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Wildest Dreams

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"I forgot that you existed
And I thought that it would kill me,
But it didn't
And it was so nice
So peaceful and quiet"
-Taylor Swift "I Forgot You That You Existed"

After Saint Potter defeated Lord Voldemort, the trials began which terrified Draco to no end. He feared that he would end up locked up in Azkaban for the rest of his life. But to his utmost surprise, the great Harry Potter saved Draco and his dear mother. He could not for the life of him figure out why he saved the family from prison. He obsessively tried to solve the mystery that was Harry Potter's brain and he always came up empty.

One day, Draco decided to ask his mother about why Harry Potter saved the Malfoy family from certain doom. He just needed to know why he was spared.

"Mother, could I ask you a question?" Draco shyly asked.

"Of course, my darling. You can ask me anything you want." Narcissa smiled sweetly.

"Do you have any idea why Potter saved us from Azkaban? It is driving me insane because he has no reason that I know of to due so." Draco said.

"My darling Draco, that is something you will have to ask Mr. Potter himself. He is the only one who know the answer." Narcissa said coyly.

Draco sighed loudly. "I do not even know how he would react if I sent him an owl. What if he informs the Ministry that I am harassing him?"

Narcissa looked at her son. "I doubt he would do that. He saved us for a reason and I am sure he would not be that petty."

Draco looked frustrated. "Fine, I will contact him."

Narcissa smiled at her son. "Let me know what he says, my darling."

Draco nodded and left the sitting room. He walked to his bedroom. He searched for parchment and a pen. He sat at his desk and contemplated on what to say to Potter. When he got frustrated with himself, he started pacing back and forth. He just could not form the words he needed to say. As he was about to sit and finally write something a black owl came flying into his bedroom and startled him. The owl placed a letter addressed to Draco Malfoy on his desk in front of him. He pets the owl and gives her a treat.

Draco looks at the owl trying to figure out who her owner was. He gave up and opened the letter. He scanned the letter and at the end it was signed "Saint" Potter. He snorted and chuckled. He noticed that Potter's owl was still sitting next to him and muttered "I guess you are waiting for my reply."

Draco decided to read the letter completely.


I know we have never gotten along in the past but I'd like to change that if you're willing to work on our issues. Also, I'd like to return something to you that I borrowed during the war. I was wondering if you would allow me to come to the Manor and return your property. Please let me know when you're available.

Hope to hear from you soon.

'Saint' Potter"

Draco just stared at the letter. He wasn't sure how to respond. Eventually he thought of the perfect response.

"'Saint' Potter,

You may come to the Manor tomorrow at 2. We can have afternoon tea if that is acceptable. Though I can not imagine what property of mine you could possibly have.

See you tomorrow.


Draco folded the letter and placed it into an envelope. He handed it to the owl and she gently grabbed it with her beak. When the letter was secured, she flew away.

A couple of hours later, Potter's owl flew through his bedroom window once again. Draco opened the new letter. A simple phrase of "see you tomorrow" was all it said. He shook his hand and smirked. Once he gave a treat to the owl, she flew off.

Draco felt nervous about tomorrow. He did not know why though. He told his dear mother about tomorrow's afternoon tea guest. She smirked at him knowing why he was nervous and he look at her curiously. Narcissa bid her son good night before he could ask her why she was smirking at him.

Draco contemplated why his mother scurried off before he had a chance to ask her a question about her reaction to him telling her about Potter coming to afternoon tea. Not knowing the reason made him even more nervous about tomorrow. As he got ready for sleep he knew all too well that he would not able to sleep well, wondering why he was nervous and thinking about his mother's curious reaction. Once his head hit the pillow, he could not stop thinking about Potter and how they would be around each other. Truth be told, he actually couldn't wait to see his ex-rival. After hours of overthinking, he finally fell asleep and unknowingly started dreaming of Potter.