he trusted them.  He also didn't want to ask his father.  He didn't want to and wasn't planning on speaking to the man for a while.  


Fuyumi Todoroki looked up from her cup of tea to look at her younger brother, "After you disappeared from the hospital, dad decided to let you have some time to yourself.  That is until you didn't return home hours upon hours.  He went to go find you.  All of us were worried.  Then in the middle of the night, dad came in and carried you to bed.  He said that you were out cold and didn't show any signs of waking up any time soon."


Shoto didn't like hearing that.  He didn't want to hear how his father seemed worried and carried him to his room.  He didn't want to hear anything that could make his father seem as if he had a shred of compassion, because it didn't match the box he put the man in. 


He was about to sit down until he turned his head to see his father standing there.  It surprised him, but he did his best to hide any of it.  Todoroki simply turned back around and found a seat around the table.  Enji watched from the entrance, not quite sure on how he should approach the rest of them. 


Fuyumi didn't spare a glance at her father, "Are you just going to stand there?  Sit down or say something."


She didn't sound harsh.  She didn't resent her father, but she was still afraid of him.  Though the fear she felt wasn't as strong as it was when she was younger.  But unlike her, her younger brother, Natsuo, was all too excited to express his distaste for their father. 


"Don't you have anything to say old man?!"  Natsuo growled. 


Enji lightly frowned and walked in, sitting himself down around the table, "...I'd like to say I'm sorry for my treatment of the family."


Natsuo and Shoto hadn't expected an apology of all things.  And of course, Natsuo is all willing to share his thoughts and feelings.


"Saying sorry now won't bring mom back and saying sorry doesn't cut it!  You think everything will be fine after a simple sorry!?"


Fuyumi looked her father straight into the eyes, "Natsuo is right.  Saying sorry won't get you anywhere.  If you really are sorry, you'll have to show it by changing and treating us differently, like an actual family."


Shoto rolled his eyes and stood up, "This man basically drove our mother to her death.  He left us all with deep scars.  Someone like him can never change and he won't change.  He is no father of mine."


Before anyone had the chance to reply, Shoto left the living room and headed back to his own room.  He couldn't stand being in the same room as that man.  Once he sat back down on his futon, thoughts of his recent dream resurfaced.  His mom alive in that dream?  He wasn't sure and he was too scared to actually confirm her whereabouts.  Besides, he didn't know for sure if he would have a dream like the one he had last night.


There was only one way to try and he was still feeling sleepy.  Todoroki figured he was due for another nap, he needed it to regain any energy he had spent up earlier.  It's not like he could find the use of staying awake at the moment anyways.  So he curled up under the covers of his futon and tried his best to find his way back to that dream.  

Chapter Text

Todoroki had spent his recent days avoiding his father and what was happening with his dreams.  He had noticed some weird correlation between his dreams and reality.  So far, every day in his dreams repeat what happened in real life the day before he fell asleep.  He even started school and the things that happened at school, happened in his dream.  His classmates were even the same.


The only weird thing was that his family seemed to be closer than reality.  His father also would ask him if he wanted to meet his mother.  Of course, Todoroki refused to see his mother and would leave.  He didn't know for sure if his mother was alive in his dreams or not, but he refused to check.  He was too scared to confirm his suspicions.


Todoroki even decided to stay up all night and try not to sleep.  He didn't want to have those insanely real dreams, because it was as if they were toying with him.  He could only see both outcomes as a loss: his mother alive yet dead in real life, and his mother dead in both.  It was like a cruel joke.


So far, Todoroki had managed to stay awake for three nights.  He felt terrible and exhausted, not even sure if he could use his quirk for class.  He had heard somewhere that if one was really exhausted, then they won't dream or remember their dream when they fall asleep and wake up.  He hoped that was true, because he was sure that he would be falling asleep soon.  


During class, Todoroki would doze off, but as soon as he felt his head fall off his hand, he would fully wake back up.  He was not even sure how he got through the day or what exactly he did during the day.  But he found himself at the end of the school day, on his way home.  He didn't question it for too long, he was too tired to put too much thought into recalling how his day went.  He could already assume that he probably spent it dozing off, trying to stay awake, and doing basically nothing.


Todoroki just wanted to sleep and eat cold soba.  God could he go for some cold soba right before a nice nap.  The only problem was his dreams, he was afraid.  He did not want to go to sleep just to be greeted by that god-awful dream again.  He prayed that his plan worked, that he was so exhausted that he did not end up having any dreams or any dreams he could recall.  


As soon as Todoroki made it home, he lazily avoided the rest of his family and went to the kitchen.  He was going for that delicious cold soba and no one would stop him and once he finished eating, he would retreat into his room.  He grabbed ahold of the refrigerator door and slowly opened it.  He closed his eyes as he yawned, his muscles relaxing as he kept his eyes closed.  What he did not know was how easily it was for him to fall asleep now that his eyes were closed.  


Todoroki's body hit the kitchen floor, he was sleeping too hard to notice or wake up from the impact.  




Todoroki grumbled and rubbed his eyes as he sat up from his futon.  He smiled, I did it, I fell asleep and didn't have that dream.  He got out of futon and got dressed for school.  He felt much better after he finally slept.  He could not remember how he got into futon in the first place, but he assumed that was because he was too exhausted to remember just like how he was not able to remember his day at school.


Todoroki finished getting changed into his school uniform and headed downstairs.  He did not remember eating the cold soba from yesterday, so he hopped that there was still some left.  He made it to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator door, smiling when he saw that there was still some cold soba left.  


He grabbed the container and shut the door.  Todoroki turned around then frowned when his father was standing behind him.  He narrowed his eyes at the man as he sighed, taking a few steps forward.  He would take a few steps back to make up for the now closing distance between the two, but there was a refrigerator behind him, and he refused to show weakness towards his father and his advancements. 


There were only a few steps between the two of them now.  Todoroki looked straight up at his father with a look of defiance and confidence.  Enji looked down at his son with an unreadable expression, but through the eyes of his son, the expression looked stern and condemning.  He could and would never admit that he feared his father.


"I'm worried about you."


Todoroki froze with confusion.  He must have heard that wrong.  There was no way his father would say that to him, he must have misheard.


"You've been seeming off lately."


Was it because he skipped sleeping for three nights straight?  Was it because he was avoiding his father ever since his mother died?  


"I first thought it was because you were under the effects of some villains quirk.  Since you've been acting frantic and distant, and you also believe that your mother is dead."


Todoroki's eyes widened and his heart skipped a beat before dropping.  His father in real life would never say something like that.  Only the father in his dreams would say that his mother was still alive.  He gritted his teeth and increased the grip on the container of soba in his hands.  He was dreaming, just when he thought it was the next day.  


"I think it would be a good idea to bring you to the hospital to show you that she is still alive.  If you still feel the same afterwards...I think it would be the best to get you examined..."


Todoroki's eyes quickly went to a glare, Of course, he is no different from the real one.  He took what his father said by the wrong meaning.


"So, you want to get rid of me the same way you got rid of mother?  By telling everyone I'm crazy then sending me to a mental hospital?"


Todoroki spat and growled at his father.  Enji's eyes widened by a small fraction, worry glazing over them as he took a few steps back to give his son some more space.


"No, that's not what I meant...I'm just worried and so are your siblings.  We all think you should go see her."


"Stop lying!"


Todoroki used the space his father had given him to his advantage.  He quickly slipped through and took his leave.  He could not trust his father and he would not fall for this dream's trap.  He quickly gathered the rest of his items and headed to school.  He hoped that he would wake up soon, since he knew he did not have the ability to force himself awake.  He had already tried that before.




Todoroki sat his things down at his desk.  He realized that he had accidentally brought the soba along.  He thought of it as a small victory in sea of losses.  So, he took his seat and his stomach crumbled as he lifted his hand to eat the contents of the container. 


He gulped it down and it was the most satisfying thing he had experienced, awake or asleep, in the longest of times.  Todoroki wished he had more, but it was good for now.  


The bell rang and all the students were in their seats.  The teacher rolled in late, inside of his sleeping bag.  Todoroki new this would be just like the class he dozed in and out of the day before.  He decided to take advantage of that and pay attention to the lesson he missed.  So, he would not fall behind in class.  Though he knew that this dream would get boring while in class.


It was finally lunch and Todoroki sighed as he laid his head down on his desk.  He was hungry and he did not bring a lunch.  Normally dreams seemed to pass by quickly, but recently the dreams he had having seemed to be so long.   To think he would feel hungry in his dream.


Todoroki and his stomach groaned.


"Hey, I'm Uraraka.  I noticed that you haven't been eating lunch while at school.  So, I made you some."


She smiled and set the lunch down on the desk, then pulled a chair up to sit in front of the other.  Todoroki looked up at her, confused as to why anyone would approach him and make him food.  Maybe it's because it's my dream?


" you?"


Todoroki was not used to talking to others like this or being friendly with classmates.  So, the whole interaction and experience was strange for him.  Uraraka opened the lunch up and pulled out two pairs of chopsticks.  


"My pleasure...that and... you always seem so sad and lonely.  So, I wanted to keep you company."


The last part was quieter, but it was loud enough for him to hear.  Todoroki wasn't exactly sure what to say or think.  Someone he did not know was worried about him and wanted him to see if he was okay.  This was most certainly strange for him.  He also did not want to not accept the food her worked on cooking for him, that would show that he was ungrateful, and the food would go to waste.  So, he took the other pair of chopsticks and began eating with her.


"Thank you...but you don't have to worry, I'm just going through something."


Uraraka looked up from the food, taking a mental step forward.


"...what's happening...If you don't mind me asking."


Todoroki furrowed his brow and chewed on the inside of his cheek.  He decided that since it was a dream, it could not hurt telling her.  Since this dream circulates, he decides to tell her what is happening within the dream.  So, it does not somehow circle back around to hit him.  


"Well...My mother died.  But my father keeps telling me she is still alive.  Today he said that he was worried for me, that he and my siblings think I should go check for myself."


"I'm sorry!"


"No, you don't need to be.  It's my father's fault."


"Well...did you see your mother die?"




"Then how do you know she is dead?"


"There was a call from the hospital she was staying at.  They told me she died."


"How do you know if it wasn't a prank call?  Your father and siblings say she is alive after all."


Uraraka could not understand, she was just in his dream after all.  A dream where he didn't know if his mother was alive or not in.  But she was dead, and nothing could change that. 


"I... I’m just scared.  I can't trust my father...I don't want to go and find out for sure."


Normally he tried his best not to show such weakness, but he justified his actions by telling himself that this was just a dream.


"Well, your siblings say that your mother is still alive.  Do you trust them?"


Todoroki lightly nodded his head.


"Well, if you'd like, I can go with you to see your mother."


Todoroki did not understand how someone this nice could exist.  This girl made him food, checked to see if he was okay, tries to reassure him, and offers to accompany him to the hospital.  


"You'd do that for me?!"


Uraraka nodded with a gentle smile. 


"So, what do you say?"


"I think I can try...thank you for offering to go with me."


Uraraka smiled, "Of course, what are friends for?!"




Todoroki gasped and quickly sat up in his futon.  He grumbled as he rubbed the back of his head.  He looked around his room and fell back onto his bed.  He woke up just when he thought his dream was becoming tolerable.  


Todoroki finally managed to drag himself out of bed.  He was hungry and tired, despite having what he thought would be, a 'good night's rest.'  He felt as if he barely got any sleep, still exhausted but not as severe as before.  He slowly made his way downstairs and into the kitchen.  He would eat some of the soba still in the fridge and go back to sleep.  He was not going to school in this condition.


Once Todoroki got into the kitchen, his brother, Natsuo walked in after him.


"You sure are falling asleep in the weirdest of places.  First that trash beach and now the kitchen floor.  Dad carried you up to your room again yesterday evening when he found you passed out on the floor."


Todoroki looked confused as he pulled out the untouched soba.  




"we noticed that something about you seemed off.  You were obviously sleep deprived.  Then I assumed that when you went to the kitchen, you passed out.  I arrived home around the same time as dad and big sis got here later than us.  Dad found you in the kitchen and took you to your room.  Must be embarrassing for it to happen once, let alone two times."


Todoroki stayed silent and just glared at his brother, as Natsuo laughed.  He huffed and walked back to his room to eat the soba.  He would rather eat undisturbed then go back to sleep.  So, that’s what he did.

Chapter Text

Todoroki grumbled and paced in his room.  He was supposed to meet up with Uraraka to see his mother today.  He was getting cold feet.  He thought that maybe it would be fine if he skipped, since this was all just a dream and would hold no real consequence.  But his dreams seemed to work like real life, and he would just come back to the next day.  It was as if he was living two separate lives. 


That was not the only thing bothering Todoroki.  He was angry at his father and humiliated, being picked up by the man twice.  He did not like it; those actions did not fit the image he had of his father.  His dream father was slightly more confusing.  He did not understand how the man could show genuine concern for him and tell him that his mother was still alive.  Even his real-life father would not say that.


He bit at his thumb and looked to the clock.  It was almost time for him to leave and meet up with Uraraka.  Todoroki tried to calm himself down by deep breathing and using his ice quirk to cool his temperature.  Once he calmed down, he left to the bus stop. 


Todoroki waited for a few minutes before the bus came.  The ride would not be for long, it should arrive in less than fifteen minutes.  But that depended on the traffic and the amount of stops the bus had before he got to his.  His mind was preoccupied by thoughts of his mother, that he almost missed his stop.


Todoroki stepped off and headed to the hospital building.  Once he stopped outside of it, he could feel his mouth turn dry and his temperature increase.  His palms became clammy and his heart race.  He began to have shortness of breath as he stared at the building that seemed to be growing larger more ominous.


Todoroki could feel his legs began to weaken, he was terrified and nervous, filled with anxiety. 


"Hey Todoroki!"


Todoroki flinched and turned around to see Uraraka waving at him as she jogged towards him.  In that one moment, he felt himself relax.  He did not feel completely calm, but he did feel better now that the other was with him.  There was no way that he would be able to do this on his own while being in the state that he was in. 


He waved back, "Hey, Uraraka."


Todoroki was amazed at how someone could seem to be so happy and bubbly, as if they do not have a care in the world.  Her smile seemed so bright to him, and he assumed that he could never be able to smile like that.  As if one’s face was shining.  That was something that he could never accomplish, it was impossible for someone like him. 


Uraraka looked to the building then looked back to Todoroki.  She gently took his arm and took a few steps towards the building.  Todoroki felt his heart skip a beat then settle right after.  He had a look of uncertainty as he looked to the building.  


"It's okay.  I'm here for you."


Todoroki's gaze to the building was broken as he looked back to Uraraka.  He took a few hesitant steps towards the direction he was being pulled.  He found his limbs loosening up as he continued to walk into the entrance.  They checked into the front and headed to Miss Todoroki's room. 


Todoroki found himself standing outside of the room, the closed door just a few steps away.  He felt that feeling of anxiety slowly return as his breathing became unrhythmic.  The grip tightening on his arm brought him back to reality.  He glanced down at Uraraka as she looked up at him with reassuring eyes.


"You can do it."


Todoroki slowly reached out to the doorknob and wrapped his fingers around it.  That caused him to become aware of how sweaty his hands were.  He bit his lip and furrowed his brow as he turned the doorknob and opened the door. 


It hit him all in one blow.  He felt his breath leave his lungs and his shoulders lighten.  It like all the previous tenseness in his muscles disappeared.  It was as if a heavenly light filtered through the window by the bed, illuminating the face of the woman who sat in the bed perfectly.  


The grip on his arm released as soon as he felt his body spring to the bed.  Todoroki did not even notice the tears that rolled down his cheeks as he cried on his mother's lap.  His mother placed a gentle hand in the boy’s head, rubbing down his back.  She quietly spoke to him with a sweet soft voice, soothing him.


Even if the woman had scared him as a child, Todoroki could never hate his mother.  He blamed his father for what happened.  The man abused his mother till she got to this point, then he tossed her away.  Being in his mother's arms like this made him feel peace.  He never wanted to leave.


"Mom...I love you so much."


Todoroki's mother lightly chuckled and kissed the top of her son's head.


"I love you too, Shoto."


Uraraka smiled as she stood off to the side.  Todoroki looked up at his mother with a large smile and tear stained face.  His mother gently wiped away her son's tears away.  She reached over to the tissue box and pulled out a few.  She cleaned the snot running out of her son's nose as well.  


"i-i... I thought you were dead."


His mother pulled him into a warm hug.


"Well, I am alive and well.  I'm not planning on leaving you."


Todoroki continued to cry in his mother's arms.  His mother was dead, and she would not be coming back.  But here in this dream, she was alive, and it felt so real.  Here, he could talk to his mom, hug his mom, be with his mom.  This was much better than real life, he had his family and his mother, he could dream a whole better life and live it out in his sleep.  


Todoroki stayed at the hospital until he was forced to leave once the visitors hours ended.  He did not want to leave, but he promised to come back the next day.  He and Uraraka waited at the bus stop for their buses.  They had to take separate buses since both buses did not cover both of their stops. 


"Thank you for helping me."


Uraraka smiled and leaned against the bus stop sign.


"I'm glad I could help; you seem much happier now."


He nodded, "I am."


A car stopped by the curb next to where they were standing.  The driver's door opened, and a large man stepped out.  Todoroki lightly tensed when he noticed that it was his father.  


"Visiting hours are over."


His father looked indifferent as he responded.


"I know, I'm here to pick you up."


Todoroki mentally 'tsked' he forgot about the tracking app his father had on their phones.  


"How long have you known that I was here."


His father opened the passenger door for him to get in.


"I've known since you first got here.  I just let you have your time until you decided to leave.  Since you showed no sign of moving anytime soon, I assumed that you would be here until visiting hours were over."


His father got into the driver’s seat and shit the door.  Uraraka waved to Todoroki.


"Good bey, have a goodnight.  See you at school."


Todoroki got into the car


"See you at school."


He shut the door and his father began to drive towards home.  The atmosphere in the car seemed tense, neither of them said a word.  After five minutes into the drive, his father was the first one to say something.


"So, you went to see your mother."


Todoroki did not reply and just stared back at his father through the rearview mirror.  He looked away once his father’s eyes resumed to the road.  


"You see, she is alive."


Todoroki kept his eyes gazing out of the car window.  He was not planning on responding to his father.  He did not like the idea of admitting that he was wrong to his father.  


"Look... I know that I haven't been the best of fa-"


Todoroki's gaze quickly moved to eye his father.


"If you're going to have a coming to age talk, you should do it when we get home.  You have other children besides me you know."


"... yes."


The rest of the drive home was left in silence.  They both headed inside and just as Todoroki expected, his father did plan on continuing what he started in the car.  So, he decided to sit next to his other siblings as his father looked at them with slight nervousness, though to anyone else, the expression would look indifferent.  


"... I know I haven't been the best of fathers."


Natsuo rolled his eyes.


"No shit sherlock."


Fuyumi elbowed her younger brother's side and aggressively whispered, though it was not much of a whisper because everyone could hear her.


"Hey, at least he is trying right now."


Natsuo huffed and their father continued to speak.


"I know that there is no excusing my actions and I'm not going to ask you to forgive me."


Shoto wished he had some cold soba noodles that he could passive aggressively slurp as his father spoke.  


"But I am sorry, and I will treat you better as a family."


Natsuo leaned back


"Actions speak louder than words."


Fuyumi followed the same routine, elbowing her brother and whispering to him.


"If you haven't noticed, he hasn't been terrible recently."


Natsuo huffed again.  Shoto stood up.


"I'm heading to bed."


There was a chorus of 'goodnights' as he headed to his room.  He felt conflicted.  Recently, his father's actions have not been abusive.  It did not match the image he had given his father, so it felt strange.  He had always thought it was impossible for his father to show anything that resembled love, but time after time he had been proven wrong.  He did not want to acknowledge it, but it was an undeniable fact.  


Todoroki sighed as he laid down on his futon.  Everything seemed so confusing.  He much preferred his dream father over his real-life father.  He wondered if the other would have a similar family talk once he woke up.  That did not seem plausible since their mother recently died.  


Todoroki fell asleep then woke up in real life.  He found dreading waking up.  He felt as if he did not get a wink of sleep.  He felt exhausted, but he also could not go back to sleep.  He gritted his teeth and got up.  He did not feel like going to school at all, but if he kept skipping school, his father would be mad.  


That was when the first forbidden and dangerous thought appeared in his head.


'If only there was a way that I can sleep forever.  I wonder if I can.'


Chapter Text

It went off and on and it was annoying.  Todoroki tried to change his sleep schedule, he went to bed earlier and tried to get up as late as possible.  Even on weekends, he would try to induce sleep.  He believed that there was nothing there for him in his regular life.  


Todoroki never saw himself as "depressed" and he never did experience most of the symptoms for depression.  But to him, everything in life seemed to be dull.  Why would he stay awake in his normal life, when he could go to sleep and dream of a mother who is still alive, warm arms that could still hold him.  When he had a decent father and their family seemed to be slowly pulling themselves back together. 


Todoroki never once thought of doing something that would seriously harm himself, but the thought of sleeping forever seemed to be quite alluring.  He shook his head from those thoughts.  His head was in the clouds and he needed to focus on class.  He felt tired, but not to the point to nod off during class.  He pushed it all back into the dark corner of his mind.  He would have to contain those thoughts and save them for once he got home.


No matter how hard Todoroki tried to suppress those thoughts, they only grew.  He already knew that his grades had been slowly slipping because of his lack of focus.  He had hoped that his father knew nothing of it.  He gritted his teeth displaying the cool expression of indifference.  Though if anyone knew him well enough, they would be able to tell that he was irritated.


Todoroki gave way to the flooding thoughts, even if he knew he should not.  There would be no point in keeping those thoughts away, he would just end up straining himself and giving himself a headache.  This was inevitable, so he decided to accept it. 


Thoughts after thought flooded through his head.  The segue was so smooth that he did not know all the different thoughts he had. 'I'm kind of bored'...' It's kind of tiring. ‘...’ It makes me want to sleep'...' Then I can dream of something better.'... 'I wish that it could last forever'...' I wish I could sleep forever.'... 'I want to sleep forever'...' sleep forever.'... 'how?'


Todoroki held back a yawn as he thought about sleeping.  How peaceful it would be if he could sleep forever.  Though he would have to find a way to sleep forever.  He was positive that there would be no place that would give him an induced coma.  If there was, he was a minor so he would need his father's permission and his father would not allow it.  


So, he would have to forge himself into a coma.  Blunt force trauma was a way, but there was a chance that it would kill him.  He did not want to die, just live inside of his dream.  




Todoroki was deep into his thoughts that missed the bell ringing.  But he was finally pulled out of his thoughts when the rest of the students began getting up and leaving.  'Is school over or is it lunchtime?'  He was not even sure what time it was now.  He looked to the clock and frowned.  It was time for the class to be dismissed and he wasted half of school away thinking about sleep.


Todoroki hoped he did not miss anything important for any tests or quizzes.  He knew that if his grade did not alarm his father now, it most certainly will if it drops any further.  That was if his father even paying attention to his grades now. 


Todoroki shrugged and left the class.  What would it matter if he was going to sleep forever?  That brought him back to his train of thought: 'how will I sleep forever?’ Now that he was out of class. he did not bother hiding any of his yawning. 


That was when an idea hit him: cryonics.  Todoroki could use his quirk to freeze himself.  He had heard of the recent breakthrough with cryonics.  Recently they successfully woke up a group of cryonics patients.  They had been asleep for about three decades.  Most of them were quirkless and quite surprised by the new state of the world.   


So, he would be able to freeze himself.  He wouldn't die, and if he was found, they could just thaw him.  If they did that, he would do it all over again.  He wondered how long he could get away with something like that.  Either way, it did not matter, if he was able to sleep for long periods of time. 


Now that Todoroki had his plan, he would need the place of execution, preferably somewhere that would be harder to find him.  He thought of the ocean, but then he thought of how inconvenient it would be to get out there.  He also wondered that if he was there for a long enough time, the ice would melt, and he would probably drown.   He did not want to die, just sleep.  


The second place Todoroki thought of was a forest.  It was far enough and secluded enough place.  He would not be easily found by pedestrians or his family.  When the ice melted, he could just freeze it again.  And if someone found him, he would just be brought to safety.  


The plan seemed foolproof, so Todoroki headed to the destination.  It took a few hours before he got to the spot he wanted.  He did not know why, but he suddenly felt nervous.  He frowned as he found a good position to sit down in.  He positioned himself away from the sun and it was getting closer to nightfall.  So, he hoped that the decrease in temperature would slow down the melting process.  


Todoroki took a few deep breaths as he thought over his plan.  He would make sure to use quite a few layers of ice to incase himself in, but not too many that it would be noticeable from far away.  He slowly inhaled and exhaled, getting his breathing under a rhythm.  It worked to calm him down.


Todoroki gave himself a count of three before taking in a deep breath and incasing himself in ice with the length of seven feet, the height of four feet, and the width of five feet.  It was very cold, and he had to restrain himself from using his fire quirk from melting the ice.  But he was finally able to do it.  Within a few minutes, he fell into a deep sleep.



Todoroki woke up to his mother.  He smiled and hugged her.  His mother smiled and gently placed her hand on his back.


"Your father said he would visit me soon."


Todoroki pulled away with a frown.


"Are you sure you're up to that?"


She nodded


"Yes, I okayed it with the doctors.  We both agree that I'm now ready to see him.  I was hoping that the rest of your siblings would come in too.  Then we can all be together as a family.  I really wish I was there for you and your siblings.  I never really was a good mother... I'm sorry."


Todoroki pulled his mother into a hug as she cried.


"It's okay, mom, you weren't well.  But you're getting better, so hopefully, you can come home soon."


She lightly sniffled and smiled.


"That does sound nice.  I would like to be together as a family, and hopefully, I can start being the mother that you and your siblings wanted."


They both moved out of the hug with a smile.  Todoroki liked it here, it felt nice and warm, despite his body being frozen.  It made him wonder how fast time passes in real life while he dreams.  Before, time passed by quickly as he slept, but ever since he began to have these dreams, time passed by quite slowly as if he were in real life.  


"So, you didn't bring your girlfriend over this time?  What's her name... Uraraka?"


Todoroki blushed and shook his head


"No, no, she isn't my girlfriend.  She is just my friend and I'm not interested in her that way."


His mother chuckled.


"Could have fooled me."



It was getting late and Shoto's father was wondering why his son was not at home yet.  His son did not let him know that he was going to a friend to study or was staying out late for anything else.  He had no messages from his son.  He was getting worried and he wondered if he just fell asleep somewhere like last time. 


Recently he has been worried about his son's sleeping habits.  He had to retrieve Shoto after he fell asleep at a beach, then the boy fell asleep in the kitchen, and now he was going to bed early then waking up later than usual.  


Enji pulled out his phone to check the location of Shoto's phone.  When he looked, he was surprised to see that the phone's location was not on.  That meant that the phone was off or broken.  Luckily, he was able to check to see his son's last location before the location turned off.


Once Enji pulled up the location, he was surprised to see where it was.  He did not know what his son would be doing there.  He put his shoes on and got into his car to drive to the location.  He had to park and continue by foot.  He hoped that Shoto did not just fall asleep in the wilderness.  If he did, he would have to give him a stern lecture. 


It took a bit of walking to finally reach the location.  Enji looked up from his phone and looked around to find his son incased in ice.  He quickly approached and to see if he should melt the ice.  But he realized that he probably shouldn't melt the ice because there was a chance that he would burn his son.  That and the boy would probably be in an unstable condition once out of the ice, so he would need to be transported to the hospital quickly.


Enji quickly dialed the police and told them about the situation and the location.  It took about forty-five minutes for them to get there.  They arrived with an ambulance, but they were not able to lift the ice and fit it in the ambulance.  So, they had enji melt away some of the ice but not all of it.


Once they got the ice in the back of the ambulance, they made their way to the closest hospital.  Enji had some of the best doctors take care of his son and get him into a stable state.  Though he wanted to stay to watch over his son, he had to leave.  He needed to go to work.


It had taken a few days for the doctors to safely melt the ice around Shoto and fully stabilize him.  Though they were unsure when the boy would wake up, but they knew he should not be asleep longer than three days.  So, when it hit the four-day mark of sleep, everyone seemed to be getting worried.


They had quirk users come in to analyze and run tests on Shoto's body.  There was no medical reasoning that came up in any of the examinations.  But there was one thing that they did catch.


"Mr. Todoroki, we believe that your son is under the effects of a quirk.  We are not exactly sure how this quirk works and who the quirk user is, but we do know that the quirk is making him sleep and that we are unable to wake him up."


Enji looked furious yet he was also trying to figure out what this meant.  It could mean that it was a personal attack from a villain.  


"I want to find who this quirk user is as well as how his quirk works."


Despite Enji's aggressive demands, the doctor did not flinch.


"Well, sir, apparently this is not the first case we received.  About a year ago, we received another young boy, Midoriya Izuku, about the same age as your son.  He was also put under the same effect of this quirk.  Right now, he is placed in a scientific facility conducting research.  If you want, we can have your son transferred there, it is the best place he can be for his condition."


Enji thought this over.  It would be good for the researchers to have another person to compare data between the two effected.  The place was created for the purpose of researching the quirk, quirk user, and ways to wake the effected up.


"Very well, I want Todoroki Shoto transferred to this facility."


The doctor wrote something down and then nodded his head.


"Okay, we will contact them and get him transferred as soon as possible."


Eventually Shoto was transferred to the facility as promised and Enji could do nothing but wait and search for this quirk user.  Though, they were not having as much luck as before.



The days in Todoroki's dreams continued to pass each other one by one.  Despite the whole League of Villains thing, his days passed by like normal.  He had school, tests, sports festival, and the USJ trip.  He was still getting used to his father's changing as well as the new interactions with his family.  He truly felt happy, like this was where he belonged.  He needed no other reality.


His mother would be coming home for the first time.  His father was picking her up and they were on their way home now.  He was helping to prepare dinner with his other siblings.  There was the sound of the front door opening and he could hear his parents from the Livingroom. 


"We're home."


His sister yelled back


"Welcome home!  Dinner is almost done!"


The finished-up dinner as their parents changed clothing to more comfortable clothing.  They set the food out then began surrounding the table.


Their mother frowns as she looks around


"We're missing someone."  


Everyone else looks around the table.  The front door opens and Shoto felt as if something was off.


"There he is, mom."


She smiled, a sickly-sweet grin and welcomed the boy to the table.  Though everyone seemed comfortable with the boy, Shoto was quite alarmed.


"What is Dabi doing here?!"


They looked at Shoto as if he was acting silly.


"Dabi?  Don't be silly, this is Toya."


Shoto was finding it hard to breath.  He also noticed that everything was getting hotter and hotter.  Dabi and His father broke into flames that began to consume everyone around them.  He watched as the flames began to burn his family.  He could smell their burning flesh and he could not help but throw up and scream.  


He could do nothing as the flames surrounded him as his family screamed for him to help.  He was helpless and soon the fire consumed his as well.  It burned more than anything else.  All his skin and nerve endings burning off as he slowly died smelling the stench of his own charred flesh.  



Breaking News


"In attempts to stop a local villain, the pro hero Bakugo Katsuki, has severely damaged a scientific facility.  It caught fire and killed seventeen people inside.  Two of the victims of the destruction happened to be two victims of the strange sleeping quirk that was being researched, Izuku Midoriya and the son of the Pro hero Endeavor, Shoto Todoroki.  Consequences for Pro hero Bakugo Katsuki are being discussed.  We ask you to leave the families of the victims alone in their time of mourning." 


Chapter Text

It had been an accident, he never meant to take it that far.  But he could not say that with a hundred percent certainty and honestly mean it.  He had let himself escalate to that degree.  He had felt extreme enjoyment with the thrill and rush of adrenaline.  Blasting through the air at incredible speeds as he exchanged blow after blow with the strongest villain he had ever faced yet.  But after his battle, he was faced with a troublesome consequence.


After the long and grueling battle with All for one, Bakugo had destroyed or damaged many of the buildings in the surrounding area.  There had been seven buildings that were damaged while two were completely destroyed.  In these accidents, there had been twenty-nine casualties.  Eighteen of said casualties were only injured, while eleven of the casualties had died.  Two of the eleven that had died were victims of a strange quirk.  Five of them had been a team of researchers and scientists working on tracking down a cure for the victims as well as the quirks user.  And the last four had been ordinary civilians.  


Bakugo was not worried about the expenses that he would have to help pay for.  His hero agency was one of the best hero agencies around.  After he had graduated from UA, it did not take long for him to climb up the hero charts.  After All Might's and Endeavor's retirement, Hawks became the number one hero while he became the number two hero.  He was quite young to hold the spot for the number two hero, but because he was young, he had plenty of room to grow and take the number one spot.  


Yes, so the issue was not money.  It was the fact that Bakugo was responsible for those he had injured and Killed.  Not only had it damaged his pride, but it had caused him extreme guilt.  He was a hero; the citizens had put their trust into him, and he went and harmed them.  Sure, if he had not fought and brought done All for one, many others would be dead.  But, if he had contained himself and the feeling of ecstasy he had felt when putting all his effort into fighting, then there was a chance that it would have not gotten that bad.


Now he was facing extreme backlash from the media, which he was avoiding.  He refused to talk to any journalist or news reporters, he had his attorneys deal with the situation at the moment while he went to think about his situation and what might happen.  Bakugo had felt terrible for what he had done, killed and harmed innocents, killed two of his former classmates.  One that he used to bully.  Looking back at that time, he hated himself for doing such a thing.  The thing is, he was terrible at expressing emotions.  Every time he had felt some weird emotion or tried to express it; he would burst out in a rage.


So, this ordeal had made him terribly angry, despite it not being how he actually felt.  He hated it; he had no idea what to do with all the feelings that were building up inside of him.  He wanted to fight some criminals or villains, but he did not want to use his quirk in public after that incident.  Yet he was also too drained to do extensive exercising.  His solution to this was alcohol.  It would be easy to quickly go into a nearby corner store and head out with minimal attention.


As expected, Bakugo was in and out of the corner store within five minutes.  As he made his way out, he was stopped by someone.  When they grabbed his hand, he quickly pulled back and turned around to see who it was.  He was met by a scrawny looking man in a baggy white t-shirt and jeans.  Before he asked for an exclamation, the man extended his hand.


"You dropped some money."


Bakugo furrowed his brow and went to check his pocket, noticing that the change from earlier had fallen out.  His irritation had slightly boiled down a bit as he tried to regain his composure.  




He took a few steps towards the man and took the money from his hand.  This time he stuck the money in the bag he was carrying instead of his pocket.  It would be annoying if the money fell out again.  Once he looked back up from putting the money away, the man was gone.  He shrugged it off and continued his way, rubbing his eyes every now and then.


As soon as Bakugo got back to his place, he ended up drinking quite a lot.  He had no idea that he was already under the effects of a quirk.  So, after drinking so much, he fell asleep from both the quirk and the alcohol. 



Bakugo found himself sitting in his chair while in his hero agency.  It felt so real that he did not think that it was a dream at first.  But what gave it away was the fact that he woke up in his work chair in the middle of the day with no hangover.  That and everyone was acting if nothing had happened from the night before.  It had caused him suspicion, so after checking the time and date, it was a dead giveaway.  He was dreaming.  


That was when an emergency alarm went off.  It was a villain, and from the looks of it, everything in his dream was exactly the same as the day before.  He followed the same routine as he did but treated all actions with caution.  So, this was a dream?  He could do as he wanted to do, it was a lucid dream.  


There was a sudden crash and then screaming.  That was the first building that had gotten destroyed.  Bakugo hurried to the scene along with many other heroes and sidekicks.  Just as he thought.


"All for one” He growled.  


Bakugo found himself moving before he could even think about it.  And just as before, he began his attack on the villain.  As they traded blows, he remembered the buildings.  He would have to keep damage to the minimum if possible.  He shouldn't attack recklessly; every attack needs to be precise and with a purpose.  Sadly, there would still be damaged buildings and injured civilians, but if he could, he would like to prevent any deaths.


Bakugo was finding himself fighting a losing battle.  It was because he was holding himself back in fear of the damage he would inflict.  This would mean that he would not be able to win if he kept fighting like this.  He would need to go all out or receive the help of other heroes.  Despite his pride, in this case, he would rather have help.  Though once he turned back for help, no hero was able to help, they were either injured, helping the injured, or evacuating the citizens in the area.


That would mean that he would have to do something he was not sure he wanted to do.  He began to reason with himself.  If he does not do this, even more people could get hurt and this was only just a dream, so there is no need to worry over anyone that did not exist.  With this, Bakugo was able to fight All for one.  He let himself go, fighting just as before.  And just like before, he had won.  It still was not an easier task and this time there was even more destruction because of his indecisive hesitation.  At least that reassured him, that without doing what he did before, there would have been more casualties.


It was the same, except for something that left him shell-shocked.  As he looked upon the damage, everything began to reform to its original state, as if nothing had just happened.  Once everything was reformed, all for one was detained and the citizens began to return to their daily lives.  No one was hurt and nothing was left damaged.  Bakugo was so surprised that he broke down laughing.  Of course, this was a dream.  It was as if the things that he had done in real life had no effect here.  Only if it was like this once he woke up, but that would never happen.  


Bakugo made his way back to his hero agency, where everyone was celebrating and praising him for his hard work.  They talked of him becoming the number one hero next ranking after this.  It had made him grim.  Number one hero?  That did not mean anything in his dream.  In real life, he would probably drop far down in rank.  He sighed and moved through the agency to his office.  He had his head down as he entered and shut his door.  He looked up and almost jumped up.


"All Might?"


Bakugo was now confused, but it was still a dream, so anything could happen.  In real life, the All Might he knew had retried after being wounded by All for one.  But here All Might stood, completely healthy.


"Hello, young Bakugo."


"What are you doing here?"


"I am here to congratulate you for defeating All for one.  He was one of my enemies that I had been fighting for a long time and now he is finally taken care of"


"Oh...Thank you.  Didn't you retire?"


All Might turned his eyebrows up in surprise, "Retire?  No!"  He laughed and slapped his hand down onto Bakugo's shoulder, "I might be getting old, but I still got some years left in me before I retire."


Bakugo nodded slowly.  So, this dream was one where All Might was still a hero and where things rebuilt themselves when destroyed.  It seemed like a pretty good dream, shame things like this could not be real.  


"I have come to ask if you wanted to partner up.  The two of us would make an unbeatable team.  It would be good to prevent any villain like All for one to form, and if they do, it would be easier to take them down.  Teaming up would also be good publicity."


Bakugo laughed, "We both know that neither of us cares for the publicity."


All Might had laughed in response, "That is true, but getting the news out would scare any villains and criminals from doing anything bad."


Bakugo smirked then sat down at his desk, "Fine, we can team up.  Sounds like fun." 


All Might made his way to the door with the same wide smile on his face, "That is good to hear.  I already left the contract on your desk with my signature.  All you have to do is sign it and send a copy to me and the hero association."


Bakugo nodded, "Will do.  See you later. "


With that, All Might left.  Bakugo looked down onto his desk to see the contract.  He knew that All Might was an honest man, so there was no way he would try to trick him or anything.  But this was a strange dream, after all.  So, he would make sure to read everything thoroughly before signing.  And that is exactly what he did.  After making sure that nothing was wrong, he sighed them and made copies, sending them to All Might and the hero association.


Bakugo went home at the end of the day.  He had felt quite satisfied with everything, that it ended up bringing him a great disappointment when he remembered that all of this was just a dream.  The likely hood of him having the same dream was small.  He sighed and threw himself onto his bed.  He did not want to wake up to face reality the next day.  Though, despite his wishes, he fell asleep.



Bakugo groaned as he woke up with a splitting headache.  The light blinded him, and he could hear his heartbeat.  He grabbed his pillow and placed it over his head.  That was when the sound of his phone ringing filled his room.  He let out another pained groan as he slowly pushed himself up.  He grabbed his phone and frowned when he saw the caller's ID.


Bakugo knew he was out of his dream and back into reality now.  The person who was calling him was one of his attorneys.  He answered the call and held the phone up to his ear.  His expression dropped once he listened to what the other had to say.