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The Best Gift

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“So, birthday boy…”

A fresh bottle of beer was dangling in front of his nose, offered to him, because his previous one was, yet again, empty. It was how the whole evening had looked. Not one drink had been picked up by him. All had been brought over, varying from shots, to strangely sweet drinks, to bitter beers. He was definitely going to regret that in the morning. But right now he was feeling fantastic.

Didn’t make it extra strange who was currently offering him that drink. Which must be clearly written on his face, considering Katsuki was now waving the bottle in front of him, eyebrow raised to question his soberness.

Ochako had arranged most of the party, with some help of Tenya, who tended to be a bit stricter and secure in things. It made for a well organised festivity. They had rented out a bar, had contacted pretty much everyone who Izuku knew. Apparently that was a lot of people. A lot. Had to have conversations with them all. Have drinks with them all. It was clearly one of the best nights. Thankfully he could hold his liquor better and better over the years. Otherwise he would be doomed.

“Are you going to take the fucking beer, or what?” Katsuki growled, practically pushing the bottle in Izuku’s hands.

Izuku knew a lot of people, but the question still remained, why was Katsuki here? The guy avoided parties like the plague, and they still weren’t on the best of terms. Not good enough to visit each other on their birthday. But his party did have an open bar, and open bars were great. So that was probably the reason. Had to be the reason. And everyone else was here too. All of his friends were here, that Katsuki hung out with during their high school days. Maybe they had dragged him along, forced him to come?

“You didn’t get me a gift,” Izuku stated, as he finally grabbed the bottle, setting it against his lips, and let the bitter liquid slide down his throat.

An amused smile formed on Katsuki’s lips as he glanced over at Izuku. They were leaning back against the bar, bodies turned more or less towards the rest of the room. Izuku’s eyes flittered through it, watching as his friends laughed together, danced together, most of all drank together. Everyone was enjoying themselves, which was good, really good. It’s what Izuku liked to see.

“Why do you think that?” Katsuki retorted, considering Izuku hadn’t opened one single gift yet. Too much of a hassle with all these people around. Plus Ochako had kept him busy for most of the evening, pushing and pulling at him to talk to people, and play weird little games. And at this point, Izuku was too drunk to even know what he would be unwrapping. Not a good look when all eyes were turned on him. Would be a good idea to do tomorrow.

Green eyes moved back up to Katsuki’s face, studying it for a second. The damn bastard had gotten very handsome, hadn’t he. Strong jawline, piercing red eyes, teasing smirk. “Because you didn’t come in with one.”

“Maybe I’m giving you my gift as a group, and someone else brought it in,” Katsuki replied, steadily meeting Izuku’s gaze, clearly not as drunk as Izuku was. Bastard. Izuku just returned the stare, not saying a word, until finally Katsuki broke. “Alright, fine. You got me, you fucking cheeky dick. So you still want a gift, huh?”

Katsuki’s own bottle was raised up, pressed against his lips as he greedily swallowed the beer inside. Izuku watched his Adam’s apple bob up and down with every swallow, finding it almost enticing to see. “Gifts are always nice to get, Kacchan. Especially on my birthday.”

“Is that so,” Katsuki said, dragging the sentence out as he looked through the bar, his eyes momentarily landing on someone else before they flicked back to Izuku. “Well, I didn’t bring anything,” he added, turning his body slightly, so that he was more arched towards Izuku. “But I’m pretty good in bed.” That wide grin that disappeared into Katsuki’s bottle of beer went straight to Izuku’s crotch.

Still, that was quite the proposition. One Izuku had not considered before, because… He hadn’t really thought of Katsuki in that way. At least not after high school. Even if the guy was handsome, very handsome. Muscular, and slightly tanned, with small hips, but a broad chest.

“What are you guys talking about?”

The interruption came out of nowhere, Eijiro suddenly appearing in front of them with a lazy smile on his lips, half empty glass in his hand. It did give Izuku some time to recover, because now he did not have to reply to Katsuki’s outrageous offer. One Izuku surely couldn’t accept. Definitely not. Out of the question.

Even if alcohol got him really horny.

Unfortunately it was Katsuki that replied first, clearly having no shame at all. “Deku over here is demanding a gift, and I told him I’m pretty good in bed,” Katsuki relayed, smirk still very much in place.

For a moment Eijiro fell silent, simply glancing over at Katsuki with an unreadable expression. Mostly because Izuku wasn’t as perceptive as he normally was. “I thought we were going to give our present together.”

Izuku almost choked on his drink, coughing as he put the bottle back on the bar, pushing it as far away from him as he could. This was not happening. Eijiro did not mean what Izuku thought he did. No, it couldn’t be. Izuku was just getting too hot due to the alcohol. He was seeing things. Thinking things. Thinking very dirty things as he let his green eyes slide over Eijiro wide form, muscles so bulky and tight, with his red hair grown out. And those sharp teeth. Better stop thinking now, Izuku, or you may have a problem.

“Deku was getting impatient, so I thought I would just go for it, and you’ll join us later,” Katsuki returned to Eijiro, completely ignoring Izuku’s coughing fit. Possibly enjoying the fact how Izuku was responding to this all. Had this been planned out beforehand? It seemed that way, but Izuku really didn’t want to think on it. Not at all. This could not be happening. Perhaps he should just leave. Yeah, leave.

“I have to go to the bathroom,” Izuku announced, clumsily pushing himself between Katsuki and Eijiro, shuffling towards the toilets at the back of the bar.

He hadn’t gotten even one step away from them, before someone grabbed his arm and whirled him around. Glancing up into warm ruby eyes, Izuku felt the air leave his lungs, stunned to silence by the sudden movement. One hand moved up to the back of Izuku’s head, sliding into his unruly green curls, the other moving from Izuku’s wrist, to the small of his back. And while his brain had not fully caught on yet, his lips did, as soon as the other leaned forward.

Everyone around them “woo-ed,” as the kiss deepened, Izuku being dipped even further back. Claps and laughter filled the air around them, as they all watched how Eijiro claimed Izuku’s mouth as his. Claimed the birthday boy as his. And god, did it feel good.

That tongue roaming through his mouth, teasing his own with soft presses. His sharp teeth Izuku kept on sliding his tongue over, enticed by what they could do. And then that deep inhale of air that said just how much Eijiro enjoyed kissing Izuku. It was good, so good. Izuku wanted more, so much more. His crotch tingled again, making him press forward. Get his body as close to Eijiro as it could. Why this hot man was even kissing him, Izuku had already forgotten, mind blank due to the amazing attention he was currently absorbing.

“Hey, motherfucker. I was supposed to do that,” Katsuki spat somewhere from in the distance.

Eijiro broke the kiss, slowly pulling back from Izuku, who needed a hand to keep steady. The alcohol and that kisses added to it, had made him very weak in the knees. Thankfully Eijiro was there to support him by his back. Or his ass…

“Well, Midoriya was getting impatient, so I figured I’d go for it, and you’d join us later,” Eijiro returned mockingly, letting Izuku remember what had happened before. Right. Good in bed. Oh no.

“Oh, fuck you,” Katsuki spat, and that was where Izuku ignored the bit of bickering happening beside him. Eijiro was still keeping him steady, even pulling him a bit closer at some point.

Even if Izuku didn’t necessarily thought of going home with someone tonight, the longer he spent with these two, the more intrigued he got. But eventually really made him want to flee, was when Ochako caught his eye, smug look on her round little face. She was going to eat him alive. Make him feel embarrassed about everything that was currently happening. Because she was not wasted. She was doing well. And she knew exactly what was happening around Izuku, and would not let him live through it.

“If you can get me out of here without having to talk to anyone, and without anyone really noticing, I’ll accept my gift,” Izuku interrupted the spat that had still been going strong. Silly really, but neither of them were completely sober.

Two pairs of ruby eyes moved back to him, faltering in their thoughts. They hadn’t expected this to go as smoothly. Izuku quickly accepting what they wanted from him. But they had not spent a lot of time with drunk Izuku before, not even tipsy Izuku, and had no clue how turned on he really got. Even if he was currently blushing heavily, it was not all do to feeling slight shame. It was also because Eijiro’s hand had started squeezing his ass, sending a fresh wave of tingles to his crotch.

“Fuck it, I’ll get his coat, you get him outside,” Katsuki ordered Eijiro, pushing himself away from the bar, and going to the coatrack at the side, throwing everything aside that didn’t look like Izuku’s coat.

Guided by a firm arm, Eijiro steered him straight to the exit, avoiding Ochako by pointing out Mina who was about to throw up all over a table. A quick and easy save, and no one noticed a thing. For now. Afterwards they’d all know that Izuku at least left with Eijiro, but that was a problem for sober Izuku.

The cold air was nice for his fussy brain, clearing his mind a little better. The alcohol spun in his stomach, but after a deep breath, it settled nicely, and kept his buzz going. Something Izuku needed if he wanted to go through with this. Sober Izuku would definitely not be as gutsy as this, and would’ve fled the scene as soon as one of them had uttered the word sex.

The bar door swung open again, and as Izuku slowly lifted his head towards the source, he saw Katsuki quickly coming out of it, carrying a stack of coats that must be theirs. Not that Izuku wanted to wear it right now. It was much better without. Cool off, get everything back on track, be more aware of what was going to happen. Actually enjoy it better too.

“Your house is closest, right? Let’s fucking go there,” Katsuki shot towards Eijiro, nodding his head in the direction they needed to go.

Eijiro seemed to hesitate, eyes flitting over Izuku’s form as he steadied the birthday boy some more. Not that Izuku needed it much now. He didn’t feel like falling down anymore, and would actually be able to walk. No need to be so careful.

“Are we sure about this? He’s wasted,” Eijiro commented, shooting a pained look on Katsuki’s way. “I don’t think he’s aware of what we are about to do.”

Raising a finger up, Izuku tried to shush Eijiro, which only made him look a little silly. “I do too know what is going to happen,” he interjected. “It’s my birthday, and your birthday gift to me, is sex. Which is all good, because I am very horny right now, and you are two very sexy men, who are apparently really good in bed.” Trying to put him a reassuring smile, he only made Eijiro doubt more.

“And you also understand that we both want to have sex with you?” Eijiro returned, grabbing Izuku by the shoulder to force him to look back at Eijiro. “As in we want to penetrate you.”

Such vulgar language. Izuku looked at Eijiro as if he had been slapped in the face, not having expected such a word coming from Eijiro. He was usually quite clean spoken, in comparison to Katsuki. But it was a good question Eijiro asked, because that was kind of a big point. Having sex with two guys means, having sex with two guys. Something Izuku had never really thought about, because one guy was usually enough. Maybe two guys was even better?

“As long as its not at the same time, because I feel like you are both quite big.” To emphasize his words, Izuku put his hands out, and patted both Katsuki and Eijiro on their pants, trying to cup a feel. Something seemed to be stirring down there.

“We can’t do this,” Eijiro turned to Katsuki.

With a pout on his lips Izuku looked up at the redhead, not understanding what the problem was now. How much permission did he need to give? Pull down his pants and start this by himself. He rather not do that right here, in the middle of the street. “Yes, you can, and you will. You can’t ungift a gift. And I want to unwrap it right now!” Izuku retaliated, and then took back some of his words in a quiet murmur. “Well, not right now, because there are too many people here, and I don’t want to get caught with a dick down my throat.”

“I’m taking him home, and you can either fucking come, or be a fucking coward and stay behind,” Katsuki announced, grabbing Izuku by the hand, and guiding him forward.

“Fucking fine,” Eijiro said with a sigh, quickly catching up to them.

Slapping a hand on Eijiro’s shoulder, Izuku tried another comforting moment, even if it wasn’t the strongest. “Just fuck sober me tomorrow again, and you know I really wanted you tonight as well.”

A chuckle fell from Eijiro’s lips, but he didn’t comment, letting Izuku hold onto his shoulder in a very awkward manner as they continued to walk. With one hand wrapped around Katsuki’s, and the other on Eijiro, Izuku felt like he was moving them towards their destination, his legs walking faster than he intended. He had no idea where to go, but he just had to be there. Now. And apparently a fifteen-minute walk was over before you know it. Time went so fast when you drank alcohol.

The key was jammed into the lock of Eijiro’s apartment door. Thankfully he had the bottom floor, so that Izuku did not have to walk a lot of stairs. That was too tiring, and his energy needed to be preserved for something better.

Katsuki pushed Izuku inside, and threw the coats he had been carrying to the floor, uncaring on where they landed. He made quick work of Izuku’s shoes, untying the shoelaces and pulling them off in a quick sweep. Really wasting no time, just how Izuku liked it, right now that is.

Especially when Katsuki came back up and instantly caught him in a kiss. Their teeth clunk together awkwardly, the movement a bit too fast for Izuku’s slow brain. But as soon as it understood what was happening, he fervently started kissing back. Grabbing onto the front of Katsuki’s shirt, Izuku steadied himself enough so that he could nudge forward, holding onto the other as if his life depended on it.

Izuku was so absorbed into the kiss, feel that tongue swirl around his, really tasting him for the first time, coaxing him to enter Katsuki’s mouth too, and then pull the tongue back to press a few open-mouthed kisses on him, Izuku never noticed someone else stepping forward too. Right until he felt hips pressed against his backside, something very hard flush against his ass. It made him release an all too needy groan right into Katsuki’s mouth.

“Still thinking he’s not really into this?” Katsuki murmured, casting a look over Izuku’s shoulder towards Eijiro. Izuku had hardly noticed that his hands had slipped down. Hadn’t even felt what he had been doing with those nimble fingers of his, until he heard the clank of Katsuki’s belt buckle being released.

Everyone had halted their movements, and a bit confused Izuku turned to look from Eijiro to Katsuki and back again, to figure out what was going on. “Why did we stop?” he asked aloud.

“Sorry, birthday boy,” Eijiro murmured, bringing his face to his neck, and littering it in soft kisses and sucks, setting a new pace for them to go on. “Just needed some more confirmation, but you really want us, huh?”

“Hell, yeah,” Izuku shivered, Eijiro carding his fingers under Izuku’s shirt, slowly pulling it up, until he could tug it off over the green curls and throw it to the side. It left more skin to get marked, and Eijiro greedily took the opportunity, digging his teeth in various places. Places Izuku would forever remember. God, did he love those teeth already.

In front of him, Katsuki had pulled him back into a kiss, letting Izuku’s hands wander to wear they want to go. Not that they moved from their position much. All they did was unbutton Katsuki’s jeans, tug down the zipper, and pull down the constricting garment to below Katsuki’s ass, together with a pair of black boxers. It revealed Katsuki’s thick cock. Not that Izuku could see, still enwrapped in that delicious kiss. But he did instantly wrap a hand around it, feeling Katsuki’s girth throbbing in his palm. The encouraging groan Katsuki elicited, was enough for Izuku to slowly start tugging at it.

With his attention focused on the task at hand, Izuku hadn’t noticed how there were now two pairs of hands undressing him, one undoing the jeans, the other pulling it all the way to the ground in a quick swoop. The pantlegs pooled down his feet, making it unable for him to move much. Captured right where the other two wanted him.

“God damn,” Eijiro hissed, letting his hand slide over Izuku’s ass, and then cheekily slip between. “He fucking waxes, man.”

Katsuki broke the kiss instantly, shooting Eijiro a dark look. That was something very unexpected. Something Katsuki wanted to feel right away. Slipping a hand around Izuku’s form, he let his finger slide between his crack as well. Feel the smooth skin right until he reached that little puckered hole. A little pressure against it, made Izuku let out some rewarding moans, telling them they should definitely continue their ministrations.

Removing his hand from Izuku, he turned towards his jeans and stuffed his hand in his pocket. Out came a tiny bottle of clear liquid and a little wrapper Izuku was very familiar with. It made him groan headily, lean his head back against Eijiro’s shoulder, and just him be taken. Not quite literally, but that was what they all intended. And Izuku needed it. Needed a thick cock to fill him up and fuck him roughly. No work tomorrow, so he did not have to be able to walk.

Eijiro took the items from Katsuki, placing the condom on a little shelf meant mostly to keep Eijiro’s keys. The bottle was uncapped, the sound echoing through the tiny hallway of Eijiro’s home. Strangely enough they hadn’t moved over to a more comfortable place, but Izuku didn’t really want to move either.

“Why don’t you lean down and give Eijiro easy access to that perky little ass of yours,” Katsuki murmured against his lips, husky tone in his voice. “And then you can wrap those pretty pink lips over my dick. Does that sound good?”

Green eyes looked up at Katsuki, letting the idea run through his mind. His hand was still working on jerking Katsuki off, though the movement was not as fluent as it could be. But the thought of having it in his mouth. That was mouth-watering. “Fuck yeah,” he huffed, slowly bending down to get at eyelevel with Katsuki’s hard length.

“Oh, fuck. He’s hot,” Katsuki muttered, grabbing a hand full of Izuku’s curls, and guiding his head closer to his crotch. Not that Izuku needed that. He was already underway, wanting to have that dick between his lips. And when the head finally bumped against them, Izuku let out a sweet moan.

The person behind them was completely focused on Izuku’s ass, seeing it so nicely presented in front of him. Slipping his thumb between Izuku’s ass cheeks again, Eijiro let it trace over the ring of muscles, feeling it move under his finger, asking for more attention. And he was about to give it to him. With his right hand he held onto Izuku’s hip, making sure he would not move too much as he continued his process. On the left he had a few fingers slicked up, the middle finger being the first to be placed against the puckered hole.

The walls gave way easily, letting the digit slide in further and further. Izuku squeezed around him, sucking the finger further in, not letting it stop until it was completely inside. “Definitely,” Eijiro huffed in return, enthralled by the texture inside of Izuku. It was so soft, and willing to give. He could only imagine how it would feel with his dick inside.

When the finger slipped inside, Izuku had moaned, dragging the sound out as he let his lips slip over Katsuki’s length, his voice resonating all the way through Katsuki’s body. Eagerly he swallowed down further, the bitter taste of precum smeared all over his tongue. The thickness of Katsuki’s dick opened Izuku’s mouth wide open, his teeth barely sheltered away from touching the sensitive skin. Though Izuku would occasionally let it graze at the base, teasing Katsuki as best as he could.

Izuku had always been good at this. Loved giving head. Loved how it made the other needy, holding on to him as if Izuku would otherwise stop. But he’d never stop. Not if he could catch more of those drops of precum. Feel that length slide down his throat, much further than he should let it. Slide his tongue over the head, tease at the little rim below.

At some point the hold in his hair tightened, the moan Izuku elicited due to another finger entering him, making Katsuki delirious. Swiftly Izuku’s head was pulled forward, his nose hitting the base of Katsuki’s abdomen. The blond little curls tickled at his face, even worse when he tried to take in a deep breath. The dick was deep down his throat, and he had to continuously swallow to get his throat to relax under the pressure, it only spurring Katsuki on to hold him there. Tears pricked at his eyes when it took too long, but he could hold out. Had done this before. And seeing Katsuki coming undone right above him, was delicious.

Finally Katsuki released him, groaning loudly when Izuku slipped back down his hard length. Letting it plop from his lips for a second, Izuku breathed in heavily. He must look honestly debauched, his lips spread so wide, his throat burning from the friction. Drool dribbled from his lips, but he didn’t care enough to catch it. And when he shot another look up at Katsuki, he knew he was doing a good job.

Wanting to dive right in, Izuku grabbed Katsuki’s cock again, and guided it back to his lips. But right then, something else happened. A loud “fuck!” escaped him, his something much bigger entered him from behind. With his mind solely focused on destroying Katsuki, he had forgotten about the other behind him. Hadn’t heard the condom being unwrapped. Hadn’t noticed those fingers being pulled from him. But Eijiro had gotten impatient, seeing Katsuki enjoying himself so much, and had only gotten to two fingers. And his girth was a lot more than just two fingers.

“Sorry, fuck, oh god, fuck, sorry,” Eijiro chanted, head thrown back as his hips staggered back and forth, trying to release some of the tension that had build up.

The movement had surprised him, in a good way. Yes, his ass stung a little, the slide a bit too unexpected. But finally feeling full again, that thick length filling him up to the brim. This was all he needed. Just have a cock up his ass to ride him straight to heaven. And with another one filling his mouth. What else could he ask for? Now Izuku did understand the benefit of having two men at the same time.

“Oh god, you both feel so good,” Izuku moaned, wrapping his lips back around Katsuki’s length, aggressively bobbing his head up and down, sucking at the head every time he got there, creation the best friction he could for Katsuki.

Rocking his hips backwards, Izuku encouraged Eijiro to start moving, let him feel the same delicious friction. Have him go completely mad, but satisfied. And Eijiro picked up quick enough, feeling no need to hesitate either when both parties longed for it so much. Slowly he pulled his hips backwards, letting only the head of his dick dangle inside, and then pistoned his hips forward again, his hips slapping roughly against Izuku’s ass.

Having these two gorgeous men use him the way they did, take everything they needed from Izuku, was exactly what Izuku wanted. Have them take him, claim him, do whatever they wanted with him. With two bodies thrusting in and out of him, all he could do was stand still and take it all. Take everything they wanted to give him. They were having their way with him, and he loved it. Had never dared to voice his desperation of wanting to be used, but had finally experienced it.

With his mind reeling, all Izuku could do was moan. Moan as loud as possible as Eijiro kept on hitting his prostate, his body in search for that everlasting pleasure. Izuku hardly noticed when Katsuki spilled his seed into his mouth, though he greedily swallowed the bitter liquid, sucking Katsuki’s length dry for everything it got.

The second one to come, was Eijiro, his cock slammed so deep inside of Izuku, he was about to see stars. His walls squeezed around it, trying to sucking it in even more. Have him stay there. Keep him filled up forever. And then was when that broken sound left Eijiro’s lips, his cum painting his walls in white.

The last one to come was Izuku, in the most glorious way he could’ve wished for. With those two beautiful men crouched in front of him, sharing his dick between their two mouths. Tonguing each other around the head of his erection. Both having two fingers up his ass to stretch him so incredibly. One or the other continuously pressing against his prostate to let the pleasure course through him.

How could he not feel that heat coil in his abdomen? It slowly trickled down his spine, centring right in the depth of his balls. Tightening in his body. And then as he threw his head back, letting out sounds that were even foreign to him, he thrusted forward and came. Spilled his seed over Katsuki’s lips, Eijiro’s cheek, and all other kinds of places they definitely didn’t want it.

It took a while to come down from his high, fists tightened in blond and red hair, legs wobbly where he stood. But they waited until he was ready to speak. Gave him the time he needed. And Izuku was thankful for that. The alcohol was still buzzing through his system, a bit more now that the hormones had left him momentarily.

“Best gift ever,” Izuku breathed out, goofy grin forming on his lips.

Both men got back onto their feet, Eijiro kissing him first, followed by Katsuki, who was a bit rougher with his press of the lips.

“Your gift is not over yet, birthday boy,” Katsuki said with a feral grin, tightly grabbing onto Izuku’s ass. “Give me an hour, and I’ll proof to you how great I really am in bed.”

“Lose some more clothes then, next time. Don’t want to be the only one naked,” Izuku commented, staring at Eijiro and Katsuki, who were both still wearing their shirts, jeans pulled down only to below their knees.

“If you wanted us naked, you should’ve just said so,” Eijiro replied with a lopsided grin, tugging off his shirt, and then stepping forward to give Izuku another long kiss.

Perhaps that hour was a bit too long before they could start round two.