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Title Art for Various Stories

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Calm ocean at sunset, text reads 'Milsom Bay' by Ytteb

Title art for the Milsom Bay series by Ytteb.
First story is Betrayal.

Update: Edited to make author's and artist's names not so obtrusive; I like the image and title to be the main focus.




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Atlantis with Golden Gate behind, headshots of John & Rodney above/in front of city

For esteefee's story Decision Point.

When I saw this story posted, my muse shouted and I went to work. Turned out, esteefee was working on title art at the same time. When I finished, not having seen her update, I offered to send her my pic. She graciously included it as an endcap.




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Heads of Daniel Jackson and Rodney McKay on blue geometric background. Text reads, 'You Get What You Need When You Need It' by Glenda

Title art for You Get What You Need When You Need It by Glenda.




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headshots of Rodney McKay and Tony DiNozzo, smiling at each other, on background of starry blue.  Text reads, 'Like 'Em Mean' by Hellbells

Title art for Like 'Em Mean by Hellbells.

<sigh> Seeking perfection even though I'll never find it. This is a second version, to make Tony's and Rodney's sizes more equal.




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Mature leafy tree with sunlight shining through.  Headshots of Tony DiNozzo and Sheriff Stilinski in upper right corner.  Headshots of Stiles Stilinski and Derek Hale in lower left corner.  Text reads 'A Fae Awakening' by Hellbells

Title art for A Fae Awakening by Hellbells.




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Isolated road curving into distance between leafy green trees.  In upper left corner, headshots of Tony DiNozzo in a sheriff uniform and Jackson Gibbs gaze at reader.  Text reads ‘Sheriff of Stillwater’ by Lizabeth S Tucker.

Title art for Sheriff of Stillwater series by Lizabeth S Tucker.

<sigh>   I wasn't super happy with the first version of this art; no matter how hard I tried, Tony's head looked mismatched to the uniform -- too big and pasted on, no matter how many times I tried. So I dug out my "Photoshop Elements for Dummies" -- which was less helpful than I wanted. But I managed to figure out the basics of "layers", which helped me make a better head-to-uniform match. I'm still not 100% happy with it -- and I don't quite know what's wrong -- but it's better. Maybe I'll figure it out, eventually.

Update: I would say "third time's a charm", but each posting has a background of several hours' work with multiple trials. However, I'm a lot happier with with this "third time"; Tony's head finally seems in proportion to the uniform. (At least on my monitor!) I think I'll quit noodling at it.

Update: Okay, fourth time's a charm! (I hope.)




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Multicolored panel of an Atlantis window as background.  Text reads 'Sheppard Brothers'.

Title art for the Sheppard Brothers series by Ami Ven.

This was my first title art. I'd found a picture of an Atlantis window, and I really wanted to put it on a story. Ami Ven's series won the draw. <g>




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Three-part panel.  Tony DiNozzo on left, Tom Kirkman on right.  Middle is blank with text reading 'Designate: First Husband'.

Title art for Designate: First Husband by Hellbells. (5/14/19)

I wanted to make a title for "Designate". I had recently read Jilly James' story Send for the Man. I was struck by her simple but elegant title art, and thought, "I could do that!" (Sometimes I need an idea to prime my artistic pump.) This was right up my alley -- no fancy effect, or parts layered over/under other elements. I was quite satisfied with it. But I came across it again yesterday...




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Using White House as background, foreground is a three-part panel.  Tony DiNozzo on left, Tom Kirkman on right.  Middle text reads, 'Designate: First Husband'.

Title art for Designate: First Husband by Hellbells. (7/17/19)

... and realized that I now have the skills to make it fancier. So I recreated it, with the White House in the background. Whee!

And I swear I'm not stalking Hellbells! But I've had a lot of low-level stress these past two years, and my drug of choice for ignoring it has been "Tony DiNozzo plus Somebody Different than Gibbs, fandom irrelevant." It just so happens that Hellbells writes a lot of Tony/Other-Fandom Person, and I happily scrambled down the rabbit hole.




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Ron, Harry, Hermione standing shoulder to shoulder with vaulted ceiling background.  Text reads 'Muggle Fairy Tales are Mad!'

Title art for Muggle Fairy Tales Are Mad! by Meltha.




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Tony and Castiel face each other on cloudy sky background.  Test reads 'Divine Assistance' with 'divine'  surrounded by golden halo floating above the men.

Title art for Divine Assistance by Hellbells.

This time I read the first chapter before the muse started bashing me over the head. <g> And I finally noticed why I make so many covers for Hellbells’ work. My visual memory isn’t great; even though I find pictures of characters I don’t know before I start reading, I can have a hard time visualizing them as I read the story. It helps to put them in title art, so I can refer back to it as needed. I note that I don’t feel much urge to make art for The Sentinel or NCIS, because I know those characters very well.

Background sky is cut from a picture by Wilfried Santer on




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variegated gray background.  Top of picture -- head of wolf looks at viewer.  Busts of Remus Lupin and Tony DiNozzo to either side.  Bottom of picture -- smaller busts of Neville Longbottom, Tali DiNozzo, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy arranged in a shallow arch.  Text reads, 'Dog Days (are just beginning'.

Title art for Dog Days (are just beginning) by Hellbells.




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On a light blue, snow-flecked background are two Christmas wreaths decorated with ribbons and ornaments.  Headshots of adult Harry Potter in one wreath, adult Draco Malfoy in the other.   Text below reads  'Bitter Honey, Green Night'.

Title art for Bitter Honey, Green Night by Faith Wood.

You almost didn't get to see this one, because I wasn't planning a real cover. But I haven't seen all the movies yet, so have trouble visualizing Harry and Draco as adults. "I'll just grab a couple of head-shots and paste them at the top of my page," I told myself, and I did. But as I formatted my document for Kindle, I noticed that Draco was walking through slush at the beginning of the story, and that he planned to put up a Christmas tree at the end. I toyed with the idea of putting a Christmas tree next to the guys, but, nah -- I could see that leading to a complicated, full-blown picture. But hey, I could put a wreath around each head; that would look nice! So I did, and it did. Didn't even bother with a title, because that's on my page, in print.

Except... There was an awful lot of white at the top of the page. Maybe I could add a snowy background. (I know it looks more like starry sky, but it's supposed to be snow falling.) Yep, that looked better. But now... plenty of room for a title, so may as well add that, too. Oh! It's a cover!

Why I recognized that using a Christmas tree would lead to a cover, but didn't anticipate that with the wreaths means either [a] it was way too late at night for me to be thinking clearly, or [b] my muse is sneaky, and hid her plans from me. Regardless, each step seemed a logical, "simple" progression... which kept me up till four A.M. ("I'll give myself 15 more minutes. Okay, 15 more. Okay, I'll really go to bed in 15 more minutes." I lied.) I don't even know, anymore.




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Top right, bottle pouring bourbon into a glass.  Bottle of aspirin next to glass.  Middle left, headshots of Tony & Gibbs, in suits, look at each other from sides of eyes.  Two gold engraved rings in front of them.  Bottom right, fluffy puppy on grass.  Text reads 'Bourbon & Aspirin'.

Title art for Bourbon & Aspirin by Geminiangel.

Ha! I've actually read this one, and kind of forgot about it. But Geminiangel just updated the sequel with a new chapter, so I thought it was time for a re-read of the original. As soon as I opened it and started reading, the muse started throwing ideas at me. At least this one didn't keep me up till 4 A.M. (It was only 3:00 when I went to bed.)




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Hogwarts castle in lower left, with pale cloudy sky expanse behind.  Headshots of 17-year-old Draco and Harry above, separated by gold-and-silver Celtic marriage knot, crossed by each man’s wand.  Text reads 'Bond'.

Title art for Bond on or on AO3 by Anna Fugazzi.

Once again, I haven't yet read the story -- but I got a peek when I formatted it for my iPad, and O-M-G! It looks so GOOD, and it's epic -- 293 pages if I printed it out. (Thank goodness for e-reading.) If you're a Harry/Draco fan, and you haven't yet seen this story, hurry on over -- I think you're in for a real treat.

Update: Edited Draco's face to be a little lighter; I think the original photo shot wasn't lighted well. With my first cover, I didn't really like Draco dark and Harry light, but those were the pics I had. I forgot that I can lighten separate parts of an image; when I remembered that, I went to work. I feel it's a better balance, now.




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Landscape.  Low mountains center background with blue sky & gray clouds overhead.  River, bordered by tall evergreens, zigzags from base of mountains to bottom left.  Text reads 'Life in the Yukon' crossing the sky in yellow Viner Hand.

Title art for Series Life in the Yukon by Brumeier.

Here I go again. I read one story from the middle of the series, enjoyed it so much that I read another. Now I’m hooked -- need to paste all the stories in a Word document so I can have them all together in my e-reader. But as soon as I started pasting, my muse insisted on a cover.




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Four Quadrants.  Top left: snarling head of jarvey looking down from tree.  Top right: large tilted paperclip, with text 'One Harry Potter, Please' crossing the clip.  Bottom left: text '(If Possible, Seduced and Ready)'.  Bottom right: antique teapot with snarling mouth imposed on the side.

Title art for One Harry Potter, Please (If Possible, Seduced and Ready) by Faith Wood.

Faith Wood is also at Archive of Our Own, but this story seems to be only on LJ.




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Starry sky background, full moon top left.  Across bottom, left to right, Tony DiNozzo with black panther behind him, looking over his left shoulder so that their heads are next to each other, Gibbs to right of panther; Tony’s and Gibbs’s heads bracket the panther’s head.  Text reads 'Healed by Moonlight' at top right of sky.

Title art for Healed by Moonlight by Jacie.

I read this some time ago, and enjoyed it. When I saw Jacie’s holiday wish that she’d like title art, my muse sat up and took notice. This is version... #5, I think, but I’m finally happy with it. Merry Christmas, Jacie!

Whoops on me! Jacie pointed out that my first version was kind of a spoiler, so I made this amended version. If you intend to read the story and don’t want a spoilery clue, don’t scroll down to the next image.






Starry sky background, full moon top left.  Across bottom, left to right, Tony DiNozzo with black panther behind him, looking over his left shoulder so that their heads are next to each other, African lion looking toward Tony/panther, Gibbs to right of lion, his head next to lion's.  Text reads 'Healed by Moonlight' at top right of sky.

End cap for Healed by Moonlight by Jacie.




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Background corner of a back yard.  Left has low hedge with white flowers, with wooden wall of shed behind.  Right has taller hedge with darker leaves.  At left, in front of flowered hedge, a smiling Harry Potter with white polo, faded jeans, wearing black backpack.  To Harry’s left (picture right) and slightly behind is Padfoot, a large black dog with medium-length hair and stand-up ears, looking toward Harry, mouth open in doggy smile.  Text at top right reads 'The Dogfather'.

Title art for The Dogfather by Hollimichele.

For the record -- putting a head on another body is hard! Seems simple in theory, and I’ve watched youtube and researched ‘how-to’s, but haven’t found examples where (for instance) the head is the right size, but the neck doesn’t fill up the outline of the shirt. I don’t think Harry’s neck is particularly skinny, and the model-boy’s neck wasn’t unnaturally thick, but they just didn’t mesh! Well, it’s good enough for now. If I learn the trick, I may revisit this later to satisfy my perfectionist creative side.




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Top left: a casted leg held in traction, in front of a window, with pink ladies’ hat covered with netting and tulle, forming large pink flowers, perched on casted foot.  Top right, cut of bottom of red clay planter, with white flower on green succulent stem growing downward, flower showcased against planter.  Bottom center, framed picture showing a window with garden fence and tree outside.  Under window is a wooden hexagon gaming table with solitaire game in progress on the green surface.  Text reads 'Playing the Odds' at bottom left, beside framed picture.

Title art for Playing the Odds by Sholio.

If you like Mrs. Pollifax, this is a spot-on perfect epilogue to the first book. I loved it when I first read it, and was reminded of it a few days ago. As I read, my muse insisted on a cover, et voilà!




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Backdrop is a slightly faded image of a view down the middle of a dirt street of an Old West town, with wooden buildings and sidewalks on each side; in the distance, rising over the end of the street, is a craggy small mountain.  In the center foreground is a strapped brown leather suitcase laying on its side; a large black leather medical bag sits on top.  A cavalry officer’s hat leans against the suitcase on the left side; a cavalry saber is on the right side, with its hilt resting on the suitcase, the blade slanting down to rest in the dirt.  Text reads 'Bitterwood Creek' in sky above town; hanging from separate letters in the middle of the title are five hurricane oil lanterns -- one each red, bronze, white, tin, blue.

Title art for “Bitterwood Creek” (gen version   or   slash version) by Arianna.

I worked closely as Arianna’s beta for many years, and love all her stories; they tend to be long, complex, and rich with imagery and content. But “Bitterwood Creek” and “Distant Thunder” are the two that keep drifting through my mind. Yesterday my muse insisted that I make a cover for BC... and DT is starting to nag at me. *facepalm* We’ll see; stay tuned.

Update: Edited version to include all 5 lanterns that are in the story. Last night, I couldn’t get the color right on the tin, and the white was too fiddly. But after a good night’s sleep, it was no problem. I should try that solution more often!




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descript  Background is pale blue sky with wispy clouds.  Top right: twin babies lie on a gray rug, smiling and looking at viewer, with baby bottles lying in front of them.  Middle left: Busts of Tony and Gibbs stand shoulder-to-shoulder, smiling at the babies.  Each has a coffee mug in front of him; Gibbs's has an American flag that reads 'Daddy'; Tony's has an Italian flag that reads 'Papa'.  Middle bottom: Half-grown Zuma (shaggy black and tan shepherd/collie mix) lays on a patch of grass, looking up at the babies.    Text reads 'Bourbon & Aspirin - Another Bottle'.

Title art for Bourbon & Aspirin - Another Bottle by Geminiangel. Note that this is still a WIP.

Since I made art for the first story in this universe, I've been toying with the idea of a cover for this one, but nothing gelled. But after Geminiangel saw the first cover, she liked it so much that she wondered if I could make one for this story. I explained that my muse had seemed uninterested, but I'd try. Apparently, my muse just needed a stronger show of interest; as soon as I posted my "I'll try" note, she jumped up with several ideas, and we were off and running. Merry Christmas, Geminiangel!




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Background is slightly faded view of an Incan/Maya temple rising out of the jungle with misty low mountains behind it in the distance, and a bay of a large lake in the left middle distance.  Arranged in front of the temple, partially obscuring the base, are 5 groups of flowers -- orange, white, green, yellow, red; each group is three round heads of dahlias or zinnias.  Text reads 'Distant Thunder' above the pyramid.  A blue & red macaw is flying into the 'D'.  A yellow & gray parrot hovers above the 'der'.

Title art for Distant Thunder by Arianna.

As I mentioned earlier, this is the second of Arianna’s stories that continues to stick in my memory. My muse was very particular about this; I tried several different flower varieties before we were both satisfied. (If she had spoken more clearly in the beginning, I’d have finished this earlier.) So it’s later than I wanted, but...   Merry Christmas, Arianna!




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View of large pumpkin patch, with trees at edge of field in the background, and misty mountains behind that.  Five decorated pumpkins arranged in foreground -- Raggedy Ann, an owl, a scarecrow, the Lorax, a green-faced witch.  Text reads 'For the Children'.

Title art for For the Children by StarWatcher.

Yeah -- one of my stories, which was (till now) posted only on my DW account. But this art thing is becoming a drug. I finished the cover for Distant Thunder then, less than 24 hours later, my mind was casting around for another story to inspire me. Nothing jumped up for attention, so I thought why not one of my own? This seemed like the easiest (and most fun) to start with -- although I had to format it and post it so I could link to the story. But finally... voilà!

Now I hope the muse will take a few days off; I have work to do. Arianna is coming to visit, and I want her to be able to walk in the house! Wish me luck.




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Ocean scene, looking toward horizon.  An outcrop of rugged rocks fills the middle foreground, with ocean waves churning around them.  Text across the sky reads 'Yesterday (color is pale yellow), Today (color is medium yellow), Tomorrow (color is deep yellow)'.  Headshots of Blair and Jim look toward each other in the upper right corner, above 'Tomorrow'.

Title art for Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow by StarWatcher.

My muse is screaming, "Make more art!" Because I'm making so much art, I'm not reading enough new fic to generate ideas for those stories, so I'm turning to mine. The pictures I used in these covers are two scenes that I took while visiting Arianna in Vancouver several years ago. I couldn't decide which to use; I like both. While I was dithering, Arianna suggested I could use both on the story -- one as a header and one as a footer. So I did.



Ocean scene, looking toward horizon.  There are a few rocky islets in the middle distance, with the edges of a rocky, weedy bluff in the lower left foreground.  Text across the sky reads 'Yesterday (color is pale yellow), Today (color is medium yellow), Tomorrow (color is deep yellow)'.  Headshots of Blair and Jim look toward each other in the upper right corner, above 'Tomorrow'.

Title art for Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow by StarWatcher.




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A view into a misty forest.  We see mostly tree-trunks, some splotched with moss, fading into the distance.  They rise out of a profusion of green, mostly ferny, growths.  Text reads 'The Misty Solitudes' slanting across the page.

Title art for The Misty Solitudes by StarWatcher.


I'm a little uncomfortable to be posting art for another one of my stories so soon -- I don't intend this art post to turn into a vehicle for showcasing only my stories. So I'll make up for it by saving art for my story until I have an art for another story at the same time; it'll be chapter 27.

All of the pictures in this story were taken by me, when I was visiting Arianna one summer (2004, I think); all were taken along the Pacific coast / forests in USA and Canada. Except for the rider in the endcap -- I found her on the internet...


 A view into a misty forest.  We see mostly tree-trunks, some splotched with moss, fading into the distance.  They rise out of a profusion of green, mostly ferny, growths.  In the middle foreground, a woman riding sidesaddle, wearing a black riding habit and top hat, is seated on a chestnut horse; they are heading away from the viewer, deeper into the forest.




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Plain yellow background with royal blue border encompasses items that represent parts of the story.  Upper left - a watercolor painting of stark red/tan cliffs, bare of vegetation, with blue weed-flowers and evergreen shrubs in the foreground.  Upper middle - a roll of movie film with movie clapper-board behind it.  Upper right stretching down to middle right - a baby grand piano with the lid propped open.  Lower left - a forest-green Lexus sedan.  Text reads 'A Slap in the Face', across the center of the cover, and winding between the pictures.

Title art for A Slap in the Face by Yanagi.

My muse started talking by the time I was halfway through the story, but I managed to wait till I was finished before I made the cover. Now I'm ready to delve into the sequel. (Sshhh, muse... I don't have time to make another cover.)