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In other words...I love you

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The definition of an attachment is “a feeling of love or liking for someone or something” and Todoroki is like the opposite of that definition.

Love? Well, he didn’t remember the feeling of love. Maybe the soft pats that his sister give him from time to time in his head in a form to say “I love you” without words but no other sign of love was shown to him until that battle when he fell in love with the most wonderful human he has ever met in all his life.

Those green eyes full of determination and the words he gave him to make him use all his potential for the first time in his life, without threats or hidden motives, just for the sake of give his all in the battle, to have a real battle not as the future number one hero or the son of Endeavor, no…Midoriya just wanted to have a real and full battle without regrets with his classmate and rival in that fight, Todoroki Shouto.

That exact moment was the start of the melting of his frozen heart. The end of years of loneliness, crying when his father wasn’t at home, seeing the shining moon from his bed while Fuyumi cure him whit tears falling from her gray eyes.

Ah, even in those moments, the full moon bright for him, shine in the dark night.

Someday, a moon or a sun will appear in his dark life to light it?

Since that day, Todoroki not only started using the fire of his quirk, the fire in his heart and soul started too. Burning and brightening everything, going little by little, remembering from his missing brother that the flames are not only for destroy and cause pain, the flames were for give warm, for illuminate the path to follow and as a symbol of life and passion with their colors that shine in the middle of the darkest night.

Time has passed since the day when he accepted himself and quirk for complete, now, in the end of their first year in UA, he was a different person than the guy full of hate and resentment that aspired to be the best hero just to make his father shut up. Now, not even the shadow of that guy that only needed a hug and a scream in his face on the middle of a battle can be seen.

If he can say, it was a hard year, full of emotions, battles and broken arms (maybe it was his quirk too?) but, full of learning and development. Now he has a big brother that cares for him and know his favorite food, he has his big sister that always have been seen him, he has his mother again, yes, the incident still gives him shivers and shock him, he can go on slowly, remembering what is to have a mother, and, even if he doesn’t want to admit it, he finally knows what is to have a father too.

Sadly, he can’t remember a lot of his older big brother but the words he gave him while he used his quirk of blue flames was never been forgotten.

Now, he has friends too. Not only guys that tell him how awesome is his father or how much fortune he has being the son of the best hero, not guys who only see him from the outside, that only seek his quirk, no, he has friends whit he can talk about classes, favorite food, favorite music and more, friends that support him in every moment –even if they pretend to not and shout as if he was deaf- and, the best thing, that take care of him.

In addition to his sister, no one had ever worried about him. And all started with a shout from the bottom of the biggest heart he ever met.

And now, after all that victories and defeats, smiles and tears, days full of joy and days when no one could sleep, he, for the first time in his life has an attachment for someone. For his personal and favorite hero, even All Might is second in his list thanks to him. If it wasn’t for him, he maybe could be the same child who was been burned with hot water that made high and solids walls of thick ice to not let anyone hurt him again.

In all this time, Midoriya made him go plus ultra, defying his limits and that includes his father. They started being friends since the sports festival, they stayed together in the lunch time, he was being invited by him to go to the mall or to his house to play –that was the first time someone invited him to their house- or study. When they started to live in the school, everything went better, they sit together on movie nights, study together until high hours of the night, even they sleep together sometimes because they talk until their ayes get closed.

Everyday staying by his side, supporting him in his good days like when he stop damage himself with quirk and in his bad days, like when he came from that battle to save Eri where his teacher died in front of him, giving him the strength to go on, to stay shining like always because that fall only will make him stronger and wiser.

Also, that was for him too, thanks to Midoriya he could see his mistake in the provisional license test and could go to his classes with the determination of stand by his side proudly like the hero he wants to be and, in that moment, he thinks that stay by his side more than a hero would be his strongest desire, because Midoriya is that bright and warm fire that let him know he is human and worthy of being loved and, stay with that fire forever sounds like the best idea he has ever think in his life.

May, and just maybe, he now has an attachment to the guy who gives him the desire to live his life as himself and for himself, not for no one else.

“Todoroki-kun!” The voice of Midoriya call him make him stop dreaming awake and put attention to his friend who is sitting by his side, writing something about the quirk of the guy with purple hair who –he thinks- is Aizawa’s secret lovechild.

“What happened, Midoriya?” He asks, trying to not make too notorious the fact that he didn’t put him attention in the last half hour that they have been sitting in the couch.

“I was saying, well, really I was mumble about things the next year” Midoriya said nervously, writing some things in his notebook and drawing but he’s a boy who knows that seeing others notebook is impolite so, even if he really wants to know what Midroiya was writing, he just bit his lip and gives his friend the attention he deserves “…Like Shinsou maybe can be in our class, we could have a new home teacher and the whole new things we’re gonna experiment, like new training and more time studying, definitely will be problems but…We are teenagers too so, we could experiment some things that a teenager experiment, like relationships and kisses, alcohol and things like that”.

No…Todoroki doesn’t like the way the conversation is having. If Midoriya tells him that he is deeply in love of Bakugou, his heart being broken in pieces will be heard even in America and maybe he would cry until he can’t cry anymore and stay in bed the next weeks mentalizing him about how to stay by his side without suffering a heart attack.

“…And, by the way, I was thinking that ah- I-I…You know!” Exclaimed the greenhaired boy with all his face redder than the red half of his hair, mumble some things and personal pronouns that Todoroki doesn’t understand at all.

“Midoriya, sorry. I don’t understand a single word” They’re always honest with the other since the start, so obviously he can tell to the handsome guy with green eyes that he doesn’t understand a shit but in a nice manner to not hurt his feelings.

“That I like you!” Midoriya screamed with all his might, making Todoroki shivers and frozen an instant after, literally and in a metaphorical way because of his quirk. The half and half guy just stared at the boy with freckles that he likes with all his melted and warm heart.

They stay in silence some minutes that feels like hours for both of them, staring at each other with lot of feelings that they hid for a long year, breathing in silence to not break that special moment where only a glance at the eyes of the other was enough to let them know how special they were for them.

“…Like friends? Or you really really like me like in a romantic way?” Asked Todoroki, trying to not have a misunderstood with the guy he has a strong attachment. Is better to have now the heart broken in pieces than after thinking about the kiss he wants to have.

“Todoroki-kun, I’m not Netflix’s subtitles to make a cruel joke about the feelings of someone” Yes, Midoriya will never forgive the assholes who make his Kaworu not gay for Shinji.

The papers change and now Todoroki was the flustered guy and Midoriya the guy who only sees his love interest being cute, having some pieces of ice in the half of his hair and some little flames in the other half make him laugh for the cutie image he will never forget.

“Stop laughing, Izuku” Says Todoroki before hug the guy with green eyes and look at him with determination “I like you too…In the non Netflix “Evangelion” subtitles way” Declared the half and half guy, feeling his heart beating faster than Bakugou playing the drums with all his fury “I think I have a strong attachment with you".

Izuku just sees the guy, laughing a little bit for the peculiar declaration he received as an answer of his feelings bursting out of his mouth before he could stopped them.

“I really was born to love you, Shouto-kun” That was Todoroki’s turn to laugh, be silenced thanks to a tender kiss by soft and warm lips that melted him totally in the arms of the boy who changed him a lot, the boy who showed him what was a friend and having someone worry for you, and now, the boy who will show him what is love and being loved.

“You changed a little that phrase, Izuku…” Shouto said before giving his boyfriend a little kiss.

His second kiss in his life with the only person he wants to share kisses the rest of his life.

“Well, if is for my boyfriend, I can live with it” Todoroki feels his heart stop a moment before start to beat faster than before, he is worried that he could have a heart attack for that.

The rest of the afternoon, both guys shared kisses, smiles and soft words, hearing “Fly me to the moon” while laugh, holding hands and cuddle until the night comes.

They stood up from the couch and walk to Midoriya’s room without apart their hands of the other. Todoroki go to the bed with All Might blankets and sees the bright moon shine for them, makes him think that Midoriya is his sun in the day and his full moon in the night, lighting his life at any hour, any day.

“In other words…I love you"

Midoriya whispered in his boyfriend’s ear while he hugs him from behind, make him shiver in his arms and smile before saying a goodnight.

That was the first time someone tells him that is loved. Shouto just felt some warm expand in his chest and, for the first time too, his tears were from happiness and joy. Not for pain of being burned or beaten all the afternoon.

“Love you too”

Shouto whispers in return. He gives to the moon a last gaze before close his eyes with a smile in his face and a warm and lovely flame in his heart because now, all the suffering he had and all the nights where he thought until he felt asleep in his bed about someone lighting up his life has come to an end.

Only Midoriya.

Only him.

In other words, he loves him.

And now, with his heart warmed and his face smiling, he can go to sleep in his lover’s arms because his sun and moon will be there for him in the morning, lighting up his day and life like it has been for a whole year and like it will be for his whole life.