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It must be a coincidence.  Midoriya just happens to keep being paired up with Bakugou, there’s nothing to be worried about.

But this had been going on for the better part of their third year at UA.  Midoriya being called out for missions with Bakugou hadn’t been unusual in their internships, but now it was nearly every time.  Todoroki tried to be understanding, but when he’d see Midoriya walking out of the classroom with Bakugou instead of him, it hurt.

Eventually, his understanding turned to suspicion.  He’d question Midoriya anytime he was leaving the dorm.

“It’s a quick mission, I’ll be back before you know it, Sho,” Midoriya would say as he kissed Todoroki’s forehead and walked out the door.  Todoroki had his share of calls for assistance as well, but Midoriya’s always coincided with Bakugou being away as well.  After agonizing over all the possible implications, he settled on the thought that Midoriya was sneaking around with Bakugou.

It wasn’t a secret how much Midoriya had admired Bakugou, especially with the way they acted during first year.  Todoroki doubted those feelings would fade over the last three years.  As close as he’d gotten with Midoriya since they met, he knew that Bakugou had known him for far longer.  It’d make sense if Midoriya had feelings for him.

So this time, as Midoriya was carrying his hero gear and walking towards the exit, Todoroki stopped him.

“Where are you going, Midoriya?”

“I got another joint assignment with Kacchan’s agency.  Why, is something wrong?  I could stay if you need me to, Shoto.”  Midoriya looked into Todoroki’s eyes, searching for the reason why they were so troubled.

“It’s always him, always Bakugou.  Why does it have to be him?”

“I— I’m not sure what you mean, Shoto.  All Might just has us work together more now that he’s in charge of his agency, that’s all.”

Todoroki had heard this excuse before and he was tired of it.  He was tired of feeling like he was losing Midoriya bit by bit.

“Just tell me the truth, Midoriya.  Are you cheating on me with Bakugou?”

Midoriya’s eyes grew wide, “Wh-What?!  Of course not!  Why would you ever assume that?!”  He dropped his costume case and held both of Todoroki’s hands.  “You’re the person I love most in this world, Sho.  I’d never even consider doing anything to lose you.  Is that what you’ve thought this whole time I’ve been working with Kacchan?”

“Hey nerd, we were supposed to be at the office by now, you can make out with your boyfriend later,” Bakugou said as he entered to foyer and walked to the door.

“Kacchan, now isn’t a good time.”

Todoroki let go of Midoriya’s hands, “No, don’t let me stop you from taking care of your mission, Midoriya.”  He walked away, leaving behind a dumbstruck Midoriya and an annoyed Bakugou.

“I think I need to tell him, Kacchan.  He deserves to know after all we’ve been through.”

Annoyed, Bakugou answered back, “Didn’t you learn your lesson after blabbing about it to me?”

“He thinks I’m cheating on him with you, Kacchan!  I can’t let him go on thinking that.”

“Tch, do what you want, dumbass.  I’m going to the agency, should I tell All Might you’re not coming?”

“Y-Yeah.  I can’t just let him walk away like that.  Tell him I’m sorry.”

Bakugou opened the door and waved his arm dismissively, “Whatever, just make sure you can trust him.  Not everyone can keep their mouth shut like I can.”

Midoriya ran up the stairs to Todoroki’s floor and knocked lightly on his door.  “Shoto?  It’s me, can you let me in?  I think we should talk.”

The door squeaked open to reveal a steel blue eye.  “Your mission should come first, Midoriya.”

“No, you’re far more important to me right now.  And there are some things that I think I should say so there are no more misunderstandings.”

Todoroki opened his door the rest of the way, ushering Midoriya in with a wave of his hand.  He took a seat at the edge of Todoroki’s bed, nervously pulling at the hem of his shirt.

“I know that it looks strange that Kacchan and I are being partnered together more often these days, but there is a reason for it.  See, I— I’m All Might’s successor.  I was originally quirkless, but All Might had been looking for someone to take his place and decided to pass his quirk, One For All, onto me.”

Todoroki had expected a far different confession.  “When did this happen?  Before you entered UA, right?”

“Yes, my last year of middle school was spent training myself to be able to accept his power.  I’ve spent the last three years learning to use it and make it my own.”

“So you’ve kept this a secret for the last three years?  And you suddenly felt the need to share it now, why?  Because I thought you were screwing around with Bakugou?  What does he have to do with all of this anyway?”

Midoriya nervously looked away.  “He figured out where I got my quirk.  He knew from as far back as kindergarten that I didn’t have a quirk, so when I suddenly developed this power, he was suspicious.  It didn’t take him long to work it out.  That was the reason we fought at Ground Beta during first year.”

Todoroki had been trying to keep his anger controlled, but that last revelation broke it.  “He knew all the way back in first year?!”

“Yes, but it was an unavoidable situation!  All Might explained the whole story to him, and he decided to keep the secret.  Ever since, All Might has been working with us to make the best use of One For All as well as to keep the secret behind One For All from getting out.  It would be chaos if it got out that this amazing power could be transferred.  People would be coming after its holder nonstop.  This is why I had to keep it from you, Sho.  If they were to try to get to me through you, I—”

Weary and close to tears, Todoroki stood up and walked to the door.  “I think I would have felt better if you told me you were screwing Bakugou.  Somehow, being left out of this feels like more of a betrayal.  I shared so much of my past with you.  Things I could barely accept about myself, I exposed to you.  And yet I couldn’t be trusted with your deepest secret.  I don’t know if you realize how much this hurts, Midoriya.”

“I never intended to hurt you, Shoto.  It was my way of protecting you, I swear!”  Tears streamed down Midoriya’s face as he left the bed and approached Todoroki.

Opening the door, Todoroki gestured for Midoriya to leave.

“I— I think we need a break, Midoriya.”